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Surgeon Is to Be Assign
ed to Command Relief
With Civilian Crew.
Unless Mcrcliarit Marine Crew
Can Be Secured, Enlistcd Men
and Line O.ficcr Will
Have Charge?Senator
Halc Points Otit
WAKI1INOTON. D. C? I. .cembor 27?
Tli . orders assignlng fiurgeon Cliarles
F, stokes to th. command of the hos
pltft) shlp Reli.f are expeeted to ba
slgned Hoon, lt havlng been deflnttely
declded, accordlng to Secretary Met
t.alf, to appolnt hlm to that posltlon.
Wlth thls In vlew, every effort wlll be
i.ii'1. to obtaln a merchant crew and
master for'th. vessel. Falllng to man
tlie Rellef wlth a crew from the nier
i.'hant marlne, the enllsted force of the
navy wlll be drawn on and a line oftt
:pr asslgned as captaln.
Thr> sohome of havlng a m_dleal ofil
i:*r ei.mn.anil tlie Relief. In the event a
inerelinnt crew Ih neeureil, Is to hnve
n trial for al least slx months, and II
ih.- experiment proy'es . atlsfactnry,
then the expertatlon Ih thRt the as
."iscnment of a aurgeon lo commanil
Im. pltal shlps wlll be a permanent fea
Admlral Brownson's relln-iul.hn.-nt
of hls posltlon as chlef of llie Bureali
of Navlgation, carrying wltli lt, asll
illd, the ex-offlclo ronnccttori wlth tht
Naval General Board, wlll result ln 9
. onsld erable los? of pay to the offlcur
Belng entlrely wlthout duty nnd rele
g....rl to the retlred list, hls incotm
?..|t! he dlminlsh.d by th* loss of _t
?per cent. of the full pay of an adinlra
on tlie actlve list. namely. ?7,_00 _
y'eair. Also h? will no longer recelvi
ihe allowanre of ?1.5.0 a year foi
? Hiarters and $..00 for heat and llght
lt so. happens. However, that Admlra
Brownson ls a man of Independcn'
mean-;. and is able to dlsregard flnan
cla.1 conslderatloni'.
Flnd l.one _,r_c*ncn<.
Staff otflrers ?f the navy have dls
.over.d a prec.dent for plaeing one o
thelr klnd ln > ommand of a shlp. Thli
pree.tlent was found ln tbe perlod o
the Clvll War, and long before thi
papsqge of tb? naval personnel act
npen whlch the llne ofTicers rely t'
.< up'port thelr eontc-tition that such as
slR-nn.-'nt to command is illegal. Th'
Clvll War records show _h?it Nin.ai
Plnk.y. a naval ..nrg?on, was in ab-0
lut. command fr>r a conslrtern.ble tlm
of the M!_.l_-ipPl Bt.amboat R'.d Rovet
i-mploy'-il as a hospltal craft durlng th
Tlie formal order. dated Deccmbe
_6th. dotachlng Rear-Admlral Brownsoi
from duty as chlef of the Bureau o
Navlgation, was made public at th
Navy Department to-day. The sam
order detach.s hlm from hls member
. hlp in the Jolnt Army and Navy Boarc
Coinmander Wltislow contlnues to ac
ss the head of the bureau, pr-nding th
selectlon of a permanent officer.
lialf ronimeodn Hro.vnxon.
Senator Hale, chalrman of the Senat
Commlttee on Naval Affalrs. when see
to-day, spoke very frunkly in suppor
nf the admlral's cotirse. "I thlnk tha
Admlral Brownson hns acte.l wlti
prnlseworihy courage and promptnes
tn tenilerlng hls resignation," said Sen
ator Hale. "I have always sustalne
tlie staff O-lcera ln ' thelr rlght fo
pusltiv? rank and complete recognitloi
such as are received by' thelr peers 1
Ih-. army. and 1 now have a bill penil
Ing which glves them such reeognl
tlon throughout the service. But I
that measure there ls a precautionar
provision against glving them actuti
command of - any naval vesaol. Thi
is the contlnuation and an extenslo
of the flght between the two branche
of the ?ervlce. That flght Is the em
of the present rontroversy, and, be
cau.e I thlnk he ls rlght. my suppor
ls glvwn unreserve.lly to the admlra
ai. against the contentlons .>. Surgeor
General Rixey. It may be that on son;
occasions staff ofllcer- hav* been I
command of vessels, but I know of n
Instance when such officers have bee
glven command after tlie polnt wa
rni*ed nnd both sldes wero heard.
do not belleve that the contentlon fc
command . by staff officers has bee
pressed seriously at any tlme ln tli
past. Indeed, T am ot the oplnion tht
the old staff officers would never ha\
asked for such recognition."
Whut MiKht Hnpnen In War.
"Think what might happen if tl
command of the vessels should b
turned over to a cliaplaln or even to
paymaster, and lt ls just as reasonab
to put the crew of naval vessels undi
the charge of those officers as lt ls l
place them iinder the command of
surgeon. Evlilently Admlral Browi
?on recognlzes this fact,'and, belng
man of eharacter and declslon, he d
not healtate lo .resign hls positlon i
tho active head of the Bureau of Nav
gntlon. Hls vlew of the law and .
th? best pollcy m thc interost of tl
s.rvlc. was overruled. He wlll in
losc anythlng by his manly cours
elther ln the navy or with the public
Iloosler .. bo Clalnia Dbitlnction 'Dl<
..|_e?l 03.
THORNVILLK, IND., December 27.
Klnsa 'J3elt, one 'of tho captors
Jefferson Davls. the Vresldent of V
Confederate Siates, dled, yesterda
aged'sjxty-three. 'Belt wns for yea
?.'? merchant of ? Thorpvllle, : but f
?onie yee-rs.has been livlng'on-hls far:
He was a dlspa.cl. bearer ot. t
Twelfth Ohlo/Volqnt^er Cavalry.
. ,,.'.?? .. .1.
Voulh Held for lloiufbreaking.
