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Friday, Matinee and Nloht, "David
Saturday, Matlnoe and Night, "When
Knltjhthood Waa In Flower,"
Thoro will bo only two attraction at tho
Academy this week?David litirtim for
Christmas day, matinee and night, and
"When Knighthood Was In Flower,"
which plays matinee and night on SaC
: tlrday.
Both of theso attractions will bo pre
?ented by strong companies,
Tho season now half ovor has been a
prosperous one to Thomas G, Loath,
all of his house.?? keeping above last year,
Which was the banner one.
"From tho North and East there havo
sounded many moans over hard times
and dull times with theatrical people,
In ' this pnrt of tho country In lias
been otherwise, Ilio theatres all doing
splendidly. ' ' ,
The attractions at the Academy have
been very strong, and Mr. Lentil's have
not failed to respond to his efforts to
make tho season an artistically brilliant
Xmas at Academy.
"David Harum." as dramatized from
Wescotl's book, will be preseli ted by an
exceptionally strong company, under the
direction of Julius Cnhn at the Academy
Christmas matinee and night.
Tlio comedy, which Is one of tho great?
est successes of the times, ran the greater
part of one soaHon In New York. Its
tour last yeur took In Chicago, Boston
and Philadelphia, In which cities it en
Joyed such long runs and won unstinted
favor. Its presentation hero Is certain
to attract a crowded house.
All of the scenes of ihe comedy are
laid in Homoville, X. Y.. Ihe opining one
being an exterior showing a bit of Ha?
rum'? bank on, thc side, Aunt Polly's
houso on the other, and the barn in tlio
background. The characters are all in?
troduced before Harum comen into view,
and when he does it Is after his. ex?
perience with tell balky bay horse on the
River road.
"Where havo you been?" demands Aunt
"On a small matter of business," ans?
wer?. David.
"Business, that's what you allere say,"
ehe replies.
"I know," says David. "Business is
business ain't part of the Golden Rulo,
Til allow. Tho way it usually reads Is:
?Do unto the other feller as he would
like to do unto you, only do him fust.' "
Then follows the talk to John Lenox,
tho new cashier, -,nud tho nilinonlllen' -"of
Andy Brown's.' "Boys, when you get a
ten dollar bill yon want to get It Into
?yer or ontcr yer as soon as ye can, for
we're here to-day and away to-morrow,
nnd there ain't-no pocket in a shroud.'
One of the features in this act is tho
horso trade between David nnd Deacon
Perkins, and It Is said to be very cleverly
?worked. ^ ?.?,
The second act shows David s room
next to tho office of the bank. While in
tho preceding act Harum's swooping pro?
pensities are shown, In this tho cold
business side of his character and his de
elre to get thc best of everybody is
pictured. Among the Incidents arri the
tussle with Bill .Montais, the".village
tough, tho matter of the counterfeit bills
and David's advice to Lenox to put them
In a drawer, as they are all right an
long us thoy are kept moving, There Is
tho resignation of Port Chet TImson, nnd
finally the securing of tlio mortgage? on
the Widow Cullorn'8 proporty.
Aunt Polly's sitting room Is the scena
end Christmas morning the time .of the
last act?. incident follows upon tho
heels of Incident with rnplility In this act,
but tho feature of It all is tho story pf
the visit of the circus wlih Billy P.,
told by Harum as he sits by the open
flro-placo smoking a very bad cigar At
Its conclusion when tho old man Wills
the good that Billy P. did him and ho
gives back the widow hor house and
farm, thero comes a gentle touch of
?motion that Is very strong. Tho pluy
ends with tho Christmas dinner and the
opening of that famous botilo of chains
There are fourteen characters In tho
comedy, and thoy aro said to bo In capa3
ble hands, ? '
Mr? Turner in his makemp of Harum
follows minutely Westcott's description
o? the old fellow. Ills Individual success
I? ttie play' Is said to 'ivershadow any.
thing elso that ho haa ever shown to
the public.
"When Knighthood Was in
Rosalie Knott will bo the leading lady
In "When Knighthood Was In Flower."
She Is new In this section, but she comes
with high recommendations from the
critics. For the part of Mary Tudor
there Is required exceptional emotional
ability, which Miss Knott Is said to have.
