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UEA7HF.X FCRECASr.? luesda* tdir.
"Stinson" 10 Wire
Brussels Carpet $1.10 Yd.
Tlie "Stinson," Wilton back lowire Brussels is the best
Carpet made in this particular grade.
There are plenty of 10 wire (or so called 10 wire) Brussels
made and sold at perhaps a few cents a yard chcaper than the
"Stinson"?but in buying them, you are simply spending money
?when you purchase a "Stinson" you're maklng an invest*
ment that returns more than full value.
Beautiful colorings and new patterns.
We guarantee that this Carpet will outwear any other 10
wire tapestry Brussels made.
It's all in the ya.rn.and weaving.
All Carpet prices quotcd, include making, laying and lining.
73c, 85e and S1.00 yard for Tap- j ton Velvets.
estry Brussela In new patterns $1.25 a yard for Velvet Car
for any room ln the houso. pota In Hall. St.tlr nnd Parlor
$1.50 a yard for handsome pat- | ivattems; nlso Smlth Axmlnsters
terns in Body Brussels nnd Wll* ' and Blgelow Axmlnsters.
Our Rug Department
When yoii've looked through our magiiificent collection of
Rugs both Domcstic nnd Oricntal you'll not need any word of
ours to convince you that .the showing has never been equalled
in this city.
Beclnnlng wlth the llttle 16 lnch x 30 lnch Smyrna at 76c running
Uirough u complete list of sizes up to 0 s 12 ft Wlltons at $59.00, tlie
intermcdlate prices and slzes compriso the eholcest patterns and qunllties
of Smyrnas, Tapestry Brussels, Body Brussels, Axmlnsters and Wlltons.
The Oriental Rugs deserve a pagc.to themselves?so many
of them and so cxtpiisite are they- in wcave and tone.
Small Anatollans $2.50.
Room slze Serapl $250.00. Between thesp two you can Hnd any?
thlng you want.
May Manton Patterns, 10c. each on sale ln our Trimming Department,
See Our Ad. on Woman's Page Thls Evenlno/s News. Leader.
Mr. Corley to Retire.
Councilman J. G. Corley, of Henry
Ward. b-as removed hit* resldence to nn
other portlon of tbe clty, and will sliortly
offer hls res griatlon.
Kx-Councilman T. B. Hicks hns been
mentloned for tlie racancy wheii lt oc
i .us, but i: i? said tliat he is debarred
by i.hc Constltutlon, not having been out
of tho body for a jc-riod of twelve
Suingthe Company.
In the L->-v and tSciulty- Court yesterday.
ihe ca*; of M. K. Fendltfton'a adinlnlstrater
vs. th<- R.'c-hniord. Frederlcksburs and Foio
mac RhIIrvuI Company, was bein^ trlc-d, the
plairti>r alloginj 310,0<?1 drimaKea, Mr. 1'endleton
?'?? k'llcrt on the Plrhmon.;. Frcdcrlcksburg
and Potoinau linllr-'ad at A.sbland nbout a
! year ago. llo waa connected with the Vlrglnia
1 Fire and Marii.c Insurance Company. of this
cltv The caae wlll llkely be concluded to
Strong for Montague.
Mr. S. V. Southall. Jr., a promlnent lawyer
I of Emporla, was ln the clty on legal buslness
! yesterday. When asked how CJrcencsvllle
i county would probably ko on the senatorshlp,
Mr. Southall said: 'I cannot say, hut you
! may put lt down that I am for Governor
Montague first. last and all tlie tlmo.
Kings Daughters'.';to. Meet.
The Klng's lwignters of the city wlll
m^ct 'ut No. 711 East Franklln Street
Frlday at 1:30 P; M. All -members of tlie
i order nre bcins urged to bc prC3ent.
What Did tbe Woggle Bug Say?
