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Harn Christmas Money
liy rcAdfntf tho nmt
contcst, tthicli stArtS
ln tho TpcUcc Wnnt
Ad. columii!* to?mor
to?\ Open to. fcvefjr
Japanese Have Smashed
Squadron and Will Cut
Off AU Supplies.
Belatcd Report Gives Account
of Fighting at Rishbing and
Kckwan?Preparations to
''Meet Coming Baltic
Squadron?Seoul Be?
ing Fortified.
(By Assoclaled Press.)
TOKIO, December 9? (Evening).?Iu dlif
abllng tho Russlan fleet nl Port Arthur,
prccludlng tho posslblllty ot Its belng ablo
to relnforco tho Russlun second Paclflc
*quadran, tho Japanese havo accompllsh
?d the maln objeet ot the desporato us
satilts against tho fortrcss, which they
have been making for tho past three
months. Thero ls now a strong proba
blllty, that, whllo contlnulng tho sioge,
they wlll avoid losses of the magnltude
already attendlng thelr efforts. and. In
stead of assaultlng wlll rely on starvlng
out (he garrlson untll It Ls finally cap?
Conslderable astonlslunent ls expressed
horo over the fact that tho Russlans In
no way reslsted the dlsabllng of the Port
Arthur fleet. In certaln quarters, the
oplrilon ls entertalned that the Russlans
opened tho sea cooks ot the submerged
vesseut so as to lessen thelr exposure to
the Japanese flro. The rccent ccssa
tlon of mlne clearlng was taken as evl
denco that the fleet dld not Intend to
mako a sorlle. Thero was no slgn of llfe
on tho Russlan shlps durlng the bom
Now that the r Port Arthur fleet has
been dlsabled It Is deemed imposslble for
the Russlans to overcomo the Infcrlorlty
of the second "Paclflc suadron to Togo's
fleet. unlessi contrary to oxpcctatlon, the
Black Sea fleet should pass the Darda
Tha followlnjy report, dated December
8th, 10 P. M., has been received from =tho
commander of lho naval ' land batterles
ln front of Port Arthur:
"Blght shclls struck'the prolectcd cruls?
er Pollada to-day, nnd' set her on Tlrt\
Blmultaneously shc began to 11st to port,
lowerlng astern. Shc it deemed unflt for
navigation. >
- "Durlng tho action wc discovered n
runboat, GillakT to the landward north
of th? battleshlp Pcresvlet' apd bornbard
ed her. Eleven of our shells woro effeo
tlve. Thls vessel ls nlso deemed to bo
"The armorcd crulser B'ayan caught
flre at 11:30 o'clock thls mornlns. Tho
flro was not extlngulshed at 4:15 ln the
afternoon. Evldently the crulser ls serl
ously damaged.
"The results of our hombardment of
tho battleshlp Sevastopol, the mlno ship
(transport) Amur, and the transport are
not yet known."
The above inentloned hlts wero made
wlth shells from tho henvy guns. Those
made by tho small shells are not merl
tloncd in the report,
Another report from tho same com?
mander, dated 3 o'clock this (Frlday)
morning, ls as follows:
"As the result of our naval gun bom
bardment yesterday (Thursday), the
Bayan woji hlt slx tlrrics and tho Amur
fourtecn times. The Amur is slnklng
"Our ennnonade dlreeled against tho
storo houses and 'orsenals at the north
east base of Palyu Mountaln resulted ln
thlrty-slx hlts. causlng great damage."1
American Vesscls Warncd to
Keep Away From Formosa.
Fortifications at Seoul.
, (By AssoolaU'd 1'rflBS.) /
AVASHINGPON, D. C, December 0.?
Mr. Grlscom, tho American nilnlster at
Toklo, has eabled the SUito Department
lhat M'r. Flslier, the American vice-oon
sul at Nngasakl, lieports that all shlpplng
has been warned to keep twenty mlles
away from Poseadoros, un Islnnd off tho
west con-st of Korniosa, und thal it Is
reporti.tl tliut fortlllculions are bolng oou
iitructed at Seoul.
Account of Tcrrific Battlc at
Port Arthur?Losvscs
Very Great.
(By Assoelated Press.)
