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Survivors of the Battle of New
Market Give? Honor
'Alumni, of - V. M. I. Kcm?mbcr
Gallantry of Stormy
Ono of, the prottlosl features of tho. V.
M, 1, friends this year wns tho pre?
sentation hy tho Alumni Association Of
crosses of honor to tho survivors of tho
cadot battalion at New Market. -
Tho exercises were touching? and beau?
tiful and stirred tho heurts of tho vet?
erans with recollections of the stormy
dtiys of civil filrlfo,
One cross was provided for each of tho
ono hundred and seventy-eight living;
members of tho battalion, and ono for
tho representatives of each of tho one
hundred and fifteen now dead,,
Tho exercise? wero hold In Jackson
Hall on Tucsdny evening of commence?
ment week, and a lorge number of the
veterans attended.
Opened With Dixie.,
The proceedings were opened with the
rendering of "Dlxlo" by the' band and
at 12 o'clock the survivors entered, head?
ed by lion, AV. B. Shaw, of Henderson,
N. C.'j who had been color bearer of
Company A nt tho battio of New Mar?
ket. H<s carried aloft a Virginia ling,
and close behind him was General Scott
Rhipp, who was tho commander of tin
Mrs. t?, C. Crlm, who, by her dcvotltjn
to the wounded at the b;tt,tle, won the
title of the "mother of the Now Market
cadets," came next, and was followed
by the survivors who attended. Sir.
-Joseph B. Anderson, of Gopchlnntl,
president 'of Iho association, occupied
tho chair and the presentation speech
was made by Hon. M. St. George Tucker.
Mrs. Crlm. who proved a mlniiterlntr
ang'-l to the cadets wounded on the. field
of battle, wns made an honorary mem?
ber of the assoclhtlonViid given ono of
tho croase*?, nnd tho meeting between her
and the veierHns wan a vpry happy one.
Tucker the Orator.
The crofse.n were accepted on behalf of
the battalion by Captain John S. Wise
and Hon. II. ? Shaw.
lion. Unrry St. r;oon*e Tucker was then
Introduced nnd made one of his sonl-stlr
rlng speeches, which was loudly cheered
by the veterans.
The lint of tho*?? killed In battle was
read nnd repre-tentatlves of the following
fallen heroes came forward and received
their rroHses of honor:
W. U. Cahell, first sergeant, Company
H. F. Atwlll. corporal, Company A.
C. Q. rrnckett. private. Company D,
H. G. Jones, private, Company D.
T. G. Jefferson, private, company B.
W. - H? McDowell, private. Company B.
,T. B. Stanard. private. Company B.
J. C. Who-lrlght, ?orlvnte. Company C.
Received in Person.
The following wern pr?sent In person
Is one of the few good Ons Ranges on
tho market. It does the work quickly
and at small cost. Wo ure-sole agents.
.Let us show them to you.
Standard ?lue Flame Oil
.nre hero In all els?g, wjlfti ovens doli?
?lo lined, that lock ?n both.sides. They
.?hold the heat bettor ondbnko quicker
than the other'klnd. Prices no higher.
Guniey Refrigerator's
reputation, for furnishing cold storage
at a minimum cost has been fully
maintained this *jeason. It la a strictly
family Bofrlgcrator, made In all sizes
and styles and priced low. You aro
sure of getting what you want in tt
The Furniture business qono at this
big storo Is Increasing In volume every
duy. Hero yo\i find largo slocks, eas?
ily shown, with such u wldo rango In
prices thut you art? sure of seeing
what you want at tlio price yoij want
to pay.
Hvory accommodation Is yours when
dealing here.
Mitonie Templi'.
Many lent? wei.ry d.iyi nitri sleepless nl?ht?
have heen filled with aautiy becauso of one of the
above mentioned complaint*. It Is utiooceiserjr to
suffer from them. ? , ? ........... ;
will quickly drive out tho pate.? Keep It on hune:
tor just such oiiicniencios. There le ture to
coma ? time of need and Hamliue Wizard Oil
Will not fail you. ........ , ,
Mrs, A. C. Scharfer, Great Bend, Kan., wrlteti '
I have boett subject to Sick Iteadnelie fot
over five ye.irn. I used one bottle of Huellna
Wizard Oil as directed and have not bade Head? j
acho since. ? .
Sarah Gllleepln, San Dieso, Tex., writes! I
nave suffered ? groat deal with KurAcho and
by the usa et Hamllni Wizard Oil I hare beau
entirely cured. ?. '.- . |
- P. H. Simons, Denntson, Iowa, writes) Ham?,
.line Wir.arrl Oll le the best remedy lor Sore
rrbroat and Toothache I have ever used. I
havo cover known It to fall.
