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Mail Orders Filled at Advertised Prices.
Anticipate Your Spring Needs for
w ?/F ? ? /"> I Savings Now
Whlte LmOOuS: FullyOne-Fourth
Pure Linen Lawns, 25c
Flno nheor fnbrlrs, 3S Inrhea
wlde. that we cnnnot buy ngaln
to sell under 30c ynrd.
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25c, nnd our 2r>c grndo cquul
to vnluea aold for 35c.
Imperial English Nain
Extra flne cloth, made of Sea
Island cotton?Itl.ni) nnd $1.73
per pleco of 12 yarda'i 3fl
mches wlde, and woi'th ?1.S9
Ul.00 per plece, 40 Inches
wlde, vvorth $2.35.
Centre Pieces,
Shams, Scarfs
Lunch Cloths,
Were 50c to $6.50 each
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(I.lnrn n<"i>nrtnrent?Mnln Floor.)
Mny Mnnton Pntternn, lOct by mnll, 12c.
Investigation Reveals
Startling Facts About
Sewer Rates.
Council Determined to Find Out
Whether Overcharges Were
Due to Incompetency or
Graft ? Richards
Right in Each
Ofnclal and dlrect evldence that citl
zens of Marshall Ward have been tho
vlctlms of an outrageous system of
overcharglng ln the matter of sewer
connections was laid bare yesterday
when a special commlttee completed a
searehing Investigation of tho flgures
Fubmitted by Councllman C. E. Rlch?
ards. In each and every one of the
fourteen cases presented by Mr. Rlch?
ards the commlttee found ample proof
that hls measurements were correct,
the largest single excess amount belng
Unlcss the Street Commlttee demands
at once a more thorough investigation
for tho purposo of placlng the gullt
where It belongs, that course wlll be
urged on the floor of Councll, members
expressing thcmselves In 'the most em
phatlc terms lust nlght to the effoot
that lt was a case of wholesnle graft
or wholesale incompetency thnt needs
prompt attentlon. Wlth thls end In
view they say that the limelight must
be thrown into every corner of the
Enslneerlng Department, as tho over?
charges resulted from tho work of nn
ofncial or offlcials under its Jurlsdlctlon
Mndc No Kormiil Cbnrgen.
i Wlthout making charges agalnst
anyhody in partlcular, Councllman
Rlchards. . mlndful of the numerous
complairHs.- t/Iazed the way alone,
whlle'''m?hy of hls colleaguea openly
and brazenly shouted from the house
1ops that he wns talklng through hls
hat. But thls did not disturb hlm or
detnr hlm from seeklng the Ught hc
had set out to flnd. It was not so long
ago that prornlnent members of th<
upper branrlr rldlculed the Hobsor
charges agalnst the Clty Home, ant
then had to admlt the prnof. Mr Rlch?
ards, Hkewise, has converted th<
Wlth the facts presented yesterdnj
there is more than a posslblllty thal
tape Unes and souhdlng rods wlll b(
used throughout the clty generally
Ir.dced. the publlc may demand it Ii
view of these latest revelntions. lt li
admitted, moreover, that If what hap
pened in Marshall Ward happened lr
' all other wards, there wlll be clalm:
for damages agalnst tho clty amount
Ing to thousands of dollars?all becaus.
of the offhand acceptanco of stnteinent
as to what was due on sewer contracts
Gulded by Ruakcll'a Report:
Asslstant City Engineer Jackson Bol
tc-n, tempornrily ln charge of tho oillc?
sald yesterday afternoon that th
i.-lalms of the contractors had nlread
been paid, hls ofHce hnvlng accepte.
the report of Wllliam F. Ruskell, sewe
inspector, without veriflcntion or ques
tlon. Mr. Bolton very frankly and hon
estly admitted that some of the blam
would rest upon his own shoulders ln
nsmuch as he had regarded the meas
urement of Mr. Ruskell as correct. S
far us Mr. Bolton personally wns con
cerned, however, members of Caunc
Bald it would be unrcusonahlo to buj:
pose that he should bo rerjulrcd to g
behlnd the inspector and verlfy his rc
turns when hc- had important und inu.'
titudinoua duties at the offlco and i
more important lines of work, Ever
effort to locate Mr, Ruskell wlth
view to securlng a statement from hi:
proved unavaillng yesterday afternoo
Tho investigation yesterday waa cor
flucted by Asiilstant Clty Engineer Bo
ton, Inspector Ruskell, who had mad
the original measurements, Councllma
John J. Lynch, of the Subcornmittee <
3treeta, and Councllman Richards. Tr
latter was the nrat to arrlve nt Thlrtj
fourth and Marshall Streets, deaignatc
?t- the starting polnt. Some ot the coi
tractora strolled up to watch the dif
for Infants and Cliildren.