ARTHUR, Novoaiiber iH (A'lu Tlen Tsln,
Deoeiiiibor SH?Probnlily hokl at Iliend
Oiiarters for censorshtp.?The general us
f-.aiilt on Port Arthur, wlilch Ijogan M
noon November 2<ith, |s still in ,p''?gi'ess.
ln the llrst. soi'los ot' assuults an attempt
whh mnde to eupturo the forts at Rlblung
and KokWU.li Mountulus by penotrutlng
tho prlnclpal lino of loi'tlllciitlons sur
Iwiiidlng them, nnd to envelop tho clty
f rom tlio east. At, the samo tlmo a strong
forco pushed up tho gorge of Shlshl Vul
Joy belwoon two fortliled rldges, nnd nt
tacked 1ho suppontlng fort iu tho rear
of AVest Rlhlung Mountain, olllciolly
r-alled Bimgshu Mountaln, wlth tho Iri
tni'illou ol' cnvcloplng the clty from iho
west. ,3
Tho ntte'mpt wa? the must furlous flght
lug that liiyj been wltnessod sluee Port
Arthur wns inyostod. Tho flghtln'g last?a
ifrom Novwnhor 201 li untll ut'trr ciiiwu of
tlie, followlng day wlthout r.ossutlou,
Tlie assniilt begun ln the early morn?
ing wlth 'I Iromoinloiis honibarclinciit of
lho forttt. Eor hours tho whole- fortliled
ridgo was iieluged wlth heavy shells. At
noon tho prlnclpal llno of t'ortiflcuitloiis.
wus a pei'feetrhell ot'.hurstiug Hhrnpnel,
and the speetiioh.: wus inore woudi'-Tlul
Uian anythlug Prevjouwly seen.
Japanese Mowed Down.
Tlirough (ho lutze eauscd by tbo snioko
nt the burstlng shells lho itssaulters
ioul(l ho tioen oinerging from tho cqver
nf tho parnllels, as well as swannliig up
lho fortified. fl'dvra at'half ii dpjsen dlffer
piu poluts. .Rl'lps, rupld firo auns aud
iiiaelitue igunt* bhued from llie Russlun
(ConUnuad, ou t'eoond Fusv-)
Suppose- Millions of Mrs
Chadwick aPaGkageof
; ValuelessCollaterai.
Pos3ible That Effcrt May bc
Made to Prove Woman In
sane?Men Willing to
Furnish Bail Are
Afraid of No
IBy AasorlntH I'r-rr..'
CLHVKl.rt.N'W, iiHii), li"<*unb?;;- .'.?Ac
cordlrig to a story ptibltsltcrl l.ere lo-ilay,
lho package uf scctirltfo* lv*!':iipliip io
Mrs. Clittdwlck, nnd ln tho pvS??-?ioii
of Irl Fleyii'jldfi, suppo.'?*d ,to eontiiln
J.",(/iO,ooo worth of collaternl, was opened
to-day. jf is declared ihat whllo tlio
face valuo of tho perurities wns $5,(?O,CW0,
the actual valuo ls not ono cstir.
It Is also stated that thls package
was ln a safe deposlt vault in Jcrsey
Clty untll yesterday.. when It Wttis tiiken
out nnd brought to thls clty hy Trl Rey
Mr. Rcynohls refuses eithfr to deny or
conilriri thls report.
Mrs. Chadwick Does Not Go
West After All?Plea of Insanity?
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK. December 9.?After a day
full of disagreement with her counsel as
to whether sho should walvc cxamination
aud go to CIcvelaud, Mrs. Cha?wick
flnally conpented to remaln another night
ln thn Tombs, but expressed tho hope
that she mlght leave there to-morrow.
Mrs. Chadwick had made np hor mlnd
to lgnoro the advice of her local coun
ecI, Messrs. Carpentcr and Powers, and
go to Cleveland to stand trlal there, when
late In the afternoon she received a tele
grr.m from her Clevelund counsel, J. G.
Albaugh, askIng her not to return to
Cleveland Just yet. This telcgrani "caused l
her to remaln over iiight , r- .
Lawyer, Carpenter then-notifled Marshal
Henkel bf her'lnt.ntion and tho marshal
and Unlted States Commissioncr Shlelds
unnounced that they would not remuln
at tlielr offlee's after -tho -usual clrvlng
hour on her acco'int", as they did last
Lawyers Carpenter and Powers had a
conference after leavlng Mrs. Chadwick,
and Mr. Carpcpter sald that nothing fur?
ther would be done for the nlght.
In regard to what would bc done to
morrow. Mr. Carpenter was non-commit
tal. ?
"Nothing wlll be dono before no'on,"
contlnucd Mr. Carpenter. "I do not care
to say whether we have glven up tho
questlon of securlng hall or not, but If
you know anybody whd ls willing to go
on her bond send hlm nlong. We could
have obtalned bail to-day were lt not j
for the notorloty attached to t..e case." j
Mr. Carpenter declined to dLscuss the]
allegcd Carnegie notes, or to say posi?
tlvely whether Mrs. Chadwick would wa.vo i
exunilnatlon .to-morrow or not. Nelther
would he say anything about the report'
that the alleged secgrlties ofMrs. Cliad-j
wick had been examlned and found ic
be worthless.
; Ate Hearty Supper.
