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A Small
Tee?Dee Want Ad.
ln tlie Itnaullng or
Hooms For Kftllt col
tllllllS wlll flll tlioso v?
ctttiilcK for yoti.
There Is
No Belter Way To
boom your 1>usit?p*?i
thnn hy tialnR Tee-Deo
Wnnt Ads, '1'hono 84 9
for tlie Want Atl. ilinn.
The Weather.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 7.-I'*oreeast for
TiWhtlay und W'edt esdny:
Vlrgltiln-Pah- Tuesdiiy nnd Wednesday;
Varlablc wlnds.
North Carolina?Palr Tuesday. war.t'or
ln western portlon; Wednesday falr, lighl
to fresh enst wlnds.
Richmond's weather yesterday was clear
and cold.
_ A. M. ii
12 M<..?.yf
8 P. M.61
C P. M.<??
U P. M.4''
12 mldnlght..,.-<n
Avcrngo. .S 10
Hlrhost temperaturo yesterday. tjO
Lowest temperature yesterday. 31
Moan temperaturo vesterday. .
Normal leinporature for Novemhrt*.... 49
"Oopnrturc from normal temperaturo,. ?*?
Preclpltatioii durlng past Zl hours.... 00
November ?. 10W.
Sun rlnes.;..6".43 I HIGH T1D1-.
Sun sets.6:05 | Mornlng.-?.'"
Al 0011 sets.6:1_ | Evenlng.5:0J
TlmcB-Dlspatch wlll glvo a most com?
plete and olaborute dlspl.iy of tlie cloodun
return*. to-nlght by means of projec.o*
scope. scarchllght and megapnono, wo'io
a band of muslc and many pictures will
ontertain tho crowd lnvlted to luscmnle ln
the Capltol Squaro?All through ? iho
leriKth and bread Ui of tho bnltea fatates
to-day tho sllent ballots for the voters
-nvorite candldatft- wlll fall-Pocnhontas
to return a now boat, moro beautlful than
ever, about 15th of thls month; she w 11
resumo hor trlps on tho rlver-Council
by overwhelmlng vote agrees to Increaso
Mnyor's s.Uary to 5.J..V-J nnd Klve hlm a
.secretary: COmh-ltteca to conslder udvl~_
blllty of purcliaslng franchiiio of street
rallways lf thoy are sold. owhig to ll 0
proceedlnss In tho Kcderal Court-?-Ma
surlor ordinance wlll be tested ln the Po?
lice Court to-morrow, Messrs. Munn.ng,
Dynch and Duke belng sumrrioned to ap?
pear before Justlce Crutchfleld-Clrci'8
nleaies Ifir'g- audlence-Colored chlld
bii!_.od. MANCHESTER-l_*?t rally;
Wllllams, Willard nnd R. T. M_ntag c,
speakers, appear hopeful-Mall w_gon
craslicd Into by street car-Want Unlted
States llag over school-houso.
* Judgo Portlock ord <*rs rlgid ihvestlsatlon
In Berkley lynchlng and sensational de
velopments expected-At the close of tho
campalgn lh?rc wero grand rullles at
many points; Governor. Montague trptwo
-with Barkxdnlc at Charlotte Courthouse
and with Congrei-sman Swanson In Dan?
vllle at nlght; Wysor makes hls last
speech of the campaign at Wytheville In
company wlth John C. Draper; Congress?
man W. A. Jones and Mr, Dos Passos, of
New York, speak to enthusiastlc crowds
at Warsaw, Va.-Jos. O'B. Cuwood, Re?
publican polltlclan of Klng Georgo. un?
der Indictment for assault and battery
Hgnrnst hls own mothor-Rellcs of Amer
J'can stago burn in actors' cottates at
Four-Mlle Run-Wllllam Doherty. a
b^ller maker at Newport News. convicted
of perjury a? wltness against lllc-gal liquor
selling-A (JnltCd Slatos marshal's p'tsso
have an eneounter wlth citizens In Wash?
ington county while atlemptitfg to sorvo
an ord.r of tho coutt ond ono nian ls seri
ouslv cul-Young Hawles at Suftolk 10
fused ball on chargo of shootlng hls father
and arrested on charge of forglne h.s
name-Two men kllled and one badly
Bcaided ln a frelght wroek ner Rndford?
Tho Antl-Saloou L/etig-ue causo hoavy flnes
on lUegal liquor s.llers ln Accomac ?
