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BtttiOtM OfflC*
_3u*Iim?s Oftloe.
Edlto.li-I Dep-irtment '_ ___,'___
CircuiAtloa _-_psrtni-ai?"l|_*--l??<M^--*",'<*^^**
Washlngton Bureau.Itliea From PriSOrt.
??t"rl*urV iSflSS:^!11 ???*?rt?J wl,**s
tliln my gates,
BT MA.il. -',no A,t,lcn brlngs
POBTAOE PAID. r nt my grntes;
Dally, wiih Bunaav tanglcil in hor hnlr
IMlly, without 8und , . | ?..?
Sunday edltlon onl.IC(l lo Mfr cfe'.. .?
Weekly. OVedneedahnt w.intoli lti tho alr,
4-., , Biich liberty,
fcjr Tlmes-Dlspntt
ln Rlclimond (ond .
Peteriburir? ng cnps swiftly rouna
.... _, -_i.nllaylli? Thamcs,
_Vl\%\ a?St"_Ji? bnttd, with.roses Uound,
Sunday only.is wlth loyal flnmcs;
(Tcarly 8ubecrlptty gr|cf ln wlne wo steop,
. . niths nnd draughtfl go free?
SS"'' tlpple in the deep,
of Mnrch H, 1879. i such liberty.
commltted llnnets I
WBDNBfcjttoj- thront shnll sing
ness mercy, mnjcsty,
of my klng:
Mall voico aloud how good
I. Ir a true10*' Brent slinuld be,
11 .wlnds, thnt curl the flood,
such liberty.
wlth a lame r'
lls do not n prlson make,
"n bars n cago;
Busine,_'o_''.nt nIui c|t.let tolte
ir n hermitftge;
Tho hnnriuclc ,-rr(.(i0,n |n ?iy lovo,
merce last nlg my soul nm free;
good fellowsh'ione, that soar above,
?,,, ,,-.urh liberty.
mony nnd c< -niohard Lovelnce.
moiid's citlzer _,,.,.. ,
no clty ln lh Sailed Yesterday.
thnn Richmthtful party of Rlchmond pooplo
ti rr. Ib nine'0"1 N'!"' Ynl"k yesterday wlth
inete is ^ TiMV to spend soveral month.)
corps whlcli^,.,,,,. [ravo],
hionders m_3jn||i nnd hor friends wlll l.-ind in
dlfferent, foFrom tluit country tlioy wlll go
' Thore ls no _?*? ff'vlns a month to lhat -placo
xneieisuo ^_ I(n|i|l|) (,|UeR Anolluii
Crs nre wor^m ,JQ SpPnl on ti10 route from
busy witli h i,ondon and a thlrd wlll bo de
bonenth th.i sightsoetng In the Britlsh Isles.
?.,wic s'BirfSlalr'P Pirty Includes Mrs. Junliis
public WH^ KuxllMh Rent Klng, Mlss
tlonnto zcal!U1 c.opcinmi. jj|ss Qrlselle Mullen,
An old K-.ersl-urg; Mlss Mary arne.ihow
_-__?. Irnmit l'n. Mis *Rntli Suble'tt, Mlss F.llo
eentimont I ^ ^^ |n _^ ^ ^
ment In o\anWB p, cnnnoii,
dantly rnn. jjcll pnrkl.iH and Mrs. Henry C.
merce dln nre booked (o lenvo by the Cnm
mondcrs -wr?r Europe on Saturdny next, Mny
advantage-""'^ /r""\ *** f rl<'
co-opernti Tablets in Rotunda.
mond is i beautiful brons-.e tablets inlended
.. i-lcrV-erSim-InllZO tbe students of tho Ulll
" nigiK-i v _f VIrf,,n)a wll0 |.Uli down njpir
It is the ,n (),,, servico of the Cohfederacy,
high hopeipiaced on eltlier sldo pf lho south
denr to G of ihe Unlverslty _.brnry at .
, _,k yestorday nfternoon. the tablets
peopie ai .^ g[ft of {)|p }iuUc!. (,<()nfe,i,.mt(,
the man..r|n[ Association of Albemarle
Thero aY
. . unvelllng of the tnblets wns llie
tlon, "llt|rm 0f verj, impresslve ceremdiiles.
our dlfftfnhiets were presentad on belialf of
ugreod aadles by the Rev. Mr. Jolm Wllllnm
R.chmor? Iirul received by President B. A.
rninn. Tho orntor Of llie afternoon
inspired tho Rcv Dr> Randolph II. M.-Kim,
Loigh SCWfishlngton, aT>& Captnin Mleujiih
"Love ods preslded.
of Angl The University Finals.
ohllng sung girls of Rlchmond, nlwnys In
-' r..ted ln the Unlverslty ll.ials, wlll be
sed to know thnt the linul gerinans
of tho
Poems You Ought to Know.
