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This is the Point:
All Richmond people
who are In the country
for the ?ummer rind
the Tec-Dee Wnnt Ad*,
This i?the Question:
It ymi can ?ave Urne and
money by reading; the?
bnrgatn* shown dntty In
the Tee-Tec Want Ad.
column?, why not do It?
SUIViMAW?F the dAY*S news
-/ . \
The Weather.
"WASHINGTON, July 12,-Foreeast for
(Wednesday nntl Thursday:
Virginia?Fair Wednesday and Thurs?
day; warmer Wednesday In caet partlon;
JlKht lo fresh west winds. ,
North Carolina?Fair and warmer Wed
.nesday; Thursday fair; light, variable
Richmond wajs, again visited yesterday
Bfternoon by a. tliunder and wind storm
svith a downpour of rain.
0 ?. M. ?S
12 M. .,..;..... S8
3 P. M.;...,. SO
? P.M..74
PP. M. 72
12 midnight..'.-. 6S
Averago. 7i 1-3
Jllgbost temperature yesterday. 00
Dowest temperature yesterday. VU
Jalean temperature yesterday. 78
Normal temperature for July....;. 77
Departure from normal temperature. OL
.Precipitation durine past 21 hour?.... .06
July 13. 1004.
Sun rises.5:00 I , IIKJH TIDE.
?an ?cts...7:'<il A Morning..........1:^0
?loon Buts....'..7:21 I Evening...4:38
Contract for the erection of the two
.wings to the Caj)itol and the renovation
of the original ftrueturo awarded to ?\G.
?. Chesterman for ?ltK'.OOCi, the lowest bid
?of the eight submitted; work will begin
.August 1st, and. the excavation in to ho
matt? by convict?-Brakcman of the
-Richmond, Fredericksburg and iPotomac
road receive? injuries from which- he dies
,ln a few .hours-Another storm of
mingled electricit3\ wind ?yid rain sweepo
over ?tlchmond, doing considerable dam?
age; number of casualties from lightning
reported. In various sections of the State
<-?Masurier ordinance passes Board of
Aldermen without a dissenting vote, but
effort to lower price: of gas falls, the or?
dinance belog? referred u> the Finance
Committee, wnere it will-sleep??John M.
King to pay hi? lino of $100, preparatory to
ills release July Slat MANCHESTER-?
Serious lire averted?Daughters of lib?
erty and I. O. O. F. install officers?-Big:
?l?enles-Wedding In Washington-?Po
Ice News?Personal and Briefs.
Tragedy h? Accomac county In which
?four men are shot, one fatally and one
ibadly beaten??Heaths by lightning re
jiorted from several places In the State
Amherst lady coKimits suicide by Jumping
Jnto a cistern-Alexandria druggist ends
Jils lite ljy taking morphine-?Virginia
Press .-Association meets at Blue Ridge
Springs in annual session??Two pretty
?wedding? at Roanoko , and soveral in
pthcr parts of the State??Fire breaks
?out in top story of Norfolk and western
.oiUco building in Roanoke, but Is soon
jiut out?Virginia Pharmaceutical Asso?
ciation "convenes at-Newport News
?Verdict against Virginia and Southwest?
ern Railway for $77350 set asido in Bristol?
court?petersbuj-g Chamber of Com
jnorco urges the imjrovomont of Washing?
ton Streot-Intonating report on work'
of . Improvement in Petersburg harbor
.during the year-Staunton hall_team de?
feats Chorokees In afternoon,"'! but is
beaten at night-Negro prlsoncr'rolcascs
himself from Orange jail by cutting a key
cut of sheet Iron and unlocking the door
-Mecklenburg seeking the establish-,
jnent of a graded school-John.E. Pr??
den, of Nansemond, shot by his brother
in-law by accident and will probably dio.
North Carolina.
Association of Schon
Iseusscs favorably pul
?ship of text-books-Stata oxfilbit ,at St.
J.oujK attracting much attention??Trial
of Breeze embezzlement caso begun and
District Association of School Superin?
tendents discusses favorably public owner
xnotlon to p."??!' tho indictment overruled
i?-Mr. Balllnger stabs negro liieman In
Bolf-dofenso?Republicans of Mecklen
Jiur? county to put up full llokot-Dr. C.
A. Smith denllnes tho-offer of presidency
of the University of Tonnessee?Stranger
et Henderson shot with his own pistol.
