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the ejtecutlon of ih? law.-, wor? not sln
caro i.-rMu-,. 1k- ?ald, they had lonff been
nw.-.'rr- ?f [he rvnslon of lllOBO fcwB.
Knox Dcaiics Statement.
Mr. K'not was not In tin? Sonate ehavn
ber when referonco wiih mado to hlm,
but ho camr, In beforo the South Carolina
(CnatOT had |irnccedcd far. Ho Inim
dlately lntcrrupted Mr. Tlllmntl, to say to
hlm thnt lm 1'?<1 l*0" cntlrely mlatnken
In saylnfc ho had been nltoiney for thu
Ponnsylvanla Rallroad. "I never sus
tnlnod that relatlonshlp elther pormently
or temporarlly, dlroctly or Indlrectly, at
any tlme durlng my career," he Bald.
He ndded that ho would not conaldor
Btlch oontie.-tlniv at all Improper.
Mr. Tlllmnn expressed satlsfnetlon over
tho detilnl, saylng to Mr. Knox that ho
"would rospcel hlm more for tho balnneo
of hla life."
Contlnulng. the South Cnrolinii senator
snirl th.it tha threo prlnclpnl Ilnea of road
south of the Potmnac were ln a inorgor
which wns eontrollerl by tho Pcnnsylvanln
and the New York Central. .
Ho then spoke of the condltions in West
Virginia, nnd sald that nntwIthstandliiK
Oovcrnor Dawson'B predecossor had called
attentlon to the vlblafTbh of iho l.-tw ln
thut State, the attorney-general had done
nothing about lt. The peoplo were, how
evr-r. bocomlng aroused. "Even the poor
csotted Pcnnsylvanla LeKlslature, owned
body and bouI by tlio Pennsylvanla aml
tho Readlng, had shown .slgns nf life by
adoptlng a resolution aa to tlie ronttol
Of tho ,-oa| output by the rallronrls, ns If
ovcryobdy dld not know thnt tho iinthra
i-ltr. output Is und has been for yc/rs con
trMlori both us tn QUantlty nnd prlce."
llo declared tlie Pennsylvanla Rallroad
to he "the head devll In thn whole pollcy
of mbnopoly." and referrlng to tlie Baltl?
more and Ohio's poliey in West Virginia,
he **1d that road had practlcally told tho
publlc th.-tt I*. might "be dunined."
He declared that a very strenuous cf
fort had been brotmht to bear on tho
Presldent to Rrnnt tn the railrond* tho
prlvllege of appear to tbe court be?
fore the orders of the Interstato Coin
ir.eroe Commission go Into effeet. He had
even henrd that thrcata were belng made
that the Presldent must yield. "lf ho
stands firm nnd doeB not yield, then I
will have more ronfidenre," he added.
Appeals Too Expensive.
Mr. Fornker asked Mr. Tillman if he
dld not belleve there should be provlslon
for review by tho oourts nnd .Mr. Till?
man replled that he belleved in ii if
properly provided for. "Otherwlse," he
said. "the poor devll of a complnman!
wlll br- bully-ragged nnd dragged from
one court to anoflier untll he Is forccd
Into bankruptcy."
!ljlr. Tillman ronfesfed that he waa
n'ot entirely satlsfied with the Hepburn
blll nnd drew from Mr. Foraker the
statement that he would not vote for it.
Tho South Carolina senator then went
on to say that tho Senate waa under a
cloud. nnd should take steps to elear Its
good name. "The newspaper press as
Forlntlons. however. rontrollod. nnd I
have mv susplelons on that polnt." he
said. "have educated tlio peoplo to be?
lleve that Theodote Roosovelt is thelr
pjilv friend here. ftrid tha' the Sennto ls
tpe supple tool Of the corporfitions un
less It takes their IpFo dlxlt."
Ho then told how the Hepburn blll
had hoon gntton through, snytnK thal the
Presldent hnd sald to th" represontatlve
who<=r. namelthe blll bears. "Here, Pete.
take lt and =ft lt through." nnd thnt the
latter. waddllng about through the words
of the blll, bad sworn that there wore
thlncs in lt whlch nro not a?d that
t! ?re aro not thitiRS ln it whh-h nro
i; Big Loopholc in Measure.
Why Bhbnldn't he b'e. suapldous, he
Bj'ked". He declared that the bill had a
Mophole ln lt that a frelght traln mlglu
|,e ili-lven through, .-uid added!
"Yoti'll never stop the devilment tlll
you put some tnilllonnire ln prlson and
put the Btrlpea on hlm."
