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New Dress Goods
New Silks
Jnaugural Sale of High Grade Fabrics
Everything Named Below is at a Special.Price
J Wc* started a Special Sale of Dress Goods and Silks last Avcck
Without waiting for lhe cntirc complction of the new building.
ll was sticcessfti'l, despite tlie fact that wc were a fittle crowded,
incidenl to our'prepar(iig to rnbvc. ' -
To-morrow ihbrnirjg thc sale starts in a fresh under cntirely dif?
ferent surroundings.
New Goods, a New Store, Abundanceof Room?everything,
in fact, up to date.
All the desirablc weay'cs both in Silks and Dress Goods' will bc
found here, both in staplcs and novelty effects.
We contracted for these goods long ago?months.before the re?
cent advance in prices.
You'll find tlie savings in prices to be no small matter.
Look at the display in thc new wihdows on Broad Street.
New Black Dress Goods
Light Aveight. sheer materials
noAV, and never Avere avc better pi
: yd. \
have the call in black goods just
eparcd for the demand.
Shadow Check Bali
Painunn Voiles . .
JMohnlr Sicllinns .
Mohair HrilUnntinr
3'minmn Suitinpy,
Cordurn Suiting .. .
Chiffon Bntlsto ...
"Wool Pojilln . ,
French Sdrgo.? ???.) yd
Wool TnfTetn . . . . ,
Froiieh flntiste *. . , ,
Mohnir Tnmisc . .*.
Mohnir Rrillinntlne
Mohnir Slcillnn
Tvvine Voiles
Chlfl'mi Voiles
Prench Voiles ....
Plnid Voile Mnons .
Rtriped A'oile Ninons.yj*J "
Ptnirl Novelty Voiles, $2.50 ynrd
Enibrotdered Novelty, $3 ynrd.
Plnid Voiles.
Shndow Check. Voiles
Grenhdipe Voiles
Plnid Marnuisettes
Plain MnrquisettPs
Strlped Mnrqnisottcs
s.f T"!
s .... yd
les ...J .
Colored Dress Goods
Note the
iGerman Noveltles, in stripes, ehecks and mlxtures.
Imported Plalds in the now llght color effects. .
New Serge Suitings, cream grouuds, in line ehecks and stripes.j
Embroidered Voiles, in tan, champagne, gray artcl.brown.
Marquisette Voiles, in navy. brown, tan and gray..
a^rench Voiles. in tan, champagne, gray, browns nnd blues.
Chiffon Pariamas in thc most Avanted shades.
Kdvelty Mohairs, in plalds and ehecks.
price is
The value
is $1.50
Chift'on Voiles .
Caro de Soio .,
Crepe de Parls
Voile Ninons .,
U'issue Suitings
77ic once is
69c yd
Thc values
from $1 to
Cream Voiles, 30c ynrd.
All wool, 3 6 inches wide.
Checkcd Suitings, 50c yard.
In th6 most fashiouable colors.
Plnid Batiste, 30c yard.
30 inches wide; a regular 48c
Novelty Skirtings, 48c ynrd.
45 inches wide, in ehecks, plaids
and stripes.
Cream Pannmn, 50c yard.
38 inches wide; ? all ? pure
Crepe de Pnris, 50c yard.
In black, cream and colors; all
pure wool; a regular 75c value.
$1 Skirt ing, ?0c .yard.
54 inches wide, excellent qual?
ity, in the popular llght gray.
QilbQ Special
KJlLtX.O Bargains
59c yd
Every yard of these weaves would be a good A^aKie at 75c, We'rc
making you a special offer for this sale.
Strlped Louisine Jac-I -Crepe de Chines. .
.?Tjuards. ,r . .. ., , . ,
14 Yard wide Natural
Striped Louisines. j Habu'tai.
j Striped Taffetas. Black Waferproof
\\ Checked Taffetas. -Habutai.
