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[President of United States Urges
Young America to Follow
Jap\s Sagacity.
Considers Sunflower Soldiers Al?
most Paramount in Patriotism
and Pugnacity;
(By ?associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, ?'. '"., February 27.
Prtsldenl Roosevelt him addressed to the
Secretary o? War, who ?ins promulgated
i ., Batne in n general order, a letter
reciting the ach? vem?nts <>f ?lie Japaneso
admiral, Togo, during tho lato war be
twt'i.n Japan and Russia, and repeating
for tho benefit ol American soldiers and
pallors the address Issued by that admiral
upon the conclusion of the war. The
point oi" the President's litter Is tho
recesshy o? keening the personnel ot tho
nrrnj and navy at the highest pitch In
tlin?.- of peac.'. In order lo be prepared
for war.
Strenuous Stuff,
The text of the Presidents' letter Is as
"The White House,
"Washington, L?. C. Feh. 2L 1908.
'?The Secretary at War,?In the re?
cent war In the East, Admiral -Togo
took his placo among the' great sen
lighters ?if all time. His message to
the united squadron which he com?
manded on tho occasion o? Us dlspersnl
at the close of the wnf, Is so note?
worthy that 1 deem it proper In have
It Inserted In a general order ?>f tho
?h part ment.
"Tlie qualities which male?, a for
mldable fighting man, on sen or on
shore, und which therefore make a
, formidable llrmy or navy, are the
mim?, for all nations. The Individual
men must have the lighting edge; there
must be In them courage, determina?
tion, Individual Initiative, combined
with willingness tu learn and subordi?
nation of self, together with physical
address. In order Hint thoy may form
the nufT out o? which, In the nggre
gato, good armies and navies are
made, but, in addition lo this, there
must bc^prcparedness; there must be
thorough training In advance. Every
American officer and imitated man.
whether serving In the army or the
navy, Bhould keep ?ver before his eyes
the fact Ihui he will not be lit thor?
oughly to ?lo his work in the event of
war unless In peace he has thoroughly
done the work of preparing fut- war.
If in pence the soldier nnd the sailor
abandon themselves to ease and sloth,
when war comes they will go down be?
fore rivals who have been less self
indulgent. Nor Is It only the men of
the army and the navy who should
constantly remember these facts. In
a great self-governing republic lik??
our?, the army and the navy can he
only so good as the mass of the people
wish them to he. The citizens of
our country owe It to themselves and to
their children and their children's chil?
dren that there shall he no chance of
hnving the national honor tarnished,
the nntinii.il flng stained with aught
that is discreditable.
Responsibility of Natives.
"The men of the army and the navy.
In any gnat crisis, such as even the
most peaceful nation may at times
have to face, will he those upon
whom the especial responsibility will
re.sl of keeping ihft nation's honor
bright and unsullied. They cannot ?lo
this if the nation does not exercise
forethought on their behalf. We must
have an adequate navy and an ade?
quate army In point of size; they
must be provide?! with Hie most effec?
tive mechanism In tho form of weapons
and other material; above all, they
must be given ev.i'y chance In time
of peace to train themselves so that
they may he adepts In handling tho
mechanism, and be fitted in body and
in mind, unflinchingly, to ?lo the tre?
mendous tarain .'?Tul hear the tremen?
dous responsibility of war."
Th.? President here ?mules the address
pf Admiral Togo, omitting, he say?, cer?
tain allusions having no hearing on our
londltions, and concluded as follows:
"I commend the above address to
every man who Is or may be a part of
the fighting force of the United .?tales.
and to ever} man,, who believes that
If ever, unliupplly, war should come.
It should be so conducted as to relict '
credit upon the American nation.
(S : ?Kill
(Continued From First Page.)
name of a Mr, "? . has I.n
mentioned for the ;,<>?ui<m ??
Has, Thirteen Children.
"Ves." said mi- of H-- ladles, people
say you will api oint him bi cause he
ha? thirteen child!', n."
"That Is a gdjPd recommendation," said
the President, who evidently saw thi
hi ? ior of tho situation.
"Well. ? v..., 1,1 like.,? 10 you that
I a:i. : - niot) w o
liti il to In -.. idam,"
Pi ' leni 'n li . ? cordial
n -.? per, and . xti-ndlm* - mil. ho
?n of th elndy ????:?. - hi j im?
parted the interesting Information, and
shook It heartily.
And so the battle-door and shuttle-cock
of conversation went back and forth for
some minutes, nnd finally the Indies camo
away. Tiny evidently enjoyed th?'visit
less than did the President. Ho did
not nssuro them that he would nppol.it;
Mr. Burroughs: In fact. It looked to tin
visitors (hut he wns inclined to nolect
?Mr. Lawrence Washington for the plncc.
The lutter Is a descendent of George
Washington. . *
Senator Daniel presented to the Senate
to-day the credentials of Senator Martin
as senator from Virginia for the term
beginning March 1, 190". The credentials
are sighed by Governor Swnnson and are
nt tested hy D. Q. Egglcstoil, Secretary
of the Commonwealth. Tlu-y nie dated
Fcbrunry 1, 1906, the day Governor Swan
son was inaugurated.
