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tho TalboH estnto to lhe Wllllnni n.
Trlgj; Hhlpbulldlng Compnny. nnd wns
ufced ns a tnioblno shop nml foundry,
Iho upper floor* belng occuplcii by thn
druuglittng dopnrtmont. Later. t)?o
liulldins wns occuplcii hv tho Sydnor
.Pump and Woll Cimpany. whlch now
hns- thr ailjolnlng proporty. Tlio pr.p
erty of Iho Talbott estato was hrokoi*
up Into -mall Ii'ih ky and sold nt our
llon somo tlmo ago, Mr. Abrnhmi
niookcr bnylng the corivr building,
?Whlch he hns occupled ns n cohl nnd
wood dlstrlhutlng pnlnt, ronttug tlio
hpstalrs. Tho ndjolnlug building wns
lorn down nnd robullt. nml hns slnce
boen occupled by tho Sydnor Pump
Company. tln* Plnla loo Compnny nnd
Ulnford &. Co., maonlhiatB.
l-'lro In A riiTiiiniii.
W. llatchet, nf No. 617 Walker Streot,
,?ufforod n $200 loss hy llre yesti-nluy
nftornoon. Tho roofs of two frnina
houses caught, nnd wore btirnlng rap
Jdly when englne companles Nbfc R nnd
!? and truck company No. 3 arrlved.
5*ho blnzc wa. soon extlngiilshod.
f.OM) ITIsonerS .Mmut nnd Prny Whllo
nulldlnR lliirn..
PITTSBURG, PA., Deeember 29.
Thc* chapel oi the Allcgheny county 1
v.orkhouse, 'ocated nt Claremont, 011 '
the Allegbeny Rlver, twelve mlles
northoast of the clty, was destroyed by
a flre to-day, which was attended by
sensatlona] scenes. There are moro
thsn 3.000 prlsonors in the Instltution,
and .most of these had attended wor
shlp Just a few mlnutes before Chrlst?
mas decoratlo'ns Igntted from an open
, fireplace, and Instniitly the whole In
t< rlor was a dirss of f Inmcs. Thc prls?
oner?, who were on thelr way to tho
liiessroom. wero hurrled to tholr cells
nnd locked up. Then began such a
?chorus of prnyors and Imprecatlons ns
is seldom heard. Somo of thn prlsonors
v.-ore, terfbr-strlckon. more woro^ro,
sentfii), and tho domlnatlng sentlment
of the wnils was that tho tlnmcs mlght
lick up thc ontlre Instltution.
The firo-lighting force of the Itistl
. tutlon conflned the flamcs to the chapel,
vhlch was completoly destroyed. but
soveral tlmos tho admlnlstratlon build?
ing and tho east and west oell wlngs
.were In immlncnt danger. The oxclto
mont contlnued long aftor the flre was
controllcd, nnd ln a number of cases
force had to ho rOSorted to to rostrnln
thc ob8treperous Inmates.
.II*!*.*. It Up l.l.ely Enougll nu Mr.rl_
of Now Ctintlc, Dol.
NEW CASTLE, DEL.. Deeember 20.?
Pamuoi McICnltt came to town lnst
night with a raccoon, whlch had bcon
roared hy Jafnbs Wrlght, who caught
lt whlle lt was young. ' Tho 'coon was
lei. by a ohaln, and ovcrything went
well untll It spled a bulldog owned by
Jorry Keffcrson. Then things liap
Flrst the bulldog snarled. Tho 'coon
inr.de a lunge for the ciinlne, and Me
Knltt wns compelled to relenae it. ln
an Instnnt the ilvellest klnd of a scrnp
wns on. It lasted full flve mlnutes, Thc
fur flcw und tlio dog howlcd lusllly.
Seelng thnt his bulldog wns gettlng
tho worst of lhe encouhter, Jerry Kef?
fcrson nttctnpteii to throttle the 'coon.
A mlnuto later he wlshoU he hadn't.
By the tlme .Terry was ablo to got freo
ho found hlmself badly scratchod and
Aftor a strugglo the owners of the
rospectlvo combatants managod to freo
them. Jorry led tho bulldog to the
ncarest drug store, whero Its wounds,
as woll as hls own, were cauterlzed.
McKnltt procceded Joyfully on hls way
Wlth his |?rlze-llgliting pet.
Ki.mr Faclt. and Figures Sliowlnf
Giguutio. Si'ope nf llu* t'lnn.
-? WASHINGTON. D. O.. Decomber 20.?
Tho onglncors of the Paiiama Cnnul
aro deallng In vast llgures, and tho
ranal record just recelved cpnveya in
a graphic m^nner an Idoa of the inag
r.itudo of the work to be dono upon the
locks of th** cutiul. lt ls stated, for
Instance, tliat the amount of concrete
to be used ln building* thesc locks
would suffice to constr'uet elght-room
city houses of the gencro'us si/.o of
thirty by thirty fect, wlth two storles
and busement, and witli concreto floors
end concrete roof, to tho number of
*:.',S12. Allowlng eacli ot these houses
a seventy-.ive-foot lot, they would
ir.ake a contlnuous streot from New
York to Phlladelphla; wlth enough
houses left over to make a row on
one sldo of the street from Phlladelphla
10 Washlngton. The houses would
furnlsh suburban honios for 120,000
people, dr,' uccordlng to city .stnndanls,
would-.hovree a'population equal to that
of the clty of Mlnhoapolis.
Tkls Im the Slogun Wlilcli In tn llo
Used In l-.viiiigell.itle CuiniitilgUH.
KANSAS CITY, MO., Deeember 2ft.
"Kansas for Christ." ls to be the
slogan In an evangellstlc campalgn
that |s to bc pushed slmultaneousl}
in every county of the Sunflower State
uext year. ,Hundreds of preacliers'ot
varlous denomlnatlons, together wlth
,'numerous evnngellsts, aro to hold re
vlvals. An entire year wlll bo spent
iu the movemeht, and an oftort Is to:
ho made to demonstrate to the whole
i-ouritry what may ho accompllshcd ln
concerted rellglous work carrled for?
ward on strlctly businoss llnes. Tho 10
vival is to be undor the diTectlon and
leaderahip of Rev. Willlam Edward
Blederwolf. who plantud it. Tho un
dertaking wlll be subject to tho gen?
eral suporvislon of a board of two
preaehers- and two laymen from t-neh
denominatlon. Thls body. which has
already boen organlzed, wlth flfteen
denomlnatlons represented, has select?
ed Edward E. Taylor, of Phlladelphla.
as secretary.