The play is a dramatization by Paul
Kesler. who ?.-among-the Xaromost .of.
tho living dra??u.tlsts. ..It abounds, with
thrilling Bceiie'sVand tableaux, and af?
fords splendid opportunity for ? richness
in costuming and-setting.
Tho mounting of the play Is said to be
all that-can be desired.
"When Knighthood Was In Flower"
will bo at tho Academy matinee and
A Hot Old Time.
The attraction at the Academy Decem?
ber 23th will be the popular Ray's "A
? Hot Old Time," which comes as an en?
tirely new production, complete in every
? detail. Blnce its last appeaarnco over
' ?^'?.CKO has boon spent on this successful
? musical review, or spectacular extrava
As David Hamm, at The Academy.
ganza, whichever one has a mind to
term It. Tho result Is that In the ..pros?
ont edition everything Is glltterlngly
bright, brilliant anil beautiful. Tho cos?
tumes alone aio a feature which will not
full to attract and pleaso, and tho music
includes all of tho latest and best popu?
lar selections of thu day, Tlio company
includes such clever artists as Lottie
-West Symonds. Eddie Weston, tho threo
Nelson Sisters, John Ml-Muhon, Eddie
Collins, William Sellery. eluselo Nelson,
Lo?la Mayo, Thou. Fortune and H. ?,??*
Browning. The. chorus numbers twonty,
and tlie!incmberH Includo Ilio most beau?
tiful and talented young women of how
York's famous show girls. In his con
iioctloh it may bo said tha the man?
agement of "A Hot Old TIW?V-?? Wisely
determined that the day Is past wjiejl h?
public will accept as chorus girl? young
women who aro more adapted to laboi
In the kitchen than they uro to shine
on tlio ?...ago. Every member of Uiu.
famous chorus is an artist, and? >?fo?e
her engagement had to pass a rife'1! ex?
amination as to quality of voice, degree
of Intolllgonce and beuuty o? person, sucti
a procedure Is necessary when, young
women who ave to wear costumes costing
In Across thc Pacific at the Bijou.
a fortune. It fakes Intelligence to know
how to set them off.
Kelcey and Shannon.
"Sherlock Holmes," tho dramatic suc?
cess employed by Mr. Herbert Kelcey
und Miss Edle Shannon for this season
Is being presented on every continent of
the globe.
Two companies , In England, one in
South Africa, ono doing the drama In
India and the English settlements of
China and the Penang peninsula. It has
been translated Into French and Is now
'.touring" the "ulterior departments" of e that
republic, Germany and? Denmark have
not been overlooked, as lt has been pro?
duced thero with considerable success.
This record for a drama has never been
equalled, with the possible exception of
"Uncle Tom's Cabin."
A Record-Breaking Day on the
Warehouse Floor.
(Special tu The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
SOUTH BOSTON, Dec. 19.?On Tuesday
there ivas more tobacco sold on this mar?
ket than over beforo; quarter of million
pounds was disposed of for about $30,000
This was the record-breaking day. .Since
then breaks havo been quite full and
prices well up; 5,000,OCO pounds of the 1003
crop have been sold on this market.
Farmers are much elated at the prices
they are now receiving.
Merchants are having good sales for
their goods, and every ono Is cheorful
and looking forward to a merry Christ?
A Youthful Pedagogue.
The youngest pedagogo In Missouri, and,
perhaps, In the United States, Is teach?
ing a country'school near Gainesville,
in thc Oznrk Mountains. He is Glen Har?
rison, aged thirteen years, Glen Is tho
oldest son of Guy T. Harrison, a law?
yer. He completed tho, course of study
of the Gainesville public schools In March,
1&02, Tho same month ho took the ex?
amination given candidates for third
trade teachers' certificates In Ozark coun?
ty, making a good average and securing
a certificala. Ho continued to study, and
just after ho became thirteen years old
ho took the examination for a second
giade certificate. This time his average
gradi.* wus tlio lilghost made, being flll per
Thc vestry of All Saints' Church, es?
pecially culled this eighteenth day of
December, 19?3, to take action on tho
i'cath of tholr friend und fellow niembe?,
put upon record, tlie following minute:
In the death oe Chas. ?. Skinker. Rich?
mond has lost ono of Its noblest citizens;
tlie causo of right and truth ono of Ita
most; elHclent advocates, and All S.ilnl.v
Church o?e of Its best members and
strongest supporters, ii.s Interest in All
Kainiti' troni its foundation wus of thu
Highest order, and irom tho time he be?
came ono of Us vestrymen ho tilled tho
ollloo with an efllcleucy second to nono.