He said thst he had asked the Inter?
stato Commerce Commission to mako the
iriqulry called for by his resolution. be?
cause. for one reason. the Renate hns
not tho tln:.-. nnd because "we know
bettor how not to do lt than nnybody on
God's green earth."
j^Ho then proce/.ded [o plve reasons why
he?thbught tho Presldent could *nol bo
deptnded upon to serve the Interests of
the people. ln tha! conneetlon he referred
tn formor Attofney-General <"Jrlpps, sny
inc thal Immedlatfly after retiring from
offlce ho had taken the meYger ease of
tho Northern Securltles Company ngninst
tho attorney-general.
Bpeaking of Mr. Morton, Mr. Tillman
said that ho hnd resigned frotu the navy
"with the concesslon of rebate on hlm.
made hy hls own mouth and the proof
hanjiinp over hlm."
"He is pronjniod." Mr. Tlllmnn con?
tinued. "and,inn,d? bead Of the great In
gurance organizatlori In Now York whleh
has t'o.-n m^rb- the ptauiplng ground (or
n? illrty a lot of thleves as evr walkfd
God'B green earth Anrl thoy sent a man
with thl*?clean record and put him In
chartze of these Bcorea of hundreds of
mllllnns whioh aro tho savingB, bo to
Bpeak, of wldowa and orphans who have
pbllcies in that bompany."
"Tet, bere we to," he wont on. "the
White House ls Immaculate. 1 do not
doufu Theodore Rooseyelt's integrlty nnd
patriotiMii. As I stnted the othor dny,
ho i? roonstroual) perauaded by some
people ?ho get around Ifim and 'honby
fuggle' bim with flattery. Whatever thelr
methoris may be he stands by hls firends.
He gave Morton a certlflcate of govern
rn'-nt rhnrartor."
How McCall Got Into Trouble.
Mr. Tillman then roforre.j to a dlnner
recently at the Whlto House to th?
exeeutlve eommltleo of tho Republican
Nationa! Committee. and sald:
"The Presldent haa been elected nearly
r. year and a half. nnd never has lt heen,
found iiecciisary nr dealrable, to brlnj?
theso frlends Of hls, thoae true nnd trled
lleutenantg and counsoiorB ln hls last
race for the presidency, to dlne with.
Lar?e Roductlon in Evperuses Also
Shown Under Present Mnn
The Washlngton I.lfe Insurunoo c,,m
pany la the dr?t to make publlo j(? atl.
nual Htatoniont ln sueh a detailed form
a? to furnlsh the fto-ts ns to Ita affalra
and condltions. The radlca) reductlon ln
expenses accompllBhed by tho preaent
mahagemonl of Ita r-ompany and ita m
sponse vtn the present demand for pub
liclty as to tho affilrs of the llfo com
panlea are worthy of commendation and
Its siati-mont for l&ns is Its first under
the new management, headed by John
Tatlock aa presldenl. Tho most Inter
estl|}g featurea of the stntoni.-nt are a
deorei_<e ln all di?burB?ments last yeaj'
as compared with the prevlouj year of
JS16,25ft; a decrr-ase ln head Offlco snln
rlea of $S9,S74, in tot il boarl ol'lir-,-' ,-x
penhes of f7t'.F.73. and ln agency ex?
pensea of H.S6.630. Tho jncreaso In aa
?eta waa WJ2,867, or w'cir-h }162,(t0 uas
ln the rosorvos.
The earnlngs for poli'-yholdcrs Wore
I142.B7B, Tbe total Income for the y-n
waa J3.63u.tJ33. of whioh 12,176,818 waa
ln r*-nowal? and $271,329 was prenilumi
on new business. Tho amount of n<*w
li.ituranre pald for wus m,882,617, inak
Ing ih* toial amount of insurancij ln
f-ir.-. $>.^.*,fi5,37i. The compuuy fur
nishee to Us pollcyholders n enmplote
llst of the boiids anrl stocks owucd by
tt at tbo ?? i-'i of . thu year.
"Borry'a for Clothea."
St. Valcntino's Day isabout at
hand 'and here is tlie "dress
up" suit at hand, for his first
If he's just turned four, hero's
an $S.OO Suit at $4.70.
If he's nearly six, here's a
$9.00 gem at, $5.73.
If he's twelve, how about a
Man's Tuxedo and Full Dress
Suits that -will make one look
extra vagant wlthout being so.
Tuxedo Suits, $2B.OO and
Full Dress Suits, $30.00.
All tho othor correct full
dress fixings.