Roman Striped Taffe-i Black Peau de Soie.
i>tas. Black Louisine.
Black Messaline.
Black Taffetas.
Colored Liberty Sat
And the best Colored
Taffeta ever sold for
50c a'yard; in sixty dif?
ferent shades.'
j-Printed Pongees, 50c yard. 'Novelty Taffetas, $1 yard.
Navy, brown, champagne and|?. , , ,, _? ',
biactotsroupds. with different Slm,,8hal Von^ei 80? y?ri-'
size/dofcs.- '-'.' , 23 inches Avide, iu fashiouable
japanese Silks; 50c yard. cream.
27 inches wide, in twenty dif- Silk-Warp Crepe dc Chines, 20c yd.
In both street , and evening
Cream Japanese Silks, 25c and 30c
ynrd. ?' - ;
Black IVaterproof Habutnj, 50c ynrd.; Cordcd AVash Silks, 30c yard.
Showerproof Pqngec, 50c ynrd. i ln Avhite, black and colors.
ferent shades.
-Black Peau de Soie, 40c yard
1 9 inches wide.
Black Swlss Habutai, 75c ynrd.
Z Linen Lawn, 25c and 33c yd
These Prices Are Special-the Next Lot Will Sell for
39c and SOc yard
The difference between our present prices, 25c and 33c
yard, and what the next lot we order will cost you repre
eents the advance in price at the mills on pure Linen Lawns.
Our iriiport ordors were placed a ycar 'ago at lhe. old prices
EJpZido?nW" Pillow Slips, SOc
Art Needlework Department.
_ Something new in Pillow Tops and Backs?istamped in beautiful
'designs pertaining to the exposition;
,Your friends will ap'preciatc them as soiivenirs.
Some of the slips are already Avbrked and ready to slip the pil
lows in, 50c.
SiAmped niatertais for the-'maklng of j Shirtwaist patterns of Perslan
Corset Covers, Nlglugowns, Chemlae, ,??,? ',.. ,
Petticoats and Drawcrs, nll of Eiigllsh i lawn* WP^ design and cotton, $1.
Nainsook ;:nri rnatehecl Kanncnta. 1 _??_i.w_'. , , ,,
Flnlshed samples of these garments
60c to 5.2.25 i*. pattern, und cutton to
work whh Inuludtd.
; can be seen iu the depnrtment.
Moving Into Our New Store
The first_ and third floors of the New Building are now in complete readiness
for business,
The first floor space contains the Woolen Dress Goods in black and colors, Silks,
Laces, Trimmings and Buttons.
It is fair to say that no store in the country is better arranged for the display of
these fabrics than our main floor in ihe New Building.
Plenty of room, plenty of natural light, up-to-date fixtures, experienced help and
the best assortmenis of merchandise that the market affords.
Linens have moved to the Broad Street side of the older building, formerly occu
pied by Silks and Dress Goods. Linings are near the Sixth Street door.
White Goods are now on the north side of the Sixth Street building in the space
formerly occupied by Linings and d.portion of the Dress Goods stock.
The thiiyl floor of the New Building is occupied by the best arranged and most
complete Carpet Store in the Sotith.
Carpets and Rugs in this house now have more floor space at their disposal than
in any store of similar size in the country.
The second floor and basement departments will moVe into their new quarters
just as rapidly as possible. The contractors, like ourselves, are anxious to hurry things
along, biit this store is to be a credit to Richmond, and to make it what we want it?
fVie finest in the South?takes a little time and care in attention to detail.
French Lawn, 15c yard
Forty-fivc inches wide and one of the kind that
sells. as a; rule, at 25c yard. French Lawnis -have
advanced in price, and this fabric Avill go up to
25c after the present lot is sold.
We bought.it many months ago.
40-inch White Lawns,
Wc, 12 l-2c, 15c yd
Fortunate we are that our Judgment -was cor
rect -when we bought largely of plain White
Lawns a year ago.
