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senators Aldrich ancl Cranc Will
Support AVar Secretary for
Report Rcgardc.cl as Narrowing
Presidcntial Contest to Taft i
and Huglies. '
Tlme. -ni.pntcb I3ur.--.i_.
Munsey liulUlliii'.
?.V.-shlnirtuu, li. C, Dec, 3".
That Sciifitor Aldrich wlll suppprt.tho
ITcsiiicntlal cancliilucy of Sccretai-y
Taft Is stated upon iihlmpeachablc
authorlty to-day. ln tho same conrioo
tion it mny be stated that 'there fd
(i'ppafcnlly c-quall;. good authorlty fov
the statcmcnt thnt Sonutor Murray
Crane. of Masauchuaettu, hns glven tlie
aft people nssurnnce that he wlll sup
port tho candidacy of the Seereiary ai
tor lhe nomlnatlou to succeod Mr.
.Ignlflcartco of thesc* two stnte
can ocarcely bc ovorcstlninlCd.
Assurnlng that thoy are correct, nf
which there la llttle room for doub't,
they are- belleved to moan the nomi
jiaiion of Mr. Taft or Oovernor Hughes-.
It I? stated that ..ecrel.-uy Taft has
assuro.j Senator Aldrich that thc lat
tor's friends, compoeing what hns come
to oe termed -'the System." shall not
).e harmed during the Ohloan's occu
pancy of the executive chalr.
Wlthout some such assurance lt is
rccarded by many as ridleulous to sup?
pose that elther the Senator from
Rhoda lsland or the Senator from Mas
taohusetts would stipport any man.
Spellsr lioom for Doonilets.
If tlio pftwa told i:i thc foi-golng
paragraphs be correct, and there ls
i.'ood reason to bellfvc huch ls the
case, lt m.infs an early death to thc
Cannon and Knox und Foraker anc!
Falrbanks booms. Tho four candidates
named havo from the tlrst been re
grarded as candldates of "the System,"
as agalnst Mr. Roosevelt aml his poll
?-les. Mr. Roosevelt is supportlngSec
retary Taft, so that the Secretary of
War would havo the support of "tho
System" and of the admlni.stra.lon at
the same tlme. Thc hopes of any
of the four candldates wlthout such a
combinatlon behlnd hlm would dle In
a day.
Rut thls docs not apply to Gover?
nor Hughes, who Is looked upon as
standlng for preclsely the same poli
cies Presldent Roosevelt has so vocif
erously advocated. The Presldent,
however, does not admlt as much.
Many storles havo been clrculuted.
bearlng a faint White House marl;, to
tho effect thr.t Oovernor Hughes was
piuying to the "other side." as evl
denced by hls veto of the 2-cent rato
law, passed by thc New York Leglsla?
ture. There is not thc sllghtest doubt
that thc President would prefer to see
clinost any man secure the nomlnatlon
tu havlns lt-go to tfce Governor of New
But should it be found that "thc.
System," as represcnted by Senator
Aldrich and Senator Cranc, ls backlnjc
Secretary Taft, it would meau tho
ni lena tlon of a large section of tho j
masses of tho Republlcnn voters, even
though tho acimlnlstratlon wgro wlth
"tho Systcrn."-It I.s just possltlo that |
In such a conlingency tho rank a\id llie
9" the party would break away vfrom
thc* leadorr. and nomlnate a man Xiki.
Hughes or La Follette. elther of whVtn
has tlie entire confkk-neo of tho radltyl
blemcnt of tho Reimblican party. "'
Kiioekers Are After Taft, >
lleanwhlle, tho Taft oppositlon, as
ropn-soiited by Measra, Cannon, Knox,
Falrbanlts and Foraker, Ih not so idl<_*
EJS mlght he thouplit. Thero nre sev?
eral storles bcins clrrulated moro or
l<*-., InduBtrlously, whlch are not to tlio
eredit of the Secretary of War.
They have to do chlefly witli Jiidtc .
Taft's admlnistratloii as Governor of
the Phllipplncs, aml whlle they do nj><
charge anything nffectinir hls pers-nal
character, they do attack his inKhod..
of iidnilnlstrailon.
For Instance, it is alleged tljit whlle
hc wns GovCVi'ior-Cfyiieial of, (i'lO Phllip
pincs Seci'ctaTy- Taft Issu^ci nn order
to thc effect that any Amrican school
teacher who should se.._ homo lotters
descrlblng condlUop'r. as they actually
exlsted lu tho S.'unds wouhl bo sitni
marlly dlsmls/ed. II la also clinrgeil
that ho actuilly brdered" tlie dopbrta
lion of one or inoro ?Aincricn.ns who
were freo In thelr crlticlsm of affalr..
under A-'.'criean ndmlnlstratlon.
It tv*ould app.car that. though these
?to-._:3 bo truc, a coinplet'. niiswcr to
c rltleisins of Judge Taft's admlllistra
tiJn of affaira in the Phlllpplhes would
ro nn appeal to tho Flliplnos thom
eelves. The nativs worahip hlin. re
Cardlng hlm as their best friend.
Cortelyou as Tnft lluiingcr.
