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THE T1MB8, iroi.'NDJflb J8M.
Richmond Merchants Will Offer Many Bargains in Thursday's Times-Dispatch
The Weather.
WASHINGTON, Juno 27,-Forocast for
Tuesdiiy und Wednesday:
Virginia?Partly cloudy Tuesday, prob?
ably showers In south portion ? VV?dn?s
flay fair, warmer In fntorlor; light to
fresh northeast to east winds.
North Carolina?Showers Tuesday, cool?
er In west pori Ion; Wednesday fair,
warmer In Interior; light to fresh wind?
mostly northeast,
Richmond's woathor yesterday was cool
and piensant with a shower about ???30
lust sight.
? ?. M.83
n m.%\
g ?',?.m
? P. M.77
e p. m..7i?
U midnight. 72
Average .78 3-1(1
Highest temperature yesterday. SU
Lowest temperature yesterday.7?|
Mean temperature yesterday.TI ?
Normal temperature for Juno. 71
Departure from normal temperature. 04
Precipitation during past 24 hours.... 00
June 28. 1901.
Bun r.Bc?.4:C2 | HIGH TIDE.
Bun nets.7:31 I Morning.4:43
Moon il.?;?:.?!.8:13 | I.'venin g.L:l?>
Republican commltteo breaks up In a
disturbance and the secretary, a colored .
man, Is placed under arrest charged with
Mealing a proxy?impression among I
Boine politician? that there Is a setting I
of opinion towards Judge Uray, of Dola- !
ware, aa tho most favorable man to heal !
thu ruptures in the party-Death of Mr. j
George A. Haynes, prominent tobacconist
??Death of Mr. It H. Crump, young I
Richmond' man of prominent connections
?Air. Richard li. Easiey dies suddenly
in Washington; funeral hero yesterday
Three young men given permission to
ride on Venable Street excursion train
become disorderly and have to bu arrest?
ed; ono escapes ' and policeman Is hurt
trying to catch him?inmates of tho
Homo for Needy Confederate Women are
moved to tlio new lumie, 3 East Grace
Governor invited by Tammany Hall.
MANCHESTER-Meeting o? the Rika
last night-J??int session of the Council
lo be held to-night-Names -nenlioned
for president of the Board of Health
Funeral of Infant ><on of Mm J. B. Hall
this morning.
Tho body of Mlsr. Annie Bollng, who
had bijon missing since Tuesday, found
In a deep wood burned to a few charred
bon?.??;, which were identified by hor shoes;
sho recently baa a snug little sum left I
her; her mind was said to be impaired;
tin? whole matter shrouded in mystiyy
-Child bitten by rattlesnake near Win- j
ehester and dies-Judge Yarrell chal?
lenges Congressman Southall to joint de- I
bates all over the district-The school I
of method? opens at Charlottesvlllo with ,
large attendance; Dr. Alderman ad?
dresses the teachers and is loudly ap- |
plauiled-The Norfolk and Western lets ?
contract for $100,000 depot at Roanoke,
and proviso was jrwde that the City Coun?
cil put coir's off Uio streot: they will pass
the ordinance?Constable Cornell, of
Alexandria county, held for killing Wil
mer Si?cle while resisting arrest??John
Good? declared that If they wero getting
ready to bury hltn be had better get up,
and he took a fresh hold on Ufe??Dan?
ville tobacconists pass resolutions oppos?
ing tho notion of the English chancellor
??The? late Judge H. S. K. Morrison's
house burned near Gate City, caus.ng a
ioi,s of HO.OOiJ-The negro who attempt?
ed to enter Miss Ophelia Cowper's t__jpm
paid for it with his Ufe, as it Is s.nco
learned that the man Is dead from tlie
shot elio fired?Norfolk mc-rchants to
pay the railroad fare of Southern custom?
ers who buy $1000 worth of goods and
over-Dr. Alderman undecided as to the
presidency of the University, and tre?
mendous pressure is be.ng brought to bear
on him to remain In Louisiana.