We can't get the same values to-day from the job?
bers as low as our present retail prices.
St. Gall Batiste, New Printings 12 l-2c. yd
Black, blue and red large coin dots and large
single aud double rings printed on Avhite. Fine
sheer fabrics. 30 inches Avide, at ia i-2c yar.d.
Beautiful goods for Avaists or dresses.
Big value at 12 i-ac.
Wc, 12 l-2c, 15c yd for Plaid Lawns and
Dimity : Sheer White Fabrics :
Special Prices.
Plaids and ehecks, especially the fine, sheer fab?
rics, are very popular for waists and dresses.
The best assortment of styles and qualities we'.yc
ever seen are now on sale, 10c, 12 1-2C, 15c yard.
New Jap Mattings
28c yd-?Good Values
Any price that we quote on Mattings always includes the
lay ing. .
The Japs have turned out some mighty pretty patterns for
this season, and unusually tough and durable in AveaAre.
The new Mattings at 28c a yard are in Avhite and colored
grounds, Avith inlairl and carpet patterns.
You'll like them, avc know-couidn-t help but do so.
This season's Cliina .Mattings
are unusually pretty?tho Chinese
seem to be taklng lessons in pat?
tern designing from. their Jap
Especially good values in
heavy, close w'eayo China Mat
llngs,-20c, _5c, SOc and upwards
per yard.
Thousands of housekeepers
and Rugs for the Summer.
You can't possibly get any?
thing better.
Very light in Aveight, casily
clcancd and absolutcly sani
Tho Carpet is as low as S5c yd.
The Ruga raiigo from 00c, for
the 20x3S-ln'ch siae, up to $10.50,
for the liixlS-feet sizes.
Pretty colorings and patterns
Wash Dresses
for Little Children
Yv'arm Aveather is coming and
the little folks will Avant to play
in the open air.
That always means soiled
VVe're in especially good shape
this spring to furnish the pretticst
and chcapest little Dresses you
| ever saAv for youngstcrs between
j two and five years of age.
Ginghnin Dresses, in ehecks and
> plaids, all washable colors, Russian
j style, SOc.
litit.cli Dress of blue percale, trim
I med in while lawn, ages 1, 2 and 3
| years, SOc.
j Giiiglinni Dresses, in green and
j red plaids, Russian style, yoko and
j sailor eollar of white pitiue, $1.10;
\ ages 2. to 5 years
This Automatic Trunk is $9.75
ll's the siniplest Automatic Trunk on
the market; 32 inches in size, covered
with eight-ounce duck, full linen hncd,
cxcelsior lock, extra Aveb tray, two wide
straps, a very substantial, Avell-made
trunk.. Extra good value at the price, as
ju-dging by all trunk standards, this ar
ticle is Avorlh fti 1 ly $11.50. The picture is
'a'n, exact reproduction of the trunk.
Hundreds of good A'aiues ln Trunk3,! Geniidue Leather. .Suit Cases, 34
inch size, brass lock, special, $5.
$3.50, $-1.50, $5.50, $0.75 and. .up- j
W'e're in excollent shape to furnish
you wlth Suit. Cases and Trnveling
Real ITornlmck . Alligator Bngs,
polished brass lock, $5.
Sheets & Pillow- Cases mu M
$7.50 and $8.50 $?.98
Net Waists ... O
We only have 25 of them, so
they're practically exclusive.
It's a special shipment made us
the latter part of last Aveek.
Fllet Net over silk; circular
yoko of narrow ecru insertion,
with a ruffle of lace around the
yoke. The back and front has
two wide bands of cluny lace; all
We haven't had or seen any?
thing this season to equal them
in value under $7.50.
19c. White Poplin 12 l-2cyd
We've just been hotified hy one of the largest and best mills
of the country of a furthcr advance in the price: of its Cotton
SheetB nnd Pillow Cases will go up in prico, and deliveries at any
figure will bo very imcertaln.
