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Mooting Will Be Held at Mur?
phy's Motel Tuesday
Mas Interesting ' Reports and
Great Success Elso
Secretary II. f?ec Lorraine.-of the com
ultti-c having chnrgo of tho Virginia
State Pair, which Is propsed to be held
here next fall, authorizes the statement
that there will bo a meeting nt Murphy's
Hotel next Tur-sduy night for the ptir
poso of ft conference with Chairman
Henry C. Stuart, and ho Invites nil who
nro willing to co-bperato In tho move
to bo present nnd participate.
Tho committee Is greatly (ueouraged
at tlio prospects for a successful expo?
sition, anil Is receiving valuable? Infor?
mation nnd gratifying assurances of
support from many quarters.
Chairman Stuart luis recently returned
from the Cattle Show In Chicago, where
he accomplished a KT?at deal which will
-be of advantage to those behind the
A'irglnia fnlr In (heir work, nnd where
he; opened negotiations with many of
the leading stock exhibitors of the'West,
with the view of getting them to exhibit
hero noxt fall. At tho Chicago show
there are on exhibit: Four hundred short
horn.?, throe hundred Herefords and three
hundred Polled Angus cattle.'
."Th-i committee finds'It Important,to
make engagements early, as ?other fair
associations are showing actively along
tlils line, and then, too. It will enhance
public Interest In tho Virginia meeting..
Looks for Success. '
It Is believed that tho stock exhibit
at the Virginia fair will be successful,
?is will those of other departments, for
, while tho Stato cannot bo called a typl
. cal grazing one ns may some others,
especially of the West, yet she raised
? nearly all kinds ot stqck with great i^ic
?ccss, and will probably make ho vain
appeal to other States to come and seo
her wonderful advantages. In addition
?to the cattle and other stock exhibits,
? ?which the Virginia fair will no doubt
'easily get, Hon. Henry. Fairfax, of
LoudoUn, and some of the other leading
horse warders in the State, have ni
<ready Indicated their purpose to co-op?
erate for tho success of the ?tilr, and
t? enter their stock freely when the
meeting Is hold.
Mr. Bellwood Talks.
. Mr. James Bellwood, of Chesterfield,
who Is a most enterprising, cltlzon and
who has had a great deal of valuable
experience with* fairs, both In this coun?
try and in Canada, whore ho formerly
resided, is deeply Impressed that here is
an Ideal place (or a great fair, and ho
is co-operating with the committee In
1 ?3very possible way with tho view of
bringing about a complete success.
Mr. Bellwood has valuable informatlbn
from fairs at Toronto and Columbus, O.,
and is deuply impressed with their, suc?
c?s? from financial and all other stand
. points. He suggests that the experience
..-.'of these associations'has boon that tho
co-operation of tho leading business'men
of the Slate is necessary.
'Mr. Rellwood says: "Everybody goes
to the Toronto exhibition. It is the an?
nual outing, whore everybody expects
la meet everybody else."
He declares that tho same is true in
many Slates of this country, where
proper efforts have been exerted.
They All Made Money.
''The committee Is In possession of some
statistics from several fair atfsoclatlous,
showing how financially and otherwise
j hey have dono well, and at the same
.time contributed to the pleasure and ma?
lt-rial well-being of the peoplo of their
Here are some Interesting figures along
these lines:
Toronto Exposition, net in come.. $33,063 02
Dallas, Teros.43,000 00
Trenton, N. J.30,938 18
.Columbus, >4i.'...?.?....*...i.10,610 07
.'.-. The Colorado' Fair shows tho same de?
gree of success.
?In somo of the cases above alluded to,
the reports say that a great deal of mon?
ey was spent In permanent Improvements,
hi buildlugs, and so forth, and In each
case tho amount shows the actual net
prollt8 after all expenditures.
In the Trenton case upwards of 53,000
was loaned tho city, in order to secure
water at tho grounds.
Those behind the Hlchmond Fair are
more and more encouraged at tho out?
look, and they propose to give the project
a long forward push Tuesday night,
Colored Guardian Defends the
Purity of Its White Bood.
(Special to The Times-Difpatoh.)
GREENSBORO, N. C, December 29.?
Several days ugo, In this correspondence.
It ?vas told how a strange woman had
driven In n carriage just before? Christ?
inas to the house of Matilda Holt, a col?
ored woman living on the outskirts of tho
i-lty, and deposited with her u. ihi-eo
weeks-old buby with ?100 In cash tor it
until called for. It was also published
that tho old woman was about to dispose
of the baby unless the strunge ludy cunm
?ifter It. This notice has brought about
as much "liiietrullon" to tho-old colored
woiiiun m did the baby. Any iiuuniity of
newspaper clippings containing the story
have been enclosed In letters from all
over iho country, and the enquiry made
of her If she would le.t the writer havo
the child. But along- with the other let?
ters came one post huste mailed In Con?
cord. N. C? from the strmige lady, sny
, Ing under no circumstances nrust the
baby b? surrendered, but that it would be
sent for in a few days.
Several people in Greensboro havo of?
fered to take the baby, and three adver?
tisement? have appeared in the 'i?*M pa
?leurs telling the old lady where she van
get a fine home and new parents for the
Mill?? waif. Pour couples havo come here
from a distance to adopt the child, but
nil have been disappointed. One lady fell
<n love with the huhy at first sight. The
baby was of a durk brown complexion,
?nil Ihe lady's husband, to assuage her
disappointment, remarked that the child
was not of white, but of mixed blond.
