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tiurt, but ?? ?rere bftdly shocked by Diet
llghtnlnr. ?t?d or,?? was knocked to the
ground tri sn unconscious ?inte. After
.bring removed lo tho house he recovered
in ? short time.
"Tho two Injured men examine? Mr.
We.ro ?s ?Oott n.? he fell, but from tho(
first It was evident that there was no
hope for him."
Yet Another Victim.
The- correspondent nt Charlotte, ?. C,
yesterday added to the long list, the fol?
Mettle Oreen, ? rolnred woman, wns
killed by lightning at her home, two miles
north of the city.
The woman had been in the field at
work nil the morning. Shortly after 11
o'clock a cloud came ??. and she started
for the house. When only a short dis?
tance from her home, there come a blind?
ing flach of lightning, followed by nil int?
imimi peal of', thunder* The woman was
teen to Tail nnd when her friends ran to
her, found her dead.
Several Objects Struck.?
In this city the etonn of the past few
day? has found inanimato targets, but in
doing ?o alarmed a ntnnb?r of people.
Mondar afternoon a largo mulberry tree
at the corner of Church nnd Howe
btrcets, was ?truck by the electric fluid
nnd cut off about eight or ten feel from
the ground as cleanly as if a great axe
rind been swung against it. Fortunately
?i no person was Injured.
The same evening lightning struck the
new residence of Mr. Smith, No. 221S
West Grace Street, and knocked tho
top off of "one of the substantial chim?
neys, but did no further damage than
this, nnd the extinction of the electric
lights. The electric fixtures 111 the Jen?
kins bindery, near ilio Smith residence,
were burned out about the ramo time.
While no person has been killed, many
have been severely alarmed by the se?
verity of the lightning.
Much Damage by Winds.
Tii? storm? ?G both yesterday and the
day before were accompanied by winds of
unusual vehemence and severity, the air
currents sometimes assuming a tortuous
' aspect and swishing branches from t.he
trees and twirling the louves downward
In great showers. In many cases large
limbs were torn from tho trunks, 'and' in
niuny cases exposed fences yielded to
the tremendous pressare of the wind and
were prostrated. The Intersection of Mad?
ison and ?Main Streets was again flooded..
The flat portion of the field just west
of tho Vine Street car shed? of tho Pas?
senger and Power Company was inun?
dated yesterday by "tho?heavy downpour.
No damage was done, but the water In?
vaded tho recently constructed auxiliary
Wire Service Deranged.
The winds yesterday,afternoon seriously
deranged (he wire service of the two!
telegraph companies unii of the tele?
phone company, interfering materially
with business. Tho Postal Telegraph
Company last night reported: "We have
no wires to .Norfolk or Newport News."
The Western Union said that their wire
service, too, had been badly deranged
by the storm, but reported that nt mid?
night all Wires were working and all
damage hnd been repaired. Many tele?
phones failed of the desired connection
last night, as a result of the derange?
ment cf the wire service. Altogether, the
storm in every aspect has been ono of
the severest of recent years.
(Continued from First Page.)
mean very little, if any, progress on'
economic questions so long as the par
tj- is under the .control of the Wall '
Street element.
"On the money question Mr. Parker
is as thoroughly committed to the side
of the financiers as Mr. Roosevelt.
If ho does not go as far; the Republi?
cans would in retiring silver dollars,
In establishing branch banks, In en?
larging the powers of the national
banks, and In the substitution of an
hsset currency for the present cur-?
Qency, it will be restrained by the
Democrats in the. House nnd Senate.
Nothing good can be expected of him
on the money question.
"On the trust question the Demo?
cratic platform Is very much better
than the Republican platform, but
the nomination of Judge Parker vir?
tually nullified the anti-trust plank.
Unless in his letter of acceptance ho
commits himself, to attempt anti?
trust legislation, wo need not expect
him to pursue a different course from
that pursued by,? Presiditi Roosevelt,
"So far as*^he'lafor questions are
concerned,.''we'''' must await Judge
Parker's letter before we shall know,
whether the Jnborlng man has any?
thing to expect from his election. The
iabbr plank, as prepared by Judge
Parker'? friends of the subcommittee,
was a straddling, meaningless plank.
Full commltteo planks were adopted
In favor of arbitration, the eight
hour, day and ngnln givo by Injunc?
tions; also a plnnk on the Colorado
situation. If .ludgo Parser Is silent
or ambiguous on these subject?, it will
mean that the financial ? Influences
back of him will not let him take
the labor ?Idn of tboso disputed ques
tlons. ?
"On the tariff question ,some little
progress muy be hoped for, but the
Psrker men on the committee were
necessarily in favor of a very con?
servative tariff plank, and It remains
to be seen whether Judge Parker will
carry out the positive and definite
plank which wns submitted by the full
Crooked/' and Indefensible
"This is the situation: Judge Parker
Hands for enough things that are good
to justify me In giving him my vote,
b','t an 1 have tried io point out for
?e%i>ral months, the triumph of the
Wall Street element of the parly denies
to the country anyvhope of relief oil
economic questions.
