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Internal Revenue Receipts for
Year Aggregate Over
This Stale Produced . Greatest
Number of Little Cigars.
Oleomargarine Laws.
(??"mm Oilr neguliu- Correspondent.)
IVA SHI NO TON*. D. C November SO.?The
annual report of the commissioner of Internal
Revenue, .tolui XV. Ycrkcs, which wns mado
public to-itay, bIiows thnt the receipts of the
bnrrnti for the riscal year ending June 30, 1904,
were $232.904,001.63, belli-*; an excess of $2,163.
071?. -t 1 over the collections for the preceding
3car The report says:
"The cost oC collection for the past year is
1.5S per cent, while tho cost of collection
for the fiscal year 1303 was 2.07 por cent., and
the. average cost of collection since the forma?
tion of the bureau Is 2.S3 per cent.
"The receipts for the first three months at
tho current fiscal year show a small ilecreabo
In collections ns compared with the samo
months of tho past fiscal year. I estimate
that the receipts from all sources of internal
revenue for the fiscal year ending Juno 30,
IMS, will aggregate ?230,000.000.
"Tno objects of Internal revenue taxation
prodnclni the largest amount of revenue nro
distilled "spirits, being spirits distilled fr 111
grain, apples, peaches, ale. ; fermented liquors.
Including beer, nie, porter, and other similar
fermented liquors; and tobacco, Including
cigar*, cigarettes, snufT, chewing and smoking
tobacco. ?*
"During the past fiscal year there was col?
lected from the tnx on distilled spirits, $129,
661,342.49! on fermented liquors; ?4S,20S,13C.*o?
on tobacco. $41,655,805.75;
Receipts in Large Tax-Paying
"Tho lending Stntes in ths payment of
Internal revenue taxes for the past year are
Illinois, $52.464,271.69; New York, $26,376,125.38;
Indiana. $2t,102,371.SS* Kentucky. ?21.757,733.52;
Ohio, $21,091,416.31; Pennsylvania, $lS,S71,540.r?9.
Among the States paying the smallest amounts
are Arkansas, Idaho. Maine, North and South
Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.
"Of the ?8 collection districts in tho terri?
tory of the United States subject to Internal
revenue laws, the Fifth District of Illinois
reported the largest collections, tho receipts
from that district amounting to $34,059,315.21.
The district of Hawaii is the lowest In po.nt
of collections its receipts amounting to $41,
"In 1903, the total production of distilled
spirits was 148.206,876 gallons; in 1904, 129,503.214
gallons. In 190.1, In round numbers, 114,000.000
gallons of tax pnld spirits vera wlth/fMvn;
in 1904, 117,000.000. There has been a devenu-.*
In the amount of tobacco manufactured, mid
nn Increase In snuff manufactured. There was
un Increase In the production of beer.
"The four States having the largest pro?
duction of distilled spirits during? -the fiscal
year ended June 30, 1901, are, Illinois, 41V
783,899 gallons; Kentucky, 23,070,162 gallons;
Indiana, 20,S3S.SCS gallons; Ohio.i 13,173,537 gal?
lon?. The two collection districts having iho
largest production of distilled spirits arc,
the Kifth restrict of Illinois. 31,109,878 gallons;
and the First District, of Ohio, 12,628,820 gal?
"The four States which produced the largest
quantity of fermented liquors are. New York,
30,691,S6S barrels; Pennsylvania, 6.123,936 bar?
rels; Illinois, 4,632,440 barrels, and Wisconsin,
4.035,292 barrels. The two districts which
produced the lortfest quantity of fermented
liquor are, tho Third District of New York,
4,072.708 barrels, and tho First District of
Illinois, 3,907,156 harrels.
Production of Tobacco.
"The four StatC? producing the greatest
number of cigars weighing moro than three
pounds per thousand, and the production of
each during the year are ax follows: Penn
sylvaiiln, 1.527,475,038; New York, 1,411.535,248;
Ohio, 696,514,648, and New Jersey, 406.061,97?.
"Tfc? two districts showing the largest pro?
duction of ciRars are the Ninth Pennsylvania,
781:011,653: nml the Third New York, 733,714,171.
"The States showing tho greatest produc?
tion of little cigars (weighing less than 3
pounds per thousand: are, Virginia, 23S.57S.750;
Maryland, 1S4.?-32.290; Now York, 152.817,681.
The greatest production by districts Is as fol?
lows: Second District of Virginia, U9.517.7O0;
Sixth District of Virginia, 119.031,050; Second
District of New York, 118,033.161.
"The States of New York, Virginia, Louisiana
nnd North Carolina, in the order named show
th? greatest production of cigarettes weigh?
ing less than 3 pounds per thousand. New
York produced 2,130,528.699; Virginia, 773,475,64);
3x)ui8lana, 225,073,600; North Carolina, 76.029.
350. The two districts showing tho greatest
production of little cigarettes are the Second
New York which produced 1,413.353*55, and tho
Second Virginia, which produced 771,062,270.
"New York Slate produced tho grca'est
number of large cigarettes, showing a produc?
tion of 6.010,966. of which number 3,831,136
were manufactured in the Third District, and
?.'.173,480 in tho Second District.
The States of Missouri. North Carolina, Ken
lucky and Virginia, In the order named,
"ivero the largest producers of both chewing
nnd smoking tobacco. Tho First Missouri
District produced th*i*argest<fluantlty, the re?
turns showing tup, manufoc'luro of 80.763,096
pounds during the yenr, the next largest being
the Fifth Kentucky, which produced 36,549,
?53 -pounds."
Oleomargarine Laws.
The report says that within the past few
months, two Important decisions have been
rendered by the Supreme Court of the United
, States, affirming construction given by this
office to the oleomargarine act mi. May 2,
3902, which act become effective July 1st of
the same year.
"These decisions have definitely determined
the richtfulnesB of the construction given by
this office to the law of 1902. And ns many
assessments had been made by the office,
reaching In some Instances large sums, against
the manufacturers of oleomargarine, who, In
producing the same, had used palm oil a8
an Ingredient, romo of which assessments had
been paid either In full Or in part by compro?
mise, the final adjudication of the question
was most desirable.
"There has been a marked deereaas in the
amount of oleomargarine produced and tax
paid since the passage of the amendment 10
the original law of 1*86, and which law be?
come effective July 1, 1902.
"t*nd<-r tho amendment, the rate of ta-t
was changed from 2 cents per pound to 10
cr-iitH per pound, provided, however, that when
oleomargarine was free from artificial colora?
tion that caused It to look like bu((er"of
any shade of ye|ow, the tax should bo one
fourlh of a cent per pound.
"During ih? fiscal year which closed June
SO; 190?. the last year we operated under the
original law, then? were produced and tax
1'ttld 123,131.718 pounds of oleomargarine, pay?
ing a total Lax of $2.462.034.96. During the
fiscal year which closed .lune 30. 1903, the flrBt
year during which the provisions of the
amendment ???.?.'re In effect, there were pro?
duced and tax paid 72.17S.S7S pounds, from
which was collected u tux of $UC,3!0.SS Dur?
ing the past fiscal yea.r ethere were produced
nnd tax paid 48,071,490 poupds, upon which
?was collected a UHa.1 tpx of J271,1,991.2o.
"From these figures It appears that the
revenu?- on oleomargarine has decreased in
two year? from |2,402,?3l,96 to $?7|i,03!.2O. In
both of the .past fiscal years, olemargarlne
lux paid at 10 ccnta per pound produced n,
larger proportion or the total tax than oleio
inargerln'.- lax paid at one-fourth of a cent
per pound."
Receipts in Virginia.