Xothihg more is heard of thc re?
port that Flrst Assista.it Postinaster
General Hltchcock has buen lnvited to
at-sume control of tho Taft boom. But
lt i.s reported to-dny, and. the report
is glven credence in fonic ijuariers,
that Secretary Cortelyou hlmself hus
been asked to lake eharso of Mr. Taft's
candidacy. lt ls rUmorcd that the
propositlon has bcon acccptod, and that
Jilr. Cortelyou'.wlll rcalgn as Seereiary
of tlie Treasury in grtlei* to dovoto him
iself entlrely to oompii.slng tho noml?
natlon of the Secretary of War. A
iurther detall of tho report ls that
^Ir. Cortelyou, in return for tlio ser
vlck* rendored, Is to bo mado Scei-ptary
of stato.
The slory ahould not bc eredltod,
however, in tlie ahabnc,i_ of"' nny sort
?f conllriiialiciii.
"I suppose l was as closo Lo Mr. Cor?
telyou an was almost any Republlcan
ln the South,'' sald Iiepnesontatlve itas
coin Slemp to-day, "and I never henrcl
hlin say one word whlch would indl
cnto that he was an active or even a
rcceptlve candldate for tho presiden
lial nomlnatlon. We havo (renuently
Biscusscd tho thlrd term."
And tlierc-in llc-s tlio secret of
candidacy of the Secretary of
FiBbt Over a Pont-Ofllce,
Eevc-ial Virginia post-ofllcea of
fourth olabci are about to be ralscd lo
the thlrd class, includlng Burkovllle.
Norton and Coeburn.
Thero is a flght on over tho postmas
t-iship at Korton. L. C. AVells, a well
known Republlcan/ is trylng to get
the appointment, as agalnst AV. M,
Adams, the Incumbent, who doesn't
went to let lt go. Tho fight over the
po-.-o.flco at Bcrryvlll. ls about to be
?si-Uled by thc appointment of E. A.
Lindsay, Republlcan county ehalrman
of Clarke. When the postmaster diod
a. fow months ugo n number of can?
dldates for the poslilon announcod
themselves, but tho refc-ree.. Helected
Alurm, Ilut Xo .1",
A (tlll alann ?u_ turned ln early laai
nlght from 'Nurth .ocond Sti'eet. Comi.au:,
No. 9 I'o.poniiitig, (ound no .Igli of llra
lhe house reported w?m *t 70S North Sic
ond Stit-et. and ll wag ?uld tliat tho roo
?m,a_ oihe._
Verdlct fur l'lulitlllt.
ln the La," fend Bnuity Couit yeeierda;
thc Jury itndoiod a verdlot foi* ?l?i\S7 J:
No matter where you live
within the circulation of thla
newspaper we can supply you
wlth everything for Men and
Boys' wear ata price that will
satisfy you.
If you cannot call we can
servo you by mail or express.
. Let us know your wants and
we'll glve you the right styles?
will exert ourselves to please
Distiriguislied Gatheririg Bid thc
Oriental Diplomatist
WASMINGTON, D. C, Decomber 30.
"Wc shall take back home wlth us to
Japan only thc klndliest fecling for
America and for her pcuiile, and tho
highest regard for her Instltutions,"
said Vlscount Aoki, the Japanese am?
bassador. to-dny to an Assoclated Press
repr.scntative, Just prlor to hls depar
ture for San Franclsco wlth Vlscountess
Aoki, from which place they wlll sall
on January 7th for home. Tlie ambas?
sador returns to Japan at thc lnatancej
of hls government, whlch deslr-13 to
consult wlth him freely regaroing con-1
dltions affectlng Japanese Interests ln,
America, notabiy those relatmg to tho |
questlon of Japanese Immlgration to j
the Unlted States.
Vlscount Aoki has represented Japan
ns ambassador to tho United States for
about a year and a half, and durlng
that tlme lias uianlfcstcd tho titniost
activity and interest in all matters
affectlng hls countrymen.
I-I'e wa: the flrst ambassador n
credlted to thc United States from
Japan. Ho sald to-day that hls rela
tlons with thc Amerlcan government
always had been most agreeable and
An.bnmindor ln Optliulatlf.
"t am confldent that an amlablc un
der.tanulng will be reached 011 this
immlgration qucstion?the only one of
any consc.quence that is now agltnt
Ing the people of tho two countriea,"
.nid Ambassador Aoki. "i um certaln
that Japan wlll irtaka every honor
abie concession within bounds, and
I feel cqually .onfident that tho Amer?
lcan governniont will not inslst upon
anythlng- unrcasonable or thut In an>
way wlll comp.omis. the dignlty or
the honor of the Jrtpanoso govornmei.t.
1.0th governmonts aro atrlvlng to
reach an honorable sulutlon of tho
Irhrhlgratibh questlon, and tho latest
,advlces thnt wo havo received fror.i
"mtr government Indicate that tho wa>
ls. gradually icing paved wlth th_.t
ci^d hi vlew A's I havo said agaln nnd
nynln, Wv'.o is overj1 reason ln tho
world-.fiiy both cduntrie's should havo
tJieJ ..lopt complete understanding and
'?'ii(inuo ln most amlcable relatlons.
"Japan is anxlous to bo 111 peucc wltli
the wprlcl, and to 110 country does ihls
ftpply with greater force than to tho
Unlted States, to whom, lu a larj
measure, is duo .Tapan's jrrcnt t;lse und
progress among tbo nntions of tht
world. It wlll be rriy onrneat effort
to ndvanco and strehgthen tho cxlst
in>r friendly rolnllo'n.. in every wny
thnt lli'rt in my power."
From Ciiiiinierclni Stniulpoiut.