Full Illver Mllls Dcclnrc ProfUs of
Over IH IVr Cent.
FALI/RIVKR. MASS., Deeember 20
?Cash dlvidend. of *2,70l,87_ hnv.
been pald out to Btockholdera hy Full
Rlver cotton mllls corporatlons for tho
ycur l'.'OT, accordlng to figures just
comjiiled. On the total capital of ap
?proxlniately $25,475,000 thls dividond ls
aooul 10.07 per cent.
In addItlon to the cash divldendh
thoro havo been stock dlvtdonds of .1.
SOu.000. There have been sonu* 111
creusos ln capital stock In tho past year,
but addlng tho stock dlvldends to
Ihe cash dlvldends the average 011 pros?
ent capital figures ahout 1S.30 per
?cent. Figure'd on tho total capital ot
a year ago. before lhe capital stoeks
wore Incren-sed, tho dlvldends togither
make. a 10.40 por cent. dlvidend. These
dlvldends are the large-t total returns
ever" glven to tho stockholders in J-'all
Rlver mllls in a year. Tne prosperity
has not boen conflncd to the stockhold
r-rs, f..r the operativc-s have boen and
are stlll recelvlng tho hlghest wage.'
ever pald here.
? ,
(Soeclsl to Tho Tlmos.Dtniiatrli.)
BALrSBURV. N. C. Decomber 29.
Two brothers named Clark and a cotn
panlon named Radvr are dead at their
hotne ln thu niountalii section of CiUd*
woll county as a result of n freo
for*ull tU;ht Saturday in whlch tln
threo tnet death al thc hands .,. ea.-li
other, Knivcs werja tho wflapoiin used
and thc Hceno of thc Imttlr* lf snkl
to ln giutsUy, A ihliil particlp9.nl
naiintl Kuilcr, escupt-d after Utln_ so
veruly wounded.
Captain Hobson Will Present a
Bill for tlic Purpose to
Por thc Purpose of Leltiiig llie
People Know What llie Gov?
ernment Is Doing.
WASH1NGTOX, D. C, December ?-".?_
An Official Joui'hul to lio publlshcd
weekly by thc government and oftener
lf necessary. and whlch shall contaln
brlcf notlceM of the Work of the vari
-iis executlve depurtments and lndo
pendent bureaus of the government,
of the Supreme Court of tho Unlted
States and of thc proceedlngs of Con?
gress, so tar ns they may ho _f general
lJUbllc interejst. ls provlded for ln a
bill. whlch Captaln Blchm.nd P. Hob?
son. of the Slxth Alabama Dlstrict.
proposcs to lntroduce after thc holl?
days. The sum of $7...000 Is appro
prlated for equlpmont nnd $27_._Ou for
the oxpense. of Issumg tho publlcation.
Captaln Hnbson has gone to some palns
lo properly convey hls idea of what
the Joiiniul should be nml has had
prlnted a number nf speclmon coples
contalnlng Just .ii'ch inntter irtf would
be expected to flll Ita colunins.
In spcaklng of hls bill to-dnv, Cap?
taln Hobson sald!
"Thc official Journnl ls intended to
miike a connectlng llnk between tho
goVernmenl niul iho people und will
be in effpet n perlodlcal reprosbntntlve
<> tho people of the work done by nll
branches of the government. The.prb
leet grew out of my havlng nseerUiinc |
that a vnst amount of valuable material
did not rencli tlic people for whom lt
was Intended. X hclleve thls journal
wlll bo a means of famlllarlzlng the
people w th the really stupondoua work
Uiat thelr governmont Is dolng, and
wlll rcmove dlstrust and auspleion and
croato n renowed Interest nnd confl
elence among tho inassc. In govcrn
mental affalrs.
"It cannot help but nid the pves.s of
-_.i.?.".''>'? ?Lot onI>' '" furn-slilrig l
?.* .lly. I,ulex"' ,,ut '? creatlng a taste
for . bHiT:1 /?. r:l,Un* matter and
'ol , addiilonnl Informatlon upon Im?
portant Issuos that cnn only be tou _ I -
e.I upon ln tlie lournal."
io.,L_.'P.'?.'?'''.''' '" the ,I'1" t'mt- tho
oiiinni shall i,c nonpnrtisnn and shall
ffntain no edltorl.il nomment: m case
lt should i,o decmeil advlsable. pro
vlston also ls made for the slmulta
neous publlcation of the journnl at one
pon In tho Middle West nnd at one
noint on the Paclflc coast. The journal
is to bo d.strlbuted free.
(Contlnued from Flrst Puge.
cases affectlng tlio brali'l, several ol
the Thaw experts will be in n initch
niiire secure posltlon than thev were
at the llrst trial, when the prosecutlng
-fflcer's woiulerfiii knowlodgo of medl?
clne falrly amazed, and, iii one casc,
Bompletely dumfounded a witness.
Wlll l.nck i:p Jury.
Thaw is looking forward wlth anx
h-ty to the beglnnlng of hls new trial.
Uo feels -that u.11 chance of further
delay ls passed. and wlll onter tho
courtroom with the same confidenco
of acqulttal whlch has marked hls
nltitude from the flrst. It hns beon
deflnltoly declded thut tho Jury wlll be
locked up throughout the trial.
Evelyn Thii.v'N NiiIi'Ihhik Cnnses Mrs. lle
Mlll.- in Close School,
NEW YC.'tK. Decomboi- so.?The name ol
Rvelyn N.-siilt Thaw llguratlvely ls wrltton
acrds. tho voluntary petition tn bankruptc)
lil-.l In tlic Unlted Statea Clrcult Court >?<?_
uoy by Mr*. .Muihll'iu Boatrico Do Mlllo
Byolyn Nesbit Thaw, of tue _ulnt-llke lace
thc chlef tiguro In tho Thaw tragedy, is tlu,
biiulit that has. after a. two-ytmr struggle
fprceii the wldow nr Henry C, De ..lllle. thi
billllant cbllauointor of li-lasoo two decatlct
ago ami tha mother of two -ucoessful play
_>righ__ ni u.-diiy. to piead boforo a court
! luw to bo icalonseil from tlic obllguiloi'
'' her delu... that sho may iimk. a lresl
l-.ii- It wns tbo Btory of E'volyn Xosbl:
Thaw, as it was honril Crom lior own llp.s ut
tho witness stand durlng tho trial of Barr.