(Speelnil to The Tlni?.-DI?patch.l
-NORFOLK, VA.. December 27.?.T
Bwlnsi.n, Jr., a boy ln hls teeus, w
to-day hold on'a housobrenklnK chari
lt belng alleged that he broko into
hardware store? .on Clty Hull Aven
tn. stole knlvos, razors, etc to t
V*.lue oC *90.
"?'.''-?- *
l-evv G'nrnllnn ltural Uoute.
WASHINGTON. D. C.^ Dfioepiber 27
Vade H. Wliltesldes -has been a
polnted regular. anil Wllllam Fly
?ubptl'tute, riiral carrler on route .
1 at P?ee ' N. C.
Anonymoiip. i.rttcr fifiii t'i llr. Ilrrwrr
Iloflectlng on Mr*. A m-nbilry.
f Hpecfnl tn The Tltnes-Dl .uttiih.J
DANVlLLrJ, VA., Deeember 27.?Ef
fortM woro made sovoral week'. ago
by some arronymous' wrlle'r to Injur**
the reputatlon of Mrs. A'. V. Amesbury,
teacher of the vocal department at
the Roanoke Woman's College h _r.,
?who was kllled by her husband, Dr.
Walter Amesbury, Chrlstmas Day at
Mydn Park. Masu. Professor .1. IJ.
Brewer, presidint of the Koanoke Col?
lege, who hold Mrs. Amesbury In high
fHteem both as an instructor aml n?
a lady, snlci to-day to The Tlmej-Dls
patch eorr .spondent:
"Several week* rtgo 1 recelved
from Hyde Park, Mass., a. typ .
wrltten latter sorlously roflectlng
on the character of Mrs. Amos?
bury anrl siigg.stlng that I dls
chargn her at once. The slgnature,
'Mrs. Homes,'. was also typewrltten.
The whole thlng looked spurlous'to
me, and at llrst I thought lt was
. some blfli'kmail scheme. Wlthout
saylng anything to any one, I kept
tho letter for several days In br
' der to conslder the matter more
thoroughly. In thn meantlme. how
I ever. I loarned that Mrs. Amesbury
had told my wlfe that she had re?
celved a b*tter from hor husband
j to tlio effeel thnt such n letter had.
boen wrltten to me. My wlfo Cold
Mrs. Amesbury that sht* (Mrs.
] Brewer) dld not thlnk tho letter
; had been dellvered."
Professor Brewer further nald that
before mentlonlng the contents of tlio
letter he auked Mrs. Amesbury about
Mrs. Homes, and was Informed that
she had been dead for some tlme. Mrs.
Amesbury then told of recelvlng a let"
tor from her husband saylng that he
had learned of the letter whlch was
wrltten to Professor Brewer, and that
he (Dr. Amesbury) conaidercd lt an
outrage. Professor Brcwvr turned over
the letter to Mrn. Amesbury, wh..
mailed It to her mother. Mrs. Rec*. nt
Hyde Pnrk. The theory of Mrs. Rees'
was that It was wrltten by- Dr. Am?*s- I
bury. Proff-ssor Ilrewer Is of the opln-i(
ion that Dr. Amesbury - wa*< very
anxlous lo get hls wlfe away from
Danvilie In ordor that she mlght re?
turn to hlm. and for this reason wrote
hlm the slanderoiis letter, hoplng that
he would illnchntge her. At the same
tlme. however, hc bellevos that Dr.
Amesbury wanted to galn thc affectioti.1 ?
of hls wlfe, and wrote her informing
lier of tho letter so aa ' to appear In
the light of dolng her a klndncss.-Thi*.
letter ls thought to be now In thc
possesslon of tho Boston pollce.
Myntery of Cn*UrtV t'ont^nt* ?o Ile Fl
nally .olv?*d.
LONDON. Deeember 27.?Th-* Consis
tory Court thls afternoon grunted per
mlsslon for tho openlng of the grave
Of T. C Druce to dc.-lde whether lt
.ontalns a body or a roll of lead. Tho,
actual date of the exhumation W be-1
ing kopt socret in ord?.r to avold at-!
tractlng a crowd. but there ls reason'
to bellev. that Monday or Tuesday of j
next week will ?oe the mystery of the i
coffln cloared up. Tho court has ro-j
fused the applieatlon of George Hol- |
lainby Druce. a grandson of T. C..;
Druce. who is brlnglng the perjuryt
Hult agalnst Herbert Druce to ?ub-!
atantlate hls clalpi to tho title and i
l vast f-.si_.te. of the.Duke of.Portland.}
- to be present at the openlng of the
grave on th? ground that It An deslr
able fo Ilmlt to the .utmost the num?
ber of pori.on.. present nt the exhuma?
tion.. O. Hollnmby Druce, however, wlll
be offlcially represented.
\nniMnki. of Knmim. Confederate
Ainonic Now Mcnt rnnnl*..
WASHINGTON, Deeember 21.?It
*.vas announced at the War Department
to-day that thirty-seven candldates for
nppolntment- as second .liouten'ants In
the army had suceessfully. passed the
recent compelltlvc examlnatlon, and
wlll be comrr.lssloned lii tbe order ln
whlch they pussed. Of thls llst four?
teen of the successful candldates havo
oompleted thc probatlonary perlod of
two years' service in lhe ranks of the
army. Tlie other twenty-three success?
ful candldates are clvlllans. In tli>_
latter category are Jubal A. J2arly.
relatlve of the distlngulshed Confed?
erate cavalry leader of that name, and
Webster A. Capron, son of Major Allyn
Capron. who dled at Fort Myer as a
result of exposure ln the Cuban cam?
palgn. '"'?".?
Dnnlrla. Glven $S0 Flne nnd Slx Month*!
In Jail,' Taken Appenl.
fSoeelal to The linies-Dlsnatch.1
NORFOLK. VA., Deeember, 21.? De
claring Carl L. Danlels. a salesman. tbe
meanest "brute" that he had .ever seen.
the prlsoner havlng admltted that ho
struck hls -wlfe, .lustlce Slmmons. in
the Pollco Court to-day, Imposed a'pen
adtyof $50 flne and slx months ln Jail.
on two counls. The defendapt gave
notlce of appeal."
