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aSJisticfl of Washington Jocke;
("luli's Annual Race
Fatherlcss, Ellcrslic'i Prctiiici
Sirc, Has ScVttitccn Winners
Thc statlstlcs or tho Washington
Jjpcko'y Ciub's meeting nl Benning,
whloh began March 25th and ended
Aprll 13th. ? how .1. KV, Coll to bo tho
leadlng owner, due to Roso of Dawn'a
victory in tho Bonnlng Mnndlcnp on
tho closlng day. John B. Maddon ls a
cT6se second, wlth Willlam Shlolds
third. William Oarth is tho leadlng
tral nor. :.s horses s. :-,t to the post by
hlm won 5--.11',".. whllo Shlolds comes
Bpcpnd Wlth $5,715, and Maddon third
wlth ??'.."::?'. Tl;.- Ellorsllo br.-d geld
Ing. Bllllo Hlbbs, by Fathorlcss, from
Aurlne. by Bolus, is tho largest wln?
nlng two-year-old, wlth SJ.TMt. whllo
fctidy Isnbcl won $I.2S0 nnd Hon Colo
5!.-"". Malaccn heads tho thr.yonr
old list with Jl.'j;:. nn.l Lord Boanor
gt-s is next with $1,215. Among tho
four-ycnr-olds, Hcldmorc is tlio lnrg
ost wlnner. and Rose of Dawn landed
it.ore money than any of tlio older
horses nt tho meeting.
The list of soino of thc winning
ownors follows:
J. XV. Colt. $4,S60
J. B. Madden .'._ -i.iiso
"William Shlelds . n.TSO
Columbla Stable . 2.2S0
August Belmont .1.S70
B'everwyck Stable . 1,775
D. Kelly . 1,625
T>. Punlop. 1,690
I>. IC Korr .'. 1,550
Mrs. A. M. Marrone .i 1,625
AV. Stockton .'.". 1,620
Georgo Howard .:., 1,490
W. T. Townns ..*. 1,480
William Garth. 1,410
A. D. Pnrr . 1,405
K. R. Angnrola. 1,335
C. C, Smlthson .'.. 1,325
B. W. Lagerroth . 1,215
Paul Powers . 1,210
Mrs. R. W. Wald.-n . 1,160
Ilenry Mason . 1,110
J. McLaughlin .-..,.;. l.ono
Bllllo Hlbbs, tho two-year-old brown
geidlng, by Fatherlcss, dam Aurlne,
by Eolus, a produce of the Ellorsllo
Stud, Charlottesvllle. had llttlo dilli
cUlty in winning the Josse Brown Cup,
distnnoo four furlongs, on Saturday,
tho 13th Instant, the closlng day of
tho Washington Jockey Club spring
meoting at the Bonnlng track, Wash?
lngton. D. C.
lt wns Virginia agalnst Maryland for
tho Jesso Brown Cup, nnd for tho third
running of tlie race Virginia was tho
victor. as Billie Hlbbs always had tho
foot of Jubileo, Maryland's best ro
presontativc. It was not only a Vlr?
glnia victory, but completed a triplo
triumph for Ellorsllo Stud and for
Wlllinm Garth's training abilltlos. Tho
race was for two-year-olds bred ln
Virginia, .Maryland and tho Distriot of
Columbla. Thero wero llve starters,
throo bred in Virginia anil two In
Maryland, Both of Maryland's repre?
sentatlves wero by Compute, while
two ?>!' the Vlrginla-bred ones wero
by P.\therlesg and the other by Flat
lahds. William Garth camo ovor from
New Vork to saddle Billlo Hibbs for
tho race, and told his friends that ho
was saddllng a suro wlnner. While
Jubilee is mentally considered the bost
y'oungster developed at Bennlng, the
dlstRnco of Saturday's rnco. four fur?
longs, wa.s nll in favor of Billio Hibbs,
which is tho fastest two-year-old thu
Bonnlng meeting has developed. Mil?
ler rodo, and ho was always favorlte,
tho ruling quotations being -I to 5,
with a little oven monoy to be had.
A largo delegation from Baltimoro
was faithful to Maryland, however,
nnd backed Jubilee from S to G to 7
tc 5. The others were never consid?
ered as factors.
Tho start wns not of the best, ns
Billie Hibbs, very qulck nt tho bar
rler, was away running, while Jubileo
broke slowly, bolng tho lnst of tho
fleld to get ln motion. Billie Hlbbs
vas saillng along two lcngths in front
at tho end of the flrst fwrlong, whllo
Jubilee had passod the others, except
Trey of Spados. Jubileo had his foot
nbout hlm, and In tho run around the
turn gainecl slightly on tlio leader,
but when Mtilc IJJbbs was Htraighten
ed away -fix -hotne. ho came away again
to win galloping by four lengths.
