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Two Entrances to Millet <& Rhoads' Broad St., Sixth St.
7 HE WE A THER? Thursday fair.
Thanksgiving Day".
Conic in early if you can, as toward noon the football en?
thusiasm is at fever heat and the store will be crowded.
The early closing hour will enable both lat? shoppers and clerks to
enjoy tho afternoon nt the game If they wlith.
A few suggestive helps for the day are quoted below:
You can cheer
better for your
favorite team if
you .have a neat?
ly - made FELT
FLAG in the uni?
versity colors?
25c each.
If your, heart Is
with Virginia,
you'll want OR?
you're from the
Old North State,
get BLUE and
All widths and
plenty of them.
Candy for Thanks?
giving Day. Finest col?
lection of chocolates
Bnd other fine candles
at 2flc. ?pound that's
to be found In Rieli
tnond. This Includes
our *IOc. Charlotte
Russe for one day
Tho weather may bo
rold?you'll need A
Handsome Chiffon
Velllng*s, 2Bc. yn.rd.
?Whether It's cold or
ralnln-r, ' you'll need a
We can soil you a
rood Rain Co?t for
Women's Golf Gloves,
nil wool, In white,
black, red nnd gray;
actually a 60c value,
for 29e, pair.
Misses' Fancy Wool
Golf Gloves; SSo. value,
for 21)o. pair, Red,
"Brown? White and
Women's Wool Golf
Gloves, In -.rhlte, black
and slate; all size?,
inc. pair.
Boys' Golf Gloves,
In black, white, red,
gray, seal, navy and
fancy colors?line. pair.
Unique souve?
nirs of the game.
Miniature foot?
ball with Calen?
dar attached on
silk ribbons.
Virginia and
North Carolina
going on this
week will provide
you with good
literature to-day
at a very little
39c and 45c
for $i.oo and $1.08
Crystallz.d Fruit 1?
only 30c. pound in our
candy "-tore. Else?
where the same con?
fection Is 60c. Pine?
apples, Cherries and
assorted Fruits.
May Mant?n Patterns, 10c. each on eale In our Trimming Department.
All Who Have Seen Quincy
Adams Sawyer Speak Well
of It?Bijou News.
The dramatization by Justin Adams, or
"Quincy Adams Sawyer," which will he
given with tho same production and cast |
as seen ?it iho Academy of Music In the j
big New York run at tho Academy this j
afternoon ana to-night will be presented
by n carefully solectea company of well j
known artists and is given in four acts j
and live scenes, oil especially built and
painted for this production. ?-.
. The first act is tlie Interior of Benonl
Hill's grocery store and the villago post
C'iflce at Mason'? Corner; the lirst
fc-oeiv; of the second act is t,he
cross-roads between Eastborough and
Ma-nan's Corner; th? second scene of the
second act Is Mrs. Putnam's "settin'
room" at' the Putnam farm; the third
nut is the Pettenglll farm-yard, shcrwin*.
an old-fashioned husking boo In the great
fejttrn; and tho fourth act is the Interior
mid exterior o? the Pottnn*rill homestead,,
showing a good old Now England snow
Fine Maying-Prttures.
In the moving pictures', tho rapid ad?
vance of the world of science and art Ih
perhaps more forcibly I Unstinted than in
any other way. The culmination of all
that Is realistic and beautiful seems to
have been reached when one witnesses
the entertainment offered by Archie l..
Shepard. For novelty and variety of sub?
jects acquired at a fabulous outlay of
cipltal, it stands prominently alone. It
Is highly interesting, amusing and edu?
cational, and embraces ?vprythlng of com
Kflti Interest in the world that Is wondc.r
l'ul, dramatic, sclentllic, humorous, mys?
terious and beautiful.
Tho plcturc?s will be sren at the Aca?
demy Friday and Saturday, with Sut?r?
ela}- matinee.
Uncle Sam Girls.
