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Secretarles Shaw and
Taft Oppose Soheme;
Want Apjpropriation.
Heads of Various Departments
Indicatc to Committee What
Their Nc*rds Will Be.
All Show Deep In?
terest in the Great
(From Our Regular t'orrcspondent.)
WASII1NGTON, ll. C. February **?.
lt was very eiearly Indlcaled nt the res
b'iuii to-day of tho Commiitco on Indus
irial Art.-> and Expbsltlonii that tho fca?
turo of ihe exposition blll providlng for
the poinaga "f a mllllon two-dollar pleces,
to be furnlshed tho Jamestown Exposition
Company a! cost, would bc tllmlnatcd
from the bill. Secretary Shaw. who np
pctired before tho committce, while advo
cating the OXpnsltfbn, was pnintr-d nnd
efnpliatlc ln opposltlon to thls sehemc.
Besklea Secretary Shaw, those who were
tv-anl by the Committee wt-re Secretary
Taft, .Wlstiint Hccretary Ncwberry, of
the Navy Dephrtiiienf, Mr. Taylor. supor
vlslng anhit-it bt tho treasury; Chtcf
Clerk SchoOcId. of the War Department.
ond Barton Mycrs, audltor of the c-xposi
S- retary Sliaw ?Uelarid in favor of a
comprehcnslve naval, marine and military
,-.i tlon, but opposed strongly the prop
f, ? on toi- colliiltg a riilllion two-dollar
?:,..- for lle exposition coinpany. Ho
sni.i t;.- government had Just as well
autborlze llie prlntlng of a mllllon dollar
j.ii;.. . .! pn n ii' them lo the exposition.
I!, .' ighi : aiich bllls should be Issued,
, ?M-.| on ihem pictures of ihe Presi?
dent and olllcr n.>--:.b"i.* ol the commls
slon, Ihe wholi issue woj*ld probably he
abaorbed afld would never cotric back to
tl ? (rcaaury for redemptton; but the prop
osltion was wrong ln prlnclple, and should
not be tolorated. He sald he would ellmi
naw most of tbe cxhiblts proposed by the
itnent, and especially the good roads
exhlblt aud tbo marine hospital cxhibit.
To Entertain Visitors.
? tnl Secretary Newberry said that
? i ; itlon alrcndy made was suffl
. -i tbe eiucrt.ilniii'-iit of gui-sts from
aboard ve?**Jtr, but no
- n made f->r thelr cntor
II,- thought it Very tlc
?ir.:i !.- im liavr i --lui. houac <>r rondozviju-i
,.: .visltors couM i>- eiitcrjalnetl.
Hc thought it tvo'iiM e,.-t fc-V.-rf-i lo coh
,,. ler ot the pininest description.
v..-i ii-. ight ...- large ? ohtr as it is pro*
j.. .; io conatruct woiild be necisrtry.
?. ,1. ,i I rist lifty flrat-cltttt war vessels
|n tbe Imrbbr, nnd tlmusandB "f pcnplo
tomtng ashorc nt "no tlme. Mr. Ncwberry
tstim.it..1 ih.a tl-..- complemcnt of the
ve, cla in the luirbor would aggregatc
K?,VXl m -ii. li.vetity per cent. of thls
number were llkely t.i bo ashoro every
day. lf ii la proposcd to entertain vial
Cors in proper manner. he thought a pler
to cost $!'/'."??? should be built. He jirged
that there be a tfboC exhlblt on land of
naval appllarices, whlch, he sald. would
not be coslly.
Needs of the Many.
Bupervlslng Archltcct Taylor estlmated
the cost of the proposed government
bullding at TSCJl.fKQ.; nnd of two club
houses or rondezvous for visiting offlcers
at $50.CO0 each. If tho army and navy
Bhuulil be housed In the same bullding
he thought enllated men'a uuartcra ahould
Cbst 1150,000. and those of ollKcrs JSO.-XO.
Regardlng a liospllal, Mr. Tnylor sald
It was usual to flgure that twenty per
crnt. ot' nh n would be slck, and on that
basls tlie libspita! should nccommodatc
B,<j i. The coat Ofthe hospital would bo
*.~ ?? CO. lt was agreed that the navy
could take enre of Its own slck ln the
naval huspttal. seven mlles up the Kllza
bctk. find that ho?pital need not cost
over JCO.COO.
Secretary Taft almost In beglnnlng hls
stateiuent, .-ald Congress should provlde
llbcrally for ihe exposition. The Prcsl
dt-nt had several tlmes spoken lo hlm
nf Ihe linportnrico of tlie celcbrution.
lle tlic/iitrlit it wa.s important that there
should bc a llberal approprlatlon for an
exhlblt of tlie military sclencos. "We
ne'ed an educated public sentlment to
i. 111 iho military establlshment on
[i proper basls." said he. "I thlnk lt
is highly important that there should
be a- reiidezvouH oil shoro where navy
nml nrmy ofTlccrs and mon could
Tho exposition hud a fcobd friend In
Hccretary Taft. Hc was followcd by Mr.