The following are internal revenue receipt?
fur Virginia during the last fiscal year: Se?
cond Revenue D'.ttrlet, Asa Rogers, collector
$;?.8ie,7Sfi.24l Sixth Kuvfiiue lil-.t-i.-t ??ark
A-irn-v.-, collector. ?1,231.083.66, making 'ill? I11
f'-rnal revenue receipts from Iho Slate ?.(gre?
gal? ?3,65ii,879.V0. This does not Ineluilo the
revenues troiu Northampton and Accornac
counties, which aggregated $1,075.41, These
two counties have been pkced within the
collection district of Maryland.
The collections from North Carolina amount?
ed to: Fourth Ile.eiiui- District. |*d
?wurd (.'. Duncan, collector, $2.25ti,777.ili; Four-li
Ttevenue Dlstrti.-l, H.rirhi! 3. Ilaiklns, col.
lector, $2,41X1,405.02, hi;?! the uggri-ijute of ih,
?collections in tho State amounted to J4 667 -
3*2.60. ' '
The report Bays that 45 lllli-it distillerie?
ver? seized and destroyed In Virginia during
the >tar, and 3 were eelied ami removed
The number of Illicit etllls destroyed lu North
Carolina' during the year was 252.
Died at 101 ; Never Had Doctor.
((Special to The Times-Dispatch ?
l,Ol'l.v>II,I?i0. lvl'? N'nvin.i.-i- 3ft, _
Jame* AV. Ilellflrlclts, run- of the hc.vt
known men in Louisville, dim) to-day ?,i
the a-sn of 101. Mr. llf-ndiicks had never
been 111 a f!u.y, haft never hpent u cunt
tor medicino nor conault/u a physician.
Every Item a Daily Necessity
At 0 Big Savlni: at OurSltro?
Best American Granulated Sugar, C\Ap
Pit pound.?,/4v
Cardova or Eaaie Coffee, lb.12HO
Sour Pickles, gallon.20o
Small California Ham?, lb.,.-9o
Large Irish Potatoes, peck.'So
Smlthfleld Hams, pound.-So
French Candy, pound.Bo
New Virginia Buckwheat, 7 lb?.25c
Fresh Country Eg?-*?, deien.25c
Imported Macaroni and Spaghetto, lb..ic
Whole Sweet Pickle, quart.10o
Mountain Butter, 2 lbs for 25e
New Hominy and Grit?. 2 lb? for.5c
Va. Comb Honey, 2 lbs.25c
Beat Carolina Rice, pound.a?
Lion or Eagle Coffee, pound.12%c
Early June Peas, can.9c
8hredded Cocoanut, pound.12^*?
New Rolled Oats, Hawkeye, package...8c
Canned Tomatoea.?.,.,... ....oo
New Navy Dean?, quart.7c
Best City Meal, per pk. 17o., or bush..68c
Beat Cream Cheese, 2 pounds for.23c
Canned Tomatoes, 4 large cans for....25c
Quart Jars Home Made Sweet Plcklea..10e
Try our Sliver King Minnesota Patent
Flour 39c, or barrel.%6M
Blackberry or Catawba Wine, quart..12o
Ginger Snaps or Soda Crackers, lb....4Hc
Salt Pork, per pound.,.6o
Country Jolea, pound.5o
Black Enamel Stove Polish, box.3c
Fresh Bologna Sausage, pound.7c
Coroed or Fresh Hams, pound.9c
Canned Corn, 4 for.1.25c
Duffy's Malt Whiskey, per bottle.80c
Maln-Street Stores, 1820*1822 East Main
Street; Marshall-Street Store, 606 E,
Marshall Street.
'Phones at our Two Stores.
The Conditions Excellent?Cham?
pion Prince Rodney to
fSneelnl In The Times-Dispatch.)
second, day of the Virginia Field Trials
opened under most auspicious circum?
stances, a rsllght rain during; the night
dampened tlio ground just enough to
make tlio scenting condition fine for the
The party were up and stirring by 6 A.
M. All lind an early breakfast and wero
off to the Held by 8 A. ? M. An earlier
start was necessary, as there wero live
braces and a bye to be run off. Tho
first brace, Chesterfield Lad, owned by
J. C. ? Tlgnor, of Richmond, and Roan
oltc Belle, owned by E. P. "Wllkins. of
Rlvorton, wero lot go at 9 A. M; This
was a po?T brace and did little work. Tho
next brace *.*..?*.<? much better, Rips Bolt,
owned by \YI)!<im? was cast away with
Chinook, owned by Dr. Leigh Buckner,
of Rcanoke. They pave a good exhibi?
tion cf speed and range; Rips Bolt tho
best. Only one covey was found on sin?
gles and both dogs secured several
Hushes. They were ordered up at 10:15.
The n'-'Xt b:nce.w?is Captain John, own?
ed by J. D- Fry. of South Boston, with
Ingleslde Belle, owned by G. Q. Herring,
of Harrlsonburg. John not having ar?
rived, Chesterfield Daisy, owned by J.
C. Tlgnor was called up to run with Belle
Daisy, found and chased a. hare to her
satisfaction and Belle found a covey. Both
only fair dogs.
The last brace before dinner was Macks
Lady, mvned by Henry Mackay Hewlett,
with Bow Boy. G. G. Herring. Lady
was lame and started on three legs, This
was a good" ??o?ng brace of dogs and
showed up well. Boy flushed a single
und was steady when the balance of the
covey was flushed. They,wore taken up
at-12:10 and'tlm party, adjourned for
lunch at Judge Hairston'a house.
Tho Stephens Hotel"."sent out an ele?
gant repa-st including. old-Virginia black?
berry wine furnished- by Mrs. Stephens.
As all were hungry, the repae't^wns much
enjoyed. After lunch four braces were
tried over but few birds found a? the wind
was blowing very strong, ipakln'g it hard
to find the bird*. ? The party,.?came to
town at 5:30, and after supper "the judges
announced tho following winners: In
glesiide Flirt, first, G. G. Herring own?
er; Rips Bolt, second, E. P..WIlklns, own?
er; Glenmora's Nellie, third, G,'R. Todd,
of Richmond, owner; ' Bow; Bow, fourth,
Henry G. Herring, of'Harrlsonburg. Va.
T?-morrow the big froe?for-all stako
will be run ar.d, the Virginia sportsmen
will have a chanco to see Champion
Prince Rodney perform, the dog recently
sold by Secretary Cooko fpr 6utoh a
handsome yum. This dog Is the awe and
admiration of the .".village and all day
"visitors are 'calling at tho hotel to "see
that $1.260 dog," since reading the ac?
count in Tlie TlmcK-Dlspatoh.
' -, , .. t
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
WASHINGTON. PA.. Nov. SO.-Joseph
E. Anderson, of Centre township, Greene
county, otg'ed eighty yearn, yesterday took
his first ride on a steam railroad train.
Willie on. the. train ho stood and grasped
tho back of a Boat; fearing a.n accident
all the while. Ho said that he had al?
ways walked wherever he wished to go,
an?! had never expected to ride on a
Americans Can Do It.
It has been discovered at Venice that
the "antlqultlos" purchased there . by
Americans are manufactured by enter?
prising Italians. ?Some enterprising Amer?
icans should build factories In this coun?
try so that wo may manufacture our own
Venetian antiquities and at the samo timo
save the customs duties on them.?Atlanta
Federal Circuit Court Hears an
Appeal in the Barcus
Attorney Claimed That He Did
Not Get His Justly
Due Fees.
Tho United States Circuit Court of Ap?
peals yesterday gave Its attention to a
very hotly contested case. Judges GolT
nnd Prltchard, circuit Judges, and Bra.w
ley, district judge, were sitting.