The llnii.se Committee on Industrial
Arts and Expositions will take up the
Jamestown exposition appropri?t Ion bill
to-morrow morning at 30 o'clock, Sec?
retary Taft, Secretary Shaw and Assis
nnt Secretary Newberry, representing
the Navy Department, will appear before
tho committee. It is understood that
.-ill these officials want to see the govern?
ment well represented on the shores as
well as en the waters 'f Hampton Roads
next spring.
Houive Determines Not to Do
Away With Lieutenant-Gen?
eralship in Army.
(By Associated Press.3
WASHINGTON. I"*ebruary 27.?Military
matters held the attention of tin- Houco
to-day, the army appropriation bill being
under consideration for amendment.
Thai General Corbin and General 11c
Arlhur become lieutenant-generals, tho
provision in tho bill abolishing that rank
was eliminated on a point of order raised
by Mr. Grosve.nor, of Ohio, who sub?
stituted an amendment to abolish tho
grade after these officers bad been pro
iiioied, but this, too, mot defeat.
Members of the Appropriations Com?
mittee disputed tlm right of the Military
Committee to appropriate for ?in appar?
atus I'm* lire control of field artillery,
but without success.
Only eight of the fifty pages' of the
bill wen- passed upon when the House
Ah its first business, the House passed
the Dalzel! lull, chartering the Lake
Erlo and Ohio Ship ("anal Company with
an authorized capital of ?tjO.OO^iOOO.
On meeting, the House ordered can?
celled ami destroyed a resolution of In?
jury purporting to have been Introduced
by Mr. Van Duster (Nevada), but which
!:? repudiated. The resolut Ion called on
the state Department fur the report of
Herbert D. Pierce regarding the- con?
dition of consulates hi the Orient.
.Mr. 'Adams (Pennsylvania) moved the
action; and Mr. Williams (Mississippi)
read a letter from Mr. Vnn Duzo'r stat?
ing he had never henni of the resolution.
Mr. daines (Tennessee) complained
that the House hail been trifled with by
bo mo une. ?nul ho thought an Investiga?
tion should be made.
.The readltifi pi tho army bill was In?
terrupted by ?Mr. Crumpacker,.who raised
an Inquiry which developed a lively turn
of debnte.
Mr. Crumpacker had read in U?Q papers
the einig" that $30,400,000 had been
-.wasted by army officer^ who bought use?
less apparatus, scientific and otherwise.
Including dying machines telescopes, etc.
Mr. Hull replied that the Committee on
-?Military Affairs had never authorized fly-'
' ing machines; >?ui that Hying machin?s
were ?.peeltteally authorized In the fortl
. flcatli n appropriation bill: "I regard fly?
ing mac! i?? - as absolutely absurd," he
\ said. "1 am ii"' - ?lon'ttnc man, but o
. n eli thai ? 111 lly t?. the bottom or
. tho ii". " :?:? llull conclud??l the in
; eilt,.nt with ;i Mtntemont that no mon<,y
: had bnci wanted I" scientific or (isoles*
although much money liad
? been sjicnt, as !t turned ?tit later, uso
' |j ,.. buj ing supplies which wen- nt
asIBM?W p?_?
e turn of fortune's wheel im
rishes ten where it enriches one.
: ? ent, intelligent saving and
inve-f-.ent bring a competence to
' :ry to none.
>, ?v..,, ???JUiy lu ??_.??-. ^ /<_~I-j
Live well within your income, save -^K/y
J331C. deposit your savings here and ^?Mc\
seme, deposit your savings
future- prosperity is insured. .
3 per cent, compound interest,
It is as easy to bank by mail as per?
Planters National Bank,
Savings Department.
Richmond, Va.
Cap it ?t I, - -
Surplus and Profits,
lownd to wasto from lack of proper care,
and In the depreciation of equipment.
Understanding Reached Regard?
ing Embryonic Western
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, February 27.?The
Senate to-day agrood to voto on th'i
Statehood bill ho foro adjournment on
Friday, March 9th. Tho proposition !n
take the Vot? at that time was made 1>y
Mr, Heverldgo and there was little diffi?
culty In reaching an understanding. The
suggestion Immediately followed a speech
In support favorable by Mr. Hopkins,
during the coursa of which Mr. Halo
suggested that the territories .vero not
lire-pared for statehood and suggested that
their admission be deferred.
Thc remainder of the day was dovoted
to the discussion of the bill providing for
the settlement of the affairs of the five
civilized tribes of Indians, the major por?
tion of tho time being given to the pro?
vision for the ?ilsposal of tho coal lands
in Indian Territory.
Federal Matters.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, February 27.
Patents Issued;
Virginia?Bryan Hollnday, Richmond,
nursery bottle; Martha E. John, Ports2
mouth, car fender; Edward J. Willis,
Richmond, electric machine.
North Carolina?William S. Hnlloy.
Spring Hope, Rwltclr; John A. Marquortlt,
Ashevllle, adjustable fly screen.
Postmasters appointed:
Virginia?BIckloy Mill, Russell county.