Tho Inevltablo conclusloh iu my mlnd,
at leoai lt ought to bo, lf it Is not, ls that
thCBO people were brought togetlier to
confer how the money could be ralscd
to help poor old McCall out of tho liog
into whlch he has sunk and rofund $118,000
Whleh he slole from tho pollcyholdera of
tho Insuranco cohipnny and cpntrlbtited to
ihe campalgn funds of tho National Ro
Uihllran Cbmrhlttee. Por surely thls man
McCall ls not golng to be left In tho lureh
ind run the rlsk of bnnkruptcy or of
being sent to tho penltentlary because
if the fact that lils love for the Repubjl
?an party got Him lnto thls trouble."
He closed ns follows: "The other day
-omeborly here made an nllusion to the
mmparlson between Andrew Jackson and
Presldent Roosev'elt. Let us look at lt.
Andrew Jackson never put Xlcholas
Blddle In his Cablm-t. In his flght
Igolnst the money power, he fought to
iho bltter end. He used no blandish
nenta, ho used no bludgcon. The Prea
rient had no need for any campalgn
'und, but i is lloiitenanta dld, Mr. Bllss
-ollected It. Mr. Cortelyou spent lt. Mr.
'ortleyou Is In the Cablnet, and, as I
<ald. tho trusted friend and utloniey of
he money power ln New York, Mr. I-;ilhu
itoot?1 acknoJwedgo he is a very hrlght
ihd great man. and I admlre him. But
Andrew Jackson never would have taken
is a Cablnel ofllcer a man so closely al
lled wlth Nicholas Blddlo ln the national
Senate's Saving Grace.
"So we lurv,. JJcondHlon in thls coun?
try to-day whlch should make every
thoughtful man jiause io see whether or
not It Ih posslble that tho members of
the Senate have the saving grace and
patriotlsm and regard for their obliga
tlons of offloe. the oaths they took. to
tako up all these queatlohs relatlng to
tlu? public W.elfaro, thls rallway rate
business, thls rallway dlscrlmlnation
liuslness, thls railway monopoly busi?
ness, thls destructlon of prlvato property
A'lthout due proeess of law, simply by
ilenylng tho rlght to shlp coal and ull
that klnd of thlng."
Mr. Tillman suggested an amendment
lo prevent public cnrrlers from ownlng
nny product or nny coal whlch ls to be
shlpped over their llne, "iiuis relieving
us from thls Infcrnal monopoly whlch
now oppresses the llfe blood of Pennsyl?
vanla ln the arithmclte reglon and ls
fiedlng upon the httuminous reglon of
Pennsylvanla and West Virginia und the
Atlantlc seaboard generally, by whlch
they aro he|d up and men compellod
to pay froni one to two dollars a ton or
more than is a Just eompcnsarlon for
their <oal, In order to put moro millions
nnd stolen mllli'ins ln the porkets of Cns
gatt and lils nllles."
Mr. Tlllman's resolutlon was adopted
wlthout 'division or opposlng vote.
[nstructs Interstate Commerce
Commission to Investigate and
Report Remedies for Evil.
(By Aspoclnted Pn^s.)
WASMINGTON, D. C. Pebruary 12.?
Flie Jolnt resolutlon passed by the Sen?
ate to-day for the inyestlgatlon of rall
-oads instructs the Interstate Commerce
Commission to Inquiro:
Pirst?Whether any common carriers,
liy railn ads. BUbJect to the interstate
sorntnerce act, own or have any lnterest
in, by rneans of stock ownershlp in other
sonporations, or otherwise, any of the
coal or othor products whlch they or
nny of them. directiy or through other
companles, whlch they control or ln
which they have an ituerest, carry over
their or any of tboirdlnea aa common car.
Becund?Whether the offlcers of any
of the carriers. aforesaid, or any person
"i- peraona, eharged wlth tha duty nf dl?
irlliutlng can or furnlahlng faclllties
tb shlppors aro Interesled, elther directiy
or Indlrectly, by rneans of stock owner?
shlp or otherwlae. ln corporations or
tpmpanlea ownlpg, operatlng, leaelng "i
otherwiso Intoreated ln .-my coal mlnes,
coal propertlea or any pther trattlc over
tho rallroad* with whlch they or any of
them are conneoted "r i.y whlch they nr
any or them are employed.
Search for Combinations.
Thlrd, Whether thoro ls nny contract,
comblnatlon ln the fprip of trust <>r
'otherwleo, or consplracy ln restrnint of
trade "i- ??"inineri-e among thn aeveral
Statea iu whleh any oommon carrler on
guged iu the tranaportatlon of bltuml
I10US eoal or other prodUUta is Inter
onted, or to whleh lt Ih a party; and
whether any such common carrler mo
nopollzes or attempt* t<< monopollze or
comblnas wr conaplrai, ivlth any other
enrrler company or comp&nlca, person
or perbons to morwpOlls? any part of
iho trada "f co'iriniercf in bJtumlnom
coal, or other traflle a'moi ?,?? th. .-. -.. ral
.States, or wlth f,.i.-lgi, natlon*, nnd
whether or not, and if w ." what ? v
lcnt such Carrlora o, any or th.-m ll.nlt
und control dlrer.tly or Indlroctly tho
oulput of eoal inl.Ks ?i- tt,.- Drlc? "f coal,
('oiiimls-loli shall Iind th#t ll;.- I ?' ls u
forth hi the .tiiic paragrapl > ?bm i .
expl'll, the.l thut ll I,'- I r>.-..| M'|ll)l
lo report as to their *ff( ' 'in "i i
glllleoj public UH eons utiii ..i .,f.i ,'h ,,
and ollur prodn.'ls.