Roported that'30,000 Japanese killed by
Russian mines; statement 1s not believed
to b_Q ontlroly correct; Japanese Toku
Shan army engages In series of small bat?
tles; Russians ro.treat from post In post,
desperately fighting; British., steamers
Stopped by Russians on high sea? fttid
civehauled; Togo reports attack on guard
fihlp Diana, results not known; officer of
penerai staff says Kuropatkln cannot hold
New ChWang longe?; Russian sortie from
Port Arthur was a surprise to the. Jap?
anese?Hill Issues statement; Davis, do
clinos Interview-Senator Daniel, Mr.
Flood and others in '.automobil? wreck?.
Hinchan does not want to hn national
chairman; no date' l? ? fin! yet foi?'meeting
of eommlueo; arrangements, for the'eom
ing campaign; Judgn Parker chants a
wild horse hy. eandjo light?Bryan an
?ounces that he will vote for Pnrlcor ??pd
Davis and states hi? reasons; makes no
compromise on money question?-Ravel?,
lion of Murphy's real position; did' uot
want CInveliuid, but Odrina??Republi?
can (Ouvonuon in West Virginia
Statilo of Jefferson arrlvos In St/ Dopi?
safe and sound?-HIlike of -ln.ooo meat
packers niay cut down fond supply and
equal coal ' pirlke in Inconvenience
Highball, American Dorby \vlnnor, breaks
his leg on Brighton track; was insured
for $25,000?Announcement of Senator.
Clark's marriage (breo years ?go reveals
Interesting romance?-Man who claims
he Is ha if'brother of Czar of Rlissla is I"
Jail at Toronto??Watch stole? soveral
years ago found In body of ti fish
Mayor Jones, of Toledo, died yesterday
pftr-nionu?Bishop Kelley received In pri?
vate andiene? hy tfie Pope?Grand Jury
o? New Jersey brings In (rue bill? against
negroes and urges, capital punishment
hereafter.? - ,
Bryan Issues Statement and As?
sails Financial Policy of
Will Wait Until Election and
Then Begin to Organize for
Control in 1908.
(By Associated Press.)
LINCOLN. ????., July 12.-W. J. Bryan
to-day gavo. out the following statement:
"I; ?hall voto for Parker and
Davis, the.nominee? of the Democratic
National Convention, and shall do so
for, the following reasons:
"First.' because the Democratic
ticket : stand? for, opposition to Im?
perialism, while tho Republican ticket
m and s for ari imperialistic policy. On ' ?.
thl? question, which was the para
mont issue in 190O, and which must
remain an Important Issue so long as
an attempt Is made to hold colonies
? under the American flag?on this is- .
sue the convention was unanimous,
the platform emphatic, and, I have
no doubt that the candidate will
carry out .the platform.
The Race Question.
"Second. Mr. Roosevelt is .inject?
ing tho race issue into American poll-,
tics and this issue, |f it becomes ria-_
tlonal, will make It. Impossible to
consider economic questions that de?
mand solution. The election of the
Democratic ticket will put a quietus
upon this attempt and permit the
race question to work Itself out with?
out tho bitterness which Mr. Roose?
velt's conduct has engendered.
"Third. Mr. Roosevelt stands for
the spirit of war. His friends rep- .
resent lilm as a man of blood and iron.
He believes in strenuousness and In?
culcates a love for warlike things.
The Democratic ticket stands -for.
peace, for reason, and for arbitra?
tion rather than for force, conquest
and bluster.
"Fourth. The Democratic platform
declares in fuvor ?f a reduction of
the standing army, and as this plank
was unanimously adopted, there Is
reason to believe that Democratic suc?
cess on the subject would bring some
advantpgc to the' people. . ' .'V
Attitude on Money.
"For these four reasons, I feel justi?
fied In ' supporting the ticket, but I will
not misrepresent the situation or appeal
for votes for the ticket on fnlso
grounds, .A Democratic victory."will
Continued on Second JPage.
Astute Leader Talked One Way
and Worked the v ?
