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'(Messrs. Reid and Jones to Erect
Building for Colored Normal
at Ralcigli.
?ythians Hold Important Con
lercnce as to Work in State.
Governor Taken Sick.
ls.pe.lal to Th . Tlm .?*Dlspatcli.l
PAt*EIGM, N. C. Decomber 20.?The
B-iite Board of Educatlon at a meeting
thls evening awarded the contract to
Reid & Jones. of Ellzabeth Clty, for
-the erectlon of the admlnlstratlon
building of the Colored State Normal
School at that place. The successful
hld was $11,190. The building |s to he
ready for occupancy for the next fall
Tho management of the State pen?
ltentiary unnounces the/escope of three
?dangorous convlcts from the convlct
camp near Washlngton. N. C. They are
'.Tg.mes M. Gctty, serving seven years.
from McDowell county, for burglary;
Furney Smlth. eolorcd, serving thirty
years. from Waync county. for murder,
*md Peter Spry. colored, serving thirty
j-ears, from McDowell county, for mur?
der. Rewards of $25 oach and exponses
?re offered for recapture.
Pylhlonn In Conference.
An Important oonferenee was held
tiere to-da.y by offlcers of the North Car?
ollna Grand Lodge. Knlghts of Pythlna.
for the purpose of dlscusslng plans
for carrylnc forward the work of the
order In thls State,
Th* conference was called by Grand
Chancellor W." C. Christ. of Wlnston
_*'ale*n. and In addltlon to the grand
i-hanrellnr there were present Orand
Vlre-Chaneellor T. C. Webb, of Duke:
Grand Ke.per of Records and Sesls W,
T. Wollowell. Goldsboro; Deputy Grand
Chancellor J. D. Ntitt, Wilmington:
Paat Grand Chancellor W. W. Wlllson,
Ralelgh. Grand Chancellor Christ says
the order la growlng rapldlv. and every
Apartment of the work Is ln splendld
conditlon, and that the conference Ia
/or the purpose of revlewlng the con?
ditions at the close of the eurrent year
? nd atill further accentuatlng the de
jTre* of progress. as he declares that lt
?would be Imposslble to attaln a degree
of progress that would keep hlm from
asplrlng to yet greater achlevements
Tor the order.
Governor Tnken Slck.
Friends of Governor Glenn are rlght
much exereis-cd over an attack he ?uf
f'red just before he left the manslon
for the executive offlce thls morning.
The attack, he thlnks. was much llke
lumbago, but he is fearful that there
ls a kldney trouble that Is at least par
ttally th* cause of the attack from
whlch he contlnued to suffer somewhat
durlr.fr the day. A dlzzlness and vlolent
palns In the splue came upon hlm sud?
denly. jso that he only kept from fall?
lng by catching on to nearby furnitur*.
The paroxvsms soon passed off, so that
he was able to go to the executive of?
flco. He felt the effects of the attack
throughout the day.
Ojticr ??n? Itcrui.
The news: that there i. not, after all.
th he any cessailon in the work on ih .
North Carollna Grand Lodao Masonic
Tc-mple Is most pcratifylng. Masons
abpecially. In all parts of '.he State.
wlll rejolce at the fact that there is
te be no Interruptlon In the work. and
that it wlll be golng forward wlthout
any abatement when the grand lodge
assemble.. in annual sesslon here two
Wfeks hence.
Sunday afternoon there was a joint
sesslon of the pastors and deacons of
the First Baptlst and the Tabernacle
Laptlst Churches. during whlch It was
rlotermlned to lnaugurate during tho
early summer an evangellstlc cam?
palgn. In whlch a number of the lead
ln>5 Baptlst dlvines of the country. In?
cludlng thc Rev. A. C. Dlxon. of Chl?
cago. and Dr. Len O. Broughton, of
Atlanta. wlll partlclpatc.
A charter Is granted in the offlce of
the Secretary of State for the Nowell
__: Rlchardson Company. of Selma: capi?
tal; $20,000. for a mercantile busineas.
* A Permnnent AaHoelntlou Fonneil?
Bank* Paying Canh.
[Speclal to The Tlmoo-Dlspatch.)
DURHAM, N. C.. Deeember 30.?There
Was a called meeting of the Thlrd
Reglment, North Carollna Guard, Col?
onel J. ,N*. Cralgr. eommandlng. lu Dur?
ham thls morning. Although It was
y>ot an offlelal call, matters of lmpor?
tance were consldered, and this meet
)ng marked an epoch In the history
?f the Third Reglment of the Stat.
]A permanent rcglmontal association
Was formed, whlch was thc flrst ln the
history of thc* Thlrd Reglment, and
offlcers . were named as follows: Presl?
dent, Lleutenant-Colonel S. W. Mlnor.
of Durham: Vlce-Presldent. Major A.
M. Albrlght'. of Ralelgh: Secretary an.l
Jrreasurer, First Lleutenant Z. P. Smith,
cf Ralelgh, All offlcers of thc Thlrd
Roglment were present.
The banks of Durham, beginning
Wlth to-day, dlscontlnued the .issuln'g
D( clearlng house certltlcates. This
)novo of the bankers to protect all local
Intrests had been In vogue not qulte
two months, and Its passing is marked
Wlth Intcnse'interest'. The $50 allow
? ?nce on. any account per day has also
been ralsed, ancl ln. the future all
Bhecks, no matter what the amount,
Making Good.
