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Holden-Loyall morrlage nt 12 M. ln
the home of Mr, and Mra. Bryan C.
Wllllama, No, 301 Montolro Avenue,
Bnrton Helghts.
Rayhorn-Hudson woddlng In Thlrd
Chrlstlan Church at 7P. M,
Lllerary Round Tablo In Woman's
Club nt 5 P. M.
Mrs. A. Qelrno Blalr'a brldae party
and tea, In honor of Mrs. Hufjh Nel?
Junlor Orfkwood Memorlal Assocla*
tlon at 4:30 P. M.( wlth Mrs. C, W.
Massle at No, 2721 Eaot Broad Street.
Church Hill Auxlllnry, Retreat for
the Sick, at -1:30 P. M,, with Mrs. B.
A. Hord, No. 2300 Eaat Droad Streot.
??As You Llke It Club" wlth Mrs.
Benjamln' Nash, at No. 809 West
Franklin Street.
8uo Qordon Whlst Club at 4:30 In
No. 831 Weat Qraeo 3treet.
Mr. Roscoe Rcevca's recital In Wo?
man's Club at 8:30 P. M. '
Marrlarje of Mlo3 Jessle Van Pelt
to Mr. Joseph Mlnor Llpscomb, Jr., at
10:30 A. M., In the home of the brlde.
No. 16 East Marshall Street.
Mrs. Nelson Complimented.
Mrs. TJugh Nelson, df Ellzabeth, N.
J., who Is tlie house guoat ot Mrs. A.
Blorno Blalr, at No. *J0S Wost Frank?
lin Stroet, was complimented yester?
day afternoon by hor hostess, who
gave un Inforinal brldgo party and tea
Jn hor honor.
Docoratlons wero Amorlcnn Bcauty
roses. Homo 'of tho' loading society
women of tho city, Includlng Mrs. C,
A. Swanson, liad the plcnstiro of meet?
ing Mrs. Nelson, and of oxporlonclng
Mrs. Blalr's ulways charnilng hospi
A heautlful woddlng took p'ace yes?
terday at noon ln tho Homo of Mr.
| and Mrs. C. Bryan AVllllams, No. 301
Montoiro Avenue, Barton Hclghlb,
wlien tholr nlece, Mlns Frances Len
Loyall, bocame the brlde of Mrs. John
Calvln Holden, of thls city. Rev. Dr.
Jero AVItherspoon, .of Graco Rlreet
l'rosbyterlan Church, wus tho otllclat
lng clergyman.
The docoratlvo scheme of green nnd
?white was charmlngly elaborated wlth
palnis, sinilax, ferns and growing
plants. Green tapers In crystal can
delabra east a soft illuinlnation. Mls.1
Clara Allon Tompklns had charge ot
tho muslc, playing the Brldal Choriu
from "Lohcngrln" as tho processlonal
and Meiidelssohn's "Woddlng March"
as the recesslonal."
Mr. Henry H. Todd, of thls city, was
bost man, and the ushera wore: Mr,
Leroy B. Harper and Mr. Hlchard P.
Reynolds. Master Francls Williams
the bride's cousin, was rlng-boarer.
Tho brldo entered wlth her unclc
Mr. C. Bryan Williams. Sho was be
comlngly gowncd in whlto messallne
cn prlncease. and wore a whlte plctun
hat. Her Ilowers wero white bwcoi
Tho brldal party was entertained a
an informal reception Tuesday oven*
li g. Woddlng gifts were numeroui
und handsomo, conslstlng of sllver
cut-glasH and1 bric-a-brac. Aftoi
a Northern tour, Mr. ond Mrs.' Holdei
will mako their homo ln thls city.
. The marrlagc of Mlss Mary France
Hudson, daughter of Mr. snd Mn
Jullus C. Hudson, ot No. 20'iO Eas
Clay Street, to Dr. Leroy Klmer Hay
horn, took place last evenlng at
o'clock la the Thlrd Chrlstlan Churcl
the pastor, Rev. Gerald Culbersoii, ofll
The oltnr wns banked wllh palmi
Mr. Manly B. Bamoa presided at th
Mlsa MattlO Leo Hudson. tho bride'
slster, wns maid of honor. Sho wn
prottlly gowned ln whlte mull, wlt
touches of plnk, and carrled plnk car
nations tlcd wlth tuilc. Other attend
ants were tho ushers: Rev. C. B. Blch
r.rdson, of Petersburg; Mr. C. C. Hit
Dr. James Leftwich, Jr., and Mi
Gtorgo AVrenn. ?