Sch-3'lcUl. who thought that n $40,000 np
propriatlon would 1/a necessary for a
proper exhlbition of military appliances,
Ask Direet Appropriation.
.Major Barton Mycrs foll'owed Mr.
Bchofiold nml asked the committee lf
It taw flt tu rejoct thn cojhnge featuro
lo mako a direet npproprlation for tbe
CJtposltlon, llo snid that while thoy
would do thelr b'est to hold iho exposi?
tion without the approprlatlon, It could
not be tho sort of exposition tho nation
should hold. llo wns asked by Chairman
Gardner to filo a list of the Indlvldual
subscrlbcrfl to tho stock of tho cxposl
llon; which ho ugreed to ao.
NABHVI 1.1-K, TENN'., Fobruary OS.
Froni every Stato and Terrltory of the
Unlon, from varlous provlnces of Cannda,
Cud trotri tho niiaslonary llolds of Chris
Han labor through the world, nearly 5,000
|c|iivs(;iitntlvos giitliercd horo to-duy for
Ht.. dponlllg session df the HCth Intenui
tlpiml convcnLloii oL* tha Student Volun
''ei r .Miivenii-nt.
Nominations Sent In.
(By As-Jiiolatod Pruss,1)
W'ASll.lNC.TOX, Feb. 28.? The rresldclit
to-day sent n numbor of nominations to
Ihe Bennto,' tinioug whlch woro tbo follow?
ing: l'ostiuastei-*: Vlrginla?Thonuts Huv
inyghs. Aloxundrla: lt. L. Glllesple, Cira
lUOn; N. ClllVoril Xlchols. toosbuvsi V? ?
Li, Mu.-itanl, t'ocalionuis,
ln I'xi-culivo .seasloii the following wero
enniiiiiied: Nui'tii Catoilua?It, r?. H'"'
ri'. Uiiil*--l'un*i li. C. Fctiraon* MvVi?n*
Lua. -
Goes up Against Matter
on Which President
Has Set His Heart
Hours of Time Consumed By the
Distinguished Ohioan in Fight?
ing thc Railway Rate Bill,
Large ' Crowd Having
Braved Freezing to
Reach Capitol.
?(From Our Hegular Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. T.?. C !?*..?? ruaiy 2?-?
It wus nn interesting spcetaeic presented
by Senntor Foraker, of Ohlo. to-day, aa
ho stood iu thc Seifnte chamber ahd con
sumed hours of tlme combntlng u mea?
sure on whlch tho Hopubllcan President
of tho count:*-.- nml tho leailcr of t'
party, nom't'naitjr, at least, i..-..- Bet hls
heart idiove ovorythlng cl?c.
Tho speech. nhle as nre all t!i>- effort:*
of the dlstlngulshcd Ohioan, received tho
cloaesi possible attention. Tho ffalh -
rl'K were crowded to ovcrflowlngi though
to reach tln- Capltol it was necessary ta
br.ive a tompcratnrc <*t>n-*lden*d"ly belqw
froer.ing, aud faco wlnds that howled
through the stieet.-* straight from thc
Arctlc Ocean. Scarcely a senator left
hls seat durlng the argument, nnd when
ono was t-nlled out by correspondent:! or
constltuent.-i It was obsorvcl that lie
hastcned back, deslrous of losing none
of the argument Mr. Forukcr was mak?
ing ngainst conferr'ng oo the national
| government, through thc commerce com?
mlsslon, tli" pown- to llx r.iilway rates.
Question of Power.
A great portion ot the speorh was
taken up with consldcratlon "f Uie tiuos
tli.n as to whethcr thc goveriiiueiit,
through Congress, has tli" poiyer t.> flx
railway charges. Senator Fornker be
liovos th<- government does not possess
thls power. aml thnt Uie Supreme Court
of thc r-ilt<*d States wlll so hold whr-n
It shall pass on thc questlon. At thc
same tlme hc sald hc thought tbe com
n*.on law afforded proteetlon agalnst un?
just rates, and that any 'eglaldtlon on thls
subject should h'. illmti.] towards tho
correctlon of Injustlce through the excr
clsc i.f thc powers of thc courts.
lle called attention to ti.e Wet that
though lhe blll was admlttedly unsatlslac
ti.ry to Uie ndvoc-atca of rate regulatlon,
Its passage with.uit amcii.im. nt wns be?
ing dbmanded. He pr- dtctod tiiat such
actioh would be disappolntlng t" Uie ? n
tlrd country in Its results, as well us an
abdlcntioii of law-making functloni ou
the part of tho Sennte.
As to Southern Rates.
or cspeclal Interest t<> thc people ..f tlie
South wero Senator Foraker'a remarks
on the nlco adjustment uf rates cmi their
Jiiter-.lcpcniicii.-" at present.