North Carolina.
Governor. Aycock to deliver a series of I
addresses in the State of Maine on educa- I
tlon-Seaboard Air Line trying to abolish ]
certain Hag stations and merchants fight?
ing to require them kept up-Junior
Order preparing for a big reception the
Fourth of July to National Councilor W.
E. Faison in Raleigh?Cases of embez?
zlement In Greensboro; Richmond man in
jail-A reaper falls on a prominent ?
farmer of Oak Rldgo with disastrous re?
Big battio being fdught at Hal Cheng
uml fate of Manchuria hangs in the bal
anco; Russian position said to bo unten?
able; Important developments momentari?
ly expected-Over thirty people killed
at Kingston, in Jamaica-Dr. Den-G
Brougluon in sensational fight with Chief
of Police at Albany, Ga.-Thomas 1?.
Ryan, of New York, expresses himself on
political situation; saores Republican?;!
on negro issue and urges Democrats to
stand together and win-Darge sum
ruised to proescute tobacco trust for al?
leged rest.'tlnt of trade-Throo killed In
Philadelphia In Uro resulting from explo?
sion of tirtrtrorks?Domocratlc leaders
not frightened by Republicans' threat?
Baron von Sternberg to deliver com?
mencement address at University of the
Bouth-Democrat appointed Federal
judge In Panama Canal zone-No tick?
ets for Domocratlc National Convention to
lie on sale-Retired broker of Greens?
boro, N. C? kills himself In New \orK
,???? marshal says Slocum lire began ? a
barrel-Thieves causo explosion and in
excitement ipockoti large eum?-Judgo
Gray favors Cleveland for pr?s dency;
won't bo a candidato himself-?Prohibi?
tionists want Mlles to speak out,_^
(By AB-oclated Press.)
PARIS. Jiipo 37,-Baron Alphonse de
Rothschild, Huron iOdmond do Rothschild
-and Bar?n Gustave de Rothschild,..three
Of tho chiefs of tho Rolliseli Id tanilly, call?
ed upon M. Troullot, Ihe M ulster of Com?
merce, this afternoon to inform him of
the!,? Intention to give $2,000,000 fef'..????
purpose of providing ohe?y>, ?nd healthy
dwolilngs for tho Parisian working
classes. _
Death of H. M. Millard.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
BRISTOL?, TIONN., June '_'7.-Hugh M
Willard, an influential citizen und old
pioneer of Bristol, Va? died to-day, ngett
seventy-nine. He is-survived by several
grown sons and daughters.
The '?a advertisements for help pub?
liehet) In lo-iluy's Tiiuus-Disp.ituu uu
pn.'.i- 10 tire us follows:
? Office Help, 4 Agents,
8 Miscellaneous. 4 Trades,
4 Domestics.
This not only Interests Uiu.se out ot
work, but thoso desiring to improve
their positions aa well.
W*V G??????
Dr. Len. 0, Broughton in
a Sensational Fight. *
Minister Was in Chair Being
Shaved When the Of?
ficer Entered.
Dr. Broughton Was Struck Sev?
eral Timos and General Mix
Up Was Imminent?Chief's
Son, Who Is State Sena?
tor, Also Had Fight
About Same Matter.
(By Annodateti Press.)
ALBANY, GA., Juno 27.?Rov. Dr. Len
G. Broughton, o? Atlanta, and Chief of
Police R. XV. VVestbrook were tho central
figures In a sensational fight which oc?
curred about 6 this afternoon In ?he bar?
ber shop of Levi Dav.'son, on Broad Street.
Tho fight was the outcome of charges
preferred against VVestbrook In a sermon
by Dr. Broughton Sunday afternoon in
the Chautauqua Auditorium. He alleged
that Wcatbrook was a drunkard and that
he could bo found at all hours In the
lowest dives in the city. Ho claimed to
have? affidavits In his possession to prove
his charges, and said ho was ready for
an investigation If one was desired by
Great Sensation.
