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Letters to Sante Claus
Richmond, Va,, Dec. 21,
Deaf Santa Claus:
I am a little boy five years old ??id wish
yod would bring mo a double *eat auto?
mobile, a box of toolB, a box of matches,
iomo flroworks. candies, nuts, a bottlo
o? Ink and a. pen, and anything else pou
have to spare,
Don' forgot my. biff brother, L-andort.
Your little hoy,
No. 715 Spring Street,,,
Richmond, Va., Dee. 13, 1003.
Dear Baiata Claus: I am a llttlo boy six
years old and have two little brother?.
Wo all three have been eood child!??
tinco wo last saw you. Now please bring
mo a tool cheat, blocks, plcturo book and
? game. Bring Earnest a veloc?pedo, and
bring John Lewis it horse, muelo box, set
of blocks, horno and wagon, and bring
all of Us sorao candy and nut?, and I wllji
go to bed early and shut my oyes tight,
Your loving little boy,
No. 2301 East Marshall Street
RlchmondTva., Dec. 14, 1003.
Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would
Grop you a fow lines to let you know what
I want Christmas. 1 am getting too
big for any toys, my mother guys, 1
want a pair of ear-warmers, nn unibrollti
and a book of Uncle Reamus, plenty of
cflndy, nuts, cakes, oranges, grapes and
plenty of firecrackers und a game of soma
kind, poqd-byo,
From your little Peck's bad boy.
No, 137,South Cherry Street.
Richmond, Va.. Dec. 14, 1003.
Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would
drop you a few lines telling you what I
would Uko to have this Christmas. I would
like for you to bring me somo boui?
and games, and some candy and nuts, and
?> few fireworks, ,
Your little girl,
No. SOS Randolph Street,
Richmond, Va., Dec. 14, 1003,
Dear Santa: I will let you know" what
2 want Christmas. Please bring mo
bicycle, a elelgh,? some Artworks and some
candles and nuts. I would like for you to
bring m6 aome story books, too, It you
can.. I will close my short letter, hoping
you. will bring tho things I ask for.Good
From your llttlo boy,
No, 717 Daurcl Street.
No. 603 South Daurel St.,
Richmond, Vd., Dec. 14. 1003,
Dear Santa Claui:
I am a MtUe boy eleven years old. This
Is what I want Christina?: I want
bicycle and a stocking tilled up to the top
: with nut? and candles. I will ask for
? nothing else.
From your little boy, .
Richmond, Va., Dec 14, 1003.
! Dear Santa:
, I'm a llttlo boy eleven years old. I
, want a watch and a ring and some fire
; works. I will close.
From your little boy.
820 S. Laurel St.,
Richmond, Va., Dec 14, 1903.
; Dear Santa Claus:
I will now take tho greatest pleasure
: In .writing you a few Unas to tell you
what I want. As money le scarce this
Chrlatmaa I don't want very much. I
want .a set of .furs, and some games, and -
???"??3p??-^&????38"?? nntsrTm'tf'Httl?'"
girl thirteen-years old, Good by.
Your little girl.
203 S. Cherry St.,
, Richmond, Va., Dec 14, 1003.
', Dear Santa Claus:
Iiom a little boy who doesn't want
much. Please' bring me a Xmas tree,
?fireworks and candy and nuts. I will
'end. From your little friend.
? Drake's Branch, Ta.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl nme years old. Please
bring mo a doll that can open and shut
her eyes, some books, candy and nuts,
r. . Your little girl, ,.
Dear Santa,?I havo boen wanting to
tell you what I want for some time, but
mother said you wero so busy In your
?hop that you could not talk to your
little friend?. .
I want you to dress my largo dolile In
infant clothes, and If you can. please
bring me a great big doll with brown hair.
? ?would Uko some new doll furniture.
7 am In the second reader now. and got
a perUllcate for last month. I know you
will be glad to hear that.
I will see you at our Sunday school
New Year'? day.
Please take a nice dolilo to some poor
ehlld. I know thoy would like ono.
Your loving friend,
No. 601 North T.wenty-fifth. Street,
Richmond, Va., Dec. 17. 1003.
Dear Santa Claus.?I would Uko to have
a sled and a drum and a velocipede and
a horn and some fireworks.. Good bye.
Your little friend,
Richmond, Va'., Deo. 17, 1003.