Report Car Distribution,
i-iiih .'l'h.a ..uil comiiiliwlou bc Ulsu
Congressman from Missourl.? Wllllam T. Tyndall was born In Chrlstlan couniy.
Mo.. January 16, 1802, He was renred on a farm nnd recelvcd nn ncademlc
educatlon. After leaving school he tauglit for twelve years: bo studied law and
wns adtnlttod to tho bar ln JKt'3. Mr. Tyndall waa appolnted postmaater at Spnr
tn, Mo.. under Renjnmln llnrrlsnn. nnd also under Wllllani McKlnley. Ho waa
married in 1831 nnd hus four children.
reriuired to Invostlgate and report tho
system of car dlatribtitlon In effeet upon
tlie several rallway llnes engngod ln tho
tranaportatlon of bltuinlnoiiH conl or
othor producta as nforosnld, and whether
sald systems aro falr and equltable, and
whether the same nro carrlerl out fnlrly
and properly; and whether said carrlers
or any of thoni dlscrlmlnate agalnst
shlppors, or partles wlshlng to become
ahippers over thelr several Ifnes',elther
ln the matter of dlstrllnitlon of cars
or In furnlshlng of facllltlcs or instru
mentalltles connected with tlio recclving.
foiwarding or carrylng of coal as aforo
The commission is also requlred to re?
port remodlos for the evils if they-cxlst,
to report nny pertlnent faets or ron
cluslons nnd to make the investigation
al its carllest eoiivenicnee.
Senators, in Minority Report,
Contend Platt Amendment Sup
ports Isle of Pine Residcnts.
(By Assoclated Press.)
WASHINOTON. February 12.?The Sen
ate in executlve sossion, tojday .made
public the majorlty and minority 'reports
from the Committee on Forelgu Relatlons
on the treaty cedlng to Cuba tho tltle
of the Isle of Plnes. The majorlty vfewa
substantlally ns glven In the majorlty
report alrendy have hoen puhlishod. The
minority report. whlch is slcrned by Sen?
ators Morgan and W. A. Clark*, upholds
the. contentions of' Am'ericans who havo
investorl on the Island, that they wore
warranted ln rloing so by tho lunguage
nf the Platt amendment. and the Cuban
I'onstltution ns well nn eu-rly-iinnounco
tnents made by Assiatant'Sflcretnry of
War Melkeljohn thnt the tltle wns vested
in the Unlted States by the treaty of
Paris. The minority report adds that
If the Island ls turned over to Cuba it
wlll be unsafe to leave Amerlcana there,
for If they wero maltrcated thls govern?
ment would be compelled to protect
thr-m. It 1b stnted that from the hour
thls government agaln sent soldlers to
Cuba the destlny nf that republlo would
be that of Ireland or Egypt, and tho ro
publlc would dlsappear.
Senator Morgan. who. draifed the re?
port.' contends that the adjustment of
tlme in fact amounts to a sale whlch
Congress alone is empowered to make.
(By Assoclated Preas.)
WASHINOTON, D. C., Februury 12.
President and Mrs. Ronsevdlt entertalned
a large party of frlends at the Whlto
House to-nlght to colebrato Mlss Allee
Roosevolt's twonty-second blrthday. Many
ot Mlss Roosevelt's younger frlends at?
tended. nnd Mr. Longworth was able to
be preaent.
Followlng the dinner thero was a musl
(By Assoclated Press.)
WASHINOTON, February 12.?Repre
sentntive Sparkmnn (Flnrlda) Introduced
a concurrent resolutlon to-day autltor
Izlng tlio Presldent to Issuo proclamatlons
askttiK States to partlclpato In an ox
posltlon to lio held at Tampa, Fln., ln
livis. Tho resolutlon also provldes for
naval partlclpatlon ln tho exposltlon and
for tbe Issuance of an Invltntlon to
forelgu powers to send exhlhlls. The.
exposltlon is to ospeclally einphuslze tha
Irnportance to the world of tho T?tlimlan
Canal, nnd to hasten Its completlon.
l<razier Succeeds Patterson.