Tho sensation of Broughton nml West
brook lias been tho sole talk of the peo?
ple On the streets of Albany to-day, and
a fight was freely predicted should West
brook and Broughton meet. When West
brook, entered Dawson's 'shop Broughton
was In a chair, being shaved. As soon
as WestbrooH saw him he went for him.
Broughton was struck several times by
Westbrook, when friends of Broughton
Interfered nnd hauled Wostbrook off.
Four or five hundred people collected
quickly in frcr.l .:.*' tho shop, and for a
while it appeared tlnvt a general mix-up
?as Imminent..
Tho affair hi-? caused a great sensa?
tion, and It is freely predicted that more
trouble will result from Dr. .Broughton's
Cruger Westbroolc, a son of Chief "West
brook, and the senator-elect from this dis?
trict In th?? present Assembly, had a fight
with Mr. R. Vf. Jordan, It being believed
that Jordan is the man who furnished
Broughton with his evidence. Jordan
was knocked down, but suffered no se?
rious damage.
/ (By Associated Press.!
TRENTON, N. J., June _7.-C'iailes D.
Henderson, Jr., of Jersey City, and Jas.
W. Lynn, of Philadelphia, counsel for
George Rice, of Marietta, Ohio, to-day
filed In tho Court of Chancery, a bill for
tho dissolution of the. Standard Oil Com?
pany, a New Jersey corporation, charging
?hat the company Is Illegal, ai'd that It
exists In violation of tho anti-trust laws
of tija United otates and of the decision
In this State relating to monopolies. The
bill asks that not only the company bo
dissolved, but that its assots bo distrib?
uted among Its stockholders after paying
off Its outstanding securities.
(By Associated Press.)
LOUISVILLE!, KY., June 27.?Walker
D. Hlnes, first vice-president of the
Loulsvlllo and Nashvlllo Railroad, re?
signed his position to-day to take effect
July ICth. Mr. Hlnes will enter the prac?
tice of law In Loulsvlllo. Mr. Hlnes was
at one time ohlof counsel l'or tliu Louls?
vlllo and Nashville and for several years
practiced law In Loulsvlllo.
(l)y .Vnsoelated Press.)
WASHINGTON, Juno 27.?Secretary Hay to?
day received the following cablegram from
Tangier, dated the Pith!
"Profoundly grateful to the government for
scouring my release.
(Signed) PEnDlCARIS."
Thieves Then Coolly Pocketed
Bank Roll on the
(By Associated Press.)
HOUSTON, T13X., June 27.-Thloves to?
night worked a successful scheme for the
robbery of a gambling house. About 0
o'clock a pleco of dynamita was exploded
under a poker tubiti und tho crowd of
one hundred lmmndiut'oly niado a rush for
the-exit. A second oxploslon-, followed,
and tha crowd was frantic.'.During tho
excitement some one grabbed t)ie bank
roll at tlie, to'ro tablo, cutting net ween
.1)1,390 and $1,500 out of tho drawer. Mon
had been stntloned at each of tho crap
lubies uhd at tho rouletlo wheel, but tho
rolls wero'not touched; so It Is presumed
tho robbers weakened. No on* was hurt,
though the, poker table was wn-ckod and
the rim of tho dealer's hat was blown
Louisiana Will Not Give Him
Up Lightly .to Vir?
(Special tc The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
' Dr. Edwin A. .Alderman, when asked to?
night whether or not he had made up his
inind with reference to assuming the
headship of the University of Virginia,
btatod to The Times-Dispatch representa?
tive that he hoped the -people, tt Vir?
ginia and all others Interested would be
pat.ent with him while he ?rled to reach
i f.n enduring and wise decision. It is,
.he said, a supreme thing for a man to do
to make such a decision. Dr. Alderman
already has upon him a great Institution
?ftith which ho has been cennecttd only
! ?our years, with many of its best tasks
half finished, and he Is trying to decido
? \? hether or not It la his duty to leave this
I institution or undertake .ho leadership
j of an illustrious University, whoso lead
? oislrp would Involve tremendous lospon
i sibllltles an3 tremendous difficulties.
