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Take Time by the Forelock
Don't Wait for Chilly Weather, Next Fall, to Install
Ordbrs aro rapidly boing boolccd ?or the installntion
o? the Coppridge Hot Water Heator, and our facllltiea
wlll bo tnxod to tho utinost to flll tho constantly In
crcaslng domnnd. Every cfTorti will be mado to moot
requIrcmuntH, nnd to tho ond that we niay bo pro
pared to glvo prompt nttcntlon.. to all, wo will appro
clnto early ordcrs.
The Coppridge
Hot Water Heater
Is tho modorn heatlng success?tho slmplest, most
ecornomical, best system known. Built on sciontiilo
principles. Gives rapid and most satisfactory rosults.
Kconomy, not choapness (as cheapness is popularly
known)t is a loading foaturo of tho Coppridge iloator.
Simple to operato and absolutely serfe.
The best materlals aro nsed in its? construetion, and
experts dcclare tho boiler to be indeBtructiblo.
Tho Coppridge system is indorsefl and spocifled by
leading nrchltoctsj and is used by most prominoat
coutrncturs in their horaes. w
. Edw. B. Sadtler,
OnG'ofthe be'st-eqtiipped heatlng oxperts ln tho South,
ls general unanager of the Coppridge Heator Oorpora
tion, and his scientiflc andl practical knowledge of
more than tw.en.ty yoars is ibrought to bear on every
lieatlng propoartion subinitted to ua. Intervjews and
correspoadence invlted. Let us furnlsu you an estt
The Coppridge Heater Corporation
E. N. NEWMAN, President
J. D. WALTERS, Secretary
TntnuirrirT??imiiiii i"1""1 ?-"""""""'""?
12 N. 9th Street
Richmond, Va.
Si E. WALTERS, Treasurer
the present one has a spnclons annex
or audltorium on tho oaBlern Maln
Street front and connected with tho
hotel propi r by a veattbulo from tho
second Moor gallery. BesidOs this, tho
new Jefferson is full seven stories on
the Maln street olevation.
Distinguishing Differences.
Another strlklrig dlffcrence between
tho new nnd tho old hotel is that tho
court soparating tiio two south wlngs j
of tho hulldlng runs northwardly from
Maln Street, instcad of WQBtWardly
from tho alley on the east. ln the old
pian. The court /ls above tho two
story maln entranco, which lncludes
tho grand salon and ahovo this tho
great dining*room. Wlth this excop
tlon, the reproductlon ls much tho
FRine general deSlgn as the origlnnl. [
The entirc bulldlng ia of masalve steel
arid concrete constructlon of the most I
mbdern ty.pe. The contractor for tiio I
work was Mr. John T. Wllaon, of this f
clty, who built the Mutual Assuranco I
Sbclety's great nlhe-Btory oiiico bulld?
lng at. Nhith and .Maln streets, and who
hns oxecuted many large contracts in
varlous States.
The hotel ns orlglnally constructed j
wns of a cbtnposite type of arcliltec- |
ture, combinirig Ihe Louis Selze und tho
Italian and Cblonlal Ronatssance.
The masslvi'iand th." "rtK.t" are tdcnd
cd with UTOSt'-admirable reaults, mak?
ing the atrticture nn archltectural or- |
namont as well as a. magniflcent publlc
bulldlng. Tho atriicture la of v.-hito
brick. stone m\<\ marble, with the mar
hlo effect carried out ln all the detalla
of intorior ttnlshlng,' All its lloors aro
of marble or tlllng In most attractlvo
designs. The general pian of the older
portlon of th? str'ucturo ls carried out
i in the new. but In many respeetB tho
new is an iniprovbment over the old.
The slte was adiniraMy adaptOd to tho j
purposea of a hotel bucIi as this, Kivlng
lt ontratices on both Maln anri Franklln
.Streets. Tho Franklln Street level is
suilieientiy higlier than thu Maln Street
grade, about sovonteon feet, making ii
easy and niitural to separato the social
fc-aturo'from tho business or commer
clal portlon. Tho maln publlc entranco
is through the Maln Street front hy
means of large double doors oponing
into n spaclous lobby or grand snlon >>f
about the same dimonslons as that of
the old hotel. The grand staircase, n.
cending from the Maln Stroet level to
the Franklln Street level, i? not arbhed
as WRB tlie old, but is more open, :il
fording an unobstrueted view from the
palm. court on the Franklln Street level
across tho salon to the maln dlnlng
room, which is on tho second lloor, run?
nlng nlmost tho etitire length of tho
Maln Street frontago. Takon together,
?wlth lt* large private dlning-room,
which occupiea the sotrttvwostern cor*
ner of the seoond lloor, and tlie two
Krnaller dining-i?>oms and intoryentng
corrldor connectlng witli tho adjolnlng
audltorium, tlie entlro frontage may bo
kiiiil to l?- the dlnlng-rboma.