Bvery :>.-ii<'.<;r of The TJmos-Dispatch wlll flnd himself or herself puzzllng
bverUbls'.perplexins questlon after he hns read tlie page ln tlie Magezjne Sec?
tlon devoted lo ihe flolngu of the "Queer Vlsitora From the Marveloua Land
of Oi" '
Tln: Woye!ri Bug, wlso man of the party, wi'dertakes to annwer all ques
tlons for his opmra.d<;s frorn Oi. He lias to answer one each week, _ Hls an
sivr is iiot printed; Tho n-ader :h left to dlscover lt. The plctures and do
scripUve inatt.-r make this eorilparatlvely oany to tlie nctive mlnd. Both the
plcturea and the siory nre guldcs to the solutlon of the prpblem. and tho ques?
tlon cdihlta pf but one correct answer. The puzzles requlre only o'rdlhary sklll
To stiroulale interest ln the vlslt of the people from the I.and of Oz. The
Times-Dlapatcli will glve Twenty Dollars ln cash and five coples of, Mr. Baum's
Interc'sffrig bojtU "The Marvelovts Land of Oz" each month to thoso of lts
re-idtih \vhb Bend ln correct or nearly correct answers to the qucstlons put
to ihe Wogglo Eug by liis companlons.
Oct 4 Use Thls Coupon Only ^^ a
The ?answur'io the questlon asked of the Woggle Bug in the Magazine
Sectlon of the paper of SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 18th, ls?
Name .?,.
Street and Number .
Town or Clty.
Stato .
No employe of The Tlmea-Dl^patch or member of an employe'a famllv
llowed to enttr the contest. f
Is allov/ad
FILL OUT THE ABOVE COUPON. Also tho coupon to be found each day
ln The Tlmes-Dlspatch untll the end of October. SAVIS YOUR COUPONB amj
on Uie joet day of tho mohtli aend them all to the WoaGLE BUCJ EDitor,' The
TliiH-s-LUpotch, rticlimond, Va.i
1. For tho gceau-bi. nunipw of ooirtjct aiiBwers.
2. For the next largest nuinbor of correct answeiw.
"i For the- tnlrd fargem number of porroot unawors.
?i. For ihe (ogrth largest nuinbor of correot ai.awt-ni.
:,'. for the flvo next laisest number of correct dnsw&rH (books)
o; For the clfht u.x: largest niimberu ot corroct anewcrs ('-'5 i
. r.
nttij. 2
The la-rqc-at number of correct anawera wlna.
AJi coupor-s for ar.y one roonth will be conac.-utively numbered. and must
bo i:\aoei in one onvolopc and arratiged ln the order of tlu-lr publlcatlon
Only pno pouppi) of tlio surae aate can bo placed ln nlt UHine eiiv?i?-,. ,,
unov.ca tor tho inonth. ?"veiopo of
lf more thun one tndivldual Hhould bave evfcry coupon oorrectlv ,.,.,, l.
-lid .yroj-oily anangej, tne filM f.rlzc would be divi.jecj betwoon the vi ',',.,?="
?tlier pilzw- will bc slmilaily rtlvldfed |ri caso uny number of conusunis >- ,
ic baine number of ainwers that are ujualiy correct, but not abaoluu v ?
ConteataiiU r.eed not wrlte the sume anewera nn all coupons is*aued frtr *
,ne week. A diffoient anawer can be wrltten for each uay; but n v,,. y
iuro J'oti ar? righl. you will. of couise, wrile ii,u H?i,: uiiowor on all oouJili,
baued for any otic Hunday. Rcmember, tiic largets. i.-imber of coriuct an v'
UlO -a
All ooupons for any one mopth must bo placed ln tho aanie ahvelona *.,*
ln the offlce of Tbe Tlmes-Ulapatel, by 10 A. M. of ihu Bcf day of \h?
l)? ...
followlng inonth
Mr. A. I. Millcr Stricken While
Conducting.Services at Kcn
nescth Isracl Synagogue.
Ehgaged in Business Here for
.Many Years and Had
Manv Friends.
Mr. A, I. Mlller*; bno of thn .otdtat blisl
iH-ss men ,of ihls clty. nnd wdll known
hore, dled eiidoenly v.m-ta conUucUtlu!"a
portlon of tho p'erylce at Kcnneseth Isi-hcI
Synagogno on Sunrlny,
.Mr. .Mlller had been reciuosted to asslft
ln the servlce, and was ln tlie net of con
tlncting- It whon scen lo attigfror nnd fall
tu tho floor. Whon . ..scvonil porso'ns
rcuohorl hlm life tvits cxtlnot.
