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House .Comniiltcc'3 Action Fa
vorablfc R'ather Than
IIc Stole Dccoy Letter and tlie
Scarch of His House LJn
covcrcl Many Thcfts.
(Special to The Tlmin-DlKpiUrli.)
NOUFOI-K, VA., Dccorribor 0;?Tho ac?
tion of tho Houso Comniltteo on Indtis
trlal Arts und Exposlllblia at lts sesslon
ycslerdny,. hns plcnsetl tho Jmnestown
tnanugers. When Congress npproprlnted
' less than a half inllllon for tlio Lowls
and Clark Centennlal, many thought il
wa? a black eyo for futtiro cxposltlons.
lloprescntallve Tawncy siruck the koy
noto of tlio sltuatlon when he sald that
hls coinmlltco would carrfully scnii any
blll offered ln Congress for ihe purpose
of oldlng an Industrinl show, but bo
iiualltled his stnlernciit,by ihe remnrk
that tho Tcrcc'liteiinlal was so Important
hlstorlcally lhat ho tJioUght tt unliiuc cel?
ebratlon should bo held to commemoralc
' When the Jamestown representatives
nppenred beforo tho Ilouse. Commlttoc
last. sprlng, Mr. Tawncy volced tho samo
viow, and tho action of lho commlttee
yesterday wns along the liuos lndlcated
then. Tho purpose of Congresn Is to
treut the Tcrccntennlal as a vchlclc for
Impresslng upon the jieople the hlstory
tif tho country and Ils developmont as a
nallpn, rnther than as an liidustrlal com
Congress wlll probabiy inslst that tho
Jamestown management utlllzp several
ot tho main bulldings ns habltallons for
cxhlblts Wllimtrntlng periods ln tho nn
Ioii'b hlstory. Tlie lndustrlal part of tho
exposltlon Instcnd of" bolng tho domi
putlng featurc and motlve of llie show.
-mill bo only one of the many, tho chlof
of which wlll bo t,}io hUtorlc dlsplny on
land and tho naval cxhlbit on tho water.
Congressinan Maynard, who Is a nieni
?cr of tho Omuntltec on lndustrlal Artfc
and Exposltlons, said ihis iribrriing:
"Tho only thlng whloh Congrc*s fears
ia that lndustrlal shows nro not popular
chough to . insurc success, and that If'
tln governrnt-nt authorlzos nn lndustrlal
exposltlon, It would mean that forelgn
natlons would havo to l>e Invilcl w ex?
hlbit, and Congress mlght havo to ma'so
n second appropriation to covcr a dc.flc.lt
or make ;i loim. as they dld to St. l/>uis.
"Tln commlttfi? is a liriit ln desirlng
to commemorat? the event. lt is pos
slblo that Instead of approprlatlng a
.lump sum for an -exposltlon, the com
iniltoc wlll rccommend a divlslon pf thfc
amount so tltnt a certaln amount wlll lv
*<H asldo for tho naval, marlne nnd jrdll
tiiry features; another sum for tho en
tortalnment of forelgn vlsllors, and a
thlnl sum for the land show, which must
fcc hlstorlc as woJI as lndustrlal."
Mr. Maynard wlll wtuvn tn. Washlng?
ton to-nlght. The .?nibcnmmittee to con
fddor tho blll -will be nppnlnted at onct
and wlll glvo tho subject Imrncdlate con
Mall Carrler Edward P, Broughlon, of
Fortsmouth, after a hearing before Com?
mlssloner Uowden in the United States
Court, to-day,, was bailed for hls appear
anco nt tho next term of the court to '
iinnwcr the chargo of robblng the malls.
Tho evidenco given by Postofllco In
spector Bulla, ivho.inada tho arrest, was
apparently very damaglng, though Hon.
Charles T. Bland, who, with hls law
partner, Mr. Davls, nnd Mr. llarry Bow
don, appeared for Broughlon, sald that
at the proper tlmo he would' he nble to
account for the prisoner's po.?sess!on of
articles of Jewelry found at hls home. j
Including a cheap belt buckle, which had
been marked by Inspector Bulla and sent
through tho malls ln tt test paeknge.
Inspector Bulla testified that on De?
cember 5th he prepared 'a test packago
addresed to J. N. Sncad nnd wlfo, Forts
niouth, N. II., aeross tho back of which
was marked ln red Ink, "Not for Ohlo;
try Va." On tho bnck of tho
packago was ?ilso the post mark of lho
l'ortsmouth, O., offlce, wlilch the Inspec?
tor had placed there. This packago 011
tho morning of December Cth, was de?
llvered totho asslstant postmnster in
l'ortsmouth, Mr. Paeo, with Instructlons
to place lt In the mall of Letter Carrler
Broughlon. Its contents consisted of
a Indtes' belt buckle, a scarf pin, a tur
diiolso fingor lJng, a tlireo opal set rlng,
all contabiliig prlvale ftiarks, and ,1 wrlt
ton enclosuro. ,
Inspector Bulla and Postmnster Butt
went to Broughton's homo yostorday af
toruoon and fiuostloned hlm about varlous
articles lost, und specifically about tho
test packago. Tlio carrler denled havlng
seen any of tho thlngs inentloned to hlm.
lio then accompanlcd the offlclals to the
postoffice and was told thnt tho test
packago hnd been seen on hls d?-k us
Into as 7 o'clock tho evening ? before.