Danlels pleaded not gullty, explain
Ing to the' court' that hls slster-ln
law was egging his wlfe on to quarrel
with hipi. that he, struck at Mrs.
Towles, the slster-ln-law, and that hls
wlfe.' Jumplng in between ? them, - re?
celved the blow intended for nnotlier,
He charges Mrs. Towles with the re?
sponsibillty for the fact that he and
IiIr wlfe cannot get along together.
Mrs. Danlels charges repeated mal*
treatmenl. declarlng that- the defend
ant spends all of hls money ln pool
rooms and leaves hor to' suffer for
ir necesslties:
Slie Is De*?*rt*d by Preitolier Who
Kl.ipe.1 Wlth Jlcr.
NEW YORK, Deeember' 27.?That
Floretta Whaley, the youni? ^rlrl who
oloped last Aprll wlth tln? Rev. Jere K.
Cooke, then pastor of St. George's
Kpiscopal Church, of. M. mpatead, .may
bo now ln Loulslana,- is Indlcaled ln a
lotter recelved ? to-day ; by Sainuel- T.
W'right, chlef clerk of the Nassau
county Surrogate's Court. The letter
ls tlated frcim Fiuden, La., ls post
niarked New Yerda, I.a.,'and stgned'V.
O. Jones, . It' says that a glrl about
seventeon or elghtem years of age,
who gave tlie name of Floretta Whaley.
wa* brought to hls liom. last Aprll
by a man named Cooke. The man sald
tlK- glrl was hlr, stopchild; that her
niothoi* was ?5oad. and .that he was-no
longer ahle to. cnro.for her.
Serlous Race Clastl, ls Feared ln Okla
honii 'foirn,-.
GUTHRll*., OKLA,, Deeember .7*?
Governor Haskell to-nlght sald that he
had recelved dlsciuletlng reports from
Henrletta,' and 'tliat two companles of
national gitards- .are. in readlnoss ' to
niove to that town' at any ' moment.
fle - ls aw'altlng a','tologru.phlc' -ron'uest
from tho Mayor for-help,' Armed guards
are-patrolllng' Henrletta, and oflVc'or**!
are efidea'voi*lhg to llnd %n, arnied body
of negroes,''last .reported four'-mf'les
frgnr town, . ?' ? > ?
? ? l -'? ? ??'.,. :
7ather, Mother and Their
Three Children Bum
With Their Home
'iremen, Out on Another Alarm,
Reach Burning Residcnce in
Time to Rcscue Bodies
of Father and Two
Sons, Others De
WATKRTOWN. MASS., Decembor 27.
-John C. Clark, a nale.sn.anln a seed
.ore on Faneull Square, Boston, whose
onie was on the bordor of thlft town,
ith hla wlfe and chlldren?John,
leven years of age; Phlllp, nlne years,
nd r.orls, two years?were burncd to
eath whlle they stept at a nre whlch
ompletely gutted thelr home early
The fire was dlscovered by persona
ho rcalde In the vlclnlty about 1
'clock. Evldently the blaze had beer
1 progress through the Interlor for
rimc tlme, but did not show on thf
utside. As noon as the flre was sc.r
li'aiarm was sound.d. but thc flremen
alb'd out half an hour prevloualy by
fals. nlarm some distance awny, wen
ot back at thelr -luarters when the
larm for thc Clark home flre wai
The Clark house Is st tlie northerr
nd of the town, and about two mlle;
roin the town etntre, but the flremen
nc'e started, urged thelr horses to toi
peed to reacli the scene as soon at
Itey learned of the alarm.
On arrlvlng the flremen rush-.
hrough tho flre and smoke lo the bed
?oom-, where the Clark family. stll
vere, and brougnt out the father an.
wo boys. They were found to be dea.
ivhen brought Into the open atr. Th.
Ire wa? too hot to allow the tnen I.
50 bsck for the hodien. of the mothe:
ind littf- Dorls. The bodles. hurnei
icyond recognltlon. were found ln th;
-ulns several lionrs later.
Worked Hnrd lo Control Klrc.
The flremen and men from neigl.bor
ng houaes worked hard to eontaol.tlv
1re. but the bulldlng was an eas;
_rey of the flames. The ho'ise- wa
i new one and well fitted up. standlm
_t the corner of Hovey and B-lmon
_tr.ets. It was two and one-hal
itorlea hlgh. the Ciark famlly bed
rooms belng on the second floor.
Mr. Clark moved to Boston fmi
Washlngton twelve years ago. H
had beon employed in a seed store ?
llie latter-clty. Hle father, Jahn^.f
Clark, is reported connected wlth th
sbvernment at Washlngton. Mrs. Ctar
\ya* a Southern.woman.
Mr Clark's father was notlfled o
the tragedy to-day and wlll come her
to-day to take charge of the bodles.
llny I.evotetl to Effort ti> Dfcc.eill
.Vltn.s--" for Mete.
OEOROETOWN. KY.. December ._..
Th6 defense to-day rested ln the trli
of caleb Powers. wlio Is charged wlt
-onipll.'ltv ln Ihe assasslnatlon of Wl
llani Goebel. . The prosecutlon then bt
ean rebuttal testimony.
The proceedlngs to-day were tnalnl
ilevolcd bv the defenae to breakln
down the' testimony1 of NoakeB an
Golden. and for thls purpose they it
troduced several wltnosses. chlef
whom was Attorney W. R. Jewoll, (
Danville. 111.. who testlned that Noaki
made his Danville statcment ln tl
nresence of hlmself and Attorney Ma
LeWis. but refuscd to slgn it unlei
pald to do so. He also ? stated tht
nothlng wns sald to Noakes about
statement belng wanted to secure
new trial for Powers. thus direct!
contradlctlng Noakes.
