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The Weather,
WASHINGTON. Juno 2i).-l"Orecost for
Thursday nnd Friday:
Virginia?Showora Thursday; Friday
fuir, warmer in Jntorlor; fresh ?south to
southwest winds.
North Carolimi?Shower?* Tliih-gqa??'? irr|.
day ffi.lr, warmer In Interior, showers on
the coast; fresh southwest to west winds.
General Humidity was In command of
Richmond yesterday, <*oiinc?iuently tho
weather was "sticky," hot and disagree?
? ?. M.?. 7.1
12 jM.?2
8 P. ?.??
? ?? M.tt*
!? F. M.7;,
12 midnight . 7.;
Avern.go .. fo
Highest tempornturo yesterday. S6
Ixiwest temperature yestorday. tls
3Ue.ti.ii temporalun? yesterday. 77
Normal temperature for Juno. 71
Departure from normnl temperature, <?;?
?Precipitation during pant 21 hours.., .50
.fune ?W, 3P0i.
Run rises.4:53 | HIGH TIDE.
Bunuels.7.(M j Morning.8:15
Moon rises.8:'U [ Evening.6M5
Rapid progress being made on the pro?
posed new y. SI. C. A. building at the
? University of Virginia, the gift of Mri*.
Dodge?Two negroes hold up negrd ex?
cursion train and got considerable sum
ot money by robbing the treasurer of tho
party-Not. less than two million of
dollarn In dividends to be paid by linanetal
institutions to-morrow to shareholders
Baltlmoro featherweight lost to Richmond
lioxor In a lively bout before tbo Alert
jVthletlr. ?l.iib-Colonel Robert B. Lee
prominently mentioned for speaker of tho
ilouBQ nf Delegate?* to succeed Speaker
Ryan-Much Cleveland talk heard at the
political meeting place?-Virginia dele?
gates leave for S.t. Louis on Sunday
Two rival companies havo excellent drill
around the City Hall through a chance
meeting-Wfilkor Light Guarii"goes Into
encampment at Westharnpton Saturday
evening?Kez Club havo delightful out?
ing tit, West Point-Water Committeo
transact*? much routlno business.MAN?
CH 11ST12U-Committee complotes ar?
rangements for outing of the Olympia
Club at Ocean View-Statement from
Lawrence regarding the alleged kidnap?
ping of Bernard Elarn-Schedule* of
meetings for the remainder of tho week.
Ornery store and restaurant burn?* In
Petersburg?Ml.?*? Carrie McCrack?n,
wull known young lady of l-'roderlrkHburs.
olopee and is married In .New York?
Miss Paul Edwards, of Pittsylvania, as?
saulted and murdered by her head being
held under water In a shallow stream
mull life was extinct; ?vidences of a
brave, fight for her life mid honor; the
matter a mystery?Lightning neatly
fsbuves the hair from a cat and a dog
in Henry county??Pollco officer In Pe?
ter-bure ?hoots a. negro who resisted ar?
re? ??(? attacked the otilcer-Mrs. Dun
Jop. of Petersburg, to ortet a memorial
to her hu*__v_fl tn tho shapo of a hand?
some addition to tho Uomo for tho Sick
-David McGnnn. *.f Lynchburg. sent, to
Jail for cruelty to hla ?our-j-eap-old child
-Freight wreck on Southern near Cul
peper causes the death o? firemen and
injures others of the train cr<">w-Burg
lur who secreted himself In tho Baker
residence In Winchester and Ahot by .Mr.
Baker when trying to escape with his
booty-Plans selected for the splendid
Handley library building in Winchester.
North Carolina.
.Tudge Pritchard renders decision In the
famous contempt case of Josephus Dan?
iels; a careful review of newspaper law
as applied to contempt of court-Gov?
ernor Aycock to make an address before*
the Stato University summer school
A giant oak falls tn the Capitol Square
at Raleigh-Wilmington tobacco ware?
house sold and to bo converted into a
box .factory.
Dispatches Indicates complete success
of Japs In Manchuria campaign; have
captured three Invariant forts and now
control gateway to Port jYrthur; are ready
to crush Kuropatkln at any time; move?
ment on Vladivostok next expected; Rus?
sian commander retreats to Liso Yang;
Kal-Chon said to have fallen; Japaneso
armies effect .itrncUoii??Cleveland, anti?
cipating Democratic convention, has spe?
cial telegraph wire run to his house; Mis?
souri convention names delegates and ex?
presses Itself for Cookrell; Maryland Dem?