Charles H. Cross, vice J, M. Dickinson,
removed: L?>gg. Wise county, William H.
Clay, vice F. M. Clark, resigned; News
Ferry, Halifax county, David E. Moore
field, vice S. S. Webster, removed, Pen
ver, Giles county, Arabclle G. French,
vice J- A. Crocker, resigned; Poplar, Nel.
son county, James C. Harris, vice Flor?
ence. Harris, resigned.
North Carolina?Applewhite, Colunvlbus
county, Milton A. Rordeau, vice R- C.
Applewhite, resigned; George W. Ilodg??
appointed regular, Charlie W. Hodge sun
rural carrier, Route 4, at Rutherfordton,
N. C.
(By Associated Press.)
llam Nelson Cromwell and Senator Mor?
gan measured legal minds all day be?
fore the Senate Committee on Inter
oreanlc Canals, and in a drawn battle ad?
journed until to-morrow. Mr. Morgan
pursued the witness relentlessly concern?
ing his relations with the Panama Canal
Company, asking many skillful questions,
which were as skillfully evaded. Mr.
Cromwell drew a line between his ac?
tions since the transfer of the canal prop
rty to the United .States and before tho
transfer, and declined positively to an?
swer any questions concerning the earlier
period. At the close of the day Mr. Mor?
gan had brought out a scheme for the
Americanization of the Panama Canal
Company, which promised to furnish thc
subject for nil Interesting examination.
(By Associated Press.)
SPARTANBCRO. S. C, Feb. 27.-The
annual convention of the Trl-State Medi?
cal Association, composed of physicians
of Virginia, and North anil South Caro?
lina, began at Whlt'stone Springs this
morning, Olllecrs will be elected t?-mor
rcw. Norfolk, Va., was selected as the
next meeting-place.
(By As-soelated Press.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.-AU hough hold?
ing that certain combination rites on no
troleum are unjust and unreasonable,
thereby working n practical monopoly In
favor of the Standard Oil Company, the
I Interstate Commerce Commission to-ilay,
in an opinion by Commissioner Prnuty.
confessed itself to be without authority
to grant the relief sought, and dismissed
the petitions.
The cases canre up on the petitions of
the Fred. C?. Clark Company against tho
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern "Rail?
way Company and others and the Wuver
ly Oil Works against the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company and others, alleging
unjust nnd unreasonable rates and dis?
crimination In the transportation of oil.
In these cases the New York, New Haven
and Hartford Railroad Company was the
principal defendant.
(By Associated Press.3
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27.?Representa?
tive Southall (Virginia) introduced ?i bill
to-day providing for an Jii.?.fJO.) addition to
tile postofllce building at Petersburg, Va.
Griggs Gets in Field.
(By Associated 3nress.)
WASHINGTON, 30. C. Feb. 27.?Demo?
cratic members of both houses of Con?
gress arc discussing the question of a
successor to chtiicman Cowherd, of the
Democratic Congressional Campaign Com?
mittee. Mr. cowherd, being no longer a
member of Congress. Is eliminated from
the possibility of re-elee??'on. Candidates
so far announced are Representative
Griggs. of Georgia, and Rej-reseritatlvo
Flo,,d, of Virginia. Mr. Griggs conducted
tlie campaign for tha party for the Fifty.
eighth Congress.
Boydton Postmaster.
iRv Associated Press.3
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27.?The Senate
to-day confirmed C. Alexander as post
master al Boydton, Vn.
Figures Look Good.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, I'-eb. 27.-Ropre'senta
i live Lamb, Vlrglnln, Introduced a bill
to-day appropriating not more th/in $80D.
I (??'?'? for ?? postofllce building nt Richmond,
Tillman Goes Home.
rnv Auoclateil Pn*??..)
WASHINGTON; Feb. 27. -Senator Till
iii.-ui, who W. in charge of the railroad
rate bill, has g me m Snulb (""?rnllnn, and
I will return the first of next week.
(By Assoclalotl ProBS.)
I3KRLIN, February 27.?The Sued
DcuiacllO IV-leu.i < "orri-spondenz, of
Km is: ui,e, which ...is tho reputation of
being thu purveyor of Chancellor Von
L.uelnw's views mi foreign politics, niiiln
tultiK u inui-ii more hopci'ul iitliuilu relativo
to i in- Algeriens conference than the latest
uucriineus of tlie French press.
Tin- Corresponden?, deprecates the iih
Kdrtion i liai the conference is at/out to
disband iiecaiiKi; of a hopeless disagree?
ment, and says Its continuance Is assured
for the present, adding that the Intrinsic
n annual.lencHH ill" IhlngH, tu (|UOt?
Giimbiitte'tj phrase, Bpualts against a
! llliMty I?'?-.iking off nt ilelllieraliiiliH, "?nd
| li will not , mue tu that unies-. Influences
- Il Un- upper hand, which ahull milito
I i>- tin- Morocco iiuestiiui a plaything of
I political passions," -
Tin- Corresponden? says tin bans i|uch
i tipn is un loiigt-r a more illploiiif.il? dud
" IW. I'laiue ami (?eimauy pxollislvojy,
lull ll.iil the inati-ii.il Inli-r.-sl.- ni' it.nuni
i ' i m DtlH'l power weigh against tlils
: pecltil. clnlni ni i-'i-we-e in th'- bank (.lies.