Archer 8imuc'.-. aged cltlzen of Carolino,
kllled by.tr-in at Hanover Junction.
North Carolina.
E. Spencer Blackburg. Ropubllcan
candldate for Congress, dftquallfled from
voting-The majority In the State to-day
piaced at 30,0-0 to 00,000 for tho Dcmo
? Bettlng in New York favors Roosevelt
on general rosults; that tho President wlll
carry New York and that Herrick. ti.e
Democratlc notninee. will be eleeted Gov?
ernor; Democrats clalm eleotlon of Tur
Nallonnl Commltteeman Now says Parker
has thrown whatever chance ne may
h-ave hnd; West Vlrglnla Democrats hope?
ful of electlrig Paraer and Davls olectors,
but clnims victory as certain for Stato
tlcket-Tho armies wlthln stonc's throw,
of each other near Mukdon and there are
clash'OS almost. dnlly wlth prosnects of a
blg battle verv soon; Japanese mako
further galn's at Port Arthur and show
remarkable couragc-Tho West Virgln a
maintalns an average speed cxcaedlr.g
that required by her contract-Gay Boy
wins tho selling stakes at Acqueduct, do
_cating Crown Prince by two lengths?
Another conference between Fall River
cotton manufaetiirers and operatives w.th
out nvail-Preedman's Aid nnd I_du".a
tlonal Society makes many appropnatcs
for negro schools In tho South-Natlonal
Athletlc Club of Philadelphia makes a bid
for the Ryan-Root llght-Wisconsln antl
trust law uplield ln nowspaper case??
"Wlnter session of Cuban Congress meots
-Abandoned suits against Standard Oll
Co. re-cntered by wldow of deceased In
ventor-Members of tho Cablnet nll Wln
out ln Kouian electlons?Both sldes
clalm Illlnols-Chnuneey Depcw pays
trlbute to Booker Washlngton-?Pro-ldcnt
Roosevelt goes to Oyster Boy to east hla
vote and Judge Parker to Esopus.
^Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatoh.)
NOHPuLK, VA., November 7.?Judgo
Portlock to-day in a forcel'ul address 10
tho grand jury of tho Norfolk County
Court, charged them to make a searching
Investigatlon into tho lynchlng of tho
negro Georgo Blount lu Bcrkley two
weeks ngo.
Tho jury would havo oxamlned several
witnesscs ln tho caso to-day, but a ivo
nmii wltness who ls regarded by tho
oounty authorltles ns bolng tho most lm?
portant ln tho number hns left tho Stato
and' tho Investigatlon hj... bc-en post
poned untll next Tuesday. Somo very
Honsntlonul dovelopments nro expected
to fol'low tho jury's problng.
NORPOUv, VA., November 7.?A deal
of mystory Kitrrounds tho drowning of
Boatswaln Jnlinsoa, , ot' tho Br'tlsh
steamer Wearsldo, at 'Dnmbert's Polnt,
early Sunday mornlng and hintrs of mur?
der aro freely made. Two of the vossel's
crew havo badly blackonod eyes, and
isoine money found near tho spot from
whloh Johnson fell from tho dock to the
river has been Idontlflod as belonging
to the man. J Ils body has not been ro
covered, and the captain of the vessel
to-nlght refiiHod to mako any ntato
Tho 'J0 advt*rtl6omonts for liolp pub,
llshed in tuduy's Tinios Dlijwtoa ,ot?
pajje 10 arous I0II0W-:
(3 Afionts, 2 Sivlosmon.
1 Oilice, _ Doinestjos,
1 Tratlfc. 7 MiBcollaueous.
Thls not only liiton._ta those out of
work, hut l.iOBo deslrlng to liuprovd
thelr posltlons aB well.
The Reading of News
papers by th) Jury
Strongest Point.
McCue Declares He Does Not
Expect to be Hung and Has
No Intention of Suicide.
An Entirely New Theory
Set Up in Regard to
the Mu-der. ?
(Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlsnatch.)
7.?Public Interest that for the past threo
wcelts hns followed cagerly every de
tti.il of the trlnl and subsequent convlc
tlon of cx-Mayor McCue, charged wlth
the murder of hls wlfo, now centers ln
the effort of tho defense to have tho
verdlct sot asldo and a now hearlng of
the caso ordered.