The brlde was styltshly gowned I
a tan travellng sult, wlth n vlolot ha
She carrled Bride roses tled wlth wlilt
tulle. ,
After a Northern tour, \yhtch wl
iticludc a vislt to AVnshlngton, Balti
more, Philadelphla and New York. D
nnd Mrs. Rayhorn will be at homo c
No. 2G10 Kaat Clay Street.
A marriage of much Interest t
friends and rolativos of the brldo I
Rlchmond was that of Miss Nelll
AVllllams Delaney, youtigost daughtc
ol Mr. Cbestor Alexander Delaney an
the late Mary Blgolow Delaney, to M
James DalluH -Sifilth, son of Mr. an
Mrs. Wllliam J. Smlth, of Philadc
phla, whloh' took place last evening i
8 o'clock ln thc homo of the brldo
father, No. u-10 Qulncy Avenue, Scrai
ten, Pa. Rov. R. F. Y. Flerce, of tl
Baptlst Cliurch, omclntcd.
Tho house was profusely decoratc
wlth palms, ferns, smllax and whli
nnd purplo lllncsN Mlss Stilome Bocki
plnyed tho woddlng march. Tho o'ni
nttendants woro tho brlde's slster
Mrs. Allan Pendlotdn Turner,' af Ne
Jersoy, und Mrs. Malcolm TClmoro AVn
thall, of Scrnuton, and tho best ma
Mr. Clydo P. Smlth, brother of tl
The brldo entered wlth her fathe
Sho was clegantly gowned In whl
cropo d'Angelus, trimmed with n bertl
and yoko of Irlsh lace nnd chlffon. II.
ornamonts woro pearls nnd her llowe
wero whlto lllacs,
Mrs. Turnor, hersulf n brldo, wo
hor woddlng gown of whlto cropo <
chlno and ombroldored olilffon, nn
carrled purplo lllacs. Mrs. AA-"althn
was gowned ln- whlto nnd hjiyend
?pompadour mull', trlmmod ' wlth ? la
hnd wora wlth a glrdlo of pompado'
rlbbon to mulch. Sho also carrled pu
plo lllacs.
A large reception followed tho col
mony, tho color sclnuno belng effoptlvC
carrled out ln diiilng-room decoratlo
and r'efreshments. Aftur an oxtend
tour Mr. nnd Mrs. Smlth will ho at hoi
at No. fiOno Codar Avenuo, Phlladolplili
?J'ho brldo formorly rcslded In Blc
Bcautify thc Compkxioi
CREAM, the u
equaled bcautifier
endorsed by tliouaar
and guaranteed
_ remove frccklc
?*ffir? pimples, livcr-npi)
tan, sallowneei), d
tbe worst case in 20 days, and restc
tbe bcauty of youtb, Price 50 ccnts a
$1.00, by leadinfj drugtfiiti or matl.
feaved by NATI0NAL TOILET CO., P?rU, T,
In the Name of Sense,
that good common sense
of which all of us have a
share, how can you continue
to buy ordinary soda crackers,
stale and dusty as they must
be, when for 5^ you can get
fresh from the oven, protected
from dirt by a package the
very beauty of which makes
you hungry*
mond and Is wldely connected ln Vir?
ginia. '
Among tbone who attended the mnr?
rlngo from a dlstunee wero Mrs. Cornella
L. Blgelow, of Klchmond, the brldo's
grandmother; Mrs. J. AV. Delaney, of
Now York; Mr." and MrB. AV. J. Smith,
of Phlladelphia; Mrs. Hryce Stewart and
Miss Mamle C. Tapscott, ofv Montrose,
Fa.; Miss Ellen G. Lemon, of Ithaca, N.
Y.. and Mrs. Ellen O'Malley Barrctt, of
Lipscomb?Van Pelt.
A very' pretty weddlng will take placo
in the homo of Mrs. Annlo L. A'an Pelt,
Xo. IG Kast MurBhull Street, thls morn?
ing at 10:30 o'clock, wlTcn her dauKhtcr,
JeHsle, will bo marrled to Mr. Joseph
Mlnor Lipscomb. Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Lipscomb, of l.ow Moor, A'a.
Rev. Dr. T, McN. Simpson, of Clay
?Stroet Methodist Church, will perform
Uio ceremony,
Miss Graee Allen A'an Pelt will at?
tend her slster ns niuld of honor, and
Mr. Frank A. Seay wlli bo best man.
Mr. Lipscomb nnd his brldo will make
a tour of the North, and will be at home
after Aprll 2Blh In Low Moor, Va.
