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Talc of How tlio (?!.1 Sbtdrcrs
Fight thc War (Jver
Incidentaiiy Some Very Intercst
ing War History ls Bjought
to thc Surface.
?Edltor of The TImes-Blspatch: .
Sir.?It is witii pleasure thal 1 pay
tribute t" Colonel M. B. Blrdseyc, ?i
Fayetteville, Now Ycrk. I flral becanio
B.i quali tc I (?) with the colonel w.-t-s
in 1S64; he was connectcd wltli tho
Harrla Light Cavalry, of New i'ork,
and 1 wns Contederate chlef of ocouts.
My first knowledge c-f hlm was through
the followlng llatterlng Incidont: 1
had presented to o love!;.- young Indy
Miss cjertrnde McMurran, r idlng nea..
Ske'nker's Ford, Re '1 ahannock county,
Vn.. n rtm horse. Soon 1 reafter Col?
onel Blrdsc; cam. . with !.>??
troopers. and scclna thls anlmal. fclt
BOtncwhal i ivetoui thereof and was
threatenlng to decamp 1 r. with v. i
Mlss Gertriide i xpostulated. and In?
formed Col. nei Blrdscye 1 Captain
Shadburne gave hct f ? where
upon the colonel proposed to Ulsa Gcr
trudo thal the captaln should bring out
twelve ph ked mc n and ln n like num
.*h.-r. nnd dgh't f'ir tho horse, the vlctor
bccorhlng possessor thereof. To thls
tho young lady rcadlly aKreed. bul th.
Captain Shadburno hai"
c if thi Mh
., he would
ow her to
?h I
it 1
was m no vi . ?? . ? u .?? .
eyer capturod tho colonel I .-'.? u d tr. al
him kindly, whlch li tred her would
certainly bo done, but t t< fortunes
of war decreod otherwiso and the
colonel aiiiiin-t bectuno, my oaptor, of
?whlch tho followlng ls o brlof narra
Tn July, 1861, as was my wont, the
enomy's lines wero my hablt'at, and
many n s< ? ne wi tlu rc enacl. d. So,
one dark nu.niiiii-', ns we wi" alwiit
ari-ing from ou rearthy pallots for
another day's adventure, wo were star
tled by onemy, who had Btolen
upon us all unawaiys, and we
were suddenly Burroundcd and ful?
ly* awakened by tlio eraeks of rlilee
nnd whlzzlng of bullets; tho enemy
was led by tho Indefatlgabli Colonel
Birdseye, who had ferretted us oul
where and when we thought wo we\<
ni'ost secure, nnd but for the tinielj
?warnlng of otie of my ecouts. Cleol
from Texas, he surely would have
been enptured. As it wns. my trlen.
and ai?jlnc rnj.tr ol oi ra giaaseB, .'i
senw.?.l 1*> -n?e"T?y Mlss S^alll. Dlckersor
of fllaryu's- Heigbts, Va., and eBcapc
without my mllltary jacket and boot.
ln my Btocklng-feet, l called my boy
? -..-?-tii. r nnd pursued tho colonel an
his men Bomo mx mlles, and was with
in a fow hundred yards of him who
,?, , ntered hls camp lines and wa
l'rnm that time. July, 1864, untl
recently l never knew who lt was tha
so rudoly dlBturbed my Blumbors thu
been mora zenlmis ln his dutliea thnn
thla iniin. P, M. li. YOfNO.
Brig.-Crenl. Corhmandlng DlviBipn.
Lteadquartera Cavalry Corps,
Aprll 13. 1SH4.
ncapoctfully forwnrdod. f cohcttr In
n?. high bptnloo eitprcBsml of Sergeatit
Shadburne. Tlio nbjoction, howovor, to
Biiclt an orgnnlzatlon ln thnt mnny man
will be Incorporated who nre ontlroly
imiii for Buch duty; tlio very na.ture <?f
tho aervl.'equlroa it to ln; parformee)
by amdll dotached porttes: tho condl
Clon nf the coun,try mokua tlio maln
trnnnco of aucli n foroe nn imiinssi
hiilty if kept tog.-ti^r. it, in.ore.pver,
would e-ut tilT ii aourco nf suppiy of
i-.-rrults te? tho companlea riiisod ln
thbsa countloa, which thoao samo nion
might be lnducad to joln.
Headqurtrtera Army N. Vn..
.1 I April. 1S64.
Respectfully fprwafded. Tho ro
marks of Major-Qenetal Stuart nre
concurred in. 11. B. l.KR,
Respectfully returned. Tlie depart?
ment Invarlnbly dectlnes' to grant au
thorlli.-H to form new eonrmands. The
remarka of Gonoral Stuart ara np
By comtnand of tbe Secretary nf War,
April 20. lSG-l. Mnjnr nn.l A. A. Q.
Arcpmpanying these papers, our
friend the colonel wrlteg In part as
Fayottovllle, N. Y? July 10. loor,.
My ti.-nr Frlond Shadburne,?InclOBCd
hereln ls tho mucli-talkcd-of documont
that I to'ik from your aaddlebags that
cventful .Tuly morning In lKfi-i. ThiH
paper was in a ellary bearirig tlie name
e; !>. Shadburne. The dlory I turned
over t? dlvlslon headquarters. I have
always consldered thls llttlo plece nf
paper a ourloslty and of wonderful
Inti rest, bearlng as lt dn"5 tho in
dorsements of buc- woll-kno-wn gon
. rals as 11. B. Lee. J. B. R- Stuart. P.
M. B. VnmiK and .1. B. C.nrdon. and 1
reallse liow you, ns nn old soldier,
must value tlie good oplnion and ap
proval of your brigade, dlvlsion, corps
and army commander.
Much as I disllke to part wlth thls
relie- of tbe Clvll War, I feel that bo
twi .11 man nnd man it bolongs to you
aml it ls a pleasure and aatlsfactloi
t-. plai ?? lt In your bands uft>-r forty
two ) bars.
Replylng to your inqulry as to how
i found you und your oominand thai
early morning In July, lSGS. I wil
endcavor to brlelly stnto my recollec
tlons of that little Biirprlse party tha
1 arranged for your special benefit.