? ? hiiv nothing to tulio hnek: 1
have nothing to withdraw of the
tilings that 1 have Mild of the methods
pursued to advance hi? candidacy. It
was a plain and deliberate attempt
to deceive the party.' The New York
platform was vague and meaiilnglesu,
?nd purposely go because the advo?
cates of Judge .Parker were trying to
secure vote? among the people who
would have opposed bis vjews had they
known them. If he had sent to thn
Albany convent inn ti?. telegram ???.a
he s.-ni lo the St. Louis convention,
lie would huye had very few Instruct?
ed delegation? in jhe Houth, mm ?.?
posible chanco "for the nomina Ihm.
Hut lie und his mujor* adroitly ,in,\
purposely concealed his position until
the 'delegate? had been corralled and
the 'nomination assured. Then, his
friends attempted lo -Secure :l BnH
plank, which was overwhelmingly de?
feated In the committee. After Ihn
pert y had rejoiced over., the harmony
tecured by th?...oml*slon of the ques?
tion, end after he had secured the
nomination, hp Injected hi? view? upon
the subject, at ? time when he could'
not be taken from the ticket without
*r?at demoralization The nomination
was ?ecured, therefore, by crooked and
uvW*n*lble methods, but the Demo
??** trbo love? hla country has to
You are safe to got good things here.
We have tho pick of tho markets,
Boys especially looked after.
This week a decided drop all
through the stock. '
The run upon them has been
steady and strong, but the
st?ck is stronger. There's
counter after counter of the
finest summer* apparel for
boys, and here're the modest
figures that'r'e buying it, now:
$2.60 and $3.00 Suits nt.$1?95
$?1.60 and $4.00 Suits at. 2.50
$6.00 and $R.O0 Suits nt. 3.60
$8.60 and $7.00 Suits at. -1.75
The Big Hat Sale's on.
The $4.00 and $3.BO sale of
men's shoes, in all leathers, at
$2.60, begun yesterday.
The summer clearance sale
of Men's Suits is interesting
men in all walks, and there's
good reason for it, too.
-make his decisions upon conditions as
lio find? them, not upon conditions
as ho would Ulte to have-thcni.
Fight Not Abandoned.
"After having stated that G shall
support the ticket and after having
given ray reasons for doing so, ?
'think It due to ilio Democrats of tbo
-iiatlon to say that while tho fight on
economic questions Is postponed, itMs
not abandoned. As soon as the elec?
tion Is over, I shall, with tho help of
those who believe, as I do, undertake
to organize for the campaign of IMS
the object being to marshal tho field?
of popular government within " tho
Democratic party to. tho support of
a radical and progressive policy, to
make the Democratic party an effl-;
dent means in the hands, of the peo?
ple for securlng^ellef from tho pluto?
cratic clement that controls the Re?
publican party and for tho time being
Is In the. control of tho Democratic
party. This plan of organization will
be elaborated soon."
But Pennsylvanian Wants, Shcc
han for Chairman; ?
(Special to Tlie Times-Dispatch.)
PITTSBURG, July 12.?\yitJi .the re?
turn of James Si.. Guffey. the Pennsyl?
vania Democratic leader, from St. Louis,
it was said to-day that David B. Hill
had offered him the1 national chairman?
ship and that he had declined it. Guf
fcy's friends say that '"SheehaTi Is Ills'
choice for the place, though-it has here?
tofore been understood that lie was for
Taggart, of Indiana; ??~<.-~
It was also given'out that''?'?rj'gart Is
to lie shifted to Chicago and "prated in
charge of tbo work. : -? ? ? ? .
Mr.'Guffey announced to- his- friends
that ho would confine his-jiollllcar work,
summer and fall, to Eennsylvaiiia. Ho
said he was satisfied that the voters of
Pennsylvania were ripe for revolt against
the Republican administration, with Its
constantly increasing prices of living;
that lie expected to hear something'drop
next November.
Davis Winding Up Affairs
for the Campaign.
(By Associated Press.)
KLK1NS, \V. VA.. July 12.-Ilenry ?;
Davis, the D?mocratie candidate for Vice,
president, still refuses to give any Inter?
views. Since Sunday he has been working
almost constantly, clearing tip his busi?
ness affairs for tho campaign. On Thurs?
day tho eighty members of the Mer?
chants' nnd Manufacturers' Association,
of Pittsburg now louring West Virginia,
will, bo entertained at "Graceland." the
Davis country scat, nnd Saturday tho
sonntor ?will leave with Mrs. Lee, Mrs.
John Davis and their children for Recli
ford Bpringn, Pn., where ho hns been
every summer for fifty years. Ho expects
to attend the Stato Convention at Park
oreburg August M.
That Honor in Richmond Be?
longs to Hon. S. S. P. Patteson.
When any onn raise? the question a? to
the. Identity of the original Parker man
in niellinomi, Investigation will develop
ih** fact that the honor of first picking Hi,,
Sphinx of Esopus as Ihn Democratic
presidential nominee belongs to Hon. S. H.