There ia no way of making lastlng
frlends llke "Muklng Good"; and Doc?
tor I'lorce's medlcines well oxempllfy
thla, and thelr frlpndn, nft_r more thnn
two deendo* of popnlarlty. are num
borod by the hundreds of thousands.
They have "mado good," fttid they have
not made drunkards.
A good, honest, squaro-deal medl
rlne of known compoaitlon i? Or.
I'lerei*'* Oolilcn Mcdlcul Dlscovery.
lt stlll enloys nn Immiiiue Hftle, whlle
moit of the pr. paratlnns thnt have
come Into prominonce In the earller
lierlod of ita poptilarity havo "gono hy
tho board." and nre never more heard
of. There muat be aomo reaaon for
thla long-tlme poularlty. and thnt la
to bc found In Its superlor nierltit.
VVhen once glven a falr trial for weak
stomach, or for llver nnd blood affec
tlons, Its superlor curatlve qualltlea
nre aoon mnnlfcst: hence It hns sur?
vlved and grown In popular favor,
whlle scores of less merltorlus artlcles
hnvo suddenly llashed Into favor for a
hrlef perlod, and then been as soon
Kor a torpld llver, wlth its attond
ant lndlgestlon, dyspepsia, heodache,
perhapa dI_-_lm-__. foul breath. naaty
coated tongue, wlth bitter taate, lomi !
of appetite, wlth dlstrnss after eatlng,
nervousneSH and deblllty, nothlng ls
so good as Dr. Plerce's Golden Med?
lcal Dlfoverj*. R's an honest, s<iuuro
deal medlclne, wlth Ita Ingredlenta
prlnted on bottle-wrapper?no aecret,
no hocus-poctta humbug; therefore
don't accept a substltute ( that the
dealer may posalbly make a little blg
ger protlt. Inslst on your rlght to
have whitt you call for.
Don't buy l.r. I'lrrce's Favorlte Pre?
acrlptlon, expectlng lt tD prove a
"cure-all." It Ib only advlsed for wo?
man's apeclnl ttllmonts. It makes weak
women strong und slck women woll.
Le8B advertlsed than aome preparatlona
aold for llke purpoaes. ita st.rllng ciir
atlve vlrtues stlll malntaln ita posltlon
In the front ranks, where It atood over
two decadea ago. As an Invlgorating
tonic nnd str. ngthenlng nervlne, it is
unequaled. lt won't satlafy thoae ?wjio
want "booze." for there Is not a drop
of aicohol In It.
Dr. Plerce's Pl.iii.unt Pellrta, the
orlglnal Little Llver Pllls, although
the flrst pltl of thelr klnd In the mar?
ket. stlll lead, and when once tried are
ever afterwurds In favor. Easy to take
aa candy?one to three a doae.. Much
Iniitated. but n.ver equaled.
wlll be pald In full. Certin.ates have
been hnndled ln Durham wlth little
nnlelgh l.riiKKlxlH Want tn Avold
I'ujust Crlticlsm ln llie Mniter.
[Spcci-,1 to The Tlme_-DI_Datch.I
RALEIGH. N'. C. December 30.?It Is
understood that when the Wake Coun?
ty Medlcal Assoclation holds Its Jan?
uary meeting thls week algniflcant
actlon wlU be taken with reference to
the now duty that has been shlfted to
them In issulng llquor prepcrlptlons on
drug stores under the operation of the
prohibition law.
Members of the professlon are
anxlous to avert any odiuin that might
bp brought on the profeaslon In Ra?
lelgh by the abuse of the preacrlptlon
method of dfspensinfr llquor. a r*rspon
siblllty whlch m.dlfal asso.ciatlons in
some parts of thc State are' protesting
agalnat tn a very emphntlc manner.
Two Marriases of Speclnl Xote to
Occur Thla We'elr.
[Fp-clal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
RALEIGH. N. C. December 30.?Two
.ai.ecially notable wvddlngt ere to no
celebrated In Raleigh thla week in
the Church of the Good Shephettf. On
Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock Mr.
Arthur G. Corpenlng. of Greenaboro,
and M'a'a Rachel Louise j.inton, daugh?
ter of Captaln S. E.: Linton. will he
united in marrlage. On Thursday at
noon thero wlll be the marrlage oi
Mr. Joahua B. Hill and Mlas Nanni.
Sklnner. both of Raleigh. Mlss Sklnner
being a daughter of Mt. and Mra. B.
S. Sklnner.
A wedding at Tarlioro In which th>*
people of Raleigh are much Interestcd
ia that of Mr. Allen G. Ruffln, preal?
dent of the Carolina Trust Company,
of Raleigh, to Mlss Annle Gray Nash,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. :'. Nash.
The wedding wlll bc in Calvary
Church. Tarboro. They wlll reslde at
Flremiiu Dlett Suddenly.
(Special to The Timos-Dljpatch.]
SALISBURY. N. C. December SO.?
Claude West. aged thlrty-scven years,
a member of the Sallsbury Flre" De?
partment. dropped dead in hls room ut
the fire station here before rlsing to
He awoke. called for water, but fell
dead before help could reach hia slde.