I. at the Uma, was a squadron com
mandi r In the Second New York Cavalrj
illirris Llght), and. with my seiuaelroi
? ?;' alxty-odd men, waa on a three daya
tour of pi-'ie. t duty on what we knew us
the Fort Powhatah Road, and Bome mUei
from our regimental camp. Tbla was *
mountcd vidette l.ne, and tliere seemed te
bc an operi space of about-three mllei
between tho Fedcral and Confederate
plckct liri.j. When I relieyed the olfleei
uf his llne I was by him cautloned ti
look out for Shadburna and his men, wln
sepmed qulte ui horne luside our plcke
llnes, purli'tilurly at night. As the re
sult of a thorough search in that see
tlon a darky was found who liad si-i
Shadburne and his men, and I o sati
llial th ? Sunday before ShadbUI ne wa;
making hls headquarters at a farmhoua
a couple of mil<:s OUUlde our plckct llne
where ho kept hls horsea and slcpt ii
the doorj'ord. So about m'ldnight, taklni
LicuUm'ant Georgo Uouston and twelv
men, wlth thla negro as a guido, I lc-f
e>ur outpost, dismountod, and r.-.ulil
found your rendezvoua, but not wiihou
ularinlug one of your men, who aeeme
tovbo up tcpd.lng your horses, whlch war
eatliig corn Iu the car on tho groune
Ulld the sound of this nltru.-t.-d our at
tentlbn In the stftlness of tho night. You
man (Ired on us, and r'an to the houe
and doiu-yai.l. from which soon came
rpsilade of pisl >i ahots. Having the houa
w.-li surrounded, wo plleej Into the dooi
yaid, iiiiej there captufed bno man i
. have forgotten liis nanvo). Another ma
.-<-n to fail, apparently wounded, ln
?.t into the bushes and gj>t away i
the darkneas. We got sovcral Ijorsi
(slx, If my raemory servea mo rightlj
nnd aets of uorse caulpmenta, two doubh
bnrrel shotguna; a iii-ld glass und aeveri
r?svolver8, One of tiie luUer now huni
in my dinlng-room: It Is navy six.--, u
iniih.tiou ('..lt rpvolver, of the klnd so
lo hav.- been mnde in England l'or tl
Confedi rato goyci^imeht. Stampi-d em tl
barrel is thc maker'a name?"Lcecli
Hlsson, c. S. A." But for 'ii.< bra
mountlng it lonks nme-h llko tlie Colt
Navy, Tho shotguna were muzzle-londo
of Knglish make, One had a niendi
stock. uu Uie stoe-k of ono was InLi
1, Ihe v. >rd "Rlchmond," imd on tbe oth
WBS inlilld "r.-li'ishiirg." Tbe lutter
gavo io Lleutenant Uouston, but bo
suns wero atolen from the ciieckroom
Willard'a Hotel, In Wushlngton, in A
a j Buat, i-.,i. I had checjccd iheni thcr
.. ' exjiectlng to expresa them home.- tho i<
,t I lowing day,
.1 j Tho prisonej- told roo that ho thoug
,r j li was Sbadburiio who was vyounded a
i. escaped Into (ho buslics near the houi
?r nnd laler i waa told by some citlzcn
? 1 Lhiil tlon thai Shadbumo dled
- wouni reeel.hai night, So I li
i Itlteel yoil os .!.-...] all llii-s,- v.-ars, nn
d l !~i Octobi i. wlien Mr. Rlngolel An
;, of Mosby'a inen, oi Woodvll
?!.i mo thai you wore still on eari
ld he w nild ' nde'avor to locato v<
?ih Ictti i from liis glves hla bxn
:n lindlng you,
Klad you woro n
u wore nol had
killeel. and ln
wounded. 1 sh
wlll 1..
cpcel to hour fn
u. h
ir-time si-i-ap. Whal
?r th
thnt prl
nnpr a nainei i am romlmled of s..m
thlng llko Llndaay. 1 turnod him ov
lo Gnnbral Wllson, our dlvlslon coi
mandor. ni.i Mr. ArmstronB toll y
nt inv vlslt iu Rappahiinnoek eoun
Va.. laat i?i.-lolu'i-V 1 was Vlaltillg .\
Vlgla nnd fainilv. Vlgls aerved
G'obh'H LQgion, aml I had i-arrh-d
i. li tti :? of hls forty-ono yeara I
roro i found him. Thla letter i
BWi ? th.'arl. MlSB Ann!,- l-'i-h.-r, ||vl
near Sperryvlllo, \'a.. hud glvon me,
May. ??;;, to mail l'or h.-r. 1 illd l
mail R, belng UU l.asy as a la.y l;||||
siuikea ai tho tlme, iniiklng inv .
? ? i- ln i'.v'i di rate uiilform from
: rjson ln i.vn. i burg, Vn . throu
. ? r.o mt>.-(., 1,, Harpor'a For
i irump I i ? asfully madi in ai
und iiKiu.i-ii nighis.
h igl i i ao. tlon oi cMPiod by M
1 ty's und WhHo'a I'aiti-aii.-. i wna oi
turod hy mon of Hosrcer'f, I,nurel Brl
gndo at Todd*H Tavern, Vn., Mny S, "04,
nnd tnncle my osenpo from a mllltary
prlson in J.ynrhburg, Vn., Muy U, '84.
Thls remlncls me that somo ycmrB
Blnce I tiint n flfih N.-w Vork mvnlry
11111)1, who hnd served ns iiront, and
he clulineil thnt he nl one timo hnd
you iih II prisoner on a l'edernl hnt-go
ncar t'H.v Polnl, Vn., nnd that you
niiide your eacapo frnm tho hnat. Waa
thnt so?
Trust Ing thnt T may henr from you
soon, 1 am
Vouni sln.-erely,
The lnst InfOfmatlon wns true. I
wns a prisoner ln Irons nn board the
prleon barge Wnikli ln tho spring of
18(16, nnd from theuee mmlo my oseape.
t wns not wound.'d ln Ihe llttle osoa
pade with our frlend. tlie eolonnl, nnd
am now nn uetlvn prac-lltloner nt Iho
San FrninU'in >har. huving heen a law?
yer ever slnco ISfi".
II givi.'S me grent sat.lsfnetlon If I
ean inld one fenther to tho plunie of
tho gailant, Indeffltlgnble, goneroue.t
and 1 trust. liiinilsmile Colonel Ulrclx
byo. 1 trust ho may never regrot hls
magnnrilmlty to a fallen fne, nnd mny
our Divlne Master fully reward hlm
for his gOpd deods Ih tho wlsh and
prayer of hls frlend, ..??.,,
Kan Franeiaco, pol
One Rresented to Seeond Regi
ment Virginja Cavalry, and
How lt Was Receivcd.