Nono of tlie others got n<-ur Jubileo
after the flrst quarter. The three wln.
nors of the Jesso Brown Cup?Pater,
Otphan Lad and Billlo Hlbbs?wore all
bred at Ellerslie Stud nnd were all
tiained by Garth. Billie Hibbs ran lu
?tho namo and Interest of hi8 owner,
Havld Dunlop, the' lease to Georgo
Howard having b<-.-n canceled.
. Importod Fatherlcss, tho English
bred son of Isonomy and Orphan Agnes
by Spoculuin, who rules as premier
sire ln the Ellorsllo Stud. of R. .1.
Hancock and Son, Charlottosvllle, Vn.,
has mado a romarkablo showing as a
sire of winners already tliis season
and further dovelopmonts promiso
oven moro pleaslng dovclopmontB.
Father]ess was importod from Eng?
land about tho yoars ago by the
Messrs. Hancock and began sirlng
winners right from tho start. Tho
brown stallion Is now soventeen years
old und so vigorous and well preservod
that seemingly he is good for sorvlco
at least a decade longor. <if his get
thnt have started this season soven?
teen havo boen returned winners,
smong them being some half dozen or
niorc two-year-olds, the latter includ?
ing Tillinghast, tie- brown goldlng,
fjom Roselia, now raclng in Californla.
Statlstlcs compllod to tho '-b.se of tlio
Benning mootlng, at Wnshington, on
tho I3tli InBtant show that tho get of
Fathc-rlesa huv.- won J12,S02, tho two
ypor-olds by him bolng prominent ln
all of thdr rioes. *
Among notable horss mietion salo
of tbe South, tho forthcomlng grun
anouai tpc-cial bplrntj fule of th
Though Only a Young1 Boy, This Sturdy Prepara?
tory School Athlcte Accomplishes What His Older
Predecessors Have Failed to Do.
Whlle there ls not as much cnjoy
ir.ent to the casual spcctator in com
petltlons witli the wolghts ns there ls
to those ln whlcli two or more men
are pltted agalnst each other in a
runnlng race. still when it Is reallzed
tliat ;i welght man must put as much
tlon* to training ns a runner, and that
a.l.ied to this, it ls a system of drudg
ery coinparod to a track athlete's on
deavors in preparing lilmself for a
speclal event. then It ls that the exhl?
bltion of Ij. .1. Talhot. who broko tlie
world's record in tlio 12-pound harn
mer throw at Prlnceton. N. J., on Sat?
urday. April 21st, is fully apprerlatcd.
This young Mercerberg Academy
shot-putter and hammer-.thro'ver, a
lad under twenty years of rige, not
only broko tho iaterscholastic 12-pound
shot-put mark, but smashed a record
set by a man many years hls senior,
nn athlete who has been holdcr ot tho
world's 12-pound luimmor throw re?
cord slnoo he hurleil tho iron IS" feet
9 inches in 1902. Tliis mnn ls no less
than the great T. L. SliovIIn, whose <,.r
fcrmance at that time was thought to
be nothlng short of remarkable. ln
fact. tho throw was so much ahc-ud
oC tlie record of lt"4 feet 2 Inch"?, set
by W. I.. Coudon, of Klkton. Md.. in
iss2, that there was consldornble dls?
cusslon as to whether or net It would
Smyth Hrothers-McCloary-McClollan
| l.ivc* Stoc'.k Company, at the Union Stock
l Yards, Norfolk, Va., on Tuesday,
| Wednesday, Thursday ahd Frlday,
j April 30th. May lst, 2nd antl 3rU, 1907.
promlses to be an event of more than
iir.llnary importanco. The catalogue.
nn attractlvo publication. just Issued,
shows among the offerlngs .a Kran.l
i aggregatlon of high nctors, fancy
I drivers, speedy pole teams, coachers,
I carriago pairs, styllsh cobs, fancy sad
' dlers, fast trotters and pacers flt nllke
for tlu. road. track or stud, thc get ot
famous slres like Moko. Baron Dillon,
2:12, Norval, 2:113-1, Sphinx, 2:20 L-2,
Clay Klng nnd others. Thls llst In
cludes Blue Syn, 2:0S 3-4, a pacer
wlth llghtening speed; Foxhall, 2:19
3-1, trial 2:12. a trotter witli rnro man
i*..*rs und better than 2:10 speed; Kate
Sphinx. a llno roadster. liy Sphinx,
?l:iol-2; Lady Burris an.l Fannle Mil?
ler. a palr of mares tliat can trot ln
2:30 to pole: Crystnl _., 2:17 1-4: Mis
hap, 2:17 3-4, and otliers with low re?
cords. thc K'-t ot noted sires of speed.
