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CTil i. r . ?
tAtt. erroH* of impreeeden<ed Rfrpubllertn
majorltles, they fr.-mkly conotkl.. d thelr
f ac-feal nnd Offered no explnnation. Soon
? nfter Mr. Settnonl'a hdftiisMon, Judgo
' ParMer ackhowledffod the ellitatloii hy
telrgrnphir.g Presldent itOOsCVel*'hls cou
IfraluiaUons, ,, _
The perfect wcalhef condltions whleh
prcvallrd ov.-r practlcally tho entlre eouri
tfr brought n vote which experloiieod
polltlelnns predlct wlll tie n record
brenker. tnd In thls IncrMtse of bnllots,
the Republlcnn pnined moro 1hnn thelr
Democrats Realized That Cam?
paign Fund Was Too Great.
(Sreelal to TI.o TlmOfl-Dlsmteri^^tJ
NBVyORK. November S.-Tito Repmi
lic.-in lnnd.--l!de of to-dny cannot be .<ald
to be n Kurprise to ellhcr slde. Domocratfl
felt there wfis a chance to oarry New
York nnd Indlnna for Parker, but wlth
these excoptlons lt hnd been nn open se?
cret nmong eludents of tho sltuntion, lhat
Parkor could not wln.
AVhen lt wns learhed posltlvely n Ilttlo
over o month ago, that the trusts mul
great ngsrecntlons of wealth penoraliy
were -elng forced into maklng enorlnous
contrlbutlons to the Ropublican campaign
fund lt wns renllzed thnt tho Democratic
nomlneo cnuld not wln unless tho con
SClencc of the country eon'd bo aroused.
I. was to thls eud thnt the tromendous
pressnre wns brought to bear upon Judgo
Pnrkcr to indnce hlm to go nn the stump
nnd.present to the people the truth eon
cerning the manner In which Na.Uoml
Chairman Cortelyou was using of leinl
lnformation to compel trustcontrlbutlons
1o tho campaign fund. Judge Parker re
alsted for weeks, and when ten days ago
he dellvered hls speech, lt wns ?ccn t
was too late. Ho mnde notes by hls
Bpeephes, but nothlng could have slopped
tlie tlde towards Roosevelt.
Democrats wlll not charge probably. that
Parker would have been choson Presl?
dent hnd lt not been for Republlcan
money, but there Is not n shadow of doubt
'that the Republlcan mnjorlty would havo
been much smaller hut for the corruptlon
of voters.
fTht Republlcan Majority Larger
Than Leaders Expected.
CBy Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK. Nov. S:?Theodore Roose?
velt's plurallty in thls, hls natlve State,
ls socond only to McKlnley's 2SS.000 In
1S96. It exceeds McKlnley's In 1000 by
sbout 41,500. The lato returns show that
there were east for him In New York
Btate about 165.000 votes more than for
Not onlv was his voto heavy in the
countrv dlstrlcts, where the Republican
Btrongholds are. but in Greater New
York, traditionaliy Democratic, he ran
much closer io Judge Parker thun hnd
been expceied, even by his own cani:
palg-n managers. It had been estimated
that he would come down to ihe Eronx
wlth better than 140.000 plurallty, but
the flgures to-hight showed that this
forecast would be cxeeetled by approxl
mately 85.000. In the city Parker's sup
porters had expressed hopes that their
candidate wov.ld have from 110.000 to
160.000 more than Roosevelt. but in thls
they wer? disappolnted by mcrre than
100.000 votes.
So orer-K-helmlng was the Republican
vote that th* result was known posltivery
enrly Ih the evening. ' The earllest coun
t:es to refrort msde St clear that the
Parker vote everywhere fell below Bry-.
an'* Sn praclically all the up-State dls?
trlcts. In Greater- New York. Parke.r"s
plurallty ?xn.s from 12,000 to 14.000 larger
xhsn Bryan's, but In the State, accord?
lng to the late reports his total vote fell
lfi>00 short ot Bryan's.
The small plurallty for Parker in New
Totk clty caused great astonishmc-nt.
the lowcst prellmlr.ary ante-electlon es
timates having flgurc-d that he would go
to ihe Brorrx with 100,000 or more.l "When
the reports came in showing that- -he
would lead Roosevelt by only 40,000 they
were received with amazement. The
Parker plurallty in thn city was 35,WO
less than was given Herrlck (Dcm.) for
governor. In Brooklyn. the Republican
managers thought Parker might lead
Roosevelt, but reports from all but thlr
ty-sfven dlstrict* glve Roosevelt 424 plu?
rallty. Parker's total vote fell 1?.000
short of Bryan's.