At noon on Wednesday tho motlons
made lmmediately upon the close ot the
flnal session of tho court, wlll bo argued
beforo Judgo Morris. Of the varlous
grounds lald down at that tlmo, tho ma?
jority, as hltherto polnted out, arc of
u strlctly technlcnl character. The plea
that the court crred ln lts refusal to
lng certaln others offcred by tho
defense ls not serlously rogard
cd. It Is felt on every slde that
lt. thls respect tho defense received every
consldoratlon at the hands of the court,
and that, lf there was any dlfference at
all,'tho Instructlons were rather favorable
to McCuo than otherwlse. In fact. on
Tuesday nlght, November lst, lmmediate?
ly after tho Instructlons were granted
thls wrlter had occaslon to consult the
gentlemen of the defense enncerning ono
oi two matters In connection wlth tho
case. At that tlme they were ln the very
best of humor and expressed themselves
ns belng abundantly pleased and satis
flod wlth what they had got in tho way
of instructlons. It Is recalled as an
Interesting point that only two of tho
Instructlons thoy offered were rejected by
Jtdgo Morris. Several others wero modl
fled ln varylng degrccs.
Reading of Ncwspapers.
The two chlef grounds upon whlch the
motlon for a new trial wlll be mndo aro
the personal statement begun by Captaln
Woods In opon court and the fact that
some of the Jurymen read newspapers
durlng- tho trlal. Of these two the latter
!? the moro important and the coming
proceedlngs wlll In all probabillty hlnge
upon thls point. The conduct of the Jury
from bcgnnlng to-end, wlll, In fact, bq
scrupulously invesUgated by the defense.
Any other alleged irrcg-ularitlos wlll at
once bo made tho basls for a flght. On
Saturday nothlng of thls sort, outslde
of tho questlon of newspaper readlng was
In the hands of the lawyers. Mr. Cole
rnan lndlcated, however, that lf anythlng
clso should come to llght, ho and hls as
soclates would reserve the rlght to ln
cludo lt In the blll of objectlons.
Tho questlon tliat has arlsen In con.
ncctlon wlth tho rendlng of newspapers
recalls tho manner In whlch lt happened
to bo brought to the attentlon of the
court ln tho flrst Instance. In tho early
stages of the trlal, Mr. T. F. Parsons, a
Petersburg Juror, and one of the best of
tho twelve, arose at the end of a ses?
sion and formally requr-stcd tho court
to Indlcate to hlm what hc should not
do wlth reference to the readlng of tho
newspapers, Ile said he had been ln
tho hablt of scclng them regulnrly and
thnt suddenly to cut off hls communl?
catlon with tho world at large wpuld bo
to hlm a great deprlvntlon. It wns then
that Judge Morris, In the presence of the
attorney* for both sld"s nnd without ob
Jectlon from either, lald down the rulo
thnt the jurymen could rend tho newspa.
pors as much as they pleased, provlded
that ln nll cases they nvolded anythlng
bearlng upon tho trlal in whlch they
woro then sltting.
Tho cxamlnutlon of the twelve on Sat
(Continued on Flfth Pnge.)
Would Recover Alleged Darn?
ages From the Standard
Oil Company.
(By Assoclated Press.)
BOSTON, Novmnuor 7?Tho suit for
$50,000,000 brought by Elizabeth T.
Greenough, of Now York, agalnst llonry
H, Rogers, of tho Standard '011 Com
pfiny, whlch was dismissed by agrcoment
of tho partles on Soptember Ulth last,
was re-eniered to-day ln tho Supromo
Court, Tho new suit ia eutercd under tho
numo of Cadwnllader M. Kaymond vs.
llonry H. Itogers et als, tho dajnages
belng set at $50,000,000. As before thn par?
tles at Interest nro tho suine ns ln tho
provious suit, tho clulm belng asslgned to
C, M. Ilaymond, a frlend of Mrs.
Qreonough. Alfred Hcmmenyvny, of Bos?
ton. aocopted servlco on behalf of Mjf,
Mrs. Greonough ls udiiilnlstrntilx of
tho estato of her husband, Benjamln F.
Greonough, un Inventor, und' seelcs to re?
cover royaltles on Iho use of u secret
proenss for treiitlng potrolcuni to muho
lt non-exploslve. . ? .
Dr. Lefew Much Better.
(Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
BOANOKIfl, VA., Novenfljer 7.?Dr.
Frederlek J.efew's conditlon Is very inu h
Improved to-day, and physlclans are
more hopeful. than ut uny tlme slneo ho
was otabbed, '
The Times-Dlspatch
Special Correspond
ent's View.
Close Contact With Both Head?
quarters Does Not Warrant
Him in Making 'Absolute
Prediction, But Would
Not be Surprised
Either Way.