Thero Is only one Wizard OH ? IIamlltift ?
cams blown In the bottle. ?Signature "Handln
Uros." on wrapper. Take no substitute. fiOo.
and 91.00.
Cures tho Cold. Prevents Pneumonia. 55c & 500 :
Hamlins Blood and Liver Pills;
ftogulato the Liver. Cleanse the System. 2jo ]
^dntv??nmiX HERB TEA
1 For Woman's Ailments. S50
For .dal? end Recommended by
and wore handed their badges ot honor
by President Anderson:
C. M; Wesson, Richmond: ?'? Ni Ma
gruder, Woodstock; ?.. 8. Puync, Lyneh?
burg; J. }?:,. Witt, Bedford: R.. Ridley,
Portsmouth; P. W. Roller, MU Crawford;
J.. H. I.arrlek. Mlddlctown: Lawrence
Royster, Norfolk; ?. ,1. Davis, Mecklen?
burg county; C. ?. Harrison, Btaunton;
W. if. Splller, Wythcvlllo: h. Vf. WJm
bl?h, Boydton; B. R. Vjitighan. Peters?
burg; J. N. Upshtir, Richmond; J. 15.
Woodbrldg?. Chester, Pa.: G>. B. Vf.
Nallo, Raccoon Kord: W. fi. Cnrmlchscl,
Augusta county. Ga.; ?. P. Thompson."
Summit Point. Vf. Va.; James ! G.-Good?
win. Rapldan; Thomas Vf. White, and
Vf, Smith JonpB, Abingdon; T. C. Early,
Lynehburg; D. ?. Kins. 3luff City,
Tenn.; Vf. M. Patton, Blacksburg; S. H.
I .e toner. Lexington; Charles H. Smith,
Louisiana; J. J. Reld. Virginia: Vf, L.
HArrlspn, Charles City county: J. r?
Merrltt, Lawrencevlll?; John S. Wlso,
New Tork; Vf. B. Shaw, North Carolina;
J. S. Bognol?- Norfolk.
Others Were Invited.
The crosses of the absentees were,sent
by mall in eases where no person had
been designated to accept them nnrl thry
were all received with the utmost feel?
ings of pride and gratitude.
The cross Is of bronze. Is maltese In
shape. On Ihe bar holding: the pin, from
which the cross dangles by a chain, Is
the Inscription. "Por Valor," A laurel
wreath encircles tho center of the crorsi'
on which appears the coat of arms of
Vlrglnln. On thn arms of the cross ap?
pears, the lettering: "V. M. I. Battalion,
New Market. May 15. IS?." On thr? in?
side Is Inscribed, "V. M. I. Alumni Asso?
ciation to" and tho name of the re?
Richmond Boy?.
.Following Is o correct list, of the Rich?
mond "boys" Who wero In the New
Market battalion on the occasion of the
famous fight:
Fiold and Staff,?Captain George Ross,
assistant surnfeon;',!. B. Woodbrldge, ser
1 geant-major (Chester, Pa.); O. A. Daven?
port, quartermaster sergeant.
Company ?.?Ersklne M. Ross, first
sergeant (Loa Angeles, Cai,); George K.
Macon (deceased), socond corporal. Pr??
vales?Charles J. Anderson, R. .G. Bin
ford (deceased). C. T.' Corling (resident
now), Vf. J. Hubard (Lynehburg), F. Vf.
James (Baird, Texas), Newton McVeigh
(died while ceremonies were In progress
at Virginia Military Institute), K, H.
Smith, P. C. Temple (Manchester, Vs.),
Vf. ?,,Ynrbrough (deceased).
Company B.?George Vf. Orel ter, first
lieutenant (Wntsonvlll? ?, O.?. Cal.), An?
drew Plzzlnl. Jr.. first sergeant: William
M. Patton, fourth sergeant (Blaeksbiirg,
Vi.) Privates?J. ?. Br?nsford (Bon Air,
Va.), R. G. Cabali, ?. D. Christian (de?
ceased). Simon Cullen (uijtraced), S.
Blount Mnson (New York), J. E, Taylor
(New York), C. M. Wesson (n?'w a rosi
deuil. ... ,
Company C?John G. James, third cor?
poral (Roff. I. T.) Privates-Moses Eze?
kiel (Rome, Italy), H, Vf. Fry (Coyner's
Springs, Va.). F. ?.. Price (Philadelphia,
Pa.), C, H. Read (died while ceremonies
worein progress at Virginia Military In?
stituto), T. M. utherfoord. J, H. Shields,
(deceased), Vf. C, Taylor (deceased), j,
N. Upshur, N..?. Walton (Philadelphia,
Ph.), D. C, B. Wilson (now D, C. Bur?
ra iid, resident of Richmond).
