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?ro Kfttrrnlly tlnn^Cf sltftmlu, wnTiilng Of klilnoy dlpcnsc lhal wlll lcnd to
falnl li-Mills nnl?\ss lookctl nflcr In tftiic. TlioiisniHl* of men and womni
hnve kldnny (IIspMo nnd tlo not know ii nntlt too Into. If nny of your
fnmlly in this or pnut gpimrnltons liate Iin<1 kldney dlscnso you should giturd
?gnlnnt Its nfliu'k liy tiiMiiK
Mr. Wm. Mellln, Franklln, Mass., who
trted many ?o-ealled remedles for kld?
ney trotlhle wlthoiit reflults, la loud In
hl? pralse of what WARNKK'H SAFK
LTltK dld for hlm.
llo wrltes; "lt. IK wlth grest plenstire
that 1 wrlte you reeomiucmllng your
very valuablo ramody, WARNISK'S
SAFfi) CURK. For years 1 hnve been
siifferlng wlth kldney trouble, Which
lininy tlmes forces me to Inkn to my
bed. I had nwful palns in my back,
whleh caused me Intense suffering. I
spent n greiit denl of moliey for so
inlled curcs, but they wero not of.nny
beueflt to nic.
"Seelng your numerons ndvertlse
ments, I Irled yotir medlclne. After
taklug the ilrat bottlo, I felt inuch
stronger, nnd contlnued tnking It. I
now feel In the best of health, better
than t over felt ln tny llfe. 1 own all
this to your wonderful remndy. I al
ways reeommend and conslder it tho
best remedy in tho world.
"You may publlsh this letter, as I
cannot thank you ten much for what
your medlclne haa done for mo.
"You may publlsh this letter, ns I
cannot thnnk you too mtich for what
your medlcine has done for me.
"VvAL MEMblN."
"Franktin, Mnss., Feb. 8, 1907."
When the kldnevs aro diseosed the urlc ncid is not cnrrled of/, nnd this
causes Gout, LumbagO, Rhcumatlsm of the doints, Rheumatlam of the Muscles,
Rheunitlsm of the Itonrt. Hhoiimatlsm everywhere.
In P.right's dlseaso the bowels are often constlpnted nnd the llvor torpid.
Wnrner's Safe Pills qulckly rollevo this comlitlon. and no 111 after effect ls
WAR.YKR'S SAFK CfP.K ls ptit up ln two slxes. nnd ls sold by nJI drug
glstP, or dlrect, at 50 CKNTS AND Jl.oo A ROTTLK. Refuse subatltutes con
talnlng hnrmful drugs Which injure the syatom.
TRIAI ROTTT V FPhT To cmvinee overy sufferer from disonscs of tho
mln,J DU,,LL rriCC. ltl(lroySi uvor, hladder and blood that WAR
NBRS SAFK CURE wlll curo them, a trial bottle wlll ho sent ABSOI.UTKDY
FREE, postpaid, to nny oni who will wrlte WARNER'S SAFK CURK CO.,
Rocliesler, N. Y., nnd montlon havlng aoen this Ilboral offer In The Tltnes
Dispatch. The gonUinenOBB of this offer Is fully guarnntoed. Our noetorg wlll
nlso send medical booklot containing deacrlptlona of aymptoms and treatment
of earh dlsonse, nnd many ennvlnclng testimoninls, free, to everv one.
News of Suburbs
Mlss Irma Klng, of Camdcn, N. J.,
who has been vlsltlng her mother,
Mrs. A. V. Phomo. of North Avenue,
1ms left for Norfolk to vlsit hor uncle
for a fow dnys, nfter which s'ne will
leavo for Fhlladelphla.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter A. Crcath, nfter
Epondlns the woelc at Hot Sprinjrs, Va,,
on thelr brldal tour,. havo returned,
and aro at hoine to thoir friends on
Floyd Avenue.
Mr. Charles Harrnan, of North Avo
ruo, has left for Baltlmore on busi
Mr. Jolm Crovo has returhrd to hls
liome, on Vlrglnla Avenue, from a
buslness trlp ti. Blackstonc.
Mr. J. B. Barbour, of Rocky Mount,
has returned to hls home, nfter a
plcasant vislt to Mr. c. P. Dlvers, of
A irpini.-i Avenue,
Mr. 1.. o. Wcndenburg, who has hoen
ViBitlng in Phlladelphla, has returned
to hls home, on Roberts Street.
