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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, April 11, 1906, Image 1

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Six Railways Control
Bituminous Trade
Investicjation Shows.
Presidcnt Stephens of the Chcsa
peake and Ohio, in an Intcr
vicw, Sketches Hislory
of Alleged "Com- .
rnunity of In?
(Speclal to 'I'ho Tlmca-Olspatch.)
the bliumliiuoim conl trafflc ls dlvlded
aiiioiig slx rnlhbad conipaiiles developed
to-day ut tho' flrst. henrlng of Ilio Inier
h'.uu. Conniiert'Q Gomniluilon to detor
inlno whellier Iho trunk lineo nro Inlor
ekted dlrectle or Indlr-'ctly ln llie conl
or oil they ontry. Oftloirils nf tho I'enn
svlvnnla nnd llie Plillndolplilii nnd Rend?
lng wero esainliiPd nnd others hnvo *boen
The prlnclpnl wUne-o-cs to-day were
f.'lilon II. Whlte, statlstlclan of ihe Tide.
wnter Stonni Hituminoiif Conl Trafflc
Assochitlon; W. W/* AUerbury. genprnl
in;iungor of the Ponnaylvnnln! Joseph C.
Bnnrlos, lt.* tr.ifflc mnnuKor nnd Thoodoro
V.iorhees, vlee-preridcnt of ihe Rendlng
Through Ihosi wiincs'"'s It wns brougbl
out thnt iho Pennsylvania. Ihe ncadlng; I
iho Beccli Creek Dlvlslnn nf iho New'
V..rk (???ntr.-il. the Unltlmoro nnd Oh1'",
Ihe Chosaponko and Ohlo nnd Iho Nor?
folk nnd \Ve.ileru nre ninjiibers of the
conl irnffie nssoelatloh organlzod ln I'f"".
It wns shown ilinl they hnve nn ngroe
iiient hy whlch enoli li nlinttod n pro
nitJi of soft ronl tonimge.
Statistician's Testimony
Mr. Whlte wns thf. fil? wltlicss. lle
n'xplalned lliai it ls- hls duty to gnthoj
sUitistles or Tldowntor tonnage nnd Io
coinpute monthly tho percentngo of coih
each road Is ontltled to niove.rTtci|ueste(|
for further p-irtlctilnrs ho prrsontod n
ropy of tho by-hiws of the nssoclntlohj
rt wns sliown thnt the nssorla'lon w 11
organlzod on Fobrunry G, 1?X". nnd that
durlng Iho samo monlh nnd year tbe
Pennsylvania, the Now Vork Central,
llie Baltlmore nnd Ohlo. the Cbosapeake
nnd Ohlo and Ihe Norrolk nnd Western
rnilroads signed ngreomenta of niemher
Bhlp. The by-IllWS IndlcnlPil thnt It d!d
liiisliiess In Phllndolpliln. Biiltlmore. Nor?
folk, Nowport, N'e-.vp, Ellzabcthport, liar
slmus, Port Koadlng, St, Oi'olgo. hnd,
other ports. I| wns Iirotight out llnt
tho trafflc association w'ns organized S.o
thnt ratos mlght b<> flxed and udjiist-1
und uintunl protertlon afforded. Mr.
Olasgow called nltenllon to Ihe fncl thnt
several pnges wero mlsslng from the
paniplilei. Mr. Whltij sald ho wns not
nv.-nre thnt nny pnges hnd hoon torn on'.
but would pndenvor to produce the mlss?
lng portloiifi.
Bureau Maintained
.1. ('.. Searlesi conl trafflc niniiagor of
lh<? Pennsylvania, testlfled that a stn
llsiicnl hurenii wns malntnhied In Pitts
loirg for tlie pm-pose nf coniplling stn
tlstlow .if conl moved to tho west and
nilddle west.
In roply tn n ouestion hy Mr. (Ilnsgow.
*hn sald the partlos to Ihe nll-ral! nsso
clntlon aro tho PcrinsVlvanla Railrpad, the
l.nko Shorc nnd Mlchlgan Rbuthero, the
Pennsvlvanln llnes west ot Plttshurg nnd
^jiiio. of the Ohio roads. The Chosnpeake
and Ohlo road had not been a membor,
hut ho wns nol stirc nn to the Norfolk
nnd Wostorn. There hnd heen_^i meeting
in Buffalo nbout n yenr ngo, but tho
niombers hnd not gd.no there lo regulnte
thr- tonnage to bo carrled hy ench road.
