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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, May 05, 1907, SPORTING SECTION, Image 12

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nrwi iffnnrufnR'J
Intercstiiij; Slory nf thc Scttlc*
mcnt of the Mounlaiti-Locked
Virginia Edcn.
These Rcniatn, Dcaring Every In
dication nf 1'ioiiij;- Fortress as
Well a.s Home,
The followlng vcry Interoatlng
artiiilo haa beon prcpared for Tho
Tijmca-DJspntch by Rev. W.
Doniighe IVhlte, u well-known
Preabyterlan mlnister of Staunton,
who waa a fellow Btudent of I)r,
\V. \V. Moore nt the Theologlcal
Not long alneo 1 vlslted Sprlngdale,
on the east sldo or tho Valley l'lko,
near Bartonville, betwocn Stophoh's
Clty nnd Kcrnatown, the hlstorii: home
of tho Illtos, Itartons nnd Hucks?the
whlto man'a flrst home In our beauti
ful Valley, now the lumio of tho Huek
children nnd 'thelr mother Mrs. B. I.
Arbuckle and her present husband, a
goritlemnn of Scotch deacent.
To thls famlly am 1 indobte'd for
much valuable Informatlon, as also tn
Mr. Josepli Barton, of the same nolgh
borhood. klnsman to tho ownors of
Sprlngdale, of that namo.
Tlio malden namo of Mrs. Arbuckle
wbb Vnnineter. Sho ls n cllreet doscend
nnt of John Vanmeter, (to \yhoin the
grant of the land wns made, and who
wna much struck wlth tho country on
tho "Wappntomnka" nlong tho South
Uranch.) but dld not Inherlt her home
from hlm. Her great grandfathcr,
Isnao Vnnmeter, came to Virginia in
tho year 1730 nnd nindo Improvemonts
In the "old Field's" farm. where "Forl
Floasant" was afterward located. Of
the samc stock are the markod Vnn
metcrs, now llvlng in the tinique
Moorefield Valley, very similar ln lts
open door nnd frlendly IIfo to that of
tho old Vlrglnla ll.'e. It wns John
Vanmeter who ohtained n grant of 40,.
000 aeres of land from the Oovernor
of Virginia. An hlstorlan remarka,
"Tho Vanmeters are of old stock. thelr
nncostors havlng come to Virginia at
an oarly day."
Tho descendants of John Vnnineter,
says Norris, "nre among the most re
spected fnmllloR of Virginia. Tliere
wna at flrst some dlflloulty ns to tho
boundary of thls and that of the grant
of .Lord Fairfax. ,
Thia country was flrst onterod by
.Tnmes Vnnnvetor, brother to John, who
came wlth Indians on tho warpath
ngalnst Indians to spy out tho land.
lt waa a darlng nnd In n notable sense
a auccessful adventure, and tliough the
party waa drlvon back, Vantneter's
wlso buslnoss senso told hlm that here
was an Eden for prosperous homes
superior to anythlng that ho had ever
known: so that on hls return. ho ad
vised the securing of It. which ad
vico hls brother. John Vanmeter, took,
ns he got the grant flrst.
Thus waa lald tho foundatlon for a
aettlemont and developinent, which
going on an,j on, Is destlned to exert
a markod lnlluonce for good tipon tha
civllizatlons of tho world.
Finest Body of Land.
It was John, as ineritioiied nbove,
who after notlng the land, being es
peclally Itnpressod by the fertlltty
of the plece above_ the "'trough"
(tliough litnited ln oxtent) "ns tho
finest body of land ho had ever seen
ln all hls travels." advlsed hls sons lf
ever they emlgratod to Vlrglnla by all
meajig to get a part of lt. Ono of his
sons came to Vlrglnla, put up Ini
provements, and hls children are thore
now, as nbove stated.
John Vanmeter sold to Yost (Joist)
Hito. who bullt tho flrst whlto inan's
home in tho famed Valley of Vlrglnla.
The house was bullt about 17HO, and
1b composed of rough stones and botild.
ers, aa nature had carved thom.
lts rulng are full of Intereat.
To prevent ln rase of attack by tho
Indians the cuttlng off of Ub watcr
aupply (which history tolls has hoen
resorted to wlth Buch fatal effoct),
the house was bullt over tho Bprtng,
which I found to be in the southwost
corner. An old .tiairy just outsido
teatitlos to lta further usofulneBS.