One of the features of the pl/iv now
folding the boards at the Bijou Is the ap?
pearance of tin "Uncle Sam" girls, In a
pretty drill. The girls are pretty and
well dresf.ed. The students will ' enjoy
?urine M.!ss KlInoro, "Mrs. Delanev,"
'"*j?le ric;l1 brogue Is delightful. She
makes some clever - "breaks," and could
entertain any audience for an hour by
herself. The play wUl be seen at the
.miatlneo tc-ilay and every night this
week), with a llnal matinee Saturday.
Lighthouse by the Sea.
Beginning Monday, Vance and Sullivan's
Compttny, will commence a week's en?
gagement, presenting "Lighthouse by tho
Sea." This Is tho same play as that seen
here last season, and is remembered for
| its splendid, scenic effects.
I* Same as Night Prices.
?Manager McTCee*, of tho BlUou*, an
nounced yesterday that hereafter all holi?
day matinees would he given at night
price?. This rulo obtains in all the best
theatres of the country and hns been
in force in all the Wells theatres for
years. The holiday matlncss will call for
regular night prices in future.
- l
Board of Fisheries Put Copy in
Hands of Printer.
The State Board of Fisheries met here
yesterday at the offices of the State
Board of Education In tho Marshall
house, and held several sessions, compil?
ing their annual report for tho year.
Tho papers wero gone over carefully and
put In final shape for the printer. Tho
report will bo in the hands of the Gov?
ernor In a few clays.
The board transacted no other business
of Importuned.
? Sang and Recited.
Interesting exercises were held nt Cen
; tral school yesterday. The subjoined pro?
gramme was creditably rendered;
j America; prayer, by Fifth Primary;
'. acrostic by Second Primacry; Come, Yo
' Tlianktull 'People; Memory Gems (Pri?
mary). Rewnrd of Dabor, song; E?tljig
I Day, Florenco Llchtonstcin; Famine, Flo
j rlne Turner; Memory Gems (Grammar);
I Jacky Frost, song; rec-'.tatlon, Thanks
| giving Dinner. Genevi?ve .l.eaeh; Thanks
I giving Song.
; Mr. Thomas H. Davis, formerly of Ken?
tucky, and Misa Nannie M, Edwards
i were married at the iK.mie of Hie brido,
No. 281K Q Street, yesterday afternoon.
Rev. Joel T, Tucker performed the eero
1 ninny.
is the best
is proven by the thousands ot
people that will use no other.
The Times-Dispatch Popular Preacher's Contest.
A magnificent four-volume set of Tis?ot'a Life of Chii?t to be
pretc-niecl free to boh?o Virginia nijnlsier.
I vote for Ilev.
Pastor of. Church,
Post Office.
J Contetit begins Nr-vumber 20th, ends December 10 th at 0 o'clock p. M.
AdthosH, popular Pieacher Contest, T|l)ie'>?Dl6patc|i, Illcliiuond, Vn.
To the Gathering in Norfolk All
Interested Arc Cordially
Every College Will Send Able
Representatives as Speakers.
Outside Ralliesi
The management of tho Oo-opcratlvo
Mducatlon Commission cordially Invites
superintendents of schools, school trus?
tees, louche.**-?* and -ill other person*-*
idciitifled with or interested in educational
work to attend tho Norfolk mooting of
the commission.
At the business session on Tuesday, De?
cember Oth, reports on summer work
will bo made by Professur .1. Ormond
Stone, of tho University of Virginia; Dr.
K. O. Waterhouse, president ?of Kmory
and Henry College, and others.
Under the nusploes of the commission
educational rallies will bo held at S
o'clock Wednesday evening, December 7th,
at Newport News, Supervisor Willis A,
Jenkins, chairman; Hampton, Superin?
tendent John M. Willis, chairman; smith
Held, Superintendent Gavin Bawls, chair?
man: Portsmouth; Superintendent John
C. Ashtpn,. chairman; Suffolk, Superln
tondent Leo Brill, chairman: Franklin,
Superintendent J. Jr. Bryun, chairman.
These muelings are designed :to give
tho peoplo a keener InsIgliL into the Prob?
lems tho schools must ?Id in solving, and
to amuse them to their obligations and
opportunities for tho betterment of the
The speakers will go from Norfolk on
Wednesday to nil tnese npiiolntntents.
