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Jn? several ita.vs ot Irenmndous firlng
flom Mte Imif'r forls. Ho ndils thnt the
ftusslnns nllempK-d to Imry Ihe ilr-nd <m
feoth sldes nt nlght. bccatrto the deeorn
jpo'dng bodies serlouoly mennrcd the health
?? thr gnfrlson. The Rtisslnnft nlleged
thnt. It ls the dolllierntn p-iliey of the
tfftpnnr~e to undermlno tho henlth of the
tthsslftn troops by means of tho odots
from the ilrromposlng hortlos, nnd 1b.it
for thls reason they flre on tho luiital
One Chlnese. whn wfls a mctnher nf a
fenrlal pnrty, says thnt the Japaneso flred
?,-1-en he nnd nther Chlneso nltempted 1"
BtirV Iho den<5. He ndds thnt when the
wln'il r.-irries tho odors townrd Iho Japa?
nese. thn lntter retlte.
'Chlne?e snv Ihat Iho most sevettJ nt
tnrks were mndo' on tho stipplemontaty
fcrls of tbe Ue nnd Anshu MbuMWtl
fort* The Russlans had undermined the
tround nnd several hundred Jnpnncse
were hlown up on September 23d. Reports
rercivrd from tho Mlnntao Islands men
tlon n terrlflc report. whlch shook tho
houses there on that dnte.
'?i'ho Russlans' shlps, snys the report,
teok no purt ln tho baltle. From thirty
to flftv shclis fell dnlly ln Tlie Chlnese
new town. One. shell tore the rudder
ffl-ohl a torpodo bont destroyer. 1114
Ru^lnns are now hulldliiR a now fort on
Maotl Promontory, benrlng on tho Island
Bide Its construction irialcatcs thnt flvo
Inrgo guns wlll form thc nuclcus ot tho
fec.ept /for Small Encountcrs,
Sitnation Arouhd Mukden
Is Still Quict.
(Ry Assoclated Prcfs.)
MUKDEN, September US.?Muny sklrm
Ji-hes nnd .re.connalsisunces aro reported to
licndqiiartcrs here. but except I'or theso
nulet stlll iircvulls. ln the tlghttng thut
hns been taklng pluee, the Russinn KCOtltS
Jinve iilnmst invtifiably shown snporior
ti, tho Japanese. both in riding and flght
lltjcf. ,, ? ,,
f Thc Jnpuhese movement: itp.tho litilso.
?Ktver nppanrs to hc by a comparatively
Hinall fdrce.
Haiding pnrtles from Ihe Russinn army
hringiiig.ln mans^prlsoners. licuutiful au
ifuinn wcither ?ou'iilimies.
I Rclnforccments nre itrrlylng rnpidly.
Over ljOOO convalesccnts have returned to
duty. . . ,.
Thc railway is In Kood working condl?
tion. Offieei-s nre distrllhiliug tho rc
servc of stores Ihat wus brought up from
D,uio Yang. as ndcuu'uto supplies aro now
coinlriK i? from the north,
Detulls of thc rightlng near Inpu be?
tween Hentsluputze and the rnllronj on
Pc-plember 26th. show thnt uonernl Mlst
chensko'n scouts, uccompnnled by u coin
panyof nrtlllery. nttacked a Jiipunesc po
sition, where thore were a baUery of iir
tlllerv, two squadrons of cavalry nnd
two 'compnnles of infantry. Tho Japa?
neso were shelled out of their posltlon on
h. hill and sufferc-il heavy loss. As tlicy
fetired the Russlans oocupicd the hill
UDtil nlghtfull, when they. too. rotired
xmder covcr of'durkness^ havlng lost only
three men.
Thc Jupnne.se aro scndlng out largo pnr
tlcs of scouts d.-illy With the objoct ot
clieekitiK the Russlans' cimllnuous ralds.
Thc march of General \icnneitknmpff, s
Cofsucks around the Japaneso rlght flnnk.
which wns nientloncd ln theso dlspatchos
on SepfetnlHM- 26th, was a rcmarkable per
frrmnnee. Accompaiilod by u baltcry of
artlllery, tho Cossueks i-overcd eighly
3niles iii fifty-two hours. They struck the
cnemy north of Bentslaputze on Soptem
her 19th, nnd tlionec continued r-outh clr
cling the Jnpnncse rlght flunk and com?
ing unexpectedly on the Jnpnncse line of
coimmtnleations n'eiir Bontsthu oi? the
hnnk of the Toitse Rlver, .Septomber 22tl,
lnfllfted eonsldevable damoge. The Jnpii
nesc were thrown' into 'groat confusion,
but the, Cbssacks retired with a loss of
only two killed.i ,
Uoc-tor Maltveleff, who. was caplurcd
hv the Japanese at Llao Yang. snys thnt
the Japanese nre sufferlng seycrely froei
dysentcry, and thnt they begged hls us
BlVtance ln comhalinK the dlsease.
Japan to Call fpr Subscription of
$40,000,000?Army to bc
(By Assoclated Press.)
'TOKIO. September 2S?5.P. M.? Thc gov
C'riuneiu has decided to flont another do
mestlc loan of $40,000,0(10 on conditions sim
ilnr 10 tlie last. Tho Issue prico wlll bc
92 nnd the Interest n per cent.
Buslness conditions Indlcnte n henvy
Biibscriptlon. The mlnlster nf finance will
jr.eet thn bnhkers of Tokio Thursday, und
oi Osfika und NuRjjya'.on,Siiturdny, to
dlscuss the loan. ... ... ? "'
llt is prohnble tliat the eonseriptlon law
?will bc amended, Increnslng tbe servlce
ln the n-serve five years nnd nniklng Ihe
rcgular reserve servieo total scvcnteeii
years uiul five numths. Thls menns 11
large increase jn tlif strenglh of the
3?cpoi-ted Tli;\t Schwab Has
Orders for' Several?Xixon's
Big Contract.
