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iinlvofaal satlsfnctlon and wlll meet
With the mort. populnr approvnl.
Mr. Marshall, who wlll unquestlon
nbly succeed -.hlm as superlntendent.
ls n civll and 'hydrnullc nnglneer ot
large experlence, belng for many yeaTn
empioyed on tha. Chesapenke antl Ohlo
Railway. Ho was snpcrvising eiigltu.'er
of the Jnrrrea. Blver dam, at Ulchmonel:
the Great Falls Power Company, nt
AVashlngton. and tvas assoclnteel wlth
Wlrwton & Co. in the bulldlng of the.
great AVniiclnisetts dam, near Boston.
It Ib sald that he ls a man ot excoN
lent executlve ability.
Two Business Sessions and
Splendid Banquet at Jefferson
iwast Night.
*iri*te Vlrglnia Hotel Men's Assooin
tfon he.ld its nnntial mcotlng here yes?
terday, elected ofllcors, and enjoyed a
line banquet dt the Jefferson at rtight.
Mr. C. H. Ppxton, of Natural Bridge,
was mndc presldent, and Mr. T. F. Cal
lahun, of Cllfton Forge, was ro-elected
secretary nnd-treaaurer, The tlme and
place of tlio next meetlng wero left
to the oxecutivo committeo.
Tho morning session was held at tho
Rlchmond Hotel, nnd tho aftornoon
meetlng at tlio Jefferson, where later
a banquet was sorved by the mannge
.V most enjoyablo lttncheon was
served by tlie proprietor* of tho Ricli
mond at 1:30 P? M., and all the visit-'
ing .members wero mado to feel per
fectl5- at home.
Colonel Murpby Speak*.
' In welcoining the vlsltors, Colonol
John Murphy, presldent of tho local
branch of the assoclation, sald ln part:
"It is a great pleasure to mo to soa.
the vast Improvements thnt havo been
made In our varlous hotels, from, the
mountalns to tho seashore, particularly
in the post llve years,
"One of our leading bankers, Mr,
Yt'iHiam M. Habliston, publlshed a
bttttement siiowing that tlie buslness
nnd wealth of thls country had |n
creased In thu Northern States 21!) per
cont., tho Southern States 297 per cent.,
?nd that buslness in Vlrglnia had in
creiased 336 per cent. The statement
Included tho slxteen years endlng wlth
H'06. I am aatlsfiod that the hotel
buslness hns Increased 700 per cent
in that tlme."
Prci-ldent'a Addrcas.
President C. H. Consolvo, of Nnrfblk,
in making hls address, spokc In part as
"The nssociatlon is tn a prosperous
state, an.i Its mutual usefulness Is be
yond question. It has Increased in
membershlp and ls strong along Its
lines of organlzatlon. I recommend
that the subject of addltlonal leglsla?
tlon for tho protection of our mutual
Interests be taken up for actlon at
the session of the Virginia Legislaturc,
about to convene hero, If, ln your Judg?
ment, it.Is needed. Prompt "consldera
tlon of the matter ie desirable.
"The recent tinancial stringency and
the curtallment of buslness operatlons
fo general of lato has naturally influ
enced the tlde of travel. From all parts
ot the country comes the story of lieiu
hotel buslness. Thla conditlon has been
especlally noticcable in Norfglk. fol
lowing as it did ihe rush and crowds
of the exposition days and accompany
ing the usual lull of the holiday sea?
\u"Therc ls "u'e or no doubt but that
these temporary clouds wlll soon pass
ny, and tlic Indlcations are for a re
?rtvat of gencra) business ln the flrst
month of the new year."
Sph-ndld B; nnuot.
rhe program of tbe day was han
pilv concluded v. lth an elaborate ban?
quet at tho Jefferson, followed by an i
Informal dance. ,
,^Tlie banquet, whlch wns ->n.l->v<?d bv
the members of tbe assdehuinn. the
ladles accompanylng tlem and a few
invlted guests, can best be character
tted as an exppsltton or the Jefferson's
t>e*t sklll ard mnnagenient.
Manager Fry iicted as hont and toast
master. and as lf that were not erough
took the place of one of the spoakars
and retnorded wlth g-pce. v lt aiul
poetic oathos to tt-*- toast to "AA'onian."
The other set toaef were as follows:
"Tl-e Virglrfn Hotel Assoclation."