He ia survived by a mother, two aisters
and two brothera.
Xumlier of Sew Appolulmen.a fot
Mlnor Ofllces.
[From Our Resrular Correspondent. j
WASHINGTON, D. C, December 30.?
Postmasters appointed:
Virginia?London Brldge. Prlncess
Anne county. Mary L. Sawyer. vlce W,
L. Lane, resigned.
North Carollna?Bushy Fork, Person
county, Frank .1. Hester, vlce Davtri
Long, removed; Emerson, Rladen coun?
ty. Walter T. Porter, vicc M. M. Por?
ter, resigned; McCuller'a. Wake coun?
ty, R. S. Banks. yice F. G. Banks
reaigned; Rockliff, Polk county, Ed?
ward T. Burgess, vice XV. N. Ownbey
reaigned; Shawboro, Currletuck ? coun?
ty. John P.- Bartiard, vlce S. A. Steven
son,' fesigned; Shore, Yadktn county
Thomas A.Steelman, vice E, G. Smlth
erman, resigned; Striebj^ Randolpl
county, T. S. McLcod, vlco H. R. Wal
den, resigned.
Louls B. Gllllland appolnted regular
and George E. Vaughn substltute rura
carrier, Route 3, at Clarkaville, Va.
UI P half million
H Je i: J men are wearing Packards.
Are You? If not, why not?
You can't do better, and
may not be doing g
as well.
M. A.1PASKARO 0O,.Makm, Brookton, Mass, sMi n.
W. fA.; Sorg&Co.
326 E. BROAD STREET, _50
THE event of the season ln thn
history of the famous Monday
Oertnnn, of Richmond, was Its
Chrlstmas dance, glvon ln Ma
sonlc Templo l.iat evening.
De-t-oratloriB wero in palms. fernn
and benutlful poinsettna, to say nothing
of holly and mlstletoe, Colonol Jo
Lane Stnrn led. wlth Mlaa Maude Mor?
gan. Tho number of daneers wns un
usiially large nnd tho favors woro
churming Dresden figures ror the glrls,
and horns and whlstles nnd Christmas
bells for the gentlemen. The supper.
aa usual. wns most eiabornle, the.
tables belng beautlfully decorated.
Tho entertalnm ont ln every wny sus
tained the reputatlon of the Richmond
German, whlch for years haa been the
leading soclal organlzatlon ln thc* clty.
A( WoiiiMii'*- (hili.
Members of the Woman's Club were
ente-talned yesterday evening wlth an
excellent addresa from Mlss Sarah R.
Bryant. of New York, Miss Kmma
Moorehead Whltfield belng chairman
of the afternoon.
Mlss Bryai.t began lier talk wlth a
rererence to the color lemperament of
tho different European countrles. and
tnm turned to a conslderatlon of the
Ipck of a dlstliictivp color temnera
ment in the i.nlted Statos.
Polnts subse .uently elaborp.ted bv
her related to the crude color dls
played In hotels. to <he taste of the
Trado School puplls; and to what the
study of color had done ln her own
case. She also discussed the decora
tloti of the home in 1850. and declared
that the method of teachlng color har
mony and muslc were the same lllus
trating her statement by a churt whlch
showed the keys and cords of color.
In presentlng the dlfflculties of sten
clllna- and prlnting, she pointed out
the lmportance that, every one should
glve to the betterment of design. and
the necesslty that the deslgner was
under to manufacture hls own goods:
also that children should be taught
that lt ls better to own a few good
thlngs than many bad ones.
Mlss Brynnl had a very lar_e audl?
ence, and commanrt.il lhe- Interest of
her hearers perfectly. When her talk
had onded. she was stlll siirrounrled
by ladles asklng questlons, and eager
for further Informatlon ln regard to
color liarmonles in home decoratlon.
Guests of the afternoon were Mrs.
Jeffrey Montague, Mrs. W. P. Ma
thews. Mlss Margaret Mathows. Mrs.
George H. Whltfield, Mias Harrlet
Buchanan, Mlss Moselle Apperson, Mlss
Julia Wooldridge and Mlss Anne Flet
Hostesses of the afternoon were Mlss
Ellzabeth Patterson, Mlss Nellte Wil?
liams, Mlss Rosalle Fontaine Jones,
Miss May Moore. Mrs. George Wayne
Anderson. Miss Anne W. Archer. Mrs.
Jackson Guy. Mrs. Dallas Flannagan
and Mrs. Chlles Ferrell.
Palronenne.. of l.eoture.
Patronesses of the lectur.* on "Car
m.n Sylva." Queen of Roumanla, to
be glven by Mrs. Frances Fearn. ln
the Jefferson Hotel audltorium on Fri?
day evening. at S:S0 o'elock. wlll be
Mrs. Christopher Tompklns. Mrs. Ed?
ward D. Christian. Mrs. V.'llllam Pc*r
kins. Mrs. Edward Carrinuton Mavo.
Mrs. Willlam Ruffln Cox. Mrs. Beverley
B. Munford, Mrs. Claude A. Swanson.
Mrs. Joseph E. Willard. Mrs. Thomas
Bolling. Mrs. Willlam L. Rova.l. Migs
Jane Rutherfoord. Mrs. Egbert Lelgh.