?crata believe, nomination narrowed down
to Parker or Gorman; Pattison for a dark
horse; other polii 1er.-Big Hurvard and
Yale regatta to-duy on Thames River;
odds on Yale at ? to 1-Gorman gun?
boat at Newport News ordered to Port
Au Prince; U. S. government will not in?
terfere-Boom for Miles In Prohibition
convention; npeakors attack Dem?crata
and Republicans-Prominent Baptist
minister lined for assaulting a fellow
clergyman-Names of thoso held respon?
sible for Slocum disaster to be presented
to Federal grand Jury-Two white men
killed In ?hooting affray near Birming?
ham?Dr. Alphonso Smith, of North Car?
olina, mado president of University of
Tennessee-Cashier of bank at Aurora.
III., arrested for misappropriation of
funds-Forty-three firemen overcome by
Binoke In Now York fire-Over flvo hun?
dred hoiisoa flooded by cloudburst near
Pittsburg-King Edward brings visit to
an end and will sail to-day for, home??
Servleos held for victims of SJocuni dis?
aster?Committee proposes synod for
Jewish Church?Loulstana anti-pool room
hill becomes law.
(Special t?> The Tlmes-Dlspatch.*)
LYNCHBURG, VA., June 29.?David Mc?
Gnnn, a white man, was sent to Jail from
the Police Court to-day for brutally beat?
ing his four-year-old daughter. Wit?
nesses testified that no less than a hun?
dred stripes were laid on tho child's back
with a rawhide, and she is in frightful
condition. The mother attempted to In
tortero and she was slapped over. .
The 11S1 tul vertlsoitioiits for help pub?
lished In to-ility's Tiinu_?_)UpalioU on
tinge l;; aro as follows*
2 Oilico Help. 2 Agents.
!()!{ Miscellaneous. 1 T.adoa,
2 Domestics, 2 ?Salesmen.
This not only Interests those out of
work, but those desiring to improve
their positions as well.
3?j?3J?jjjfe?gj?gj>BBj?3.cfe?)?i*31III.T.rf,?pn.gprsayjpa,.;.,, ? -____--_?;? -
YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION BUILDING. Gift of Mrs. Dodge to the University of Virginia.
Prohibitionists ?Still Looking To?
ward "Grand Old Indian
(By Associated Press.)
boom for General Miles for the presi?
dential nomintlon for the Prohib??ionists
was ????? ?. forward movement by a
r.ubllr. meeting of delegateli nnd visitors
at tlie State House, following tho ad?
journment of the afternoon session of the
convention. Fifteen hundred people were
present, of whom over lour hundred wore
delegates' badges. ?????? ? weisen, ilio
Illinois Stato chalrni.in, presided. John
G. Woolley. of Chicago, editor of Tho
Voice', g'ive evidence ns to Genoral M?les's
position. He said he had been In eloso
communication.- with tno G?siierel-<Iurih*j
the past six weeks.
Didn't Forbid Him.
"I do not know that lie will accept the
nomination," saH Mr. \Voolley. "hut I
Ivlleve he will. 1 told hint I wns com?
ing to Indianapolis to assist in hl.?i nom?
ination unless he forbade me. He did not
forbid me', and If he wero to allow nie
to come under these circumstances and
then decline, the nomination, he Is not
the sensitivo gentleman lie should be."
Conversations with General Miles were
related by Mr. Woolley. in which Gen?
eral Miles said the Prohibitionists did
wrong to confiri? themselves to one.Issue.
General Miles waa nuotcjl as saying there
?would soon bo a breaking up of old par
tics, nnd in the realignment, the liquor
?.uestlon would be one of the vital Is?
sues. General Miles waa further quoted
on authority of the Rov. D. B, Turney,
of Illinois, as having ?aid ho voted tho
Prohibition ticket In tho last, election,
and as being for tho past four years a
total abstainer.
Referring to the saloon ? problem, Mr.
Castle asked:
"Whero Is the political aggregation lhat
can be trusted to copo with theso evils?
(Continued on Fifth Page.)
German Gunboai at Newport
News Ordered to Port
nu Prince.
(By Associated Pre?s.i
BERLIN, June ?3.?Tito German gun?
boat Panther, now at Newport News, has '
received orders hy cable to sail for Port
Au Prince immediately.