Thls story, connected with our State
(ing, Will brlng back memorles of
scones enaoted by the surVIvora of our
denr old reglment, the Seeond Virglnla
Cavalry of the Army of Northern Vir?
Lato in tho evenlng of the 12th of
December. 1SC3, when Ihe chllly wln.ls
wero blowlng fresh over the snow-clad
hills of Culpeper and Albomarlo. we
arrlved nenr Charlottesvllio, oxpectlng
to go Into winter quarters, und to
but Id huts, ns had beon done hy Col?
onel C. O. Theodorle Biand for tlie
Biitish prisoners of General I'hlllips'a
army, captured at Saratogu and Ipcatad
here In sight of tlie home ot the Sitge
of Monticeilo ln I77ii. Hopes ran high
for a pleiisant resplte. and the .lieiir
injr rocoptlon accorded to us by the
fnir ladies ln wel.ning Company K
bac-k to thelr homo* in Albemarle.
ina.ii' a ploasing lmpresslon. The next
day the mall hoy was crowded wltli
Ictters to tho denr ones at home, tell
Ing of liopes of quiet and visits antici
patod, with eomforts to be sent to us.
lc<ng slnco almost forgotten. Tho pre
lirhinorles had beon arrangod, but ln a
few short Uiurs a mlghty change came
over the splrlt of our dreanis.
The followlng mornlng, tho 14th of
December. whon mnny of tho men had
been granted leavo to vlslt the clty. a
telegram arrlved at lieadQitarters an
nounctng Avorlll's raid, but lt had been
so well nrrangod as to my:-tify our otll
elnls. Bugle at headquarters pealed
long and loud. "rfaddle up; saddlo up:
water your horsos; glve them somo
bay, and got them all ready for mov
tng to-day."
Next came a circular order, "Druw
three-days' ratlons, and be ready to
movo at the earliest liiomont praetlca
ble; each trooper to provide hlmself
with a full couipiement of ammuni
I-:aeh regimental ancl company bugler
was posted off to thc clty to sound the
assembly, to call tho men to camp. In
a few hours everythlng was packed, and
off we started over the Blue Itidge at
Brown's Gap, and down ancl aeross to
the Valley pike, nnd on to Mount Cr.iw
ford. Hero confllcting orders came, which
started us baek towards Staunton. When
Withln Bix miles of that point wo worc
oountermarched to Mount Orinyford
agaln. The divorsion made by the enemy
had thrown our command off thc- track.
Then camo a rushlng order heading
us for I^exingion, and ufter a good, hon?
est moal we moved to Colllerstown, at
the foot of the Aliogliany Mountalns. Up
tliat iccberg, for the road was covered
with ice and snow, and as sllck as glass,
tho men were compelied to dismount
;uid tho danger from the horses sllpplng
above you, sliding and scrambllng, wat
worse thun belng *ln a cavalry melee
whero there was a cluince to defond your
aelf with arms. A aadder plight was
never seen, und soldiers wero nover ir
a worse condltlon, oven wlten Napolcor
reueated ln Itussia.
Arriving at tho top of this terribl.
aseont, .a still worse fule set-med to foi
low us." Bc-ing ordored back agaln riowi
this c.-hasm, we had n rough tumblo t<
tlie bottom of the mountaln. By thli
timo rills were swollon into ragtng an<
dangeroua waters. Many splendlcl ole
steeds bad thelr logs broken, manj
.sprnined, cut and hruiseel and me.do plt
eoisly lamo. Back we moved to Buoh
ntian and Flncastle, and then cjn toward:
Covlngton; thence to Cullehan's and thi
Warm Springs, whero, meeting with Gen
er;d Imboden's cavalry, thu wlld chus'
was given up.
Half dozen eommunders hnd beei
! follud, Averill had dOUblod and ejudci
thein ull under good guidc-H, and liui
made g.ioii hls escape, IIoi-hos to thi
Unlted states government wero of mbr.i
avall than men. Not a drop of bloo.
had been spilt by our men, but ou.
Bufferlhg beyond duscription from coli
and ruin, snow und hlgh waters, an.
suanty ratlons for mt-n and bt-nHts, ii
tlio suddle Bometimos a whole day am
most of thu nlght; we had marcho.
over three hundred mlles In twelv
days aud had not. drnwn a trigger, bu
our brlgado was absplutoly uned iq
and hundreds of horses werci ruinec:
Taklng u day of resl ut tho Wari
Spring, wheii.. hay in plonty wus to b
had, our ri-giim-nt, belng near ou
homos, wus wlsely allowed to disban
for a mniiiii to recrult, with ordera t
roasseroble at Lynchburg II not unde
un eincrgency call (o the front.
At Fiiicastlo Iho reglmenfal mal
wus found, und ln It cdmo the follow
Ing lottor from that u'cl Uomau, hones
John Leiiher, Governor of Vlrglnii
to our Colonel T. T, Mimford, wltli hl
reply pn behalf nf liis command:
Rxccutlve Department,
Rlchmond, *?'u.. Deo. It. 1863,
Cblonol t. T. Mtinfoiii, Seeond Regi
mont cif Virginia Cavulry, Army q
Northern Virginia:
Sir,?I have the pleBsun: of preacn1
Ing to you a llag for th" Seeond Kegl
iiniit of Vlrginiu Cavalry, whleh ha
kii long, wo falllil'ully. and wltli sur
t I dUtlngulahed ablllty been comjnandc
. I l.y you. The giillunt servlees n-nclirc
. I by yourself and mon from the Ine.-i
r | tlon of tho wnr to the present dn
have Insplrc.'d ln mo us n Virglnla
,. nml as tho Bxoimtlvo <>f tho Cotnmoi
. woalth, tho livelhst fe.-llng of prlil
und nppreuiatlon.
i havo niways r,-ii confldont thnt Vli
glivla "iti'.-rs nnd Drlvaleu ln thia wt
would proVO lli.'inselvi'H eiimil lo U
besl troopa thui over graoed n aorvh
or honored n battlorleld. I liavfl ni
i.n dlsappointod, and now that I a
uli'iiil ln i-etlre from ofllco 1 IV.-l p,|,
ln il... larltlg tliat th.- Virglnla ot tl
tlovolutioii of n;<i win nol furniah
i nnlilnr or brlghter lilelory of herBo
md hor m.iiK than ihe Vlrglnlu of 180
Boforn thle war ulnill .-,,<! w,
fferlng, niore"?j
fnllcii tn us
?'"'"" in. in in
.-nii-ii!.ii-d lo bravu iiii.i
who wlll dufuud U wlili
wplrlt, courngo nnd devotlon, whlch Vlr
glnlans nover fall to oxhlblt.