A portion of the second day and later
ones will be devoted to general pur?
pose, work nnd draft horses, notablo
among whlcli are consignments from
s.vcral blg contracllng flrms tliat aro
? losing out. also several carlads of
the flnest mules to be had on any mar
k.-t. On account of the Jamestown
Bxposjtlon speclal rntes may be liad
to Norfolk on all rallroad and stea.m
boat lincs', whlcli wlll render thls sale
addltlonally attractlv.e, as buyera and
sellers allko will bc' on hand from all
over tho country.
R.. F. & P. R. R.
In view of the large number who do not
elaini spac: reserved by telephono and
otherwlse, and the Increased travel ex?
pected on account of tbe Jamestown Ex?
posltlon and varlous conventlons. and to
avoici confuslon la fcoouring Parlor and
Sleeplng Car space, nml mako better pro?
vlsion for il..- travellng public In such
c.'.is on tr.ii';H from Rlchmond over the
Rlchmond, Fredi ricksburg and I'otomac
Railroad, notice ls hereby glven that,
on and after Mny 1, 1907, Parlor aml
Sleeplng Car tickets must be purchased
v/hen reservatlons are made.
Dl.-igrams fur cars startlnrj from Rlch?
mond will be handled as follows:
For trains scheduleu to leave Rlchmon-J
after 6:00 P. M. and before 9:00 A. M.?
At the olllco of tho HIchmond Transfer
Company, 819 J3ast Main Street, untll
G:00 1'. M., and thercafter ln tliu ticket
ofllce at tho station from which tho tralu
For other tralns?At the ofllco of the
Rlchmond Transfer ? Company untll onu
hour before schedulod dep'arturo of train,
und thercafter at <ic*pot ticket ofllce.
On Sunday ?Dlngrams for all Sunday
tralns wl'.i be at lhe olllco nf tlie nich?
mond Transfer Company untll t>:00 P. M.
Saturday, nml thcreaftor ln thi! ticket
ofllco at the station from which the train
departs. VV. P. TAYLOR,
Tralllc .Manager.
CLUB.?R? F. & P. R. R.
To u'cuommodate thoso attendlng the
Wi dnegday Club Co.rt.-, spoclal trnln
wlll icav.. Kii.ii station. Rlchmond, at
11:30 o'clock Thursday, Frlday und Sat?
urday alghta, May 2d, :!tl and 4th, for
Ashland mid lntormedtato polnts. All
tickets, Includlng commutatlon forms,
wlll be honored mi theso tralns, aa usual,
Round trip rate betweon Ashland nnd
Iticlimond on above dates, 50 ccilta.
U'ralllc Manager.
he allowed. nnd It was finally per
mltted to go on rccord only after ab
solute proof was furnished thoso at
the hoad of A. A. U. affnJrs at tho
timo chnt all roqulrementfl, as regards
to the style of, hammer u?eil nnd tho
mannor of mensurlng tlie dlstanco had
been compllod wlth to tho lottor.
In view of theso facts, therefore, tho
work of thls young man who hns yot
to altain his ninjorlty Is most coni
mendable. He is stlll In prepnratory
school, and although ho has reached,
perhaps tho llmlt of hls pliysical de?
velopment, belng especially largo for
hls ago. It ls hut natural that he
may yot acoumplish tho foat of
breaking hls own mark. for, ii
ho attend colloge, which ho will, ln
all probability do. ho will ho placed ln
tho hands of a coach who will bo ablo
to glve hlm tlie best of ndvice ns to
how to traln nnd. whnt Is even moro
important ln weight throwinfc of ail
kinds' the form to use.
It is stated tliat Talbot hns frequent
ly tossed the slxteen-pound liammorso
close to tho record in thls event that,
wlth a littlo training he should be ablo
t.i ut least equal tho mark of 12'.i feet
11 inches set by W, L. Coudon ln 1?92
at Washlngton.
Unlcss Bill Now Up Passes Legis
lature the Ring Game Is
NEW YORK, April 27.?Unlcss tho
Frawley blll passes the Lcgislature
aml recoives tlio approval of Govornor
Hughes it ls feared that tho boxlng
game In this Stato Is doomed. Tho
chancos for tho blll are bollovod to
bo protty sllm. as strong opposltlon
has been manlfeated toward it by tha
reform elemenj in tho .Loglslaturo.
The boxlng that has'been going on
hero intermittc-ntly for tho past two or
three years is alleged to havo been lo
gallzed by somo magistrate's decislon,
whlch ruled that whero two members
of a club ongaged in a boxlng exhibi?
tion for the entertainment of tholr
fellow-members. where no admlssion
hnd boon charged, and no purse glvon
to the boxors.no, law was belng vio
lated and consequontly it was entirely
permisBiblo. On the strength of that
ruling- tho buslness has flourlshed hero
ofT and on. Two or throo clubs like
tho I-orig Acre, tho Now I'olo and Bllly
Eltner's Consolldated A. C, havo mado
a fino show of livlng strictly up to
tho lottor of tho law and wero not
molested, But as soon as they would
got going a few wooks thc old hurigry
prnmotors would get an uncbhtrolable
hankeri'hg for a "sllco" of lt, and up
would spring irmumerahlo clubs for
tho purpose of holding houts.