P. Patteson,
Two years ago Ilie nid Dispatch sent a
reporter ?? interview several well known
lUdiniondiTS as tq their views of Ihn
Democratic prospects for lOOt and ihn
probable candidate for the presidency.
About the only man to hazard a prophecy
st that lime was Mr. Patteson. who sag
gesten" Hint Judge Altnu B. Parker would
be. tho man, or It not he. then Joseph \v.
Kolk. Both were ihen little known nv? r
tho country, though well known at homo.
That prediction of Mr. Balloon's two
years ago has been fulfilled. Parker has
been named for Hie presidency, and the
other man, District Attorney Folk, of
Missouri, lias been or will certalniy ho
named (or ilio governorship oi his State.
So Says Senator Hill in Slalo?
ment Praising Parker and Con?
gratulating I k'inoiials.
illy Amocluted Press, ?
??,????, ?. v., July u\ -former H?n-.
?tor David B. Kill to-lllght gayo" out
Ine following interview on Judge pinker'*
declaratloii for Uta gold standard:
. "I am gratified that tin? convention no
enthusiastically (-adorned tho brave and
nnuily .-t.iu.l of jndgr- Pafkor, and that
Ilio whole country liaw ?? t,i\o|*l,l.y ,,?,_
reived It. The pail y Is in ?\? position
in which l wished II io he having'cn
dorfed p?? |tr*?fht ?olii standard. The
financial qne'?7lp;i Is npw eniliely.'nm of
the campaign infl the Republican? are
powerless to drei? It in. Tlie road to
a successful ramialpn hai been cUareii,"
New Yorker Docs Not Want,
to be National Chair?
Arranging for the Coming Cam?
paign?Judge Parker Chases
a Wild Horse.
(By Associated Press.)
13S?PUS, ?, Y., July 12.?No date hns
been fixed for tho fneetlng. of tho Na?
tional Committee, but It will bo In about
two weeks. Tho (Into will be ngrced upon
by. Ilio lenders . In view of suggestions
m'ade that William F. Shcehnn be se?
lected for national chairman, It was said
to-day that he is not anxious for thntj
position, believing that ho enn bo of moro
value to Judge Parker In other ways.
As chairman bf tho National Committee
lin would find himself hampered by much
routine business, which would Interfere
with work ho .could Otherwise do. M ft
Shcehan and his friends, It was under?
stood, hope thnt tho matter will bo
amicably settled. ? .
Tho return -of Mr. Shoehnn from tho
St. Inou?s Convention yesterday marks
tho opening of the. national Democratic
campaign, which will he conducted from
Esopus. Actual plans for tho campaign
have not been'completed,? but it Is proba?
ble thnt J ml go. .Parker ' will remain nt,
Rosemont most of. i lib summer and fall.
His friends.say-- that JudgeiPnrker will
advise hi nll? questions--of (?Importance
which muy come tip during the campaign.
Chased Horse by Candlelight.
Judge and Mrs. Parker dined \vi?< Mr.
and Mrs. Sheehan this evening. Mr.
Sheohan expects to entertain many poli?
tical visitors at bis summer home, At
wood,.. between Esopus nnd. West Park.
Judge Parker will answer personally, all
congratulatory' telegrams nnd messages.
He sp?nteseveral hours in this work to?
Judge Parker.was routed out ot bed
at 1, o'clock this, .morning by one of his
coach horse? getting jooso,. front th?. barn
' and gaHoping.nroiinc) t'ho',.barn,'yard. He
and Secretar.v.~McCausland..'.drcssed -and
went to tho barm Thoy'were, unable to
?find a lantern, and,'Mr. 'McCausiand
finally brought a. candlo-from the house.
This dlnj light"made it difficult to locate
jtho horse, which continued moving
around the barn yard. Aftcrten minsjtes
the animnl was secured.
More Congratulations.
Telegrams of congratulation continuo to
pour in upon Judge Parker. Judge George
Gray wired as follows from Wilmington,
"Congratulations on your nomination
and on your"bravo and manly telegram."
Mayor Carter H. Harrison, of Chlcagot
telegraphed: ?
"Please accept my congratulations on \
your nomination." ??'
J. N. Street, Belair, Maryland:
"Tho Democratic editors'of Maryland,
through their president, congratulate you
on your nomination und'tolegram." '
Mr. Stearnesj'of'. Newport News,
Talks lof Political? Situation.
Hon. D. P~. Stearhes, pt .Newport News,.
member of th? 'Houses ' of Delegates from
that city and a prominent business man
of that section, was in tho city last night.
Mr. Steornes is coal contractor for tho
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway and directs
the large eonlrapt.s:.of. that, .company .for
coal for tho constwls?, trade. He stated
last night that the :l?rges't'eoa'l "dumpings
In the history-of-N^wpow News "were? in
October;' 1901. .whdn 2?6,?0?- tons wore emp?
tied from g.md?)?8;-)(Uo>tho. hojds it ?teint?
er?, schooners and ?di -'sen-is -of ?or-aft,'? This
high? average. wii-V almost '..reached I last
month, when the dumping, aggregated
^'6f(.ono tons.