Mrs. Chadwick spent tho greater part
of tho tlme from 7 o'clock thls mornlng
untll -1 thls afternoon, iii'the corrldor ln
front of her cell. Here she talked with
hor lawyers and others who called to see
hor, liicludlng her son, Emll, and her
nurse, Frcda. Most of her, visitors ro
niained wlth her us long as uie prlsoner
woulu pennlt. . s
Mrs. Cliuclwlek was led to hor \;ell in
tho Tombs prlson by an attendant'about
?l o'clock. To the nintron, Mrs. Chad?
wick said:
"1 am glud I am not golng to Cleve?
land to-night. 1 am tlred enough to sleep
well, J thlnk. even behind these awful
bars, It hns beon an extromoly trylng
dti'y, nnd I um thankful that if. ls over.
1 do' not care to go through many such
ln hor cell, Mrs. Chadwick nte a hearty
suppei'. She had' chopped beef, sprinklerl
(Contliiued on Second Page.)
Young Man, Native of West
Virginia, Placed Under Ar?
rest at War Department.
(Speclul lo Tlie Tiines-Diriiiatcli.),
?VVA&inNGTON, D. C, Deepinber 9,-A
Honuutionnl lncldent oeeiirred in General
Chafl'ee's ofllco at tho AVur Departmcnt
thls wnelt. Second' Lleutenunt Paul 11.
MoDoiiiild, Tenth Infantry, recontly sub?
mitted hls reslguullon. Tho matter was
reported to tho reglmcntul commander
for his recommond(itioii, He nt onoo te'.e
grnphed tho dopartiiiental autliorille.s
that nuiiiorous ehnrges hud boon pre-'
forred' ugtiinst McDonuld, und that lio
should bo hold for trial by gcuoral court
niarllul. Thls Infoniiutlon wus received
when Ijlouteitaiit MoDonahl wns at tho
AVur Departmenl, und CSonornl Chuffco
ordorod thut ho ho plueed under arrest,
and taken to Fort Moyor. l.utcr lu tho
week, Dloutcnant MeDonald, still under
afresl, was taken to Fort l,awtou, AVasli
ingtoii. Tlio ehargos preferred ngn-lnst
tho otllccr, ullegoil all maniier ol' Irres
lilarltlcH \n fleld transnctions, luoliullnt'
dupileatloii of pay ncounls and obtaln
Ing irioney" under f.Uso pretense. Tho
olileer ls a natlvo of Alrglnlu, a gradutito
of tho Atlanta Hlgh School, aud was
for IV Unio un enlisted imiu -at Troop l,.
Twelfth Cuvi'ilry. Ho was comiu'sshMied
a,'second lleutenant of.tiio Teiilli lufantry
lu pQVpher, ????,.'
Baker Says Men Whosc Duty.
It Js to Investigate Trusts
11 ave Done Nothing.
Policy of Rctrenchment Holds.
Full Sway at House
(By Assoclated Press.)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9.?The House to?
day passed the leglslatlve. executSye and
judlcial approprlatlon. bill, practlcally os
11. came from c'oiuft?ttiee, and adjourned
untll Monday. "With tho disposal of tho
provision rclatlng to the civil servico
'commlsslon, whlch yesterday caused so
much dlscussion and crltlclsm, there was
no lengthy debatc on any item to-day.
Throughout the session the policy of re
trenchment held full away, and all at
tempts to increase salaries falled.
By the terms of a concurrent resolu-,
tlon, whlch was adopted. the /louso
agreed to . adjourn on December 21st,:
untll' January 4th, 1905, for tho usual
Christmas hollday.
When ad'journment -was taken yester?
day tho dlscussion was on the amend?
ment of Mr. Hepburn (lowa), cutting off
appropi-Iations for ihe civil service com?
mlsslon. By a vlv'a voce voto the amend?
ment was lost.
Mr. Olmstead (Pennsylvania) declared
tho provlslon for a rural carrler oxamin
ing board to be not leglslatlon,* andtnot
proporly ln the bill. The ch.air sustaincd
Mr. Olmstead'.*; contentlon. . ... .
Onslaught on Trusts.,
In criticislng tho paragraph relatiiig
to tho Burcau of Corporatlous, Mr. Baker
(New York) sald that hls cornpjulnt. was
not thut too much monoy had been np
proprlatcd' for tho i_y of special attor
neys, special examluers and spoclal ag6iits,
but that no nse had been rhade "of, the
money. There hud beon, ho siiid, a de?
mand to investigate what had becomo to
bc known as "tho trusts."
"What is tho result'.'" lio lnqulre'd".
"Absolutely nothing," he saJdj answer
Ing hls own qucatlon.', He had beon' ns-'
surcd by a frlend In the departmont 'that
an Invesilgatlon has been mnde of a coi*-'
poratlon, whoso books wore so, kopt that.