Mrs. John Kerr Branch. Mrs. Alfred
Harris. Mrs. Decatur Axtell, Mrs. An?
drew Christian and Mrs. Thomas Nei?
son Carter.
To Meet Mrs. Mo>_?*>.
A number of Mrs. Swanson"? friends
dropped in yesterday afternoon. in
formally. to have a cup of tea and meet
Mrs. George Mayre. of Washington. D.
C. who Is a guest at the Mansion this
At the puolic reception to be given
to-morrow nlght. Governor and Mrs.
Swanson wlll recelve. wlth Lieutenant
Governor and Mrs. J. Taylor Ellyson.
Mrs. George Mayre, Mrs. John Kerr
Branch. Mrs. Frances Fearn ancl Mrs.
Wllliam A. Anderson. The Manston
wlll be decorated ln Christmas holly,
and mlstletoe. wlth red roses to
helg-hten the color effect.
To Meet To-Day.
Richmond Chapter, Unlted Daughters
of the Confederacy. a committee of the
whole. a speclal commlttee appolnted
by the chapter. and the commlttee, from
the Chesterfield Chapter are lnvited to
meet at Lee Camp Hall this morning,
at 11 o'elock to perfect arrangements
for an entertalnment to be glven to
the veterans at the Soldlers* Home on
Friday. This is an Important meeting.
wlth much buslness to be transacted.
and It is hoped thnt.all members wlll
Play to Be Repeated.
Foi- the beneflt of the Junlor Bees
and the Brotherhood of St. Paul. a
brlght llttle play adapled from "Flve
Llttle Peppers." under the tltle of
"Thelr Flrst Christmas," wlll be re?
peated Friday evening, at S o'elock, In
the Sunday-school room of Monumental
Tho first performance, given on Fri?
day evening, proved a great success.
To Sall In February.
Blshop Luclan Lee Klnsolvlng, who
on Sunday last repeated at the request
of hls brother, the Rev. Dr. Arthur B.
Klnsolvlng, of St. Paul's Church, Bai?
timore, the sermon delivered In Rich?
mond last October, at thc celebratlon
of the .tuoth annlversary of the found
ing of the Angllcan Church In Amer?
lca. will go from Baitimore, to At?
lanta. New Orleans. Galveston and Aus
tin. Texas. dellvering addresses on
"Brazll." ln these cltles.
He wlll sall from New York for Rlo
Janelro on February 2d.
Formerly of Vlrj&Iuln.
Mrs. Willlam James Bryan. wlfo of
tlie newly appolnted Senator from
Florida. was before her marrlage Mlss
Janet Allan, daughter of Colonel Wil?
llam Allan, of Allan's Gardens. near
Winchester. Va., member of General
Stonowall Jackson's staff - during the
War Between the States, and professor
of Washlngton and Lee L'nlversity,
during the presideney of General Rob?
ert K. Lee.
Mra. Bryan's mother wns Mlss Ellza?
beth Prentlss. She now llves in Lex?
lngton, Va. .Mr. Bryan is a graduate
of Washlngton ancl Lee Unlverslty.
Muslcal Enterttiinmcut.
The St. Andrew's Junlor Vocal School
wlll glve a muslcal entertalnment to
thelr parents and the public to-mor?
row ln the St. Andrew's Hall, on Bev?
erley Street. An Interesting program,
whlch has been arranged. will close
with the cantata "The Glad New
' Personnl Mentlou.
Mlss Virglnia S'. Bouldln is vlsiting
her slster, Mrs. Isaao Ovevby, at No.
117 West Maln Street.
Mr. Howard Wlnston, of the Unlvor?
slty of Vlrglnln.,- who spent a-week
wlth frienda ln Richmond during tha
holidays, has returned to the unlver?
Mlss LUllan Binford, who la vlsltlng
Mlss Mlldrod Dulnny. of No. 7 West
Preston Street, Baitimore, Md., wlll at?
tend tho Tuesday german, Now Year's
Mr.. Klrkwood Mltchell has returned
fronv a vlslt to Mr. and Mrs, W. H. T.
Loyall, In Ghent, Norfolk.
Hon. Henry St. George Tucker and
Mrs. Tucker wero' tho' holiday guests
of Mra. Sharpe, who has become the
recent owner of Woodlawn, in lower
Falrfax county,
Mr. Robert Stewart and Mr. Ran
dolph have been recent guests of Gen?
eral and Mrs. . W. H. Htowart, In Ports
niouth, Va,
Mr. Kent Fllppon, of Sunnysldo.
Oumberlantl oounty, Va., la ln the clty
vlsltlng relatlves and frloncla.
Mr. Henry Mey'qr, of No. 610 Koat
ci-.v sn'6i_t has veturnod aftor a ylslt
"Fnmoiis Amerlenn nflldnvlt ranki-r," under hrrcat lu Xe.r York for llie Knir
I Ih li nutliorltli-a on cbnrgc nf perjury ln hnvliig rnvnrit thnt llie Krnv?> of T.
C Druce coulnlneil n clllii londeil wlth leinl.
to iila daughter. Mra. Laura B. Watts,
of Auburn. N. C.