"Tho gross reveifucs ..f thc roads nre
so closoly calculotcd to meet Interest.
dlvidend nnd opcrating expenses," be
sald, "that a. reductlon ot one mlll on
the cost of transporting a ton of frelcht
per mlle would go reduco the aggrr-Kmc
as to make lt Imposslble for the roads t"
pay one dollur of dlvldends on thelr stock;
nnd n further reduction of ooc and one
hnlf mills per ton per mile would make
ii imposslble to pay one. dollar of in?
terest on thelr bonded obllgatlons.
"We should hesitate to disturb such
"The answer mnde to this suggestion
li that the commlsslon wlll have so llt?
tle ratc-inaking power that no harm can
result from Its exerclso. If there be but
llttle. then there must U> but little ne?
cessity. But the dlfficulty scc-nis to He in
tho fact not fully and properly appre
clatod, that rates aro so intcrwoven and
Interdependent thnt it is Imposslble to
disturb one wlthout nffecting many, and
that since tlicrc will be no modc of re?
lief afforded undor thls blll except
through ninxlmum rnte-rr.aklng. if we
give sucli nu invilatlon for them as thls"
bill amounts to. them nre likely tb bc thc
most Sferlous disttirbances resiiltlng from
tho cxnvi.se or thls power. it matters
I not thnt thc c-ommission as it has boen
! contended, will considcr only ono rato nt
n tlme. lf it should make a change in
that rates, all other rates ln any manner
dc-pendent upon it would have to bo cor
rcspondlngly changed.
"A change in tho rates on-cotton from
thc cotton mllls uf New Kngland to Chi?
cago and Western point-- would n'ecbssl
tntc a corresponding change of rates ou
tho products of thc cotton inilh; of* (],n
, (Contlnued on Seventh Page.)
Immediately Sworn in Chief En
gineer Bureau Filtration
Quaker City.
(By Assoclated Press.)
PiilbADElyPHIA. February is.-Ilaving
beon unable to obtain an liidctlnlte leavo
of absouct?, Major Cassius B. Gllletto, onu
ot tho bost known englncers in tha I'lilu-d
States army, to-day reslgned hls commls?
slon. nnd Muyor Weaver iinmedl.r.nly np-'
pnlnted and sworo him in as chiyf 011
glneer of the bureau of Illtratlon of thu
clty of Phlludelphin. Thc posltion pays
$17,000 a year,
The niajor's roslguntion from tho ser?
vlco of tho Uultod States camo (iH'-i great
wurprlso when announcocl to-nlght hy tho
Major Gllletto hns been in iiractical
iliargc of Iho Illtratlon Inueau since lnst
siuuincr, when John W. Hlll, tlo foi'mor
chlof, reslgned.
Lives Lost in Blizzard.
(Spoelul to Tha Tliues-Dlspalcli.)
TAPPA1IANNOCK, VA.. Februnry %<-?
In the terrible. blizKiud thut iagc.1 hero
all duy yesterday, and lnst night, threo
men lus't thelr llves, David Wood and son
iMKi pliillip Bltchie, ull colored. They
wors on a 'llghter tled behlnd Cnptaln
Hulgcr's schooner. iiiiu iis nlglu camo on
tlie . en-iliilti * inslsted tlmt tliey come
U boani, hut they rcl'jiseil, and ln th...
nlglit the llghter sunk: they wcrt* swepl
uverb'jaril nuJ lUwneJ,
More Incendiary Fires Started in
Various 1'ortiuiis of
.Many Negroes Chased Into thc
City From the Colored
fBy Associated Press.)
SPBINGEIEELD; OHIO, Fciiruary us.?
With elglll compa'nif-** .>f stnto troops
on guard in this .-ity, as a result of lnst
nlght's inob vlolcnce, ln whlch slx houses
were "burned in the colored resldence dis?
trict. more Incendiary fircs wero started
early again to-nlght in various parts of
the clty. ln every lnstance the houses
were occuplcd by negroes or negroes and
whltes. A ncgroe house at Harrlson and
Yurk Streets was stoned by a crowd, but
tho occupants are belleved to havo cs
The "Fllckers' Nest." which is ln
habitcd by negroes. and which flgured
ln the Dlxon mob and subsequent race
war two years ago. has been assailed to
1 nlglit, and several attempts made to flre
lt. but. as lt is guarded by tuilltiamcn.
tbe effort has so far failcd. Several
nUirms have been turned .ln as a re?
sult of thc flres started, but ns thls dls?
patch is lllcd no general alarm had been
turned In, ns every avallable tlreman ls
at work on tho tlres now under way.
Several negroes who hnd been chased
by thc angered whiter; from thc negro
qunrter of the clty made thelr way to
the clty building. which is Iu charge of
thc soldiers. Colonel C. S. Ammel, of the
Fourth Kcgiment. arrived here tliis eve?
ning and assuincd command of thc troops,
lellcving Captain Horace Kcifer, who
hus beon ln command.