Il could not bo ascertiiined whother that
corporntlon hud 'mado *1<?,000,000 or ?1.
flO0,0(X>. From thls ho drew tho dediicllon
thut elther thero wus a lack ,oC cpmpe
teney on the part of the men dotailed by
tho Bureau of Corporatlons to make ln
vestlgatlons or clso a Iack of intentlon on
the part of the Secretary of Commerce
and Dabor to get nt tho facts. It was
he said, a notorloua. fact that a steol rall
assoclatlon oxists, and yet, hc said, he
had been informed that tho House Ju?
dlclary Commlttee would report adverse
ly on hls resolutlon to Investigate that
assoclatlon ou the ground that it was
ti rumor. In stentorian tones ho de?
clared- amid; Democratic applause, that
It was a. "rumor so strenuous, so terrible.
that lt.can'take tho American people by
tho throat arid exact an undue trlbuto of
$30,000,000. He rldlculed the Idea that any
one dld not know of such an association.
On a polnt of order by Mr. Mad'dox
(Georgia), the salary for-the positlon of
chief'of the Bureau of Manufactures of
tho Department of Commerce and Dabor
was abolished.
As amended the bill then passed.
Mr. Palmer (Pennsylvanla) from ihe
Commlttee on Judlclary submitted the
supplemental report of the majority of
the commlttee on the Swayno lmpencb
ment case.- Tlie minority wero glven un?
tll Monday to flie thelr report.
Tho House adjournod untll Monday..
(By Assoelated Press.)
DALDAS, TEXAS, December 0.?It. de
volnryvt fn-day that when mysierlously
kllled ln thls clty last Monday night,
Charles Goldstein had Sn his possession
deeds . to mining propcrtles In Alaska
which were valued at about $150,000. Tho
dseds are mlsa Ing. Mr. Goldstein cars4ed
Iherri on hls person, and would not place
them ln safety acposit vault. lt la known
lhat. the.-dooumonts were ln hls pocket
Monday nlght shortly before hls body was
found. The murd-er has caused great ex
cltoment .here, comlng, as It dld, so sood
nfter a number of slmllar crimes, and tho
police fdrcc is to he Increased, it ls said,
by tweiity men, ln order that th-o city
muy be more thoroughly patrolled.
(I5y Assoelated Presn.)
BOSTON, December 9.?Tho three
masted schooner AVIUiam Churchlll,
whlcli s'alled from here November 7th,
for Wilmlngton, N. d, has not yet ar
rlvcd at her destlnatlon, and the owuors'
beliove that the vessel has been lost. The
trip should have been completed ln from
ten to"fifteen days, and the Churchlll
has now been out thirty-threo days. ?
Captaln Jossen was in commaud and
shlpped a crewof elght men, all forelgn
prs, from thls port. - j
Tho Churolilll, whloh was valued at ?
St-t.OCO, was built at Now, London, and ,j
wus owne'd by AV.'A. Ta'ft, of this clty,.
' (By Assocliited Press.)
A'lCKSBUItG, MISS., .December' fl?
Stiiyvestii.it Fish, president, and J, T.
Harahan, second vlee-prosldont of tho
Illlnols Central Railroad, were ln coufcr
enco'to-day horo wlth a commlttee- from
tho A'iekshurg Board of Trade relativo
to tho bulidlng of ii brunch line' from
Rotlwooii ou the Yazoti und Mlsslsslppl
Valley Railroad, Lo eohnect ? wltli the j
Ynv.oo Cily-Belsonlu road. Thls llno, lf
built, wlll penotrato ono ot Ihe rlchest
sectlons of the Deltu. As a result of the
conforonee, thorond, lt ls said, iindoubt
edly wlll ho constructed. ;
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspau:,)-)
BOSTON, MASS., JDeconiiier 0.?Bbon D.
Jordniv the mlfllonalru business uinn und
bluo ribbon 'b'reecler: of show hbrsos, is
going Inlo winl'''' fiuarlers at l-eesburij:,
A'a. Ho litifJ shlppoil 150 Anieiiciiii-hieil
haekueys from weiinllngM to ihree-yenr
oldti, to tlie fann of Senator Ilenry Pall
fnx, who ls a meinbor of lhn Anierlenn
Uackney Kouloty. Tho ldca Is to give
tho youngstors tho boneflt of outdoor
llfo iho year round and escupliig Ihe
rjgors of a New England .winter, iHy this
Mr. Joi-dun Iiopos to iiroiliiee larger
I Tho 'W aUvortlsoinuiitsforhulj) puli
I llshwl ln to-ilay's Tlincs-Ulsiiiuoli on
jugofcuroiis follows:
3 Salqsniisn.'' ?*! Atjoiif.s.
25 Pomestius.. '3 Trades.
Thls not only Inteiests those out of
work, biit thoso.doslrlng lu linprove
thell-posltlons as' well,
Congregational Meeting to be
'Held for This Purpose Sun--'
day Morning.