Wise housekeepers and hotel and boarding-house keepers will
do.Avell to purchase'noAV, as Pillow Cases, Bolster Cases and
Sheets purchased from our present stock A\"ill be.sold.-you at less
than we can rcorder them for at thc mills. .
Two weights, light and heavy?a
flne corded white- fabric, 28 inches
wide. \rery popular for skirts and
costumes. The regular price every
wh'ero is 19c. AVe bought all that a
johber ha'd, and socurod the lot to
sell for 13 l-2c.
Women9s Belts 21c, Worth 25c
Black, tan and gray leather. All sizes, and plenty, of them.
The Belts are the betit 25c values sold under ordlnary circumslanees.
Wo secured tliem epeclal.
Window Shades,
Slip Covers.
You'll want new bnea this
spring, will y'ou not ?
If Jou'll nothy us by postal
or 'phone we'U be glad to send
a man to your home to estl?
mate on the cost. No charge
for tliis servlce.
Women*s Ready-to- Wear Garments
Six Very Good Values in New Suits,
Coats, Skirts and Petticoats
It is not the material, style or finish, taken scparately, that
makes our women's wear so valuable, although avc excel in each
of these requisites-but thc detail work on each separate picce
has been so carefullystudicd and worked out hy experts that thc
finished garnicnt is a liarmony in ready-to-wcar clothing.
It is only in stores like ours thst you'll find such ind>
Chiffon -
Panama Suit,
Kton coat, full
G i b son Blyle.
Jackot llned with
<?OA.50 whIt0 Bllk- fJo'
%p?t*T lnf, cuffrt ? and
froftt trimmed
Avith sllk brald and gllt soutacho.
Silk Btrai)8 over tho shoulder.
Box-plaited skirt. Bluo nnd black
Panama, $24.50.
Taffeta Silh
Best quality
silk, in tan,
black, navy, jns
CC95 por ancl e?1(i"n
*pO' brown. Two rows
of shirrliig, pin
tucking and stitched straps. Full
Avidth and alt lengths. A very
Btiperlor value, $5.08.
Chcch Shirts,
, Imported All
Wool Serge; sido
plaited and triui
rf? f r\ aa med with a band
*plU of black sllk and
h i 1 k Routache
triraming around the bottom. All
lengths. A handsome Skirt at a
modcrate prlce?$10.0S.
Strlped Novel?
ty Cloth; coat
tight fitting back
nnd front; long
ulenvos, etiffs aml
eollar trimmed
Avith blnck vclvet; clustcr-plaited
skirt, $127.50.
Cut away Suit,
Taffeta Silh
Beautiful gar
m e n t h, long
enough to pro
d* i Q,50 tcct you troixi
*pJL%j' rain nnd dust.
Talfeta, in bluo
nnd black plaids, or nll black.
Rubbor back, making tho gar?
ments wnterproof. Stitched band
down tho back and over tho shoul
ders. Doublo br'oasted; eollar but?
tons to tho throat; long sleevca
witli cufffi, $10.50.
all lengths, $1.08.
Cream Whlto
B r 111 I a n tlne
Skirts, full
wid th, narrow
plalt, stitched to
below tho hips,
This q>?
One m^
is$5 ^m
It is Redfern No. 24. Made of coutil, with
?high extension bust, medium low under the
arms, long hip and back. Like all Rcdferns,
No. 24 is fitted Avith genuine Avhalcbone. Red?
fern Corsets have 110 superior in domestic
makes and are the equal of many French Cor
?seHs at double thc price.
Useful Wedding Presents
Silver and Cut Glass
These articles, while rich looking, are intended for every
day use.
Wo were especially fortunate in securing all of them at rock bot?
tom prices.
Sterling Silver Tomato Servers.