Tbe Klnd You Have Always Boiigt
Bears tbe
Bignature of
ging. In a short tlme rresident Pe
ters, of the Common Councll, appeared,
ond when Mr. Lynch, who was not ex
pccted, came in the place of Aldermnn
Mann, who did not report, the workmen
got busy. They kept lt rrp untll 4
o'clock ln the afternoon, and in each of
the fourten cases examlned the Rlch?
ards' charges were substantlated. In
all of them, however, ho did not have
his flgures exactly conflrmed, for there
was moro or less haggllng over the
tepe llne. But In the end he was over
whelmlngly vlndlcated. '
In the statement prlnted below the
nmourit of the overchargo as presented
by Mr. Rlchards ls given, together wlth
the amount whlch the committee ad?
mitted ln the shnpe of an overcharge.
The Marshull Ward Councllman plcked
out fourteen, nnd only fourteen cases,
nd as thero was a glarlng discrepancy
the fourten wero Investlgated. In other
words, he bagged fourteen out of a pos
slblo fourteen. Tho 11st snenks for lt
iVs to what he belleves to be exces
slvo charges for work, nslde from the
Incorrect measurements, Mr. Rlchards
fortllled hls posltlon ln another partlc
ular by selectlng a contract which co?t
a cltizen $131.60. He found out exacti;
how much exeavating waa necessary,
ho.w much plpo was needed, and all
other facts, and then lntervlewed four
of the leading plumhers of Rlchmond.
Their cstimates were: $C8.07, $51.70,
the two others belng $54.50 ench. Thls,
however, was merely a sido llne, so to
Contnietorei Alrendy Pnlrl.
When a property ownor deslres to
.connect his house with tho street sewer
he must apply to the Clty Engineer,
who gives out the contract. Apparcnt
ly. the grentest cost ls ln maklng tho
excavatlons. Mr. Bolton explainod that
the regulations requlro a two-foot
dltch for a plpe nnywhere from slx to
twelve Inches. The dltch must bo
largor as tho size of tho plpe needed
is lncreased. After tho work ls com
pleted tho Sewer Inspector turns ln a
statement, bllls nre made out and tho
contractor ls pald. Tho property own
er, however, does not settlo untll a few
months later, nnd it happens thnt In
these Marshall Ward cases'the clty has
.suttled with the contractors without
collectlng from the cltlzens. Thanks
to Mr. Riehnrds, tho latter will recelve
flnanclal beneilt as outllned ln tha ta?
ble prlnted above, and unless the clty
can reoover from tho corrtrnctors It
wlll lose tho-dlfferenco between the no
tual nnd the erroneous nmounts.
A. W. Smlth Plned.
.. Smlrh (whlte) wns called ln th<
PoUc-o Courr yesterday mornlnn to answei
ro the oharso or belng drunk and dlsorclorl,
and ourslng and aluialns John A. Wllllams
IU wiu> fined J^O and iuii under S100 bo
What Richards Charged and
Proved in Fourteen Cases
Over- Over
clttirko idinrKo
C'lulined, Allowed,
I. Mttlvlu JoliUM, 311 North Thlrly-fiuirtli Street_..... $IU ilil $15 30
-'. Alulvlu Joumt, aitl North Thlrly-fourth Street. :i sn l 04
II. lloruce M, Orlilln, 301 North Tlitrly-foiirth Street. 10 <?- 7 II)
?I. Mm, M. L. Spnln, SIOS! Xorlli Thlrty-foiirth Streot. ii XI l 3S
B. Mr?. Sarah ?. IteeveH, 330S Must Miii-hIiiiII Street. tl 8-1 St 71
tl. Jtr?, Lntirii \V. Mclton, IMOS Hwtt MnrnhtiH Street. Il? 71 17 ,17
7. Mrii. Vlrtilnlil .lonca, ;|.| IO Kimt Miirsliull Street. -'3 lllt ^11 75
K. Thoinii* V. Iloylo, IVM .Vorlh Thlrl.v-.si\tli Street. -1 55 I 55
li. L, .1. Mnrlln. HIS North Thlrtj-MxOi Street.1 5,5
10. ThoiiuiK l". Iloyle, Ilil Norlh Tlilrty-Hl.vih Slreet. II -KI
Jl. Wyiitt L, Goode, U03 North Thlr(}-?l.\<ll Street. 7 3U
li! nnd 13, II. O. Ciirltnu, liouxen H4IIKS nnd UitQT lliutt Ilronil
s? reet .,..;,? ? - ,
14, Smitli itiid JoiinkOII, UUOI llnM llroiul Streel. H 0(1
Department of Jtisti.ce SpeAuls
Much Money On Qific'rJs
for judges.
