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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, April 28, 1907, SPORTING SECTION, Image 29

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Concerts Promisc to Bc
Amonjf Most Notable
Ever Ileard Here.
Prospocts for Uie bucCc'sb bt the Mny
Fentlvai of tln- Wednesday Club, iho an?
nual mtiKlenl event ln whleh nll of itlch?
mond is Interested, n'ra ufiusunlly brlght
thls yOnr, nnd lt ls probable that whoh
Conductor Moilonjmubr inovos his balon
In tlie obenlnfl inirnber:< of Ilnydn's grent
orntorlo "The Cr.enll6n," one nf tho
largest nttdlenees i ver Bisemnled ln tho
Academy <.r Miii I ? wlli bi pn >nt,
Th- buslness i rfi' i -?: thi Wednesday
Clui. reporl i th I thero ate stlll somo
belng tlresotne. Tlio ontlro program ls
fully In keeping with th.- muslo of tho
flrst night, nnd it will bo obsorvod tbat
the asslgnmcnts of tho soloisls has
been mado .?n ns to give tho artist*
nmple opportunity wlth tho works
with whleh they aro nt tbr-ir best,
Much Iriti resi li fell in i n'o coming
of Alols Burgstaller, wl. v.-ork has
been :.. f.-i-.-.. fibly received before, aml
of the noprano, Corlnne Ryder-Kel
s'ey. i:-.*-, ?.; thi -e singers mnko their
bow to i:k hmond nudlences for tho
flrst tlmo on thls occasion, nnd there
is no doubt thnt their work liero wili
add fresh liiur?-lK to their already on
vlablo achleveijienta ln the world of
M.-ne. Florence Mulford, tho noted
moxzo-soprano I* another artlst- who
will ije wlth il.?? besl of those present.
Slgnor Gogorza inn t.n heard ln
Ovcrturo, "Merry Wives of Windsor"
(Nl>e! ?: Children's Chorua; arlat from
"The I'. nl !?'! ??:?'?" (BUtot). Mrs. Wil?
liams; Children's Chorus; bullet dlvor
tlsscipr?nt from "Henry VU'.' (Salnt
Ha'ris?fl) Ontherlng of the clnns, (2)
Bootch idyl, (;i) glpsy dance, 11) jig and
*jr,":*.f.*-r' *HJ$
the I he&tres.
pc ''
Percy Haswell Coming.
.\ t tho Acadeiny of Music on Mon?
day evening, May fith, Perpy Haswell,
supportod by tho Georgo Fawcett Com?
pany, will prosont "Leah IClcsclina," by
C. M. S. McLellan. No offerlng of rc?
cent yoars bas received mor,? high
pralso, and tho nnnouncomont that Mr.
Fawcett has socurod thls play for hla
Academy of Music
g?jv , WJ3EIC BEGINNING MONDAY. MAY 6th,3ggggg*i] ,.
Percy Haswell
George Fawcett Company
Frosontlng C. M. S. Mc?.cllan's Absorblng Dramo,
"Leah Kleschna"
One of Mrs. FIsko's Most Extraordinary Succe3ses.
First Tlmo in Rlchmond, ;
Mntlneos Wednesday and Saturday, .
Prlceas Matlnoos, 15o to 36c. Evenlngs, 15o, 25o, 35o nnd 50o.<
Seats on Salo Frldny,__
lin.'Ue; "I.es Adicux de Jennno d'Are''
(TsChri.lkow.Sky), Mme. Mulford; Spanlsh
Rl.apsodie, In two numbers (Lnlo); can
tata, "J'ln! Wlshlng Bell'' (Barnett), Mrs.
Williams, M:ne. Mulford; chorus and or?
"Samson and DoMlah" (Baint-Baens),
opera ln threo nctS?Dolllall, Mme. ??"lor
en'CO Mulfordj Samson, Mr, Han Bedddo;
llke hlgh prlest of Dagon, Mr. E. de Oo
gurza; Ablmcloch (satrap of cinza), an
aged Hebrew, Phlllatlni- irieaaonger, Mr.
.lulinri Walker. Chorus of lf6brcws and
Bymphony Concert?Boston Kestivnl Or
chestra. Mr. Kmli Moll. nhauer, conduc?
tor. Bololsta?Mme. Olga Bamaro tt,
planlst; M. Paul Siierth, harpist.