R; L. -vlcClure. n newspaper c-orn
SDOr.dent. testllled that Wharton Gold.
sald to him ln Lexlngton on the d?
that Henry Voutsey's conffMlon *1
peared ln the n.wsuapers: That d
fiiol (ni-anlng Youtsey. is talklng ti
nrucli. He won't get a cent. I hc
that fixed or cinched/' j, . .
Th-* court ailmonished tbe jury th.
this evidence' only affected the cred
bllltv of Noakes and Golden.
.State's Attorney franklln asked ft
a subpoena eompelllng the State Au.
lior to brlng hls books and to sho
how Wh of the . Goebel ,-,
ward fund has been expended ln tl
prosecutlon . of these assasslnath
cases. This order la returnable Mo
daDurlng tho noon ' adjournment _
court Judge Slms. chlef counsc .for tl
defense. mibmltted a proposltlon
the Commonwealth for Judge- Morr
to lnstruct the Jury nnd submlt tl
ease wlthout argument on elther sld
State's Attorney Franklln. I'oweye
refused the proposltlon. and the arg
ment w 111 be gone Into._
Collnpsr ?f Fslse Work Cnunem X-.n
nml Mnny _njiirl._.
PHll-ADEI.iPHIA. PA.. December- '.
?One man was killed and nlne othe
were Ihjurcd; two of tl-cm serious!
bv the collapse to-day of a portion
fal.o wovk supportlng a new eoncre
brltlge over the Wlssahlckon Creek.
the northwest sectlon of the clty,
Martln Simpson, aged thlrty -jea
was crushed to death by the fallli
mr.eSrnard ' Mears,' aged thlrty yoa:
received Internal injurlcs. ??? b0
arms were crushed, one of them
badlv that lt Imd to bex amnutat?
and Joseph Layton. aged twenty-nlr
was Injured about tho splne and bo
of hls hands were crushed. . ? .
Seven other work men were cut a
brulsed by the falllng framework.
. The bridge, whlcli-ls tb-.-largest cc
crete .tfuctiirc ln th? oduntry, and t
onlv one of Its, klnd |n -the .world. h
just been completed. It I. Known
the Walnut La". Brldge. and was bu
bv the clty at a cost- of ?8O0,OOO
connect' Germantown and RoXborouf
^^re^Uew^'fell I40.feet from t
hlgliest polnt ln the brldge.
nrlvrs Mothor Out ???! SboOt?i B
IVtenillni. H*r.
"y .VBTTEVIIyljl., GA., December :
'?Joe Boadlaa shot nnd. killed 1
brother, Nat' Beadlos. ItiHt nlg
at tho. home' of hla "-f.qtl.er. . Jo^.n
returned home> tq spend the hollda:
and beg^-n drlnUlng. Ilo ran ht3:m.ol
er from: the'^house, wnd s.h'.. Inform
hls brother, who? attempted;,to au
hlm. Joe resentod the interferenco
Nat. and tho shootlng; followed,
.V.vrnli. SenjUor t/rge* Tholr netenllon
nt ?-Ol?lfl_I<1.
! WASHINGTONi D. C, Deeember 2".-?
Senator Net*'lands,, of Nevada. Is on
l deavorlng to pi<e v ent a withdrawal of
th. liovernment troops from Goldfleld
I untll some other means of protee.tlon ls
I had. to-day he called upon Secretary
1 Taft and s'trongty urged that tlio cxe
jeutlon of tlie' ordor Issued by tlie *<"*
retary for the -withdrawal of the troops
noxt Monday bc su?|iendod. He ha*'
had ap opportunity to , communlcale
wlth Oovernor sSparks, siid endeuvorod
! to Indiice hlm to call the Nevada Leg?
lslature together.
Secretary Taft has beon advlslng
wlth Secretary Root on thls subject.
nnd cojnmunlcated wlth tho Presldent
nt Plne Knot. Unless the orlglnnl or?
der is modlfl-d the troops must leave
Goldfleld next Monday morning and be
fore the Presldent returns to Washlng?
Admlnl?tratlon ofllclals fool that the
present situation ln the matter of the
! Goldfleld case cannot bc contlnued, ln
vleW of the doubt that exlsts as to
tho constltutlonal rlght of the exocutlvo
to' emplov any part of the regular
army In Nevada under present oondl
I tlons. Secretary Taft to-nlght decllne,]
! io state what coume he hnd reconi- :
i monded ln the -matter, nor would he j
state whether ho had heard from tho
President. In turn. Secretary Root.
sald that the White House was entlrely',1
wlthout advlces from Plne Knot, as the j:
Goldfleld questlon t.ii_ belng handlcd
by the War Department.
Pannenge'r Train Colllde* Hend-on Wllh
DETROIT. MTCH.. Deeember 27.?i
Specdtng through adense fog at forty j
mlles nn hour. Grand Trunk passenger j
train No. 6, whlch left Port Huron j
shortlv lisfnre 7 o'elock t<->-r>l_r.it for I
thls clty. colllded head-on wlth a dou- ;
blo-h?>nd*r frelght train twelve mlles
north of Lenox. Mlch. Flve tralnmen
met death, four belng kllled initnntly.
the flfth dylng throo hours later. All,
tho passongers ..Scaped Injury except j
n baby who''was only sllghtly hurt by i
belng thrown out of its mother's arnisj
and over a seat when tho trains
crashed. The ,Iead aro:
Englneer Bennett, of the passenger
Englneer Bohowskl, of the flrst
frelght englne.
Flreman Boughner.
Flroman Albert McCall.
Swltchman W. G. Taylor.
Th?*~ passenger locomotlve plowcd un?
der the englnes of the doiible-hrader.
and thc vlctlms were buried ln tlie
wreck. Thelr bodles were terrlbly
manglcd and scalded by the oscaplng
stfam. Englneer Fred Haug and Flre?
man Washburn." of the second frelght
entrlne. escaped death. It is alleged
thnt the swltch was not properly closed,
nnd on account of the heavy fog which
prevaiUd the passenger crew could not
see that the target was set agalnst
Battl-ahip Beat* Vrrmont I* Kxcltlng
(oullnac Coiii|_etltl?n.