K Thaw, last I-obruary, that brought nn
loricty iu tlie fashlonablo school nt I'limptni
l.ako, N. J.. lu whlcli Mrs. Do Mille, tlu
woman or brains and broedlng, sou'gla u
rc-lia'bllltate the fortunb orlppled by the un
expected dciuh of hor huabu.ul.
(ilrl's Story Kuliu.I School.
Yesti rday's nollon wns thn climax of i
HiriiiK nt rlvL?ini-tnn-i'_ thnt havo foliow'ei
ln jt.glcul sequonco? Iho story by Evelyn o
thc llfo of u chorits uirt. anmni: llie teudei
daugluors or fashlonablo famlli.., at tlu
Porr.plon I.uk" sohool; tbo shock to th
fRi,hlonablo cllontolo of the school whei
tliej learned thut thelr daughters had tlu
artlst iiniilol as a companion tor man;
months; tlio vacant sohoolrooms nnd dorml
torlea, wheie boforo thoy htui beon Mlcit,
Threo months aftor tlio endlng <>f ihe tli_
Thaw trial, Mrs, Do Mlllo closod hor school
She .n\. that the struggle iignlnst iho nuto
rioty giiinod througli iho Thaw trial woult
.bo in vuln.
I'urc.il Into I.iinliniptoy.
Mik. Pe Mlllu attempted iignln lo win bar,
fr-rtuno by comlng to this clty and rftartlrij
a play brokerabe buslnoss, wlth ufftces li
tl-?: Astor Thcntr. hullillng. lt ls in then
ufftces thai she has been tolllni,- for man:
month., strlving lu valn nsnlnst coinpetitloi
as the expected cllmax came yesterday lt
tlu; two linea upon the couri oalciutaf?t.lt
pctltlon ol u hanltrupt. i
Mra. De Mlllo called her school tho Pam
tico Hhe Kpent 3.0.000 reflttins the preti'
vllla hy thu Inlic. und well known amonj
tbo fashionable eet hor.elf. .ho had liti].
dlfllculty ln tilllnb' horj clasa-room-s wltl
youiifj glrlH of tho h.si fainlllc..
Slanfonl Whlto seleoted thln school as th
cno ln whlch Bvelyn Nesbit should be odu
Il was at ihls school that Evelyn Nesbit
then a trltlo over slxtcen yoars or uro. foi
Iii wiih appendlcltl8, and ihe no'torloty sur
I'ulinding the oporution wouu! havo boet
sitfficlent ln Hself lo closo the doora of th
acl-.ocil. iisldo from what followed.
K-Pl t'.Hiicul Dlury.
Evelyn kapt u dlary whlle .ho waa a
ihls fu-hloiiiiblo Kchtiol. lt wns there sh
uruto or the "llttlo wblie boil, Ihe Vli'tU
ou.s whlle lu-il"; whero, cynlcallc. sh.
sltr-iched her life as a nun. "Theso iglrl.
buvo beon kept frotn tbe worlil all thol
llves. und tbey know- verv llttla of tlu
liuai. slde of U." "I woiider lunv far lt 1
from Rector:.?"
ln tho dlary roud ut tho trial. ln the di
rect oxumliKilion u( Evelyn. ono line brouglt
i smllo ln tho Noinb.u Mtmosphoto,
"Mrs. Ho MIHu v,?_ vory nlco." Dlstilc
Alli.rney Joiuine read rioin the dlary. "Sh
s-iid. 'Coma rlnht ln.' so 1 juniped oul wltl
the .iclliiy of a Bdiibrotte und proceodiid i1
go lu. Wlien wo drovo up in tho manalon
ilrs, De Millo's son came up, smoklng i
. nnd I miiht cont eas ho Is slniply a ple
i d.scrlbca hlni."
iJ tnuli.
Charged .Vllli Kllllng Urolhrr Oflicer
I.ciilcs Thm lle Did tlie ..bootlug,
_^ BEltUN". December 20.?Captaln vo
Goeben, BtaUoned at Alleust.lh. lia
boen arrested ln connectlon wlth th
doath of_ Major von Hchoonbeck, i
brother Oflicer, who waa tiliot dead o:
Frlday last.
Krom ihc- appcarance of the bod'
and tho fact that a fully loaded re
volver lay besldo It. It ts presumeU tha
Major von Schoenbcck, roturnlng liom
late at night, heard somo ono de
..cididlng tlio Btalra leading from hi
Wlfe'a rooms. I.iravving tho rcvolvei
ho weiu ti> meet the Intruilor, whe
however, killed hlm beforo lio vouli
Captaln vm Qooban adrplia that _
u-a.. in the major',. houso the nlgh
beforo 11.?-?-iiody wus found, but de
cltu-e. thut hc wus tnnoceiit of th
. . 1IKHO.
??line eellpse nf tlie sun."
Hverybody Is Stocking Up for the Prohibition
Draug_it---Procession of Jugs and Bottles From
800 Condemned Saloons to the Homes
of Prohibitionists and Others.
ATLANTA, GA., Decomber 2!).---Near?
ly every saloon In tho Stato Is dls
playlng tho followlng legend:
Ilush, littlo bar-room,
Don't you cry,
You'U ho a drug store
By and by.
Mennwhllo Georglnns ure buylng
whlskey as if possessed witii the Idea
that whon prohlbltlon goes Into effect
on January lst llquor wlll dlsappear
from the earth. An endlOHS processlon
of bottlos and jugs lias boen movlng
from tho soo saloons and wliolesnle
llquor houses of Georgla for tho lnst
three weeks. i
Tho llquor is not helng bought for
Immediato consumptlon, but. ls stored
awav In antlcipatlon of the great
diought thnt wiil strlko Georgia after
tlie llrst day of .lanuary, 100S.
A curlous foaturc of thls whlskey
buylng Is th.il lt. ls. not conflned t"
whlskey usors. As a matter of fact,
saloohlsts stato thut persons who do
not tisu whlskey aro showing more
anxtety ahout laylng In a supply than
thoso persons who use ll regulsuly. ln
many cases prohlbltlonlsts have stock
ed thelr closcts with a supply of In
toxlcants not for' use as a boverage,
but so that It may be handy in case
of necesslty.
