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! Long List > of Physicians and
? Surgeons Who Passed Exami?
?They Passed a Rigid Examination
in'This City Last
' June.
(BpocUtl to Tho Tlme_-Dli>pat_h.)
STUART, VA., August ????Following- Is
an ulphahetlcnliy arranged' list of the
applicants for license t? pructlco medicino:
. and surgery who passed satisfactory ox
n?hlniitloiiH bororo tl? Medical Examining
Board of Virginia during Its spring sea
slon, Juno.19-22, 100(1, held at Richmond,
Arrlt, A. M,, Crooked Run, Va., Medi?
cal Collego of'Virginia, IflOC,
Hurnett, Charles K., Willis, Vn., Univer?
sity College ?f Medicino, 1000.
Blodsoe, Edwin Pago, Petersburg, Va,,
College of PhyslclniiH and Surgeons, 1003.
Butler, Thomas J., Lyncbhurg, Va,,
University of Virginia, 1000.
Brown, J. Douglas, Montague Collogo
of Physicians and Surgeons, : Now York,
Bass, Urhane F.,' Richmond. Vn.,
Leonard Medical College, 1906.
Bates, Rit P., Newtown, Va., Medical
Collego of Vlrglnln, 1DOC.
Bowyer, C. B., Emory, Vn., Medical
College of Virginia, 1900.
Blackwoll, K. 8., Bnoodrtin, V_., Uni?
versity Collogo of Medicino, 1900.
Bacon. CN?.. Church Hill, Tenn., Ken?
tucky University. 19M.
Bennett, William H-.^Nashvllle, "?onn.;
? University of Nashville, 1900.
Bowens, B. T., Norfolk, Vn,, Tufts Medi?
cal Collego, Boelon, 1698.
Cunnudy, Dexter P., Floyd, Va? Mcdl
cnl College of Virginia, 1903.
Cunningham, W. 8., Colles, W. ' .Va.?,
Medical Collego of Virginia, 1900.
Crenahaw, John L., Graanl?trid, Va.,
University of Virginia, 1900.
Copoland, E. V., Round Hill, Va., Uni-;
verslty of Medicine, 1903.
. Cook, T. C.7'Capon, Va.. Jefferson Medi?
cal College, Philadelphia, 1906.
(.-' Cralg, W. H., Richmond, Medical Col
, lego of Virginia, 1900.%*.
Culpeper, Jame? H., Norfolk, Va,, Uni?
versity of<Pennsylvania, 1006.
Crowrtcr, W. A., Petersburg, Va.,
Leonard Medical College, 1904.
(Jhapman, Thomas Id, Norton, Va.,
Kentucky University, 1SKM. ?'>'.-. ' s?
Cralg, 8. D., Richmond, Va:, Medical
Collego of Virginia, 19?G.
. Cecil, L., Richmond, University Collego
of Medicine, 1906.
Coffrrian, M. B., Richmond, Va., Hanno
ninn Medical College and Hospital, 1900,.
Daniel, Charles C. Derby, Va., Medical
Collego of Virginia, 1906.
Davis, R. B., HoldcTOff, Va? Medical
.College of Virginia, 1905,
Easter, Clay. M,,: Front Royal, Va.,
Blaltlmoro Medical College; 1693.
Fergusson, Robert F.. Richmond, Va.,
.University CoUego of Mfcdlclno, 190C.
Fort Ine, Henry K., Chicago,'111.', Beau?
mont Hospital Medical Colloge, 1887.
Fuit., G. S., Broadway, Va., Medical
Collego of Virginia, 1906.
? - Ford. R. H.,' Washington, P, C Colum-:
blan University. District of Columbia,
? 1906.- ' -
Gates, F. P., Manteo, N. C. Bellevtio
Hospital Medical Collego. 18S6.
Grizaard, J, H., Grt-.ard, Vn.; Baltimore
Medical College. 1900.
Green, Arthur E., Clover, Va., Leonard
Medical Collego, 190C.
Henderson, T. B., Axton, Va., Medical
Collego of Virginia, 190C. '
Hlgglnbotbam, James N.. Cove Creek,
Va., Modlcal Collego of Virginia. 1908.
Hudson, Albort 8., West Point, Va.,
Medical Collego of Virginia, 1908.
Harrison, George B.. Downlngs, Va,,
University of Maryland, 1905.
Hume, R. G., Potershurg, Va., Univer?
sity of Maryland,, 1906.
Hughes, Frank. A., El Poso, Ter., Medi?
cal College of Virginia, 1900.
Hewitt, J. H.V Jacksondalo, Va., Johns
Hopkins University, 3.900.
Hartnati, D. W., Manteo, Va., Univer?
sity of Virginia, 190.1.
Holmes,' Summer G., Arlington, Vn..
Howard University, District of Columbia,
Hudglns, R. lister. Richmond, Va-,
University Co|lcg_*of "Medicino. 1906.
Hcnly, M. W-, Richmond, Va? Univer
_lty CoUego of Medicine, 1906.
Hooe, Robert A., Washington, D. C,
Washington University, 1906.
Holley, O. C, Delmar, S. C? Maryland
Collogo, 1905,
James, James V., Richmond. Va., Medi?
cal College of Virginia, 1006.
Jones, Arthur I-, Brandon, N, C, Uni?
versity Collogo of Modiclne, 1901.
Jamos, Fr?d W., Fltzhugh, Va,,
Leonard Medical CoUego, 1906. ?