Overturc, "Snkuntala" (Ooldmark);
Concorto for piano ln A mlnor. op. 10
(Grfeg)?U) Allccio MOltO Moderato, f2)
AiIiikIo. i.Z) VIvace? Mme. Saninroff; On
votte for Strln*;:. (Bach); Bymphony No.
(i, "Pathetlc" t Twlvilkowsky)?(1) Adti
glo?Allegro non iroppo, (2) Attegro con
gr.-i7.la. (.'fi Allegro molto vlvace. (4)
Flnalo?AdaglO l.a men toso.
Wagiier Concert?Wednesday (.'lub;
Roston Festival Orchestra, Mr. Emll
Motlenhauer, conduator. Soioists?Mrs.
Grace Bonncr williams, soprano; Mme.
I florence Mulford, mezto-soprnno; Herr
| Alals BurgstBller, tonor; Mr. Jullan
Walker, bass; Mr. Henn t;. Scott, bass.
Dle Blelsterslnger*?(a) Prelude, orches?
tra; (b* Flnalo to the opera, Herr Burg
stallcr, chorus and orchi Btra. Tristan and
Isolde?(a) Vonrplol, orchestra; (b) Llcb
. . tod, Mni". Mulford. Dle Wnlkuro? (a)
I "Ttic* iside of tli.* Vrilkyrlca," orchestra;
(b) "Wotan'K 1'iir.wc!' and Flre Charm,"
' Mr. WaH-.i. Sicgfrled?Schmiedetleder
(f<-,ri;iniT th" sword), Herr Burgstaller.
I Lohengrin?(a) Vorspiol, crchestra; lb)
Klsa's Oream, Mrs. Williams; (c> Flnalo
to Act 1?Elsa, Mrs. Williams; Ortrud.
| Mme. Mulford; ly.hennrin, Herr Burir
staller; Frlederlch. Mr. Walker; Tho
Klng, Mr. Bcott; chorus nnd orchestra.
Active Members.
The list of actlvo members of tho
Wednesday ("lub is ns follows:
Dr. 1C H. I'eters, conductor; Mr. L.
E. Weitzel. Hccompanist; Mr. R. H.
j Harrison. llbrarlan.
Sopranos?Mrs. J. T. Andcrfon.
Jr., Mrs. B. W. Amos. Miss
C. S. A.lalr, "MJss M. D. Ap
pcrson, Mlss Jc*lo C. Barnes, Mrs.
company has caused genuino surprise,
as it was not thought probnblo that
Mrs. Flsko would let it go, for ln tho
tltlo sho mado ono of tho most notnblo
succosses of her vory SUCCeSSfltl cnreer.
Monday night will bo the flrst tlmo
thls drama has been presented ln thls
clty. Thero will bo matlneo porfortn
nnces on Wodnesday nnd Saturday.
J. C. Blaslngame, Mrs. C. T. Ilrenglo,
Mrs. M. S. Cllne, Mrs. John McP. Cooke,
Miss Sarah DeHarl. Miss C. ii. De
Jarnette, Mrs. E. T. Dadmun, Mrs. Wal?
ter G. Duko. Miss Kate Hlckc, Miss
Julla Ellyson, Miss Hnttio Ford. Miss
N'tlie Ford. Mrs. Willlam French. ^llss
K. <;. Glrault, Miss Evelyn Glenn, Mrs.
Con way II. Gordon. Miss Carrlo Grigs
by, Miss Abby fiwathmey, Miss Alberta
Gwathmcy, Miss Laura Harrison, Miss
J. B. Ilennlghnusen Miss Graco Hers
raiin, 'Miss Llssle Hotchklss, Miss
Helen Jetor, Miss Annlo Loe Kenney,
Miss Carollno Kidd, Mis* Martha
ICuegle. Miss A. M. Kuvk, Mrs. C. H.
ICuyk, Miss Anna Lundin. Mrs. V. K.
'.Mann, MlBs Marianno Meado, Miss
Florence Maynard, Mrs. Walter C.