The board has wisely and cniefully
'.akon nearly two years to reach a do
?cision as to the man; the man himself
must tako two or three weeks to 3e
elde whore his duty lies? Dr. Alderman
(.'oes not deslro to wasto a day, nnd ho
w.ll not. It Is his purpose to loinaln in
Charlottesvllle about a weok in order to
I try to possess himself of -tho facts neces
| nary to roach an Intelligent decision. He
will thon, as ho stated to the board of
visitors, with their cordial approval, leave
tho University for a short time, nnd thou
rendor his decision.
This may bo expected within tho next
six or Bcvon days.
That great pressure is balng brought
Thirty-three Persons Lose Their
Lives Near Kingston, in
(By jVssoclated Press.)
ty? threo persons woro killed by an ac?
cident which tool: placo near Spanish
Town, ten miles west of Kingston, thla
morning in tho mnln conduit of the West
indio ' Electric Company, which oporatos
tho street cars from Kingston and tho
shnro holders of which aro principally
Nearly one hundred laborers had' been
detailed to removo sand from the onor?
inoli? pipe which is a mllo long and which
conveys .water from tho Intake on the
Ulo Cobre to tho turbines of tho power
houso. The work had been practically
coniploted when orders wero given to al?
low a small quantity at water to niter
the conduit, Through misapprehension,
accident 'or carelessness, tho (till forco of
water was turned on and a hiad strug?
gici to escape hy means of the man holes
ensued with the result that thirty-thro?
pel suns Sver? killed. Tin; tragedy has
cast a gloom over tha colony ami u rigid
Investigation Into the causo ig now In
\ prpgrcb*.
upon Dr. Alderman to keep him at,Tu- I
lane was evidenced by tiio telegram?
nnd letters which poured In to da>. Tho
f.Tst was from the president of the New*i
Orleans Cotton Exchange, ?mother from
tho president "of the .Alumni Association1
ol Tulane University, a Joint lettei from
the Board of Administration at Pulano
und the following telegram from tho
Governor of Louisiana:
Baton Rouge, La., June, 27th.
Edwin A, Alderman, University of Vir?
Voicing the sentiment of Ihe whole peo
I pie and press of Louls'.f.na, where ap?
preciation of your patriotism ??? a citi?
zen, your talents as ai instructor and
'nsplrer of youth, and yoi'i zeal and
ability as a prominent advocate ol public
education is Immeasurable, I earnestly
? beeseech you to decline the honor sought I
j to be conferred upon you by thc people
? ol Virginia and remain at the head ot
? the great Tulane University, destined in |
the near future to rival in importance
; the University of Virginia.
Governor ot Louisiana.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, June 27.? Baron
Von Sternburg, the German ambassador,
? loft to-night in the special car of Presi?
dent Silencer, of the Southern Railway,
for Sewanee, Tenn., where he will attend
'? the commencement of the University of
? the South, and make tho commencement
address- to tho University on Thursday,
Juno 30th.
Want McGraw.
(By Asaoolntod Presa.)
PARKERSBima, Vf, VA., Juno ?7.-Tho
? West Virginia delegation to the D?mocratie
? National Convention started for St. I.ouis to
? day, occapylng several private cars. Tlioy
; will launch a boom at St. Louie for John T.
McGraw, of West Virginia, as a vlco-pres
Idonttal candidate.
Fire Marshal Thus Explains thc
Recent Slocum Dis?