AI lus Aunt Matilda waxed wroth, ilo
idarlng I hat It camu from Raleigh, and
hat 'joss cs good blood In It as ernv
white people In the State on both skies."
?. ? ??.
(By Aasoclated Press.)
NORFOLK, VA? December 29,-The
claim of Edward Bterli Company liuvhnr
?.been settled. Judge W. U. Murtlu to-day
discharged T, Oateshy Jones;- yesterday
appointed receiver for th? Southern Slu
tual Aid Ausoclailon, of Birmingham.
Ala.., and for th? United Btatc-H Mutual
Aid AussocliiUon, of Norfolk. The Bir?
mingham concern, after settling tho Kieru
claim, announced It? solvency. \y, _.
l?rigg*. a flor-kholder Jn the Norfolk Au
,-<i. taiion, Invtltutfcvi proceedings lor an
accounting against hoi), i-onipanks, with?
out asking a m-uivenshlp.
"Berry's for Clothes."
An Every-day Suit to be
worth its name, must be ft su it
that, is 'willing,11 a suit that a
man can feel free in, one that
will not nag by pinching, pull?
ing, binding, or sawing: a
warm, even tempered suit that
fits and responds quickly to
(kind) pressure, and thoughttul
Like ours?$10.00 up.
Drug Clerks Met Last Night and
Decide to Employ
Tho Richmond Branch of the Virginia
Association of Registered Drug Clerks
held a nailed meeting "last night at
Thompson's Hall, !i0 East Broad street.
The meet Ing'was held for the purpose of
formulating plana for somo concerted ac?
tion looking to tho defeat of that section
of the new pharmacy bill proposed by tho
Pharmaceutical Association at its last
meeting, which would legalizo the em?
ployment of a registered apprentice phar?
macist, under eighteen years of age, who
may be left in management of the busi?
ness. For obvlouB reasons, tho registered
drug clerks are Iiitterly opposed to this,
and have determined to do ail In their
power to defeat the passage of this sec?
tion of the proposed bill.
Thoro were about thirty-one members
present last night, and it was decided to
omplpy an able attorney to represent their
interest at the moeting of the State Legis?
lature and to disregard entirely the spe?
cial-meeting of tho Virginia Pharmaceuti?
cal Asssoclatloti. The meeting was .very
enthusiastic, and various plans were set
forth and discussed ns to tlie best method
in which to take action. All seemed as?
sured as to tho succoss of their cause.
Ono of the executive officers stated that
they had employed a well-known lawyer,
but refused to discloso his name.
This association is composed of the ma
lority of tho registered drus clerks of
Richmond and Manchester and is the
head.offlco of the Virginia'Association.
Letters of assurances of support from
different quarters throughout '.ho State
were read at the meeting. Tho pill-rollers
adjourned at a lato hour reefing much
elated at their prospects of success.
(Continued from First rage.).
?T&'larv of Mr. Buchanan should, be.'$2,400,
half of which Is to be paid by,s,the As?
sociated Charities and the other, bah
1/y tho Baptist Council. In addition Mr,
Buchanan will have tho services';, of a
secretary; ' who is now in the' employ
of the Associated Chaiitles, and there is?
a movement on foot to supply.htrn with
a trained assistant. .,-.,,v:
ln,his civlo work Mr. Buchanan'stateil
larjt night that he will act-entirely in?
dependent of denominational supervision,
and in life religious work he will bo en?
tirely fre0 of all control from -the Asso?
ciated Charities. In the latter, he said
that ho would do no work directly, but
would have'It. under his supervision. In
this way, Mr. Buchanan will carry on
both departments without conflict or dis?
Dr. Smith spoke 1^'st night at length
on tlie services of Mr. Buchanan to tho
causo of Christian charity and tn civic
redemption amongr the poor and dcstltuto
of the city.
He said that it was a matter of great
pride to the Baptist Council that his
work had been so recognized by I he As?
sociated Charities that they should de?
sire to put him in control of their own
work, Mr. Buchanan has. shown lilmsnlf
to be a man exceptionally (itmllilcd to
cope with tho conditions that linvo pre?
sented themselves before him In this
work. 11a has achieved' marked results,
and his name as a promoter and be?
liever in constructive . charity has gone
abroad and brought him tho notice that
should follow In the train of such lasting
and bcnoflcont results. Without fail lu.
has provided all the men who have so
far come to him, and'their nnme is legion,
with work, and has put them ou a self
providing busiB. Many who were unable
to seuuro work and many who were un?
willing to work for#thelr famlllos havo
been provided with -positions and havo
.been brought to boo tho necessity of Bftlf
fiupporllng labor in all ?"Ighl living. Ills
tact and skill In dealing with all classes
of humanity, his ' never-falling Christian
khvlness and his always-ready sympathy
have effected rosults that i?uly such con?
ditions In chinacter could bring.
Help Him ana Preach to Him.
As Dr, M. Ashby.,Tones put It," In show?
ing tho manner In which tho double work
should bo carried on, Mr, Buchanan will
perform IiIb civlo charity ???ales and will
still put hi? hand Into Uto dark ami
draw forlh some blinded specimen of hu?
manity and preach to him the doctrino
of salvation and redemption,
Mr. Buchanan will go into his now
office on January. 1st. Tho detail-- and
terms, and tha manner in which tlie ?.ork
la to bo carried on, am yojt to bo ar?
ranged, and will be arranged SJetween
Mr. Buchanan and tho two committees.