Mercer, Miss Ellzabeth Mosby. Miss
Tho story of "Leah Kloschna" is an
illustration of the theory of moral sua
slon ns applied to crlmlnals, wlth a
love Intorost that leavons It and makes
lt appenl to tho heart. The scenes aro
laid In and about Parls and noar Nouii
stadt. Austrlu. It gives Miss Haswell
a novol role?that of a girl thief,
tralned by hor father, a noted crlminal,
to bo hls assistsnt ln crlmes ot un
common magnitudo and darlng, The
second act shows Leah In tho act of
robbing a safo, ijonfrontod hy tho man
sho is robbing?a man, who, unknown
to hlmself and hls Idontity unknown
to hor, has boen oxortlng a powerful
influenco ovor hor. ln a shlpwreck
months before ho had saved her llfo.
This mnn, a momber of the French
Chamhor of Deputles, bellovos that
crlmlnals can bost bo reformed by an
appeal to tholr moral sonso. Even
whon ho hlmself is tho vlctlm of
crime, ho Is truo to hls convictlons.
Ho doos not dotain tho girl and sond
for tho police. He tells hor that sho
mny go- freo. But flrst ho quostlons
her, lenrns how sho has been taught
to steal, talks to hor sympathotlcally
and penetratos through tho callousness
and doflance ot tho thlof to tho heart
and moral sonso of tho. real woman.
Her bottor nature rousod, Loah re
nounces her l'athor and hls assoclates
and goes back to tho lottuco fleld to
labor as hor mothor had. Thoro sho
flnds peaco, and happlness comes to
her whon Sylvalno seeks hor out to
mako hor hls wlfo.
Thero aro an uncommon number of
strong acting roles In "Loah Klosch?
na," and tho company will bo soen to
oxcollont advantage. Percy Haswell ls
strong, forcoful and Intonso ns Loah.
Tho list of othor members Includes
Waltor D. Greon as Paul Sylvalno,
Robort Poyton Cartor as Kloschna, Re
gan Hughston as Schram, Thomas
Thorne as Raoul Borton, and James
Bovlns, Chavlos Gay. Emlly Wakeman,
Angela McCaull, Molly Brady, George
Darroll, Joseph Hartman and Hooker
At the Bijou.
. Anothor Blarioy play ls bookod at tho
Bljou. Commonciug to-morrow, Lot
Lucy Moseley. Miss Ciara Morton. Miss
Nollie Morton. Miss Z. lio Mlnor, Miss
Lucy McCarthy, Miss Susie 'McCarthy,
Mrs. Howard .1. NuckolS, Miss Wliilo
Nash. Miss A. K. Ovorbey, Miss Isa
bello Pendleton, Mrs. E. Perklnson,
Miss Claro Portewig, Mrs. II. C.
Qulsenbcrry, Mrs. Mnnly B. llamos,
Miss Mary RarilOS, Miss 10. J. Re.X. Miss
Emlly C. Royal, Miss Mary Swnnn,
Miss Marle Taylor. Miss Ida Thomp?
son. tMIss Catharlno Thurston, Miss
Graco Thurston, Miss Besslo Trlbhett,
Mrs. L. C. Tueker, Miss Besslo Walkor,
Miss Allce Walkor. Mrs. Waltor A.
Watson, Mrs. A. M. Walkup, Mrs.
Georgo P. Welsh. Miss Alloe Groy
Welsh. Mlas M. A. Wosl, MlBB Helen
D. Whlto, Mrs. S. P. Wlloy, Mrs. II. T.
Wllkinson, Mrs. L. E Wrlght.
Who comes to Aoadomy of Muslo for long ongngomont next wook.
tlo Willlams, in "My Tom Boy Girl."
tho latest offerlng from tho pou ot, thls
prollflc author and producor, will bo
tho atfraetlon. o
"Blnnoy Shows" hold tho rocord for
big bustnoss at tho Bljou ln this clty,
"Acrosa tho Paclflc," "Tho Boy Bohlnd
tho Gun,'' "Young Buffalo" and othors
playlng to capacity housos. During a
somowhat spoculatlve soason theatrl ?
cally, Blanoy contlnued to sign big
box-offlco etatements, and poor busl?
ness ls an unknown quantity, ho says.
That thero is a reason for thls goos
without saylng. Tho answor, though,
ls very slmple.- Ho slmply undorstandB
his buslnoss nnd knowB what tho pa?
trons ot youuliu'-iu'lua housoa ,wuut.