Company D.-W. H. Cabell (Killed nt
New Markot), first sergeant: O. A Glaze?
brook,, first corporal (Elizabeth, ?. J.)?
Alfred Marshall (deceased), second cor?
poral; John S. AVIso, third corporal (Now
York); John R. T?'lplett (dopeased), fourth
corporal. Privates?Preston Coche (rosi
dent now), J. H. Horvje (resident' now),
hi, C. Knight' (deceased), C B. AVnllfortt.
? delightful entertainment was given Tluirs
day night at Neleen'a Hull under thn auspices
of tho rouille?' Aid Society of the Pulton llup?
ilHt i'Iiurch for the benefit of the "(wruouugo
? most ?-.N.'.'lli'iit. programme was rendered,
after which cream and ceke were ??rveu.
The feature? of tlio occasion wero the recita?
tions of Missen Hicitu, Austin end Nelson,
and tlio solos of Mr, AlbortT. Samueln vero
received wllh great applauso. Mr. Wilson
i.ueh was master of ceremonies. .
'fha occasion wa? u marked success, and a.
neat ?urn was realized.
Mr. ? Arthur V. Melton, Die ???.?? under?
taker, received ? handsome new .wu?on Prliluy
troni t'lnolnnutl. O. Tin? wagon. Is ono of tlio
handsomest In the city.
At u. iiieetlug hold Ut Neben'? Hall lost
Monday night by Patrick Henry Council, No.
13, J. D. U. A, M., the followlnfr orUecra wcie
1 Heoledi fiouncill?r, ti, J. Ceriioflii Vice?
.Councillor, P.. W. Tenoyi Recording Heeretnry,
Walter Hock; Assistant Recording Heeretnry,
W, l'rrty Nuekolsi financial Beciotaiy, ilenry
?. iSvuns; Treasurer, neorge il. linke', Con?
ductor, Unify Whitlow; Wurden, J, ?.
Wilde* Inside, eentlnnl. Erneut. Mntlh?w?; Out
Sl-Jli ??-tlllliol, William WhItl'iWi Trustee.
Fi-shk S. Anderson; Representative to flint?
Council, t'hurle? Id, Motiby; Alternalo, Henry
A. Bvsne.
Tin* Cup of Cold Water Circle of tin* King's
Daughlcrs and Bonn will meet Tuesday night
at the recul.-nr?? of M lee a nulo (layle, on
Iioultilam?. Street.
The nuilders' Lcnguo of the Den-iy Street
Miilhwllst liplncopal t.'hurch will meut Wed?
nesday afternoon nt A o'clock at the resi?
dence of Mrs. W. J. May's president of the
lenguo. Ha. 007 Stnlo Htroet.
The now brick residences being nroelod on
BtntO ?'in ut by Mr. fjoiiln Heneen inn hearing
completion and will be ready, for occupancy
SI I'd. Robert 17. Fnlrlamb will M*end th??
summer In Chase City, Vn. .
Councilman Fred II, ttarbor line returned
from Oconn View, where ho sposi, ?sverai
days laut week,
Uov..David Hepburn, pastor of Falt?n Bap?
tist Church, has returned from Powhatan
county and will occupy his pulpit dt both ser?,
vices, to-day. Mr. Hepburn's morning subjeot
will bo ".Stewardship," At night the usaul
oWtngellstlc serviros will bo conduelo*].
Mr. Ruble Hord has returned from Beadle
'town, Fauqulur counly, to which place he
acompanlod tho remains of his wife, Mrs.
Jennie Hord, who wits burned to dojfh about
two weeks ???.
Mr?. Otto Murkhatn and son hnv? returned
from i'owliat.an county, whoro they haV? been
visitili? frlonds und rolntlves.
Tho Ludica' Auxiliary Boclety and th? Par?
sonage Sodati* of the Denny Street Methodist
Episcopal Church will moot together to-mor?
row night at 8 o'clock at the church.
Rev, J, W, Leaks, former pastor of Fulton
Baptist Church, anil wife, were visiting In
Ktiltoti last week. j .
The Degree of Pocahontas, An auxiliary
council (o the Mattaponi Tribe ot Red Men,
will meet-Tuesday night nt Korso'? Hall.
Th? Young People's Society of the Kulten
Baptist Church will meet to-morrow night In
the Sunday school room at 7:45 o'clock.
The open air concert given at the corner of
Lester and Louisiana Blreels on Friday af?
tomoon by lardolla's Band was much en
The Ladies' Aid Society of Fulton Baptist
Church will meet to-morrow afternoon at 3
o'clock nt the church.
Mr. Hoben Hicks Is extremely 111 at his
home, on Fulton Btreot.
Mrs. Maggie Homer, who'was operated upon
at the Retreat for the Hick noverai weeks
?go, has recovered from the operntlpn, and Is
expect?! to return home In a few days.
