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the Tee*De? Want Ade*.
carsfu'lly over wlll flnd
them full of baroatns
and a rellable business
Statue of Frederick tlie
Oreat Unveiled Yoster?
day in Washington.
Wife of German Ambassador
Pulled Silken Cords That Drew
Folds Away?Baron Stern
burg Makes a Happy
Speech?Scene Very
Brilliant One.
(Uy AMOci_ie<J -*r___)
rvABHlNUTON, ?* C" Nov* 19*"
llZd by a mllltary b.are o Urgg
trumpotR. whose prolongc- noto of wel
como rang out sharp on tho crlsp No
vemner alr. and waa --hood Tar down
the Potomac, thc bronze staluo of Fred
erlck the Grea-t, presented to thc Amcr
icnn peoplo W Kmperor Wllllam, was
unvellod thls afternoon by tho Baronc
Spock von Sternburg. Uie wlfe of tbo
German anvbaasador. Thla beautlful
Amerlcan woman was thc central flgure
ln on elaborate ceremony. whlch was
marked by great mllltory and official dls
play Tho statue was presented on be
half ot the Empcror by hla personal en
voy the German amba-sador. who mado
a ibrlef address. The President _ia_e tho
chlef address of thc day and accepted
tho glft on behalf of the Amerlcan people.
nomarko wero made by ?leutenant-G.n
eral Chaftcc- chlef of staff; Major-Gcn
oral Glllesple of the gcneral staff, mas?
ter ot ceremonlos; Lleutcnant-Gcnoral von
"Doowenfolrt, ono of tho speclal commts
Bloncra sent to tno unvclling by thc>.J>m
peror. and Charlernango Tower, Amerlcan
amba-ssador to Germany.
The weaMier was Ideal, tho llne of
march was crowded wlth speotators.
Both the War and Navy Departrnenta
wore closed at noon t- permlt the offlcers
to partlclpato ln the ceremonics.
Brilliant Assemblage.
Seldom haa tho natlonal scapital wit
mwd a moro brilliant and dl-Ungutohed
MEemblago than was gathcred^on tho
Siand esplanado of tho An-jy w<ur. %*%
feffo. around tbe pcdo?tal of tho statue.
lmnUdlately baclc of tho atatue, ori the
fflde?t_ stand. whlch was completely
oov_wd ?n red. white and blue. buntlns
_nd decorated wlth American? W. ??
the President and hls Cablnet, the Ger?
man ambassador and thc Baronew Speck
V0I) Starnburffl Lleutenant-Goneral von
_o_W-?fold and Major Count von Schmet_
tow, tho Emperor's speclal commission?
ers to tho unvelllng, and thc entlre dlplo
m-t c corps. all ln full uniform. On the
S to the rlght and left of the statue
wero offlcers of the army and navy ln
full dress uniform; the members of the
Supreme Court, members of Congress and
other lnvlted guests. Dlrectly ln front of
the pade-tal of the statue were grouped
the members of. the German socletles from
varlous parts of thc country. who came
to Washlngton for tho ceremony
Wlthln tlie gates of the Army War Col
leg*. along the line of march to tho es?
planado, were statloncd thc troops ln at?
tendance. ..
Eoriv ln thc day Washlngton was allve
wlth fnarching troops. and beforo noon
mounted pollcemen gathered along the
llno of march. By 1 o'clock PennBylva
nia Avonuo contalned a steady stream of
earrlages fllled with dlplomats and army
?nd navy offlcers. whoso brilliant uni
forms oxclted general attention and were
Uio signal for the gathoring of the crowd
along tho approaches to the "Aar Col?
lego. Tho Proslderit'S flag was taken from
thc White Houso ln the forenoon and
nlaced ln the di-stody of the commander
of the washington Bnrrncks, ready to be
raised the moment tl\o Prealdent's car
riage wan nnnounqcd at tho outer gatos
of tho v"--A. Tho dlplomats, with tho ex
cept'on of the German ambassador and
hls staff, drove lnfortnally to the espla?
nado to awalt tho arrlval of the offlc.al
party, which camo ln three groups. They
arrlved ln Inverso order of rank, tho mll?
ltary group flrat, then tho diplomatic
group nnd laatly tho presldentlal group,
each under escdrt of a troop of cavalry.