Bonbon Spoons, Ollve Spoons,
Sugar Spoons, Pickle Forks, each
Sterling Silver Cold Meat Forks
and Lettuce Forks, $_.
Quadruplo I'lato Jlrcnd Trays,
Tea Sets, 4 pieces, $10.
Tcu Sets, 5 pieces, colonial
shape, $12.80.
Sotip Turecns, colonial shape,
A'eRRtablc Disbes, covered. Sl.O.
Baking Dislies. rocebud de3ign,
gray linish. $5.
Cut Glass
Bonbon Dishes, SI.OO.
Spoon Trays, $2.30.
7-inch Bowls, $3.08.
2-quart I'llcliers; $5.50.
Flower Baskcts, with handle,
very unique, $5.80.
10-lnch Vnse, pretty design,
Our New Linen Department
To eclebrate our moving to rriqre commodious quarters on thc
Broad-Street side, we Avill roffe'r Several extra good bargains in
Linens for the coming- Aveek.
Pure Linen Dihner ^O-SSi^-L^J5 the equal of a f2 linen
Napkins, - ?'",-:" - ~ dz
Regular $4 Value.
Extra heavy Irish Damask, in four
pretty designs. : - . .
They Avere. all the importer
and Avould bo good values at
M a
Best Quality 751' Ct
German Merceriz- Mfj
etj Satiw Damask, yk
04 inches wide ,and sells reg^iarly
at 75c!-'a* yard.; In pattern .aud'rfla
dam ask.
. Biggost kind of a bargaln at 55c
Huck Towels. Special Val?
ues 85c, $1, $1.35, $1.50,
and $1.75 Dozen.
Antieipating a searcity and higher
prices on popular priced towels for
botels and boarding-house, Ave bought
very largely before the general nd
vance. We are now selling towels
at lower prices than the wholosale
houses. Special values in Hemmod
Huek Towels at 85c, $1.00, $1.35,
$1.50 and $1J75 dozen.
Summer Curtains fS^ST
.Doubtless you'ye seen specimens of them in the Broad Street
Avindows 'during the past few days.
'?'Diiin'ty and 'pretty; of course-?t-yery serviceable and very mod
eratei.iri, price also. :
?[ Evorybody's charmed wlth the Xew Colonial Hep at 25c a yard. It's
reprodiiced in the bld English chintz designs.
Hundreds of patterns iu domestic and foreign weaves; any price be?
tween 12 l-2c and $2 a' yard- ?
The CURTA'IN STOCK is almost liniitless as far as variety of
dcsign is ebneerned.
Ev.ei-ybody's. purse has been consulted, and even at lhe lowest
figures good taste has been shown in selection, and the values are
not. surpasscd.-at the prices.
Beautiful Mudras Curtains, all colors, 75c palr.
SiiovrfUtke offects, ln Madras Curtains, $1.50 a pair.
French Net Curtains, wlth Reuaissance edge and insertion, corner
motif, $2.50 pair. ......
We Prepay Forwarding Charges on Cash Orders of $5.00 and over from the Virginias and Carolinas.
Tho wtekly report of the Itich
tnond liranch of tlie Dun _ Co.'s
Bghney tliows ponsid^rablo u?
tlvlty ~ ln Southern banking cir?
cles. Money is easy ut fuir rntes of
Interest antl the banks are tjeneralty
Uberal in the matter uf nccouimoUa
An apiillcation to organlzn has boen
filed by thu lleiuiurson Natlonal Banlt,
of HuiUdville, Ala. Capltal, -J 100.000. Ap
pllcatlon filed by Fox Henderaon.
New State banks, private banks and
triiBt. <*onipunieH:
The Brom'en Deppslt Hank.of Bremcn,
Ky, Pald capltal, $7,r,uo. Clarenca
Woodiiurii, presldeht; E. o. .Shavt-r,
vlca-preBldent; J. w. Humphrey.