Tho body was nt once tu'a-n lo hls lato
home. No. 415 North l'"ir<?T Streot.
Mr. Mlllar had been ln fniiing ltfftllh
for several years. Ho was ln pplcndld
splrlts, howevor when he left bls homo
on Sunday mornlng. Hlf< deRth came a?
H grent shoclc to his famlly nnd n ltirgo
clrclc of frlend?.
Mr. Mlller war born ln Biirahy, Foland.
but cmno to. Amerlca thlriy-uine years
ngo. Ho took up his abodo ln Richmond
and engaged'tn'the dry*-goods., business.
He conducted a store on Elghth'Street
for several years. but later secured quar
ters on Broad Street, where ho remalned
until he retired from actlve business life.
Mr. Mlller marrled Miss Hannah Bern
stetn In 1S66. before coming to thls coun?
try. ? He ls survlved by hls wlfo and seven i
chlldren, as follows: JDsses Sarah. Cor
nella and Bva Mlller; Messrs. Wolfe,
Samuel, EUIs and Charles Mtller. Two
brothers?Samtiel and Louls Mlller, and
two slsters?Mrs. Ida Jacbbv'of Chicago;
and Mrs. Hannah Goldstoln, Of Chllll
cothe, Ohlo, also survive.
Mr. Mlller had hosts of frlend3, and was
beloved by all who new hlm, and he was
partlcularly devoted to hls famlly, belng
consldercd by all a :most charitable and
nelghborly man.
The funeral wlll ta.ke place thls after?
noon at 3:30 o'clock from tlie resldence,
No. 415 North Flcst Street. The Interment
will be made ln 'the Hebrew Cemetery at
Council Provides for Enforce
ment ot Masurier Ordinancc.
' Captaln rtobert'Le Masurier offered tho fol
lowh.g resjlutlon last nlght, whlch wao adopt
ed, callia, u)?on the clty atornay to ttce that
tho ordinancc recently adopted provent.ng po?
lltlcal actlvity among, clty omployos?ia en
forccd:, '.
1. That the clty attorney bo, and he ls
hereby . ipstruutcd, to asoertaln whether any
cby offalal, amploye or. mcmber of any mu
nlolpal ioard ln connection- wlth- the cl.y
eov mment has vlolated the provlslons of an
ordinancc e'ritftled "An ordinancc to prohlbit
clty offlclals, ciployes or "inembers of any
munlclpal board ln connection wlth tbe c.ty
g.vernn'icnt to scr-c as judge, reglstrar ? or
e.erk at any election, regular or prlmary,
or as memberof any atandlng rommltte/j ?.'
any polttlcaJ party.' approvcd July 15, ls 1,
and ln case thera has been any vlolatlon' of
the same to toke tho necessary legal atepa to
enforce the provlsion of said brdlnanee.
i. And the clty attorney Is dlrecterl to report
the result of hla proceodinrs under the forf
golng resolutlon to elther braneb of the Coun
Mr. Huber offered ordlnances ln the
Coirncil last nicht ln part a-s foliows:
Thnt tho CornmHtee on M rkct- be ro
qiilred to provldc sultnb'e roeepttcles to
hold trash nnd other debrls, and have Ihe
SHino sultably locatod ln the ma. k t
houses and at convenlent places out lde
of the .'market houses for the deposlt of
trasli and debrls, nnd it slnll ke the du'y
of a|| rcnt'-rs of stalls wlthln tha markot
liOUHOS and all persons ocnipylug p ac s
wlthln tbe pivclncts of the market lor
the purposo of so llng country produce, to
placo and deposlt in Fticli reeo; taeps II
trnsh a.ucl ojtbev dcbrls crcated by hem.
Thnt u shall be uulawfttl for any pcrs n
Ua lolter In or nbout tho market liou es
or proclncts cif nny market. ,-nid nny such
person shall he llabln tji n tlnn of r.ot Irss
than two dollars nor. more tlinn'ten do
lars for eaT.h offense, the satno to (a
recoy.orablo beforo the pollce jusilce of the
city of Rlchmond.