WlWever yonr occupatlnn may bo, and howover crowdod your hours wlth
nffiirs do not fnll to scciiro at least a few minutes every dny- for refrosh
menfof your inncr life wlth a bit ot paeXxy.-Pxot, CUrle* MiOj Morton.
No. HU).
Tiio pctrel ls an ocenn bird whlch diirlng night SoemS to totioh tha surfnes of tlie
woves; lt wna prolmb.y so callecl ln nlliulon to .St. l'otor'6 walklng on tho soa.
HE iarlc Hlngs for Joy ln hor own lovotl land,
In the fti_-rt.W-.-_ flold, bj- tho breezes fannod;
And so rovol we
IU tho furrowod sea, |
As joyoiis nml glnd ns tho lark enn be.
On tho plncld bronst of tho Inlnnd lako
Tho _vll?l duck dolights her pasUmo to take;
Btit tho petral brayos
Tho wlld ocean waves,
Hl8 wing in the fonmlng billow ho lnveu.
Tho hnlcyon loves in tho noontido benra
To follow hls sport 011 tho tranquil stream.
Ho flshos nt enso
In tho sumiiier broosie,
Rut wo go angllng ln slonnlost sens,
No song-noto havo wo but a plplng cry,
Thnt blonds wilh tho slonn whon tho wlnd is lllgh.
When tho lnnd-blrds wnil
XVo sport in tho galo,
And mcrrlly over tho ocenn wo sall.
Thls e.rl.s begnn in Tho Tlmes-nUspntoli Si.iulay, Oct. 11, 10.3. Ono la publlshed caoh duy.
s yenr wlll incli.de tlie Mondny morn
' german, the P. K, Soclety dance on
uiday liighti and tho flnal bnll on Tttes
y night.
'lie alumnl orntor this yenr wlll be the
v Itolicrt K. Massle, o? the Theologl
.Somlnnry, Pr. Chnrlos AV. Kent wlll
iresont tho Unlverslty of Vlrglnln at
? sovcnty-llflh anniversary of tho
>ning of tlie Unlverslty of Alubnina,
clng place at Tuscnloosa, Aln., May
h to 30th.
'he Olobe-rioniocrnt, publlshed in St.
uls, Mo., under dnte of Mny 20th, snys:
'he wedding nf Mlss l.oulse I.lttle, eld
daqghtor of Mr. nnd Mrs. Wllllnm
tlo, to Mr. Cnry Nelson 'Wclslgcr, ,Tr?
lenlly of Rlclimond, Vn.. wns colo
ileil Saturdny nfternoon, Mny 19th. ln
? home of tbe bride's parents, "Alden
II," near St. I.ouls, Hie Rev, Dr. R. A.
Hand, of St. Oeorgo' ti Kplscopul
urch, ortlclatlng.
lio brlde camo ln wlth her father. Sho
s gowned Ih whlte inlrolre copy over
Itci sntln wlth a gnrnltiiro of laco In
nt applUiue. Her tulle vell was held
h lllins of the vnlloy ancl she enr
1 a cascade bouquet of tlie somp
lor mnid of honor, Mlss Margaret
tlc was In pink mnusollne worn wlth
?hlte plcture Jint trimined in pink roses.
r flowers were pink sweet pens. Tho
lesmnlds, Misses Mn.ioiio Ferrlss,
rence Slreet, Mary Wejsiger, of Vir
la, nnd Mrs. Alden Llttlo had pretty
cts nf JParlS muslln, pink nnd white
s and groat clusters of whlte sweet
lie eeremony was followed by a ro
tlon, nt whlch Mr. nnd Mrs. Cary
son, the groom's parents, wero mem
s of the recelving pnrty. Mrs. W. C.
tlo, the bride's mother was attlred In
pink net over pink sllk, Mrs, "Wolslge
woro whlte lace,
Tho groohi was attoncd by Mr. Josepl
Randolph Coffman, of ylrgjnia, as bes
mnn; Messrs. novnrly Randolph, Aldei
Mtlle, Henry Ferrlss, Diineaii McCnllum
Mcuehoiii Stewart nnd ".Vllllniu JJowlin.
Wclslgcr were tho groomsmen. Aftor i
1,1-ldal trlp ISast, Mr. and Mrs. Weislgo
wlll return to spend the sun.in.er a
Cards nro out to the ninrrlago of Mlsi
fc'nru Florenco West, daughter of Mr. iinc
Mrs. Otheilo Jesse West ,to Mr. Jlugl
Smlth Watson of Newport News. Tht
marriage will tnke plnco on Tuesday aftor
noon. June 5th, at 2 o'cclocjl at tlie home
of tho brlde ln Prlnco Georgo county.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George R. Hayes, ol
Gloucester county luive Issucd .nvltn
t.ons to the marrlago of thelr daughter
Ollle, to Dr. Cary Klpluis Vla, formorlj
of Newport Jiows, now of Glouceste.
county. The marrlago wlll tako place or
Wednesday, Juno fith nt the Unlon -Bap
tlst Church, Benu, Gloucester county.