(Hy Awocfiitetj Presi.)
WASHINOTON. T).- C., February 12.?
Senator Fraaler haa bnen .deslgnated to
(UI tho vacancy on tho Prlvllegos und
Klectlons Committee, onuued'hy tho rea
iKnntlnii of Sonator Pattorson.
Wedding Gifts.
f?0'R MORE than one hundred
* (100) yea>-s it has been sulfi
cient guarantee of the quality of an
article to know that it was bought at
All Corrcspondenoe Glven Careful At?
Goodn sent on Approval, Exprcn Pre
Jewellerq, Sllvommlths, Statlonere.
1107 Rannsylvanla Avanito,
Wnjihlnj?tun. D. C.
Horrid House Members Make
Ftin of Adams's YVife
Beater.s Measure.
One Rude Representative Wanted
to Mo*lify Mcasure to Apply
to Wife Chasens.
(By Assoclated Press.)
WASMINOTON, D. C, February 12.?
The House to-day had sport with the blll
to establlFh a whipping post for wlfc
beaters In the District ot Columbla, and
then lald it on ihe table. t-ffectively dis
poslng of it ,by ,?.. vote of 162 -to -60.
Among thoso who v.oted ugalnst laylng
the Adams whlpplng-post blll on the
table were: Bartlctt (Oeorgla), Brant
ley (Oeorgla). Bell (Oeorgla). Galnds
(Tennessee). Houston (Tennessee), How
ard (Oeorgla), Jones (Virginia), l^imh
(Virginia), Lee (Georgla), Llvlngston
(OeorglaI. Pou (North Carollna). Rlxcy
(Virginia), Kniall (North Caroljna).
The most linpassloned speech for tho
meusure was delivered by Mr.- Hephurn
(Iowa). who deplcted thebrutallty of the
mnn who would beat his wlfe,.and declared
that to be whipped was hardly adequatq
punishment. Mr. Adama opened the dls
cusslon wlth a serlous speech in favor
of the hill. All of the opposlng speeches
partook of levlty, and Mr. Adams re?
ceived more than one fllng because he ls
a bachelor.
?Mr. Slms (Tennessee), opposlng the
blll, predlcted that It would get ono voto
only ln the House. While the Presldent,
he said, had advocated Increased pun
Ishrnent for wlfe-beaters a -year 'ago, ho
Is a year older now, and'Trls'last mos
sage said nothing about "ft. He made a
further polnt that the report of the local
chlef of pollce lndlcated thnt "common
law wlves and other females" received
most of the beatlngs.
"Home one has suggested we nmend the
blll to apply to wlfe-chasers,' he declared
further; "1 don't know who that would
Por filve mlnutes Mn. Stanley (Ken?
tucky) made fun of the_ 'blll.". uhd'.Jncl.r
dentnlly took Mr. Adams to task for
never marrying. Jt was, ho sald, "a
brutal mensureof brutalisdng a brute."
All the arguments in defense of tho In
struments of torture burled one hundre.!
years ago wlth barbarlsm, he sald, would
apply to thls blll.
Mr. Gaines (Tennesseo) asked what tho
gentteman would do if he wero to witne&s
a husband heating his wlfe.
Cowed By Red Heads.
"It would depend," replled :Mr. fltdnley,
"on the husbnnd and tho wlfe; If sho was
red-heudfd, even my Southern ch'lvalry
would not tempt too to interfere."
Mr. Bartboldl (MIssourl) offered aevoral
nmehdmenta. Ono to put on tho ruck a
man gullty of nnn-isupport ot his famlly;
one tlmt a wlfe deserter should bo plricliod
wlth red-hot tongs; another pennllzes
?ovory man over twonty-flve yeara of ago
who rofuaes to tako a wlfor and provldes
that he shnll stand ln tho- plllory, a'nd
nfter six months, if ho stlll refuso, he1.
ahnll bo burned at tho atake. Theao
nmondmonts wero recelvod wlth hllarlty.
The Parker hill, roriulrlng the return of
fr.ilght rebates, wm, passed; nlso a meas
uro relatlng to court procodtiro. Tho ro
bate blll provldea; that whon a rebnto
hus been received wlth gullfy knowlcdge,
ll Is u violntlon of "law, und double the
amount is to be retjirned by the reclplent,
and half nf this amount ls to gn to the,
Informant. The blll wan, fnyored by Mr.
Chiyton (Alabumn) nnd Mr. Brarjtioy
(Contlnued from Plrst Page.)
comnilt hlmself to olthor candldute for
the place.
"Ben Blomp" ls stlll good advlce to
any npplioaiit for a place- uuder tho
national imvcrnnionl ln Virginia.'.