(Brwiclal to The Tlmes-DUpatch.)
NEW, YORK, Nov. 7.?Urey Wood
son, secretary of the Democratlc Na?
tional Commlttee, gavp out the fol?
lowlng statement to-nlght:
In antlclpatlon of the glorlous vlc?
tory we have won we have arranegd
for a monster celebratlon to-morrow
nlght when the election of Presldent
Parker Ib announced,
.1 say Presldent Parker because
there Is no doubt of It now. Advlcea
received to-day show that Indiana Is
.' Democratlc by a huge majority. New
York has been Democratlc, a lono
tlme, and there is no doubt about
that. Wlth Indiana and New York
the election of Parker ls certaln.
ln the celebratlon to-morrow nlght
we wlll show a huge canvas across
tho front of the Waldorf-Astorla
Hotel, where the offlclal bulletlna wlll
be dlsplayed.
Everybody should come down wlth
tln horns and ln a humo.r aufflclent
to properly celebrate the election of
the national Democratlc tlcket.
By Walter Edward Harris.
(From Staft Correspondent.)
NEW YORK. Nov. 7.?After flve or six
hours spent in the lobbles of a dozen
hotels to-nlght, I am convlnced that there
has not been an election ln thls country
in-years in whlch the result was Involved
ln such great cfaubU A hundred thousand
dollars was wagered on Roosevelt- ln
"Wall Street thls afternoon at oddB of 6
to 1. Many bets were made at 2 to 1 on
Roosevelt that ho would carry New York
Stato. Tho same odds prcvalled on Her
rlck's carrylng the State.
Desplte the tremendous odds agalnst
Parker, hls defeat ls not a foregone con
cluslon. The attitude of a large pro
portlon of the voters ln nll the doubtful
States is involved In impenetrable mys
tery. This makes a land-slldo to Parker
a possihlllty. Old-tlmers tell me that on
the nlght before the election of 1892, tho
odds were about as heavy agalnst Cleve
lnnd as they are agalnst Parker to-nlght,
Cleveland swept tho country by an ovcr
whelmlng majority. If summer up at
tho last moment ns it were the outloolc
may be deserlbed as foggy for Democrats
and hazy for Republicans. Roosevelt Is
Justlfled ln expectlng and Parker In hop
Ing to wln. I should not bo surprised
if Judgo Parker Is elected. The country
has gone wlth New York ln every na?
tional election for nearly forty years. The
samo Is true of Indiana. From tho most
rellable lnformation received to-day and
to-nlght, I am of tho oplnlon that Parker
wlll carry both States. The other so-call
ed "doubtful" States aro about as doubt?
ful as ever. though tho Democratlc,out
look In Connectleut, New Jersey and west
Virginia have materinlly Improvrd ln the
past three days. I bellevo thnt if Parker
loses those States lt wlll bo found ho was
defentrd by a majority enuallng tholr
total strength in the electoral collego. ln
othor words lt looks now ns though tho
three llttle tSates of Conncctlcut, New
Jersey and West Vlrglnia or any ono of
them might easlly declde the olectlon. Of
courso thls vlty precluded the probab
illty of a landsllde, whlch the politlclan
can no moro foretpll than tho sclentlst
can foretcjl an earthquako.
Both Sides Confident.
The national mnnngers of the two po?
litlcnl campnlgns profess as sreat confl?
denco on tho evo of election as they .dld
two months ago.
Tho Doniocratic National Commlttee
clalms that Judge Parkor wlll receive
l!TO electoral votes, thlrtyono tnoro than
a majority.
Tho Republlcan Commlttco wlll not nfl
mlt that the Presldent wlll receive less
than 300 electoral votes. Tho commlttee
clalms thnt Prcsldent Roosevelt wlll car?
ry New York.
*The chnnccs aro decidedly ln favor or
Judgo Parker'* carrylng New York State.
Tho election of Herrlck, the Democratlo
gubornutorlnl candldate, Is a foregone
concluslon. Ho wlll recelvo a large plu
mllty. Parker's plurallty ln Uw ? State
wlll-bo much smnllor. It ls said tliat
Charles F. Murphy oxpects thls clty to
glve Pnrker a plurallty of 140,000 at the
least Thls would Insuro tho electoral
vote of tho Stato for Parkor.
Probably Carry Indiana.