Always cheerful, always optimistic, never
for a moment doubting that "truth Is
mighty and will piovali," ho was llko a
light shining on a dark light to those
Inclined to take a less hopeful view of
things, and many a time did hu inulto
the vestry meetings the happiest, occa?
sions by his fund of humor und pleas?
Looking upon the church as the liouae
of God as the place where God met with
? bla peonie, It was not only a? duty with
j him, '..? I his pleasure and privilege to ho
there, and no trivial excuse over kept
him away from his regular seat during
tlio hours of public worship.
To the Christian man, to tho man living
with tho realization of God's presone?),
.sudden d'cntli has nothing of the horror
It may havo for others, it Is to such uu
ono the Div.no Fathor's call, "Como up
higher coma quickly," Such was the call
to Chilis, lt. ?klnker. He was ready for
It: lie heard it gludly, timi ho willingly
and reudlly obeyed,
Tho vestry would express thplr sorrow
at parting fiom their beloved friend and
tlioli* wise counsellor. To Ills sorrowing
lainlly thoy offer their slncercst symp.t
th'es, and commend ilium In this their
hour of sorest need to the Christ lit whom
he so thoroughly believed, uud whom Jut
to faithfully followed,
Resolved, That this minuto ho spread
upon the records of tho vestry, and fluii
a copy bo sent to the family of our de?
ceased fellow vestryman.
Resolved, further,?That (his minine ho
printed lu the Southern Churchman and
The Tlmes-Die'iatch.* o? this city, and In
the Churchman, of New York,
itesoiveu, That the vostry attend tho
funeral as a body.
?Acting/ Register,
?--* *.- - ?? - _????*??*^??*^??*%???^ "t^*--*-^--?--? Am ??????*^?????^*%?.??*? ?
There is at least ono store in the city that has made a special, study of the wants of man?not tuily his
every day wants, but those things which will go to make him happy on Ohristmas. That store is Burk's,
the Main-Street Outfitters. Hero is evory possible conceit, those things that are useful and necessary, and those
things that arc only fads, but being fads are essential to tho stylish man. On Saturday the great Semi-Annual
Reduction Sale began at Burks, and will continue this week. Tho prices below tell the story.
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Unrestricted choice of Suits or Over?
coats that were?
$10.00, now.....$ 6.75
$12.50 and $15.00, now.$ 9.50
$16.50 and $18.00, now.......... .$12.50
$20.00 and $22.50, now.$14.50
Young Men's Overcoats?
Choice of $10.00 Overcoats, now.$ 6,7$
Choice $12.50, $15.00 Overcoats.$ 9.50
Choice of $18.00 Overcoats, now.$, 9.50
Choice of $20.00 Overcoats, now.$12.50
Choice of $22.50 Overcoats, now.$14.50
Boys' Long Pants Suits*
Choice of $ 8.50, $ 9.00 Suits..$ 5.95
Choice of $10.00, $12.50 Suits..'$ 6.75
Choice of $15.00, $18.00 Suits..$ 9,50
Choice of $20.00 Suits, now... .$12.50
Every garment placed on sale is of our own superior manufacture, made by us for this season's selling, embracing
everything that is new and desirable, and are not a lot ot odds and ends and broken ?izes, nor a collection of undesirable
styles. You get the unrestricted choice of our entire stock.
Children's Department.
Mothers will more than find it their duty to read carefully every item enumerated and advertised in this department
Greater savings and bigger bargain opportunities than we have ever offered in any preceding sale. Everything is cut?choicest
Suits and Overcoats sacrificed unmercifully to clean up. Bring a copy of this advertisement?call for any article advertised?
it is here: .
Boys' and Children's Suits
Unrestricted choice of Childs' Double-?
Breasted Suits?Three - Piece Suits,
Sailor Blouse Suits, Sailor Norfolk
Suits, Russian Blouse Suits?
Choice of $2.50 and $3.00 Suits..