Miss Xelllo Smlth, of Pelersburgj
who haa been vlsttlng Mlsa Florence
Jnekson, of North Avenue; has re?
turned to her home.
Miss Harrfet Norvoll was appolntcd
tcachor for thc Rnrton Helghts Kin
dergarten School for the ? ,u Rosslon.
Miss Llllis Ypat. of Miller Avenue,
who has been vislt in*,- friends ln Glcn
Allen, hns returned.
Mr. Stewart Whtte, who has been
Tlaitlng hls parents. on Lamb Avenuo
Fm e "C<5 l? hlS h0'"?' ln CUft0"
Mlss Bessle Clark. who 1ms hec,
yisitlng Mrs. John !?:. Roso, of Barton
Avenue. has returned to her homo, iu
Charles Clty county, Va.
Mrs James Watson. of l.ynchhurs,
who hns been vlsltlng Mrs. John K.
S hkr i ?" AVCnUe' 1,ab returned
to Her home.
Mlss Mat.le Smlth. who has been
visitlng relatlva. on Montelro Avenue,
has returned to her homo in Baltlmore:
Mr. Henry Miller has returned to hls
home in Ne^York. afiter a short stay
at tho homp of.hls ViuiKt, on North Ave?
Mlss Ethel Saunflers, aceompanled'by
Raymond Jones, of Ludk Avenue have
left for Wllson, N. C, to vislt" rela
Miss Bossio Payno. who has hoen
qulte sick at her home on Miller Ave?
nue. is much Improved.
Mr. Deitrick Schmartz, who has been
visitins' Mr. nnd Mrs. W. i;. Overby
of Virglnia Avenue, haa returned to hls
home ln SpriiiK Forgo, York county,
Miss Balsy Jones, who hns liocn vlsit
ing Mlss Mollic Moore. of Montelro
Avenue, has returned to hor home in
Norfolk. Yn.
Mr. MaComb hns returned to hls
hnme on Barton Avenue, from a trlp to
the Jamestown Rxpositlon,
Mr. Robert Se.ntt has returned to
his hoino on Miller Avenue, from a trlp
to the .Jamestown Exposltion.
Mr. C. M. Taylor has returned to his
home on North Avenue, from a South
ern buslness trlp.
Mr. John Kvans hns left for Phlla
delphia r.n buslness.
Mlss May Hackney, of \Vii.son. N. C?
fs vlsitlng Mra. B. H. Melton, of Mon
teiro Avenue.
Mr. Charlea LcwiS, who has boen
vlsitlng relativea on Montelro Avenue
has returned to hls home. ln Nnrfolk.
Mr. Frnnk Wllllams, ot Roanokc, ls
vlsitlng hls aunt, of Mlller Avenue.
Mlu Hessie Moss is spending som?
tinio with friends In Charlottesvlllo,
Cadet Wminm F. Pritmollpr, nf
Blncksbttrg. ls vlsitlng his mother, Mrs.
.T. L. Drumellor, of North Avenue.
Miss Josophine Flgner, of Montejro
Avenue, wlll havo as her gtiost Mrs.
Kvn L. Brighnm, of Brooklyn, N. Y?
in a few days.
Mrs. A. W Jonoa, of "Westhnmpton,
who has boen vlsitlng Miss Llllle Yost,
of Mlller Avenue, has returned home.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Calvln Holden
hnve returned from thelr weddlng tour
North, nnd are stnying In the h.ome ot
Mrs. R. S. Owens, of North Avenue.
TUiss Bullock, of Clnn Allon, is vts
iting on the Heiglits.
Miss ICatherlno Illount, of Alnbama,
who has been tho guest of Mrs. John
K Rose. of Rarton Avenue, has left
for Holllns Tnstltuto.
'Mr. W-.. S. Whlte, who has been vls?
itlng his parents, of Dnmb Avenue. hns
returned to hls home In Cllfton Forge.
Mr. C, M. Motley, of Wllmington.
X. C. is vlsitlng hls pnrents, Mr. and
Slrs. C. H. Motley. of North Avenue.
Miss Maud Peyton, who has heen vls?
itlng Miss MInnIo Thomas, has re?
turned to her homn in Petershurg,
Miss Mary Saunders, of Hnnnver, ls
vlsitlng her aunt, Mrs. S. P. Jones, of
l.'iek Avenue.
