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scc new bwrgnlns ivheh
ever you rend tho Tco
Dce Want Ads.
The Returnsto 2 A.M. In
dicate a Majority of
Some Filly.
They Have Lost in Instances
Where They Expected to
Make Gains ? Chairman
Cowhcrd Among Those
Who Suffered
(By Asaocliitwl Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, November S.
Presldcnt Roosevelt Is assured of the co
operation of a Republlcan Congrc.-'s. Tho
present Republlcan majority ln that body
ls 84, and there need no surprlse If
thls flgure ls ahnoat doubled, and lt
ls reaeonably certaln to reach a majority
of at leust flfty. /
ln practlcally all dlstrlcls the Repub?
licans have held thelr own, whlle ln some
lnstunces the Democrats have lost, Prob?
ably the most marked of tliese caseB aro
the Fourth and Flfth Dlstrlcts of Call
fornla (Sun Francisco), now representod
by Repreaontatlves Llvernash and "Wynn,
Democrats, whlch returns indlcato havo
baen gained by tho Republicans. In iho
Twelfth Ohio Dlstrict. Taylor, Republl?
can, ls reported to havo defeated Badser,
the sltting Democratlc member, who was
a candldate for re-elcctlon.
The most surprlslng of all the reports,
however, come from the Flfih and Fif?
teenth Mlsfiourl Dlstrlcts, both strongly
Democratlc, and the former represented
by Mr. Cowherd, chairman of the Dcma
craUc CongresBlonnl Campaign Commlt?
tee. Tho Republicans claim to have car?
ried both dlstrlcts.
Have Majority of Fifty.
In the llght pf .these, renjjrts.a.RepublJ.-,.
can majority bf' fiffy ln !.he "Houso ls
consldered a conservatlve cstlmate. Re?
turns from the Southern States show thnt
they havo roiumed the usual Democratlc
majorltles on congressraen as on other
candidates. The State3 of Alabnma. Ar
kansas, Florlda, Georgla, Mlssisslppl,
North Carolina, South Carolina and
Texas. all send solld Democratlc delo
gatlons, whllo those from Kentucky and
Vlrglnia probably each wlll send only ono
Republlcan rcpresentatlve, maklng no
change from the present complcxlon. Ten?
nessee wlll contlnue to send two Repub?
llcan congressmen.
There are several solld Republlcan delo
' gallons already reported from northern
Statea, Includlng lowa (wlth one posafble
exceptlon), Kansas, Minnesota, New
Hampshlro ana the two Dakotas. To
these must be added tho delegatlons from
Miilne. Oregon and Vermont, ln whlch
Statos electlons were held prlor to yea
Other States, such as Mlchlgan, llll?
nols, Ohlo, Pennsylvania. and even Indi?
ana and New Jersey, from whlch the
Democrats hoped for much in .he way of
gains, ngaln send to Congress dclegn
tlons whlch aro preponderatlngly Repub?
Where Gains Are Made.
In New York the Republicans wlll
suffer no los* and wlll galn several con?
gressmen and thoy will mako a galn of
at least two In New Jereey and othor
gains aro reported from Maryland nnd
V/est Vlrglnia. Among tho early dis?
patches was ono Indlcatlng tho certaln
return of Speaker Cannon.
lt ls probable the Republlcan majority
ln the Senate wlll show llttle 11' any
ehango from the present voting stronglh
North Carolina.
(By Assoclntrd Press.)
RAT-EIGH, N, C. Nov. 8.?The Dem?
ocratlc congressmen elected ln Nortli
Carolina by dlstrlcts nro: i
?Flrst, John H. Small (D.).
?Second, Claude Kltchln (D,).
?Thlrd, Charles R. Thomns (D.).
?Fourth, Edward XV. Fou (D.).
?Flfth, W. XV. Kltchln (D.).
?Sixth, G'llbert B. Patterson (D.).
?Sevenin, Robert N, lJage (D.).
?Nlnth, Edwin T. Webb (D.),
Thn dlstrict probably olectlng Demo?
cratlc congressmen, but not yet deter
mlned, arc:
Elghth, ?Wllllnm C. Newlnnd. Demo?
crat, over 13. Spencer Blackburn, Repub?
Tenth, Marnes M. Otidger, Jr., Demo?
crat,' over Hurry 0, Ewnrt, Republlcnn.