Thoy had mot ln talk over the sltuatlon
and leaiii whnt frelght tho other roads
Mr. Glasgow nslced why they wanted
to know thls?whether It.-was fnr the pur
pnse of divldlhg up the trafflc. The wlt
uoss snld lt was not. nnd Mr. C.lnsgow
asked what concluslbn was renched. Mr.
Scarles sald llint it wns doolded that
tborc wns no nccessity for tho roads to
mnke any change ln 'he rates.
'?"Irst Vloc-Prosldcnt Voorhees, nf tho
Tteading Company, sald hls compnny got
Its coal from the Knlrmbuilt 'Conl Coin
pnnv nnd Bomcrset Coal Company) of
Rhlppensbtirg. 'I'ho compnny pald Jl.Sd
or $1.90 a ton, It ulso hnd purclinsod
from Iho Baltlmoru nnd Ohlo and tho
Pennsylvnnla Rnilroads. Mr. Vonrliees
wns exCUSCd after agroolng to furnlsh n
statenienl showing tho nmnunt of coal
purclinsod by <ho I'toadlng Compnny slnce
ISfll. "W. W. Atterliiiry. genernl manager
nf tho Pomisyhanla Itnllrond, proinlsed
ln furnlsh n slntenient showing liow
much conl hls compnny hnd purclinsod,
nnd froin whom.
Head of C. & O. Gives History
of the Community of
{Tcslilcilt (looigc W. Htevons. of th.o
Chesnpi-nko nnd Ohlo, In illBOlisslns tbo
evidonce glven hy I*. 11. Whlle, statlsll
cinn of the Tidewatcr .Slenm Hlluininous
Conl Trafflc Associutlon, ln Phllailelphla
ou yesterday before llie littcrstnto Com
iiieron Cjinimlss'oii, Bnlcl Ihnt the nssocla
tlon wns foriurd ln 1898, when Iho varlous
cojil-cnirylng ronds wero ciiltlngeuch
oilier's thronts In tho mntier nf coal
'I'ho "conlors," ho pald, got Ingelher nnd
ngrcod lo dlvldo tnnnngo.
Thls wns done before Ihcrn wns nny
Irglslnllon on the mihjeet.
Lasted Only a Year,
Tho rigreeuionl histed litllo more thnn
n yenr. ilio nssnelntlnn lun'lng pr.-icticully
flislinnilcd iu 1K'?7, and iu 1SM wna abso
lutoly out of exlstonce.
Mr. .Slevens stnted thnt bn herame presl?
dent ol' tlio Cliesnpenke nnd Ohlo In
j'-eliriini-.v. |p(0, and thnt no, ngreoninnt
wftu lb011 ln operntloii, nor lins thero been
ouy slnce llint' llnio.
Mr. Stevens snld:
"I-Iistory of Decision."
"Ahout ton yenrs ngo, or four years
prlor io Uio date of llie nlleged "com
? y.'oiitliiucU on Second Page.)
.: , ?_?,,. -,? ,i,.u ?,.? i?ft aftor the hlstoric eruptlon'bfrVesu"vlus, The terrible volcano. Is seen ' In the near back
n\ht\mV r?.oh^^^ Kln0thanyd Q^en'of 5 bSt'h of whom have been>ork.ln0 herolcally to asslst the panlcstricken chlldren.
oroun'd. Ir. . ,
The royal chlldren are seen in the plcture of the Queen.
Nll lEinilW EHD
Significruit Stiggcstion Made By
? jlale, Indicating 1'ossib.ility-ol
. EarlV Yotc.
Rcplics to Spboncr and Knox and
iRcceivcs Coiigratulations of
Gbllcagties. ?
(By Assoelated Press.)
WAKIIINC.TON, Aprll 10.?Kor moro
than four hours to-day Mr. Unlley lield
the undivided atlentlon of the Senato
wlth a speech in reply to Mr. Bpooner
nnd Mr. Knox and Just beforo its con
clusion there was n slgniflcant sugges
tlon from Mr. Haln hidicaling the pos.il
blllty of an understnniling nnd an early
voto on tlie rallroad rato bill.