May Kill Richmond Industry.
A well known Itlchmond man who was
hero to-day says tho-stookholclera of the
Amorlcan Kthor Company. of Richmond,
aro rippoaed to iho blll, .whlch seeks to
romovii iii,. tax frotli donaturlzed ulcohol
l"1 uhi li) iho irados. Al'dhol enters
largoly lnto tho mituufuoturn of ethur,
l"ii tlmt niiiuufiicturmVby the.-Rlchmond
couccin ,l? not' mado from ulcohol. The
proecaa umployod la aecrot, and other l?
??-_?_?_?_????? -?-?_-???
? > mmm m . ? ?? ir . n rfc^??_? ii.
This is the only store in Richmond selling
New Spring Suits for Boys and Youths at
sale prices. Here are some interesting itenrt^
Youths' Sjuits in the new spring patterrisr of
good, sturdy material, serges and cheviots in
light and dark shades, the "Ajax" make, the
best in the market and new with us, aq i>a
sizes up to 21 years at a sale-price.eJ?Ml"
Boys' Suits, in sack and double-breasted,
same material as used for men's fl?o rn
clothing, and extra good value, at-veJ.tfw
Boys' Suits, in nobby styles and of durable
fabrics, were up to $5.00, now tagged. ?a nn
Boys' Suits that were up to $4.00, tfn jft
price on red tag .T-? ?
Boys' Caps that were 50c, at half orn
. Boys' 25c Knee Pants, the red tag |/?_
Curtains, Porticrcs, Rugs, etc.
Not too early to turn your thought toward
Spring House Cleaning. These items ought
to make you begin work NOW.
$4.50 Lace Curtains, sale price, per.
pair .
$5.00 Rope Portieres, now to sell 09 /?n
$1.70 Couch Cover, red tag price, ... $1,39
$3.75 Smyrna Rugs bear a red tag &n oa
with .W.OtJ
$1.50 Fur Rugs will sell like hot
cakes at .
$4.00 Skin Rugs, something you'll fl>o qo
like for your floor, and only.vu?o(3
$1.50 Moquette Rugs tagged at .-?1.19
$2.80 Smyrna Rugs, very striking pat- aj qQ
tern, bcars a red.tag with.,.. .**???
NOTICE.?Store will Open at 9 A. M., and will be Closed forOne Hour
from 1 to 2 o'clock, to arrange stock.
Second and Broad Streets.
Out-of-town patrons can shop by mail. Send your order, and same will
receive immediate attention.
produced in Rlchmond much more cheiip
ly than elsewhere. There Is no other
plant of the klnd In tho country. lf al?
cobol be admltted freo, ethcr can be pro?
duced more cheaply, probnbly, thnn it is
now produced by the rieeret procoss used
ln Rlchmond. and tho lndustry in tha
Virginia clty wlll be killed. The plant
ls not adapted to tho manufacture of
other from alcobol, so thnt lf the pendlng
blll ?hniild becomo a law, the Virginia
entorprlsc would go out of business.
Tho blll ln pendlng In the Committee
on WavH and Means. Several hearlng*
have been had on it. The temperanee
people are opposlng lt on the ground that
the denaturlzed alcohol would be. used
for drinklng purposes, which would result
In chcaper drunks belng furnlshed tho
people. .
Colonel Cabell Undeterminerl.
"I have not declded whether I shnll he
?i candldat'e for the nomlnation for C'on
gcesn thls fall," sald Colonel Oeorge C.
Cabell, of Norfolk. to The Tlmes-DIspatch
correspondent to-day. "I have been re
qnested by many frlends In Norfolk and
the countles of the Second Dlstrlct to
make the race. agalnst Mr. May/iard. hut
1 have not marle up my mlnd. I havo a
good law practlce. and 1 am in doubt
whether I can nfford to glve lt up to re
enter polltlcs. Polltlcal life haa Its at
tracllons, but lt also haa gravo draw
hat-ks It is naturni that I should deslre
tn serve. ln Congress, as my ta.ther wib
here for a number of years, and 1 may,
"lt Ih generally belleved that Colonel
Cabell wlll mako the attempt to defeat
Mr. Maynard. There nro Indlcations that
he wlll make a strong run, at lcast. He
Ih sald to huve wme strong supporters
ln the coifnties of tho diBtrlct, especlally
ln Prlncess Anno and Southampton. One
of the most Influentlal men in tho latter
county ls Hon. Joh'n Sebrell, who, was for,
some time a law partner of ColonelX'abell,.
iind is stlll hls warm friend.' -TrfrS Cabell
is sald to bo comparatlvely -btrpng in
Portsmouth also. Hls friends. clalm ha
wlll carry Norfolk clty by a Jarfco ma?
jorlty. Ho Is weak ln Islo of Wlght.