As the matter now appear?, tho work
will simply bo divided into two depart?
ments and Its general ?copo enlarged
without a conflict of ono with the other.
Tho civlo charity work will bo pursued
without religious or denominational in?
fluence of any sort, and tho religious
work will be catdled on as formerly,
fBv Associated Pre*s.)
NEW yORlf, December 20,-The fact
that Cecilia A. Wolsuy, who was formerly
a performer on the vaudeville slug? under
the nuniu of l,lllia.n Weston, bequeathed >
SIS,?*) for the caro of lier dog, purrol and |
cage of birds, bocino known to-day when
her will was filed. Ml** "Wolsoy died s*
week ago. Harriot A (Juten, u friend of
ihu dead woman. Is charged with tho'caru
of the animal?, ? ? '
i -??
Mrs, John W, Wright.
'29.-Mrs, John W. Wright' died ft? her
home near here this morning, from con?
sumption, from i.lcli she has. long suf?
fered.- ? '.. "." "?'"'"??'^ ?*'?'"* !
New Steam Heating Plant Has
Recently Been Installed in
Lady Supervisor Boston Schools
Was Formerly a Virginia
(Special to the Tlmes-Dlspntoh.)
PISTBftSBUno* VA., December 20_
The Interior of the coiirt-hoiiso building
In this city lias recently Indergono ex?
tensivo Improvements. Tho Council
chamber has been furnished With now
desks und rostrum and present a beau?
tiful appearance. The Hustings Court
room lins also been .made to look new.
The court-house and other buildings on
Court-house 1-1111 are now heated by a
new iitcum, heating plant, recently in?
Miss I*'. Maude Jones was united In
marriage to Charles Brinklcy, -of Hot
Springs, Va, Tho ceremony was per-,
formed at the horno of the bride's sister,
Mrs. Charles M. Bristol*, . on Union
Streot. : After spending a few dayB with
frlonds in this city, Mr.. and Mrs. Brink
ley will leave for their future homo at
Hot Springs, Va.
Mrs. Katharine 'IV --Conlyi Who, as
slated In a sp.clal dispatch from Boston,
Mass.. ? publsli??d in Tlio Times-Dlsj*atch.
has been appointed on the board of 'su?
pervisors of public schools of Boston, be?
fore her marrlago to tlie late George IT.
Conly, .superintendent of Boston schools,
was MIss.V-Kate Furrell, of this city,
step-daughter: of Mr. Daniel Rahlly, *
Charles PouKg-. of Richmond, grand
high priest ?f ttho onenmpment. .branch
of I. O. O.: F. of Virginia, paid "an";offi?
cial visit to>n|_lit to Glazier f-Ericump
nient, No. 7, in-..thls city. ; ; ' : ; '
Tho local oitc_rnpment was chartered
In 38-10, and lids had upon its rolls many
of Petersburg's'most prominent citizens.
Colonel William Honry Mann, of this
city, has been made a commissioner for
the Jamestown, Exposition, and, It is
said, his first visit will bo to tho Leg?
islature of South Carolina.
Jllss Grace j\r. Loo, of Chesterfield,
and Robert L, "Winston, a'well kiiown
employe of the American Cigar Com?
pany, In this city, were married:-in Wash?
ington Thursday.-' The ?couple-:, returned
to Petersburg thts: morning;-;: '
Ni D. Malier, of Roanoke, general
manager of the Norfolk and Western
Railway Company, and V. A. Rlton, of
Crowe, superintendent of tho Norfolk
Division, arrived in Petersburg this
morning In a special car.
Mr. John B, Evans to-day qualified as
City sergeant hy taking oath ot office
and giving bond of $50,000. Mr. Hugh
R. Smith, commissioner of revenue, also
qualified; bond, 53,000.
James Wilson, infant son of Mr. and
Mrs,!1,T.": P. Moran, died 'last night of
pneumonia, Tlie little boy'wtts sick only
a few days.
(.Spocltil to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
NORFOLK, VA., December 29,-At C
o'clock to-night.- tlio?'drydo"ck Dewey was
off York Spit L?Jght in the Chesapeake
Bay, making rt, ?peed,-of live.aiid. four
tenths knots, an hour. She' was 'delayed
by fogs last nlsfht, and thin morning, but
irmd? bettor timo this nfternoon, To?
night at 0 o'clock she was seen approach?
ing Capo' Henry at tho same rato of
apoed, which would send her past the
capes and Into the Atlantic on the first
stage of her loni? voynge at 11:30,
Sho was seen from Cape Henry with all
of her consorts approaching steadily.
Hence sho Is expected to pass out to?
night._ _
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C? December 29.?
Final steps were taken by the govern?
ment to-day towards securing a light?
house at Diamond Shoals, Cape Hattoras,
North Carolina, considered tho most dan?
gerous point for speaking on. the Atlan
tlc coast. Congress at Its last session
mnde an appropriation foi* tliiB? purpose.
Tho government's liability, however, Is
contingent on tho stability ot tho llght
houBO to be constructed, Tho uct pro?
vides for payment should tho lighthouHo
romain In position for a term of years,
partial payment to be made each year,
Tho lighthouse is to bo constructed, by
Albert F. Keils, backed by a Boston engi?
neering Arm, Tho plan is to construct
iho lighthouse atloat and then throw It'
to tho required position and sink It. Tho
tide is expected to anchor tho construc?
tion by shifting sand around its hase.