Mrs. Hnrvle D. Ooddin, who 1ms been
qulte slck at her home on Montelro
Avenue, is able to be out agaln.
Mrs. T. S. Ramsdell has left for
Chlcago. where she wlll vlslt friends.
Mr. C. W. O'Hannon has returned
from n suecessful business trlp Sonth.
Mr. J. W. Willlnms lias returned to
his home on Barton Avenue from a
business trip to Suffolk, Va.
Miss Jennle Mason has returned tn
her home in Rnlelgh, N. C? after a
very ploapant vlalt tn Miss Mary
Thomas. or North Avenue.
Miss Iinsa Connor, who has been
vlsitlng rolatives In Wllson, N. C. has
returned to ber home.
Honor roll at tho Barton Helghts
School for the weelc ending May 4th:
Senlor R.?Ornro Chnmborlaln, Ollle
Sydnor, Knthleen Oorrion, Bjiz&beth
Jeter, Edith Rngland and Rosnllo
Senlor A.?Robert Punennson and
Minnle Currie.
Intermediate B.?Marguerile Gordon
nnd Margory King.
Intermediate A.?ITenry Tnyior. Maud
Kuyk, Marlnm Moffat and Maggle Chll
Junior B.?Ruth Hopkins and Mamlo
Junior A.?Sophfo Currio, Gladys Hig
gusnn nnd Juanlta "Wood.
SIxth B.?Edith Hartellns, Frank
Hnrrls nnd Jake Schwalm.
SIxth A.?Mary Cnrpontecf
Flfth B.?Gladys Colomnn, Vlrglntn
Cdghill, Llla Bass, Ressle Heay, Hassel
Sch'walm and John Devlne.
Fourth B.?Thomas Armsttong. Carl
Eaton, Kdwln Rodon, Archie Loach and
Elise Whltehurst.
Thlrd lt.?Douglns Roden and Persis
Thlrd A.?Julian Anderson, Jnmes
Colllns, Frank Cnrpenter, Hazel Lan
caster, Dols "Wntklns and Mlriam Colo
Second ?.? Ylrginia. Coghlll.
Second A.?Irving Gordon, George
WHITLOCK'S, 431 E. Broad
For Ladies' Ready-Trimmed Hats.
We belleye that every
latly ln Rlehmond and its
miburbs has lioon in our
establlshmenc. We have not
fiold all of thoin thelr Spring
Ilni?. Not ihiit we would
not li ko to, for you can nnd
Bomething now every day.
\Vo Bhow dally the lateat
artlstic productlons, and if
you are not tuilled one dny
you can come the next wlth
tho assurance of sneine;
Trlmmed Hats ynp can
neve.r BQe anywhero excopt
WHITLOCK'S, 431 E. Broad Street,
Ladies' Ready-Trimmed Hiits.
We willinging show wliat we have, and do not press you to buy
BIpp, Wlllle Tlller and MAhel Crldlln
Flrnt B.?Kthol Barnos, ftosa Betik
nnd Doulsn Vnrborough,
Flrst A.?Dwlght Carpenler, PnBlie
Dnnnlstnn, Jnmefi McCormlrk. Oruy
iion Shepherd nnd Ktta Wei.lenteld.
Mr. Boo Wliliams and Miss Bnm fJn.ll*
meyer were marrled lnst Tuewlny morn?
ing at 11 o'ciock nt tho Mothodlst par
snnage on Slnte Street, Rev. Ohrnlas II.
Gallowny olTlelaU?ig. Tho brlde and
groom nre both well known nnd popu
Inr young people of this seetlon. They
nre r.ow on a brldnl tour, nnd on thelr
reltirn will roslde ln Fulton.
Mr, Otls S. Brlltain nnd Miss Rnheren
B. Robltisou wero marrled Wednesdny
nlght nt S o'ciock by the Rev. P. K.
Throckmorton at tlie hoino of tho
brldegroom's mother, 'Mrs. J. II| Brlt
taln. The groom Is nn cmployo of tho
ChesapeakO and Ohlo Rnllrond. The
brlde Is tho iaughter of Mr. Alexnndor
Mrs. J. R. Etfl.nl, who wns npnraterl
upon at thn Memorlnl llospltal for ap
pendlcltls, ls gettlng alnng iilcely.