Choice of S3.50 and $4.00 Suits..
Choice of $4.50 and $5.00 Suits..
Choice of $6.00 and $6.50 Suits. 1
Choice of $7.00 and $7.50 Suits..
and Children's Overcoats,
including all styles and shapes of short,
long and medium coats, as well as fancy
coats for the little tots?
Choice of $2.50, $3.00 Overcoats. .$1.95
Choice of $3.50, $4.00 Overcoats. .$2.45
Choice of $4.50, $5.00 Overcoats. .$2.95
Choice of $6.00, $6.50 Overcoats. .$3.45
Choice of $7.00, $7-50 Overcoats. .$3.95
Choice of $8.00, $8.50 Overcoats. .$4.45
Choice of $9.00 Overcoats.$4*95
Children's Furnishings*
Mothers' Friend 50 and 75c
Waists ....., 33c
Fast-Black, Extra - Heavy Boys'
Stockings, all sizes to 10; reg?
ular 15c quality. 9c
Boys' Woolen Knee Pants, extra
' heavy, strong and durable;
worth 50c. 25c
Boys' Woolen Sweaters, worth
$1.00 and $1:25, fancy and plain
designs.jJuj?J. %.. ?u.? 79c
Men's Smoking
Jackets and House Coats
Broken sizes of $5 and $6 Coats. .$2.45
Choice of regular $5.00 Coats... .$3.45
Choice of $6.50 and $7.00 Coats. .$4.45
Choice, of .$7?50,.$8, $;o Coats-$4.95
Choice of $*?f50, $.15.00 Coats... .$6.95
Holiday Gifts
of Various Sorts
at Greatly
Reduced Prices*
Bath Rohes*
Choice of $ 5.00, $ 6.00 Robes.. .$3.95
Choice of $ 6.50, $ 7.00 Robes.. .$4.45
Choice of $ 7.50, $ 8.50 Robes.. .$4.95
Choice of $10.00, $1-2.50 Robes.. .$6.95
Choice of $15.00 Robes..,..,..,..... .$7.45
I?RK & CO.,
W03 I
East Main Street, i
11 111 111 111 1 umilili 1 lilil? Ulli]
A Well-Known Insurance Man
Changes His Field of
Mr. Charles K. Willis, treasurer of tho
Virginia State Insurance compnny, has
resigned his position, and will engage in
the general agency business. Ills resig?
nation Is effective December 31st. Mr.
Willis hits a record of twenty-five suc?
cessful years in the Insurance business,
nnd entors tho agency.Held with bright
prospects. Tho chango is made largely
In order that ho may escapo routine of?
fice work. Mr, Willis will havo the
agenoy of the Virginia Stato and the
Traders Insurance company, of Chica
jjo. Ills o?lloe will bo located In tho News
Leader building, at tho corner of Ninth
und Main Streets.
Mr, Willis is a son of tho late William
"WllllSi Jr.. secretary of the Virginia t'Ire
and Marine Insurnnco Company. Ho la
v.eu remembered by tho older business
ir.cn of Richmond.
With the exception of ono year, when
he waa tu tho booh business, Mr, Willis
has spent tho whole of his activo career
In the Insurance business,
He organized the German-American
Banking and Building Company, with a
capital of $100.000, In November, 1300,
He was then mude secretary nnd treas?
urer, and has held the position ever
since. He Is nlso secretary and treasurer
of the Rpueneath Land Company.
Dr, E. C. ?*evy Here.
Pr. Ernest C* Levy, who for the past
-jear has be?n engagea in ?? important
water Investigation at Watervlllo, Maine,
and who has now resumed his studies
at the Massachusetts Institute of Tech?
nology, Boston, 1? In town Cor tha Christ?
mas holido-vs.
The following contributions were collect,
ed for tho Stuart monument during the
week 'by the ladies of Richmond Chapter
of the Stuart Monument Association:
Mr. Edgar Allen, U; Mr. C, Whlppor
man. $2; Mrs. J. F. Rohler, $1; Tappahan
nock Chapter, $5; Mrs. Austin Brocken
brough, $1; Dr. C, W. P. Brook, ?1; Mrs.