Broughlon contlnued to d.eny nny knowl
edge of tho test package, submitted to a
search of hls person, ar.d wrote a noto
to hls wlfo dlrcctinir her to> allow tho
postoffice Inspector to mnko a. search of
tho houso. Ilo asked to bo allowed to
nccompany tho Inspector, but thls wns
?'? Dp.MENI-EV'a^
A Most EKectte CombinationJ
A compouiui of three strength
giviny; ingredient3
OP| CPY'I-lienrV.iralNcrvine.
M-i-ia-ll I It Btrengthens the
whole ncrvous system.
DEpE' In cxtract fortn?"itrcnKth
?EfkErli cns, stitnulatcs, and is
easily digcsted.
IDAU I'yropliosphatc of Iron
inUll (used in this remedy) does
/ notinjurctlieteeth.increas
esthc red corpuscles of the blood, and
gives greater strength to ail tho tis
sues ot the body.
l'coplc mtffcring from Dyspepsla. Wood
DUorrlcrs, Keniulo Comnlainia, Malarln.
and all fortns of Ncrvous Troublcs. will find
Or, Henler's Celery, Beef and Iron. tliosafest,
surcsl aud beit Nervlne and General Tonic
ihntr*an beobtntned ortised.
It is not a cure-all, nor Is lt recommen
ded as eueh. lt ls compounded of the vnl
ualilo rcniedlal sufostanccs from whlch
lttal?s Its natne and whlch aro always pre
scribed br physiclans ln tlielr dally prac?
tice. A fair trial wlll convlncu Ihe most
For iaIo at MI drtigglsts. or wlll be wmt by
mail on recelpt of jirl.ro.
not permlttcd. The searoh of the prem
IsoH wn? mado by Inspoclor Bulla, Post
moster Butt and the prlsoner's father.
Inapector Bulla found what .ic dcscrlbed
as "a vast quantlty'' of ttinkots nnd oth?
or nrtlcloa," among whlch he cnumeratcd
ri. hulf dozen plated spoons, whlch la1
licd wlth tho dcscriptlori of spoons whlch
had licen reported as lost from tho post
offlee, a dozen liandBomc pockotbooka, a
dozen match safes, fifty acarf plns, a
couple of handsome razors and a plug
of navy tobacco, slinllar to a plug whlch
hud been lost from tho mails. Included
ulso In the artlcles found. wus the belt
buckle, whlch had been placed by In'sj-.r
tor Bulla ln lho test packugo threo days.
before,' and whlch he wns able to Identi?
fy clearly by tho marks. None' of the
other test artlcles were found.
Broughton is a momber of one of the
most promlnent familles in thls section.
Institute Held in the Casino at
Newport News.
rspr.-lal to Tbo Ttmcn-Dlapatch.)
NEWPORT NEWS, VA., December 9.
About forty farmers, most of them from
Warwlck and Eilsabeth Clty countlos,
were prci?nt at the farmers' institute,
undct the ausplcos of tho Stato Depart?
ment of Agriculture and Immlgratlon,
which began'at the Casino thls mornlng,
Mayor B. B. Buston welcomcd tho visi?
tors to the clty,
A largo number of exhiblts wore
brought In by.tho farmers.
A. O. Mauk, of Yorktown, spoke in be
halt of tho farmers, and sald that ba
hoped that the holdlng of tho conven
llon hero thls year would lead to a move?
ment toward hnlding annual county falrs.
Professor Ii. B. Hclghes, manager of the
Stuto test farm, spoko on "Respiratlon of
Soils," nnd A. L. Powell, presldent ot
iho Chamber of Commercc, made a talK
on "Pcanut Culture."
Dr. J. G. Fcrnoyhough. of Blacksburg,
State veterinarlan, was lo have. deiiver?
ed tm address upon "Dlscases of Llve
Stock," uslng models to lllustrate hls
talk, but he was called home from Wll
liamsburg yesterday by tho news that hls
littio son had fallen and fractured hls
collnr bone.
T. A. Bishop, diroctor of agriculturo
at tho Hampton Normul School, gave a
lecture; B. F. Wright dlscusscd "Profita
blo Marketlng of Crops," and A. C.
Thompson, of New York, spoko on "Ob
sorvatlors of Virginia Farriilng."
Tlio prlzes offered by tho Chamber of
Commerco wlll bc awarded to-morrow.
Mrs. Annie Sleigh Charges Her
Husband With Bigamy.
(Kpoelnl to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
DANVILLE, ? VA.", December 0.?Mrs.