Any old hall would do, any old
mlxed alo boxers woro good onough;
any old method of telllng tlckets
would sufflco so long as the monoy
camo and eanio ciuick. Nuturally, when
these- (lagrant shams got going hard
and flaunting their vlolations of tho
law ln tho nowspapers, tho polico woro
shamed Into tnkiag a hand. Whon tho
polico take a hand they nro not going
to study out tho sltuatlon and dociclo
whether thore aro possibly any clubs
that havo a right to hold bouls. All
they tako coghlzanco of |s that somo
of thom aro illegal. Therefore, uc
cordlng to tho limitcd reasonlng powers
of our "llnest," all club.i aro Illegal
and all boxlng jmist ston.
NEW YORK. Aprll 27.?Charlos l'
Tow.-r, Dr. J. io. Do Mund and Charlos
Longstroth, the regatta commlttoo of
tho Jamestown Exposltion Vacht Rac
ing Commlsslon, have Issued tholr
scliodule of races for tho varlous
iiiiHsos of yachts that aro to compete
for tlio speclnl prisses offored by Presi?
dent Roosovalr, King Kdward, Em
poror Willlam, sir Thomas J. I.lpton
aml othors. Thoro aro to bo nino raco
dnys, as fnllowa:
September 11th, llrst races for tha
two sorlos for Kloopn of clttHHOg P nnd
Q I'or tho Roosevelt Cup and tiio King
Edward Cup, reapoetlvolyi intli, sooond
rucos of tho two sorlos for clasaos P
and Q: lltli, raco for Chosapoako Buy
biigeyos, forty-Bvo feot wator-llno aud
ovor; raco for Chosapenk.. |in\- canoos
? forty feot wator-llno and under; nm,'
tlilrd racoa of tbe two sor|da for clasHua
F and Qj 17th, fr.for-aU-roco, open
tn yachts of forty feot over all and un?
der; isth, full regatta, open to ail
I clauees. a to S Incluslve; lotii, n.st
I nice of sorb'H for sloopH of olassos II
.1 nnd K, imllitig ln one olass, for tlui
I.lpton f!up; atttli. socond raco of hoiIoh
tin- classos fl, J. and K; 2l.st, third rnco
ot serles for clusbos H, J und K,
Davy Jolinson; Tim Sullivan ancl
Frank Farrcll IJavc Joinccl
Thrcc Famous Plutigefs Form
Most Formitlablc Con?
"V J. s. A. M.K't)(),\AI,D,
NEW YORK, Aprll 27.?"Turf poli?
tics plays an /mp.ntant part In mbtro
Holltnii racfrig-. There nro many under
eurronts to tho sport <,r prlnco8 nbout
New iorlc as there. ara tow tldos in
tho C.tilf 6t Mexlco. Just now the np
pnrent confllct botween the powers of
the Jockey Club ancl tho powerful
money cllnue hciided bv "Davy" John
son. ox-Senator "Blg Tlm" Sulllvan
nnd Frank J. Farrnll. the American
Leaguo baseball inagnate, is couslng
no end of gosslp nml conocrn among
tho professional folloivers of racing,
nnd also among tho i-nentors and iick
tors hlgh ln tlio circles of tho turf
For soveral years these men havo
been operntlng In n spectacular way
ns Indlvldunls. Late lnst iiutumn they
unlfled tlwlr Interests, their frlends
openly nsscrtlng at tho tlmo that the trlo
would "swlng the bettlng rlng market
next year." Slnce the pasalng of
"Pittsburg Phll," the Jockey Club's
battlo cry has been "Doath to tho pro
feslonal pluhgers." Ilence the powers
aro not now looking wlth any too
pleaslng nn eye upon the new comhlna
tion. The Idea is that it may dominnto
tho speculatlve end of tl^e gamo to such
a degrco tliis sutunier that a sldesliow
of thc turf wlll result. Tbe newspapors
wlll be inieii wllh their dolngs and
tho up-Stato rurdllsts scan'clallzed by
tlie dally tnlk of the blg wlnnlng.., of
Frank Farrcll, "llig Tim." or "Davy"
A Powerful Confedcracy.