Thero was a great surprise in the pro
portlons of the vote for Higgins (Rep.)
for governor, he r.unnlng far ahead of tha
Odell vote ln tbircounties and witinln^
by about Sa.OOfX' Pfts* plurnllty above- the
Bronx was probably 'lCO.OOO. whllo Her-'
rick's In Greater New York aggregated
about 75,000. Herrlck dld not carry Al
bany, hls home county, nor dld Parker
carry Ulster, in which he llves,
Latest New York Figures.
(By Atsoelatod Pres?.)
NEW TORK. November O.-At 3 o'clock
thls mornlng 1.507 of tlie 1,550 preelncts
ln New York city reported a plprality
of 25,618 for Parker, whose total vote
with 43 preelncts mLsning In Uie gTtater
city, was 314.SS1. whlle thut for Roosevelt
was 279.2C3. The rr-rnainlng preelncts were
the ou-tlyttrg and less densely populated
sectlons ajidithese flgures kre practlcally
At 3 o'clock the lnteet flgures on Gov?
ernor In Greater New Vork gave HJgginii
257,051 and Herrlck 331,331, or a plurallty
for Herriek of 74.0S3 with 57 preelncts
stlll to bo heard from,
State Has Probably Gone for
Roosevelt by Small Majority.
(By AasorlatKl Prcos.)
BAJ/n.MuRE, MD., November !.
Though the returns from the countles of
Maryland are not complete, and those
from four preelncts ln Baltimore .-.ni
mlnslng. Hit roturns tha! hnvo been re?
ceived lndk-ale that- Maryland haa Bone
for Roosevelt hy a imnll msjorlty, prob?
ably a few hundred votes, thls cstlmate
belng based upon tho returns received,
and the votlng records ln those disirleta
tioi heard from. lt wlll bo st an sarly
hour to-iiiurrow inornlug beforo tho ('?
suit !s exactly known, lu tln- six enn
grwlonnl dlstrlcts of th- Kt.it,-. tlireii lt<
laiUh-ium und two 1 n-i,,ii(-rnt.: have l.< , r
t-let-ted', wltli remuiijIriB dlstrlc! ln doubt.
Thls diatrlnt Is now rcpresenicd hy W,
li Jack?on, a Hepuhllcan nnd tho prohtt
hllliie* poihl to his rt-eWtlon, l.ci ying
out ihe fpui ni . n_ prec nets, Parker'a
majority iu R 'Uii ore i The chair?
man pf Ihe lt putillcup ?"''?'ii. Commlttee
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American of to-day.
Republican majority of over a thousand
Ih the btntc.
Same Delcgation Most Likely
Eleeted From Indiana.
INDIANAPOI-IS, IND., Nov. 8?Indiana
has been carried by the Republlcans by
from 45.000 to 60.000. The Leglslature wlll
he Republican by nearly Iitly. probably
more. All the nlne Republican congress
men nre re-clectcd by 'ricrenscd niajorl
ties, and tlie Republlcans clalm nlso the
Second nnd Twelfth D:s**.-iots, now ropre
sented by Representatlvos Miers and
Rbbihson, both Democrats. They are in
The Republlcans have almost, if not
qulte, doublcd the MeKinley plurality in
tho 3late of _>.-?*" four years ago. In
Marlon county. which includes Ihdianap
olis, 132 out of 2S0 precincts Indicate the
Republlcans have carried the county by
11,000, .wnich ls almost double the MeKin?
ley plurality of four years ago. /
Ift scarccly a county of the State have
the Repuoiicans failed to make large
But National Ticket Has Cer?
tainly Carried West Virginia.
(By Assoclated Press.)
WHEELING. \V. VA., November S.?At
11 o'clock to-nlght the returns from West
Vlrglnla aro unusually meagre, and lt ls
ImpoKsible to accuratcly outline the re?
sult. except ln the most general terms.