1 Hull.
Police Accused of Aiding and
Abetting Girl in Her
Dccfd. ?
Gerd ron Lured By Letter to Place
Where He Was
(By Assoelnted Press.)
NEW TORiK, February '?t.?An unusual
situation, temporarily overshadowing tho
real issue In the case, confronted tho
court and jury when tho trial of Berthe
einleite, for the murder of Emit Gcrdrou,
was resumed In the criminal branch of
the Supreme Court to-day, This was tho
Inquiry Into the part which certain police?
men are alleged lo have In Gerdron's
death. Charges were made nt the opening
of tho trial yesterday by Assistant Dis?
trict Attorney Ely, that two members of
tho police force aided the girl In her
tleed and promised lier Immunity.
The largest part of the opening day
was spent Investigating tills phase of
the case. Mr. Ely brought nut evidence
that a letter was sent to Gerdron before
his death, and that after It ?Son wn? re?
ported to have b?en stolen from the
body. Although he obtained no evidence
to.show who wrote the letter or took the
money, the prosecutor charged that
policemen were responsible In both ease1?,
nnd that by the letter Otrdron was lured
to tho place where he was shot while
tinder arrest.
Berthe Clalche herself apparently had
only a minor part In the first day's pro?
ceedings, except ns a speclntor. She fre?
quently appeared to be greatly agitated,
especially during the prosecutor's arraign,
ment of' tho policemen.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW ORLEANS, February 27.-Two
clnrlng negro hlghwyamon walked Into
the Isolated store of Krank Bntto, an old
Italian, nt Gross Point, a small town on
the Texas and Paclflc Railroad, shot hlni
down and fatally wounded his two sons,
fourteen' anil thirteen years of age. Mrs.
Botto was shot nt, bill escaped and gave
the alarm. While she was gone they
robbed the place and escaped. Two armer]
negroes were arrested at Port Allen to?
night and a committee sent to secure
them. If they prove to be the right
parties they will be lynched by morning,
as the country is aroused and up In
arms. The negroes were big. burly fel?
lows, and came to the settlement with
the avowed Intention oC robbing the rail?
road depot.
Grace Allen^ Takes a Number of
Antiseptic Tablets.
At eleven o'clock last night the city
ambulance was call? ?I to a house at HIS 1-2
Enst Broad Street, to ntt??n?I a woman.
Grace Allen, who had taken a lot of antl
septic tablets, supposedly with suicidai
intent. She Is a woman of about twetity
Odd years of age There were two other
women In the house.
Dr. Turman. of the ambulance corps,
gave the women prompt medical attend?
ance and succeeded In restoring her.
Leaves Reno for Sioux Falls.
(By Associated Press.)
SIOIJX FAI.IS. S. D., February 27.?
Mrs. William Kills Corey, wife of fpresi
dent Corey, of the 1'nlted States Steel
Corporation, arrived In Sioux Enlls to-rlny
from the West, ?be hns taken apartments
here for an Indefinite period. She refused
to be Interviewed.
Explosion in Little Capada Mine
in Alabama Does Great
(By Associated Press,)
BIRMINGHAM, ALA., February 27.?
Six men were killed and twelve so badly
Injured that most of them are expected
to die before morning by an explosion In
Little Cahaba Mine, No. 2, nt Piper, Ala.,
at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The dead:
Peter Costello. Steve Mnmeth, Matt
Eltz. John Stone, Lewis Yanko, Rich
Smith (negro).
The mine Is owned by the Little falla?
ba Coal Company, of which J. R. Smith,
of this city, Is president. Plp?*r Is In
Bibb county, In the Blocton field, about
sixty miles south of Birmingham. The
Little Cahaba settlement is on a spur
track of the Birmingham mine railway
nnd Is difficult of access by wire commu?
Wonderful Work.
Lots Like it Being Done Right
Here in Richmond.
Richmond people are surprised at the
work being done by "Tho Little Con?
queror." Public expression on the sub?
ject, brings the matter frequently before
the people. At llrs-t there were many
doubters; und why not? So many claims
of a similar nature have been made with
little or no backing, excepting the word
of some stranger residing in a far-away
place; this evidence was accepted for lack
of better. Not necessary to accept It any
longer. All sufferei-B from any kidney 111
can find plenty of local endorsement {or
a remedy that will cure thein. Surely
the woudrfitl work of "Joan's Kidney
Pills right hero at homo is proof suf?
fi,:, nt tu satisfy any skeptic. Head the
oxpr sslmi of one citizen on tho subject:
Mis. M. A. King, of 815 West Clay
mii-it mivs: "l suffered night and ?lay
With u pain across the small ?f my bOC'.tj
Somet?.s m was almost unbearable and
lu pia.-e ?f (?cuing better It continued to
grow worsu ami worse. I found no i?ii"f
until I procured a box Of Dunn's Kidney
pills ;,i Owens ? Minor I'rufr Co. I took
them as tlircotod and in n short time 1
was l,m li gratlll d at the results obtalnod.