Two Houses Burned.
I"p to 11:110 o'clock to-night thc molis
liad suceecded in burnlng two houses and
stoned and partially deinollshed u dozen
, others, all being iniiabitcd by negroes.
Thc first place vlslted was the home of
Georgo "Miller at York and Harrlson
Streets. When tho assnult began from
thc rear of his house, Miller ran In his
baic feet and wlthout coat or hat. ond
cscaped from his purauors by golug to
j tlie City Hall, whore he found shcltcr
I witli the troops. Coal oil was appliod to
| his house, which was soon u mass of
j flames and was ???ulekly destroyed.
From Miller's house thc inob went lo
! the hbmea of John I.ogan nnd Noah Iu
gram. a double franie strueture on York
Street, aud the torch was appliod, fol?
lowlng the escnpo of thc occupants a few
mlniitea before. Tho houso was practi?
cally destroyed.
Thc mllltla was in hut purSult of somo
of lhe rloters, and at Central Avenue
chased them at thc point uf the bayonet.
Kvou while thls was going on, somo
of the niombers of thc mob who were at
a snfo "distance from. iho soldiers contin
uod to. stono tlio houses of negroes, wln?
dows rJcitig rlddlcd by thelr rocku as they
Houses Stoned.
The homes of Iteuben Campbell and
Charles Flllniore, on Contral Avonuo, wero
riddled wlth stones, and at thls point
n boy whoso nonu. is not known wns shot
In tho leg.
Tho milltia havo devoted t-nelr atten?
tion to control nf tho Inrger erowds, leav?
lng tho pollce tu look aftor tho sinallor
end ot tlm Hot,, Pronil-icuou.-' und rundum
Military Under Arms.
(By Assoclated Pruss.l
CpiiUMUUS, OHIO, ICebriiniy 1!S,.
K.uir cuiupniiles of tho Fourth liegltiient,
Ohlo Nutlonal Guard, left thls ovenlng
fbr Hpringlleld to assist thc atithoritios
there lu niiilntahilng order. Tho Troop
"B," of. Columhus, nlso hns been uu
^eniblcd at Its iirmory, under waiting or?
Adjiitaiit-Oeiieral Ilughes rctunicd thls
uftcrnnou from Springfield and wlll keep
in Iqucli wllli ihe sltuatlon Lheie, Colonol
C. S. Ammel, of thc "Fourth Uoglinont,
{Uontlimed ou SexcmCI .Page.)
Crew of the Tug Twohy Hnroll
Themselves as Hcroes Among
Men That Know.
By Clever Mclhorl of J*..?:./: ing aud
i-'iling They Approach
Closc'to Wrcck.
(SpcciiU to ThG Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
NOItl-ol.K. VA.. February 2R.-? The
members of tbe crew of tho four-mastnd
schooner George M. Grant arrlved here
thls afternoon. Thoy were reseued hy
C.iptriiti Pnrtridge, of tho tug Jack
Towhy. from their schooner, whlch was
stranded oft Cape ilenry last night. nml
whlch the Ilfesavcis _ of two stntlons,
though thoy saw the crew and tho ves?
sel in thotr perilous condition, wero un
ublo to render assistance.
Tho llnos that were shot to the vcssel
fell short, tind lt wa.s Impossible to launcH
a surf boat.
Risked Tug to Save Life.
Tho Jack Towhy wont out at daybrcak
thls mornlng to save tho cargo of rall?
way tleg, which the schooner was carry?
ing from Brunswick. Oa., to Perth Am
boy, N. J., but when Captaln Pnrtrldgo
saw that the schooner was broke lu two;
that her-deck was awash; that the dc
spairing seamen were about to flnd safety
in the rlgging for a short tlme before
they would ineot the Inevltablo, ho de
termined at the risk of hls own tug und
crew to save the men.
Tie drove tho tug through tho boiling
waters so near tho wrcck thnt tho cap?
taln and nlno men were taken off aud
nll on board wero reseued except thrcc
By Men Who Know.
*t Jolin 13. Muxwell, the marlnq reporter
(Continued on Flfth 1'agc.)
Ktorotast: ' Vlrginla?Fair, warmer
iThursday; raln Kridiiy or Friday night;
[warmer Fililny; wlnds bccomlug souiii
'en.st nud fresh to brisk,
North C'arolinn?Fair, warmer Thurs?
day* Frldny, inurcasing cloudiness nml
warmer; rain by nlght; varlablo wlndu,
becomlng south to brlsk,
Conditions Yesterday.
Rlchpiond's weather wns cleni- und cold,
though much warmer than ou Tuesday.
Itange of the thermometer:
n a. jm.20 ? r. m.ji
12 M.28 '.' P. M.2S,
?j p. m.33 12'mldnlght.g.j
(Average.?.-"J 1-2.)