Jenkins, Ral?ort T., BtUtlimore, Md.,
physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, 1903.
Johnstone, ProutlBS-D-, Pocahonta., Va.,
Medical Collogo of Virginia, 1906.
Jonos, T. P., Richmond, ,Va? Medical
Colloge.of Virginia, 1906.
Kellani, W. F., Wochiiprenguo, Va.,
tfohns Hopkins University, 1900.
Klrg, J. R., Ronnoke, Vn., Medical.Col?
ige. 190C.
Lewis, Chnrlo-1 H., Baltimore, Md., Uni?
versity of Maryland, 1900.
Land, Evorett A? Norfolk, Vn., Uni?
versity Collogo of Medicine, 1906.
Lorraine, . W. B., Richmond, Va.,
Hahiiemann Collego and Hospital, 1900.
Lane, W. P., New York, Snglnaw Valley
?Medical Collego, 1003.
Mullory, Frank N., Lnwroncovllo, Va?
Medical Collego of Virginia, 1906,
Motley, James a, Lynohburg, Va.,
Medical College of Virginia, 1906.
Mason, D. H., Modloal Colloge of Vlr- ;
Sinia, 1900. ,.,',,
Martin, James I*-, - Jonosvlllo, Va.,
(Leonard Medical Collego, 1900.
Mooro, R. A., Rlohinond, Va.. Unlvor
?Jty Collego of Medicine, 1906.
Millar," John D? BrldgowiUor, Va., Modi
wtl Collogo of Virginia, 1900.
Murdooh, Lester H.. Washington, p,
O., George Wunhington University, 1900, .
Mock, L. E? Mountain City, Tonn,,
?University of Tonnesnoo, 1906,
Morros, T. N. W., Stowartavlllo, Va,,
University of Virginia, 1880.
McCttll, J. R., Lagrano, University of
?Virginia,' 1831.
Nelson, H, T., Jr? Chai lottosvllle,, Va?
University of Virginia, 1899,
Nell, Marshall B? Yorkvtllo, 8. C,
:Unlvors|ty of Virginia, 1906.
Parher, Jamo? R., Bedford City, V?.,
Medical College of Virginia,- 1906.'
Pollard, John B., Philadelphia, Pa., Uni?
versity of Virginia, 10W,
- Pole, L. p., Hot Springs, Va? University
College of Modluipo, 1906.
Pleasants, Alfred W? Lexington,'Va.,
Leonard Modlcal College, 1906.
Pretlow, T.| J., Newport N?ws, Vo?
Medical Collego of Virginia, 1000,
Purl. A. L., Richmond, Va., University
,pf Wnlden,. JNoahvlllo, Tenn., }000. "
Phlegar, O. K? Poarlsburg, Va., Unlver.
|?lty College of Medicine, 1906,
Ponn, A? B-. Washington. P. <j? Howard
Medica^ Collage, 1002,
Bedford, Rufue I*, Conl.y, Va., Uni vor-, i
pity College of Medicine, 190q;
i Spen?>er,' 'rf. B., Rlohmopd, Va,, Univer?
sity College Of. Medicine, JlWe.
Miff. V, B, fcocklle., V?., ?o-lo_| coi- '
Suffered Tremendous Itching Over
Whole Body-Scratch?d Until
Bled-f Worse at Night, With
Soreness and Excruciating Palna
?A Western Lady.8
"Last yew at this timo I Buffered,
?wUh a tremendous itching on my
baOk, whfoh grew worse and worso, un?
til it spread' over tho whole body,' and
only my face and hands wore freo.
For four months or bo I suffered tho
torments of the damned, and I had to
scratch, scratch, scratch, until I bled.
At hight-when I went to bed things
got worse,, and I had at times to get
up and scratch my body all over, until
1 was as sore as could be, and until I ,
suffered excruciating pains, I did not
know what it was, and resorted to a
number of blood purifiers, using at
times also Cuticura Soap. They told
mo then that I was suffering from,
eczema. Then I mode up my mind
that I would also uso Cuticura Oint?
ment and Cuticura Resolvent. I used
them according to instructions, and very
soon indeed! Was greatly relieved. 1
continued until well, and now I am
ready to recommend tho Cuticura Rem?
edies to any ofto who suffers as did your
obedient servant. Mrs. Mary Metzger,
Sweetwatcr, Okla,, Juno 28, 1905."
Humors, Eczemas, and Itching!?
s Cured by Cuticura
The agonizing itching and burning
of the skill, as in eczema* the frightful
scaling, as in psoriasis; the loss of hair
and crusting of sculp, as In scalled.
head?all demand a remedy of almost
superhuman virtues t? successfully
cope with them. That Cuticura Soap,
Ointment, and Pills are euch stands
proven beyond nil doubt.
fold thro?fhoat LI? world. Cutiruri Soap, 55c, Olnl.
rn.nl, Wo., RnoWtat, ?e. (la form ol Chocolitr Co?t?d
1111?, Ue. ptr Tilt of 601, iikt b? hid of ill druuliti. A.
fing?? wt ofitn cur?, Knit. Drug ud Ohrnn. Corn., Saw
rioji,., llvrtoo, Mitf.
ar Milled tu?, " Uow to Cur* Bibir Humor?."
leso of Virginia, 1006.
Strother.Paul M., Lynehburg-, Va., Uni?
versity of,Virginia, 11)00.
Smith; John W? Nouse, N. C, Univor
Blty of Maryland, 1900.
Sanwich, B.. A.-,'.Richmond. Va., Queen'?
