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]s tlio concontrnlcd downy ciTcct of six layers of Jolted
cotton of selected quality. In the concentration thero is
no hardness. They nre soft nt first, nnd remain so
through yenrs of constant, use. Write for free booklet,
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709-TI-13 E. Broad Street.
iWoodmondc and Hattondalc
Farms, Where Burling?
ton Lives.
J. K. Lane, of Lane Brothers, railroad
contractors, Esmoiit, Va., has purchased
of Catesby W'oodfard, Paris, Ky., the
former well-known race horse Burlington,
by Powhatan, dnm Invcrcauld, by St.
Mr. Lane owns the fine estates In Alhc
mai'le county known as Woodmomle and
Hattondalc Farms and will place Bur?
lington tit tho head of his stetid, which
includes a. band of choice thoroughbred
mares. The black son of Powhattan is a
horse of fine size and pronounced Individ?
uality, and will bo used as sire of thor?
oughbreds, steeplechasers and hunters
at Woodmomle. As an owner of steeple?
chasers, Mr. Lune has met wllh success,
having unions other good hors03
the good winner at several seasons past,
Imperialist, non of Norwood and Gcmlma.
? ? ?
Lady Theli?ia, the handsome chestnut
mare by Clement H., bred and owned by
!.. C!. Roper, the big lumber merchant, of
Roper, N. C, made a new record at live
recent Philadelphia meeting, where, driven
by James li. .Morrow, of Washington, she
trotted a heat in 2:1$ 1-1 mid clipped a
couple of seconds from her mark of
'i:'M 1-4 mado In 1902. Lady Thelma'fi sire,
Clement R., Is a son of Mambrino Dudley,
while her d;im is Sue Norfolk; a great
brood mure, by Norfolk, 3070, the site o?
Miss Nelson, 2:11 1-1. Sue Norfolk is
owned by Mr. Roper and she ligures as
the dam of Lady Thelma, 2:1S 1--1; Fox
hall, 2:19 3-1. arid Suuol Stakes. 2:21 1-1,
and others of her produce are coming on
yet. As stated Lady Thelma wns sired
by; Clement R., but Foxhill and 'Sunol
Stakes are by Great Stakes, 2:20, the sire
of Virginia, 2:21 1-1, ? new one of the
fi'.andujrd performers of this season.
Among the troiiers in the stable of
Ai'lhur Nltz. Tasley, Vn., are Fred. Proc?
tor, 2:17 1-4; Sam Host, trial 2:20, by l.ee,
..Cu.vkr, dam by Walker Mor'rlll; Nathaniel
Prince, a three year old gelding, hy
Sidney Prince, son of Sidney, 2: lit 3-4; Or?
phan Ulrl, 4,by Bursar, 2:17 1-4,'and senno
promising youngsters, San, Hot Is ex?
pected lo beat. 2:15,.over a half-mile track
this season. wlWo Na/.hanicl Prince has
pliowii mil? ?? ????-'?'?ban 2:25 in his work.
Orphan Ulrl bas Worked an easy mile
m 2:.j wllh quart era better ibuu 35 sec?
onds. NIlz will campaign these horses
ihrough the .Maryland and Virginia Cir?
cuii nf lair:- aii'l rai?.? meetings and ex?
pects t" win a share ol' the piases offered
lor trotters.
Kellv Jev.iit, 2:".;5, the bay maro by Je?
rome i?'J'dj*. 2:16 M, riun? Linie Nelly, ?.'?.'?'',
lij" Creen'*?? Ilanibiet?nl?n, former}? owned
by Capi, li. r-.W'tlllam.-ou, of Raleigh; I,.
"Batiks Holt, of Graham, and other North
Carolin*! horscmeii, and raced'ori I lie half
mile, tracks In tliat State, Is now the
property of William J. Shelburnc, Riper,
Va., v.ho has her In tho Mud.
The chestnut horse Bannock, thorough?
bred son of Turpo and Imported Sinter
IxitiiKi-, by Trappisti owned by .1. Jenkyn
Da vies, of Ma nassa s, Va,, has been well
patronized this reason, and some of 111?
best inures in thai feet Ion havo been
mated with ? lie handsome chestnut stal?
lion. Mr. Dayles Is well-known as secre?
tary of the M a nassa s Horse ?Show, and
with Its affairs directed by Ills band tills
association Is now recognized as ono of
the most Important and successful open
air affair*- of the kind In the country.