Ambassador Aoki imprbss.d upon hls
Int.cr.vlowers tho utmost Importanco of
tho Unltod States nnd Japan keeplhg
on thc most friendly tertrts, und that
thelr relatlons should instire confldonci.
wltli oach othor. In no aensn, ho sald,
was this more iniportnnt than from
the commercial standpolnt. Japan
ueeiled Amerlcan capltal in tho devol
opmont of the numerous enterprlses
whlvh havo come to the front slnco
tlie Chtneae-'Jnpaneso War of (hc last
century, und more particularly because
f tho dovolopinonta slnco the war wlth
Amorlcan capital could Und splendid
opportunlties In Japan, nnd tho offorts
pf all persons ot* both bountrles, tho
ambassador declared, should be eon
contrated towards.-. the ceinontlng of
the greatest frlendship, without whlch
jiuieh that could otherwiso lie aceoin
pllshcd would bo lost.
The nmbnssndnr nnd his wlfo left
Waslijngton over tho Pennsylvanla
Rallroad at G.IE P, M. They wore ae
companled hy Mr. Iwakoshl, tho clmti
collor of the eiiVbassy, who wlll go to
Japan wlth them, nnd by sevoral aor
vnnts. Tho party oxpoets to arrlvo ln
San Franclsco Janunry 3d or ?1th.
fir.iil GntlierliiK nt Di'pitt.
Ofllclal nnd dlplomntlc ..'nslilngton
was well roprcsonted at tho slnilnii to
bld VlHfoiint Aoki nnd lils wlfo good
by. I'.vory lnelllbCJ? of tlio Cnhinet ln
"S.'nsliinMton uhle to be there wns preH.
nnt, includlng Secretary nnd Mrs. Uoot,
Seeretaries Strnun. Wilson nnd Metcall'
and Powtmaster-Cieneral Jleyer.
Among the members of the iliplo
mat.le. corps nt tho station wero Baron
Itosen, tho liusslnn ambassador; Mr.
JuKsernnd, tbe Freneh ambaaaador;
Sp'-ck Von Stornhurg, tho Oermnn nm
nassador and Baroness Speck Von
..tcrnburg; Senor Cort.s, tho lnlntater
from Columbia; Dr. VogOl, tiie Swlss
mlnlster; Baron .Ambros, of the Auh
trlan embassy, and Mrs. Brlco, wlfo of
the ambassador from Great Brltaln,
who was out of tho clty. Vlscount
Aoki and hla wlfe wore vislbly affected
over tho cvidencos of frlondship dl_
playi-d. Maduin Aoki had been pre?
sented wlth ovor a dozen handsome
lloral plecea and carrled a blg bunch
of roses and llllee of tho valley.
XalltMl HN Flnai-r.
L. M. Chennult, an oinploye of the Co
luniblu Shoo Company, allpp.d hls Imnd ln
thn wruntr placo yeaterday ovoning, and
ihe no.dlo us-rt to t.w on aolos went throu.n
(iu ind.x fini.r. Dr, Hlnchman, of tho am
btilbiice corpt, nnt the null out, nnd tbo mnn
tlll to hls lioin., ut Fourth und Cary
1.11 Under .V.Riii'.
.pencc-r Brlgs.-, colored, f.ll off hls wafeon
Itm nlght at 8-venth und ciuy Btiectn and
dioppeu und.r the wlieoln, A front wluioi
lolled down lils les from kneo 10 anlile,
taklne otf ull tlio ekln aud inaltiiig u. wound
fi.urioL-ii Incbee lontr.
Or. Hlnchman. of th. umbulan.o coips.
1 tc-v.(d tbe mnn'- wound, and then l_?k hlm
? --e,88 BrvwB Street,
1 _ei
Heard and Seen in Public Places
FORMER State Senator W'llliam
P. Barksdale was at thc Capitol
yesterday, and hls health belng
much Improved, he was In n
very cheerful mood. Meeting
Lieutenant-Governor J. Taylor Ellyson
ln. Colonel Button's oflico, the two
srow remlniscent concernlng cam?
palgn.. ln whleh the State chairman
sent the Hallfax man out among the
byways and hedges to speak for the
Democratlc ticket.
Mr. Barksdale relatcd a most In?
teresting and thrilling experience he
had In Scott county In 1901, when Hon.
Joseph C. Wysor. of Pulaskl. was lead
lng a forlorn hope on the Democratlc
ticket for Congre.i... It waa a short
tlme after some Democrntic election
offlcers had heen shot to death at a
mountain pi'OClnCt in Scott. Mr. Barks?
dale was slated to make a spoech at
a nlslit rally near the polnt whero the
kllling- had taken place. He and At
torney-General Ancl^ison had oddress
ed a rousing meeting at Gate City. and
tho latter was to go on to Wise Court?
house by rall, and the county chairman
was to drlve the former across tho
country to hls appointment. Tho
chairman told the gruesome story '.of
thu kllling a year before; of wlplng
blood from the ballots and of votlng
ovor the bodles of dead men, and
Barksdale grew nervous and wns about
to back down. H_ says that Major
Anderson earnestly protested agalnst
hroaklng the enguKeraent, and de?
clared wlth hls usual vigor that there
was no danger.
"Why. Barksdale." ho exclalmed iu
a loud volco, "thoso Republlcans won't
dare to ossassinato you, ancl if Ihov
do tho effect of lt will be to elect Wy?
sor and redcein the distrlct to tho
Democratlc party,'*
"Wlu-n Major Anderson mado that
declaratlon." sald the former Senator,
"1 felt chills crceplng all ovor mo, ann
I said: 'Great heavens, mon! whero do
1 come ln. I am not so devoted to
Cnmpalgnlng as to sai-rlilcc my llfo for
thc vedeuipiion of a congrosslonal dlt_
trlct, and I think I'll lake tho noxt
train for Houston.' I went to the
mountalns, however. but I tell you I
Was glad when I got huck to thc rail?
road and started for home.'' rcmarkod
Mr. Barksdale in concltlslon.