University, Kingston, Canada, ISWG.
Storting, Eunice :'B.. Baltimore, 'Md.,
i Woman's Medicar College, 1305.' ?.
I Strong, Andrew . J., Ridgeway, . Vn.?
Leonard Medloal College, 1906.
Stancell, William W.. Margarcttsvillo,
Vu.. University College of Medicino, 1D06.
Snead, Vf. Vf., Etna ?Ulis, Va., Univer?
sity of .Virginia, 1900.
? Sandldgo, E. M., Sandldges, Va., Medical
College of Virginia, 1906.
Slatapor, P. J., Alvln, Texas, University,
of Pennsylvania, 1900.
Sutherland,- Bd?ar L,., Hillsvllle, Va.f
University of Virginia, 1898.
ThorntOno, Jessie M., StauritSh", Va.,'
"Woman's Medical College, .1901.
Trent, J. (3., .Richmond, Va., Medical
College of Virginia,' 1900.
Tompklns, J. M? Richmond, Va., Medi?
cal College of Virginia, 1900.
Terrell, Samuel M..Saleni, Va., Marlon
Sims Coll?ge Of Medicino, 1893.
Trant, J. P., Cllnchport. Va., George
Washington University, 1900.
WUHngham. Benjamin X. Richmond,
"Va,, Medical Collego of Virginia, 1900.
Wallace, -William A., Rlohmond, Va.,
University College of Medicine, 1906.
WJIlltwns, J. 11., Princeton, W. Va:,
Medical College of Ohio. 1900.
Willis,'-IS. C, CtHickatuck, Va., Medical
College of Virginia, 1900.
Weems, Edward D., Ungers Store, W.;
Va.. University of Maryland, 1901.
West, Georg? S-, G?rardstown, Vf. Va.,
University of Pennsylvania, 1897.
Fresh Water Preserved Body in
Good State.
(Special In The Tlmos-Dlspatoh.)
WEST POINT, VA., August 21.?An un?
known colored man's body was found
Wednesday floating a little below Beach
Park. Ho is supposed to have fallen from
sonio boat.
The body -was so little defaced, and the
eyes untouched, that it shows that tho
water was frcsli, as no crabs frequent
fresh water. Crabs attack tho eyes first.
The man woro'good clothes and shoes
and a good watch?In other words, ho
was '.'dressed up" for some special occa-'
slon. At first those finding him thought
the watch was at work. Afterwards it
was found the watch ? had stopped at
twenty-eight minutes past eleven.
An Inquest wns held over the body,
and It was turiiod over to t Undertaker
Chiilkley for Intormont in the\West Point
Cemetery, Instoad of nt "hlgh-wator
mark." nearest to the place whoro tho
body was found, according to custom and
A Panic in Institution, and
Preacher Uses Re?
(Special by Southern Boll Telopiioiie.)
DANVlkUa, VA., August 21,-The ma?
tron and thlrty-livo children at the ?au
vllle orphanago wore thrown in a pnnlo
about 1 o'clock' this morning, caused by
two men attempting to effect mi entrance
Into the building by a side door. Miss
Puttie Funlknor, tho mutton, ->vfcf asleop
on the second floor, and was alarmed by
the iiolso. Tlie building Is without male
protection, and she screamed loudly for
assistance, i.ev, J, it. Holland, Baptist
minister, who Uyss nearby, was th j nrst
to respond, Armed with a revolver, lie
came a'crons tho yard, and saw two men
irunnlng, Us ?red once, but thoy disap?
peared In the darkness.
goon quite a number o( neighbors and
several police ofllcers wi.ro on the Bcene.
A thorough pareil wus begup, and Mr,
Holland fired again ?t a man he hoard
running .through the corn In the garden.
Tho phot, however, wont wild. There is
no olwe as to the Identity of the men
or what motive thby could have hat! In
frying to effect "an entronco |ritd fhu or
plumage, which in J* place of rofugo for
children whose- parents ure either ?|ea<?
or unable to take care of: them, ?t is
kept -an hy charitable ?louaUons, 0|t|
Kens were very \ lijuely enraged over the
Incident, and, if tho men had been caught,
the/ would have fared badly.
Me Has Lots of Money, But He
, is Where It Docs Him No
Is on Bread and Water, But
Keeps Hi* Spirits
. ^ . .Up.
'i i ???.' .
(SOeolftl by HouthfirniJell Tulopliono.)
NORFOLK, VA., August 21.?As no one
, is allowed to see J, Raynor Storrs Wells,
now an ' apprentice. seaman, prisoner
ithoard the receiving ship Franklin, In
tho Norfolk tfiivy Yard, but meager In?
formation concerning his. Uf? on the brig
emanates froth the yard. It was said
from the Franklin that tho young man's
time.. of Imprisonment, caused by over?
staying his leave of absence and falling
to report at this naval station promptly
after tho expiration of his leavo, when
he went,to.visit his. parents, heforo en?
tering upon his four year?' term of en?
listment In the navy, would bo up next
Tuesday, '
It was' also reiterated from tho Frank?
lin that tho young man is In doubla irons,
and ho Is fed on bread and water,, except
every third day, when ho Is given full
: ship's rations.
In the ordinary course of events, Wells,
upon being released from imprisonment,
will go to tho naval training station.
After four months there, ho wilt proba?
bly be assigned -to some ship at seil.
Hfc could, however; be kept ?t the station
for four years, or Until, he cofld bo
Whipped Into an able seaman. It is not
known what efforts are being made,to get
Wells _out of tho navy. ?, ?