J. Mncon Bnlley la vlsitlng relativoa
ln Surry coiinty,
Mr. Rliodes, who ttiovod from Fulton
some tlme Blnco, has returned and wlll
mnko hls home nmongst tis ngnin. Ilo
ls llvlng In hls old homo on Ftlltorl tlill.
Miss Mnbel Wii.lton. of Soutbiunpton
county, Is vlsitlng hor slstor, Mrs. Ar
thur Whltlow, at 703 Lotilslana. Street
Mra. Salllo Tuck, who Is well known
In Fulton, ls very ill at tlie Momorlal
Dr. W. ,T. Cowardln la havlng his
yacht, "I.ndy Ress," overhnulod and
pnlnted. She wlll be ready for a trlp
to the exposillon ln a few dnys.
Miss Nelllo Foster has returned homo
after vlsitlng rolntlven at Malvern HII1.
Mra. Snmiiol Hnrdln is the guost of
relntlves ln Scottsvlllo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas Bottoms. Mr.
and Mrs. J. T. Bottoms and Miss Mayma
Staton have returned from tho Jamoa
town Kxposltlnn.
The Fulton "Y" will meet next Tues
day nlght wlth Miss Salllo Kaufelt on
Denny street.
Miss Ornco McCauloy is tho guest of
her cousln, Miss Ruth Doeppe, ln Va
Roy. the young son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Norninn Jordan, who ls at tlie Virglnia
Hospltal, Is improvlng.
Miss Bnulah Vaughan, Miss Mlnnle
Rurch. Mrs. Mary Smlth, Mrs. Klllo
Smith, C. II. Berry, nnd Wesley Pollard
aro vlsitlng the Jamestown Kxposl
Mr. Bon Dovy reeelved word from
Kngland last week tlmt hls grandfath
er, llenjamln Devy, had dlod nt Llver
pool at, the age of ninety-seven yenrs.
John Stoue has returned to hls homo
ln Washlngton after a vlslt to hla
mother ln Fulton.
Mra. Lewis Rogers contlnues very 111
at her home on Denny Street.
Mr. Rlchard Powden haa returned
from a vialt to the Jamestown Exposi
.Miss Salnda Woodfin, of Glendale,
wns a recent visltor to friends ln Ful?
Mr. nnd Mrs. AndrOW Starin and chil
dren nnd Mr. Kdward Stewart, of New
York, ttre guesta of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. E.
Davls on Nicholson Street.
Miss Opal Hardln and Miss Corinno
Throckmorton are vlsitlng friends In
Charlottesvllle and Wnshington. They
wlll ho gnno a mnnth.
Miss Kato McCauley has returned
from a vlslt to her cousln, Miss Ruth
Doeppe, in Vnrlna.
Ii^erbert Savngo has rnturned from a
buslness trlp through North Carollnn.
Mr. Sam Hardln has returned from a
vlslt to Scottsvlllo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. H. "Weimer enter
tnlned at thelr home on Denny Street
last "Wodnesday night In honor of 'Mr.
nnd Mrs. Andrew Starin, of New York.
A large numbe? of thnir friends were
present nnd an enjoyable tlme waa
spent by all present.
The revlval at the Methodist Church.
which has been in progress for the past
two weoks, has ben very* successful.
A goo,i many converslons havo been
made and much interest was shown.
Mr. Gray McCnlley nnd Miss Ruth
Wells spent Salurday dolng the James?
town Kxposltlon.
Tho funoral of Thomas Knroughty
wlll tako plnee from Hardy Central
Church in Henrico connty this morn?
ing nt 11 o'ciock. Intermont ln the
Miss Luoy Rrown an,i Mr. Kdward
Vaughan wero marrled in Washlngton
yesterday. The brido ls the hnndsome
and nccompllshed daughter of Snrgennt
Robort Rrown, of the Rlehmond pollce
force. The groom Is an cmployo of the
Xorfolk and Wostern Rnllroad. They
wlll tour tho Northern clties and will
vlslt the Jamestown Kxposltlon before
returnlng. The couple will resldo ln
The Atlce Llternry Society wlll not
nold its tisual meeting next Wednes
day nlght, as the revlval will be in
progress at onu of the ntlghborirg
Tho funerol of Aubrie, Iho son of
Mr. and Mrs. Wllton Pitts. who dlod
last Dceembor, will bc. preached ln
Shady Grovo Church next Sunday af
Tho Rov. Mr. Forkner is now con
ducting a serles of meelings in Shady
Grovo M. 13. Church, near here.