Hon. It. J. Tuck. of Hallfax; Cap?
taln J. w. Wllliam.'-, of Southdmpton;
Treasurer Georgo B. Russell. or ciuir
lotte, aml Hon. H. Gordon Cunmtlng, of
lliimpton, woro among tln* pi'omlnont
visitors ln tho clty yesterday.
lt is nn open socret that the many
friends of .ludgo Frederlck Wllmer
Sims, of Louisa, would like to soo tln:
genlal Sonator from tho Thlrteonth
Distrlct solectccl by Iho U emoctatic
lauciis as lhe presldent pro tem. of
tho next Senate.
A well-known cltlzen of Louisa said
lasl nlght that thc friends ot' 'Judge
.Sims had comnienced to work activoly
ln behalf of IiIh candidacy. und they
clalm already to have aeouretl more
pledges of votes from the Senators
than have beon promlsed any olhor
candidatc for the poslllon,
Judgo Slms was for a. long tlme
judge of tho Louisa County Court
and ls at present prncticiug law ln
Loulsn. Ho hns rbpl'baehtetl hls dls?
trict in the Senate for a number oi
years, nnd is well . nnd favorably
known throughout tho State.
Mr. I. E. Spatlg. suporvlsor ot thc
Courthouse Distrlct of Uruuswick, anc
one of the coniniissl.ners to tho James?
town Exposltlon on the part of that
county, was a callor on Govornoi
Swanson yestcnluy.
Mr. Spatlg wus much pleased ovo*.
tho fact that hls county recelved thc
llrst prlze for Ita exhlblt at tho expo?
sltlon. and he declared that lt was t
doserved trlh.uto to the onterprlse ant
Industry of hls people.
Asked about lhe eoitgrosstonal situa?
tion ln hls distrlct. Alr. Spatlg satt
lhat, so far ns ho klicw, Major l.assi
tbr would havo no oppositlon for an
other term. Tho Fetursburg man, ln
declarcs, ls popular ln hls section, am
Brunswle.k Democrals wlll uguln glvi
hlm their support wlth much pleasure
Slr John Roclgers, of Englnnd, is Ii
the clty, nnd ls stopplng at tho Jef
Congre.?_nmn Francls Rlves Lassi
ter, of Poteraburg, was ln the cllj
Tndlcatlons nro that Murphy's Hote
agaln Wlll be tho Mocca oi* the law
makers and publlc mon during tln
comlng sesslon of tho Leglslature, nm
somo lively tlmes are expeeteil arouni
the lobblos, beginning about tho em
of the present weok. Nearly all tln
No secret about Ayer's
Halr Vigor. Shoto this
formula to your doctor,
Ayer's Hair Vigor, New Improved formula
Bulphnr. D(>_tro)? gi*rtn. that cnum ilinilmR
aad falllng h?ir. Uureara&M _uil eix ytiuut
ot tcalp.
Olyotrln. BoOtMng.heallnij. Food totbs halr*
Qnlntn. A ilmnj tunl.. untlioptle. ttlmnlent.
Sodlum Chlerld. Cleaaalng. u?UU Irrluulou
c?nt_u?rii_?? lncreaw*?vt|vltjrof glan<h.
Sajje. BtlnaUnt, tonlo, J, (J. _J?t*Co.,
Aloofcol, W?Ur. Perfu??, Eowlf, Mtj:
I candldates for honors at thc hands of
the Leglslature wlll be ouartered
] there. Hon. Rlchard Evelyn Byrd,
i who Is acknowledged on all sides as
j the Icading asplrdnt for Speaker of the
I Houso, has already engaged hls rooms,
|antl wlll arrlve here Thursday or Frl
iday. Mr. Thomas A. Lynch, of Taze
I well. one of the candldates for the
'? benate clerksHlp; Is now ut Murphv's,
,and Hon. Marshall B. Booker. of Hn.ll
jtax, hls competltor, wlll arrlvo Tlmrs
;day nnd wlll stop at the same hotel.
' Colonel aiul Mra. James R. Caton, of
Alexandria; Senator and Mrs. Charlos
U. Garratt, of Carollne, and Mr. and
Mrs. John R. Rew ond child. of Acco
j man, havo engaged quartera at Mur
; phya for the wlnter.
Tho followlng well-known publlc.
;men wlll occupy adjolhlng rooms dur
I Ing the sesslon oh uie third floor of
i the annex; Senator Edward Echols. of
| Staunton; Colonel Joseph Button, of
lAppomattox; Hon. R. E. Evrd, of Wln
l chester, and Mr. J. N. Brenaman, of
. Shenandoah. By thls time next week
I tho lobby will lio ailve wlth politlcal
igosalp, and the candidates and thelr
friends, will be hard nt work ln thelr
efforts to land votc's.
T. A. Smyth, of Xorfolk, Is . topping
at tho Richmond.
A party of eloVeii tourists came ln
from tho South last nlglit and regls
i tered at tht. lefforson. The party is
ia personally conducted ono, in charge
i of ono of I-Iendriekson's tourist party
reprosentdtlves. The visitors are from
New York. Fhiladelphia and other
[ pointa in the East. and they wlll re?
main hero to-day in order to see the
sights of tlio clty and proceed home
via Washington toVnight.