The liii'kii.liii which clung To n\e SO per?
slstcntly was entirely removed, and r feel
Ilk?- n new woman. 1 consider "Doau's
Kidney I'ills a wonderful remedy."
I'm sale t,v ?ill dealers. Price, 50 contf.
Postei-Mllburu Co., Buffalo, N, ?*)";," sole
agonis l'Or Hu- l'ulted Htat?s.
Remember the nunje-Poun's--tiiiU take
DO ?UlifillljU?,
Balfour Heats His Free Trade Op?
ponent By a Big
Miss Balfour, in a Speech, Thank?
ed Electors for Her
(By Associated Pross.)
LONDON, Feb. 27,~Arthur J. Balfour,
the former premier, was to-day elected
to the House of Commons for the oily
of London by a majority of 11,340 over
his Dlbcrnl free trade opponent, Thomns
Gibson Bowles. The vote was a Btrictly
party ono, tho candidates receiving fowor
votBs than were cast for tho Conservative
and Liberal nominees at the general elec?
tion, when tho Conservative majority was
10.31X1. Mr. Balfour, who Is not well, was
unable to appoar at the Oulld Hall, whore
the voteg were counted, taut was repre?
sented by Miss Balrour, who, In a speech,
thanked the electors on behalf of her
brother. The result of the eloctlon was
a foregone conclusion. There was no cele?
Tho result of the nloctlon was as fol?
lows: Arthur J. Ualfnur (Unionist), 1S.474;
Thomas Gibson Bowles ?Liberal), 4,l3t.
Unionist's majority, ll,:no.
Being Locked in His Room, He
Attempted to Climb Down
By a Rope.
' (By Associated Press.)
SCHENECTADV, N. Y., February 27.?
William F. Collins, of Petersburg. Va., a
member of the freshman class of Union
College, during a class escapade last eve?
ning, was locked In his room on tho third
story of the dormitory, the door being
secured from the outside. Collins at?
tempted to escape by means of a clothes
line from the window of his room. Tho
rope was not stout enough to bear his
weight, und he fell three stories to the
ground. He sustained a broken arm and
severe Injuries to his spine, hut will prob?
ably recover.
Wholesale Grocer's Son.
(Special lo The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
PETERSBURG, VA.. February 27?Wil?
liam F. Collins Is the son of E. J. Collins,
a well known wholesule grocer, who
lives at No. 301 West Washington Street.
Saenger Hall is Scene of Fine
Comedian Work and Good Music.
Richmond Conclave, No. I?i2. Improved
Order of Heptasophs, gave, bust night In
Sa-nger Hall, a most delightful enter?
tainment of light comedian work un<! mu?
sic. The whole programme was well r??n
d??red, and the large audience was very
much pleased with the many productions.
After tho entertainment the hours were
passed away in the Terpslchorean art. and
the couples danced until twelve o'clock,
when refreshments were served.
In the programme the music was par?
ticularly good, especially the violin .?-olo
of Miss Mamie Keck, accompanied by
Miss Theresa Dlppner. who carried the
iitidlence Into a perfect furore of applause
with her marvelous skill and line tech?
nique. The Terslpchorenn Asher sisters
w??re very pleasing In their rellned dunces,
and Mr. T. I?ainlnn QUI wns also attrac?
tive with his rag-time music. Miss Rosa
Orasberger play?.?! well, find Mr. Thomas
J. Farley, as the "Real Coon Sbouter,"
showed himself pnrfllcuiarlv tine as a
cake-walker anil singer of coo? songs.
Among the speakers In-st night were Dr.
D. P. Muse, of Baltimore, a member of
the supreme exocutlvo committee; Mr.
Thomas B. Hick.?, supreme provost of the
order, and Mr. Henry Flegenhelmer, of
the supreme committee on laws.
Southern Scientist Dead.
(By Associated Press.)
AIK12N. S. C, February 27.-?S. P.
Langley, secretary of the Smithsonian
Institution and known ^s a scientist
throughout the world, died at noon to?
Professor ?nmtiel P. Langley, who died
at Alken. S. C. to-day, had a slight
Btroke of paralysis on November 22d,
which affected his right sido. Ile was
gradually recovering from this attack,
when, on the advice of his physician, hu
went South to escape the more rigorous
months of February and March in this
city. His mer.U? ?icultlcs were unim?
paired, and he received Ms friends here
and occasionally attended to business
matters prior to his departure.
The Immediate causo of his death was
not stated In tho brief telegram sent from
Alken to the Smithsonian officials, lie
was accompanied at Atk?m by a niece and
an attendant.
Prof. Langley was seventy-two years
old. His whole Ufa had been devote?! to
scientific work. Though by profession a
civil engineer and architect, astronomy
occupied most of his time. Several years
ago Prof. Langley conducted a series of
experiments with a flying machine at
Wide-water. Va., on tlie Potomac River,
the results of which were watched with
widespread interest. The experiments,
however, ended disastrously.