Custodian Looks for New Quar
ters VVIiile Workmen Improve
Old Place.
Whllo tho Treaattry Department nt
Washlngton Is preparlng to tcar down
tho preaent Federal bulldlng and erect
a now one, tho Department of Justlco
Is spendlng 510,000 to $15,000 in flttlng
up nnd fiirnlslilng prlvate ofllcos for
tho Unltod States clrcult judgos on tlie
second Iloor of tho structuro.
Ofllclnls dlreclly in touch with Fed?
eral nffnlrs licro can explaln tho nppar
ent Incotislstency of tlie AVnshlngton
nuthorltlos on no other ground than
tliat tho two sldes of tho work aro
undor sepnrato departments, and thnt
perhaps ono Is not oflielally adviscd
of wliat the other is doing.
Cnrlous Slluntlon.
An ofllclal in one of the departments
sugge8ted yesterday that ono of tho
proposed plans for a new bulldlng
called for another story on the old
placo; the tearlng down of tho Shafer
Bulldlng and tho constructlon on thnt
slte of one slmllar to the old, tho two
belng connectcd by an arch. In such
an cvent the money now belng ex
pended on the lnterlor would not bo
lost, as the improvements belng mado
would stnnd. But this is looked upon
as both lmprobable nnd lnfenslblo. Tho
walls of tho present bulldlng would
probably not stand another story, und
agaln lt ls belleved to be tho purpose
of tho government to razo thls nnd tho
Shafer Bulldlng und erect a splendid
new structure on tho two lots.
"Will Move Out Shortly.
Though thero has heen no very tan
glble moro recontly with roference to
the mntter, it is tho bellef of well
posted olllclals in the various depart
ments thnt all the olllces will be lo?
eated in tenjporary quartors wlthln
the next few months, and that the
work of tearing down will then begin.
Custodian Joseph B. Stewart has been
instructed to prov.lde ofllces for all the
deiiartments, and ho is now in search
of suitable bulldlngs. The post-ofrlco
will be tem'porarlly housed ns near tho
present bulldlng ns posslble, though
up to last night Mr. Stewart had not
determined anythlng concernlng the
mntter. The internal revenue nnd cus
toms departments will probably tnke a
building together, and the courts will
be to themselves ln another, carry'ng
with them. of course, the clerks and
United States marshal and hls stnflf.
Other OfllceM.
Then the Bureau of-Anlmal Industry
and the office of the marine hospital
will have to be provided for, and all
these together will require much space.
It will bo the policy of Mr. Stewart,
as far as it can be done, to locato all
the depnrtments in the downtown sec
tion, for the convenienee of the offi
cials as well as the publlc.
Even lf lt shall be determined to
add another story to the present post
ofllce, the various departments would
still havo to vacate, as lt would not
be snfo for them to remain whllo the
work of improvement ls In progreaa.
The Department of Justice is pro
ceeding with its work of renovation
and Improvement as though the build?
ing wero not to bo disturbed. The
entlre second floor, formerly occupied
by tho Internal Revenue Department
and the United States distrlct attor
ney's offices, has been turned over to
the Unlted States circult judges and to
the clerk of that trlbunal. Rooms havo
been handsomely fltted up and fur
nished for each of the judges, nnd the
entiro cost of tho improvement will
reach about $15,000.
Electrlcians are rewlrlng thls por
tion of tho building for indlvidual
desk 'phone service and for electric
call bells, and when the tearing down
beglns these hnndsome prlvate rooms
will be demollshed along with the resl
of tho bulldlng.
The Pont-Omce.
Tlie suporvlslng archttect of the
Treasury Department ls expected here
shortly after tho holidays, by whloh
tlmo Mr. Stewart hopes to have all the
ofRces loeated. The work of the post
offlce has grown to such an extont an.1
the mail has become so hoavy ln re?
cent years, that lt Will require a largo
bulldlng for thls one department, and
lt may be that after all a temporary
wooden structure will have to be
erected. It ls belleved that all th-j
flghtlng is over concernlng a slte for
the new bulldlng, and tliat tho present
one will be utllized without any serious
Coinpnnlnna Gone, GIolic-Trotter Keepa
Stolcully nt in? Tank.