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Adler, Norfolk:
IT. G. Shackolford, Orange; W. Mayo
i Hriillh, Fredfirlcksburg, and Russell
Hardy, Norfolk, aro at tho Jefforson.
M. ll. Bronnlng, Culpeper; A. G.
Fi'uy; Charlotteavlllo; l!. M. Nane. und
I wlfo, West Polnt, ancl Francls J.
Heassel, Roanoko, aro nt thc Lexlngton.
Among the Virglnlans nt Murphv'a
jare: Willlam Neison, Columbla; C. M.
Jarvls, Norfolk; A. L. Gardnor, Frank?
lln; Leo Allen, Cluisu Clty; M. S. Dll?
lard, Partlow, aud \V. C. Jackson Nor?
Frank Crpws, of Norfolk. nnd Mr.
nnd Mrs. Uobert B. Stone, of Norfolk,
ttl'o l'oglstored at ihe Park Holcl.
Took Wnlcr llccausc llalclies Were
,\o< I'roperly iliittcucil Uih.u.
[Spoclal lu Tho Tlmes-I. ispat'cli.]
NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Deeember
nn.?A survey to-day ravoalod the fact
that tho new steamer Nan Smlth,
which put Into port soveral days ago
witli water in hor hold after a battlo
wlth a storm off llalleras. was not
damagod. It sooms thut lhe hatehes
wore not properly battcnetl down af?
ter tho vessel loaded coal al Baltl
-n.ore for San Francisco, and on thln
account tho shlp took water rapldly
whon ftlnj run Into lhe gale,
It Is said nlso that the vessel was
too heavlly loaded, and had only about
three feet of free board. The steamer
wlll sull fur 'Frlsco agaln ln a fow
Fot-ocast: Virginia?Falr and colder
Tuosday; Wcdnosday l'nir and con
tiniu-il cold; high nortllWost wiuds, tll
Nortli Carollna?Falr and colder
Tuesday; Wednesday fall'; lirlsk west
lo northwost wliuls.
Rlcliinond's wonther wns wnrin nnd
cloudy. Range of tlio therniomoter:
I) A. M.4a 0 P. M.58
12 M.52 9 P. M.50
a 1. M..111 12 midniglit.-111
Average.Go 1-2
Hlghest temperaturo yesterday.Cl
Lowest temporaturo yesterday.-IU
Mcan temporaturo yesterday.fi:.*
Normal tornporaturo yoaterday.ap
Departure from normal tomperuture. 12
(At S P. M. Eastei-n Tlmo.)
. Placo. Ther. H.T. Weather.
Augusta . 00
Atlanta, Ga. -IS
Buffalo, N. V. 32
Chlcago, 111. 28
Clncinnatl, 0. 38
Davenport . 11
Detrolt, Mlch. S2
l-lnttoraa, N, C. IM
, Jacksonvlllo . 70
. Kansas Clty. 35
! New Orleans. U2
i Oklahoma Clty..,. 38
! Pittsburg, Pa. 3U
i Ralelgh . 50
! Savannah ., 0-1
I Norfolk, Vu., 00
Tainpn, Fln. 70
Washlngton . 52
Wilmington . 02
VtllOWHtOllO . 10
Docembor 31, 1007.
Sun rlsea.7:.G HIGH TID1S.
Sun aots., ,.:3U Morning,. ..1:2
Woon i-isca.8;3a Evening.,**,?,liBf
Paintinkcy Cliicf and Cotincilmcii
Make Annual Offering to Great
Wltite Father.
Governor Not to Go to Loudoun
on Lec's Birthtlay?Capitol
Governor St.nnaon spent yesterday
ni hls ofllco recelvlng c&llers uuil
' trunsiictiiiR- roullne business.
Chlef O. M. Cooke and Councllmon
.,'. 11. Bradby, .1. A. Mlles and T. T.
Donnls, of thu Pamunkoy Trlhe of In?
dlan... pnid thi-lr annual vlslt to tho
Groat White Father. to whom thev
brought a iino deer killed on tho ro
.?i.rvntloii. Chlef. Cooke mndo a brief
'speech. proscntlng the compllments ot
hls trlbo to the Govornor, who replled
ln n most cordlnl mannor. Aftor re
jmalning at the Capitol for a few mo
; nieiits. the red mon went luto the
ishopplng Koet.lon niul mado somo pur
elmses, leavlng-at I o'clock In tbe
afternoon for thelr home in Klng Wll?
llam county.
Tho Govornor ..ppreciatos the gift
very highly. He ;:ent the deer at once
to the mansion to be dressed.
Uuvclllng PoHlpoitcd.
As Janunry 19th inlls on Sunday and
tho Loudoun Confederate monument
has not yet been completed, thc- date
ot the iinvclling has been postponed,
nnd Governor Swanson wlll therefore
not go to Leesburg on tho annlversary
of General Lce's birthday. Tho post?
ponement suits the Governor very
woll, ns he wlll bo busy wlth State
matters In connectlon wlth tho Legls?
lature untll tho scHslon Is over.
The Stato Corporatlon Commlsslon
wlll begln the taklng of testimony
wltli referonco to proposed changes ln
tho present demurruge rules on Jan?
uary 8th. and thc bearlng wlll prob
ably last for several days,
It Is proposed to make adilltlonal
provlslon for switohlng cars and tc
amend the rules wlth referencc to
pehalties for foilure to observe ordora
or the commlssion.