Altos?Mlls Nellle Blrdsong, Mlss
Lllllan T. Bownian. Mlss Ad i A. Chalk.
lcv, Miss Ellzabeth Cushman. Miss
Nannie K. Davls, Mlss Helen Dickin
son, Mlss Francea DIggs Miss Mabel
Dlggs, Mlss .Myrtlo Kubank. Mlss
l.llen Flnnogan, Miss M. A. Garllck,
Miss Mlnnio tliiihs. Miss Grace Green.
wood, Mrs. A. M. C.wallmiey. Miss
Sarah Gwath'lifey, Miss Mabel Hudson,
Mrs. Mamle W." Hunter, Mlss Bello
Johnson. Miss Lldlo H. Lane. Mlss
i Lula Luxford. Mlss S. E. Lyle. Mrs.
! H. T. Molonoy. Mrs. W. O. Sholblirno,
Miss Mary Shelton, Mrs. D. P. Slgoiir
ney, Mlss Mamle Starke. Mrs. Howard
M. Smith. Mrs. A. C. Stover, Mrs. James
Sweeney, Mrs. G. T. Tnllny, Mlss Irono
Tonnant. Mrs. Se'iden Walke. Mrs. A.
C. Wlghtman, Mlss Marlon Welsh,
Knowing thls, ho procoeds to "dollver
tho goods," und thls Is tho unswor ln
a ntitshell.
Actlon, or in othor words, "some?
thing dolng," Is tho basis oC Blanby's
succoss. Sensational offocts and iroal
lsm bring monoy to tho box-oillco, and
not belng ln business for hls health,
ho suppllos plenty of sonsntlonallsin
and an nbundanea of ronllsm.
In all hls attrnctions there aro riu
morous good vaudovlllo foaturos and
ho novor noglocta liis coniody part?.
another reason why tho Qlaney shows
"go." . lottlo Willlams, tho Utlo star,
liad a vory amuslug oxperlonco rocont
ly on entorlng a stroot car in Bufl'alo.
Tho car waa entlrely oipBty,, wlth -tha
Miss Mary Wrlght. Mrs. E. F. Woodall,
Mrs. I*'. L. Yonce.
Tenors?John II. Ashloy, C- A. Can
epa, Rev. K. T. Dadmun, W. E, Dun
canson, J. Willlam Friend, Conway FI.
Gordon, W. S. llrnnlng, A. L. Jorvey,
Walter C. Mercer, IJ. Bi Morgan, A.
Netherwood, W. L. Hadcllft'e, Georgo
W. Selvert.
Rnssos?-It. F Ilnnks. 11. M. Bnsker.
vllle. E, S. Blalr, I. n. Briggs. Jr.,
J. Wdverly Brown. E. P. Buxton. E.
F. Woodall. II. I',. I'arlton, M. S. Cllno,
W. II. iMinn. Goorgo Fltzgerald, Jnmog
W. Holloran. J, t;. I-ianklns, H. R. Har?
rison, W. It. IIIH. W. S. Hough, A. S.
Hurt, A. it. Jones, Eugono Jones, E. L.
Moffett, r. N. Palmore, ll. Mi Root,
S. Stagg, S.ldeh Walke. S. J. Wlng?
Chlldron's Chorus?Amoretto Allen.
Annle Abrnms, Indla Abr.inis, Nolllo
Anderson. Mary Amster, Annlo H. At?
kinson. Lucy Anderson.
Clydn Bailey, Brma Itates, Loulso
Blckers, Ellzaheth Bowman, Otlo
Branch. Loulse liorthe. Uuby Blunt,
Ethel Blunt, -llzabeth Bagby. Kllza
beth Bomiir. Blslo Bitln, Nannie Balloy,
Edlth Batkins, Krmn Hntklns, Oene
vleve Burroughs, May Brccden. Sadle
Brletstein. Ethel Burke, Irene Baldwln,
Ootberlne Ttiirnett, Julln Blankonshlp,
Cecella Byrnes. Helen Brent, Vera
BurCh; F.lsa Brown, Rosella Brown,
Phylls Brown, Thomns Branan.