Ahhlo Sleigh has sworn out a warrant
for the arrost of her hushand, Henry
Sliilgli, charglng lilni wlth blgumy. Tho
woman ulleges Ihnt her husband, wlio
hns deserted her, has twoi llylng wlve.^
bcsldos horaelf, Mrs. Sloigh says sho was
marrled to her husband ln Lynchburg a
y-ir ugo, romovlng shortly aftcrwards
to thls clty. ,Ono of tbo wlves of tho nl
loged blgamU*t recently^ nrrlved ln Lynch?
burg looklng for hor husband. A frlend
of tho woman In tlils olly notlfied hor
und ri'senreh dovoloped tho fuct thut ono
of Ihe ulleged wivr-s of tho reororilit hus?
band Uvos ln West Virginia und tho othor
ln Appomattox county.
Big Damagc Suit.
(Sppflal to Thr. Thnes-DlMputcli.)
WINSTON-SAl.-M,. N. C, Dec. !>.
Major J. C. Biissont has InutltutoH suit
ugnlnst Ihe Norfolk nnd Western Railway
for $?>.000, for lho denth .of hls ndoptod
t-vni, Robert Besaont, w'ho wns kllled In
a wrook nour Bassctt. Va., Februry 27th.
Young Bessont was iireniau on u double
ho'tdor froighi. Etigiiteor Georgo Mny,
of this city, nlso lost hls llf0 at tho
tuino time. When the caso wus eallod
ln th(."^?uporior Court to-day tho coun
boJ for tho i-alhvuy mado -ri motlon lo
I'omovo It to tho Fedorul Court nt Clrcona
horo. Judgo Jouou Hlgned an order grunt
Ing tho mivtloii;
Mr. Cummings Secretary.
(Bpeclal to Tlio Thn?-BlHptttcli:)
LYNCHHIJRG, VA., Dec. ?.?It wns of
flolully. uiinouncod hero thls .uftei'iioon
thut Mi'. Hohhes Ciimmlngs, of Rlch
rnond, hus beon solccted socrotury of
tho Southern Flre Insurance Company,
whlch wus recently formed wltli onpllul
stock of ??0,000, and backed by looal cup-,
IuIIbIs. Tho conipuny wlll begln opcru
tlons February 1st; but Alr, Cuninilngs
wlll rcniovo here prlor to thut tliue.
Richi-ondel-s in New York,
(Sneelul to Tlio Tlmos-Plspatcll.)
NEW YORK. Doo. ?.?Wnldorf, M'.'bb 1.,
Boldcn, Mlss M. Moullon. MlHs II. Stov
ons, G. II. StovciiH, 11. M. Axtell; Flfth
Avenuo, II."J- Myrus, Ji*.; HoTfmun, W. G.
Neul; Ki'iislngtuii, J. V, BneuU, R. R.
OJivcr; Uiutid, C. \Vell, .
Board Hoids Special Scssion to
Grant Rcqiicst of Mass
*" Meeting.
Chamber of Commerce Will
Give Movement for Rcstoring
Jefferson Cordial Support.
A called meetlng of tho Board of Dl
rcctors of tho Rlchmond Chamber of
Commerce was held last nlght to tako
action oil tho requibst of tho mass mcot
Ing ot cltlzens, held tlio prevlous nlght
nt tho Y. M. C A. Hall, under the nu
splccs of the Travclcrs' Protcctlvo Asso?
clatlon.-that the Cliambcr would appolnt
a committeo of flve to confer wlth sttnt
lnr commlttees from the T. P. A. and
the Clvlc Improvement Lcaguc. -
Mr. B. O. kelgh, Jr., president of the
Chamber. preslded at the meeting, and
thero wero present Second Vlce-Prcsldent
J. C. Freeman and tho followlng dlrcc
tors: N. W. Bowe, Oeorge D. Chrlstlan,
B, M. Owathmey, W. W. Hnrdwlcke.
Robert kecky, Jr., W. T. Reed. N...R.
8avage, James AV. Sharp and Coloman
After consldering tlie roquest, the pres?
ident was authorlzed on motion of Mr.
Wortham to appolnt the commlttee and
in accordance wltli the resolutlon ao
polnted tho followlng gentlemen as mem?
bers of tho commlttee; : Colemun
Worlhnm, John C. Freeinan, Robort
Dccky, Jr., John Stewart Bryan and L,.
O. Mlller. ,
Tho Rlchmond Hotel, proposed for mem
bership by Mr. Decky, was duly eleeted
lo mcmbershlp ln the Chamber,
Cordially Favor Rebuilding.
At the monthly meetlng of tho Board
of Dlrectors, held Thursday. Mcssrs. J.
L. Hill, T. W. Chelf and M. S. Valen?
tlne, rcpresentlng a committeo of the
Travelers* Protectlvo Assoclatlon, nppear
ed to prescnt a matter for the consld
cration of the board, and upon motion
.of Judge Chrlstlan, 'regular order of busi?
ness was suspended and privileges of tho
floor wero cxtended to thoso gentlemen.