Highest toiuperattiro yesterday. So
IjOwe-st teinper.ituro yesterday. 15
Mean tcnlpi-raturc yesterday. 2);
Normal temporaturo for February.IU
Departure from norpial temperaturo_11
Thermometer This Day Last Year
1) A. M.37 fi P, M.46
12 M.17 U P. M.10
3 P. M.50 12 mldnlght.10
(Average.13 1-3.)
Condition:. in Important %Citie3.
(At 5 1". 51.. Eamern Tiino.)
i'laci . Tlior, lllgli. T. Weather.
AhIihvIUu, N. C. '?'?? '?'?'' Clear
AllKllatll . I* 52 CUsav
Atliinta, tiu. ll ls .Cloar
Muitiil'i. N. V. IS to Clear
Charlotto :. 1: 11 Clenr
chlcago', iu.:a "i cii.ni.iy
i-liieliiiKitl, u. 22 -t INo.w
Uavonliei't. ">i "i Cloudy
Dntroli. liieh... 21 -1 i'. uloiidy
ifattei-tM, N. c.::u :?; Clear
JueUwmvlllu . II ?' Olear ?
Juultur. l''I:i. 51 64) Clenr
MiniphlH . IU 4S (JleOV
Mobile .4- ns Clenr
Norfolk, Vn. 32 33 Clear
l-tttHbutg. IM. 20 21 Ulcnr
iialelgh. HO i'i Clenr
Taiinin, l-'lu. .'?-' *?'! ' loar
VIckshurB .??-' -:; S*!0****
Wllmlimtun . ii-f 41 Cleur
? Miniaturc Almanac.
March l, lUi'G.
Bltn rtSfS. G'l3 IIK'U TIDIS.
ann ect.a.(1:02 Mornlng.S:.*.<i
Wuon Bvt8.li';W JSveuiuii',,,,,,.... v.-.i'S
Tlie Mother Takes the Place of
Her Departed Daughter at
Marriage Altar.
Thc Fiance of Daughter" Bccomcs
One in Sorrow and in Joy
With thc .Mother.
(Special to Thc Times-iJispntch.)
VA.. February 2S.?A marriage of umisunl
nnd pecullai* interest occurred in King
William county to-day?a reat roinancc?
and if dcplctcd in modern novel would bc
deenicd utitrue *o nature. True It Is that
"truth is Ftranger thnn fletlon"
MIss Carrle Bllzabcth Leftwich, the
daughter uf Mrs. Robert Washlngton
Loftwlch, a, wldow, was enpage.I to 1>
married otic year ngo thc 226 of January
tn Mr. Elijah tieorge Powell, a prosper?
ous merchant, of the firm of J. T. Powell
und brother. of Mangohlck, Klng William
county. Miss Leftwich was selzed with
nn unknown Inourablo wasting disease. to
whlch sho flnally succumbed, ,in thn nine
teenth year uf her age. and Mr. Powell,
her bctrotlicd, was most falthful nnd
devoted to her to the very last moa-ent
of her short life. In her dylng hour eir*
cxacted a promlsc from 'her moth.es to
niarry Mr. Powell after she passed to
the unknown land.
Mr. Powell and Mrs. Leftwich, the
mother of Miss Carrle, are near tho sanio
ag.\ nelther havlng nttaiued the ago of
four de.ados. Thc handsome, romnntlo
couple became one ln affectlon, tuslc and
the same sad memory, now chongod into
. hnstened Joy on ihls 2Sth of February,
being married by itev. Xathaniel J. Pru
dou, of tho Methodist denonilnation. at
5,30 o'clock this aftcrnooii ln Hebron Bap?
tist Church. of thls county.
Mlssos Audry Gravatt and Annle
Gladys, daughtdis of tho bride, who aro
iu thelr "teens." were bridesmaid**.
Messrs. William Hanipslcnd, of Hanovet*.
Va? nnd ltobcrt Andrew Leftwich, of
liichiiiond, Va., nephowa-in-law, were tho
Aftor thc cercmony the brldal party
and near relativos ropalred to thc home
.f .Mr. J. T. I'owoll. brother of tho
groom, lo nn old-fashloned wcddl-Vc din?
Mrr. Loftwlch was Miss Annio Marla
ilrav.ilt, daughter uf Andrew Jackson
Gravatt, oC Carollno county, a prosporoua
and tuucii rcspectcd farmer.
.Mrs. Leftwich was married tlio tirst
time tu Mr. R. XV. Leftwich, her sonior
by.twenty-twu yenrs. Many frlcnds wlsh
the ronuuitfc couple nn untroiibled future,
with uuich happlness In thelr Jjumc at
AVaiuut Grove.
(By Assoclated Pross.*)
.NASHVILLE, TENK.j Fchruary 28.?