Mr. Stcarnes was asked -is to tho eauso
of the increase In ' the price of coal. Ho
replied that he knew nothing of conditions
In the anthracite market, as his work hud
to do only with soft, steam coals from
the New River and Knnawha fields. In
that commodity he said there had been no
Increase, and on thee ontrary steam coal
was very cheap now.
Asked as to politics In his "section npd
the outlook for the gubernatorial' strug?
gle, ho expressed- tho'' belief that ?'Mr,
?wansoii was wnrsbierably: stronger.? t lia ?
any oilier aspirant-1 there.-? Judge' Man.ii .
wns also strong there.nndi.w-aSi the un?
known quantity..?,? .he. expressed. It. .. Ho
did not regard Mr." Willard as so-strong
In his section of the State as Mr. Swan
son, nor even -aX .'Judge Mann? r:
; iSpeclatto Tho Tlmcs-Dlsputeh.)
/rTDANflCT CITY". July 12.-?? Fri
day's session of the Ancient Arabic Order
of the Mystic Sbrino, now In conclavo
here, George ?,. Street, of "Richmond," V?i,
Will, bo elected Imperial Oriental Guide.
Imperial Depiity Potentate 'George I..
Br?kn, of Buffalo. N. Y., will.become
In place of George. II,
'Texas, son of ''Hetty"
Green, the richest -woman?, in the world,
William J. Cunningham, ' of Baltimore,
will ho made Imperial Captain rif the
Guard, William H. Brown, of Pittsburg,
will be chosen Imperial Treasurer.
Imperial potentate
titeen, of Dallas."
(By Associated Press.)
TOLEDO," OHIO. July IZ-Kumurl M.
.Vines, Ihn Golden Rule. Mayor, died at
Ids homo this evening at 6:07 o'clock, uh
tho result of ,t complication of dlsensi-s.
The Imniediuto cause of hi? death was un
abscess on" his lungs. The denth of
Mayor Jone? has caused (he greatest
sorrow all over the city. He leaves a
widow and throe sons, Percy, Paul and
Mnson Jones,
' Colored Bailiff Named,
United States Marshal Morgan Treat
yesterday announced the ?olootlon "f
George St. Julien Stephens (coloretH. of
this illy, to he a bailiff of the United
Slates Circuii?Court of Appeals, Tho ap?
pointee I? secretary of Ilio City Itopttlifl
enn Committee ami is InuuenUuI In local
Republican councils. It i< suiti that tho
appointment to this position came to him
without solicitation on hi? part.
Negro Editor Acquitted of Libel.
(Special to Tho Tlines-Dl?putcii.j
NORKODK, VA., July (JS.-Jojlll 15,
Dickinson, Jr.,itho colored editor Of 11m
.Norfolk Nowh ?lid Advertiser, was ac?
quitted here thl? afternoon on a charge
i'? criminal libel, brought by a ?mall In,
sijruucti company *yfl h white officers, clu?
ing a negro business.
? lie editor. In a special edition of bis
['?per. gotten nut for lb* purpose, ad?
vised against the methods of the prosoout
big concern und recommended another
company, il? was convicted in the Police
The Rush
at St. Louis
One Way.
It's not quito as bad,as that with us,
but our sale? for tho past two months
have never been oqunlled before In oui*
past history, and ours Is tho
of'tills city and Stale, for wo have
boon hero nearly twenty-five years,
nnd what is better still, tho Increased
demand for the
instruments? tells its own talo?romo
people have been -fo'oied Into buying
trash, as being "jtuit as good as"?you
know the rest?afid have found out
their mlstalto and now they? como
to tho
to got them out of'their troubles by
exchanging for ono of our "ALWAYS
Just make up your mind that If you
can't bo'Suited here, you can't any?
where. If you -wish now pianos, yoii
find the world's best among
/ Weber, Knabe,
Hardman, Standard,
Wheelock, Kimball.
No difficulty being suited among
those. But should you wish a slight?
ly used Upright, -we can supply you
this week, ? from the best assortment
wo have had 'for a' long time. Among
them are some of the very best.makes.
Call early, and see the display.
Renumber no one can undersell us
and we make the terms to" suit you.
(will add very much to your pleasure
this season. Sounds as well out on
the lawn as in doors. Have you heard
the latest Records. We have thousands
of them.
103 E. Broad St.
Oldest -Music House In Virginia.
Gives His Personal Check for
$2,500, to Complete Virginia
Building at St. Louis.
Mr. Thomas F. Ttyan, the.wealthy New
York'railroad man, whose legal'residence
Is In Virginia, has greatly ohdearcd him-:
self to the people of, his native - Stato -
by giving his Individual check for ?2.5W,
the balance needed to" completo tlie'Vir?
ginia building at the St. Louis Kxposi
Mr, Ryan visited the Virginia, building
wlille in attendance upon the St. Louis
convention last week, an a:delegate from
t'hjs State, and upon being informed of
tho amount the completion of tho build?
ing would require, he sont.his cheek to
Governor Montague for $2,500 In tho en?
closed letter:
St. Louis, Mo., "July !>', 1904.