Truly youra,
Copy, Oct. 20, innfl.
Becond Virglnla Cuvnlry,
?Dtieomuet' 31, lstfl.
To Hla Kxcelloncy, john Lokolior!
Hlr,?Tho heaiitlful Htnti) llng ha
Htowed by your Kxeolleney upon tho
Hncnnd Regimont nf Vlrglllln. Cavalry,
under my command, hns beon recelved.
1 thiink you 011 bohalf of tho regimont
for tho eompllineiit uwnrded ltn olllcra
nnd mon, und for niyself for your klnd
ment Ion of my surrloes. lt is a prnud
snllsfni-tlon to us tn hnvn hiid the prlvl
legn of iildlng to ilefend vlrglnlu, and
n pbasuro tn know that In dolng so
wo huvn contrlhutad our slinre ln niuln
tnlnlng a grent nml glorlous cause.
In ncceptlng this Hug i fooi that 1
do not. pronilse too niiieh for my ollloei-fl
und mon when I aaauro y.nur Hxocllenoy
thnt you wlll not be dlsappolnted ln
tlie splrlt, devotlon nnd courngo, thoy
dlsplay |n pros.-rvlng thls emblem of
Stato floyerelgnUy nnd mnliilalnlng
with heaft the indopendohco of tho
Adcopt nssiiratic-rs of the hlghest re?
spect nnd wltli my best wlshes, belleve
mo your most ohodlont snrvant.
Colonel Seeond Virglnla Cavalry.,
Copy October 26, 190B.
When tho flng wns unfiirled the nld
boys oheered lt to thc; oeho, nnd tho
band reridcrcd, "Tlien Vou Wlll Hoinein
lier Mo," wltli a feellng tliat toucttcd
overy heart, nnd lt wlll he long re
menibored by tlie regiment wltli a prldo
whlch only mon can feel who have
gunrded what hns hen Intrustod to
them. It fliitlei-ecl cloflantly whorever
we moved, and at tbe lnst flght ot Uio
regimont at A ppoptatjtojd when lt en?
tered tlio Lynchburg Rond, Sergennt
Pnrker, Company F, was klllcd; Sum
Smlth, of Cnnipnny I, c.olor-bearer's
horso was klllcd: John Moon took the
colors; Prlvntes .1. II. Bnlley, Company
E. and Goodwin, Company G. wero
The protldesl sn t Isfnotlon in us nll
Is that tiin old Seeond Virginia held
togothor en masso, moved to Lynch?
burg, whero It wns organizod In Mny.
1861, nnd dlsha.ti.led upnn the same
ground upon which It wns formed, with
Vlrginla's flng atlll flontlng with Its
"Slo Sempor Tyrannla" streamlng over
Lynchburg, Va., May I. 1007.
Aged Warriors Will Have Prob?
ably Their Last Reunion at
Jamestown Exposition.
Tho Jamestown Exposition 1ms ns
signcrt August 23d as Mexlcan War
Voterans' Day. nnd has offorecl tho use
of tho Exposltlon Auditorlum or Qpn
vontion Hall. The National Assnria
tlon of the Veterans of tlie Mexlcan
War will meet thero.
There wlll he present veterans from
many States. although tho avcrago ago
ls now eighty-slx years.
The reunion wlll bo notablo, belng a
gathering of such old men to meet
thelr comrades, in all probnMllty for
thc last tlme, to ?eoall the incidents of
the campalgn nf slxty years ago. In
that anny thnt wont to Mcxioo?about
78,000 mon, regulars and voluntecrs?
there are now only about 3,000 who
survive, and tl:ose who ares ablo wlll
no doubt makf an effort to be in at
tendaneo at th" reunion.
Colonel Louis F. Beeler. of Baltl?
more, is the presldent of the Natlonal
Associatlon of Veterans of tho Mcxi
can War. H? was at Jamestown on
the openlng day of the exposition. and
completed the flnal nrrangements for
the reunion on August 28d.
Virginia had a line regimont in the
Mexicon War. It wns known as tho
First Regiment of Virginia Volunteers.
The followlng roster of Company A
of that regimont has been furnished
hy Mrs. Jesslo I-tnndolph Smlth, of Hen
derson, N. C, eommanchint of Carolina
Camp. Daraea of 1S4S:
Itobcrt G. Scott. captain: Thomas P.
August, flrst lleutenant: William
Gravatt, seeond lleutenant; Chnrles
Bodoker, seeond lleutenant; Henry H.
Tillman, first sergeant; Thomas E. Wat?
kins, seeond sergeant; Kmile Rauxj
sergeant; Peter C. Flournoy, sergeant
James T. Cox, corporal; James AVinn
corporal; Thomas C. Ball, corpornli
Frc-de,rick Hacht, corporal; John C.
Craft, musiclan; Jumes Templeton
Pivates?iohn Atherton, Andrew J
Plllson. Charles H. Brown, Mlles Btich
anan, Edgar A. Barzlza, Jumes W. Bar
ber, Abner G. Bohannon, Charles
Brldgewater, Lafayette Corbin. Stephor
C. Curry, John Cliallice, Jolu
Doylo, Lowis Davls, James (3
Uavis, Jesso C. Drewry. John W
Ellis, Joshua D. Fry, William Franeis
Josiah Faulkner, James C. Gurrott
Peter F. Hallman, Rlehar.l Hllliard, E
J. Hatcher, Frederick Hall, W. H. Haw
kins, John Holra, Woodson Haley, Al
more Johnson, Noah Jowltt, John R
Jones, A. A. Krishmann, Lewls I.ot
tier, M. C. McKenney, Andrew A. Mon
terjo, Lewls Maule, Pelaskl P. Merry
mnn, John MeMann. Thomas Poe, Jolu
.Ioc, I)or(istas Plerco, John A. Potts
Murtin Qulnn, W. A. Roano, Henrj
Rollberg, John H. Scott, Jumes Stagg
James XV. Splllman, Charl'-a H. Vel
llnc-s, Lewls XV. Wrenn, James S. Whlt
low, Tliomas B. "Winston, Robinson li
Family Enhstments.
