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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, November 10, 1904, Image 1

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l?ll tho biiylng puhllc of
Vlrglnla whcn you uso
Tcc-Dee AVnnt Ads. ,
trlsblng Bonrc! or Rooms
constilt t)xc. Tco ? Dco
Waht Ad. colninns.
WHOLE NUMBE& 16,684.v
The Weather.
WA9I1INGTON. NOV. 8.-Foreca*t for
Thttrsday and Frlday: ,?. 1M,,,?V.
Vlrglnia-Raln and colder Thiirsday,
Frldriy ralnj fr&h to brlsk northeaat
WNorth Carollna-Rnm Thursday wlth
lower temperature In tlio moiiritaln di?
trlcts; Frlday doarlng nnd coldei; rrosn
to brlsk eust to norlhcaet wirids.
Rlchmond's woathor yostorday waa clcar
and modorato.
0 A. M.,. ;.!
12 M<.f.ft
3 P. M.y.\.^
6 P. M. g*
9 P. M.t. 52
13 midnlght . ?_ t
Avcrago . B1^
Novcmber 10, 1901.
8un rlecs.6:<r, | HIGH TIDB.
Hun BOts.6:03 | Mornhig.<??.. :-2
Aloon aete.7:62 | Evenlng.?.?
TlrnM-Dtspatch Installs tho "sort* ca?
ter," reoent rornarkablo invont.on for
maklng type u*od In to-day a .<ead linj s
Crutchneld for vlolatlon of the Mmui ?!
ordinancc and an nppeal ls P' otn.p y
takefi to the Hustlngs Opurt?-R^hinond
young man, formerly traln cll?p.tt^ erp?Vn
ployed )>y the Cheaapeoka and Ohio Ral
way Comnxny, Whrnlrig laureis ?? al.i?
yer |n Wert Vlrglnla-tJnusuaily large
miantity of tobacco brought to market
yesterday and prlces were yery good for
gradn of tobacco offfM-cd?Itnportant
meetlrig of tho Commlttco on Ordlnancos
to-'night to cousldor quostlon of annoxn
tjon?Man found ln dying condltlon In on
alley; dlcd few momcnta later fnjm
natural muses: wlfc unablo to bury hlm
.?Grand Chaptor, Royal Arch Maoonn,
Matt Choatham. old Chestcrtlelu resWcnt,
dend-Royiil Arch celebratlon?-Ctk.rlcM
Lowerv rcslsts arrest-SIxteenth prcsl
dentlal vote.
Virginia. .
Moro complcto rcturns show that
Slemp's vlotory ovor \Vy*or wos completp,
countles flving a Ropubllcan majority
that liad ulwaya bcen Democratlc befort,
Norfolk raakfea heavy Democratlc galna
and Jovsers tlx: Republloan reprosentatlon
Jn tho State Conventlon-Burglars biow
opcn a safe in- Chestcr-A seanian
mceU death !n a very peeuliar way on
board tho tralnlng-i'hip Prairlt-Na..OTial
Tobacco Growers" AbsocIuiIoti to meot in
L-ynchbtirg. Va,-Confederate monument
crected at Floyd counly courthouae-A
boy In Luray kills hla own mother by ac
cldental dlschargo of hls gun., ? .^
t ; North Carolina. , *.
Intcnse Intercst (njrrounds tho'clectlon
for Congress In tho ElghUi Dlstrlet:
Blackburn (Rep.) mukes blg clalnjs. but
the Democratlc chairman clalmx' th? i!:k
trlct for Newland?The State gives G]e;.n
M.000 majority for Govomor and fails
10.000 short of Aycock's voto' four yeaxa
Judge Parker lssuos statoment thanklnjt
CJimpaign manngors and "rank and filc
for thtir loyalty. and deolarlng that tje
timo wlll come whcn the tarifl-fed trusta
?vtin drlvo the poople to tho Denjocru.UC
party for rollef-U illlam J. Bryan In t\n
lnter\'lew dl.scusses the sltuatlop at lerigth
and *ays he ls ready to joln wlth .the
8outh and W?st to put Domocracj' on a
wlnnlng basts. for tho battle of l!t05?
Bates's defeat In MassachwSetts lookia
upon by RepuWicans as a natlona] ?lis
Krace-w. R Ilearst Issuea statc-ment
detdarlng that Domocracy wlll reorganizo
)ierself on propor llnes-^Another dead
)ock predlcted In ijclaware t>eglHlaturo-?