The bciicf ls that Roosevelt and Fair?
banks have carried tho Stato-by a ma?
jority exceeding ten thousand, and prob?
ably more. Meagre reports from a nuni?
ber of countles show that nearly every?
where ihe Republlcans havo sustained
only slir-ht losses as compared wlth thelr
previous majorities. It is probable that
the LesislatUre wlll be Republican in
both branch?s, which will mean tho re
election of Un'.tcd States Senator Nathan
B. Scott. of Wheeling.
The fight for the govcrnorshlp was the
feature of the eiection. and tho reported
defecUons from Dawson ln many coun?
tles "e.id to the bellef that when the re?
turns are all ln lt wlll be found that
ihe Dcmocratic nominee, John G. Corn
welh of Hnmpshlre county, has defeated
Secretary of State Wllllam O. Dawson,
Un.- Republican candldate.
Plurality of" Illinois Will be the
Largest Ever Given.
(B>- Assoclated Press.)
CHICAGO, November 8.?Accordinf* to
tbe returns recelved at midnlght,' Illlnols
wlll give to President Roosevelt the larg?
est plurality ever glven tok any preslden?
tlal candldate. He has, by the unofflcial
returns, carried Chlcago by- S7,*C??. and
tbe county of Cook. outside of the city,
wlll give him about B.W1 addiUonal, mak
in:; his plurality in Cook county not far
from JCiT.Wi.
The Republican State Central Commlt?
teo clalm the posslble plurality |or Presi?
dent Roosevelt in the State will total
214,000, though some of the committee
clalm ^30,000. The Democratlc Committee
r?"fuse to give any fisures.
The Republican State ticket has "oeen
overwhclmir/gly eleeted, Deneen, for Gov?
ernor. runnlng a*>out I'-.-'O behlnd the
natlonal ttcttet In Cook counly.
Both Sides Claim the State. How
cver by Safe Majorilies.
(V.y AsforfzrM Pra_r.l
ST. LOCIS. Xovembet _,?At I o'c*x-c_
tho results oi the- eiection !.-. hiisteo;.-:
and in Bt. L_*_l_ were ln doubt Both
sldes o'.altned victory. Tr.<- Ch___cratlc
State C-mmltte* -J-Jroed that tbe Kv----:
had been carried by a tt?iorily ot "**? -
000 and St. !_*>__- bjr '.'???. hmI ?':??.: '.,'?
leen Dernocratic con?r?*?ai*a **_**_ _*e,*? '.'
eleeted and the L/sglslatore -.-.'..'. -/??. :.-.-..
ocratlc hy .-i rr.sy.-r!';/ '.'. '.'?"?/. :.:?.?-%
thfl r<--'-'. etl( '. oi '?'? ??? ' -'?' set *???'-????
Cockrtll. (.'-. '???? <>??.'? .--.-: h--~t-! 1
['?.'ir. '?:..-.-.-:. ::???:??? ??.., .- ?
The President Naturally Elated
at Result of Eiection.
(Jiy AKaotfatM Prtti ,
?Uil.loil iu tho
il.) r-0!:l-r-.M ul ?11<
?k th.-.)*,' Idei | "'i hla
him Tlio i*m
^?'ilix t|.:it
II V. ?? |l(l J Ol - ill-f, |,l ,-| I, li;,II,llr.lt,,,>, 'j |,.
..,.?,. ., the mpniftni at thfe nviMuK-ut tne
Ktatetuenl ??-_ iiotsWiu R.-inirsd lu a
?eni clrcln alioul \hn l,;-.- rlhSk -ln ihe
*'>??? i rjenl'n ofllcv* ?? . -.i, pprtdent*
r.-,,i Mr RdoroV |t a *? l-i-.-d ba?k. |n
' ' : i '- " ? ' ' .'.<??'?.H*iit
slowly t.. ;-!? cretary Ueli whn ?m ;,t n,,*
1'resldent's .*?". Ho n i*m v. ,-* myiiody
in ib* rooni H"* rmc rr-ml_ i,. ,r m. ,!.,,',,
tlck on ihe nianlel eholf,
Afv.-r rtcfclvlng thu cor.srai ilevtion. of
tlie newspnper mon, tho Prcsldent ro
e.eivPd a.commlttee representii'tgt iho Ite
publle.nn polltlcal organlzatlons ot Wash?
ington nnd iho members of the Junior
Ixvigruo, io whom he. spoke brlofiy.
Big Roosevelt Plurality, But
Both Sides Claim for /Governor.
<Hv Assoclated Fress.)
MllAVAtlKflE, WlS.t November S.?It
Ip generally conceded that Roosevelt has
carried Wlsconsln by n pluf-nllty esll
matcd nt hetweon 00,000 and 75,000.