Carrlo Cnxon, Mary Cavnnaugli, Tfat.
tle Courtney. Lucy Cosby, Martha
Clark, Phlllp Cottroll, Virglnla
Cottrell, Flora Clowes, Francls Cliapln,
Alice Chalsa. Grace Chalsa, Virglnla
Courtney. Lella Curry. Blsle Colllns,
Celesto Carieton. Allco Carleton. Loulso
Carleton. Mary Crowell, Rsslo Cox,
Mary Cavnnaugli, Julia Craveh, Ellza
beth Craven,
Mlnnio Deltrlch, Iaabelle Drover, Ann
Drovcr, Margaret Dejarnett, Bcsslr
Davls. Lucy Davls, Ellzabeth Dietrlch
Gertrude iieck^r. Leroy Decker. Ralpl
Decker. Ireno Dunn. Alice Dadmun
Llllle Domlnlcl. Grace Dodd, Ruby
Davis, Mary Davis. Annlo Davls. Kath
arlne Davls. Marguorlto Duggan, Ell?
zabeth Donnhuo.
Marguerlto Evans. Belle Edwards
Lov Edwards, Lucllo Epps, Loulse
Euker, Btta Earnest, Ethel Ewen.
Mny Freemnn, .lane Frlschkorn. Flos
sle Foster. Sarah Frear, Ellzabeth
Frear. Nannie Floyd, Edlth Fitzwilson
Tlllle' Forbcs.
Elsle Gllninn. Annlo Grcett', Clifl
Godsey. Viola Goohlor, Annle Glllloy
Kmlly Garret, Colelln. Gentry. Snblnn
Oraser. Fannlo Gol.lsmith, Myrtlo Gul.
lcy, Carrlo Gathrlght, Fannlo Gell
exccptlon of one man, and ho was
tho rcverso of tho cnr. As sho entered
he rose, mado hor an unsteady but
magrilflcent boy, nnd said:
"Madam, please bo kind enough tu
accept thlsh plashe."
Rather than offend hlm, sho thank
od hlm and sat down. For seven blocks
tho man hung from the strap. swaylng
ln the breeze, wlth nnt a soul in tlu
car but the two. Mlss Williams say*
sho ls froquently taken for othoi
'Mats. Tues., Thurs., Sat.
"The Girl With the Wink
ikiumm: rrrwvn ri?uu?.u.-i
f But I'm glad to get back to Rich
? mond. It feels like home.?JOSIE.
Next Week---"Around the Clock."
Bostock's Wild Animal Arena
here all next week.
-New Acts==^=
2:30 and 8:30 Daily. Admission, 10c and 25c
?? ' ' ??? ... ' ?
Children's Chorus and
Adult Chorus Both
Fincly Traincd.
man, Hatn Geiirnsn, Bettle Oollfnani
Moses ricllmnn, Mamle OravJns, Katls
I.rtulse Ilard, LbllW Hamilton, Hnl'la
IfancoCk, Lorrulne Hay. Krnma Hop
wood, Kathcrlno Hart, Jnsophlno llern
dori. Ruth Hutchlnson, Jesslo Hutchln
son, Dcnhrn Hay, Lnura Ilarrtwlcko,
Annlo itardwlcke, Bossle Ilardwlcko,
Marion Ilardwlcko, Hugh Ilardwlcko,
Hunter Hnrdwicko, Margarct lliihhard,
Martha Horndon. Ilarrold MlrshboCg,
l.on Hlrshberg, Margarct Hughes.'Mary
Hognn, Rosiille Hulchfr, Boulah Hcls
ler, Lllllan Heisier.
Engenlo .Mny .Tobsnn, Martlm .Inbson,
Lillie Johnson, Margarot .Tctor, Graco
Annlo Kunker. Anlta Klrkwood, Hat..
tie Kent. Klnorn Krlinni. Rofla Krug,
Lizzio Krug, .loscphino Knin, Bosalia
Knln, Estelle Kaln.
Dora London. L"la London, Jos
Llchtenstoln, Madollne Llpscombe, CUf
ford Llpscombe. Paullno Llciierman.