Promptly nt 1 o'clock Troop B, Seventh
Cavalry. reported to Captain Groto I-lutch
e-on, gcneral staff. for.duty as c-scort
to _i|outb?ant-__rieral von I.oewenfold,
Adjutant-Gonernl to thc German Empor
or. From thn Lleuitenant-Goneral's npart
ments thc cavalcade moved at a rapid
trot. The ordor of earrlages was; Flrst,
I_out_?a_t-Gcn_ral von -oewenfcld nnd
liioiitenajit-GencriU Chuffee, wlth thelr
iiides, Captnln Dlckman and Captain
IIutcheEon; second, Major Count von
Schniettow and Major Dttvall; third,
Brlgadler-Geiieral Grant and Captain Gal
laghorj fourth, Major von Etzel, inllltiiry
Bitacho of tlio Germnn embassy, and
Major Goothals; flfth, Mrs. Chaffeo, Mjsa
Cbaittu and Mrs. Hutchcson; sixth, Mra.
;._?.^!&'k?.-i \
Unvelled Yesterday ln Washington.
G'lllesplo and Mrs. Grant, and seventh,
Mrs. Bromwel) and Mrs. Wlnslow.
President's Party.
Ten mlnutes later, escorted by Troop
D, Seventh Cavalry, the ambassadorlal
party left the German embassy for tho
barracks. Tho personnel of thls party
nnd the order of their carriagea was:
First, tho ambassador and Major-Gcneral
Glllespie, with thelr aldes, Lieutenant
Martin and Captaln Alvord; 6econd, tho
Baroness Spock von Stemburg, mother,
Mrs. Langham and her slster. Mlas Lang
ham, esdorted by Colonel Allen; thlrd,
the Baron von dem Busscho-Haddenhau
_en and Mr. Scheller-Steinwartz and their
alde, Colonol Sharpe: fourth, Commander
nuid Mrs. Hebblngaus and Lieutenant
Coloncl Kerr; flfth, Mt. von Vcrdy du
Vorncla and Mr. Dledrich wlth Captaln
To Troop A, Seventh Cavalry, fell tho
honor of e*oortlng the presidentlal party,
which moved at a rapid trot down Penn?
sylvania Avenue and along the routo fol?
lowed by the precedlng cavoicades. The
presidentlal pnrty left tho Whlte House
In carrlages at 2 o'clock ln the followlng
order: .The Presldent, tbo secretary to
tho President. oJid the President's aldes,
Cblonel Bromwell and Commander Wlns?
low; Mrs. RooseefVlt and Major MeCaw
ley, the Secretary of Stato. ^he Secretary
of the Treasury, the ? Attorney-Gencral.
the Postmaster-General, the Secretary of
tho Navy, the Secretary of the Interlor,
tho Secretary of Agriculture, tho Secre?
tary of Commerce and Labor, the Actlng
Secretary of War and his alde, Brigadier
General Story, and Mrs. Oliver nnd the
Mlsses Oliver, escorted by Captain
Mlchle. ' " '
As each p'arty started the escortlng
i troop formed llne aiid renderod the ap
propriato honors.
Formed In llnes to the west of the olel
maln road through the Washington Bar?
racks were all of the foot troops par
tlcipating In the ceremonles. Two bat?
teries of fleld artlllery wero stationed In
the south battery of tho post, and upon
the arrlval at tho gates of the several
(Continued on Thlrd Page.)
The Trial " Will Probably be
Gone Into This
Week. '
(Bpecial to Tbe Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
ROANOKB, VA., Nov. II).? The follow?
lng parties have been summoned beforo
the grand Jury on Monday mornlng to
testify in the Flshbiirne case: Mrs. Dr.
Lefew, Mrs. H. C. Kelsey, Mrs. Edward
Moyler, Dr. Jones, Dr. D. B. Downey and
M. C. Franklln. The latter was not be?
foro tho coroner's jury, and lt is under
ijtood that she will testify In regard to
tho dlrk wlilch Mr. Ffishburno dlupluycd
In a storo Saturday nlght beforo he
stabbed Dr. Lefow. Mrs, Moyler ls a|so
a now witness, nnd it ls stated that sho
was passing the Lefew rosidepce and wlt
?lessed a portlon of tho tlilfflciilty.
