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Untoads the Llver, Opena the Bowels, Rellevea the Kidney*.
The Safest and Most Reliable
A Refreshing and Pleasant Aperient for Morning Use.
Sole Exporters: THE APOLLINARIS CO., Ltd., London
Catholic Prelates to Gather for
Consecration?Several Go
from Richmond.
ln rcsponso to InvltalloiiH received,
Mrs. H. C. Boudar nnd Mrs, John Murphy
left yesterday for Charloston, H. C, to
attend lhe Imposlng ceremonlea nttond
nnt upon lhe consc-cratlon there of thc
beautiful new Catholic cathedral on Sun?
day next, whlch will also bo the sllvor
Bubllee ot Bishop Harry Plnckney North
rup. Bishop Van do Vyver, of Itlchmond
dlOccse, will also be present.
Gardlnal Glbbons's private cnr will pasa
tlirongh Itichinond on lts way to Charles
?nn, where tho cardlnal will be one of the
many dlstlngulshed ecclcslnstlcs present.
The occaslon will be one of great dlgnlly
nnd Irhportance, and It has aroused wldo.
Bprcad Interest.
(Continuod from Flrat Page.)
thagazlne, and lt would be a great
advertising opportuulty fcr Itlchmond.
Mr. Wood atated that ho had Just
been luforined by a member of tho
Councll committee, Mr. Hunsdon Cary,
thnt the Itlchmond bulldlng at the
Hnmestown Exposition would be ready
for occupancy by tho ilrst week In
He remlnded the chaniber that lt waa
lncumbent upon that organization to
maintnln the bulldlng as headquarters
for the clty aud for tho exploitatlon ot
lts lntcrests; Tho Chatnber of Commerce
would be glvon full charge, and It would
be nccessary to employ somebody to
have control of the bulldlng and bo host
to tho visitors there. He suggested that
a lady shoulfj also be employed to look
after tbe, comfort of ladles visltlng tlie
bulldlng, and that a janltor would be
nccessary. IIe stated that lt would be
deslrable to get out somo other prlnted
matter nnd asked tbat the committee
be nuthorlzed to arrange for such adver
tlring as it deemed deslrable.
Jamestown Building.
Mr. F. I). Willlams ellclted thc In?
formation that it would cost at least
li.thousand dollars to publlsh the hand
book, and that this suin wns already
uvailable. He llgured that the-entire
S&ViStO roported as subscrlbed over and
nbovo the suni necessary for malnte
linnco of the chamber should bo placed
subject to tho order of tho advertising
committee to provlde for the maga
:;inc adyer.tisement, tho bandbook and
the malntenanco of the Jamestown
Mr. Wood estimated that it would
rrqulre about J.'lOO per month to main?
tnln the Jamestown bulldlng along tho
llr.es indlcated by hlm.
President Gordon suggested that ln
Bi-mueh as the fclty had provided tho
building and the chamber had only to,
pialntnin and condiKi'. it, lt wns lin
porative that provlBlon therefor should
bo mado before anythlng else.
Mr. Willlams moved tha.t a sum not
exceedlng $2,500 bo allotted for tho
rore and conduct of tho Itlchmond
Mr. Coleman Wortham suggested
that this was a matter to bo conshl
t-red by the board of directors.
Mr. A, Bolrno Blair made a vlgorous
Bpeoch ln oppositlon to a parsimonious
policy ln tho conduct of tlio nich?
mond Bulldlng. Ho declared that a
high-elnss man should be In chargo
nnd that vlsllors of dlstlnctlon nnd
rspeclully Mayors of othor clties
fdiould recelve thero the hospitality to
bo expected of a city liko Rlchmond,
Ho scouted tho idea of a niggardly
Binit upon the amount provided for
maintonnnco, and offered to contrlbtite
nn additional sum to provldo the
Mr. N. "W. Bowe offered a substi
tuto llmltlng tlie amount avallablo for
the maintonanco of tho Jamestown
bulldlng. He thought that $2,500 was
all tho clty could afford.