1-i-fstdri-i j. T. Anderson, of the Rich?
mond More Show Association, sailed re
reinly for Kin-op,?,' and while there will i
attend u?? Dublin Horse Show, probably |
the .most noted, as well as the most suc
C?SSful, affair of Its kind In existence,
Doubtless Mr. Anderson win grasp ideas
that Will serve him well as I lie bond of
the, Richmond Horse Show, which is an
organization thai muy bu pointed to with
pride throughout ail Virginia,
Lillian R, the chestnut mare, who wo??
lier ilrst race of th? season at Haltimore
and reduced ber record from "i;lii l-i lo
2:18 1-4, )s seven years old, and was bred
by tbo Floyd Brothers, of Bridgetown,
Vs. She wa? sired by Kidney l'rlno.o,
*i:2l 1-4, dam unit.**.?, by Clay, to son of
AValker MorrlH.
The Mantissas and Orange Horse Shows
aro both to come off tills month, th';
dates <>f the former being fUed for tlio
uOtl* and -.'1st and those of the latter for
the Will and USth. ?ecretary J. Jenkyn
Davles, of lbe Manassa? affali?, is Jutd
Jaiit over the outlook for tllfj biggcM show
ever held there, while !.. H. lUoketts,
ilio secretary at Orango, Informed me at
j-reder?ckstiurg thai his association would
Without dOU'bl be favored with a ii euiry
pst much ahead of previous years, while
Hie. exhibits were likely lo be c\'Vti of
? higher character, 'l'heso open air horse?
shows are of great benefit to the horno
interest In Virginia, and richly merit
??lie'liberal patronage and support that
[?are being ko freely accorded them.
|{. 1. Pinney. of Ouamo?k, bas sold lo
,?S?"iJllani Bull?. ??1?" P-tl-v-, tue?last 'grtcfl
trotting gilding Snm Host, by Lee Cuy
lcr, dam by Walker Morrlll. Previous
to tho sale this horse, without prepara?
tion nnd hitched to a hroak enrt, worked
a mile. In 2:29, ot which tho final quar?
ter was trotted In ?13 seconds, a 2:12 gait.
The price obtained for Sam Host was
a snug one, nnd must servo to greatly
encourage breeders of trotting stock on
the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
? ? ?
The Alnsllo Cnrrhigp. Company, of South
Tenth Street, this city, report a fine trade
In high grade vehicles of different classes
thls*sensoti. Tho house of Alnslle has
been established for generations, and the
name Is one of the. best known In tho
South. David A. Alnslle, the president
of this concern, has steered Its fortunes
for years, and as designers and builders
of l'Ine carriages and plensuro as well as
business vehicles of all sorts,, his com?
pany ranks high. During the. present
season local trade 1ms been g;ood, and
that from a distance equally as satis?
factory. '
Tho Culpeper Horse Show ano race
meeting, which ramo on Monday and
Tuesday last, tho 4th nnd Bth In3tant,
was quMo a success, both In poi.'t of
rtt.eiidance. and tho character of exhibits.
The races, which were mortly steeple?
chase events, furnished good sport.
? * *..
The Fllorsllo bred horso Chamblce, 1,
l.y Imp. Chnraxus, cluni Contey, by Eolus,
von recently nt six furlongs at Fort Erie,
Out. Jle did the dlstnnce In'1:15 1-4.. ile?
renting Lady Draper, Nnvasota and
rleven others.
? ? ?
Of the thoroughbred stallions kept for
rervlce In Virginia, and who have sired
winners this season, Aloha is ut edited
wllh ????? Avon and Broadway Girl; Imp.
f'oulract with Woodclklm; imp. Father?
less with Workman, nnd Mlstlss; Imp.
Mincemeat with Vidalla, and imp. Wa?
terlevel with Ariena.
i ?\?
a rnSxW a
Imitili inn Is the nlnceresi flattery.
?Have yqti noticed how others have
tried to copy our Refrigerator adver?
tising'.' We've sold the
IWIigenitor for the past fifteen years
and we can refer you to hundreds of
well satisfied customers. Don't buy
on? experiment. Buy the
on ? coal or wood stove these hot
days, but
Secure a
Gas Range
and keep the bouse eool. We've Just
receiver] another largo shipment of
The Fortune and Ihe
and wo can now offer you a choice
lot to select froiii.
Credit For Asking
on anything In Furniture, C?rpete,
Stoves and general bonne fumlshlnifH.
Ten dozen Porch Hockers while they
hint Mia. each.
419-21 East Broad Street
Central Trades and Labor Coun?
cil May Retain Present Of?
ficers Another Term.