^| PORT OY SPAIN. D.ecemty-r 27?Th<*
' tender Yankton*;jeft here to-iiayln.il
_! vance of the fleet - for Rlo de .lauelro.
^?She is convoyed by thc auxlllary erUlser
Panther. Flve of tlie' bat.tleshlps of
the squadron weighed anchor thls
morning a'hd steam'ed out Into tlie Gulf
of Parla to "awlng shlp" for the ad
justment of compasses. Thoy returned
to the anchorage at midday.
The fleet wlll leave Port of Spaln for
Rlo de Janelro. Its next stopping place,
next Sunday morning. The coaling will
be flnished by thls evening.
A fresh batch of about .-,000 liberty
nien came ashoro shortly aftor noon to
day, and are drlvlng or walking about
the^ town or have gone to the races. j
A large number of offlcers also came
aBhore for the race meeting, of whlch
thls ls the second day. DanceB were
glven by several prlvate cltlzens last
nlght ln honor of the vlsltlng offlcers.
The colller Hannlbal left here to
day for Pensacola. whence she wlll tow
the gunboat Machlas to New York. The
colller Leonldas left here to-day for
Hampton Roads. Both vessels carry
The Virginia and Vermont vied to-day
in friendly rivalry to see which could
get the most coal on board In the short
est tlme. The Virginia won and re
talns . the record gsilned previously.
Hniltli Bxtroini-ly llnd, She Belng
Ctmflnrd to Bed. -
ST.' PETERSBURG. Deeember 27.?
No offlelal announcement was made to
day ' concernlng the -conditlon of Em
preas Alexandria. wlilch leads. to tlie
presumptlon that there has been no
new alarmlng developments in hor
allments. For ? some time II. ?? Majesty
has. been sutferlng trom a slight at
tack of liifluenxa. Previously sho had
congulted a speclallst apd had sub
mltted" to a severe reglme to ' reducu
her welght, and her present affllctlon
Is'ascribed to thls. Inforniatlon reach
Ing the Assoclated Press from Esarskoe.
Selo is to the effect that the health
of the Empress ls* extremely bad and
that she ls stlll conflned lo lier bed
undor the ,care of, PrOfes.f?? Eugen.*
Botkln. A reeommendatlon thnt Her
Mnjesty go. to the-'Rlvtora met with
stern' rejection; the Empress being un
i ivllllng to llsten to a suggestlon the
adoptlon of wl.tch would mei.ti separa
tloif from her children. Especially wfts
thls truo In the oase of the helr "ap
pavent, Grand Duke Aloxls Nlkolal
vjt'ch, for whosa safety the Empress
is so 'anxious that praclically she never
pormlts hlm to bo. taken from her
slght. .. '_
SUyer of MumUal Bwrned Out ot Bnrrl
? > ende nud' Kllleil.'
. MIDVILLE. OA- D?cmb;r:7.-J''!w
Malor. the negro who r.cently .-hot
nnd kllled J.'W. .Drinson, f-wn-mars-aj
at thls place. .waa- thi*' afternoon shot
.into death bv a poss*?. Malor was found
"e! n a*hou_e about three mlles trom
' idldvtlle, and a party of whlte cttt?''*!'
set out to 'c.ptur* hlm. During tlie
attompt a'shot from-thP hou=<j b-.? Ma?
jor struck Mr.'WilHams, th*. prmnt
town marshal. InfllctiPg ?? M*M
wound Ih the hand.; The houst 1|1
whleh Major had taken refgge wa.
sot on flre to drlve him out. Majoi
flnally left tho l-ous-e. .flrlng^both bov
rels. of hls gun wlthout effect and
was. lmmedla.tely shot nnd kllled. A
party of arnied m-n f ,mi> ff.ni Mlll n
to ald ln hls capture. To-nlght ne. rl>
evory man on the i-treet Is oarrvlniit n
shotgun or rlfle. but It ls hoped tlu-rr
wlll bo no further trouble. -Practlca;ly
not a negro Is to be seen to-nlght
and every.lhlng ls qulot_,
, . ?
t'.intliiue 'Wnll.h Trliil.
"CHICAGO, H.L., Deeember 27.?Tlp
trlal of 'doluii R. ">Valsh to-day wnt
6optlhiied ' iintll next Thursday, bo
cnuHe'bf tlio lllness. of ono ot' the Ju**ors
Tender of Accommoda
tion Train Telescopes
the Next Car.
"\ccommodation Train About tc
Rtin Into Rear of Atlantic
City Train in Fog When
Breaks Are Applied,
Causing Fatal
CAMDEN, N. J.; December 27.?Threi
H-rsons were killed and elghteen ln
tired In a collision on the elcvatec
racks of the Pennsylvanla Rallroad
ust outslde the stat.lon here, to-day
vheri a Pemberton accommodatlon trnlt
?an Into the rear of an Atlantic Cltj
ixpress. . A heavy fog was the prlncl
>al contrlbutory cause of the accldent
rii. dead are:
C. P. Sontjen, Slanwlch. N. J.
J. L_ Garbarlnl, Mount Holly. N. J.
T. L. Webster. Merchantvllle, N- J
All thoso killed or Injured were pas
?ngers In tho ' flrst car of the Fenv
bcrton nc.ommodatlon. Both trains
.vere due In the Camden station at 8:3'
V. M.. tlie Atlantic (.Ity expres. havlnj
irecedencc. Thc fog was so thlck tha
thc engineers of the two trains wert
?iinnlng catitiously. and Just 'outaldi
he station the Atlantic City traln wa,
?ignaled to atop. The engineer of thi
.'.mborton-traln falled to see the At
lantlc Clty traln ln tlme to avold s
:olllslon. but he Instantly jammed hli
irakes down hard when lt lootned ui
through the fog. The sudden Jol
forced the tender of the Pcinbertoi
train Into the flrst car. wrecklng 1
badly and either kllllng or Injurlnj
verybody ln the coach. The traln
however did not come to a full stop
but stld Into the rear of the Atlantb
Clty express. causing the tender t.