Hon. A. J, Montague, Governor of State
of Virginia, Richmond, Va. "??.','"!
Hoar Sir-On my visit yesterday to tho
Virginia building, at tho Loulsana ? Pur?
chase Exposition 1 was told by the com?
missioners representing- the -State o? Vir?
ginia that tho building was not yet com?
pleted 'M Uw-tick of funds. If, In your
opinion, Ilio commissioners will accept
tho amount which they. Inform me -is
necessary for their needs, you.will obligo
me by iiirwardlng. to them my check
lierewifh enclosed for the amount.
With great respect lam, dear sir,
Very truly,
f?lgned) THOMAS. F. RYAN..
Governor Montague made grateful ac?
knowledgment, to Mr, Ryan, and at once
forwarded Dm very .handsome donation
to the Virginia Commission, now at St,
taillis. ? ??????,
This geneiniis action on tlio part of
Mr. Ryan means tlie speedy' completion'
of tho building'and the unqualified suc?
cess of Hin Virginia exhibit, '
? his own figures
fHy Antedated I'resH.) .
12.-~F. E. Stanley, of NmYlpli, Mass,, who
yesterday mude tho eight mil? ascent of
Mount Washington In'thlrly-ono mnlutc?
fifteen seconds, breaking the previous .'re?
cord by seventeen minutes forty-four ne
rondM, to-day lowered 'hi? own figures
nearly lineo minutos, going up tlm ??????
lain in twenty eight minutes nineteen and
two-fifth seconde,
(- .', ?'i 1.
"Nonsense" Club,
Mr, II. G. Lyon, representing.IheBcnt
luy-Siiilth Company, of Fhllft.delplila. is
In the city. While here Mr. Lyon or?
ganised si ?fHii?h of the "Nonsense. Club..*
slutted In Washington by lilm som? timo
ago. Tbb? club Is purely a social affHU.?
with only nve nlombers In any one citJ
Tho membership hem includes Mff?;
I.011. Wilson*, John M. Complici. 4V?f?
Metzger. Wllklfl Freeman.and F?llx Kee
gan. A sodai seeslon 'of l he club-? a?
held at Campbell'? Hotel, after the 01
gsnlzationial the Lexington.
Mr. 1-yon will go south on Friday.
Contract-for the Entire Work
Goes to W. A. Chesterman,
of Richmond.
To Start Excavation Monday
and Officers Will Move Short
ly?- Convicts to be Used'.
For the first time in nil the year? that
hnvo marked the struggle for a new Cap?
itol building, ?tops were taken yesterday,
which Indicate that it? consummation II
but a matter of. a' comparatively brief
period, the generiti contract for doing
tho ?york having been awarded and, the
timo for its inception fixed for August
1st. ,
, The appropriation made by the 1????
lature for?the entire Job 1? $260,000,. and
ilio contract went to Mr. Wirt A. Che?.
terman, of this city, at $100,000, hi? bid
having beeh below all other?.
'j/here. were? olght bid? in nil and only,
that of A. F. Withrow nnd Company,
of Charlestown, W. Va., who erected the
Richmond Hotel, waa' put In,by out-of
town contractors. .
Tho vnrlous bids submitted were as fol
A. F. Withrow nnd Company, Charles?
ton, ?W. Va., $191.300. '
A. C. Bedford, Richmond, $218,361.
W. O? and C. G. Burton, Richmond,
J. T. Wilson, Richmond. $183,194.94.
J. T. Nuckols, Richmond, $197,800.
K.T. Mnukln, Richmond, $184,015.
J;? IS. and A. L. Pennoek,' Richmond,
$1S3,7CW. .
W. A, Chestorman, Richmond, $169,000.
Tile commission having charge of the
matter held a continuous* session from
It o'clock until nearly'7, and they-tolled
Industriously over the various question?
Involved.?? ?
Will Begin Monday.
Governor Montague, who 1? ex-offielen
chairman, wan detained at the MAfcinlon
by sickness, and Mr. Jennlng?, of. Tjyrich
bufg, was absent for a like reason. All
the olhcr member? were pr?sent, and
Clerk Sam W. Bigger was at hi? poet.
The work, of excavating for the foun?
dation?, will begin on Monday, and, the
penitentiary board will be asked to fur
insh fifty convicta to do thl? work.
Mr. William Gibson, Jr., a well knbwn
builder of thl? city, and a formerjmem
ber of the Common Council, wae elected
clerk of the work?, and he will go on
duty ?p?n the direction of the Executive
Committee of the commission.
The executive committee, which la com?
posed of Governor .'Montague, cholrman,
and Messrs. Kellcy and Anderson, will
meet at 11 o'clock this morning to at?
tend to executing the bond? o/ the con?
tractor and the signing of the contract.