At a meeting here to-day, tho Board nt
Dlroctors of Nashville, Chattiuiooga nnd
St. Louls Rallway, John W. Thomas. son
of tho lato Major John W. Thomas, was
elected pcrinanent presldent and general
mtinagor of tho road;, U. F. Smlth, traf.
flC nuuiaKcr, wns choson vic presldont
and general trutlic manager, nnd Major
E, 0, Lewls, who has boen acting prosl.
dent slnco ? tho denth of Major Thomas,
wns mnde chalrman of tiio Board of Dlr?
(By Assoclated Pross;)
ATLANTA', GA? F|K>vuary 2S.*?Tlio,
charge uf perjury against W. D. ^UCalg,
travellng audltor uf the Atlnntlc Conpt
1.1 no Kulhvay, was dlsnilssed horo lu-day.
'I'his clinigc v.'iis Inoui'lit ngainst 'Mr.
Cttlg by Mrs. .1. N, Strobliar, wlfo oC thc
Atlnntlc Coast Llne rcprc.-iciitaliw ;il
Gnliiosvllli'. Fu., wlio ls' eluirgcd wlth
cnibczxlcinciit of iicnriy twouly lliouatuid
dollars of i'lllio'td money.
Apparent Opening in tlie
Sears Bill for New
Attack on Ryan.
Phlegar Vbting Trust Bill Again
Reported Favorably?Statc?
ment Made By Richmond
Financietv?More Trouble
Develops For R., F. &
P. Bills.
Apftrt Irom the vital consideratlon In?
volved in tho t.Toml proposltlon rccog
nlied aa one ot tho most important be?
foro the present Genernl Assembly, pnr
tlcular interest atlached to a committee
hearlng on tho Phlegar voting trust. hlll
yesterday afternoon .ih devoloplng a ncw
nnd dlstlnctly signlflcnnt reflcctlon from
tho long standing foud over tho Seaboard
Alr Line Rallway hctweon John Skelton
Willlams, of Rlchmond, furiner president
of the rond, and Thomas Fortuno Ryan,
of Xew York, who now controls Its oper?
Whllo nn admisslon of thls sort wns
not mnde In so many words tho dlscus
slon as to the Seaboard Indlcntod plalnly
the deslre of tho Willlams party to uct
behind tbe Caton law of 1IXX1, vnllclatlng
voting trusts thoretoforo ns tlierenfter
croatcd, with a tvlew to devoloplng a new
llno of attack on the Rynn-Hhilr syildl
cnte now wleldlng th<* balance of power
and to cstabllshing a causo of action not
at thls tlme In cxlstence. Mr. Willlams
was present In person and In uddltlon
to making a statement of what he con
celved to be wrongs perpetuated upon him
and hls associutcs by the Ryan trust,
was also reprosented by counsel,
Attorneys for tho New York Interests
wero llkcwlse ln attenyancc. and lt wns
tu thoso that tho spolls of thn dny went.
After a long session the committee re
jeeted the Sears suV-stltuio, favored by
tho Willlams party, and reported favor?
ably the Phlegar bill, acceptablc to tho
other slde.
The Two Bills.
lu tlie Senate Tuesday the Phlegar blll.
which bad been on tlie calendar some
tlme, was i-ecoiiiliiltt.<-d for the purposo
of aliowing certain Important littoretits,
Chlefly tho. Southern Ibiilwity, ii> bc
heard. Thi.-- action, .-ift'-r bolng vlgor
ously opposed. was flnally permltted !>>'
advocates of tlie mcaSllro upon the <lls
tinct understiindlng tliat lho matler would
bo taken up nnd dlsposed uf at once nnd
nt a single heariug to be holil yeaterdtiy,
thnt the bill would retaln Its place on
tho calendar, nnd that as n sp'eclol order
it would havo proccdencc over evi-ry
thing else following ihe gcneml uppro
prlntlon bill now iinder discussion, Pur
sunnt to thls ngrcomeiii iho Committeo
fnr (,'ourts nf .lustlee met flroniptly yes?
terday afternoon nbout ." o'clock ahd
sat Ulltll nearly S nVlock al nlght. tlnally
dlspbslhg of iho question lu lhc manncr
alr-ady partlally Indieatoil.
Until* about throo yoars aeu voilng
trusts had no status whatsnevor undor
the A'irglnla laws, no statutcs then ex
Istlng ln relatlon to them. On Mny 21,
1903, the "act concerning corporatlons*'
was passed, containlng a clause (section
21 of chapter 61, now comnionly known
ns tho Caton law, establlshlng voting
trusts in the eyes of the law, volidatlng
all tltat hnd boen crcatod prlor lo thut
tlmo nnd authorb.ing the crentlou of
others therouftcr. The- Caton law threw
tho doors opon wide. II Imposeil practi?
cally no rcstrlctlons upon tlie formatlon
and perpetual malntenance ot' voting
Believing this law to bo ddngprotis ann
lmporper, Judgo Phlegar proposeil a blll
amendlng tho Caton law so as to llmlt''
tho operation of a voting trust to flve
yoars, with tho pravision that tlie agree?