Hatch-Adams Move Shows From
Manchester to Richmond,
The b'g carnlvnl.nt VTest End Electrlc
Park openod yesterday afternoon wlth
flftorn flrst-class shows, rnnelng from
the. blg sensntlonal aets In Uie Roman
Collsenm down to tlie latighln-r gallpry. .
The Hatch-Adams caravan arr'ved early
yestorday mornlmr froni Manohester, nnd
wlth addod attractions fnr the weok here.
.Manager Hartzell, of the pnrlt. found
thero overy ruiractlon was of a elean
and ontortalnl.'.g chnraoter, and as overy
thlng ls at ropulur prlces, lt ih- expected
that the park.wlll tnko on n regular Corey
Ifland alr for gayaty and crowda thla
week. The Passengcr nnd power Com
pniiy put on extra cars for tlio nlght
The carnlval renialna nll wook, with
perfprmancfta beglnning every afternoon
at 3 and every nlght at (1,
New Business Here.
Mr. Ju'inn, Btwlpiij; hns Just purcliaaed
all the Fox Dol'veiy Imcrests and wlll
estab'ish a dnllverv buslness, to bo known
a? "M.-rohanls Parcei Dellvery," wlth
Mr WM'arn K'nnecly. of Cincinnati, as
the. rna/ioger,.
A fentu're of tho buslrieps wlll be thr
cjellvery pf paclfflgea und p'ircels for
fitorCB, ihtiK dolpg iwnv with the uece?.
slty of the earrylng of dellvery waeons
by the storos.
Won First Prize.
Mr Luvli H?ld. wii of Mr- i?aac ReM, wlio
II .ip.pluved an wlndow ctocorotor und card
writor at c-inf w*||'? clgar sbirc, hai Juat
*oji a (Ui prl? ii, n>,v york for tho mon
attracllvo wlndow dl?idny. Hla ?as the flrot
prlae. The cont-bt waa open to tbe world, und
Wtera were ovor OW oompttltora.
Safaly and Speediiy Through Mun
yon's Catarrh Spaoifios,
lt tha Tima Whsn This Disaaaa Gats
a Foofhold-Wisy Hot
I have been so suceesaful ln'the etiro
of catarrh iill. over tho Dnitfed Stu.es,.
nll o\'or the world, for thai nwtUr; thnt
1 ninio.it feel that 1 'can safely clalm ln?
The symptoms of catarrh nre plaln.
Ton cannot tn.Htako tho dlscllargos from
the nose nnd throat. the bad'brcnth. the
ftuffy feellng In tho none; the prcssnr'e
and palns In tho hend. dlzztiicf's, snceiS.ng,
iic.se-b.f-ed. inflamen. iv^.erv - cye.-, I.a*
hllity to take cold; f-tupid," dull feellng
Jn tlio head; nauson. derffllOSS and tho
hnwklng nnd splttlng o-f mucus that drops
li-.im the'nosc into.tho throat.
I want every perspn who suffers from
catarrh to got n bottle oi tiiy Cn arrh
Cure nnd take It ncco'rd nc lo dliectloiis
find seo how quJekly lt wlll stop nll cu
tnrrlial dlscharges from tlie no. o; t o
dropp ng of niuciis into tho gtdrritioll, pa ni
ln the head, cllz2ln.ess, ijiflame.l 6ye?s,
nAUSoa, doufnop.s. hawklng nnd spl.tltig
nnd other dlsogreoablo feattiras ol' m.
torrh.- . , . .
reorl."- who suffer wllh catarrh of 'Hio
no.sn. hend andtiuoat should hv nll ni<*)3lls
get a paskngo of my C;i arrh Tatvots
and ui.c. thom as a wasb; Thla wa*h wlll
clrnnyp, roothe and heal all soro spols,
h.'ir.den the mnmbrancs utui prevent tnk
Iiir fresh colds.
I do not bellove thero Is n en.?o of cn
tarrhj wbetlior lt Is ln tho hend, throat,
lungs or stomach, that my Catarrh Cure
and Catnrrh TubleUs will not cure?
m uxvon. .