Mr. Henry Powell has been the guest
of hls parents in Lynchburg. Va.
Mrs. L R. Dashiell Is establlshed tor
the wlnter at No. .2" Wes,t Grace
Street. Mr. Grayson Dashiell. of the
University of Vlrginla, is spendlng the
holldays at home and will remaln until
after the Now Year.
Mra. E. Y. Burch nnd chlldren are
gueats of Mrs. R. T. Harrlson. of Lynch?
Mr. R- H. Bowers. travel ing paasen
ger agent of the Chesapeake and Ohio
Railway Company, who haa been quite
slck at home. Is slowly Improving.
Mr. and Mra. B. M. Tanner and
daughter, of Kansas Clty. Mo., are in
the clty for the wlnter. _
Mrs. Walter C. Meyer, of No. 61S
North Slxth Street. is visiting her
mother. Mra. Lou A- Armes, of Crewe,
Misa Mabel Barnett, of Lynchburg. is
the gueat of her aunt. Mra. A. D. At?
klnson, at the Hotel Rlchmond, thia
Mr. and Mra. Hoffman Allan. after
spending several weeks at the Stafford
Hotel. Baltlmore. Md.. are now in Flor
ida, for the rest of the winter.
Missea Conatancp and Virginia., Gay,
of Rlchmond, were two of the little
guests of honor at a Chri.tmas tree
festlval glven by tbe Misaea Perkins,
of Wllmlngton. Vn.
Mlssea Wlnni. and Gusale Mlller,
Mlsa Suaie Nordeet and Mr. and Mra.
Erneat Palmore, whn have been spend?
lng the holidaya wlth relatlvea at
A.melia, Va., atterided a dance glven
Frlday night In thf Amella Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hurrlies. who have
been in Rlchmond, have returned to
their* home at Wilinlngton.> Vn.
Mra. Henrv-C. Mustin; wlfe of Lieu
tenant Mustin, U. S. N.. and sister of
Mra. Basll Gordon. is expected to vlslt
Rlchmond soon as the gueat of Mlas
Hattle Shlelda. Mrs. Muatln'a mar?
rlage took place laat Novemher. and
Mlsa Shlelds was one of her bridea
The Rev. Reverv Estill. who has
been visiting. frlenda in Richmond,
has returned to hls home in Ilampton,
Mlss Llllian Bay, of St. Louis. Mo..
Is the guest of Mr. and Mra. Decatur
Axtell nt No. ... West Franklln
Mrs. Edward Dllion. of Indlan Rock,
Va., accompanled by Mr. Dlllon, reach?
ed Richmond laat evenlng. Mra. Dll?
lon wlll remain for some weeka.
Misa Ellie Montgomery. of Verdon.
Hanover, has been the hollday guest
of Misa Emily Waddill, at her home ln
the West End.'
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tompkins and
their nephew, Master Carroll Francia,
are visiting frlends in Washlngton,
D. C.
Mrs. Charles Marshall Graves and
chlldren, accompanled ? by Miss
Micliaux, of Powhatan county, have
joined Mr. Graves in New York City.
Mlss Lucie Harrisort Wade has been
spendlng the holidays wlth friends1
and relatlves in Seottsvllle. Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Werner Redd, who have
been guests at Falrmount. of Mrs.
Kate Henderson. have returned to
tholr homo at Meherrln, Va.
One Negro Killa Another.
? [Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
KEYSVIIjI-B. VA., December ....Sunday
afttrnoon about 2 o'clock at Germantown.
Charlotto county, a tantlon, and at present
a cutnp onahe ViiKinla-rtallway. Snm Gard
r.er was shot nnd Instantly killed by Snm
Booker, both locnl negroes. liooker marla
hls e_cap.. and up to thls time lias not
been apprchended..
Oll'lccra Away.
State Insurnnce Commissioner Joseph But?
ton left Sundny nlght for New York 011 of?
ficial liUBlliess.
Superlntendent Joseph D. Eggleston, Jr.,
of the Department of Public Instructlon,
has gone to Chui'lottosvlllo nnd Manassas
to look after some achool matters.
Ilenrlco Scbool Board.
Superlntendent Jackson Davis hns called
a meeting of the Henrlco County School
Board for January _d at tt A. M. Matters
of hnportnnce lncident to the new yenr'a
wcrk wlll be taken up.
Rev. J.. II. Thormvell, D. D-, l)les.
COLUMBIA, S. i... Decomhor 30.?Rov.
.Tanies II. Thoriuvell, D. D., a dlstlilgulsllOd
rit-shyturlan mlnlster of this State, dlod at
hla home at Fprt Mlll early tu-day at'ter u
brlel attack cf neur'algla of tho lienrt. J-l?
wns promlnent In a number ot fratortii-l or
gnnl.atlons. and was well known lu thl_
and othor States.
wltli n dose of _Tonte<tcr'? \ Stomaoli
Hltters and see how much good it will
do you. Bosldes sharpening the appe?
tite and tonfng tlie stomach It wlll also
prevent nr?y nfl. r-etitliiiv dlalrcsM.
haa iilso glvon complete stitlsfitetlon
for fli yeiira In cases of luillgcatloii,
l-J'_|>. pslll, ClIHtiVCIH'HH, IIIIII0U..II. I.H,
Ivldue.v 'I'i'oiiIiIcn, Fi'iiuilu Hla, Colda
aud iiiiiiurin. Try lt to-day, also ask
your driigglsl. for free copy of _??.!'