Rcpublican lead In Rhode Island beavlly
increeaed-Democratlc leader tellB .-->w
lt happeied?Jo.scph W. Folk. the vlg
oroua yonng roformer, leads tho Siifipoiiri
Domocracy to vlctory, whlle Roosevelt
probably get tho elcetors-Chairman
Babcock. of the HepuhUcan Congre-s
Jonal Committee, barofy missed defeat In
Wlsconsln-Southorn cotton oil plant dt
Htroyed by 0ro-Prealdcnt Rooyovelt \k,
overwhelmed wlth congratulatlons and
Emneror WJlllam Jolns ln-W. J. Bryan
evldentlv preparlng to reorganl^j tho
Democratlc party wlth the vl.ew to fteenm
Ing lts leader-Phf/nomenlal run of Doug
laa In MassachuRetts?Cousln of Jap
ancse Emperor to vlslt Presldent Rooso
voit-Attompt to kldnap Democratlc ofn
cer In iolomdo-Dlspensary ofllcers in
South Carolina Iclll ono anothor In a duel
i_De'mocrets of Teiinesscfi mako a rlne
showlng-Democrats rwrop Florlda
Pennfiylvanla glves RoOBftyaU nearly nve
'hundred thousand majority-Many new
battleahlpa to bo recommended by tt.e
Secretary or the Navy-Both Democrats
and Republlcans stlll clalni tho vote of
Maryland-Young Corbett temporarily
dlsabled-Japane-^e contlnue- to bombard
Bort ArUiur and forco Rnsslons to aban
don repalra-Results of electlon have
favorablo boartng on New York atock
m.irket-PreHcott Arlzona, treasur?r.
gagged and robbed-Go Betwten wlna
8tony Brook Solling SJike* at Aquedtiet
-Norfolk and JVostorn dlrectors doclavo
poml-annual dtvldend of 11-2 pcr cent.
Lov'i Dlllon makes a groat trottlng record
?at Momphls-Dord Lansdowne mike
.stro'ng plea for internntlonal pcace??
Democrats elect Governor of Mlntieaota
-Cornwall makes great run In West
yirglnla, but l.i most probably defcatcd
by Dawson for Governor-Republlca.ns
elect olght congressmon from Mlssour).
(Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatcb.)
"Young CorbetL" was unablo to go out
on the road yesterday, ns ho stralncd one
of the tendoiiA of hls rlght foot. Tho In
jury however, wlll not luterferc wlth
hls' training to any oxtont. "Corbett" ls
not liavlng ltard work reduolng to 130
pounds. lle ls wlthln. seven ppunds of
Iho wnlght, nnd as the flght ls two weeks
oft*. ho ls not worrylng. Hn hopns to be
at "battllng" Nelson ln qulpk ordor, and
thu's cllpch a battlo wlth Jlminy Biitt ln
^ . Dr. Lefew Much Worsc.
A prlvate messago- was rocolved hore
laBt nlght from Roanoko atatlng that Dr.
Franlt C. Lefew waa In a serloua oondl?
tlon; that there hnd beon a suddon oliango
for the worso. Hls bro.hor, Mr, Charlea
Lefew, left early thls mornlng for Roa
noke, to bo nt the hedslde of hls brother.
Meeting of Knights Templar.
The G'rnn'd Commnndory of Knlghte
Tomnlar wlll meet ln rogul.tr Unnual hcs
slon at the Mnsonlc. Templo. beglnnlng
loirtnv. Much work of general Intorest to
the o'rde rwlll bo trniiFartod, and ofllcers
wlll bo chosen for the torm.
Tho \\ adyortiBoiiioiits for holnpub<
lleliiiU ln to-diiy's Tlinod DlHiutou oa
Iu\?o 8?ron? tollowo:
3 AKo?ta, 4 Sulesmen,
2 Trucl^ 2 Domestics,
'3 Miscolluueuus.
Tnla not only Interesrta those out of
work. but t.ioae duylrlny to improv^
thetr posltlons ua wel\.
Great Ncbraska Lcadcr Rcvicws
thc Rcsults of thc
Is Rcady to Help South and
Wcst to Put It in Winning
Shape for 1908.
(By Assoclated Proas.)
TiTNOOLN, NEB., Ntovcrabcr 8.?TTil
llam J. Bryan to-nlght gavo out an cx
tehded Rtatoment conwrnlng- yestcrday's
electloii, wjtft-h is Intended to nerve oa hls
cotmnciu on the rosult, and o? an ansrwer
to r/ports conecting hlm wlth a movement
looklng to the formatlon of a new party.
iMr, Bryan Haid he would not attcmpt to
dohy: nll tho roports circtilated as to hls
futuro polltlcal action, Init would Ict hla
Btatemont sorvo to explain hls poaltlon.
Ho says:
"Tho "defeat of Judgo Parkcr should not
bo consldored a personal one. Ho- dld aa
well aa he could under the clrcumstancea.
Ho was thc vlctlm of unfavoratole condl?
tions and of a mistalten party pollcy.
He gTew In popularlty aa thc campalgn
progreascd, and exprcssed- hlmsclf moi'o
and more atrongly upon the truat ques?
tion, but could , not-overcome tho hea.vy
odds agalnBt hUn. The so-called consor
vatlve Democrats charged the defeata
of 1SW1 and 1900 to thc party's poaltlon
on the money question, and inalsted that
a vlctory could too won bydropplng the
colnage question cntlrely. .