<Ull further teleseope the flrst car
The force of the collision war sllght
r.nd no one was Injured on tho forwar.
Cnr rnr-lnlly 1-urn.i.
Hot coals from the wrecked loeomo
tive of the Pemberton traln set th
wreckage on flre. and It was at flrs
fenred that many of the Injured pas
Kcngers. who were plnloned under th
heavy. twlsted Iron and wood. wqul.
be burned to death. but the promp
actlon of the Camden flre department l
extingulshlng the flames. and the eftl
ci?_ht r.scue work of the unlnjure
passengers, tmdoubtedly saved man
lives. Several of the Injured may dle.
Siny . Grnn-.d Negro Murdcrer AVhp
- H<> Seinrd Do'omed.
BIRMINGHAM, ALA.. December 27.
Just as the black cap was about to b
pluced tb-day-over the head of Ilenr
Thnxton. a negro. convlcted of th
kllllng of S. T. Hunstucker, wh'.te,
tclegram from the Governor ordcrln
a suspenslon of the executlon for ilt
t-ien days was dellvered to thesherlf
3-h- prlsoner ralsed hls hands and ex
cialmed: "My Ooil." The negro __a
mnde a statement from the gnllowi
or.d ln a mlnute more the trap woul
have been .prung. At thls polnt
tov mess.ng.r walked up to the gat.
banded n telegram to Chlef Deput
Brown, who oulckly crled out: "Holi
colonel; wait a mlnute." Their th
sherlff inounted the steps of the gal
laws and read the message aloud. Tl:
prisonors In the Jall gave aloud chee
and the prlsoner was led back to th
jall oraylng ..nd woeplng.
. - .
CInudr llurber Serlonsly ..Voiinil-d li
.-celHental Dtsebnrge ot .-un.
{Sp.cinl to The Tlmes-Dlsp-iK'h.J
SALISBURY. N. C. December 27.
Claude B.arb.r, aged nineteen years, ar
a son of a well-known citlzen <
Rowan county. was accldentnlly sh.
and seriously wounded near hls hon
at Barber's Junctlon .yesterday by
brother. Wllllam Barber. The two wei
huntlng. and Claude 'was ten feet '
front, when Wllliam's gun was dl
charged, the load of shot tearlng
large ho)e.|n the sldeof Claude,-wl
fell in'hls tracks. He was brought
a hospital ln Sallsbury. and by an oi
eration to-day the'shot were reniovi
from near the heart. Hls condltlon
Mra, John , S. Moore Clnlin* She Sh.
la Sel.-De.onHr.
VALDOSTA, GA., December 27.?Jol
ft. Moore. a well-ltnown citlzen .
Stockton, Ga., was shot and killed the
by hls wlfo to-day. Mrs. Moore claln
fclf -defense. She says her husbar
uttaeked her wlth a knlfe. throatenh
to cut her to denth. S-he selzed a pist
nml nreil,' kllllng hlm. Moore wi
drinklng. Moore killed a man sever
years ago In tho room In whlch 1
died. Mrs. Moore was a Mlss Bas
duughter of a well-known cltize
Moses Bnss. She has not been arrcst.
Promlncut -Inrylaailer. Long Kecli
IV.plres In M. ep.
j BALTIMORE. MD., December 27,
1 Former Governor Ellhu Jntkson dl
: here to-day at the nge of seventy yen
I He had been ln bad health for ycit
i sufferlng from rhe14n.atl.rn. complieat
! heart trouble. He passpd away lu I
1 sleop. Mr. Jackson was Governor
! Mnrvland from 18SR untll ISH2. n
; lWbro: and sluoe that perlod had serv
1 aa a member of tho State Legtslatu
: Ho had extenslve lumber Interests
? the South, through whlu,h h - amass
?,a largo fortune.
. . . 1 - "" ' '
Cnlnnrl Bovrden Very III.
ISl-e^'iHl to ihe Thi)---r>i3i>ni-h.]
NORFOLK, .VA., Deeembor 28.?G
i V_. Bowden. Repu.bll.nn natlona.1 co
mltte.oinan for Virginia. ?and clark
the Unltod States Court hero, Is ve
III. . Lato to-nlght there ln no Itnprot
mont ln hls condltlon,
. .-? " " ? .
Recelv. f-l-- lu llonie \Vntrm.
RAL1-IGH, N. C? r.ecember 27.?Ge
ernor Glenn hns been notlfled by t
Navy Department thnt the ba'ttleal
Nortli Carollna. when lltted for'seryi
will. receive the iiilv.r servico'to
prosontod by tho Stjito of North Ct
ollna In Cape Lookgut Imrbor,
West Vlrglnln, In - nniparlng \?plrnn(i,
ftny'n Palrlmnk* ' Is Slroag.
WHEELING, W. VA? Deeember 27.-*
Senator N. B. Scott. who arrlved here
to-day from New Vork, In an Intervlew
sald of tlie Rcpubllcan presldentlal
"Mr. Cannon has the advantage of
tl.e Republlcan Cortgressmen, all belng
wnnn personal friends, and should they
go Into thelr Indlvldual dlfltrlcts and
mnke a flght for delegntes, lt would
make hlm a pretty strong candldate.
and he would be hard to beat. I would
say thnt Taft, posslbly, ls leadlng at
thc present tlme, but you know he Is
|n danger of belng slaughtercd In the
house of hls own friends, or rather In
the house of Foraker's friends. If
Foraker succeeds ln gettlng a falr
share of the delegatea from Ohlo, lt Is
golng to he pretty hard to nomlnate
"Falrbanks Is a good, clean, strong
man. and the country would make no
mlstake in nomlnatlng hlm. In my
oplnlon he ls golng to show a great
dcal more strength when \iJ comes to
the conventlon than a good many peo?
ple look for.
"Knox ls a good man, would bc pre
fectly safe. and probably there is no
bettcr lawyer ln the Unlted Sta.is.