The order is due to the decision of Ger?
many to insist on the punishment of the
palace guards, who recently threw stones
at the German and Kronen ministers,
whllo the latter were driving past the
palace. /
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, June 20?It la
said that the State Department never has
taken tho ground that the smaller repub?
lics wero to be protected by tlio United
States, either agalust reclamations by
European powers for violated contractual
obligations or against proper demand? aris?
ing out of vlolutlona of international ob?
ligations, such as it is alleged ia involved
In this attack on the foreign ministers.
So, If Ilio demands mudo on Haiti by
Franco und Germany ?ire not excessive
or oppressivo in tlio Judgment of the
State Department, thorn will be no In?
terference by this government, but devel?
opments will bo watched with keen inter?
est to seo Unit tho lino Is properly drawn
nnd undue punishment Is not Inflicted.
It is not doubted that th? Haitian gov?
ernment will supplement Its iiuificqiuitc
letter of apology by punishing thu guilty
KUai'de when It reali?/.??.?, it cannot look
foi' intiT-oiiUiiu by ? hin conni ry."
Work Is Being Rapidly Pushed
on This Elegant Building
at University.
Architects Have Included Every
Possible Requirement for
Y. M. C? A. Work.
The proposed handsome T. M. C. A.
building for the University of Virginia Js
in rapid progress of crecUon.
Contractor John T. Wilson, of this city.
if, under obligation to complete the struc?
ture In one year, and will not fall to
fiO SO.
It is through the generous donation of
Mrs. Dodge, nf Now York, that the Uni?
verily to able to havo this excellent
! building erected, and when completed
? tie cost will amount ?? ????,??? It will
; b?a on?? of too most modem nnd s.iendld
I ly erpiipped association buiidtngs in the
? --?i'itli.
I The spc?-lflrnti"ns call for a frontage of
! 145 feet bv 120i and the edifice to be two
ptori'es high, with a basement floor.
The building will be of tho colonial
slylo of architecture, and the material
! ?r, be used will be old red bricKi sniii
as was us^d In the erection of the Library
building at iho University, together with
.-?rttficial stone. The piano liavo been
carefully prepared by Messts. Parrish
and Schroeder. architects, of New York.
On the first floor, as one enteis, will
bo tho secretary's office; there will be
:r?und the reception room and parlors,
reading and writing rooms, and lastly,
a magnificent auditorium, which will
have an exceptionally largo seating ea- '
raelty, as well as a stage ot goodly di?
On the second floor there will be two
1 ed rooms, one ?juest charnber, a room
for missionary workers, study and Biblo .
100m. 1
The shower baths and bath rooms will |
bo situated in tho basemer.t, as well as '?
the kitchen, cold storage room and steam I
heating apparatus. The club room and I
? xorciso nnd pressing apartments will
also be there.
The building will be up-to-oate in every I
pan?cular, having steam heat, electric j
lighting and overy other convenience pos- |
The structure will be completed within
twelve months, and Contractor Wilson
has ? large, forco at work there, who
will push tho work to early completion.
Citizens ?Say They Can Do This.
Take Matter Out of Dr.
Broughton's Hands.
(By Associated Prows.!
ALBANY, GA., Juno 29.?As a sequel to
the attack ntaiio by Chief of-Police West
brook on Rov. Don. G, Broughton. D, D,,
in a barber shop on Monday, Mayor Llp
pitt to-day reoeived the following com?
munication, slgrned by twenty-four promi?
nent business and professional men;
"Slr.-Chlof of Pollco R. N. Wcstbrook
having a card in yesterday's Herald, de?
nouncing the charges against him by Iiev,
D. G. Broughton from tho pulpit at the
auditorium lust Sunday aftor.-ioon as false
and malicious, and demanding; of him the
un ino of his informant and tho source of
ills Information, therefore the under?
signed oltlzoiiH, to relievo Dr .Broughton
it-am further trouble and responslbllty,
hnvo Inkt'ii tho /natter In limid,
and niter a thoroufeh Investigation
unanimously i-eijuost nnd demand that
your Honor call a meeting of your board,
that wo muy corno beforo it by attorney
and prove by evidence that tho charges
aro Irne, If proven, wo doiiiund tho re?
moval of Chief Westbrook."
Tho Incident lias aroused much feeling.
-.-r-? . .
Dr, William Jones Here.
Dr. William Jones, ono nf the most
prominent phy.siclitn.M in Tldewalai* Vlv?