It was the ca.se of James Q. Barcus ot
al. appellants, vs. John B. Sherwood, ap?
pellee, from the Circuit Court of the
United States nt Richmond, and is an
appeal from a decree entered ,-by Judge
Wo.ldlll In that court In ?avor of the
appellee for ?2,t58l.80, for fees claimed by
the appellee for professional services ren?
dered the appellants In the suit of James
Q. Barcus et al vs. Erasmus W. Gates
et al, which was Instituted for tho appel?
lants by the pclltlonor, Sherwood, on
tho ground of fraud and conspiracy on
tho pant of the defendants In tho original
suit In getting complainants, appellants
hero, to subs?:rlb?''to and pay for certain
large blocks of stock in a company called
tho Virginia' Marl and Phosphate Com?
pany, which was formed for the purpose
of purchasing a' fnirm In Now Kent coun?
ty called "Northberry," and on which
It was represented there wero valuable
deposits of a certain kind of fertilizer
known as "natural fertilizer." It after?
wards tutrncd out tho land did not contain
any such valuaiblo deposits of a natural
phosphate, as liad been represented, but
that tho land had been doctored.
Applicant's Contention.
The lower court, .In the original suit,
found in favor ot Mr. Sherwood's clients.
Mr, Sherwood n?>w claims for extraordi?
nary services rendered, which was allowed
him by the Circuit Court, viz., $2,G64..S0.
The appellant contends that they ha-ye'
paid Mr. Sherwood all that is due him
under the. contract they entered Into with
him for the payment of his fees, and that
they should not be made to po-y anything
additional, ?as the services for which he
now claims compensation was covered
by the contract.
The case was argued hy Mr. C. V. Mere?
dith, of Richmond, for tho appellants,
and by H. R. pollatrd, of Richmond, and
?lohn B. Sherwood, of Indianapolis, for
the appellee.
Cases in the call to-day are:
No. 553, Buckhannon and Northern Rail?
road Company, petitioner, appellant, vs.
John W; Davis, receiver, etc., appellee;
alppeal from the Circuit Court at Clarks?
burg, "VV. Va. To bo at-gued by W. S.
Meredith, of Parkershurg, AV. Va., for
tho appellamt, and by John "\V. Davis and
John Bossen for the appellee.
No. 557. Harrison Wagner, petitioner,
vs. Thomas J. Morris, United States Dis?
trict Judge, respondent; on petition for a
No. 668. International Text-book Com?
pany, plaintiff in error, vs. T. B. Hcartt,
defendant in error; In error to the Clr?
cult Court at Raleigh, N. C. To Ibe argued
by John W. Hinsdale. of Raleigh, N. C,
and Daivld C. 1-Barrlngton, Scran ton. Pa.,
for the plaintiff in error, and by William
B. Jones, of Raleigh, N. C, for the de?
fendant In.error
'Court will reconvene to-day at 10 A. M.
The New York Herald of yesterday
printed the frthowlng from Paris:
The First Tribunal of the Seine decided
to-day in favor of Countess Czaykowski,
formerly Miss Edith L. Collins, of NJ;w
York, and a great-granddaughter of Com?
modore Vandcrbilt, in her ?application for
a separation from her husband, Count
fj^aykowiskl, secretary of tho Turkish
legation at The Hague.
The decree awards the wife the care
of hor children. The Count pleaded that
tho Turkish law gave him control of the i
children above" seven years oj. age, but
t?^5 court sustained tho Countess's plea
that tho Turkish law is inapplicable to
parUes resident outside of Turkey.
Tho Countess Czaykowski, as Miss Edith
Lyman Collins, was the ward of Senator
Chauncey M. Depew. She inherited a
largo fortune from Her grandmother, Mrs.
Neven. She was married to Recited Bey,
Count Czaykowski, .tho representative of
a noble Polish family settled in Turkey,
in Paris, January 7, 1897, her father, Mr.
Clarence L, Collins, giving her away. Tho
Count was considered to have a 'brilliant
diplomatic career before him, having been
secretary of the Turkish embassies at
St. Petersburg and Rome.
(Spoclal to The Tlmea-Dlnpateh.)
ST, PAUL, Nonember 30.?A woman
inmate of the State Insano Hospital has
won a prlzo offered by a magazine tor
the solving of a rebus und a. short ossay
on an assigned topic. The prize was a
trip abroad or ?2&0.
Notice is hereby given that I shall, in accordance with the
law as prescribed in section 637, Code of 1887, as amended by
an act approved March 2, 1900, on the FIRST DAY OF THE
MOND CITY, offer for sale the following described lands, or so
much of them as may be necessary to pay the State Taxes there?
on, together with the penalties, interest charges and cost of pub?
lication of this notice; provided said taxes, penalties, interest
charges and costs be not paid before the day of sale:
Treasurer Richmond City,
i^T'Vi-m!'' , Ta*-* and Penalty.
I 32
3 15
1 ??
3 38
Ill 22
Alley. L>: H.30 fnet, Wllllnmsbur-r ave:.?, .
Ail-ins, 'Humphrey, b. .,..(.2? fcut, w. 27, M mid N... .
linker, A. W.205-13 fcot, w 2tiiO and P
Huill?n?; Hobt, k.-,.;.si fuet, q. ... .
Hoei-uft, Michael.l?i/.? reet, ?? anil 26.
Uf-Biiuet, Michael ....2-'J feet. ? U-wla &''win?b?''iivo.'?'!!!
1 OHqiiiii, Mlnliael .t? j-eet, n Lewis near Wmahg ave
lir.uier, rt. A.,30 feet, w 2?. I' and Q. -*?i
llr.iur-r, Calilo II...15K-12 feel, ? o mut 2?. . -im
gntuor, o? o ?i..2? fof-t, ? u, 2i ??a 25. :::'?? m
Brain r, -i.'.illl-. .11.45 feet, (, 3i, *.? ,..m, j,. ? ?j
brown. William .2J 1-2 fe?,i, o. n Soar p! . ? m
?-iv??i?i.1, ?n!'\-A.-.'? f,!a'' ? Wwbi -tVQ ?na ?'ch???.', I 20
JiiL;?r?;n i ini?,"ii.f'ue-rc-H mort'or lens, Uocketts Mills 71
Uii?j?i?un, Llllle 1.'ftift fect. O, 2; ?uni 2(?. 1 gj
?to f ?et,, f??. H'
.44 feet, i I, <M_a
Chftrry. Mary B(>.*> fiat,/*& Han? I. '???
Cherry Ida .1...'..,..44 feet. ? 1, 34 and 88... , ?
r?Rl*B*.?M<1 H....?.-?-12 feet, n K. 24 and ?.... " ?J
Crutchfleld, Mabel .?.?...?..,.....180 feet, e 80, nofP.;. ?
?_u?b!?_e,d' Mabol ...SO feet, ?Hagtie...?.> ?,'*__il',*'* ?
Crutbhfleld, Mabel .(j 8-12feet, s Hntu*. * of Letter...? g
Crntchflold, Mabel .,.,,..,.lag-ia-feot, ? NlcHl*. eor Russell.... 08
Crutchfleia, Maljel .t...j4 feet, w l?ghlhrj?!. ,22
Curd, Isano.?.?.?0 feetl e 2?. N and O. f ???
S?**?/'0'"4.!.16Hfeet. ele, N luid O,.,.. 819
?uhnmgton, P. H.t.406-12 feet. Allen, ai ot Poplar. 74
Durvin, Lucy H.23-feet, ?R. 0 and F.'." J 5*.
Edwards, Sarah F.?tt fe?t, 26 and-f.'. * ?
g1?*. J. h..83 feet w 28, O and P...... .228
Fcrgusson, Arthur B.,.208-12 feet, o 2?, K and U.? 4W
F (bateai N. M...20 feet, n bris, 2 and Lester. M
FV">yd, Minnie T.,.SO feet, ri Nicholson . 2W
?,loyd Minnie T.....12 feet. ,w Lostet- ;....?...-. ?j
J^owlkes, Jennie and Josephine .20 feet, e 2|?. M an? N... . :"?