Among the out-of-town Buests who are
here to attend the weddlng are Mr. and
Mrs. AV. S. Brown, of Williamsburg; Mr;
Arthur A'an Pelt. of Newport News; Miss
Ethel Nutty, of Low Moor, Va.: Mr. and
Mrs. AVllliam Lipscomb, of llinton, AV.
A'a.; tho MIsscs Jenklns, ot Elmont, Va.;
tbe Mlsses Carter, of AVaysldc, A'a., and
Miss Maud Poindextcr, of Fredcrlck's
Hall, A'a.
Veterans Entertained.
The entertainment given on Friday
ovenlng last ln Kandolph Hall, Leo
Camp, Soldlers' Home, proved a sourcc
of much enjoyment to a largo number
of veterans and their friends.
A clever and nttructlvo llttlo com
edy. "Left ln Charge," was prescnted
by a number of young peoplo. Mr.
llaymond AVblte also entertained the
audlenco wlth several humorous reei
Those taklng part were: Mlsses Al
lene Slelnloln. Ellso Thornton, Laura
Gilkeson, Xella Fltzgerald. Loul.-it
Camp; Messrs. Tallaferro Thompson,
Ilenry Staples. Park Thornton, McCar
ty Thornton and Kaymond AVblte.
These young people hnvo the thanks
and hearty appreclatlon of the veter
ans and the ladies who are ln charge
of tho Home.
Regent Re-Elected.
Mrs. Samuel AV. Jamlson, of Roanoko
was re-elccted regent for A'lrglnla at
the Continental Congress, Daughtert
of tho American Revolutlon, Tuesdny.
Mrs. John D. Horsley, of Lynchburg,
who hns been vlco-regent of the State
for several years, was also ro-e!ected
A'lrglnla is represented ln the con?
gress by delegates from twenty-one
Sue Gordon Whist.
Tho Suo Gordon AA'hlst Club wll
meet thls afternoon at 4:30 o'clock
wlth Mrs. Beverly D. Crump, at No. 831
AVest Gruco Street.
Meeting Postponed.
Thero will be no meeting of tho AA'o
man's Mlsslonnry Society of the Seconi
Baptlst Church thls afternoon. Thi
meeting wll! bo held Instead on ncx
^Thursday at "1:30 P. M.
In Honor of Mrs, Venable.
Mrs. Robert Blankenshlp, of No. 51'
East Franklin Street, ontertalned Tues
dny at a pretty tea ln honor of Mrs
AV llllam Ilenry A'onable, of Norfolh
who ls the guest of hor brothors, tln
Messrs. AVight, at No. 1902 Hanove
Asslstlng in recclvlng wero Mrs
Austln Brockenbrough, Mrs. Clarenc
Cadot and Mrs. AA'llliam Tallaferro
Mrs. Richard Morris preskK'd at th
tea tablo.
Mrs. A'onablo was also cnmpllmentC'
nt an Informal curd party glvon Tuos
day v morning hy MrB. Larkln Glaze
brook, of No. 20S AVost Main Street.
Enjoyable Event.
Tho concert to bo given to-morro\
ovenlng ln tho AA'omnn's Club, unde
tho ausplces of the Klndorgarto
Alumnao Assoclatlon, promlses to b
dc-llghtful ln every Iway,
Mrs. Thomas Scott, Mrs. Cnry, Mrt
AV. AAr. Archor, Mrs. 10. C. MInor, Mn
Georgo Ben. Johnston. MJhs Clnlro Guli
lnume, Mrs. Egbert Lelgh, Mrs. J. Al
ston Cabell. Mrs. AV. R. Cox, Mis
Alico Parker, Mrs. B. D. A'alentlno an
Mrs. Richard Moado havo consented t
act ns patronessos. and tho nnnouncr
ment of tholr Interest ln tlio muBlcal
assuros its success.
Tho procoeds will bo used to aid i
foundlng u scholarship Mn. tho Rich
mond Training School for Klndcrgarl
Last Meeting.
Tho LHorary Round Tablo hold II
lost mootlng for tho season yostorda
n/tc-rnoon. Tho subject under dlsc.iu
sion was "Tho Oponlng bf Thlbot," h
Perplval Lnndon, wlth Miss Ann
Wlnston as chairman. Miss AVlnsto
brought out Bcvornl Intcrustlng polji
about u .very Intorostlng, hut ulmo:
entlrcly unknown, roglon, ond hor' y
nitirks wero ubly rolnforcod by u ntin
ber of ladlos who had read tho book.
At tho close Miss AVinston was glvi
a rlslng vote of thanks for hor wot
ln conduotlng tho Round Tablo, whh
hus provon ospecially dollghttul at
profltablo durlng tho^past wlntor.