No majorltles are obmlnablu to-nlght,
ATLANTA. GA? Nov. 8.?Georgla con
groasmen elected to-day aro as followss
?Flrst Dlstrict, R. E. Lester (D.).
?Second, J. M. Grlggs (D.).
?Thlrd, E. li. Lewls (D.)
?Fourth, W. C. Adamson (D.). i
?Flfth, I* V. Llvlngston (D.).
?Sixth, C. J-. Bartlett (D,). j
Seventh, Gordon Leo (D.). i
?Elghth, W. M. Howard (D.),
Tonth, T. XV. Hardwlcls (D,).
?Eloventh, W, G. Brantloy (D.).
Tho only sorious contest was In tho
Nlnth, where Thomas Bell, Democrat, was
oppoted hy James Ashley, Republlcan.
Eell's eloction ls practlcally assured,
though Ashley hus not conceded a vlctory
to his opponent.
JACKSONVILLE, Fl.A., Nov. 8.?The
few sciutcred returns so far received Indl?
cato tho usual Democratlo mujorltlea In
Florlda. Tho Democratlc oundidatos* for
Congresu aro ull elected. They aro:
?Flrsi, Stepheu M. Sparknmn (D.).
Socond, Friuik Clark (D.j.
?Third, William B. Laiiiar (D.).
(fiy Assoclated ProsB.)
PIUDADl-.ui'luA, PA., Nov. 9.?Spe
clnls to tho North Amerlctin claim tho
(Contluucii on Second l'a_e.)
f _ _;_
Z-. (By Ansociated Press.)
T WASHINGTON, November 8.?President Roosevelt to-nlght after the
4- eiection returns clearly Indlcated the result, Issued the fo'llowlng statement:
T "I am deeply senslble of the honor done me by the Amerlcan people In
T thus expresslng thelr confldence In what I have done and have trled to do.
i l appreclate to the full the solemn responslblllty thls confldence Imposea
f ? upon me, and I shall do all that Is In my power not toforfelt.lt. On the
X 4-th of March next I shall have served three and a half year-, and thls three
T and a half years constltutes my flrst term. Thls wise custom whlch llmlta
^"'?"?'We'"President to two terms regar'ds the substance and not the form. Under
I no clrcumstances wlll I be a candldate for or accept anothernomlnatlon." .
iltMMt i++++++++-H-++++4r+4 TMI.HMH*f
Thousands of Men, Women
and Children in Capital
Mcgaphone, Projectoscopc and
Scarch Liglit Display
the Returns.
Jllchmond's Interest ln the natlonal eiec?
tion was shown in a most interestlng way
j last nlght when thousands of men, wo
i mon and chlldren stood ln Capitol Squaro
I and watched the returns as they wero
displayed by Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch upon
tho mammotli canvas.
Besldcs receivlng the Information they
sought concernlng* the eloction, tho crowd
was entertalned by muslc from lardella's
Band, and arriused wlth many Interestlng
and humorous moving pictures, also,
thrown upon the canvas.
Early ln the evenlng tho crowd began
to iissemble In tlio Square, and by 8
o'clock thero wore several thousand per?
sons ready to recelvo tho first news frofji
tlie front of tho groat battlo of ballots
that had just closed. As tho niluutcs
passod tho crowd grow and grow untll |
long beforo 9 o'clock, when lt easily j
reached 1C/.000. one-thlrd, at lenst, of'
whom woro ladies. Tho ? returns woro
watched wlth Interest, but as the crowd
was largcly Democratlc, thero waa litilo
in the blUletlnB to encourago tliem, Tlien
the man at tlio moving plcture machlne
put on a comlc subject und the orowd
shouted itself boarae, only to ronow tho
huzzahs when a bulletln from Maryland
was displayed announclng tliat Stato for
Parker. Thls ?-iomoiitary rclaxatlon was
disturbed, howevor, by the gloomy an
nounconicnt Uiat tpelaware and New*
Jersoy and Connectlcut and Indiana and
West Vlrglnla had pullecl theniselves out
of tho doubtfud-olumn and landcd squaro- i
Iv Into the Republican band wagon.
Notwtthstanding all these roversos, tho
itreat crowd held on, hoping that some
thlng mlsht como at last whloh tnlght
lead up to a change of what seenied aw*
ful defeat. , ? #
Music Was Fine,
Tho splendid entertalnment glven by
lardella's Band a?d ?ll? moving plcture
man tended to offsot tlio dlsuppointment
of the blg Parker crowd..