It Ia sald tliat on laat Thursday the
cash sales of one Atlanta ilrm which
operates a dlstlll-iy aiui mills any
quantity from a quurt up. aggregatod
over $20,imHI. And nearly nll of the
whlskey went into the closdts of
Georgla homes.
It should be borne In mlnd that tho
State prohibition law really affeeted
only a few countles in Georgla. Undor
the" local optlon law tho prohlbltlonlsts
had Kuoceedcd ln votln'g whlskey out
of 12f> countles boforo they moved for
a State prohlbltlon stntute.
When tho Leglslature paased the
general law, saloons were In opera
tlon in Georgia only at Atlanta. Au?
gusta, Miieon, Columbus, Savannah, Al
b'any Amorlcus nnd Brunswick. In a
few' other countles, posslbly twelve.
tliere wore ho saloons, but dispensarles
wero operdted by tho county and mu?
nlclpal authorltles, and th.; proflts used
for local gbvornmoht purposes.
Although saloons exlsted ln so few
countles they pald a groat sum ln
t.axe*- as slnce tho prohlbltlon torces
becamo so strong thoro has beon a
steady increase in tho lloen.se.
For instance, In Atlanta there-aro
132 saloons and each pald-.a llcense
of $2,000 to the clty and JJ00 to .tho
State.' Tho Allanta llcense. howovei,
was the hlghest In Georgla.
Accordlng to figures glven nt tl
State Capitol there ure 800 saloons ln
Georgia. and thoy pay the Stato $-10.
000. Tho munlclpal llcense pald,> >S
theso saloons amount!) to about *M?u*
000. so thnt the State and munlclpall
Heavy Constructlon in the South
2!).?Several hundred mlles of railroad
havo been constructed ln the South
during 1907, and lt Is estimated that
moro than $75,000,000 havo boen spont
by tlio rallroads of the South in im
provlrig tho systems during thc past
twelve months.
The largest contrnct glven during
thc* year was in Southwestern Virglnia,
where the Soutli and Western
Railroad ls belng constructed. Thls
work has been from different polnts in
the iron nnd coal sectlons pf Virglnia
nnd West Virginia, via Bristol, to pointa
ln North Carollna. where conncctlons
wlll be mado wlth the Seaboard ar.d
klndred liucs. lt ls sald to be a part
of the great Tldewater system. Whon
completed the line wlll bo over 150
mlles in length, and wlll cost nearly
$100,000,000. It ls . through a very
rough section. and tho tlilrty-livo or
fortv mlles completed during 1907 ng
gregated a total cost of nearly $15,000,
000. Tho cut of one tunnel was ln ex
C08S Of $2,000,000.
Tho Qttoen nml Croscent hus done
douiile trncklng to tho extcnt of over
$15,000,000. Work cdntlnups on the
Southern's Lookout Mountain tunnel.
but other inip.oveiiients ure suspended.
Thirty mlles of tho Savnnnah, Augus?
ta and Northorn havo licon grutlod. The
contract for constructlon of tho Sn
viinnah to Chattanooga ls for $12,000,
Tho Tldewater dovelopnienta ln Vir?
glnia. tho Flaglor and other systems
In Florlda, nnd nunicrous enterprlsos
ln Loulsluna and Mlsslssipp 1 havo boen
very nctlvo in tho yenr just completed.
Thero aro numerous coal lines ancl.,
mlnor branch systems of dlffereiu rnll
ways whlch havo boen started nnd com.
plotod during 1907.
I'rolilhltlont.t. Start u Ctinipalsn to Outlaw
tho Saloons.
JACKSON', MISS.. Decomber 29.?Dr. W.
T. Lowcry. prosldent of Mlsslssippl Collogo
and ohali-man nf tha Stulo Prohibition com?
mlttee.. yetuorday Issued thls nppoul, whlch
oiioiiu a ctimp-il.n tor coastltutloaal proldb
iu..|i ln Mlsslssippl:
"Tha tlmo Is probuhly now upon us whan
tli-i majority <>f growu whito' peoplo ln evory
county, cQuntlns both womon and nu*n, do
slr.) tho nbolitlon of the dram shop. Tho
women cannot vote. Jmi .urely our loglnla
l..i r: ou .hl to regard tholr wlshes ln u ques
ti.iii llko llili". Klsler Statca uic nutlawlng
tha saloon aiui our jjt-iu Suito ought not to
Iur behlnd.
I'Yo-.ir committeo (le.lren lo aslj iho !.,(????
Muturc tn ailopi a statuta whlch wlll muk..
Iho laws now ln foroo ln local opilon oimn
llon ni.ply lo all .MlssUslppi. AVe hopa thnt
tln muk l._i,'l_l;uinu wlll ult.-i waul uuljn.it
tlos loso about $1,000,000 In rovonuo
by the. prohlbltlon law. In addltlon to
thoso soo saloons there nre ftve largo
brewertes located at Atlanta. Macon,
Augusta. Savannah and Columbus.
Thero aro also slx largo grain illstll
lorles ln tho State. And tho hrowerlos
and distlllerles go out with tho saloons."
lt ls edtltnated thnt the 800 saloons
nnd tho brftwerlcs and distlllerles rcp
resont an iiivestinent of ahout $4,000,'
000. Thls estlmate. of course. excludos
liquors aml heer on hand and ap'plles
only to bat- flxtures and to plants .and
appliances used hy broweriCs nnd dls
lillorles to manufacture.
ll Is nlso estimated that there aro
7,000 persons in Georgla who are dl
rectly or irtdlreclly connected wlth tho
whlskey luisiness and Who must loavo
tho State if they wlsh to contlnue in
tho U(|iior tral'flo, or if they. remain
must engago In other llnes of trade.
Tho wholesalers will move to "tlier
States and contlnuo the llquor businoss.
Tlio majority of them have arrangeil
to open at Chattanoogn, Tonn., nnd
Jacksonville, Fla., and they hope to do
a rushing express buslness iu iieor
gla. The Indlcntlons are that they wlll
not lu: dlsappolnted. Some of tlie re.
titllers will go to other states and open
saloons, but the majority will remain
In (ieorgia and engage ln other lines
of business. generally cigars. tobacco
and soft drinks.