Miss Maggie Mnrsden, who hns been
Bick, Is now convaleseent.
Mr. Adams, of Farmville, Va., re
Qoptly vlsited hls daughter, Miss
Loulse, near Atleo, who ls teaching in
the "Washlngton and Ilcnry Jligh
The last debnto which was held in
the Hlgh Sehonl hnll was. "Rc-solved,
1 that T. .1. .Tacksou was a grenlcr
general than Gcorgo Washlngton."
Those on the afflrmatiye wero Mrs.
A. R. Oray. James Redd and Wtllough
by Lee. Those on the negatlvo wero
Mrs. A. R. Davls, of Siinny Sldo; Miss
Maud Hlll nnd Hnrry L?e. Tho Jtidgcs"
? iMislon wns In fnvor of the negatlvo.
Miss Maud Mooro, who wns operated
on last week for nn enlai gement on
her cheek, ls now improvlng.
Mlsaes Emlly Blakett, Pcarlo nnd
Grare Tnlley have roturnod to thelr
nome after attendlng the Burt-Glhson
.voddlng. In JetersvillP, Amelln enuntv,
where Miss Bnskett nnd Miss Pearlo
Talley were brldosmalda,
Miss Mollle Boswell has rccchtly re
Curned to this plnee from Baltlmoro,
Md., where she spent. scyeral weeks
wlth relntives. She ls now the guest
of friends iu Rlehmond.
Mrs. C. T. Kucord haa returned to
her home, n<*r Atleo, after a dellght.
ful stay wlth her fnthor. neitr Penke.
Mr, and Mrs. Oeorga Burt, of Blae'k
i-lone, Vn., are expected to vialt friends
here this week, on tholr return from
Nowport Nows, where th/y have hecn
speildipg some tlme wlth the lattor's
ln other, Mr. Flarry Glbsori.
Mrs. Rylnnd Wrlght, accompantod
ty her Httle son, Keslie, attended the
marriage of her atate'r, Miss Allleo M
Glbaon, to Mr. Gcorgo w, Burt hl
Jeiersville, Vn.
Mlssea Iyie and Wlnn'.o Yia, of New
ninn's, entertalned a numiier ol' frlonds
In thelr homo last Frjday nlght.
Mlsses Kmma Bnskett, Puarlo and
Giaee Tnlley, of Shady Grovp, reeentiy
Vlsited friends ln Rlehmond.
Mrs. George Smith, of AValnut Orove,
who hns been siek, is now much lm
IdnyiMhimetto, of Alleii's Mill, vlsit?
ed friends near hero lnst Saturrlay.
Wlllio Bowles, of Kiver Ytow, was
Fourqurean, Temple & Co.
Fourqurean, Temple & Co.
Special Sale Prices
In Ready-Made Suits
and Dress Goods.
Because of the unusually cool weather in April, we find the sales of Dress Goods and
Ready-to-Wear Suits has not been up to our expectations. We must make up for it in
May, and in order to do this we have made a big reduction in prices. Choice styles are
to be had both by the yard and in Ready-Made Suits. Come early to get the pick.
Dress Goods Sale
You can savo cnough nt this
fcl CA sale to buy Ihn Hnlngs for your
ypXm%J\l dress. Tne asfortmcnt Is va
rled ""enough to enablo evory
Insto tho satlsfaction of sult
f|0 ublo chooslng for 11 full dross
J^ClC or flCPtirate skirt. Hlgh-class
iniported Pancy Worsteds, In
whlle and llght-tintod grounds,
with hlack and colored overplald and check
deslgns. Every pleco of these goods havo
been sold at $1.50 a yard up to thls tlme.
Thls weck the prlco ls markod down.
Elegant Skirtings.
Hero's an assortmont of good
^1 AA welght inaterials suitablc for
*P * ?*'*"' eklrts and eoat suits. Somo
aro HO Inchos wide, sonie 50
inch, somo ?IG-lnch; but all
/Jfk new, fresli goods of thls season.
J3c/^3 Some pieces have only a dress
length. Two pieces aro raln
proof goods, in pla'Id and stripe,
Thls table Is offered this week for your plck
ing at 00c a yard.
Spring Suits
AtAbout One-Half Pricc.