The bullding was, when erectad, the
only substantial one, the others belng
log cablns, bullt subsequently, nnd wns
propared aa a fort; to which In tlme
of danger othor Inhabltants mlght have
repalra. I found ln the lowor Btory
portholes. On tho north slde of the
Eeoond story, whether becnuse it was
the north Bide, or the sittlng room. or
perhapB becauso it was tho kttchon,
there wbh a liugo old-fashloned fire
place. Wlth somfc Mncoftalnty at flrst,
from lts dllapjdated cSndltlon, I ap
proached it and climbed in to see ita
proportlons, nnd walked wlthln from
end to ond, and can truly say I know
of no atich any where elae.
Colonel Hite's House.
The substantial bulldlng now stand?
ing near the ruins of the old one just
descrlbed was bullt hy Col. John HIte
ln 1753. nnd was conslderod by far thc
finest dwelllng house west of the Bluc
Rldge. It ls of stcno. wlth more ot
man's work. So eagor whh I to see
the date of lts bulldlng for myself, thnt
!c^TKf?"TaiG SiTORE 3>*?I
Gas Ranges
Mado ln is Myle* nnd al/.cn. Thls
cut reprosenls the Ciililnot Ittingo wlth
nn 18-lneh ovon and brollor, four hot
plntes nnd wnrming Closot,
"Direct Action" Gas Ranges are
Sold by Us Exclusively.
The Telescope Cot
Just tlic right thing- for camping parties. g
Can hc foldecl into a vcry small package and r
casily carricd. ?
Quantity Prices Upon Application ?fJJ ?**
$1.49 to $45.00
Tho lowest-priced goo,i ICItchen
Cnblnot made. Makes housekooplng
a pleasure. 1
'The Chett with the Chill in It.
... Ref rigerators...
(The Stone White Line)
The storie linerl is an iec
saver, a food preserver and a
spacc saver, with a rooiny food
chamber, too. A Clicst for thc
on its belng referrod to, just after wo
had ?nt down to attpp'er, which was
about dusk, fearlng I could not see lt
after, I Immedlatoly got up and wt.-nt
out with one of tho famlly, who polnt
ed it out to mo on a stono hlgh up on
tho south sido. lt Is ploasant to ro
cnll that not only tho raalden namo of
my hoBtoss, but also the personal
namo of the son who went with tne,
ls tho sama as that of tho dlstlngulshed
ploneers. through whom camo the land
upon which It was bullt.
Uoorgo Washington apent a nlnht
hero when surveying for Lord Falrfax.
'.'On tho wnll plate of a frame barn
bullt by III to tho flgures 1747 nru
plalnly markod," tho nblo historlan
Norrls snya. I would add that in a
barn not bullt by Hlto, but, ln part,
of the material used by hlm, nro two
logB wlth tho dato 1747.
Thore are magnlflcent Bprlngs near
the house. whoso refreshlng waters
gladden the eyo. Furnlshlng more
than bountlful nupply for man and
boast, they pasa on lnto tho Opequon.
Subsoquont owners to tho llltes of
this Interestlng and historlc property
wero Hl'chard Botcr Barton, who
bought lt about tho year 1800, havlng
prevlouBly rented. Hero Rlchard Walk
or Barton, who beenmo a memher of
the Vlrglnla Leglslature, and after
wnrds a memher of Congress, was born.
David Barton also llved horo. Theso
are rolatlves of tho dlatlngulahed law
yer and author, Rohort T. Barton, o?
An Bngllahman, Frank Harrlson
bought tho property soon nfter tho
elvll war. It was then bougth by
Charles Ilancock ShulY, of Frederlck
Mrs. John Baldwin, whose husband
was my grandfather's nophew, nnd
father of .Mrs. J. it. Taylor, of our
clty, also lived there.
Marries Into Vanmeter Family.
Mr. Huck, who came from Baltimoro
ln 1883, bought three huiidreu acros.
Ilo marrled u grent-granddntightor
of Isaac Vanmeter on the matornal
side. This brings the history to the
present ownorshlp. It seems ? nliiiost
to bordor on tho romantlc to conskler
how through marriage it came to a
daughter of the ancestor who braved
so much to speak Its worth.
The sourcos of this liistory aro gon
eral researoh.. direct tostimony and
perspnai observatlon. In vlow of tiio
fact that tiio Jamestown Kxposltlon Is
.lust before the people, and thero ls
special intcrost in tiio history of Vir?
glnla, that belng a prominent feature,
It may bo hopcd that this will bo of
somo lntorest.