(Speclal ln 'ihe Tliiics-IilM?itih.l
NEW YORIC. '-.-..?pteiiilpi-i- 28.?ln Will
Btrec-L. t'i-day tho stoi-y Ihat wlir-u Chns,
A.' Schwab stniteii ror Snn Franciscci ton
dnys ago, he carrled ln his pbekot tlie
terms of 11 contract with tho Jiipui?,.-ie
government for coiwlructloh of fpiirii en
liHillesblps and i-nilsr-rs. wns ropijateil.
Only two iii'-u bf-Bldos .Mr. Sohwul) ufi'l
tbe agerilw of tln- Japanese goVeriupont
wepi opiivcrsanl with the deiails of tlm
contract. '1'eWe men are Johu W. Ciiili-s
nnd Ollver Wren.
Tlie ostensiliie purpose of Sehwul.'s
trlp West was to: attend the recoive-rs'
lt Pays
witli an "up-to-date" phnrniuoy
Where "the best" Ih only ubtaln
able, "Why have a reputatlpn
,f lt cannot lu- KiiHlnliied'."' We
have two well located slores ?
carry tlie ch?i}ceBt Ilno of cjrugs,
i!i<riii(VilH. tbllet jjoodg, i-u--?
employ Otlly 'rr-glstend phuima
i-lslH in our pii-scriplion depai t
nxiit and ln many ways can wo
nerve you apceptably.
mr- "CUT HKSHT" Kystem auil
sell :>ll pulent medlcliies ut rc
duced pilujft!.
WeCan SaveYou Money.
Polk Miilir Orug Company
olk Milltr<ChUdr*y Go.,
Leaders in Low Prlces.
New Sults, new Vests, new
Overcoats. "Beat Ever" shown
ln Richmond.
From New A'ork Sun?"Tho tendcncy
now Is to oiitllno tho figtiro but vaguely,
exccpting ut tho iiock nnd shoitlders.
Thero. Is'no sevnrer t.e.st of a tailor s bo?*
lly thon to mako lo'oso clothlng llt well.
Our New Fall Goods are on
these llnes.
Our Shoes at $3.80, liko last
season, are the-bestito be had
anywhere at:,'?:.$3',80?ln . lact
they're sold,. many'.o! thom,
at $8.00 elsewhere.. w.
sale of Uio Unlon Iron AA-'orks. Several
closc uonferences between Mr. Schwub
luul iiRents of the Jnpunese govornw.out
now ln this city wero followed by iho
suiriinonlng of Dr. Marsliall AVnrd, hla
borllicr-ln-luw, from Plttsburg a woek
hefpro Mr. Suhwnb eWirl.od AAr0Rt. r> Dr.
\A\-u-d ihcn huriiccl to tho Bethlehent
Steel WaiJtf. . ' ' ? "' ? ?
I.ewls Nixon, former president of the
United SUiles Shlpbulldlng Company,
has Hccured one of the largest govei-n
ineiit secured 011 record. Ho brought
witli him 011 his rotunv?from Kuropo two
wecks ?ngo a contract, calllng for tho
supply of thirteen now torpedo bouts for
use by a leadlng Kuropenn powcr. w'lioh
thore Is good reason to bellnvo ia tlim'.a.
From tlie day of hls return, Ui* shlp
yards at Dorth Amboy, havo been work?
lng day aml nlght for the spcddy I'tilC'll
mont of the. order. Already tho nkole
tons of ten torpedo bonts, each nbout
one hundred feet. long, have ttikcn Mha.-e.
Japanese Boats Sunk.
(By Aesoclslcd Press.) _
l-ONDON. .September 2S.?A dtspatch lo
n news ugency from Vladlvostuk says
that, according to reports from Port Ar?
thur. two JupiiiieHC torpedo boats and a
japaneso steamer havo been sutiic by
mlnes near -Port Arthur durlng tbe lnst
few days. A .liipaneso crulscr of tho
Nlltuka type, lt ia added, wus badly dam
Tlie Dally Mail's T.Ino Yam. correspond
cnt tele'graphed Soplember 2Sth: ?? :
??Tho-winter eqiilpnient lor Ihc .1 ipa
iie?e troops ia completcd. Kresh supplies
of amiiuinition havo arrlved; and the l
army is retidy to march "t n inottionm
notice. The pei-sonal treatment of for
olBii correspondents with tlie Japanese
has bcen cbmpletely revolutloulzc-cl."
The Theatres
This Week.
Acndcmy: Thursday,' Matlnee and
Nlght, "The Eternal City."
BIJou: All the Week, "How He Won
Her." .
"Tho Klc'rnal City." SuU Calne's
nramntlxiition of hls noyel ot the same
name; is a powcrful play, strong in ac?
tlon. nnd always holding the audience
wlth tho intensity of its scenes. but
never cnrrylng Uiem beyond a certaln
"jtot of thc scenes nro worked up just
to the polnt of a melodramatle. (.llmax,
and then end suddonly and O-JloUy.