Besldo tho Democrats there was a fjno
sprlnklliig of Uepubllcans who bore th
riniHe wiilch wo'n't como off for at, least
four years more.
Tho crowd was tho larg-st over gnther
cd lu the Sciuuro, orownlng ,oven tliat of
four years ago. yvhei' Bryan was de*
featod. ? Whllo thera were soarcely moro
thnn 10,000 peoplo ln tho Sciuaro at any
one time.' |t Is llkely that.at least ??6,00(1
Ipdlvlduais were thero at ojio tlm_ or
another durlng tlio fpur hours of the con*
tlmtous perfornianie. Expresslpiis .
(ConUnued on Fourth J?ago.)
The Silver Queen in Texas Oil
Fields Burns- While Full
of Guests.
The Cable Buggy on Suspension
Bridge Gives Away and Three
Men Are Killed.
(Dy Assoclated" Press.)
HOUSTON, TEX., November 8.?The
Silver Queen. Hotol ln tho Sour Lake
oil fleld was destroyed by llro to-day,
and four peoplo wero burned to death.
Tho dead:
C. BM LEVVTS, Splndlotop, Tox.
LEE HAM1LTON. Spindletop, Tox.
JACK. SMITH and wlfo, Now Hanover,
Probably fatally Injured:
Jack Bulllvan, Sour Lake.
Benjaniln Tucker, Sour LaJto.
Tho hotel wns fllled wlth guests. The
orlgln of the fire Is unknown.
(By Assoclated Press.)
STEUBENVILLE, O., Novcmbor 8.?
Threo workmen wore Instantly kllled to
day ,1a a "buggy" used to wrap a wire
cablo on the now Stcubenvllle euspenslon
bridge, Tho ropo supportlng tho bus*>'
broke, throwlng lt agalnst the pior and
hurling tho men to doath on the ground
Falls to His Death.
(By Assoclated Press.)
CHARLEaTON, S. ? C, November 8.?
Tho cuiiapso of a scaffold used ln- slaUng
a roof resulted to-day in the (nstaht death
of a white contractor ond the sorioua
Injury of three odlored worltmerii ono of
whom muy dle. They fell forty feet tcu
tlie ground.
Dr. Edmund Harrison.
Professor Edmund Harrlson, formerly
l professor of Latin ln Rlohmond College,
' tuid now prcsldent of Bethel College, Hop
ninavllle, Ky., ls visiting hls son-ln-1 w,
Mr-.11. B. Hoge, of No. 710 East Franklln
Streot. profossor Harrlson's .frlends aro
oongratulatlns hlm on the honor recently
.oonferred upon hlm by Georgetown Col.
lege, tho degree of dootor of laws. Mr?.
Harrlson ls how wlth her husband.
Wysor Was Defeated by
Slemp in the-Ninth
District. -
The Eiection Gonditions Were
Ideal and There Were No Dis
turbances Anywhere in the .
State?The Democrats
Have Nine Gon- .
Incomplete returns \ from almost every
clty and county ln- tno State, wlth, the
complcto flgures frdrn.many. countles and
cltles, lndlcatcs that'less'tha a flfty per
cent. of thc reglstered vote" of .Vlrglnla
was east iri yest'erdaj-'a eiection "for Presi?
dent and' yice-Presldent:';an_ members
of the House of' Repres.entatlves.' Tho
iDemoorartlc majority'"ln''ihe S_it- , will
approxlmate 30,000, If the ?estlmates .based
on partlal returns are-worth anythlng.
Every corigTesslohai 'dlstrl-t ln the State
eleeted a Democrat save the Ninth, whlch
re-elected - Colonel Campbell Slemp by a
majority of from 900 .io 1,200. The Re?
publlcans ln the dlstriot clalm .a .much
hlgher majority. CombletB n-__res alone
can verify or refute thelr claims. ;.
Flood, ln the Te-nth Dlstrlct, ia returned
by a handsome majority over Revercomb.