. 100. AliimuiiC.
Ordinance Committee to Take Up
High License Question at
Xcxt Meeting.
Manchester Teachers' Bureau in
Prosperous Condition?Per
sonals ancl Briefs.
Manchester Bureau. Tlmes-Dispatch.
Xo. 1102 Hull Stroet.
At the regular meeting of tbe Ordl
nance Commlttee next week the meas?
urc requirlng the increase of the saloon
llcense to $500 wlll be taken up. lt
was referred to the commlttee by the
Board of Aldermen at the last meeting.
It ls certaln that the committee wlll
recommend the ordlnance for adoptlon,
and there -wlll be llttle or no oppositlon
to it in tho Assefnbly and scarcely any
in the Board.
. The saloon men do not seem to be
taklng nny actlon in the matter what
ever. It is hlghly prpbable that the
number of bars wlll be llmlted, but lt
is not known whether thls clause will
be embodietl In the llcense ordinance
or in a separate measure.
The Flre Committee, the Flre Com
missloners and the Health Commlttee
are all scheduled to meet to-nlght.
Tcnclier..' Burenu Tlirlring;.
The Virglnia Teachers" Bureau Is
one of the many enterprlslng agencles
of Manchester. The Rov. R. W. Crid?
lln, pastor of Stockton Street Baptlst
Church, ori'ginated this bureau about
ten years ngo, while presidenl of the
Southslde Instltute, -at Burkeville, Va.
The object Is to supply teachers wlth
schools, and to furnlsh schools, both
publlc ancl prlvate. with sultable
teachers..It also furnlshos matrons and
hougekeepers for those who wlsh 'them.
The bureau has done much ln sup
plylng the' publlc schools of Virginia
wlth teachers, and It seems destlned
to flll a very important place ln the
educational system in the State. Dr.
Cridlln ls always ready to glve any
ald to those who may need Jils as
slstance, and havlng had twenty yearn
of t-uccessful experience as an educa?
tor in Virglnia, he ls well qunllfled for
thls work.
Seelng the great need of some agency
to supply the pastorlcss Baptlst
churches wlth sultable pastors and
pastors wlth churches. the Rov. Dr.
Cridlln organlzed-the Bureau of Infor
niatlon for the purpose of Introduclng
the pastors and churches.
Tlils Is thu only agency of the klnd
in the South, and has already met wlth
great favor and success. Dr, Cridlln
ha3 been an active mlnlste'i- in lhe
Baptlst denomination nearly half a
century. He hns recently aided in
locatlng several pastors, and others
are now seeklns fields through hlm.
C _irl.it iiiui*. l-uterliilnmcut.
The Sunday school of West End M.
E. Church wlll glve les annual Christ.
mas entertalnim*nt at the church to
nlght. The program follows:
Song, "Christ ls Born"; pruycr by pastor;
'o'n?hlnar- adch-.s; "Thc Threo Holidays";
r'tcltatlori, "Cllva fs a Chnnue"; song-; "Hnli
Thia Day";-recltatlon, "Annle's nnd Willle's
Praycr": -rcoltutlon, "Look to Jesus"; rcol
tiillon, '?Glad Tidlngs": sons, "The Vlr Trees
Aro Wavlng": recltatlon, "Llttle Rockett'a
Oliiliitmas"; dlalogue; song, "Hurk, tlm
Mndo Swells"; recltatlon, "Chrlstmas Is ln
thc Alr"; recltatlon. "Whon I Am a'Orown
Up I_iuly"; recltiUloii, "TIs Jesus"; solo,
"Two Orphan.."; solo,- "Chlmlniv for Joy";
recltatlon, "Undor the Mlstlploe".; dlalogue.
"r.ln-lslnuts Guests"; recltatlon. "On Christ.
iiiits Day"; _nng. "O. Hnililcheni, Beloved";
itciiatton. "Dorothy's C'lirlstmas Glll"; rac.
Iiatuin, '"TIb Nlght"; song, "Olorlouu Morn
of Hujoielng"; recltatlnn, "Bnby.'e Christ*
rins": recitatlnn, "For th? ? Christ Child'.)
Kfllka". dlulogiio, "SVhlch Is Bust"; song,
"Oli. 'Glft Dlvlne"; recltatlon, "Boyal ' Wcl*
.Miti. Qui'eusUerrj'ii limertil.
Tho funeriii of Mrs. Lainj- French Quecns
tu'iry, wlfe of, Mr. B. A- Queonsberry. took
place yes-terday morning at 10 o'elock from
tho residence... Tha pall-bei_n.ru wero: Hon,
orary?Dr. E. T. lUiekor aiid Howard C.'lein*
onls. Active?Willlam Biiss, C. T. Jones,
Mr. Flournoy, A. -. Smlth, C. I. Brooklng
anrt Mathow Morton. Tho Cloral trlbtitcs
w ern beautlful.
In Pollce Clrcl?s.