Many lighthouses have been constructed
at tills point, lint nil have failed to with?
stand the rigor of tho storms.
Secretary Mntealf, of the Department
of Commorcti and Labor, to-day gave final
approyol under the terms of the uct, (o
the plans of Captain Kells, which havo
been modllletl In some respects at the
suggestion of tho lighthouse board.
bishop randolphTdeclines
to preach at stratford
(By Associated Press.)
NORFOLK, VA., December ?!9.?Bishop
A. M. Randolph, of Southern Virginia,
has declined an Invitation to preach tho
annual Shakespearean sermon at Btrat
ford-on-Avon, England, on the second;
Sunday afleP Easter. Ho says thai ho
cannot leave his work for tho tlnio it
would require,
(Ry Associated Press.)
CHICAGO, December 29.?Fivo officers
of the Carriage and Wagon Workers Un?
ion and' two hired sluggers to-night wero
found guilty of conspiracy and all of thoni
will fc? ?t'l*1 1? tho penitentiary unless i
they ?'?'0 grunted now trials. Tho severest
punishment was lnilU-tcd agahiBt Charles
OUhooloy, leaner" of a gang of sluggers.
He was neiiU'iiced to tho penitentiary and
fined $'.',(|X>.
?Mrs. <*. M. Eddlngton, Miss Mary
Wright and Miss Bessie Walkor huvo ro
tiirnc?) from Wuverloy, where they guvo a
concert on Wednesday cvr?*iiug at New
ville Baptist Church. Miss Wright Is a
jii'pil of Air. Feterp, director of tho Weil
ncsday Club. Miss Wulfcer Is a pupil of
Prof, Sigmund Kahn. They were the
?jiiuets' otf?ov, "W. ,W. eairti??* ani?'TtWo. <
?Upon Him, Dr. Stone Declares,
Depends What Shall Be the
Outcome of Competition.
Where Italians Have Been Put
On the Farm They Have
Earned and Saved More.
' (By Associated Press.)
BALTIMORE, December 29.~-The ses?
sions of tho American Economic Asso?
ciations wero resumed to-day, the chief
subject for . discussion being "Tho
Economic Futuro of the Negro."
Tho discussion was participated In by
Churlos 1,. Kaper, University of North
Carolina; R. 0. Bruce, Tuskcgoo Insti?
tute, nnd Theodore Marburg, of Balti?
more. W. E, B. Dubois, of Atlanta Uni?
versity, und Alfred Holt Stone, o? Mis?
sissippi, road papers.
Tho groatest fu'et in tho. negroes past
economic history, Mr. Stone believes to
havo tho absence of while competition in
this South. The gravest factor In his fu?
ture is tho steady increase of such com?
petition. Ho quoted numerous negro
authorities on the effect o? this com?
petition in northern cities in 'driving ne?
groes' into menial occupations, and con?
cluded that tho !masses of the "raco ' liad
but Iittlo to hopi for In this section. In
fact, the leaders,of tho negro, with singu?
lar- unanimity, agree that the destiny of?
their.people must be worked out In tho
South and upon the noli. Heneo the
question of white competition In the
South'becomes one of paramount import?
an co. ? ,
. Mr. Stone quotes ttt considerable length
from statistical ; data gathered by him?
self, showing the comparativo results ob?
tained by negroes and ?talians irtjTwIng
cotton side by side. Tlie figures, cove red
a series of years,' and showed'that when
the two classes worked under Identical
conditions, on the same plantation, the
Italian accomplished very much more
than tho negro, , both in tho amount of
cotton produced,and in the mutter of sav?
ing what he earns. Mr. Stone suys the
ability of the white foreigner successfully
to grow cotton-in competition with the
negro Is no longer a matter or question or
experiment. .As to tho extent to which
they will'' como into tho South and sup
plant the negro, ho does hot express an
opinion, but thinks it will largely dopend
on the negro himself. If tho latter con?
tinues to invito such competition by his
Improvidence and unreliability, unques?
tionably it will come. When it does come,
thoro seems to be nothing in such a situ?
ation to prevent a repetition of the disas?
trous results already witnessed in the
(By Associated Press.)
NORTHPORT, L. I., December 29.?At
the Inquest held hero to-day over tho
body of Bartlcy T. Horner, who was shot
and killed by his son-in-law, Dr. .T. TV.
Simpson,' of New York, Dr. Simpson was
held on a charge of murder'by tho coro?
ner, and ' was taken to the prison sit
Rlverhead, there to await tho action of
tho grand Jury.
Mr. Homer was for years the Southern
representativo of the ?.orillara tobacco
firms, and was worth about $100,000. ?At
the Inquest Mrs. Horner. the widow, was
tho most important witness.
"Dr. Simpson," sho declared, "said in
my hearing llio night of tho ' shooting,
that ho wished tlie 'old man,' meaning
my husband, was dead. Ho said this
after tho subject of my husband's will
had been broached. X few months ago
my husband made up his mind to have
bis'Will changed. Ho said hp wttntod it
fixed so that tho fortuno would not bo
squandered by Dr. Simpson after his
"My husband had frequently gotten him
out of financial straits and he. was afraid
that after he died ho would uso up all
the ? fortune. The lawyer arranged to
come to our liouso yesterday. On Wed?
nesday my son-in-law arrived from Now
York and at (ho supper table declared
that the' will could not bo changed; that
suoh a tiling was not possible. Thon he
mndo the remark that ho wished Mr.
