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pnHlcularly when lt I* comparod with
President Roosevell's.
rSperlnl tn The Tlinoa-Dlspnteli.)
T.TNCHBURG, VA., Sept. 27.?Unlted
States Senator John W. Daniel tn-dny
gnve out the followln.: slal'omont COTtecrtw
Ing Ihfi lelter or nrcept'ance promulgateil
on Monday by Judge Parker: The lotter
of .Inrtgo Parker Is a Slnte pnpcr nf hlgll
order and wlll nvnk Wlth the fori most
Utternnces nf our great leaders. lt is
eompnrt wlth food for reflcction nnd Its
Idnns nre so clenrly nnd tcrsely statcq
tint they appear beforo Ihe teader na
seir-evldent truths. It. ls full of thnt
jlOblo elonuence that eomes from clenr
slRht nnd deep convlcllon nnd nn enrnost
ppii.?o of duly.
Nn thoughlful mnn enn read thnt Inttcr
wllhnut formlng a hlgh opinion of thp
Indlvldual and moral forco of the writer;
nOr wlthout rcnllzlng lhat II ls n rom
ni;roiiP. honest nnd wcll-balnnroil stutos
ninn. not a demogoguo, who sppftks.
1 hnpe iho letler will go into every
AtneHcaii homo. The elecllon of such
n man lo the prcsidency would uplifl
every Amorlerih Idenl. Strbngtlion the tlea
<if cltUchshlp nnd protnnto every suo
slantlal Interest nf tho Amerlcan peoplo
thnt thrivo ln obcdlonce to law,
fRy Assncliitort Pr?WI.Vi
JACKSON, MISS.. Sept. 2,.-lhos. WWt
son. of Gcorgla, candldate on tho Popullst
tlcket for tho Presldency, mado a e.nm
naltrn speech before n small nudienco
hero to-day. Mr. Watson sald the Popu?
llst movement wus on Its feel tlgaln nnd
thnt it would continue l>efore tho Ameri
cun people untll lt wus- trluniphan?. Ho
Mitd that there wns no dlfforeirco bclwoen
?Roosevelt iiml Parker. there belng but
one dlsagreement, that on the pcnslon
order. He snld that it was a matter of
indilferenoo lo him whether the Populists
were hiirtlng tbe Demoeratlc or Iho Re?
publlcnn party tho most, oxplnlnlng thnt
the reason he dovoted most or his atten?
tion to the Democrats ot tho South, be?
cause it was from this pnrty he expected
to poll votes. Mr. Watson flntshed hls
letter of nceeptnnce whllo ln the clty
and left to-nlght for Blrmlngham.
JBv Asseciated Prcns.)
NEW YORK. St-pt. 27.?David B. Hill
wlll speak ln'Indlana on October 17th. lSt.ll
an.J lP'.h. the places to 'he iSrsTgnated by
the' Demoeratlc State Committee.
Candidates Selected.
iBy A?Mcint?j Fross.)
BOSTON, MASS.. Sept. 27.?The leadhiR
polltlcal parties seloctod many of their
cungresslonal. countv and leglslntivo ean
dldates fnr the November election to-dny
i:i caucuses held jointly in twonty-two
cities and two towns, whero thc Luco
?'"?joint caficu's la%" is in force.
Bupenc N. Foss. the leadlng reeiprocily
advocate of tho Slate, won a sharp con?
test with thre<- other Republlcan candi?
dates in the Elevchth Dlstrlct. defentlng
S'-ephen O'Meara, formerly editor of the
Boston Jouruiil. hls noarest competitor.
by 721 votej. Foss wlll bo agnin opposed
"by Congrcssman John A, Sulllvan, who
-was renonilnntod by Iho Democrats witli
pat opposltlon.
No Decision Yet.
my Assoclated Press.)
MADISON. WIS.. Sept. 27.-No dorilslon
was handed down by the Supreme Court
to-day as to whirh ot the two Republlcan
faefions ls cniitled to place Us nomlnees
on the State tickot at the November eloc
ton. One faetlon, known as tlio "linlf
breeds." ls lieadcd bv Governor LaFblettC;
Tho other is headod by S. A. Cook and is
supporte,! by I'nited States Sonators
Spooner and Quarles. This is known as
tlie "stalwart" faetlon. The stnlwarts
have asked tho Supreme Court to enjnin
the Secretary of State from placlng the
.' naraes of the DaFoletto nomlnees on tho
Working Night and Day on Sub
marines?;Minnesota Injured.
(Special to Tlie Times-Dispatch )
NEWPORT NEWS, VA., September 27.