Other details relating to the work are to
be looked after by the executive, who will
be on tho ground at all time?.
It Is likely that the Capitol offices will
be removed1 early' next week, though at
this time ail of-the location?-have not
?been ?Inally ?elected... .,- .-- -
. The brealdng,pf "ground for, what prom?
ises to be a splendid. Capitol building
will be hailed with, delight here, as well,
as throughout the Stato, and.It wilt likely
berready.f?r occupancy at least by Janu?
ary Jst,. 1906. The original building:.Wll
be left intact. . ,
(Continued from First Page.)
Mukden; dated July 12th, says: ' '
.??^'According to intelligence received here,'
the Japanese last night attacked position?
near Port Arthur and wer??epuls?d with
enormous' losses, not loss than 30.000, it
Is snld, being killed or wounded by our
General Staff Not Informed.
(By Associated Press.)
ST. PKTKRSBURG, July 13-7:30 A. M.?
The general staff) has received no Infor?
mation-regarding tho reported attack on
positions near Port Arthur and the loss
of 30,009 Japanese killed or wounded by
Russian mines. V"
? .?=?* i
Morning Post's Shanghai Cor?
respondent Makes Report
of Disaster.
(By Associated Press.)
TjONDON, July 13,-The Morning Post'?
Shanghai correspondent ? says that the
Japanese casualties by> land : mine? at
Port Arthur Sunday night are reported to
have been 28,000, but none of the many
other special war -dispatches mention a
Japanecs disaster at Port Arthur,
British Steamer Stopped by Rus?
sians on. High Seas and
DEB, July W.^-The British steamer, Me
nelnii?, from the /Clyde for Shanghai,
which arrived here to-night, reports that
she hnd tho British eteamor, Crewe Hall,
from the Clyde for JCutrachee, were
?lopped on Juno 11. in the Red Sea, ?outil
of Jeddo, by tho Russian volunteer fleet
steamer, St. ? Petersburg, wbioh carried
eight guns end a large orew._. Both
?learner?, wore boarded and ? oil, their
paper? and manifest? overhauled.' TTie
vessel? were detnlned four hours, after
which the St, Petersburg steamer, sailed
northward. . ., ?
serieTof battles.
Russians Retreat From -Post to
Post, With Oku on the -\
? Trail,.
(By Associated Press.) '?
?????, duly 12-8 P. M.?The Japanese
TakuBhan army I? moving northwest froth
Bni'Yen.,>lt fought a ?erles of ?mall
buttle? with tho RuhsI?iih on July 9th and
JOth. The army Is divided Into two col-'
limn?, which advanced ?gain?t tho Rus?
sian?. When the first column-approached,
Chl-Kuan-Clilng, the Russian? retreated
'southwest throqgh Ute valley, but at .6
o'clock In the evening took up a position
on the height? west of Clioti-Cbla-Chan*.
,Tbe RusHinn? were dislodged at dusk,
wlien the Japanese column ndvauced
filotig tho road toward Tnng Chi?, repuls?
ing small bodies of tho enemy ?n route.
They attacked the advance line of the,
Russian? near Sln-Tang-Taku? The Rus?
sian? were reinforced and compelled th,e
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Japanese to withdraw. At dawn on July
10th both columns attacked.and d^lodged;
the Russians fnom tho heights west of
Sln-Chla-Ku. The Japanese pursued them
nnd again attacked a strong position held
by the Russlnns at' Slu-Tehlkou.' After
a. desperate fight the Japanese occupied
the position After occupying- Kal-Chou,
General Oku's Hrmy. on Sunday moved
The Russians have strong defenses nt
Taplngshan, Nlusenihan, ;? Nangmatal,
Chinghisan' and camps near'Kuro Chl?
pno. General Oku will probably...attack;
those position? ai soon a* hie troops are
rested. G*"
In the fights of July Sth and. Mh the
Japanese lost about one hwyired and fifty
men. The Russian-losses are believed
to have been heavier than the Japanese.
Details of the>rRussian Sortie
From Port Arthur
OSpoclal London Times Cable to The
Tlmea-Dlspatch. Copyright. 1901.)
?????. July 13,-The activity of the
Russian fleet at ?Port" Arthur was a dis?
tinct shock to the Japanese, who had
believed there would .be .no further at?
tempt on the part of the Russian naval
commandant to win out? to-the open sea.
The Russian squadron-that moved oflt on
Saturday consisted of one battleship, four
cruisers, two gunboats and seven do-:
stroyers, among tho vessels being four
which, had been declared destroyed during
the recent fighting. They came Into touch
with Admiral Togo's third squadron,
which consisted of ? two : first-class and
four second-class jcruisers. nine milis out?
side of the harbor entrance, and tho hos?
tilities were opened by Lie Bayan, which
fired? several ?hots at long range wlthoiu
doing any damage. Long range -lighting
followed, but neither eld? displayed any
great desire to come to close- quarters,
and Anally the Russians returned to port,
by the way they had come. Judging from
the course taken by the Russian*, their
intention in coming out was not to escape
to sea. but rather to shell the rear of tho
Japanese column advancing on Port .Ar?