/ Wells gets. many letters and telegrams'
dally, and oonds muny In return, pels
said to have plenty of money?more, than
any ono else aboard' the 6litp---btit money ,
can do him no good now. It has nothing
to do with his present state.
It is also learned that Wells i has re?
covered from any melancholy which may
have taken hold'of'.him during his first
day of incarceration. The sudden change
from the gaiety of Nowport to the pres?
ent llfo Is not now depressing.
He Is roported as being Jolly and happy
',nnd Is j^0t. worried about .his situation,
It has not been made plain what phase
of the present case should make It neces?
sary that he should bo placed in doubto
' irons.
Only in .aggravated cases are those
guilty of overstaying their time put In
double Irons.
i ?';'"?: -:?~*?:-?
Big Addition to Virginia Trunk
and Bag Factory,
?Speolall to The Tlm^w-Dlapatoh.)
PETERSBURG, VA., August 24.?United
States Architect F. H. Neeley in here to
look after the enlargement and Improve-^
ment of the post?nico building, for which'
Congress at the last session made an ap?
propriation of $80,000. The plans for this
improvement have not been made known,
but It la understood that the Building will
bo very materially 'enlarged; and tho In?
terior changed. ?? ? . ;
Th? Virginia Trunk and Bag Company;
have award oil contracts for the new ad?
dition to their plant,, in Guarantee Street,
which is to cost about $25,000. Th? now
building will bo four stories high, fortf
feet wide and nearly 350 feet long. Major
Harrison Walte is ' the archltoot. The
building will havo concrete, foundations/
piers and floors, for .which Perkinson and
Fonn have tho contract. The brickwork
will b? done by Brlstor and Harrison.
Lieutenant Charles E. Bowie, of this
city, on tho staff of-Major A. R. Moody.'
has ben designated by Governor Swanson
as a member of the Virginia team - of .
militiamen to attend and partic?pate In
the national shooting match at Seagirt.'
N. "J. Ho will leavo for that placo to
morrow. ' S
Tho family, of Alexander Smith" in
Chesterfield county, recently, found. In
destitute condition and all the members
111. havo through the kindness and atten?
tion of Dr. W. P. Hoy, been restored to
health mid given a new-start In life..
Edith Winston, the little, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Moars, died yes?
terday after a very brief illness. The
funeral took place this morning.
I-?-:?- -'
Husband Dies in Wife's Arms at
Doorway of New Home.
(SreclM to Tho Tlmee-Dlspatch.)
MARION, Oi August 24..?While tack-'
Ing down a carpet And.talking of a happy
futuro with his wife and baby In lliclr
now. home yesterday wftenioon, Housw?r.
Denman;' aged 23 years, residing' near
Larue, was paralysed by a thunderbolt
which desoonded the chimney. Mrs. Don
man and the baby, Annabel, agad twe
years, were knocked down by the same
bolt, falling beneath u table.
I 'For God's sake, little girl. , wivo me
If you can I" gushed Denman to his wife..
With .a supreme effort tho brave woman
i<alsed her stricken husband to his feet
and draggod him to the doorway, whore
she thought the fresh air might revive
him. "I feel better now," Denman said,
when a second bolt crashed through tho
roof, striking him dead In his wife's
arms. Mrs. Denman was rendered uncon?
scious and the baby was hurled twenty
feot. J "_ _ ?
Making Enlargements and Has
Many Orders Ahead.
(apodal to The Tlmaa.OtapeAoh.)
BTTRICKS. VA., August 24.-The Poca
hontos Cot Urn Milt Company are making
Bomo needed. Improvement? to their al?
ready spaoioua building? by the erection
Of a large cloth-room for the handling
and idling of cloth, and th? erection of a*
number of roomy outhouBes for the
storing of material, "waste," umd tools.
This mili ?um been running steadily for
a long time now, and has "many orders
ahead. Mr. J. R, Lodge, foreman of spin?
ning-room, who went there from the Kt
trlcKs cotton mill when that shut down
four years slneo, has severod his eon
nectlon with the Pocahonta? mill, and
accopted a luoratlv? position with tho
Buward Trunk and Bag Company.
Mr, David Gatos, formerly with tho
Manchester . oo1 ton , mills, .succeeds Mr,.
Lodge-at the Pocahontas, i
Tommy Williams, about seventeen,
y emu of age, ft ?on of Mr, Richard T.
Williams, was by commission appointed
for tho purpose adjudgod insano mid or?
dered sent to an asylum a flay ov two
since. '
/ ?-?-*-"-" .
Freshets Havts Washed Much
Away and Rain Damaged Balance
('Biieclal to Tho Tlmea-pispatoh.)
?fcYNOW?WU?, VA.,' August W.-To
bncoo men her? are pot optimlstto over
the. outlook tor the growing crop of to?
bacco on account of the rqcent frequent
am! severe rains in this section Of the
State, . It |s foar?d that.the crop has
been damaged considerably on account
of the wet weather. In addition to Uite,
It is said, many planters havt lout ?
coneltlernblo portion of their cfop by
having It washed out by fresliois,
Tho rains, while they . have boon very
frequent In Lynch burg, "havo not liectl
nearly so ?overo as they havo boon. In
(he iietirhy tobacco districts. R cannot
bo estimated yet. to What extent tho
crop hits b'eon Injured.,
. .-"?' ?? <
Young Mart Who Could Not
Swim Rescues Young Lady,
(Mtieetnl lo Tho TlinOH-Dlspat-h.)