It was a singular coincidence that on
the ''ay of Prof. Langley;e death the ques?
tion of appropriations for flying machines
came un Incidentally during the debate
In the House while the army appropriation
bill was under consideration,
The body will be brought to Washington
Thursday. Interment probably wlU bo In
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
BOYirrON, VA., February 27.?Judge
Charles Alexander has just been roap
polnted postmaster for this otllco for
the third term of. four years,
COMORN, VA.-The Edge Hill' post
olllee, about which so much has beon said
and,written, has been moved from the
Mtore of J. R. Baiter, where It has been
kept for many years, to the premisos of
Ri. A. Page, .Republican, who was re?
cently appointed tfostmastcr.
CR052ET, VA.?Rev. \V. E, . Edwards,
Jr., pastor of tho Methodist Church here,
who has been sick for the- past month,
was well enough to 1111 his pulpit.Sunday.
Gould, of New York, was her?, to-day
looking at several places with the view,
It is aald, of purchasing a country homo.
Shu mad? a handsome offer for ono place,
but the owner would not soil. Other
places will Im Inspected later.
NORFOLK, VA.?Ashley D. Ramsey and
Miss Viol? Kthrlilgo went to Elizabeth
City, N? 0.>?? Sunday, and were married,
Tlli'V returned lo Norfolk and are now
at home'at th?. Chesterllold, on Urnnhy
Street. Ub|eetlon to the marriage was
?nade by thi? parents of the brltl?? liciiiiup??
of lier youth.
TY VA.?Early Sunday morning Hi,, barn
of i C. Cuyn?o was consumed by lire.
Alsofet.il und linplbmetits, nggregntiiigiii
loss of ?fit,"?. H*1 carried no Insurance.
I ' i'RBAi..?A, VA.--l.lgbMiliig struck the
burn of Mr. Marshall Bristow, near hero,
Mnililav.. ?nul destroyed it It was one Of
111? luri?'jsi b.U'lis In the county. , . .
f'rosldant-HBNRY EVANP.
Hn?ret-irle?i-J. R. U1VK7. an?! E. 3,. JULI.ARD.
f rinolpnl Office--.? CRDAJl STREET, NEW YORK PITY.
??.net-ill Agent In Vlrglnla-SAMCEI, THOMSON PITI.MAM; r?sidence. RICHMOND VA
OrgMl-Od or Incorporated, JANUARY, 1M3; commenceil buntrtess, JA.NL'Altr ?j*
Amount of capital stock subscribed ..'.
Aaioiint of eapltsl stock palil up In onsh.,. ' "
..... . , ABHBTH.
vain? or real enlate owned by the rompen)'.
ismiM on mortgage f.luly recorded and nelng ihn first Hens on the fen ?Inifife)
upon whIon not more than one year's Interest Is due . .
Interest aeerued bn ?ill sn-ld mortgngo loans. "
Value nt lands mortgaged, exclusivo of buildings and perishable Im
, pro-vament* .,,,,.;., ,13 rtoo on
Vsluo of buildings mortgaged (insured for |?s,B26.oo ns collate'rai'!.!. 2r,',inn 00
Tqtttl valu? of said mortgaged prends?* . >3?,M0 Oo
fl.lW.OOO 0(1
l.OW.rjOO 0?
? 1,160,000 PO
Georgia, 41,4 per cent., lfils.
Mn.??in'liusftts registered gold 3'A per cunt., MM.
New Mexico. ? per >'ent., JOIf*.,,...",
New York City registered, 3',i per cent., tax
exempt. Iff? .:.
York city
xempt, lftllT
New York City registered, 3", per
exempt, I!K>1 .
Portland, Oregon, Water "> per cent.
Rlcmhond. Vn., -i per cent., l?en---l--4
Atlantic Coast J.lno 31. rf. ?Joi.'-L
collateral gold
3H per cent., lax
ont'., lex
und N".
Chicago nnd North.vosrl.ni Sinking Fund Reft. '
3st Mtg?. 'I per cent.. 193) .
Columbia nnd Greenville It. R. 1st Mtge. H ijcr
rent.. 11)10 .'..v
Chh'ago and Altnn Ry. (To., Coll. Trust ?Hi per
rent, gold, 19J0 .,.
Chicago, Rook fsland and Pac. /H. R. Co.
"gold," MH.vj .
Elnilro. C'ortlnnd and Northern preferred l?-t
Mtge. f, per nent., 1014.
Ixulsvllle nnd Nashville*--*?!, and M. R. R. lei
Mtge. Pi per cent., 11)45 .
Metropolitan Street Ry. Co., (ten'l Mtge. ." p?*r
cent.. 1W7 .
Northern Pao. ?nd Great Nor., C, ?, and Q.
collateral, 1WI.
Wnbnsh R. R. ?Jo.. Deb. Mtge "B" Income.
litt!? .
Chicago City R. R., subscription f?5 p?r c?nt.
?ml 1 .1.
Consnlldafed (la* Co.. convertible debenture,
1909 .
New York flap, Electric Light, 3t. and P. Co.,
gold, inn .
Ilrooklyn City R. R. Co.