(From Our Regular Correspondent)
WASHINGTON. D. C, July 12.-<:harles
F. Murphy, the leader of the Tammany
Hal!, never desired to see Grover Cleve?
land nominated'to the presidency Instead
of Judge Parker. This interesting;,, if hot
important, statement waevm?de?here to?
night .by a man "oh-the Inside/" .wbo;is
?very close to Murphy. :
"Murphy had'the country guesslnar.for
several months," said 'this gentleman,
fwh? positively forbade the.\ use of hi?
name In connection with the story. "The
country was kept busy trying ? to figure
out Murphy's reasons for declaring for
Cleveland, recalling'how bitterly Tam
n*ny had fought him In 1884 and again
I?? 1892. Murphy only continued to pro
tost that ho was for the nomination of
Cleveland. ,
I "Murphy was for th'e nomination, of
' Gorman. ? know this. I know that he
and Gorman and Guffey, of Pennsyl?
vania, were in .conference three?times In
the course.'of a.month preceding, the'St.
Louis convention, and that each time the
subject of the conference was the candi?
dacy of Mr. Gorman, and the means of
furthering his interest. Mr. Gorman was
a candidate up to the time of the assem?
bling of tho convention. He did not go
,to the convention, for the reason that }je
thought, or at least hoped, his name
would be presented. His son went, and
as soon as he arrived began,. with Mur?
phy's aid, to solidify tho opposition to
Judge Parker. In this ho was success?
ful. He and those working with him
found that they could get''several more
than one-third of the delegates. But
when they had done this, they discovered
that Gorman would not be nominated,
and that the Parker forces,, and a suffi?
cient" number ?f tho anti-Parker dele?
gates, would go to Cleveland to insure
his nomination. *
"Young Gorman wired his father : that
tho defeat Of Parker meant Cleveland,
and the father-wired back.to take Parker,
Never be deceived Into believing Murphy
wanted Cleveland or that Gorman wanted
him'? I believe Murphy would rather
have had Parker."
The real choleo \of Murphy has never
before been published. He has said he"
would see to it that New York city gives
Parker as great a majority as it gave
George B, McClellan for the mayoralty
last fnll.
Thomas Jefferson? Arrives? in
St. Louis Safe and
I (Spedai to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.) .
FAIR ST. LOUIS, MO., July , 12.?The
statue of Thomas Jefferson and the fur?
niture, ?hipped from University of Vir?
ginio ?a wed In the Virginia build?
ing was received tp-dny, much to the
roller of the communion, and those:In
charge of the building.
Quito a numher of Virginians nro seen
among the visitors. Those who registered
at The Tlmes-Tpispatch bureau ? to-day
aro'W F. -Douglas, Hanover" county;
Elizabeth Fousshia McCprmlck,-Winches?
ter Evelyn Pago Merlweather, Clnrko
county: Susan H? Saundors and Mr?.
Cathbort Ollham, Evington; Mrs. M. 0.
Avallare, University. \of Virginia: Ml??
Jano T. Ambler, Humo; Claudia B, Htlh
hng. Marklmm; U M. C? Connoll. Arllng-,
ton? George J. Bttononmn, Columbia; Dr.
George 13. Adam?, University of Vir?
ginia; W. M. Henld and, 13. M. Daniel,
Lyndiburg: August Boehling, Herman
Boohllug. J. ?J? Bobbin, Goorgo >V, Roh,
Mn and Mrs. Joe Huilier,. Richmond; Mr.
niel Mrs, W. L.. Andipwa, Ronnoko; T.
M. IJarwopd. Lynchburg; Mr. und, Mr?.
William lSubaiik, Bedford City; Mrs. J.
K,.- Crlitondon. Culpepct,?; Viola Lcterman,
(?linrlottesvlllo; J. AV. Boston,'Richmond;
Mr?. ?. H. Goodln and Daisy M,' Gilbert,
Rounoko; ?ohetaVico MitcheJl und Ger?
trude G. Mitchell, Rndfoid; Horrill M
Mllkr, Murtlnsvllle; ?. ?. Anderson. L?x
Ingron; J. A. Failtnn, Htauntnn, and Mrs.
John a. P.avi?t U.Qiv?jre?ty, of .Virginia,
Two Men Brutally Murdered in
Brooklyn?Arrests '
." (By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, July 32.?The dead bodies
of George F. Abbott, an aged junk dealer,
nnd his handyman, Frederick Van Bus
kirk, were found to-day in Abbott's' junk
shop, in Chapel Alloy, . Brooklyn, by
liremen called to the building to put out
a firn supposed to havo been of JnCen
dlary origin.