Elegant Finishtngs.
Around tbe salon and overlooking it
on all four Bidea is a broad gallery by
means of which tho dlnlng-room 1?
reitched. This affords an excellent view
of the scene In tho maln salon belo'w,
This grand salon is flniahod in nticrbk
wlth miissiva columnu, which add vorj
much to the handaonto effect. On thi
?vveatorn sido of thu salon are tho of;
flci a very much as in tho orlglna'
Btructuri, save they an- more apaclout
and be/.tor adapted to the uses do.
Higm-d. Ti; Ihe .astward on the 'Maii
Street level an- the l.illiard and pooli
roomi' und !<> tho < xtrome eaatward
oponliiK upon Maln Street, is tho bar
the bandBomi 11 In thi oity, The saloi
and other rooms on ?,h>- tlrst lloor an
llghr.ed by numorous ground glasi
glohcs, Incloslng cluatcra nf Incandos
cent bulbu und mirrounded hy a clrcli
6t Incandesoenta without tho grouni
glass. These are vory handsomo an.
afford a brlUiani v. yet softneaa of il
liimlnatlou, very pleuntng and offi tlvi
Tho coiling und walla aro nrtlBtl all
finlshed and compteto tho handaomo i?(
/cct produced by the enaomble.
On Friday nlght tho partition' whlc
had scpiiratcd tho palm court ln.ni th
rebullt portlon of the leo. I waa re
jnoved. and tnany wlio happ'ind to vis'
thu hotel inspoctfld the nowor portioi
tbouuh it had not then beea pronure
for inspectlon. Tho furnlturc for tlio
salon is o? masaivo mahogany and
leather, emb raclng great settees or
aofaa and armchiiirs. Thero are other
? liairs flnlahod in red leather. Tho
furnlture genurally Is of mahogany.
Tho largo clrcular sottoo that used to
occupy tho centro of tho. old lobby Is
ir.lsslng, and lt Is not yot ajtnouncod
what will replace lt. Tlio suggcatlon
wns mado hy many last nlght that it
would bo omlnently apprnpriate to
plneu In tho central portion of the
apartment n marble statuo of Major
i.'-v.i.- Glnterj the projoctor and origl?
nal builder oi tho hotel. Thc ldea sug?
g'ested la to r.ii.se tho funds by popular
aubscrlptlon; ,
The Promenade.
Tlio gatlery iihove and nround the
niain lobby ov salon afforda a apacloua
promenade, and will probably he pro
vided with seats also. Thla gallery and
the dining-rooiu aro n few Ceot below
the levoi of tho Franklln Street front
of the hotel. Tho palrn court thero ls
at presont utlllzed ns n dlnliiR-rooiu
and alra.ost tho antlro area is oeeuplod
by tnhlos. This is but n temporary nr
rangemont, howover, untll the rauln
dliiiiig-rooni is oponed, Tlio carpota
aro belng laid t ln roln and tho I'uinl
ture Will ho iiiMallcd as promplly as
possihk*. The rllnlng-rpptn la admirahly
llghtcd by aovoriil largo windowa ox
tending from lioor to celllng, Tho fur
ulturo and furnlsfilrig of tho dlnlng
room wlll i-omport wlth tho richhoas
and maiinlflceneo of other portlona 61
th.- hotel. All tho silvorware and chlnc
^r<- nf special desigtlH, and ovory pje?i
oi' uhlnh will heur a Jofferaon head am
tho monogram of tho hotel. Tho linen
too. all haa nn Indivlrluallty and dis
llnctlvcnoaa about It and aro of th<
liii.-ht .|uality.
Tho carpota and curtnins throughou
Ihe bulldlng are of the most ologan
uiatoriuls aloi patterns anil are luxurl
The 130 bod chambera ln tho hoto
an- all hondaomely carpotod and- our
?1,10.1 and olegantly furnished ln mu
hogany, ISach haa acceaa 1.0 a prlvati
balh. ainl tho plumblllg Iu of 11 ver;
handsoma dealgn nnd iiuailty. Bloya
0. tora utturd aulck und tafc uccoes to uuy
floor of the hostelry, making a room on
the sayenth lloor as deslrable ns ono
on tho second or third.