Whlle tho counsel wlll say pothlnB
about the caso, lt is belleved that tho
caso wlll be gone Into next week, prob
nbly Tuesday, and there wlll be no pre
llminary hearlng,
Beatitiuil Set of Books Will bc
Given Away by The Timcs
Tissot's Life of Chr.ist for Vir?
ginia Clcrgytnan Recciving
?Largest Number of Votes.
The Tlmes-Dlspatch has a magniflcent
four volume et of the Llfo of Chrlst, by
J. James Tlssot, whlch lt deslres to pre?
sent to some ono who wlll thoroughly
appreeiato and onjoy tho benutlc*! of this
wonderful work. It bas been de.cldcd
that thls artlstlc set of books should be
long to somo clcrgyman, because lt la
belleved lt wlll give miro pleasure t_. a
Blble student than to any one elso. Tho
Times-Dlspaich cannot attempt for a mo?
ment to dt-cide whlch prcucher shall
have thls valuablo addltlon to his library.
so arransrements hnve beon mado to leave
the decision to.a populaf vote of the
people. Thls set of booka Is truly magnl
fient. Its valuo Is J.TO.00 and tho books
aro well worth that amount.
Plan of Awarding.
The plan for awarding theso books 18
this: In thls issue of Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch
wlll bo found a blank oupon, and wrlte
only to cut out this coupon, altd wrlte
on it the name of the minlster o* >'our
cholce, and mall or brlng lt to The
Tlmes-Dlspatch offlce.. The coupon wlll
appear ln every Issue of Tho Tlmes-Dls?
patch from now untll December 18th. No
ballot, or coupon, wlll bo received after
6 o'clock P. M. of December 19th. There
Is no llmlt to the number of ball*sfs that
can be east for any preacher.
The only conditlon ls that each ballot
must be the coupon cut from Tho Tlmes
Dlspatch. Ai ballot box wlll bo placed
Monday ln the buslness ofllce' of The
Tlmes-Dlspatch, and all ballots elther
brought or malled. -wlll be placed ln
that box and kept under lock and key,
except that at certaln lntervals tfie box
wlll be opened' and a result of tho ballot*
I . People to Decide.
The plan ls perfectly simple. The
Tlmes-Dlspatch merely deslres to present
thls S30 set of books to some popular
preacher or "Vlrglnia, and has left the
de*c!sion to Tlmes-Dispatch readers. All
that the reader has to do ls to cut out
tho couwns from day to dny. wrlto on
them the name of the preaher of hls
cholce, nnd bring or send them to The
Tlmes-Dlspatch. Tho one who ' recelves
the meVst votes by December 19th at 6
P. M. wlll be presented with the books.
There wlll fce.no denomlnatlonal llnes
ln thls contest. The' only conditlon ls
that tne .ontestnnt is a recognlzed
preacher or mlnlster. . *
These books.'aro beautifully and'sub
rjtahtlally bour.d ln cloth nnd gilt The
letter-press Is exqulsltc, nnd the lllus
tratlons aro supcrb The paper 1s very
heavy and supercalendarcd wlth red mar
gin llnes. Tho work contains illustratlons
from tho four Gospels, and ls almost a
complete collection of tho famous palnt
Ings by Tissot. illus-ratlng the scencs
of Christ's llfe.
Incomparable Paintings.
Theso paintlncs are the result of ten
years of work and study ln Palestlnr*
itseelf, nnd nowhere can such nn exact
iden of the physical surroundings of the
Srivlour's life- be obtainerl n? In this mag
niflent work. whlh was exeuted ln the
very same places anrl under practlcally
tho' snme condltions. "Whether vlcwod as
a -work of art or as a rellglous help, these
volttmes are incomparable.
The notes aro trnnslatcd by Mrs. Arthur
Bell nn<jkL_e Latln ond Engllsh toxts ap
po-ir in^H^He.! cr-.hirn.ns. Tho work wns
rueil!sJi0DDDfc tho McCIure^-TI^-ni <"nm
pany, of NeTv York, and the publlshers
have preserved ln tho lllustratlon the rlch
eolorlngs nnd the soft effect of the fa?
mous palnter.
Theso books wlll have to be seen to be
appreclnted, nnd for thnt renson The
Tlmes-Dlspatch wlll put them on exhlbi?
tlon for a wlllle ln tho buslness ofllce
windows at No. 910 Ettst Maln Street.
(By Assoclated Press.)