The day wns one of tho most notablo
lu the recent history of tlie Senato. Very
few Son'atbrs wero ahsent at any timo
durhiR Ihe day nnd overy sonl In tho
gallcrlcs, public, prlvato, senntorial, cxe
cutlve nnd diplomatlc, was liold by its
ocotipant wlth innrked tenaclty. Many
niemhers of ihe liouso of Represenln
tives nlso crowded into the Senato chain
bor. Mr. Balloy wns congratulated by
many of hls colleagues of both parllcs.
Hale's Suggestion.
Tho ? close nltentlon glven throughout
Ihe four hours wns nll Ihe more niarked
In vlow of the logal chnracter of tho
nrgument. Mr. Bniloy sei out wlth tho
ono ond in vlow nf establlshlng the
soimdness of hls eontnntion thnt Con?
gress hns power tn deny tn the Inferlor
Cnlted States courts the rlght to suspend
tho orders of tlie tnterstnio Commerco
Commlsslon pendlng the flnal doclsion
of cascs ntlslng undor Ihe proposed lnw.
Thls ho undorlook to do by citlng In
nuinorablo declslons of the courts nnd
jpiotlng many othor autiiorllles. Tliose
eltntlons wero Intersiiorsed witli bls com
Mr Hnle nnnoiincod hls wllllngiioss to
neeept'* tho uiitl-susponslon iimondmoiu
and oxpressod icoilfldoiico that If .MY.
nallev would on tlie othor hand agren
to a"'broad court revlow there would
ho coinpnrntlvely little dlffleultyjn Veneli
(Coritlnucd on Elglitli Bafio.)
Pasgcngcr Train Dash'cs 1'nll
Spcci! Into Rcai* Poftion of
iirpkeri Frcight Train.
Tlie l-'assengcrs Badly Sh'aken Up
But Nonc of Them Scriousiy
(Speclal to Tho Times-Dispatch.")
OXt-BV, VA,, April 10.-A frightful
wreck occurrt-d near Exniorc, on the.
Xow York. Philadelphia and Norfolk
Jta'llrpnd this mornlng about flve o*clock.
Tlio Norfolk nnd Clipe Charles ex
press frcight No. 1 was runnlng south ou
regular mall train schedule when on
ncarlng l-xmore a coupllng brokc dr
drawhend pulled out, and a number of
cars wero loosened from the train. Ow
ing io tho fast speed tho frelght wns
lnakhig, the soparatlon nf ihe train wns
unnbttceiiblo for a few fatal minutes;
whon the flngmau Iu tho rear ond of
tlie frolght dld diseover tlie a'ecldent lio
qulokly tried to flng the Old Polnt uiall
express, whlch wns followlng close) y bo
hind, bound In the, same direction. Hls
rfforls were. howovor, in valn, ns the
onglncer on tlie exprbss was unable to
see tho slgnnls owing io n thlck fog.
The express runnlng at the rn.te of
flfty inilos nn hour, soon overtook iho
sectlon of cars thnt hnd broken awiiy.
A torrlflc crash followed and resulted In
tho denth nf tho e'nginecr nnd flroman
nf tho express, Dnnlol Parkor, of Dolnnir,
nnd George Wllklns, of Georgetown, TJel ,
respecllvely. poth men were efllclont and
hlgbly regardod ln tho servfeo.
Their bodies wero terrlbly orualjCd n'*d
hintigled nnd tholr Idontlty wns almost
Imposslblo. Tholr romalns wero enrried
to thelr respoctlve hnmos on tlie noon ox
liress to-day, nccompanletl hy a nunibcr
of rallroad "men ns a guard of honor.
DNIjEY, VA., Aprll 10.?Tlio passengors
on the train were brulsed and badiy
shakon up but no one wns scriousiy In?
jured. '
A numfber of cars woro derailed hul
conneetlons wero restored In ahout slv
When Hc Had Gone for Assist
ance the Man Burned His
(Speehil to Tlie. Tlnios-Dlspntoh.)