Horner was dead."
Faithful for Fifty Years, Mr. G. T.
Peers Retires.
/(Special to Tho Tlmos-Dispatcli.)
20.?J. C. Carrlngton. clerk of Charlotte
county; R. R Burke and T. J. Stratton.
of Appomuttux county, having been ap?
pointed by Jiid?o Goo. J, Hundley a com?
mittee to examine the clerk's ofllco of Ap
ponmttoji couuiy, met hero tho 27th and
begun tho work and completed it tills
afternoon and inado report to court,
The outgoing clerk, Mr. C. T, Peers, re?
tires after lift y years' o? faithful and efli
ck'iil service, with the confldonco hnd
good will of all the people.
Mr, J. It. Burnley, the now clerk, will
tuko charge of tho ofllco on tho llrst day
of January next.
(By Associated Press.)
ST, LOUIS, December ?9,--Announco
mont was iiiudo to-day that Lieutenant
Kduard Soharnir, of Stuttgart, Clormany.,
nnd Miss AVillielurina Busch, daughter of
Adolphus Busoh, the urawer. will bo
quietly marriod on New Year's Day, ut
the Bu-ol? mansion hero, Tills announce?
nient cam? nu a sequel t? tho elopement
of Lieutenant Scharrer and MIbs Busoh
Wednesday night to Bellnvllla, III,, rt;;
teen miles across tho river, which was
frustrated by the fact that thoy were un?
able to secuto a marriage, license at tlie
lave hour.
AVhen the couple found they cnuld not
Foouro the license, Miss Busch then tele?
phoned to her father.
"If you intend to bo mtirrlcil, come back
to St. Lout? and bo married at home. I
liavo no obleetlans to Mr. K.jharrer as a
son-in-hiw." i'pnilod Mr. Tniseh, There?
upon Miss Busoh and the lieutenant re?
turned to Mr. Busch's homo.
\ -?-:-r
Mi*. W. 13. Woodward nnd Miss Rmlly
R,"- Crouch, both of Now "Kent county,
were weddofl at No. 1(V>7 Pnrk.Avenun, last
Wednesday morning. Rev. James B, Tay?
lor, D. P.. performed the ceremony,
Take LAXATIVE- BROMO Oubliai) TutyeU.
Drugs'-** refund money if It falls to our?. ?.
i.W.~GROrTOS ?Isnature- U "on 'l.iv.h'-fc?i.'lBS
mobile Buck
*~\ GIN
the life
and vim of youth
in every bottle.;
Keeps the system
in good trim.
Adds new life.
" B & B " Atlanta
Beautiful New Building Shows
' Lights From Every Window.
One Officer in. ?
Owing to some slight delay in rocelvlnrr I
material for tho new Capltofauildln|?*8S '
the short time within which it must bo
I ?_.Ae<i,,?ll8ht w?"*"'? beltiir done in !
i,?.^?,HJ,?f V18 ?'001"8' ft"d '??t night, tho
beautiful structure presented a brilliant
and Imposing scene, -having boon brightly
.illumined on all sides nnd from bottom to
top, **?> ?
Pedestrians passing to and fro through
the squaro and along the str*;ts stopped
to wist admiring gazes, and"here wero
many.favorable comments upon tlio now
rejuvornated and beautiiled building.
t There is a great deal ot work yet to be
dono, but It is being pushed rapidly, and
Contractor Chcstermnn Is suro ho will
havo it ready nnd In good shapo for the
So tar, but one officer has moved In and
he Is Superintendent of Public Printing
Dnvis Bottom.
The oltices occupied by Mr. Bottom are.
on tho ground floor and in tho northwest
corner of tho main building.
Tho furniture and paperB of the corpora?
tion are now being packed and this body
will remove from the City Hall to Its new
suite of rooms In the Capitol on Tuesday.
The commission will occupy the ofllces
formerly those of the Governor and Secre?
tary of the Commonwealth.
Labor Commissioner Doherty and Colo?
nel Richardson will como In shortly,-and
OovCrnor Montague and Secretary Eggles
ton expect to move their offices from the
Fowhatan Hotel at least by Tuesday of
^?ext week. _
Manager Slaughter, of Stief Piano
Store, Entertains ?Staff.
Local manager, Mr. L. B. Slaughter,
for the-Charles' M. Stl?ff Piano. Com?
pany, entertained his employes on lost
Wednesday evening at a theatre party,
followed by a banquet at the Richmond
Mr, Slaughter took this means of ex?
pressing his appreciation of tho effi?
cient services rendered by tho force
serving under him. during the- year;
First, he'made each person connected
with the house a handsome present.
The employes all assembled at the
theatre, where they enjoyed a box party,
and after/the ploy repaired to the ban
ciuot hall at the Hotel Richmond, w^ero
a handsome ropast was served, tho ta- ?
ble' being profusely decorated In pink
roses. !
It was the season of good fellowship,
ana all wero made to foci nt home,
Thero were a few speeches, purely of
an Informal nature, the banquet serving
to maka the men feel at home and to
cultivate a social and friendly feeling.