ThlH irtan i" Uio construction of the
n'vco ls inoa-l. effectlve wlth the audience.
t cir.les the nuflleiicp lo the jump ng
off place, ond then leaves Iwihltfi. hi
th,. alr sufr- und souiid, when they ex
Pdeted to mhke the leap. rX^pta/^uW
no douht have n pecul ar effc-t upon a
ci?llory audience.' lt would work them up
fis t , l polnt when they prepuro to
let II erhVclvcH lciosc. und then tho sceiie
woui'i "iid l.-avins thom looklng fopllsh,
liko the mnn who ruiis to 11 blockcd streot
ci-ossing, thinklng Ihero Is a light, and
finds' a I'lmcrul proccas'oii passlng. s
Wo lilliy, which ls in flve ac-ts. Nind
seven scenes, 1k ihterestihg from flrst to
lnst T.hc audloiicc ls always looklng for
new dovelopmeiits, 1111,1 ls always tr.ving
i,, iiiiili-i|iiil.iv some ellniujc, whlch doean t
cbme. ,,
Tlie eoniphny ls* n most cnpahle one,
Mr Kdwiir'd' Morgan, u? Davld uosel,
glves 11 <iuh-i. though furt-eful portriiyal
of llio character. He posscsses tv hand
sorilo stugo presonce. und .Iiiik n well
hiodulated, evon-tonetl voiee, thnt makes
his every apoeeh most Imprcsslve, lie
ls (liilet ln liis'melliods, but very earnost.
Mlss .liinet AS'uldorf gave to the part
of Dbnm'i Ronia ihat subtle eharm wlth
wiiicli the author eiidowod iho clwra'ctdi'.
Tho Baron BonejU of Mr. Frc'dorlp dp
BQllovllle. wiia a. splondld pleco of work.
Mr. W. K. I'.onney mit'do 11 inaiily, wliolo
souled, lnst v Bruiio Rocco, hls work bo?
lng of ilutt' liearty, robust nnluro, that
jnipresses 0110 witli Its foree. I lo recolved
rluo i-ocogriltlbn for .IiIh cxei-lleiit nortvay
nl of the role. Mr, 'Frimk C. Iliings, nn
old favorlto here, wIiuho homo, by tlie
way, wns onoo ln ihls city, ploycd tlie
Vu\?- with a (iulet digtilty, thouijli witli
iili t.he aliow of feeling thnt Iho part de
miinded. ,
Tlie production wns miperhly mountod,
nnd Ihe special Inridi-nlal iiiiihIc, com
poaod and urrtuiged hy Pletro Moscagnl,
added niueh 10 tlie effecilveness of tho
i pei-formuneo.
Tlie. play wlll be ropeatcd niutlnee nnd
evenlng io-dfiy. Tlie afternoon perform
anco wlll betr n nt Sil.6, and the evenlng
i performanco at 8:l*J.
Caught Public Fancy.
"How lie AVon Her" seems lo have
caught Ihe public fancy al tho HJJ011,
whero lt la belng played to large audl
eneeg ut eiieh perl'onniince. llllly C'lif
f.ul-d whllo thn star of tho orgiKiizatlon,
doea not huviV to depend solely 011 hls
OWU el'lorU for the fun of tlie produc
tiuii, lie haai a jcood company, parllrular
ly the Joy Sislei-s, M.iinle. Dnlzie and
J.nlzie: They ui*- slngers und duiKers and
K.mii one*.
Thei'fl 1k lo be 11 iiiiitliiet- lo-rlay, wlth
! Ihe bill iilH-hunged for tlie liiilance. or thc
? week.
A Desperate Chance.
I Thi- Hijiui ui-xt wei-K wlll ufr*lr one of
the lotbul ol' iiielcnliiiiiia.-i. vsii'-ii "A Des
perale (.liehva" i.-^ in ln- played. The play
I [1 bv TAoodore Krenicv, nnd wlll lmlij the
| board a t lm i-iilin- week.
| Tim Htory dciU wilh tlie fajnoua 1'liddln
I lirothera, al I'ii-.-Iuh-k. wIh-m thoy wore
I J-, iili-iici-j li> liaiig for muiili i- -and were
ir-li-aFed li.v llu- wif.- of Ihe waidcn, who
j l-.ul be.i'Oino Infaluated "wlth one of tho
lin-ii. Wuuic-il -ini I'Piweis niiil frults lo
! iiie nn ii whlle thoy wero awaltlug exe
i ititlon. aml 111 ? - tvlfu 0!' |lio wnrden placed
i- "i-.'-is wud liles und ^utts in iht-lr
1 I..UI-.;*,
State Association Addressed by
Mayor McCarthy aiid ls
Grcatly Plcased.
Reports of Various Officers Show
Organization to bc in Pros
perous Conditioii.
The Slate Llquor Doalors' Association
oonvened yesterday at Sangor Hall for
ihclr niinual meetlng, nnd the attendance
of dolegatcs -was most gratlfylng <lo tho
,hody, there belng over sixty dolegatcs
present from outslde of tho clty. Tho
fcaturo of thc huteincss sesslons yesterday
was tho address of MayoK McCarthy,
whleli wns most plenslng to thc meni
hcrs nnd hcartlly in accbrd wlth thelr
idoas and prlnciples. Thc sesslon wns
devotcd to tho readlng of tho varlous
reports, and last nlght tho locnl associa?
tion tendercd. thc organization a bnnquot,
Whlch wns pronounccd to bc ono of tho
most successrul nnd .dellghtful entcrtain
menits ever glven to tho association.
The Opening Session.
At noon yesterday Prcsldent Lefew, of
the loeul association, Introduced tho
Mayor, and when ho had concluded he
wns responded to by Prcsldent John A.
Lesnor, of tho State association. A recess
of llvo mlnutes was then taiten, nnd thc
body went into oxecutlvo sesslon, which
lnstcd untll dlnner hour. In tho nfter?
noon tho bods- agaln assomblcd and tho
varlous reports wwc read. ' Prcsldent
LesnofJs paper guve a revlew of what
tiia body had done durlng tho past. your
and what glguntlc strides hud boen mado
in ihe artvancoment and upllftlng of the.
*Iquo rtraflic. The presldertt also offered
several suggestions'. whlch wero of a
most important naturo to the association.