The shipyaril hero is working night and
day and Sundays on the five submnriiie
torpedo boats now buildlng for the I.ako
Submarlrre Boat Company, of Bridge
port, Conn. The Inventor recently1 pald
a vlslt to the yard here nnd Inspected
tho work on the small craft. Ho dou
bled hls force of reprcsentatlves here
nnd work was then pushed forward on
the submarines. Although much work
not included In the orlglnal contract Is
belng dono, one of the little fighlcrss
ls nearly rcady for dellvery. It was at
first intended to bulld only the hulls
here, but slnce then lt was deuided lo
1 put the englnes in as well. Thero has
been no hiut yet as to tha final destl
natlon of ihe tiuiptettc of beneath the
surface fIghters."*"^ '. ???*
A large for'ie of workmen from the
shipyaril are working night and day ou
the mammotli Great Norlhern llner
Mlnnesota, now at anchor off Old Point.
? Jt Is reported that slnce tho ship went
out of the dry rloek here several weeks
ago her boilora have been badly burncd,
nnd some of ihe men now nt work upon
hor declare that her bollers are u fiill
ure. It probably wlll bo somo tlmo be
iorei tho vessel is ready to huII for San
Franclsco, and slie wlll take on bonrd
another 1.800 lons of coal in addltion ti.
her bunker and the s.ono tons already
' ln her itolds. R is undcrslood that the
guip's bottom was not Injured at nll
when she went ngrouml trying to get
out of Norfolk l.if-t Saturday,
Mr. Young Confident It Will Go
for Parkcr and Davis.
Mr. J. A. Young, of Unilsvlllo, Ky.. dls?
trlct Muperlnteriib-irt of thn Smte l.ifo I;i
eurance Company, of Indlanapolis, lu in
tbe diy, stopplng at tho Rlchmond. Mr.
Voung iravels extonslvoly through tlio
Southern and bordor States uiul takes
grca( interest In polities, Speflklng nf tlu;
national campaign, Mr. Yuung tutid last
Prof. Herfz's
Great German Halr Re?
storer, Marvelous In Ite
It has never falled to restore gray
hair to its orlglnal color ln u few
weeks. Por Dauilr nff und PolllPB Dalr,
lt has no i-ipial.
Prlse $1.00 Per Bottlc.
Dyspepsia Tablets A.-s-l.si Naturu Cn
tll Normal PlgCBtlon U restored.
Prlce &0c. Per Box.
Charges piepuld iui nll urdeifl a?l
drofceed to
Richmond, Va.
We've done lt in neokwear,
We took the market by the
neck?and mark lt?never be?
fore has such a rlch display
been seen ln Richmond.
Jnpnnosn Silk. with Busslnn mnrklngs.
Elgln Scarfs?-French Silk?In "tabao,"
mulborry and Bnrdcnux colorlngs.
Grammcrcy plalds mado of corded ma
Shapes nro largcr than last spring nnd
the color combinaUons exceed anything
that hns over been nttempted,
And the right sults nre hero
to form harmonious back
$10.00 to $28.00.
nlght thnt cverywhero he liac'l found Dem
ocrats verv hopoful of Parker's elcclion.
He ynid Ifent-acky would certnlnly glve
hlm its ol et-?-rtl vote. and that ho hud
spont conslderablc tlmo In West Vlrglnla
nnd traveled conslderably over the State,
(Contlnued From Flrst Page.)
nnd may furnlsh a natural llne of advanco
from tho west.
Cover Front of Sixty Miles.
Oyama's armles now appnrently cover
a front of slxty milos for enveloping
?movemonts. IIIs wlngs nro oxtendod to
Iho north, cnsi nnd west of Mukden. Thus
far tho Husfcinns havo found llttlo Rtrongth
or pressure from tho Jajinnose contor.
Oynma seems to he movlng wlth great
dellberatlon, probably gatherlng strcngth
for a rnpld advanco of both wlngs whon
nn attompt la mado to closo tho net. Al?
though tho. Imaginary llne connectlng tho
extromo Japaneso advanco east and west
of Mukden etlll pa?scs ton mlles bolow
thnt city, Jt ls cvldent tliat tho fnto .of
Mukden cannot long he deinyodj ir Gon
cnil Kuropatkin lhtentls to try to hold tho
city, flghtlng on hls ilanks wlll bcgln
ulmost lmmedin.tnly.
Japanese Retreat.
Tho goneral stnff hns rocelved tho fol?
lowlng tlispatch from General Sakhnroff,
dated yesterrlay:
"Tho cnoray's vanguard, conelstlng of
one battallon and two squadronn of cav?
alry, assumed tho ofTcnslvo, probably for
a roconnolssanco In tho dlstrict between
tho Mandnrln rond and tho heights of tho
vlllngo of Toumytsa^ Hls advanco was
stoppodi by our troops. The enemy re
treated along the whole llne. pursued by
our cavalry. The onemy hns not yot
ndvniiccd north of Davan, on the left
bank ot tho Llno Rlver, but an lncreased
forcp. hns beon observed ln tho nclgh
borliood ot Slan Chlan. Japanese cavalry
havo nppeared in tho valley of the Llao
River." '
Nicholaievitch in Command.