The prohlbltlon law falls hardest on
I tho brewers; who have lnvested largely
| lu valuable real estate and inachlnerj*.
i lt Is sald that the brewers aro ttxperl
j mnnttng with a "jagless" boer. antl
I wlll put it on tlio market soon aftui
I Janunry lst;
Thoro has been no decroaso of rent.
although hu'ndreds of houses havo been
made vacant hy tho prohlbltlon law. ln
i Atlanta all central saloon propertjes
I havo been takon for othor lines ol
buslness at Incrensed rentals, and re?
ports Indlcate that the sntno Is trui
In tho other cltlos of tho State affecteil
hy tho law. Of course thoro has been
a decrease in tho rental ot thu proper
tles occupled hy tho "dlvc" fealooris
i but many buslness mon seem to thlnk
! thls is a good thlng. as It wlll force
| owners to Improvo thu proporty and
I thus mako the strocts on whlch thc
"dlves" aro located, respectable.
Tho gonoral oplnlon seerhs io bo that
tho law wlll ho strlctly enforced ex?
cept ln a few localitics. Sotue trouble
ls expected ln enforclng the law iri
Savannah and Augusta. Tho prohlbl?
tlon sentlment ls not so strong In
thoso cltles. nnd It ls prodlctod that
there wlll be many "bllnd tlgers. 1 lu
! negrues aro vlowing the npproach ol
I prohlbltlon with dulefiU faces.
I It Is safo to sav that tho whito pcr
1 sons wlio have tholr closets stockei
! wlth liquors and who let tho news gol
i abroad among tho negrpps; will hayc
! iio trouble wlth the servant probleir
aftor January 1, 1908. _
a conBtitutlonal omendment to tho peopla
and glvo thom a chance to mako any l??
auihorlilng dram shops uncoii-tliutlonul.
"To further tbe above purpnsas the corn
mltiee Is calliim- for a raoss meeting of 3il_
S!l_ Ippl prohlbitlotil-ts to ho. hold ln thc
citv oi Jackson on January 0. 190S.
Georgia to Be n Stute .Vlicrc Every
* One Pnys to ltlde.
ATLANTA, GA., December -3.?The
issuanco of froe passos by all common
carfiera in the State will cease on
January lst, ln compllunce wlth a gen?
eral order recently Issued by the State
Rallroad Commls-lon. The order pro
hlblts the Issuanco of free transpor?
tation by all railroads. stoamboats,
stroet railwnys und common carrlora
in the State. Even city flremen, po
llcomen and othor clty omployen who
havo horetol'ore ridden froo wlll be
compelled to pay thelr fare. All al.
lltil interests aro cut off. and the only
cxeeptlen. are thoso provlded for ln
'ho Ilepburn law, ua lt appllos to intcr
.?.tai? commerce.
Forecast: Virginia and North Caro?
lina?Kuin Monday and possibly 'tues?
day; fresh east wlnda.
Pklclimond's wedther wns ralny nnd
cool. Thermbmoter at midnight, 4t>.
(At _ P. M. l'-astoi'ii Tlme.)
Placo, Ther. H.T. Weather.
?rvshovllle . 40 6ii Batn
Augusta .C-' ?l rtaill
Atlahtu. 00 160 Batn
Buffalo .86 thi Hain
Chlcago . 84 ' 30 Kain
Cinclnuati .41 48 Cioudy
Davenport . 3'J 34 Kain
Dotrolt ..-,.34 31 Kain
l-Iatteraa .5il __ Cioudy
jaoksonvlllo _ OS 7S P. cioudy
Kansas Clty. 40 _2 l.ain
Memphls .G4 0. P.aln
New Orleans. 70 76 Cioudy
Okliihoina Clty., 4S 60 Clear
Plttsburg .50 50 Cioudy
Ralolgh . 46 5B ltatn
Ssivunntili .80 7? Kain
Norfolk .415 4U K.tln
Tampu . 70 .0 Clear
.Vltnilngton . 5_ 0- Kuin
Docember 30, 1007.
Sun rlses. ., ,77:2(1 ilU.JlTlDi-.
-Sun sets.4:5. Mornlng.12:30
Moon rlsva,, ,_:37 l.veulnu;.- ? ?? t:tU
Fire Committee to Hear Nelson's
Application fpr Permit to
Erect Carriagc-Housc.
Manchester Bureau, Tlmes-Dispatch,
No. 1102 Hull Stroot.
Tlie Plre Committeo has beon called
to meet to-morrow nlght to conslder
thc applieatlon of W. II. Neison for n
permit to eroct a carrioge house at
Tenth and Balnbridgo Streets. Con
sldernblo oppositlon from somo of thc
cltlzens and proporty owners ot thc
vlclnlty ls oxpocted lo dovelop. Tho
applieatlon will be opposcd on thc
ground that owing to its closo prox
Imlty to tho now High Seliool bulld'
ing, tho "slte of thc proposed post
oftlce. the Klks' Hcimu and the Baptlst
Church tlio place Is not -a prope'r ono
for the location of such a structurc.
These cltlzens declare that the build?
ing will hc unsightly and tliat a struc
ture of thln character should not bc
placed on a rcsldential street.
.Mr. Neison ls naturally much dis
turbed ahout the matter. lie says the
building wlll cost ovor $2,000, wlll not
be unsightly and wlll not be used as
a stable. For hls part he does not de
slre to eroct lhe building should It
be a menace to tho communlty.
t'ersonnln aml llrlrfn.
Mrs. Frank Fitzgerald, of Flfth and
Hull Streets, ls qulte slck.
The Sundav-school of thc Sacred
Heart Church will have Us annual
Christmas entertalnment at the Sunday
: school to-morrow nlght.
i Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Bradley on Sat?
urday afternoon entertulned at n matl
nee dance, glven ln Leader Hall ln
honor of their daughter, .Mlss Kcba,
who is a student at thc Mary Bnldwin
Semlnary thls year.
On Friday nlglit the Sunday-school
of Cowardln Avenue Christian Church
will givo a Christinns entertaimnenl
at the church.
Misses Tina and Kleannr Childress,
InccompanlecT hy thelr brother. Goorgo.
are spendlng tho holidays wlth rela?
tlves in Baitimore.
i Mr A. W. Cooper. of Wavcrly. Va.,
land Mr. .). V. Sutton, of Columbla; S.
i C. nro guests at tho Lafayette House,
I The funoral of Mrs. Lucy Queens
herry will tnke placo from her late
residence In Swansboro thls morning
nt 10 o'elock. The Interment will bo
made ln Maurv Cemetery.