Dear Santa Claus,?G would Ilka to have
a-sled'anfl a wagon and a drum and a
velocipede and some fireworks and a
'nom Good-bye
Your little friand.
Dear Old Santa,?I am a little girl U
Sears ' old. I want a doll, dressed In
wnjto, and a prayer book, muff and fur,
and a pair kid gloVes, and a watch, and
i.omo nuts and candy. v
My namo Is
?010 W. Ashland Street,
Vera, Va., Dec. 15, 1303.
Dear Old Santa Claus,?Coma round
again and bring me a pooket knife, ?????
firecrackers and any good thlnge you can
?pare, .
Your little boy,
., * ?.' L' T0M CHRISTIAN.
l*. fa.?Please bring mo a' harp;
Dear Santa Glaus: ... . ...
Being as this is my first letter I want
you t? bring me lote of things. Please
brlug'tne a Ohrlstmen Tree, D?li Bahy,
??-cort, Bet of dishes, Table, plnno, Roclc
Ing Chulr, Cradle, Bureau and a nice
gam? end sown nut* and Candy,
And now I will try to be 'a good girl,
do6d bye, Dear Saft ta Glaus.
Dennleton, Va., Deo, 16, 1003.
My Dear Santa ?
I'd like havo ? toy street car and one
ot those little train* and engines, and
one little hand car,'and ono toy air ship,
I've been right good slnco I gut'my new
bank and a little good befororand l ain't
bo bad much. I am six years old, Bo
euro and come to eoe mo.
From your little friend,
Jill South Pine Street, Dec. IS, 190?, ?
Dear Santa Claus:
I wrlto you again this Xmns to tell
you what to bring me, I want a nico
box of paints with. two brushes, and
saucers to mix theni In, 1, piso want
?omo games, plenty of fire crackers, and
fire works also'plenty of good things, and
anything else you choose. I .believe that
te all. Now It you think of anything elso
you can fcrlng 11.
???G little friend.
Dear Old Santa Clous:
Plt-aso bring mo a Doll and Carriage
some candy and nuts and don't forgot
my horn, a new bonnet and gloves. I
am still at 815 North Twenty-sixth Street.
My name Is
Dear Santg. Cintisi
? want to write you a letter and please
don't forgot me. I want a doll baby, a
Oold rlnn and a tricycle.
Little girl.
Madeline black,
1311 West Cary Street.
Richmond, Va, Dec 16, 1003.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little boy eleven years old. And
t wish you. would bring me a billy goat
and cart and? some good thing. That is
all I want this Christmas.
Your truly,
1308 Clay Street, Richmond, Va,
Richmond, Va., -Dec. 21. 13C6.
Dear Santa Claus:
t thought I would write you a few lines
to let you know what I want you to bring
me. I Want a large doll, a large cradle,
a bed, a set of dishes, a ta"ble, 1>2 doz.
of small knives, forks and spoons, a glass
sot, two white aprons, some handkor
r.bjoiB, a go-cart, a horn, and Xmas
tree, and some nuts and candles, and
anything else you choose to bring me.
Good bye.
From your little girl,
I am twelve years of age. Don't forgot
to como.
Dear Santa Claus:
Don't forgot me this year. I do not
want much. Bring me a C'nalr like my
sister, Madeline, got last year, and a doll
'baby and a Sot of dishes, a table and a
Little girl.
1211 West Cary Street.
Dcar_ Santa Claus:
G want to write you a letter and Please
don't forget mo and I want a doll baby
and a' broom and a Piano and a high
Chulr_nn?3 -bring 3??Tx brother.?pha.a. rat
SJCwVwrCTI...... ?,?,,??;.??. ,.-?..^-G-^.t-^ ..--.?? '. ' ?.
I,lttle girl.
1211 West Cary Street.
Good Old Santa Claus: Please sir,, bring'
me a doll baby and carriage, a plano, a
table and set of dishes, pair of legglns
and a little infant doll In long clothes, a
chair. I will bo three years old Christmas
morning, so please don't forget mo and
my grandma, too.
No. 815 North Twenty-sixth Street.
December 15, 1903.
Dear Santa Claus: Will yuu please bring
me a box of tools and shovel, a set of ten?
pins and ? a drum, Please don't forgot.
Dear Santa, I am a good little boy.
No. 1511 Beverly Street, city.
Richmond, Va., Dae. 15, 1903.