WEST, POINT, VA., Aiimist 21?At
Uockly Wharf, on Ware Rlvofi a short
timo ago, 'a young lady, who cutnb up
from Norfolk oh tho steamer Norfolk,
fell Into tho water about twenty foot
deep, nnd would havo drowned, att sho
Inul ?unit twice, had', not Mr. Miihlon
Benson, a young man of twenty years
of ago, sou of Mr. Tom Benxlm, Jumped
Into thcrlvor, caught and held her up
until a boat como to tho rescue,.
The thing that rendered the not most
gallant and showtsd such bravery was
that tho young man could not' swim'..
??-??'' S , m
To Go in Training.
(K|)?.-clal to Tho'Times-Dispatch.) ,'"'
RAPFORB, VA., August 24.?A car lond
of horses from tho Edgo Hill Stock-Farm,
owned by Mr. John L. Vaughan, president
.of-'tho Southwest Virginia Agricultural
and Live Stock Association, arrived Mon?
day at the Fair Grounds to go In training
for the, rt?eos of the Groat District Fair.
Other owners who have horses here In
training are Mr. Jamos R. Vaughan, of
Roanoke; Mr. Plorco Ba ne, 'of Giles ; Dr.
Jones, of Roanoke; Mr, Holiday, of Staun
,tpn, and Mr. Kelly, of North Carolina,
Arrangements' have boon made for herds
of thoroughbred1 cattle from Kentucky,
Jrdlanu, Pennsylvania, Virginia ana Wost
Vlrglhla, and Indications are that the fair
will be the greatest' In the history of the
association. \ .
Along the Rappahannock.
(flpoela.1 to The Tlme-i-DIopatch.). t
Mr. John W;-Wallace, of Stafford county,
loBt a valuable horso yesterday by being
struck by'lighting during a severe storm.
Mr. J.J, McDonald, formerly of the
Northern Neck, now. holding r position In
the Department oVCommerce and Labor
at Washington, ls'a visitor here, Ho was
a member of the Stale Senate from the
Northern Nec-k District or eight years,
and is now engaged in writing.a sketch
of Tidewater Virginia during his vaca?
tion. He expects to havo the book com?
pleted In.time to offer It. for sale at tho
Jamestown Exposition. Mr. McDonald
Is a prominent Republican. ', .
I '.?' ? '
Escaped Convict.
(Special to The. Times-Dispatch.)
GLADE SPRINGS, VA.. August 24.?A
'negro convict escaped from', tho camp
at Meadow View, Va., early this morning.
He Is one of whom are building new
roads near that place. :'-? I
Ho was caught here a few hours later
by Dr. T. P, Hutton, and taken back to
the "camp,
t ..
Primitive Baptists.
(Special to The. TIme-i-Dlspatch.)
LURAY, VA., August 24?The primi?
tive Baptist Association .convened to-day
with Naked Creek Church in tho south?
ern end of this county. .
A large attendance of ministers Is
present from -Western -,. States. Those
meetings are attended by thousands of
persons each. year.
Japanese Student pf the College
Passenger on1 the Wrecked'
(Special to The Tlmea-tTlspatoh.)
Tho executive commltt?3e of Randolph
Macoh College met In Richmond to-day
to fill the vacancy caused by the death
of Dr. P. VS. Ellis, thacollege physician,
who was drowned two-weeks ago.
Dr. A. Chambors Ray; of Eagle Rock,
Va.,: was blected. Drf Ray is an A. B.
of Randolph-Maoon, of 1893, and for a
year was professor of mathematics at
Qultman College. '' ',
The next year ho was re-elected and
advanced to tho position of vice-president
of the college, but? resigned this position
to take up tho study of medicine In the
University College of Medicine. He grad?
uated second In tho class of 1897, winning
the prize for surgery. Ho was, president
of his olass and president of the alumni
association In 1899. The winter of 1898-99
ho spent In Now York City at the Poly
cllnlc Post-Qraduate School and Hospital
and at tho Gouverneur Island Hospital,
of New York.
Since then ho has been actively en?
gaged . in practice at Eagle Rook, ' Va.,
where he has won an enviable reputation
as a physician and us a man. Ho is
president of the Eagle .-Rook Bank (Inc.)
and iB-actlve^ln all matters that-concern
tho upbuilding of his community. ,?,.,??.
Dr, Ray has tho highest endorsement
of the physicians and pf the Reading citi?
zens of his county. ' Su oR Richmond
physicians as Dr. Paulus Irving, Dr.
William B. Gordon and Dr. Landon Ed?
wards speak In terms of high praise of
pr., Ray as a man of Uno attainments
arid of great promise. ' These physicians'
were his teachers and had full oppor?
tunity to Judge of his ability and attain?
Pr. Ray married Miss White, of Albe
marle county, nnd has one child. Ho will
move to Ashlnnd by tho opening of the
session, on tho lHth of September.
Tho Japanese student, Mr. Yauaglwara,
who attended Randolph-Macon Culloge
during the last session, and who made
such a favorable Impression cm' thoso,
throughout the State who heard him
speak of the missionary work In Japaan,
was a passenger on the steamer Man?
churia which recently went ashore on
the coast near Honolulu, Hawaiian
Islands, ?
?. 6 ?.
Sunday Outings
Old Pointy Ocepn View,
Buckroe, Pine Beach
and Norfolk.