Mr. M. C, Pattorson offered an nmend
menl in tho naturo of n nubstitute for
tho Willlams and IJowe motions, leav?
lng to tho discriition of the advertising
commltteo tho expendlture of tho $0,
000 availablo. A tliousnnd nnd posslbl'y
$1,500 would bo necessary to got out
? the hnndbook, and tho remalndor could
be oxponded as tho commltteo deemed
Mr. Bowo nccoptod tho Pattorson
?uhstlluto and seeontled lt.
Must Get to Work.
Tho Information was brought out nt
tlils polnt thnt 517,500 hud been ralsed
Of tho $30,000 It wns proposod to so
Ctiro for tho dunl purpose of muhito
nance of tho gonoral work of tho
chamber and tho advortlsement of tho
city. Of this amount $12,000 had boen
?et asldo for tho work of tho chamber,
leavlng $5,500 for othor purposes,
Mr. Kvoratt Waddoy usked for infor?
mation Just what was Included ln the
Pattorson motion. Ho doolurod hls op?
posltlon to tho appvopriation for u
mugnzlno urticle, but ndvocated tho
remaluder of tho plan.
Tho motion of Mr. Pattorson was
Chairman Wortham, of tho committee
to ralso $30,000, roported that ho hud not
bad tho full eo-operutlon of tbo com
inltteo in tlio work, nnd citeil sovoral ol
tlie subcomiiiiltoes whlch had aceoni
|illshed llttlo or nothing. Among othei
thlngs lt uppours that tho physlcinns ol
the elty had conlrlhuled nothing und tlu
lawyei-s but 350. Ho nnnounced that thc
commltteo would, report llnully on Tues?
day, and stated that a mootlng .tn ro
ceh'o reports from BUbcommlttees uni
fiiiso tho sum doslred would hegln at 1(
A- M. Tuesday in tho chamber. Ho out
i'ntid. tho pla,? ?nd uvaod all p.i'cseut U
show actlve Interest ln thls work and
muke up for tho Iethorgy heretofore
Mr. R. S. Tuck made an Impresnive ap
poal for action Jn ralsing at least tho
sum asked. He predlcted that tho city
would recelve $10 for every one expended
thus, and commended thls as a business
proposltlon. On the contrary, fallure to
raise tbe money would result in nn etjual
ly great loss, not alono to Rlchmond's
prestlge, but to Its business. The small
Bubscriptloii reported he doclared to bo
a disgra.ee to the city. He urged all
jiresent to brlng some one else to Tues
day's rally, and u> endt-avor personally to
Bave the reputation of the,city from a
fallure to subscrlbe the sum deslred.
Mr. Williams moved the adoptlon o{
the report, and the motlon prevalled.
Afior some furthor informai dlscusslon
the meeting adjourned.
Battleship Division Starts for Trip
to Hampton Roads.
WASHINGTON. Aprll 11.?Having
completed an elaborato program ot
cxerclses and target practlces, tho bat?
tleship divlsion of the Atlantlc fleet
salled from the naval station at Guan
tanamo, Cuba, yesterday, for Hampton
Roads to partlclpate ln the ceremonieg
Incldont to the openlng of the James
town Exposltlon. The divlsion con
sists of fourteen modern battleship.-*
and will be joined by two others at
Hampton Roads. as well as by a num?
ber of warships of other classes. Whon
assembled In Hampton Roads there
will be an aggregate ot thlrty-six
warships of varlous types, cooatltuting
tho most powerful fleet ever assem?
bled in the wnters of the Unlted Statos.