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. June 27.?Tho coronar'*!
jury. Investigating tho General S.ocum
disaster was taken to tho null, of tho
burned steamer at Erio basin to-dny, and
alter an Inspection of tho wreck und
tho examination of soy evi. 1 witnesses
i>roceedod in a police patrol bunt ovei ;ho
routo followed by tho steamer on the? day
(1 tho Ill-fated excursion,
Comaiulor Wlnslow, of iho navy,
who, with Goneral Wilson, of tho aimy,
I .vas appointed to mako Federal inquiry
I into tha disaster, was on cuaid tne Slo
I ?urn when iho coroner and hiu party nr
Former Flro Marshal Thouiii.'i F. Free!
said that ho had examinee, the hold of
(ho vessel.on the day It wis 'aiu'tl. Ilo
round that tho fire started in uno of the
"How can you tell?"
"Tho barrel tells," Jlr. Frcol rt? Had,
? holding up ono of tho loo&uiied staves.
j "Tho blackened edges sho ? that It was
?.inuuil froin tho bottom and from Inside
I -ut. Thero art no marks ot purriln? on
tho butsldo except in u amali puteo W'lOl'O
?t burned through." ,,
I Tho Inquest will *,irobabJj? be complole-J
\ ?p.ttioi'few..
Delaware Jurist Said to be Agree?
able to Both Cleveland
and Bryan.
Democratic eyes are now all focused
on the St. Louis Convention, which meets
on Wednesday at next week and in a few
days the advance gnard will begin to
head that way.
Hon. J. Taylor Ellyson, who Is Vir?
ginia's member on the National Commlt?
teo, will leave on Friday and tho State
delegations will follow on Sunday.
Tho meeting, already encompassed with
great publie interest, has been given ad?
ditional life by the renewal of tho Cleve?
land boom and by the stories that aro
circulating among the politicians to tho
effect that United States Judgo George
Gray, of Delaware, is looming up as a
strong possibility. There Is Cleveland
talk on evory band and tn almost every
group one hoars Che name of ,tho "old
man of Princeton," ellscussed with more
or less favor.
An Interesting Story.
But tho story as to Judge Grny is the
latest and by far the most Interesting if
true. News comes from Wilmington that
tho distinguished Delawaro Jurist la tho
real choleo of tho Cleveland wing of the
party In tho East and that at Mr Cleve?
land's Instance, n mutual friend has se?
cured tho .promise of Colonel W, J. Bry?
an to support Judgo Gray, should ho bo
tho nominee
Judge Gray Is looked upon by many as
an Ideal liman to bring together tho
warring wings of tho party and It is
said that his record in tlio 'United States
(Contlnuod on Second Pago.)
Announces Positively That He
Will Not be a Candidate
(Ry Associated Press,)
PHILADELPHIA, Juno 37.-? special
dispatch to the Philadelphia Record from
Wilmington, Dol? says:
"Judgo"Georgo Gray to-dny expressed
his hopo that former President Grover
Clovvland would be nominated for tho
president by tho St. Louis Convention.
Next to Cleveland ho favors Judge Parker
fur the nomination.
"When asked If his own resolution not
to be a candidato hail been changed by
tho Instructions of the Delawaro delega
tlon In his favor and by the recent en?
dorsement of his euiuilducy hy loaders In
various States, Judgo Gray said: ? hnvo
repeatedly stated that l am not, and will
not be. ? candidato for tho presidential
nomination. I have also repenlmlly snld
that I n in In favor of Judge Porker If
Mr. Cleveland is out of the question. Mr.
Cleveland has been my first choice, If ho
does not receive the nomination, 1 hope
It will go to Judfo Parket,* "
Big Battie Being Fought
Near Haicheng.
But Are Being Hard Pressed by
Three Heavy Japanese
Russian Position Is Said to be
Untenable?An Unconfirmed
Report That Port Arthur
Has Been Captured?Im?
portant Engagements
Are?, Expected.
Special Cable? to The Tlmes-Dlspatch,
Copyright, 1904.)