Tho History Class will hold lts. fln
meeting on AVodncsday, whon Mt
AUco M. Tylor will read a papor (
"Early Colonlal AVrltcrs of A'lrglnla
Sponsor and Maid,
Commandor James P, Banks, of t
??? Vlrglnia Dlvlsipn, Sons of ConfeUera
Areterans, has appolnted Mlss Lucy At?
kinson Mcllwalne, daughter of tho Hon.
Wllliam B. Mcllwalne, of Petersburg,
State sponsor for the Sons of Veterans
at the Confederate Reunlon in Rlchmond
this year.
Miss Grace Ratcllffo Day, of Smlthneld,
A'a., will bo her mald of honor. Both
Mlss Mcllwalne and Mlss Day are well
known hero, and the announcement of
their appointment will be received- with
pleasure by their many frlends.
A very pretty marrlage took place yes?
terday aftornoon at tho residence of the
brido's mother, No. 721 North Avenue,
Brookland Park, when Mlss Fannlo Ellen
Fot'o became the wlfe of Mr. Z. P. Rlch?
ardson, Jr. The groom's father, Rev. Z.
P. Rlchardson, of Lynchburg, olllclated,
asslsted by Rev. Henry Pcarco Atkins.
Tho parlots were tastefully decorated
ln palms and llghted wlth plnk candles.
The brlde ls the daughter of Mrs. Fan
nle E. Fore and the late AValter II. Fore.
Mr. Rlchardson is a prosperous young
business man.
After a tour, lncludlng Baltlmoro and
other Northern polnts, Mr. and Mrs.
Rlchardson will reslde ln Rlchmond.
Personal Mehtion.
Mrs. Alfred Thomas Trafford will leave
to-day to vislt her slster, Mrs. Norwood
Leo Alcocke, at Rocky Mount, N. C.
. . m
Mlss Kathnrine Eggleston left. Monday
for a vislt of two weeks to friends ir
Farmville. !
* ? *
Mrs. Frederlcks Palem, of Newporl
News, is the guest of Mrs. R. T. Wllson
Mrs. Palem's plcture was prlntod in th<
New York Herald of Sunday last m
representing a typo of Southern benuty
She was, before her marrlage, Mlss LinE
Mayo, of thls city.
Mlss Nelllo Tabb, of Baltlmore, and
?Mlss Polly SlmmonB, of Phlladelphia
are guests of Mrs. Pleasanton L. Con
quest, of No. 111, North Flfth Street
Mrs. C. B. Kennon and llttlo daugh?
ter. who have been vlsltlng the for
mer's mother, -Mrs. XV. XV. Finney, havt
roturned to their home at "No'rwood,*
Powhatan county.
Mrs. Alexander Sands ls the guest o:
her slsters, tho Misses Norton, in Alex?
andria, Va.
Miss Clella Jenkins has returned U
her home Jn Newport News, after i
vislt to friends hore.
Mrs. B. G. Maury is vlsltlng her son
Mr. Greenhow Maury, in Danville.
* * ?
Mrs. Allco Bernard,- who has beei
vlsltlng Mlss Mollie Langhorne, li
Lynchburg, has returned home.
* ? *
Judgo Georgo L. Chrlstlan was regls
tercd at Hotel Boverly, Staunton, Va
on Tuesday.
Captain and Mrs. R. S. Eckles ar
guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Colo, 1
Petersburg. , /
* ? *
Mrs. A. J. Montague was ln Danvlll
* ? *
Mrs. Rabm is the guest of her slstoi
Mrs. AV. P. Brett, ln Newport No'ivs.
* ? ?
Mr. and Mrs.. Lchman, Mlss Blanch
Lehman and Mr. und Mrs. F. M. Llllis
ton, of Suffolk, are in tho city for
few days.
* ? ?
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Kershher ar
the guests of relatives and frlends 1
? r ?
Captaln Hu'gh C. Braxton, of Staun
ton, is In the city.
. Mr. C, B. AVllllamson, who has bee
undergotng treatment at Memorli
Hospital, has returned to lils honi
ln Hariisonburg, much Improved.
* ? ?
Tho Rev. C. II. Gallowny is tho guos
of Mr. C, S. Reiims, ln Lynchburg.
Mr. R. A. AVynn, of Danville, ls 1
the city on business.
General and Mrs. J. E. Roller, <
llarrlsonburg, aro In the city.
Fingers Cut Off.