Dr. Vla is a graduate of the Unlver
sity Colloge of Medlclne, In this. plty.
Mrs, llnrry Jenklns, of Chnrlottnsville,
has Issued Invitations to tlie mnrrlagt
of hor daughter, Miirga.-. t, to Mr. H.
Stanley Parker. Tho eeremony wlll bc
pcrformod at the home of the brldo's
mothor, ln Charlottesvllle, on Juno 4th
nt high noon. '
Mr. Parker and hls brldo wlll make
thelr home nt Old Polnt.
Queen of May.
This nfternoon at ?):_<- o'clock, a beautifu'
Mny Queen Festival und May Pole Duncc
Will bo glvon In Belvldero Hall. for the
ber oi
lzlng 1
and t
lor 1
A Famous English. PHysic iam. (who requests
tlh_at His name be witHHeld from publication)
says of
, maii
> "PPS
', lnst
! pf
"IrvLcases of slow digestion, lacK of stomach
tone and debility, this food is invaluable."
The great bulk of human food is starch in some form?bread, pastry, potatoes, riee, cereals
Itu (such as oats) wheat, rye, barley, etc.
;? This class of food supplies "energy" if it be properly digested, but there's the rub. Starch
iM and sugar in food are digested by the liVer and intestines. When these organs are overworked or
[a become weak, then the food is not entirely digested and lies in the warm moisture of the stomach
j jn until it decays, producing gas, and therefore dlsturbance and incipient disease of the liver and intes
', P* tines and frequently appendiciUs
|?g To meet this trouble Grape-Nuts food was itwented. In it, the starch part of wheat and
j *' barley is transformed by long soaking, warmth, and time, into sugar?just the same method as the
p. body employs in digestion. Hence when one eats Grape-Nuts he eats a predigested food, ready for
.? immediate digestion and assimilation, supplying the body with the needed food elements in a soluble
x "
; 1 and delicious form.
"Tho ....turee worihy of noto ln our nnuly.Ia nro tho oxeollent propnrtlon of
protol., mliteial inaitcr_, nnd soluble o. rbohydriitofi per cent, Tlio mineral mallnr
wflf) rl'di in phosphorlo urld. 'Clrapo-NlltR' l_ descrihnd na n brnln nnd m.rvo food,
whau-vi-r that may mosn, Our iu.aly.ls, at nny r.ito, . bows thut lt Ih a nutrltlvo
uf a hlgh onjer, slnco lt cpntnlns lho eonBtltuent's of n complete food In very salls?
factory nnd rh-h proportlqn und in ut. easlly n. _iini!;.i>ie stato,"
The food is naturally pre-digested by heat, moisture, and time. The diastase is thus produced
and the transformation of starch into sugar accomplished.
A perfect food for persons with weak intestinal digestion and who need, but cannot fully digest
ordinary bread and starchy food.
For athletes, brain-workers, or the weakest babe.
t.-.-i lofants, pour hot water over throo or four t.a.pQOll.-lll. uf tho food. l.'sn. that water wlth a trlil. pf tho food (lls_glv8_
ln lt,)
Founj The Food That Savud Hls Ulfe. j/n^Tyi
d' noe, saved my ll.e und 1 nm llliprosiod . tari.d my r .turn to health nnd really
thi.t ii l_ a liiiuiiilen duty to mako it saved my life.
"A jiliyslelaii lu naturally projudlcei.
"For ttirotj ..'-ii. i kopt fiiii'ut; wiih asainsj wrltlng .uah o, letter, but In trjl,
A good old famlly tiliy. I-lun wiih a life- .tomac.i nml llver dl?gr..r_ UiUll 1 _v->. '"*" ' '"" wllllnt,' to d.Vluro it from tlu
tlmo MPerUnca ln ?avlwj peoplo flrj.lly M U0-. .ovemy -ipuntf. froni my normal hoMMtopa ihat .h. .....iiipli-d i.o.._. ...u
""' ' ' w-iviit ..'ii.-u i ui.t |oo low *' '.'ii w1'" ?"'* ""w _>il-?-lng .? i ?"'? (*'"i flrn.
found himself slcl. unto di-ath. I myself, Ihreo of my U-.sp.lato p.ty slcitinp r,]u'i ''""' llMl.ll "??- _H_II*. and prnmpil.