DlfJPUTANTA, VA.. April lO.-Poter
illll a colored man, llvins on tbo fnrm
of ox-Judgo Tlmolliy Reevus, of thls
county in a fil "I" Insunlty, brought on
l,v lliesludv of roliglon, onlorcd Iho houso
oi' iho Jndgo nbout 1 o'olock iMtvlrtftt
nnd exclnlnied lllllt lio Hnd como to klll
!lThe itidge knowlng Iho old ninn and
thlnki.iK no' in'u'oli of 1'!"'. would ,1.01
houso to get tho usHlstnnco of Pjel?!.W,
nnd whllo I'" wnH HW,,y ""' "cgio aot
o ovo.ry room of tho houso, and
w|,o.i ho retui'lied tho f|i*0 WUS beyond
L''Tho?'house und PMlm ''""tcnls wora a
tolnl loss. No Insurniico was carrled ou
nnvthlliR. A comnilsslou of luuucy was
held tlds nl'tornoon und tbo negro put
iu Jall for bafc-keeplng. Tho Judgo ls
New York Men, Infuriated By
Negro's Brutal Conduct, En
dcavor to Lynch Him.
(liy Assiociiited Press.)
NIIW YOltK, Aprll lo.-lnfurlatod hy
a hnitnl attack by Alliorl Trotl, a nogro,
tu-nlght ou Miss iHiihol Ollver, n rosldont
of Alolinma, passongors ou n Nluth Avo
lilia olov.-itod tnilii imiilo q dospornto at
triupt to lynch thc negro, who was only
roscued whon n pollccmiin fought lils way
into tho car and held tho orowd at l?y
wlth hls rovolver. Miss pllvpr wns hold
iug a striip ln thc conter of thoj car
when tho negro luivhod ngulnst lier. aud
on her --Bfjue.llng Hlm to b? moro enre
ful, he stiuck hor ln tho faco, siillttlng
hor nose, hlncltcnlng Ixuh her.oyos nnd
ltnocklug hor down. Inslnully full.v rifty
n.rn rusliod on tho nogro, rnlnlng Mows
on hlm and Khoiitliig ?'lynch hlm!"
Tho' negro nianuged to drl'end liiinsch'
untll fl statlon wus renehed, whon u po
lleomaii hoardod iho car and al'lor n
hard fijlil ilragged ||l- pi'l-uner uut.
Holds. Conicrence. Witli. Connscl
aiul'/Delayp Adv.-rTEe Upoit
Zion Citv.
Boili Sidcs Firm and Look for
I'.ittcr Fight \V-hcii Clash
(By Assoelated Press.)
CHICAGO, April 10.?Dr. John Alexnn
der Dowie will not advance on the "llosts
of Zion" as sudde.nly na he expected. To
nlght, after ij long consultntlon wlth his
legnl ndviser, lOmil C. AVetton, Dowie
gave out. the- statoment that it mlght be
severnl days before ho snw llt lo enter
the clty whlcli he had founded.
"Tho First Apostle" arrived In tho
cityof Chlcngo thls mornlng shortly be?
fore !l o'clock, completlng the llrst stnge
of hls journey from Mexlco to tho City
of '/.lon, whore he Is lo face his nccusers.
An immense crowd wns at tlin statlon to
greet tho sell'-stylcd "lOliJnh III." Ho
was ln the best of spirlta and health at
Iho time, nnd before lenvlng tho car
craeked several Jbkes witli a number of
newspaper correspohdents gnlhered ribout
him. Kseorted by ll nuinboi* of loyal
followers, who- hnd hoarded the train nt
ICnglowood, u stiburb of Olilcag'o', lie
mndo Irls wny to Ihe end of Uio train nnd
stepped down on llie statlon plutform.
(Continued on Thlrd Page.)
Virginia?Falr Wcduosdny nnd Thurs?
duy lig-hl noiili wlnds, bocomiiig variablo.
Xorth Curolhia-l-'iili Wodnesday nnd
Thursduy, llgbt to fresh west wlnds, ho
t'oinlng vai'iiil'le.
Conditions Yesterday.
Hiehniond's wcather waa gloa'r and warlil.
itango of tho thorniomotfir:
9 A. M.57 '*> P< M. Trt
12 M.U ? !'? M. Ca
;t p. ji. ,? 12 nildnlght. r.S
A vorago.IK! 1-3,
lllghest icntpei'iiluro ycsiorduy. 77
Ixiwwtt lemperaliire .veslerday. 4I<
IMeun loiiipeiaturo yesienhiy. (11,5
Normal lenipeiaiuri! fnr Aprll .M
Dcpiirturo from norinnl (oiiipenitiire,. 05.5
Thermomcter This Day Last Year
il A. M. 711 fi P. M. 40
i{- ,M.*: 9 P. M. !IS
;) p. i\r.Si 1-' iiildnlghl. 6S
Conditions in Important Cities.