In Full Control.
'Tho reorganizers are ln coniplete con?
trol of the party. They planncd thc cam?
palgn and carrlcd It on aceordlng to thelr
own vlews, and the verdlct agalnst thelr
plan Is an unanlmous one. Suroly sllver
cannot bc blamed for thla defeat. for the
campaJgii was run on a gold basls.
Neltho'r can defeat be charged to em
ptmlto condcmnatlon of tho trusts,' for the
trusts were not assallcd aa vlgorously thls
year'as they were four years ago. It ls
evldent that the campalgn dld not turn
upon the question of Impertallsm. and It
Is not falr to conslder tho result as a
personal vlctory for the Presldent .al
though hls admintstratlon was the sub
Ject of crit.tclsm.
Must Stand By the People.
"The result was duo to tho fact that
the Democratlc party attempted to be
conservat've In thc prcsence of condltions
which demand radlcal remedles. It
sounded a partial retrea*. when it should
have ordered a chargo all along the llne.
The Democratto party haa nothlng. lo
galn by catcrlng to organlzed and preda
tory wealth. Tt must not only do with
ont such support, but It cah strengthen
Itself by, invlting thc open and emphatlc
opposltloh of theso cleraents. The cam?
palgn dlsclosed that it Is'ns1 Iriexpedlent
from the standpolnt of pollcy as it is
wrong from the standpofnt of prlnclple
to aittompt any conclllatlon of the In
dustrinl and flnanclal despots, who are
erradually gettlng control of all the ave
nues of wealth. Tho Democratlc party,
If It hopes to wln Buccess. must take the
sldc of the plain, conrnoi noonle."
I*k> Compromise With Wrong.
Alr. Bryan eays for two years he has
polnted out the futility of any attenipt
to compromise wlth wrong or to patoh up
a pcn/ie with the gTcat corporatlons which i
are now exploltlng tho publlc' but' the j
Southern Democrats were so alarmed by I
thn race Issue that they llstened rather j
reluctantly, be It said to thelr credlt,
to the promises of miecess held out by
thos8 who had contributed to the defeat
of tho party in the two precedlng cara
pnlens. '
He contlnued: ."The experiment haa \
been a. costly one, and it Is not' Hkely i
to be repoatcd during the presenl goner- j
atlon. Thc Eastern Democrats were also i
decelved. They were led to bcllevc that !
the magnates and monopollsts who co- ?
erced thp vol'er.s In lfOa and supplled an
cnormous campalgn fund ln both 1?36
and 1900 would help the Democratlc par- j
ty If' our pnrty would only bo less rad- '
Ical. The elcction has opened the eyes
of'tho hundreds of thousands of honc^t j
and well-meaning Democrats who a few j
months ago favored' tho^ reorganlzatlon
of the party, These men now sec that [
they must elther'go Into thc Ropublican
party orjoln wffh the Democrats of tho
Wcst nnd South In maklng the Domo- '
.crntic party a paMtive, aggrosslve nnd
progresslvo' reform organlzation. Thorc
Is no nilddle ground."
Is Ready to Help.
Mr. Bryan says now that tho oampalgn
Is ovor, ho wlll nssist thoso who desire i
to put tho Democratlc party onco more |
upon a "flghtlng basls;. he will nssist in j
organizlng for the campalgn of 1908.
Mr, Bryan,contlnues: "The party must '
contiriuo to protest agalnst a largo army,
agalnst a largo navy, and to stand for
tho Indopendenco of tho Killplnos, for ini
pcrlalism adds the menace of mllltarlsm
to tho corruptlng influcnoo of commor
clallsiu, nnd yet oxperlenco has shown
that howevor rlghtooua tho party's poal?
tlon on thla subjoct. the |.?suo iloes not
nrouso thn pcoplo as they can be warned
by a question which touchos them lm
tnedlntely and indlvldunlly. It must also
malntaln Its poaltlon on tho tnrlff ques?
tion. Tho party must veuew Its demand
for an Income tax, to bo seeurcd through
a constltutlonal omendmont ln order that
wealth may bo mnde to pny its fihare of
tho expenses of tho government.
"The party must malntaln Its poaltlon
, In favor of blmetallsm- It cannot ,sur
' render Its demand for uso of botli gold
and s'lver as tho standard money of tho
country, but tho qu,estlon nuiat roma|n
In abeyanca untll condltions ao chongo
aB to briiig tho publlc agnln fnco to face
wlth falllng prlces and rlslng do'lurs,
Thld therofote. cannot bo niado tho coiit,
trolling lssuo of tho campalgn upon which
we aro enterlng.
Trusts Uppermost.