A congregational lneollng vyllhbo hold
nt Inimiiunei Buptisi Churcli to-nioirow
nt'ter (ho mornlng srirmon. to rocolvb nnd
uot upon tho report of tho comiiiittoe ap?
pointed somo months ago to noniinnto
a pastor,
Tho nicoilng is held at thn instiinco
of tho nonilnuting rnuimitU'O, whloli niot
ut tU_, church iusi nlght niul decided to
pr.-:*ii-nt tn tlio oliurch iho namo nf a inlii
|H|.*r wlilcli lius been umlor oonsldeniHoo
fur somo w.H*k*. Tlio comuiitli'o <leo|lii'd
to inilke publlo tho niiinc untll lt lius
b^en pR'senlfd to tho ehuroli, ,
ij'l is i|.*sii*.*d th'U tlipl'e shnllUt a full
nltenduueo ol' tho mci.ihersMp. /
iliy ?SHOClntt-rl Pivsit.)
W.NKHJNOTON, Dowiiber fi.~-_.cuu tor
Laliinoi* has glven up hupo uf tlio pat
sago of l.la good' roudi. bill ut tho pvpBont j
se?loii of Oongrosu. U hus been' u'u- |
nouueed that econpiuy ls to bc tlio slogun i
of tho Sesslon, und lu ovo'ry quurier ,
whero cft'ort hus been niudo to obtaln .
liuppotl fur tho tiii'usiuv, tl|e nuesllou
nf leglslntlvi.' exir.iv!H*aiu'o hus bcoii
(al?d. | The >ill Wlll dic at (lic ond of
i tho _c-lua.
Millioriairc Father of Reginald
Brooks, Who Married Miss
? ' Langhorne, Injured.
Chances for Recovery Appear to
be Very Slight?Well Known
in New York Society.
(Speclai tq Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
RALEIGH, N. , C, December 9.?Dr.
JTuHert Royster, distlngulshed surgeon,
of thls clty, was carrled to Pittsjioro
thls evenlng on a special traln to attend
Mr. Mortmer Brooks, of Now York clty,
who was accidentally wounded whlle
huuting, by. the alscharge of both bar
rols of hls gun, whllo he was erosslnga
dltch. Tho doi.ile load cntorcd the left
side and went entirely .through hls body.
Mr. Brooks is a niilllonalre, and lias.bcen
conilng to Chathnm county for annual
hunts for ten.yeu.rs. It.Is not thought
that thero ls any chance for his rccov?
Prominent in New .York.
' NEW YORK, December 9.?IT. Mortl
iper Brooks lives on East Slxty-flrst
Street. in thls clty.
Mrs. Brooks and her brother, Mr. Llv
crniore, started for North Carolina to
nlght ns soon as .word was received of
the accldental shooting of Mr. Brooks.
Tho injured man is well known lu so
clal and financlal circles of New York
and. Is a meinbcr of a number of clubs,
Including the Metropolltan und tho
Mcudow Brook Clubs. Mr. Brooks was
wealthy, his fortune havlng beon dorlved
from a" wholes'nlo iinportlng buslness fin
this clty. .Ho ha_/a town houso and villu
at Newport, and fumiiy ontortnlnerl Invi
Ishly. Hls eldest daughlcr is Mrs. .lohn
Llvermore, and a .younger ilnugliter is i
Mrs. Elugono V. ,R. Tliayur, of Boston,
His son, Rogin.-ild' Brooks. mnniecl threo
years ago Mlss Phyllls Langhorne, ? of
Virginia, a pister of Mrs. Charles Dann
Glbson. Reginald Brooks, llke his father,
Is an entljusiastlo sporsman. . .
(Spoclnl to Tho Tlincs-DJsputch..
NEW YOR.K, .December 9.?lt was nu
nouiiced here 4o-dny tlmt Krank J. Gould..
who hns seourod a nutjorlty Intei'eslJ
lu tha Old' Donilnlon Iron niul Null
Works, ut Riclimond, Va., niul wlio wlll
dlroot Its oporatlons. wlll onlargo tho
plant, und mako |t ono of tlio best of lls
kluil ln tlio South.
Likely That Many Representa?
tives Who Want Avpropria
tions Will be Disappointed.
(Hy AHHOeliiteil Pross.)
AVASIHNGTON, December 1).-Il wns
declded ut a sesslon or the Comniltteo
ou Publlc Bulldings to-day lo report a
blll .carrylng a totnl of $.S,oi,u,000. Tlioro
wlll be ir gr.-iii iicrumhlu unioiig inein
hers lo huvo thelr rllstrlct,* uuineil ln lho
blll, us there Is Hcarcbly u uinn ln Con
greris who has not a selienio for lho erec
tlon of u pubilo liillldliiB soiiiewli, re In
hls iilstrlnl, Sovoi'ttl of tho Virginia rop
lesentiitives liuvu blllH I'or two pr thrue
Mieh huldlngs ln Uieir dlslrot,-'. ;
The last publlc l.iiikllng blll oiirrleU t~~>.