? The three Japanese : armies that are
opposing General Kuropatkin have now
emerged from the. mountainous country
through which they have been hitherto
marching, and unless driven back will
henceforth operate on tho plains of the
Llau River. By marching one hundred,
miles from Klu Leng Cheng and captur?
ing Motten Ling and Talln, the second
army reached by the\flrst of this month
positions looking down on Llao Yang,
from which they could menace the rail?
way connections of the Russians. In the
meantime the second army; under General
Oku, had advanced 115 miles from Hal
Chow and captured Kal'Plng, no that by
July 9th it was strotched acrqs? the coun?
try from. Tashlhchlao to a point close to
Yin Kow. The third afmy, under General
Nozu, had pushed on ?eighty miles from
Taku Shan and forced Ithe Russians from
their positions In the \ hills beyond Hal
W|th the Japanese on the plains, In?
terest rmjst now center on.'the operations
of the Russian cavalry, which will have, a
much bettor opportunity -to- strike. Tho
Cossacks may be depended on to keep the
Japanese cavalry busy, and. further re?
ports from the front will be eagerly
Officer of the General Staff Says
Kuropatkin Cannot Hold
New Chwang? t
(By Associated Press.)
ST. PETERSBURG, ' July 13,-Colonel
Novltsky, of the general staff, In an in
lehvlew to-d?y said: ' ???
"The result of the loss j)f Kai Chou
will probably be tho evacuation of New
Chwang. General Kuropatkln's position
is more -, dinicu t that that which con?
fronted: Lord Roberts in South Africa, at
is a* Jf Lord Roberts,received his tuip
' plies via. Constantinople, Carlo and Con?
trai Africa. It will be a long time be?
fore General Kuropatkin will have enough
supplies and men to assume the offensive.
In the meanwhile he will have to tight
rear-guard action?, perhaps glv ng up
Important positions. like New Chwang,
which are of vastly more consequence
than Kai Chou.'1
Shelled East Coast.
. (By Afifltr.latod press.) ; .'.--",-..
CHE FOO, July 12,-It I? reported that
live Russian cruisers and several torpedp
boats left/ Port Arthur at 8 o'qlock on
Saturday morning, last, and shelled the
enemy's coast,? returning undamaged at
6 o'clock in the evening, It is believed
they- encountered Admiral Ttjjo's ships
and were forced to return.
, A junk,, which arrived here this morn
Jng, reports Jiearlpg two terrino ex-|
p(osjons\ at Pqrt Arthur^ yesterday.
Attacked Guardship.
(By Associate.?} Press.)
TOICIO, July 12, (no(fn)-Admiral Togo
reports that at midnight, July 11, torpedo
boats approachod Mie boomrwhfch blocks,
tho entrance to Port Arthur harbor and
attacked the guardship, Diana, wijh tor
podooe. Tho result has pot bean as?
certained. The Japanese returned lin?
da muged. .y
Old Officers Re-Elected,
' The .Central Trades upd L?oor .'Council
met last night at Etlett'a Hall -and elee cd
officers for Jhe ensuing ?ear. Uio election
resulting in the reti<tlon?o# the old ciu?
ciale, as follows; John M. Ryull. .?>'???
dent; J. O,? Harris, vice-president: ,>v. ??
Mullen, recording and corresponding ecc.
retarvi Josepjli Portsch, financial seore,
tery; John P. Powell, treasurer,! f. \?,
RuU, sengeant-at-armt. ? , ,
A number of new delegate? from various
local?were Introduced and installe? ss
members. The council is In a very healthy
condition. financially . and In morale
Gathering To-morrow at Na?
tural Bridge of Virginia's
Visitors About the Hotel Lob?
bies Include Well Known
. The hotel men of Richmond will leay?
the city to-day or to-enorrtfrvl for th?
Natural Brldgo to .attend the annual
meeting of, tho Virginia Hotel Men'? As?
sociation, which will bo the guest? of Mr.
Paxton, of that reeort. Tho proprietor?
generally will go, leaving their ?ubordl?
?nates to look after the business for a day,
or two, whUa^hey enjoy the fresh air,
Ice. mint nnd breeze? of the mountain?.
Mr. M, Hawe? Llpscomb, who for th?
pest ?lx^ year?, ha? most acceptably filled
tho .position-of" day clork and chief clerk
Powhatou hotoJ, bos resigned lit? position
nnd will retiro on Friday. While Mr.
Llpscomb lier* not yet definitely made
knotvn his plttns, It Is understood that
he will Accept a more lucrative position
clsowhero. ?
Among the arrival? at tho varioug
hotels were the following:
Murphy'? Hotel?Hon. L. P. Stearnev
Newport New?; G. C. Benedict nnd wire,
A. B. Benedict, Jr., Ml?? Anna Benedict,
Seneca, 8. C. C. S- Klnnear, Lynehburgi
R., E. Grlfllth, Wlncheater; Archer ?.