Tlie socretary's report wns read by Mr.
L. B. Hnncock, of Norfolk. The trens
urcr's report wns submltted by Mr. Xj',
IiUzarus, of Lynchburg.
Mayor McCarthy's Talk.
Mayor McCarthy's address before the
A'ssoclaitlon made a most favorable ini
prossion, nnd hls brond vlcws on tho sub
,1eot were applauded time nnd agaln dur?
lng hls speech. Tho Mayor weleomcd^
the body In a fow well chosen words,*"
after which he dwelt at length upon the
posltlon that tho llqnor 'dealor held in
tho-commerclal orld. Tho Mayor con?
tinued thnt tho honest llqnor dealer was
desorving fof tho samo protectlon that
any other merchant mlght bo allowed. Hc
sald that it is- pcculiar in Its naturo and
noces'snrily luirlcr surveillanco. It needs
tho guidn'nee of tho most intelligent. far
seelng nnd consclontious men. Thoso who,
conduct it cnn do moro thnn others to
protect It by compelllng obedlence to law
and suhmission to regulation. |
At this Junotiire Mayor McCarthy was
npplaudcd heartily. Ho said thnt the salo
of powdcr and drugs is regulatcd hy law,
thc enrrying -of concealed weapons ls
mado unlawful, nulsnnces aro required to
bo nbutodi, crimo Is punished. Nelther
the'mnn who sells plstols nor the r.inn
who sells- powdcr lfl ?held nccountable for
the. acts of thn mnn who buys them.
Tho Mavor saldf'"rho mornl is: Punlsh
tho debnuchee artd tlio'-druhkard; hold
them to s-trie.t account."
The Mayor took up tho new State law
undctf whleh so munv. clubs have re?
cently sprung iiito existence, nnd criti
elscd It in a most sevcro manncr, saylng
that justlco to tlio heavily taxed llquor
deuler domunded its repeal,/ >r
Banquet Last Night. \
Last night Sanger Hall presented a
brilllant nppearanco' whon the State
llquor dealcrs asscmbled around tho fes
tlvo bonrd.
Covers wore lald for about threo hun?
dred, and an elegant menu was sorved by
Henry Lerch.
President Lefew, of the local associa?
tion and president of the Virglnia-Cnro
llna Grocery Conipuiiy, presided as tonst
master, and in a most happy veln lntro
ducod tho speakers of the evenlng.
Between tlie speecJies and durlng ,the
banquet Thllow's o<-chestra pltiycd prctty
President Lesnor, of tho Stato Asso?
ciation, wus first cnlled upon nnd re?
sponded ln a most pleasant munner. nnd
then conferrcd tho honor upon flrst Vicc
Prcsldent K, S. Fltzglbbons, of Norfolk.
who responded ln a. happy munner, Ho
wns followed hy George McD. Blnke.
Mr. A. von Roscnegk dwelt nt length
upon the successfui year nnd'tho s.lrldes
Ihe organization had tnken. Mr. E. E.
Downhnm, ono of tho most vcnernhle
mombers of thc body nnd a rcprcscntu
tlve of Alex'nndiia, dellvcred a speech
whlch de.lifjhteil the nssemblngo. Among
tlie otliers iSpealcers of the cvenliit? wero:
J. E. Prlnee, of Norfolk; N. Motzger, of
Js'orfolk; E. M. Hnrmon, of Staunton; L.
Lnznrus, of Lynchburg, and many others.
Mr. XV. T Crti'ks asslsted Mr. Lofow ln
carlng for tho gucsls.
Thc association wlll nssemblc ihis
mornlng nt !):"0 nnd a huslness sesslon
wlll bo held nt whlch time thc oflicers
for the piisuing year will be clected.
(By Assoclated Press.)
BOSTON, MASS... Sept. 28,?Tho fear
hns bceinno general ln locul shipping
cliclc'H that tho liark AVIllard Mudgett,
bound from Newport News .for Bnngor.
wlth conl, founderod durlng 4J10 storm
of September 14th and was lost wlth all
on board. Sho wns last reported Sep?
tember 18th, thirty mlles off t'enwlck's
Island, Tlie vessel left Newport Nnws.
September 10th, under commund of Cap?
taln Freil Wnnehurd, of Searsport, Me.
Captaln Wm. nianchatd, tho father of the
captaln of tho barlc, und ona ot the besi
known sea cnptalns along the New E;>B
land eonst, was also aboard. The vessel
carrled a ci-ew of ten mon,
Tho burk Willard Mudgett was bullt
nl Stoekton. Mo,, in 1874, She reglsteit-d
,s:i!i tuiiH gi'oss,
A Hoiiseholu Remedy
tvtty <ur? </! u.i..*.um
btlng .'i ? .'.',.-? i* './>
Inj .[? Uk 1/!'?.? ? ??*
ttuci'mf il.riMtvM -!?'//)
?h#.n lai/tiiti l?/m ??/
14 ;:i-. II it iftt-t Tvek.
and ll? alfn<?i-*uprra?'-ul*1 >****tt I*',**'!**
Jutiify \n ln V"-""" '?* * " "i ' l ''-'?
diteattt, I <lln*(i,or.t *?* Wtntt.
Prloe,?l p<u hfACit.tit jiiwttbt iot ?*.
FOR ?M ffV A'-l l.>..'fi ???
MOK Or VWfllJMtVL CVtit,
..'I'-Orf r ?rf ta -.,-->'.' 1 Ul'.-i'l^',.-,
lll.UOU 11AI.M CO., AT/.A^tA/OA,
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you bny at thc
mmi, store.
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Smith &Talman
Masonic Temple.
Republican Meeting Held Last
Niglit at Opcning of Indian
apolis Campaign.