Among them aro -.'resident iBoutwri-ghl, of
Richmond College; President Blackwell,
of ltantlolpli-M.-icon College; Rev. Dr.
Richard Mcllwalne, Professor' l;\ V, N.
1'n.lnlor, of Koa-n-oko College; Rev. B.
Cubeli Honing, Dr. L, M. Shumate, of
Doudoun county; Dr. J. 11. l**ilane, of
Washington ami Deo University; Presi?
dent Jnrman, of tho ista.te Female Nor?
mal School; Superintendent U. D. Pul
llum, of Manchester; Presidont Cannon, of
Blackstono 1'emule Institute; Professor
11. T. Louthan, of the Collogo of William
and Mary; Secretary Brent, of the State
Board of 'education; Professor XV. 11.
Whiting. Jr., of iJnunpdcn-Slduey College;
Superintendent XV. D. Smith, of ScotL
county; Mr. Irving E. Campbell, of Rich?
mond, and Superintendent it. 0. Stearncs,
president of the Stato Teachers' Asso?
ciation. The assignment of the speakers
and the subjects selected for their ad?
dresses will bo given in the llnal pro?
gramme, which will bo issued about No?
vember 30th.
Will Attend the World's Baptist
Congress in London, July, 1905.
Judge W. XV. Moffott, president of the
Baptist Genora.1 Association of Virginia,
acting under a resolution adopted by 'that
body In Its lato session in Petersburg,
lias appointed the following an messen?
gers to the World's Congress of Bap?
tists >to be held In Dondon, July, 1905:
Dr. R. 11. Pitt, J. T. ??jiiyson, T. ,1. Ship
man, Stockton ,W. Cole, T. S. Dunnaway,
Jr.. and H. W. Battle. The last named
is a pastor In North Carolina, but is a
life member of the Baptist General Asso?
ciation of Virginia.
Tho number of .messengers to be ap?
pointed is not limited, and any who wish
and hope to go may have no hesitancy in
writing to Judge Moil'ett at Solent
The present outlook is bright, for a
large company, as the Dondon meeting
is very attractive, and special rates for
travel can be obtained. '
Federal Court Will Not be in Ses?
sion Until Monday Next.
The United States Circuit Court of Appeals
yesterday^ Judges Golf, l'ntcharJ nnd iirnw
ley, Bitting, heard argument In one cas..*, nnd'
then adjourned, until Monday; lo-rtay being
holiday. Tho Judges loft yesterday for their
homes to spend the Interim;
Tho caso argued and submitted ?van:
No. M3. \V. K. Nlver Coal Company,
plaintiff In error, vs. Piedmont and George's
Creek Coal Company, defendant In error; In
error to tho Circuit Court at Italilmore, Md.
Argued by James lJlpor and John IS. Sommes,
of Baltimore-, Md., for the plaintiff In error,
and by J. Walter Lord, of Baltimore, Md., nnd
Hohen H. pordon, of Cumberland, Md., for
the defendant In error, and submitted.
F. J. McCarthy and D. H. Collin
son Announced to Share It.
The Homo Firn Insurance Company, of
New York, has divided the Southern terri?
tory of E. 13. Paschal!, and has appointed
Prank J. McCarthy to lake charge of
Virginia, with headquarters In Richmond,
und D. II. Colllnson, for West Virginia
and the District of Columbia and Mary?
land, with headquarters ui Washington.
Both Messrs. McCarthy and Colllnson
were assistants to Mr", Paschal] and uro
deserving of tho honor that has conic to
; UlClll.
Foot-Ball Air in Police Court.
Tho foot-ball air permeated tho Police
Court vesterdny morning, and Justice
John mudo several touchdowns.
Tho first touchdown was that of ?2."~
from Robert Johnson for being disorderly
on the street. Tho time was ono and a
half minutes.
The second was made In less time,
when Henry'Bibbs was touched for a sim?
ilar sum on the charge of abusing Bessie
When Mary Dudley got through with
the scrimmage her colors were drooping
and she was penalized In the sum of }2M>.
Tho case of S. G. Shelld was dismissed,
He was alleged to hav.! written ;i throat*
enlng letter to Auditor Warren: The
affair arose over a misunderstanding.