Admiral Evans's divlsion is due to
roach Hampton Roads on the 16th In
1-1ARRISBURG, PA? Aprll 11.?The
Houso of Representatlves to-day passed
a blll taxlng anthraclte coal three cents
a ton. A provlsion to tax bltuminous
coal was BtrLcken out. The members
from tho hard coal reglons made a
hnrd flght agalnst the moasure, ono
member saylng the tax will be used by
the operators ns a reason for reduclng
mlners' wages, and that tho mlne-work
ers won't stand for any reduction.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aprll 11.?Tho
grand jury hns declded to pay no at?
tentlon to tho unsupportod statements
alleged to havo boen made by "Eddle"
Grnney, blacksmith and prize-flght
roofre'o, to tho effect that money was
Improporly usod by agents of Wllliam
R. Ilearst at tho primary elcctlon ln
President of Salvador Said to
Have Sent Army of 20,000
Against Nicaragua,
MOBILE, AEA., Aprll 11.?Accord?
lng to a lottor receivod by tho Registor
to-night, vla tho Hteamor Hlram, from
Puerto Cortoz, tho Nlcaraguan-Hondu
ran-Salvndorcan War ls not yet at nn
end. The oorrospondont at Puortoi
Cortoz dld not havo full Informatlon
whon tho Hlram loft, A*prll 7th, but he
statos that tho last telogram from tho
President of Salvador waa that ho was
sending 20,000 mon agalnst Nleuruguu
to ronew tho combat,
Up to tlio rocolpt of thls tolegram,
it wiih bollovod by rosldonts of Puorto
Cortoz that war wus practically onded.
Tho rovolutlonary loaderu who enter?
ed tho port with Estrnda said thnt
tho'y hnd a niossngo from Zolaya, dntoii
Aprll 6th( that thoy wore nltnokine
Amnpalu. Prosidont Bonlla is supposod
to havo boon a refuKeo ln Amapalu.
Tho corroHpondent furthor advlscs
that tho oabioH wero takon lu chargo
by the commander of tho Unlted
Statos gunboat Marietta, and'that on
Sundny all cablograms had beon ro
fused. lt was further Btntod that lf
thero 1b nny nghtlng now ln progroso
it ls botweon Salvador and Nicara?
gua, - ? ' -
Catholic Archbishops to Co-ope
ratc With Census in Getting
Accurate Enumeration.
Efforts to Bring tlie Schools and
Seminarics in Closer Touch
With the University.
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 11.?A
number of important matters of inter?
est to tho Catholic world were con
sldered and disposed of at the con
cludlng sesslon to-nlght of thc Catho?
lic Hierarchy of America at tho Catho?
lic University of America in this clty.
Cardinal Glbbons preslded.
One of the most linportan> matters
consldered was that looklng to a more
accurate enumeration by the Unlted
States -Census Buroau of the Catholic
populatlon of the country. A com?
mittee, conslstlng of Archbishops lre
land, Keane, Messner aud Glonnon, was
appointed, who will act ln conjunctlon
wlth tho censiis oillee to secure a moro
accurate estlmate of tho number of
A petltlon wns received from repre
sentatives of the conferences of Catho?
lic schools and seminarles, conslstlng
of Messrs. Con way, Delury and Mur?
phy, the last named provinclal of the
Holy Ghost Fathers, the object of
whlch was to bring about a unlflca
tlon of college curriculums so as to
bring ln closcr assoclatlon parlsh and
Catholic schools to the Catholic Uni?
A commltteo, conslstlng of Arch?
bishops Farley, Messner and Blonk,
was appointed to meet a slmllnr com?
mltteo from the vnrlous Catholic col
leges and seminarles to discuss tho
question of brlnglng about a closer
unlon betwoen t'em,
Tho archbishops dlscussed the rell
gious rites and rituals of varlous so
ctetles, and tho committee havlng ln
chargo this questlon reported that tho
rltual and so-called rollgious forms
wero only nomlnal, and <?id "not create
the members Into a special rellgious
cult. A donatlon wns announcod from
Father A. H. Walburg, ot Clnclnnati, of
$12,000 towards tho erection of a chalr
of Toutonlc8 iij tho Catholic Univer
Bity, making tho fund for that pur?
pose, $42,000.