ITcnrl Mosse, who Bets hlmself dowr
on hotel reglsters asj a "globo-trotter,"
arrived ln the clty yesterday from Roa
noko, Va., on foot, and ls now stop
piripr at the Lexlngton. Mosso Is f
Greek, nnd speaks but llttlo Kngllsh
A Tlmes-DIspatch man called upon hln
ln hls room last night, but failed t(
galn much informatlon, as the tw<
could understand but llttlo they sah
to each other. It seems that Mossi
left Parls with three other men to en
circlo tho globe somo timo durlng thi
present year. One of the men dled
another got lost In the shuflle, ant
Mosse doosn't know where tho thln
one Is. He ls holding up under thi
straln, nnd ls stlll walklng on hls jour
noy, with his little paek on hls back
He could not mako the newspaper mat
understand how long ho would stny ii
Richmond, and where he would g<
from here, but ho s-aid thero was i
Greek on Broad Street who could eas
ilv translato hls "line of talk" inti
Noticc Scrvcd 011 Beck That Ap
plication Will he Made in
Chanccry Court on Friday.
Board of Safcty Would Have
Granted Permit Except for
Property Ownership Lssuc.
Notlco was served yesterday i
flulldlirg Inspector Beck thut counHtd
for John P, Raglrtnd would npply lo
Judgo Grlnnnn, In tho Chuncery Court,
on Kriday morning ,at 10 o'clock for
a writ of inandamus eompelllng hlm
to Issue a permit for the crectlon of
slx stores on North Flfth Street, tho
Board of Prrbllo Safcty to tho contrury
The lltlgatlon wlll be all tho moro
Interestlng ln view of tho general be
llef that tho Clty Attorney wlll not
represent. a nrunlclpnl ofllcer. Accortllng
to the City Attorney's oplnlou to the
board. thero ls no ordlnnnce to prohlbit
the erOjction of mercahtlle establlsh
nrerrts ln tho resldontlul dlstrlcts, and
had hls ndvice been followod tho coni
plnint of ndjolnlng pruperty-owner.i
would havo been unavalllng. Mr. Beck
sald yesterday that ho would bo rep
resented by eounsel, but he ngrees that
Alr. Pollard would be ln a rathor pe
cullar posltlon should tho regular
legal department of tho rlty be called
on to opposa the mandamus In the
Chancery Court, when It has rendered
a decision favorablo to the plalrrtlft.
Mr. Raglaird la represented by Nclson
& Nelson.
Uonrd Rondy to Ornnt It.
Moro important than tho legal pro
ceedlngs is tho fact brought out yos
torday that the Bonrd of Publlc Safcty
was prepured on Mondny to reverso the
decision of Inspector Beck nnd allow
tho permit to bo issued wlth the prn
vlsion that the fire walls bo made
thlrteen Inches thlck. Two polnta de
veloped nt tho henrlng wero sclzed
upon by the board, however. In reject
Ing Ilnally the nppllcatlon. The mem?
bers concluded that the nrrangement
whereby slx stores were to be heated
by one furnnco was dangerous, and tho
appeal proper was thrown out sum
rnnrlly when lt was stated thnt Mr.
Rngland was not the fee slmplo owner
of the property ln question.
Mr. Rngland's lawyers declare that
tho nttltude of the board in this lat
ter respect was rldiculous and was
so regarded by lawyers genernlly who
dlscussed the matter yesterday. They
hold that the courts wlll not accept
any srrch rullng. j
Though the appllcatlon for a permit
has been turned down on two occa
sions, lt ls polnted out that Mr. Beck
was not sustalned in either case, for
the reason that tho board in .tho flrst
Instance rejected the appeal on the
ground that an ordlnance, long ln ex
istence, had not been complied with.
Mr. J. A. Connelly, agent for Mr. Rag
land, declared that lt had never been
called to his attention by the Inspec?
tor. In the second case, the apppellant
lost for reasons nlready stated, name
ly, on the question of fee slmple
ownership brought up after Jlr. Beck
had rendered hls decision. Therefore,
lt is plaln that there has been no ac
tual review of the Inspector's ruling
by which the permit was refused, be
cause of the protest of citlzens re
slding in the Immedlate nelghborhood.
Mny Attnck Beck.
Whethor or not Mr. Ragland wlll
Inslst upon holdlng Inspector Beck re
sponslble at law for delaylng his bulld?
lng plan3 ls a rather indefinite propo
sltlon. In the event, however, that the
mundamus ls Issued, the Inspector
would unquestionably be requirod to
pay the costs, and he could hardly cx
pect Councll to relmburse hlm, lnas
much as he had falled to- be governed
by the advlec of Clty Attorney Pol?
lard. Mr. Beck denled last nlght that
the Grace Street property owners had
agreed to lndemnlfy hlm for personal
loss at court.
Members of Vlrglnia MIlHIn Cnlled to
Task by Ueneral Yauelinn.
In view of certnln irregularities in
the service, General C. C. Vaughan,
commanding the Flrat Vlrglnia Brig
adc, has Issued an order as follows:
"It luia come to the knowlcdge
nf tlie coinmiiudlng gcnerul thnt
coiiiiiiuiilciittoiiM from niember* of
the Vlrglnlii voluutecra have been
ruldrcHMMl nnd forvt-nrded dlrect to
the niljiititiit genernl, United Statca
Army, contrury to regulntloiiM.