Rev. XV. P. Squlres, tlie Baptist clorgy
man who was sent to Jall yesterday for
eontcrmpt of court In wrltlng a letter to
tho Judgo dlscusslng a case upon whlch
a decision had''not been glven, has beon
Mr. -Squlres was flned JcO yesterdny,
but on hls stntemont that he wns unablo
to pay it ho wns committod to Jall for
thirty' days. <FrIcnds, however, pnld the
(Hy AamirMiitod Pres.,)
WILLIAMSBUHG, KY., Novomber 19.?
Andrcw Meaders, Joshua Ciimmlng, Beo
and Edward Hollsomback nre under ar?
rest, ehargod wlth the murder of George
Curd and Emma Durham, near Cumber?
land Fnlls, Thursday.
Two Prisoners, Witli Crudc In
strumcnts, Get Out of
Steel Cell.
The Plan of Escapc Similar io
That Adopted by Kennedy,
the Train Wrecker.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspnt.h.)
STAUNTON, VA., Nov. 19.-Anothcr
darlng Jall dellvory occurred here last
night, when Frank Sprouse and Archle
Pclgler, allas Archlo Mozlngro, escaped
from the county Jall. Pelgicr was charged
wlth stealing ?. saddle, and Sprouse, who
was from the notorlous "Sprouse Hol
low," in this county, was servlng a term
for a mlsdemcanor. These prisoners wore
confined in a steel cell on the second
floor. It seems that Pclgler, who had
been worklng on the chaln gang, got pos
eess.on of a piece of lron, whlch he and
hls confederate converted Into a sort of
wrenoh, wlth whlch lnstrument thoy suc
ceeded ln unscrewlng the nuts from the
lock of the cell door.
After thus getting Into .the corrldor thoy
went up to tho thlrd story, where they
attacked the samo wlndow through whlch
John W. Kennedy, tho condemned traln
wrecker, escaped ras>t March, and only a !
few days (before he waa to bo cxecuted.
"Wlth thls crudo Inetrument they suc
ceeded in unscrewng the nuts from thTee
bars of thls thlrd story wlndow, which
allowed thom to remove the bars, aftor
whlch they tied threo blankets togother,
formlng a rope, and fastenlng one end
to the bars of the wlndow, let themselves
down into itho Jail yard. The wall around
the jall yard ls twelve feet Mgh, and by
some means they sue^jeeded ln scaling
thls wall.
The pr.'seners are stlll at large, but
every effort ls belng made to capture
them. It has been rumored that Kennedy,
the oondetnned traln wrecker, who es?
caped ln very much tho same manner,
bad -asslstance, but last night's occur- |
rence demonstrated the fact that tho es
cape of Kennedy was not so dlfllcult as (
at first supposed.
(By Assoclated Press.)
RIO JANEUKO, Novembor 19.?A batr
tallon of Infantry statloned at Bahla
mutlniefl yesterday.'. at the lnstlgatlon
of a :sub-lieutenant: accordlng'to.a telo
gram received hero. Tbe comrhanding
officer attempted to address the men but
waa ahot "dead by the rlngleaders wlth
a ' revolver. Othor troops then charged
the mutineers and order was restored.
Tho sub-lleutenant who Instlgated the
mutiny was fatally wounded and has
slnce died.
(By Assoclated Press.)
OOLT-MBUS, GA? November 19.?Bobby
Walthour, on hls flrst appoarance in
Armerlca s'neo his return from Parl3, low- !
ered the quarter outdoor dlrt track record
of 28'seconds, held by W. W. Hamllton,
of Deriver, Col., for several years.
Walthour's time was '__ 1-5 seconds.
Do Not Seem to Regard Gover?
nor Montague's Candidacy
as Serious Matter.
Senator Martin ls reglstered at Mur
phy's Hotel, havlng come up from New?
port News, where he has been wlth the
subcommlttee on merchant marlne, of
which ho is chitlrnmn.
The senator soemed In tho best of splrits
and was surrounded ln the lobby durlng
tho evenlng by frlends and stipporters,
includlng Stnte Seuintor A. C. Harman,
Police Conumlssioncr C. Mannlng, Jr.,
Mr A. G. Akers, former clerk to the
States Railroad Commlsslon, and Mr.
Jacob N. Brennnmnn, who Is nn Influ
entlal Democrat, a>oth In Rlchmond nnd In
Shonnndoah county.