Labor Day Committee to Meet
To-morrow Night?Carpenters
Organize-Another Local.
The meeting of tho Centrili Trndea nnd
Labor Council on Tuesday nlgM v/JJ b?
of unusual Interest to members of tho
Tho seml-nnnnnl election of officers
will take place at this time, nnd whit?
thero Is no talk of opposition to nny of
the old officers heard up to this timo,
there Is? no certainty that the situation
will remain a? at present, Dark horses
inny bo sprung at the last moment, us a
groat many loculs send new representa?
tives at this time, and often thero ap?
pears among tucm good timber from
which to select
The present officers of the Council arc;
President, John Mi Ryall; Vice-PrcBident,
John 0. Harris; Recording nnd Corres?
ponding Secretary, Vf. II. Mullen; Finan?
cial Secretary, Joseph Portch, and Treas?
urer, J. J. Powell.
Besides the election of officers, other
business of Interest will come up to bo
acted upon.
Ne\v Machinists' Lodge.
Capital City Lodge, No. G9G, Interna?
tional Association of Machinists, was or?
ganized Alay 17th In Concordia Hall, and
Is composed entirely ot railway machin?
ists. While ono of the youngest locals
1ii tho city, It is the strongest In' point
of membership. The charter list started
with forty members,?'and there Is now
on the, rolls sixty names. The lodge Is
affiliated wltb tho American Federation
of Labor and has representatives in the
Central Trades and Labor Council.
Tho following are tho present officers:
Past president; R. S. Craig; president,
H. B. Griffin; vice-president, T. 13. Gad
sey; recording secretary, B. R. 'Dowdy;
financial secretary, L. J. Gore; treasurer,
31, Cobean; conductor,. L. J. Jones; In?
side sentinel, H. W. Anderson. Trustees?
J. B. Steward,' for six months; T. Loser,
for twelve months; T, J. Cumbea, for
eighteen months,
The lodge meets on the first nnd third
Tuesdays ot each month in. Concordia
The members of the lodge will have an
outing to West Point next? Saturday.
Tickets can be had from any of tho
officers or members of the lodge.
Labor Day Committee.
The Labor Day, Committee will meet
In Cnrmody's Hall, No. 210 East Brpad
Street, to-rnorrow night, ?his committee
Is composed of flvo members from the
contrai body and one from each local
union In the city. At this meeting every
member appointed by the locals is urged
by Chairman Rudd to be present, ns he
wishes to get the subcommittees named
and formulate plans for the celebration..
Clgarmakers Change Meeting
Clgarmakers' Local, No. 133, met last
Wednesday night In their new hall. For
a number of.years this union has been
meeting In Smith's Hall, but owing to
the enlargement of the building for manu?
facturing purposes. It became necessary
to secure other quarters, The union now
meets in Ellett's Hall. Fifth and Marshall
Streets, every Wednesday night.
Carpenters Organize.
? new union of carpenters and joiners
was organized last night In Springfield
Hall, Twenty-sixth and M Streets.. The
union shirts with a,membership of about
thirty, consisting mostly of men who
work nt the business and reside In the
eastern part of the city, This makes
three locals affiliated with the Interna?
tional Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners in this city?one In the West End,
Central and East End.
May Join in Celebration.
It Is not nt all unlikely that the Labor
Day Committee will extend an Invitation
to each local union In the cities of Nor?
folk and Newport News to Join the or?
ganizations of this city In celebrating
Labor Day lh!s year. Should a majority
of Ihe unions of these cities accept the In?
vitation and visit this city It would, swell
the ranks and make the parade, which Is
proposed ns a part of the day's pro?
gramme, one of th? largest ever seen In
this city.
Tailors' Picnic.
The momhers and their families of
Tailors' Union, No. 44,' celebrated the
Fourth of July with an outing In Miller's
Grove, In the eastern suburbs of the city.
The day was most pleasantly spent In
playing the games of childhood .wlM> th?
little ones, and? the committee on ar?
rangements had made preparations for a
spread that was thoroughly enjoyed.
After dinner had been served those pres?
ent sought shady ikIdIcs and lazily passed
Ihe afternoon away. The party returned
to their homes about 8 o'clock, each
having spent a dny that will bo remem?
bered by each ono who participated.
From Newsboy to Governor.
A correspondent writing In the Typo?
graphical Journal says:
This Is Ihe story of ? young man?
ne WBhoy, printer, editor and Governor,
all within twenty-five yenre. Ho wne
early a union man, and Is a. union man
The skeleton story is Fiihmitted for tho
purpose of placing on the records of the
craft a worthy addition to the list of
printer statesmen and to ndd to gratify?
ing history a signal Instrinco of timely
organized aid.