Captain Ople, Independent,Democrat, dld
not'cut any a-ppreolable figu__ -ln , the
voUng. .:*'-. O
. Congressman Olass, of the Sixth Dls?
trlct, claims hls re-elecUon by from flve
to'six thousand. Mr.. Swanson, ln the
Flfth Dlstrlct, wlns agsiin by a hfthdsomo
majoTlty. The opposlMpn ln other dls?
trlcts was not formldfibTfe,,
Complete or parti-al.Jret_rn_ wera re
Who Was Re*elected From the Ninth
celved from almost overy city and county
ln the lUaUa last nlght, a-thlng never
aocomplli'hed before ln tho history of
State polltlcs.
Tho flgures for tho countles are to bo
found below:
The vote by countles ls as follows:
Dom- Re
Oountles. ocratic. publlcan.
Accomac. 1,250 maj.
Alleghany.. 200 maj.
Albemarlo . 600 maj.
Alexandrla .
?Amherst . 472 . 70
Amella . 132 27
?Appomattox . 86 23
Augusta . f-B niaj.
?Bcdford. ?? ^4 218
Bath . 203 U7
Bland . 62 maj.
Bototourt . 250 maj.
Brunswlok . 600 maj.
Buchanan .
?Bucklngham . 150 362
?Campbell . 302 70
Carroll . 300 maj.
Carollne . 300 maj.
Charlotte. 608 202
Charles City. ???-..'
Cnesterflcld .
Clarko . -tOOmuj. ...
cl^irw'!?!'?;!!i**?*'i.o;o , 200
?Cumborland . 43l oi
Dlokonson . 2o maj. ...
?Dlnwlddle . j* J-l
Elizabeth Clty. 900 3U
?Essex .???? r.O -oo
Falrfox .? ???? ???
Fattquler . i-""-- ' ?J
Floyd . -*0' i'010
Fluvanna . 800 maj. ...
Franklln . -100 maj, ...
Fredorlok . 1100 maj. ...
Glles . aoOrriaj, ...
Olouoester. ???*? l-'3
? ?
, - (Contlnued on Third Page.)
Tho 80 ndYPrtlfemonU for i-alppub*
liiht- ln to-aay's Tlmea ])1.'**?M>_ oo
p?go^ 8 ?ro _* t-llow_i
6 Af-ents, 1 Salesmen.
4 Oftioe, 2 Dproeatica,
3 Trad?. 10 MisouJlaueous.
Thls oot only liitere)rta those- out of
worli, but tuo?is deslttpg to Improva
thelr posltlons a? woll,
" " ""''? (By Assoclated'Presa.)
ESOPUS, N. Y., November 8?8:30 P. M.?Judge Parker sent thls tele
gram to the Presldent:
"Rosemount, Esopus, N. Y., November. 8th, 8:30,P. M.
"The.Presldent, Washington, D. C: ?.-.'?- v'"
"The people by thelr votes have.emphatlcally approved^yeur admlhiiitra
tlon, and 1 heartlly congratulate you.
(Slgned) "ALTON Q. PARKER."
WASHINGTON, November 8.?Presldent Roosevelt's reply to. Judge
Parker's telegram was as follows:
'Alton B. Parker, Rosemount, N. Y.:
"I thank you for your congratulatlons."
Fatal Aftray in Connection With
th? Election at Cripple
He Refused to Go and Fircd
Upon the Judges, Who
Were Union Men.
(By ABsoolaiod ProsB.)
8.?Two Democratlc Judges were killed
in thls dlstrict to-day, a Peabody deputy
sherlff wns mortnlly wounded and a num?
ber of Democrntlc Judges wero bc-nton
nnd thrown Into Jnll. Ike Jdelbolt und
Chrls Miller, Judges at Goldfleld, woro
shot aown by ono of BherliT Bcll's depu?
ties. They hud ordered the deputy out of
the polling placo, Ile refused to go, and
turnlng1 upon tho Judgos shot aud kllled
James Wnfford, thn deputy who kllled
tho two election ofllcers in Goldfleld, was
a secrot service man durlng tho mllltary
fula.in the dlstrict. Mlller und Idlebolt
wero union men.
At MidwajvEd, Doyle, a deputy sher..C
assaulted Mrs. Kennedy, a Democrntlc
Judge, and In a strugglo that eusuod tora
her. dress, and slupped her. Ed. - _oury,
a Democratlc watolier, interfercd aud
ohot Doylo, fatally woundlug nim.
O'Leary was arrested.
Killed in Election Row.
j (By AMoclatod I'resa.)