Senntor Mnrtln received a number of
Bichmond polltlclnns durlng tho evenlng,
nnd hls presence hero seevmed to stimulate
hls Ueutenants to greater activity In hls
Somo of tlmse who fnveir hls rettirn to
the Senato were proclnlmlng hlm an ensy
wlnner around the lobbles, and dld not
seem disposed to ponoode that Governor
Montague would be a serious fnntor ln
the flght. Tho Governor's frlends, how?
ever, wore polnting to thelr favorlte's
past record, and snylng that tboy woro
sntlsfled wlth the outloolt,
Randolph-Macoti Wins' From
William and Mary by
Score of 6 to o.
William and Mary Claims That
She Was Entitled to
(Speclal to Thn Timea-DIapatcli.)
In itho hardest fought battle ever seen
between teams belonglng to the li'aaUiro
Dlvlslon of the Vlrgltvia Intorcolleglato
Athletlo Assoclation, Kandolph-Macon
won over Wllllam and Mary yesterday
by tho cIobs margin of 6 to 0, on the lat
ter's ground,
However, tho flnal declslon ls yot to be
mado, as Wllllam and Mary wlll contest
tho score beforo the Executlve Committee
of the asaoclatlon.
The gamo was contested hotly over
every Inch of ground, Tho sensatdonal
plays of the homo team wero features
that elicltcdi a dellrlum of applause from
the sightseers. From start to flnlsh the
game was a battle royal, and it was only
by herolc efforts and endurance that th<
vlsltors wereable to score ln the second
half. Threo tlmes did Wllllam and Mary
como wlthln an aco of mak.n_ a touch?
down. Once the ball was over the llne,
but was'brought back on a penalty for
offisde play. The second tlme tho ball
was put over tha llno in an attempt at
goal from a placo-klck by J*. Loyd, quar?
ter back, and was downed by William
_nd Mary, tho polnt ought to havo been J
a Randolph-Macoh player. Thls ls the'
point to bo contested. Wllllam and Mary i
claims that after having been touched by |
Ran_olph-Macon and downed by Wllllam i
and Mary, the pont ought to havo been
scored a touchdown for the home team.
If the Exocutiive Committee dectdes ln
favor of Wllllam and Mary and the lat?
ter klck. goal, tho seoro wlll bo a' tle;
If decided adversoly, tho score wlll stand
as it is,
Tho third tlmo the hall was carried
wdthin flv_ feet of the line Tn a brilliant
twenty-five-yard doSh by BlacKlston, who
lost it oa a hard tacklet,
Game in Detail.
In a burst ot ?muslc ,from? the. Williams?
burg' band and amld thp collego yells
? of the Wllllam . and ' Mary rooters, who
several tlmes paradeti the grldlron, the
opposing team took thelr placos. Ran?
dolph-Macoh had won Ihe toss and had
chosen to defend tho western- goal, At
3 o'clock thc whlstle sounded, and Blacks
Iston sent- the. ball splnnlng down the
fleld. Bnndolph secured the ball and
advanced lt to the flfteon-yard llne. Wal?
ton gairied flve yarda, and Schenck galn
ed* two more. On a fake play ? tfie run?
ner was thrown for a loss. In throe
downs Randolph-Macon failed to galn
the roqulred number of yards, and tho
ball went over, on downs. Wllllam and
Mary got the ball and' made a few sllght
galna. Agaln the ball went over and
Walters mado thirteen yards around left
tackle. Thore wero two successlve
gains of seven and four yards each, and
William and Mary secured tho ball on
downs. Blaclilston was put through for
ten yards, Henley gained fifteen, and
Blackiston agaln covered ten yards. On
third down four aud one-half yards wore
made, and ln tho next three downs tho
ball went over. The vlsltors advanced the
ball to the thlrty-flvo yard line, and then
failed for down. They purited to Blnck -
Iston, who passed the ball to Lloyd, who
made a brilliant galn for twenty yards.
On the twenty-yard llno Lloyd trled n
placo klck for goal, but the bnll mlssed
by a small mnrgln. The hall was brought
out nnd the vlsltors. klcked to Wllllam
and Mary from tho twcnty-flve-ynrd llno.