Both Republlenn nnd Domocratlc Stnto
chnlrnien clnlm tho Stato- respectlvcly for
Dafollctto and Peck.
Republlenn Chairman W. D. Connor at
11 o'clock to-nlght said:
"From tho rctuvns received I flgure
that IxifolleUo"s plurallty for Governor
ls 60,000. We hnvo nothlng to Indlciito
t.ho complcxlon of tho next Loglsluturo,
which ls, to elect a Unlted Statos sena?
Chairman A. F. YV.irden, cf tho Demo?
cratlc Commlttee, said:
"1 claim that Peck will ho elected by
25i,O0O plurallty. I havo no returns on
whloh to mako a statement ns lo tho
Gives Majority to Parker and
Both Sides Claim Governor.
NASHVILiLB. TENN., November 8.?
Owlng to tho lengrth of tho ballot tho ro?
turns nre slow in coming ln. but tho
Stato ls conceded to Parker by tho Re
puMlcans, although they claim tho elec?
tion of tholr candldate for Governor,
Jesso M. Uttloton. Democratic chairman
clalms the election of James B. Frazier,
for Governor "by 25,000.
It is practlcally certaln that the State
wlll glve Parkei a mnjorlty of 2.\O0O,
whllo Frazier is re-elected Governor by
from 12,000 to 200,000. Eight Democrats
havo beon elected to Congress, maklng
the delegatlon stand just as dld In the
last congress. Tho Domocrats have elect
cd at least 100 out of the 132 members of
tho General Assembly, lifsurlng tho re
olectlou of Wllllam B. Bate to the Unlted
States Senate. The seven proposed
amendments to the Stato Constitutlon,
extending the terms of the Governor,
trcasurer and comptroller and providlng
for the election of tho Secretary of Stato
treosurer and Stato comptroller by tiie
people, Instead of by the Leglslaturo, aro
all defeated by a large majority.
Plurality for Roosevelt Exceeds
That for McKinley.
(By Assoclated Press.). \
COLUMBUS, OHIO. Nov. 8.-Tho re?
turns to-nlght Jndlcate that tho Republi?
cans havo broken all their records in
Ohlo. Thelr hlghest plurallty was 137,000
in 1S91 on a emall voto, whllo that of to
day was on a. large vote, greatly exceed
ing one milllon.
The Republlcan Commlttee .estlisates
that the plurallty for Roosevelt and Fatr
banks will be double the hlghest plurality
over'given McKinley elther for Governor
or Presldent. It ls estimated at from
H0.O0O to 160,000. Tho Republicans claim
a net gain of at least one congressman,
Taylor. In the Twelfth Dlstrict. Chair?
man , Garber, of . the Democratic Stato
Commlttee, also clalms a net galn of ono
DemocraUc 'congressman.
Indications Point to the Usual
Democratic Majorities.
(By Assoclated Press.)
DOUTSVILJvB, KY? Novomber S.-With
one-third of Kentucky's 1.S96 preelncts
reported at U o'clock to-nlght, the vote
Indlcates a majority In the Stato for
Parker of from 12,000 to 14,000. Tho
flgures of tho: Democratlc and Republlcan
managers show .but llttle varlanco from
this result. Ken'tucky in 1900 gave Bryan
&.00S-plurality... The returns from 6S3 pre?
elncts show a- plurality of 16,0243 for
Parker. In the Fifth Dlstrict, comp'osod'
of Loulsville and Jefferson county, the
Democratlc plurallty of 3,036 ln 1000 wlll
be cut down by fully 2,000 votes. In the
Thlrd Dlstrict, also, the Democratlc ma?
jority was reduced. The complete returns
from the strongly Republlcan"Eleventh
Dlstrict are not expected for forty-elght
hours. but tho reductlon of the normal
Republlcan majority thero as tho result
of a factlonal flght wlll partlnlly off
set the Republican gains ln the Thlrd and
Flfth. I '
The result of the flght leaves tho con
gresslonal delegation unchanged?ten
Democrats and one Repuhllcan.
Results Show That State Has
Given Parker a Fine Vote.
(By AsswUted Presi.)
LITTDE ROCK. November 8.-Enough
returns have been received to show that
the Democratic plurafllty ln Arkansas is
not leas than 40,000, indicallhg a slight
gaiil over the vote received hy the Dem
rx-rarlc nomlnee for Governor at the
election in September. The Flrst and
Seventh Congresxional Dlstrlcts, where
the Democratic nominee had no opposl
tfc,n, report a rnuch larger vote than was
expected. In the flvo congreaslona) dls
trtcta, Where thero were Republicans, tho
roajoriUea of the Democratlc nornlneos
*l'.l ra-r.-ge from 3,000 to 0,000.