IAI s I*. M., K.mlorn Tlmo.i
Plnco. Tlier. Illgh. T. "Wemiier.
Ashevllh'. N. C. >?" M
AllHUSlll . "'' I*
Allaaui. Hli. ">'< M
nuffHlo. N. V. 81 I"
ehloago, ni. H IS
I'ln.-liiniill. i). ''?< li?
1 lllVlIllll.il I . ?'?" flj
laomli. MlHi. 4'i I"
lliiiifias, Ni 0.'" ;"
.Im-Kvolivlllc .I 81
Kansiis Cliy.?? ?s
Mnnnihls . *>-' S(|
nlobfla . J* JJ
Norfolk, Va. ??? !" i?
OklaliQina t-'lty. J* W
IMitHhiirg. I'n. tj M
Hiivunnah . ?'?' " '
Tanipa. l'!?..'-" fl
'Vleksburg .." "J
\Vn.ililtigt"ii ."" w
W'lliuingien . f;'>, [J '
y, ||ow (JIO06. h ?'"
p. oioinly
p, oloudy
Miniature Almanac.
April 11, \'.m.
ulin ..iscs .:,:l.-. IIHill TIDK.
S,,{ seiv'-i:.il;tti Mornliiir.6:03
Moon rlt"-'" .'-'M Wv?MlJ?t.u;;!i
Stirvcys tlie Sit'c for' thc iVirginia
Piiiilding. ,-.i.t..Exposition. .
Thc Work of Collecting a Splen
did ExhiBit of Slatc Resptirces
? to Commencc at Oncc.
(Speclal to The Tlmcs-TJlspatoh.)
XOREOUK, VA., April 10.-Oovernor
Swnnson nrrlved ln Xorfolk tlils after?
noon and wns in conference with tlio
other Jamestown Bxposltion eommis
siouers from thls Stnle almost all of the
nfternoon and cnrly evenlng.
Thc iconimissioners agaln went to tho
expositlon grounds Ihis afternoon for tlie
purpose of considcrlng the best sito for
tlio Virglnla hullding. The Oovernor not
heing here for the mornlng trlp, as Vir?
glnla Is tn bo tho hostoss of tlils occasion,
Iho hullding eommlHslonors declded shall
occupy n contrnl posltlon In tho grounds.
Tho nrohltcoluro of It ls yet ttndoior
mlned, Uit It is certnln thnt it will he
bullt after one of tho famous old innn
sions uf Virglnla. Arllngtori seems to
bi tho most favored nt tlils tlnio, al
tliough Mount Vornon Is rocelylng a good
share of Ihe consirloratlon.
lt wns declded hy tlie commlsalonors
thnt thero shall ho an oxcollent eollee
livo exhlblt of nll Vlrglnla's rosoinvos
at tlie exposltlon, iho bosi of tho kiud
ever uinde by tlio State and ono worthy
of lt. and tlio work of collecting tlils
exhlblt will comiuoneo at oncc.
It is thc sonso of iho commisslonors
thnt the oxhllilt must l/e one thnt will
nttrnct Iho iittontlon of nll visltors to
tho oxposlllon.
Goveruor Swnnson Is stlll In tho clty
to-nlght, but will roturn to Richmond
Towns Wiped Out,; Peo?
ple Driven Mad With
Collapse of Market Place in
Naples Results in Death,
Injury and Riot.
Duchess of Aosta Spends Entire
Day Relieving Afflicted Peo?
ple ? Streams of Lava
Start Afreslv?The
Work of
(Bv AsBoelaled Pross.)
NAPLES, Aprll 11?5:30 A. M.?A
groat eruption of sand Is observed
on the east slde of the maln crater
thla mornlng. Thls la worne tnan
ashes as lt ls heavler. Tne ejectlon
of ashes seems to have dlmlnlshed.
Fresh shocks of earthquake are bo?
lng felt, cspeclnlly ln the dlrectlon of
Ot.tajano, Somma and Nola. Fortu
nately the great amount of ashes on
the ground scms to have counter
acted the telleurls actlon of the
shocks. Another part of tho maln
cone of the volcano has fallen ln
causing a great d'scharge of red hot
stones, flames and smoke.
Reports from Slclly, state that
ashes from/ajourit Vesuvius are no
tlceable tlii. /.