On January Mth thc commlsslon
wlll take up another caso against tlie
Atlantic Coast Llne for alleged vlola
tlon of tho present rules. Thls com
pany has recently been llned $100 for
declinlng to observe the rules, and
hns glven notlco that It wlll appeal
tho case to the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court wlU reconvene
hero next Tuoaday; thc Stato Board of
Agrlculturc wlll meet on the sanvc day,
and tho Leglslature wlll ussemble on
Wednesday. lt Is therefore llkely that
the city wlll bo crowded with lawyers
nnd public men durlng all of next
Flre Reports.
Reports received at the Department
of Insuranco are to the effect that so
far there have been 102 flres ln Vir?
ginia durlng December. These show
a property loss of $1.1,141.53, upon
whlch thc Insurance carrled was about
$500,000. The largest flres reported
were J. W. Taylor and others, Acco
mac, $43,000; Miss M. Taylor and oth?
ers, Petersburg. $31,740; Plne Beach
hot-.ls, $14,_4o; R. G. Watklns and oth.
ers, Buchanan, $22,000.
Mr. R. Mltchell Brown, who for the
past two years has been connectod
wlth the otllce of the Secretary of the
Commonwealth in tho cnpaclty of a
clerk, has entorecl the emptoy of a
typewriter company, and wlll begln
travellng for the latter at once.
Secretary E. B. Chesterman, of the
State Board of Agrlculture, has re?
turned from Mississlppl, where ho has
been spendlng hls vacatlon _jid recup
orating. Mr. Chesterman ls now much
The Supromo Court yesterday grantc-d
a writ of error nnd supersedeas In thc
case of the Newport News and Old
Polnt Rallway nnd Klectric Company
vs. Peter K. Nlcolopoolas, from the
Clrcult Court of Ellzabeth Clty county.
Tho plaintiff in tho orlginal actlon se
cured a v.rdlct of ?50o against the
company for damage alleged to have
been sustaliied by hlm ln the Injury
uf a horso and wagon struck by ono
of thc company's cars.
Suiith Boatqn'a Bfew nullding J.n Tlc
Itcudy for Oceiipnncy ln Ihc Sprlng.
ISpoclal tn Tho TI_n._-DI_pnt_h.]
SOUTH BOSTON, VA., December 30.?
Thft handsome high school bulldlng
which la being erected at a cost of
$2_,.0() is riipldly nenrlng compl. tlon,
and will bc ready for occupancy in thc
oarly sprlng.
AVhen completed thls will ho ono of
tho most thorough, up-to-dato pub?
lic sclioul bulldlngs in Southsldo Vir?
ginia, und much of tho credit ls due
to tho faithful nnd imlefutlgablc labor
of tlie school board?Mossrs. II. J.
Watklns, R. E. Jordnn and T. B. John?
son. Tho bulldlng ia sltuatod on up
jicr Maln Street, and la convcnlently
located. r
i ., _
Knocked Ovcrbouril from II ln Ycaacl
Whlle li? Jmnca Rlver.
[Spcclal to The Tiiiie_-'DI_patcli. J
_0.?.1. Ilowell. sklpper of the oyster
sloop Lulu Hamptou, was knocked
overboard from hls vesaol and drowned
near I-Iog Island, about tw.nty mlles
above thls clty, on James Rlver, nt 2
o'clock this afternoon. A strong galc
wna hlowing at the tlme. Ilowell wns
liit by the sloop's cargo boom and
knocked into tho rlver, and tho efforts
of hls crow to save him were vnln.
Ilowoll Is survlved by a wldow and
olght children.
_lnrrl.il ou Sundny.
ifiooctnl toThcThUPa-Dlspti.ioli.1 ,
LYNCItl'.LTlG, VA., Docjamber "0.?A
pretty marrlago took plncq Sunday
mornlng In thu parsonrige ol Contcnnry
Mothodlst Church, tho eonlracting
partlos belng "Miss Fiorence Ethol
Wrlght, daughter of Mr. nnd M.a.
Luther Wrlght, of thls clty, and Mr.
.lohn Wllllam Dalton, nn -omployo of
thc Goorgo D, WItt Shoo Company.
Mr. If- S. Rohe wns tho best mnn nnd
Mlss Maudo Wrlght, a slstor of tho
brldo, was thc maid of honor. Tho
ceremony was perl'ormod by Dr. J. A.
Tliomus, pastor of Contenary Church.
Mr, and Mrs. Dalton wlll mako their
homo at No. 218 Federal Stroet.
, -,-:?
Ulibc'a Body* nt IIIh Door.
? ( Sn_rlil lo Tlie Tlincs.DIsiintch.]
LYNCH BURG, VA.,' December .0.?
Tho body ol' a whlto Int'nnt was found
yesterday mornlng about 8 o'clock ln
thc front yard of Mr. AV. M. Rosser,
No. 015 Franklln Stroet. Tho "chlld
was placcd In a basket and somo ono
must have dopoalted lt there durlng
Saturday night.
The pollco havo boen unablo.to learn
anythlng aa to who tho mothor of tlic
chlld Is or who placcd lt whoro lt wns
fca*b__na?-4b?_-llllo-Sof _rot_,?i_ for tbelr j
C-tUaren whilo TMthlogfo. ovor Flfty Yeaw. i
lt ooothoi tbe cblld. aotana tho gumi, allaya (
all paln. ou. e_ wiad ooUo, ____> u tU. best <
Baitimore & Ohio R. R.
New Union Statjon, Washington, D. C.