Douglas Elected Governor and
Majority Given to Roosevelt.
BOKTON, Nov. 8.?-Tho Globo at 9:30
o'clock to-nlght #ay* that DouglftH (Dem
'x.-rau 1* fcleeled Governor by a plurallty
ot ii,00v, and that Roouevelt haa carried
Vta??a?bu#?tU by t.O.O'iO.
YttiK-rr, cltlex and townw for Proaldent
i.-i Maj'aaehux^ttK, out r/f 3r,3, glve Parkor
: >j':1: I'jsnvvf-M, 2,838, Samo in 1000 gave
?;-;?:.-.-.. X.Vi'i; M'Klnley. 2,822. ?
TwC-rtty-flv* pn-ffn'-tK lu thf? clty glve
U,r I'l'r'.'l'i.t: Parker. 6,',02; Roouovcjt,
? I.'. '!!.<: HHin* prc&tlCtM ln liiGO gave
Jiryar,, ;.'/>!: MeKWd'-y, 4.005.
.-. ?/:.'?/ dl'irK-u. Ir. MiUtauAiurhltH ',ut. of
".. ,; ? lintt* WM', U-mv.U*. Y'.MX Stere
?/ ;? '-...-. Itoxb, of tbe Domocratlo
. i?/ '?'/.?/.?;?'?" I'H'.tm th,; ekictlon ot
.-.?.' .,/ ;-:''.?>?. e/bli* eoncedlnje flooae
> - ....-) YiUrtMah* Vi.UJi plurality.
Will Run Up to 40,000?Fuftion
Can'li'late for Governor Wins.
(ti) / r..:- ?Ud !'(*#-,)
>'.'?[>.'?. :n.i; . .'.on ttiotr 't --NehriiHka
...1 .-. Wmv,'it ,% plurality whUsh
v.,ll ;- I ,??-., '., -jnll.. SO.tfii. Cleorj;,
W, >?? ???? >???? 1 \i?\0ii c#n4ldat? t'ir anv
?li.oi, ',.. ptOtmMy 'i'-(ted ny ;i plurnl
'. Ut '?""! :.<',? \>, 'f.Stf). The tl:tuili?
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is believed the Leglslature wlll also have
a Republican majority.
(By Assoclated Press.)
WJLMINGTON, DEL., November 9.?At
1 o'clock thls inornlntr rajurns at Ivtn'd In
dlcate that Roosevelt has carried Dela
ware by about 2,500 majority,, and that the
Republlcans had electefl thelr entlre State
tlcket by majoritles a llttlo srnaller. The
next Leglslature wlll bo Republican on
jolnt baaiot. _
TRENTON. N. J.. Nov. 9.?Incompleto
returns and ostimates up to 2 A. M. i,n
dlcato that Roosevelt's plurality may
reach 60,000, Stokes's plurality may go as
high as 40,000. /
(By Assoclated Press.).
JACKSON, MISS., November 8,-Rc
turns comlng In show that between slxty
and Heventy-nve thousand votes were enst
and tho opposltlon to tho Dcmocratic
party polled hotween *ton and eleven thou?
sand. MtaslsHlpp! returns elght Domo
cratlc congreK.smen.
(By Assoclated Pross.)
ATLANTA November 9.?At mldnlght
the returns nre stl'l meagre. Thero ls no
re.-ison to chntige tho estlmated total ot
90,00/0, diki plurality for Parker nnd Doviu
nt Bomethlng over lial. thls number. All
eleven Dc-mocr-tio congressmen elocted.
Bell, ln tho Ninth. rolled up an over
whelnilng limlorlty against Ashloy,
(By Awwclatod Press.)
L1TTLI** ROCK, AKK'-v November 8.?
Thu Gazetlo's advlcos from. ttU pars o_
tho Stato bear out prevlous estlmatos of a
plurality of -10,000 for the Parker and
Davls olcctqra,
Eaqh of tlio sovon congrosslonal dl-lncts.
Ih Democratlc by *rmiJorllle_ ruiiging from
l.o/i lo 0,000, Tlio total voto. wlll fall
short of that c.iHt'ut tho SluR* eleotlon
ln Bcptqmbcj', '?'? account of.aputhy ln
Home of tlio countles. - ?.