(By Assoclated Press.)
INDIANAPOL1S, IND., Sopt. 28.?The
flrst Republlcnn meetlng of tho enmpnign
at Indlanapolls was held ln Tomllnson
Hnll to-nlght. Congrossmun Overstreet
presided and In a brief address lntro
duccd Senutor Bcverldge, who sald among
other thlngs:
"Elghteen nlnety-slx was no inoro a
tlme for sllence and hiding; than 1801 wns
a tlmo for cowurdlce and cxas'lon. It
was not only a polltlcal struggie. but on
both sldes it wns a moral struggie. On
both sides men who had for years trlm?
med and compromised threw uslde expe
dlency nd spoko and acted nn priuciples.
Wus Grover Cleveland sllent then? Old
he by hls vote conclone what ho declared
with hls volco would bo a crfrne? Were
Senator Teller and tho band of llfe-long
Republlcuns who mnrched out of tho St.
Louis Convention sllent then? Did thoy
nondono by thelr voles, what tholr
tongues proeluimed would be a erime?
Wero John M. Pnlmor and General Buck
uer and tho host of gold Democrnts sllent
then? Thoiisuiids of lifo-long' Rcpuhli
enns left tholr party; tliou?nnds of llfo
long Democrnts left their pnrty. Among
clghty mllllons of people thero was a new
ulignment; luindreds of thouijunds clinng
ing sldes, nnd nll becnuso of a prlnci
plu which they belleved would determine
tlie future of tho republlc; yet at thls
hour when men wero deslroyliiK thelr
polltical futuro for prlnclple's sake, in
thls hour mndo lieroio by thelr devotlon
to bellefs on both sldes?Allon B. Park?
er wns sllent. but he voted for frco sll
ver. Is thnt Iho kind of u man in whom
gold Democrnts cnn now lind the leadnr
of n eause? ls thnt tho ktnd'nf a ninn(
In whom silvov Pomocra'ts can now lind
tlio leailor of a onuFO?"
(Contlnucd frorn Flrst Page.)
wus asked about tbe rovlvnl of the re?
port that he Is to leave eastorn Ii ad
quurters and go West for tho remiind'r
of tho campaign. Mr, Tusglit donl.d
the Htatement abHolutely, und snld tbe-:
ho wns tlred of hearlng suoh a ropoit.
"Tho faet is," lie kuIiI. "tl at J. T, Kan
iilng wlll gp to Indlana enrly rou Wco't
und rernnln there 11 ahort tlme, after
whlch ho wlll return 10 Now York. I
wlll sluy ilght lu-'M! untll a few .layd
before election day, when I wlll go to
Indluuu lo vote,"
The Betting.
Parker-moii'-y w.<x o'fereil wlth moro
frei-d'iui lu the Bruad Htre-t curfo mir
kei at odrit of I t'i I" 10 iliy. lJrokijr?
tvlili commlaxlona t'< plHOI Itcpsuiolt
tli"l,<y v,,i<- dHMlti'lliig " l?I ut 1 t<> '1.
Kven moiuy pfwullcl Ihat UoiiKuytJt
V.'.ul'l inn/ Ih' i'.liiH- et .','<' W 'lOlU. I'llt
f,!',- ?/,,;<- vfiiinA ot \o 10 'j 11 at ii-rii'K
v.;:i i/': i)"?i'-'i.
;,'// riit'.y. r> ',.'? <??, ':-. .-.i u?
i- ? ? ? /.-;*? )'.. if-/ -a ? i,t) .,-f,,;i.|
? ? ? ?: U i "' l> Ot,..,?iU:
'/ l>ii 1'<**,'P..<; (..?* Ut ?<*t *>i tjit}>/
members of hls pnrty -who oceupy hlg'h
posltlons'.p'olltleally. nnd eommerclttlly aa"
on hls present vislt 'to New Yofrk. The
candldalo's rodma at tho Hotel Sovlllo,
?whlch wero well filled yesterday, were
ovcrmn wlth visitors to-day. Mnhy came
to dlsctiss. flubjccta of intofeat In i-am
palgn work and others to coiigratiiiate
tho Judge on hls lotter of acceptfmcft
nnd hls enmpalgn genornlly.
For tlio flrst tlftie on hls New York
trlps tho candldnte nocopted a, dlnner
iiivltnllon. Fo'r breakfnst and liltir-hcon
ho Avent to tho maln dlnlng toorri of hls
holcl, but ln the evenlng ho accornpunlcd
Hownrd Tiiylof, brornlnont ln tha or?
ganlzation of Parker constitutlon clubs,
lo tho Unlon Club, whero they had dln?
ner. Mr. Taylor's only othor guest wns
Wllllam Travors Jcrome, dlstrict attor
noy of Now York.
As on former occnslons whon Judgo
Pnrkor hns vlslted Now York ho has
bcori urged to undortako eomo exton
slvo speitklng campaign on hls own be
half. lt undorstood that he has now
dcclarcd flnnl lils decislon not to make
polltical specclies except to delogjtluns
whlch may cnll on hlm at hls home at
Ksopus. lt seems likoly now he wlll
nccede to request that ho make two
specclies each week, eaoh speech eou
fincd to 0110 toplc capnblo of more than
one polillcnl lnterprctatlon.
No Headquarters in West.
An apparent aettlement for tho pres.nt
of the question of establlshmont of AV *st
crn Democratic headquarters wai nn
noitnccd at the Natlonal Committee rooms
to-day. Members of the Executlve Coin
mlttCQ sald no such headquarters would
be cstnbllshod, nnd ChnTrman Taggart
sald that letters and tclcgrams rcoelvod
to-dny mado lt appear that tho cslab
llshment of such headquarters was un
necessnry. Mr. Taggart expeots to go
AV'eat, and nlso to vlnlt such other polnta
aa aoom necessnry, but unlcss something
at present unforcspen oceurs, there will
ho no rofeulnr Western brnnch, and tho
campaign wlll ho mnnngod from Ihls city.