"Tho trust question prcsents tho most
acut? phnso of the contest bntwcenDem
ocracy and plutocrncy, so far aa economlo
IsBties are oopocrnod, Tho Presldent vlr
tunlly admlta that tho trusta optrlbuted
to hls oanipalgri fund, but'lio denlea that.
they recclved any promises of ald or lm-'
munlty. No well Inform'od person doubts
that thc larga corpomt'lons havo fur
nishod tho Heptibllcaii fund during the
campalgn of 1?W and 1900 and 19M, npd
no one can anawer tho loglc of Judgo
Parker's arralsmment of the jrust 'con
trlbutlon.' The trusts aro run on a busi
ness prlnclple. They do not suhsforlbe mtl^
llons of dn|inrs to a canmalgn unlo'ssj
they nro puvlng for fuvora already grant-,
cd or purohaulngr fayora fqf ruturo flc
CConilnued on Sevonth Page.)
Rcmarkablc Dcvice for Making
( Head Type Installed by
Thc Paper Is Proud of It,
Though It Is Home
> Made.
Of all the really wonderful products of
inventlvo genlui used In the publicatlon
of-a-'daily. newspaper of the twentleth
ceiitury. tho latest ls tho "sorts castei\"
. To the lay mind, the nama docs not
mean' anythlng; it means very little to
tha.prlnter, for thls machine waa not
bo much aa a "hazy dream," a few short
months ago.
An interestlng fact is that a. "sorts east
er" has Just been Installed in The Times
Dispatch' composing room and actually
made all .the beautiful now head typo
used in to-day's paper. Such r thlng as
a newspaper's making. Its own headllno',
typo is almo'st unknown ln any newspa- J
per office in the South. The paper mod
estly elalms to be flrst ln thls as ln many
other respects.
Newspaper hlstory is always interest?
lng. To many, nothing Is moro wondcrful
than the mechanlcal achlevement of get
tlng on the atrcets ln a few momonts
vivld pen-plctures of happcnlngs thou
sands of mftes away. This is done by
means of quick bralns workand qulck hand
work. powerfully alded by the greatest
Inventlons of thls agc.
t Takes trie Lead.
In Fobruary, 1S90, The Tlmes installed
tho flrst perfecting press soon in Vlr
glnia, turning off with almost Incrcdlblo j
spced n slxteon pago paper, at that day,
sevcral timcs, tho largest In the State.
Pcoplc were amozed. . It was tho be-'.
glnning of a perlod whcn thls paper j
should lead all others !na-great south-.
ern terrltory in tho i.itroductlon of tho
eritirelj*' modern methods of getting out a
great dally. newspaper.
Shortly thereafter . came another inno
vatfon, which has slnce revolutlonized
overy prlnting office In America- The,
Introductton of the Mergcnthalnr type
sottlng machines, Becond only to prlnt?
ing from cyllndor presscs In tho aplen
dld gonlus It represents, marks another
epoch In the hlstory of modorn nowa
papers. Agatn The Tlmcs led all tha
Lato In tho fall of 1001 thla paper in?
stalled tho color presa and began prlnt?
ing tho colored Bupplement which at onca
fully cquntlod In all respects tho product
of tho great newspaper prosses of tna
North. At that tlmo biit ono. other paper
(Contlnucd Pn ? Tcrrth Pago.)
Slemp Will "Have Ncarly Four
Thousand Ma
- jority.
Democratic Gains in Second Cut
Down Representation in Re
publican State Convention.
Returns' from Tuesday's elcction Inthe
?State of Vlrglnia are too meagTo, and in?
completo to enable an approximate eotl
mate as to the total vote of the State,
elther for the p'resldentlal cloctors or for
the congressional candidalea. In inost
cases the vote for congressmen is taken
as the basls for estimating the Demo?
cratlc plurallty, but ln aome cases .this
ls not glven, nor Is It attalnablo or ca
pable of approximatlon wlth any degree
of accuvacy. In the Third district there
were four or five candldates for Cijngress,
and in some cases the Democratic can
gresslonal candldate led' the electors and
in other cases tho reverse U true. Ow
Jng ito tho multlplicity of congressional
candldatos the. flgures on the presidency
are taken as tho basis for the calcula
tlon in most ? ca.=es.
In the Nlnth district the chlef Inter
est is ln the congressional flght, and only
those figures are given. In many of ths
counties and clties the majorities only
are stated. In some cases the some aro
approxlmatcd, or incomplcte, and in oth
ers completc. ? In gcneral, the glngle flg?
ures Indlcato that thc flgures are major?
ities, nnd not the vote cast for the can-'
didate under whoso name they appear.,
The star used beforo the name of tho
county Indlcates that tho completc re?
turns are csilmated on the basls of the
vote reported, or that the Incompleto
returns aro totalled and stated.
The clectlon havlng resulted in a larid
sllde for tho Republlcans In tho country.
correspondents have ln mnny case.s falled
to supplement tholr incompleto roports
ln yesterday's Issuc.
Tho totals of majorities and votcs for
the congressional candldates shows a
Democratlc majorlty of approxlmately
33,000 ln tho Stato. . Thjs is probably near
the mark. In thc llgures 'by dlstrlct.i It
wlll be seon that Colonel Camphell Slemp
hnd a Inndslido ln hls favor In thc Nopth
district, hls majorlty bolng accurately
npproxlmated at 4,000 over Mr. Wyaor,
the Democratlc nonilnec.