JMc-di.-lii'-H .falli-1 ut.d-l/lll let hlm ?,hl_',l i, . io 'pil |py h"U.i' ln' ...di-r,' by Qiape.NutB lf Ihi'.v only Knew Whal
tell hls own kioiv. ??...r ihe r.r.-.t -in.-- lu for i would i"- (.ulekly .."im. (lie way o. '" do! Slnc.rely und fn.l_rna)ly your..'
my life of _l_.ty.pne yean l _..?< c_oj..pelledU|| m?n_lnd, Just aheul Hia| llme i was N""m o. Hil. pronilneh. p')*..iplan fur.
to publlcly teslll'y to lho val*.- ,nf a pul pn a ilh-i Of <*_i..p"->.uli> pr<'dli. __ted "IhIu.I by i'o_.li|iu t.'o., Jlatllo Creuli
Jarsclyadvcrtls-1 a.tlclo, and J, certalnly 'ood. >'uilou_ly .iiuiu.li lt i|..l.-.ly |_epp Mlcll. .
WOUld pot pi-'i llit-u llnci ('-..oejit that. i to build )ne up, appetlte ivtiinu'i.l. and ln l/OOfe ln p_k_. for fl, copy of thu funiuu.
^ .l^s*W,*"V1!.-10 "??*? A al"-'i;t W. <-if l'Vovl-j tlftL-t-ii days I galned bls puiiud-i. ifhatl little bOoH. "The Uoud to Willvillu."
Cocoa beans grow in
pods on the trunk
? and limbs of a dell
cate troplcal tree.
[They contain slx
[ tlmes more food val?
ue than beef. '
We use the highest
cost beans that are
grown and there is
nothlng in our cocoa
but cocoa.
- That is why it is
the most dellcious of
. THK HAI/Tlin H. lOW!<r.Y co.
beneflt of tho Auxiliary of the Retreat
for thu Slck.
.Mrs. Mnrk XV. Peysor. wlio has chnrge
of the prograinnie, hus sparerl no pnlns
ln trnl'iilng tho flfty-seven chlldren, who
uro to tnke part, and everythlng points
toward a most successful entertnlniuent.
Certalnly tl.o af"nl-? will po most beau?
tiful, Mrs. l'eyser having ndded a charm
Ing rnlnl/ow drlll 'and a flag drlll to the
May Queen pri.grojn.no,
Tho Stay-at-Home Whlst Cluh mot on
Monday evenlng at tho homo nf Mrs.
__. XV. Truvers, tlireo tables partlelpntlng.
Tin. best .scoro was made b.v Mrs. Hnr
r'le Wobster nnd Mr. Jolin Tyler. The mee__
Ing next week will bc held at the resi?
dence of Mr. John Tyler on Monday
Cards arc out to' tlie niarj-lngo of Mlss
Marlon Pc.aboily Macgill, of Petersburg,
to Mr. Thomas Johnson ot' Solcm, Va.
The wedding wlll tako place in Peters?
burg on Juno C|h.
Society to Meet.
Tlie Confedernte Memo.rlnl I.lternry So?
clety wlll rheot Tuesday, Mny 29th, as
Wcdnesday wlll be Memorial Day.
Officers Elected.
Tlie flrst nmiuul election of ollicers nt
Fnlrfnx County Chnpter, Dnughters of
tho Anierieun Revolutlon, wns held Tuos
dny at tiie rnsidpnce of Mrs. Couinl.e, .nnd
resulted iii Uio re-oloetion of all tl.o pres?
ent Incunibeiif's?Mrs, Oeori.o !?_. Klpg, re?
gent; Mrs. Fnuiklln Shormtin, seeretary;
Mrs. '.<.. S. Bethel, reglstrar; Miss Mary
Htihtlhigton, trecordlng seiiretnry; M..._|
Mlrinm Sherninii, corrospbhdliig seereta?
ry; Mrs. A. G. Coumbo, treasurer, and
Mrs. Ti, XX'. Snmniy, hlstdi-lan,
Personal Mention.
Mrs. Wllllnn. Cabell Truemun, of thls
elty Ir, tlie guest of Mrs. M. C. Peyton,
In Alexandrla.
? ? ?
Mr. C. E. LeFew, of thlp clty, is spend?
ing a fow doys ln Chnrlotte,svllle.
? ? *
Mr. and Mrs. Lorraine Rn.fin nre tho
guests of Miss Ellzubeth Talbot ln Nor?
Mr. Mason
from a vlslt
IT. Jefforson hns returned
to Fredericksburg.
The Rov. Jnmes Powor Smlth wlll
preach tho bnccnlaureate sermon before
tho graduatlng elnss of tho Vlrglnla
Mllltary institute on Sunday, June 24th.
On June 12th Dr. Smlth wlll nddress the
Ki-aduatHK at lliuiuideii-Sldiiey College.