After hla conferenco with Judgo Parker
early to-dny, Senator Jllll saw a number
d"T Stato leaders at hls. hotel, and then
mado a trip down town. ln tho after?
noon ho went to tho Natlonal Democratic
headquarters and conferred wlth tho
mdnagers of the campaign. Savo to
cxpress hls general aatlsfnctlon wlth
present condltlons Senator Hlll had noth?
lng to say. AVhtle at headquarters he
arranged for some future speaklng dates.
Public Reception.
Nearly nll of the details for the public
receptlon to he glvon for Judge Parker
at tho Manhatlan Club havo been com
pleted. Tho receptlon, unles3 Bjme
chnnge ls made. wlll bo held on noxt
AA'cdnesday nlght. Invltations wlll bo
extended to tho Democratic Natlonal
Committee, nll members of the Parker
ConatiluUon Club ah'd a number of other
large DemocAtic organizatlons, Includlng
Tammany Hall. lt ls likoly that Justloa
D. Cady Herrlck and Representatlvo
Francis Burton Horrlson. candldates for
Governor and Lloutennnt-Govemor, re
spocltvely, wlll attend. Judge l Parker
does- not;lnlcnd to speak at tho rocep
Uon, a'rul, In fnct, no speeches of any
kind will be made, accordtng to the pres?
ent programme,
Judge. Parker saw many visitors to-day.
They hicludod Davld B. Hlll, Dclancy
Nlcoll, vlco-chalhnan of tho Natlonal
Committee;. Don Karnsworth. of flUnols;
Benjamin Ide AVhocler, president of tlio
Unlversity of Callfornia. wnd several of
tho Democratic mdnagers.
Will Come Frequently.
The liendquarters of Judge Parker,
whenever he vlslts New York hereafter,
will bo mado in the Hotel Scvllle. He
has reserved his present apartment on
tlio eiglith floor and expects to vislt New
York frequently.
' "This doc.s not mean, however," sald
one of hls managers to-doy, "that the
candldate will vislt thla city every week.
Hc has no intentlon now of comlng ex
oxcept when he feels'thut hls presonce will
beneflt the campulgn." ,
In relation to a plan to dlvlde tho po?
lltical campaign territory under varlous
responslble heads, it was sald to-day
that Natlonal C'huirmaii Taggart wlll not
open permanent headquarters ln the
' Mr. Taggart expecta to vislt Indlana,
Illinoia nnd AVIsconsIn at fr.equcnt in
trevals, but that wlll not take 1m away
from the actlve mannBoment of the na-.
tlonal campaign.
AVhon Judge Parker waa at JuYicheon
Charles F.' Murphy, U-ador of Tammany
Hall, waa ahown to his room and they
held a long conference.
South to be Conservatiye.
Sonator-clect-Isador Ruynor, who. was
cilected United States senator from Mary
land last winter, was ut the Democratic
natlonal headquarters nnd saw Messrs.
Sheehan, Taggart, Nlcoll, Bolmoht and
Dasid B. Hlll, who was also a caller.
After ithesds gontl*men had been ln con?
ferenco for somo time the annouueement
was ' made that Senator l"luyner would
take an octlve part in llio natlonal cam?
paign and would speak in New York on
Tuesday of next week.
ln an intorviow Mr. Rnyner said:
"AVo people In -tlio Southern States pro
pose to dlseuss the race question from a
conscrvutlve standipoint. The South wns
solvlng thls problem untll the President
undortook hls dlsastrous policy, WrVch Is
nbsblutely injurlous-to tho iiitorests of
every Southern commonwealth. Ho has
brought thls Issue upon hlmself and tho
ttuestlon must he plalnly submlttcd to the
pooplo of the North, nnd they wlll glve
It thelr attentlon, because tho Souihern_
Stales furnlsh two-thlrds of a sufTlolent
number of votes In tho cloctoral cpllego
to decido tho nleotlon."
Personals and Briefs.
Mlss Mattle llooc, of Ctimberlnnd 'county, la
In tlie city cn ronia homo from Monassae.
Sho leuvea for homo to-rlny.
Mr. Clnreoeo M. Faithful. who has beon/
attt-ndlng eollege II) Jilsnourl for n_veral yoam,'
In on a bricf vislt to hls old homo ln thlv
Rev. Mr. Blchardsoii, secretary <?? tho Antt
Saloon U-iigue. wlll 9*m*m-m\ Iniinanuol Bap?
tist. Church noxt Sunday. both inoming ar.d
nlght. ? _, , ??,
Mr. Andrew A\'. Uvnns, non nf Major AAJ
liaiu McK. 'fivaiin, contlnuos qulle slok in his
home, No.' 1M2 Clrovp Avenue, to tho regrct
of hla tminy frlctuls.
Mr. 13. T. lipld hns roturnod homo from an
?xtendeil vislt to biiltimoro und Atlantle City.
Mlss Xi. I'raii'eoH ltoblimon, of No. 701! North
Twenty-Nlxth Street, who has beon v!h|U-g
bar courIiib, Miss Jennlo Uland BlmpBon. of
Kllsaiboth City, N. C, *nd mihsi_s Graclo Hlaml
and Annlo Parker, ot Court Btroet, J'orts
inuuth, haa returned.
Mr?. JiAii A, Lancastor and faml|y have re?
turned from n vl?lt .to Ch'arlotto county.
AV. Y. fiaundors returned .to the city yo?.
tc-i-iluy tn nttond lllchmond Academy,.