On tho basls of tho ftguros glven. Mr.
Maynard, in the Soeond district, lcads
tho otlior congressmen wlth a major"lty
of nearly 6,200. Mr. Rixey comos next
wlth ncarly 6,0ft). Gnptain T.nmb, in tho
Third, U next with a majorlty of more
(Contlnued on Soventh Page.)
Roosevelt's Popular Majority of
Tuesday Breaks All
Somc States Go Heavily for the
President, But Elect Demo
i . cratic Governors.
(By -Assoclated Press.)
NT3W YORK, Novembtr ?g.?'Wlth the
elcctJon returns stlll Inco-mplcte, the plu
rallty of President Roosevolt ln tho.na
tlon, aocordlng to all lndlcatlons to-nlght,
wlll erceed 1,500,000?the greatest plurallty
over glvcn an Amerlean candldate. Tho
nearcst approach to thls voto waa in 1S9C.
wften McKlnley recelved a plurallty ap
proxlmatlng 850,000, and in 1872, when
Grant recelved 762,991 plurallty.
To-nlght tho lnterost centers ln ails
sourl and Maryland. Lato returns indl
cate that tho former State is in the Re
publlcan, column,' so far as , prcsldcntlal
electors. are ooncerncd. but that Josoph
W. Folk, tho Democratlc candldate, has
been 'eleoted Governor. In Maryland the
presldentlal vote wlll ? probably bo cast
for President' Roosevelt. Dater returns
to~nlght Indlcate that Tliomas A. Smlth
(Democrat) has beeh clected to Congress
in the Flrst Dlstrlot by 450 plurallty.
Congressmaji Jackson; of liis dlstrlct, to
nlght, however, puts forward a clnlm of
trlck ballots and fraud, and snys ho wlll
contest the electlon.
Solid South Broken. ,
In the othbr States |t Is slmply a qucs
llon Of pluralltles. The "solid South"
waa broken by the probablo defectlon of
Mlssourl, thls' sectlon of tlio country
usually havlng thlrteeii States ln the
Demooratlc column. The flgurcs to-nlght
show but twelvo Statos, wlth 133 votos for
President Roosevolt carrled all the
Northern States?swept them, ln fact?
and to-nlght ho' had 343 ?electnral votes.
Tho banner State ls- Pennsylvanla.
Twentyrfour hours nftor the polls closed
tho .returns from thls State Indlcated
thnt Roosevelt's plurallty would bo 485,000,
Next caime New York State, whero the
President polled npnrnxlmately 171,000
more than rtlrt Judge Parker.
The New York clty returns are stlll In
completo, but tho nmazement over the
res'ult hns ntt subsldecl. Judge Pnrker
carrled .Greater New York by only 41,000
, Some Curious Results.
In general, tho slluatlon i* chlefly ln
tercstlng to-nlght boonuso of tho fact
(Contlnued on Tlilrd Page.) ?
County Treasurer in Arizona
Has Thrilling Ex
(By Aesoclated Pre??.)
'PRESCOTT. ARIZ.. Novomber 9.?Jomoa
B. Storm, county treasuror of thls county,
has been found loeked ln tho stcol vault
Of hls offloo, bound and *agged, wlth
$15,000 mlsslng from the ca9h funds at
the titfisury. Mr, Storm had been In
tho vault slxtecn hours when found to'
day by.hla daughter. He says that about
6 o'clock yesterday nfternoon,, whllo
geatod ,li> hls office, two men enfered the
door wlth handkorchiafs Ued pv'er thelr
faccs, ? J jirosor.'.tng a reyolvor to hit
head, ordsrocl hlii) to throw un liU' h.and?;
Btorm compi'sd, and tho two men olo?ed
tho door oC tho offlco and produoed' a
strlng' of.bullng wlro, wlth wlvloh they
securaly bound hls feet and hands: They
forced a handkerchlef Jnto hUg roouth
and pushcd him Insido tho vault. After
gathnrlng up $16,000 nnd Wsuroly ransuck
jng tho ofilco for more. money? the men
ojoaed tho door of the vuult, IppKbd It'antJ
dopartcd. Stprm wa? unabjo to glw ?ay
acourate desorlptton o? tho.njea.
Blew Her Hcad Off With a
Shotgun at Close
(Spoclnl to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
IjURAT, VA., Novembor ?,?"Bud"
Stroop, the fourte?n-year-ol<J son of
Charles Stroop, who llves near Alma, thla
county, accldeptally shot and kllled hls
mothpr tms ovenlng between 8 and 4
o'olock. ,.
ypung Stroop, who had boen gtinnlng,
hnd Just retiitnod hoir.e, and was |n the
house proparlng to put hla gun away.
when, ln some way, tho weanon was dls
charge'd. Tho entlro load' of, bird shot
took effeot ln the woman'a noolt, and.
r'anglng upwards, blew her head alinoat
off, kllllng her Inatantly,
Mn?. Stroop was tho mother of a Jarge
famlly of ebUdren.