Several year? nflcr the closo ot th?
war between ilio States, Charleston (8,
C, Typograhlcal Union became sponsor
for a small red-haired newsboy, the
orphaned, son of Irish Immigrants. Tho
hoy was striving desporntoly for a living
In thn almost devn?tou city When ho
drifted Into the position of "devil" In a
printing oftico tho prlnlorn commenced
working with deetlny for pronouncod re?
sults, ,Tho union secured for him a
McliolnrKhip In a good school, und thero
ho obtain?! his emiro academic education
ill a sliurl while
His necessities wero Inslsteivt '?"nd ho
'finished his apprenticeship, On 'receiv?
ing his card from his good union friend?
he wont to Columbia; the capital of Iho
Stato, lo work us a Job printer, In th?
proud State's darkest days?tho ,cra of
the fight for while ?upremacy nnd tho
e?iabll"lmien( of rivlllzed govorninent?
the young man took"?? man's full part.
When the battle was ovor arid the peoplq
took heart, the young printer? started out
wllh J50 to go lu.to business. Locating
In ? new county minted for tho lender
In -Llic .'edcm.Hluu--Hanip.,o.|."|je sotui se
Stray-End Quick Clearance of
MONDAY aJlilV Ititi we place on special sale a largo lot of our best Helling Shoes, .Slippers and
9 ^ ?- Oxfords for men, women and children at about HALF PRICE. Wo will make
this sale eclipse all our former efforts. When we say we will sell good shoes for less money than over before w.o
we are not guessing. You will surely be surprisod and delighted at this money-saving event.
Remember, this sale wilt close on SATURDAY NIGHT, July, 16th. All mail orders
promptly tilled if lots are not closed before receiving same. ?.
PATENT OXFORDS, IB and $6 grades; the new
Bt shaped, all sizes, button, lace
blu cher effects, swell styles, now,
est shapes, nil sizes, button, lace and d**> QC
PATENT DOW SHOES, In bluchers, button or
regular Oxfords; Pat. .Coll or frit. Viel Kid, In the
newest straight or-. flat lusts, nil sizes nnd
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and OXFORDS, nil', go with a flCr
small lot of RIBBON TIES; pr?t- ?1 e?r
ty stylos, $2 nnd $'.'.50 grades, now ?37 I ?JO.
MISSES* OXFORDS In Tan and ? I I ?
Black; $1.50 and $1.75 grades, now ?J"?'?
PERS, mostly 11, lift and .12, 1, lftand ??
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the $1 grade. OOK^
INFANTS' OXFORDS, one of the pretti?
est styles we bave ever shown, sold CC,<
for $1. now. O Ok,
Trunks! Trunks!
Trunk Straps, with Locks or Plain, All Marked Down.
ivas Cover
bound with Iron
Canvas Covered Trunks, Ott QC I Roller Tray Trunks, can- ?-j J(\
.??.?? vas covered and Iran bound <?****t\?
Everything strictly cash and no goods
on approval during this sale.
Come early. Six days only.
301 East Broad, Corner Third.
cured a foothold, and since then he has
prospered. Successively filling several
(non-polltlcal) positions of honor, he be?
came State-size and got into politics.
After creditably filling the highest
place In tho gift of his people, our
aureole-thatched printer Is again a pri?
vate citizen and a country editor?anil
still a union/"man.
'Tills "eminent protege of Charleston
Union is the Hon. Mile? B. McSweeney,
In 1SPD-1003 Governor of South Carolina.
Coach Painters to Organize. '
Another meeting of the coach and car?
riage painters of this city will be held
In New Market.Hall'on Wednesday nlg.ht
nt S o'clock. A meeting of those Inter?
ested In the organization of tho new tin
Ion was held last week and the meeting
on Wednesday Is to perfect the organi?
zation and elect officers. This union Is
affilateci with the International Associa?
tion of .Painters. DecorntorB and Paper
hangers of America., and will be a
branch of Local '?20. already established
here. Organlzpr Lyon, who has been
here, for some time In the interest of this
organization, urges a full attendance- at
the meeting on Wednesday night.
Meetings This Week.
Carpenters and Joiners. No. 3S0,? In Da?
vidson's Hall Monday night. .
Lodge, No. in, Muchlnlsts, In Sparks &
Black's Hnll Monday night..
Capita] Oily. Dodge, No. fiOfi. Machinists,
In Concordia Hall Tuesday night. , .