Munyon's Paw-Paw Tonlc ls tho grca.t
est hojpto tho run-down. tho nervous nnd
tho deprussed. lt driv-;.- the blues nwny,
Kives all the oxhllaration recfulrcd, fortl
lles you ngalnst dlsea'aoi and wlll m.tkc
you feel like a now pcrson. lt w.ll posl
tlvely cure Dyspepsla; Nervousncs.-v ar.d .
SleepIessnCss. ,
Munyon's Rhctimatlsm Cure soldoro?
falls to rclleve ln one to .three hours", and
cures in a few days. . ? , .
Munyon's Cold Cure prevents pneumo
nla. nnd' breaks ttp a cold In a few hotire.
Munyon's- Cottgh Cure Ftopa ? coughs,
nlght' swoat.s, allays sorenoss and spced
ily heals tho lungs.
.Munyon's Kldncy Cure. speediiy. curcs
pninrf In the back, lo.'ns or groln, nnd
ali forms of kldne.y dlsca&e.
Munyon's Hoadache Curo,stops head
ache in three mlnutes.
Munyotis' Fever Cure broaks up a fever
ln an hour at most.
Munyon's Paw-Paw Laxatlve PUls wlll
keep tho liver In order and posltlvely
cure constlpatlon, btllousnoss, jaundlce
;snd all dlseases arlslng from a torp.d
Munyon's Witch Hazel Soap and other
Wltch Hazel Tollet Preparatlons wlll giVA
any one a skln like velvet and a'.< c.ear
eomplexlon. ' /?'
A play doallng wlth crn,...._ . the
manner that "A Desperate Chanco" does
cannot'pdssibly eievaie tne-moials of a
communlty. it has tne sfune eueec upon
tne imrtds of the average youth as he
dlme novel, and the play is Just about as
Li-ashy as that type oi "literaluro."
Thls melodrama. is loosely put together
and does not even hold the stau..c.iest
supportors.of that class of play?the 0al
iery patrons. Tho g.-ilierlea la?t n.g.it, in
the flnal ao't of the piay, broKo looae and
interrupted Uie dialogue several t.mes
wlth such remarks a3 "Good-byo Jack'
and "take hun out." When the'p.iest,
holdlng up hls hand ln announclng t..e
death of ono of the Blddie bXiLners. sa.d.
"It's all over," some one ln ihe orchestia
sald, "Well, let's go." Thero Is someth.ng
radically wrong wlth a play when lt ta.i
hold nolthor Uio gallery nor ihe oi'chea
tru, And all of tnose Interrupuons--^c
ctirred durlng ihe most senous act ln tne
play, that showing - the 'two liiddie
botners irT thelr dylng'hour.'
There ls pleniy of shuotlng ln tha p.ay
and several stwrtng scencs. '1 he play la
just the sort to have a hard tlme w.th
the Monday n.ght. audlence. comi^i^ed
largciy of those who attend rtgularly
every flrst nlght. The Monday nlgh- au_I
ence at the Bijou ls uioie crk.cal-than
,iny tlrat gathers ln that house dtu-ihg the
temaindcr o.f the week. ? ? ?
While ."A Desperate Chance" entertana
?an aud.ence. the latter wlll not take lt
Keriouely'; And-then the play lacks wh.t
most melodramns .possees, a whol.-aome
ouuLrusL oi vice ana vuiue. ln thls pay';
vlrttto has rather a bad time of lu vi^e
cornc-s In for all of the app.auso. T,.e
company ls about up to tho ave.age.
Bettina Gerard.
Wlth a comedy of such unquestlonable
fame as "The Marriago of Kltty," ai.d
a east headfd by such popular arts,s
os Bettina Gerard and Max Flgman,
tn-eteis a.,su.ed promlso of dellghtful
and novel entertalnment at tho A?tdemy
on Thursday, matlnee -.and. nlght, Miss
C-orard ls well known a-i the favorlto of
mapy of the most successful comlc opsra
produotlons..of tho past decade, and Mr.
Klginan *as one of the best and most
attractlve lght comedlana on the Amerl?
can stage. Manager Jules Murry has fur
nJshod tho cortiedy wlth a compieto sconlo
outllt that exactly reproduces tho beau?
tlful settlngs. with lovely vlows of Lako
O'cnova, that woro so-much admlred dur
Incr tho long and brllllantly succe-sful
run of "Tho Mirrla'te of Kltty" ut the
New York Hudson Theatro.