(Contlnued from Flrst Page,)
ls a mlghty chnngo In populnr senttment
and bellof. It is to be Roosevelt.
Bryan to Be- Named.
That lt ls to be Bryan, so far ns Dem
oorats aro eoncernod, has beon settled,
apparently for months. It has como to
bo so'that th* nomlnatlon of Mr. Bryan
ls not regarded ns moro nonrly certaln
than the nomlnatlon of Mr. Roosevelt tu
succeed hlmself. But thoso who aro ob
servlng Mr. Bryan most closely think
they seo lately slgns that ho la not sc
ready to hearken to tho party call as
formorly. There aro believed to bo slgtu
that he Is reluctnnt to accept a third
nomlnatlon. Theso slgns woro not ap
pnrent a few months back. Tho only cx
planntlon offered ls that Mr, Bryan does
not belleve tho party haa a good ohancc
to wln next yenr.
Urged to Discuss Suggestion o:
Col. Graves, But Will Not.
WASHINGTON, D. C? Aprll 11.?
Prosident Roosevelt to-tlny doolinod tc
make nny comment or to discuss foi
publlcatlon tho doclaratlon mndo by
?lohn'Tomplo Gruvos, of Georgla, al
tho Bryan Annlvorsary Club bunquot al
Cluiltunooir^'llist night, that Mr, Bryar
should at tho fortlicomlng Liomocrat
lc Natlonal Convontlon nominnlo Prosi?
dent Roosevelt for unothor torm. l'hc
stntotTient of Mr. arnves oxcltod- mucl
Intorost ln olllciul clrclos, nnd thon
wero many roquests that tho Presltloni
say somothlng. but ho unlformly de
cllnod them all.
BltlSTOU VA., Aprll 11.?Willlnn
Jennings Bryan arrived at Johnsoi
City, in Kast TVmnesHon, this nftnninoi
sjiid at 4 o'clock waa glvon a t^reat ova
i tioa in the uubUu s<iua,ro, vvhuru i
stand had boon provldcil for tho occa
slon, He was welcomod ' by three
thousand peoplo, includlng n thousand
chlldron from tho public schools. ? '
In response to the hearty welcome Mr.
Bryan spoko brlefly to tho throng- be?
foro going to the hotel. ? A featurc of
tho program was the slnglng of "Amer?
lca." and the "Star Spanglod Banner"
by the school cluldren, led by Miss Bcna
The Nebraskan concludod his vislt to
Johnson City.to-nlght by lecturing be?
foro art aiullenco of 2,000 peoplo in tho
Chrlstlan Church. '
The Attorney-General Proceeds
Against Breweries and Whis?
key Jobbers.
TOPEKA1, ICAN., Aprll 11.?Applica
tlon was made to tho Supreme Court
here to-day by Attorney-General Jack
son for wrlts of ouo warranto and
lnjunctlons agalnst elglit brbwery
companlos, mostly Mlssourl and Wis
consin concerns, and agalnst a number
of whiskey jobbers. It ls sought to
compel the defendanta to cease dolng
business ln Kansas through their
agents and cold storage warehouses,
and lt is alBo the purpose to have re
colvers appolnted for the propertles
located In'thls State. >- ?
The action of the Attdrney-Gcneral
in Jlling these suits |s coiislde.rod the
most drastlc ever taken to enforce the
prohlbltlon law ln Kansas. The Su?
preme Court ls asked to oust the com
panies because they are organized un?
der the daws of other States and havo
not obtalned llcenses to do business ln
Kansas. and on the ground that they
are engaged ln business contrary to
The Supreme Court has held several
times that a corporatlon has no rlghts
under the laws of this Stato untll
it ls authorized to do business ln
Chicago Federation Asks if He is
Correctly Quoted as to
Moyer and Haywood.