Dear Santa: Please bring mo a bis
bicycle and a magic lantern and some
nuts, candy nnd fruit. I am your little boy.
No. 1104 West Marshall Street.
P.ieaso don't forget my two Utile
brothers In Lawrence%*llla. .
Dear Santa: If I don't take up too much
of your valuable time, I'll tell you what
I would like you bring me. A nice over
noat, magic lantern, express wagon nnd
some popcrackers. That's all.
From a nice little boy,
No. 214 South Laurel Street.
Richmond, Va., Dec. IS, 1903,
Dear Santa Claus: lama little boy just
sixteen months old, and I wont ask Cor
much this year, as this is tho first letter
I ever wrote to you. Please bring me a
drum, a express wagon, a hook and ladder
with three horses a monkey, rockin?
chair, horn doll baby, broom and some
firecrackers, and anything else you want
to. So please don't forget to como, J
Your little hoy,
/i Uve at No. 710 South Pine Street,
Richmond. Va. Please bring mamma
something nice, too.
Dear Santa:
I would like to havo a doll carriage
and a doll that won't sleep. My last one
Just slept her head off, and would be
good now If she hadn't lost her head
by sleeping bo much. And bring me a
dinner set and horn to wake papa and
mamma on Xmas morning. Brother has
written to you. . His name is Herbert
Taylor, and don't forgot to send my papa
and mamma something ntco, and ?please
don't forgot to come. I live at Ko, 728
North Twenty-fffth Street. My name Is
Richmond, Va? Dec. 16th.
Dear Santa: Will you please bring me a
tricycle, a pair of kid gloves, a horn and
a trunk to put my clothes In, That Is all
I'll ask for. but you can bring anytfiing
else you have to spare.
Your little girl,
No. 815 North Twenty-sixth Street.
Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me a real large doll, with
t. crochet sack on, and a washstand; also
somo shoes and stockings for my old
dolly, and don't forget to fill my stock?
ing, ton.
Your little friend,
Dear Santa:
I am waiting for you patiently, and will
go to bed early Christmas* Eve night.
So please bring mo a toy merry-go-round,
a drum and a horn, a monkey and a
muslo box.
From your llttlo friend,
Dear Santa:
I am a little glTl throe years old, and ?
?want you to bring me a tea set, doll baby
and a go-cart, and a lot of candy and
nuts, 'From your little girl,
Dear Old Santa:
Now I will write, begging again. Please
send me a train of cars. Now.I want
passenger train, as I will get so black on
freight. And bring mo a drum, horn,
express wagon, and bring my sister and
Too Much Holiday Fun and Folly
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medicine for sour stomach, sick headache, colic,
winds, belching, biliousness, furred tongue, lazy
liver, constipation, bad breath, bad tastef all liable
to result from holiday over-indulgence, Cascareis
Candy Cathartic is what you want; a tablet after a
big rneal will prevent sickness, or a tablet at night
before going to bed, after a good time, will fix you
?all right for morning, and let you get up clear as a
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Best Tor the Bowels, AH druggist?, 100, ajc, 50c. Never said in bulk.
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The stock of PIANOS displayed;on our.-xvare?
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up-to-date improvements. The artistic world
acknowledges we have the pick of all the factories
ili th? United States?; and as they spend their life
literally at the piano, their opinion is.of much value
more to a purchaser. IF you wish a slightly used
piano come here.
mamma and papa something, too. My
name is . .HERBERT TAYLOR,
And I Ilvo at 72S N. Twenty-fifth St.,
Richmond, Va. Please don't forget me.
Dear Santa: -
I'm a little boy; don't want much. I
want a watch and chain, kettle drum and
some fireworks; and now I will end.
Your friend,
No. 203 3-2. S. Cherry Street, '
Richmond, Va.
Dear Santa Claus:
I want as follows: Some oranges, -Ro?
man candles, popcrackers, .bananas, a
stocking full and some large' things that
can't got in the stocking, We havo moved
up at Miss Kate Thompson's house, so
you must not forget to bring mo some'
presents. I am well of tho diphtheria,
and I have had the measles. Harry
Mann has tho scarlet fever, or has had '
It. I will have to close.
Your little friend,
Jotersvllle, Va.
P. S.?Bring me some plcturo books and
a. muslo box and a banjo.
December Ifl, 1903.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl four years old, and
would like a uoll and rocking chair and
tree, with lots of pretties on It, and don't
forget my little cousin Vonla. She would
like a nice horn and a box with thimble
and needles and dollies In it, but you
may get whatever you think best for her.