Although an offlclnl announcenient to
tho effect ls not oxpected immodlntely,
slnce lt wlll requlre nome llttlo tlmo to
got Russia's second army In tbe fleld. the
deslgnatlon of-"Grand- Duko Nlcholas
Nicholaievitch, tho lnspector-gonernl of
Russlan Grand Duke Who is Expected to Become Commander-ln-Chlef of the
Forces in Manchurla
nnd that from what ho heard thero hc felt
contldent -thnt Parker und Davls woiud
earrv-lt, Me had not boen In Indlana aud
could not speak of tho outlook hero. Mr.
young slul ed that in many placos
throughbut Kentucky. Tonnessea and Ai
kaiisas and ln West Vlrglnla ho had found
iho Democrata . In many cases sangulno
of vlctory.
Were Licensed to Wed.
The Washlngton Slar of yes'tetday
afternoon niin<mi,eed that n. mni'
riago llec'nso had been issued ln that clty
to John A. NelBiS, Jr., and Mlss llarrlet
E. Rlchardson, both of Rlchmond, Va.
No such namo aa ,iulin A. Nols/,,, Jr., up
peurs In Ihe dlroctory nor nf any ?ne of
that putronynilc. Mlss Rlchardson resldes
at No. 1320 Taylor Street, uocordlng lo tho
Messrs. Woodfin and Rcams
Succeed' -Messrs. Sliine
and StifT.
The Board of Aldermen and Cotllinon
Council lust nlght elected Mr. W. Floyii
Kounis, of Fulton, n meinbi-r of the
School Board from tbe. First Dlstrlct, to
Huppopd tho late lt. Edgar Shlnb, und Mr.
Sumuel 10. VVoqdfln, of Jofforson Wiird,
to take tbe placo pf Dr, !?'. \V. Slirf, re
Thero wns n flgtil for tho latler place,
Mr. Wiiridfln rii-fi-ntlng Mr. .1. T. Allou
by a vote nf :in lo IS.
Messrs. JuiilPH H. Qordoil, K. T. 11.
Myers. Jr., O. II. Funslun, Ro, II. Tallcy.
K, ii. starko, \v, Scott I'lirrlsh aud
WyiKlhaui R, Moicdllli, WllO were re
i-oiiiini-iidcd by tlm Cliainlii-r of Coin
mcico, woro clected niciiibers of the
Board of Publlo IntercstH. '
Tho Joliit Heaalon thou ndjoiinu.-d aud
tho Board olocted AlUorman W. "? Zlni
mermann a niembor of tlio Bluking Fuiid
1'0|I:I|||MS|(,I1. \
l'iisidi-iii Tnrpln was nonilnatod and
urged lo run uguln for the placo ho haa
held SO Iprig. .bllt lin pi'l.-isl.m!)- <|c.
i-lim-d. suI'Iiir' Ihal ll was not good lo
Jiavo a eusttuiTof automalically i-lmnsing
thp picBldeiHs of the two bodlea on the
Hoiud. W'l.c.i Ih- I'liially .sald lli-.ll uiul.-r
iih o)rDuin?tancen would '"? aervo, Mpbbib.
pjiuuieinmnu, Mlnor ?"'i Qun*t wero
UttllU-d ai,d th,- latlc-i- dcr lini-d, a., dni
u|?i .mi. a. Blerrie Blalr,
The yolp v'.'ik lakpu, reauliing, Jiiiu*
inenuaiiu, IZ, Mlnor, 0.
cavalry, as commander-in-chief, is re
gurded as practlcally settled.
Somo of General Kuropatkln's frlends
stlll cllng to tho hope that he may yet
bc appolnted, especlally If ho now achloves
a notable suc-cvss against Field Maislial
Oynma.'but tho Irtpa ls not shared in tho
best informed clrcies;
Tlnl situation'tit the rrbnt with two and
perhaps ultlmately- threo, blg armles ls
cbhalderod to deninnd above all elso thnt
tho supreme commauiler bp of such por
Konnl nulliorlty ns t6 bo bcyontl jcnlnuslcs
nnd tho posslbillty of Intriguo on tho part
of ihe subordlnatcs, and such a mnn the
Kmperor now reallzes can only be sup
jiliocl by a mombor of tho Imperlal family.
Grnnd . Duko Nic-holns ls regardod ns
belpg cxtromely well fltted for thls great
rcsponslbillty, He has youtlhnnd an iron
c-otistltiitloii, but ahovo all rcsolutlon and
iintlrihg energy. AVIih these qiialKlcatlons
whatover lie lnc-lts ln mllltary oxperienc-o
and nblllty as a strntoglst can be suppllcd
by placliig nt his dlsposal tho most ablg
mllltary adylsera of tho Russlan army.