(Hy AnHOciatodT" Press.)
COliVitllUA, ti C, November 8.?Purkcr
hus carried Boulh Carolina by not.less
than W*' plurality. Tho Democratlo
Hl.tc (Ickt't hiw been eleeted* wlthout np
l/oxlll'in. Tlio Hlato Leglsiuturo is unnnl
fnoUMly Doinouratlo. Tbo followlng Dcm
oirailo cdiiBKHHirien havo boen eleeted:
K.r-t X'lH'rlut, (Icorgo H. Lt'garo; Second.
j. (i. I'ftttt-rson; Third, Wyutt Aiken;
fourth, jOBopd T. Johnson; l-'lftli, Davhi
J;. l-'l..ley; Slxlli, J. R. i'*lli*rbi". Soveiltll,
Anbtiry, 1-'. I.nver.
NKW ORI.KANH, .Nov. 8.?Tho Doiiio
<:i.-it.i Imvu carried U-ilxlana for PgrKp""
nnd L.ivIh by il majority -of probably
Bovon lienii.cnillo Con-sreH-mr-ii liiivo
l,-i-ii eleeted. Tlu. cilc-ctjntl wns PW?3Pl.u'
and ouiHidc of New Orl-miu u ?Kht VPW
JUOP'X PAIvI.fl, *_?? D-, Nov, 8.?Senator
Kl:tryil?e cIuIihh that Roosevelt hus cur
jio. South Dakota by 40,000, and Chalrman
Crane, of tho Republlcan Stato Central
Commlttee, puts tho flgures at 60,000.
? WIDMINGTON, DEL., Nov. S.?Roose?
velt has carried Delawnre by about 6.<00
and the Repuiillcans elect the Governor
and congreusniun. The Lcglslature will bo
overwhelmlngly Ropubllcan.
AUSTIN, TEX., Nov. S.'? Early returns
show that the voto east to-day wlll hard
ly ? exceed 3'io,000, of whlch 250,0:0 wero
east for Parker. 60,000 for Roosevolt and
the balanco scatteringr.
All Domocratlc candidntes for Congress
elected ln Texas.
RBN0, NE-'V., November 8.?So far mv
heard from, the Republlcan Stato tickot
is in the lead, nnd Yerlngton (Republl?
can), for Congress, ls probably elected
over Van Duzer (Domocrat). Tho Stato
Is conceded to Roosevelt. Norcross (Re
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OHJAND FORKS, N. D., November ?.
Qtate returns nre, coming m very slowly.
So fa.r.a normal voto ls Indlcated, wllh
25,000 majority for Roosoveit.
JACKSONV1LLB, FI.A.. Nov. 8.?Only
n, fow of tho very smallcst. proclncts liavo
beon hcnrd from. On nccount of tho
length of tho tickot tho count wlll not
bo completed ln tho largor preelncts be?
foro to-morrow nlght. It seems probahlo
that tho Stnto tlcket !b elected by 20,000
plurallty. Tho presldential llekot ls run?
ning flllghtly behlnd. Sparkninn's ma?
jority In the Flrst, Dlstrict ls npproxl
matcly 5,000; Clark's, in tho Second,
7,000, and Lamar's, In tho Thlrd, 9,000?
all Democrats.
(Hy Assoclntod ITcm.)
MONTGOMERY, AL.A., Novomber 8.
H. S. D. Mallory, chnlrman of tho Dcm
cratlc Stnto Commltteo, said - to-nlght
tliat Alabamn had east tho largest voto
ln yenrs. Tho majority of tho Parker
cloctorB wlll probably bo 75,000.
(By Assoclated Press.) '
PROVIDENCE, R, l., November S.-At
11 o'clock to-nlght, wlth 38 dlHtrlcts out of
153 In tho State, reported Roosoveit wns
5,049 ln tho lead over Parker, with votes
of 8,767 and 3,718, rcspectlvoly.
Tho flght for i Governor remains ln
doubt wlt Utter (Republlcan) tho, leader
in thlrty-ono distrlots ln tho St'utu by
1,335 plurallty. All but ono dlstrict of tho
ithlrty-one ls ip the country.
Looks as if Adarns Is Elected
Governor of Colorado.
(By Assoclated Preas'!)