OAMDEN, N. J., Novoiuher- S.~Durlng
an election row hero to-nignt, Jamea
Brown, uged forty-ono years, was struck
on the heud wlth a club aud dled lutor
ln a hospital. No arresta havo been
j A Democrat Shot.
(By Assoclated Press. 1
NASHVILLE. TENN., November 8?
"pock" Walton, a furinor and a Demo
orat, hns been shot uiul kllled at hla
nomo ln Claluorno county. Ho attendud
a polltlcal meetlng recently, und, iv la
said, threatono, several pansona.
Not Dovvncast, Though Dcplor
ing Ovenvheiining Defeat
in Own State.
Friends of Democratic Candidate
Especidllv Grieved That He
Did Not Carry the Village.
(By Assoclnted Press.)
ESOPUS, N. Y? Novombor S.-Judgc
Parker conceded the olectlon of Presl?
dent Roosovelt ut 8:30 P. M., when he}
recolved a telegram that tho Demoerruic
national hcadnuurtcrs had already ad- j
mltted thnt every doubtful Stute had '
been carried by the Republlcan national '
ticket. llo nppcured to he not nt all <
downcast by the result, although it la j
known thut ho greatly doplored hls over- I
whclmlng- defeat ln hla own State. He j
j received tlio dlscouruglng news in hls
Htudy whero ho sat snioklng wlth two of
hls nelghbors.
I The 'bullotln from Democratic hcadounr-1
j ters concernlng Judgo Parker's defoul
I was glven to tho Judge by tho Assoclated j
Press rcpresentatlve. When uskod lf ho j
I hnd nny statement to mako, he pulled a |
| telegruph blauk townrd hlm and wroto
I hastlly for a moment. Then ho said:
I "I am golng to sond thls telegram to
Prcsldent Roosevelt."
Tho messago was d'spatched nt oncet,
It ls glven abovo.
At that hour roturns wero indeflnite,
and tho Judge decllned to miko uny
c'xtended statement. He snld hls tele
gram lo tho Presldent conveyed overy
llilng about tho situation that ho knew;
1 lhat tho result was evldent, ovon though
doiails were lncklng,
Tho denieanor of Judgo Parkor as ha
hoard tho bulletlns read was of cheerful
reslgnatlon. Ho woro tho alr of one who
could If ho would: "I will dio game."
And dio gume ho dld. Ho dlscussed the
returiw wlth his frlends, and compard
the flgures wlth forinor yeurs.
U might havo heen somo othor man's
defeat for; aill thu concern he eoined to
feel. In the. villago of Esopus thero was
a genuirto prlef manlfested by Domocrate
who gatlu'ied at tho two irina and ruil
wuy station, at tho dlscouraging eharac-'
tor of the returns for tho villago, which
Judge Parker had falled to carry by
fourtoen votes. Tho honilre- prepared
for thn occaslon warf not. Hghted.
Judgo Purker retlred nt 11 o'clock de
cllnlng t0 make uny statement beyond
that indlcated -hy bla telegram to Pr__i
dent Roosevelt.
Republicans Score Sig
nal Victory, Carrying
Doubtful States. ,
. i
Parker's Plurality in City Smallet
Than Was Expected?Mary?
land and West Virginia
Are Both in the
CBy Assoclated Prens.)
NEVW YORK, November 8.?The Repub?
lican natlonal tlcket has been eleeted by
a voto ln tho electoral collego-that wlll
exceed that of 292 glven Mr, McKlnley
ln 1000.
Tho result of to-day's ballotlog waa
astoundlng, e.ven to the most sangulne
of Ihe Republican managers. Confldent
ac thoy were of nuccess, they were not
prepared, for the nstonishlng- . flgures
whlch followed tho closlng of tho polls.
brlnging Into tho Republican column not'
only all of thosG States they had* clulmea
as safe for thelr candldates, but wlth
the posslble exceptlon of Maxyland, every
State classed as doubtful.
Dcmocratic successes nre. conflned to
the solld South, In whlch Kentucky la
Included, and- Mr. Parker has not car?
ried a single State whlch flld not glve
lts voto to Mr. Bryan four years ago,
Official roturns Indlcato that ho lost somo
of thoso whlch tho Nebraska candldate.
held for hls pnrty.
How the Vote Stands.