Kuropatkin Not to Lead.
The suggostion tlmt Kuropiitkln mlght
become chlef-of-.slitff und thus lu fact, lf
not iu name, the renl comniander of the
ai'inlo., n.s Fleld Mnrslial Von Mollke was
tho actual commander of the Ccriniin ar
inlc-B, although nomliuilly only Emperor
Wllllam'? ohk'f-of-.siuff, is genorally re
Grand Duko Nlchola.s will not rely upon
a slngle advlser, but on a staff comprls
Ing tlio ablcst atrateglsts of tho genoral
stuff, who ln rc-nllty wlll coiiHtltnto a
lioarcl of dlrcotinn of mllltary operatlons.
Moi'OOVer, tho offleoi-H who aro best nc
ilimlntc-il wlth Grand Duke Niehohis bo.
Dovo he may dovelop mllltary genlus of
u hlgh ordor. Vlcoroy Alexioff ls ro
garded ns ulmost certaln to return here.
The report that hc, may hecome chan
c.vllnr of tho Hmplro, however, is ex
ploded. Ho Is moro llkely to rotitln hls
illli! nnd c-cimo lo St, Petersburg, noml
nnlly ln thci capaclty of ndvlser of tho
Kmperor nmi wlll thus effaco hlmself us
n faetor of tlio mllltary situation in tho
Far l-'tst.
j'.attle Began Septeinber iQth and
Continucil Iiiterniitteiilly
U|Uil tlie 24th.
? (Hy A'ssuclatPd Prexs.)
_ 0111*1 FOO, .September 27-10 P. M.'?Two'
Japanese torpedo boat iiestroyers wore
Dbserved nulside tho hurbor or' Cho Fuo
A Jiink uhlfh l.it Llaotl i'romohtory
l.i-t nlght nnd which arrlved here tn
niglii, repqi'ts havlng iseen 0110 torpedo
boat uea'r I'he Fuo.
Another Junk, oarryliig a Hunslan, hls
|t'i.. at.'i two childrvii, was utopped, ln\
Exception to Ihe Rule!
That. bugbenr, "presldentlal year," tlkln't get In Us rulnoiis
work thls year. Kcports all over the country nro 'o the same
effect, and our efcporlehce only acccntual.es Iho general report, for
never In over twenty-five years of buslness careor have wo
Sold So Many Pianos!
and (he reasons aro easily explalned?:work has been plcntlful
horeabout at good prlces; henco money ls more plentiful. Then
wo aro the only house selling tho HICIWKRT GtlAIMO VIANOS, and
coiipling that wlth lowest prlces, easy terms when doslrod, and a
etraightforward, wldeopen method of doing buslness, you can
easily read between the llnea??
all planoa of the very best ln thelr grade. Thoy have stood the
teat of manyvcars and you run no posslblo rlsk.
We have thls week ten Sccond-hand Uprlghts of several maken,
that wlll Interest those ln search of a money-savlng plano pur
chase. ?, ,J
Victor Talhing Machines
are tho best ??proposUlon" ln outsklo musical thlngs. 10,000 now
Records; all thc latest, up-to-date hits. Como and hear thom.
1 ??? -
JOK K. Broad Streot, Rlchmond, Va.,
nlght by a Japan'oso vessel, but owln<z to
Uio great dlstance the treatniont whicih
tho Russlan rocelved could not be ob
served. - -
Chlneso say that tho battlo whlch-began
September 19th contlnuedi lntermlttontly
untll September 24th. ln dcfendlng ono
fort the Russlnhs rolled bcan cakca down
on tho massed Japanese. Theso ^bcan
cakes aro vory.heavy and aro pressed into
tlio shapo of ctrculnr grlndstones.
Threatened Attack.
(By Assoclated Pross.l
MUKDEN-, Monday, Sept. 2H. by way
of PEICIN. Sept. 27.-Tho Russian ca.v
alrv west of the rallroad report an im
noftant Japaneno movcment and n threat?
ened attack. No changeeastward is re
ported. Four dlvisions of Japanese re?
maln at Bentsrfapudze, three dlvisions
are supposed to bo near tho Ycntai mlnes,
nnd two others West of thom. Genepl
Mlstlnchcnko reports thnt ho penotrated
to tho Yental mlnes and found ulib" small
datachments of Japanese there.
(By Assoclated Press.)
ST. .LOUIS. MO., Sept. 27.?The South?
ern Cotton Growers' Assoclatlon held the
concluding sesslon of Its conventlon to
day. With a vlew to malntainlng a
stable market and falr prices fo,r the pot
ton crop of tho South. thc Assoclatlon
adopted tho plan of rrganizing a corpor
atlon to bo oomposea of tho cotton grow?
ers, tho buslness men and tho bankers of
the cotton-growlng States, whlch corpor
atlon should build warehouses whorever
fcasiblo for the purpose of storlng tho
product and prevcntlng a glut of the mar?
ket. The plan adopted is wliat Is known
ns the Waco Plan.