Jlr. Hill, who actcd as spokesman of tlio
commlttee, explaincfl that It was the de?
slre of the Travelers' Protcctlvo vissociiir
tlon to have the co-opcration of the
Chamber and of other business organlza
tion3 in the clty ln a movement set on
foot by the .assoclatlon to securc the re?
building of the burnt portlon of the Jef?
ferson Hotel. For tho lnformatlon of tbe
board, Mr. "Hill read a clrcular
letter, containing-v,a number of ques
tloiw wlth referenee to tho Jef?
ferson Hotel, the purposo of which wni
tp draw forth exprcsslons as to the Im
portance of rebuilding thls -hosteiry. To
'theso letters a number of rteplles had
been received, nll emphnslzing the neeu'
of lts reconstructlon. He also read- a
very strong paper slgned by the passen
ger agents of this city. Those papers
and tho remarks of Mr^ Hill were heard
by tho board wiyi deep atteption and In?
terest, "and tlie endorseincnt "bf the move?
ment and the appolntment of a commlt?
tee to co-operate "were cordially advo
catcd by the chalr, Mr. Robert Bccky,
Jr., and Judge Chrlstlan. and. upon mo?
tion of Mr. Lecky, lt was declded to ap?
polnt a committee from the Chamber,
wlth the president of the Chamber as Its
head.- Mr. Hill, on behalf ofStho T. P.
A-, thanked the board for their kind re?
ception and favorablo action upon the
Important Report.
The regular order of business being
resumed, Mr. J. C. Freeman, as *chalr
man, submitted tho followlng report,
which was adopted:
"Tho attentlon of the Chamber being
called by tho American Sljippers' Asso?
ciation and the National Hay Assoclatlon
, to the concerted attempt of the rfcilways
operating in trunk line terrltory to lm
pose upon the shlppers the use o? what
ls known ns the unlform blll of ladlng,
which' requlrcs the slgnature of shlppers
releaslng carriers from their common
law liablllty, and wlilch blll of ladlng tho
carriers proposo to mark'"Not negotia
ble," the Committee on Inland Trade,
nfter careful consideratlon of tho mat?
ter, submlts the followlng recommendn
tlons, 'which, are, ln part, slmllar to
those adopted by the Natlonal Hay Asso?
clatlon :
'1. That recelvers do not pay drafts lo
which aro uttached tho klnd of bill of
ladlng descrlbed untll tho goods havo
arrlved Ut destinatlon and thelr condltion
2. That shppcrs fllo wlth tho several
trafflc managors ot rail/oods over which
they shlp, protepts against tho two ro
qulrcments nbovo stated', and that re?
celvers fllo simllar protosts wlth carriers
over 'which they receivo goods.
3. That a copy of theso recommenda
tlons bo forwurded to tlie Rlchmond
Ornin and Cotton Exchangc.
A communlcation wns road from Hon.
John Damb to tho president of tho Cham?
ber ln regard to his efforts to securo ade
quuto upproprlation for tho Improvement
of James River, und upon motion of
Judge Chrlstlan. a resolutlon wus adopted
convoylng tlio hearty tluinks of tho board
to Congrcssman Lamb for hls earnest and
porslstent endenvors In behalf of a larger
appropriation for James River, nlid ex
pressl'ng tho hopo and' deslro that tho
Committeo on Improvement of James
River wlll uso ovory means lu thoir
power ln secondlng tho efforts of Con
gressman Dumh.
A coinmunlcation from Mr. IS. T. D.
Mvof's, Jr., of tho spoulal committeo np
pointed (o represent tho Chnnibor at tho
hearing beforo tho siibcominltleo of tho
Merchnnt Murino Commlsslon of Con?
gress, held al Nowport News, Novcmber
181 h ond 10th. reporting tho uctlon of
hlmself and hls ^assoclalcs upon tho
Chiiniber's commlttee, wiih read.
A letter from tho prcsldont of tho
American Forestry Assoclnllnn invltlng
tho Chamber lo iippolnt two delegatod
to n Congross to bo hold In Wushington,
D. C, January 2d to Oth, 1005, and upon
motion of Mr. Blair, the,.chalr wns au?
thorlzed to appolnt delegntes to sald Con?
Chase City Buggy Plant to be
Restored on Large Scale. .
''? . (Special to Tho TlmoH-blspatch.)
- (MIASIO CITY, VA., Decombor 0.?Tho
Cluiso Clty Miliiufiictinliig Coinpany. who
met wlth suoh u sevoro loss ou Monduy
nlght in tho burn|ng of thoir ontlro buggy
lihmt, huvo already porfected thoir plans
for the immedla.le et'pbilori dt' necessary
bulldings to reuiimo tho- business at an
early day, At u ineotiiig pf tho dlrec?
tora nnd stockholders of tho conipany,
hold Wednesdiiy, lho uiioiilinoiiH voto was
glven for liiuiibdlato steps lo ho takon;
to rcstoro tho ulunt, unu Ihoy hopo to |
resume buslness by Febrtinry 1st. The
plnnt wlll ho' greatly cnlargt-d and Im
proved. Al the tlme of the flre they had
moro orders than thoy could lill.