Edltor of Tho Times-Dispatch:
Sir.?In connectlon witli tlio questiot
of the largcBt contrl'tnition from ti
xfngle family to the Confcclerato Armj
that of a famlly named White, oi
Westmorelnnd county, deserves honor.
aMe montion, lf lndeed, in somo re
spects it does not stand unparalleled
Thls famlly llved near Montross, anc
withln two mlles of the birthplaco n
Generul II. E, Xjeo. Tho hrotb'ors wer.
six In nutnbe.r, and among them wor<
two sets of twins. They -woro fin<
speciments of vlgorous manHood, eaei
of t.heni measurlng over six foot li
lu-lght. Thoy enilsted ln Company C
Forty-Sovonth Virglnla Inl'antry. Thel
nauii'K and fale are as followa: Georgi
11. Whilo was killod ut Swven PJnoe
wliilst bearing Genonil IVttigrew
inidly woundod on IiIh huc-k; John W
AVhite, woundod ut Andcrscin's Station
Thomas S. Whlto, dled at I'uinp ClJf,
ion ln 'Oll James F. Whlto, woiuldu.
ut (icttyshurg, and dlod from wound
al Lynchburg.; Josoph ('. Whlte
woundod at Chanoollorsvlllc, dled frun
wounds lu lUchiiMind; H. G, Wlilu
woundod at Ctmncelloravillo and u
Cold Harbor.
AI u reiint meotlng of tho Wost
mop-l.'ind t'ump of Coul'cclerato Vot
iruiiH to lonslilor and perfect the roll
of tholr nld cornpaiilpa, iln- "nb.>v
fi.etw were stuloil nnd corroliornted h
several survlvlng comrudos of thls re
nmrkuble hand of brothpra.
C. W. BKALIfl,
Coiiiinandor WeHtmnrelutid Cunip,
lliiKtio, Va., 1007,
Force of Habit.
1)1-111 Ki'IK-fllll. : ??Itcieruii '
Un- n-nmli of llie inllllury iitepV"
"Hlllhty I'l-nllineiri't., Hi-iK'-um." w
"Wrona! H'? aoventy-llvo ceiitlini'lnu
"Very woll, moKeuni. I'H lot you havo
for llntl" -"MwKKDiidnrfor lllutter.
German Meteorologist Dead.
|,of.i,?oi- vot) Heznld, dlr.-clor of tl
riuyal MeieoroloKlciil liiMtltulW ln Bo
iln. iiiwd niu otUur duy.
Ry roeiuest, wo ho.rb presont tlio
cout of iirniK of tho Bggleston family,
tis given for tho family of Kgloston,
Cotlhcbttcut, ns desn-ndi'il from Rngot
Kglestuii, horn in England, mnrrlnd
Mary Talcott. and sottled 1C7I at Wlnd
Hor, Conn., whore he dled. Though tlio
Npw Bngland family spell tlio name witli
but ono g, yet tho Vlrglnla Eggleatons
claim tiu'in na of tho samo stock,
nnd use thelr arma, Tho arma as shown,
nro for Bggleston proper, bolng a
qliartor of tlio ahlolel, In ronildtmtlon
with thos.- of tho Talbotfl, of Bngland
nnd Irelanil. henee, nlwnys tho crost
of a Talbot'S head. Thoy nre do'scrlbcd
aa" "on a abloi.i argont. a orosa, eoble,
in tho Ilrst eiuartor of wlilch a fle-ur
<le 11s, of tho scrond?Oreist: u Tul
bot's hoad eraaed, sablo, eollar. <1
nrgont. Motto: In Cruee Halus. Kgglos
toh ls a 'Welsfli name, an.l algnlllca tho
"Keystonc of an Areh."
Joseph Bggleston nnilcrnt'd from
Wnies or Iroland, and sr-ttb'd near
Hampton, Vn. Ho waa tho father of
Joseph Kggloston, who llv.-el at "Fow
liiitan." above Willhimsbiirg. Ifo was
twlco marrled, hla flrst Wlfe fnanio im.
known) leaving ono sr.n, Honjiunln
Kp-glostnn, who Inhorlto.l tho family
liuinslon e.f "I'.iwluitan."
Hls second wlfo wns Ann Pettls, of
Hanover eoiinty. who b.-ft llvo sons ?
Joseph, .lohn, " Rlchard. Wllliam und
Edward; ihwi two daughters, Uotsoy,
.,,,,, -. John and E.lwurd Bettlod
ln Hanover; Rlchard ln Powhatan, uml
jQSepll and WilMam in Amellii rolinty.
Joseph Eggleston, of Amolla, raar
rloit Juditii Sogar, of Urbanna,
John. of Hanover, marrled Botspy
Carey. RK-hurd Bggleston nmr
rled Reheeca Chuff, of Han?
over. Wllliam, of Ain-iii'.. marrled
Judlth Caroy, of Vorktown. Edward,
of Hanover. marrled Retsey Walcs, ox
samo county. Wllliam Eggloston, of
Amolla, was father of tho followlng
childron: Wllliam (who never mar?
rled); Edward, Mathow, Rlchard,
.Jeidltli, who marrled M.ije.r Joaoph E.;
Anno, who marrled Mf. Hlckman, nml
Joseph John Eggleston, of Hanovair,
left ono daughter, who marrled
Mathows Eggleston, from whom nre
el.se-onded tho Raptls.-s and others.
Kiehurd Eggleston marrled Mls? <.hurf,
who wns grandmother ?.f Trent J-.g
gioston. Joseph Bggleston, e.r Amelja,
was father ..f Major Joseph Bggleston,
of Bggtoaton; of Mrs. Jano Cocke,
Mrs. Anno Hardway. Mrs. Mary Moado,
und Mrs. Ellzabeth Archer.
Major Joseph Eggleston \y^ flrst
marrled tb Sally Meade, daughter of
General Edward Meade. She dled at
tbe a_:.- of twenty-flve, leaving three
.-,;???- riari-s. Wllliam und Edward.
His second wlfe wai. Judlth Carey Eg
Bleston, hls flrst cousln. She eurvlvod
himmuny years. and attAlned the age
of nineiy-six. Hor chlldren were
PranbljS, Edward and Sjally ?CB?*
The above family record '? take "
from a paper in posaosslon of Mrs
W P. Holm and Miss Muriiinna V.
Kgglostnn, of Carrollton, Carroll coun.
tyWe can r_1d to the above, spilywnat,
bv saylng BIshbp Meade gtvi a much_oi
the Eggleatons, of Amella county. Ho
says that Joseph Eggleston, Sr.. moved
to Amolla in 1758 or 51'. Both Wllliam
an.l Joseph Kggleston. Sr.. and his son.