Henley recelved tho hall and' prtsred It
to Blackiston, who advanced lt ln n long
run of twonty yards (o tho enetny's
thlrty-flve-yard llno. On a fako punt,
Blackiston covered twonty yards, and
In a hard rush th ebnll was plnced over
tho llne. Instead of lts belng a touch?
down, as everybody thougrht, the home
team was vennhzpt] flve yards I'or otT
sido play, Tho hall was brought back
fifteen yards. Tho hnme team puntod
to the vlsltors' five-ynrd llne, and Raii
doiph-Macon advanced the ball to thelr
flfteen-ynrd llno, ln a series of long
?runH and ninsg plays. the vlsltors plnced
the hall on thp Orange and* AVhlte's elght
ynrd llno, and tlmo was up. Tho seoro
stood 0 to 0.
The Second Half.
In tho second half Ruiirtolph-Macon
klcked off, and Wllllam and Mary nd
vnnoed thc ball to ceuler Hold, Tlio
Onimso nnd Rlnck boys got tho ball on
a fiirn/ble nnd made steady advnnces to tho
goal. Schenck ornssed the llne, soorlng
ht threo rnlnutes nnd thlrty-nine seconds.
Capuln of Yale's Vlctorlous Te?m.
Randolph klcked goal, and the scoro ?tood
6 to 0 in favor of Randolph-Maeon. .
The vlsitorn klcked offto Keyser, who
advancod the ball to the fwenty-flve yard
line. Blacklston mado a brllliant dart
and put the skln down cm the flfty yard
llno. Tho ball mado stendy advancea in
tho hands of the home team, nnd Blackls?
ton made another of hls twenty-flvp yard
dashe's for goal, but lost tho ball- wlthln
two feet ot tho llne on a fumble. The
vlsltors got tho-ball, and Smlth took-lt
to the tiwenty-flvo yard .llno. Fowler
had been hurt nnd was out, and was re
placcd iby Meade. Ina series of long nnd
fast galris tho Orange and Black advanced
tho ball to tho homo team's forty-flvo
yard Une. Chapman was Injurod and put
out, and- was replaced by Honson.
Tho ball went to William hnd. Mary on
downs, and -was advanced to the enemy's
flfty yard line. Tho ball passed between
the teams several times. Randolph-Ma?
eon got possesslon of lt, lost lt, ond John?
son, of the home team, failed to hold.lt.
Tho skln was. recovered by Randolph
Maeon. Wllla.ni and Mary secured the
ball and advanced lt to center fleld.
Agaln lt weint Into the possesslon; of Ran?
dolph-Maeon, who advanced lt to Wll?
llam nnd Mnry's thifty-ftvc yard Une,
when. time was called. The score stood
6 to 0 in favor of RaneMph-Mapon. ,
The Line-Up.
W nnd M. Position. R.-M.
Fowler..loft end.Dav|s
Johnson.loft. tackle....Mast
Blankenship.left guard.Moore
Bnrber.<rlght guard.Wunder
HanUlns...rlght tackle.LEaV,M
nhnpmnn......rlght end-. .Smith
K-eyser.full bnck.Thrasher
T.'ovrl .quarter bnck.Randolph
Blacltlstom-..'.'....:le'ft hnlf.fil"""!,
Henley.rlght half..........Walters
Umplre, Mr. Jnck Woods, Unlverslty
or Georgetown. Referee. Dr. Mann. Unl?
verslty of Nortli Cnrollnn. Tlmc-kcepors
O. L ' She.wm.ake and B. G. .Betty. Head
llne.man, Dr. J. Blalr Spencer Touch
rlown, Scbenc.k. Goal. Randolph. Scoro,
G to 0. Hnlves, twcnty-flve nnd twenty
Thirty-one Thousand Dollars
Extracted and Several
Arrests Made.
(Speclnl to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
TARBORO, N. C November 10.?AVhlle
Forepaugli and ' Solls Bro there's? circus
was on lts wa yfrom Newberno to Tar
boro last night, tho safe wns robbed of
$,11,000, Tho management hud sovorul of
tho employos before iho Mayor tms ovon
Ing, but all wero diseharged for want of
sufi'loient evidonce, except ono. ,
Police Ch'lef Wnlter Johnston, of Tar
boro, to-nlght snys:
"Wo hnve n ocluo to the robbers, but
suspoct the deed wns done by peoplo con
nectcd wth tho show, who were famlllnr
wlth tho niaiiner tho cush wus handlod
nnd who hnd mnde thelr pluns completo
boforo undortaklng to get tho money,"
On Yale's Field; Blue
Beats Ancient Rival
by Scereof 12to0.