Colonel John Murohy: "Rlchniond On
the Jaims," Mr. AV. S. Copoland: "The
Hotel Man of To-Day," Georg-e F.
Ar'ams, marnger o ftv-r C'-m'rrlln
Hotel: "Tl?.-' Pree?." C. B. Cor>ke, man?
ager mjl Bliiott' Sprlngs Hotel: "Good
Results'Ar-comnllst-<*d bv Hotel A<soci
at'on AVork." G. DeM. S'-rrnia".. mnra
gnr Mnnticello Hotel; "Tto Rlchmond
Hotel Associatlon." J. M. Atk'nson.
rnaiiug-r park Hotel.
At the concluslon of the fe-ant. Mr.
!E. H. Clowc-s. an honon "V .nomiier.
tfiiK "AA'hen You Know A'ou Are Not
Forgotten by the Glrl A'ou Can't For
Pay* Clulm Promptly.
Through Us offlcors. Messrs. ft. E. W|n?
free, F. It Dutler and A, K. Vest, Unlon
Cturjcll. No. 61, Royal .Arcanum. last nlght
tald to Mi'6. Clara. Gordon Pearman. wldow
of Mr. Jsries B. Pearmsn, a draft for $1,000.
tho amount for whlch Mr. Pearman was In
suree1 In the order. Mr, Pearman dled two
?eeks ago.
t" .g . g ,....?. ..."' ssi.?
Do You Open Your Monlh
trtke a youug blrd and gulp down what?
ever food or medlcine may be offered you ?
Or, do you want to know something ol tho
composition and cbaracterof that which
you take into your stomach whether ai'
lood or mediclne?
Most intolllgent and senslble people
?ow-a-day? Inslst on knowing what they
tmploy whether as food or as mediclne.
Dr, Plerce belleves they have a perfect
frlghttotasltt upon such knowledge. Sohe
publlshe$,*-**ifiadcasi and on each bottle
wrapper, whaL?j>[m?diclnes are made of
*Tin*5ve^esJt*r8TTaT?T*-e*i?> Thls he feel8
lie can wc-Ujfforrt to do hprajiie tho mqrn
tpe Ingredl^nts oj whlch hls me.rilclnea
are made"are studlt'd and understood t"h*3
fcore will their superlor curati've virtueg
For the enre of woman's pecullar weak
ajesses, lrregularltles and derangements,
f Ivlng rise to frequent hcadaches, back
Sihe, dragglng-down paln or dlstress ln
w??rabtloniinal or pelvlc reglon, accora
?aanled, ofttlmes, with a debllltatlng,
Clvlc catarrhal drain and klndred symp
ms of weakness, Dr. Plerce'u Favorite
r'rescrlption is a most efficlent remedy.
t is equally oft'ectivo in curing patnful
rsrlode. In glving strength to nursing
others analn preparlng the system ol
the expectant trmtner for bahy'd coming,
thus renderlng chlldblrth safo and com
?aratively palnless. The "Favorite Pre
icription" ls a most potent, strepgthenlng
ionlc to the general system nnd to the
frgans dlstlnctly femlulne lu partlcular.
t is also a soothing and Invlgoraltng
tMrvlne and cures nervous exhaustlon,
nervoue proatratlon, neuralgla, hysterla.
?pasma, clioraa or St. V|tu? s dance, and
tther dlstreviliig nervous symptoms at
r-ndant upon functlonal and organic dls
?asea of the distlnctly femlnlne organs.
A host of medlcal authoritles of ull the
a*veral sehools of practlre, recommend
?ach of tho several Ingredlcuts pf whlcb
?Fftvorlte I'rA?crlpt1on" I* made for Ihe
Snre of thedlseaaea for whiph it I- clalmed
9 be a cure. You may read what they
My for yourttlf by send Ing a postal card
twiueat for a free booklet of extrucU
Irom tha leading authoritles, to Dr. It. V.
Flerce, Invaltdr Hotel and Btirgfcal In
?tltute. Bulfalo. N. V., and lt wllfwui* to
#*u bjr mturn jiosw
"Borry'a tor Clothes."
Our name on you>r garments
stnmps you as a wearer of tho
bestclothlng made in Amerlcal
And yoii know America ls
oonceded to make the BEST
clothes now.