'?foiiiiiiniidliiK officers of cont
pnnleH of (he brigiide wlll lnstruct
tbe menibern uf thelr reapectlve
comiiuuitlH nf the Improprlety of
Niich, nnd lal.c- such other nctlon nn
in thelr jiiilgmcnt wlll avold llko
Prominent Politicians All Over
State Interested in Lynch
Booker Contest.
With tho Democratlo caucuscs of the
two houscs of the General Assembly
less than u week off, only ono real
llght is ln slght?that for the clork
tihip of the Senute. Mr. Thomas A.
Lynch, of Tassewell, aud Hon. Marshalj
11, Booker, of llalifax, are tho candl
date.s, aud promlnent party leaders Jn
many sections liavo been drawn ,ao-.
tiyely Into tho contest on- one sldo or
thu other. Indoed, lt ls overahadowlng
nearly ovory other battle to ho detor
mliied In tho oarly stagos of tho ses
slon, and it Is freoly predictod that the
iliiul result will ho doso.
Mr. Lyiieh lias boen on tho ground
for several days, and ho and hls friends
are worftlug llk,j hoavors. Mr. Bookor
will he ln to-morrow, Ho will open
lieadquartera at .Murphys. whero Mr.
L.viu-h has hls, an.l somo livoly Hcrap
ping ls oxpeeicd iriiiii that tiino untll
the cauous ilctertnlnos tho matter ne::t
Tucsday ulght.
NeW Years Hunt This Morning
From left to rlghl?I'nlnrcr I.rliili, lOdwnrit Tlnrrla, J. St. ftrorgc Ilrynn, M.
V. II.r Allen P<it?H.
Now Yenr's Day nt Deep Run Hunt
Club wlll bo cclehrati-d by a morning
br.hlnd hounds, the Rlvcrsldo Priok, ot
lYtorsburg, huntcd by tho mastor of
Klverslde, Mr. Lcroy Iloper, furnishlng
thn sport.
Deep Run Pack will not bo unkerr
neled, and whlle tho Petersburg sports
men have tho prlvllr.ge of huntlng tho
country, they wlll have as their guests
the rnembers of Deep Run.
Thi; nreet wlll be ut the ClllbllOUHO, nt
11 o'clock, and nfter the rlrag, a re
ceptlqn wlll be held nt whlch several
promlnent abclety womeu and debu
tnntes wlll recelve.
Widely Known Physician of Hanover County Meets
Awful Death in Flames?-Daughter and Son
Have Narrow Escapc.
Dr. Thomas E. Willlams, ono of tho
ildest andi best known physlclans of
rlahoyer counly, suffered an awful and
raglo death early yesterday morning,
.vhon ho was consumed ln the fire
.vhlcli destroyed hls home. Hls daugh
:er, Mlss Agnes Willlams, and ono of
lis Kons. Slr. AVIlllam Willlams, who
,vas at home on a vlstt, narrowly es
:aped crematlon. Dr. Willlams hlmselt
.vould have been saved had he not, for
somo reason unknown, gone back Into
:he house. The children attempted to
irevent hlm from golng, but unsuccesB
fully, and he dld not come back. Both
(on and daughter were badly burned.
ind Mlss Willlams had her hands lac
jrated In sinashlng her windows to es
:ape. t
Orlftln TJnkttown.
How the fire started, or at what
:ime, cannot be said. Even the nearest
r.elghbors dld not see the flames untll
nearly 6 o'clock, when the house was
ilready doomed. It is supposed that
the blaze originated in tho kitchen,
whero the house caught onee before,
ibout fotir years ago. Constructed of
hewn logs and weather boardlng, tho
bulldlng waa an easy prey to tho
ffames, and but an hour or two elapsed
before lt was reduced to ashes.
Dr. Willlams lived withln a quarter
of a mile of Peakes Statlon, on the
Chesapeake and Ohlo Railroad, and but
a short distance from Hanover Statlon.
The neighborhod ls well populated for
a rural distrlct, but the fire began at
an hour when eVerybody was still in
111 clad as they were, Mr. Willlams
and hls sister rushed for atd, but the
house was too far gone when assis
tance arrived.
I.eudlng I'hyfolcltin.