FfliV^ <-f '"-ii-r"^.
Tho Connnlttoe on Cemetorles. sched
u'jo'd to meet al 5:S0 -yesterday afternoon,
falled of a nuoruni. -
Commlsuloncr of Agrtcultiire q, w, Kolnor,
who has Jurst rcturned from St. Louls, wlll
li>avo to-morrow tor Fannvllle, \ra.; to atttnd
the State Convention pf Toliacco Growcr'., |Ie
wlll go to St. Loul? agaln durlng .tho T>resent
month. . .' ? .
Circuit Court Opened Yesterday
and Cases Set for :
Several Railroad Companies Dc
fendants and Heavy Dain
ages Asked.
.Tho October torm of the Honrlco Court
won . opened yostordtiy i.y Jtidge Bcott
nnd one of the Iftrgiat crowtls thnt hus
over been seen nt tlie courtliousa was ou
It dld not talto tlie Judge long to got
down to btislners and when tho court
ndjotirned yeatcrday, thlngs had beon
wbippod Into firsl-class order and ready
for tho many tiinls thnt are net for tho
t o'nn.
Tnie bllls were brought ln. In all of
the felony ertseo except thut of \V. U.
IJ'irton. . '
Trlnls were set for tbo followlng da'tbai
Emm:i Watklns. Opiohbr 5th; Loulso Dur
ton. October fith: Wllllnm Ilend rson, O?
tobor tJtb; Cl-arlea Porry, Octobor tlth!
Rlchard On?h'iii?, Ootober 7th: Sarali
James. b'ci6i..r 8 th; Nat. Mlles, October
10th; G?or?\"B. Anderson. Jr.. October
lOC; A5> *?? ajid James II. Coit.re.ll, Oc?
tober n.'i. WaJker Young. Ootober 12th; ,
Emnmiei Nnsh. October llitlv. John Gov
don, October 13th. Wllllnm F. Flelda. W.
II. Flclds and Lee Flrlds. Octotler 14th;
Flpinlng Whlto, Octobor 151 h.
Th? Important clyll cases were aet as
follows; J. 13. 'Uornur vs. Amerlcan Loeo
mo'live Works, October 21st; Nannlo M.
Every Detail of Meri's
And Boys9 Dress
is provjded here to the limitof style?to
the limit of quality?to the Hinit of de
sirability, and offering the Hhiit ot.value.
(Cont'nilcd from Flr?:t Paze )
got ln a flght over tho name matter, nnd
Fulcher rioao wns dlsflgurcd for llfe.
On Saturday mornlng Kulcber was hi
forrriod that Burne t nnd Mrs.' Fulcher
had boen seen t tli klng togotlier oil Uroarl
Stroet. He went to n. certaln ntorr, whom
ho Vniow ho could find Burnett, aaid called
to hlm:
"Come out here; I want to sec you,"
ho called.
RtiTflbtt ?aw what he fell was U'ouhlo
brewlng, and replied that hc could riot
sec hlm then, as he was suffering wlth
a sore arni.
"Very well; I wlll seo you lntor," re
markocl Kulcber, as he ?vent away!
V<-< -dny mornlng, piortly after 30
o'clook. Fulcher wnnt Into tbo bar on
flevctiteentb Stroet Immedlatcly oppo
*lf?> the flaailon house. Burnett wn.s
"1 hnd no Idea tJiat Burnett was ln tho
Paintcr, Who Shot Four Bnllets Into Body of Henry
Couslns vs. Vlrglnla Passenger and Pow- I
er Company, October 20th; James O. Tins?
ley vs. Chesapeako nnd Ohlo. November
4th; Josoph Hoffman vs. American Loco
motlve Company, November 24th; W. F.
Crouch vs. Chesapeake and Ohlo, Novem?
ber 28th; PCSy Col s"s Admlnistrator vs.