XThe nien 'evidently were murdered and
the police' have arrested Charles Victor
Johnson, twenty-sevep years old, and Op
tar Dahlgren, twenty-eight years old,
both of Brooklyn, on suspicion of having
knowledge of the crime. There was a
bullet hole in Van Busklrk's head at tho
left temple, and a similar wound In Ab?
bott's skull, Abbott had been beaten on
the head with some heavy Instrument un,
li1 his brain protruded. IT? had been
tied, hand and foot, around the throat
with a rope taken from on? of hi? own
'junk piles. His straw hat had been
placed over his face, and a half bushel
basket had been pushed down over his.
biidy, Tho floor of tho Junk shop was
covered with bLood.'
'' The . murdered Junk do'aler was aceus?
,tnm?d .to carry considerable cash about
with lilm', and this faot was well Known
in the neighborhood.
" Dahlgren has admitted that whin John
con, got out. of? Jail two weoks ago, he
threatened to get even with Abbott, who
had him sent there on a charge of petit
Jarcenv., . ?
I ,-_ ?
Reported That 30,000
Japanese Were Slain
Details Are "Meagre and Rumors
May be .A^ild Exag- ;
Oku Pushes On, Driving the
Russians Before Him?Pos?
sible Complications' With i
Great Britain ? Baltic
Squadron Again Be?
ing Talked of.
By Paul r|iambeth.
(Special Cable to The Times?Dispatch.
Copyright 1904.)
DONDON, July 12;?Definite news is
anxiously awaited, from the Tar East.
Reports from various.sources reach hero
that there Is hard fighting above Dlao
Yang; , that, the 'Japanese . have taken
Yinkow, and, that-there have been des?
perate engagement? both on land and sea
about Port Arthur. .
?While these reports lack offIgial con?
firmation, they .come'from sources which
hitherto have been found reliable*. .Less
credible is a story ?'whroh/ comes from;
Mukden to'the effect that a crushing
defeat has been inflicted on the Japanese
about Port" Arthur,? and that 30,000 of
them have been; Jellied or wounded.
According to Um' ? Port Arthur Novi
kral of'?July ,7thi?;.?'copy of which was
received'-at.CTie'.Foo the.day before yes?
terday, the Russian scouts had . discov?
ered that the attacking.'force? was "not
less than 30,000 men;'* while .Chinese in?
formants put: the'.:number at 60,000." Tf
lhe.:ROesian :ecoift?jwere? cprrect and .the
Mukd?n cbrreepohaent's dispatch is true,,
It would ?; mean/ :tlj?refore? ,? that- Cener?i
N odsu'ii,; Investing ?o?m'y<l[a? .>be*i3?. ?"ini-,
h Hated, or, on the basis ' of ' the : ' Chinese
information,/ that Half- : of th?' Japanese?
army; has' been'.wiped oui?.
One feature of the-'*ituatIon, which is;
causing uneasiness here,' 1b the holding'
up and searching of British ships in the
?Red Sea by armed auxiliary cruisers of
the Russian volunteer fleet.: These ves?
sels were - permitted to pass out of the
Red Sea, and should they continue in
their 'present course, it may call- forth a
vigorous protest from the British gov?
ernment. '.?
. There have 'been, hints In diplomatic
circles' that negotiations, are In progress
which?.,may, bring about peace, but it is
generally believed that such talk is', as
yet premature. Japan, it is believed, Is
willing - to hear peace proposals, but
Russia Is not.
' The 'Baltic squadron . is again being
talked of, and the dato now set for its
departure is about August 1st. . It will,
it is said, mafce at once for Vladivostok,
and if it succeeds in Joining with the
squadron there a combined attack will be
made on Togo, which Russian naval au?
thorities believe will wipe Japan from
the sea. British naval experts doubt the
possibility of its getting to Vladivostok
or of its beating Togo if it should ac?
complish that task. ? *.
What the Russian Correspond?
ent Says of the Reported
...(By Associated Press.) '
ST. PETERSBURG^? July 12.?A dis?
patch from a Russian correspondent at
(Continued on Second Page,)
How a Burglar Escaped . From
the Jail at Orange .