SHANHA1KWAN. June 27.??
No doubt ,is* felt here that the
battle which is to decide this
campaign in Manchuria is now
being fought and below Hai
cheng. From New-Chwang and
Sinmin-Ting practically the same
story comes of desperate fight?
ing all the way from Kaiping to
Haicheng. From these reports it
would appear that Stackelberg's
corps has been cut off below
Tachichiao and Kuropatktn with
the bulk of his army has gone
south from Haicheng to his relief.
Kuroki has cut in behind Kuro
palkin at Haicheng and has also
sent a force estimated at from
25,000 -to ,40,000 men against the
weakened- Russian garrison at.
Liao Yang. The Russians up to
the last advices received here stii?
hold the railroad at all points
above Kaiping, but are being hard
pressed by at least three heavy
Japanese columns; at Kaiping,
Tachichiao and Haicheng so that
three battles really are in progress
with Tachichiao as the centre of
fighting lines. The sound of con?
tinuous artillery firing can be
plainly heard from New Chwang
and reports reaching there say
that the Russians are being stead?
ily driven back, that heavy rein?
forcements are constantly arriving
for the Japanese and that nothing
short of a miracle can prevent the
Japanese from capturing the im?
portant strategic point, the junc?
tion of the branch road which
runs to "New Chwang.
Practically , all the Russian
troops at that place have been
? withdrawn and sent to the fight
! ing line. One late report says
! that the Russians have been
j driven back to Hat Cheng, leaving
the Japanese in control at Tachi?
chiao and that the combined ar?
mies of Kuroki and Oku are press
: ing home an attack on Haicheng.
< Whether Stackelberg's corps suc
j cecded in withdrawing or is be?
tween the two Japanese armies,
this late report does not say.
Port Arthur Captured?
Special Cablo to Tho TI mes-Dispatch,
Copyright, IDOL)
CHE FOO, June 27.?An un?
confirmed report reaches here to?
day that the Japanese have cap?
tured Port Arthur. It is said'
the land forces took advantage of
the confusion, which resulted
from the disastrous attempt of the
(Continued on Socond Pagre.)
Frank Burness Said He Deserved
to Die?Killed Four
(By Associated Press.)
KKW YORK. Juno ??7.?Prank H. Bur?
ness, one of the most remurkublo pris?
oners that over occupied ihe (loath house
ut Slug Sing prison, went to his ileatb In
Iho electric chair to-ilay. With a smile
011 his tnco he wulkeil from his cell, ami
?jeatlnS hjBie'flf in the choir assisted tI)o
1 men In adjusting tho straps which were
to blnii lilm, Pour electric shocka wtuv
given beforo ho was pronounced dead.
The? orlino for which Burnous was ???
? oeuteil was the killing of Capitili' George
IS. TowriseiHl, 0/ thu BOhOoner ?Miarles
' Buckley, last November, but lie also had
I confessed to having murderc?! no lesa
1 tiuui four veraojw.
Mr, Thomas F. Ryan Hot
After Republicans
Urges Co-operation?That Will
Invite Democratic
?The Virginia Delegate Says It la
Found in That Deliberate Dec- ,
laration About Southern
Representation?A Spirit'
Which Foreshadows a
New Force Bill. '
(By Associated Press.) '
NEW YORK, Juno 27.?ThomaB _V
Ryan, who is a delegato irom Virginia.
I to tho Democratic National. Convention
at St. Louis, believes that the Southern.
delegates should co-operato to socuro ; a
nomination which will invite success. He
j said to-duy:
? "In tho light of tho Republican Cuti-? "
' ventlon, the Southern people have more ;
at stake In the Democratic Convention
soon to meet In St, Loul3 than ull th?
rest of the people of this country. With-?
out tho South thero would bo no Demo?
cratic party. Tho delegates from that .
section, to bo true to themselves and the
people, should insist that all differences),
whether personal or political, ho sub?
ordinatoti to the union of the party and
( tho selection of a candidato .whq will .