Sarah Lloborman. Annic Lovlng, Rosa
lh> Lawrence. Virglo Lnntz. Annlo
Long. Ethel Lawrence. Ocnevfevo
Lcech, Indln Lenz, Vlolet Lenz, Davhl
Levln, CInrence Leftwlch, T^oulse Left
wli-li. Lclla Leftwlch, Annle Levfoj
Goldle Levln. Mary Lynham. Ma Lyn
ham, Francis Llndsay, Florence Lcech*
Nettlo Txihmati, rtosslo La Masurlor,
Ellzabeth Lea, Marjorlo Lea, Annloi
Julia Morgan. .Tosophine Myers, Burt
Myers, Bobert Mosby. Gertrude Mur
rny Edlth Murray, Vlrglnia Mitchell.
E1slo Miller. Isoleno Myor. Ruth Marks,
Mnrv Martln. Margarct Matthows,
Bertha Mvor, Oladys Mayo. Ine/. Merry.
dew. Hnger Mercer, Maggie Mota;
Ceeella McEvoy, Nolllo Mnrvln, Chrls
tlno Meyer, Mcrtc Maiconl, Annlo
Murphy, Madellno Myor, Alico Mur
phy l-'.v.i Mnhoney, Helen McDonough,
MnVv McDonough, Marlan Monscllo.
tola Nunnaly, Lnura Nolson, Helet*
Margarot o'Noii.
Dalsoy Pattorson. Nor.a Pattorson,
Mnry Pugh, tlnn Pleasants, Rebocca
Partlnton, Carollno I'ettns, Vlvlan Pat?
torson, Lllllan Plunket. Annlo Plunkett
Llnda PrliMv, Cornclla Pollock, Connifl
Pankey, Eleannr Pattorson, Vlolet
Preston, Llnda Preston. Mattlo Proston,
Edlth Pi'ttlt. Virglo Pettlt. Annlo Pol?
lcy. Marle Powors, Gusslo Pomhorton.
Fannle Bnse. Allce Rnmos, Burgcsa
Rnmos. Edna Ralnos, Mary Rnmos,
Anna Bohertson, Ermlne Rlce,. Ade
laiile Ryan, llyman Rose. Mosello
Roblns, Genovleve Raabo, Susla Bholrt
er. Grnco Rholder. Marle Rnnhfi. .lullai
Ryall, Catherlne Ryan, Glndys Robln
Minnle Stnude, Mary Starkoy. Irmai
Ktrauss, Ceoella Slewers. Besslo, Sld
bttrg, Marln Stern. Katle Stern, Dor?
othy Smith. iHnhelle Smith. Viola
Saunders. Goldle SpledbUrg, Allce
Sattertlcld. TClsle Satterllehl. Mary
SioK-le, Ivllth Shelton, Renn Shaplro,
Meade Spicer. Thomas Swineford.
Mnroo Stntz. Mildred Smlthe, Alico
Sutton, Mary SImpson. Ruth Sharplay,
Marle Stelnbrecher, Oscar Swineford,
Nnrma Smith. Lucy Swnn. Francis
Stokes. Edlth Stokes, Rosa Snmmn,
Clara Somma, Marle Sommn. Emily
Schroeder, Sophlo Schroeder. Chrlstino
Sohrooder, (Helen Schroeder, Rosalla
Soleoman, .Tanlo SImpson.
Irene Tenant. Stuart Turner, Myrtlo
Turnep, Kathrlne Tuttlo. Pemherton
Thacker, Kltty Tyndnll. Allen Tomp
Sdn. Mary Truoman. Cabell Trttoman,
Sam Thornton. Vlrglnia Tinsley, Mary
Teefv. Marie Throckmorton.
Katherlne Vaughnn, Dora Vltsky,
Su'ftle Vineent. AgneS Vondelehr.
Sam Welnstoln. Aho Weinstoln,
.Tennette Woinsteln. Mildred Willlams.
Huntor Wingfleld. Conrad Wobb, Ellza?
beth Webh. Nnnnlo Wllkos, Louiso
. Woldenfold, Klizabeth Wllkos. Mado
. | llno Wrlght, Eathes Watskoy. Mnrgaret!
? I Walkup. __
women: but never before had any one
thought that sho was a car-full.
The Wily Barber.
Bald-Iteaded Man (who Inclines to l>?
facetlouB)?Im gottlng to bo jirntty baid.
Suppoao you'U have to cut my hair for half
prico hereafter, <*h?
Tonsorial Art lst (who Is equal to tlio emer
Bcncv)?Oh. no, slr; we always etmrgSr
tlnublo when wo have to hunt for tho hair.?t

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