All reports from Indiana are encourag
inr to tho Democrats. Indeed, llttle doubt
that Parkor will. carry tho Stato Is now
oxpresscd. Bul tho plurallty wlll not be
'Thoro ls vory gravo doubt as to tho
result ln New Jorecy. Connectlout and
West Vlrglnia. Tho cluinces aro thnt
Dlack Democratlc candldate for tho gov
cmorshlp of New Jersoy, and Cornwell,
Oemoorutlo candldnto for tne governor
shlp of West Vlrglnia, wlll bo ? pcted,
If these two Stntes go Democratlo on
national Issues, lt wlll be very largoly
becuuso or tho strength of the State
tlckets. . _
lt ls not too much to expeot Demo?
cratlc Oovernors to bo olocted ln Now
York New Jersey, West Vlrglnia, Indl-<
li na 'und poaslbly Wlsconsln and Colo
rudo. Frobubllitles nre that tho oloc
tornt vote of New York und Inulana wlll
bb cust for Parkor. Tho result on tho
other Slatcs named la. doubtful, so fur
as tho nullonal contest |s concerned.
As to Next House.
I am in ft posltlon tu mnko the ppsltlve
statement that the Ropubllcans do not
exjieot a mujorlty of more than twenty
This Paper Will Give the Public
a Great Treat To
These Will Make the' AVaitsi
Most Interesting?Code
of Signals..
The dUplay of the election returns from
all over the Unlted States to-nlght by
The Tlmes-Dlspatch wlll be tho most
ccmploto and elaborate election buJletln
cfcrvlce ever glven by a Rlchmond news- j
paper. I
No expenso or labor hns been spared j
that can contrlbuto to the complotcncss
of the reports or tho offectlvo display
of them. and tho entertaJnmcnt of the
Interested crowd. From 8 o'clock untll
midnight Iardella's Band will play in;
the Capitol Squaro and meanwhllo the
bulletlns from nll tho States wlll. be
thrown upon a arge canvas -stretched In I
the Capitol Squaro. An Edison projocto- '
scopo wlll ho used to reflcct the enlnrged
bulletlns on tho hugo canvas, nnd when
bulletlns are slow coming, llfe-lifo mov?
lng plctures wlll bo shown. A search
llght wlll bc used to further enhanco tho
effect of tho display, und megaphono !
nervlce wlll bo called ln when- needod, |
Besldes tho completo bullotlnservlco of,j
the Assoclated Press. Tho Tlmes-Dls- j
patch will havo a Western Union bulle- ]
itln service, tho Postal bullctln service,
(Continued on Thlrd Page)
i (By Assoclated Press.)
? WASHINGTON, Nov. 7.? Falr
I weather for election day ls predlst
T ed by the Weather Bureau for the
+ entlre country wlth the exceptlon of
Statee, From northern Pennsylva
Atlanltc and' the New England
Statea. From northern Psnnsylva
nla over New York and throughout
New England the conditlon wlll be
unsettled wlth more or less cloudy
weather and local ralns, condltions
arlslng from a moderate d-spresalon
over the Ohlo Valley, whlch Is now
movlng e?stward, There wlll bo no
great storm over the area referred
tp, In New York clty moderate
temparature are predlcted, ranglng
froni forty degrees In the mornlng
to a maxlmum of flfty degrees or
more durlng the day, In northern
New York State from Albany
north, lower temperaUires wlll pro
vali Wlth flurrles of onow Instead
of raln. Throughout the South,
Weat and Northwest falr weather
la predlcted wlth eeasonable tempe
Said to be the Purpose of the
President to -Pursue This
Course if Beaten.
By Walter Edward Harris.
(Speclal From a Staff Corrcspondent.)
NEW YORK, November 7.?Thero is
scarcely a doubt that df President Roose?
velt ls defeated to-morrow he wlll con
tcst the eiection. Thero Is positlvo ground
for tho ussertion that should Judgo Park?
er be eleeted on the face of the returns
dt is tho rfhtbntlon of Mr. Roosevelt to
carry tho caso to Congress, and, prob?
ably the courts, oventually, and thus
creaito somothlng llko a parauel of tho
Tilden-Hayes sdtuatlon.
lt lias been learned that Mr. Roose?
velt has said that lf the, DemocrtuUc na?
tlonal tlcket should recelvo a prima facle
majority in tho electoral college, he will
dlsputo the result by ralsing tho questlon
of the constlun-ionallty of the olection as
held dn Southern States.
lt wlll bo contended that ln thoso States
whlch have adopted now Constltutions in
recent years, tho eiection "was not iieJd
ln accordanco wlth tho Pederal Consti?