Tho drunks were put out of tho grounds.
Supreme Court Proceedings.
I'l-oceedhiga of the Supreme Court of Ap?
peals yesterday were lUeliiiioiid, KredericUs
buri' and 1'oto.muo Railroad Company . vs.
Johnston nnd others. Fully argued by Hill
Carter for plaintiff tn error, und A. H. Sands
and ?, IX, Sands for defondont in error.
Boech, So., vs. Ilell'Vood and others. Ar?
gued by JiuiieH Parker for appellant and con?
tinued until Frida**.
Tho next cunea ID he called aro:
Uiirweli va. Hurweirs administrator: Rocky
Mount honn and Trust Company vs. Price, et
al?, and Itlehmond and Petersburg RltiCtrlc
I Railway Company vs. Seaboard Air Line Hull
I way.
Tho court Is adjourned until 10.morrow.
? Against Tobacco Company.
I A creditor's petition ana been filed in (he
United Stales DlHtrlet Court by It. A Pat?
I lercon, nfiklui? that the Culled Slates Tobacco
j Stemming Company ho adjudged a bankrupt,
I allrglni; that tho company had defaulted In
j ihu ixiymeiU of it note for -10,000 due him,
1 Ho further alleges that tin, company Is In.
solvent, and should I)? iidjudge.li a hankfupt.
Tho (.'lilted States Stemming Company was
! chartered under th" laws of New Jersey, Inn
, much of Its stock Is held by it'chmoind peo?
ple, Its business was the manufacture nnd
I iuiIo of a patent devli.'.i for utemmlni?? leaf
I Mr. K'ugeno C. Masslo is counsel for the- po
i lltlonlng creditor.
Thanksgiving Services.
Thanksgiving sorylcos will be held In
?"?race Street Baptist Ciiurch this morn?
ing at 11 o'clock. HOV, "*????, XV. M. Vines,
of Norfolk, will punch. The offering
will bo for the ?Baptist Homo for Aged
Bupilsts of tho central churches of the
city will please take notice of the clinngo
1n the place ot meeting.
English Hounds Coming.
Rcprcstntiii'lvos of the Deep Run Hunt
1 Club have secured a puck of twenty llng
llsh hounds from tho Ouoan Hunt lands,
of Great Britain.
? Mr. George C, Scott has written to a
member of the .?lub tellliiK of tho pur
! chase. The pack will not reach here be
for? the middle of next month.
and -tarages may delight in
seeing SUFFERING, bat the
highest thought of civilization
ts to relievo all pain. This can
quickly he dono with lUMLINS
For internal and external
curative action, it has no equal
in the entire medical vrorld. It
relieves the inflammation which
is irritating your nerves, regu?
lates the circulation of the
small Mood vessels, and, by
scientific means, gently but cer?
tainly restores your body to
You can't be sick, if you ward
off tho preliminary action of
| disease microbes, with this
greatest of all medicines of
modern times. Frico 50c and
$1.00. Fully guaranteed.
For salo and recommended bj
All Dnijjgisst.
Three New Firms Incorporated
by the Commission.
The Suite Corporation Commission yes?
terday crante_ the following charters:
Buena Vista Iron Company (Incorpo?
rated), Buena. Vista; John A. Grazier,
president, Johnstown, Pa.; Franklin . W",
Otto, vice-president, Johnstown. Pa.;
Bruco Hi Campbell, secretary, Johnstown,
Pa.; Daniel Crofiord, treasurer; Johns?
town, Pa.; John W. 'Meyers, general man?
ager, Johnstown, Pa.; capital stock.
yiOO.OOO; objeots?to nianulncture and
quarry ore, coal, clays and other minerals.
The Palmetto Conipany (Incorporated.).
Norfolk; Thomas J3. Sebrell; secretary and
treasurer, Norfolk, Va.; T. H. Dick, Jr.,
president, Columbia, S. C* John N. Se?
brell, Jr., attorney. Norfolk, Vn.; capital
stock, ?J-jO.O?jO; objects?to conduct a gen?
eral real estate business.