PJilegar u*d Mrs. Phlegar. Christians,
burg: Alii?. Capcrton, West VJrn?lila; E.
C. VlrAcnt. Union W. Va.; S. R. Adams,
Wilmington, ?. C.? John W. Ottey,
Fnrmvlllc; E. G. Money, Albemarlo; ft!
H. Paulott, Farmvlllo.
Jefferson Hotel?Mr. nnd Mrs. W. O,
Harrison, Mis? Eliza Lamar Hill, Savan?
nah; f W. ?. Thomas, Louisville, Ky.i
Wlnthrop Chanlor, New York: John O.
Platt. Philadelphia: Wlnfleld Scott, New
York; Judge Nathan Goff, West Vir?
Rlohmond Hotel?R, T. Thorp, Norfolk!
Judge Tuo?. R. Pu'rnell, Raleigh: W. E.
Mlngea, Ablngdon; J. C. Prlchard. Aehe
vllle, N? C.;, G. J. Walker, Barbourevtll?,
Va.; W. C.' Carroll, Glen Echo, Md.
Powhatan Hotel?W. O Stone, J. CA
Baker. Vigrinla; J. W. Thack?ton, North
Carolina; W. A. Gathrlght, Dabnoy ?
Va,; BenJ. Lewis, .Jr., Lawrencevll/t,
W. L. Dabney, Texa?. .,
' Among tho arrival? at the Lexington
yesterday wa? Dr. John Insilo Hall, pro?.;
fessor of the English languago and liter--?
turo in tho College of William and Mary.
Dr. Hall Ira? won wide reputaUon by hie
contribution? to current literature, both
in th? field? of prose and verse, and
And? tl meamid hie other duties to woo
the Muses successfully. Professor Hall.
Is a brother of Captain Cunningham
Hall, of thla city.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
'ALEXANDRIA, VA, July 12.?P. C,
Parrlsh, a druggist. of this city, com?
mitted suicide thl? afternoon by taktnff ?
a large quantity ' of morphine. The de?
ceased was forty-two years old; but had '
beon in business here'only'a short time. ,
(By Aesoclated Press.)
ROME, July. 12.?Blahop Benjamin J.
icelley, of the Diocese of Savannah. Ga.,
>;a? received in private audience by the
Pope to-day. -
.? m
Pushed Child Through Plate
While at play on East Main Street lMt
night a crowd of children were engage?
in pushing each other from one ?ldo._of
the walk to the other, and one little on?
was ?hoved through the largo plate glass
window In the store of tho Atlantic and
Pftcliio'rea Company, No. 1662 East Main
Street. The little girl was cut ?lightly,
but her wounds were not of a serious
nature. The matter was reported to the
police. .^ . . ' ,
? Undergoes an Operation.
Mr..Jonathnn Bryan, of this city, wa*
operated on yesterday afternoon at St.
Luke's Hospital for appendicitis.
At an early hour this morning his con?
dition was reported to .be most favorable,
Mr. Bryan wa? stricken on Monday.
Senator, With Mr. Flood and
Others, in Automobile
(Special to The Tlmos-Dlspatoh.) -
ST. LOUIS. MO., July 12?Senator John.
W. Daniel, accompanied by his son, Ed?
ward, nnd several members of the Vir?
ginia delegation to the recent Democratici
National Convention, departed thl? morn?
ing at Ml o'clock for home. Before th?
train pulled out ho explained that the
automobile wrecked. In a' collision Sun?
day'at Jefferson Avenue1 and Chestnut
Street hod contrtlned at the time not
Senator? Tlllman nnd Bailey, as reported
by the newspapers, but biniseli and Dele. '
gate? Roy Smith, of Roanoke; Claggett
Jones,' Uni D. Flood and Greenlee D.,
Lctcher. " '?'*?' s<
"Tillman and Bailey ere getting all t)i?
cfedlt for escaping death fn that collisioni
I eeo," remarked Senator Daniel, request?
ing jocularly, that the record? be correct*,
ed. ' ... '
' Senator Bailey, unaware . of Senator.
paliiel'H statement, to-night denied ha v.
,ing participated |n an. outomobllo acci?
dent, adding:
?. "J cannot: Imagine how the ?totywa?.
?t'urtod except .that some one who wm
in ?ucll>pn accident!,gave our, name? le
order to avoid publicity themselves.".
Speaking of politic?, Senator Daniel de?
clared that'Judgp Parker!? telegram te
tho Democratic Convention Saturday had
strengthened the Democratic ticket.
"Wo have a great ticket," ho ?aid. "W*
have a lender worthy to lead. We have
a good strong, ?llff Domocrncy now, unti
v.o havo a got>d. chunco to win. Mr,
Bryun ought, to do battle for the Demo?
cratln purty a? ho lias In pa?t campaign?,
and 1 hopo and. pxpoet that ho will."
40 Cents for Round Trip? .
Tickets good'' on all regular 3*r?*aF
train?, beginning May 16, 1904. . "

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