Manhattan Ry. Co.<.
New York and Harlem R. R. Co.
Pitta., McKeesport and Youglilogheny R. R. Co.
Pittsburg. Port Wayne and Chicago Ry, Co.
peoond Avenue R. R. Co.
1'nlted N. J. R. R. and Canal Co.
paltlm??!.- and Ohio R. R. Co.
ituffalo, Rochester and 1'ltlsburg Ry. Co?.
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Hy. Co.
Chicago and ?orllrwtsiit*rn Ry. Co.
Chicago. Pt. I*aul, Minneapolis? and Omaha Hy.
Chicago nnd Rastern Illinois R. R. Co.
Clev?., Cincinnati, Chic, and St. Iy>uls Ity. Co.
Cleveland, I,oraln and Wheeling Ry.
Erie H R. Co. -1st preferred.
Oreat Northern Ry.
Itooklng Valley Ry. Co.
New York. Chicago and St. Louis R. R. Co.
1*1 preferred .
Pltteburg. Cln.. Chi. and Ht. XjiuU Ry. Co.
Reading Co. 1st preferred .
Southern Ry. 4'o.
Southern Pacific Co.
Atlantic ?OSSt I.I110 Co. of Conn.
Atlantic Const bin? of Va.
Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co.
IlufTalo, Rochester and Plttsburg Ry. Co.
Chicago and Northwest?? Ry. Co.
Delaware? and Hudson Co.>
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western R. R. Co.
Illinois Central n. R. Co.
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Ry. Co.
l-ehlgh Volley R. R. Co.
Lelulivllle and Nashvllf? R. R. Co.
Mahontng Coal R. R. Co.
New Tork. New Haven and Hartford R. R. Co.
Northern Pacific Ry. Co.
Northern Securities Co.. stub?.
Pennsylvania R. R. Co.
L'nlon Pacific R. R. Co.
American Exchange National Rank .
Dank at America .
Rank of New York .
Central Trust Co.
Merchants National Rank .
Mechanic* National Hnnk .
American Tel. nnd Tel. Co.
Consolidated On Co., New York.
Pullman Co.
Ciilied Stales Express Co.
Wells, Eargo it Co.
Par Value,
MS.-KV) 00
200.000 00
10,000 0?)
476.000 00
l?ft.OOO 00
400,000 00
,71.000 00
60,000 00
Mnrket Value.
?2?,000 00
10,000 00
400,000 O)
30,000 0?)
50,000 00
?,000 00
47,000 06
fO.OOO 00
li,??) 0?J
70,000 00
00,000 00
30,000 0?
300,000 1?
137,600 00
lOO.W) 00
???,000 00
M.W, 00
1*0.000 00
043,330 (.1
21I.O00 0"
i 7,500 O)
w.000 o?
600,000 00
fo.ooo 00
??,000 00
KS.OOO <*)
D-.00O CO
176,000 00
"0,<IQI1 Of)
100,000 00
?vi/oo 00
311,000 00
60,000 00
130,000 00
nt,50o m
3,000 00
"?.OOfi M
340,000 0<>
136,000 "O
91.000 00
44%. 13?*?
lft,.W (10
l'A 000 00
160,000 oi>
7?)6,<yO 00
119,000 00
4BO.0O0 00
17.lV?) 00
??.IVO <??>
?.OOO 0?>
Btl.?OO 00
?0,000 <t>
t,l.ff(l <fl
?Xl.flW) 00
?7.6O0 11"
iHO.ono m
?oo.oeo o?
?M.OW ?>
*1?,000 01
?t-.ooa 00
.?00,0)0 <t)
1 w.ooo 00
??.Wl.?M 00 ?U.o?,4?i i*
Total par and market value ?carried out
at market value) .
Cash In the 0om.5m.ny's principal office?
Cash belonging 10 the company In bank.
Interest due and accrued on tjonde not lnchi'led In market value .
Interest ?lue and accrued 011 collateral loans.
Cross premiums (a* written tn the policies) In course of collection, not more than
three months due .
All other property belonging to th? company?.da. ; Rents du? and accrued.
Aggregate amount of ?11 aasets of th? company, stated at their actual value.I1?.3H.'?"?! ?
Oro??? loase? In process of iulju*tment. or In luspen??. Including all
reported and lupiwaed losses . $234 1$*?;
lM>res resisted. Inctudlng tniertst. cwtts an?l othrr n;<mm th?reon... ?i'.v? n>
Total stow amount of claim? for Ion???. <345.27i ?;
Deduct reinsurance iheroon . :7.<*52 if,
Not amount of unpaid losses . 1325 ??"?? ?1
Croes premiums received and receivable utmn all unexplred nre rlika
running on* year or tell from date of polier. Including; (ni?rent,
nreml'jms on perpetual flre risks, t3.5r.3.3?t.?C; unearned premium?