Argus Literary Society of the State
Female Normal School, Farmville; Hen?
rietta Campbell Dunlap, pres-Ident; Dor?
othy Stone, -vlee-presldeht! Bernie Smith,
secretary; Steptoe Campbell, treasurer;
objects?for mental culture and literary
Improvement among its members.
Large Offerings and Good Prices
Characterized Dealings on Slip.
Sales of leaf tobacco on the Itlclimond waro
hous* floors yesterday aggregated 110,000
pounds, with $19.f>0 as th? highest price paid.
Shockoe warchouso yesterday led tho sales
with 50,000 pounds, and sold for the record
firlno, $19.50. Other sales were made by Mr.
Hazell for $17, ?15 and In that vicinity. Shol
burno's warehouse sold about 30,000 pounds,
with $13.50 as th? highest price, paid. Cron
shnw's sold aboutj6,600, and Stonewall about
15,000. The highest prie? at Stonewall was
*>l'i, and ?-?* Crenshaw.'s, "11.IW.
Tho order of sales*, Friday Is Stonewall,
Cror.shaw, Sh?lburn?'y and Shockoe. Large
receipts aro expected for Friday. No sales
aro to ho had to-day, Thanksglvn. Day.
A largo quantity of tobacco has been
stripped during: tbo recent warm rain, and
farmers ari busy preparing to rush tholr
crops to market next week. If the wctyher
be favorable, the sales ik-TH. week will be
about the largest of tho season.
Tho best quality of leaf tobacco seen hero
this season was that offered at tho Shockoe
warehouse yesterday, and the average of
prices was tbo largest yet for such a quan?
tity sold.
Long Batch of Convicts in the
City Circuit Court.
?A hatch of prisoners from tho peniten?
tiary wore tried In th<; Circuit Court yes?
terday, and ninny of them were given
additional sentences. ?
The following were Indicted by tho
grand Jury for felonies and will be tried
later on :
< Op has Ross, Walter Turpln. Joseph
McGlvens, Lisbon Alexander, alias John
Henderson; Willie Thomas, alias Thomas
The following prisoners were given five
years additional each on account of sec?
ond convictions:
Rubby Brock, Henry Taylor, alias John
White; R. 11. Bpps, Willie Thomas, nllas
Thomas Bowman; Jesse Davis, Richard
Miles, alias John Myers* Willie Smith,
?illiiK George Hope; John Halrston, Wil?
liam S wann, allas Frank Perry; George
Miller, William Hushes, alias William
Sweeney, alias Wltll-wn Gwiiin: William
Johnson, alias, mil False; William Ci-lt
tenden, alias William Christian; Robert
Ross, Sam Townes.
Off on a Hunting Trip.
Messrs. Robert W. Wilson, I.--Grand
15, Wet-so! and Sam XV, Bigger left yes?
terday afternoon for Cumberland countv,
where they will spend a few days hunt?
ing. They will be the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Theo. C. Anderson at their charming
home, "Clifton."
Suing for Large Sum.
The Law ?nid Equity Court was engaged
yesterday in the trial of the c-asu pf
Mrs. O. ?. Xiisirant's administrator vs.
the Richmond Passenger and Power Com?
pany for $10,(-.i, the plaintiff alleging Unit
Mrs. Nos t ran i died an a result of helms
hurt by a car of the company. The case
was not completed,
Pocahontas Under Orders.
Tho I'ocahontas of the Virginia Navigation
Conipany which was burned imnn months
aso, has been repaired and put Into oo;
The Iioal left Chester, Pa., yesterday morn?
ing and nri-lved In Norfolk early thin morn?
ing. She will arrlvo In Ttlchnionil to-morrow
evening, having resumed her'regular trips.
Alleged Theft of Bicycle.
i Detective Wiltshire yesterday arrested
William Wright,' colored, on iho charge
of stealing n wheel from William Lucy.
The .-use will be heard .by Justice John
this munilng.
Money for Election Judges..
The city auditor Is very- anxious to
pay off judges and clerks of election. The
money bus been appropriated, and Is lying
in tin- oily treasury.