C. W. P. Brock, *1? Dr. Charles B. Brock,
?1; Captain A, Tyler Brock, $1; Charlie
Brook Hayes, $1; Mrs, B. D. Hotchklss,
in memory ot General Peyton Wlso, ?2.B0;
Mrs. E. D. Hotchklss, In memory of Ma?
jor N. V. Randolph, K.BO; Mrs. J. A. Mor?
ns, ?li Mrs. L. W. Wise, ?1; Mrs, W. G.
Bragg, $1; Mra. J. H. Capers, Sr., il;
Mrs. John Campboll Hagan, ?fi; Mr. S, ?.
Ford, Votoran Cavalrymen, hie children
and grandchildren, Tyro, Va,, ?20; Black
HorSQ Chapter (second contribution), $5;
Mrs. Otwuy Allen, Ul Mrs. John B, Etche
son, $1; Mrs. J. 8. E., In memory of Ma?
jor If, V. Randolph; $1; Chance E. Dlggos,
Moberly, Missouri," $1; Mrs. Huntor Mc
Gulre, $5;. Mrs. Georgo V. Hunloy, Ma.
tnewH county, $1? Mrs. Francis Boykln,
?2; Miss Anna Boykln, ?1,
Germania Lodge Officers.
The election of offlcere of Germania
Lodge, No. IB, K. of P., at tho last moot?
ing, resulted as follows;
C. C, J. Henry Schmidt; V. C, John
Hoffman; M. of W., J. W. Morris; P?
Georgo C. Dlotrloh; K. of R. T? C, T.
Loohr; M. of F? J, C. Sichert; M. of H!.,
?. ?. Meister; ?. of ?., W Gelirmann;
I, G? H. T. Carleon; O. a., w. Henselj
fiep., J. H. Schmidt; D, D., D DoSUvla;
Trustees: C. Bunker, P. Hoffman and G.
Temperance Sociable,
The Loyal Temperance Legion will give
a sociable for Its members Monday even?
ing at ?1 o'clock at tho home of Mrs.
Vaughan Lloyd, No. 620 North Ninth
Street. All tha members aro cordially In
Getting a New Crop of Hair, and Has No
More Dandruff.
Everybody m tlio Northwest knows
Colonel Daniel Seailes, the votoran Jour?
nullst and publicist uf Butto. January
lu, 1000, tlio Colonel writes; "I used a
couple of butilos of Newbro's Herplcltln
with marvelous results. The dandruff
disappeared; a new crop of'lmlr has taken
I'uut, and the bald spot la rapidly being
covered," Herplclde is tho only hair prep.
aratimi that kills tho dandruff germ that
digs up the scalp In scales au It burrows
Its way to the root of the hair, whero
It destroy? tho vitality of tho hair, caus?
ing tho hair to fall out.- Kill the dan?
druff germ, with Herplclde, Sold by
leading druggists. Send 10c, in stamps for
??imple to The Herplclde Co., Detroit.
Mich. Ow-ene ?i Minor Drug Co,, Special
There Has Never Been a Death
Upon It in Sixty Years.
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
BOYDTON, VA.. Dec. 19.-Mr. R. XX.
Jortress livos on his farm four or five
miles west of here, which was given him
by bis'fatnor noarly forty years ago.
Mr. Jeffress tells of a circumstance in
connection with this farm that Is remark?
able. He says he has known tho placo
for slxty-ono years, and that thoro has
never been a death of his knowledge
In these long years. Mr. Jeffress Is
seventy-throe years old and has ralsod
on this place nine ohlldren, tho oldost
being thirty-six years old, all of whom
are still living.
In addition to Mr. Jerfross' own family
he was tho owner of a considerable num?
ber of slaves, who resided on this farm
none of whom ever died upon the place.
Mr, Jeffress is a man of tho highest
character, nnd no one who knows him
would question any statement ho made.
Mi?. J. II, Lott, who had his leg broken
a weok or two since. Is getting on nlcoly.
His log was badly broken.
Resigns Pastorate.
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
COMORN, VA.. Doc, 18-Rov. John R.
Thomas has resigned the pastorate of
Pqtomao Baptist Church, near this place,
find It Is understood that his services will
terminato on tho fourth Sunday In this
month. Mr, Thomas has sorved tho Po?
tomac congregation three years,
Mrs. Bottle Gravatt, of Cai'ollne, Is her.?
visiting her nloco, Mrs. R. L, Clore.