The rlockei ln the Poliut* Court yeatcrdiiy
nir,|-ning waa umisually light, thero belng
but two ensos Imforo the court,
Klchtii'il Uioen. Jr., n. sniull boy, was
c.l-.ni-ged wlth sliootln. a lltllo playmnto
wllh a gravel-stun>t*-r. Tho caso wna dlu
Juliii Henry Jones (colored. was up nn
thu churgo of rofuslng to .upppu hls wlfe.
Hh was ? pluoad unClei' a bouil uf .150 for
twelve moiillia, aml In default went to Jlill.
Cleortse AnderBon yesterrt'iy luaruiua swore
oi|i*4i wtirrunt ug.ltiwtCharles Webb. who Is
cluu-ged wllh eiiMlng and ubiislug him and
ilirealculng io do hlm bQclllv harm. Ho wuu
slraUarfng ihcFoodanaRcgula
ling llie Siomadis ____Bova.I_o.
Por Infants and Childrea.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Promoles Digc3tion?li--rfW-'
ness and ResLContalnsneitiw
Opiuni.Morphitic norMiaeraL
, Gunrantccd
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
Thirty Years
bai.ed for hls appearanc? tn court thla
l'_r_onnl_ and Br1ef?.
Mrs. J. G. Snelllngs and Dr. nnd Mra. S. J.
Baker havp returned from Bedford Clty.
where they went to attend the funeral of
thelr fnther. Dr. T. H. Marshall,
Mr. Joseph Shlpley, formprly of Man?
chester. but now of Baltlmore. I_ thc K_c_t
of Mr. Oeoi-ge W. Blankenshlp.
Alton Curtls. the infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. R. U Curtls, of No. 417 Weat Four
tei.nth Street. Is erltically III.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Holder, who were ro
cer.tly married. have returned from thelr
brldal tour. nnd are making thelr home on
Bqchanan Streot.
Norman Blankenshlp. non of George \Y.
Blurkenshlp. who ha_i heen spendlng the
holldays wlth lils parents, ba_ returned to
Kocky Mounc
Mrs. Durreft. formerly of N'o., H13 Deca
t__ Street. who' went wlth her husband to
Colorado Springs early last sprlng for the
heneftt of his health. .hns returned to Man?
chester, and Is now livlng at No. 211 East
Tw.lfth Street. Mr. Durrett dled In Colo?
rado. nnd Mrs. Durrett Is livlng wlth h.-.
ehildren here.
Mlss Fnnnlw Foster. of No. 13.0 Porter
Stieet. has r_mov.il to Rlchmond t? llve.
Mr. .1. T, .lewett. formerly of No. lils
Bnlnbrldg. Street. has moved to hls new
tic-me In I'orter Street.
Mr. R. M. Hague. of Twentieth and Maury
Sireet*. who has heen to Macon. Ga., _*r
hls health. has returned io his home.
Miss Xettle Blnke. ot CIa._h.ont.-Va., has
returned homo after a vlslt to her sister,
Mrs. J. J. Unry. In Swansboro.
XV. T. Hobeek left yesterday for Surrv
county to settle the estate or hls wlfe.
Mlss Alberta Martjn. daughter of Thomas
Martln. nnd Mr. lloraee Wllllams were mar
rltd ijuietly n Saturday nlght in the resl?
dence of tho brlde's father. at No. .... Hull
Streot. The ceremony w?? performed bv
Rev. R. XV. Crldlln. They wlll make thelr
hemo In Manchester.
Rev. Mr. Hurrls, of Suiitli Boston, Set
Apnrt to the .Vork of the ..litilMr...
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
SOUTH BOSTON. VA.. December 30.?
A ^.resbytery. consisting of the FJeva.
II.'G.' Crews; W; XV. Reynolds. P. A. An
thony. XV. M. I-Iudaon and B. D. Thames,
met at the Baptlat Church nt thls place
on Sunday afternoon to conslder an
application from the church to ordntn
thc- Rev. George A. Harris. of thla place,
to the full work of the goapel mlnistry.
After a thorough exnmlnatlon ot tho
candldnte by the Rev. "H. G. Crewa.
chnirman, aa to hla call, falth and doc
trlne, it waa dcclded unanimoualy to
proceed wlth the ordlnation nt 7:30
P. M.
At the appolnted tlma. desplte the
unfavornble ?weather. there waa a large
congregntloir present to witness the
Interesting exercises. After devotlonal
exercises, conducted by the pastor, the
charge to the candidate waa made hy
the ltcv. XV. XV. Reynolda: charge to
the church, the Rev. Wllllnm M. Hud
aon: presontutlon of Bihle. by the Rev.
H. G. Crewa; ordainlng prayer, by the
Rev. B. D. .Thames,. and laying on ot
handa of the preabytery. the benedlc
llon wna prpnouncod by ihe I-tev. Mr.
MrJ Harrla is a member of the South
Boaton Baptlst Church, ahd wns re
Cferitly called to the paatoriitn of. Beth
any Church. .near Durliam. N. C. Hc
expects to enter tlie. Southern Baptlst
Theologleal Semlnary, at IjOitlaville,
Ky., early In tho sprlng'. Ilo'is a youiiK
mnn of flne eharacter, and la held In
hlgh osteenv by ull who know hlm.