(By Associated Press.)
ROME, Aprll 10.?A dlspatch from
Naples to the Trlbuna, reports that
500 persons have perlshed In thc dis?
trlct betWeen Ottajano and San Glu
(By Associated Pross.)
WASHINGTON, Apr.'l. 1..?The
President has sent by cabie, a mes
sage of condolence to the King of
Italy, upon the havoc and loss of
llfo resultlng from the eruption of
Mount Vesuvius.
(By Associated ' Press.)
NAiPJjES, Aprll 10.?Tho volcanb Is ro
sumlng aelivlty, cspeclnlly at Cercola.
Tlio stroam of lava which started anew
ln the dlrectlon of Tbrre Anniinzlata
rcached tho ccmotery of that town nnd
then turned In the dlrectlon of Pompell.
The troops nro conveying provislons,
surglcnl accessorlos nml materlal to be
useil for th,- rellef of iho injured ln the
viclnlty of Ottajano. Tho work of rcscuo
Is bolng nctively prosecuted. A violonl
storm of sulphurous rnln nccurrod to-day
at San Gluseppe, VcnsuvTixna aud
Entire Families Perish.
Aprll 11. 4 A. M.?There hus boon a
consldornblo dlmlnution In the fall ot red
volcanlc snnd slnce mldnlght.
Tlio newspnper Pungolo to-day grnphl
rnlly deserihos h vlsit of n momher nf
Its staff lo OUnjntio San Dleuseppe nnd
Vesuvlann; Ottajano was onveloped In
bl'nclc smoke. Tho troops nre clenring
tho ruins, domollshlng tottorlng bulldlngs
nnd ro-eslahlishlng communloiitions. Kn
tlro families perlshed In tho town nnd
terrlhlo soonus nccurred whon refugoos
returned ln search of nllslng relativos
whose bodies "aro unrccognlzalde. Tlio
ccmotery at San Oulseppo presents a
traglc speolnclo, peoplo vnlnly senrohlng
thero for missing relntlves among hcaps
of dend. Suddon showers of hot nshes
cnuse proelpltato fllght from the loenllty.
Slgnor MhUeiiccI, tho dlroctor of tho
observntory on Mount Vesuvius stntes
Ihat new small crators nnd flssures
whlch have openod nt several points, nro
llkoly to contribute to a dlm'nutlon of tho
oruplloii, ns thoy nfford nocossary oullols'
Tho nslies and elnders whlch flll alr
nro onuslng much eyo trouble. mnny
persons In tho worst nffoctod distrlct?
hrlng throatonod wlth bllndness.
All tlm hodios of thoso who wero killed
in the church at Sun Oulseppo on Mon?
day hnvo been roeoverod, the number
U ing iOu. Search Is bolng mnde of tho
(Coritlriued nn Second Pago.)
Dramatic Scene in Court As
Senator Charged With Mur
der Told Story
(Hy Assoclalrd Pross.)
cul.ir.MUlA, 8. '*., April I0.-A spoclul
lo tho Stato from Huludii says:
State Scilfttor Ktigone K. Hlonso, ohurgod
willi tlio iiimdor of hls luotlicr-lii-law,
Joo Ilen Colcinan, ln Oetoher, last, was
ncquitted lo-nlglil nftor a trial histlng
ovor ono day.
No moro draniolie sconc lias ovor been
wilne?_od in tlio Saluda coiirlliouse when
lilciisc lold lii lenrH and SoIih of hls
frlcndshlp and lovc for Joo Hon < 'oleiiian,
t'hplr assocl.itlons for many ye|rs, hls
cxcrllons lo sccuro ('0101111111 a poslllon,
??,-| ilicn th.- ruln of hls homo, At tho
cuuclusion of thls dramatic s.10 tho
HlttmUoil VYnS rondered ? cvon uuiro
diaiuaiic whon tho dafondaii! bwooiioo
nu |)0 was loaving tho sliind. Ilo had lu
bo ,-arrloil lo Iho Jury room. whero ho
rciuiiincd during iho ciulin tlmo nf tho nr
Kuments, ultonded by n phi'-lcliui
Tho aiguiuonls woro concludod by S
o'clock at whlch tinic Judge Pl'luco iln
livfi-od ii's nliarse, llm Jury rnturnlng* a.
vcrdlc-t ol' ii"! tfUllty ?" ll;;!0 "'^'<?'k to
lilcaso and Colciunu mnri'lcil sistot'S,
und il was tlio allcg.'d Intinme.y betwoen
Culeninn aud llbasc's wlfe wliicli Icd lu
Iho trn_edy iu Dctohcr Uu?l,
A Scientist of World Wide Repu
tation Married Miss Sophia
Page, of Virginia.