Joseph, Jr.. woro very active workers
in tho old Grubhlll Church there, and
tbe plate of tho church was always
kept in tho family of Joseph Egglos?
ton Sr., nnd Jr., untll tho death of
tho lalter. Even up to 1700 thero wero
Rlchard, Joseph and Charles MgteB
toti. of tho vestry. Ho gives he fam?
ily as of Irish OXtract, settling flrst
on the eastern aho.re t>f Vlrglnla.
Tlio Genealoglcal Column of tho Weat
family, ln Tho Tlmcs-JMs_atch M'JM;
uary 20, l'Jo7, I road witli a great ei.-al
of Interest, but _s our branch of tbe
'family was not mentioned, and us inqui
riea havo slnco been made about ".Sti
sanna Wosi," perhaps the line 1 trace
may glve some llght on tbe BUbl.0Ct.
Reoords I have aro ln many UlBtances
Kimilur to Ihose given in Tho Tlmes-His
patch. Mr. WlUium Wlnston Fontaina
traoos ttifl llne of dosoent of Colonel John
West, tho son of Colonel John West, thu
Governor of Virgluiu, anel brother of tbe
thlrd Lord elo la Warr, and from Lord
Sackville West obtulned tlio blrth of Uie
.?hildrcu of Fjanois West, second I.ureJ
de la Warr. Thla'la tho record ln part;
"Thomas Weat, Lord do la Warr, rnar
ried Anno Knolleys, dauglitor of Slr Fron
c-is Knolleys, treasurer of tho Queen'i
majeatlos' housohold, an ollleer of tbe
Lord do la Warr houso. In Sussox, the
10th dny of Novembcr, Anno'Doininl la.i
John West, thelr iifth son (and twolftl
chlld), was born on tho 14th dny of De?
cember, 1&'J('. between t> and B of tbe
edock, in the aflernone. Sir John Nowls
Mr. John Fosk'lri, godfathers; Mra. ScuO
aniore, Mra. Ratcliffe, godmothers, al
Lestwood Munelay." .
ColonelJohn West, Sr., dled about 1860
Colonel John West and liis wlfo, Anno
bad, as far as known, only one chlld
Colonel John West, the son of Colone
John West, tho brother of iho thlrd Lor;
elo la Warr. is mentioned in varlous rce
orda as captaln in W>2, major in 1670
lleuteiihnt-colbnel ln 107.3. und aat on th.
court-martlal in l?7ti that trled tlie net
herenta of Bacipn, us colonel. Ilo mur
riod in or before 1667< tho daughter ,o
Major Jose]>li t'rashaw, of Vork county
mado hls will ln Nuveinlje.Jr, 1689, and elioi
soon after. Ho left three sons and on
daughter, Anno. who marrled Henry Fox
The threu suns were: Flrst?John W.-sl
who iiiiuTted Judilh Armistoad; neeoneI
Tliomas VVe-st, wlm loi't throo sons nn
ono daughter. who marri.-d Rlchard Grog
ory; tlllrd?Ntttha,lllel West, who wa
llvlng OiHober 30, 1733/ and dled soo
after, leaving '<? duughter, Unlty, wll
marrled wuiiani l-iiiiulibiso, brothor .o
John Randilelge, who was Mrs. .Marth
"WashiiiKtoir.s father.
Holnn bae-k to Thomas West, tho see
?iul son liis three sons w.-ie: Flrs't
Thomas, of West Point, who marrio
Miirlhu Colo, Ulld Iltid several ehildrei
umong whom was John (,">) West; see
ond--Nathanlol; thlrd?Colonel Franol
West, of Klng Wllliam eouniy, menibi
of tlm House of Burgosses from i-Tls I
1,768; marrled a wldow, .Mrs. .lane Blng
barn, dlllightor oi' Willlani ColO, oi' W.u
wlek county. Theh- ehililr.-n were: Kin
r-Agnos W.-si, who marrlod WlUium Dni
drldgo, son ol' Wllliam li.indildgo uu
hls wlfe, Unlty Weat, Se.-o.ml-- -
%vhu marrled Gpiiotu! Unngborno, Trad
tlon snys she ls luirlpd in tho fnnil1
vault nt Drury Uno, the cjd faroil> hon
of the Wesls alld Illeli.-.-ions, ahooi li'.
mlles. trom Weat ffuim, iu Klng wuiiu
county. Tho vault waa built by Colonel
Francis West to biiry hls duughtor, Ag?
nes, who marrled Wllllam Duudrldgu.
Colonbl Francis West wua also buried In
thls vault. Tlilrd?Susaiina Weat, who
marrled, ilrst tlme, hor ilrst coustn, West
Gregory, aon of tlie daughtof of West,
who marrled Klchard Gregory. AVest
Grognry soon die.l, and hls wldow, Su?
sanna, marrled/BCCond timo, Colonel Holt
RlqhosOn. Thls duughtor of Thomas Weat
who marrled Itlcilard Gregory, hnd three
son.'i and soveral daughtcra; Flrst?lto
gnr Gregory, who marrled Mury Cole
''lalhorno; seeond?ltichard Gregory,
thlrd?AVest Gregory, who, as 1 Btatod
above, marrled hls lirnt cotlsfn, Sijuunnu
West. Colonel Holt Rlcheson, hor see?
ond huftbnnd, was an ofllcer In tlu; Amer?
lcan ltovolutlon. Ho wus liorn S.-ptem
ber 30, 17:hi. l-iiisujiruj. AVest, hls wife,
who was tho daughter of Colonel Francis
AVest, was born Mnrch 15, 17-14. She
wns only twenty-one when hor Ilrst chlld
w.is born Mary Evana Rlcheson, born
August, 1705. Bho marrled Mr. Frnzer.
Of Frazcr'a Ferry. Klng Wllllam county
nnd had three children?Agnes, Alexan?
dor und Mury. Agnes marrled John
ltonii", of Nowlngton, Klng and Queoii
county. Sho was beautlful and a lovely
oharactOT, nnd only eighteen yenrs old
when hor aud and untlmoly death oc?
curred. Alexandor Frnzer marrled Ann
Cathorlno (Nancy). daughter of Major
Iiniry Rogadolo and Barliaru. (Fox) Kugs
dale, his; wife. Thelr daughter* marrled
in tho Tnu-heart, Mfejurfnger ancl Cut
tlng famllles, John, thelr flon, marrled
a Boston uidy, and tho young.-st dnugh
t.r, Mildred sv.-st, dled* uninarrlad. Mary
Fraaer marrUd Mr, Frank Rowe, c>r Klng
.-md Queon county, grondmolher of Mrs.