DENVER, COU, Nov. 8.?Estlmatos at
midnight from scatterlng Incomplelo ro
turnB Indlcato a plurallty of over 10.C00 for
Roosevelt ln Colorado. Tho rosult as to
Congrcssmen and State Mflloera is ln
doubt, Owlng to tho large number of
scratched ballots that havo not boen
counted. Tho Domocrats clnlm thrwt
Adams Is eleotod Governor by 7,000 to 8,000
Great Thoroughfare Packed With
Shputing, Noisy Multitude.
(Dy Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK, November 8.?Broadway
to-nlght from Twcnty-thlrd to Forty
second Streets was paoked wlth a shout
Ing, nolsy multltudo. who wero celo
bratlng tho election. Horns, belU, rattles,
whlstlea nnd other contrlvunces ivhlch
?would creato a dln wero used wlth vlgor
and effect.
Around the varlous polnts whero bulle?
tlns wero dlspla'yed tho crowd Jammed
the streets untll thoy wero compietely
blocked. It was a good natured crowd,
and all scemed to he Republicans for tho
tlmo a? the roimcs of Roosoveit and Hlg
eln3> wero often and heartlly cheered.
The result was known #o qulckly that
much Interest was taken out of tho bul?
letlns, and tho crowds expended thelr en?
thusiasm ln marchlng up nnd down tho
streets crcatlng a deafenlng dln that de
veloped ln a roar for moro than a dozen
Watson's Manager Predicts. For-.
mation of One Very' Shortly.
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK. Novl 8.?Melvln G. Pa'H
ser, manager of the PrenldeiUl.il campaign
of Thomas E. Wntson, to-nlght mado tho
followlng statement:
"Wo expect 15,000 votes for Wntson in
tho Greater New York und 25.000 ln the
State. It Ia a proicst of tho people ngaln t
this alleged Democratlc party. Tho result
of thls is that we wlll Jorm a new party.
"Thomng E. Watson, Wllllam J. Brynn
and WlWarft Randolph Hearst wlll have a,
conference ln New York in about a week s
tlme, and tho flrst steps wlll then bo
mado to form a new party. Mr. Bryan
told mo he could not break away from iho
party becnuse ho had beon crylng agalnst
thoso peoplo for boltlng-, but nfter tho de?
feat of Parker, whlch be knew was bound
to happen, he could form a now party,
and thls wlll be d/mo."
(Continued from Flrst Page.)
election ot Schneobell, Republlcan, ln tho
Twenty-slxth Congrosslonal Dlstrict. If
thli ls correct, tho next Pennsylvania del?
egatlon ln the House wlll be twenty-nlno
Republicans and threo Democrats. Tho
delegatlon wlll probably bo ns follows:
Flrst, Henry R. Blngham (R.).
Second, Robert Adams, Jr. (R.).
Thlrd, Henry Burk (R.).
Fourth, Reubon O, Moon (R.).
Flfth, Edward Morrell (R.).
Blxtlv George D. McCreary (R.)
Sevonth, Thomas S. Butler (R.).
Elghth, Irvlng P. Wangor (R.).
Nlnth, H, Burd Cassol (Tt.).
Tenth, George Howell (D.).
Klevonth, TTehry XV. Prtlrncr CR..).
Twolflh, aeorgc R. Pattcrsoii (R,).
Thlrtcenth, Atnrcus C. L. Kllno (D.).
Fotirleeiith, Mlal IS, Lilly (R.).
Flftcentli. Elias Dcemer (R,).
SI.\-toenlh.,Jlctiry 1*. Davls (13.).
Kcvcnleenth, Thnudeus M. Mnhon (R?).
ElglrtbCftth, Mfirtln E. Olmsted (R.).
Nlneleenth, John M, Roynnlds (II.).
Twcntlcth, Danlel F, Lafonn (R.).
Twcnty-flrflt, Solomon R. Dressor (R?).
Twetity-second, Gcorgo F. Huff (R.).
T'weniy-thlrd, Allen _\ Cooper (R.),
Twenty-fourth, Krnest F. Achcson (R.).
Twnnty-flflh, Arthur L. Batcs (R,).
Twciity-slxlh, G. A. Schnceboll (R.).
Twenty-sevetith, Wllllam O. Smlth (It.).
Twenty-clghtli, Jp^cph C. Slbioy (R.).
Tweniy-iiinlh, Wllllam II. Granam (R,).
Thlrtloth, John Dalzell (R.).
Thlrty-llrsl, Jumes F. Burko (R.).
