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(Bpe.ltil tn Tim Tlltios-Dlspntch.)
Obi? ?-1/,?'? l D.lll' ??< ?, \ ,., ,llll>' 2."
.' 'The presence, of Use (ruining siiundroti
at Old ??oint limile the week nit
OriUHHally hv..s;.? one socially. There
? were numerous chtortalttmon?i nehot-o for
, the ttilil'-ihlpnien miel aboard Ihe vessels
Of the Mqiunlron the tifllcers gi^-o tons,
i ?dinner?, and lunehoons, Slnco their d??
partiire on Wednesday there Ima heen ?
dearth of gaiety nnd tho Rtiosts nt ihe
hotels nre content with ihe quieter
. ftmusoTnenls of tennis, bathing, nnd san?
A very attractive visitor nt Ihe Chnm
rierlltr While the fleet was In was Mise
JRoboccn Walker, of Richmond, whose
brothel?. Lindsay Wnlkor, Is now ? mid
Bhlpnmn in Ihe navy.
' Quite a number of (ho vives of the
offlcirp of the fleet -were also nt the
Chmn herlln. among them being Mrs.
' Charles C, Precintiti, ot Washington;
Mrs. L'Alte MeXninrc. of Boston; Mrs.
Cnlby M. Chester, and Mrs. Arthur Ches?
ter, of Washington.
Klrhmor?ders recently at Old Point were
Mr and Mrs. Joseph Brady, Mrs. John
Purcell, Miss Nora Leary, Mrs. C. C.
?Walker, nnd Miss Walker.
Other guests are Mr. and Mrs. George
B. Oweins. Dps Moines. Iowa; Str. njid Mrs.
A. B. Cole, Chicago; Mrs, M. L. Wallace,
Miss EL ?. Wallace. Philadelphia; Mr.
and Mrs. Wljllam Porter, Miss Schor
merhorn. St. Augustine: Miss Lucy
Bilid. LimlsvHIe, Ky.; Mr. and Mrs. 8.
Dickson?. AVest Orange. X. J.; Mr. nnd
Mrs. .Tnrnes Courts, Washington; Mrs,
J. L. Colljns. Frankfort, Ky.;^Mlss Ro?
berta Bird, Lawrencoburg, Ky.; Mr. end
Mra. Joseph L Kelly, Miss Cora Jones,
Bristol. Va.; Mr. nnd Mrs. Harvey Olm
ptead, Miss Margaret Clmstend, Mr. and
Mrs. H. F. Tuttle, Pittsburg..
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
BADFORD, VA, July I.?Mr. and Mrs.
3G, R. K. Cowan have returned from their
bridal trip to Niagara and are at the
home of Major John T. Cotvan, at Belle
Miss Alice Jones has returned from a
Visit to Miss Margnret Jordan, at Wythe
. Ville.
; Mrs. David Wallersteln and three chil?
dren, of Richmond, also Mrs. Vf. Vf. Wil?
son, child and mother; Mrs. Day, of Ken
ova, are at Mrs. Elizabeth C. Adam?'3 for
?he summer.
, Dr. Irene Bullard left Wednesday for
Birmingham, Ala., where ehe will opon
un office and practice her profession.
Dr. Bullard Is a graduate of Ann Arbor
nnd a remarkably bright, ambitious young
?woman. Sho passed the examination of
tho State Board last June, but has not yet
hung out her shingle, wishing to careful?
ly look over a number at fields before
locating permanently. Dr. Bullard's moth?
er and her sister, Miss Metta Bullard, of
Newport, R. I., will make their home with
' her in October.
Mr. Elliott Howe and bride, of Now
berne, N. C, are visiting their parents,
' Mr. and Mrs. John Howe, of East Rad
ford. The brido was Miss May Moore, of
Newberne and the marriage took place
the 16th.
Misses Laura and Ulrica ingles are visit.
'ing Colonel and Mrs. Thomas Lewis, at
Colonel and Mrs. R. R. Henry and
their daughter, Miss Aylett, passed
through Radford Wednesday en route to
the Culpeper Horse Show.