The Assoclatlon haa also adopted a
resulution requesting cotton growers to
withhold from the market all cotton of the
mlddllng grade unless ten conts a pound
can be secured for It. Alsi^that the cot?
ton crop be remarketed as slowly as pos?
sible durlng the months of Octobej- and
The officers elected by the Assoclatlon
follow: President, Harvle Jordan, of Mon
tioollo, Georgla; Secretary and -Treas
urer, John R. Alllson, Concord, N. C. An
Executlve Committee composed of ono
member from each cotton growlng State
was appolnted.
Byron F. Card, of Provldence, R. I.,
was elected secretary of the Advisory
Fiftcen Pcrsons Scriously In?
jured Dur.ing Launching
in Delawarc.
fBy. AsKoclated Pren.i.)
MILFORD, DKL., Beptembor 27,-Two
hundred persons were thrown from a
platform and fell thirty feet at the ljunch
ing of Uio schooner Charles J.x B'umas
to-day. (Flfteen pcrsons woro serlously
A spiko whlch held the platform gave
way an/ tho entlre structuro fcll. "Phy
sh-lans of Mllford were stmimoned and
with nurses ond others, who volunteered
thelr servieds, attended to tho Injured.
Among the more .serlously Injured wero:
Ali'i-od Nuttor, Intornal inJurlos.
Thomas simpson, interhnl Irijurlcs.
Wllllam Roff, leg nnd sldo crushed.
Alfrc-d Mlller, back und t,-h.st injured.
Hnlph Slmpson, Internal injurles...
Rolpll Numan, Injured l.|tci;nAlly,,...
wlth an "up-to-date" pharmacy
whero "tho best" ls only obtain.
able. "Why havo a reputatlon
lf tt oannot bo BiiHtaliiod?" Wo
hnve two well lncatod atores?
enrry tho clioloest llnu of drugs,
ohomjoals, tollet goods, ele.~
omploy only reglsterod phai'mii
uists In our'presc^iptlon depart?
ment and ln many ways cutt wo
serve you acceptably.
thn "CUT HIGHT" systeni and
sell all patrnl medk'liies at re
duced prices,
We Can Save You Money,
olkMllltrOrug Company
olk Millir-CMidrey Oo?
Tobacco Stamp Row a Thorn
in the Republican
(Spcnlal to Tho Times-Dlspatch.)
WASHINGTON, D. C. Sept. 27.?No de?
clslon hns ns .yot been reached by tho
Treasury Department ln the atamp row
ovor imported o[gars and the lmprcsslon
seems to bo galnlng gTound that for poll?
tlcal reasons, there wlll bo "nothlng do
lng" ln thls caso unril after clection. Tha
Treasury Department, ns well as tho
executive offlces of tho Whlte House, aro
belng hauntcd durlng buslness hours now
ndays by agents' and attorrteys of tho
lndopendent tobacco concerns, who aro
growlng moro and moro uneasy as de
velopments In thls now interestlng con
troversy nre delayod. They mako no
eoilcealment of their bclicf tliat the wholo
matter ls belng intentlonally kept in
nbeyanco for tho present for a purpose,
though-they profess to be suro that tho
legal polnt Involved wlll bo decldod untl
mately in their favor. Meanwhlle, how?
ever, they say, tho declslon' -wlll bo pnss?
ed about from one offlcer of tbe legal
deprfrtment to nnotho-, untll election tlme
when lt wlll flnally come offlclally boforo
tho Secretary of tho Treasury. Thls seoms
to bo tho only solutlon of the predlca
ment into whlch the admlnlstratlon hns
unwlllingly placed Itself, for should a de
clsion now bo rendered in favor of the
trust, whlch ls n largo contributor to the
Republlcan campaign fund. It would of
fend the independents, whlle per oontra
if tlie' ruling of Secretary Armstrong Is
upheld tho Admlnlstratlon will loso the
irust's support.
-? >
(By Assoclated Premi.)
BUFFALO, N. Y.. Sept. 27.?Tho cntire
roster of grand ofllcers of the Brotber
bood of Locomotlve Flremen was ro
olectcd for two j'ears at to-day's sesslon
of the nlnth blenniul conventlon. Souie
opposltlon, to tho re-eiectlon of Grand
Master Hannahan developed to-day, and
Frank McManny, of Grand Raplds, was
placed In tho fleld agalnst hlm. Whon
it came down to a vote, however, Mr.
Hnnahan carried tlio conventlon by a
largo majorlty.