There are thousands of people through?
out the country thankful for the Intro?
duction of Hostetter's ?lomach Bltturs,
und still mor? thankful beenu/se they
were persuaded to try It. As a result
they now enjoy perfect. health. Tlioso
not so fortunate should,?tart to-day. The
Bitters always cures Im.lQO-ttlon, Dys
pep?la, Constipation, Blllousn???, General
Debility, Chills, Colds and Malaria? Fe?
ver and. Ague Give It ,8 trial.
Superintendent Fox Preparing
to Arouse More Public
Superintendent Vox, of the city schools,
lia? prepared the following Instructions
to tho school officers of the city, and
tliey havo bee_ adopted by a subcom?
mittee? from tho board:
"An important step for popularizing
th? public schools Is to arouse the In?
f?rait of tho patron/-?. This would begin
naturally, by Interesting thorn In tho
buildings to which they send their chil?
dren. ' This can be done most rend_ly,
perhaps, by offering tho patrons speclaJ
opportunities for visiting the schools to
which their children go, and by spec al
work for their entertainment. The estab?
lishment of some form of "patrons' day"
Is, therefore, much to be desired.
"Tho board wlshos you, accordingly?
0) "To ?mphasiza the fact that the
schools are open to visitors at all times,
and Invite parents to attend whenever
It suits them.
(2) "Glvo general Invitation?Instruct
pupils to Invito their parents to visit the
school at any time. Probably a fow will
come at a time, ? and tho principal can
show them around.
(3) "Every week to select one of your
rooms for such exhibition, to, bo used
In the forenoon and In the afternoon of
different days. Notify tho> children
this room several days In advance that
they Invite ana. urge their parents to
visit their school on the day designated
and within the specified hours. Continue
this until all the schools havo been visit?
ed, then begin ngaln at the beginning,
though tho same ordor need not neccs
?sarlly be followed. Make this a regular
weekly exercise.
'"Meantime, let the teacher make prepa?
ration for the day by arranging In pleas?
ing' form specimens of the pupils' work,
so that they can bo readily seen, and
also be prepared to exhibit the regular
grade work In her most skillful manner,
"Do not permit tho teachers to devote
too much Unie to making preparation for
entertainment, but allow the visitors to
see the real work of tho school.,
"The principals and teachers will thus
have an opportunity of meeting tholr
patrons .and, by their consideration and
courtesy, remove difficulties and pro?
duce favorable impressions."
Connection Company Transacts
Routine Business.
The stockholders of tho Richmond,
Frcderlckfftiurg and, Potomac and Rich?
mond lmd Petersburg Connection Rail?
way, Company held their annual meet?
ing at the Byrd Street Station yesterday,
and disposed of quite a largo amount of
routine business.
Major K. T. D. Myers was re-elected
president, and Mr. Frank J. Duke was
elected treasurer to succeed Mr.^T. B.
Winston, retired.
All tho other officers and directors
-were re-elected, except that Mr. Win?
ston was substituted for Mr. Duke as a
director. Tho board of directors will
meet later on.
Fulcher Case Comes Up.
The case of B. C. Burnett, charged with
shooting H. I* Fulcher, will bo called In
tho Police Court to-day. Fulcher has b.en
In tho hospital ever since the shooting.
He may not be ?-ble to appear In court
to-day. , '???'"
At the samo 'time tho case against tlio
Richmond SoclaJ Club, of which Fulcher
Is an officer, win also be called. Tli-e club
Is 'charged with selling liquor to otnt-r
than members of the club.
Dangerous Bull Dogs.
A lady writes to this paper:
"Several mornings recently the writer has
seen In Honroo Park two larga bull dog? run?
ning In and out of the throngs of little chil
dton and nurse? then*. As the temper of theso
doss Is so uncertain, ono shudders to th.nk
of what might occur should one of tho chil?
dren playfully strike or throw at the formi?
dable animals. Cannot something be done to
avert this danger from tho llttlo ones?
Dr. Harrison Here.
Dr. E'lmmund Harrison, formerly professor
or Latin In Richmond College, now president
of Bethel Coh?tre In Kentucky, Is a guest
of hlr? son-in-law, Mr. D. H. P.uckcr, No.