(By AatKicluU-il I'rOKS.)
PI$lI.ADliH*PHlA, PA>. Novemiber p.-r
The: dlreotors of the Narfolk nnd Wostern
Railrond' Company m>t Hore to-dny nnd
iltolnwl tho usuul rttitiil-aiinuui dlvldond
of lVi per oont. on the Qonipany'o ooipnign
Secretary of the Navy Will Fol
low His Party's Platform
(By jltsoclatcd I'rora.)
WASHINGTON, Nov. P.-tThreo hattlc
ships, flvo acout rruUora, slx torpedo
I boat destroyers, slx torpedo-boats and
j two aauadron colllers, at iin uggregate
maxlmum cost of |H,30O,OO0, Is tho bulld
Ijiff progrumme whlch tho goneral hoard
] of tho Navy has reoommonded the Seo
I rotury of the Navy to urgo Congrc?? to
i authorlae at Ita uext se-ision. Hecrotury
| Morton wlll rot'er tho rccommendatloiis
| to tho board of constructlon for com
| nient and ondorsement and wlll bnuo his
recommendatlona to Congiesa on repona
of tho two boards. ~~ . >
Homogenlty is eu,rno?tly urgod by the
board as tho great neod pf tho navy. Tho
board suggeets that the now brutlcshlpa
NhaJl ho of tho general typ? of the Con
nectleut clftss, Thls would glvo tho navy
nlnc flrst-olusa battloshlpa of 113,000 tona
dlBplacoineut eacii.
Qreut apeeri ls urgad as tho featuro
of tho llvo soout ornlsers recominendeil.
Tho board thlnks tho alx torpodu-boat
deatroyera a|id' ?lx torpoUo-boats ruoom
meuded should -liuvo grcater sfzo and aeu
worthincaa \\m\ jirovloualy built vc&selt
Of tho olaaa,
Democratic Candidate Secs Hopc
for His Party in the
Declares They Will Yct Drive
Peoplc to Democracy
for Relief.
(By AMoclated Proas.)
ESOPUS. N. Y., Novorhbor 9.?Judge
Parker to-night gavo tho presa an opon
lottcr, addrcased "To tho Domocracy of
the Natlon," in which he thunked those
ln chargo of hls campalffn work, and de
clarod that tho peoplo wlU booP roalliie
"that tho tariff-fed trust sare absorblng
tho'iwcaitlv of tho natlon." Ho sald that
when that tlme comes, tho peoplo wlll
turn ,to tho Democratlc party for rellof.
In thls lctter, Judgc Parker says ho shall
never scek a nomlnatlon for publlc of?
fice.' Tho letter follows:
To the Democracy of the Natlon:
Our thanks aro due to tho members
of tho Natlonal Commlttco and ,tho Ex
ncutlve Commlttce ln chargo of tho cam?
palgn for moat unselflsh, capable and
brilllant party servlce. AB1 that it waa
posstole for mon to do they did, but our
di?ft?ilty was beyond the reach of par?
ty managCTB.
Does Not Lament It. ,
I am most gratcful to thom, and wish
In.this gcneral way to extend my 'thanks
to the workcrs, as wcll na the rank and
flle. all over the country. 1 know how
hard they struggled aga!n3t ovcrwhelm
lng odds, and I only wiah I could take
each one by the hand and thank hlm.
Deeply aa I rcgretted leavlng tho bench
at tho timo of it, ln th.e presenco of
overwhelmlng defeat, 1 do not lament lt.
I thought it was my duty. In rtho light
of ' my prescnt lnformation, I am now
even more confldent that I dld rlght.
I shall never seek a nomlnatlon for pub?
llc office, but t shall to tho best of my
abllity, serve tho party tha.t has honor
ed me, and thj-ough the party servo my
country. The .party has ln tho near fu?
ture a great mlsslon.
Bofore long tho peoplo will reallzo that
the tariff-fed trusts and Ulosal combi
natlons are absorblng tho woalth of the
natlon. -They- wlll wish to . throw off
these leeches,' but .the Republlcan party
wlll not ald them to do it, for lta lead
ers approclate too wcll the uses to which
the moneys of the trusts can bo put ln
polltlcai campalgns.
Turn to Democracy;
When that tlme comes, and'eomo it
will. the peoplo wlll turn to tho Demo?
cratlc party for relief, and the party
should be ready?ready with an organ
lzation of fstrlotic citizens' coverlng
overy clectlon district; who are wllllng
to work for tho love of the causo?an or
ganizatton supported by as many town,
clty. cqunty and Stato offlcors as wo
are able to elect in tho meantlmo. Wo
entered thls canvass wlth every Northern,
Western and. Eaatrn State, savo one. in
Republlcan control. Thls gave to that
party a large army. of offlceholders reach
Ine; Into every hamlot, many of whom fol
lowed tho examples. set for them by the
members of the Prosldent's Cabinot in de
votlng thir tlme and sorvlees to the-par?