Miss Ada Osborne, of Morrlsvllle, Pa.,
Is visiting- her uncle. Captain J. O. Os
Mr. Winslow H. Randolph, headmaster
of St. Albnas, left tho llrst of the week
for ? trip through the South, In the In?
terest of his school.
Mr.?. Carter, of Evnnsvllle, Ind., Is the
giiem. i'f her 'inani Rev. Edwin R Carter.
Mrs. W. H. Vh-gie returned Thursday
from m visit to friends in Annlston, Ala.,
?nui ?- ? gu'csl :it Mrs. Adams's.
Colonel .1. Rush Miller has purchased
nn ora ligo grove and a pretty residence
nt Enstls. Flu., and with his family, will
spend the winters In the sunny South.
(Spoetai to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
LEESiniRU, VA., July 2.?Miss Nellie
Macintosh, of I.eesburg, Is tho guest
of Miss Bessie- Harper, of Washington,
D. C.
Mr, and Mrs. H. H. Plgott. of Purcell
ville, oro spending the summer nt Chesa?
peake Beach.
Mrs. Emma Stone, of J-ovettsvllle, wife
of Mr. Wm. J. Stone, died on Monday,
?ged about 50 years. Two children sur?
Miss Jessie Franklin, a trained nurse,
was seriously burned at her homo on
Wednesday by the explosion of an oil
novo, . .
Mr. W. N. Jmnnln?. of San Francisco.
Cal., Is this?' gnfest of friends In Lees
Misa Marie McHaugbton. of Washing?
ton, D. C, 1b the guest of .Miss Fannie
IM wards.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harrison have been
Visiting In Washington, D. C.
Mr. W. H. Clemens, of "Bockledge," has
returned from a visit to Doylestown, l'a.
?Sheriff find Mrs. Harrison H. Russell,
loft this week for Konceverto, W. Va.,
?where Mr. Russell has purchased largo
lumber Interests.
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
SALEM, VA.. July L'.?Mrs. W. P.
Morris gitvo a most delightful euchre
party Saturday evening in honor
<f her friend, Miss Mary Temple-ton. of
Waynefiboro, Va. There were nino tables
ni:d the play continued from S until
31, when Ices and cakea woro served.
The bouse waa effectively decorateti with
daisies, and daisy score cards made dainty
touvenlrs of the occasion. The tirst
prizes wero awarded to Miss Bessio Gal?
loway and Mr. Horace Fox niii] thn
bppbiea went to Miss Mattlo Henderson
und Mr. James Hear.
Misses Bertha and Fanny AnUzer, of
West Virginia, who have been in Clarks?
burg for the past month, returned to
Salem Saturday.
Miss Mary Cnfey, who has been visit?
ing Mr?. Wilbur Crosn, has returner! to
her home In llallas. Tex.
Profesor and Mrs. H. II. Throeknior
ion, of Danville, Ky., are again In Salem,
lifter visiting relatives In I.oudoun coun?
ty, Va.
Mr. ?!??.?| .Mr-- Carson Wells have return?
ed home after spending ihe past week
;n Virginia Bench
.Mr. James Morehead, whn f-pent the
f' Bt - ?? ' ' .?? Yai. University, is visit
Inii his brother, Hr. .1. A Morehead.
Mi?. Bryar? Ferguson lofi Bunday niRi,i
take :? bunln'ens
Mrs. Elflo ?kiu
nifi daughter b-ft
Friday I McsrheyevilH, when tl?
will spend ihe summer,
Mrs 1' -: .-'?.?, i-,t SyriiMiBO, ?, ? |
? nntl Mrs. "Jos?fili I., Logan, of Atlnntn,
! Hb., nre vlelllflB" their mother, Mrs. Allila
! Logan, on Urontl street,
Iir. nnd Mrs. Menilo Hurwell, o? the
Eastern Shore, nre spending tlio week
with Mr. Robert Lognn, nt Sherwood,
Mi. unti Mrs. John Logan, of Norfolk,
nrrlved In Saloni Tuesday, nnd will re?
main hero during tho summer.
(Speclnl to The Tlmes-DIspatch.)