Dr. Willlams wns aeventy-two years
ot agc, and he had been for a number
of years one of the leadlng physlcians
in the county. He was a natlve'of
iMaryland, and served ln tlie Confed
crate Army ns surgeon of a Maryland
reglmenL Immedlately after the war
ho moved to Hanover county, and there
married Mlss Pollard, a membcr of tlie
well known Virginia famlly of that
name. He is survived by three daugh
tcrs: Mrs. Bowe, widow of Bowler Bowo,
of Hanover county, and a brother of
Mr. N. W. Bowe, of KIchmond; Mrs.
r'rancls Loucord, ot Atlee, and Miss Ag?
nes Bowo; nnd threo sons?Thomas
Med and Willlam.
Hotel Clerk Got Hnek 92.50 ln Gold
GIveu for a Dlme.
Edward Epes, the popular -young
nlght clerk of tho Hotel Guerrant, has
Just escaped a double case of nervous
prostratlon. In hls stocking Christmas
morning he found a $2.50 gold plece.
A few evenings later ho was on his
Frank Jennings Denies Guilt,
But Many Charges Have Been
Made Against Him.
Frank Jennings, a youth of eigh
tcen year's, was arrested yesterdaj
evening and taken up to the Second
Pollce Statlon on the charge of forgory
Only ono charge, that of forging tht
name of Mrs. Ada M. Cabell, wife ol
Henry L. Cabell, was preferred againsl
the boy, but it is stated that there'art
other allegatlons of a moro seriou;
When seen last nlght in hls cell
Jennings denled all charges ngalns
him, and strongly declared hls inno
cence, He was, howovor, dellvered bj
hls brothor to tho polico at head
quarters yesterday afternoon, which 1:
looked upon as praotlcally a oonfesslor
of guilt, Ho has employod Mr. Gllber
Pollock ns his attorney.
Sorenth Streot SiuuUiy School Has llli
Tho Sunday school ot tho 8oventh Streo
Clirlatian Churoh hold Us ChrlBtmaa oelo
brntlon In tha lecturo-room of tho churcl
lost nlBht. The decoratlons wero nttlng t'
tho Christmas tlme, and tho rooms wen
tllied with tho children and thelr eldors. .'
larj?,i Christmas troe Btood at tlie, end of thi
rooin, and presonU from It wore distrlbtitoi
to oach scholar, with spuolai prlses for thoai
who havo beon punctual In attondanco am
,,[,,tu-iont In tholr lasaons.
Mr. L. T. Wobstor prosldod, and tho fol
lowliip prograin was rendered; Solo, Mls:
Mo^orton; Htcraopllcop vIowb, "Llttlo Folki
li> Otlior Lamls," Mr, Camaron Johnsnu
muIob, MIssas .Ttillut Anderson, Bdna Chll
dltHS and lsubul fcfmith; recltatloti, Ml8i
Muiguerlte Stultz. Tho entertalnmont oloaei
with a praycr by the jmstor, tha Rev. Dr
J, J. IIttloyv
way to seo sorne frlends, but ns he
did not llnd the house nurnber i.-iislly.
n negro wus chrirter-ud uh a pilut. When
he reached the door Mr. Epes felt in hls
pocket for a dlmc, but almost drnpped
dead the next morning when ho found
that he had parted wlth the gold coln.
That waa had cnough, but when he
called on his frlends Monday nlght
they informed hlm that the rregro had
called to suy that the gentlemnn evl
dently gave hlm the gold by inlstake.
As Mr. Epes was expected that eve?
ning, the honest man promlaed to re?
turn. True tD hls word, he turned up
with the money, got a dollar for hla
honesty, and was thankful.
Chbnge Went Into EtTeet at Midnight?Old
Officers Lrnvlnc
Carrylng tholr papers and other accumu
laied belonglngs Beveral of Ihe old offlcirs
who have long been famlliar flgurea nt llen
rlco Courthouse took leave fora tlme at le.i?it
>e?ttrday, glving- place to thelr successors.
Who assurae thelr dulles rhls morning.
Early ln rha day Mr. Slmon Solomon, who
h.Ts for years held the sherlff's k>jy?, went
fi'rth wlth hls belonging ln a sult case to
ei-ter the pursulta of civll llfa agaln. Ma,
lerrate Ansle also swept and garnlshed hls
oftice In rho basemenr, but rook th* precn>i
tion to lock tho door nnd tnko tho key wi?n
h,m. saylng tbat ho should nor be surpriw.l
If he would ??'? i.:-. occupy the offlce In a
short tlme. Mr.. Grean, tho Jallor, aliio
moved hls goods! and as Ihe clock atruck
12 ItLst nlght, turned over the jail keys to
his Kuccessor, Mr. R. C. flarnet. Thls morn
Inj; flnds the old faces gone, but thelr places
aro well supplled, and thlncs In llflnrtco
wlll go rho even tenor of their way ns
Well-Known Baptist Minister oi
South Carolina to Make
Home in Richrnond.