Mr. Charles Kcal?, who was opemted upon
for appendicitis at the Virginia Hospital sev?
eral wcekn ago, Is making a rapid recovery.
Miss Tuloy Roberts, left Friday for Lynch?
hurg, Vu., to spend several weeks with, rela?
Missen .fonie nnd .Tornile Hogcra nre v-lslttng
frlondH In Honrlco county.
Mr. James Coglili!, of Roanoke, Va., Is
vlMiiing hi* parents In Fulton.
Henrlco Council, No. 7.13, Hornl Arcanum,
will mort Thursday night at Nelaen'e Hall.
Mrs. Charles Kldwoll and children have
returned from a visit to relative? in lower
Miss Myrtle Bhellnn Is able to b? out again
after a recent Illness.
Carl Btalllngn returned to his home In Dan?
ville, Vn., Friday after a brief visit to
friend? lit Fulton.
Umt Tuesday night nt Kerne'a Ball, Orlean?
Street, "Great Senior Sagamore Charles
Biirkett Instituted Little Mattnponl Council,
No. 11, Ilfpreo of Pocahontas, having a char?
ter membership of sixty.
The following officers were elected and In?
stalled' pocahontas, Miss Pearl Davenport;
Wlnona, Mrs. Lily Kocen; Prophetess, Mrs..
Or.car Holm??; Powhntan, Joseph Q. Petrl;
Keeper ot Record*?, Mrs. Mnrgaret Eacho;
'Collector of Wampum. Mrs. Stalling?-,
Keoper of Wampum, Sirs. Hattle Johnson,
Mr. Benjamin Levy took tho obligation of
Pocahontas by proxy.
Branch fiooch, of Fourth Street In able to
bo nut after a rpoll of sickness.
Ivey May Shelton, tho little daughter of
Mrs. A. J. ?hcltoii, hos recovered from
recent Illness.
The Rev. A. A. Jones, pastor of Denny
Street Methodist Kplecopal Church, will oc?
cupy his pulpit at both services to-day. The
morning subject will be '-Forgiveness With
Punlnhment"; text. Psalms 89.V1I1. At night,
Mr. Jones'B subject will ho "The Last Walk";
text, JI. Klnstn I:xl.
Mrs. John Daniel Rogers ha? returned to.Jier
home at ?????, Va., after a pleasant visit
to relatives.
The new.-Catholle Sunday school building,
which Is being erected nt State nnd Krln
Streets. Is progressing rapidly. The work Is
being rushed in order to have the building
ready for service by the first of Septemhcr.
At the last meeting of the Fulton Lodge of
the Grand Fraternity, the following officer*!
?ere elpeSed for the ensuing six months:
Past Chancellor. Charles L, A. Doepp?; Chan?
cellor. John J. Cavedo; Regent, John It, Boul
ware; Orator, A. Berrarcl Seal; Flnnnclor, W.
H. Tease; Receiver, Louis A. Real: Guide. ?*?\
T. Morecock: Warden, James J, Bolan: Trus?
tees. John H. Boulwaro; James J. Bolan and
W. T. M orer?*? k.
"Children"? day" will be observed to-day
at laurel Hill Methodist Episcopal Church,
Henrlco rounty.
Mis." Bernlce Ballard In visiting relatives In
Suffolk, Va.
Mrs. Fr<'-d Rico continue* quite 111 nt her
home, on Denny Street.
Mr. Alfred T... Brown. Sr., who has been
extremely 111 at his horn? in Vnrina. is some
whnt Improved tn-dey..
Mrs. Hugh Rice Is visiting relativen In Suf?
folk, Va.
Misses F.thel and Dell Lewis, ?? Baltimore,
who for the past week have been attending
the Horse Show In Fredorleksburg, are now
visiting MIfs Julia Horn? ,of Fourth Ave
Mrs. Robert Morris, of Washington, Is the
guest ot her daughter, Mrs. John Tyler, of
Fourth Avenue.
Mises Ellin, and Edna Bowman, of Third
Avenue, have returned to their home, after
spending several days with friends In Rich?
Mr. Richard Sale, Jr., left yesterday for
Capo Henry, whero he will spend several
Little MIfs T.U'-llo Catlln has been visiting
relatives in Richmond. -
Usual Sunday marnine' service at Miipah
Presbyterian Church this morning nt 11 A.M.,
conducted by the pastor. Rev. D. K. Walthall.
The Mis** Kldwell gave a very enjoyable
german last Tuesday evening -ot Northslde
Master Llnwood Harria In still confined to
the house by sickllesn.
?Mrs. Allen has been 'visiting Mr?. Travie
??Harris, of Fourth Avenue.