His father 1s an old Baptlat minister,
and ho also haa a brothor In tho mlnis?
try, who la now at the semlnary.
The Rev. Wllllam M. Hltdson. of
Seottaburg. who took pnrt in thc ordl?
nation exercises of the Kcs-. Alr. llari'K
statod ibnt it wna an Incldent worthy
of mention that just fourtecn yeara
ago, ou Sunday, ho hlmself wna or
dalnod ;o tlie work of the g'ospol mln?
istry nt tho South l.bstbi; Church. und
that nt thut time ho had served North
Fork Church for n year. lle hns .lust
rounded up his ilfteenth yenr at that
church, whlcli, ut Its last meetlntr.
ole-cted hlm. .I'or another year, and or
iercd a commlttee to present hlm v.'lth
Personal Cards.
R ecep tion, Dinner and
Guost Cards^ Menus, Wed?
ding Invitations and An
nouncements ??? CORRECT
LY ENGRAVED in the most
approved form.
Crests, Monograms, Addresa
Dies, -_c?c., Color Stamping
and IUuminating.
ftWEstimates and samples
sent on request Prompt at
tention given correspondence.
Established Over a Century
tl.wolle.H, Sllv.r.niitli., Stuthiii. .H.
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washingti\>, D. C.
Are Left
Specialties sui table
for New Year Gifts.
Our flat on first floor
is replenished daily with
c h o i c e pieces at cut
Sydnor & Hundley, Inc.
Leader s,
709-11-13 East Broad Street.
Cut Flowers,
Roses, Designs
Manii & Brown,
5 West Broad St, Richmond, Va.
. i Phcne30S2 .
Orders filled promptly; shipped any where
a handsoiv.e go'.d watch _.. a mark of
love ancl appreclatibn ol" hla servlces,
Tho Corporatlon Coiiinilijsion. j'estc-r
day Issued the followlng' cliari-rs":
Tho Brlght wood Building Oci-poia
tlon, Alexandria. Joslah M. Vale, pres
idciit, Washlnpton. .0. C; .Marion But
lor, vlce-prealdeiitj North '-'Carolina;
Annie E. Beall.. Wasl.lnst.in, D. C.
Capital: M-6:li_u__ -Jl.OuO.OOO.
Vogu,. Prliitlng.- Con-ipany, Incorpo?
rated, Norfolk. R. * A. i'hlrloj*. presl?
dent-and genora^ . "nunaser; Oharle?
Tllgham, vIc'u.'pteAiili-tit:.: V.'ililain W,
Old, Jr., secretary and treasurer?all ot
Xorfoil.. Capital: AJaxln.um. ?_000:
niinln-itirn, $,.,000.
Mangohiek Moicantlle Produce Com?
pany, lr.cgrpOrnt*?d. -MonftphU'lc. WU
llani. Templo iiookie.. piuSi_._iU aud
treasurer; CharT.8 "J. Tv.we..: "cice-pres
Ident;Murius .CampbeLL. . seiH'tUary?all
of -Mane.0-.lck; C-pftair-Ifcrxlinum, ?20,
000; niinitnuni, $..000. '??
Wolvbrton Turkish-Batii'* ?Companj\
Incorporated, :.> Blcl)tnotid, Y<js A, J.
?Wol vorlton, presldent;"? V?. :,B-' Brteker.
treasurer; C. Av Wliifrefv-'sedretary?nll
pf nichrnond. Cupii.al: MnJi.lj33.un1, $15,
000; lninihiuhi, *8'-.<ioo.-;'"' '? ';.
ItoMiinc lliisiiioss .liiniiury IJStli.
NEW ORLEANS, .lW-PJlier '..0,~-Th?
New Orleans stock Exchange - wjll not
resutna stock tradlhg ' on", Januaj-y Id.
as w.-jd decided hy a uiuinlnioi'is- vote
on Deeember t.th. Tho 'day -a'1.1.1. ha*
bee.n agreed . upor\. for, rr, i?.;r?era. re
sumptlon of buslness M.i Jmiuurv 15th.
This actlon waist '.taken. to-drty . at _
special mcetliig of the members of th*
exchange. The oxclfanS-' wlU .contlnue
to trade inbnncls. l.ut no stoclcs of any
klnd wlll be-houijht'-or sold <_b tho lo?
cal door' untll aftor Janunry 15th.
Wlll Hnve: Lurger Attcu.lnuce,
[Speclal to The Tunui'Diynatch.],
Deeember 30,?Tlie holidays are about
over hore. Tha second term of th?
ourrent sesslon begln:.' on January 3d.
The new men who aro exnected le *?n*>
ter for tl.o next term wlll bring th?
attendance to hlgheat noint for tvtlv*
yenrs at least. ?.
?I., ... . "' .' ? " 1
llrcome . Kntbcr nt H7.
NEW YORK. Deceinber 3ii.?At th?
age oi elghty-seven. Jean llenrl Thlry.
of, Long lsland Clty, has Just become
the father ot hla slxth child. It wm ?
glrl. born yesterday Thls ls tUm
fourth chllcl Mr. Thlry has had by hl_
socoad wife. wu<n_-i?>?rw4rrW '*? i3**'

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