It.ililil .AiiMvprn I'rcxlilciif Ellol of Hnr
viird*, SnjH .leivs Are Men of I'enee.
BOSTON. MASS.. Deeember 20.?An
sworlng tho reeont i-pmnrk.-j of Presi?
dent Charles W. Kliot, of Itnrvard Unl?
verslty, to a soclety of Jewlsh young
riion at the college, whom he advlsed tc
join tho mllltln, in order to regaln thi
anclent martlal splrlt of fsrael, Rabti'
Charles Flelscher dellvered a sermor
nt lo-day's servlces at tho new Templc
Israel. The rabbl said in part:
"I was shockod to read Prosldent
Ellot's advlce to the Jews. He snk
that the Jews wore Inforior lo other.
|n physlcal developnicnt and in stature
and he suggostcd that the young mer
joln the mllitla and cultivate the mar?
tlal splrlt of thelr ancestors.
"In so far as Presldent Ello't plcadcc
for physlcal development and out-of
door llfo, I nordlally sympathlze wltl
hls Ido.i. But when Presldent Ellol
harks hack to 'tho glorluus tlmes v.her
the Jews had a martlal splrlt," thc los;
of. which he deplores, ancl to regair
whlch ho urgos them to loln lhe mlll.
tla, then, as a Jew. as an Amerlcar
as a man, I protest ngalnst hls utter
"The Harvard sage errs in assertins
that thore ls no reason why the Jews
should not make good flghters. Thon
happens to be thc bost of reasons. Thc
Jew has got out of tho hnbit of fight
Ing. Ho has lost thn prlmltlvo man':
desire to kill. because. ho has so long
been clvlllzed. You can't brutalls_c
him agaln.
'?I am happy to feel tliat. in thi
main. President Ellot's appeal lo thi
Jows must ho in valn. because by loiu
tradition, your avorago Jew bellevet
that 'Israol's nilsslon ls p'ence.'l
l.cuds lliriin .Iominicnts (o tlio Metro
liolltnii Museum ol' Arl,
NKW YORK, Docembor 29.?Ono o
the most famous art treasures o
Franco, tho Biron Monumeuts, havi
beon bought by J. Piorpont Morgan
and now reposo ln 1ho Melropolltui
Museum of Art. Nows of the purchasi
becamo known to-day. It ls knowi
lluil tho cost of the monunients. whlol
conslst of two groups, "Tlio Entomb
niont" and "Our Lady of Plty," wai
large. Mr. Morgan has not glven then
lo the lhusoum. but hns lont them fo:
an Indotlnlto time.
? The inonuments woro ereo.ted by Pon
de C.ontaut, knight and followor o
Charlos VIII.. ln tho chapel of thi
Chateau do Blron at tho ond of th.
tlftepnth contury.
The names of the soulptors aro un
known. Eight figures of natural slz.
composo "The Entembment," whlch i
tho larger and more Important of th.
two works.
- - . r* -
Colllston ut Son.
NEW YORK, Docembor 20.?The Nor
woglan steamor Claf Kyrre. Cnptnli
Pedersen, whlch arrlved to-day lron
Havana, reported that thls morning sln
passod a throo-mastod sohooner ln hal
last wllh Jlhboou gono and forosal
luinglng over iho sldo. All othor sail:
wero Htnndlng. Tho vessel's hull wu
pninted whllo und lhe stern hluck. Sh.
ovtdeiitly had been lu a colHslon. For
ty mlnutes lator tho Claf Kyrro pass
od a suhiiioi'goil schoonor wlth twi
nuisis stlplcing out of thu water*
Stunned by Blows and Then
Drowned in Shallow
NEWAll.C. N. ,f? December 20.?
Slunned by blows on the lieud nnd
then thrust hcud foremost Into a pool
of wnter was tho inannor of death nf
tho woman whoso ntldo body wns found
on thc Hackeneaok ineadnws, In tho
town of Iliiri'lnon last Thursday.
Thla grewsomc story was told to
nlght at Ihe ntitopsy, whlcli left no
doubt hk to the iletulls of tho mur
dcroiis work. Thc body ls helioy'od to
be that of Agnes O'lCeefe, a domestlc,
who had been employed by sovcral
furiilllos In Orange.
The physlclans dlscovered that the
%voninn had heen atruck twlce on the
buck of the head wlth such foroe us
to rendcr h ir unconscloua, and that
whlle In thls state, nnd stlll breath
itig, sho wns pltched head foremost
into tho pool where she wns dlscov?
Tho water at tlie spot was shallow,
nnd the head strtiek tha bottom wlth
aufflclent vlolence to rcroll ln the wuter,
so thnt her ilylng gasps drew Into tho
liings blts of nshes nnd clnders. Thoro
wero two rtbrnsloil.. at tho luino of tlie
brnlii. behliid the rlght ear. Aftor in
lllctlng those, the physlclans deter
inlnoil, tho murderer fllt tlie wotnnn'H
clothing from the ne<:k down. Thls
rent wns skllfully dono. for though tho
cnttlng wus made wlth hardly more
thnn u slngle movement of a keen
edged weapon, that stroko made its
wiiy tlirough every thlcknesH of cloth?
ing, nnd at no tlme did the polnt or
tlio knlfe enter the body.
That tho weapon wns not used to ald
the murder Is bcllevd to bo duo to the
hopo of the nssussiii thnt tho caso
might bo mlstnken for one of aulclde.
Tho shoes and stockings were pulled
off wlth brutal haste and then selzed
by the foot, tho wouian was stood falr
ly on her head In the wnter and so
hold untll she wns ileaei. The organs
Indlcnted that tho womun had uecd al
cohollc stlmulnnls, but that nhe had
I not done so to oxces...
Tho detectlvcR are hnrd at work trac
! ing thc llfe of Agnes O'Kecfe. anel by
thls nienns hope lo arrest tlie inur
I derer.
j Mrs. Illintlnginu Onr> of tlu- Chlef Pur
i'Iiiinit . of tlic Kiiiiii Collection.
j LONDON, December 20.?The plck of
| the Kann Art Collection, purchased
by Duveen brothers last Augu.t for a
i suni rcputed to hc ln the nelghborhood
of $1,000,000. has gone to America. onfe
i of thc chlef purchaaers being Mrs.