Hughes, ln my oplnlon, ? Is not well
enough known, and I do not bellevj
that the Republlcan party wants a
?viark horse' or wants to take.a chance
as to what the polltlcs would be undei
a man like Hughes.
VI ahould sny there may posslbly b?
some klnd of a financial measure
nasied, although In conversatlon Sen?
ator Aldrlch told mo he was golng tc
go very alow and be careful; that pos?
slbly lcglslatlon mlglil only make con?
ditions worse. For my own part, l
am really ln favor of a central bank
some.thlng on.the same system as th<
central batik of Germnny. My ob
?' servatlon !s that the men who knov.
. i the tenst about financial nnd buslnc-i
1 mcthods of the country are the moa
anxlous fellows to rush In and prepan
new currency bllls."
Thc Senator denled that' he assallei
Prosldent Roosevelt ln n recent speeel
before the Potters* Association. ant
sald hls relatlons wlth the Preslden
wero most frlendly.:
Appolnted for the Unexplred Term o
Nhertff Beard.
rRp**clnl to The Tlmes-Dlsnatch.]
AMHERST. VA.. Deeember 27.
Judge Bcnnett T. Gordon last nlgh
appolnted Mr. R. H. Drummond. sher
lff-of thia county to succced thc Iat
Jno. P. Beard. who was kllled in Dan
ville last month. . Tho appointmen
was for the term whlch wlll end O'
the 31st of thls month. It Is general!
conceded, however, that Mr. Druiri
mond wlll also be appolnted for th
full term. of four years, whlch begln
on the lst. day of January.
Mr. Drummond held the offlce o
shcrlff once before when lie was qult
a young man. He was also one o
the conunlssloners of the revenue of th
county for a long tlme, havlng bee
d<-feated for thls offlce by Mr. A. t
Beard, who dled tn Danvilie the nex
day after the death of hls brother.
Muat I'ay Fnll Fare Whlle l.ookin
, After Sbinuieoii.
WASHINGTON, Dedembei* --?. 27,?A
adminlstratlve rlilliig, issued to-day,,b
the Interstate. Commerce Commissloi
holds that empl6ye ur produce compa
nles must pay full fare ln travelin
to polnts on the carrler's llnes whor
they expoct to seotire conslgnmentn an
bocome caretakers, and that the limito
tlon of the,rates to ..hlpmcnts handle
by steam power as agalnst.tho.se liar
dled by electric power. Is unlawftil an
must be nllmlnated from the tarlff. Th
coininlsslon adheres to Its ' prevlm;
rullng that carrlers must exhaust the
logal remedles to collect undercharge
from conslgnees before flllng thelr p<
tltlons for redresB.
l.x-1're-ldent of _.xpo*Hioii Wlll G
to Norfolk Tii-lliir.
[From Our Regular Corre .pondent. 1
WASHINGTON. D. C, Deeember 27.
Harry St. George Tucker is In Was!
iiigt.on wlth Mrs. Tucker. The tw
have beon spendlng some days a
\v oodlawn. tlie home of Mrs. Tucker
slster, near ? Mt. Vernon. Mr. Tuokf
has had a severe attack of grlp, whle
has lnsted several weeks, and prc
vontcd lils' even constiltlng with tl
recclvers of thc Jamestown Kxposltlc
Company slnce he was desl'gnated c
thelr attorney. Mr. and Mrs. Tucki
willgo to Norfolk to-morrow.
ShooU IHni*elf In Rnoni Wllh Olhi
Members ot Famlly.
ISnectat to The TJiiies-Dlspatcli.l
TINKUNG, VA., Deeember -7.?M
Giistus Snead, the son of Mr. H. Snea
of thls county. ended his own Ufe i
the home of Mr. C. C. Brough. r.ei
Mr. Snead aroso early, dressed ai
wrote n note to hls mother and plact
tlie same in his pocket. \vhilo tl
other occupants of tho room had the
backs to him, he placed a ..12-callb
revolver ngalnst hls breast and end<
hls earthly "o:*l*>tence. Mr. Snead wi
about twenty-flve years of nge, ai
was well and favorably .known ai
unlversally Uked. ? /
Whlle Youlh Kllled liy Xegro Mn
Foollng AVIth Gun.
f Srieolnl to The Tlmes-Dlspntr.h. 1
STAUNTON. VA.. Deeember 27.?Jol
Jones, a young negro man, fatally sh
John Armstrong, n young whlte bc
yesterday at a shootlng match
Ch'tirchvllle, helng held by the sport
mon of the nelghhorhood.
In sport Jones took n gun of o
of the- sportsmen, Inserted a shell, ar
po'thtlng it nt the boy, said he won
make hlm dance. The gun went o
the whole load entered the boy's alc
and ln half an hour ho dled.
The negro was held by a magistra
to answer to the grand jury.
[Speqlal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
BALTIMORE, Ml'->.; Deeember 27.
Mlfs Mntildn I. Tucker. twenty-o
veara old. of Klng nnd Queen coun
Va., nnd Mr. Elljah P. Parker, twent
eight years old, of Mlllsboro,-Del.. iv
In thls clty to-day and procured
llcense to wed/ They then went to t
home of Rev. Robert Weleh. a Metli
dlst pastor. who porformed the cei
mony, The eouple told Rev. Mr. Wel
they had eloped and asked hlm
"keop lt dark."
. ?
Mitcholl ls llecoverluis.
INDIANAPOI.IS, 1ND.. Deceinber
?John Mitcholl,prosldent of tho Unll
Mlne Workers of Anverlca, left to-d
for Chlcagu i to moet- hls wlfe a
brother. who wlll accompany hlm
Exoelslor Sprlngs. Mo. Mr. Mltuhell
slowly I't'ooverihg. but ls stlll ln
w?nU.iipd conditlon.
New Englanders of Na?
tional Prominencelnsti
tute Suit for Purpose
Man Dischargecl from Service aa
Result of Brownsville Riot
P'aintiff in Case Admitted- ,
ly'Brought to Test Con- -
stitutional Authority
of Executive.