Eton Suits of ngurod Panama cloth, wero
$25.00, now $15.00.
Coat Suits of strlped, mlxed and invisiblo
plald Panama aultlngs, both plain and trim
med, which sold at $25.00, now $12.50.
Eton Suits of solid color Panama cloth,
which were $22.00, now 91.1.00.
Eton Suits of hairline check suitings, in
light grounds, nlcely trimmed, wcre $L8.00,
now $12.50.
Black Chlffon Panama, made in coat style
suit, handsomely trimmed with brai'd, was
$25.00, now S17.00.
Black Panama Coat Suit, somi-flttlng,
nlcely cut and stltched seams, was $15.00,
now $7.50.
Eton Suit of black Panama, braid trimmed,
was $25.00, now $12.30.
Stylish Tussah Silks.
travel. All
$1.00. Thls
12 pieces of thls season'a
new styles ln theso rough flnlsh
or Tussah Silks, ln srnall
checks, large plalds an(l neat
slripcs. The colors nro woven,
not prlnted, and wlll wash, If
necessnry. Theso are 27 Incheg
wlde, and wlll make. splendid
suits for Bummer wear nnd
the season tho prlco has been
week's sale price ls (10c.
Lovely Soft Wash Silks.
Here's a chnnce you ought to
?*("),(? tako advantago of. Neat, pret
ty atyles of Woven-Color Wash
Silks that sell all tho tlme at
? 50c a >'ard- N?t many of them
^C j% ?hardly enough to last a day
O^/C of active tradlng. These mako
pretty chlldren's dresscB, shlrt
waist suits, klmonos and hotiso
wrapprrs, Step qulck and get them whllc tho
price is down to 35c the yard.
This splendid clnth is here in all tlic
popular solid colors, whitc and black. It
washcs as well as any colored tjoods you
can buy, and is a durable fabric for cbil
dreh's wear, or makes serviceablc waslt
skirts and suits. This is thc fabric so
cxtcnsivclv advertised by llie makers.
Ncarlv a yard wide, at 12 1-2C thc yard.
Velvet Ribbons
at Half Prices.
Our ontlrc stock of Flne Salin-Dack Col?
ored Velvet Ribbons, wlth a few pieces of
Hlack Pnn Velvet Ribbons, all of which
ranged In price from S0c to 55c yard, to go
on sale now?any wldth you wlsh, 25c per
English Nainsook.
We offor for thls wook n llmltcd quanlity
of a fino quallty Imperlal English Nalnsnok,
full 36 Inches wldo and 12 yarda to tho pleco,
at $1.50 per pleco.
White Cotton Suiting, 10c yd.
We havo securod tho flrst shlpment of a
splendid heavy, round-thread Cotton Sultlng
that so much resombles hutcher's llnon that
many cannot dlstlngulsh tho difference. This
fabric Ib nearly a yard wldo, and equal to any
12 1-2c fabric you've seen. Only about 400
yard8 In thls loL Come early to get thls at
10c a yard.
Special May Sale of
Soaps and Toilet Articles
To lnaugurate thls salo we havo propared
some excepllonal viiluos to offor you, which
we thlnlc will bo appreclated by dlecrlmlnat
lng shoppers.
We offor n largo sizc cako of Puro Trans
parent Olycorlno Soap, mado up speclally to
our order at tho niill, wlth fully 25 per cent.
more materlal ln It, and of a flnnr qunlity
than haa ever been solj at tho price before.
Special, 5c per cako.
Puro Medlcatod Talcum Powtlor, Queen
Quallty Violet, full slze tlns, with slfter tops,
speclally adnpted for babiea* use; would be
good 15c v;tfuc. Special prlco, 10c.
Crystal Olyecrlne Soap, In dotibln size bar,
equal to two cakos, Special, Oc per cake.
Puro Alinond Soap, wlth 4711 odor, In long
slze bars. Per bar, 10c.
A Toothbrtish of extra flne qunlity brlstles,
assorted shapes In harutles, worth at the r<gu
lar price 15c. Special price, 10c.
An Extra Flne Toothbrush, carved handles,
flne, clear brlstles; would be an excellent
brush at 2 5c. Salo price, 10c.
Ilalr Brushes of solld polished hardwood
backs, genuine Russia brlstles, bleached or
n.'iturnl: an excellent quallty brush. Special
price, 45c,
Can'tHroak-Thom Dressing Combs, in Iml
tation of real shell, the strongest comb to
buy. Each, 2.'?c.