(>n the Jpfforaon Street side, ns for
merly, la the porto cochore und tho bag
gnge olovators. Tho lower floor em
taraces all tho accpssorloa of a completo
hotol as before. embvneing Turkish
haths, toilet-rooins and othur convenl
(Contlnued from Flrst l'ugc.)
In tlio real estate market; and tho total
sales for tho week amount to about
Ginter Park.
Theso past few days havo been busy
onos for llio Uintor Park peoplo, and
the rainy weather hns not matorlally
interfered wlth thelr making snles.
Mr. 1?. Kenip Kellogg has purchused
fiflakes Sflost Wrinkles
Disappear i'n a Nlght
No fnce massage, no Kteamiiig, uc
lasks or rnllors; iiothiug to Injecti hu
u maivolons, almplo dlscovery, that drlves
inoat doep-seatod wrlnltlea away i.n
RIGHT llorics.UY TllK Ct,OCK,
and toolt 111 y own wrlnkiis out hy m:
dlscovery, after maasogo and- lieauty doc
tors had faih-d. -My fuce la miv as fre
from wrlnklua as wlien 1 was cighteei
i wlll toil you my aecret nntl glvo yo
full Inl'oriuatioii, if you will ugr*0 not l
roveal lt uncler forfoltuve. Por fttrthe
partloulara, addrosa HAIUUKTT MJOTA
Bullo S'i, Syruuusu, N, V.
the rasldenco noi
at tho nortbcast c
Cottage Avenucs;
burno str^urod tho
Straley, of Prlnce
occupled by blm
rtner of Wiiliton and
Itlrs. W. O. Shel
-irnuthoast coimer of
IJrook Turnplko o.d Walton Avenue,
opposlto "Erfiburnui," and Mr. S. V.
Va., haa
bought tho lnortheiit corner of Chain
berlayno and Rerjlo Ayonues, Mrs.
Shelburne and Mr.Btraloy contomplate
huilding handsomohouses in tho near
futttro. Mr. Hitrry Eichelbargeil is also
talklng of buildingiipon tlto handsonio
corner ho has reconly acnutrod.
Contrncts for alxlthors and tho now
achoot'wllb bo lotl in tho immediato
Withln the past pw days a gentlo
man o-wning an liullo lot opposlto tho
Unlon Theological Soralnary has rc
ftiEiid $20 per froit foot for hls bar?
gain. This lot coa|hlm $10 lpas than
ono year ago.
Glnter 1'o-rk is vlry beautiful those
days und ls ono oljtlio most ploasln?
ees to visftt. Its
hodgo rows, lawni
attractlvo liouHes in|c
to tho lovor of th
The Ashland lln
rapldly, and tho ,H
tlon past Shorv
Vnrks, wlll soon
Sunday servlco to
floubled and now
eonuuodatlon for al
th!a ??liaiintng park
nnd Broad Strj
wide avonucs, llne
shnde troea nnd
i a strong iippeal
is belng pusheil
ok Turnplko si
3d and Glnt"r
complotcd. The
akOBide has been
oro ls ounplQ nc
who wish to vlslt
Cars loiuyo Flrst
very flfteon mln
r (linter T'nri and ovory forly
mtnutfia for Bolvuo and Lakoaldo,
Will Manwiiture Bcds
[Special to The
Al.KXANIHUA, VJ May 4.?Work of
oroctlng a bod nuwnhoturing oBtabllah
nieut by a Cliicago dicern wl.'
menei'd withln thu n* lew wepktj, Tho
propbaod factory wii cost up vardn of
$10,000, and glvo ohloymonl tq lltly
persoiis. Tho oomp'uj reeentiy Juusetl a
Hrlp of groimU fixunf
Old cunal.
Clty J-'icar thu
,...I AM AN....
of twrnly yenrs' prrtctleal oxporlence,
Special tttttontlon glvon to tho supor
intetidlngi of bulldlng eontracta.
'I'hono -12931.,
Chas. H. Nicholson,
CC2 South Plno Ht? Rlclunond, Va.
When you have olumb
lng to bo done. and wunt
lt done rlgnt?soo Sn?"?ont
Hot Water s^ndf Steam
Heating Engineer
Paint - Paint - Paint
Makes tho old house lepk new. .