000,000.fTljoro wlll be innny tllsappolnU'iJ
ones (iiiiong tlie leiiresentiilive.s,
(Hy Acimirlutetl- P,?&??,)
.: i.hniiun,. peennilw fl,?KJeven ilsjior,
inen w, re UroWue.il tu-dny ln,aii utiempt
to usidsi the Norweginn aieunier Anglla,.
from llurubtirg, .for Utiiidcrluud.,. \yhleh
wus wreeked ou thu meks iieue Newbig
gin, Nortliumberlaiul, ln re$po|,so to ,ils
trdss sigiiuls ;i doueH llsheiiuen wjit. uut
iu ti-lMilug bortl. whieh wus slruekby H
llCUVy t-eu lilld SYVtllllpod, A llfe-buat Slill'
.-??(luenily, (iK-R'-it up a siiiglii stirvlvor,
who was eliiigliig' lo the lishlug bout.
Tlie 4\ngllu'? cvt>\v ?r? B?fr??
President Informs Sena?
tors Tliat He Was in
Dead Earnest*.
Tremendous Fight Will Prob?
ably Ensue?Democrats. Like
ly to Join Hands With Ad
Measure Very Far
(I*'rnm Our ?*gutni* Cbrrespondeyit.)
\V.\Kli.iN"_TO_, O. C. December' !).?
.presldent Roosovelt itold a '.".rouji oif
sciin.tors iiiul roprosentallves wlio called
nl lho Whlto House thls nfternoon Ihat
ho wns in ,K;ul oiinirsl when lio recom
nieiuled In hls .in.cssago that a law. bc
passeil giving to the InlorStdto Commerco
Oom'mls slon the pow-or to Hv frelght
mlss. Ho declared ln tho most eni
plintlc. terms that Congress shouid enact
such a law. . ?
The. general circulation of tho Incldent,
Indlcatlng tbe llrm attlttlde ?f tho T'resl-.
dent, has creatod a sensallon ln Repub
llcun olrcles. Tho Republican* of tho
Senato aro very generally Intorestod ln
rallroads, and some of the. Democratlc
.senators nre nlso stockholders ln blg
fallway companles. It wns thought by
all those and by tho leaders of the Houso
thnt tbo President meant nothing when
b-. recommended tho pas^sage of a bill
whlch would take away from tbo com?
panles themselv-es tho powor to flx frelght
rates, They assurod Wnil SPreet that
Ihtere was no dnnger of a.ny such legls?
latlon. Thoy have real_ed~"tv.elr mls
Must Give People Relief.
II. is understood the Presldent sald thls
afternoon that the nced of a law whlch
?would pravent the rallwnys of tho coun?
try from Iniposlng on tho people was the
most pressing of any of whlch ho know.
Ho told hls eallers wlth tho iil?iost em
pliasls that such a bill must be cnacted.
He doclared that the Republican party
would,'hi?'u. to encouht?r a radlcali So
clallst party' *four years hence, .unless
somethlng was done.-in a lcslslatlye way
for tha relief of the* niasses of the peo-'
ple. He thought" a law giving tb tho In
terstate Commerco Commlsslon 'tho au
thorlty to regulato the rates charged bjy
railways would provo th-o itiost beneliclal
aet whlch Congress oould uridertalvO.
lt'is certaln that there Wlll be. tremen?
dous oppo^ltlon to tho bill. On ono side
wlll Tjo tho President j practlcally all the
Domocrints, lt ls thought, and some ot the
Republlcans. It ls believed tliat 'the
President wlll try to force the flght at
tlils session, as thero will be fewer Denin
crats in tho next Congress. Of, course, lt
ls not adtnltted that a Republican Presl?
dent is relying too much upon the hclp of
tho opposltlon to got hls recommchdn-'
tioris through Congi-ess, but thero Is good
renson to bellcve he Is countlngon Demo
oratlo suprport lu havlng thls frelght
rato bill passed. It Is very doitbtful If
Congress has Iviown a hardor fight than
that whlch tho rallroads, through the
leaders of tiie. domlnant party in the
House and Senate, wlll wage against the
bill giving to tho Iii'torstate Commorce
Commlsslon tho power tp regulato rates.
Th<_ lcglslu,tiun, if enacted, would be the
most far-reacWing slnco tho passago of
tho roconstructlbii a'cts.
Can't Hold Him Down.
Thero are In'fac't many slgns whlch lend
fo show. that tlio Presldent is golng to havo
a. rough.time* wlth hls mirty beforo lio eorii
plctes hls term of office, nnd which show
nlso that: hls party ls golng to -havo a
rough tlme wlth ? him, before tbo 4th of
March', 1?9. ls reached. Reprcsentatlve
Glass, nf tbe Slxth Virginia District,
volcod a .(.cntltneiit. whlch ls becomlng
goneral'ln AVashlngton, when hu rcmarlt
c-d to-day;
"IbQllevo that those peoplo who thlnk
Mr. Roosovelt ls going to go slow in tho
matter bf trust prosecutlon nro golng
to bo about tbo most disappolntod human
belngs'wo luivo evor seen. 1 bellovc ho
Is golng to go to tlio extent of tho law
In tha, prosecutlon of tho trusls. Ho bus
snld he wouhl.not-accept another nominu
llon. ? Nobody bellevos he wlll. llo wlll
not bo thlnking of sticceedlng himself, but
(Contlnuod on Thlrd Page.)