She Is eleven years old and goes to
school ovory day. I will closo now, hop?
ing you won't forgot us. Oood-byo.
No, 521' North Fifth Street,
?Dear Santa? Claus:
I will write you now to tell you what
I want this Christmas. I want some
games, books and some fireworks, and
anything else you choose. That's all I
want this - Christmas.
From your little boy,
No. 814 South Pine Street, city,
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl eight years old, ana
I want you to ploase bring me a Chrlet
mas tree and a big doll baby, carriage,
set of dishes, trunk, table, cooking stovo,
cradle, tub and board, story book and
a lot of candy and nuts, and I will be
a good little girl. And now-1 will toll
you good-bye. _
Richmond, Va,, Deo. 16, 1903.
Door Santa Claus:
Please bring me a flro engine, automo,
bile, gun'and monkey; also lots of candy
and nuts.
Your loving little boy,
331 S. Laurel St,
Richmond, Va., Deo, 10, 1003,
Dear. Santa Claus:
I am a little boy six years old, and as
you have been so good to me I am not
going to ask for inuoh. Please bring mo
one of. those lartje, two-seated swings,
a book strap, a pair of rubber boots
(?wear to school, goma firework.* and,
some candles and nuts. Please don't for?
get sister Lillle.
I am your little bay,
No. 2814 Venable St, Richmond, Va.
Dear Santa Claus:
I wiU write you a little, note to tell
you what I want you to bring me Christ?
mas. Please bring me a horn, truck, en?
gine and fireworks. But .please' don't
forget to bring me some candy, apples,
nute and raisins. I will go to bed early.
From your little boy,
?S03 B. Marshall St., Richmond, Va,
Dear Santa Claus:
I will write you a note to toll you to
bring mo a horn, cart, fireworks and any?
thing else you choose to bring me. My
little brother wonts you to bring him a
doll cart and rocking chair. But bring
us both candy, nuts and raisins. I will
go to bed early and sleep sound.
From your little boys,
1S05 E, Marshall St, Richmond, Va.
Dear Old Santa Claus:
I want you to br(ng mo a wagon, large
enough for mo to r'de In,'and some fire?
works. , My name Is
? Ilvo 715 Mosby Street. And please
don't forget my brother. He Is five years
old. I will bo three years old Christmas.
Riohmond, Va., Deo. 10, 1003.
Dear Santa Claus:
I hope you aro well. I want some
story books and a pencil box, and some
handkerchiefs and some goodies.
Riohmond, Va.
December 16th.
Dear Santa Claus:
Won't you please bring mo a veloci?
pede, olectrlo car, toot-toot car, some
wagons with ladles sitting on them. In?
dian Hiawatha and Mlnnehaha, fire en?
gine and hook and ladder. Please bring
them, Santa, to little
No, 401 South Pine Street,
Rlahmond. Va.. Deo. 15, 10O3.
Dear Old Santa Claus:
I am a little boy and do not know my
age. Please bring mo a drum and tool
chest, a horn and wagon, and anything
else you like, and don't forget my little
brother Willie. .He wants a muslo box
and a monkey and horn? to have some fun
with, and fireworks for its and cntidy
and nuts. Wo w||l remain
Your little boys.
No, 815 Albemarle Street,
Richmond, Va., Dec, 13, 10O3.
Dear Santa Claus; .
Please brine me a wagon, a pair of
shoes and a watch und chain and some
candy and nuts. That's'all. ? Bye-bye.
Corner of Cartuin and Dloeen Sts.
Swansboro, Va., Deo. 15, 1903.
Dear Santa:
I an. my mamma's baby. Pienso bring
me a doll baby and carriage and a set
of dishes and a high chair and a horn,
some ?an?y. *ud nute. ? won't ask for
much this year. I will go to bed and
shut my eyes tight, and will not peep.
Don't forget to come. I will remain
Your HtUe girl,
Swansboro, Va.
Richmond, Va, Dec. 13, 1003.
Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me a nice doll, a set of
doll furniture, a pair of new shoes, a
cup and saucer and plate and a doll table
and anything else you choose to bring,
I wish. you a merry Christmas and a
happy New Year,
From your friend, ?
Corner of Carlton and Dlneen Sts.
P. S.?Don't forget whore I live. I am
nine years old.