CHICAGO, ILE., April 11.?The Chica?
go Federation of Babor ls ondeavorlng
to placo President Roosevolt on record
regarding his reported opinions ol
Moyer and Haywood, ollicials of the
Wostern Federation of Minors, charged
with compllclty ln tho assasslnation ol
former Governor Steunenborg, of Idnho.
E. D. Nogles, secretary of the local
labor body, to-dny sent tho President
tho followlng telegram:
"The newspapers report you as
saying that Moyer and Haywood aro
undeslrable cltizens. In vlew of tho
fact that these men will soon bo
put on trial for their lives, wo be
Ilevo their chances for a 'square
doal' will be lessened lf the report?
ed statement ls true. Wo therofore
ask you for correct Informatlon on
thls subjcct. bellevlrig a man Is ln
nocent untll ho ls provcil gullty."
Federal Affairs.
[From Our Regulur Corrospondent.]
WASHINGTON, B. C, April 11.?Post
rnasters appolnted: Virglnla-*- Albano, Or.
nngo county, George II. Hucer, vlce R.
II. Bntten, reslgned; Galn, Botctourt
county, John W. reters, vlco 8. E,
Buhrman, reslgned; Meadow Dalo, Hlgh
Iand county, I-loward H. Slaven, vlcc
S. C. Stavon, deud; Saxton, Sussox coun?
ty, Adolphim R. Morrls, vlce E. W. Mor
rls, reslgned: Swamp, Fauqulor county,
Joseph I-Ilnson, vlco W. C. Eawlor, re?
slgned. ?
North Carolina?-Chooah, Graham coun?
ty, Molton B. Rlce, vlco P. B. Rlce, re?
Once oallant soldler of the Confedei*
acy, who lost hls arm In battle, Hl
death at Suffoik Wednesday caused sor
row In the thlnnlna nray ranks of hl
11 cQmracles,
Resignation of Groat Britain's
Great.Plenipotentiary on the
,,? Nile Causes Surprise.
Sir Eldcn Gorst, Who Enjoy;
Confidence of Lord Cromer,
His Successor.
LOND0N, Aprh 11.?Forelgn Secre?
tary Grey made the most unexpectcd.
announcoment ln Parliament to-day
that Lord Cromer, Great Britain's great
plenipotentiary on the Nlle, had re
slgnod. lt had been known for somo
time that tho health of Lord Cromer,
who has been Brltlsh agont and consul-,
general ln Kgypt slnce 1883, was af
fected, but there was no Idea that hls
reltrement was Impendlng, Secretary
Grey, on making the announcement.
and ex-Premler Balfour, who followed
hlm, spoke with deep emotlon of Lord
Crom^r's unexampled servlces to the
emplre. and volced tho natlon'fl regret
at hls leavlng hls post durlng such a
dlflicult perlod, the Forelgn Socretary
declaring that lt was the greatest per
sonal loss tho publlc service of the
country could suiter.
The retlremcnt of Lord Cromer will
involvo..no change ln Brltlsh pollcy
wlth regard to Egypt. Tlils was ex-(
nlicitly stated by. Secretary Grey. Slr
Elden Gorst was. appointed to succeed
to the post in Egypt on tho advice of
Lord Cromer,- whoso complete confi?
dence he possessed. Ho takcs up a difil
cult task, but will assume the work
wlth the full approva^of oillcial clrcles,
both la London and Calro.
Two Thousand Bread-Makers
Make Paris Lively During Day.
PARIS, April 11.?Detaehtnents of '
cavalry to-day patrollod the Plnce de
la Republlque and tho viclntty of tho
Labor Exchange, whore two thouaand
bakers, lncludlng many men out of
work, voted for an Immediate strlke.
Red flags were displayed on thO| plat?
form, revolutionary songs wero sung,'
and tho leader8 recapltulaied tho grlov
ances of the bakers. whlch aro prlncl
pally connected with the non-appllcn
tlon of the day of rest law. The spoak?
ers deprecnted vlolence, but called on
tholr hearers to endeavor to induce
others to strlke.