PI-JAKE'S, VA., July 2-."Th? good old
summer tlmn" In Hanover Is, ns Usual;
very gny. The hospitable country homos
have thrown opon their doors to the city
Mr. nnd Mrs. Cannon nJid bnby nre
spending the summer at Hnnover Court?
A?rs. David Wnldhnm, of Savannah, let
visiting Mr. C. P. Cardwell.
A most delightful german was given In
his honor Tuesday, night which wns In?
dulged In until tho weo smnll hours.
Miss Mary Taylor, of RIcTimond; Miss
Nclllo Morton, of Richmond; Messrs.
Campbell, of "Mississippi; Mr. Chnrles Oar?
nott, of Richmond, aro among the house i
party at Dundee, tho country residence j
of Mr.' George F. Haw.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bailey are the guests
of .Mrs. C. P. Cardwell.
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. "Williams, of Dan?
ville, havo returned, after a trip often
days to their father, Dr. Williams.
Miss "Mary Carter -Anderson Is spend?
ing tho month of July at her homo be?
fore going to the World's Pair.
Miss Kate. Anderson will spend 'the
month of August at Virginia Beach.
Miss Agnes Williams is going to entor
tnin a house party during July. Among
tho guests expected will be Miss Salile
Hollnday, of Portsmouth; Miss Estollo
Tucker, of Danville; Miss Katie Ander?
son, Hanover; Mr. Willie Klnnoy, Dan?
ville; Mr. Burwell, Lynchburg; Mr. Brow
ard, of Atlanta; Mr. Willie Williams,
Tho glorious 4th promises to be fully
celebrated. Many fishing exp?ditions,
lawn .parties, etc. All aro anticipating
much pleasure,
Miss Fannie Williams will leave for
the mountains of North Carolina, chaper?
oned by Mrs.-'WIlllams.
Mrs. R HT. Cardwell has been quite
sick, but Is Improving.
Miss Addio Stevens is out again, after
a rj'rlef Illness.
(Special to Tin Tlmes-DIspatch.)
Wheat liaH-est Is pretty well over,
a fair yield Is expected, prospects
for tho corn and tobacco crops aro good.
Tho hay crop Is full up to tho aver?
age. Recent copious rains have 'had a
wonderful effect la bringing cut the
Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Terrell returned
from Richmond last night, where they
attended tho marriage of Miss Lizzie
Terrell and Rev. Mr. Faulkner, of Clif?
ton Forgo.
Miss Myrtle Atkinson nnd MIbs Paulino
Scott are visiting the St. Louis Exposi?
Misses Smith nnd Simpson, of Rome,
Gn., are guests of Mr. Absalom Waller.
Mrs. Lonnlo Jones and Mrs. ?, T.
Splcer, of Richmond, after 'spending a
few days with the family of Mr. E. II.
Splcer, have returned home.
Master Russoll Crank rpent yesterday
in Richmond.
Miss Natalie Harris Is spending several
weeks in Chnrlottesvllle.
Miss Margaret 8plcer. who has been
visiting her brother In Richmond for
the past week, is expected home to-mor?
Mr. J. H. Crank Is In Richmond to?
day on business.
' '?
(Special to The Tlmes-DIspatch.)
WARRBNTON; VA., July 2?Shoot?
ing clay pigeons Is more the fad here
nt present than anything else. At a ro
cent match the most creditable scores
woro made by tlio following members of
the Warrenton Gun Club, with twoniy to
break: Sterling Jackson landed seven?
teen, Dr. St. Clair and J. C. Keith llfteon
each, John Grawner and H. Graham
thirteen each. Dr. Hopkins and E. 13.
Slater eloven each, H. Martin and F.
Galloway ten each. Tho Fauquler Club
will hold a mooting July 8th to consider
proposed amendments to tho constitution.
An army and navy list will probably
bo established.
Mrs. D. Harding, of Wn.ihlngton. D.
C, Is visiting her mother, Mrs. R. Tay?
lor Scott.
Miss Marlon Lindsay Is visiting Miss
Louise Fauntleroy.
?Miss Smith, of Alexandria, Is at Mrs.
Mrs. .Bond and her sister, Mrs. Tr?
ville, aro guests at Mrs. Days.
Mr. John Thornloy, of New York, Is
visiting at tho residence of George ?.