.. *? ?,.-'.
Federal Appointments.
(e-rom Our Rogular Coivospondent.)
WASHINGTON, V. C. Fobruary 12.
Vlrglhla postniiisterB nppolnted: Bnrth
wir-k, TJlnwIddlo county, Krnost Benlilo,
vice Kato.M. Lowls, .roslgned/, Critten
*deii,;NanHOmond county, Henry; X.. Btish,
vlco -z'-i W. DonnlB, romovcdj,. XEUerson,
Hunovev county, Lllllo B. Davenport.
vjce A R. Ellerson, removed; Sandy,
Huppahunnock county. Wllllarn Deai-lng
icb. 0.:w. Wllllams.
llural carriors appolnted: Virginia
Abingdon, routo, 3, John P.'. Summers.
earier Joo: Sandoe. substltuto.
North Carollna-Sairubiiry, routa 1, John
A.' filoop, carrler, Wllllarn Rlchlo, suh
Longworth Takes a Drive.
' (By Af>i?ocintod Pruss.)
WA8HINGTON, D. C., Kqbruary 12.?
RepreBontative Nlcholas Uongworth haa
bo far reeovorod from hls rooent attack
of tonsllitls as to be able to tako a short
drlvo to-day. Mr. Longworth wns present
in the Houso to-day and wns warmly
congratulated. _ ?
(By Assoeinted Press,.)
WASHlNa'TON, ?l.-ehrmvry,12.-The Pres?
ldent to-day sent tho followlng nomlna
tlons to the Seimto:
Postmastora: ???..<
North Carollna-C. W. Tcague, West
Durhami W. Ln Wnre, Klng's Mountaln.
virglnla-C. M. Keeael, Ha'rrlsonburg;
C \ llnrt Roanoke; W. H. ^aulknes.
South Boston; R. A, Fulwller,,Sttuinton.
MENT fulla io curo you In 6 to U oays. wo.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
ADBXANDRIA. VA.. Feb. 12.-One of
the most extenalve rellglous revlvals
w-hlch hasover taken place In Alexandrla
has Just closed under the lead of Rev. Dr.
Biackwell, of Norfolk. About sixty bap
tlsms took place Sunday night ln the pool
at the Washlngton Street Baptist Chureh.
BOYDTON. VA.?An unoccuplcd dwel?
ling on the Eagle Polnt farm. about six
miles from here. one of the oldest about
here. wus burned about 7 o'clock last
CHESTKRFIEI.D, VA.-One hundred
and forty-elght iicres, a few mllea from
the Courthouse, the estatc land of Wllllam
J. Horner, deceased. sold hero to-day for
Jo.ToO. Pliie trees, the gold mlne of Chos
terfleld county, accounts for this und
other good sales recently made.
El'nthA MH.U, VA.?Mra. E. P.
Danlel, of Charlotte Courthouse, Sunday
night fell upon the Ice In her yard aud
broke the small bone ln her leg Just above
tho ankla.
Neill. who claims to he chlef cook of tho
United States army, has raleed an lnter
oatlng polnt in connection wlth tho "Jlm
Crow" street car law. He hna coma out
with thls statement: "l am a negro, and
do not mlnd havlng tho people pf my rncc
nlaccd In a car togcther. but l object to
belng put wlth the half-whlte man. Upon
thls ground 1 propose to take thls mattor
up wlth the government and provent 'Jlm
Crow' curs from runnlng on the reaer?
vation at Old Polnt,"
NO.RFODK, VA.-C. L. Quaglo and A.
Mluzler, two of three Unlted Stntes sall
ors, who, lt is alleged, broke lnto tho M.
H. Princo saloon, Avon and Washlngton
StrcotB, early yesterday morning, und
helped themselves to drlnks, were to-day
sent on to tho March grand jury upon tho
chnrge of househreaklng nnd larceny.
ROANOKE, VA.-James Hunt, a prps
perous Roanoke county farmer, resldlng
in Mason's Cove, came to Roanoke last
Wednesday-wlth a large sum of money on
hla person. 'Ho .hns heen missing sincQ and
his famlly are greatby dlaturbcd over hla
fhyaterioua "disqppearance,
(By Asaociated Preaa.)
WABHINOTON. Feb. 12.-The bld of
Solomon .t Company. Corrioltua; Vander
bllt, J. G. Whlte & Compnny, all of New
York; Charles M. Swlft. Detiolt, .wlth
whom. are assoclated the^^ernatron.i
Banklnc" Corporation, H. R. WHrton and
ireldelbach,>lckelhelmer & Company, has
been accepted by the Phlllpplne goyern
inent for the concesslonary contrnets or
?ri-irtta for the constructlon, malntenanro
and operation o?f railrondsJn the islanda
of Negroa, Panay and Cenu.