2b\ Park Street.
Professor llarlson Is known all over tho
State and South, a? a scholarly gentleman of
tho brlghest type. HI? former students, scat
tered almost tho world over, will be deeply
gratified that he has recently boon honored
with the degree of ?I,. D.
Dinner for Dr. Alderman.
Dr. Edwin A. Alderman, the president
of tho Unlvorslty of Virginia, will bo en?
tertained at a dinner to-day to be given
at 6 P. ,M. In th? Westmoreland Club.
Members of the Richmond Alumni As?
sociation will be tho hosts of the occa?
sion. Dr. and Mrs. Alderman ?to at the
Richmond Hotel while In the city, and
will be among those who will witness the
foot-ball game this afternoon.
Another Warrant Served.
Another warrant was served on the
sneak thief Peter Roberts, nlliis Frank
EvitiiH, yesterday, This charges him with
entering the hallway :0f So. 603 North
Thirty-first Street on the night of No?
vember (1th, and carrying oft a coat and
hat belonging to Mr, Charles Frischkorn.
Tills caso will bo heard Saturday morning.
Ran Away From Home.
A. colored girl, named Roatrlcn rishtr, was
arrested lust pight by Detectives Tnmllnson
and Wiltshiro on the c.hargo of running away
from her home In Washington. She ?ays she
crinifl hero because they/ didn't treat her
right nt home. She was working In the shirt
factor*- here, and boarded on North Third
Street, fiho will bo sent back to-day.
Pound the Baptist Home.
Thanksgiving services will bo hold at the
Pine Street Uiipltst Church on to-morrow
at 11 o'clock, and the sermon wlll.be ,. proachod
by Rev.'James Iliiehaiian. It I? i-enuested
that all will remember the pounding for tho
U?q-tlst Home, which 1n given on'this occa?
Let S. A. L. Connect,
A subcommittee from the Committee on
Water has decided to allow |ho water con?
nections ?iked for by Hi? Seaboard Air l-iln?
Hallway Company for their ?hops In tho West
The rifcommendatlou will hava to be passed
upon by tho full committee,
Coroner's Inquest To-morrow, j?
.A coroner's Inquest will behold over tho
body of the negro woman, Inez l.edbot,
tep,. who: was shot by Peter Dancoy, by
Coroner .Deas to-morrow morning. Dan
cey win be _*'.von a hearing on Saturday
by 'Squire James T. Dewls.
Hall Thief Sent On.
Pfrtor Roberts, alias Frank JJvans, the
negro ly.\i ami coat thief, was sont to the
grand jury for entering the hall of No.
liSOo East Broad Street and carrying off
three overi-ou'ts, three hats and a pair of
Baker Case Dismissed.
The often postponed cjiso of Walter
Baker and William Baker, charged with
selling liquor on Sunday, wns dlsmis-ed
on account of lack of evidence In the
Police Court yeaterduy. '
Property Sales Yesterday.
C. D, and H. D. Donoon sold at auc?
tion yesterday tho property at No. f33
North Second Street for $2,600 and the
j-ropw.ty-.Ht No?. CO. and 6Gfl 1-2 North
Ttventy-seventh Street for ???,lV6.
Two Special Sales
Merit Your Attention To-Day
?N ONE you have the choice of hundreds of SUITS,
$15.00 and $16.00,
At $11.00 Each.
IN THE OTHER you have the choice of several lots
NETTE RAINCOATS, worth$20.00 and $22.00,
At $14.50 Bach.
Both sales are remarkable tor the quality of
the goods and the exctusiveness of the patte rns.
The Finance' Committee Adopts
Mayor McCarthy's Plan.
The Finance Commlttoc tho other night
adopted Mayor MoCiirthy's' recommenda?
tion that the annual sum for the redemp?
tion of outstanding bonds be Increased
fifty per cent, in tho budget of next
Hereafter the committee will set aside
a sum equivalent to uno and one-half per
cent. Instead of one per cent, for this
In presenting his resolution, the Mayor
"Tho whole argument In favor of this
resolution may be summed' up In tho
statement that the present one per cent,
fund will not redeem our bonds ns they
mature, and the one nnd one-half per
cent, fund will. Tho greater result fully
Justifies this nddltlon to the fund for
redemption, nnd argument would seem
unnessary In a case so plain."