Mr.?*. James K. Maddnx gavp n "de?
lightful party to a number of children
at "Leeton Hill" h few days ago. celo
bratlng the tenth birthday of her young
niece, Miss Wynyard Barker.
(Speclnl to The Tlmes-Dlsp?t?h?)
fl'MBBRLAND, C. II. VA'."; July 2.?Dr.
and His. JE?onry Sampson Goodniun, of
Cary, Miss., aro visiting "Mrs. Goodman's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kilty??ml Byrrlcy,
at "Greon Level."
Miss Salilo Norvell, of Richmond, is
tho guest of Mrs. Andrew .1. cimy, Sr., of
"N'ori lilii-ld."
Miss Mary Carrlngton Johnson; of
Farmvllle, Is spending several weeks wltll
Miss Alma Crouch, of Sunny Side.
Mesara, "Robert nnd Carrol Wol-ilger, of
Ashland, X'a,, nre stopping at' Ihn Bed
Roso inn for the summer,
Miss Muttie Mayo, of Richmond, Is th?
guest of Miss Helen Oliver Fllppoil, Miss
Mayo will go from here to her country
place In Amelia county for Iho Hummer
months .
Mi'H. Thomas Marrow, of Hopklnevlllo,
Ky;i Is visiting her aunt, Mrs, Hertha
Morrison Talc at "Sweet Briar." Mrs.
.Marrow Is most pleasantly remembered
lier?: as Miss .Mary Horndon.
Miss Katherine Umland Dlggs, of
Lynchburg, Va., who lias heon spending
I lie past month with Mrs. Charles OltfS?
lu-r?, will spend the other summer months
al Mom va le, Vai.
Uov. William Chedester, of Ashaviile,
N, C, In visiting friends in the neighbor?
Hogs and Hogs,
Nevertheless, thl? notion ?ih exploited,
by a Ph!|ad?lplilfiii tills the mill In tlm
V|i lull y o. the lu-ail:
Toe otid-soit hog's an awful boro,
A cad, a boorish elf;
1 en -| tell how I hate lilm, for
1 want that t-f-iit myself.
Sale Ten Million Boxes a Year.
25c, 50c.
rUdsummer Bargain Counter
RICHMOND can justly boast of many of the most magnificent stores in tho South?Stores in which almost any want can be supplied, ancTat
prices which have given this city a most enviable reputation as a place of residence. It is,truly said that a dollar goes further in a Rich?
mond store than in the stores of any other Southern oity. It is a fact that the great stores of Richmond are one of her chief sources of
pride. The greatest Department Store of them all, however, is the institution which comes the nearest mooting all the wants of the people?the
great institution which advertises every article?makes a specialty of bargains; secures work forche unemployed; sells fish or shoes; rents farms
or employs school teachers; furnishes summer? boarders, and sells old machines. This great institution is the
Small?But Great.
One of the greatest bargains, indeed the very greatest bargain,
placed to-day on the Tee-Dee Bargain Counter, is the price of
the Tee-Dee Ads. These Ads. are small and easy to write, but
they possess a value far out. of proportion to their size. Their
strength lies largely in their numbers. There are so many of
them and they are so interesting that everybody reads them for
the information th?y contain. ?
Hero Is the prlco of. thoso llttlo wan?
der workers! ono word ono time?pro?
vided, of course, an Intelligent adver-?
tisemont can ho stated in ono t ?-,
word, will cost only. * ?*
A llttlo Too-Deo want ad. of twonty
five words Is long enough to attract
the attention of tho public and to bring1
wonderful results. It will only *} sn
COSt w. ??^
A, contract can bo mado for 1,000
words, to,bo used within threo months.
Thoso 1,000 words will hlro servante,,
sell houses or draw trade. ?(J ?iik
Tho oost is only...'...........?Py'VV/
Pianos, Oil Stoves, or
The Tee-Dee Bargain Coun?
ter is not discriminating. The
man who looks here for what
he wants, will likely, find it,
whether it be a piano at a bar?
gain, oil stoves that will burn
or drugs that are pure. If you
have a piano to sell or a sewing
machine that you- do not need,
you are at liberty to place it on
the Tee-Dee Bargain Counter.