. Franklin. Ruth S.25 feet, 26 and "M."???? * 84
Gates,-B.W. and J. P. Huttbard, tr.' ? '
Annie C. Tylor..00 feet, n F.... ??????. 66
Gates E. W. and J. P. Hubbard, tr..' .;A
?Anpile C. Tyior.203-12 feet, a Nicholson. 2?
Gates, -a. W. and J. P. Hubbard, t?. * .1
Annie C. Tylor.il 6?l? feet, e Lester....,. .* AS
Gibbs, Jordan.?.80 feet La. snd M... 110
aoson, *W. x>? est.42 feet, RookeUs ?...'...?..:.....;........ ?0
GUI, Reuben W. est. & Ann HI Cavedo...?2 acres bet; Rocketta and Mill Race 1 J4
Govenatta, A. F......20 feet, s Q near 27. 1 84
?race, Patrick*:.73 feet, Itockotts-..'......... M
Gresha.m, .R. h..",.20 feet 2T> near K. 7 91
Gresham, R. H.20 feet, 25 near K.... 7 80
Hap, Mary A.1.62 feet, e Kim. . 3?
Hall, Mary A....1.............?0 reet, Poplar. __i
Hnnpeck. Lee B.308-12 feet, n F. .28 and 29. 9.67
Henderson. James ..,..34 feet, 28 and 29......;. 2.10
HUdglns, ,T.? A.,.3? foot, n Von. near Pink. -1 36
Jcnks, Maggie B. .80 2-3 feet, s G, 26 and 27. 13 ?0
.Joseph. Atella C.33 foot, e 25 and M. 5 31
l?acy. B. P.2116-12 feet e 28,-IC and L. 4 63
Lyne, Cassle O.60'feot, 25 nnd I.?'?.????? 7 72
MoCratv, Lucy A.17 8-12 feet, Lor.ter n of Denny. 1 b2
M?Craw, Lucv A.12 feet, w Lester., a of Creek. 03
McCin-dy. ? H. A..33V4 feeil La., 4 and 5." 2.21
McFill. Margt.? tr. Susan H. "W*ddlll....30 feet, Orleans...'..?. . *}
McGriffln, Bmma J.3fi>^ feet.s "Wmsbg ave. near Ash...? 2,9
McNamnra, Mary.43 feet, Ulm near Poplar. 48
Martin, L. L.'...64 feet a I s 0 33 and 34. 2 33
Mattox, Ira L.,.27 1-2 feet, 24. ...'....*. . * 08
Melton, Jnoi T. J.20 feet, n H and 34. 147
Morrello, A.30 feet, Orleans near Fulton. -56
Minor, Gco. AY, tr. Hum?, Minor ?ft Co....2u feet, e-2S, L and'M.. 1 10
Montague. Hill .8 feet, e 28. M and N. 2?
Montague,' Hill .lev. foefi. o 28, M and N. ' 61
Nugent, John ..46 feet, K and 29. 6.65
Richardson. Chas., tr. Lucy A. Dudley... 30 fee*, .1.. 13.67
Robinson, 8ora.h J.35 feet, s B hear W. H. 3 97
Roggo, Chas. G.So feet, n alley, F and'O, 25 and 28.. .45
Stagg, Thomas W.;.117 feet, E........:.-...... 43
Stagg, Thomas B.24 feet, e 33, land K... 6 81
Teneton,. J. H.74 feet, e 32 near I. 4 83
Thomas, John D. .15 feet, e 28. O and P... 1 54
Thomas,' John D.14 3-4 feet, w 30, O, and P. 100
Turner, Harry 1, 2-5, Stuart McOulre, 2-6..167-12 feet, s I. 29 and,30.. 6 48
"Wnlloratein, H. S.M feet s K <& 32, next to Oorp. Line 176
"Washington, B. A.30 feet, n N, 30 and 31.;. 184
Watson; E. F. ...?0. feet, w RocketUi .............. 1 18
"White, Edgar B.84 feet, w 31. K and L. 4 67
WhIUock, Jas. G.ai?,-feet Alloy P & Q 26 & 27.... 2 02
Williamson, W T.I.V..46 feet n Ven. Rose and'Pink. 4 <88
Banks, Matilda.34 feet M and 28... 4 92
Crlttenden, I^eo.66 feqt Joner, O & Pi.... 2 39
Crlttenden. Lee..?.28 feet .30'N &0...... 1 ?I
Evans. Edwd J.lOi^.feet. w.28 near P. 1 81
ISast End Business Asson..63 feet Q 30 and" 31 ?. 1 37
Harris. Julia.:..<.........;.. .20 1-3. feet,, s O, 30.arid 31. 1 40
Hltchlrigs, Edwd Tr. Mary Agnes.37 feet 30..........'...'.'.'.'.'.V. '.' 257
Hltchlngs, JOdwd Tr. Mary Agnes.33 fe?t 31.. :. ;. .*.. 1 73
Jones, ?Tno.- H.22M, feet 29 O ?Se P...??'??. 2 13
Mayo, Joseph.?..25 feet 30 N & O..'....?. 1 40
Reynolds. Caroline, wife of Jaa.25. feet P and 30.'. 1 84
Scott. Charles..10 feet. 29 arid ?.... 1 **
Steward,* Otway M.30 fe?t P near .29.. ;. 1 47
Wllllorns, Jos.....'..35 feet 30 M ?t N.'. 1 59
Names: Description: Tax and Penalty.
Anthony, S.'E.'?...25 feet, w-23d,".cor.;.N.'.-...i.$ 5 54
Banister, Ma?ggio.21 feet, e 13tli. B and F... 13 82
Banks, Nathaniel.1.20 feet, e 18th. H and 1. 1 40
Bossleux. I^ouis F.25 feet, n.H...12th and 14th...... '8*30
Brock, W. M.54 feel, s H. 16th'and Sho. Creek...1 S8
Catlott, W. H.40 feet, w Pl?kettior 21st.. 2 21
Deane, Wm. Harper.22 l*-2.feet, F, ISth and 39th. 3 30
Dillon, James.55 feot, 18th.......-".v.. 8 01
Dodaon, Kate A.27 foot, k Ross, 13th and 14th. 2?4
Domlnlcl. C.55 feet, n,- H and 20th.......... 11 ft)
Evehson, Caroline M.215-12 feet, a E, 17 and 18th... 12.10
Gill, B.C. and J-; T.622-? feet,n pleas'ts, Adams ?tc Mos. 11 33
GUI, E. C. and J. T.?09-12 feet, n w'Plckettand Pleoa't.. 10 fO
Gregory, Lena N.321-2 feet, a ? Venaible-and Moshy.. 7-54
Glenn, Joseph E.271-2 feet, e 19th. H and 1.. ,4 41
GuVernator, Margaret.?.^20 feot, Market' near- w Alley. 6 01'
Haley, E. D....50 1-3 feet, s Dock. 17th and 18th.... ?*4
Hancock, Amanda.33 feet, Plckett.?.......'. .131
Hobson, John E..'.19 feet, si near 22d'....'.:. 1 24
Jones, Amanda M.8 feet; ? Mt near 24th..........,. 29
Jones, N. B., Bx'r. and Guardian W. Mor?
ris Bailey...._; feet, 23d.....;.1 72
Dowry, E W........41 feet, Plckett.;.....'.. 659
Martin, Ellen.20 feet, 18th,....'..'.. S8
O/Hngan, John.88 feet, ? w. D arid 20th................ 18'17
Oakley. J. E..30 feet, e 23d. L and M. 2 87
Paul, Peter,..:.........261-2 feet, s'F.lnl) and Wall. 7 67
Paul, Peter.,.34 feet, w I6tn, B and F,.-:. 3 75
Paul, Peter..'.44 1-4 feet. 15th, B and F. 4164
Perklnson, E. E.56 feet, Pleat-ants. ?81
Perkinson. E. E.2S feet, Pleasants...'...'. 199
Perklnson, E. E.27 feet, Vennfi, Scott and Jesaa. 4 ?0
Smith. James C, Harriet I* and Minnie S.44 feet, D and 10th.>. 18 08
Smlttier, Eva L......'.v23 feet, w 23d, M and N. 3 01)
Universal Life live. Co.S3 feet Cypress Alley..."..:. 3 38
Williams, John Skelton....1S2 feet, s D, 15th and Sho. Creek.... 13 40
Names: Description: Tax anil Penalty.