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
ORANGE, VA., . July 12.?The negro
who broke Into tho Jewelry store here
and was In Jail awaiting trial, made his
escape 'sometime during the night Satur?
day. He made a key out of sheet-Iron ?
and unlocked the ,cage door, in which
he was kept and (hen took a blanket and
tied one end of It to the Iron bar In the
outside window and let himself, down.
H? bas not been heard of since.
Mr, J. D. Kennon, a farmer, near this
place, had four young cows, two hogs
and one mulo killed by lightning during
the severe,thunder storm which passed
over this section Saturday night,
The 18 advertisement! (or help pub?
llshod. in to-day's Tlinos-JJieyaOoh ou
page 8 aro ?s followh:
3 Domestica. 7 Salesmen,
1 Trade, 2 Office Help,
; 5 Miscellaneous.
This not only interest? tho?? out of
work, but those desiring to improve
their poaltlon? aa w?U,
The Field "of-the Death Grapple in Manchuria. The Picture is that of ?ku, Now Hard Upon
M????M the Heels of Kuropatkin.
'Metropolitan. and Richmond
Trust arid. Safe Deposit Comr
, pany'in Close Relations.
Richmond is about to see a merger in
financial ?circles , which -will result?? Mm
bringing ' together the Metropolitan Bank
and the Richmond Trust and Safe Deposit'
Company,' , ;
It is understood that'th? directors of
both institutions have expressed ' them-,
selves as being In .accord with the-con-*
?olidation, and it has been decided to
have a called meeting for t??fe Joint con?
sideration of the stockholders of both'
concern?, , for the ratification of ' the
amendment of their charters, which has
been proposed by the respective boards
of directors.
The stockholders of the Metropolitan
Bank will meet in the office of that com?
pany on July 23st at? U o'clock.vnnd th>;
meeting of the stockholders of the'RIch
moiid Trust and Safe Deposit Company
will be held In the office of that comr.
pany at 12" o'clock on the same day.
' It is regarded as:-practically certain,
that the ratification will; bo made rind
that the consolidation will thereby- be.
effected. Preparatory to tho extension
of It? general banking operation?, the
trust company ha? recently associated
Mr. T. K. Sands, formerly cashier of tho
National Bank of Virginia, with it'ns
vice-president arid ' director.
Saturday Night RoWj in Which
One Man is'. Killed, Three
AVounded and One Beaten
?Special to The Times-Dispatch,)
ONANCOCK, ?., July 12.?Last Sat?
urday-night, Luther Trader, was 'fatally
shot and ."Dink" . Sterling, Samuel
Trader and a German mill hand, name
unknown, were wounded by bullets, and
Thomas Smith was badly beaten. i
Luther Traderl'dled early Sunday morn?
Tho shots were fired by Thomas Smith
and Samuel Trader, "Dink" Sterling was
struck over tho heart, the bullet Btrlk-.
ing "a rib and glancing around the body,
being cut out at the back,
Samuel Trader was shot in the fore?
head and nlso through an elbow. The,
mill hand,, who? Was a spectator, got a
bullet In tho hip.
Tho troublo occurred about 0 o'clock,
and was started by'Samuel Trader strik?
ing Smith wltH ^the spok? of a cart
wheel.. Smith Is a son-in-law of Suniuel
Trader. There has been bad blood be
Uveon the men for several years. The
fight between the two men resulted in
both drawing revolvers and firing until
ther weapons were empty,
Tho bullet that klled Luther Tender
struck him in the stomach.
His Ordinance Now Awaits
.Only the Mayor's Sig?
The Board of Aldermen last night by a
vote of 17 to 0 adopted the Masurler or?
dinance to prevent "pernicious political
activity" on tho part of city officials,
iniul.lt now only lacks the approval of
III? Honor, the Mayor, which it will sure?
ly got, In order, to hecomo a law.
The effect of Hi? ordinance will bn
a general shaking up in the City Com?
mittee, and In the present constitution
of the olty election machinery, aft'there
uro many city employe? on tho commit?
tee and holding position? as Judge? and
clerk? of election. Tho Ordinance bo
comes operative on September 1st, and
tho?e affected by U? provision? go out
without any forninl'action on, their part,
?Imply by'Ylrtuo of It? passage.
Tho ordinance wont through the lower
branch at the lust meeting of that body
without a dissenting voice,, and Captain
Masurler I? being congratulated warm?
ly on h Ik successful battle.