Seaboard Alr Llne, November 22d; Frank
C. Bostdck vs. West End Electrlc Park
Company and A. Plzsslnl, Jr.. November
3d;-John F. Fohlrrtann vs. Seaboard Alr j
Llne. November 18th. j
Burnctt.CIbbs'wus fined $5 In two cascs ]
of mlsdemennor. John Stralth was fined
$3 and Earncst Stelnmetz was likewlse
llned the same nmount, both for mlsde- (
meanor. . V i
Important and Interesting Opin
ion Given by Attorney-General.
Attornoy-General Wllllam A. Anderson
has Just glven an oplnion ln wTltlng ln
responsc to an Inqulry by the Secretary
of Ihe Cpmmonwealth as to prepnymtnt
of the poll tax as a prercqulsltc lo regls
tratlon, whloh wlll bo of great lntorcst
nnd lmportance. In brlef, the Attorney
General holds that the Constltutlon fur
nlshes an authorltv for the roglstration
of any persc?u otherwlse quahried who
shall have pald hls poll lajces for the
three yoarv pext precedlng thnt ln whlch
ho offers to reglster. and that he make
such payment nnd reglster at any tlm*
before the llnal date set for the regls
tratlon of voters. ??','?
Tho Attorney-General make6 the d!stlnc
tlon, however rhiit section '-1 of tho Con?
stltutlon requires thnt a person otherwlse
qunllfled must have pald hls poll taxe3 at
least slx moutlw prlor to tbo oloriio" tn
whlch he offers to vote. In brlef, tho de
cslon of the Attornoy-Ger.ora! means that
one may reglster, evon thoush ho has pald
hls poll tax less than alx months before
ho offers to' reglster, but ln ordor to be
able to vote he shall'have pald hls poll
tax at least slx months before eiection.
Where Postum ^dvertising is Done.
Out at Battle Creek, Mlch., among tYie
troes, flowers and gpeen lawna la a most
uniquo bullding dovoted entlrely to ad
vertlslng. U la occupled. by tbe Qrandln
Advertlslng Agency, Ltct, whloh hartdlcs
among other acc'ounts. tho advortlsing
of tbe Pontum Cereal Co. Ltd.. nggrega,t.
Ing in round (Igurea pjie milllon dollars
i, year, p?rhaps the largest.approprlntldn
of nny ono coneern ln tji'o wprld.
Proinliifiit nowspaper and magilno pubr
libne? and thelr upecial repieseiHaUvea
in largo nurnbcr from New York, Chlcngo
nnd varlous "parls of the caiuitry atten'ded
tho" formal opoiilng of thls buildlng, and
a biiriqitet.ot tho. Post. Tayern.'as guoats
of C. W, Post,
* The publishors Inspected tho 14 or 16
factory bulldlnga of this father- of>the
prepared food Industry wlth cspeolal In?
terest., fpr lt has grown t? lts pivsenl
colossal proportlops ln u trlfle less than
8'yoarx. a marked examplo of the power
of good and pontlnuous advertlslrig of
artlcles oi' pianounccd roerlt.
place," he said ln a atatement at the hos
pltai yesterday afternoon. "But as aoon
as I saw hlm I went up to hlm and grab
bed him by tlie coat collar and a.ruck
him. 1 was not armed, nor dld 1 thlnk
he was."
Fought, Though Shot.
The scuffle was short. Wltnesses say
that Fulcher struck Burnett several blows,
ln tho mix-up Burnett reached into hls
pockot and drew hls platol, whlch ho
flred at close quarters Into Fulcher's body.
lt waa a short, but deapcrato alruggio.
After having been shot the powerful
Fulcher aucceoded ln taklng tho rayolycr
from Burnett. The latter then ran out of
tlio door over to th? station houso, where
he surrendered. He displnyed all Indlca
tions of fear of Fulclier, and when the
latter, wounded as he was, waa taken
into tho aer6*eant's ofllce at the stanon.
Burnett shrank back, (clb though afraid
be woiild harm hlin then and tnero.
. At the bar-room it was aia.ed that tho
scuffle and tho shooting was done so
..iiucWy thaf.no ono .n .hero knew wbo the
assallanta were uilll Burnett rushed out
dnd Fulcher had staggered up agaiusl ti'o
bar. . _.. ,
the plstol was a Harrlngton and Rleh
ards 32, wlth five loads. Aftor taklng lt
from Burnett, Fulcher handed it to the
barkceper, and said:
.'.'I-wisrh I had shot hlrn."