Harvard Played Great Game on
Defense and Showed Strength
Elsewhere, But Could Do
Nothing With Sturdy Op
ponents?Over 32,000
People Present.
I - . 1 <?
Foot-ball Games Yesterday.,
Yale 12, Harvard 0.
Qeorgetown 62, Geo. Washlngton 0.
Navy 11, Va. Polyteohnlo Instltute 0.
West Polnt 21, Syracuse 5.
Wllllams 23, Wesleyan 0.
Dartmouth 12,. Brown 5.. ,.
West Vlrglnla Unlverslty 6, Washlng?
ton Unlverslty B
Mlnnesota 17, Northwostern 0.
Illlnols 29, Iowa 0.
Swarthmore 27, Haverford 6.
Johns Hopklns 24, Maryland Unlver?
slty 0.
Unlverslty of Pennsylvania, Freshmen
35; Columbla Freshmen 0.
Ashevllle School 27, Bingham 0.
Charleston 6, Carolina 0.
Tulane Unlverslty 5, Loulslana State
Unlverslty 0. .
Rutgers 0. Stevens Instltute 0.
Unlverslty of Mltslsslppl 21, Unlver?
slty of Nashvllle 5.
(By Assoclated' Presa.)
>rEW HA.VEN, CC'NN., November II.-'
Talo earned a \-ictory, which in every
way -was satisfactory to hor friends, over
her old tlmo rlval, Harvard, In tho prea
enco of over 32,000 spectators, on Yal_
flold, thls afternoon, the flnal seoro be?
lng 12 to 0, the same a~ that ln her vlc-'
tory over Prlnceton a week ago. The
game was one ln whlch the men In bluo
proved the siiperlors of-.h. brawnler set
.or.opponents both ln tho art or. oftenso
and defense, In the flrst. place through
better team worlt wlth a few -slmple
formatlons, and* ln the second lnstanct
through her oiblllty to stop or break up
any play whether ot a plunglng character
against her llne or used as a subterfugo
to turn her flanks. Yale was not called
upon to use a formatlon, whlch had not
been shown in her games of the entire
season and at no tlmo was there any
doubt of the outcome.
?Yale's Wonderful Work.
As the Yalo men fought thelr way to
Harvard's goal llne, -thoy knew thoy.
wpre bound to wln, and- the courage
whlch came wlth thls knpwledgo gave
them more powor on tho attack., Har?
vard', on tho other hand, piaced some
rellance on plays whlch were Intended
to galn ground by runs around the ond,
and In nearly every liistarico these fail?
ed. The proclslon wlth whlch Yalo
moved her plays all tho tlme, unlted
action of her backs -wlth tho llnesmen,.
stamped Captain Hogan's team as one
of the most rcmarkable which over went
on a ? fleld to uphold tho glory of the
Bluo. To Harvard, however, whlch sent
her a team of unknown. quallty, must
bo glven the credlt of playing a won?
derful game on tho defense, nnd* of show?
ing nt tlmes, In tho second half. flashes
of Inherent brlllluncy on tho offense.
Tho gamo Itself ns a wholo wns some?
what tedious to the Immense throng of
spectators. It was almost dovold of son
satlonal or spectacular plays, and Its one
brilliant lncld.nt was tlie. bloeking of
Sperry's punt ln the second half, whlch
brought Yale's second touchdown. Everi
thls was bottor upprealnted by foot-ball
men thomselves than by tho spectators,
for It wns a truly rcmarkable thlhg that
Klnney and Trlpp. should break through
Harvard's protectlve Und for tho punter
to block tho hall, and that Hloomer, an?
other tncklo, should got lt many yarda
behlnd Harvard's lino, It lllu-trated tho
polnt that atnilds out promlnently that
Yale taiow how to play nnd to tako nd-'
vantage of overy chance to got tho ball
when ;Harvard was on the offensive.
Mighty Crowd.
Tho crowd at Yale fleld was probably
the largest which has seen n, foot-ball
gamo ln thls country. Tho banks of hu
manlty whlch enclosed the grldlron wero
as vlvld a roas_ of color, ln whlch roda

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