Aln.<?lle, George.271-fi feet.,- lu?,!*... 26 97
Ainslle, George.28 feet, 10th...?. 27 13
Alnsllfj, George....,.22 1-2 feet, luth. 9 19
Ainslle, i?eorge...40 feet, n D, 9th and 10th. 16 III
Ainslle, George.26 feet, 10th. D and E....... 13 79
Cabell, H. L.00x97 feet, rear Of w 10th. 04
Delarue, Christopher C. Tr. Augusta.251-3 feot. w ?th and L.. 8 75
Farrar, J. W. D. and S. W.160 feet, 12th. 1 10
Gude, Anton and E. L. Vaughan, 1-5....201-4 ft., n Alley, 9th & 10th, B _ A.... 132
Hill. F. D., Tr. C?the. A. Sweeney.36'feet, 7th and B...... 10 68
Hill, p. D., Tr. Cathe. A. Sweeney.05 feet, B..;.... 460
Miller, J. C.37 1-2 feet, s Canal Bank, A and lSUi 164
Moil, Johanna M.25 feet, w 6th, n of L',. 9 C7
Myers. Mary G....66 1L2 feet, 8th, I and K....... 19/83
Newell. Ida M?. and Nannie.84 1-2 feet, s e. 11th and-L..... ?42
Phillips, V. R.519-12 feet, w 7th, I and K.. 17 88
Reeve, Hester M.26 feet, w 8th, I and K. 1170
Shafer, ,ino. C.60 feet, n e, E and 10th. 231 53
Shafer, Jno. C.CO feet, s Bonk and 10th..;....... 182 30
Stanard. Jacob...'..*.Vis feet, 9th..;,....:...;.?...;.... 375
Sweeney. Cath'n. A.20 feot, 7th, 1 and K......:......'. 1170
Todd, Thos.C3 feet, 12th? C and D. 25 80
Turnbtill, N. S., Tr. Ann Vt'. Gary.25 4-12 feet.'w 8th, F and G. 11 54
West, Cathe.1610-12 feet.-.e C near 5th....'....'.. 9 50
Whltakor, E. A., Jr.34 feet, w ?th. n of L..... 7 89
Barr?an, Wm.29 feet, M near 10th.. 5 51
Brown, E. S.."..--25 f?et, 9th. 4 04
Smith. M. S._.?.28 feet, 8th.:. 57
The Rising Sons of Liberty.30 feet, 11th, M and N. . 44
Names: ?Description: , Tax and Penalty.
Allen, John P.. Est..'.-25 feet, ri D, 2 and.3..........11342
Cocker Haseltlne.33 feet, o Belv,, High and Rowe.... 2 02
Columblnla, Frartk J.30 3-Q foet,.n B, 4 and-5....:..'.. 275
Duke, Walter G., Laura,;M. and C.35 2-12 feet, w 1, D and B. 9 19
Ellyson, J. Taylor, Tr.- Mary A. Reg- , .
nault & als.....26 feet, o 3, C and D... 20 03
English. Madeline, wife R. B.83 feot, L, 2 an?} 3. 7 81
Fitzgerald, W. T., Tr. Pattle G.30 feet, 8 D and. E. 25 36
Garth, Man- 1.16 1-2 feet, s" Canal, Jpff. and Belv.. 109
Glenn, Joseph E..30 f?et, .Howard.;. ] 06
Cray. M. A. P.22 fe?t, s Jiix. near Price. 3 78
Harris, 13enj..20 feet, a C,,l qihd Fouahee. 1 84
Hogan. W. J.21 feet, nw. 5 and B. 4 l>7
Ingle, Levl Tr. Mary D.30 feet, w Howard.:. 2 35
Keys, Margt. V. and children.40 feet, w S. C and D.... 13 97
Lyons, Thomas, Est?..????.?3 l'-"t. AI.ev A'.and "B. 1 and 2,... 116
Moore, M'. J...25 feet, 1st.- M.Lane and Rowe. ] ?fl
Moore, Michael J.20 feet w Howard..;...-.... 2 57
Moorohouse, E. W., Tr. Hattle.23 U2.feet.- n'l, 1 and Adams. 8 75
Mulligan. Celeste.15 1-3 feet, p B, 4 and 5........ 2 21
Nolan, Kate.?.161-2 feet, n'B and.G..... 2 21
Page, R. M., Tr. Mary R. Gary....lfil?2-feet, 3 C and D.:. 1191
Phillips, P. R..*.!,.'.211?2feot, B-K 3'and 4........... 1164
Pulllnm, Sam'l. H.......37 3-4 feet, n C and Mad'n. 2 07
Robinson, Hattle B. and Nannie M.35 fc?tia C, 1 and Fo?ahee.;. 7 08
Hheppard, M. J.10 feet, a ~ Fpuehee and Adama.... 169
Hheppard, Mary J..KS feet, a.C,. Foushee and Adama.... 4 19
Sweeney, Thos. M'.<?????.?*..30 f??t, w Jefferson,'Cand D......... 2 21
'?'alloy Theresa.'..24 feet, w 5, Biuid'C. 5 37
Worth, James R.;.261-3: f?et, E....,.;..,.'.,,;..,, 18 78
Whlttakcr. B. A? Jr......2? feet, e..Bolv., C and D. 0 <3
White, Fannlo H.It) 1-2!feot,. s-E, I and 2.. 18 67
White. Fannlo H..?,??i.161-2 feet, s ,B, 1 and 2. 10 3?
White, l'floi J., Tr., Fapnle H..16 3-3 feet, 3 C.. and D... U'fE
Willies. F. T.,....? ?Mxffl feot, ?'Alley'liv rear 20? e B.... '60
Varbrotigh, C. H.....19 1-3 foet, s C, Fouahe.? and Adam? 184
Zenther, Dora.?.17 9-12 feot, s D, Mad'n and Belv..,., 8 72
Blackwell. James H.??.?.?"? 2", 1-12 feet,, n. L. near Fr.?*?'... 2 91
Oasseb ?Wm.??<?'.16 feet, L. Bt.'Jaa; and Adame.,..,. 3 68
Crane, Elijah J.881-3 feet, s .Jax.. St, Jas, & prjoe.. 4 16
Crane, EHJuh J.......,.29 feat, a Jax., St. Jpa. ?ft price..,. 8 4'?
Fraiser. D. W. A., Mary B. ?t Va. M.30 feet.'l Jax.. 8t. Jaa. & Pr'ce,.,.;, 4 04
Grandison, Smith.?.'???80 feet, w Fpush.ee,,K ?qd L.,........ i 41
Johnson, Wm. Isaao.30 feet, .e Fougheo^G aptj Bj....'., 3; 58'
lolmson. Wm. Isaac....21 feet, s Alley,- Fouahee, G ?nd H.. . 88
Tones, Rusa 1\,,......'..?.?.80 feet, Fousheo. K and L............ Q 83
^ CLAY W4?RD. r ' .?]? r':
Names: Deaerintlon: Tax and P?palty.;
Ainslle, Georg? .,.,........,. 23 10-12 feet n Or^ve, Plum *i Lom.l 23 18
Allen, Otway S.?.233i 7?12 feet Henoyer s ParK Ave., 16 64
Armstead, Emma L......'?? 64x179-9 feet n*Grove Ave & Cedar 16 8S
Atkins, ,M. n., Est.. .;,,..-...22 feet D and Laurel;'.,. 9 ,?