Mr. Richmond Walker, of Charles City
rounty. Is visiting Mr. William Huxter, of.
Fourth Avenue.
Mrs. -Perkins hns returned to her home' In
Baltimore, after' spending nome Unie with
h?*r daughter, Mrs. D. M. O'Brien.
Mnster Hanson Rowe. of Frederleksbuig,
has been visiting friends on the "Hill."
'Miss Pearcy, of Now York. In tho guest of
Mrs. D. K. Walthall, ot Fourth Avenue.
Mrs. Mortimer McCluer and children left
last week to spend'several months with relu-?
Uves In Louisa.
Mlsn Drucllla. Perkins, of Baltimore, Is
visiting her sister. Mrs. D. M. O'Brien, of
Fourth Avenue.
Mrs. William Catlln, of Chestnut Hill, is
quito sick at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Robert Davis, of Richmond.
Mrs. Travis Harris and daughter ore visit- I
lng friends In West Point, Va.
Tho Young People's Progressivo FUnoh Club,
was on last Friday evening delightfully en?
tertained by Miss Annie Sale at her home
ed by the Sin
Publicly Indorsed by the Superintendent of
the great PEOPLE'S MISSION, who ?ay? it
Washington, D. C, February ??, 300-1.
The Orrlno Co., Inc., Washington, D, C.
Gontlomon.?U Is very gratifying Indeed for
mn to report to you that Orilnu has proven to
my eutlru suliufacttou that it la a spesine for
drunkenness. A patient who had been drinking
about a pint of Whlskoy a day for a great
many years was completely cured within ten
iluys from the time he took tho first dose of
Curino, and ho Is now restored, (o perfect so?
briety. I shall ho B'llrt ? have you refer any
person to mo for a. verification of this state?
ment. I am convinced Orrlue Is a cure for that
terrible disease, drunkenness. Wishing you
great BucccBs, I am, Yours very truly,
W. ?, ri?niCriAHU
Kupvilntonilont People's Mission.
il uar 1 '-,Q ouve wUbontimtlont'e kmml
B * f wlge, huy Orrlno.No. 1? forvoliin?
BOX? ) tary tru'itinqiit?, hliy Orrlu? No. 3
Cure Ufiwt9? w Money RoiMnded,
Boli! ont] rccQinmondqd by
Polk t?iller-Ghildr?y Co.,
101 K. Broad Street, Corner Fir? Stroet.
Polk MUlf r Drug ?o? !
m H. ?Main "St'-eot, Rl?i?mond. I
Cook ?? "Prunkc.nuo??" 'frto ou re<jve?t, |
? in Ora History.
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There'd be such a Tremendous Rush of Customers as We Experienced Lhst Week.
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on Third Avenue. Flinch was player! until a
? late hour, after which light reirshementa
i were served. Among those present- may be
i mentioned a? follows: Misses Bessie Marshal!.
Ileboccn Clarke, Bertha Marshall; Annie Sale,
Me?rs. fiydnie Laird, Willie Hoppe, Charlie
Orrok, Llewlyn Harvle, of Richmond; Lit mar
Henley, Richard Sale. The notice of tho noxt
meeting will ho announced later.
Mrs. Robs Kella and children, who have been
residing on Fourth Avenuo for the past year,
left ^Friday for her hume In New York.
Miss Snslo McComb, of Louisa county, who
ha.s 'jeen spending some time with Miss
Mosby, ot Fourth Avenue, lias returned home.
MIsb Spencer, who has heen visiting frlend3
on the "Hill" for the past month, has return?
ed to her homo in North Carolina.
Mr, and Mr?. Walter Todd are spending
some time at Cape Henry, Va...
Mrs. J. Vf. Tiller and children are spend?
ing several weeks In City Folnt with rela?
tives. ,
Mrs. Jacobs, of Fourth Avenue, left last
week for Ohio to spend the summer with
Mrs. C. Vf. Vaughan and children left
Friday for Staunton Va., to visit relatives.
Invltntlons have been Issued to the
marriage, of Miss Mattle Bell 'Maliern and
Mr. Henry Lee Pitt, which will occur
at the home of the bride-elect, No. 61?
Twenty-ninth Street, July 7th. at 9 o'clock.
Mr. Pitt Is a brother ot Mrs. O. L. Ab
berton and Mrs. Mlnson, of Falrmount.
Mrs, Mary Wood Kemp and daughter,
Ann, of Blue Springe, Mo., who havo
been tho guests of Mrs. Joe w. Rainer, |
have left for King and Queen county to ?
visit Mrs. Dolly Dullng, Mrs. Kemp's
"Little Margaret Morrison is confined to j
her' home, suffering with a severe at?
tack of, tonsilitis.
Miss Maggie Onfiil Is In Charlottesvllle
attending tha School of Methods.