Tho fact that we have sold
more Sults and Overcoats at
$20 and upward thls season
than at prlces below, indieates
that many men who formerly
went to expensive custom tal
Iops have found out how good
our clothes really are.
For those who want the best
suit or o'coat $12.80 will buy?
lt is rlght here, too.
Suppose you look.
Injunction Against City in the
Kendler Claim Argtied Before
Judge Ingram.
Claimlng thnt the laws of tho Corn
monwealth do not permlt members of
Clty Councll to do Indlrectly that which
Is.dlrectly prohibitcd by the statutes,
Dnvld Meado Whlto mado an ablo and
olaborato argument boforo Judge In?
gram, ln the Law and Equlty Court,
yesterday in the sult to dlssolve tho
injunction agaln the olty, restralnlng
lt from paylng the blll of Thomas N.
ivftndler. or rather the balanco of about
j'.'OO due on a contract at the Clty
Wlint They Clalm.
Clty Attorney Pollard, who hold. Jn
ut opJnlon, that as a subcontractor a
tiember of Councll does not come
?vlthln the scope of the law, is taklng
10 part ln tho court proceedings. Alr.
Whlte and Councilman James E. Can
.on represent the clty. Mr. 8. L. Kolley
a counsel for Wlltshirc and Kendlor,
Aho are seoking to have the Injunetloh
llssolved. Mr. Kelley. ln the opening
irgument, took the Droad ground that
as Mr. Wlltshlre had not vlolatod the
Inw, the clty could not deprive Mr.'
Kt-ndler of hia money. the work hav
ii.K boen alroRdy performed.
Mr. Whlto, however, argued that
under the statute tho contract wlth
Kendler was \.old. He held that the
cuntract was wlthln the letter of the
law. that ;t was wlthln tho let?
ter and splrlt of tho law, and
that construlng the statute aa a
uhole . the contract ls prohtblted.
In other words, he contended that a
Councilman rould not be Inttresttd in
city work a* a contractor. Mr. Whlte
ni.ot'ed the followlng from n docision
of the Suprome Court of New York
in a caso lnvoivlng the same ciuestlon:
"Xo Councll nn n should bc per?
mitted to vilace hlmself lu uuy kR
uiitlou nliere hia pcitsoua) tutcrcnt
%>lll coufllct wlth the fultltful per
formitncu of hls duty a? truslee, i.ud
II mnttcra no! hon r.iir mion tlie
face of lt the c?utrnct mny be, tjie
Ikw will not ttnffcr him to uccu;>y
n pusltlon so eUUlvocnl mid ho
fiKiiutit wlth tcmiitittlon."
Injunction Agalnst Clty.
The Injunction was obtalnod by Dr.
Rnnion G. Willlams. Grahtun B. Hob?
son c. P. Davls nnd Davld Meado
\\lilte, all of whom are members of
the Common Cauncil. but who acted In
thls Instance as citizena. Mr. Whlte pro
pared the blll of complaint. and cot
the Injunction at cxactly the samr
moment that tho Committee on Rcliof
of thu Poor voted to pay the ICendler
clalm. actlng on the oplnlon of Clty
Attorney Pollard that Mr. Wlltshlre
b.ad not vlolated the law. The restrain
Ing order was dlrectcd to City Treas?
urer Pace and others, and thereforo it
operated even in the face of tho com
mittte's action.
Mr. White did not concludc his ar?
gument yesterday. He will resume on
Saturday, and will bo followed by Mr.
Cannon, who Is propared to show so'mo
rather startllns facts. he says. r ia
admitted that the outcomo of the niat
ter la of far-reaching lmportance. ror
lf the Supreme Court upholds tho law
as Interproted by Judge Ingrum, what
ever that may be. lt will affect evory
clty ln Virglnia.
Mr. Wiltdhtrc'a Dcnlnl.
Councilman Wlltshlre last night do
nled the publlshed a-eport that hls
poin'Hhg bld was submltted to Kondlei
on July 2d. when tho contract tc
Kendlor wus not awardod by lhe Com?
mittee on Rellof of the Poor untll
July 17th, Ho quoted tho mlnutes ot
tho niKOtlng hold on July 3d, showliifj
that tho oommlttoe nwarded tho work
to ICondler on July 2d. on tho reconi
mondatlon of the subconimlttee. Mr,
Wlltshlre says that he dld not pro
parc to bogin work untll July oth,
or ono weok later.