Suppose you should sell a piano for
$150 nnd make a profit on It of $50,
would you not ho satisfied to advertiso
it for a week at a cost
of., ..
Or by buying a copy of The. Tlmes
Dlspatch and rending the Tee-Dee
Wants you might buy that oil stove
for less than half Its<valuo: Tho same
thing holds good on any article of
household necessity. The pnpor f O/-.
for a week would only cost you * *>**
If you have drugs, or groceries te
sell, you can tell the public about their
quality and tholr price?just put them
on tho Toe-Dee Bargain Counter: a
5,000-word contract will u?,?-??7 C/l
cost only . f?/.OV
Town Lots or Farms
Sold or Exchanged.
Have you been considering
leaving the farm and moving
into the town? or have you
some town property on hand
which you would like to sell or
exchange? There are more
ways to feed cattle than by
turning them into the wheat
fields, and there are more ways
(and less expensive) to sell
that land than by putting it up
at public function. Why not
spend a *fe\v cents telling The
Times-Dispatch readers about
it? It's pretty safe guessing
.tha*t several of the thousands of
subscribers are willing to make
you an offer.
Ttenl Estate can go on the Tee-Dee
Bnrgiii/i Counter just as well ns any?
thing else and hy using the Te?rDeo
Ads., you might be able to sell your
farm with an expense of less if? i ?\?\
But' ssppose you had a farm or a
house to eell, would tt not be wiso te
patronize tho Tee-Doe j
even to tho extent of.
patronize tho Too-Dee pages (C e ??
A Good Man Por a
Vacant Position.
The Irishman's rabbit that
cost more to cook than it was
worth, was much like some
men who apply for positions.
That is why it is well to have
a large number from which to
pick. A Tee-Dee Want Ad.
wil bring a host of them. You
have a chance to get the matt
best suited to your needs. You
save money and work along? the
line of least resistance, when
you use Tee-Dee Wants to sup?
ply your needs. ?
An advertisement under tho head of
"Help Wanted" -win be read by almost
every man In Virginia who Is ?*>*? ?
looking for work; It will cost only*<*^C
Tee-Den Want Ads. aro all payable
cash, In advance. Therefore, the same
advertisement. If charged on ,?G??
the books would cost. vUt
The man who has ' never seen may
very well doubt the wonders of the
modern world. It Is tho samo with
the man who has never tried advertis?
ing. He doubts Its 'effectiveness. If
you have machinery of any kind to
sell, Just try advertising It In the col?
umns of tho Tlmes-DIspatch. '
Summer Boarders.
Those who desire Summer Boarders or those who are looking
for a cool place to spend the summer/meet here in the great Tee
Dee Department Store. It's a convenient meeting place/ Very
many are here and there is a good chance for selection. If one
does not please, you arc at liberty to try another.
One Toe-Dee Ad. for a Summer
Boarding Place will undoubtedly bring
many replica. Yo*u can havo your
choice of seaside or mountains, hotels
or private families; the llttlo Ter
Ad. will cost you. ???.
It you are looking for Summer
Boarders. It might not bo wise to stop
with only one Insertion. Tho namo Ad.
could be repeated and tho two .?inser?
tions, one week day and onco on
Sunday, would only Site
Three Insertions at a twenty-five
word Ad. might probably be the meant"
of securing as many boarders an you
could accommodate and tho cost would
bo loss than your profit on any one at
them for one day. Threo In- **7tSfi
s?riions would only bo. /?"/C
This samo twenty-five word Tee
Deo Ad., which is euro to? be read by
thousands of people every day, could
bo published for a whole week, six
times, and tho entire cost c ? E*j|
would bo only.4>I??l/
Men's Furnishings,
Horse Shoes, Vacant
Rooms, Electric Fans
All of these are articles that
can be and are daily placed on
the Tee-Dee Great Department
Bargain Counter. If yours are
not there, it will pay you to
have them placed there at once
and if you are in need of any
of these articles or almost any?
thing else, turn over to the
Tee-Dee pages and you will
probably find them on the Bar?
gain Counter.
To buy a paper so as to be able to
inspect the bargain counter forg?
one day will only cost you.??*?