Says She Is at Mercy of Person
Who Has Her Daughter
Under Control.
(By Assoelated Press.)
ATDANTA.'IGA., December ?.?Alloglng
that she Is at tho mercy of a person
who hus her Uuughter under control, und
who ihfiiiitens hor, Mrs, Jullu A, Young,
who gives lier Im tn, ? nddross as Boston,
Muss,, hus mado a d'lreet appeal for help
to President Roosevolt.
Sho lolegrnphed President Roosevolt
to-day us follows:
"I ani u prlsonor lu Ihe KtiltOn county
Jall, ln Ihis olty, ut tho mercy oi' a per?
son who hohls my daughter under con?
trol, aud haa iliroatenod me. .My address
Ih Julla ;V. Young, No. G5ti Mtissiu-husettH
Avenue, IJoslou, Miihs, i ani a nieinber
of Ihe Wllllam MeKlnley Circlo, No. ili,
I.udles ol' llie. Clrund Army of lho Ro
pillille. I u?k' proiecilon at yotit- Iruids,
.My Rosiou counsel ls ex-Judge Dowc-y,
Nii. ;::! Court .Street, Boston.
? ".iiud.v a. vorxn."
Mrs. Voung hus Slted a writ of linheus
Cpvpiis, upon whleh hearing Mill be had
by Judge lloid to-moffow.
Courthouse Burned.
' NA.SIlVl.l.d,E, TENN., Decoinbor fl.?
Tlio courtliouso at Jurne.stown, Konliess
eoimty, Tumi., wus. burne.l hy lueeif.
diiirits at un early honi- lo-da). Many
valuabio roeoriU aud pUjer papera WVI'0
..'-','..' I
Impressive and Appro
priate Exercises Mark
a Notable Event
These Are Distinguishing Fea?
tures?A Great Congregation
in Attendance?Rabbi Sale,
of St. Louis. Delivers
Masterly Dedication
Nevor, perhaps, In the hlslory of thls;
clty hus then- been such n largo and
tnpresoi-itQ.ilvo galherliiR of- its Jewlsli.
popt/latlou as tissembled last nlght wlthln
tho wnllw of the. now t>lh Ahabah, tho
commotlious und mugnlflcent' new tenipl*
Just completoa on franklln fUreet at th?
head of Ryland Streot. Aud lt enn ba
truly sold lhat. there hns not been in
the ontlro hlstory of thls congregatlon
durlng nll lts slxty-threo years/ nn event
niorn ausplclous of worthy of conimeiu
oratlon than the t'onsecratlon of this
niujeslk: strticttire. The dedication wlll,
b'?,rccoriIod ns an event uiarking n note
'trortliy epoch ln tho hlstory of Beth'
Ahabah and of tlio Jewlsli peoplo.
DistiiiBulshed rabbls from dlstant-cltles
nnd others from nelghborlng comimmltles
were present to purtlcipalo ,n the im-'
presslve fieremonial,' marklng tne formal'
oecupanoy und consecratlon of the' thlrd
house of worshlp . crccted hy thls con?
gregatlon,'nnd the fourth sCVucture oc?
cupled by them. Tho congregatlon won.
worthy of the event commemorated. Tho
spaclous aiulltoi-lum fouhU, an' early test
of lts soatlhg enpdeity, for truly there'
was biit standfng room left after tho.
congregatlon had nssenibled. and tho
ushers and somo others had to stand.
then. For moro than three hours tha
great nssemblogosat, giving close atten?
tlon'to the addresses and. to tho siipctb
musical programmo 'rendored by a doublo
octette cholr, slnglng to the uceompanl
m.ent of tho magnlflcent pipe orgun, proli-'
uply. tho--largest ln the clty. a^ho ad?
dresses' were all pf: ai hlgh qrder, and all'
were attuned tp -that, note ? of ve-jolclrist'
so approprlate to such a celebratlon.. The
ontlro celebratlon was a Joyous ono, tlio
lniiHlcnl 'programmo belng the siiprcm*
exfrresslon of tho glndnoss of the o'ocuV
slon. ' .
Ceremonies Begin.