Open to Little Rivcr and Will bc
Put in Opcration at Once.
(Speclnl to Tho Tlmcs-Dlspnlch.)
RADFORD,' VA.; December ii.-Tno Rad
ford Southern Rallroad. "whlch ls owned
by the Norfolk nnd Western, has cotn
plotcd Ita track as far ns Llttlo Rlver,
and wlll Boon bo open to traffic.
Tho fluxlng stone requlrod by tho Rnd
ford Iron Furnaco wlll ho deiivered over
thia road by Mr. C. A. Bunkompen from
hls splcndld llmestono quarrles at tho
month pf Llttlo Rlver.
Tho Norfolk nnd Western has uIbo re
bullt the county road through tho Jacob
Poterson farm, wherc tho rallroad has
lntcrfcrcd wlth the old road. Thls was
dono by Cnptaln William Ingles, J. W.
Shclburno superlntendlng tho work.
? .
Committee Coming to Richmond
to Secure Better Train Service.
(Special lo Tlio Tlm?-Dlspnlcli.)
LEX1MGTON, VA., Deoemt-r ?.?The
-oxInUton Towri Councll has elected tiie
following board of health to succeed the
board that roslgned two wecks ngo: Dr.
Roliert Glasgow, clialrman, and Health
Oflicers Dr. Hunter Pendleton, Profca
sor D. C. Humplircys, Dr. John H. La
tnno nnd Mr. B. H. Gorrell.
The now $20,000 heatlng plant at Wash?
lngton and Lco Unlverslty ls now in suc
cessful oporatlon in tho Univcraity build?
ings, wlth tho excoptlon of the Leo Me?
morial Chapet and Ncwcomb Hall, whlch
aro using the. old rmcthod. The real
deiices of Prcsrldcnt Gcorgo 11. Dcnny, Dr.
James A. QuarlCB and Professor W. S.
CuiTell ,aro *belng connected with the
nertv ttyKtom, whlch will be complctod ln
a shorl tlme.
A meeting of the cltlzons of Lcxlngton
has been held for tho purposo of askttig
better traln service for thls comniunlly.
The following committee waa appointed
to vislt tho Chesapeake> sind Ohlo authorl
tles at Richmond and see lf better traln
service cannot bo secured for Lexlngton
on thelr roadi Mr. Edward A. Moorc, Gen?
eral Scott Shvjm, Professor BeConto
Stevens, Mayor Samuel B. Walker, Mr.
B. Estcs Vaughan, Dr. Robert .1. McBryde
and Attorney-Goncral Wllllam A. Ander
His Physicians Discredit Alarrji
.../ ing Reports About Him.
(Special to Tho Tlmos-Dlspateli.)
WYTHEVILLE, VA., December 0.?Col?
onel R. E. Wlthers contlnuea to Improve.
Hls physician, Dr. E. A. Thomas, informed
your correspondent *at i o'clock this eve?
nlng, that ho wns better yesterday than
he had been slnco hls attack, and was
better to-day than ho, was yesterday. He
apprehends nothing serlous unless un
foreseen and expected compllcations arlse.
All symptoms aro now favorable. -,
Clements Acquitted of the Mur?
der of Thomas Irby.
- (Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
DANVILLE, VA., December 0.?William
Clements was adjudged not gullty in the
Corporatlon Court to-night of tho murder
ot Thomas Irby. Tho jury was out only
ten mlnutes. Clements Is the proprletor
of a pool room where Irby was shot. The
men had trouble earller In tho 'day, and
Clements had ordcred Irby hot to return
to the plaee,
Irby is sald to havo struck Clements,
and to have produced a kulfe.
? i
Risdon Brought Back. ,
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
SAblSBURY. N. C, Dec. 9.?Sherift D.
R. Jullan and Chief of Polico J. Frank
Mlller. of thls plaee, returned to-nlght
from Phlladelphla wlth Hugh C. Risdon.
tho young crook whp was- arrested thero
about ten days ago," upon Uie chargo of
embezzlement in Rowan county. lt is
expected that Risdon will mako an im
mcdlate effort to glve hall untll ho can
bc glven a trial at lho next term of Su?
perior Court.
a- '
Burned to Death.
(Special to Tho Timcs-Dispatch.).
SOUTH BOSTON. VA.. Dec. 3.?Miss
Grnvine Oakes. the eldcst daughter ot Mr.
and Mrs- Wllllam G. Oakos, of Newn
Ferry. was burned to such nn extent this
mornlng that sho is not.expected tp llve.
This morning about l.flO, whllo slck, she
took a lump und went out otr tho back
porch to get a drlnk of water. Whlle out
there sho fainted nnd the lamp explodcd
and lgnlted her olothing. Sho wus so bad
ly burned that thero is no hopo for her
Witnesses Repeat Statements
Made at First Hearing
of the Case.