<(>> per cent.I . H.77*,l*: 47
Oro?? premiums received and receivable npon all unexplred lire rl?ka
running mor? than oik? year from date ot policy, H,54*,'U4.04; un?
earned premium? (pro rata) . 4.S1I H? 7<l
Total unearned premium? a? computed above. ?.IJT.TS' t
Commllllons, brokerage and other charge? due and to become due to agent? and
broker?, on premium? paid and In course of collection, fHM.S7i.7i; reserve for
contlngoncle?, 1300,000; reinsurance. $19,"6!..>?. 474.;? M
Total amount of all liabilities, except capital atock and net surplus.?I.StVl.JTS 7t
Jolnt-ntock capital actually paid up In ca?n. 1,OOP,040 04
Surplus beyond capita! and all other liabilities. S.42I.22? i;
Amount of ?uch ?urplua which conatltutes a permanent reeerv? fund,
represented by acrlp. which by the terms of Us Issue cAnnot be
redeemed ?o as to diminish ?aid reserve. wo.ayt 01
Aggregate amount of all liabilities, Including paid-up capital stock, and net
surplus .:..I6.3S1.SQ1 El
To bo answered by companle? doing an installment busln?*?:
Amount of unearned premium? represented by Installment notes,
being the. whole amount of such note?."?1,535,Itr, ?V?
? Fire.
tiro?!? premium? and bills uirpald at close o? i ait year . t?.?5?i,74?) 13
Deduct amount of same not collected . 18,371 2?
Net collected . IS48.3?W 8S
Groa? premium? on risk? written and renewed during the year. 7.035.7M ?4
Total .1..SS4,16I lu
Deduct gross premium? and hills in comae ot collection at this dale.. i*}$.9;4 77
Entire premiums collected during the year. I6.077.2C6 6S
Deduct reinsurance, rebate, abatement and return premium? . 1.042.612?"
Net cash actually received for premium?.'..B,!?SI,t.I3 71
Received for Interest on mortgage?. '-1,514 81
Received for Interest and dividends on slockn and bond?, collateral loan?, and
ourcc?. vis. : Rent?
Aggregate amount of receipts actually received during the yeitr In cash. RICO.?C* It
Oros? amount miually pal.l for losses (Includ'ng J37R,;I26.76 lo??es oc
currint; In previous year?). J2,$92,034 SI
Deduct all amguiita actually received for salvage (whether on losses
of tin? last "or of previous year?), fl2.s97.61. and all amount? actu?
ally receive?! for reinsurance In other companies. f2tg,695.09. Total
d?duction.?'. 22a.SS2 70
Net amount paid ?luring the year for losses .$2.Sfi?.*44 14
C'ush dividends actually paid stockholders during the year . 360.0?? M
Scrip or certificate of prollt redoemed In cash, J323.40; Interest paid to ?Crlll
holders, J1.80. Total ..'. 334 ?4
t'uld for commission or brokei-age .'.. J,39I,6S3 to
Paid for ?alarles, fees, or other charge? of officer?, clerks, agents, and n.11 other
employee? _. is?'i?
ther pay
,-ments an?! expenditure?. 33?>,9?5S
Aggregate amount of actual disbursement? during the year. In ea-sh. IS.209.6S7 1?
Risk? written.to'?'?SS S
Premiums received (gross) . ?S'?'.i V.
Losses paid . SI-IS 2n
Loase? Incurred ....^...?tEN?-Y EVANS." P.V?,lde??B5- *
(Signed) J. E. ltCtFEZ, Secretan'.
ERNEST STURM. Notary Publie.
Samuel Thomson Pulliam & Co., Agis.
4 North 10th Street.
One Woman Became Excited and
- Collapsed and Afterwards
Illy A.s?ui^ateO Piva,*.)
BRIDGEPORT. CONN., February ?.7.?
Five minutes after ??mo 500 factory
?Iris ?ja? tnarebcil ?nil 'oC tho hi? l'n?>
li.ry of the Kt.iii' Shirt L'ompafiy to-day
the building >vnn .a nmi'iiiR 'I'lirniii'?;, ami
within un hour It was in ruins. The
tire wan moat ?peetnenlnr, bill, was coii
tllli.'?! to ?me InillilltlK of tin? itioup owiieil
by lluliliinHon, Ploren an?T Coriipuliy, .??f
New York. ,
When some of the ?ltjs from ib? tipppr
floors I'eni'hed tlio mccoikI story thu kIrIii
uf thv siiioKt ffishtcneU them, untl about
twenty of them becn?o.e panic-stricken.
These were taken from the windows to
the ground by the firemen. All tho other
girls continued ?|uietly on their maroh.
Mrs. Jennie Heaphy. forty-two years
old, one of tho operative^?, became so
excited that she collapsed and died soon
The fire caused a loss of about $75,000.
Commander Edwin Geer.
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.) .
BALTIMOUI'", MD., February 27?Tho
funeral of Commander Edwin Goer, of
tho Maryland Naval Reservo, was held
to-day with full military honors, The
?Naval Brigade, ,or.e liuiulred firemen, uu
ilpr command of Chief llorton. and n
'.king lino of citizens wero In tho fun?
eral procession. The remains wero taken
by boat to his old homo at WnshltiKton,
N.' ('., where tho burial will tako place
?tear, ti? _/f ^9 KltnJ You Hav8 Always Bought
? of

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