Mrs. Joseph Jolinsoi). who has been
spending tho wlnter at "i?|ooiningdale,"
Henrico counly, lms returned to hor home
at Slnton, Va.
? ? t
Mr J. S, Peiice, of Staunton, is here
to mako hls future homo und will shortly
bc jolned by his family.
Mr. A. H,
end wlth his
l.owerlng spoii- the woelt
1'atlier nt Fred-M'Icksbur;;.
Mlss Ruby n. Jjeleh, who hus been
vlsltlng Mrs. parah Pleasanti, of No.
5013 Enst Franklin Streot, oxpocl- to
k-avo ln a few dnys for hor home/.in
jO.ijr and Queen county,
novoi-noi- Claudfi A. Swanrm ln ln Nnr
follt to attend a meeting of *ht Vll'glJ.ia
f-lnti. oonimlsslon to Jamestown.
l\l.ss Mlnnio Ru.show hns rot'invM to
ChnrlottosvlHo, nfter a threo mouth*.
vlflr to Itlelimond and PeicrMbui\..
M.'ss liuth Hart. of jTrotlorlcksburfj,
luiri come, to nichmond vo mnko per
Tr me.
? ? -.
Mlss Nnrn Wlllls, of tlie WoniOH'8 Col
|<g... ..peiit n fow dny.. lnst WOf't &l '"'r
l-.iino ln Frederlckaburg.
i _ .?
Mr, Charles O. Havllle, of thls rHy, I*
iti Woodstock, Va,, on Jjui'mws.
Ur. lU.lmrt Mugruder"recently vlsltod
Colonol uiul Mrs, W. H- Btnwart ln
Mr. T'. 1'.'. Tliomns, of Hoottsvillo, vlslted
Rleliniond ln..l week,
Mlss Badle Taylor, of FroderlcUsburg,
is vislting friends hero.
Mr. Louls n. lloiill, of thls clly, Iioh
been tho gui-sl of friends in Newport
Pr. Oharles Potjd, who hns been vlslt?
lng friend.. ln the clty, hns returned to
lils home at i3ioud\?jiy, vu. .
. ? ?
Mr. J. F-. Fauber lms returnecl to Chur
lottesvllle nftor a trlp to thls ell.v.
_ . *
Tlie It.v. .1. \y, MllHston, of Toano,
va., spent Mondny in Rlohmpw..
? . .
Mnsier T. Broun Powers, wlio has
heen vlsltlng hls graiuluiother, Mrs. li.
1". Powi'iK, near HcnUsvlllo, h*'' relurnod
to his 1.|( bore.
Mlss lli.Hc Mer.ltt, of Norfolk, Is lho
guest of friends hero.
. ? ?
Mls.i Mnry .Mellao llrooks, of thls chy.
wiih md Ul or honor Qt lho wedding of
Mlss Julla l.lt_.ib.-ili Unlliy toAtr. C'lumli a
i JLynn Clj-co, of Ablngd-ui. '/vu., whlcli,
took plnco In Jetersvlllo, Va., last week.
Mr. nnd Mr.. Ulyco nro spondltig a part
of thelr hoiieyinooi) ln nlclimond,
? * ?
Mrs, Mattlo I_urrett hns returned to.
Hlcliinond nfter n vlsit tu.M.s. Illnnton,
ln _""rodorlck_btirg.
* ? ?
The Hev, Dr. Georgo Wi Mcl-iinlcl, of
Ihls city, wlll preuch tho bucilnurento
.-.nrinoii nt l.nwlliig.- Instltute, Clinrlottcs.
vllle, on Mny 27th.
. ? ?
Mr. Georgo Mnson hns roturned to
Chni-otteBvlllL. aftor a vlsit to frlends
lu thls clty.
? ? ?
Miss Mlrlnm 1'nrkcr, who hns been
vlsitlng her pnrents here, hns roturned
td her homo lu Nowport _\cws.
? ? .
Mr. und Mrs. Virgliilus II. Smlth, who
Hpent severnl dnys of lnst woek ln Hlcli?
inond, havo returned to thelr homo ln
? ? ?
Miss Hoatrlco Young, of Newport Nows,
ls tho guost of. frlonds hero,
Mlsses -lanilo and Oerllo .Inrrlsoii, of Iluoli
Ingham county, wlll lio tho guoals of tholr
cousin, Mr?. h?cy Urlffln, of Nu, 1318 Twenty
.?-i..i)il Htreot.
Tho Juvotillo cntata, entltled "A Vrtam ot
l'.ilrylnnd," l.y a number of youiljf girls,
wlll ho fflven In tlie Town llnll for lho
li.-i.nlU of tho Knlrmiiunt Mothodlsl Chnroh.
Tho nffalr promlsus to ho of a hlghly -iltor
tulnliig order. an'l wlll lio under thn dlreo
tlmv uf 7Mr.?. J, lliissoll Clontry aml Mra.