It wns aniong tho hllls of this Val
ley that Washlngton declared, lf ne
cossary, ho would mako a stand. and a
succeasful one. And ln tho next great
period tliat trled men's souls und proy.
ed their motnl it waa hera tliat tho
world-wido famous Stonewall men
arose at the buglo's call.
Havtng long been n searchor after
trutli. it is my bclief that tiio strongest
physlcal strength nnd nerve furnlsh
tho strongest basls, cotorls paribus,
for both tho strongest montal and
9s,so, r?
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Stnte Cnpltol .orlginally dnslgned
l>y Jefferson,
Slato Idbrary Bulldlng, Capttol
Old Bell Tower, Capltnl Bqtlare.
.teffnrnon Dnvls Manslon, Twolfth
nnd Clny Stroots.
(lovernor's Mnnslon, Cnpltol
Kqtiare; Colonlnl struoturo, built ln
Old Stone ilouse, Mnln, nenr Nlno
tcentli; bullt ln elghtoenth century.
Flrst Klndergarten ln Amerlca,
Broad, nenr Twolfth Htreet.
John Marahtttl Manslon, Nlnth nnd
Mnndinll Btroets.
Besldenco of Oonernt Robert B,
I-.ee, now occttplod by Virglnla Itls
torlcal Hocloty.
ti'lrst Mnnonlc Temple ln Amerlca,
Frnnklln, near Ninnteonth,
Van Low Manslon, Oraco, .near
Kt. John's Church, ono of most
hlntorlc spots In Amerlca; Twonty
fourth nnd Broad.
Confederato Soldlers' Ilome, west
of clty.
Clty Hall. Broad nnd Tnnth.
Monuinnntnl Kplscopal Church,
sceno of famons thentra holocaust,
Broad, nenr Fourteuiith.
Cnthedrn] of tlie Sacred Heart,
I.aurel Streut and Park Avontio.
Crawford'a eqliestrlan statuo of
Washlngton, ln Cnpltol Squaro,
Statue of "Stonewnll" Jnckson, in
Cnpltol Sqtiare.
Statuo of Henry Clny, In Cnpltol
lloudon'fl Btnttie of Washlngton,
ln Stato Cnpltol; most celebrated
ptoco of ntatuary In clty.
Merclor's majestic oquestrion
stntuo of Robort K. I.oe, Franklln
.Street and Allen Avenue.
Soldlers' and Sallora' Monument,
Twenty-ninth nnd Mnln Streets.
Kquestrian bron/.e Htatuo of J. E.
B. Stuart, great cavalry commander,
Monument Avenue.
Statuo of A. P. HIII. Hcrmitngo
Roud, near clty.
Stntuo of Oeneral Wllllams C.
Wlckham, Monroe Hquaro.
Jefforson Davls gravo, Hollywood
Jefforson Davls Memorlal, Frank.
lln and Cedar Streets.
Georgo E. I'lckctt Monument, ln
Hollywood Cemetery, wlth graves
of 15,000 Confederato soldlers,
tombs of Prosldcnts Monroo and
Tyler, President Davls, Commodoro
Maury, Genorals Ktt/.hugh L,eo,
Stuart, PIckOtt, Wlso, Willlam
Sniith and many others.
Oakwood Cemetery, where 16,000
Confederato soldlers 1 lo burled.
moral charnctor for the highest soclal
and rellgious llfo. Tlie timo has como
for teachlng that tho physlcal Is to bo
muiiiLiiined in proper proportion, and
that thoso who,have neglectcd It, nre
to recoup.
Enjoylng excollcnt health ln every
way, lt has glven me great pleasuro
to oxamlno tho rccords of nnturo ln
dlfferent ways and tlmes as well as tho
pagQfl of books.
My llfework leads me, at this pres?
ent, Into the stuily of raclal dovolop
mo nt
Though I am both a prophet and tho
son of a prophet, In a g*>neral sense, I,
your huniblo servont. standlng on tlie
elemonts of tho manhood?nbovo ln
dicated as belonglng to tiio Valley of
the Slienandoah, Valo of tho
"A combinatlon nnd a form, indood,
"Where every god did scera to set hls
To glve the world assuranco of a
Do predlct that on such foundation,
strong and broad. tho suporstructure
of clvllization shall risn into the
heavens, and that tlie "Garden Spot"
will bo tho earthly Eden, nnd the at
mosphore of her llfe the Social Para
In addltion I would say the paving
the way for the settlem<ent of the Val?
ley. outrivals ln thrlll and hold ad
venturo upon an untrled sea. ?hnt of
Jamestown, and ns that was made, ln
a senso, over a pnthless ocenn, so this
with special isolatlon, cut off by
mountatns, and unaccompanled by con
slderable numbors of tho raco, wns
througli an unblazed forest and one
In which no pathway had over been
broken by tho white mnn.