All Cash Orders Amounting to $5.00 and Over Will Be Forwarded by Us
Free of Charge to the Virginias and Carolinas.
Fourqurean, Temple & Co.
the guest of relativea nenr Gcthseinune I
during tho past week.
Georgo Whltlock has returned to
Rlehmond after a pleasant vislt to
friends at Ncwmnn's.
Miss VIrgle Martln, of this plaee.
vlsited friends near Ellerson during
the past week.
Miss Nolie Tate, of this plnee, spent
a few days wlth friends at Newman'a
Miss Be'sBio Bnskett. of Newman's
spent Sunday wlth friends at this plaee.
Mrs. Charles Jeter nnd mother, Mrs.
W. J. Bnker, of Beaver Pam, vhtlted
relatlvea at Roso cottage last week.
Mrs. Frank Tate, who is slck with
rheumatlsm, Improves very slowly.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tyler, of this
plnee, vlsited tho latter's mother re?
eentiy near Allen'a Mill.
S. H. Stubhs, of Ellerson. who was
operated on nt tho Momorlnl Hospltal
Saturday, Aprll 13th, is gotting along
nicely. .w
Mrs. Tucker has returned to Rleh?
mond after vlsitlng her parents at At
Thero wlll be servlces in the Mothodlst
Churoh this morning, wlth preuchlng by
the pastor, Rev. V. H. Ttirner, ;it U
o'ciock. . , .,
The Unlon Deagtie will meot in the
.Mothodlst Church to-tiight nt S o olook.
Servlces wlll be held ln Library llall
this evenlng at 7:80 o'ciock by the pastor,
Rev, John h. Roblnaon, ol Rlehmond.
All nre welcome. , , _ .
Aniong tlie vlsitora at lloneysucklo Cot?
tage during the week were Mrs. Metlheo
and Mr. Ball, Mrs. J. S. Bulko, Mrs.
Wade Woolrldge, Mrs. Ahdtow Hloks nnd
ohlldren, from Itichmond, and Mra. Sarnh
L/inclsuy, from NaiiHenunid eoiinly.
Mr. B. K. I.add. ot Powhatan county,
purolmsed during the wook the cottage
fanilllariv known as "The Rofugo." whieli
wns untll reeentiy the homo of Miss .kn
nie HudgoHS,
Mrs. Murioil J, iSavngn has returned
to "The Kltns," her home ln Choator
fleld oounty after a plcnsiinL vislt wlth
Mrs. Peroy Rcud.
Thnae from tlie vilbige who vlsited tho
Jamestown Kxposltlon during tho past
week havo reiumod, very much pleaseti
wiih thelr trlp, Aniong those who went
were Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Bottd, .Mrs.
Mailon Savuao and Mr. and Mis. Fl-n.nk
Uead. Othera are plannlng to go Inter
The "tacky pnrty" at Ihe homq of Mr.
and Mrs. PockllngtOn, of Becchwood
r.irk. wns greatly orijoyed by tho young
people. Mrs. I'ockllngton won the liiit
prlze, and Mr. Rulph Smitn won tlie
booby pilze.
Mrs. ltuili Bulholler and child nre nt
the homo of Mrs. Bulhotler's pui'Onts,
and Mrs. D. I/. SllloS, where they wlll
speiirl some tlme.
Miss FmIii JohiiHon bud as her guests
the lirst c.f ihe week Mlsses ireiie and
Flossle Lodbetter nnd Mr. Dannle Roao,
of Rlehmond. Miss johnson rntnrnod
home -\.? 111 x tho young InfllOS, where sho
Was enleitalned untll tho followlllg day.
Mrs. Wood aud Mrs. Dowden. of Itieh
niond. reeentiy inoved to tlm vlllag", and
wlll oeeupy for the suuiiuer the eottago
on "Bon I.omond" farm.
Mlsses Mlnnla and Iwsuleo Schruedor
werc reeently cntertafncd tiy Mr. and
Mrs. Mat lllney, nf Mountcaatle.
Mrs. Templo Gatowood nnd IVs- E>
J. Furman ware entertiiinod fnr bqv
oral daya durlng the week by frlneda
ln Rlehmond.