WASHINGTON. December 27.?"War
Department ofllclals aro much Inter
?:sted In the teportcd actlon of a fl-fm
of New York lawyers In brlnglng' a
lest case ln the Unlted States court for>
tho Southern Dlstrict of New. York .-<>?
dotermlne the rlght?? of the. executlvo
lo dlschargc a battallon of the Twenty
llfth Infantry, as an- outcome of tho
riotlng nt Brownsville, Texas. It can?
not he recalled that any such actlon
nas ever before been brought against
the Secretary of War In a Unlted
States court under the "Tueker act'
of. March 3, 18?7. Offlclally thls New
York case has not yet reached thn
War Department In due course lt
ut.doubtedly wlll do so through the
service of paper* upon the Secretary ot
War by an offlcer of thc Dlstrict Court,
dlrectlng hlm to make answer in thn
suit flled by the. Now York attorncya
In behalf of Privatc Reld. of Company
C. Twenty-flfth Infantry, to recover
$1 __._?, tho.amount of pay which he
clalms from tho date of hls dismlssal,
November 9, 1906, to the date of tha
termlnatlon of his enllstment. July l?,
1907. When these jmpcrs reach tho
secretary he wlll notlfy the Attorney
General, and reriuest that the Depart?
ment of Justice designate one of lt?
officers to appear for thc secretary. .
Papcrn Already Served.
NEW YORK. December 27.?Unlted
States Dlstrict Atiorney .Henry . I_-.
Stlmson sa|d to-day that he hnd beo.i
served wlth the .papers flled In tho
Unlted States Dlstrict Court by cotin
8i.| for XV. C. .Reld. a member of tlio
battallon ot tlie Twenty-flfth Unlted
States Infantry, which was dlsbandc.l
by c-xecutlve order followlng the riot?
lng at Brownsville, Texas. The plain
tiff sues the government to recover
pay lost through his dlscharge from
the army. Attorneys ln thc east havo
admitted that they were rctalnt-.l by
wealthy gentlemen ot New ISnglan.l,
whose real object ls to determlue tho
legallty of the.President's actlon.
Mr. Stlmson sald that he had as yet
glven thc complalnt only a cursovy
examlnntlon, but: that he did'not thlnk;
there was any evldence that Prcsident
Koos.volt hdd vlolated hls constltu
tlonnl rlghts in dlscharging the col?
ored soldlers "wlthout hO-iC-r."
The dlstrict attorney added that he
had not declded what he would do bt
the matter; Ita might. he thought,'de
rtiur to the complalnt. or. po.-sibly,
waivo that rlght. and. It he was con
vlnced that he was rlght in accepting
service of the* p'apers, try the caso
upon Its merlts.
I'lnlntirfV Counscl Ti-lk*.
Charles 13. Mellen, of counscl for tho
plalntlff. sald to-day: "I am not at
liberty to tell who the gentlemen back
ot thls actlon are. They wlll dl_elo;u.
thelr Identlty al the propec tlme, ami
somebody wlll be surprlsed. They aro
nll men of national promlnence. They
banded together ln an Informal organl?
zatlon for the purpose of scelng tlnic
poor indlviduals received the rigl.ti.
guaranteed them by the Constltutlon
of the Unlted States. They selected tho
caso of Reld because his dismlssal ap
peared to them to be a partlcularly
flagrant case of vlolatlon of the Con?
stltutlon. He ls a very poor man. ami
could not seek r.edress: hlmself. They
wlll help any other Indivldual. black ir
white. who has been treated ln tho
same maiiner. Theso gentlemen aro
wlthholiling thelr names at present be?
cause they do not want to the Wibljo
to attach any polltlcal ..Igniflcai ce to
thelr action. I can state pos tl.elj for
them that politics has nothlngw a -
ever to do with thelr actlon. which is.
nn.mated by somelhing higher than
that." _" ? |
Stnte Superlntendent. Mnke llcporta
ort Public' Scliools,
t T.VTNI.TON. KY.. Deeembor i? ??
ThV^utures of to-day's sesslon.of. the
Southen. lSdUCatioiml -Copftjonce $$*
were the reports of ? ediieaiionai i>.
Kress tn- the Southern *tates- AV?*?r
P orlda h? JRui'ieri.-t.'n.lent .Willlarn
Ho lowav. of Tallahassee. "eorg'iv wj .
. e. r - son t. .1 by Sunerl n tenden t XV. 15.
U,,.iVi ,.r Atlnnt-.: Kentucky. bv su.
St Nashville: Virgi.'... by Statr Sunor
l"lerban,.d^We.tK^lrglnl"-. ? v Sfflfc
M_thoS_r?w;.Bfl;.cu?-ed by Prosldep
D. R. Johnson. o. Rock HM..S. -Q.,AWt
??Iniiustrial Educatlon. by i-. B. t.lb
son, ?f Columbu..
i ? ?
rsneclnl to Tbe Tlmes-D|-p_tch ) _
S..L.]SBUr'Y. N. C, Decomber '37.?
Whlle attemptlng to behead1 a Vjrgij
turkov gobbler at hls home in Rowan
eountv Tue.day afternoon, Rev.1, H.
l-'esperman. a well.known ..utherart
mlnlster. was pali.tully wounded ln
the hand by the turkey whlch fought
dosperatelv when the mlnlster trUo'to
Place Its neck across , a block- The
mlnlster nnally succeeded ln takln?
Its head, but only after' the turkey
luui sang Its spurs into hls flesh.
_ ... i
AVullne. ,.rre_.ted for Murder.
[Sp.elal ti- Tlie Tlnie.-l>lspntori.)
BR1STOU VA.. Dee, ipber 27.?Luth
cr Wallace, the young man who shot
and kiU.d Lee lildridgo, a mar. of
famlly. ten mlles east of Brlstol.
Christmas afternoon. was capturefl
near Ablngdon; Va.. to-day. The ._*?
.wlll he trled ut Ablngdon, as the klll
Iiir was commltted Just ..cross th?
SUt* Uue. in Vlrginla.

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