Thlrty-second, Andrew J. Burchfleld
, r (py Assoclated Press.)
INDIAjNaPoms, IND., November 8.?
Tho oongrosslonal delegatlon probably
chosen ln thls Btnte la as follows:
1. JnniOH A. ? Ho-nonww.y, Republican.
2. Robori ,Ws Mlers, Democrat.
S. Wllllam T. ZehOr, Doniocrat,
4, Llncoln Dlxon, Democrat
5. icii.'is S. llolllday, Republican,
0. James E, Wntson, Repubdciin.
7. Jcsse Overstrcel, Republican.
8. Gcorgo XV. Cromor, Republican.
Charles B. Landls, Republican,
Edgvir D. Crumpack<?r, Republican.
11. Frederlck Landls, Republican,
12. J.-imes Jl. Rohliisoti, Democrat.
13' A.bruham L. Brlck, Ropublloan.
IyC1.ns\rILLI|. KY., November 8,-Th_
dek*K.itlon from thls Stato In the next
CongreiiB wlll probably bo as followit
a. Ollio M. Jamt-s, D.
? 2. Angtiflttis O. Stnnley, D.
S. James M. Richardton, D.
4. Davld II; Smlth, D.
G. Swnger Shlrley, D.
C. Joseph L. Rhlnoek, D.
7. South TrlmWo, D.
t?. Jumes N, Kchoo, D.
10. Frank A Hopklns, D. ,
11. Davld C. Edwardfl. Tt.
Cowherd Probably Beaten.
(By Assoclated Press.)
KANSASI CITY, Nov. 8.?The count In
thls clty wlll not bo comploted untll 8
A. M.( but there Is small reason to doubt
that Congressman Cowherd, chalrman of
the Democratlo Natlonal Congresslonal
Commltteo, ls defeated by at leaat 800
(Uy Assoclated Press)
AUSTrN, TEXAS. Nov. 8.?The follow?
lng sol'd delegatlon of Democrats hav?
been returned to tho Flfty-ntnth Congrtsa
from Tcxas:
"Flr.?t. Morrls Shepp.ird CD).
Se-cond, Morgan L. Brooks (D.). /
?Third," Gordon Russe-11 (D.).
?Fourth, Cholce B. Randell (D.).
?Flfth. John Beall _D.L ,
?Sixth, Scott Fleld CD.).
?Seventu. Alexander XV. Oregg (D.).
?Eighth. John ?__ Pinkney (D.).
?Ninth, Georgo F. Burgess (D.). ,.x ; ,
?Tenth., Albert S. Burleson (D.). \, ..'
?Eleventh, Bobert L. Henry CD.), '
?Twelfth, Oscar W. GSllesple ,(D.). j
?Thlrteenth, John II. Stephens (D.)..
?Fourteenth, James L. Siayden (D.),
?Fifteenth, Johh N. Garnor (D.).
??Slxteenth, Wllllam R. Smlth (D.). ? ,
-l , !
New York.
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK. Nov. 8.?In tho Eighth
Dlstrlct T. D. Sullivan (.Dem.) ls re-elect
cd; ln tho Fourteenth Dlstrlct Towno
(Dem.) ls eleeted, ond IrTvtho Flftecnth
Dlstrlct J. Van Cchenten Oleott (Rep.) la
eleeted; ln the Tenth Dl.strlot Wllllam
Sulzer (Dem.) ls rc-elected, and ln tho
Eleventh Wllllam R. Hoarat (Dem.) ls re
South Carolina.
ritv Assoclated Frr-ss.l
CHARLFSTON, S. C, November 8.?A
solld Democratlc delegatlon was returned
to Congress from thls Stata to-day, aa fol?
?Georgo S, Legare (D).
Jnines O. Patterson (D).
?Wyatt Aiken (D).
?Joseph T. Johnson (D).
?Davld E. Flnley ( D).
J. Edward Ellerbe (D).
?Atfbury F. Lever (D).
(By Assoclated Press.)
complcxlon of tno Tennesse delegatlon ln
th- Fifty-nlnth Congress Ia unchanged,
tho following having beon eleeted yester?
day: __?
?First, Walter P. Brownlow CR.}.
Hecoi.d, Nathan XV. Hale (R.).
"Third, John A. Moon (D.).
Fourth Mounse'G'. Biitler (D.).
Fifth. Wllllam C. Houston (D.).
?Sixlh, John W Galnes (D.).
... . T _:_1 T, ll..,l,rnt
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