Thero la a sharp contest on H>r the
conventlon of 1906, Milwaukeo, Wlsconsln,
Blrmlnghnm, Ala., and Columbus, Ohlo,
figurlng most promlnently in tho rnco.
ln regard to tho recont edlot of the Fope
relatlng to tbe music obtalnlng In the
eliiirehcs at present and the women chor
iaters, u prominont Cathollo priest of
Richmond sald yesterday that no im
medlatc steps would be taken In tho
Sc?Uicrn dloceso.
Movemonts had already been taken be
for tho'lssuea of the deeree to ellminate
all llght and oneratlc music from tho
Rlchmond churches. . Tha Gregorlan
clinnt, of nnolent and well-establlshe'd
uuage, prevalls to a largo dogree and thero
is llttlo tondency hero to oust it from
its long' cstabllshed posltlon.
In referenoe to tlio women chorlstors,
tlio priest sald that, Amerlcan" conditions
illffor wldely from those prevalllng ln
JOiu'opc, espoclully ln -tlie Southern por?
tion. In Amoi'ican churohos, ho sald,'
tho cholrs aro not choirs ln tho strlct
Honso of tho terrii, but in reallty form
part of tho general congregatlon. Now
lt ls tho Pope's expiesa wlsh that the
congregatlon take un ctlve part In the
singlng apd so hla recent deeree does not
uffect womon ln Amerlcan ohoirs as thoy
may bo taltou ns formlng part of tho
congregatlon take an aotlvo part In Iho
cholrs have offlelul connoctlon with thn
church and nro sopurata from the gonorul
body of tho congregatlon. Moreover, tho
muslo lu general use ia nbt Gregorlan,
but is alstliiolly modern nnd of a llght,
oporatlc order, lt is chiofly agalnst thls
that the Popo Issued hls rocont odlnt und
honco tho deeree wlll not matorlally nf
fect condlllmiH now prevalllng lu tlio
Southorn dlooese of tho Cathollo church,
ut leust not ut present,
Sunday RestL Congress.
Tho. Intornatloniil Sunday Jlest Cong'reiii wlll
liohl u. grand InU-niatlonal iwitliiR In Sl.
I.oula on Tuetiflay, Octobor 11th, and the throo
Kucoesslve day*.
Aildresseit wlll ' bo uiada by Itlcht Titv.
t-umuri \v. j-'ullowi, D. U., LL.'p., of i;ii|.
rugo; J. Wllllam Jones, D. D., eliapuilu.
jroueral of Ihe Cunfoderata vatoraiw of nioh
inoml, Vn., bikI Ocorgo 11, MoNell. tliu gn-Bt
labor leadcr nf ]io*ton, anc| prohahly Hena.
i t'-ir. Koralif-r, ef OJiln. Thn Hon. Irvlns K.
1 "Cuninboll, of fllchmontl, wlll also be amone
I the gpeakfi'D.
i An odo i'fipeeially prvparod for tlu> ooiii.
\ tlon wlll be ilellvered. Miiny apsaker* from nll
i ovor tlio world uiul of well known repute wlll
j talkon s?t tl'MuePj and Uvsi conergiw iiroinWea
tn lio'.of uiuisuiil.lnlcit-iit.
Tho flrKl mi'otinu wlll be ln Keattval Hall
Ht 8 P. M? aml on Wednesdoy. Tliittaday and
Kriday, ih? i,ieeting? wlll be held In Ootigrew
Ha|l ut Admlnirtrailon uuaUnuialt from I
lo i V, M.'.
Campaign in Virginia Will Bc
gin All Along tlie Line
Early Next Week. ^
Many Proiiiinent Spcakers to
Make Addrcsscs in Amhcrst.
At Headquarters. /
State Democratic hendqiini'ters ln tho
Amorlcan Natlonal bank bullding woro
cpon yesterday as usual yith Sociutviy
Button and Asslstnnt Secretary Ureun
man in charge. Colonel Bution had judt
leturnod from the Tenth Dlstrict, whero
ho spnnt Monday. State Chairnmn' liuy
son haa not yet returned to the city. hav?
lng gono from Norfolk to Vrnnklln for
a day or two. Ho wlll probaMy return to
the city thls afternoon.
Among thc visitors at headquarters dur?
lng tho day waa Judge John R. Moss,
member of the House from Uiicklnghnm
county. Judge Moss statod that'ho dld
T.ot know of nny |n hls county who would
vote for Captaln Opie.
Coloonl George W. Mlles, of Kadl'ord,
Va., dropped ln at licaclquaricrs yester?
day to pay his rospocts. Colonol Mlles la
from the Slxth Dlstrict. but Ib Just or
Ihe border of the Nlnth, where tho hot
flght ls on between Wysor and Slemp.
Colonel B. O. James wns a vlsltor nt
Stato Democratic headquarters yester?
A telepHone was' put In yenterday, and
any ono may now communlcale wlth tho
secretary by calllng 922.