: Collla P. Iluntlngton. The plclures
taki n by Americans Includes several
| rembrandta, among them belng thc
j famous "An Old Woman Cuttlng Her
j Nalls," pninted ln IS."..-. nnd hls noted
I work. "Crosslng tlie Atlaiitlc."
There aro severnl plclures by Prani
j Hals nnd Itoger Van t.er Wciden, and
j Vermeers, "Young Glrl Aaleep." and
tlio only Velasques ln the Kann col?
lection, "Bust of a Young Glrl."
Tho names of thc Americans who
I outbld tbe Europeans for those works
of art have not been publlshed. wlth
! the e.xceptldn of that of Mrs. Huntlng
i ton.
Seliooiier Vlmbu . Ilntlercd to 1'leeen la
a l.nle.
BOSTON, MASS.. December 29.?Cap?
taln John B. Stahl and seven mem?
bers of the crew of tho four-mastfM'
schooner Nlthbus, whlch was wrecked.
in a storm off Cape HattcraB. were
brought to port to-dny abonrd the
steamer Admlral Snmpson. The men
camo from Port Antonlo, where they
wero left by the steamer Beatrlce,
whlch rescued them.
Captaln Stahl sald he left Phlladel?
phia Deeembor 8th with a cargo of
it em plpe. and ran Into thc storm. The
cargo became loosened and tlie heavy
plpeti pounding back and fourth soon
openod senrns through whlch the sens
poured. At inldnlght the vessel wns
all but completely suhmerged, when,
in response to slgnuls. thc Beatrlce
came to the rescue. taklng off the
crew at great risk and with t-xtrenio
KuriiKdl nt Seclng Her Wlth Another
Mnn, 11c Shot Her nnd Hlnuielf.
WAKEPIELD. MASS., December 20.?
Eriragcd at the slght of the glrl he
loved walklng wlth unother, Fred M.
Sulllvan, aged twenty-flve, to-night
sei'/ed Mlss Mary E. McFaddcn. aged
elghteen, shot her twlce through the
left shoulder and twlce through tho.
stomach. The young man then put a
bullot through the back of hls head,
and rulsed tho scalp at the top of hls
head wlth another. The glrl wlll dle,
but Sulllvan's wound.1. are not con
sidered dangerous. The shootlng to
nlght was Sulllvan's second attack on
Miss McPadden. On August 10th lost,
he met tho glrl on the stroet and shot
her In tho leg. He was allowcd to go
on pnyment of a flne.
I.omloii Horse Slio.v.
Prcllmlnary prlzo lists for the sec?
ond annual exhlbltlon of the Interna
tlonal Horse Show Association ln Lon?
don next season hnve been prepared.
Tho show Is scheduled to open at Olym
pla on Thursday. June ISth, and to end
on Saturday. June 27th. One hundred
and forty-six classes are to bo judged,
as against 124 last year. Heavy har?
ness classes havo been increased in
number from flfty-flve to seventy-two,
saddle classes from nlne to thlrteen,
and appolntment classes from sixteen
to twenty-threo. Two gold challenge
cups, costing ?500 each, havo been
offered for park and road four-tn-hand
tennis, the trophles to bo won twlco
beforo becomlng, tho proporty of tho
successful exhlbltor. Entrles to tho
show wlll closo on May 20th.
XiiKrii .Vonicu Arrested.
Itachel Garter nnd Alberta Mosoley,
both colored. wero arrested yesterday
on tho 'charg-. of belng dlsordorly and
fightIng tn tho street. Alberta wns
also charged wlth assaultlng fiachol
nnd with broaklng ono of tho wlntlows
In Itnchol's houso. lt was thls holnous
offenso that stnrtod the hair-pulllng.
and then iv pollceman camo along and
arrested both, .
Another oil Vcln. ,
JEJNNINGS, LA., Decomber 29,?Fr0m
a new well which camo In yeaterday
on 'a tract fully a, fpiarter milo south
wost of the proven field, gushlng about
3,000 barrels per day, oil to-day began
forcing hlgh in the air, ostlmated by
oil experts to be dolng at least 5,000
barrols dally. A great deal of exclte
ment provaila at the tielda, owing to
the fact that another voln has beon
SCBUGGS.?Tho funeral of llttlo BES.
SIE ESTl-LU- SCP.UGGS wlll tako
placo from tho, home of hor parents,
John T, and Uoorgia ? A. fcoruggs,
2119 EflHt Grace Streot THIS (Mon.
tlay) MOUNING nt 10:30 o'clock. In
tornumt at Oakwood. Prlmids of tho
fnmlly aro Invltcd to altond.
Mrs. Semplc, Once Mistrcss of
White House, to Bc Buricd
at Wiltiamsbiirg.
Nicce Attackcd by Rob'bcr Wliilo
Going from Aunt'5 Death
_ ._
WASHINGTON, D. C, Docomhor 2H
--Tho remalns of Mr?. Letltla Tyler
Sempl.. who dled ai the Loulso Home
lust nlght, wlll be takou to Williams
hurg for Interment. Tho funeral sor
vlcos will he conducted hy Blshop S*t
terlee at the Loulse Homo at 0 o'elock
In th. morning, after whlch tho re?
malns wlll be sent to WilUamsburg on
the Seaboard Alr Line train, leavlng
thls clty nt 10:50 o'elock.
Mrs. Semplo waa a nloco of Presl?
dent John Tyler, and wns mlstress of
the Whlte Houso during her uncle'a
prosldentlal term. Sho was olghty
soven yoars of age. Presldent Hoose
volt and Mrs. Roosevelt hav. rroqucnt
Iv showii courtesles to thls formor
Whlte HoiiHC mlstress. On several oc?
cnslon.-. speclal Invltatlons have been
Sent lier to affali'H al tho Whlte Houso.
These Invltatlons, howevor, have nl?
ways iieen decllnod, as Mrs. Semplo
liiiM been bllnd and vory dobllltated for
some yoars.
MlnM Tyler liiiii'linl nnd Itolibed.
Ml?w Lcnclu Tyler, who ls n nloco
of Mrs. Somple. wns knocked down
nnd robhed Ih front of hor boardlng
house last nlght on returnlng from
the death ohninher of hor aunt.