No more powerful or better oq.ulpp'bd
bettlng'-rlng confcderacy could bo Uo
visod. To begln wlth, the commlsslon?
ers of theso men have ace'ess to tho
pool-room clrcults,' whllo overy "angle"
of tho bcttlng market Ia an A, li. C
to them. Over $100,.? worth of use
fu! race horsos have been pooled. Johri
tcon coming ln wlth Roseben, and Sulll?
van contrlbutirig Dr. Gardner, just now
tlio most formldab!" 'candidate for the
Metropolltnn Handicap on Ilelmont
Park's opening day. Farrell's well
knpwh business gcnoralshlp brought
Frank AVelr in ns head tralner. and
Jockey "Jack" Martin as the "Trust's"
jockey. As tho fsen.'-nn advances, tho
students of aforementloned "turf poli?
tics" ns many a clnsh between tho con
servatlvo govornmental elemont and
tlio Jobn.?on-Sulllvan-Farrcll Interests
will occur. Meamvhllo tbe Issue over
Jockey Martin has scrved to draw tho
? Ine.
The Jockey Club sems to have scored
first blood. On Carter Handlcnp Day,
Jolinson declared he would not start
ltoseben If the Jork-w Club dld not
grant Martin a temporary llccnso. so
that he mlglit tako the mount. Tho
Jockey Club took no notico of tho eir
cumstnnce. though had not Roseben
started a great clainor would have
surcly arisen from the thousands of
rncegoers wlio had come from the city
purposely t<> bet on Roseben and to
soo tho great sprlntod show lilmself
under colors. Johnson weakened, for at
the eleventh hour ho put up Ueekman
on Roseben. and. of course. nll tho
world doth know how the IIUI" fellow
dropped into a serles of pockcts, nnd,
after riuininc: around his field, only
rnlsscd beatlng C.lorifler by a slu.rt
jmargln. Tue Martin caso is interest?
For an "unsatlsfactory" ride on Or1y
II. at New Orleans Stcward Frank .1.
Bryan, perliaps tho most rnmpetont
official nn the Amerlcan turf to-dny,
Buspendeil tbe rlder for the remalrider
of the C'rcsc-ent Clty Jockey Club's
meeting. Wlien the "Blg Three" slgned
iiji Martin for ir<07 ond the rlder ap?
plled for a llccnso the New Orleans
Incldent sorved the Jockey Club very
nicely. Tho appllcatlon was tabled.
Johnson trlf.l to evoke a bearlng on
Carter Handicap day, but failed. Un?
doubtedly Martin would have rendered
offectlve servlce for his now employers,
as he is our premior boy at handicap
dlstances to-day.
Metropolitan Handicap Next.
The next blg race hore in the Kast
wlll *be tho Metropolitan Handicap.
It wlll be a. much better raco than
either tho Excelsior Handicap, which
was contested on iast Frlday, or tho
$10,000 Carter Handicap of last Mon?
dny. Paul J. Rainey is going to start
De Mund again. This colt ran a "sucker
raco" ia tlie Cartor Handicap, dospito
tho oxcuscs put forward for hlm on
the seore of the oarly season, etc. Ilo
carrled 108 pounds thoro, but hero In
tbe "Met" ho ha3 four pounds off.
Radtke wlll ride. Thls wlll lie ahout
tho final test of tho class of the $ir..000
colt. In tli" ''arter Handicap he showed
ln front rlght to the final eighth pole,
where h? <iult entlrely. It wlll bo a
foollsh tliing for Messrs. Johnson nnd
Farrcll to start Roseben at a mile un?
der 121 pounds. Thls' horso wlll not
run n mile at thls time of yenr. a
fact pretty falrly established last sea?
son Handlcappor Vosburgh has mado
Accountant top welght at 120 pounds.
"Matt" Allen, tho "ICld-Glovod Traln?
er," wlll scarcely accept tho lssuo.
Glorlfler ls in at 119 pounds. Dr. Gard.
ner nt 120 pounds would ho tho fa.
vorlto If prices were postod right
to-day. Thls is tho colt for which "Blg
Tlm" Sulllvan paid "Barnoy" Sohrel
ber $17,000 last atitumn. Tho Metropoll?
tnn Handicap wlll bo run on Thursday,
May Oth, openlng iVy at Belmont Park.
lt is at a mllo, for throo-yoar-olds and
up, worth about $15,000.
Ban Johnson Says April 18th Is
Early Enough to Start.
CHICAGO. Aprll 27.?Prosldont Ban
Johnson, of tho Amerlcan League, has
onne out flat-footod and announced
tbnl thero will bo no moro midwlnter
basoball oponlngs for 1ho Amorlcnn
I.eaguo. Johnson snys thnt Aprll 1 Uh
was iigree.l on a8 the openlng _Tito
bocaUBO tho National Leaguo pooplo
Jamestown Exposition
Bpaoloiis ferrj'boat Callahan, wlth a
c'lpiultv uf 3,600 peoplo, wlll connoct
at Newport News wlth Chosapeako and
Ohlo fast tralns from nJid to Rlchmond.
Trulfls leave lUebmond 0:00 A. M. aud
4:0n p, ,m, Only two liours and llfto
mlti'iles to tho kxposltlon Plor.