Mrs. Alberta llorner and children
have returned to thelr home ln Rleh?
mond aftor a dellghtful vlsit of s?v
cral days with Mra. llorner s parents.
Mr. and Mra. .1. C. "Woodfln.
Messrs. J. B. Tnylor and SYashinffton
Uottoms, of Seven PineB, -wcre rocent
visltors here.
ICnslnce Flsher vlslted in Klchmond
durlng the week.
Mr. K, J. Kurinan spent sovoral days
durlng the week wlth hls famlly here,
before rcturning to his placc of biini
no3B in Rlehmond.
f.ittlo Elaie Itobins ia improvlng un
der the skllful treatmont of Dr. Tav.n
tvcll Bradley,
Cllfton Sharpe vlslted ln Rlchinottd
Mr. and Mrs. R. !?'. L. Kahl are vislt
Ini? Mrs. Mamle Madison, of King
William county! <
Mr. nnd Mrs. lt. E, Turner nnd llttlc
son, Chrlatian, returned to Rlohmond
Motnliiy, nfter several days spont with
Mrs. E. 13. "tt'Inn. Mr. Turner wlll
loave noxt week for Nowport Kews,
to he the guest of Mrs. Gcorgla Turn?
er, for Bovernl weeks.
Mrs. Luclndo IXobaon ls convaleacent,
after hor rooent lllness.
Mr. Morgan Southall conllnuea 111
at hls home. noar here.
Wlllle Milea ls vlsltlng frlends ln
thls neighhorhood.
Mrs. Grace Rufner nnd chlldron, of
Rlohmond, aro guests of Mrs. Rufnor's
parents, Mr. and Mra. Dlck Warrlner.
Haniiin Fuq.ua ls Itnproviug from
hia rocent nttack of lllnesa.
Mrs. Stunley Kussell vlaited her sis
ter. Mrs. Hcbor Nelson. durlng tho
Kdward Hare has heen very eick
wlth thc grlp.
Thc Ladies' Aid Soelety of Willls
Mcthodist Church, wlll havo an enter
tatnment on Whit Monday at Uleudale
The children of Mr. and Mrs. James
Gatowood havo recovored from tho
Charles Crlttentlen is bullding a.
house for Mr. Roottlg near Beulah M.
E. Church.
Mlss Helon Munro, of "Runhymedo"
farin, ib spendlng saveral daya wlth
Mrs. J. E. Beadlos.
Tlie plcturosiiu.* nnd hlatoric home o!
Mr. fleber Nfilson, Jr., known as Glen ?
dale farm, was burned last week, and
nothlng hut a few pieces of ftirnl
ttiro wero saved. A largo quantlty of
grocorics, n flne new sepnrator and
forty pounds of butter packod for
niarkct wore also among the losscs.
Mrs. C. Allnrd -was a recent gucst
of her frlend, Mrs. F. Bondle.
Mrs. Frank Bundle was entortalncd
nt "Melrose" tho lntter pnrt of thu
Koll of honor of Ffirt I^r.c School,
12th to 19th, inclufilve:
Aprll 12th?Bollo Bondle, Mamle,
Shunn, Kula Chlldreas, Ernest Bemllo,
Charles Ulayton, Arthur Claylon, WaU
ter Bhurm, Ruport Winbauer.
Aprll 19th?Edlth Clayton, Bertlm
Kltipusok, Bolle Bondle, Arthur Clny?
ton, Ruport Winbauer, Walter Shurm,
Erncst Bondle.
506-8-10 W.Broad
The Pioneer Automobile Dealer in Virginia
I have just received a Car Load of DETROIT AUTOMOBILES. Call and see them.
For Hire.
Business ot
I have the
Best Car
Built for
$675 ; Wil|
Carry 2 to 5
I 1 can make imrnediatc deliveries on the follcwing 1907 Cars: Model G White, Model H White,
i Royal Tourist, Packard, Peerless, Stevens, Durea, Pope Toledo, American Roadster, Premier,
|| Dvagon, Detroit and the Reo. Good Second-Hand Cars sold at a sacrifice.
j|IU?M?^.m^r,,?^, ?,,?,1^,w,.?rv.?.^.1,,..-ir??nrai???m.^^
UA?a*U-UUMMJ..MV--"> K/^l " i" " . | | II I >,fl [| l| | tgUM 11^1 lll WMHWII I ? ?UTII WMtllTI-T- m^?~..^..^ ? ?..

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