Or you can get tho paper a ? whole
year and ba able to read'of all the
bargains that are offered tfr f\?'?
tor only .f?.??
It you live In Richmond and want
the pnper delivered to your door every
morning before sunrise, It will cost
$8.00 per year, or hy the -til/??
month. OKJS,
A Good Boarding House
For a Quarter.
Toni need not go out nnd tramp
the streets to find It. The Tee-Dee
way is much the simpler way. It Is
a settled fact that? a few cents spent
on a Tee-Dee Want Adwill put you
In touch with lots of good boarding
Situations Supplied.
If yourpresent situation does
not suit you, it is easy to break
away and find a new job by
using., the Tee-Dee Wants.
Every day that you. are out of
employment costs you money.
It docs not take many days of
idleness to roll up a good-sized
If you uso Uie Too-Dee Wants, the
man who wants your services will be
sure to find out that you want I U.
a Job. The cost per word is..... ? l?*
If you want to change for any rea?
son, you can likely iind the man or
Arm who wants you bad enough to
pay you more money and when you
get the now Job you will not "\l\f.
look like. OUC
Tee-Dee Headquarters Are at 916 E. Main.St.
Of the many farm sc?nes onco so fa?
milial- on the great James-River planta?
tion.-- nearly all have faded Into tho'-pust.
revived only In the memory of those who
knew tho plantation?' a? they were In tho
uiite-hellum day?, and It is only In "har?
vest f?mes?' Unit ono is treated to a plia?o
of real old plantation Ufo. True tlio click
I of (he binder Is heard in the broad, gulden
fields Instead nf the ?wish of lliu old
time cradle, but tho darky and ilio mulo
are still Important factors, and whlskoy
Is still served out three times a day t<>
? he "harvest hands."
Tho pictures of harvest time on the
Western and Northern farms, which ono
roads In tho magazines of tins day, give
no idea of tho Southern harvest scones.
There Is no gmliurhig of the .nuighburs.
no long tables sot for the ''men" by tho
'wlnimen," and no crowd of whllo la?
borers, dusty and toll stained, who per?
form hurried ablutions as they crowd
around the harvest dinner,? no rattle nf
metal forks and IchIvoh on tin plates,
As the ''helpers" ravenously devour tlio
?wb.stanlinl meal that the "wlmmtn folks"
have prepared, and when the hinders hftv?
censen for the day ami Die Min .-ink?; to
rest beyond prairie or hill, no jollification
among tho helpers and the "wliiniun
But when the wheat fields on tlio banks
of tho James commence to turn from
green to yellow, tho binders are brought
out, oiled and gotten ready, and whan the
Bl'cou haw deepened into a light golden
tin* owners o? Ilio plantations .send nut
"mouth hands" or "stable buys" to ilio
iJurky settlement? to pass the yvqrd' thut
tin? wheat I? ripe, ent?at?lpt? u sufficient
number of extra day luniks tn carry uu
im- work.
It Is tho beginning of harvest. Up ut tho
Mk mule Mahlt; iho owner of the planta?
tion or his manager ?Us on his hprse,
filvliii; directions to the teamblei's. who
are bringing out tho mulo learns and
hltclilini them up to tho hinders. Tho
great bell over tho grain barn has rung
out Its summons to tho hands; tin? red
light. In the east -?rows brighter, ami ? li??
world ih waking up; the heavy dew of a
Juno morning bathes the grass In stable
yard, ur drips from the roof i>f barn and
stabil'?. Across tho fields by sinuous time
worn paths or along plantation roads
hurry tin; ,,???a bands, each ono brlngim*
n small Un hucket to carry home their
suppers or perhaps buttermilk. The sun
lines, a ball of fire. At a word the bind?
ers leave for the fields, while the crowd
of shockers, inters up nnd the "want?
hoy" full In behind, their dusky faces
expressive of tho fun, sweat and labor ot
: harvest time.