Itetnniing, leavo Kxposltlon IPIer 0:
A. M. aud 4;30 P. M.
Famous Indian's Remarkablc Run Over Heavy
Roads an.d in the T\icc of Rain, Ilail and
Snow Places Hlrriin First Rank.
Tho romarkablo performanco of tho
great Indlan tong-dlstonco runnor,
Thomas Longboat, In brcaklng tho
world's record for Boston's Marathon
road raco from Ashland to Boston. has
attractod tho wondor and a.lmiratlon
of thp athletlc world from coast to
coast and oven lovers of amatour ath?
letlcs In Europe. Tlie dusky-hued
foot racer covored twonly-flve miles ln
2 hours, 24 minutes and 20 4-5 seconds.
whlch Is 5 minutes 2 4-5 seconds bet?
ter time than that mndo by the formor
record holder, J. .1. Caffrey. ln 1901.
Longboat accompllshed thls feat oaslly
and wlthout apparent effort, finlshing
wlth a smilo on hls usually lmmobllo
features well In front of a fleld of 114
Tho story of the raco, which though
now a mattor of history ls Btlll a toplc
of much discussion, as told by an eyo
wltness, is well worth rctclllng. It
"Twonty-flvo milos, uphill and down,
through dust, raln, snow nnd mud. In
2 hours nnd 24 minutes, Ia the latest
bit of sensational running on the part
of Tom Longboat, tlie rodskln runnor
from Hamilton, Ontarlo. Tho son of
tho forost wns" as fresh upon finlsh?
ing?frosher. In fact?as the averago
local boy who goes hls half mllo in
"Longboat used tho same tnctics that
won for hlm In tho Canadian Mara?
thon at Hamilton last fall. Ho fell In
behlnd tho leaders and kopt withln
striking dlstanco untll tho last ton
mlles;, whon he camo through and won
wlth ridlculous ease by hnlf a mllo.
"Of the bunch that went out and
contended that lt was nccessary to
opon bo early ln ordor to do away wlth
conflictlng datos In tho cities whore
both leagiies havo teams.
"Nover again for us," says Johnson.
'No matter what tho National Leaguo
mny do next season, tho opening games
of tho Amorlcnn Leaguo will not tako
place bofore Aprll ISth or 20th at tho
onrllost. lf thon a schedulo cannot be
fixed up whlch will avoid conflictlng
datos, why, let them c-jnfliet. Tho
Natlonal Leaguo won't got any tho
bottor of lt on conflict.
"Thero will be 154 games In tho
Amorlean Leaguo schedulo, nnd It won't
go nny later ln the fall, thero belng
enough opon datos in the prosont
schedulo to carry tho prosont early
datos, whlch will bo shoved along. No
reasonable man expects spring weath.
er beforo May lst In New York, Bos?
ton, Cleveland, Chlcago or Dutrolt.
Even In St. Louls, Philndolphla and
Washlngton havo had plonty of cold
weather thls month sinco the openlng.'
Students at Bedford Institution
Welcome Ball Team.
BEDFORD CITY, VA., Aprll 25.?
Tho greatost athlotlo domonstratton
ln tho history of tho school occurred
hero thls woolc on tho return of the
fcutioball tenm from lts trip to Hogo
Mllltary Academy and Hampdon Sld
noy Collogo. Tho excltoment ran high
when tho report of tho flrst gamo, a
0 to 1 victory ovor Hogo Mllltary
Academy, arrived horo. Thls, howevor,
was only a tasto of what was to fol?
low whon it -was learned that tho
Academy boys had won from Hampdon
Kidney hy tho scoro c* 3 to 0. Thls,
by tho way, wns tho first tlmo that
Hnmpden Sldhoy had ovor boon shut
out. on hor homo grounds.
Tho ontlro student body wont
through a downpour of ralu to moot
tho traln, duo at 3:30 A. N., on which
tho homo toam returnod. As tho tonm
stopped off tho traln. pandnmonlutn
broke looso. Horna, drums, tln pans,
and overy known nolso-umklng Instru?
ment wero belng usod to tholr bost nd
vntitngo ln tho hllurlouo -welcome, On
tho shouldors of tholr outhuslastle ad
njlrers, tho boys woro carrled to the
wniting tallyho. Thoro tho studoutti
formed In llno, nnd wlth tho team In
tholr mldst paraded the town slnging
and yelling the scorea.
'killed It' early In tho raro Longboat
was tho only ono that survivcd. Tho
rest perlshcd through the folly of their
killlng pace early Iri tho raco. Not
so wlth Longboat. however. il,. rated
along behlnd tho Ilylng- leaders, niatch
Ing tholr sprints wlth a hardly percep
tlve longthehlng of hls strldo. until hls
Cagle eye saw slgns of dlstress In hls
rlvals' runnlngs. Then out went Long?
boat, Uphlll aml down ho hit tho name
mercilosa cllp. Five miles from tho
finlsh ho was a third of a mllo ahead
and going; along as easily aa though
he was out for a practice Jog.