?lnlu, Is ?1 guest "t Murphy's Hotel, hay??
iiiK itoiiio in tlio city to bring: n patient
to ho operated upon by Dr. Johnston.
lie will return to hie liome in t.lluoeesior
this iVflcrnoon,
Numbers Over Two Hundred
Men?Has Local
About Sixty Union '.Miners Still
in thc Custody of the
(By Associated Pross.)
DENVER, COL.. Juno 'JO.?Thirty-nine
men who wero deported from Cripple
Creek last night under military escort
arrived In this city to-day, joining the
colony of exiles already established here.
This colony numbers over two hundred
men, and they have organized a local
union, affiliated with tho Western Fed?
eration of Miners. ,.?. '\
H tVss General (Boll's Intention to leave
tho thlrly-nlno men last night at Colo?
rado Springs, but as the authorities of
that city strongly protested,, tho train
eanio on to Denver. Up to ditu ono hun?
dred and eighty-throe men have been de?
ported from Cripple Creek district by the
military. In addition hundreds fled to
avoid nrrest and. Incarceration.
About sixty union miners, against whom,
It Is said, criminal'charges will be filed,
are still In the custody of the military
at Cripple Crook and Victor.
'By Associated Press.)
CHICAGO. June LH.-Colonet Jacob H. j
Plain, cashier of tho German American j
?National Bank, of Aurora, 111., bus heen I
arrested, charged with the misappropri?
ation of $60,000 of tho funds of tl?? bank.
The prisoner waived examination, nnd
was held to the July term of the Federal
grand jury, under bonds of $10,000.
Mr. Plain has turned over all bis pri?
vate accounts to tho directors of tho bank.
aud his falber and brother have mudo
gond ?. part nf the deficit. The capital
stock of the Institution is unimpared.
fBy Associated Press.)
MOB11LK. ??.?.. Juno 2!).?,V telegram
was received In Mobile to-day telling of
the killing of John ]|. McDuffy, a
wealthy planter at River Ridge, Mnnroo
county, by Sonny English; another plant?
er. Details are lacking. Mr. McDuffy
was highly regarded. He .insisted in the
capture of Rubo Burrow, the noted out?
law nnd train robber, several years ngo.
Important Report Made by Spe?
cial Committee?Rabbi
Causes Flurry.
(By Associated Press.)
LOUISVILLE, KY., June 20.?The re.
port of the Committee on Synod to tho
Conference of American Rabbis was read
to-day, but not acted on. Tho commit?
tee reported in ta.vor of establishing a
synod for -ho central government of the
church, the most important step since
tho foundation of reformed Judaism. Tho
congregai Inns have hitherto been prac?
tically independent,
? comparison of tho Ghetto problem
of thu Eastern cities with the negro prob?
lem of the South, by Rabbi ?. Messing,
of Montgomery, Ala., caused a flurry
eirig was quickly, cut off on points of
during tho afternoon session. Dr. Ales
order, raised by Indignant members, but
?before yielding the floor remonstrated
that ho had been only partly understood.
Ho nitunduil to say that thu UussUiu Jew
Is ns unchangeable as tito negro's skin,
und clings tenaciously to Ills manner at
living. It did no good to try to wuan
him from it.
Pool Rooms Closed.
(Hy Associated Press.)
NEW ORLI'.ANS, June 2?.?Tbo Hun?
sicker anti-pool room bill paused tbo
Stalli Sanato to-day. This means that
the seven pool rooms doing business Jn
New Orleans and oilier.*) thro'ilghmit tbo
State will havo to elos-ii on r?oj item bor '1st.
ijm-i'inor l'jlanchiird will sign t.lie bills
at pnce.?
Young Girl Makes Fierce Fight
for Her Honor and
Found Face Downward in Shal?
low Stream, a Bit ?f a Man's
Coat Grasped in Her Hand.
(Speeial lo The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
DANVILLE, VA., .lune 29.?The body of
Mies Pauline Edwards, sixteen years of
age, was found In a creek near her homo
in the county yesterday afternoon. Thoro
was every indication that she had been
first assaulted and then murdered.