Catcblng hls hand somo machlner
Clnroneo Clilldress, an employo of tl
Baughman Stationery Company, lu
lhe two mlddlo tlngera of his rlgl
hand cut off. Dr. Iludgins, ot tl
city iimbulaneo corps, found lt uoco
sary to cut off nnother llngor, loavlr
onl'v tlio llttlo ituger and tho thuinb.
Wedding Gifts
of Known Quality.
"tipOR more than one hundrec
{100) years it has been suf?
ficient guarantee of the quality
of an article to know that i\
was bought at Gait's.
All com'SpoiiiUnci) glven careful attentlon
Uouds sent on iippn-vii), exprunit projjuld
Galt & Bro.,
Established Ovor a Century,
Jewallers, Sllversmlths, Stntloners.
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, D. C.
Passenger Agents of Pennsylvanla
Visit Places of Interest in
Governor and Mayor Make Brief
Spceches?Off for Old
Flfty or moro passenger ngents of
tho Pennsylvanla Rallway saw many
of tho slghts of Rlchmond yestordny,
had a two-hours' rldo around tlio clty,
onjoyed a lunch at tlio loftarson. heard
tho Governor of Vlrglnia nnd thc May?
or of Rlchmond speak, nnd ..hon ro
HUtco dthclr journey to Old I'oint, hap
pict and, perhtipB, wlsur men.
Early yestorday -notnlug ThafPl
Manager AV. P. Taylor, of the Rlch?
mond! Froderlcksburi nr. 1 Potoma'.'
took tho Pennsylvuniatis In chargo.'lir
was usslsted ln dolng tho honors by
Mr. J. B. Mordccul, of tho samo llno
Mr. AV. O. AVarthen, of the Chesnpcnkc
and Ohlo; Mr. H. S. Lcard, of tho Sea
board; Mr. C. H. Bo-nov, of tho Nor?
folk and AVestern, .'.nd Assi^tant Presl
dfiii AV. D. Duke, ot tho AA'ajnlr.uion
The wholo- party took carrlagcB a'
the Jefferson at 9:3(1 o'clock, and thi
two-hours' drlve was begun. Old iSt
John's, the parks and hlgh bllls, th(
lndustrlal sections of the clty, ith(
monuments, St. Paul's Church ani
other places r>t Interest wero vlslted
The party reached the Commonweultl
Club at 11:30 o'clock, nnd wero theri
Jolned by Governor Swanson, Mnyo:
McCarthy and .President AVblte, ot th,
Rlchmond, Frederlcksburg and Foto
niac Rallroad.
Governor and Mayor Speak.
After the olegunt menu was properlj
attended to, although th0 tlmo wai
short, tho irailroad men lnslsted tha
the Governor and the Miiyor speak.
In a few well-chosen worda Mayoi
McCarthy welcomed the strangers it(
the clty of Rlcliniond ipid gavo then
a conclse .Idea of the vlgorous ani
wlde awake sort of a place they weri
then sojourning ln.
Governor Swanson spoke brlefly oi
the truo relatlons of the peoplo ti
the rallways and the railways to th'
Thero Is no reason why they shoul
be antagonlstlc to ench other, he de
clared, but every reason ln the worl
why they should be the best of friend;
worklng hand ln band for tho advance
ment and prosperlty of the State. The
aro utterly dependent upon each othei
and lt Is to thc interest of each thn
they work harmoniously. Thc Governc
admltted that thls has not always bee
the case, but he believed the day ls nr.
far distant when thc rallways and th
publlc will understand each other bctu
and pull together for the common good.
The railroaders left by a special cm-.;
apeake and Ohlo traln at 2 o'clock fr
Old Point, intendinp to siop an hour i
two at tho anclent capital, und v/n"
tuking ln tho hlatorlc plnces, also si
somethlns of the llvo Williamsburg <
Charged With Embezzling $20.;
from Insurance Company..
Appeal Taken.
Georgo L. Hanks nppeared in t)
Police Court yesterday mornln
charged wlth embezzling $20.57 fro
the Soulhwcstern Insurance Compan
nnd was found gullty by JustI
Crutchfield and sentenced to nine
days ln jall. Mr. E. A. Gray, attorn
for the defendant, took an appeal.
Tho evldenco adduced agalnst Han
by tho plalntiff compuny was to t
cltect that he had collected a premlt
on a policy wrltten before ho becai
general agent for the concern. A co
truct between the company and Han
was produced to show that tho age
had no right to colloct the premlu
the ymtract contalnlng a chiuse e
pllcitly stuting that until notes wc
collected, premlums on pollcles pu
thus were not due. Mr. Hanks co
tended that he hud a right to ma
the collectlon, nnd that as soon ns t
notes fell due ho was entltled to 1
commisslons. He r.clalmod ul/io th
ho had monev duo hlm from premiui
paid wlth notes which camo duo
February, but whlch had gone to pr
Fred S. Holback, Who Killed E
John L. Jett, Is
Governor Swanson yesterday grant
a pardon to Fred S. Hoback, of Flo
county, wl o was sorvlng a torm
twelve months in jall for unlawl
shootlng. Hoback was convicted a
sentenced in the Clrcult Court of Flo
ln July. 1000, for killlife Dr. John
J, lt, nnd hnd only a few months mc
to survo.