"Longboat smashed Caffroy's 1001
record by more than llye minutes, nnd
tho wondor ot lt was tho conditions
under whloh the Indlan races. lillndod
by dust tlrst, nnd then raln and snow,
wlth tho last ton mlles of tho jjoing
decldedly muddy, thc plucky rcdskln
bottored tlie rocord of Caffroy?udmit
ted to bo ono of tho greatost Maratlioti
runners that ever llved?by noarly a
mllo. To do thls Longboat had to run
every mllo of tho twotity-flvo ln about.
llvo minutes and forty-five seconds.
Caffroy mado tho formor record ln 1001
under ldeal conditions.
"In this ycar's raco Fowler, the sec?
ond man, and Hayes, tho third, woro
away behlnd tho leaders early ln tho
raco. Thoy both camo from tho rear
wlth a rush ln tho last llvo milos and
caught all tho leaders oxcept tho In?
dlan. Eowler led Hnyos but 20') yards
at tho finlsh.
"(if tho twonty-thrco Boston mon
entered In tho raco, Hayes was tho
only man to got ln the money. Ho
flnlshed third aftor belng held up two
minutes by n freight traln llning up
acrosH the road.
(Contlnued from First Page.)
tion will be held the first Saturday in
May. Sam Woods is manager of thc
football boam, und A. T. Brand t is
manager of tho basoball team. Tom
Brown, of Washington, is coaching tho
basoball toam.
Aftor thla soason, however, no coach
will bo allowed for any of tho toams,
savo for a perlod of threo weelts, as
already dcscrlbed.
Baseball Outlook Bright.
In speaklng of tho outlook for tho
basoball team this year, Dr. Lnmboth
snld thnt Virginia hus probably tho
bost team ln hor history alnco '08,
though tho teams is not as strong on
baso-running as it thon waa, and tho
pltchers aro not. as careful. Tho work
of tho i'nfiolders and tho teum's hit?
ting como up to the standard set by
tho toam of 'OS, though tho toam is
a littlo weak behlnd tho bat. Cluinler,
who, ln tho boglnning of the soason
was rolled upon to do somo of tho star
twlrllng, wns hurt early ln tho soason,
and Woodson camo to tho front. Wood?
son ls dolng woll, but Ih not yot up
to varsity form. lie givos promlse,
however, and lt ls hopod thut ho will
como. up to tho standard.
"Slxlo" AValker ls captaln of tho
team nnd playB contro-fiold. He ls a
good all-round man. Hammond John?
son, flrso-biiKoman, ls six foot tnll, and
wolgli* 180 pounds. Ho Ih tho fastest
baso-runner on tho toam and covors
moro ground thnn nny othor infloldor.
Cnh Maddux, son of tho famous Vlr?
glnia sportsmnn, plays socond-bnso, He
iH a stendy'inliolder, and has had much
Honaker plays shortstop, and loads
ln tho hitting of tho toam. Ho mado
a llno roputatlon last soason ns a foot?
ball playor. Tho thlrd-basoman is John
Hoff, of naltimoro, who ls a fast ln
fleldur, and ono of tho bost baso-run
not-H on tho toam. Ho 1? nlso a strong
man nt bat, Dalton. who holds down
loft-flold. ls thn hardost hltter on thu
team. Alf Thom, of Norfolk, ls rlght
lleldcr, Ho plays a heady gamo, is a
00 Broad Street.
Are unqiicstionably the bipgest
valiic in Younpr Men's Clothes in
this city. .
They embody all of thc nicctic3
of Fabric, Fit and Finish so much
in demand hy well rlrcsscrl young
mcn. Sold in Richmond at
$15 to $30
Samuel E. Duggins
00 Broad Street.
hard, Icfi.
goo.l bnHc-nmner nnd
handcd hittcr.
.susong. of Tenhossoc, who made such
a blg roputation for hlmaelf last sea?
son. |s the best pltcher on thn stnlT.
Fulton, a new mnn, who saw servlco
at Pnntops School when that school
waa in oxlstcnco, ls almost ns good
as Susong. Fulton has the great.-r
speed, but Susong has n greater va?
riety of curves. The yonng?st and
nowest pltcher ls Douglas, who has
playcd ln only ,-l fow games. but al?
ready glves every lndlcatlon of be -
coming a (,'rent pltcher, II- ls a cousln
0 fl>r. Boverly Poiinrd, who wm one ol
tho greatest football and baseliall play?
ers Virginia has ovor produced.
Team Kfas Excellent Record.