The Veople'n Bank, of Earlington Ky
Capital, ?2r..ooo. c, a. aivinn, presi
denf, T. r.. FinUy, vlce-presldcnt: F.
B. Arnold, caBliler,
The Amerkau ISxehange Bank, of
Oreeni-boio, N. C. T-ald caiiital, $300,000.
10. P. AVliurton, presfdent; .1. AV. HeoU,
vlcotpresklent: II. G. A'uiighn, oashter;
K. I* iSldf!H, asslstant oashler,
Tho Oabarras Savlrifjs Bank, of Mount
PleaBant, N. C Branch of Concord.
Tho l.aurons Trust Compuny, of
LaureriH, S. C, Incorporatcul, Capital,
$25,000. It. A. Cooper; iiresldent; M, j,
OwImkk, vliHi-iiniHldiint; C, W. Tuno,
secretary and treasiiror.
Thu Brookland IJanlt, of New Brook
lumi, s. c, Capital, JZTi.odo, Q'rpan
Tlio 3mpt}p|al- Tiiitit mni SdvipVa
llank, of.Spray, N. C Capital, 1125,000,
B. F, Mobaho,' presddeiit.; A.' V.' Ivie 'aud
,T. M. Hoppor, vlce-presldent3; S. IT.
Marshall, caahlar.
The- Carolina Trust Company, of
Spurtanburg*, ?. C Capital ?25,000. Ap
pllod for cliartar.j W. T. Magnosa,
preBldenf, J. B. Ramsoy, caahlar.
Thi! l'av.-idson Truat Company, of
Snartttnburk, S. Ci 'aapltnl, J5.000. II.
K. llavonel, prosldont; K. W. Johnson,
seerotary. and treaaurot*.
I'lmiiKo ln odicors: ,
Thn Commorclal aml Farmers' .Na?
tlonal Bnnk, of Baltimora, Md.. J. M.
liluHto'r ls now proaldent, vlco .Goorgo
A. von T-iliig-en, .raelKnod.
Tlio Bank of -Dover,- N.' C.' John A.
Hobortson ls now caahlar.'
The Ralelgh Banking and Trtist Com?
pany, of Ralelgh, N. C.! ?, 13. Johnson
ls now president; AV, N. Jones, vlee
Tho Bowmat, Boan and Tru8t Com?
pany, of Bownian, S. C. D. E. Connor
ls now prosldont: 8. A. Fair, cashier.
Tho Commorclal Savlngs Bank, of
Charleston, S. C. Courtenay Olney la
now caehlor.
Mlaoellaneous: *:
Tho Comrnerclal Natlonal Bank, .of
Chlcngo, III. . James A. Eckles, presi?
dent, is dead.
The Sa'llsbury. Natlonal Bank, 'of
Salisbuny, Md. Wllliam1 B. i Tighman,
vlce-presldont, ls dead.
Old' Friend to the Front.
That a man may mako money and
atlll bo uttorly devoid o flnanqlal under
standlng seems to bo -shown. by Jacob
S.'. Coxey, leador of the "Oommonwoal
march upon AVashington ln tho nard
times of 18U4.H8 booamo qulte tvealthy
ln the steel business Bome; yeara ago,
went through bankruptcy, and how
clalms to be weU on the- road '? agaln
to multl-mlillonairedom. As aoon as
trie timo isrlpoho plnns a tour of tho
country in a Bp.ecial train, wdth a bl_
tont and a large company of mlaeol
lanoous amusonient performers, who
will offer tho puhlle a freo show ln
the IntervalaWhon Coxoy is not har
angulng. tho pooplo on tho polloy of
i having tho govornrne,nt issue non-ln
torost-bearing bonds nd libitum, whleh
nro to provido a roally olastio cur
rency and "liunlsli forover tho danger
of inonoy Btringency."?SprlngtlQld Ro
Bear? tbe
Tha Kind You Have Always Bpyght
^^uio iniiiu iuu naio nnrruya

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