Barbers, Locnl No. 503, In Ellett'a
Hall Tuesday night.
Retail Clerks' Union In Pickett Camp
Hall Thur???-?j? night.
Typographical Union. No. 90. In Con?
cordia Hall Saturday night. .
Carpenters, and Joiners, No. 1180, In
W estiva m Hall Friday night.
Painters, Decorators and Pnperhangers,
No. 220, In Carmody's Hall Wednesday
P. R. R.?SEASON 1904.
Effective June 1st, the R.. F. & P. R,
R, will sell reduced rate summer excur?
sion tickets to all principal Northern,
Eastern and Canadian summer tourist
points, including Atlantic* City, Cape
May, Niagara Falls, Saratoga Springs,
Clifton Springs, Newport, Quebec, Mon?
treal, resorts In the Adli'ondacks and
Vt.lite Mountains, etc.; also to Virginia
summer tourist points cm the Southern
Railway reached via Washington. Tick?
ets on sulo dally until September H?tli,
Inclusive, good roturnlng until October
31, 1004; llheral stop-over privileges.
For further Information upply to
agents R., F. & P. R. R? or
W, P. TAYLOR. Traffic Manager.
On July 7th and 21st, August Hth anil
26th, September Nth anil 22d, ?nd October
13th, tho Southern Railway will sell sp??
cial tickets Richmond to ? la gum Falls
and return, limited to ton days, via
Southern Railway, York River Line, and
Penn. R. R? at round trip rat? of ?13.
For full Information call on City Ticket
?nices, S19 and O?) East Main Street, or
C. W, WK8TBURY, P, P. A,
On Saturday of each week the South?
ern Railway will sell tickets from Rich?
mond tr> Chase CJty, Clarksville and a!)
intermediato station? at one fare for t|io
round trip, good retui-i)luB Monday fol?
. luwlii? dato of bete.
Wo can Interest you with prices on
20th Century Freezers.
Indurated Fibre and Galvanized Lined
Clark's Jewel and Enterprise
"Monarch" Blue Flame Wicklese
"Virginia" Steel Ranges
made expressly for us, low in price,
unexcelled In -quality, made for
'city pressure and country use.
"Windsor" Base Burner Lairobes, the
Latrobe that heats the room
It sits I*.
"Sexton's" Low Down Radiating Hot
Air Furnaces. Let us tell you
who they are satisfying In
this city.
Expert Tinsmiths and Sanitary
No. 1427 E. Main Street,
Between Fourteenth and Fifteenth St?.
Cooling Drinks Are Qood
Is Hotter,
Electrical Construction Co.
of Va.
ANtmt?W ?pJJa?lN?,: Jr.,? President.'"
?Ptxope ess. , 1-10-13 S. Ninth et.
Carriage Co.
Fine Carriages.
8-IO-I2 loth St.. Richmond, Va.
Our Spring and Summer Stock
is Now Complete.
If yon contemplili^ having? nny Wall Pap?riiig or In?
terior DecoratliiR- done, place your orders before this
rush.'. We are hooking orders now for the fall. Vfn
show an elegant line of poods, from the. inexpensive
to the most elaborate Wall Hangings.
P. A. ARTHUR & CO., G L7a?? a?,.
Is instructivo, elevating and
entertaining. Our stook of
Photo ?raphio Goode for ? the
amateur is complet?.
Developing nnrt Printing. Freo
Instructions and use of dark
The S. Galeskl Optical
S.W. Cor. 8th and Main St*.
Jijanuf?icturlng Opticians una
Kxjiort Alljustors of
? . "' " ' "~"l
Wood's Seeds.
Crimson Clover
Sown at the last working
of the Corn or Cotton Crop,
can be plowed under the following
April or May in time to plant corn
or other crops the same season,
Crimson Clover prevents winter
leaching of the sou, is equal in fer?
tilizing value to a good application
of Htanle manure and will wonder?
fully increase the yield and nual
ity of corn or other crops which
follow it, It also makes splendid
winter and spring: grazing, fine
early green feed, or a good hay
crop. Kven if the crop is cut oil',
the action of the roots and stubble
improve the land to a marked de?
Writ? for prie? and tpaclal dr.
CHlar telling about atedias ?te.
T.W.Wood? Sons, Seedsmen,
Wood'? DMcriptlv? Pall Catalog, ready
?bout August let, tolle all atout Faim
and Vegetabili Seeds for Fall plant?
ing. Mailed free on request,
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exchange anything
through Tee-Dee
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