( arouse tho enthusiasm and fire the hopea.'
? ol' Democrats everywhere. Success nieteria
I continued white supremacy In the South
I rtith all It impl.es. It means that ti.e
? political faith of the people, of that.see
I tion shall bo changed only by appeals
| to Judgment and conscience as to what
la .best for all tho peoplo, of our common
country, and not through Federal laws.
dictated and enforced by a centralized
and politically hostile administration at
Washington, reinforced by the United
States marshal when othor methods no
longer avail.
The Real Feature.
"The feature, which stands out In the
work of the Republican National Conven- ,
tlon, which has Just adjourned, was not
? It3 prearranged nomination of President
1 Roosevelt, or the stand-pat attitude on
! the tarfTT. Its real spirit Is found in
? that deliberato declaration about South
? orn representation?a spirit which ,fore
! shadows a new force bill and makes in
? evjtablo a concerted movement to revive
I all the evil passions to which such an
appeal Is mado.
"Until recently this Idea has had In it
nothing more "serious than was involved
in the Idle talk ot a few hot-heade, or
in the efforts of notor'rety--seekcrs to
command u hearing; now, U becomes tho.
deliberato policy of a great party, which
! sees In It an opportunity to forgo ?
*' now weapon for prolonging Its tenure of
I power.
"This policy is adopted In defiance ot
! tho uniform decisions of the courts from
tho lowest to tho highest; it sets atL
naught the precept and the example of
tho lat? President McKinley; It bello? *
I tho boasts oC tho party leaders that
j unity had oomo to tho country; and It
! overlooks entj-cly tho steady movements
! which have promoted with so much cf
? ficloncy the lndusCrlnl developments of
* tho South, now recognized ns so vital to
the futuro growth of tho wholo country.
| Inate.<r,l of something to typify theso ton
i dencles, tho bloody shirt, burled since ?
March, 1SS5, Is resurrected as a party ban?
"Tho South is to ho congratulated that
the party haa on guard in both tho House
and tho Sonate, tho best organized and
tho ablest lod Democratic minority since
tho war."
Parker Managers Say Judge Will
be Nominated on Second Ballot.
(From Our Regular Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, V. C? June 27.?Tho
advocates of tho nomination of Judgo
Piirker aro as confident thut ho will bo
tho choice ot tho St. J.ouls Convention
as thoy were threo montila ago. it Is ad
mltted. as atuted In This correspondence
a day or two ugo, that his friends would
???,??????.? tho convention. Thoy now go
further, ami insist that thoy will nama
hiin on tho second ballot.
It is a most noticeable fact that within
tho past two weeks thorn has been much
talk of other candidates?of Cleveland,
of Gorman, of McClellnn?a'ncl the fre?
quent utul moro or loss enthusiastic men?
tion of tho liamos of these b'aiitlomen
did havo a marked effect upon ilio spiriti?
of the supporters nf Judge Parker. But
when this anti-Parker movement Is 40
berly analyzed, It Is neon that It does not
huvo tho compactness necessary to suc?
cess, and that whllo Influential men are
bohtnd each of i'n.- candidate? named aa
uosslblo viutors over Judgi' Parker, thero
is lackng Instructed delegations, Judgti
Parker has more dole-fates instructed for
? him than all ihe other candidates put
together- air. Cleveland reiteratoti that
hu will not bo a candidate. Mayor Mc?
Clellnn has not made u canvass (or the
nomination, and tho New York delegation
in lusnucted for Parker. Judge Gray
was very sifone Iti Id? opposition to
??*. Bryan in )?*?!? and li??. Mr. Olney i*
understood to have a? bitterly opposed,
Mr. Bryan as did Mr. Cleveland.
J____ 1!ua\W_s -_?__! tor Mr. Bryan both.

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