Marks, presumably made by human fin?
gers, were found on her neck. In her
hand was discovered a piece ot cloth,
which Is bellP.vod to have been a piece
of tho coat worn by her assailant. The
discovery of tho body wns made by 8
farm hand, whose route to his home from
Ills work lay through the field through
which Ihe ?reek ran. Th? girl had not
bppn missed from her home when the
family was niorlp aerina Interi with the,
fnct that her dead body was lying in the
The young woman's clothing was con?
siderably torn, and ??very Inrlli-ntlon of
foul play was apparent. Tho sod on the
bank <>f the stream was trampled as If
tbe girl had made a desperate fight for
her life and honor. No reason can bo
assigned for, the murder oth?-r than that
tho srlrl was first nssaulteil and then
i-burkod Into the stream and held there
until drowned. It Is believed by thn
family that tho girls assailant was well
known to her; otherwise thero had been
no necessity for the killing.
There has been no development in tho
caso to-day. Communieatiui'S troni Chat?
ham are to tho effect that the officiais
thon.) havo not been notified of the trag?
edy, No arrests havo been made, and
there are no elites thnt would lead to a
possible arrest, unless the piece of cloth
clutched in tho fingers ot tho ?lend girl
muy bo construed as such.
The affair Is shrouded In mystery. The
opinion of tho girl's relatives Is that the
assault, if assault was committed, was lis?
some one well known to her, ami tho
murder was resorted to to escape penalty
of tho crime.
Miss Edwards was the hollo of the neigh?
borhood In wheh she resided; The matter
will ho thoroughly Investigated.
Dr. C. Alphonso Smith Chosen
Head of University of
(By Associated Press.)
KNOXVILLE. TENN., Juno 23??The
trustees of tho University of Tennessee
have, elected Dr. C, Alphonso t?mlth, pro?
fessor of English literature at the Uni?
versity of North Carolina, president of
the University by unanimous voto. Dr.
Charles W. Dabney, the present president
of tho University of Tennessee, resign?
ed some timo ago to become president of
thn University of Cincinnati, and will
loavo Knoxvllio '?? nbout a month to tako
churgo of his now duties. Dr. Rinlth, the
new president of the Btate University,
comes of a very distinguished Southern
family. He is only forty years of ago.
and In a son of Rov, Jacob L. Smith, a
Presbyterian minister at Greensboro,
f.Speilal lu Tl-v Tluies-DlHiKiteh.)
NEW HAVE'N, CONN., Juno 20.?
Among Ihe fellowship awards announced.
In-day nt Yule University in ?-oiineetlim
with iho coninieneeinent oxroiSOU wuh a
fellowship in ellissi??.-? to William ?. Har?
per, of Kouth Norfolk, Vu. Mr. lkiii??r
i:i a batehelnr of arts graduato of Elmi
College, hi the class of 1WK), and has hern
Inking a postrgrailuaiQ, courso In Latin,
doing most brilliant work 1n tranMaUOiia
nnd scansion,
G rover May Hear the Siren's
Call Over tire Tele?
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.-)
.Tuno 28.?That former President Grover
Cleveland will keep In closo touch with
the Democratic National Convention is
shown by tho fact that he Is having a
? private telegraph lino-from Madison to
his summer homo at Sandwich, a dis?
tance of fifteen miles. Mr. Cleveland Is
expected to arrive at Sandwich to-morrow.
It Is pointed out that for ordinary use a
tolephoho. would afford tho necessary
communications with the nearest town,
and that the ox-President can have only,
one purposo In view in going to tho ex?
penso of building a telegraph Hnd to his
sump-ii*.?' .cottage.., ,." ?? .*
Marylanders Believe Nomination
Narrowed Down to This.
(Spoclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
BALTIMORE, AID,, Juno 29.?Maryland
Democrats, who are supppRed to pnsiess
till the Inside in forma tlon worth having,
claim that tho contest for the Democratic
nomination for President has practically
narrowed down to Judge. Parker and
Senator Gnrman. They admit that there
la .1 strong sentiment in favor of Cleve?
land, which miliht assume great propor?
tions In case of m deadlock, but they do
not look for his nomination.
The slaloment made by Senator Gor?
man yesterday, denying that the recent
conf?rences between him, Smith, of New
Jersey; Ciuf fey, of Pennsylvania; McLean,
of Ohio, nnd others, hnd for their object
the obstruction of thn efforts of any can?
didate for tho nomination, but related
s<jlely to the proper organization of the
convention, is taken horo with a large
grain of salt. Air- Gorman's friends hero
nro too well aware of his aisincllnatloii
to tnko the public Into li Is confidence to
attach much Importance to his published
statements, Thoy do not mean to accuse
(Continued on Fifth Pago.)
This Declared to be thc Primary
Need of the South
(.?special to ,The Times-Dispatch.)