Every Sund&y
To Old Point, Buokroe, Ooean VJew,
Pino Beach and Norfolk. Twg.^fa.t
trains. Leave Rlohmond 8:80 and ?
A. M. every Sunday, Three hour? longer
ut Ocean View ? and V\nd. Reach than
Via any other route. Ten hour? tit the
seaside. Visit JainestQwn exposition
B|to. Only rotUo running two - Holld
trains to the eoasldo. Cap? Henry und
Virginia Beuch, |l.6?.
Have Been Changed in Deference
to Large Western ami Eastern
An Official Flag Adopted by the
Exposition?Paston . ,.?.
' f?pealal tO'ThoTlmes-Diipatoh,)'
, NORFOLK, VA.. August 24.?The date
of the. third nnntial Norfolk llorso Show,
tinder thu; direction of the Norfolk Morse
Show and Fair ,' Association, has been
postponed from the first week in October
to October 17th, 18th, 19th ana 30th. The
time originally set ..for the show con?
flicted'wjtli horse shows at Louisville,
Ky., arid Brockton, Mass,; and us num?
bers of promlnont owners and exhibitors/
who doslra to show here havo entries In
both of these InrKO shows, tho Norfolk
Horse Show and Fair Association decided
to postpone Its ovent. -*
H-. B; Goodrldgo, chairman of tho
Jamestown Boulevard Commission, has'
returned from Washington; where ho had
a satisfactory ' conforenco with tho offi?
cials of tho Department of Agriculture
relative to tho Jamestown Exposition
Boulevard. Ho stated to-day that ho had
received assurances of,co-operation from
tho department's experts In. road build?
Englncor Coleman, who came hero
from Richmond yesterday, representing
tho Commission of. Highways of Virginia,
began su rvoylng yesterday afternoon for
tho .route of the boulevard. Ho will mako
tho su'rvoy In tho county,/extending from
the.fctty line to the Exposition grounds.'
Tho Jamestown, Exposition Company
has adopted an official flag, which was
photographed torday. for. copyrighting. '
The ling 1b? a small pennant with three
broad stripes, a< red, a white and a blue.
In-the center of the pennant appears tho
ofllclal emblem of the Exposition, Around
tho embjem aro ' thirteen stars, worked
in gilt.
Rev. S. B, Overton, pastor of tho Grace
Baptist Church, Norfolk, has resigned
his pastorato, to take, effect In October,
and the resignation has beon accopted.
Mr. Overton Is said' to havo several
calls from other . fields In Virginia and
North Carolina.
Farmers Quickly Discoyer the
Benefits It Offers.
(Speolnl to Tho Tlmos-Dlspatoh.)
ROX.BURY, VA., ^August 24.?E. H.
and L. A. Marston. Jr., of this place,
and mombera of the. Virginia Peninsula
Produce Exchange, received this morning
a statement of sal?s of a carload of
melons shipped by thorn through the ex?
change, showing that the load .sold for
$287.36. Other members of tue exchange
and'those not'members have been-selling
their melons to outside ?parties for flvo
to nine cents, but tho Marston brothers
are made, of tho right kind of matorlnl
from which to build a farmers' organiza?
tion, and said, when. offered the local
price for their melons, that they would'
patrohiz? tho. exchange' In ..which they
were Interested, and show that farmers
are not obliged to accept any old prico
they aro offered for their, production.
(.?".' ? ? ? '
Several Attempts to Burn Home
of Colored School Principal. /
1 (Special to Tho TlmiM-T>lBp?tch.)
CHATHAM, VA;, August-?.?Tho books
of the Commissioner's of' Reviiuo for
Plttsylvanla county show tho following
Increase In real estate and personal
property over ?, last..... year, Total
value of real estate for taxation for 1905,
?,820,504; personal property 1905, $1,182,520,
Total value of. real estate for taxation
for 1906, $4,216,093; personal property 1900,
$1,289,818. Tli'p First District shows tho
greatest Increase,-and that is flue to the
largo cotton mills of the Dan River
Power and Manufacturing Company,.
Which aro located in tho district Just
out of tho city, limits of Danville.
Some person, or persons tried to burn
tho home of Morgan Banks, a respected
colored mai? living near this, place, Thurs,
day night. This in th0 third or fourth
attempt In tho past three or four years.
Every time the fire has been discovered
in time to prevent serious damage. Banks
has been principal of tho colored graded
school, and it seems that there Is sorno
bad blood, evidently ,duo to his being ]
In charge of the school.
Fish Commissioners Sail to Meet
Maryland Representatives.
(_SD<M.t_iJ to Tho Tlmes-Dlmiaitoh.)
IRVINGTON, VA., August. 24,-The
Board of Fisheries reached hero from
Norfolk Thursday night, and loft hero
this morning on tho new State stoamer,
Emellne, for, St. George's Island, Md.,
whdro they will meet with the Maryland
Fish Commission and discuss the ways
and means of protecting,,the oyster In?
dustry of the Potomac River.
This will bo the .first trip of the Hmollno
since her Inspection a few days ago. Sho
Is the queen of the oyster navy.
I -??
. Danville City Council.
(?rxwV.al by 8oaithorn Bi<Il Telephone.)
DANVIIjIVB, VA., August 21,?At a
Joint mooting of the two branches of
tho City Oouncll here to-night R, E.
Morris was elected a member or tho po?
lice force to succeed. J, L. Brothers, re?
signed. Ellis Slaughtor was elcoted a
member of the board to succeed R, W.
poatross, who has moved out of the
ward. . .