Mrs. M. R, Mayo, Mrs. Lewis Mayo,
and Master Stuart have returned from a
delightful visit: to Buckroe Beach.
Mrs. ' Lillian Giinn Brown, who has
been visiting relatives In Nottoway coun?
ty, has .returned homo.
Mrs. J. D. Reardon and MIsb Jennie
and Master Joe Reardon, of Portsmouth,
Va., woro guests at the marriage of Mr.
Arthur . Hobson and Miss Jennie Pat?
terson Tuesday night.
Miss Mamie Wharton has returned from"
New York, where sho visited for four
Miss Sarah Tnylor Is visiting relatives
In Hanover county,
Mrs, L. B. Morrison and children havo
returned (rom a visit to friends In Kins
William county.
Mr. CJrover Cook, of No, 1401 Twenty-sec?
ond Street, le In Baltimore, where he was
summoned on account o? tho critical
illness of" his father.
4.J?S8 Beatrice Bagby has returned to her
home, In Fowhatan county, after a de?
lightful visit to Mrs. T. B, Bagby, on
Short Q .street.
Rloliard Brauer has returned from a j
trip to Newport News.
Mrs. Jollle Is visiting relatives in New?
port News,
Mrs. J, Vf. White, who has been quite
sick for several days, Is much improved.
Mrs. Cary. ot Hanover county, was
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. C.
Richardson, this week,
Mr?. B. Wade and daughter, Llllle,
visited relatives in Chesterfield last week.
Miss Mena Greenstreet is visiting rela?
tives In the country,
Misses Mamio and Coral Clary are
visiting relativos In Hanover county
Mrs. C. T. White, of Newport News,
has returned home. She was tho guest
of Mrs. J. Vf. White, on .Twonty.thlrd
street, while hero.
Mrs. Luoy Qlbson and Mrs. Abraham
are visiting at Buckroe Boach.?
The llttlo son of Mr, and Mrs. George
Worrell, who had the misfortune lo
broak his nnn in two places several days
ago, la getting on nicely.
Mrs. Thomas Jones and two children
have left for King and Queen county to
Upend the summer.
Miss Fannia Davis, of 'Buckingham
county, who- is the guest of her sister.
Mrs A, IJ. White, will rotiirn home in
a. /,'ow days.
Mia? Kate Savuge, ? of Poplar drove,
Ulnwlddlo county, Is visiting Miss J-yu
??? Schau t. ,
Mrs. J. J. Melton, of K.ing William
county, wa? the fuest of. Mr?. T, ?i,\
Bagby this week. She is on her way
to the mountains for tho summer.
Mrs. Vf. E. Lynch, of Hanover county,
who has been.the guest of .Mrs. Hughes,
has returned home.
Mrs. J. M. Melton, of Orange county.
has returned homo, after visiting friends
here this week.
Mrs. R. Walter Beadles had as her
guest last week Mrs. Annie Beadles, and
Hunter Beadles, of Hanover county.
Mrs. 8. J. Outland, of , Twenty-second
street, Is visiting trlepds in Farmvllie,
Mr. John Tal ley Is nulto sick at his
residence, on Twenty-third street.
Mrs. Charles Batlkowskl is visiting In
Lancaster, Pa.
Mr. Charla Hughes Is. confined to his
homo from the effects of a severe fall
he had several days ago.
A delightful party was given a few
evenings ago In thn homo of Miss Rubi?
netto Dominici In honor of her fifteenth
birthday. , Tha evening was pleasantly
'spent In music and games. Ono of tho
most amusing was the "tailless" don?
key, Misses Grace Franklin and Ruby ?
Brauer winning the prizes for pinning the. |
lost member nearest and farthest from I
the correct position. ' Misses Madeline I
Bose, Gaynoll Mlnson and Graco Frank- ?
lin rendered several piano selections, nnd
Miss Mamie Franklin sanpr several beau?
tiful solos which wero highly enjoyed.
Light refreshments were served In abun?
Miss Dominici received many nice pres?
ents. Those present were: Misses Ruby
Brauer, Aimee Kratz. Viola Trnlnum,
Alarle Brauer, Floy Kratz, Grace Frank?
lin, Lcnora Koine, Leigh Jones, Mamto
Franklin, Theresa Dominici, Maude Mar?
shall. Madeline .Boze, and Robtnette Do?
barto'n heights.
Mrs. S. E. ?Long. of North Avenue, and
daughters, aro visiting In' Newport News,
Sir. W. V>, Long, of Newport News, who
has been visiting his parents on North
Avenue has left for Brandon, Va,
Mr. W. T. Coaltnr, of Brookland Park,
has left for New York on a business
Mr, Joseph Beasley, ot Norfolk, is tho
guest of friends on live Heights.