The Rov. Victor I. Masters, of Green
vllle, S. C, has arrlved Irr the clty and
to-day wlll take up the duties as as
soclate ellltor of the Rellglous Her
ald, maklng hls homo here ln the fu
Tho Rev. Dr. R. H. Pltt. edltor of the
Herald, long ago found that one man
could not look nfter the interests of
the paper, whlch has grown steadily
In the last few years. Mr. Masters
comes admlrably qualified for his new
work. For soven years he waa^asso
clate edltor of the Baptlst Courler, of
Greenvllle, S. C, and for two years ed?
ltor and proprietor of the Baptlst Press,
of Greenwood, S. C. He is an A. M.
gvaduato of Furmun Unlverslty, S. C?
und a .full graduato of the Southern
Baptlst Theological Semlnary, of Lorr
isville, Ky. t-Io has a broad acqualnt
ance wlth hls church nnd its condltlons,
In Vlrglnia. In tho early years of his
mlnlstry ho was pastor of a church at
. Mr. Masters has socured a resldenco
ln Barton Helghts nnd will bo Jolned
there by hls famlly ln a few wooks. Be
sldos hls duties as associute odltor of
the Herald, he will spond some tlmo
travellng through the Stato and proach
lng ln tho varlous Baptlst cliurches, so
as to be well ucqualnted with tho poo
plo of hls denomlnution ln ull parts of
Aeled ln 8eIf-Dofeii.se,
On tho charge ot' cuttlng Rubert Itamney
(colored) in a brawl near fovun Plnes
?Wllllam C'ttlvln, also colored, wus icloused
by MagUtruta Thomas, In Hourlco, ycatorday
nioTiilng, Cnlvlrr prpveil to tho Hiitlvfaotloir
oi tho ooiii-t thnt ho dld not imo his knlt>
ur.tll after ho had Uoon knui'kud down kuv
t.rul ihiw. uliowlng cleuvly that hla uul Wut
la ?eU-del'cuuo,
City Electrician Trying to Kecp
Slrcaniers on Broad Street
General Manager.Huff Promptly
Agrces to Cbntilille Service
Until Monday.
Through tlio courtesy of Gcnonl
Mnnnger Huff, of tho Passenger and
Power Company, the stroamer lights
on Brond arrd Maln Ktreets wln brrrn
untll nildiilglit mi Hunday. in the
monritlme, Clty Electrician Thompson
wlll mako nn ofllclnl report to the
Coniinlttec orr Electrlclty, rccomnierid
Irrg that tho servlco on Broad Htreot ite
corrtlnued liuleflnltcly, the fund for
that purpose to bo provldetl ln tho
b mi get for the present year.
Tho "aavertlslng'.' llghts cost $is a
nlght: the cost of one aro Inmp ls
17 cents n nlght. Thls Intter fact may
be a reyelatlort to cltlzcrrs In tho nn
nexed te.rrltory, who are clarnorlng for
them, urid who nppitrently havo been
under the Imprcsslon that the co.u
was about J17 a minute. There Is ;r
general cry froin all quarters for bet
tcr fni'ilitles, but tlie Broad Street de?
mand fnr the streamers ls slurply Irro
<iin fict Clinip Itntc.
Mr. Thompson sald lust nlght that
for Broad Street alono a chenp rate
can be secured, but hc thlnks thnt for
the edlflcatlon of pnssengers on Wash?
lngton tralns tho service should extend
to Elba Instead of the Masonlc Tenr
ple. If Councll dt-cllnes to make thd
servlco perirninent Mr. Thompson will
urgo that tho streamers romuln ho
that tho power may hc tnrned on for
e'peclal occastons. Ho wlll Intervlew
the merchhnts to-day and see what
they are willlng to do about it.
ln this conuectlorr lt Is proper to
remember that Councllman Wllllam
iAinbeth Whlte Ruggestcd thnt the
sparkllng faollltlea be provlded fnr
New l'enr's nlght, and out of the gen
eroslty of Its heart the Passenger and
Power Company threw ln four extrns.
Pr. and Mrs. Woods to fipend Sometlnm
In Rlchmond.
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Woods and famlly
Inrded nt S;in Franclaco on Krlday, nnd
are expected ln Rlchmond by rhe end of Ihl*
week. Dr. Woods, who ls trom Charlottes
vllle. Ib a gmduata nt tha medlcal deparr
runt of.the Unlvorslty of Vlrglnia, and hns
jivgd In China for the pn?t fourteen yeara,
oi.gugcd in medlcal mlnlons ln connectlmi
wlrh th? Southern Presbyterlan Church.
Whlle located nt Tflng Klnng P?u last year.
lr. the heart of tho famlnln* dlatrict, h? was
made the chalrman of rhe general commltrea
for rhe dlstrlbutlon of aupplle*. and large
nmounls of money and food atuft were sent
out through thlg agency to thoso who wr?.
actually srarvlng.'