Two strlkers were arrested on tho
chargo of Intlmidatlon, but no further
lnclclents occurred.
The bakers held a second meeting in
the Labor Exohange at 10 o'clock. to
nlght, but thero were fewer men pres?
ent than at the morning meeting, This
would seom to indlcato a general re
sumption of work. whlch ls conflrmed
by a statement Issued from tho prefoc
turo of polico thnt only six hundred
dofectlons had been recordod ln Parls
and the dlstrict. This number Is in
eonsldero.ble, as thero are 2,500 bakorlos
ln Parls alono.
Tho bakers ot Toulon liavo votod to
go on a genornl strlke.
Notorious Women Testify; Ex
pect Sensational Developments.
ST. PFTKRSBimO, Aprll 11.?Sen?
ntor Klmpo to-day took tho testimony
of several notorious women who were
connected witli tho graln contract
seundals, and it wns establlshorl that
tho womnn in ehnrgo of the netresses
nppouring nt a well known ooncort hull,
lind aeted ns n go-botwoon for M.
Gurko, the nssistnnt Minister of tho In
terior, and M. Llrival. Sensational tlo
velopments nre expeeted-nt the sosslon
of tho Senato of April 17th, when tho
caso nf Bnron Fredericks, Govornor
of Nlzhnl Novgorod who is Impllcated
ln tho sennduls will bo heard.
I ?
Practical Papa.
Porcy l.iivotulin-?And?aiul ivluil dii! your
pti say when you Kihl hlm I siient two
hours euttliiK a hoart nnd your ntimo In a
Luoy hniiBulRli?Ilo sald If you wanted nm
It wouhl ho moro to tho polnt to talte tlio
nx nnd speiiil two hours ehopplne ivond for
tho llru.?Illufltrnteil IIIih.
Tosltlvely cureil by
theso Littlo TPills.
They also rellevo Dls
tress from Dyspcpsla, In.
dlgestlouandToo lloarty
Eating, A perfoct rcra>
cdyforbtalncsa, Kausea,
Drowaluess, J3o4 Tasto
la tho Montli. Coatod
Tongue, I'aln ln tbo Slde,
rogulato tho Jlowels. Purely Yegctable.
Genuino Must Bear
Fac-Simile Sjgnatiiro
50c Mother's Friend Waist, 35c
These worthy Waists conie in fancy percalcs, with or
Wlthout collar; si/.es 5 to 11.
Whito Plaltctl-Dosoni Walst, "Mother's Friend,'' good r'fi
quality . UUC
Hoy's BlotiHC, cut lull, bllttons on tho hlnti, niado ot flno rf|
Fronch Madraa . Dl/C
Fancy Madrtis Blousos, with or wlthout collurs, all wovon prt
inndras, the klnd that wcara. DUC
$1.00 BloiiBca, mado ot flnc linport.cd tnadras, all sizes; *jf*
Kalo prico . / OC
Committee in Correspondence With Men in Various
Sections of Country---Directors Meet and
Discuss Plans for Future.
A meeting of tho dlrcctors of tlio
Business Men's Club was hold yester?
day afternoon, wlth Prosldont Braxton
ln tho ohalr. Though no doc.lslVo action
was takon, all tlio commlttees report?
ed progress, and wore contlnued wlth
power to net.
Mr. Murray M. McGuIro reported tliat
he nnd Prosldont Braxton had almosl
completod their work on the chartcr
and by-laws, nnd tho committee wns
glven the necesisary .authorlty to eC
fect tho Incorporatlon of tho club.
.Tbe commlttoo on seleottng a secre?
tary reported that It was ln corres?
pondence -wlth mcn ln all parts ot tlie
country," but was not roady as yet to
mako a nomlnatlon.
1 ' It' ls purposod to select a competcnt,
She So Characterizes Her Treat?
ment at Hands of Roosevelt
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 11.?Mrs.