Richmond. Va., Deo. 13, 1903.
Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me a doll carriage, tea
set, a now pair of shoos, a pair of leg
gins, some candy and nuts, and any?
thing else you choose to bring. You will
find my stocking by tho fireplace. Byo?
bye. ,
From your friend,
? Corner of Carlton and Dlneen Sta.
P. S.?I am seven years old.
Richmond. Va, Deo. 16. 1003.
Dear Santa: I got moro than I askod
for last Xmas, for which I thank you.
So this time, I will be satisfied with any?
thing you are kind enough to bring me,
Ae I can not tell all tho nice things ?
would like to have.
So good-bye Santa, your little friend,
3308 Venable Street.
Dear Santa Claus: Please be so kind
as to bring me a piano, a doll baby, Xmas
Use and a muff and fur and plenty of
cakes and candy and please don't foriot
my two grandma's and my grandpa and
my mama and papa.
No. Ill West Main Street. |
Dear Santa Claus: Please be eo kind
and bring me a plano, a doll baby, Xmas
tree and plenty of cakes, nuts and candy
and dear old Santa, please don't forget
my grandma's and my grandpa.
1114 West Main Street.
Dear Santa Claus: Please be eo kind
and bring me a watch, a buggy whip and
a sleigh, a Xmas tree and plenty of cakes
and candy and a air rifle and doar old
Santo, please don't forget my grandma's
and my mama and papa.
2314 West Main St.
Dear Santa Claus: Please bring mo a
printing press like tSe one I saw in tho
Virginia Bargain House and a Jack knife,
and a Foxy Grandpa book. This Is all I
vaiit and I will go to bed reul soon.
Your little boy.
1010 B. Broad St.
Dec. 1?, 1003.
Richmond, Va.
Dear Santa: I am a little girl, seven
years old and live at New Reservoir Park,
nnd I want a book, an umbrella, a mack
intouh and a pair. of rubbers. And then
Santa, please don't forget to fill nij)?
stocking with good thlngrs.
Good-bye, your little girl,
Rlohmona; Va., Deo. 16, 1903. ?
Dear Santa: Please bring ma a Dreaw*
and bring me a doll baby, and bring mo a
kitty and bring me a dog. That's all.
Tour friend,
Dear Santa Clans: Fleas? bring me 4'
fur and muff and doll and sled and please
don't forget lfi-tle brother, bring him a
Goseple and overcoat and I will tnanl?
you very much.
900 West Main ft. '
City, December If?, 1903.
Dear. Santa Claus:
I am a little boy seven years old. t
Uve with my grandmother. My mother
and father are dead. I would like for
you to bring me a velocipede, candy?
nuts and lots of good things. I will b?
a good boy and go to bed early,
Your dear little friend,
No. 2720 O Street, City,
Dear Santa. Claus:
Please bring me an automobile Ilk?
Langdon Christian has got. He Is a lit?
tle boy who lives nest door. And a sure
enough horse and little wagon I qan ride
In, and that Is all I want. If you bring
me this I will bo a real good little boy.
Your little boy.
No 1003 East Broad St., Richmond Va.
Rlohmond, Va,, December 15, 1903.
Dear Santa:
It Is near timo for you to come around,
so I will ask you a favor. Please come
and bring mo a donkey, a doll baby and
a billy goat. I am getting along nicely
at sohool; am In the ?rst reader. I am
recommended by the prlnolpal that I ar?
a BCholar.
Your honejn
Thirty-third and Marshall Sta.
Dear Santa Claus:
G am rive years old now and I used to
live In Petersburg, but live In Swansboro
now. I want you w bring me a sleeping
doll, a baby carriage and cradle, tea set,
nuts and candy. Don't forget I've moved.
Richmond? Va., Deo. 15, 1803.
Dear Old Santa:
I am a little girl Just ten years old,
and I . want you to bring me a larae
doll, a carriage, a rocking chair, some
oranges, some nuts, candles, some apple?,
a piano, a cradle and a trunk. This la
all I will aek you for.
From your friend,
No. ?17 N. First St.. Rlohmond, Va,.
Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me a
plenty of firework? and orange? and nut*
and apples and candles. I um "i'-ly ola?
years old. Good-bye Santa Claus.
Don't forget Brother Andrew.
No. BIO Tw$nty?thlrd Street.
?Coatiaued. ?a T?iU? Pa?*)

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