(Hy Assoclated I'ross.)
NEW YORK, December U.? Tlio testl
mpny of tho several wltncs-ses who were
to-duy cxnminod nt tho trial of Nnn Pat
terson, for tho murder of 'Cucsui* ?Young,
ln tho crlnitnul branch of tho Supromo
Court, was aubstantiiilly tlio samo us thnt
glven by lho samo persons at tho mlBtrial.
iHrcderick Mlchaels, tho drlvor of tlio
cab ln whlch Young wns shot, re-peated
hls account of what ocourred during tlio
rlde that ondod ln Ypung's dcath.
Polico CapUiln Demils Swoopoy Idunt|
fled tho pistol." und sald Ihnt after tlio
shooting Mlss Pattcison told hlm sho
was looklng out of the cab window nt tho
tlmo tlio shot was dred; thut she heard
tt mufflod report, und that thon Young
foll across her lap.
Pol'lceitieii Coo und Junior ropeutcd tholr
Htatonionts rogitidlug whut ocourred lie
twpoii tlio tlmo tho shol was llt'ecl und tho
iirrost of Miss Piiltorson, and Nonnan L
Coo, a photogrnphor, Identllled ,photo
gi'ilplia of tho cub und of tho scono of tho
Danlol O'Rellly. ono of Mlss Pnltorson'a
cminsol, was called to tlio wllnoss* sliind
by tho prosocution. II-> sald thut ho hud
Miceii Introduccd to u man who boro tho
name of J. Mnrgaii Snillli. und that he
nlso know Jullu Smlth afl'd -tha dofeodnut's
Court udjournoil untll Monday.
ln tho flrst uionths of tho Russla-Japan
ivur wo had u strlklng exnmple of tho
nocosslty foi* lu'opiiratlon und. tho eurly
udvantago of Ihoso who, so " to speak,
"havo shtngled tholr roofs lu dry wcatli
or." Tho vlrtue uf prepuratlon has mado
lilstory and glven to us our groutost
mon. Tho Indlvldual us woll us tho nti
lion should ho prirpurod for uny cmor
goncy. Aro ' you prepnrod to Buccossful
Jy oombiit tho. flrst cold y*iii tako? A
cold can bo cured much moro qulckty
when Iroatcd us aoon-us lt lius beon con
tructod nnd beforo It hus houonio settlcd
iu tlio system. Chuinhprlaln'H Cough
Roipi'dy ls fauious for Its oures nf colds
and It slinuld bo kopt jnt hand reayy for
InatuiiJl usv. For sulu by ull uvugglstij, ,
Good-Wish Gfts
keep the Yule fire burnmg 011 the heart's
hearthstone. The most charming gifts for sweet
remembrance which the season shows are the
new Christmas packages of
With hofly ribbon dress to charm the eye,
with good'Wish -card to warm the heart, what
better gift to cheer afriend than sweet Nabisco?
Whatever other gifts you make, give
good^wish gifts to all?the young, the old, the
rich, the poor, the good, the bad?remember
eyeryone, and everyone will remember you.
national Biscurr company
Another Gift of Five Thou
sand'Dollars Is Re?
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
LYNCHBURG, VA.. December 9.?By
the gift of J5.000 to-day, from Watts
Bros., wealthy coal operators, of thls
clty, a new 150,000 Y. M. C. A. bulldlng Is
nssured for Lynchburg. Three other $5,000
glfts have been. made some tlme, and
now a canvas's \M bo modo to securo tho
remalnder of the sum needed. <
The new bulldlng Is to be up to date ln
every partlcular, and tt will bo located ln
the business section.
A swlmmingpool nnd dormltorles wlll
be included in the enuipment. Tho pres?
ent bulldlng will bo closed December 31st,
and work will bo suspended pendlng
erectlon of new bulldlng.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
AiFTON, VA., Dec. 9.?Mr. Robert Dow
ner, of Gordonsvllle. a son-ln-law of Mr.
T5. H. Goodloo of Onan. last week lost
hls rlght hand In a cuttlng machlne. It
was only by |hls own prescnco of mlnd
lhat hls whole body was not drawn Into
tho machlne.
BR1STOD, VA.?Vernon B. KInser, son
of Rev. J. C. KInser, .here,. employed ln
a hat-eleanlng establlshment, camo ver>>
near leaping from a thlrd-story wlndow
Thursday. Ho had been ovcrcomo by
gasollne, hn claims. After comlng to hls
right mlnd. he sald ho had vlnions of be?
lng rusfliod through flames of the In
fernal reglon. and felt that ho wa.s suf
ferlng all t.hc tortures of a rcnl cx
Johnson tho negro who has been ln jail
nt Spotsylvania Courthouso. charged wlth
attempted crlmlnol ossault on Mrs. Mar
maduko Dacey, whoso trial was post
poned nt a rocent term of ihe Clrcult
Court, hns been ballecl for tho sum of
$200, for hls apponranco at tho next term
of tho court.