Ida von Claus'son, wlio has been here
several days, endoavorlng to see Prcs>
dent Roosevelt regardlng her eontroversy
wlth the Amerlcan minister to Swoden,
Mr. Graves and Mrs. Graves, growlng'out
of Mr. Gruvos's refusnl to present her lo
the roynl court of Stockholm, left for
New Tork City to-nlglit. Before her de
parturo she gave out a statement ln which
sho sald sho had "no chanco of redrcss
at 'tho hands of President Roosevelt or
tho Stato Bepartment," and that she
would prefer the Isaue , to end. . Her
)3talement critlclzes President Roosevelt
for denying her an auillonce, aska if tliat
Was a "sciunro deal.'V says she has been
shamefulty treated by the Roosevelt ad?
ministration, and says that the "reopen
Ing of the case" by the Stato Bepartment,
whlle a moral vlctory for hor, "ls ln?
tended to decelvo mo Into non-actloa."
She alleges the Stato Dopartment Is p)*o
tectlng the President ln tho matter, n-*3
concludes: "1 regard my treatment here
as; a farce nnd an outrage."
Second Grand Jury Refused to
Bring Indictment.
BATON ROUGE, LA., April 11.?Con
gressman George K. FavrQt wns set freo
to-nlght, after having been In jall con
tinuously for about fivo months, under
arrest on a charge of murder, nnd awnit
lng action of a grand Jury. To-day the
second grand jury refused to Indlct tho
Congressman. Mr. Favrot lnst Novcmber
ehot and killed Dr. R. II. Aldrich, of
Baton Rotige. The Corjgressman doclared
that tho physlclan had mado dlspnrnglng
remarks about Mrs. Favrot. Tho shootlng
occurred immodlately after an excitlng
olectlon, and whlle Favrot wns still judgo
of tho Baton Rougo Court, which to-day
set hlm freo. He reslgned, and was iii
dlctod by a grand Jury which had been
selected under his Jurisdlctloii. Because
ono of the jurynien who indlcted him wus
llllterate, the finding was quashod,
iCommission Decides Against Road
in Matter of Competition.
WASHINGTON, Aprllll.?In an opln?
lon by tho Interstato Coinmerco Com?
mlsslon to-day tho prlnclple was laid
down that a rallroad company eannot
arbltrarlly dotermlnu thnt a partlcului
ostahllshinent Bliall compete ln a certaln
market wlth othor localitlos, aml that
other Hlmllar estnbllshmcnts on Its lines
shall not so compote, partlcularly wliorc
tho dlscrimlnutlon Is not justllled by
oporatlng condltlons.
The declslon wns appllcd to tho cds<
of tho Toxiis Ceinont Plustor Compini*,
agalnst tho St. Louls nnd Man Franclsot
Rallroad Company nnd tho St. Bouls
San Francisuo and Toxiis Haliway Com
pnny, involvlng a complnlnt of unlavv*
CiiL (llsciiminutlon in rates on eeineni
plastcr In carload lots. Tho defemliint.
wero orderod to ndjust tholr tarlffs ac
cordlngly to pay tlio complalnant re
pai'u.tlon ln Iho amounl ot' oxcess
charges wlth Interest.
CHICAGO, Aprll 11.?Rutchor work.
mon, who tlod up tlio moat-packlng ln
dustry throughout tlm country in 190-1
and who ilnally Hiifforoil rlofoiit In thi
struggle, nro, It Is snitl, nbout to pro*
sont now doinands to tho puekers.
A mootlng of tho aiiiiilgiiiualoil mon
cuttors nnd butohor workmon ls to bi
hold In New Vork Aprll 22d lor th.
purpoHQ of flxing a dato I'or presontlnv
tho domnnds. Joseph A. Mnsten-on. <>
Now Vork, soonnd vloo-prosldonl of tlu
butoliors1 orgtinlzntlon, ia ln Chlrngi
conforriiig wlth locnl ofllclnl.s nf Ih.