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Robinson, of Mary,
land, who havo been visiting1 Mrs. Chas.
Wilkinson have left for their home.
Mr. S. P. Jones has returned home from
a business, trip to Petersburg, Va, ?
Miss Louise Moon, who has been quite
sick nt her homo on Luck Avenue, Is able
to bo out.
Mr. Bekley Goyno, who has been visit?
ing his brother'In Norfolk, has returned
Mr. Harry Goyno. who has been visit?
ing on tho Heights, lina loft for her home, |
Chester, Va.
Mrs, Hanks and children, of Rosemary,
South Carolina, are visiting her daughtor,
Mrs. Jenlfor Broaddus, of Luck .Avenue.
Miss Ina Richardson, wlio lius been vis?
iting Mrs. J. M, l'arrisi), of Luck Avo
imo, has left for her homo lit Fluvannu.
Miss Mary Jones, of Luck Avenuo, is
To Norfolk and the
? 3?Trains?
One Day $1.00 Two Days $2,00,
Trains leave Richmond 8, 8:30 and 9 A.
M.. It round t.rlp to Newport News, Btick
?oe, Old Point, Ocean View, Norfolk and
Portsmouth, Tickets also ?old ior.exour
slou trains of Sunday-July 3d, good ro
lurnulg on excursion trains of July -1th
ut rate ot \'i round trip. C, & Q, pas?
sengers can remain at Qoean View until
9 P. M. July 4th, Bleyen and, a half
hours at the ueaslde, *\
visiting her aunt, Mrs.'G. Vf. Lancaster,?
In Petersburg, Va,
Miss Nannie Tiller, of Foteraburg, Is
visiting her father In Brookland Park.
Mrs. S, .T. . Luck, of Washington, is
visiting- Mrs. Lula Jo?os of Brook Road.
Mr. L. R. "Davis, of Hanover, >ts visit?
ine- his sister, Mrs. T. C. Davis.
Miss Laura Martin, of Louisa, who has
been visiting Miss Mary Saunders, has
returned to her home
Miss Mamie Luck, of Washington, Is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Nannie Luck,
of Brook Road.
,Mr. Arthur Nultor, of Baltimore, Is vis- |
Itlng-Jiis parents on Brook Road.
-Miss IJzzlo Beck, of Louisa, is visiting
her'.sister.. Mrs. Blanche Beck on Brook
Road." . ' / ?.'.?'* I
Mr. J, P. Haupt has returned home
fi'om a business trjp t? Atlanta, Ga.
Miss Alice M. Carlton, who has been
vlsltlilg SIlss Rose Martin, has returned to
her homo-in Alexandria.
Miss Lizzie Wood, of Alabama, nnd Mr.
I?"?. II. "Feather, of Columbia, S. C, were
quietly, married Tuesday evening at the
hoirie of the. groom's parents on York
Streot, by the Rov. C. II. Galloway, pas
lor of tho M. E. Church.
Mr."?John Clarke, of Columbia, Is visit?
ing friends on North Avenue.
.Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Harria, of Balti?
more, who have been visiting at the home
of Mr, nntl Mrs. Ben P. Collins, have re?
turned to tholr homo.
Mrs. Geo. "H. Ware, who has been visit?
ing in King and Queen county, has return?
ed home. I
Miss Norma Beveridge, of North Ave- ?
nue, Is visiting; In Chnrlottosvllle.
Mrs. William Mosby, of Raleigh, Is the
gue3t of Mrs. Chas. Robinson.
Mrs. L. J. Crovo, ot Virginia Avenue,
has left for Washington and Baltimore,
to visit her relatives,
Mr, and Mrs. Vf, L. Summers, of Vir?
ginia Avenue, and children are visiting
in Newport News,
Mr. W. H. Hellogg, who has heen visit?
ing Mr. XV. G. Cosby, of Virginia Avenue,
has left for his home In Newport News.
Misa Nannie Bowles, of Caroline county,
Virginia, is tho guest of Mr. and Mrs.
J. G. Jeter, of Ladles Mile Road,
Miss Mary Ryland, who has been visit?
ing In King William county, haa returned
to her homo on Lamb Avenue.
Miss May Ross, of Norfolk, la tho guest
of Mise Martha Jones, of North Avenue.
At "The Manor Houlye," homo of Mr.
and Mrs. B. S, Read, a Ulme social waa
given under the auspices of the Ladles'
Alliance, and a neat sum wits realized,
A fine musical programme was rondored
by Professor Garber, of- Manchester, pian?
ist; Mr. Chris. Gobhardt, mandolin; Mr.
Andrew Atkinson, violin. Lemonade ivas
served. Among tho guests were: Mr.