tutlon, owing to tho oxclusion of practi?
cally all negroos from tho olectorato. On
thla ground tho oloctlon held ln every
Stato of the South, save Florida, Goor
gda. nnd Texas, could bo contested. Tlio
Presidont liris sald prvlately that tho
Supreme Court of tho Unlted States
has never passed dlrectly upon the ques?
tlon of tho constltutlonnlliy of tho pro
vlsions of tlio Constltutions of tho Statea
which hnvo sought to ellmlnuto tho ne?
gro from the olectorato. There aro many
Southern luwyors who take thn sumo
Tho exact courso whlch tho Presidont
would pursue In case of tho oloctlon of
Judgo Parker can only bo speculated
upon, lt ls presumed that action would
be deferred, posslbly until tho Congress
came to go through tho formalily of
ooiintlng the returns and declarlng tlio re?
sult of the oloctlon. Posslbly recourto
to the courts mlght bo hnd Immedlately
after the eleotlon.
Tho Houso of Roprosontatlves would al?
most corUUlnly de Democratlo ln caso of
tho eleotlon of a Domocratlc Pro3ldont,
but the new Congress would not bo seat
ed untll tho 4th of March, 1905, A Repub?
lican Sonato will count tho eleotlon re?
Thore aro only threo Democrats on the
Supromo Court beneh, Thero Is no doubt
thut In decldlng cases growlng out of tho
suffrage clauses of tho now Constltutions
of cortaln Southern States, tho court has
caused many to bellove It was not dis
posoi] to construe tho pederal Consti?
tutlon wlth great strletness. Nor Is lt be*
iltved that tho ootirt would rondur a par
tlsan declslon,
But lt lias not been forgotton that As*
soclato ilustleo Bradley, ns member of the
Jolnt lllgh Commlsslon to docldo whether
Tlldon or Ilayea wns eleeted Preridcnt
of tho Unlted Statcsi utterly failed to
rlso above pnrtlsunry, nnd voted wlth tbe
Sevon Republican members of tho com?
mlsslon ou every questlon rnlsed.
Thero nro many ehaiices 'thut Mr.
Roosevelt wlll not have uu oppoitunlty to
contest tho result of tho eiection, or will
not bo reduced to tho neoosslty of dolng
so, but thero ls nuthordty for the positlvo
nssortion thnt hls mind is mado un lo
carry tlio matter to tho courts lf .ludyo
Parker ls eleottni PI, M*<" fnco of the ro
Betting Favors President
Roosevelt in New
i?oreca3ts and Predictions Are
Made by Both Sides, But the
.Result Seems to be in Great
Doubt?The Claims of
Two Sides Vary
(Speclnl to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
NEW YORK, Nov. 7.?Late to-nlght
Geo. B, Cortelyou, chairman of the
Republlcan National Commlttee, said:
"I see no reason to change my es
tlmate from the flgures whlch I gave
Saturday nlght- ln a statement to
voters. Then I said that tho Repub?
licans would get no fewer than 314 of
the 478 votes ln tho electoral college.
No condltions have arlsen whlch. in
my estlmatlon wlll change thls estl
mate when the votes are counted to
"I am satisficd that the Republlcan
candldates wlll carry New York. They
wlll get llllnols by a large. majority.
Indiana, West Vlrglnia, New Jersey
and Connectlcut wlll be found In the
ranks of the Republicans,
"ln brlef, I bellev-e that Roosevelt
and Falrbanks wlll carry every North?
ern State wlth the posslble exceptlon
of Maryalnd and Nevada. Reports
from all parts of the country are as
encouragfng as ante-electlon reports
well can be.
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK, November 7.?From tho
pblltlclans to the people; from the cam?
paign mnnager3 to tho voters; from the
apeilblnders to tho ballot boxes; the presl
dentlal election, of 1WM Is now committed.
For months tho leaders have planncd,
for days and' nlghts they have schemed,
and for weeks the people have walted for
to-morrow, when they wlll make thelr
Rlght up to the hour when all effort
hnd ceosed, the campaign managers of
both partles confidently clnlm success
wlth a serenlty whloh seemed remarkablo
In vlew of the -wldo dlvergeneo of ex?
pressed oplnlon. Aslde from the prepara
tlnos for tho recorpt of the election re
?turns thero wns Ilttlo' evldence' of the
close of tho political campaign to-day,
imlcsa lt might bo found ln tho. absenco
of famlllnr faces about tho nr?tIonal and
State headquarters and hotcls. There
?was nothlng that Indlcatod nny oxcltemont
or undue Interest, nnd, ln fact, tho polltl?
cal henclquartcrs, both national nnd State,
-showed llttle of the activity that hns beon
noltceable up to tho en dof lnst w-eek.