(Speclal to Tho Tiinos-IHspnieh.)
CAMHIU1>C,K, MASS., April 10,-Pro
fessor Nutlianlel Soulhgalo ftlinler, ono
of tho liest known monibnrs of llnrvard
faciilly, wlth n worldwldo ropntatloil as
il goologlst nnd piilleoiitnhiglsl, dlod to
dny at 1:15 P, M,, after n wnek's lllnoss.
Ho wns horn lu Newport, Ky., nnd ivus
n volornn of Iho Civll Wur, servlng nn
(leiieral Tllson's stnff as chlef of artll
hry undor TluniHlde, and ln ropelliiig
lli'iigg's Invnslon of Keoluoky. Ho wns
also p, r.-u tor ln repolllng Morgnn's rnld
luln llhlo. After the wur he was mado
nssislunt 111 piiloonlolngy In tho llnrvaid
Museum of Cnmpurnllvo Xnolngy, and
four yoars later was mndo a full pro
f0f'BOl\ Shuv ISSl ho hnd .hnd full chnrge
nf tho Atlnnt'c Divlsioii of tha l'nhe.1
Slalrs (Icologlcal Hurvev, and had wrlt?
ten many scientlllo works. Ho married
Hnphla r. Page, a momber of a promli
neni Virginia family, and a relalive of
TIlOllllW Xelsoii' I'age. Hih WitlOW un I
lyyq' 4uiftlllorti,' survivy hlm.
President Turpin Says
Private Corporations
Curse of Cities,
Board ConcUrs in Resolution to
Send Mayor to New Orleans
to Invite Veterans _-Iere.
*l Clark Spring Prop?
erty Matter is \
At n prntraoted sesslon, full of pub->
llc Interest, the Board of Aldermen last
nlght dlspoaed of a grent mass ot hlghly
Important work. Attention was aharply
drawii to the report of the speclal com?
mltteo whlch Invostlgated conditions ln.
Iho gas department. for whlch the Com-1
mon Council Monday nlght adoptnd a.
subslltuto, placlng the questlon of tho
proposed rohabllltatlnn In tho hands of
tho Llght Committee, nnd after a flory
debate, this subatitutc was lald over
nlong wltli the report untll next AVed?
nesday nlght,
By agroement, the proposltlon to soll
Iho Clark Spring property to Miss Ornoa
Arents, wnr, tahlod untll the'next regular
meeting, ihn oplnlon belng oxpressed ;
Ihat tho Intorosts of Hollywood and
Miss Arents mlght come to nn unde.r
stimding ln the moantlme.
Tlio bonrd concurred In the resoUt
tlon proposed by Mr. Polloek in tlie lower
branch, rcfiulrlng the Seaboard Alr f.fna
rtallwny to hrlng their general offl
oers-here. nnd llke ncilon was taken wlth
reforence to awardlng tlie contract1'foir.
tho. fluino of tho new settllng biisln.
Messrs. Blair, Burton and Grundy. enst
lots for tho short term from Henry Ward,
.and the honor fall to tho last named.
After much persuaslon by hls colleaguos.
Colonol Grundy nnnounoed thnt lie would
stand for re-electlon In tho primary.
The Board. by a unanlmous vote. con?
curred In the notlon of the lower Branch
npproprlatlng $1-0 lo. pay the expenses of
Mayor MeCnrthy*, who will go to New Or?
leans to Invlto thn Confederate Veterans
lo hold thelr next annual rounlon ln thls
elty. Hls Honor will leave harc on Sun?
day., Aprll -2d, wlth a party of local
veterans, nnd jvlll remnln through tho
reunlon, which wWl begln in tho Crcs-ccnt;
City on Aprll _26th. Furthei-. than . thls,.
Hls Holirir lins no.dotlnlte plans. tlioug]),'
he says ho will not ennsnnie a grent deal
of tlme ln offlcially oxtendlng"tlie . Irivl-1-.1
tnllons. It is posalble. though .hot dellnlte
ly settlod, that Oovernor Swnnson wIM
also go and nsslst tlie Mayor ln hls mis?
sion. .