During t>?e evening Mr. Slaughter was
presented with a1 handsome diamond
watch fob as a token of the esteem of
tho employes.
Following Is a list of those who.par?
ticipated In the pleasures of the eve?
ning: .T. N. Kaufman. U. C. Wright,
lit. C. Cridlen, G. Thomas Haro, Arthur
J, Crafts, F." E. Old, John T. Webber,
James F. Tieffornan, Thomas P. O'Keefe,
F. E. Nichols, W. C. Simmons and
Emerson Rohleder.
Saturday Half Holiday Will Not
Hold Good To-day.
People who have been slow to pay tholr
taxes ?ofore the end of the yoad did not
seem,to bo sp very slow* yesterday,- Thev
crowded. Collector Cunningham's, '-'? office
from early morn to dowy eve, and the
amount of cash they passed ovor the
counter was something like Ja>,000. Many
lax-payers who purpose saving tho five
per cent, penalty are yet behind time
nnd to-day Is their last chance,
Ordinarily the collector's olllco Is closed
nt noon on Saturdays, but as the last
day a ftho year comes on Sunday this
year and as Frank Cunningham Is always
acoommodntlng and never falls to give his
friends every advantage the law allows,
[ hu will keep tho office open to-day. until
^tinsel, and maybe a llttlo while 'after.
!'*Thus ho will give everybody who wonts
to-save that Ave por cent, nn opportunity
so lo do.
Ran to Save His Money.
Mr. William Launders, living about four
blocks from tho city limits, In tho East
End, had nulto an adventure with high?
way robbers Thursday, night, at a lata
hour, while he was returning to his home
after paying a social call, ?men neue
Nicholson Street he was accosted by two
negroes who demanded his money, Mr,
Launders, not being armed at 'the. time,
thought discretion was the better part of
valor and started on a fast run, Ho was
chasod for several blocks, but eluded his
pursuer?. _?
Five Drunk? Landed.
FJvo drunk? were takin In by the police
of the two districts *;#y night.
The ambulance dlon't move an Inch.
There was nothing doing with the physi?
cians who nro ever reudy to attend to
tho ills of the suffering cue?, who per?
cnunce get In the path of flying -missiles.
bUisnln? rassors or sizzling bullets.
And Coroner W. H. Tayipr didn't have
a, call from his ofll?e. iyTiIs lino every
thing vas-uulet and '>T-'g. Thero webe
no "dead ones" to look ..fier.
With tho police especially the pig lit
was the quietest one In several weeks.
Watch Night Service.
*'A watch-night service will bo,held Sun?
day night-In the West lind Roscua Mis?
sion, 727 W. Oary ? street. The meeting
Will begin at 10:S0 P. M., und those pres?
ent will watch the old year out and the
new year in. Throe other services will be
held on Sunday In the mission, 11 A. M,,
8;3() and 8 P. M. The publie l? cordlully
invited to attend these meetings.
A rescue gospel moetlng will go on in
tlie Franklin gtreet Mid-Night Rescue
Mission, UM 33. Franklin street, to-nlcht
from 8:90 until 13 o'clock, hin n
-.? ^
Only Awaits Action of the Board
of Election Commis-.
Voters Try to Explain How
the Big Victory Was
" Won.
The Board of Election Commissioners
will meet In tho ofllco of the clerk of tho
Hustings Court at 10 o'clock this morn?
ing to canVass the returns of Thursday's
election, and Immediately upon tholr ad?
journment, ' Troasuror-cleot Jan. B. Pace
will qualify-xboforo Judgo Witt and ex?
ecute a bond of ?3O9.O00 for tho faithful
?wn'.n.Vn"^0 of l"5 futios of his ofllce. llo
will tnko charge Monday morning,
v?., , com?ilasloners aro Mesuro. R. A.
Vavedo Androw ?vrouso and W. D. Sel
den, and, as tho returns are all tabulated,
tlior session wll| bo brief an,? .ornuil.
aiio deputies In tho ofllco will qualify
at tho ?amo time and it is understood that
for tho prosent at least, the new treas?
urer will make no changes in tlib oftlce
Tho other candidates Seem to be taking
tho result of tho election philosophically.
Nono of them seemeu downcast. The
manly behavior of Mr. Wood in congratu?
lating tho victor Thursday night hns al?
ready been recorded. Mr. Philips did
likewise, and other followed yesterday.
The subject of Mr. Pace's great run was
widely discussed yesterday and last night,
and while tho election of tho formor bank?
er caused little surprise in any quarter,
yet there was great wonder nt the amioit
unprecedented lead over bucIi a Hold.
Some laid it to ono cause and some an?
other, but after all most every ono wus
willing to admit, if ho d.d not frankly as?
sert It, that tho man's personal popular?
ity had a great deal to do wit . it.
Mr. Paco's actual term will expire to?
morrow night, but he will hold until his
successor is elocted und qualities next
" Of course ho expects to run again, and
will hardly have opposition for re-elec?
tion. ? _
Lively Contest at the Amphi?
theatre Last Night.
Tlie gentlemen's race was won last night
In the big skating rink at tho Reservoir
by Mr. Parker billard, first, and Mr. E.
T, Harley, second. Tho time of tho race
was 3:49. ?;? '- ?
' Robert Frays?r came in first and Wal?
ter Newton second In the one mile race
for boys. Young ?Frayser won in 3:65, bet?
tor timo than that made In threo of tho
four preliminary races for the men.