Barne?, .lusephli.o .t?.20 feat? V> Kescir. & Randolph..., 4>04
Booth. Hejetrc.?.24x136 feot s Hanover. V>m. & Vina 14 55
Bryan, Joseph .66 9?12xH5 feet n Grove, cor Kirn-? 3 89
Burke. V. B.. .?.M feet n. Cla|borno e of Ran'd.... 1 66
0*i|u?lblaii b. & L, Asao'n..,.2?8 fqet n Povly,.Reaer. &'Rand., l.-i??
Cousins, Jno, H.....i(l /?Pi Spring, I^anrel & Cherry.. 2 09
Dabney, Minnie L.,..??.83,xl60 feet n Qroye, park St. * %
Meadow .-.. 2 10
Davis, Bon'J W.,... .24x145 7?12 feet e Hor. E ?ft Floyd 6.00
Duke. Innu H.,. 18 f?et n'Chaff., Lin. ?ft Beech..., 2 21
F.rrlic.?, J. J.....19 8-18 feH w Ran?-).'p?fc Taylor.. 6 62
Finnneu 'l'oiding Co.,.'???.,.102.11-12x196 foet s park Ave., Py?
camoro ?ft Rowland.............. S.31
?Firth, n. E.?.62?, feet n D I^mbartiy and AU?n 8 H
Fofd, IS'.' i'.50 feet Be'vldere D ?ft ?...,. 9 19
GllmomV Matnow.83 feat ParirAvv.^near Allison.... 1 76
Glenn, (mW E ,..,.,...???.?2 tf-12 feet ? AsWan? ?ft Randolph i 67
*Mfjn,.-T?N?|}ti-.B........i.114 feet o Cherry, Spring &. Albo.. (I 0?
Opodman.'Minnie A........17 2-12 feot r D Pine & Laurel.... 8 72
Grant, Mary M.................-.20 feet n Orovc?, Walnut St. Plum.. 12 12
?Mien,1 A..?G.,.:?:.,.Mu, feet. China Laiirel &? Cherry.. 4-G0
Jone?, H..C...41111/4-12x171) feet n Strawberry &
.*. ?' ^? ? _ Sypatnoro . 2 31
King, ?.'offe T-..40 fret Asnland near Resor. 171
I^rmand, Kllanb?lh -T....,...??....15 feet n Albo ?& Belvldere..-.. 2 S-t
LelbT W. T.?-..".."?.20 feet w Pine, Holly nnd .rumen
., - *;<?.. ' River Canal. 3 08
Ma-hpney, l>an'1 H.?.2011-12 feet Floyd near Morris_ 18 fit
M?nh,. Amanda E.......25 10-12 feet c- Pine D ?fe E. 7 72
Mhonlnft,. Chi-I?., Jr.26 feet Asbland Rosor. & Hand_ 1 It
Merchant? National Bunk........32 1*3 feet ? D ncx?r Washgn. S 12
Minor, Hattle I.??......,..,.166-12 font c Rand, near Wnllitco.. 1 fit
Oyerby Ada.....30 feet w Belv., Br'vly & Albo.... 5 15
P?nd.ldaO.w.,;...?...30 feet w Pine China <-& Holly. 4 23
Preston,'W-.C.,' Tr. Ruth R. Reese.16 feet Pine. Albe. <?*-. Bevly. 3 50
Reld, Fredlk,..,.15 f?et s Wallace, Resor, & DobBoti SI
n?tler.-.Jfthfl./.:.;.......?4B-12 foot Cherry.. 3 27
RylUfld, Joelah.,.3j feet n Clark, Dobson & Reset.. 2 or,
Sands, C?nWey R? Tr. Maria B.20 2y?-12 feet s Grove, Mor, & llar. 27 20
Starke,-Jefferson.........',..15 feet o Pino noar Holly. 2 38
.Taylor. Mary.W.14U, feet e Cherry, Cumb. & Bn?.. 4 88
Thotnaa, Mrtry.J...20 fret n Chaff., Reacr. & Rand..' 59
Thohiai, J?hh. D..;.30 feet a Chaff., Ren. & Rand.... 1 98
Vpnsof, p.-*N.. .?.....30 feet it Taylor, Res. & Rand.. 1 32
Wttrw ek; Ida L,. ;......20 feet Lliulon near Orcen. 1 32
Wnrw tflt, Ida L..20 feat Linden n-nr Oreen. 1 32
X?r* ""-i*? ?*?A J.'.20 foot Linden iKiir Oreen. 1 32
War* ok, Ida p.18 feet a Oreen near Linden. 1 in.
?KWy?,?c,'I-*1,A'l<:',,i'.?"?.25 feet Oreen near Linden. 1 fin
W.hIttaker, K. A., Jr.3)i? fePt o Res. a of Chnffln- r, ?0
Will ama,-R. A...40 feet n i*,irk Ave., Mead & How.. 2 85
Williams, Ruth B.',.;,. 20 feet w e Heaer. &. Wallace. .1 50
Williams, Geo. H....?.20 feet n Hesnr. near Wallaee. 3 50
?Xl.*?-*ri,,!*3''.AV'r:?*-.30x135 feel n Hnn., Mend. & Row... 1. fifi
X. ??'P&-/-.1!LJ* ' 'i.'81 feet Dance n.ear Rundol|?k. "fi
?WlnstOh, H?flry 8.30 foot s Cialb., Rand, and City
;'?'.,;? Lino. ?SS
Jaapor, Alice.30 tcj;t --, d Rand. & WnBhgn. 3 68
Jasper, Stanhope.?.58y. fCCt ? d Rund. & Wnshgn.... s 31.
Tennnnt, Wtn.30 feet Taylor, Rescr. & Hand. 3 53
- -_ Names: V-.-V; Description: Tax and Penally.
Aialr, LowJa.C....31 feet n Oalhoun and Hickory....* 00
Adams,..Thomas J.4*i 1-2 rcot Washington. 1 f>7
Anthony,' Bridget A....:.20 feet e 17 J-ownden and Accom...? 1 M
Brlftss,?? John N. and Ella B.;....21 2-3 reet w 1 Baker and Charity.... 2 R2
But-well, William P....;....30 feet o Hickory n of Baker. 33
Carter, Jao-kson J..28 feet w St. Peter. 1 43
Carter, JlJ,,..;.,.,...,.2f, feet w at. Peter. 56
(.hase, Rebecca.34 5-12 feet n Bacon 2 and St. Jas... 02
Clioatwopd., L. J.US 2-12 ffet n e Buchanan nr Car'tn I.i
Oheatwo??. Marl C.22x139 feet rear Buoh'n and Car's'n 08
Cosby. Dav|d 1?.183-12 feet w 3 Ja-ekson und Duval. 5 25
Daniel, Kannle......162-3 feet s'L 13 and 14. 1 15
Kills. Johiv A.../..1531-2-12 feet n L Graham &. Oak 1 67
Fields. Wt.niarn.--8.33 f->ei Duval Judnli & B'k Ave.... 2 21
Clfiylc, F. B....\..30 feet w 17. 3 00
Glenn. Joseph B.'.20 ft.et N Moore. 2 W,
Glenn,'Joseph E...30 feet w 3 Baker and Preston. -toi
Hope, Blanch, wife W. E. Hope.2S feet o College 11 and 1. 4 70
Hdlloran, Jamea............25 feet w Bitch 11 .Lowndes & Acco. *.?l
Hol1lo?S-J).,1MICh,I, Tr. M. J. Norton.40 feet 17 and Lowndes. 7 64
?? ? WIIHfun ^M.5G feet 0 7 and Fed'l. 10
Hill. Minnie, W.55 feet n 7 Fed'l and Crouch. 41)
Harris,. WII]lfl.j*n.......?s feet s Moore w Harrison. 71
Jackson Fannle 1'.....20 loot s. Moore Harr'n & Norton.. 2 25
James,-M.-.X-'.*...*..50 feet Chesapeake R. 'R. f'l*
.lamw, M. ?,..,.....61'j.3 fe,.t ciieaupeake R. R. :*?>
Lewis. Isabella F....10 feet o 7 Duval and Baker. 2 60
McDonough.' Patrick.20 fcet Godflih and Hickory. 2 24
MoDpnough. Patrick.DO f0,?t o Hickory near Baker. 1 M
Mayo, Georg-s-W....?............25 feot s w St. Paul nnd ColitU?. 110
Metropolitan' Bank of Richmond.24 2-3 feet w 1 Baker and Charity.... 2 6?