All Virpinla shall ariso wlth tho
miglity Impulse of a Btrong new llfe,
hnd I""0"1 neld and forest, from moun
taln to sea, .along 'lovory hlll- nnd
adorn every valley, ln. industry and
in art. in factory and in commerce,
shall ,in seen evldences of her power
ful llfe, till her guardlan Splrit of
Dlght nnd T^ove, touchlng Into actlvlty
her slneplng forces, shall cnuso every
hlllock to bloom as the rose and every
clty and sectlon to be adornotf wlth
all tliat mlnlsters to tho comfnrt, tho
lrrandeurs and tho feliclties nf life.
An Object of Attention.
He_I hear Dr. Boroham had a very
nttentlve audienco on Enster Snnday.
She?Well, oyu see, Mrs. Fronto
Pugh had forgotten to remove the
price tag from her now Eastor hat, so
lt danglci down hor back halr through
tho wholo servlce, and. of courso, every
ono was absorbed in trying to find out
what was marked upon lt.?Brooklyn
in.uuivmut wiiw
Intereating Conteat Held at Rart
dolph-Macon College?Gossip
About Ashland People.
[Hl/ticlnl to Tho Tlmni-OlBpatch.)
ASHLAND, VA., May 4.?Tho annttal
declnrnntlona of tlie Frank'ln I.lternry
Sncloty of Randolph-Miicon Collogo
(ook plttco In tho collego audltorluin
last nlght. Tho audlnnco, which fllldd
tho liotiHe, thoroughly onjoyod tho pro?
gram, which ombraood somo oxcollont
BoloctloiiB partlcularly well rondered.
Prcsldent Illackwoll, Kov. Krneat Stev
r.na and Dr. B, II. EttSter ncted ns
judgoa, nnd tinanlmoiiHly awarded tlio
deelalmor'a prlzo for tho aosBlon 190K
l!)07 to Mr. S. I* Dutnvlllo, who ron
derod "Tho Lnst Banquot.' Mr. Duffy'a
doclnmntlon plcaaerl the auolenoo par?
tlcularly. Ho rendored "A, Soloetlon
from Burk'n Spooch on tho" Impnneh
ment of Wnrron Hastlnga." '"Tho
Trnitor's Death bed," by Mr.A. P. Had
nett, also enmo In for a llko amount of
npproclatlon. Among the othor do
clalmors wero tlio followlng; Mr. J. S.
Keeno, "A Portton of Wolslcy's Re
marka After Hla Fall from Powor";
Mr, E. P. .Intnos, "A Sceno on a Ilitt
tloflold"; "Spnrtttns to tho Gladintors,"
by Mr. R. II. Bealo; "Adams on Iho
Oeolaratlon of Indopendonco." by Mr.
.1. T. Olllotto; "Tho, Blftck Horso nnd
Hs Rldcr," by Mr. V. I. I.endbettor;
"Devotlon to Dtity," by Mr. H. P.
Clnrko; "Tho Sotil of tho Vlolln," by
Mr. M. K. Hnrrls, nnd "Vlrglnla, by
Mncatiloy," by Mr. .1. W. I^ipsley.
Tho Rnndolph-Mnc.on bnqr.ball team
returnod to Ashland to-dny, after play
Ing tho Naval Acadfciuy at Annapolla
on Frlday, Tho Randolph-Macon boys
wero dofeated by tho Naval Acadomy
by tho Bcoro of B to 2. On acoount of
wot grounds, the games wlth St. John'a
at AnnapnllB and Oeorgo Washington
Collogo wero not played.
Mrs. C. 13. Potta left hero to-day to
vislt her daughtor, Mlss Annlo Macon
Fottfl. at Buena Vlsta Semlnaiy. Mlaa
Vlrglnla Potts will attend Buena Vlsta
ncxt sesslon.
Rov. W. E. Judklns and Mrs. Jttd
klns wlll spend tho month of June Ift
Ashlnnd nt tho llonry Clay Inn. Dr.