LOUIS, Juno 20.?Tho National Educa?
tional Association, which began its sec?
ond day's session to-day, will not roach
tha election of officers until to-morrow.
No candidates for tho presidency have
been announced, but Indications point to
tho election of XV. M. Maxwell, superin?
tendent of schools of Greator Now York.
?. J. Kern; superintendent of schools
of Wlnnobago county, Ruckford, III., dis?
cussed at longth "Tho Educational Pos?
sibilities for the Country Child In tho
United States."
"Tho Educational Need* of tho South"
was the subject of un address by John
Herbert Phillips. superintendent of
schools of Birmingham, Ala- Superiti??
tendent Phillips said In part:
?"??? pttbllo school as a factor In South?
orn Ufo Is a comparatively modern In?
stitution. Outside a dozeu cities there enti
bo found to-day but fmv tuen and fewer
woman who have received evon a part of
.their training In the public sohool. Tdo
masses, who patronise tho schools of tlie
South to-day, ilo so on accoutit ot their
growing faith In tho Stato supported
school an an institution of democracy, Tho
primary neotl of tho South ta-dny is a
inore liberal Infusion of this spirit of
trim Democracy represented by Jeffer?
son a hundred years ngo, tho realisation
of tho American ideal which opens wide*
for every child, of whatever nice or
color, tho floor Of opportunity.
".? second fundamental condition of
ediioatloiial progress Is found 1n tlm
Southern Industrial und economic devel?
"Thc'tliliil condition of educational de?
velopment lu tin* South Is t.iumi in her
.pibMi.'.i ??????????,?? problem, lleie
Lies the elnof obstada.'1
Japs Successful in Man
churian Campaign.
~? .. r,->.
Have Captured Three Importw?
are Forts After Hcavyj ;J
Fighting?, ""
Japanese, It' Is Believed;. iW2t:
Next Move Against VladmjM?\>:
stok?Kuropatkin Forced
to Retreat , to Liaq ! J|?
lYatig?Another Sea
Fight Reported.
By Paul Lambeth'.
(Special Cable to The Tlmes-Dfcpetch.,
Copyright, 1804.)
LONDON, June 29..?Tnere is 5
every indication from the day's''
news that the Japanese have been
completely successful' in their.
campaign in Manchuria and are
now in a position either.to follow,;
and crush Kuropatkin in case the
demoralization wrought by his re?
cent defeats warrants such a
"course or to establish a line o? '
defenses across southern Manchu?
ria from New Chwang to Pos??,
sict Bay and wait for Russia to
take the offensive.
While the news seems to make
it certain that Kuropatkin has:''
been forced to retreat to Liao
Yang and may be compelled to, -
continue the. retrograde move?
ment as far as Harbin, details of
the fighting are as yet lacking.
Reports from various? sources
tell of rumors that Port Arthur
has fallen. These reports do not
find confirmation from any re?
sponsible source. The most re?
liable news concerning Port Ar?
thur conies from Tokio and is to
the effect that the Keekwane and
Sung Shoo forts have been cap?
tured. IE this is true and news
from other points seems to con-1'
firm it, the Japanese control the
gateway to Port Arthur and can ;
make the final assault as soon aa
they chose, in much the same way
Oyarna took the fortress from the
Experts here agree that the Jap?
anese's next move will be against
Vladivostok. It is believed that
an expedition is already on the
way to that place or is ready to
sail when the time arrives in the
judgment of the War Council. It
will probably land at Possiet Bay
and strike northwest to thfe rail?
road from Harbin to Vladivostok.
It is hardly probable, however, ,
that there will be a close invest?
ment of Vladivostok until Port
Arthur has been taken and the
Port Arthur squadron put out of
There is no hope yet of Russia's
willingness to accept the good of?
fices of any power to end the war.
Peace at present would mean the
loss of everything for which she
has been fighting and might mean
in addition, the. loss of Vladivos?
tok or a heavy Avar indemnity.
Kai-Chau Falls,
(Hy Asaoeluted Prose,)
LONDON, June 30.?The To?
kio correspondent of the Daily
Telegraph says that severe light?
ing took place at Kai Chan on
June 25th, which resulted in the
capture of that place on the morn?
ing of June 26th.
Effects Juncture.
(lly AKSui.-lnteii l'retd.)
LONDON, June 30.?-The To?
ld?? correspondent of Ilio Morn-jug
Post says that the Japanese .set???
onci army has effected a juncture
with the first army and that the

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