Through Veatlbuled Trnlna Splendldly Equlpped Pullman Drawlng-Room,
Parlor ancl Sleeplng Cars, Excellent Dlnlng Car
Hervlce from "Washlngton to
"Every Hour on the Hour" Washlngton to Baitimore.
"Every Other Hour on tho Odd Hour" Washlngton to Phlladelphla and
New York.
Manager Passenger Traffic. General Pasaiager Agent.
Acnilcmy?"Tlie Prloce Clinp.'*
Hljou?"lu New York Town."
Idlewood?-Skntlng Itlnl. and Wlld
Anlmal Show.
Good Show nt Illjou.
"In New York Town." a muslcal
farce ln two acts, more than pleased
thc BIJou audlence last nlght. The
company was rjulte generous, und re
Bponded to cncores agaln und ngaln,
untll lt senmed that the performance
would be stretched out Indctinifely.
Charles Howard, a small comedlan,
with much of thu cleverness of Goorge
Sldney, and a good deal more aglllty,
scored a blg hlt ns Ikey Sklnalskl.
The company is larger than the aver?
age so_n at the BIJou In muslcal pro
ductlons, and the chorus does excep
tlonally clever work ln aome of thc
numbers. The muslcal hlt of th? pleco
was the quartet number "Aren't Vou
the Glrl I Met at Sherry's?" The au?
dlence almost went thc Umlt in dc
mandlng encore8 when thls waa ren
dercd. "I Can't Flnd Another Glrl
Llke You." was recelved very nearly aa
well, easlly taklr'g second place. Mlsa
Austln, though not possessing a good
voice. scored ln thls on account of the
buslness lntroduced, and succeeded ln
makincr a success of what at flrst gave
Indications of be.lng a fallurc. The
work of Walter Paschal, James Llch
U-r and John Wllson, was entlrely sat?
isfactory. Mlss Von Wegern made the
most of a part that mlght weil have
been elaborated, a3 lt was thc only
femal. comedy role In the piece.
I-.itei-iuiiinif-ntM ut Y. M. C. A.
Members and friends of iho Con
tral Young Men's Christian Association
will have the prlvllcgc of attending
llve splendld entertainmenta thla_ wln?
ter. The llrst number wlll ba glven
New Year's n'ght, by Joseph Lorrnln,
of New York, the mlinlc and Impeiso
nator, with hls ban.lo and zylophone,
nssisted hy Polk Mlller'a Old South
Negro Quartet. The lnttor part oC
January Ross Crane, the famous car
toonist and trlck pianist, wlll ontor
taln. It Is sald that Mr. Crane Is the
bost "one-man entertalnment" on thc
lycetim platform.
Katharlne Rldgcway wlll ontertaln
ln February. ancl thoso who have heard
Mlaa nidgeway wlll want to hcar lier
In March Hon. George R. Wendllng
wlll glvo hls lectut'o on "Robert H.
Lee, tho Idol of tho South." and the
Parland-Nowhall Coneert Company will
Closo the entertalnment*. ln Aprll wlth
thelr male e*iiartot aelcctlona and brass
iiunrtet work.
Season tlckets for the flve entortain
ments ure now on sale at tho Associa?
tion Ituildlng. as 'are nlso .rcscrved
-?fcuts for New Year's nlglit.
"Tlie Prlnce Cliap."
?'The Prlnce Chap," Edward Peple'a
successful play of stiulio llfo, wlth
Cyril Scott and the best of the origl
nal east that played on Broadway, New
York, will como to tho Academy of
Muslc tornlght and Wednesday maii
ucc and nlght.
Tho productlon of (hls season ls
icleiitlcal with the one that enjoyed a
run of 200 performanccs at llve dif?
ferent Now York thentres. It's Lon?
don success Ki-ow so consldcrably that
two now provlncial companles wore
organlzed and extra matineca wero ln?
troduced to keep pace wlth the do
niHlid. Llke "Trllby," thc play tleuls
witli artlst life. oxcopl. that its earller
scenes are lald ln Dohciiilau London
Instead of Parls.
Knjoy Buruo'M Mj?l,erle?.
A largo and enthusiastie audlence
greclcd the maglclan, Dtirno, at the
.lefferson audllorlum last nlght, many
young peoplo belng- present and ahpW
lng Intcnse intorest In tho sleight-ol'
hand performance. Dtirno porformed
sovoral of tho larger stage trlcks
whlch havo beon sltown ln Richmond
by Herman and Othor well known fol
lowers of this art, witli a number that
wero now ? to the audlenco. Several
tlmea ho allowcd a commlttee of Rich?
mond men to remain ou tho platform
tlurlng nn espocially olnborate slunl.
Imt lhe wltnessea wero unable to ac
count for .somo of tho wonders por?
Durno, who appeared horo undor tho
nuspices ol' the Radeliffe Lycouili Bu
reau, wlll cntei'l.-iln at the Acndemy in
Petersburg lo-nlght.
Wlld Anl'nml SIkmv.
Thls wcok'a hill at tho Ferarl junglo
nnd tralneil niiinial arenct al Idlewood
Park ls ono of tho most onjoyable yet
olferod. Not only nre the acls whloh
were seon and enjoyed by thousands
ferent New York theutroa. Its Lon
bnt there is Iho uddltlon of "Funny
'Arthur" and hla dog and monkoy clr
CU8. As thls weok eloses tho ongnge
ment of the soa-lton- act, lt ia ex
pectod that large crowds wlll attend
tho two dally performances.