LEXINGTON, VA.?The December term
of the Clrcult Court of Rockbrldgo will
commonco next Monday, Judgo S. Hous
ton Dotchcr. preslding. At this term of
tho court a land nssessor for each ot
tho slx Mnglsterial Dlstrlcts ln tho coun?
ty will bo opp-Jlntod. These posltlons aro
iii great demand and already a number
pf appllcations havo been filed.
IA'NCHBIJRG VA?A conferenco has
.beon arrungod between city offlcinls and
nuthorltlos of AVest Virginla Pulp and
Paper MUls. to ho hold hoi-o next woek.
to arrange, lf posslble, a solutlon of tho
pollutlon of tho Jumes River. Professor
Mullott. University of Virginia, and Pro
fessor Howo, Washlngton and Loo unl
vorslty, will bo present. and it Is hoped
s^S^it of? tr con?eVenco
^Sow'VA^ty. rlot guns wero
placed ln the arsenals of tho Central and.
Qiieoii Street Pollco Statlons yestorday
afternoon. Tho woapons nro of slx-shoot
or maguzlno patteni, In whleh carlrldgcs
cotitaliilng slnglo buckshots aro used,
Thls class of projectllo would not caubo
death, hut havo found by practlcal demon
strutlon to nuell tho llghtlng splrit of a
mob as1 effeclually as a gatllng gun, lho
weapoiiH nro of tho latest niodel.
PORTSMOUTH, VA.?Tho Portsmouth
police thlnk that thoy havo in tho per
snn of Alexander Porter, nllas Sta?
tue Porter, the party who somo
dnvs ngo foloplously assaulted Mlss
l.e'nnle Mooro in South Portsmouth. Por?
ter hns been commltted to tho clty jail
for ten days ln ordor that tho wob of
gullt may bo wovon moro completeiy
around hlm. .. ..? , ,?.
SOUTH BOSTON. VA.-Thlevcs eiitor
otl tho storo of the Old Domlnlon llard
waro Compapy last nlght from tlio rear
doorw-iy, by moana of ouger holes iis
slstwl by knlves. It ls not yet fully
known how much was stolen.
Vest point, VA.-Kin* wininm c r.
cult Court began Tuesday. 'l.lui eults
?brought by Mr. Jnntes U Garrett, an
ex-iinllcoiiian of thls town; ono against
tho Weekly News for llbol.-nnd the other
against Pr, 'Wllllam K. Gatowood, for
slandor. woro carrlod ovor lo tho Feb
rii-irv tortn. Messrs. H. R, Pollard mid
I?nac Dlggs. of Rlchmond. nro for tl\e
oomplalnant; Mr. H.'I.. I*wla wlll rep
rosent tho defendants.
By the Wind's Whims.
lu Suniatt'a tho length of tlme thnt a
widow must woar hor weeds ls dotor
nilned by the wind. Jujft after her hus
biind's death sho phints a nagstaff at her
door, upon whleh a. llug ls ralsod. While
lho flag remains uiitoru by thn wind ?tl
(iiietlo forblds that sho should murry.
But as soon ns a retit appeurs, no inatier
how tlny, she can lay nsldo her ? woods
aud dou her most. becoiiilntj gown and
pewitohlng tunll*.
Thus Declares a New Orleans
Humorist, Who Is Also aJ
Good Judge of Pies.
? "Speakling of pies, do you know 1 have
always thought the functlon of tho plo
waa not altogethor understood, even by
the men who profess io have a monopoly
on the world's system," sald tho old
tlmer, "nnd I want to add, by way ot
preface lf you please, that I tako no
stock ln all thls told about)tho lmpos
slblllty of good pies outslde of Yankoe
don_ Tho faot of tho -bUBiness ls that
you can got just -ns good pies ln one
section of tho country as ln another.
Pies may bo a llttle larger In one section,
a llttlo more robust, or a blt moro hlghly
flavored ln somo partlcular, or you may
flnd frllls curlycues on tho crust ln ono
placo that you won't flnd ln another, but
whon w'e como rlght down to 'tho essenco
of tho thlng there ls not even the sug?
gestlon of aectionallsm in tho constltu
,cnt elemont of tho ple, Thero Is no
North, no South, no East, no West, as
a great orator put lt, when lt comos to
tho matter of pies.-But I'waa thlnking
of another aspect pf the questlon. Thero
aro men who foolishly. look upon tho plo
as somethlng IndlgesUblo. Somo men
shy around lt. But hoiro ls a mnn who
has nerve enough to stand up for tho
pio, to defcnd |t, so to speok, ngalnst
tho Infnmous charge. Ho declares that
as a 'midnight snack for Uioso whoso
dlgestlve arrangemonts havo fnllen vle
llm to rabblts, lobstor, and such llko
palpable onormltlos, tho pumpkln ple has
no torrors, provldlng a tusty nnd lllllng
repust. At tlils hour lt should bo nc
companled by a glass of mllk and a blt
of cliecse. The conclnnntion celebrnted
ln tho famous and fe'ollng llnes?