Judklns wns for aovornl yeara tho pna
tor at tho Punonn Memorlal Church
hero, but ls not now nctlvely ongaged
ln proachlng.
Regular servicoB wlll bo held in tho
Bnpttst Church herenfter. Mr. W. J.
Young, of Wllllnmsburg. Va., wlll
pronoh on Suntjay, and othor arrango
menta wlll be mado for tho futuro.
A very dollghtful church soclpblo
was holrl ln tho Duncan Memorlal
Church on Wednesday evoning, and tho
pastor, Mr. Rtevens, made an Intoroat
ing atato*nent nnd nddresa rcgarding
thls church.
Tho campalgn against truats, as otit
llned by tho several cnndldatcs for tho
Leglalaturo, wlll open at Atlees on
May 11th.
Revivalist's Wife Says Pittman
Had Revolver, Threatening
to Shoot.
LOUiSyiLLB. KY? May 1.?Tho Hev.
A. J. Pittman, of Brandonburg, Ky.,
was arrested ot his apartments this
afternoon, charged with freightenlng
his young wife, at tho polnt of a ro
volvor, so that sho Jumpcd from a
second-story window. Mra. Pittman,
twonty yeara old, a protty bride of
two'months, was severely bruised by
tho fall.
Pittman sald ho only deslrod to
frighten his wifo. Mrs. Pittman said
sho had been abused so much that shvi
had declded to proseoute him vlgor
ously. Her prlde in not wantlng her
parents ln Pledmont, 0? to know of
his treatment of her, sho sald, had
heretoforo scaled her llpa.
"Threo months ago," sho sald, "Mr.
Plttuian came to Pledmont to conduct
a rovlval, nnd wo met nnd beenme en
gaged lmmedlately. A week after our
liiarriago ho began to beat and kk-k
mo, nnd ho has kept lt up ever slnco.
He waa lnsanely jealous, and would
nnt lot mo go to the table without
"Ho sald: 'You aro a thentrc fleud,'
but I nevor saw tho tnslde of a thcatrc
ln my lifo, and I was afrald to ask
him to tako mo anywhero, When
tho White Clty openod I dld ask hlm
to tako mo thoro, but ho sald a mln
lstor's wife waa better than other
peoplo and had no rlght to go to such
placos. Ho would not lot mo come.
downstaira lost I mlght meet somo
othor tlieological student.
"About two woekB ago somo ono
ln tho houso reportod hlm to tho fac
ulty of the Southern Baptlst Tlieologi?
cal Semlnary, whoro ho was a Btudont,
and two professors camo to soo mo,
and I told thom about hlm. Ho was
oxpolled from tho somlnnry, and than
he trled to miiko mo tell the profes?
sors that I had lied about him boating
mo so ho could bo relnstated.
"Last night ho bought a revolvw*
and, loadlng lt ln'my prosence, threat
enod to shoot me."
Detective Gets Evidence That He
Poisoned Four Valuable Mules.
| Himciiil to Tha Tlmes-Ulspatch. J
Moy 4.?An arrest was mado hero re
cently of Kdward Harl, colorod. for
Killing, by polsoning, four fin0 mulcs,
ot the valuo of JS57, belonging to I. L.
Odhain, who rosldes nnd has a large
snwmlll and lumber Intorosls near this
place, tho sald polsoning havlng
cftuscd tho death of tho mules.
Mr. Odhnm, belng unable to dotor
mine who tho gullty parly was, om
ployed the Rlehmond Natlonal Detec?
tive Agency, of which A. M. Brownoll
ls goneral managor, to investlgato tho
mnttor, and ono of tho operatlvda of
Ihe agoncy was sent hore, who enused
the nrrest of Hdrt. Tho dotoclivo soeks
to show thnt tho nogro, 1-Iart, who had
beon on a drunkon apree Ju&t provlous
to the polsoning, and belng rofusod
by Mr. Odham, ln whoso employ ho
waa at tho tlme, money to contlnuo his
sproo, mado up his mlnd to satlsfy tho
revongoful foellngs he had against hla
omployor by subjectlng hlm to thla
hi avy Iosb.
Tho negro, Ilnrt, was glvcn a hear
lt,g hore boforo Mnglstrato ft. M. Un
derwood, who sent the prlsonor on
without ball to the next grniid Jury
tcrm of tho ClnUhiun county Suporior
Court, whloh uouvones at Plttsboro
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Bluchcr, worth $2.50, now v'-??'0
Ladies' Oxfords, Otinmotal, Pat.