January Weather
Data covorlng a perlod ot ten years haa
been complled from the Weather Bur.au
records In thls clty and ls l&aued to i.h_
tho condltlon* that have prevailed. dtirlnt.
th. month in nut-stlon. for thnt perlod, bu.
must not bc construed aa a for-C-.it ot tho
weather condltlons for th. comlng month.
Tt-mpcraturi?Mean or normal limptn
turc, 33 dogrees.
Tho n-armeit month was that of 1300. wlth
.1.1 average ot 43 deprees; the col,li?i monib
waa that of 1901. wlth an average of 33 d_
(,'ic.ci; tho hlghcut tomp.raturo was 7S d_
giccs on Janunry 7, 1307; tho lowest tcm
p.rature waa 9 dccr.es on January 19. 1901:
tbe earllest date on whlch flrst "kllllng''
fiost occurred ln nutumn, October 13th;
average dato on whlch llrst "_;ll!lnK" froi".
occurred In autumn, Novcmber 3d; averagu
date on whlch last "?kllllng" frost occurred
ln sprlng, April 3d; tho latest dato on whlch
last "kllllng" frost occurred ln sprlng. Aprti
Precipltatlon C.aln or meltcd snowj?Aver?
age for the month. 3.91 Inches.
Average number of days wlth .01 of nn
lf.cli or more, 10; the greatest monthly pre?
cipltatlon was 3.61 Inches In 1903; the least
monthly, precipltatlon wa_ 1.03 Inches tn
1.9S: tho greatest amount of precipltatlon
r.tcrded In pny -J l con.ecutlv. hours ms
1.73 Inches on January 21, 1.0_; the grcai
esl amount of snotvfall recorded In any
3-i consecutlv. hours (record extendlng to
wlnter of lSSI-'e- unly) Mas 3.3 Inehei on
Junuury 39. 1901.
nclfctiv_ Humldlty?Average. _ A. M., S0.
C'louds and Weather?Av.rag. number of
ci.ar d.iys, 11; partly cioudy days, S; cloudv
day_. 13.
W:nd?The provallln'g wlnds are from th.
nortb: the average liourly velocity of th-j
wind ls 6.7-10 mlles; tho hlghe.st velocity of
tho wind v.-as SI mlles from the south on
January i, 1906.
_Ii_?t_atppl Mn- Tiro Cnntlldutca for
I.nrge Famlly Ilouor.
NEW ORLEANS, Deccmbt-r 30.?
Cicero Fitts and VV. II. Wllllams, of
\. osson, Miss., c-ach is the father ot
twtnty-three chlldren, and in each
famlly thc dlvlBlou ls the same?tlilr
ItCCn fiflrls and ten boys.
Both husbands, countlng the grand
Childrcn, have u total of 102 members.
The populatlon uf VVesson is only ;!,000.
Cicero Pitts has a record of one
[baby every thlrtden months alnco 1857.
No. 23 for Mr. Pitts (a boy) arrlved
on thc duy Its father turned the three -
ciuarter-century mark?.September lst
laat. Ho hns thlrty-thr.ee grandchil
drt-n. Mr. Pltls'ii second wlfo is thlrty
fotir years younger thnn her husband.
;Mr. Fitts hlmself has the aplrlts oC a
j mnn twcnty-llvu years hls Junlor.
XV. lt. Wllliams. aixty-seven years
(old, hns ayorag'od one chlld every
twehty-flvd months. William.. , haa
nineteen grandclilldren. Hla thlrd wifa
wna Misa Nettle Kimmons, and she ia
jnow forty-slx years old.
In every Instance both Pitts and
)Wllliams marrlcil old uialda.
roatniUNtnr Pleiii-cd Wllh Way Chrlat
iiiiih Mall Wna Hundled.
Postmaster Etoyal E. Cobcll has di
rocted that thc followlng order b*
poateil ln the main ollleo and alatlons
Unlted States Post-Oflicc,
Ofllco oi' the Postmaster,
Rlclnnoiul, Vu? Dec. 31, 1007. .
To All Employes of tho Post-OlHcc.
Rlchmond, Va.:
The postmaster wishes to express
lils hearty appreclatlon of tho excel
lent work done by tho employes of the
post-ofllco in handllng the Chrlstmaa
mall, which wns conslderahly heavier
than over before. The otllec wna In
normal condltlon hy tho afternoon ol
tho 28th inatnnt, whlch la tlvo daye
better tlmu prevloua records. lie ua
pecially appreoiulea tho cordlal and
uiiselllah splrlt ln wlilch all have co
bperated to-prevont congestlon und
niliiinil/.n delny, and ho congrntuliitoa
nll on Iho reinarkable siuoeaa whlcb '
liiia roaiilted from such brcorts.
He dirther Uoslrea to wlah ench nnd
evory one u happy nnd prosperous
New Yenr.
By order o? the postmaster.
Prlvato Secretary.
l.I.euao to VVi'd.
Marrlage' llcenso.. wero Issued to Ihe foi
lowinir coupies yostorday! Georgo A. Stayko
nni'i Boulab K. JlcDonouRb; Vt'llllain Jloi-ton
Poi-d und Lllllnii Uuth Ford; -James S>. Ba
vls and Vlrginla B. Ilodd.
The Artistic
ttflnp lfGoldMedal
MIL IJ ij at the
nvA M rt ^ Jamestown
P.IAN il>? Exposition
Sold Direct from the Factory to the Homa
Chas. M. Stieff,
Eslablislied 1842 205 E. Broad L. B. SUDGHTER, Mgr.

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