Saiiunl Beach, cif Hii-hmoitd. The aacond
chlld of Colonel Holt Rlcheaon and Su
suniia, hla wife, wa.s Jumes Ri.'1108011
born i7t;7. dled young; thlrd Susanna
Weal Rlcheson. marrled .Mr. Pairnor; no
children; fourth -Frances Un^bnrn^
Rlcheson. born 1772. dled January. 1R15;
marrled Benjarhln Qunrjea, of KUig wil?
liam county. and h.ul one daughter nnd
two sons: Flrat?Franclfl West Quarlea,
born January .1, 18081 seeond?Thomas
Delaware Quarlca, 1,0m july 20. Jg06;
thlrd Susanna Quarlea, Imrn /anuary
?!". 1809. Francis West Quarlaa marrled,
ilrst, Mary Llpacomb; for hls socond wife
his first rousln, Mnry Kllzal.<-th VVcat
Riohoson (daughter of Franda Weal
(2) Benjamin Moaby Quarles. who w.i*
in the roal ostate buslnosj, marrled
Nann.Ie Eubank, duughtor of IJ.-nrv K11
hunk and Eliza Frances <M.utox> Eu
hank. Tlo.-y had tlireo daugbtora nn.J
four sons-Mary Kilza, marrled Aoor<
Ftathburj ciiiiui (they havo orii
daughter, Anne Benjamln Gursn)
seeond. Thomas Henry; thlrd
Besslo Winston; fourth. Ettj
Uichaaon; fifth, Benjamln Eubank
alxth, Wllllam West (thOBO tjlcd ln ln
fancy); seventh, Edward Delawan
who marrled Ann Hurwell Cooko
daughter of Lleutenant N. B. Cooke an,
Virginia Winston, his wife, nf Hanovei
county, Vu. Thoy havo one daughter
VJrglnla Winston.
Ol WHIlam Delnwnro Quarles, book
keeper ln tho Planters' Bank, .11.'d un
(1) AVest Rlcheson Quarles, bankci
and liroker, marrled Mary Ryan
daughter of Miehaol Ryan und Honzi
(Rlcheson) nyan, his wife, of ftlaya
vllle, Ky. Thoy had ono son und thre.
daugliters?namely, Loulse, who njar
ried AVilliaui Bonte, urtlsl. of Nev
Vork; Mary AVjnaton, Mildr.-ii Coletnaj
nnd Thomas Delaware. These dk-d ii
ln fancy.
Fifth chlld of Thonias Peluware am
Mury Ann Qutirloa, Ann AVinstO'
Quarles. who married John S. Elletl
presldent of tho Stato itiink of Vir
glnia., hud ono daughter and four son
?Mary Delaware, John Spears, Jr,
Henry Guerrant. AVInston (who diei
lu infnncy, and Thonias AVest.
(li)Mnnn Snttcrwhlto Quaiics, vico
presidc-nt of tho Arirginia Trust Com
pany, marrled Ann llke Hlll, daughto
of Lewls JHII und Mury B. (Muury) Hi'
hls wife. They had throo daughter
I und one son?Mary Lowla, who inarrle
AVm. Horatio Brown (thoy have tw
sons, W111. Horatio, Jr., and Man
Quarles); Lucy Winston, Helen Maur
and Mann Sattorwhitc, Jr., who dled i
hls sixteenth year.
(7) John Porall Quarles, clerk in Vir
ginla Trust Company, marrled Ell
Donnis. daughter of Dr. Benjamln Don
iils and Charlotto AV. Dennls, his wif.
of Amolia county, hnd two dauglitoi
and ono son?Ellzabeth, who dled 1
hor twelfth year; Henry Rosencrant;
(S) Ellzaboth Ragsdale Quarle
.Voungcst chlld of Thomas Dclnwai
and Mary Ann Quarles, married Colotu
G. Porcy ifawes.
f Tlio thlrd chlld of Benjamln Qunrk
and Francos Langhorno Quarles, li:
[ wife, was Susanna Quarles, who mai
ried Thomns "Peinborton, of lleni'h
county, had flve daughters ancl om
son?namely! Ilrst, Mury Frances, wl)
'iiurricl Jumes Winston, of Chcstorfiol
I I county; seeond, Ihittio West, who : mai
. 1 liod Riehard Rust; thlrd, Thomas Wi
s 1 liam Peniborton (who married Bett
:) | Crew, ilaughtor of Coriiollus Cro'w un
u j Blizaboth Crew, liis wife), had tw
f I S0I1S, Dr. Russell Peinborton, who mai
1 ried MabOl Todd, and Porcy Pombei
! ton; fourth, Anna Marlo, who 11111:
. riod, flrst, James Rust; socond, Judt
_ Long, of Florlda; thlrd, Mr. Jonos, 1
,1 Florlda. Fll'lh, Margurel Mttgoon, wl
, J maiTicil klchard Meugher. ol" Florld;
'. \ sixth, Avis L'lnut, who married Gharh
P. Itiuly-.
To return to tho children or Coion
Ifolt Rlcheson und Susanna Wust, ti
lifth c-liihl was Agnes Pvlohcson, boi
Sixth, Holt C. Rioheson, born 177
went Lo seu und was never'hearet of tt
Seventh. Francis AVest RlchofiO
1. born 1778; nuirrleil Betsy Kagsdul
duughu-r of Mujoi* I >rury and ihuha
(FOX) KuKsdulo. They had 0110 eh|i
Mury Kllzaheth West Kieheson. w|
wus tho soound wilc of hor first cousl
Fraiicls West Quiirlna. They wero. mar?
rled at her home, Urtiry Lano, ln Klng
Wiiiiain. Sho wna grnndmotlior of nr,
I)o Ia Warr Bcnjamln Eastos, of iun
dolph-Macon Collogn.
Elghth, John A. RIchOSO/1, born 17S0,
dleel young.
Buurinna We.it Rlohoson, tlopnrtcit
this iir,; Docomber, 1780.