Whlle In thls country Dr. and Mra. Woods
wll'. make thelr 8tay with Mn. Wooda's
pdients, ihe Rev. Dr. and Mra. James P.
Smlth, of Rlchmond.
Case Postponed.
Hlram Crutchfleld (colorcdl nppeared ln
the Pollco Court yesterday morning on tha
charge of selllng llquor wlthout a llcense.
Ho was arresred on Sunday by Blcycle Po
Iltemen Belton and Palmer on auaplcion of
rurntng a "speak eosy" in the eastern pa't
of the clty. Palmer was too 111 to appe^r.
nnd the cas? was contlnued to January 9th.
Ihe negro was balled ln the aum of }i00.
Interesting Exercises Will Be
Held by Y. M. C. A. This
The chlef foature of the New .Year
festlvlties at the Central Young Men's
Chrlstian Assoclation to-day will be
the formal breaklng of ground for the
new building, preparatory to tearing
away the old property on the 'ot at
Grace and Seventh Streets. Tho event
wlll be slgnallzed by a short service,
beginning promptly at 3 o'clock thls
afternoon. The progrum wlll be ns fol?
Mr. O. A. Hawklns, chalrman new
bulldlng commlttee, presldlng?Prnyer,
the Rev. Thomas Semmes; unlocklng
tho door to the assoclation, Mr. N. V.
Sllls; pulllng out the flrst nall. Mrs. M.
C. Gentry, chalrman woman's commlt?
tee; taklng out the flrst brlck. Ramon
A. Flsher, ex-presldent of Boys' Blble
Study Club; breaklng ground. Master
Joseph Brvan, 2d, Master Kenneth Wil
sorr Carr, Master James Bouglas Lecky,
Jr., Master O. J. Sands, Jr., Master H.
K. McKee, Jr. Every friend of the
assoclation is invlted.
The new building commlttee has pro
ceeded most carefully ln its study of
plans nnd in preparatlons, an.d the re
ports of the twenty urchitects now
worklng on plans for the competltlon
wlll be ln the hands of the commlttee
on February 5th. The bulldlng west ot
the corner wlll be torn away during
January. and the one on the corner
during February, when the lot wlll be
cleared for the erection of the new
bulldlng. The commlttee ls nnxious
to proceed just as soon as the frlends
wlll make lt posslblo. There ls need
that the contrlbutors ald the commlt?
tee by the prompt payment of pledges.
Other Fentures.
In the assoclation hall at 3:30 there
wlll be a matlnee for boys and glrls.
Thls wlll bo followed by gymnastlcs
in tho gymnaslum at 4:30 and .5:30
?CA?tC8':30 P. M. the flrst of the wln
ter nlght entertalnments wlll be glven
by Mr. Joseph Lorraln, of New York,
"the manufacturer of smlles," in his
lmltatlons, songs, whistllng, etc, and
by Polk Mlller's Old South Quartet, ln
thelr negro songs that are thoroughly
onjoyed by all. At 10 o'clock there
wlll be basketball ln the gymnaslum,
and the dav wlll close wlth a fellow
shlp sorvlce of song at 10:30 o clook
ln tho muslc-room on the maln fioor.
Tho members of tho board of dlrec?
tors and woman'a commlttee will re?
celve Informally from 4 -to 8:30 P.. M.
The burlesivue art oxhibltlon wlll
bo open from 4 to 8:30 o'clock, ln
charge of Mrs. W. S. Murray and
daughter. , , . . , _ .
Tlukets for the nlght entertalnment
can be secured at tho assoclatlot
bulldlng any tlmo during the day or
Just heforo the ontertalnnrent.
wedIn washington
Uliltmotrd Coupta Marry at tlu> Nntlonnl Cap?
ltal nnd Surprlso Frlcnds.
Frlonda of Mr. M. A. Marlln and Mlia
Lerndo Tueker, a popular young lady'of
Church Hlll, wero surprlaod yostcrday to
lenrn thnt thoy had beon married ln Wosh
Ineton, thelr Intontlon havlng boen kopt a
niofound soci-et up to. tho ln8t monieni,
After n bi-lof atay ln Wathlngton th?
ci'.t'plo wlll roturn to tho clty and wlll ra
Nliie at No. 2208 M Street. Mr. II. V/averley
MPltuus a- friend ot tho young paople, ac
anritulod them to Wiishlngton and aoled
ii.t hcsi man.
Mr, nnd Mrs. Mnrtln havo a largo nuniber
ot I'l'lmiils In tho clty, oapoolally la th*
iiast Bnd, wuora they both I'selde,

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