Mr. James Tull, Jr.. of New York, Ib vlslt?
lng ?t tbe homo of lils iinolo, Mr. John J.
Powell, No. 3205 Floyd Avenue.
Cudet ivanlioo Helator, Jr., has gone to
UlaekshurK. Va? tu resuina. tils studlos nt tho
Vlrglnla Polytcchnlo Instltute. The youiur
mau l? stlll on erulclics ulid sufferliiB from
tho effect of a kick ou tho knoo by a horse
u. week ago.
MIb? Amy Tutwll'er Iiuh returned to Iho
clly nfter Hpeudlng winio tlmo wlth ber nunt.
Mrs. R. Ii, lllekiion is tho guest of
frlends In Danvlllo', _ , ,, ..
Dr. Joiicph C. Dunford, of Cottago
Place, near Portsmouth, l? lu tho olty,
and will nhortly resnmo hls atudles at
Uio Unlversity CoUcgv of Medlclno.
Attiirnoy.nenerni Wllllam A. Anderson
Iiuh roturned- lo tho city. uftor a vislt of
wovoi'nl <hiys ln Stiiiiutnn,
.Mii'h "icnt.lt Totly hns roturned home,
Hftor a dellgbtfitf vislt to her slster, ln
Dn- Northern Noek,
Jtldgo W, 15, llolme.M, of Uoydton, Ara,,
Im in tlie olty, roliii'iilng from m. I.ouls,
wln-rc lu- ii.-iM heeu lor two weeks wlth
Mrc. 'I'.homiis und daiigliter, taklng in
iW Wi.iIiI'h Knlr.
Mr ,l,iii,(..t h, Hinllli, of No. in Houlll l'iia
IHi"i, u f-covriini: rrum on niliiek of blooil
l-.li-.'.i,, v.lilrh lin i-oiiirailmj from n woiiiel
i<"i-i"l oll tli" rli:h?. liaml whllu operullng
,ri* ff ib* prlmlruj p/i-Miii lu Ifoun'ii lllho
Kroptdow **l?VIUIinU'l)l.
Th* Infw.t i iilld "f Mr nnd Wm. Frnnk
iUt.pinui.jH, ui,., live nn U?ulh I'lno Hlreel,
,'?,M!.??/. lo lii^novc vluwly.
Ut 1,1m IV. KlMii, wl,M reeuilly rmignrA
?. ti'*MU*i ut tu? i'liiu Liica ^imrniu^. (9
jiittst bc rcspccted, for thc reason that it is sthe
critic which passcs upon all things, and upon the
criticism of thc publie depends thc* success or
failurc of thc subject involved.
Thirty-four Thousand^ Pianos Sold Last
Year by The Oable Company Identif ies
the Opinion of the Publie as Favor
able to The Oable Line of
Pianos and Organs.
A half ccntury's ' experiencc in the mariufac
ture, of high-gradc instruments.
The perfecting of patents rcsulting from idcas
eminating from the fertile minds of the most
skillful workmen in their class.
Thc employmetlt of the highest grade. of nia
terial and labor have made thc
Dr. William Mason, Edgar Stillman Kclley,
Madamc Szumowska, Heinrich Gebhard,
Emil Paur, Emil Mollenhauer,
Moriu Moszkowski, Harold Baucr,
Arthur Nikisch, Elsa Vbn Grave-Jonas,^
And a Host of Others.
--Conover? Oable? Kingsbury?
?Well ington?Dekoven?Schu?
?bert PIANOS.
?Mason & Hamlin?Chicago?
?Cottage ORGANS.
The Cable Company's line\of Instruments is
the most satisfactory line manufactured.
$8.50 TO $65.00.
Phonograph Recordf 25o. each. 8heet Mualo at half prlce. t
The Cabircoinpany.
J, Q, CORLEY, Manao?r,
In tho Matter of I No. 518.
. Barikrunt. I Bankruptcy.
On thls 17th day of Septomber. A. D. 1W*.
on readlng thc pctltlon for dlschargo of
tho bankrupt, lt ls ??.??>,?
Ordered by the court, that a hcarlng bo
had upon the same on the 10th DA\ Ol
OCTOBER. A. D. 1901. before sa d
court, at Rlchmond. in sald dlstr ct, at 1
o'clock noon; and that notlco thereof ho
publlshed ln The Times-pisputch, a news?
paper prlnted in suld dlstrlot, and that
all known credltors and other p^rsons ln
Interest may appear at the sald tlme and
place, and show causo, lf any they havo.
why the prayer of the sald petltioner
should not bo granted.
And lt ls further ordered oy the court.
that tho clerk shall send by mall to all
known credltors ooples of sald petltlon nnd
thls order, addressed to them/ at tholr
puices of resldence as statod.
Wltness tho Honorable EDMUND WAD
DILL, Jr., Judgo of the sald court. and
the soul thereof, at Rlchmond, ln sald dls?
trlct, on the 17th day of September, A. D.
inai *
At'test: G. E. BOWDEN, Clerk.
By Joseph P. Brady, Deputy Clerk.
In tho Matter of | No. 530.
N. T. PURDY. ?' ; I>?
Bankrupt. I Bankruptcy,
On this 17th day of September, A. D. 1W1,
on readlng tlio potitlon for dlschargo of
the bankrupt, It Is . \ ? ; '
Ordered by the court, that a hearlng he
had upon the snrao on the 10th DA"i Oh
OCTOBER, A. D, 1004, boforo sald
court, at Rlchmond, In sald dlstrlct. at u
o'clock noon; and that notlco thoroof bo
publlshed In The Times-Dlspatch, a nows
papor ptintod in Bald dlstrlct, and that
nll/ known oredltprs and other persons ln
interest may appear at the sald tlmo unu
placo, nnd show cuuse, lf any thoy havo.
why tho prayer of tho suld^petitloncr
should not be granted. '.,'. . .< ,-.-?.