The vadanole? of Judge? nnd clerks of
election, occasioned by the ordinance,
Will have "to ho filled before (he fall
elections, and those on I ho City Com-?
mlttee will likely he taken up at the
flret meeting in September.
Fell From Box .Car arid Was
Crushed?Lived Only About
Twelve Hours.
While braking on the yards cif the
Kldhmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac
Railroad, on Monday night, Charles Mar-?
tin fell from a box enr and sustained In?
juries, which resulted in his death.
Martin was In the act of taking tho
htHke off hi? car, the train being at n.
standstill. Slipping In ?omo way, he fell
between tho car?, and his body was
crushed, together with several ribs.
Dr, J. M. Wlnfree, tho company's sur?
geon, Was summoned and found tho man
to be In a serious condition, hn being In?
jured Internally. Ho was taken to his
Ironio and romulned conscious up to the
hour of hi? death, which occurred at
13:30 yesterday afternoon.
? Mr. Martin lived at No, 1300 Weht Mar-'
stall, ana i? survived, by ? wife and
one smalt child. II? was In the twenty
fifth year of his age, ?
Tho .funami will take place this after?
noon at f> o'clork from Pinu Street Hap.
list Church.
(JBy Associated Press).
HOTTWROAM, July 12,-The French steamer
Trlgnae, .'CaptaIn polln, from New York and
Norfolk, tor Ulla j>ort, hau arrived at
Maasehuui, eleven m 11rs west o? RoUeiJam,
tifiti) her englua cUubkd, ~4
Two Colored Women and Well
- Known White Man
Trees- Mutilated and Fences
Prostrated by the Tor?
tuous Blasts.
The heavy downpour of rain yesterday
'afternoon early,. and at Intervals during
the afternoon and evening, was but a
repetition of tho unusual ''precipitation
of Monday,? vvfien the water fell In sheets',.'
vertically, horizontally, diagonally and in
every other known way. Both day's
ruin fall was accompanied by oloctrlc dis-;
turbances of unusual severity; and on'
Monday nftonioon hall fell freely'In the
western portion of the city, and to some
extent over-a wider area. The combined
precipitation for tho two days was re?
markably heavy, and overflowed the
gutters and?the, sowers, and, In some
cases, inundated lowlying portions of the
city. Tho rains were what are provln
cUilly known as "gully-washers," and In
ninny cases . have damaged unpaved
streets and ronds scvorely. ;
Tho remarkable? feature of the storms
of yesterday and Monday and of the
past, week has been, the number of per?
sons and of buildings struck by lightning.
A ?umber of fatalities from thunderbolts
have been reported from Virginia and
North Carolina, and In this city several'
house? and trees have been struck and,
damaged or s|intiered by the deadly light.
nlng.H. Reports from many sections have
not yet. been received, and when the full
returns of tho damage, by the storm of
yesterday are hi it will be found that?
oven .mor?.damage.?inel probably other
fatalities havo '.occurred.
Colored Woman Stricken,
On . Monday afternoon, near the farm
of James Moore, near Garysville; Prince
Georg/o county, while Esther Jones, a
colored woman, accompanied, by several
other persons, was resuming work In the
fields after the rain, a thunderbolt from
an apparently distant cloud struck the
woman, killing her almost. immediately.
Three other negroes and a white man
were shocked and severely injured by the
samo bolt, ,
A young man named Ola renco Ware was
struck and killed by lightning lust week
near Knndidge's', In Amhersi county, Ito
was' engaged In plowing,'Whun the storm
rame up, and In'seeking; refuge from the
rain he and his horse were both struck
by the electric fluid and killed.
Well Known Danville Man
Tho following special from Th? Times.
Dispatch correspondent at Danville yes.
tardai? tells of a fatality from lightning
near that city nn Monday afternoon, of
which u well known Danvlll? man was the
"During the storni that passed ovar ibi?
section yesterday Mr. John Ware.-'waif ?
struck by lightning while at work, on ihn
plantation of Mr. W. li. Hodges, et Gatfc?
wood. "N. ('., and Instantly killed.
"Mr. Ware was struck in the forehead,
and the electric fluid ran down hi? breast
to the heart and on down both limb*1,
His sime* were split In two, and (Jeith,
was ' instantaneous. None of the- farm ?
?*ikU vyha wa? wijh bint E??? ?titlojulj ?

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