One Spicy Debate.
Thn only rnn-1 spicy debate last nlght
wns over Mr. Mlnor's motlon to defer
netlon on the report of thn gas Investlgn-.
tlon commltteo, nnd most of the shnrp
talk on thin suhject was by President
Turpin, Tho vote by whlch cnnsldoni
tion was pnstponcd was 11 to S. Mr, Tur?
pin declared vigorously for jnuniclpal
owncrslilp, nnd sald he would as sooh
vote to closo tho City Hall as the gas
?works. Ho donouncort prlvnte gns cor?
porations, and sald they were tho ciirsa
and rot of clty government. Mr. Turpin
opposed postponeinent, but wns outvoted
by a majorlty of three.
Proceedings in Detail.
President Turpin called the board to
ortler at S:_r> o'clock, and a quorum of
tho members of the body answerod to
thelr nnmoa.
A number nf cltlr.ens were present,
?looking after Ibe questlon of tlio salo
of tho Clark Sprlng propertjr liy tho':
clty, and Mr. "John P, Branch, who re?
cently offered tho clty $25,000 for publio
batha, was also on tho Door.
The report. of tlio Streot Commltteo
wns thn flrst buslness cnlled, and a good
mnny of Its provislons was of a roulitfo
natiiro and wero dlspoaed .. of wlthout
The commltteo on streets reported a
number of matlors, but most of them
woro referred to tho committee ou fl
Tlie report of tho Ordtnnnoo Onmmltteu
was consldered at some lengtlif, and
most of its recommondntlnns ndopted.
though thoy woro for tbo most part n.
a routlno naturo.
Mr. Mlnor called up tho Mnj-nr's vetn
wlth roforonco lo oxemptlng the Amerl?
can Kullnnnl Bnnk, from tlio genorat
flro bscapo nrdiuanoo, nnd tlio chair (Mf.
Turpin) neknowlodgod that on a former
occnslon ho hnd mado an Improper Nll
Ing on the subjeot.
"Thc voto of tho Mayor Is thorofore
suptalnpd," sald Mr. Turpin, nnd th
bonrd procebde.il with Its regular busl
Clarlc Spring Again.
Mr. Bhilr called up oul of Its order tho
questlon of tho salo of tho f'ljirlc SprinR
property by tlio clty at $*_r.,i-T0 to Mlsa
Orace Arents, for phiyground purposes.
nnd tho resolution adoptnd b.v tlm lownr
branch was road by the olorlc.
Mr. lllalr sald thero seomed t<> be n,
pnssihlllty of iho Hollywood peoplo and
Miss Areiits gotllng togotlior upon n prop?
osltlon snllsfactory to all ri-'i'tlw, II*
tliorcforo inovcd to tahle untll tho next ,
Mr, liat'iiov opposed thc motlon, nnd
sald lio had boon unnhle lo Iteur from
Miss Arenta's sldo tlinC thoro was any
iiopa of a satlsfactory adjuslnienl. Hn
diHcusaoil ihe mnttor at some. longlh, aiid
advociiteil the report of the Joint eoni
mitleo on tlio suhject.
Mr. lllalr Mlowod brleily, and sald h.)
wantod, if posslble, lo got the ennnlot
?ng Intorests togother, and Mr. Koiiy. of
Clay Ward. fnv'oreil a motlon lo roaom
n'tlt. Ho sald thero was no nssnranca
that .Miss Arents would accept llm propo?
sltlon of ttio o||y, so far as ho could
Mr. Seay, of Monron, aeconded Mr,
niatr's motlon to table, and spoka brlafly ?
ulong thls llno.
Mr. Mllior movod to eoniml' to th* t'onn
mltteo ou Pinanee, nml advoefctod, ii,!_
inollon ln a brlef speeeh.
lt was vlKorously oi>p"-a.'-l by Mr. Dab-.
liey, Ho sald thtre itiiifhl I"- a pocslbliity ,
of tho partles- gotllnit togolher, uud ha
ivotild- not objeci. t<> tlio motlon to .tabj-,
lint that Iho Klnanco Commltton t'ld not
drslre ti, tako tho iiucfltln.n up asaln.
Mr. Mluor wlthdiow lya -ubatltule, niv<

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