Jr. O. V, A. M. Hold Mectlnj;.
Titrlck Henry Councll, No. 12, Jr. O. u.
A. II.. held nn Intcrestlng m?Hlng In tr.e
councll chamber last nlght. Tlie Offlcera foi
the ensulng term were Inatallcd, and nv st
griultylng reports wero made Uy tho tlnun
clui octicurs Under tho beau of koqo ol
tlu' order hpeecliea wore made by D. 8. 0,
J. B. Allen; V. C, Charle* HodRns; p. n,
Oharlts bieay; I*. C, ?. B-, Blrch, und othii1:.
Vhe commlttC4 on nubllo enurldltimont, W
whlch Mr. Err;eat Boyur Is chalrman, wu?
uiitborised to roek* all arrtuigorawits. Toll
cxmir.ltiea vrlll be a?el?te<l by tovcral coun
eli* of tha Daughtere ot Llbcrty, nnd ?nccc*t
is u&sured.
George IJlxtm Duuil,
NEW YORK, January O.-VThe great
c-st tlgliter of hta tlmo and tho wlnnet
of several hundred ttstlc encouuters,
George Dlxon, tho negro puglllst, fa
mllUrly called "Little Chocolato," dled
to-duy ln the ulcotiollsm ward In Belle
vue Hospital, a vlctlin of a loug Ilght
with. drlnk. iJixou passed away prao
tlcully pennlless and without frlotuls
Dlxon was thlrty-sovcn years old, and
for rnany yeura hold tli? tltlu of tvatli
envciglii chaiuplon.
Mr. Lelghton Tolo. of the MoUiodlst
Orphanago, who hu-< bf-en m wltb fever
at tho Virglnia Hospital, wus said Jast
night to ho dolng very well.
CHARLES E. BOLLING, New OHy TCiis-ljteer.
Friends of Mr. McCaw Said to Have Given Him
His Desired Opportunity Last Night?Jefferson
Hotel Gets License?Other Matters.
Behlnd the refusal of the Common
Councll to award the burglar alarm
contract last night, there ls a fran
chlse story as Interestlng as any that
has roached the publlc ear for some
tlme. In referrlng to the Flnance Com?
mitteo tho bld of tho Automatic Fire
Protectlon Company. of Malne, whloh
offered the lurnp sum of ?2G0 for the
uso of the streets for a term of thlrty
years, the rullng of Presldent Peters,
baaud dlrectly upon the oplnlon of
City Attorney Pollard, was Ignored.
but ln thls Mr. Thomas-McCaw gufhls
revenge, if tho common whlapered talk
ln the chamber waa correct AVhen the
franchlse- was belng sought at tlrst,
Mr. McCaw and Mr. Kerns, it was un?
derstood, were assoclated ln the ve'n
turo. They" Worked like a team, A
few weeks ago two blds wero aub
mltted, and both were rojected because
uf the low prlce offered. Ono of the
bldders was the American Distriut
Telegraph Company.
Sliurji Dcbnte.
Before tho blds were opened last
nlght there watj a sharp and splrltud
debatc, dea.ing malnly with iaw. Coun
clnnan Cannon took the- broad yroond
tliat aftti ono bld had btt.n opened
uthors could be received.
"Do you mean to say that we can
sell thls franchlse at publlc auction'.'"
asked Mr. Lynch. Mr. Cannon repl.ed
that he had rghtly Inurprtted tlic
tn nd of hla earllir remarks.
"Then if that ls true," suggeste-d Mr.
Mlner, "tho Councll was in error ln
advertlsing far sealed blds."
Preskltr.t Peters stated that If other
proposltlons were to be recolved after
one had been opened he would not per?
mit tlio pr.ee- of the flrst to bo rxposed.
Mr. Spence agreed and contended that
tt would bc unfalr, after sealed blds
had been advcrtlsed for.
Uufi-rred to Commlttee.
There was a motiop to refcr the
matter to the Street Commlttee. but
for what roaaon was not explalned, in
asmiii'li as there was a specltlc ordi
nnnce upon which Councll had to act
"There is no uso in referrlng lt t-i
a commlttee." uald Mr. Davld Meade
Whlte, "when we must either ' reject
or accept lt and then send lt to the
Board for coticurrence."