?New York Glee Clu?' at Y. M. C.
'A. Hall To-morrow Night.
The association courso will be unusually
successful this year. Things aro mov?
ing right along! and a l?(g house Is as?
sured for to-morrow night, when the
op-?ning attraction appears. The New
York Glee Club, of Now York city, com?
posed of four fine voices, strong in en?
semble singing, will bo the attraction,
assisted by Miss Edftii M. Norton, In?
terpr?ter of child-nature. Tho Louisville'
Commercial says:
"The concert of tho New Yor\ Glee |
Club last night at the Music Hall was
one of tho best musical attractions of
the season." ,
Fifteen season tickets remain unsold,
and can be secured If prompt application
Is made. Single seats for to-morrow
night's concert aro now on sale.
R. H. Hardesty Co. Must Make
Appearance. ? j
Judge Daniel Grlnnan, of the Chancery '
Court, has entered an order at the In?
stance of Mr. \Vt D. rtoyali, counsel for :
P.. 11. Jones, against It. If. Hardesty i
Company, requiring ?Uto defendants to
appear on November 2!Uh to show cause i
why they should not be finid and Im- |
?prisoned for vlola?ng nn Injunction of '
the court of July 9, ISO!. Jones claims i
that notwithstanding an Injunction of the !
court, restraining the defendants from j
?refusing lx> sell him candy, they have so ?
refused, on the ground that It would be i
In violation of the rules of tho Richmond 1
and Manchester Jobbing confectioners' \
Association, of which tlhc plaintiff Is not ?
a member. .
Dancey Charged With Murder.
Peter Dancey, the negro who shot Inez
Ledbctter, will be tried In Henrico county
for murder. The woman died Tuesday
In the City Hospital from tho effects of
tho wound.
Dancey was fined ?lOO by Justice Crutch
field for carrying a concealed weapon,
?nd was tnrnrodj lover to the county
authorities for shooting the woman.
Anti-Saloon League Making an
Active Canvass on Subject.
Another -step Is being taken by the
Anti-Saloon League. A pellllon has been
sent broadcast to many citizens, with
the end In view of cloning the barrooms
of Iho city from 11:30 at night to 5:30 in
the morning.
j At the proper time this petition will
j be presented to ?Council, and at that
| time a fight will probably be made. The
bar men will, as a matter of business', op
? pose the scheme.
I The .league will, however, push thi?
! matter to a finish, and the limiter will
! bo brought before Conference of lllnls
, tors on Monday, nnd special sermons will
I probably be preached on the subject at
i un early dato.
The selling price of an article does not
determine its quality. Sorosis -?"hoes at
t3.r,n are better than other *.1.50 shoeii,
as the dealer can testify?If ho will.?
Wright & Woodall
7 Eabt Broad Street.
If you think tho modo Is rather
loud in some of its late colors, re?
member It offers quieter shades
which are as up-to-date, cut In the
latest style Sack Suits, four but?
tons,squarish fronts, backs straight
and full from shoulders, side vents.
For Men and Young Men at
$10, $12.50, $15
Overcoats and Rain Coats.
Children'< Tan Reefers
A largo asortm.-nt, made double
breasted with brass buttons and
shield on? sleeves, handsome gar?
ments at
$4, $4.50, $5
Wright & Woodall
7 East Broad,
Isn't always a flowery path, but
it always leads through ways of
economy and thrift. You can
secure a start In the right direc?
tion by remembering that our
store nnd stock offer' valuable
opportunities for tho" practice of
economy_for buying really mer?
itorious goods at close prices.
May we show you?
is large nnd cannot be excelled
in quality and price. Wo havo
them as high as ?10.00 nnd as
low .as*. ., ;.", ..$1.65
Everything in
Masonic Toiiipjo.
The Now Jan Company
are headquarters for ELEGANT BRI
and RICH CUT-GLASS, and when
quality is considered, their prices are
the lowest,

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