. Must Stand Together. "
To accompllsh much ln thls dlroctlon,
howe-ver, wo must forget the difllcultlcs
of the paot. If any on? suspcots hls
nelghbor of trcochery, let hlm not hint
of his susplclon. If ho lenows he has de
serted us, lct hlm not tell H. Our foroes
have been weakencd by dlvlslons. Wc
have qunrrelcd at tlmcs over non-essen
tials. if- wo would help th0 poople; if
wo would fumlsh an organlzatlon through
which they may bo relieved of a party
that has grown so corriipt thut they wlll
gladly cntor Into paTtnershly with trusts
to socurc moneys for clectlon purposos,
wo must forget the differences of the
past nnd begln thls da'y to ibulld up wher
evcr It may bo needed, a broad and of
fcctlve organlzatlon. And wo must, by
oonstnnt toachlng, through the pross and
from thc platform, apprlso fhe peoplo or
the way tpe vlclous tnrlff clrclo works.
A Call for Harmony.
Wo must brlng homo to thom nt other
than elsctlon tlmcs the'fact t'hat moneys
contributcd to the Republlcan party by
thc trusts is not on,y djslioricst money,
but if Is glven that tho trusts may, wlth
ont hindr.ni'-cs. tnko a mucl) largor sum
I from tho pcople. '
In the proHonco of a rWent that would
! tnko away all personnl amhltlon, were
lt tmo thnt otherwlso It pnssessert mo, I
do' not hosltnte to say that, In my opln
lon, tho grc.iitcst moral question which
now I'onfronts us Is: Shnll the trusts nnd
corponitlons bn prcventod from contrl
buMng money to control or to "nld In con
trnlllng olectlons? Such serwiee ns I enn
render ln that of any other dlroctlon wlll
bo g-indly rendtred; And T beg tho co
nporatlon as a t'ellnw-workcr of overy
Democrat ln tno coitnirv.
The telccrrnnb ortVo nt Rosnmount TvOdce
wns d'smantlcd to-nljrht nftcr the dny'H
lyuslness. Judps Parker sald to-nlcrht thnt
hls plnns for tho future wcrn not deflnltcly
tnnri-c. but soon ho would be ln hnrness
agaln. It Is frenernllv bplleverj here that
ho wlll .pongas'ft ln tho praotipe of law In
Ni>w Tnrlc, fprmlnk a partncrshlp wlth
some well p?tnh"shod flrm.
(liy Assoclntod Press.)
CHiARDKSTON, S. 0,, Nov. 9.-A duol
wlth plstols wns fought by R. L, Irby
nnd B. A. Phllllps, nKtnhers of thn dls
ponenry constabulary to-day at Eaatover,
ncar Colnmbln. It Is understood that the
mon had boen drlnklng nnrif nftnr a few
worrts about an overcont, both drcw pls
tola and flrcd almost Rlmultnncoiisly
Phllllpa was kllled Instnmly and Irby
dlc(l wlthln nn hour.
(By- Asaocltttt'd s?ro??.).
MACON, GA., Novumbi>r '?>??A spechvl
to th? TolegTiiph saya ttin't the 'entlro
| plniU of tho Bonthwn Ootton 011 Codi
? pany, at Forayth, On., w?h ucstroyed by
tlio tariy thls iwrulng. Tho loss la not
I Htutcd, Thero la no cluc to t.ho orJsln
^ot tho flro.
Judge Refuses NewTrial
for McCue; Must die
on January 20th.
Prisoner in Open Court Declares
He Is Innocent of Murder of
His Wife?The Judge Is
Much Affected While
Passing Sen
(Speclal From a Stnfc Corrospondent.)
0.?Botween McCue, tho murderer, and tha
grlm and awful nakcdnoss of the gallows
now stand only tho Supremo Court of Vlr
glnla and tho Governor, of tho 'stato;
nelther of whom, In the oplnlon of a vast
majority of tho peopSo, Is llkeiy to In
terfero wlth tho courso of justlco as al?
rcady doflned.
What the comlng days may brlng forth
no man knows. Thero aro grave con
slderaUons to bo welghed. and nlco tech
ntcallties to bo dcclded. Tho lcarncd
/and suporlor Judges may flnd.in tho ex
ccptlons of tho dofenso Just causo for
action?or thoy may; not. McCuo may bo
tried agaln?or ho may not. It is tho
veriost folly to predlct. All that can
bo attempted ls to Indlcate tho trend o?
sentitnent ln the lay mlnd, and thls la
sufficlently dono ln the opening sentence.
Ono thlng alono ls known posltlvely and
thls thlng ls now bcyond tho peradven
ture of a doubt?that unlcss the law, that .
liaa already condemned, .reachos forth.