And lt ls further ordorod by tha/court,
that the clerk shall send by mall lo nl
known credltors coples of said petition nnrl
this order. addressed 10 them at thelr
places of residenco as Htated.
Wltness tho Honorable EDMUND WAD
DILL, Jr.. Judgo of the sald court, aiul
the seal thereof, at Rlchmond, ln said dis?
trict on the 17th day of September, A. D.
lf*Attest; G. E. BOWDEN. Clorlc.
By Joseph P. Brady, Deputy Clerk.
The Valentine Museum.
OPEN 10 A. M. TO 15 P. M.
The Confederate Museunt.
Opena dally from 9 A, M. to 5 P, M.
Admlssion, 25 cents. Freo on Saturday.
I ? ' " - ' ? =
Ralalgli, N, C, and return, $5.30, account
North Carollna Stato Agricultural Falr,
Innludlng admlssion to tho Falr. Tlckots
sold October flth to 21st, Inolttslvo, llmltod
to return at any tlmo before or on Octo?
ber 21, 1904, For furthor Informatlon an^
nly to
DIs. Pass, Age, Clty Tlcket Agt.
?Phone 405.
4~-r-- ,^i rv ? ? ?
nccppt a DOBltlon an State manajrer of Iha
HolllHtor- Tca Compuity. of \yisroiisln, wlth
liciuUmurtors in iiili KboJ IjuIMIiib, ls II"'1,0
Blck at hls r*?ldeuc? i# ?i?th Flrst Streot.
mikh Irnia Southall, who has b?on aulta
iilck ut lu-r naronis' liome, on Hoiiih uuii'l
'strrct, wlth typhold' <ev?r, ia sliglUty ln>
proved. .__?
died in japan
VOKOHAMA, September 28.?Lal'cndlo
llcurii. Ihe well known nutlior, dlecj nt
Toklu. Sentcniuer :cth. of heart troublr.
lllb' funnral wlll luko, l'luce Septembor
iXMJi. Ofiieml rc-Kiel ls oxprnsscd among
Ihe Junanese at Uic Ucat|i uf Mr. Hcani.
ACADEMY., -N?8dh^^,n?ernt!
ln Llebler Co.'s Magnlficent Production of
Supported by Mr. Frodcrlck do Belle.vllle,
Mr. Frank Bangs, Mlss/Janet AVal
dorf and Thlrty Others.
Prices: Matlnee?$1.00, 75c. 50a, 25C.J
Nlght?U.60-. .1, 60o., 36c, 25c.
4 Desperate Chance,
Founded on Noted Oaso of
All Next Week.
ln Amuslng Muslcal Drama
How HeWon Her
Mats. Thurs. and Sat
EVERV NICJI1T. Vaual Prices.
VACATION. .;. . ,,?
Martln & Alnslic.....Plalntlffs,
George E. Fisher, Donald B. Toucey,
ct als .Defendants.
(Upon an attachment returned'executed.)
The object of thls sult Is to obta n a do
oreo In favor of tlio plalntlffa against the
defenda-.it, Goorgo E. Flslior. for tho sum
of slx thousand IIvo hundred dollars, wlth
Intorcst on Hvo thousand fiollars, part
thereof, from Jnnuary lst, li)C'?, untll pald,
aud on flfteen hundred dollai-M. the reBidue
thereof, from January lst, 100.1, untll pald;
ond to that end to attach tho estate of
tho sald Goorgo E. Fisher -wlthln tho city
of Rlchmond nnd olsowhoVe inUie State
of Vlrglnla, and also tho dobts owlftg to
hlm ln sald city nnd eleowhore, ln sald
State; and further to n^tac-h aud subject
to -tho payment of such decreo, when oh
tnlned, two certaln traots of land in the
countv of Chostorlleld. Va ..standing ln
tho?name of Donald B. TDur.oy. the one
contalning sovon und 03-100 acrcs. and tho
other contalning thlrty-four and 00-100
acres, both of whlch sald racts bf land
woro convoyed to tho sald Donald. B.
tSucoj by Andrew Plzzlnl, Jr.. by deed
dated May 30th, 1894, nnd recorded ln the
clerk'H offce of tho Clrcult Court of Chos
terlleld county, ln D. B. D0, page 284. ot
whloh sald two traots the sald Fisher li
tho oqultablo owner. .
And afildavlt havlng been made and fllod
that the sald George E. Fn.hor and the
sald Donald B. Toucey aro not rosldente
of thhi State. lt is ordered that they up
Donr hore wlthln flfteen daya after the
auo nub Ication of thls order and do what
ls nocessary to protect thelr Interests lo
^To'ste'1' ' CHAB. O. SAVII^E, Clerk.
Cannon & Qordon, p. a, sept SJaw-lw
TION, '. ? ' ? ,.,_,?.,
.ic-uiilu l,oMay.Plalntlff,
VVIIllan^'s, l,eMa>>.,.. .Defcndant,
.Tho objeot of thls sult ls to obtain an
ahsolule dlvoree by tlio plulntllf from the
dP.Vn"l ""llidavlt havlng beon mado a?<J
filed thnt tlie defe.ntlant Is not u rosldent
of tho Stato of Vli'Blnht. II ls ordered-that
Kpnoarhero wlihln flfioon days after
due publlcfitlon of thls order and co what
may be nocessary to protoot his Intore*.
ln thls sult. _ . _,....,. _*
Testo: I CUAS. O. SAVIJ^jB.^
p, Albert Smlth, p. ?!? ? ' (
bojU lo.-luW-UY

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