Treasurer H. C. Joyncr, of Amhoist
county, was ln, tho city yesterday. In
co/ivorsatlon wlth a frlend ho statod that
Captaln Opie would got few votes In Am
Arrangements are belng made for a
gteat Democratic barbecue and speaklng
nf Fancy Hlll, near Amhcrst Courthouse,
Va.. Octobor 27th. Among those who aro
expected to bo present nnd speak on thls
occaslon are Congressman Claude ICltch
In, of North Carollna; Scnat-ir Thoman S.
Martln, Congressman Claude A. Swanson,
Congressman H. D. Flood and others.
August Belmont, the well knowh New
York mllllonalre Dernocrat, has been in
vlted and ls expected to be prOent also.
Tt ls llkely that many porsona will con.o
from all tho surroundlng countioo to this
blg Democratic lovo feast and oratorlcal
(Lieutenant-Governor Joseph B3. Willard
yesterday addressed the votr.rs of Surry
couty at the CourthoiiHC. Captaln Willard
1k schedulod to speak at Lunenburg Court?
house on Saturday.
Next Monday a largo number of ppeak
?rs wlll mako addresses at varlous polnts
adn th? campaign will be fatrly launched
ln all portlons of the State. Tho dlstrict
cleotors are getting to work, and from
now untll electlon thoy wlll be kept busy
proclalming Democratic doctrlne and
arouslng tho voters.
A Wealthy Young Venezuelan
Takes His Own Life in
New York.
NBW YORK, Sept. 27 ?Because a young
woman wlth whom ho was Infatuatc-d had
refused to rccognlze hlm when they mot
ln n fashlonable cafo last nlght, Carlo
Fredericiues Von Baudltz, tho wealthy
young Venozuclan, shot hlmself In his
apartments In the Hotel Endlcott.
From a frlend of the suicide, lt hns
been learned that Van Baudltz had trou?
ble wlth the. womafi several 'days ago,
when he met her In company wlth an?
other man. 'After a stormy sceno, the
woman promlsed, lt ls sald, not to offend
LaJ^t evenlng, whlle Von Baudltz nnd
two frlends woro at dlnner ln tho cafe,
the woman and another man entorod and
-took seats at a tablo near thom.
Tho woman, acconllng to Von Batt
dltis's frlends, dld not nppear to notlce
her adnrlrcr. Von Bauditz became ex
clted. After reproachlng -the woman nnd
causlng suoh a hcoiio that thc waltors
asked hls frlends to tako hlm out of the
rcstaurant, Von Bauddtz nt last con
sentod to leave tho place, shouting as ho
dld iso:
"I wlll ? klll myself! She ls false! I
havo nothlng more to llve for!"
Soon after he reached his room at the
hotol a plstol Bhot was'heard and tho
young man's body was found lying on the
floor. He had died Instantly. A note,
addrcssed to "Whom lt my conccrn," said:
"No ono ls"to blame; I dld It mysolt,"
A second letter asked that some o? hls
poraonal property be gtven to the woman
who had spumed hlm.
Botli Institutions Stajt Out With
Many New Students and
Bright Prospects.
Yesterday begnn tho sesslon bf 1901
and 1006 at the Medlcal Collego of Virr
glnla and tho Unlvorslty Collogo of Medl
clno, Tho nttondnnco ot both liiBtltu
tlons nt thls tlmo ls nbovo that at \
cori-espondlng dato of lnst year, and n
great majorlty of laat year'a students
are in llne for exumliiatlou for continu
anco of thelr courae.
Leoturoa at tho Medlcal College of Vlr?
glnla wlll commonco on Ootober 6th,
whlch tlmo wns set so an ull nf the atii
deiits would bo prcnont at tho opttnlng
At the Univcifilly Collogo iof jModlelne
lcRlureH wJl^ bcgln ut noon lo-clay, nnd
the offlob pf Uio seorntary wiih crowded
Wlth.prosiiectivo.BtuUoulB ynstorduy, who
wero niatrlculRtlng.
Aorordlng to tho Btotonuuit of thc aeo
i-c-tui-y of tho Instltiilloii llio matrtcula
tion for thls year ahowod nn Inoroase
of! flfty pei' cont. over tho same perlod
hiHL year. At Iho Collogo pf Modlolnc
will bo found students from oll soctlous
of the globe, Includlng goveral from Forto
rtieo and Mexlco. logother wlth savoral'
from tho Notherlonds. and Canada.
Tu-nlKht n. roooptlon wlll bo glvon tho
Btudents of 6th medlcal eollegca ?;i woll
as thn huslness opllogoe of thn city, at
llio Broad Streut Methodist Clturcli.
Mayor MoCortliy, Ilr. J. Alllson Hodgea
und Pr. J- Hhelton lloraely wlll rtollver
addrosses. and nll the uiudents Ivavo
bcen Invited to attend.