Itn.ny i.i.rtor.
Mrs. "t?. SC. Rlchardson, of thn Avenuo, who
|i_a licna qulte Indliqxwied (or several daya,
in Improvlng. , ?? _ _,_ ,._
Mrs. ti. a. aormolman nnd Mra. J. XV. J_.l
nla aro la Portsmouth. whero they went ua
dologatos from Poorloss Council, DaUBMata ot
Uberty, to thn convulitlon of thn Duugliter.,
whlch la heing ll.Id thero thla weok,
Mra. J. VI. Hinllli, Ot Twenty-second Btreet,
him returnod froni a vlsit to rohitlvoa In JUin
ovor county. . , ,-. ,
Mastor ieonord Pollard, who r-rontiy vlslted
r.l.itlvca ln Hanpvcr county, hna returned homo
nftor 11 vory pleasant stny.
Mr. nml Mra. Ch.irk-i Tnto rocentty. vlalted
rclatlvos ln tho country,
Mlsa Zella Piilisn luu. roturned to her liomo
la Henrico county nficr tpondln*. some llmo
with relatlves hero.
Falrmount school wlll oloso Its senslon on
May -fiih. 1
Tho l.-wn party, whlch waa held a few oven
Ingn ugo l.y tho I'Tli'llty Y'a, prove.) qulte S
bucC-SS, both BOclally nnd lln.incl.illy.
Mr. Wllli- Jin-.o.., 6f Alberene, Vn., hn- ro?
turned home nfter a Vlsit to hla slstor, Mrs.
Mnrcellua Lnwery. ?
Mls.1 lila Tomlln enntlntiea qulto lll ln hor
home on Twonty-aocond Htreet.
Mr. and Mra. Polnl-r, of King Wiumin
county. who wero the guests of Mr, nml Mra.
Wlllliim Bhlim-ilt. nf Twciity-Bocond Slreol, lnst
wook, havo returned home.
?Mra. Eddle Itn.o ...td chll'lrnn havo retutii-.
f.-n.ii Honrlc.) county, where they vlslted Mr.
n.i't Mr.. I'*rank I'titzo, pbronts of tho former.
Mrs. Carson, who hns been lll for _ome
tlme, hns boen removod to 000 of the hoa
pIi.iIh for treatment,
Mrs, SalUe Qrubbs ond grandclilldron, of
llanovor county, vlslted Mr. mu! Mrs. "SVIUlO
Burylsor here durlng the i??si weok.
Mrs, Joseph IIunr1k-.1lt nn. her alster. Mlsa
WIIH ci Russell, pf I-ik-sld., huvc returncl
homo nfior 11 vlsit to frlonds here.
Mr. Ilenrv Orubbs nnd wlfo, of Hanov
county ,w??r_ tho guost. of Mr. nnd Mr". J.
I.otl.ni- hi-ro recently.
Tlio I.ady Miicc'ahocs of Falrmount reall-Od
qulte a nlco sum from tl.o lawn party whlch
they recently hold,
Qulte n numhor of ladies ot l-'nlrmoiint nt?
tend... tho I.oijio Mission Conv.ntlon, whlch
wns I10KI ln Petersburg last woek.
Llttlo Ituss.-ll Fuzsell, who has beon qulte
lll, la now Improvlng,
Mlas -SJva - neiiil, of Pleasant Street. la
.sp-iulliiK somw tlmo wlth hor slaier, Mra.
Wllli-, In Chnse Clty.
Mra. Jamoa Flelds hii<\ s_n, hnvo returnod to
tholr homo In llanovor county nftor n pleasant
vlsit to her daughter, Mrs. Young.
Mra. Vlrgle Mnrston and llltlo daughter,
Mary, of N'ow Kent county, vlslted Mra, J.
Aubroy Utios a few dnya ago,
Mra. Wllli..m Sctioll und olilldrnn hnvo re?
turnod tu tliolr homo ln St, l/nils nflor an
extonded vlsit horo. whoro thoy woro tho ffil'.sts
of Mr. nml Mrs. Charles A, I'elvoy. nf Twcniy
tlilrd Street.
Mrs. 1:5. B. Reynolds la spending eomo tlme
wlth hls daughter, Mra. J, 8.' Ilurka.
flno of tho prottlost mnniugos nf thla . ectl
was thnt of Mls? Mattlo Loe Wooldrldge nnd
Mr. Willlnm b'terllng Wrlght. whloh ocourf.d
a foiv ovenlngs ngo In Enst End Bapllst
Churohl Tho church wns benutlrully doc?r_._c_
wlth palms, cut flowers nnd mnny . ahnd-d
llght... whlch .k'st n soft glow ovor thn scono.