Tho Govornor si-ts out his rcuso
for hls action ln full, nnd thoy n
based upon potltlons slgned by Jud
Mofffttt, who siit ln the caso; all' t
court pfneers and mornbors of tho ju
nnd a larpo number of prominent cl
Theso papors aro accompnnied by
oc-rtillcute from tbo jall physlclan i
(dnrlttg that thc prlsoner's Uoalth
!n a proi'tirlous condition as a res
r.t wounils rocclvod ln tho nltei?:nt:
ln whlch Jott wus klllod, nnd tl
furihor conflnemei'it will-* sciiou
joopnrdlzo hls llfo,
Tho caso wus ono of greut pul
Intcri'Bt, and wau vlgorously fouj
out In thn courts. Thero had boon 1
blood between the men foi somo tl
prcvloiiH to the kllllug. Tho trou
grew out of un nllegcd Insult offe
by Jott, nnd when tho two mei
cllninx enmo, rouultlng lp' Jett's be
shot to death nll(1 lloback'n bulng di
gorously out wlth a knlfo,
Govornor Swnnsnn ls nlow to Int
feu?i ln suoh cases, but hu ls convin
thut tho imiii will shortly dlo If 1
ln prlson, nnd for, thls rouson trnd
fact thnt ho has nearly sorvod out
term, hu docldod to glvo hlm hls !
Miss Martha Portcr Boswcll; of
Orange lJccoines P>ride of
Joseph M. Milcy.
Church I'icautifiilly Dccoratcd
and Happy Thfong Witness
the Intercsting Ceremony.
ORANGE, VA., Aprll 17.?Mlss Martha
Portor Boswell, daughter of tho late
Charles Hay Boswoll, wus married nt tho
liomo of her mothor hero to-day ut noon
to Mr. Joseph Mitburn Mlloy, of Charles-.
town, AV. A'a. The brldo woro whlto
princess lace over chlffon, und carrled
lliles-of-the-vnlley. Tho brldo was given
awny by lier mother,. who wore black
crepo de chlne. Mrs. W. C. Gaither, only
slster of the brlde, was uiatron of honor
and wore yellow chlffon over sllk, and
carrled yellow La Franco rose3. Tho
best inan was Mr. Ocorge B. Goetz, ot
Charlestown, W. Va. The weddlng mnrch
wus boautlfully renderod by !*vs. Frank
B. Porry, who played Lohongrln's wod?
dlng 11111 rch, nnd during Uiu ceremony
playcd Shubcrt's serenado.
Rov, John S. Hansbroiigh, of St.
Thomag's Eplscopal Church, performed
thc ceremony ln hls uaual Impresslvo
manner. The house wus exqulsltoly dcc?
oratcd wlth pottcd plants and ovorgreons.
Among thoso present wero Senator
Shackclford,' wlfe and daughter; Mayor
Frank B. Perry nnd wlfe, und R. N. Rob?
inson and slstert editors of tho Orange
The brldal palr left on a northbound
train for an extended weddlng trlp.
Following Ceremony at Farmville
Couple Leave for Home Here.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
FARMVILLE, VA., Aprll 17.?At the
home of tho brlde's parents, Mr. und
Mrs. R. D: Mlllor, occurred the mar?
rlago this afternoon of tholr dftughter,
Mlss Laurle Virglnla, to Mr. Glles
Pleasants Holt. Rov. S. C. Hatchor,
of tho Methodist Church, performed
the ceremony. The parlor waa uniquely
decorated; tlie p'osltb ns of tho brldo
and groom belng beneath a profuslon
of fragrant flowers suspended from
two Confederate flogs, mementoes
brought from tho Clvll AA'ar und pro
served by tho brlde's father and hls
veteral comrade, Captaln S. AV. Pau
The brldal party entered tho parlor
ln tho followlng order: the brlde's
fathcr and Captaln 'S. XV. Paulott,
drossod ln full Confederate unlforms,
led the way, and took their positions
on elther slde of the minister; follow?
lng came tho two bridosmaids, Misses
Virginia Pnulett nnd Nelllo Miller, the
latter a slster of the brlde; the groom,
accompanled by hls bost man, Mr. W.