There wero -fifty-one qualified contest?
ants In the four men's and one boys'
preliminary races. The time made in the
first preliminary was 3:50. Tho boys'
race was second on the programme and
included fourteen boys under fifteen years
old. Tho tim? of tho other threo men's
races were 4:oi,,Z:hS and 3:64, respectively.
Every one ofetho preliminary races was
chock full of excitement, as several of
the skaters took tumbles, but none were
even slightly hurt. It. remained, however,
for tlie boys to stir up the big crowd as
they ran in a bunch for the first half
of the raco.
In the final race there were four en?
tries, winners from the preliminaries.
They wore H; W. Pollard, E. T. Harley,
Parker Dillard and W. C. Alsop. Front
the start Pollard, Harley and Dillard
ran neck and neck, and it was Impossi?
ble to pick the winner until Dillard
grabbed the ropo crossing trie scratch
one and a lud? seconds ahead of Harley.
Those who contested in tho, various
races wero: W. A. Newton, W. French,
William S. McGraw, D. S. Brannan, J.
T. Don Lcavy, J. E. Bramberry, W. F.
Saley, Walter Newton, W. Vaughn, C.
Proflltt, Edwin Harley, Edgar D. Dalton,
Joo Amott, E. Shaughnessey, B, Richard?
son, E, L. Williams, A. Kruse, E. Knight,
Fred. B. Haley, Parker Dillard, A. ?.
Mauzy, F. Torrence, J. Coulter, Tom FIgg,
Peter Paclnl, Frank Dohnrty, Robin, ?Fra?
iler, ?i'. Jackson, A. Page, C, Alsop, R.
R. Little, A. AV. Poole, W. D. Nowberry,
Walter A. Graves, William Straule, Ab'j
Goeshen, Borwent Black, Raphael West
ron, Charlie Smith, Walter Luck, Joe
Burke, Joo Beattie, Archer Rowlett, H.
W. Polllard, J. C. Boasley, Zelton Roths?
child, Philip Turner, E. T. Bass," James
E. Avery, Jr.? J. Jackson.
Tho officials In charge of tho races
were Mr. <W. E. Hooker, referee. G. S.
Blgbio, R. L. Shepherd and R. E. Van
Buren, judges; Mr. T. B. Hicks, Jr.,
tllne-keepor; Mr. J. C. Toddy and Mr. C.
O'Dell, master of numbers; Mr. Owen
Valentine, clerk of th'o course; Mr. J.
Herbert Mercer, starter; Master J. P.
Bront, score-keeper.
Has a High Record.
Charlie Shaffor, tho newly-elected man?
ager of tho Rlchnrond Baseball team in
tho State League next year, Is a man
who can wield the .vlilow with as much
accuracy as any one of the playors seen
on a diamond in the South in the past
few years. In tho South Atlantic Leugue
last year he biffed the sphero a sufficient
numbor of times to land lilrn In the 800
class, and, In addition to this, has a field?
ing average that Is abovo the usual.
Prosidt?nt Wells and Vloo-Preuldent
Bradley think they are quite fortunate In
retaining Mr, Shaffer as manager of tho
Richmond nine in the State League, Mr,
Shaffer will arrlvo here within a short
tinfo and got down to hard work in mak?
ing up a good team for next season,
Custody of Battle Flags.
Lee Camp met last 'night, Commander
O. B, Morgan in the chair.
Comrade W. B. Freeman reported that
the committee see the Governor In regard
to tho custody of tho Confederate battle
flags was arranging matters and hoped
to secure suoh legislation whon tho Gen?
eral Assembly meets as will accomplish
tlie object, .
Rev, Goo. W. McDanloi will preach tho
annual sermon before Lee Cat..p.on Sun?
day, January H ,-.*-?, to which all Confed?
erate organizations are lnvjt?d. Leo Camp
ithd Flokott Camp will attend ?n uni?
form. ? ._
"Jesus Christ?Fact or Fiction,"
. row Robert W, Forsyth, rector of St,
Paul's Episcopal church, will answer th s
mlghiy question at tho Y. M, O, A. men's
meeting to-morrow afternoon. N. Floyd
Feutherston, of Washington, will play
Borne of the old-time gospel hymns on t?io
bells, and Miss Dossa. Mitchell/ will sing,
Tho theme for tlie afternoon Is a timely
pne for tho close of the yoar.
(By Associated Press.) .
ROANOKJ3, VA., December 29.?After
a j-Velltninary hearing In a magistrate's
court at Focuhontas, Va., which, lasted a
part of two days, Benjamin Bead was
lo-day ituit on to the grand Jury-to an?
swer to ths charge of murdering his aged
sister, Mis? Elisabeth Read, who was
found dead In her mountain homo noar
Focuhontas on pecember 18th. The evi?
dence against Read was such that ball
IMS"(t'lnlcd.. . ,, ..,. ~?....-?...m^.^.,^..i
iv. ""^
K you are in the habit of smoking
while dressing, you will appreciate th?
"On and of* like a Ooat."
No tugging and nulling over the
head; no breaking o? bosom.
$1.50 and tip nt the best stores.
White and fancy-fabrics.
ai?ETT. r-EAIlOtiY A f.. TToy. N. f.