Would Have Governors Meet.
MAPISON', W'IS., Aprll 11,-- -Assoin
blyiniin Hurlio. Inlroiluo.'.l ln iho hogls
laiui'o to-dny a Jolnl rosojlttioit rciuo.st.
lug tho Qovoi'nors of tho varlous SliHoi
to call a confoi'oiico ln Iiiiliaiiapnlls, lt
Nnvonilioi*. IlinT, to dlsouHs aml foiiiui
lato plnns for unlforinlty of loglBla
llon. Tho rosolutlon dpolures thnt th,
rlghtt* of tho Statos aro niulaiigoroil hj
tho l*'i'iloriil (iiivoriiiiiont, parlU ularb
r.s to loglslallon affoatlllg Irunspoi'tn
tion und loiiiiuuiilcutloii.
-,? > -
Constantine in Chicago.
CHTOAGO. Aprll 11.?Frank J. Con
Htiintlno. tho alleged murdorer of Mr.
A. \V. Gentry, arrlved. from Now Vorl
to-dny. Ho was snioklng a olgnr whoi
ho steppod from tho Twentloth Con
tury Blnilted and iippoarod lo, bo wol
nnd ln a happy inoofl. Undor guai'd o
j six deteotlvos. he was takon to a near
liv noUco utation,
woll-trnlncd man, proferably a Vlr-'
glnlan, who will colloct tho statlstics
of Rlchmond nnd by correspondenco
nnd otherwlso attempt to Interest man-,
ufneturers and others ln thc advan
tnges of tlils city as n slto, and aa a.
meeting plaeo for conventlons.
The conimlttee on club featuros re
ported that they had optlons on several
locatlons, and would sign a least short?
ly. The club will be euntrally loeated.
posslblv taklng a floor ln one of tho
Inrge Maln Street bulldlngs. A stoward
will bo ongaged and tho cafo -will be
mado one of tho attrnctlvo features of,
tho orgnnlmtlon. Thero will be also
a number of private dlnlng-rooms.
wrltlng-rooms, n librnry and s^noklng
ronm. The mornhorshlp ls now qutta
near the 300 mark.
Bankruptcy Petition Also Filed,
Liabilities of Concern
BOSTON, MASS., April 11.?On tho
petition of three Boston credltors, ?
whoso claims aggregate $1,300, Judgo
Dodge, in tho Unlted States Dlstrict
Court,- to-day appointed Arthur J.,
Purusworth roceiver of tho Napler
Motor Company of America, manufac
turers of automoblles. Mr. Fanswortli
ls vice-presldent of tho concorn.
The threo credltors also filed a bank?
ruptcy petition agalnst the company.
Tho directors admittod the inabillty of
tho concern to pny lts outstantllng
obllgntlons, and expressod a wllllng
ness to have it adjudged bankrupt. Tha
liabilities amount to $1-10,000. Tho as?
sets ltave not been estlmatcd. The
factories at.Jamatca Plalns were closod
last night, throwlng out several hun?
drod hands. Tlie company has a cap?
ital stock of $000,000, of whlch $::32,000
wns paid in.
Rocolver Parnsworth said that In nll ?
probablllty tho corporatlon would bo
ST. LOUIS. April 11.?A mail pack
ago, apparontly containing dynamlte.?
exploded whllp it was being stamped.
In tho St. Louis post-ofllco to-day. Thu
exploslon blew away a tlnger and thumb
of John G. Bayer, the clerk. who wns
stamplng the package. All traco of
the contcnts and all tho address, ex
coptins tho words "Independencc,.
Mo.." were destroyed._'
Here Are a Few Items.
We have huntireds of others just
as cheap.
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1S20-22 East Main St.
506 East-Marshall St.
l'hones at Each Store.
Stop That Headache
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J. S. James,
Jeweler and Optician,
Seventh and Maip Sta,

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