"Wn have kllled thn serpent
Whlch rose, awellcd wlth polson,
from the swainp." *
Tnn can klll iho scrpent of want
whlch mny.arlsc wlien thn days of
prosperlty nro past, by exerclsln*
caro in Investlng your surplus dol?
lars. Wo pay
whlch Is good interest on your
money coupled wlth the abnolute
protnctlon whlch government su
pervlslon insures.
For pcrfoct. safety, together wlth
a falr Interest, our savlngs bank
department Is unequalled.
You can deposlt wlth us even If
you nro hundreds of mlles away,
uslng thc mulls. Wrlto us.nbout lt
Planters National Bank,
Savlngs Department,
Hlchmond, Va.
Ca'pital, Surplus nnd Proflti,
President Roosevelt Denics Al
legcd Dcnunciation of
Labor Unions.
Slight Accidcnt Occura Dnring
Senator Fairbanks's Tour
of thc West. . . .
i | _- O'JfPtT!
1 fBy Aefloclated Pre*s.)
BUTTE, MONT., Soptember 27.?When
Senator Falrbanks and hls. party arrlvcd
here they found tlfo Republlcan leadora
much exercised over tlio publlcatlon ln
the Jillnero' Mugazlne, publlshed nt Don
vcr by. thc Western Fcderatlon of Min
ors, of what purportcd to bo a donunolu
lion of labor unions by President Roose?
velt and a denlal of Its nuthentlclty by
the President. The Presldent'a eontra
dictlon was sent to former Senator Lco
Mantlo, ln respbnso to a telegram oX
inquiry from him, and ls ns follows:
"Tho letter you refer to, purportlng
to be addressed by me to Mlcluiel Don
nelly, and prlnted in t|io Miuors' Maga
zino of September 22d, Is, of course, an
absurd and Impudont forgery. I havo
wrltten no such lettcr, nor any lottcr
oven reBembling it to Mr. Donnelly nor
any one else. I have wrltten Mr, Don?
nelly rcquestlng to know If ho has re?
celved any such letter, nnd rcquestlng
hlm, lf so, to at once Iny It beforo tho
dlstrlct attornoy of Chlcago to flnd out
whether lt Is posslble to dlscovcr and
punlsh the forjrerH.
Extracts From Letter.
Tho followlng aro somo oxtractH' from
the alleged lettcr:
"I starid reurly to do ns my illustri
ous predeciw >r. Orover Cleveland, dld,
and usscrt the power of thls nntion
agalnst all1 local nulllfiers.
"Last Biimfner 1 felt Impcllod to wrlta
a lotter c.illing upon my countryiuon to
put down lyiichlng. But labor, unlon.
terrorlsm and crimo aro as great a na-'
tional mqniice a? lynch law."
After advlslng Donnelly to put a stop
to tho strike, tho Presldont ls repre
scntcd as suylng:
"In any case bo asuured I wlll k'/p
my hamls off unless your folly brlng.i
ynu Into collislon with tho laws of thc
Unlted States, when my hrtnd wlll go
on lu a way you wlll not lilco. So far
us I am concerned you hnvo- barkod up
tho wrong treo. I ani not to be clihor
whecdlod or frightened Into nieddliug
wlth what is noiiu of my. buslnoss."
Steps Broken Off. .
(By Assoclated Frewi.). ?'? .,
WHITE nAbJ>. MU.vT., boptembor 27.
The only opprouch to nn aeeident that
has occurrcd on Senator Falrbnnks'H
tour ocourrod to-dny at Dogan, In thia
Stute. lt eonsisted ln tho breaklng off
of ono of the ntopa on ono nldo of tho
prlvato car Edgomore. Thero was a
brief atop at thia polnt nnd tho lowor
step was lot down, and when tho truln
startod It Htruck tho atntlon plntiorm,
roHiiltlng in tlio dbmolltlon of tho entlro
series of Btops. Colonol Ritncloll stood
on tho Hteps, but uscitped wlthout, In?
jury. Sonutor Falrbuiiku was stlll stand?
ing on tho atution platform, nnd dld
not try to ontor tho our untll tho tialn
cunio to a full atop agaln,
Woman Terribly ,Cut.
At 0:35 yestorauy ?venjiijr. Jano Baker,
eolored, was not upon ln Iho, rear of No. 2110
Ku?t Main Hlroot, and torrlbly stiiliUed n tlm
uhUoiiuin Tho wowid porforatc.l tho dlaphragin
n d "motrated tho atKipinlniil cavlty. Tho u.i
foi-tuiialo voman .waa oporaU-d ou 1} Or*.
lieomirrt aml Moreer, nnd though ln H'crltleal
.I'ttiulltlon, waa ifaUnx cawy liiKt nlght.
ltrra. rounp ti.ob .-foup,
40 Cinti for Round Trlp. 1
Tlckets good on uil rcgular riunda* J
Ltittin*. begfiinln* May 16, J9Q4, *

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