Election roturns wlll be received at nll
tho headquarters. Chnlrmnn Cortelyou
wlll go to Hempstead, ??,. I., to vote, nnd
?upon hls return will remaln at the com?
mlttee rooms all tho cvenlnc?.
Vlce-Chalrman NIcoll, Clialrmnn Shee
h'an, of the Eoxecirtlvo Commlttee; Sec?
retary Woodson. wlll receavo t.ho roturns
at Democratlc National Commlttee rooms.
Cord Mcyer, chairman, and other Demo?
cratlo Stato commltteemen, wlll bo at
tho Hoffman Houso. Wllllam Barnes,
Jr., chairman of the Executive Commlt?
tee, wlll bo ln chargo at tho Republlcan
rooms In the Flfth Avenuo Hotel. The
bottlng on tho presldentlal result was
liveller to-day than any any other tlmo
durlng tho campaign. It ls estlmated
that nearly $300,000 was wagercd on tho
Erond Stroet curb, and ln tho varlous
Tho rullng odds wero 6 to 1 on Rooso
velt, on tho general rosult; 2 to 1 that
Roosevelt would carry New York, and '2
to 1 thnt Herrlck wlll defeat Higgins for
the governorshlp. One foet on the Presl?
dent was of $5,000 to *S0O. Ono man of?
fered $50,000 or any part of lt nt the odds
of 6 to 1 on Roosevelt without takers.
Tho hoavlest Stnte bot wns llO.OOO to JS.BOO
on Herrlck. Another Herrlck bet was
$10,000 to $0,000. A Wall Streot houso of
(Contlnued on Socond Pnge.)
Results at Rome Show the Gov?
ernment to Have Been
(By Assoclated Preim.)
ROME, Novembor 7.?Deflnlto returns
chow thnt all the members of the Cnblnet
havo been re-elected.
Summlng up tho rosult, It ls estnbllshod
that the government has been vlctorlus
over tho oxtromlsts who lost twenty
seats. Turln, Naples, Palermo and al?
most all the largo towns Jolned Mllnn
and Genoa ln dofeatlng tho oxtremlsts
na a rnanlfestatlon agalnst the general
strike. Thls really was tho prodomlnant
note in tho elcotlons.
The most remnrkablo contest was ln
tho dlstrict of Castolfraneo, comprlslng
the blrthplnce of tho Pope.
Count DI.Maeoln, who , kllled Slgnor
Cnvnllottl, tho famous radlcal leader, ln
a duel,' hud always been re-electod for
Cu&telfiimoo on tho flrst ballot, but yes?
terday, although supported by the elert
cala tho count, who Is a personnl
frlend of tho Pope, dld not recelvo suftl
clont votes ln hls' contest ngnlnst tho
democrut und inlplstorhil eanilldalo, Slg?
nor Pcllegrlnl, u. stauiieh ndvocnto of
divorco, nnd Mucolu must try to wln
Ru a second ballot.
Are Only Few Hundred
Yards Apart and Big
Battle Expected.
After Three Days of Continu
ous Bombardment, in Which
Great Damage Is Done,
They Take More
Advanced Posi
(By Assoclated Proas.y
MUKDEN, Nov. 7.?Tho Russlan anfl
Japaneso armles, extendlng from Bontsl*
putso, east, to tho Llao Rlver, west, at
places aro almost wlthln a atone's throw
of each other. At Bontslaputse not mora
than four hundred yards separate tha
advance posts, and at Slnchlnput, on tha
Shakhe Rlver, Just west of the rallway
and fifteen miles south of Mukden, the
Japanese and Russlan cente'r occupy tha
extremo onds of the same vlllago. At
Huangshantso ? tho Russlan center haa
thrown advance posts across the Shakha
Rlver. Both armles aro stlll strength
oning thelr posltlons all along the llno.
The sllghtest movement on elther slda
ls tho slgnal for firing, which occaslon
ally lasts all nlght. Tho Russlans ara
uslng six Inch guns on ifao rallway, which
must greatly harnss the Japanoso. Un
doubtedly the most decislve, if not tha
greatest, battle of tho year will be" fought
In tho vlclnlty of the Shakhe River. Tho
Russlans aro confldent of thoir abllity
to hold thelr posltlons. The soldlers aro
building mud huts for wlnter quartors.