J. Burton, came next, and immedlatoly
precedlng tho brlde and her mald ot
honor, Mlss Agnes Burger, slowly and
gracefully walkod the flower-bearer,
little Miss Rebecca Lipscomb.
After the ceremony tho couple were
drlven to tho Norfolk nnd AVestern
depot, where they boarded the late
train for Rlchmond, their future home
The brldo ls ono of Farmvllle's mos]
culturod and popular young ladies.
Beautiftil Wedding of Popula:
Young Couple at Radford.
[Speclal to Tlio Tlmos-Dispatcli.J
RADFORD, VA., Aprll 17.?A beau
tllul weddlng v.as eelebrated at Grac
Church thls evenlng, when Mlss An
gela Tlnsley, daughter of Mr. nnd Mr?
,1. AV. Tlnsley, became tho bridu of Mi
Tyreo Dillard, of Lynchburg.
The marrlago servlce wns performei
by the Rev. D. Campbell Meyors, th
bride and bridegroom standlng unde
an nrch ot ovorg-oen. from which wa
suspended a weddlng boll of yollov
roses. The weddlng march was playe
by Mlss Salllo Harrls, whllo Mr. Brpwr
violinist of the A'. P. 1. orchestra
played softly "Ilearts and Flowers
during tho roadlng of tho servlce, an
Professor Abbot, of V. P. L, sang n
Intervals between the rendlng "O Per
feet Lovo" and "AVhithor Thou Goof
I AVIll Go."
The brldal party conslsted of clgl:
nttendants?Misses Bollo, Suo nnd Lll
Tyler, Misses Melita AVilson, Christln
Mlllner, of Danville; Salllo and Mlnnl
Howe and*Maud Pamplln. Gowned 1
whlto and woaring yellow glrdles, shoc
and wreaths, they entered by two:
followed by thc, llttlo rlbbon bearer
AVilson Noell, ln puro whlto. and llttl
Mlss Ireno Tlnsley, slster of tho brld
In whlte, with yollow uash nnd wroatl
N-iVt camo tho u.diors?Messrs. Sai
Dillard and T. IT. Mllo.-., of Lynchburg
followed by tho mald of honor, MU
Hontiis Tlnsley, a slster of tho brld
Her gown was n whlto lnco robe, ovc
y.ellow taffeta, wlth yellow wroatl
sllppurs and sasli.
Tlio brlde, who Is a jirelty brunott
was vory handsomo ln a gown of chli
fon mossallne over tnffeta, wlth trln
mlngs of real princess laco, the gl
of, her gnindniother, Jlrs., Jamos, 1
Danville. Her voll was of titllo, caugl
wlth orange blossoms, und sho carrlc
n whlte kld priiyerbook. Sho enterc
wlth and wns glven away by lu
Your doctorwill tell you that fresh c.ii
and good food are the real cures fot
conouniption. But often the cough
is very liard, Hence, we sujjgcst tha:
you nsk your doctor about Ayer't:
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hcals the inflamed mem^rancs.
AVo nuMI*h lhe formulos J, O. Ayor Oo.
cf r.'l ouv prep&i
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15 Cents a Copy AT ALL NEWS-STANDS OR THE $ 1.00 a Year
921 East Main Street,
have made great preparations for the SPRING BRIDES and
cordially invile an inspection of the largest assortment of ELE
GLASS to be found, in the South. When quality is considered
their prices are the lowest.
All correspondence given careful altention.
Gcods sent on avproval, express preoaid,
\ ? ' -? "
Leading Southern
for China, Porcolaln, Glass. Sll
verware, Cutlery and llousui
furnlshlngs of every descrlp
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homes. eolleges. etc.
Satlsfactory quallties excluslve
ly. Lowest conslstent prices.
Correspondence Invlted. Es
tlmateo submitted.
1S1S F St, and 1214-10 G St.,
father, tho bridegroom, with.hls broth?
er, Mr. .T. M. Dlllard. of Lynchburg, as
best man, onterlng from tho vostry
room and meeting tho brldo nt the
altur. .
At tho coucluslon of tho ceromony a
receptlon wus tendered ihe brldal
party, relatlves and out-of-town friends
at tho homo of tho bride, tho entire
lower Iloor of whlch wns beautlfully
docoratod ln ropos of ovcrgroons, forns
and blooming plants, wlth ycllow
shiulod olecti'lc lights and candolabrn.