It Is announced that Mr, Frank Cook
and Miss Jennie Peragoy, of this county,
will he married at Potomac Church on
Tuesday evening, December 23.
Mr. Dan Wirt, of Oak Gravo, loft sev?
eral days ago for Florida, where ho will
spend the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S, Peyton, of this
neighborhood, gave n party Thursday
night In honor of their daughter's, Miss
Lola's sixteenth birthday anniversary,
Mr. Bmmott Gouldman, of upper West?
moreland, Is having an Immense fish
packing establishment erected at Wll
koreon'u Wharf, on the Potomac Rlvor.
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
WELDON, N. O., Dec. 18.-A bevy of *s
pretty Virginia girls,is ever crossed the
lino of tar came here lust evening iron?
Kmporlu, Va,, und gave olio of tho most
ilullghtful and refreshing entortnlnments
ovor witnessed upon any amateur stago.
The play was entitled "Maids Forlorn,"
but tho maids who appeared in It were
about tho prettiest, happiest and Jollloat
ripples of human sunshine that your cor?
respondent's oyo has rented upon In many
u long day, und they wore applauded at
every stage of the play to the very
echo. /
Among those who took part were Miss?
es Prlnco, Turner, Tillar, Nowsoni and
(Special to The Tliiies.Dlspatch.)
STAUNTON, va.. Deo. lO.-The many
friends ot Judge J? M? Quarles are urging
him to stand for the Democratic nomina?
tlon for Congress from thla district. H*
waa elected to Congress some years ago,
and was a member of the Constitutional
A number ot petitions are being circu?
lated throughout the city asking that tha
Governor commute the sontence of the
traln-wrecltor, John Kennedy, who waa
convicted term before Inet In the County
Court of "wrecking a Norfolk and Wes?
tern train In this county one year ago.
The petitions aro being freely signed, and ?
tho sentiment of the community seems
to bo that Kennedy should be commuted,
as his accessories In the crlmo were sen?
tencod to servo terms, and he to pay tin
death penalty,
(Special ta The Times-Dispatch.)
GLOUCESTER, C. H... Dec. 19,-r
Among the entertainments of the week
wore a beautiful lunch, given by tho Mts.se?,
Dabney, of "The Exchange," in honor o!
Mrs. Mant?n and Miss Hand, of New
York, a card party by Miss Clopton, 61
Haver's Hall, ? tea by Mrs. Charle? E.
Gary, nnd a ohnroh sociable by th?
Misses Tabb, of New Shade.
in tho account of the unveiling exer?
cises at Gloucester Courthouse last
w-iok tho papers failed', to take note ol
the fact that the larnje number of dis?
tlngulshod strangers who were present
from a distance on that' occasion met
with tlio hospitality for which Tidewater
Virginia Is celebrated. Mr. and Mrs.
Churlos E. Cary met and entertained,
these ladles and gentlemen In the most
representative Gloucester manner.
Holiday exclusion tickets will he sold
between Richmond and Norfolk and re?
turn at special rate of J3-W* Ticket?
on sale at either Richmond or Norfolk
December 22d, 23d, 2-lth. 25th, 30th ?list,
1003. and January let, 10M, good tor ro?
turn passage until January 4th, 1904.
On presentation and surrender of cer?
tificates signed by superintendent, pr|n?
climi or president of college or school,
excursion tickets will bo sold at the above
rates to students, December 16th to 25th,
Inclusivo, good for return passage until
January stu, 1004,
Foot Ash Street,
H. ?. WALKER, V. P. & T. M.,
Now York. N, Y,
K. F. CilALKLEY, City Ticket Agt..
?vs East Main Stroot,
To the Public;
Owing to rush ot business, our two
stores will be open next week till 10 P. M.
Thursday night. 12 P. M.
Two Largest Grocery Stores In th? City,
Down Town, 1820-1822 E. Main St.,
Up Town, m ?. Marshall.
"Read Sydnor~"i Hundley'? ?d. to*
Read tho ?real ad. of S. Cllman's Son
In to.day's paper, It's a rwrulsvr money?
"Rea?. ByOuoF * ?un??*'? ?d. t*.

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