Colt and Vlcl Kld, latfro oyolots,
Bltioher; worth $2.50,
now .
Ladies' Oxfords, Pat Colt, Oun
metal and VI o) Kld, Inrsro ?? an
eyelets; worth $2.00, now. vl??0
.c.?; $1-98
Best Dress Materiah
New Taffeta Bllk, Just arrlved;
hnrd to flnd nt dotlblo our prlco;
black, white and gray; per
ynrd '.
27-lnch Chlna Sllk. all shade
tinusually good quality; per
yard .
36-inch Albatross, nll lots PAA
cvenlng shndes; per ynrd.... u"C
Volle, blnck and blue* n. most ex?
cellent $1.25 quality,
only .
a: $1.00
Lace Curtains.
ljacn Curtnlns, 3 ynrd
wnsh without injury; por p
$1.00 Lnce Curtnlns, 3 1-2 yards
Iong, moBt excellent quality; (*Cn
prlco .ODC
Muslin Ctirtalns, dotted ond
Btripes, full 3 1-2 yards long,
New Millinery, New Skirts, New
Waists?just arrived.
Merit Tells
expresslon frequently heard
from our many well-pleasod
patrons. Our expcrt Bervlce
ls at your dlsposal In the ad
Justment of Eye-Glasgea and
Spectacles. Wo furnlah the
best only, and our prices are
tho lowcat posslble.
Prescription Work
ls our specialty, wlth com
ploto optlcal mnnufacturlng
plant on tl o promlsea. We
aro also headriuartors for
and all Plioto aupplles, Freo
Instructlons and freo dark
room. Our developlng aiid
prlntlng aro oxecutcd artls
Ucally and on short notlce.
Mnll orders recelve prompt
The S. GaleskiOptical Co.
Cor. Elghth and Maln Ets.
Canned Fruits
Among thc many goo-i thlngs which
We have ln thla llno are:
Cherries, 1
Apricots, I
Plums, 4
Popular Slzei. Fln?it Quallty.
A Trlal Wlll Plea?U You.
Also Have Many Klnda li.Gfats Jars.
R. L. Christiaif & Co.
Imported and Domestlc
cerlea, Wlnes and
816-818 EAST M.
?Phonea 41 and
r?ncy Gro
Roses, Cut Flowers
and Designs.
109East Broad Street.
Largest Stock.
^?4 ? ? m bh A It remoTti th* cauas,
1,11 IfPn Boothei tho nrrrrifiiiil
^C ^?r ? ??"*?* relloyea th? uchos 4nit
Iieaitacties and NeuralgU ?1jo. No bml
Iflocts. 10c, 2.'.o and 50c bottlo. (LlQUlD.)
Hampton Roads
$2.50 Round Trip
Via C. & O.
Tickets Good For Two Days
lirllllant Nlght llluminatlons and Search
llglit Drllls.
Leave Richmond 4 P. M., arrive Old
Pplnt 6 P. M.. arrlvo Exposltion Plor 6:15
P. M. and Norfolk 0:30, P. M. Forry ser
vleo from Nowport Nowb, posslng In full
vlnw of the assembled floot.
Special Kxcurslons?$1,50 round trip
XluiisUay and Saturduyi
Molasses Crains
Stable and Qairy
Is now consldered one kft the
feeds for gencral purp ?fs
It ta not only a very n
and very palatable, but
oconotnlcal?costlng abo
aa other feeds; but belng njuch rlcher
land ylelda
Htious foed
k also very
I the
ln protoln, lt roquire3 le
Noto tho comparison |_! analysls
proteln and fat:
Mueller's Molasses FeedJ
22.64 per cent. to I 18 per cent.
C?t?.11 J por cent.
Car-n.? yi per cent.
^?^y not test tho matt *] No trou
blo to get lt?no troubr ,'to food lt,
and cortalnly no troulM^to seo tho
good results. *jj
Send for samplo, and fl klot glv'lng
full partlculara. Il
Sold by feod dealers glforally.
Grain, Hay and Seedl ealera,
Dlstrlbutora, - RICrlapND, VA.
Formorly -wlth MISS M.
AnnouncoB to her
frlonds and pntrons
that sho has oponed
211 East Broad
Thone 4717.
Hours: from 8 to 0:30.
10 to 12.
jtday, frr^
Sash, HllniU, ?>imrs, Mnl1
l.arge Htook. Lon 1

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