Miller. Henry. Est.30 feet St. John and Coiitt?. ..1 (?8
Montcrlo.- Mary F., and Leroy Roper....170 feet e Buch'n n of Lov/ndo?. 2 60
Moody. Rosa B....25 feet n Alley 14 15 I and K. ."?fi
Moody. ,.Ros*. B..39 feot iv.14 1 and K. W
Moody. Roftfi-,B.3D fi/et w 14 I and K. 1 'O
Morgiin, Sarah,..M feet Buch. l^oundeH &. Aceom... 1 47
Murdoek. S A.214-12 feet Jackson. 3 45
New. Rosa....:.17 1-2 feet w 1 and Orange. 137
North Side L*nd Co. 4-5 Highland Park . ,
X'o, 1-5...,?.??1 ff.pt w Buch Wash and Wms.... 2 Kl
Nuckols.^C.-T.^....20 feet n o L and 13. S8
O'Nell Mary Ella.*..*H f^-et n e 5 and Ffcdl.. 4 92
Paul,' Peter..150 feet, s. Carrlngton and Buch'n... 2 21
Penlck.Al?n?? -T.25 feet e PiLge Lowndes & Falrfld. fC
Pollock, -Roberta I.,..?????2? feet e 3 Baker and Preston...... 191
Pollock. Roberta I..31 foet n Bukfir and Alley. 7 30
Pollock. Roberta I.?*0 feet Baker and 3. S VI
Pollock) Roberta,!............................... feet n Baker 3 and 4...-,. ' >So
Pollock. G. K., Geo. E? Roberta !.. &c...^ ff.et n Baker. :i and 4. 10 41
Roblnaon.-Augustus M.. and Augustus L..20 feot w Buch. Accom & Falrfld Rd 1 76
Rom, Nannie? F.?14 4 1-2-12 feet H. &
Ryan; Pnllllp - J...281-3 fe?H Fuirfleld Road.'?!
tcott, Jame3.".101-2 feet w St Peter -nr Calhoun 6?i
eajt, Peyton..'..25x25 feet e Klnney Boyd S? Monroe (?
Shields, -Jt?ii.'VV..301-2 feet Accommodation. 55
Smith, Virginia.-...30 fcet n L. 13 and 14...... 1 a?
Smith, W..C.20 feet s Hospital. 6 and 1. 147
Smith. Aim E.25 feet .1 Lowndes, 17 & Buohn. 48
Snead, Evan..(Triangle) 264 feet n M & 150 e 12.. 184
South Bend Iron Worka.? fPet w 17 Carrlngton & Wash... 16 39
South Ben'd'Jron Works.-n fret w 17, Carrlngton & Wash... 1 69
South Bend' Iron Works.23 fer-t w 17, Carrlngton & Waxh_ 1 69
Spott, E: V. A--?.*.19 2 1-2-12 feet w 6. Baker & Duval.. 4 70
Taitt. EH..-.30 fcet s Charity and St. James.... 2 25
Taylor, Jeremiah B.40 feet St. Peter. 4 78,
ThoiruuB. John. D.30 fpet e 13, K and L. 1-"U
Thompson.' Annie E:.14 1-2.foet s L 13 and 14. 1 '-'*!,?
Thompson.' Walter 8...4$ fCet n I and 16. >-?'?
"Wail-?r.-.Ms -C?,.Hi feet s Moore, Klnney & Norton. 1 221
Nell,.Char..-'and A. Heilstem.15 fP0t h Ooddln, w of Roam-. .".I
NV-eJla;'? Henry.?16 feet e Moore near Klnney. 140,
vv-nue.'* Virginia....:.25 ff.?t v/ oak tnt.-ar Moore. 1*>
Wilson, XV. "W.:.'..16 feot w 13, K and L. 2 24
W-lllls. ' Anna...11510-12 feet l*. Gr.iharn and Oak. 1 SI
W.lleon, - Anna M.35 feet a Hospital. 2 60
Ve?man,'Marj-'-F??.22 8-12 feet Jackson. 2 87
Toting. Elizabeth.24 fcet e Preston. 3 and 4..... 1 ?;2
Ammons, Rachel.-*0 feet 13 near K... ???"
Biik<*r, Powhatan.IS feet Crouch. 1 w'
Ballon. Paul...26 fe?t Wnis and Graham. 2 91
Buwles, -Adelaide.37 feet e 2. ?* w
Braxlon,' Sampson.:.17 feet n -Bate-?, 7 and 8. 1 ?3
Brown, Cathe.3310-12 feet 11 Bacon, St Jas -L* St Jno 1.1
Upowp, Henrv..,..25 foet e 3 Jackson and Duval. 2 S?,
Carter, Lucy, wife of Reufo-sn....20 foet Cabell. Tyler and Hickory.. 1 2S
Carter, Martha A....-...."..26 feet n L, St: Peter and Judah.. 4 12
Christian, Mary E.. and C. B., and
< Nan*S*>* West.V.25 foet Cedar, 17 and Buch'n. 2 S9
Clark, Wm., and Henrietta Nelson.15 foot n Wm.. Graham and Oak.. 1 lo
Davis, ?-Fannle..15 feet s Batc-i. 3 and 4. SI
Davis, T. A., and Virginia Harria.26 512 feet n Bficon, 2d and St Jas. >?
D-oane, Morton...:.25 feet'Baker and St. Paul. 5 H
Epps,' (Ell.-.*..'.32 fcet St. Peter near Duval. IIS
Eppf, Eli...'......17 feet St. Peter near Duval. 02
Epps, Elt.i.'.;.29 1-2 feet s Duval and St. Peter. 3 .V)
Evins. /OUnt?n, and John Oreen.15 feet n Win, Graham and Oak.8
Ferjusson,- William.31 feet n Jackson, Clarke and Price 6 21
Flood, Jans..;..'..15 feet Tyler, Cabell and Alley. -11
Gentry, Edward S.,.29 feot 1C nnd 4. 12
Gray; Walker...\.131-2 fcet Bates near 7. 1 01 ;
. Griffin. Valentine.gu feet Buchanan. 1*--'
Hall; (Rosa..;......20 fcet w St. Paul Coutta and Fedl. i<:>
Hall Rosa....->.15 feet w St. Paul, Coutts and Fedl. 41
Harris, : Edward..'.23 feet w 2, Fedl and Coutts. 1 40
'Harris. It X-.'.15 feet n Fedl, St. John & -St. Paul If?