Pumpkln pln wlthout cheeso
Is llke a klas'wlthout a Kquocfse,'.
need only bo fnlflllod wlth the approprlnto
pastoral heverugo lo waah lt down: tho
product Is a supper for whlch, though
tho sophlstlcated gourmot inrjy ddrlvo lt,
a phllosophor and a truo connolsscur mny
with uplifted heart biess tho heaven
that mado tho pumpkln nnd tlio good
aotil tha't mado the pie. ' Unquestionnbly
thls ls truo of tho pumpkln ple. It la
nlso truo of other pies, lf you happen lo
flnd the ple prepared and cooked in tho
rlght way. It all dopends on how tho
pla la constructed. If 'tho plo ls bullt
rlght lt wlll help rather t..an hindor dl
gestion.?Now Orloans Tlmes-Democrat.
? .
News From the Frorit.
Tho chlef of tho imperlnl wlroless
bureau entered tho royal apartrnonts.
"Your majesty," ho ?fnltered, "a messago
from tho front."
Tho emporor's faco grow nshen.
"The exteut ot our lossV" he demnnded
"Twenty thousand men and slx batlle
ships, your majesty and nn uprlsng ls
gravoly feai'cd,ln our eastern provlnces."
Tho monnrch controllcd himself by an
almost superhuman effort,
"Lot tbo general staff mlnimlzo our do
feat ns ubuu! by saying thnt 'in cun
forinlty wlth provlous pltins, wo linvo bo
gun a sagnclous rctlroniont towards tlio
north, Tho publlo mlnd niust be dl.vert
Tho emperor strodo to the wlndow of
tho polaco nvorlooking the imperlal gar
dons und.giissert out upon Dio snow cov?
ered city.'?Judgo,
? <
Father in Luck.
"No," sald thn billlonalro, wlth deep
oonvlotlon ln hls volco, nccordlng lo
Judge,1 "I would conslrter niysolf In error
Indeed should I dlo whilo * liave even a
tentlj of tho weallh I now possess. It ls
my wlsh to dlo compuratlvely poor."
"Oh, you dour old papu!" oxcluimod hls
fair und only daughtor, us she enibracod
hlm. "Tho duko proport-l lust night nnd
I nooepted lilm. Isn't thut just your
Just Think of. It.
Tlio llfo of un oyolash Is from 100 lo
160 duys. Thoy grow very slowly, but
fingirf iiiiIIh grow qulto rupldly ln cons
parlson. If a poison could llvo wlthout,
broakliig or cuttlng his nulJs tor a lifc
time, ihoy would uttuin the longth of si v
? ?" ' ?* ?? ?
Feet Now and Thep.
lt ls assortod by a sculptor that the
human foot ls becoming Biiutller. Tiie
niascullne foot of twenty contuiles ugo"
was about twolve Inchos long. Tho uvor
ugo man's foot of fu-dny ls easlly fitted
wlth u No. 8 1-2 Bltoo. whloh Is not moro
than ton nnd sovon-slxtoouths inolies ui
length. '
"l.AXO ls _. lluuid, vcb'ttt^blo copi
The World's Best Efforts
Are Represented in
Our Choice Line of
"Whnt to buy for Christmas? Is an
swered by a look through our stock.
Artistic souls go into raptures over
our Art Corner, and you have mlss
ed a prlvllegc lt you haven-t soon lt.
Publishing House,
212-214 Noith Slxth Street.
You aro hereby notlfled that lf
you buy your 11st of Christmas
glfts wlthout flrst looklng at Hun
ter's, you are sure to be sorry.
Out ot tho best selectcd stock
of Books, tho flnost llnc'of station?
ery, and tho numberless pretty nov
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We want you partlcularly to ask
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Bags, Pocketbooks, Portfollos, Card
Cases are simply "scrumptlous."
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Rlohmond, Va.
Ghapped Hands
and rounh skln cured aiid prevented
by using
Robin's Sooth.ng Balm,
15c. and 25c, por bottlo. Every
thlno needed for tho slek.
200 East Marshall.
"^ciir?s\ |6jr; yqy neAw-rctistonjcrs
^ ( t) $h a. new,. way f.',
C1??um?, uwl l?.\utlllt? ?lw h?tr
FraiootM* lujuruul-gjoww.
Navor F?U? to He*tore Or?y
H?lr to Ita Youtlifu Co oc.
tuc,tud*lAitt PruicIiU
Board of Managers Meet. t
At 12 M. Monday. tho Board of .Managera
of Woman's ChrJatlau AMOclatlon wUi
Jiold thelr regular inonthly^,m??thig m
tho assoclatlon hall. No- .00-711 K. Franfcr
liu Btreet. A full attendance '* requ??l<W?

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