Fnlolier is a well known man among
.1:0 spbrtlng fraternlty. Hc (oimerly con
ducted a saloon on lower Main Street.
but recently has been In connection wuh
hls brother, managlng a social club on
Lroarl Street, near Seveptb.
Burnett ls a polntop- and wns einployen
bv R. L. Potera. Ho waa tornietly eti
gaged on one of the street car llnes. He
U. a much smaller man than fulcher,
who ls stalwart, wlth a flne consUtutlon.
which some of the doctora hope wlll aid
him ln pulllng through.
Three bullets landed ln .Fulcher s body
ono .near the center of the stomacb, ono
ln the chest as a glance.trom the colh.r
bene. and tho thlrd ln j-he tett lilp. Tne
fourth-bullet grazed the rlght arm.
Took a Statement
In antlclpatlon of h'.s death, Common.
wealth's Attorney Richardson, Mr, Ti. AL
Smlth, counsel for Burnott, nnd Uetoc
tivo Glbson went to tho Vlrglnia Hos
pltal to got tho doposltion. Fulcher
maxlo a statement, Iho substance of whlch
lt- glven above. ...
When askod if he felt he was about to
dle, ho said thnt he reallzed lie wns m
a serlous conditlon. but that "as long
as.thero wns llfe, there wab hopo."
Theatateipont waa not. ihcre.fore, taken
at :tbe tlmo, as nn .nnte-morten stato
in?nt, but wlll be held untll .tho last- mo.
nient.nnd wlll then bo read to hlm. altt-r
be rcai:zes thero Is no hope of his ro
At the station house last nlght Burnett
rofmsed to eay anythirg about tho casi,
Hls counsel had dtrected him lo keep
qulet. ? Ho tntlmated, however, that ho
feared V?o^Jly harm ' at ?be hands of
Fulcher, and was In no conditlon to (Iglit
because he had a sore arm,- whloh was
Uelng treatod by Pr Parker,
Car Tickets fcr CounrUmen,
Sergeant-at'Arms Q. C. Rufkell lnst
nlght .dlstrlbutod tlckots ontltllrig mem
bers^of tho Council to free s reet car
trunt>portatlo? durlng the tnonth of Oc?
tober. , '
Library Onen at Night.
The Stato Llbrary wlll bo open untll 10
P M, every dny except Sunday for* tho
ensulng elglU months. Thls. lf ln accord
with the now polloy ad.optod last sprlng.
when the llbrary was opened at ??gtH and
wns vlsltOf)- hy 'nundreri*. tvho took nd
vnntage ol' Iho npior ttn v to t.njoy the
prlviloges.of thi., iponrld I'rtstltulloh,
Many persons hnvo c.illwl nt thn llbr ry
alrouly. nnd ns Iho ati.unin nilvancoa and
tho ovedlhgs itiuthon it is oxj.octcd 1,1,11
htindrcd.s w.ll vlslt'thc library each dav.
S 215 E. Broatl Sl.
Li Mtti
We Are Sliowlng the llnntl
soir.est Line of Curtains
of Eycry Kintl.
Colored Laces,
215 E. Broad St.
Two Piano
Houses Merged
Into One.
Surplus stock will be sac
rificed in order to make room
for the elegant Chasc and the
Hackley and Carlisle Pianos.
The store of Chase Bros. has
been closed; and in future
the Pinnos. can be found at
our store.
3 Hackley. $400. rhpp worn.tfZSS
1 Chise, $4"i0, sl-op worn.if27S
1 Dane, $330. shpp worn.Si'OO
1 Capen, $400. shop worn..'.tf'i.R.)'
A few Planos at ijilOO. ij"125, 1^17!}.
119 E. broixd.
|s tho best proof that the publlc lUtes our
coal and the prompt way we dellver lt.
If you have never hnd a ton bf our fuel
In your cellar, now's the best tlmo to flnd
out what we furnlsh and how quIcWly
we" do It. Fi-'rkly, we are looklng fur
your trado. Mny we htve It?
Oak and Plno Wood ln nny lenglll.
No. mp K. Hroad'St.

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