' Hill, i Thomas H./.20 feet St. James....;. 2 79
Hill, .Thomas If., and Anna.'.38 1-2 feet Baldwin. Buchn & St. Jos. 1 f9
Hill,. Thomas H.. asid Anna.50 ,fcet Richard near Valley. 128
Hill, Thomas H.. and Anna.20 feet Buchn. Wma and Christian. 81
Hope, Martha, and-Ma*"ln L-,.61 feet n Preston, 1 and 8. 1 2*8
Hall, Edw.. and Morton Dance.63 feet Allen...... 42
Jackson, Eitlifi-..208-12x703-12 feet s Calhoun nr C'b'l 1 1.9
James, Mary. F...?????/.32 feet e 13, L nnd M.,. M
Jfun*?, Pauline.......13 9 1-2-12 feet St. John and Hill. !"6
Jumes, WlHI?nu.IS fqet w 1 and Coutts.. 191.
Jopes, Archer.50 foet w Oak near Moore. Ill
Knight, M?rin.18 3-12 feet 11 Hill, St. Jno & St. Paul - 1 87
Laughun, Susan-----**-.15 feet Fedl noar St. Paul. 1 06
Lee,-'Pftrah....'..v...;.25 f?et L near Judah. 6 1.?
Lee, Sarah'..'?.15 feet Duval. 1 47
T^ewlH. Minnie:...15 feet s Wins.. Graham and Oak... 1 35
M'ms, Caroline......14 feet a Wms., Graham and Oak.. 133
Mliri'or. Thomas..:.15 12 feet n Boyd near Norton. 1 03
Norrell-''Albert.'.....i.???.?.36 1-2 feet 7 and Bates. 4 4S
Nprrell, MQses.:.149-12 feet o 7 and Preston. 3 13
Paine, Thomas L.25 fcet St. Paul, Fed'l and Coutts... 147
Patterson. Richard K...21 feet n Baker. St. Paul & St. Peter 2 21
Pollard, D, -E....1? foet w Judah, Land Duval. 1 73
Quartes, A. E........25 feet is* 7 near Baker. ?'?1
Randall. Richard L.?5 feet o Hickory. 92
Reed.'.Cath'n.'-.."....29 feat w Buch'n, Lowndes & Falrfd. 37
Rock, John' J---*---*'*-.2i> feet e Calhoun near B'k Ave. 1.10
Roper,' Marietta.29 5-12 feet Duval. 2 21
Smith, Agnoe.15 1-2 feet e Judith, L & Jackson_ 165
Smith. Eveline.23i-:i feet. 4. 3 411
Smth. Eveline.18 4-12 feet w 4. Duval and Baker.. 2 47
Smith, Frank.....*.-19 feet n Duvul near St John........ 2 87
Spilth, John-.Ei. Tr? Chas and Anna Hill..80 feet 7. .1 09
Smith! JuplUS A.....'.30 feet St. Stephens and Coutts.... 4 26
Smith, Meljlna S.67 foet Buchn nnd Cedar. 147
Eimjtji;'-Mplalpis. S..23 1-3. feet I, 17 and 18. 115
8?rot,her,'.Cl,'arl?s, H. A..25 feet, n L, Oak and Hancock. 4 04
Taylor, Caron'L.20 feot n Boyd. Hancock & Harm... 2 2,*?
Taylor. Winston.807-12 feot n Bacon, 2 and St. James 1 25
Thompson W?llarn, B, F.K5 feet W St John and Coutts. 5 fill
Thompson, Funnie 8.'.6L feot w 0, Baker and Preston. I 51
Thompson,.iWJIllam, B, F...-.?.....,15 fcet w fi, Baker and Preston. 71
Thopnion, Charles, and Jam?s Trice,
'-Trs..' Mechanics IT. Society.....81 fept Duval.... 3 ni
Triler:. 'W-',"W..,.151-4 feet irOoddln, HIcky & Tyler 1 1?
Va'ughp-Ti; B-os?.. E?.12 1-2 feet s Baker near Shook Alley 37
W-s-tfiTilnjrton,-"Minnie if.40 12 feet o Roano. 8 M
Went/ Mary Jane.211-2 feot St. Peter. 85
White.' Aibei-t...,..33 foot Buchanan. f"
Wlngfleld, Ja*,,.-H. D,.29 feot e Klnney L and Moore. r. (fi
Woo(lson, Pat,,,..15 feet St, James. 3 79
s.'oodeon.-Pat....15 feet St; Jamos. 3 01
Wi'aU, "Thorntoi*...24 1-2 feet St. Jarnos, Hill & Coutts-. ' 2o7
Wya.tt. Wlllix and Charity.62 foot n Duval. cor 3. 3 Ofi
Voyi-g, Elisabeth....;.;31t?t? feet n Goddin, Webster & R110. 2 96
",-,-N#mf: '"-'.,"_ Description: Taj and Penalty.
Ajidreiwp,'.Tulla B.17% feet E..,.* 8 73
Andrew?; Julia p..,.W? feet E Matin and Monroo.... 31 97
Booker, Geo. M,....;......17 feet L Graham & Hancock..., 1 2S
"Qopsl0i)g, ;L*aula F,..........,......26 feot K., 5 51
GHrrlrigton, A via ,Wi??"t?..?.?.30 feet n Park Ave., Shaf, &Har.. 47 04
Cuarturv Nina..-.'.25 7-13 feeM, Hnrr. n & Norton.. I 45
Council,.-N.? M,',,....,.80x145 iect n G Cedar and Robin,, 1 65
?aritolJ.i J9tnel|o,,.SO feot n H Monroe and Hlwry.., 14 SB
Gllman; W; J.,.20 feet I, Hiiuok and Harr. fi 08
Qljipan.' W,,.J.'i'..".....i.33 f?ot I Hanck. & Graham....... 14 02
GraffaP' '.Cyril?.'. ;.;26 3-3 feot L Kermey and Rowa.. 2 94
Hellstem,-A??-..3.0 feet i..,...'..?. n in
Hellstem,, pl.mop,...,.87^ f-et Brook Ave. near I. fi 61
Hollstprn, A; ap-l.P.?.28 feet I. near Brook Avo. 16 4?
...... . . ,. .. ... ( ag 9l
, C 25*
roe.. 10 81
Hobiwn. iHeiiry%*.,..,,,,,,.i...,...,.l4 feot Prentls K & L. 2 21
Jo\in?9n, Iiiaa?.,....1 ?Vii(foet Harrison l*C ?t-L. 1 S7 .
L-mUrum, Davlft F. an<J. Prucllla..82 feet s. I and Henry. ? 03
Leftwlch, Ma-rgaret. lat?, feet Cam.. Monroe & Henry.,-. 2 43
Mitchell. Wary A. ?...-.*'.,. ..?_. 10 foiit Madlwui H & 1. 1 OS
O-Rf?-urko,, Isabella.:.23,1-3 feet n II Jeffn and Madn..., 31 as.
Palmore.'Ev? 3/,.89?, f'ot n I Graham and Hanck,, ifi 78 .
Pitts. A-, .?,...?*....:,...'...,.60x150 feet 11 V Allison & Addlsan!. 4 41
Powers, Jno T. Tr. Mary V, Todd.47>X? feot, a F Henry and Bel...... 65 m
Regietpr-BamT Tr- and Reeelver....287-12 foot n F Henrv -t Bel.. es ?7
Tliomos. John D.23 feot ? L Smith &? Munfurd., 3 03
TojHer, l?emilnia A.,.22 feet s L Kliuley anti Norton.... 331
Franklin. ?r?anijft...,...,. iji^ fcet n L Graham ai,d Hanck.. 1 ?u
Harvla,' Mary A...,,..,.,,.,,23 ic-c-t Catherine.,., j jj
ttoustprn, a; apo,^....,.?.sss reet i. near Brook avo.
Hellsterni Avan-IP.?.68 feot Brook Ave und I.-.
He-Ustf-rp. A. and P.m13'4 feet Brook Ave near I.
HUT,-??, Powell..,..!,...26 feet n E Madn & Monroe

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