Vlrglnla's games up to yesterday.
won and lost, are un follows. LoHt?ta
Pennsylvanla. 'v to 7; to Cornell, 6 to
4; to Dartmouth, 4 to 3; won?from
Pennsylvanla, 5 to 1; from Lafayette,
S to 2; from Trinlty, 2 to 1; from
fieorgetown. 0 to 0; from North Caro?
lina. fl to 1; from North Carolina, 3
to 2; frorn Havldson, 12 to 1, maklng :i
total of three games lost and sevon
Tho South Atlantlc names were n!l
flnlshed Saturday, when tho season for
thoF.. games onded. Tho team wlll
stnxt on Its Northern trlp on May 4th,
when Virginia wlll llno up agalnst
Georgetown, in Washington. Vlllanova.
Pa., 1'rlnceton, Yale an.l West Polnt
wlll follow ln ord.*r. The game wlth
Weat Polnt "ii May 11th wlll bo tho
1 i.'i one of tl... aeason. Virglnla hop.-j
t.> wln at least three mu ?.r this srh.-d
The track team put out by Vir?
ginia thls year was one of tho best
ln tho history of athletlcs at thai
Institution. Tlio relay team appeared
in the raeets at HIchmond, Norfolk,
Ha'tlmore and Washington, and won
In all, savo ut tho Washington meet,
whero they wt.re beatcn by George?
town. Archle Randolph won thc high
Jump iu all, jumplng well above 5 feet
all tho time. Rector broke tho record
of 10 seconds for tho 100 yards, mado
by Allen Potts when tho latter was
a student at the Unlversity, reducing
lt to S 4-5 seconds. He has also es
tabli.-bed a n>*w record at Virglnla for
tho 220. having made it In 21 1-5
seconds. He entered tlio annual meet
of tho Pennsylvanla Intercollegiate
Athletlc "Meet last nlght, and Randolph
compotcd ln the high jump agaln. Vir?
glnla won tha relay race there last
Tho outlook for footbnlf ner.t sea?
son ls not qulte aH promising as it
should be, ns only a few of thls year's
men wlll return. Joo Ncff, captaln of
tho team. wlll be left half: Cloth
centre; Williams, guard; Maddux aml
Myers ends; Honaker, quurtor-back,
and Woods. tackle. These aro all tlio
old men who wlll probnbly return.
Thero Is not much new material, al?
though plenty of men who can play
will bo at collego. but wlll bo dls
barred on account of tho new eligibil
lty rules. Colwell, formerly of tho Unl?
vorslty of Tennessee, will bo ellglble,
and siiould mako a strong player; and
Favoll. formerly of Cornell, wlll bo
A. flno schedulo of games is being
arranged. Athletlc relations wlth North
Carolina and Georgetown havo been
resumod, nnd tlio usual games wlth
those Institutiona wlll bo held. Vir?
ginia wlll play North Carolina some
whero in the mlddle of tho season,
probably In HIchmond. Tlio game with
Georgetown wlll bo played on Novem?
ber 10th, ln AVashington. The Thanks?
giving gamo wlll be played In Norfolk,
wlth tho A. <?" M., of North Carolina.
Ilamiuond Johnson will bo the head
coach next season, and he wlll bo
helped by hls brother, Rranch Johnson,
nnd. porhaps, by Dr. Beveny Pollard.
M. T. Cooke nnd Oscar Handolph are
on tho board of coachlng.
Virginia last yoar took up basket?
ball, aad played tho gamo wlth great
succoss. Basketball was taken In thu
General Athletlc Association last fall,
and this year a better schedulo wlll bo
arranged. Lacrosse Is not yet under
tho genernl athletlc govornmont. ns it
has not yet boon found successful.
Tlio followers of tho gamo aro all ,
volunteers, and few oxliibltions have
been glvon. Ono gamo was played iu
nichmond last season. Fencing ls Btill
in Its ln fancy. thero bolng fow ndepts
ln tho art and fower to tako It up.
Ono contest is hold overy year, Lamb,
of Rlchmond, wlnnlng ln tho last con?
Tonnis Is on a soniowhat better basis,
and Is In nn association of its own
following. North Carolina was de?
feated last year for tho Southern ton?
nis championshlp, Pollard and Page bo?
lng tho vlctors. Tho tournaniont will
bo held at Virginia this ycar.
Virglnla's tinnual Hold day wlll be
held on Saturday wook, when tho now
atrulght-away 220-yard track wlll bi
used for tho llrst timo. Virglnla ls tlio
only unlversity in tho country having
n 220-yard stratght-awuy track. Ad?
dltlonal groundH havo roconlly boon
bought, to bo usod for Hold praoticu,
and tho Athletlc Association now haa
twonty-two acres for its sports,
Rich Purses Offered.
L13XINGTON, KY., Aprll 27.? Tho offl
clal program mo for tlio spring raca
meeting tn bo glven horo Aprll 27 to
May 'Uh, by tho Kentucky Racing As?
sociation. Shows that a total of $1-1.*
tlOO ln purses will bo glvon, tho averagei
amount Of tho purses belng f400.

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