ment might bo renowed frnm time to iimo
for other periods not exceedlng flve
yoars each from tlie time of sur-li re
newal. as might bc agreed npou by the
A.s to liic voting tl'USlS that exlsted 1)0
fo're, tbo enaotinefit of, t'uo Culon law,
which valldated them. tho Phlogar blll
made no reforance, leavlug thelr statiis
unchanged from what. it. ls to-day under
that law. wlth ihe exceptlon that no
\oting trust forrned unucr a contract ul?
voady mad.' shall i-.-ilst longer than llv
years (unless ronewed as prnvidctl) after
ihe Phlegar 1)111 goes into cftoct. aithough
tho terms i.f that contract uiigiii prdvldu
l'oi'?a mo**0 extendod period.
Agreelng with Judgo Phlegar ns to tho
nocesslty ut' a limitnilon upon tlie opera?
tions of voting trusts and iuvluillng in hls
proposltlon *no llvc-year fcaturo, Mr.
Sears, of Mathews, offered ti substitulo
(Continued on Thlrd Page.)
All Defendants Except One Re
manded One. Month For
, (By Associated Pross.)
NEW YORK, February 2S.-The plea
of gullty iu tho Norfolk nml Western
Railway $l,50O,C00 bond forgery easo waa
entered to-day before Rocbrdcr G'off. fol?
lowing two lndlctinonts by tho grnud jury,
charging, Samuel J. llnmplirios, of Brook?
lyn, und Dousluss B. Smith, of Manhui
tan, wltli forgery ln tho llrst dogroe. Thoy
wero urrlgnod togothor wlth. Charles Au
Kustus Seton aud pharlos T. (J. Colmpy,
both of whom had been proviuusly lndict?
ed ou tho same chargo, Ali tiu- de
foiuliuits except. Colmey plcudod guilty
tihd Wero i-itiiiiuil.il one nuinili for son*
Unitarians to Entertain.
Tho new t'ult irlan I'hurch nt Flbyd
Avenue aml Harrlson Streets will givo
un I'lr.ert.iiiiiufni in :lu- pai-lsh luoni xo
tilghl at Si-W o'clock. it wlll bc ylveii un?
der iiu- auspl s of tho wonmn'a Allfuuee
Ho.-iety. Mr.- I.ougct*, of hymi. .\l-.t->.,
wlll road a pdpor on ."Roniliilscencea ut
Hcotlnini." Au aUnittlvi; proifiunuuc will
bc reildejed. '
m to
Mr. Stuart so Declares
in Te_timony Before
the Committee
Fellow Commissloners Fully Sat*
isfied That There Was No
Improper Purpose,
This, Rather Than His Conneo
tion With thc Corporation
Company. the Reason.
Conferences and Corre
spondence With
"Now. I felt that wlth such a llfe
and such a character, and such ser?
vice to hls State, as | and my col-.
leagues could freely attest to, it was
valn for any man to attempt to build
a character lf one Indlscretlon should
weigh against It and determlne that
"I say wlthout hesltatlon that I
conslder Judge Crump as high a man
and as honorable a man as , I have
ever been in contact wlth."?Com
nilssioner Henry <*. Stuart, Iti his
testimony lnst nlglit.
Tlio third day's session of thc i.-yi**,.
tlve investigation commlsslon was the
most Interesting yet held In the hearing
of thc so-eallcd "Lanici- matter."'
.That thc "Liinler matter" is only a pre
tcnae hna long been known, and thut the
nim <>f tli.- Invcntlgatlon is to osccrtaln to
what I'Nieni Judg*e Boverly T. Crump.
chalrman ol tho eommissloh, was irrvolved
wlth ths Virginia Corporation Company.
i.s perfectly apparent.
There is 110 longcr ,-i cloak of conccal
ineiu used in nmkliiK searching In-pilries
of nny witness thut nppcaii* upon thr
Htillid. l*he pi.lut.il questlon is ;ink."I nll
uf them: "What wus Judge Cpump-.S
conaaction vylth tl*..- Vlrglnln Corporailon
Thc I'p.shur aml *_iuicir feuil ls pr.ic*
lienlly r.iigntt.-n: tlie illsiiiissnl of Tylct
, nnd N'-wby is no longcr rrineiiibcrcd
i for Interest conters ln tho positioh of
Judge Crump nnd lhe "mos( Utifortunute
Indiserotiuu" tlint caused hlm to becotilc
;. Htockholdcr ln tli.- coiiipnny.
Thinks Highly of Crump.
The mosl tntet'csttng hup-iriiins-s of Iho
cM^iins, wns tho sironj; stntoineht mado
hy Mr, Sluart. ln reply ln ,-.. nucstlqjl
asked l.y Senator Slms, iu whlch he rc
Inted the reason ?why Mr. Knirfax and
lilmself, were couvinccd of Judge Crump'n
I InnoccnSc.