The wheat field is reached, There It
I stands In the warmth a ltd dampness of
I the early June morning, an hundred aeres
of golden promise, ready for the sharp
I hlnAes of the hinders, five, feet high across
, the field, with heads drooping ? rum their
weight of rich ripe grain. Tho . heiul
teamster nt a word to his four mules,
straightens thorn out, and the next mo?
ni.-nt tho lead hinder blades are cutting
down the grain; the others fall in behind,
while ihe whole force of men and boys
begin to tote up the wheat and to build
: up tho shocks, At 7:?0 brculifust Is ready.
i Tho old cook nt the kitchen, with some
? young girl to assist her, has been bu*y I
since 5 o'clock "gitlln' do liurves' ban's
: hiekfus reiidy 'sides glttin' brekfus fer
? do grot house." Down tho road they
Home, Inii?ltliiK and joking? ? drink is'
?served "uf furveet whlsk-y" f.'> tu each
one by some trusty month hand, nnd
seated cm he ground or boil oh os under
some tree noni- the old kitchen door, Ihey
I eat their -vnwn" pone, fried lui con and
herr ng, washed down with strong coffee, ?
In tho "gret house" tho family ure at
breakfast. The ladles In light summer
attire, one am) all dls'cusslon th? pros- '
poets nf tin? wheat crop, promising tQ'
l'omo, out In tor In (ho en: rl.igo to look nt ?
tin? hai vest, I
Thirty minutes for brenkn.sl. tlion Ime!;
| Hi tho Hold. From then to 12:?1 the dusky
sons nnd grandsons of the old-tlfne slaves
work cheerfully ?n the dazzling June sun,
occasional y ill hands ceasing from ,???????
la-or to quaff u gourd of water ov to
Chase an "ojo Uyur" as she scurries
itPiOss the Mtihhli. frlghtenod from her
bel by the noise of the. harvest. As the
sun crosses the meridian ">'! "feed boy"
? ? 1 > ill ?ho hlg stable rings Ihe bell Hut
liei aids the dinner hour nnd the midday
rest. Hastily mules aro unhitched, turned
loose to trot to tho stable. Their feed Is
ready. Alter burying their ???,?? deep
In tho water trough and drinking to re
?letion. they enter the stable: eaj;h Uimw.?
his stall. Soon they are grinding their
hard white torn. Under the big tree, by
(hi!*kitchen door tho hands aro standing,
Once moro the jug Is brought out ond a
drink served.all round, Then the harvest
dinner. A fat sheo?i bus heen slaughtered
lor the occasion, arid while the darkles
,feast on mutton, fried bacon, cabbage,
earn bread and snaps, tho family hi "tho
grot house" sit around the old mahogany
dining tablo s,t ono of the old Virginia
summer dinners, the menu of which Is too
r.i. ni?ai? io Itemize I'eihnps two or
threo friends have dropped In to spend
tho day or maybe a week,or perhaps some
visitors from town havo come unexpect?
edly; no matter.
?,,???? OF PI.KNTY.
It Is harvest time, Chickens nnd vege?
tables are plentiful. The "gyarden Is
?g?od" th's year, and tho Ice-house Is full,
So It only means get boring a few more
vegetables, killing some extra ? chickens
and using a little bigger Ico cream freezer.
The sun is now standing well towards
thn wost. Across tha wheat field the
boat shimmers. Mules and dnrklos aro
bathed In sweat. Under the big gum
? rio, tho carriage ts drawn up and the In?
cj.ee and tho owner of tho plantation
enich the Jamil tar ?cone, us tlioy chut.
And now tho binders aro making their I
lnst round for the day. The sun drops to
s:eep. Far across the fields tolls the big
bell. It Is "the angelus" that summons
all bands to supper, If not to prayer. An
hour later, the hands are stralcimi out;
on the grass in tlio buck yard. On tho I
front porch of thn "grot house" the fam?
ily are inntcd: a full harvest moon rises
> lowly, shedding a soft and brilli ml light
over nil? On ? dead bough of a poplar j
t'n near Hie house a mocking bird war?
mes for ? meinen or two, then goes to
sleep, And a A'lrglniu harvoat day Js over.