Colonel JJolt Itleheson marrled for
hla second wlfe. Kllnzboth Hogg, do
acohded from tlio Rroteyj aml Chandlers,
Their chlldron wero:
(1) Janp Porey Rrnto Itleheson, born
Mnrch, 178.5; marrled Captaln John Mut
tox, of Klng Wllliam county (grand
mother nf Mrs. h. m. Quarlcs, of thls
City). Thoy lirni one dnugliter nnd livj
sons. Tho daughter. Ell/a FraneeB,
mnrrled Henry Bubank, of Klng a:nl
Queen county,
(2) Ellzabeth Tlolt Itleheson. bnm
17K5; marrled Captaln Fleet, ot Klng
Wllllnm county.
(S) Joiin Dretp RleheHon, born Feb?
ruary 27. 17H7; marrled Mlldxed Rngn
dalo (twln-slstor of Naney Ragsdalc),
daughter of Major Drury aml Barbaru
(Vpx) RagsdaJe. Ho was grandfather
of Mr.t. W. R. Quarlbs, of Rlchmond,
now of New Vork.
(4) Gracy Brota Rtchoaon, born 17S3;
dled young.
(8) Anderson Jtlchcson, ln.rn 1793;
eil> d young.
To mako the West Ilno tlearcr I wlll
trae.: tho des.endant:
Colonel John West, Oovernor of vir
glnlu. ir..a'-H.37, brother nf li.ir.l l.onl
He Ia Wa.rr, marrled Ann- Knolleys.
Thelr son, Colonel John West, fifth
ton Cir.d twelfth chlld), horn Decembet
11. lv.io, nnd dled nbout 1853, marrlod
Thelr son. Colonel John West, mnr
ri.-d in or before 18.87, a daughter of
Major Joseph I'ra.-diow.
Th.-lr ?on, Captaln Thomas Went,
marrled Mnrtha Cble.
Thelr son, Captaln Francls Weat.
marrled Mrs. Jane Blngham, daughter
of Wm. Colo.
Thelr daughter, Suaannn West, m,.r
rle.i ber flrat cousln, JVpat Orcgory.
j|.- soon dled, and she ninrri d, second
tim. . Colonel Holt Rlcliesoh.
TU-ir daughter, Fiances Lnngborno
ki. iieeon, marrled BeriJoinSn Q i ? of
Klng Wllliam eoiinty. Tholr chlldrea
i(, .... ci.-t. Francca West Quacb ?-. see
nn i ThOUMU Dclawaro Quarles; tl'.ird.
Guin?RobertsoR?-An Error
Permlt mo to hupuly a t'- ..onraph
?r a
eiil omUsIon ln the
prlnted March 31. 191
It was pVintcd thui
Norman named Robert would be called
Robertson." lt waa
l..r should havo i- ? n
Norman named Robei
'Flta-Robert,' whlle t
Robert would bear tbe surname l
Nuchols or Nuckols.
Some of those respeetablc famlllei
ha.ve llvod for several genoratlona in
Hanover, ('aroiin.- and Spotsylvanla
countles. Tho Nucholsea or NUck
have also liv.-d ir. Loins.i eoiinty.
tiiih-.l genealoglcal facts of thla
tho tfarbrough family may pcrhapa ba
gottcn from the parlsh and cbiinty
recordfl of the
mentioned, thougl
l, r. d greatly from Fedexaj dovnsta-]
tiona during the Clvll War.
county records were destroy. d, wlth]
tho exception of a ycry few,
pscaped burntng. Nolther of the<
fnmilleH have us. .1 coats of arn
foi-.-. during or slnco tho Am
R.-solutlon; nor can any authentloj
proof of arml.gon.ous descent be found
for them. Tho Yarbrough family
always been notcd in its ellffc
lieigliborhooda for the oxtremo beauty'
of Its daughters, ns well as for their
hig^i moml qualltles.
In reply to a request for Lac
r-eords. very little is found that c
be given.
Elllot Lacey was a prlvate in tho
Colonlal servlce from Jiedfor.i county,
1758 (see Rening, Volumo VII.. page
208). He also mentlems Joseph Lacey
(Volumo XVV page Ui), and Theophl
lus Lacey (Volumo VIII.. page 30). Iu
177.1 Theodorle T.aey (wilhout thi
waa llvlng In Plttsylvania county. Thla
is all we can gath.-r.
The nrms of Colonel Miles Cary aml
genealoglcal sketeh of family waa
given May 29, 1001. W.e cannot ropeat
The earllest naniea gjvon of tho
Womack family are thoso of Abraham,
Alle-n. Jue.ob and Wllliam. Jacob
Womack wns an ensign from Lunen?
burg county in tho Colonlal servloo,
175S. Abraham Womack was a prl?
vate In the ttame company. Wllliam
Womack lived in Prlnoo F.dwnrd coun?
ty nbout eight miles from Hampden
Sldney College. Ono of hls duughtera
marrled an Elliot; another marrled
Captaln Raldwin. His son mnrrled|
Miss Flournoy. and iinotlier son mar?
rled Miss Allen. Watson Womack rep
l-esented Princo Edward in tho Legis?
lature of yi.rg.ixUa. This Is all that can
bo found.'
Tho Rein.dd family, wlth coat pf_ arnw
was given in the Genealoglcal Column
Oetobor 2. 1004, ln whichwus_ given n.1
that bould ho obtalned. Tho BeUlelds uf
Lnneaster eoiinty, Va., were doubtleaa ot
tho samo family.
To "lteneler": Ciln Hnd little concem-i
Iner Lane fftmlly of Ialo of WIgllt. Tho
earllest given is of Joseph Lane of Iho
Kortliern Neok (posslhly Islo of Wlght),
who signed resolulions of pntrlots 1708.
The. I.anes wero llvlng In Stafford aa
early us 1084. J. AV. Lane was In tho
vest'rv of Amelia eemnty 17?0. Rleharel
and W. L. Lano wero ln tbo vestry of
i.Vheellng 1S21. Wo havo none of tl\a
fuinily records ln hand.
C;m nny Mos-'ley descendnnt tell who
was Iho father of Dr. James 1>. Mbaoley,
who served in tho TwentietU Reglmotit,
Vlrglnla Mllltia, under command of Llou
leriiiiit-Coloiiel James Uoliinson, In tlm
Wnr of 1818? A.lso who wero tho chll?
dren ot' Snnniel, who inarrieil llanuali
liii.sselt Hangorlleld?
'? Tho lli'dl'ord Moseleys nro doalr'od,
l'e wlileli might ibrow suiuo ll_Ut upun thq
Ut, al-ovo.

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