The largo ootagonal aiiditorlum and llie
gullorles were all oomfortably nnd coni-[
paclly lllled- wlien the memorable .ser?
vlce began. The opJailng number was tba
renditlon 'by Mr. Jacob Relnhardt, organ
Ist, of a malrch. which at, onoo domon
strated tho niagnlllcence of tho Instru-,
ment and tho skJIll of tho performer. Th?.'-.
cholr then-sang I-Iamdel's anthem, "Ufu
up'Your Heads, O Ye Gates," the superb
bjondlng of tho' voloes. making . tho ren?
ditlon of the organ.composltlou doubly de?
lightful to lho musical enr. . /
Then ifollowed tho proccss'loiml iu;! thi?V
followlng order: Tho beiirer. of'tlie key;r
tho mnster of coretnoiVie.V Mr. Henry S.'
Hutzlor; tho rnbbls and cantor, tho ilght^r';'
of tho .perpetual hunp, Mr. Alfred Mosss;
tho toearers; of t'no .?ci-olls. Mews. L,evl ?
Hoxter, Jonus. Mnrcuse, H*nry Gutist,
Herinun AVallerstoln, Ksseklcl J. hevT,;.
Hermaii AA'hitlocU, Jueob ' Lewit, S.. ,W.'
Flelschman aiul iPhllip jAV.bltlock; the
board of muuagors, Messrs. Ii.' Rottlg-.
helmor, S. h. Bloomb^rg. Marx Cunst,'
Isaac Held, Charles Hutzler, . r; Tha)-'
himeu', Henry S; llutzler, L. '/.. Morris." ?
Kmuiiuel IJunb, Israel Slern.' .riillus'
Straus; and tlie ofllcers of tlio coiigrogii
tlon,. Jullus Straus, president; Charles^
HuUlor, vice-presldent; Ilenry 8. Hutz
ler, secrotary; Isaao Held, ilnanciul sccre
tary, und D. 'A, Mofrls, treasurer,'
The openlng prayer by Rabbl K. Tyor,
of Petershurg, was a fervent'petition for
tho bless'lng of God npon tho, servloa,
upon tho eongrogatloii (ind upon Hi?
Tho rabbl of .the coiVgregiUldit, Rev. Dr.
Bdwurd N. Callsoll, read flrom tho torati,
Genesls il:l-;i. Then followed the llghtlnir .
of the perpoluul hunp, whleh biirtis over
tho siinclunry, Uio honor of llglitlng lt.
belng asslgliod to Mr. Alfred Moses, tlio '..
sonlor member of thls euiigrogiitlon.. Tlwi
ceremnny was ,|siu'eessfully perforiuod,
uii,| tho soft glo'w of tlie latiip lllumined
tho sunctuury thercufUT.
Followlng thls coreinony was a burst
of melody from tho eholr iu rear of tho
snnctuury, reiulorliig wlth uuigniflcent
effect Gounod's -'S<;lid Out Thy l.lght."
Tho slnglng was, Indeed, delightful.
Building Is Presented.
Mr. Charles llutzler, chalrinnn of ili?i
Bulldlng Ooiiiinittoe, foeniaVly presonted1
tho bulldlng to, the congregatlon ln n,
earol'ully propared and thouglitfiil ad?
dress, iu the courso of whleh ho touched
wlth tender romliilscpjino upon the hls?
tory of thls eongregatloti and IU former
tabernaeles, and then gave cxpresslon
to hls own Joy, and that of tho congrega?
tlon nt tho crownlng of thelr dotermlned
and self-saorltlclng offort expresseU ln .
thls constructlon of thla splendid temple. ;.
Then ciimo ono of tho feutuiTj* of
tho ontlro celebratlon. lt wus tho pra?
scntatlon io Mr. Jullus Ktraus, prest-'
dout o( tho congregatlon, of thu kcy tb
tho temple, a coreinony hrllllantly per
fonnedi by Dlltlo Mlss Mlldred Cal:scl|. .
Sho stepped forwurd at the proper mo
ment, and wlth all tho composure her
father could havo exhlbited under tlio
uuiiio clrcu.iiiBtances, she presented t!w ?.
key. Wlthout a ciulver lu her voloe, an<j.
wlth no otitwiil'd slgn of eontuslon or eui
harrassinent nVio spoke wlth perfect
eniiuclutlon. her flini, i-leur chlld volei, ,
being heard iu eiery part of the largo'
aiiditorlum. lu coueluding, sho express
ed thu hope tliat the key lo tlio teiiipla
whleh she dellvered lo Ml. Sirau* nn'gltt
also unloek to tliis eongrogatlon thn
bleSfllllgri of t'ied.
A Prayer Answered,
. Mr. StrauH. president of the congiegM
tioVi, ln u brlef, but well eoiicelvec) aud .
dellvorod a'ddross, aecepted- the irust r*V '
posed ln hlm, and llie obl'.gatlott lt ciyri
rled with li. I.ike Mr. t'lmrle* liui?Ur, ..
ho refened to tlie fact iUat h<> und fewotV
than n-ii others. i". uiai""d or Ihe eongr*
tt.Uloii whleh fta^ pri'M'iil iit ihe d?idl-? .
cadvit of the tivat Botb, AUmImI, lu BBk

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