Rov; .}. Jl. Onw was Ihe offloliitlng minlster.
Tho brldo ?-fl_ bonutlfully gown. d In whlte or
gandlo nnd rorrjeij u sliower bouquot of
IlrldOB' roaes. Mlas llorthn Chiytor actf-d u.
mald of lionor nnd woro whlle orgnnd.e ovor
im.k. nnd cnrrlr-1 plnk carhatiotlB, Little Mlsa
Annlo liriol wua flowo'r girl. nnd wns diilnilly
ntllrod |n whito .,!lk. nnd carrled n bc.liot (IU
ed wlth plnk ahd whlio carnatlons. Mr. Wiuis
Wr'Sht was best iiin.ii, whllo Messrs, .VIIIIc
Tylor, A'.lon Wooldrldgo, Tomiilo Allen nnd
llilrry lialloy nrtod iu ll?hera, Tho brldo Ih Ihe
ihuiahtor of Mr. und Mra. W. O, Wooldrldgo.
of Tv-onty-ai-vonth .Streot, nnd lu qulto an
attractive n.xl popular young lady.
Mr. Wnllaoo Ilughus, who llved wlth
hls brother, near Gethsemane, committed
Hillclde by shootlng 011 Tuesday mornlng,
May 1.1th, while the rcinuhider of tho
I'amily wero nt breakfast. It ls not
known why he committed such n rnsh
act. Mr. ifiighf'H wns of good fnmlly,
nnd had consldornble inenns. He wns
never nmrrled, but lived wllh several
of hls relatlves nt varlous tlmes.
Then; wlll be a charming entertalnment
glvcn ln .Shndy Orovo hall ..'hit Monday
night ut S o'clock. Tho entertalnment
wlll oon_i_t pf charndes nnd muslc. Tho
lawn party begln. nt 3 o'clock ln tlu.
nfternoon. Refrcshmonts wlll be sold
011 tho grounds,
J, H. Morrison, of thls plnco, wns called
to Franklin, Vn., the latter part of lnst
weel; to nttend the funeral of hls niece,
who was burned to death.
Mlsses Ellzabeth Stul.bs und Pearl Tnl
ley were nppointed laat Bunday nlght ns
dolegates from Shndy Grovo Epworth
Jjoague to nttend the Epworth Lengue
conferonco, whlch wlll be hold in Norfolk
from tho 2_?th to the 31st of Mny.
Mrs. Woody, of Btudloy, has heen very
sicl. for soveral weeks. l-?r. a. u. Gray,
of Atlcc, ls her tittoii.llng physlclnn.
Llttlo Mnrie Molton. tho daughter of
Mr. und Mrs. Andrew Molton, pf Pole
Green, hus beon <|iilte slck for a weok.
Miss Besslo Caskott has returnod to
Makes the Well-Bred
Thoroughbred Bread
W. B. Nuform Corsets, in warm-weather
weight?, are as stitrdy and enduring as any of the
heavy fabric models, dcspite the extreme lightness of
materiaJ. We have attained a batiste, which is without
stretch, and proof against the heat ofthe body, which
makes possible the most remarkabie line of summer cor?
sets we have ever marketed.
Nuform 431* Dcsighe.l CHpccinlly to j?ivo Uie fijfure tho Hnes
demnnded by the prevailitiK fashions in I'rinccss Gowns. Kashioncd over
this special model your PR1NCESS (iOWN wlll bo correct in over)- detail.
Constructed sectlonully, niakltig the gnrment fit anugly ut nll points ancl
giving nn absolutely smooth surface, without bulgc or ric\p;c. Made of
white bntiiite und white coiltll. Trimmed with lace ancl ribbon. Hoso
BiipporterH front and sldes. Sizes 18 to 80. Prlce $1.00. Also
made in $1.50, 92.OO and $8,00 qualities,
Nuform 404 Average Model. Splendldly propor
tioned and will fit perfectly nine out of ten figurea. Medium long
abovo tho waist, whlch it dofines very cleurly, Mnde of white
batiste nnd white or drab contII. Trimmed with lace und baby rib?
bon. Hose eupporters front nnd side. Si_.es 18to;___>. Price 51.OO.
NUFORM 407 Slotit Model
Mnde with high bust and
deep hlp with unboned apron
extension especially restrain
ingover-fleshiness around tho
hijis und nllowing perfect
freedom of action. Made
of whi.e batiste and white
or drab coutil. Trimmed
with lace, bnby
ribbon and sntin
bow. Hoso
sutiportcrs side
ancl front. Sizes
J!) to 110. Price
NUFORM 429 Reverse Gorc Model
Por average and well-devel
dped figures. Has the new
high bust and produces a pro
nounced nip nt waist and
flnttening effect over hip and
nbdomen. Made of nn ex?
cellent quality of white
batiste and coutil. Trimmed
wlth laco
and ribbon.