Rlchardl, Miss Margarita Richard!, Miss
Dexter Parrlsh, Miss Leila Atklsson, Misa
Notilo Vinal, Miss Rqsa Murano, Miss
Mary Murano, Miss Llllle Tumor, Miss
Blancho Woodcock, Miss Hull, Misa Can?
thoriio, Alisa Julia Read, MIsb Wlpiilo
Demi, Mrs. C'arinenkl, Dr. 8. L Roope.
Mrs. Frunlc P, Read. Mrs. P. 8. Road,
Mrs. 13, S. Read, Messrs, Harvey Atkin?
son, Andrew Atkinson, Jackson, Wallace,
Dean,. John Royall, Chris. Oebhardt. N. J,
Roope, Hurry Vinal, Frank P. Road, P.
S. Road, 'S. S. Road and Professor Gar
Mi-e. Fred. Ryan and son left In the
Airly part of tho week to Join hor hus?
band In Spencer, N. C.
Mrs. Huffner und two children, of High?
land Springs, will leave their home on
Haturduy, July -nd, for Go/donavillo to
viali ilio parents of Mr. Ruffiier, jvlieru
thoy will spend several weeks. Mr. Buff- I
ner will accompany them and will stay
until lifter Ilio fourth.
Miss Nellie, tho daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. I.ogun, of the -Lodgo" at "Ben Lo?
mond." has returned from Philadelphia,
where she attended school tlio nast sus
?Ion, ?nut will spend her vacation with
her parents. ?
Tlio condolence and sympathy of ttia
community uro extended to Mrs. Dear?
liai'dt, anil her dauBliter, Mrs, Chas, Bow?
ers In their hour of sorrow and bereave?
ment. ? devoted, husband and a. kind
loving father was taken from the faintly
circle- utter & brief Illness on lust Sun?
cluy. Funeral was held lu Hie First B?P
ti.it Church, und burial hi Oak wood cernu?
te? ry.
Miss Jennie Httdglns spent Friday In
Hlc'unoitil, uoribiuliiM business with pleas?
A pie party will be given at the homo ;
of Mr. und Jit re? Muruno. on Elm Avenue,
July 6th from 7:W o'clock till 10 P. it.
???.? pi?coeda for ?'* bumruu of tlio Met?
odjst Orphanage. Come ono, oome all
and help in a good cause.
? (Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
MALVERN HILL, VA.. July 2.?Miss
Motile Carter, of Shirley Mills. Is spend.,
lng the week with her uncle. Dr. Archer,
of Richmond.
Miss Sadie Leigh Is visiting her friend,
, Miss FronejB Carter, of High Hills.
I The Shirley, Brandon excursionista
witnessed on? of the most brilliant sun?
sets of this season Wednesday evening
on their return to Richmond, when pass?
ing Mnlvern Hill Fostfnoce. Any porson
enjoying a beautiful sunset should see It
one of these lovely summer evenings from
some point on the James.
Rev. Dr. Martin and son, of Pittsburg,
have been visiting Mr. Clark and'family,
of Harden's.
Mrs. Mary M. Bell has gome to Massa
netta Springs to spend the summer.
Mr. Horhert S. Saunders's hay baler,
which is at Mr. Drawry Coulter's Weya
noke, broke down. Mr, Wm. Hogan, who
j has charge of tho machine for this sea
i son, will take It to Richmond for ro
; pairs, thus causing a delay In their en?
gagements. Mr. Royal Gatewood, will
manage Mr. Hogan's farm during his
I absence.
Mlss.-*Mnrlon T. Clark, who has spent
some timo in Lewes, Delaware, and
Philadelphia, will return to her home Sat?
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
CREW10,. VA., July 1.?Misses Loula
and Bossle Anderson, of Roanoke, nro
visiting In Mr. Moon's family.
Mrs, Frank Calhoun and children, ot
Roanoke, are visiting Mrs. J. H. Hlnes.
Miss Kthel Arvlno, of Lunenburg, is
visiting In Mr. W. B. Newby's family.
Mr. Richard Burke and bride have re?
turned from their bridal tour, and uro at
home with Mrs. Henry Lewis.
Miss Virginia Eppa McCormlck has re?
turned home after an extended visit to
Now Orleans and other Southern cities.
Mr. B. K. Zirkle, of Norfolk, will spend
Sunday and Monday na the guest of Dr.
GUI's family.
Miss Leila Scott entertained Thursday
night In honor of her guest. Miss Mary
Scott, of Stntesville, N, C.
Thin Model
Moro of thoso cow, thin
model watches that are
so popular. Men who
have bought are send?
ing their friends here
overy few days. Tito
best watch values ever
offered, good timekeep?
ers and handsome !
C. Lu ms Jen & Son,
? Jewelers,
.731 East M?|n.Street,

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