Mlss Tyler. who was formerly of
Ttlchmond, and 1. now a clork In IU?
War Deparlmont, was ro.llevcd of h#r
purse contalnliiR' $6, somo ltichmond
car tlckets nnd a penknlfo. Oecupants
of hor boardlng houso saw tho foot
pnd strlko her; saw hor fall. nnd saw
hlm t*cl7.o hor purso and mako hls
escape. She was stlll unconsclous whon
they reachod hor slde, but suffcred
no serlous Injury. Sho thlnks eho wns
struck wlth a sandbag, as thoro was
no ubraslon of tho skin. She Is sixtv
yoprs of ago. The pollco have no c.uo
as to thc Iclontlty of tho robber.
Oecnn I.lnrrn Creep Inio Port Hcnrlnc
Srarx of Storm.
NEW YOHK, Deeember 2!?.?A fleet
of seven transatlantlc steamors?lhe
Campania, Ccdrlc, St. Louls. Pannonln.
Prctorla, Caronla and Mlnneapolls
came c-rceplng Into port to-dav, hear
Ing sc'ars of battllng seas whlch hold
tho Ilners back and dolnyed thom a
day ln tholr trlp across the Atlantlc.
On Chrlstmas Day tho storm was so
heavy thut only a dozen of tho cablu
passengers of tho St. Louls went t<>
tho dtnlng-rooni for dlnner. None of
the steamors were sorlously demagod.
though at one tlme the offlcers of tho
Prctorla used oll to calm lhe turbuletlt
Tlie Campania brought $3,000,000 iu
specle, and tho O.-dric, $1,200,000.
llr?. (iurlund II. Clnrke.
Mra. Oarland II. Clarko djed at 1
o'elock yesterday at hor homo on Chost?
nut Hill, after an IIIiicsk of seven days.
Mrs. Clarke was formerly Miss Henrl
etta Chriatlan, tho daughter of profes?
sor Ileath Jones Christian and Martha
Turner Christian. She ls survlved t>y
her husband and by six chlldron?Chrls
1IAU Clarke, of Richmond: Douglas
Clarko. of Hamllton. Ohlo; Hcath M.
Clarke. of the Amerlcan Locomotive
Company. and Misses Arrle. Itebocca
and Mlldrcd Clarke.
Mrs. C'.arko was devoted to church
work and was promlnent ln the o.flalrs
of Eplphany Church, Barton Holghts.
She was presldent Of tho Woman's Aux?
lllary. presldent of tho Church Worlc
ors nnd a member of the Daughters of
the Klng; and Im every department was.
falthful, adding a strong Intolllgence to
an unusual splrlt of dovotlon.
The funeral will take placo from
Eplphany Church at 11 o'elock to-nior.
row morning. Tho Interment will bc
Mrs. Snrnli Frances llnril.%*.
Mrs. Sarah Frances Hardy, widow of
James C. Hardy. who was for many
yoara promlnontly connected with tho
liailego Mllls, dled suddenly at tho
homo of her son-ln-law, Mr B. L.
Barnes, in Sherwood Park, Saturday
nlght at 11 o'elock. ln the sc-venty
soconil year of her age.
Although she had not been strong
for several months. Mrs. Hardy sceniod
iu her usual health Saturday. and that
nlght she occupled her place at the
supper table, and read tho evening
papcrs beforo rctiring. Shortly after
golng to her room she hnd a
honiorrhage, as thc result of ihe rup
ture of a hlood-vossel leacllng to. tho
heart, and In a few moments passcd
pcaccfully away.
Mrs. Hardy was thc daughter of the
late Captaln Lawson it. Danod, who
was a c-harter member of the Old Sld?
ney Methodlst Church, whlch ls now
the Park Placo Mothodist Church.' Of
the latter. she, wlth her husband. was
a devoted member for ma,ny years.
She leaves four chlldron?Mrs. Charlos
M. Goodwln. Mrs. Robert __?.. Barnes.
Mlss Catharlno Hardy and Mr.' Lawson
E. Hardy?nll of Richmond.
The funeral will tako place at tne
Park Plaoe Methodlst Church thls af?
ternoon at 3 o'elock. The pastor. the
Rev. IvI S. Colonna. wlll be asslsted
in the service by the Bev. Dr. W. C.
James, pastor of thc Grovo Avenuo
Baptlst Church. The Interment wlll
be made ln Holly wood.
Tho followlng wtll act as pall
beActlve?Messrs. Samuel H. Cotxre.l.
Joseph Blanton, W. W. Walke, Elwood
Tlller, R. W. Gary and James A. Moi -
11 Honornry?Dr. J. A. Hillsman. Messrs,
Gllbert Hunt, Douglas Taylor. Lhar os
K. Wlllls, Wllliam B. West and Major
A. L. Courtnoy. ?
BROWN ING?Dletl. at ;^^>y?i<l<;.,, ??;
BltOWNING, ln thu fiCty-ninth yoar
of hls ago.
Funeral notlco ln ten
Lvnchburg, Washington and Bai?
timore papors please copy.
CLARK E.?Dled; nt hor ? residence, N<*.
200 Fourth Avenuo, Chostnut Hill,
Sunclav, Deeember 29th. at '_? l. w..
wlfe of Garland H. Clarke.
Funoral from Eplphany Church Bai
ton Holghts, at 11 A. M. TUESDAY,
Deeember 31st. Prlvato Interment.
Baltlmoro papers pleuao copy.
GFORGE.?Dled. Decomber 2Sth, JOHN
' Funeral servlces from ist. James
Ep'lacopnl Church TUESDAY Decom?
her 31st. at 12 o'elock. Friends of
the famlly aro re.spectfully lnvited
to nttend.
HARDY.?-Dled, suddenlv. on tho nlght
.f Docembor 2Sth. Mra. SARAH F.
HARDY, widow of James C. Hardv.
Funeral THIS (Monday) AFTKK
NOON at Park Placo" Methodlst
Church nt 8 o'elock. Intermont in
THOMPSON.?Dlecl, at his BUo resl
clonce, No. 60C North Thlrd Stroot,
ALFRED THOMPSON, at eight niln
. ntes nftor 12 o'elock Sunday morn?
ing. aftor a long lllness.
Hls funoral wlll tako plaee from
tho Flrst Baptlst Church TUESDAY
nt 2 o'elock, Frlonds ure lnvltod tu
attend. .

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