The nlghts contlnue cold, but tho days
aro bright and crlsp.
Japanese Repulsed.
(By Assoclated Press.)
MUKDEN. Nov. 7.?Tho Japanoso on
Saturday nlght attacked some of tho
Russlan outposts ln considerarJlp force,
but the Russlans had heen warried, and
tho Japanoso were repulsed. They were
not ablo to take away all thelr kllled or
wounded, leavlng twenty-elght bodles on
tho fleld. The Russlans lost only nlne
Japanese Show Splendid Courage
and Surmount Great
(By Assoclated Press.) '
CHHCAGO. November 7.?A special to
the Chlcago Dally Nows from Dalny, No?
vember lith, via Kobe, November 7th,
Aftor threo days of contlnuous bombard?
ment of Port Arthur. whlch caused ox
tenstvo destruotlon to tho Shojusan and
NIryusan forts |n tho west conter of tho
Russlan llne of defense, and also to Keek
wa-n fort, the rlght wing of the Japanosa
army assaultod Shojusan yesterday after?
noon. Having carried the approach.es to
that hoight, tho assallants entrenched
themsolves under tho glnols of. tho forta.
In the evenlng tho left wlng dellverod an
assault on Keokwan, fighting its way to
tho lower parapet. Thoro tho Japanese
held thelr ground stubbornly tn the face
of Russian counter attacks.
Having been relnforced durlng the nlght,
tho Russlans charged down upon the Jap?
aneso and desporato hand-to-hand oon
fllcts ensued, Thn Japanese beat back
the enemy and destroyed two covored
posltlons ln the front moat. A Japanosa
sublleutennnt, with thirty volunteers, then
sucooeded in maknlg his way to tho rear
of tho fort. There ho ongaged ln a per
sonal confllct wlth a Russlan ofllcor and
kllled hlm. Having dlscovered two mora
dofensos in the rear moat, tho sublleuten?
nnt wllhdrew his forco wlth a loss of
two men:
Later In the nlght the advanced posltlon
of tho Japanoso wna taken and rotnken
fcwico. The bestcgors succeeded In hold
Ing tho uppronohes and construotlng
trenches conneetlng them wlth tha
army's front parallel At dawn num
bers of dead were vlslblo on the alopea.
_*ort Po, north of the now and old bat?
terles In the loft eenteir llno of defonse,
was eaplured by tho sovere fighting of the
nlght. Theso operntlnns havo bucq.W"*
fully drlvon an effeotlvo wedgo Into the
Russlnn center, Sr-vero oxploslons and
oxtenslvo fighting hnvo ocourred wlthln
tho fnrtreHs wlthln tho laat f?-w days,
Tho total basualtlea of the Japaneso ln
tho late attacks woro 1,100. Over flvo hun?
dred woro kllled up to Oetoher 29th. Tha
splrlt of the mon ls magniflccnt. Tha
llrlng of all of tho guns ls wonderftllly
The cllmnx to tho lato bombardment
eamo between 4 and 6 o'clook Saturday
afternoon. It was n superb spoctacle.
Bvory fort of the enemy waa engnged.
nnd tho Mghtlng In tho trennh_s was con
stnnt. At l o'cloek this mornlng one of
tho Jnjvinese -trenehea collnpsod Into a,
Russlan gallery. The enemy, belng stir*.
prlsod underg-round, fted In confualon.
No News at Che Foo.
(By A-soclated Treas.)
OH'r. FOtX N'ovember 7.?No nows re*
gardlng the operatlons at Port Arthur
reaehod Cho Poo to-dny.
(Ry A^suclated Press.)
WASJUNOTON. D. C Nov. 7.-The Su?
preme Court of tho 1,'nlied States to-day
I'fllrmcd the declslon uf tho Suprema
Court of tho Stato of Wisconsln ln tho
newspaper boyrott arislng frc*m tho fti
ioKed busluess eonYbluullon of tha Sentl
nel, tho Now- aiul the JSvening Wl-oon
aln, all publlshed nt Mllwaukee, against
the Journal, of that city, affectln* ad?
vertising rate*. Th_ opinlon wns oellv
ered by Justl-o Holnuw and tiph-ld tha
valldlty of the WWconaln und antl*tr_?H
Jaw ?o far a* lt aypll-d W tW* &***?

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