Offlclal flgures fro mthe Northwest
cltles may sllghtly. chnnga the totals,
but based* on the returns avallable *t a
late hour to-nlght, tha electoral voto
stands ras follows:
-'-.-??'r..-,.----*-.FOR ROOSEVELT.
Estlmnted ' Electoral
State. Plurality. ., Vote,
Colorado ........... 5,000 5
California (conceded Rep.). 10
Connectlcut. 25.000 7.
Delaware.,. 2,500 3
Idaho (conceded). ....... 3
Illlnols .......... 15,000 27
Indiana . 60,000 15
lowa ...,.;. 125,000 13
Kansas. 30,000 10
Malno . 37,000 6
Maryland (probably Rep.). S
Massachusetts . 80.000 1C.
Mlchlgan . 100.000 14
Mlnnesota. 100,000 11
Montana (conceded). . 3,
Now Jersoy .50,000 12
Nebraska . 30,000 .8
New Hampshlre . 20,000 4
"Nevada (probably Rep.). 3
New York . 185,000 89
North Dakota . 25,000 4 .
Ohlo.10COOO 23
Oregon. 30,000 4
Pennsylvnnla .? 300,0,00 34
Rhods Island .- 5.00? **?'?
South Dakota . 30,000 4
"Utah .:..-.?. 8.00l) 3
Vermont . 30,000 -4
"West Vlrglnla (Rep. major?
ity unknown. "f
"Washlngton . 30.000 5
Wisconsln.? KO.OOO 13
Wyomlng (largely Rep.). 3*
Thls glves Roosevelt a total of 325
electoral votes.
Estlmated Electoral
Stated Plurality. Vote.
Alabnma .??? 37,500 11
Arkansns . -10,000 9
Florida . 18.000 5
Oeorglu . -15.000 13
Kentucky . 10,000 13
Loulslana .'. 5.000 9
Mlsslsslppl (largely Dom.). 10
Mlssourl .. .?. 35,000 18
N. Carolina (largely Dom.). 13
S. Carolina (largely Dom.). 9
Tennesseo . 25.000 13
Tcxas. 190,000 18
Vlrglnla (largely Dem.). 13
Thls shows a total electoral vote of
151 for Parker.
Will Not Run Again.
As a dramatlc climax to tho sensatlonal
majority glven him, cumo Presidont
Roosevelt's forinal announcement thut ho
would not be u candldato for re-electlon,
lending tho only escitlng aspect to an
eiection ight, otherwlse so one-sldcd that
lt waa tm'posslblci fur even the vlctors to
attain thut degieo ot enthusiasm that
usuiilly murks tho occaaion.
I?ito In the nlght came un unnounce?
ment from Melvln O. Plazer. manager
of the cumpnlgn for Thomas B. Watson.
the candldato of the Peoplo's party, that
us a result of the ovenvhelrnlng Demo?
cratlo defeat. stepn would be taken lo
form a new party. To thls ond. ncoordlng
to tlio nnnounoement glvon out, Mr.
Bryan, Mr. Watson and Wllllam Ran?
dolph Heiir.it wlll ho'rt a oonforenca ln
New York In about a wock's tlmo.
The Result Known Early.
The period of auspense lhat 'followcdT
tho closlng of tlio polls was not nrolo'ny? :|.
In no eiection In recent yeura has the -
result been deflnltely .-? known so su'o-r,
Ilurdly lind the sun gone down when
results in.New York began to nppeiir,
By 7 o'clock lt w?.? evldent lhat thegTeat
Btnpire State had, glven the Repubj'can
candldates a ninjorlty boyond the "prc
dlctions of tho. party managers.' So con*
vlnclng ""'as tho story of tho. bullet'ns, ?
thnt nt 7:30 August Relmnnt st Demn-r.
cra'i'c headqunrtfrs coneede, Rooteyeit'a ..
dc.-tlon by an overwhelmlng msjorlty,
nnd half an hour lot-F i-?* Democratlo
leaders, who had mannged the r-ampalnn.
frcely admltted that the Rppuhllcuns h?r_
carried every dnubtrul S'tat*. There waa
no dlcponltlnn to hnpe ngfilnct hore. ? Am
St.te nfler Stato .?j>nt in its Republican
majority, and thn wlres tnM th.* fal*
of the ballots, hrlnglng even from <hO-?
Common wealths upon whlch they had
_a_e_ thelr flgures of DemO<*r*Uo ??*_?

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