(By Aasoclated Iress.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, February 12.
A stntoment isauod by the Postofflce De?
partment to-day' shows tho gross re?
celpts of tbo flfty largest postofflces ln
tho Unlted States for January, llHlii. to
have boen $7.118,6S9, na against W.260,360
for 1006, or an increase.of nearly 14 por
Atlanta, Oa.. showed the largost gain,
wlth un Incroaao of nearly 27 per cent.
-.'? ?
(By Assoclated PreBS.)
CHARDESTO.N, W. VA-. Feb. 12.?Dan?
lel l.ends waa burned to death and a loss
of $110,000 was caused to-dny by a flro
whlch orlglnated ln a room |n tho Lowhi
building at St. Albans. W. Va. The Bup
tist Clvuroh, tho Lewls hullding and sov
oral stores wero destroyod. St. Albans. a
town of 2.000 peoplo, waa vlslted a fow
dii'ys ago by a fire that dostroyed most
of tho huslnoBs section, and caused prop?
erty loss estlmated nt over 1100,000..
i .? . ii,,i
Bitter-Sweet. '
Frunkllri: You mtist tako the bitter
wlth tho sweet.
" Penni 1 see that you have klHsed palnt
ed ohoeka?PUIlaclelphla Telegraph.
President Sends Greeting to
Michigan: "American Public
Wants Leaders."
(By Assoclated Press.)
GRAND RAPIDS. MICH.. February 12.
At the fourteenth annual banquet of tho
Llncoln and Young Men's Republican
Clubs, licld to-nlght, tho speakers were
Postmaster-General Cortelyou, Ambassa?
dor Nabuco , of Brazll; Mlnlsters Corea,
of Nlcaragua; Wnlker-Mertlnez, of Chile,
and Quesada, of Cuba. and Congressman
J. Adam Bede, of Mlnnesota.
Cotjgressman Wllllam Alden Smlth read
n greeting from Presldent Roosevelt.
whlch was cnthusiastlcally cheered. tho
polnt that received most cheers belng the
assertlon that the American public wanted
leaders, not bosses.
Postmaster-Genersl Cortelyou declnrerl
that the day of the lioss in American
politics is on tho wone, oxpressed hla
beHef In rewardlng party service, and In
opening the door of opportunlty to every
worthy uspiniiit for public station, nnd
"Our polltlcal campaigns must be oon
ducted upon the hlgh piano of prlnclple,
In whlch tho fullest dlscussion'of pollcles
shall bo encotiraged, but In whlch mlsrep
resentatlon and ahuse of opponents shall
have no part."
Lincoln Dinner in New York.
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK. February 12.?The twen
tloth annual Llncoln,idlnner of the Re
pilhllcan. Club, of New. York, was held
to-night at the Waldbrf-Astorla. Repre?
sentatlvo J. T. McCleary, of Mlnnesota,
was among the speakers.
That the Unlted States need not lowor
the tariff on products now Imported from
Oermany.f.or fear that our export trado
to that country wlll be rulned if such a
tariff reductlon Is not made. was Mr. Mc
Cleary'a contentlon. Ha sald the German
markot would not be entirely lost. and
mentloned cotton ns one of our producta
wliiob would remnln on the free llst of
tho new German tariff law.
(By Asaociated Press.)
TAMPA. FLA.., February 12,-C. R.
Hawk, edltor of the Tampa Dally Herald,
was flned one hundred dollara for eon
tumpt of court to-day by Judgo Gordon
lu the Criminal Coiirt and the Judge
ordered Sherlff JackBoh to hold the edltor
In eustody untll the fine waa pald. ?
Last Wodnesday tho Herald publlsbed
nn edltorln! assortlng that Judge Gor?
don had reserved eentence on several
persons who had plended gullty to gam
bllng, ln order that he might sound
public sentiment and make his sentence
utcordtugly. Hawk has been In the
aherlff's ofllce ln eustody all day, tht)
flno not belng forthcomlng. Lnto thls
afternoon the attorneys for Hawk aa
cdred a wrlt- of habeos corpus from
Judgo Wallace, but the case hus not yet
been henrd.
Cheap Enbugh.
"Isn't lt ridiculous," began Henpeck,
"to say 'talk ls cheap' when us a matter
of fact ~?"
,"OI T don't know,' lnterrupted Newitt,
"I can take you to a placo where you'd
get dead loads of it and a shavn thrown
ln for.ten cents." .
? ?^__??^-? .
Dlugglsts rofund money lt It falls to cure. B.
\V, ORQVB'B slgnuturo la on each box. C5c

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