Organize, An Association and
Elect Officers and
?i .BpaeliU ? to Th? *4'lm.e*-i.lB(ia.toli..
SptJTH BOSTON, VAT, Aug. k~?An
adjoined meeting of tho business man
of South Boston was hold this evening
in the Bunk of Smith Boston, whon a
ptiruuwiont oi'fc.inlwUlon was effected to
be known as thti Bt^slness Mon's Asso?
ciation; of Bouth Boston, Va.,, with tho
following officers for the first year; T,
B. Johnson, president; Josoph Stehhlns,
vlco-iirenjdunt; H. S. Harbour, socond
vice-president; II. I* Esmonds, secreta?
ry and treasurer.
The board of directors comprise W. H,
Shepherd, S. V. .Gllllliuul, J. G. Putter
son, T. If, DeJarnetto, R. J. 'fuck, Cul
onol Henry Kinsley, and tho president
and two vice-presidents,
The association starts off with ?note
than ft hundred member?,
The only form of food made
from wheat that is all nutri?
ment is the soda cracker, and
yet?the only soda cracker of
which this is really true is
Uneeda Biscuit
soda cracker scientifically
soda cracker effectually
soda cracker ever fresh,
crisp and clean,
soda cracker good at all
0 In a dust tight,
moisture proof package.
Save for my daily range
Among the pleasant fields of Holy Writ, ,'.
I might despair.?Tennyson.
Copyright, 1906, by the International Rollglous Literature Bureau, Incorporated.','.'
Tho REV. DAVIS W. CLARK, D.D., Editor, Cincinnati.
The International Sunday
""\ School Lesson.
?:_' /' " _:_:_
Third Quarter. Lesson IX. Luke xvlll.,
1-14. August 26, 1906.
? The Rich Young Ruler.
A special, though sad, Interest attaches
! to ?all the incidents of Jesus' last Journey
to Jerusalem. Ho had healed, the lepers
and blessed the children, and.now, almost
under shadow^ of His,cross. In point of
time only four weeks removed, conies'
this subtlest of intoryiewB with tho.rluh
young president of some synagogue.
The man was like one thoroughly In?
cased in armor. Every piece was burnish?
ed with diligence and disposed for effect.
He stood panoplied cap-a-ple. Rut be?
neath all tnis splendid, Impregnable, mov?
ing fortress lurked a disquiet spirit, that
felt itself, not quite secure in spito of all,
else h? would never have citme to the
Nazarena rabbi.
Jesus just condescends to enter : tho
lists, and tilt and foil; with this knight
of legality on his own grourM and by his
own methods. First of all, Ho will ?ring
him, with all his boastod goodness, face
to face with the absolute gooiuieas of God.
He adroitly puts--a-significance upon the
hollow term of polite address which tho
user of-it never dreamed of. .In the blaz?
ing light of Divino porfectlon,,tho vaunted
armor of self-righteousness Is sadly
But since the Inquirer will be perfect
by his,own ox'ortlon. Jesus holds before
him the unyielding, flinty table of the
law, and'cries, "Do and live!" The legal?
ist, thinking only of the lott?r, could
say, "1 have kept It." Yet, spite of this
vaunted literal obedience there Is a dread
sense of Insecurity.
The Master hnow' all the while theweak
spot In his brave and: glittering armor.
Ho has only been toying with artel test?
ing His opponent so far. Now Hearings
His lance to rest to mako the deadly
thrust. "Sell nil,.and give all!" "If you
really want the treasure of heaven, give
up tho treasure ot! earth."
Gosaner quaintly says " a man may
pl??dgo and stake his head a hundred
tllnes, but If any one wore to proceed-to
take.it from him, ho would feel for the
first timo how It sticks to,him." In tho
dread conousslon.vof Jesus' word, the rich
young magistrate,:reallaod for the first
time how he was wedded to his wealth,
It was as much a part-,of,htm as his
head was. He would as soon have part?
ed with the one as the other. - .
Jesus was holding up -with steady hand
the first table, of the law, that required a
supreme love of God which would expel
nny Idol. In the- flashing light of that
dlvlnoly-ongraven 'Blnaltlo tablet tho ruler
discovered that Atummon filled his whole
heart. The revelation was thorough. Not
a word needed to. be added. Equivocation
was impossible, A heart was revealed to
Itsolf. It found Itself dostltute of the very
essence of religion?supreme love of God.
Crucial .'moment that! .'Tho compass
needleiof ,a soul wavered "between 'heaven
and hell; ? Alasl alasl ?when in a moment
It came to roBt, It' pointed steadily to?
ward, perdition.'? Ayhnt a lossl The dread
unrest, extreme enough to bring this
man of high rank to the despised Gall
lean; and to bring him, not like Nico
demns, but in the most publl. place and
manner, That .unrest might have been
Instantly removod by the absolute as?
surance of a. hajSpy Immortality. Riches
held by frailest tenure?wealth, the ?port
of the natural elementa and standing
temptation to human rapacity, wore then
and there deliberately preferred to treas?
ure laid up" where moth and rust do not
corrupt, and where thieves do not break
through and steal, '
Nq wonder the-Master-teacher availed
Hlmsolf. of such a dldaotlo incident. He
quotes the provnrblnl description of the
Impossible-, to indlcato'tho extremo dif?
ficulty of a happy outcome In this and
similar Instances, As easily oould their
largest , domestic animal pasa through
tho Bmaliest orifice with which they
were familiar, tin a rich- man onter
Heaven,, He wilt not enter at nil ex?
cept by means of thut regenerating graco
which onabloa him to brenl? the en?
chanting spell of mammon and love God
With a supreme affeotlon.