! Mr. Stuart. iu n rnnnly and ilipniiijeil
' lilillinor. recalled the many sorvlc#s Judge
Crti'mp iuid remii?i-r.,1 tho Coinnion-wenlth:
tho high estenm ln whlch lu; hnd always
I been held; tlie honors thal had been
j showeicd uippn him. and linully spoke of
I hls honest ly and slmpllcity In tho affairs
of everyday llfo,
"I do not niakc Jhis statement in tho
nature of n pl.-ii. t make It as a sworn
record of fncts," sald Mr. Stuart. "I
must qonfess that C regard liic purchaso
01' siock In tlie Virginia Corporation Com?
pany l.y Jii.lg.. Crump as a most unfor?
tunate indtscrqtlon, and I hnvo told Judge
Crump, his frieuda nnd my frlcnds. so."
An Exciting Episode.
Aiiotlior iuleiestlng-. althougli less dig
lllflcd, ineiilcnt (K-iuvrcd when Mr. Cauip
bell, general counsel ot tho VirRim'a Cor
lioration Conipahy, ivcia upon llio stand
and stated tlint lio <lid not belicvo thnt
Judge Crtimp had been uwaro of hls
(Canipbell's) oulvity Iu the bffice oi' thc
Corporation '. i.innilssiou.
Alr. Campbell in..! htirdly concluacd hli
testimony who.i .,!.-. LTptihur, who wus
slttlng iu inii.tinr pn.. I. ? ??' tlie 1....1.1. arose
iii.d i-.-i|i:isie.i chalrman Byrd to permit
liim to ask ;. '|lle8tion.
Jlr. 1 'psimr waa llvld wllh aiigcr, and
his linnu*. which h.'ul :. priper, slim.k ns
li. poiiitod a flngei. ut Mr. Campbell aijd
began nngrlly to ciiarge liim witli hav?
lng "U-Jsorted" tu tlie comjrdsslcm.
Thc *~ilelico in Uie cbu'rt-r'oom was
r.mliipus, siml thc strniii was feurful un
ill Cliairmnn Byrd's volct)-'.brai(c ih .-Iku!?
ly. wlill.- he warned Mr. Upshur lo ask
ciile'stlbiifl ahd nol to mako chnrgoi*.
Mr. t'pshui- asked Mv. Caniphclt. Bncer.
ingly, if hls eliaiiKO of fmut was brought
about by a visit !??? un-1 Major Laiilcr
hud Ipatd thc coinwIssiOiio'rt? durlnsi tho
Mr. Campbell roplied thal ho had uo:
spdlton to any ona oi the commissioners
"I li.-i\... a wJtnoss who saw you ln tlu
ccmniLsslon otllco. ' ttiuuderod Mr. Upshur
"1 was ln ihe ofltce, hut I di.l not t>DCo!
lo a i-iiniinlssiouei.-'," icplied Mr, Camp
hell, at which a poar of laughtcr shooli
tho room, and Mr. TJpshur took hls sea!
b>' Captain Dariow.
At tho session this aftemoon at 1
o'clock, ii i.s thought that Judgo Crumr.
wlll be placed i'm the stand, and althougr.
his. testimony wlll undoubedly elosoly fol?
low tlio ovldenee given by Mr. Stuart, hls
story of the Liiiilci- disnilssal and tlu
rcasons thut denninded It, wlll bo of ex
traorilinary Intcrost,
?In his (iiii'stinns to Conunlssloiiar
Stuart last nlglit, tho apparent trend
of chalrman ll.vi-.r-* questions was to
show that the Corporation Commlsslon
wishcil to ellininatu all charges thut re
lleotcd on Judge Crump. Mr. Stuart,
liowcvcr, caught tiu> causo of thls (|ttos
:tIoutn**r, atul uinlutalned thnt 'tho ob
jeel iu' tho conuulaaldii was to Ket as
niurli of. ihn day.-; made publlc ns wns
coiislstcnt wlth tno rlaht-i uf ail part los
coneorned,' ? ? .
Tlie couVt-room was groatly crowded!
Al ono tlmo ninety-.six pei-suns woro
stilllding pr seateil iii chitira ur'nn the
ilo.ir.' Among tlion'q preeont wei
Jolm ii. I.igiiti'oiit. Ju, ColojlOl John _'.
(.'uiliiigluiiii. .l.ilui ltutheii'i.ei.l, Meiuitor
Keexell. Ueneial ('. .(. A11.h1-.1111. Itoboi L
l.ecky, Jr., A. I). I'UiUi. \V. A. Moiiian.,
Janie.s W. And.:.-on, John S, K*fKle**toii1
Jiinics W. Alldoraon, John S. Lpslini',
Cajitaln xy, \V- Biurow. ,\. a. JUinler,

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