Sizes 10 to
30. Price
All of theso models, as well ns
numerous other styles in
N u f o r rn Corsets, also
made in heavier, fab?
rics, may be found at
your retailer's. I f
you cannot obtain them
mentiou dealer's namo aud'
send dirept to
n7r-aro ii'whj
A'e.v York
42 9*Pr^S$F
Carefully Made Cake.
Appetlzing eooked wholesomonoss, famous for Its all
around goodneas. Everythlng from flour to flavor is tho
Try tho joy of a Pound Cnko, ".Vlno Cako, Sponge or
Frult Cake, or somo Angel Food.
L. BROMM, Bakeries,
Phono 875.
Newman after a pleasant stup wlth her
auut at Old Cliurcii.
Mrs. AV, K. Melton, of l'olo Green,
vlslted hor parents, Mr. aml Mrs. James
Fleld, near Sliudy Grove, last Sundny.
Mrs. Wllliam Hlcks haa Juat recovered
from 1111 lilness.
At u mpptlnf,' of thn liouril of trustPps
of 'Wnshlii-.ton ancl Uonf-y Academy,
whleh was held on Saturday ovehlnir,
May 12th, in tho seliool bulldlng, lt was
declded by the trustees that they would
bulld two moro rooms on to tl.o present
bulldlng''and hovo m. assembly i.uii, cov
crlng tl.o four .'ooiiih; then it would then
bo turned ovor to tho Stato for a hl-.li
school, whloh wlll ho 11 great advimtiign
to tho young men und lndles of Han?
over county. At thls mePtiiiff tho twelvo
trustees wero present! also the siiporln*
tendent 01' schools of tlils county, Mr,
II, 0. Hedd, of lleavftr Dlllil, und Com?
monwealth's Attorney, Qforge P, u.iw, of
Ilanpvej' Couftliouse.
Tho latter two gnve vory Inslruetlvo
tnlks concenilng lho high seliool and Its
work. AH woro niueli illsapi.olntod when
(l.oy found tluit lt was Impossllilo to
hovo Superlntendent ISggleston aud Mr.
13, II. RiihhoII, of FrrdorlcksliiirK, present.
Mr. rii.Hsiiii oame h.st Tuesday mornlng,
und li.speeti-ii thn sci.ooi property,
Chiidren's Pay oxerolses wlll be hold
ln Cool Sprlng lluptlst Churcli on tlie
drst Sunday sfiernoon In June,
James Hend. of Klng ".Vllllum, ls nciw
tho night telegraph opwntor at thls
Mlss Annlo Smlth has ret. hiod nfter
a pleasant stay witli hor ul-itor, Mrs.
ltuyiiiond Itlchardson, in Aslievillo, N, C.
Miss ciara Heiicii expects to return to
her lionre Sundny.
Mrs. Williams Is mucli hottor after a
Iniig lilness.
Mfs. Mar.v HewlmnkH la c.ulte siclt at
her l.ciino .nenr here.
MIsh Illliln West nnil Mlss Selniu Jleoeh
were reoeptly guests of Mlss Marla
i.vneii, of "STew Castle.
Mr. John Tuinlln Is out agaln nfter lie
iiiB coulinc'd to hls room for some tlnip 011
account of falling out of lils drc-ssliig
room door 011 somo Inlcks a.-id eutltng lils
head and face very badly.
Phono 1085.
B_BWgjMBggjnMIBggg| fflflgg
On Furniture, Pianos, &e., wlthout
removnl fro.n your possosslon,
Lowest Itntes. No Publlelty.
Im Wcokly Payniont on 0 l_oao of?
10.Ib.? .M
30.B. .85
X.la. 1.15
30.Ib. }.tj
36.Ib. }?0
W.ls. IM
oilicr compsnle. pald oft and inor?
monty advanced on caaler terms.
If you ennnot call personnlly, wrlto
or tolo-ihono, and our confldentlul
ogont Wlll cull on you.
'Phono 4312.
Second Floor Front.
Steam-Dried Khidiing and
Cord Wood,
*l.5l( per half cord, ull Klndllng.
Ml.ni. per half cord, Klndllng and
ipy.sn por halKpord, liaU Klndllngi half
pino cordwood.
ijili.r.O por hnlf cord, half Klndllng, half
Oak Cordwood.
tj-M.fK) per liiilf ciiid, Sawed Pino.
m:i ar. p,.r imif 00rd, Sawod tiak. ,
Order by Phono or postal c*mi.i. wo
aro pow inepnred to deliver promptly.
Phone 3017.
Richmond. Cedar Works.
The Valentine Museum
OPHN 10 A. M. TO 6 P. M. I ,'
Ftti-B O.N SATUttlMYIfc

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