Its strong arm and at the last moment '?
snatches tho prisoner from tho very jawis
of death. McCue, tho ex-Mayor, frill on
itho 20th of January, 1905, botween tha
houra of sunrlso and sunsct, ascend tho
scaffold nnd thero glvo hln llfo In ro
turn for that of hls doad and tnurdcred
Sentence Passed.
Wlth a volco ? that trembled and nl
most broko; Judge George W. Morrls,
ono, tlmo friend and Cellow-townsman of
hlm, who, pale and weak, now stood bo
foro hlm a convicted felon. yesterday
passed tho sentence that means an
Ignominlous nnd frlghtful end to tho ca
reer of a once nappy and prosperons man.
Tho scene was qulckly bogun and aa
qulckly over. Wlth a- rapldlty that
caused many to gnsp, thero was flnslud
before the eyes of threo or four luui
dred people tho figuro of the prisoner
protesting hls lnnocence, and thon ol" the
court pronouncing tho terrlblo words of
the death sentence. It was over and done
ln an instant, but that insiant flxed U
Kelf Indellbly upnu the memory of tnohb
who slmddercd and saw.
It camo at tho end of an hour lnto
whlch had becn crowded events many
had expected would drag on through
days. The motlons pf Uie defenso for a
new trial were mndo, nnd ono by one
were overruled. Thero was no argument,
nnd heroln is where camo tho surprlso,
and the suddenness wlth whlch tho court
and tho people found themselves facing
tho olimax of a trngedy that has shakep
the Stato to its very depths. Bverybody
had looked for a wrangle that would con*
nume at least one afternoon. Yet wlthln,
thrce-quarters of an hour, before etther
the Judgo or tho pooplo could braoe
themselves for the ctid, the end had corno.
Motions Overruled.
Slx reasons for tho nio-tion for a now
trlal were polnted out, and whon thesa
proved of no avail, a soventh atterapt to,
stay tho hand of tho court was made,
only to meet the fate of the others. Judgo
Morrls passed quirkly over tho flrst flvo
motlons, but dwelt upon the slxth, whlch
he declared to be the only one that had
cauaed the court any troublo. Thls was
the vexed questlon of the readlng of
(Tinewpapers by the Jurymen. After eare
ful consldenitlon, bowover, he had de
cldcd 'that thls objoctlon, too, was ln*
valld. It had not been shown that tha
Jurymen were ln any way inlluenced by
what they had seen In tho prlnted shocts;
on the contrary, they had atntod under
oath that thelr verdict had becn ln no
way affooted by hoadllnos or reports. It
was, thoreforo, tho oplnion of tho court
that thls motlon, aloug wlth th* llvo
that preeeded It, ghould be overruled.
After notlng excoptlons to thls action
tho defenso mado Its last movc?equally
valn. The Jury had found' the prisoner
"gullty, as chnrgod In tho indlctment, of
murder ln the tlrat tlogrec." Tho Indlpt
mont was slmply for nuirder, and under
It the accuaed could havo beon convicted
of any dogrcc of honilclde. ~1t was clahn
ed thnt a flaw in tho verdict? "gullty as
chnrgod ln tho indlctment"?left It open
what the jury mea'nt, and It was he'd to
bo Improper for tho court to undortaia
to establiah tlio degroe <<f guilt. Tho rul?
Ing of the Judgo was to tho erfect that
the comludlng words of tho verdict were
of a deflnlteness autllcient to Indl.ato bo
yond nll (loubt the meanlng of the twelvo
meo who tried and convicted McCuo,
A Tragic Moment.
Tho defenso had nothlng else to oiter;
tho lnat moment wan at hand. The rela
tlyea of MoCue had loft tho room. 1,1 tje
Ruby, who had beon present u moment
bofore, had gono wlth the others. ><<n
and vvomen blpascd the forethoirtht t'at
aparod hflr ttio horror of what vas to
come, but ln tha: vory blesH ng |oy a
curpo for tho agony che had beeu al!ow-d
to fuffer for so many days. McOro "'a:'
a'inost alono Tho Judgo looked flxed'y at
hlm. Morrls, atern and uncom? roml-lryr
to the end, was trembllng now. llla volco
"J, Samuel McCue," he declared. slow
|y nnd solemnly, 'Vtand itP "
' Tho prisoner arose from h!s ohalr and
took a step forward. Not a ponnd dla
turbed tho qulet of tlio little rooniTrB,
Utilet thnt In Its awful Inten.hlty reialled
the noene.5 of tho memorablo Suurduy
"Havo you anythlng to say, J. Baniucl
McCttOi why the co'irt ahould not now
prb'co?d to pas3 soutonce upon you?"
Declares He Is Innocent.
? Eygvy enr was atralned, Would tho^
murderer sponk or woulrf be ?tand ln
Hlle'nt.o whllo he was condemned to d|o?
Ho did not hesltute. He had rvldently
thpuglit long over whut 110 would ?ny
at thls aupreine motnont. iris race waa
paje; hla lips trembled plteoualy, but tb?

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