Among tho relatlves and out-of-town
guests wero Dr. nnd Mrs. lt. I.?. James,
of Danvlllo; Mr. nnd Mrs. lt. A. James,
MY and Mrs.' Kandolph Moado and Miss
Chrlstine' Mlllner, of Danvllle; Mr.
Bruce Tlnsley, of Ilig Stono Gnp; Mr.
Cccll Tinsley, of AVInston-Salcm; Miss
Marle- Dlllard, Messrs. J. M. and S, II.
Dlllard. Miss Woodsle Taylor and Mr.
T. M. Mlles, of Lynchburg; Mlsp Mattlii
Thomas, of Christiansburg; Messrs. C.
P. Mlles, .lohn AValdrop, Mr. Brown.
Major AVood and Professor Abbot, of
V. P. 1.
On tholr return from an extonded
Sputhorn trip Mr. and Mra. Dlllard will
rcBldo in Lynchburg.
Miss Elizabeth SteAvart Beeomes
Wife of Mr. Taliaferro.
rSpbolu! to Tho Tlnii-.s-Llspatch.]
PLAINFIELD, N, .1.. Aprll 17.?At tho
old stowart homo hero thls aftornoon
Mlss Ellzubuih Stowurt, dauBhtcr ol
Mr. nnd Mrs. Waltor E, Stowart, be
came tho brldo of Willlam 1-'. Tallafero,
ot Xi-w A'ork, a mombor nf tho woll
known family of Tallnforro's of tllou
custer county, Va,
Tho ceromony was porformed by the
bride's pastor, tho Rov, Dr. .lohn Sh.r
lihin Kollo, of tho Crescont Avenue
Prosbyterlun Church. Tln- lu-hi,, wus
att- ndod by her slstor-ln-law, Mrs
Percy 11. Stowart. as mairon of honor
und two pages, her nloce, Eva Stowart
aud Nod Li!wIh,.o|' tlils clty. Tho best
mnn was tln.' brldogroom's brother, Mr
Bohorl Tuliuferro,
Virginia Couple Weds.
[Spoclal to Th,. Tlmos-TJlspatclr.]
WASHINGTON. i>. <?'., Aprll i;.--.M:ii
rlago llconsos woru Issued liore io-do\
to the followlng Virginia OOliplOS!
James llnrrlu, or Conklln, Vn., nn.
Lizzio l'.ri'iit,\ of Pleasant Valloy, Va.
Ulchnrd W. Talloy aml Molly V. Oan
nniv bolh of l.ouisa, Va.: L N. Oiirtor
of nichmond, Vn., imd Asmos O, Mayo
nf Drowcy's isiiiiT. '.'a.; c. I,. lludsor
nnd l.'i'lii L -Lloyd, both of Itirliiiioiid
A'u.; lloln-1". M. ClirtlB and l.y.lia Sulll
vun, liotli ol' I'li-ihuloU.-diurg. Vn.; L'ddli
GnskliiH. of Vlciina, Va.; aud Ainaudi
I'. MiUln-ll, of Clil'ton. Vn,
MIOJCICO. Aprll lT.-.~l'i'',siilrnt Mnuuo'
Boitllltl, Of lionduras, was lapdod 0.1
saiinuH ern/., Mi'x., from tlio Unitoii
Stab'S , isunlionl I'rlnivtnii to-day
Prosidont Bonllla ls oxiiacUil to rmvu
dlrectly t" tlils clty. lio Jqft tho llrm
duian port of AniaiKilu last Suturdm
ubonrd tho Prtno'fltoii. ul't.-r havin-r on
ti'i'od into an agreonicul wlth Prusiden,
Xulayii. ol" Nlimragua, nud PrctdiU'n
! PjBUBrn, of finlvador, tiutt he shout.
Utilt Central AnicrUa.
Nlnety-flvo por cont. of mon ovor slxt:
llvo years old aro 0111101* dopendent upi
theli- dally carnlngs or upon their chlldn
(or support.
Tlieso aro nctual statistics,
Al*u mu going to bc a bltrden to yo
Almost every man enn savo a few cen
cacli day, Forty-!lvo yeurs ol' workh
days ought to. uccuniulato a fortuno.
That Pnys Three Per Cent., Compound
Seml-Amumlly, wllh tho
Merchants National Bank
11th and Main Streets.
Can Caneer bc Ctired
it Can.
We want every mc-n and woman In i
United States to kiu.iv wnat wo are t
lns--Wo ure curlng Cuncers, Tumons ?
Chronic Sores wlthout the use of l
knlfe or by X-ray. and 1110 endorseil
thu Senate noA I.egislatme of Vlrijlnla
AVo Guarar-tee Our Cures,
1G13 W?Jt Maln Streo'

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