J. M. tSl'iLh. '
(Spoolnl to The Tlnvis-Plspitch.) '
GOSHFiN, VA?. July? r'-lh'. F. P,
Webster, owner and mct|l?a| dlrer- !
tor of the Alloghnny Sanitarium and
rest resort, which was opened June 1st, ?
has greatly Improved and heautllled this
pla.ee by many changes. Ho Is deliy re- I
celvlne numerous apoticatlons, and th? I
"Wo can give you Just'as. good as Bosher's for loss money." We accept
such admissions of our claim that vie are the "standard of quality."
As often ns you have heard tho "Just as good" claim, no doubt you have
Just as often asked; "If Just as good, why for less money?"
Now, If you wont the worth of your money, go to
R. H. BOSHER'S SONS, 15 South 9th Street.
And oet your new Vehicle or have the old one repaired and repainted,
season promises to be nn unusually large
I Misses Primrose and Mary Cameron
| left yesterday for Atlantic City, whero
thoy will spend several weeks, and also
visit ninny Northern cities.
Miss Janlo Cameron, tlio attractive
daughter of Mrs. Ellen Cameron, of
Cameron Hall, who has been attending
W. und h, N, and V, M, I. finals, has
returned home.
Miss Mary Komper, of Albemarle coun?
ty, is tho guest ot Mr. and Mrs, Craig,
Cold Sulphur Springs.
' Mrs. Emma Bayllss, of Columbia, S. C,
Is visiting- her daughter, Mrs. James
CJtilnn, of Rockbridgo Inn,
Dr. Tucker, of Roenoke, Vn., will be
resident physician for the Chapman Iron,
Coal and Coko Co,
?Men Who Fought Hand to Hand
Become Neighbors and Friends.
(Spoolol to The Tlmes-DIspatch,)
| MKHEKUIN, VA., July 2.-Durlhg
tho hard fighting of cavalryman
around Boonesville, Md., Mr, J. J. Green,
of the Union army, received a severe
wound on his head by the hands of a
Ninth Virginia cavalryman. Mr, W, p.
Dance, who resides near this place, was
the soldier who delivered the blow, Tho
calvary to which Mr- Dauco belonged
had- been doing somo hard figliti'-? |
around this Maryland town, and wns I
slowly retreating wjien reinforcements j
arrived, and they again faced tho ."-?euiy
and a hand to hand fight took place. :
Mr. Danco onmo In contact with a cav- ?
nlrj man who was directly in front of ?
him, and with his saber forcod him to
dismount. When on Ilio ground ho drew
his pistol, 1111,1 waa ill-nut to tire a fatil
shot, when Air. Dance, filili In Ills saddle,
again brought lite saber Into action and
struck his opponent Just over the right
pyo Inflicting a wound-which rendered his
ma? unconscious, and he rode on,'think?
ing? that Jils blow*'was fatal, and con?
tinued to carry this idea until a short
time ago, when Mr, Green, moved, hero
from Now York and settled only a short
distance from the' home of Mr- Dance' !
While Mr. Dance was relating this In- !
cldent as he had often done to his
friends, Mr. Green, happened to be one of.
his hearers, and ho sooner had he com?
pleted tho experience than Mr, Green.,
On Time!
It will win tho respecto! a woman!
It has gained a reputation for our
Watohes that wo toA proud of. Our
selection ol timo pieces uro marvels of
urilstle. skill in deelgu and finish.
Wo hav boon experts ou Watches for
yoar???! 'lhorelqro, we tiro careful to
select only good ttmo-keopors in buying
Watohes I
J. ?. ALLEN A CO.,
14th uud Main Streets.
.ieclared that he was the man, ond
exhibited tho scar nnd described the in?
cident as well us the horse upon which/
Mr, Dan.? rode. In turn Mi*. Dance told
which sido the man fell from and ho.v
be wits laying when he struck ??? blow,
also tho color of the horse tho soldier
was rid.'ng. ?
Thero seems no doubt that after.about
thirty years of peaco these men have
found each other and are now good
friends and delight in toiling their ex?
Worth the Money.
N'orfoll; would to deJifhtM to hnve Hamp?
den-Sidney Col'ege. gy coming here, IJaiui'
ddi-.SlJney would acquire Uni distinction cf
being the only colloso on tin* sfiml.lo between
New York and Charleston, ?. C?Norfolk

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