Makoa the old-faahlon house look \
modern, if tho colora aro rlghtly
Makes any house sell or ront qulcker.
Makes your house last longer and
Etaves other repair bills.
We usfl the l?st rnaterlals and labor
.on all our worik; you get full paint
valuo for every dollar you epcnd.
i.s a sure protcc
ticn. We sell it
anc^r a money
back guarantee.
You can get a
sample for the asking.
I'nrlt nnd Cary Strcets, Hh'lmu>nd, Va.
~\ gga
nt any tlmo at
v'our offlce. if you
cio not want your
Drawlngs to go
Black and Blue
'J'hoijo <U7:i,
in any ateo, for any purposo. mado
imA UGil T S.'tlA N\
507 AmRricuu ll-.iu'.i. Itiilldluji.
Floor Paint, Floor Slain,
Floor Brushes, Floor Wax,
Floor Oil, Floor Varnish.
Jno. L. BraiBch & Co.
1424 East Miiin Street.
Phone 364. ...
msanmanaagg a3aaaaiinwBt>MMMpB ."Kajjira m
C. West,
1103 East Maw Street,
(Merchants NaTlon.it Bank Bulldlng).
MWlUMCHiOBV ... i, i.Mfi|jjjjisAMjaij:
Jewel Gas Ranges
If you want a Gas
Range you want the
best. If you want the
best you want the
Detroit Jewel.
Better this year than
Virginia Plumbing and Heating Company,
Phonc 104.
26 North Ninth Street.
Day Phonoi
Night Phonea:
Largest Repair Shop in the South.
Expert Service Rendered Day or Night.
New Motorslnstalled While Old One is Being Repaired,
Without Extra Cost to Customer.
Does Not Know the Value?
So it is with some peoplc?
they do not know the value of
good, thorough plurnbing work.
Wc aim to give perma.nency to
our work, and then wc know sat
isfaction will follow. Prompt scr
vicc and moderatc prices are guar
Mahoney & Weisiger,
523 East Main Street
PHONE No. 800.
Largest and Best Equipped
Awning and Tent Factory
South of New York
Over 7,500 square feet Windov Shades, Fly
Screens, Venetian Blinds, Dccora ion3 & Flags
'Phone 486. 400 Ea?t Broafc Street
Sanitary Plumlipg
Tinning anct Job Work our specialty.
We can repair your stoves, ranges and furnac
erate cost.
try us
Prepare for Summer Before thi| Rush
Most people wait uxntil the last minute and a'cn worry
becanse their orders are not filled promptly. OrdJC now and
save worry. 1
ii Southern Plumbing & Electrc Co.,
Headquarters for Plumbing and Electrlo Work. p
i Detroit Jewel Gas Haiiffes* Majestlc Ranges, otc.
?>_? tmtt) m*aiam$m
Buildlng Consfruciion of All
Home Offipei Rooms 907-8-9 Mutual Bulldlng, Rlchmon Va.;
S. Vor Veer, Chle* Engineer.
New York Offlce: 6016 Metropolltan Bulldlng;
W. H. Hoffmanny Engineer.
Nashvllle Offlce: 32 Homeitead Bulldlng;
H. F. Ashton, Etirjlneer.
Estlraates glven on all clnsses of bulldlng* constriictlon ln fll y part oi the
country. Steel and. retnforced coricreto buildlngs a speclality.
Lawn Mowers, large variety, $2.50 and upwards.
Rubber Hose, plain and wired, 8c foot and upwaj is.
Hose Reels, all steel; Lawn Rakes, Step l| idders, &c.
Headquarters for Buildersl ?4ardware.
A. B. Clarke & Son Hardware Cj nipany,
215 E. Main Street, - Richmondj \f
''At the Sign of the Padlock." i "
___________________________________ cJ: 0
_ fr]
___li_fl :
ORGANIZEI) 18B2. '*r<V|
Virginia Fire & Mftrine
Capital . ?250,000' VO
Fremlum. Roservo . 521.85GI 1(0
Reserve for Loskos . 65,273]
Not Burplus . 400,7111
Assots .v, .Kii,_87,a<l:l I MI
Surplua to PolicyhoUters, $650,711.8j jj
WM. H. PAIjMKR, ProsKlont. ,\y. jf. McOARTHY.l j S~jcrcCnry.
E. U. ADRISON, VkcPresiUout. OSOAR D. 1'ITTS, 1 ' Jasurcr.

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