Urstit nu?ra of Btltll ?id Call?? I? ih. world,
(Continued from First Page.)
house, and tho cry was taken up every?
where, but Mr. Bryan went on to explain
that It was not land tho Russians nnd
tho Japanese fought for, but their homes,
and, most of all,, their children. n0
complimented the audlcnco on Its slzo
and appearance, and -praised ?10 work of
tho club during tho past year. He was
hftppy to bo among so many merry, care?
free children, and to each of thorn and to
all ho wished a New Year full of pleas?
ure and prosperity.
Gymnasium Class.
Tho phonograph took up the strain,
and a stirring inarch sot feet and hands
to moving In time. Tho moving pictures
were vory enjoyable, particularly thosa
scenes having something to do with the
haps and mishaps of children, of which
there were many, Stirring the little au?
dience to furious appreciation.
The boys' gymnasium class from the
T. M. C. A. appeared liiidor the direction
of Physical Director W. Y. Relthard.
The performance of the entire class de?
serves tho very highest praise The ex?
traordinary agility of the very smalll boy
with chunky shoulders won intenso ad?
miration. Tho occasional refusal of arms
and legs to remove as directed provoked,
appreciative laughter, in which tlio per?
formers themselves Joined. The pyramid
and its sudden and terrifying collapse'
revived memories of the vaunted glories
of the circus side show. The dumb-beH
drill was not spectacular, attention be?
ing given more to precision, but the
German buck exercises were lively. Tho
gamca at'the close, with Mr.... Relthard'
himself on the stage, were vory exciting,
and shrieks of encouragement to the
racers and hand-ball artists manifested
tlie keen interest being takon In ovory
movement.--The class made quite a proud
record for. itself.
Sang "Possum-Pie."
Instrumental 'selections by the West
End Angels, a mandolin and guitar club,
composed of Masters ?nm Harrison,
Charles Rawson,' Harry Lucy, Ren
Holmes, Joe Steinbrecher and Willie
Lucy, followed to the great delight of tho
audlenoe. Master Harry Lucy sang a
comic song, " 'Possum Fie,'' in good
fashion, and then Oeorgio aitu May Lucy
appeared. The little girls were distinctly
the stars of the afternoon. They song
and acted with remarkable cleverness,
considering their age, and the pretty
duets, accompanied by the mandolins and
guitars, would have delighted an audi?
ence of grown people. Tho storm of ap?
plause that greeted them was, perhaps,
the most boisterous and genuine out?
burst of enthusiasm ever heard in the
old Academy.
The exhaustlcss pronograph Kept up,its
good work and the performance. went
merrily on. Moving pictures were shown
again. Miss Kate Fuller won a thou?
sand llttlo friends by her delightful
Btorles In dialect "and other sketches."
The Lucy trio appealed again In a spe?
cialty act and the gymnasium . game?
closed the programme.
Before it departed the audience ex?
tended a rising vote of thanks to the
rr.anngers of the theatro and of the Y.
M. C. A., the West End Angels, Misa
Puller and tho others who had con?
tributed to make tho third T.-D. C, C.
reunion so great a success.
The phonograph used during the per
'crmanco Is called "The Giant." ?and
? about tho largest machine of Its kind
n the city. It Is owned by Mr. Joseph
3'urnor, and with the moving pictures,
ivas operated yesterday by Mr. Turner,
issisted by Mr". Henry Chiles and Mr.
3am Perkins. . .
(By Associated Press.! ?
ALBANY, N. Y., j-ieeemuer 29.?Gov?
ernor HIggins announced to-night that
ha hud received a letter- from Dr. Allen
MteLane Hamilton, of New York!, In
which tho woll-known alienist asked for
oxouutlvo clomency for Albert T. Patrick,
tho Now York lawyer, now in Sing Sing
awaiting execution, for the alleged mur?
der of William Marsh Rico.
"The grounds on. which Dr. Hamilton
has usked me to interfere," said Gov?
ernor lilgglns, "are,- ilrst, that ho be?
lieves there Is no proper evidence thiut
Mr. Rice's death came from unnatural
causes, and, secondly, that no confidence
should be placed In tho testimony of
Jones, the valet, on account of his "con?
flicting stories,"
Governor Hlgglns said he had received
other letters from' othor people through?
out the State, ;who. wore interesting
themselves In Patrick's bohalf. One of
these letters was from former Judge John
F: Dillon, of Now York, who took th?
same groundB as Dr, Humilton, No exao?
utlve action hua. a?, yet been taken ra?
gardlng the letters.
It was announced here to-night that
former President Grovcr Cleveland hsads
tho list of KlGiiatiires to the petition
which Is to bo forwarded to Governor
Higglna next week, asking for clemency
In the case of Albert T. Patrick, who is
now under sentence of deati for tha
murder of Wjlllam Marsh Rico.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, December ?9.*-Tlmt gam?
bling houses und pool rooms In this city
aro as wide, open to-day as ever vine
charged by Dlstrlot Attorney Jerome ?yaa
shown In the Court of G^rral Bcssloas
to-day. It wag whon three men who had
joeh lndlotod for book-making In an'Elsht
Avenue report, pleaded guilty that th?
lisUiot attorney addressed the court.
F'lncs of $100 each ware imposed In these
:asea. . .
- ' a? ? .-. '
Itching, Blind, Bleeding- or Protruding Pilas,.
rour drtir?l?t will refund money If PAZO OINT?,
?-?_UJM.JU9 M" ??M- ??*

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