-Analysis and Key.
... A. Subtlo Interview? , ,'4?_i'i??
Meaning of universal application.
2, A ?night of legality! Tho Young? Ruler.
Disquiet spirit loads to Josus.
An impetuous InqulrW,
8. Condescension of Jesus.
Meets on his own ground.
Uses ble own methods. ' _
4 Relative Goodness Made to Face Ab?o?
lute Goodness.
6. The Legalist Ridden to "Do and Uv-"
Referred to tho law.
0. Obedience Averred,
Jesus' admiration of ingenuousness.
7, Tho Weak Spot Touched lAst.
Crucial nommant!i "Bell and glvel"
lordship of Mammon recognlmed.
S. Failure In Final Test,
0, Jesua' Caution Against Undue Love of
Th? Teacher's lantern.
Alasl tho genus of the rich young ruler
w not yeL extinct. Tho world contain?
na many, If hot more, moralists than
over. The refrain still greets our oars,
"All these have I kept.!' They are on the
boat of terms with the Top Command?
ments. ;'?',.
* * *
Under hold front, however, disquiet vents
Iteolf In the query, ?'What laok I yott"
There 1?: conscious deficiency. It an Iota
Is wanting, al) la lout; for how shall.an
Imperfect morality effeot a perfect fulva
lion? Cause must equal effect.
? ? ?
Morality seek? to fortify Itsolf with
added works--"Pome bold strolto of right'
uo'isue.a, some grand auporerogatton
_}ut tvhat does tla-ao umouui to when the
very source of these Is evil? They spring,
from love of self, not love.of God.
Morality fnlls in tho crucial test of S>'
complote surrender to God. All the legal,
doings of a lifetime did not empower.-the?'
young man to lift his eyes to Heaven ?and V
cry, r'I3ven so, Father: for thus It seem- '
eth good In Thy sight."
"Where morality falls, graco miccedi ?'
Tho thing Impossible to mon (hi ?'state ..
of nature) is possible to man'when u?d.'
works In film to' will and to do of ills good '??
? '.*'?.'?/" ',' ?'. '
Size of a bank account, amount of real?'.'.'
estate, bonds, and stocks, is.not the tilies
tlon. But attitude of the heart?that Ms'A
tho test. If a volco should sound from ....
Heaven," "Sell all and,give all,", are thesoW'
material things held-so lightly that com-/.,
nliance with that hypothetical voice would
be possible? ?"'?'?;'
,.'?..- ? ? ? ;?<?,:????>-.
Nay, have these things already befcn
surrendered to God?. Are they held in-."'
trust for Him? Is the prlnclpleiof Chris?:
tlan stewardship recognised and lived up",
to? : '?,?..' ?????,'.', ;
.?'?.* ;.,",.(; ./.,.
Touchstone for all, not rich alone, Is
here. Tho poor.may.be as ardently, at- ?'
tached to tho wealth they^ covet as the.!
rich to that they 'actually possess.
Not dollar out of pocket, but grace in '
heart, Is -what God;wants. What are our -,
worflly things to tho Propnletor of tho.-;
uciverse? Moral qualities of. tho.soil ara'/,
more precious to Him than rlvors of oll.pr.n-;
cattle on: a thousand hills. A literal. sur- ;,.
render would, have been nothing apart '
from the spirit In which It was made.
One Greek word tor slu signifies, literal-/
ly, "To miss the mark," One as certainly".
misses It by falling short of It as by going
boyond It. Failurp In supreme love ; to'/;
God is as certainly sin as actual trans- ??;
grosslon of tho,law.
Is it small matter that we fall short In
OUr love for that.Being .who, above all
others, should have tho supremo affection-'
of ?? every rational bouI. 'He has created,
preserved, redeemed? Such love for Him.':
Is the very essence of religion.
?. ? ?
One may speak with tongue of men and :
angola, and have gift of prophecy, and tin- ;;
derstand mysteries ,and knowledge, and ??
hav.o mountain-removing faith. One .may '
literally do what Jcaufl required of tho v
rich young rulor, -and even suffer,mar- f
tyrdom In addition: yet If all this oould be
conceived of as being dona without air
supremo love pf God, It would be profit- }
lojis, and as meaningless as a clanging
cymbal. ??.",'/???/ ..
? * * *
Think you the Saviour's tost extreme In:'
Its sovortty? Providence Is yet dally op? !?
plying it. Coll to ministry, call to philan- i
thropy, halt In amassing wealth to die- l
porse It as an almoner of t_wd?tuts la !'?
Jesus saying yet, "Sell and glvel"
? ???;?.... '.}..
Pity the sorry'plight of the rich young
ruler. Ye?} But have a caro we are not
in the same plight ourselves. The natural
man is ro ready to exclaim, "Anything
but that, Lord." Rest assured the Search- j
er of Hearts win never lay His hand on ,
anyUilng shorf of the Idol, and nothing .
but the new birth -will enable us to sur- .
render lt.^
i- '. ? ? . . ' .'. ". ..,'?'.i ?
Mouth Wash
is the Best.
T. A. Miller, Inc.|
four sTORiaa
310 W. Ci-oad (over P, O, at?. "A")'
leadlos and Geiitleiiien First-Chun
Manicure, 60o.
?w.j ;

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