Mr. Cannon and Mr. Cary had ar
gued at length and had clted law
books ln support of Mr.'Cannon's pub?
llc auction contentlon. For a time
thero wns tho utmost confuslon. Pres?
ldent Peters was mad. "If the mem
born don't keep ln order," ho said, "1
wlll clear the room."
Mr. Pollock appealed from the de
clslon of tho chalr, in holdlng that the
bld was not rlghtly wlthln the prov
lnce of tho Street Commlttee. The
vote to refer was seventeen to thlr
tecn. Tho piotlon was afterward
changed to namo tho Flnance Commit
tee as tho custodian, or investigator
or what not.
Dlsrccarded Oplnlon.
. President Peters explained that he
had asked for a special Interpretatlor
of tho law from tho Clty Attorney.
At thls point Mr. Davld Meade WhlU
got Into the legal argumont. "I didn'
have the Code Just now," he said, "but
I flnd that the gentlemen didn't quot?
the law cJrrectly. The committee ha
nothing to do wlth thla matter ex?
cept to Insert tho name of'the suc?
cessful ' bidder." :
- : Accordlng to a dozen or iriore mem
ber>, the bld for $250 catijie ln reotliy
from tho Western Unlon Telegrap'li
Compdhy, or the Dl3trlct Telegraph
branch, through Mr. Kerns, It was sab!
tliat Mr. McCaw was endeavonrg to
form a local company.
Jeft'ersou, Hotel Gets Saloon.
I Under a susponslon of rules. Coun?
cilman Cannon put through an ordln
i ance excmptlng - tlio Jefferson llo'ol
i from tho provlsions of the Dabney or
] llnancc, which declares'tliat no licenst
I hail bc granted to any establlshment
i wlth whlch a show or concert hall ii
Mr. Cannon explained that unless the
ordlnance was passod -tho Jefferson
could not secure a llcense. for a yuar,
und that Its concert hall was used for
h.-tures. recltals and conventlons.
l-.'vt rybody voted for lt except Mr.
j Councll aporoved the cntract made
by the Committee on Llght with the
j Mlantic Blthiillthlc C impany for ro
| hahilltatlng the Gas Works plpes. at
n cost of $27,000. Thi* company, rep
|rc-!-<nted by G orge O. Tenncy. lt was
j tattd. had moved Its hcadnuarters to
Richmond, rncl a local concern was
bting eneouragod. Its bld was tho
lowest recelved,
East E:mI to Ilove Boulevard.
There way a long discussicn ovor
tl;, passag-e of an. ordlnance appro
prlatlng 530.<>00 for work oh Th rty
fourth Street. changlng lt into a boule?
vard. Councilman Mllls championcd
Lhe measure warmly, recelving able
support from Messrs. Grlmss and Rich
The reso'utlon from the Street Com?
mittee glvlng T. M- Wortham permis
sion to malte sewer connectlons ln
South Laurel street was flanally
Tho recommendatlon of the Finance
Committee that the sum of $100,000 be
approprlated for the Biues' armory waj
Soiue Other Mattera.
Resolutlons for street improvements,
to be providod for in the budget. were:
By Mr. Don Leavy?$13,036.71 for
a>nhalt bloek pavement on Bolvidere
Stroet, between Main and Broad; $30,u;is
Cor resettlng curbs- and pavlng road
bed on Randolph, from Cary to River
vlow, and Mt Calvary Cometory, wlth
asphalt blocks,
By Mr. Bk-hni'ds?$11,000 for asphalt
block pavenient ori Twcnty-nlnth Stroet,
between Maln and Broad;
By Mr. Umlauf?$10,000 for improv
Ing Crovo Avenue.
Mr. Sponce had a resolution requost
Ing thnt tlio (uun of $3,500 be provicled
for summer music In the parks.
Beforo renchlng the end of tho cal?
endar Councll adjourned to meot agaln
Thursday nlght.
Never Falls to
No matter how long it has been gray
or faded. Promotes a luxuriant growth
of healthy hair. sto.)3 ifa falling out,
and poslilveiy removes Dan
drull. Keepshuirsoftandgloasy. Re
fuso all Biihstitutea. 2}i titnes asmuch
iu $1,00 as BOc aizo, '
i_Fnllo Har spw, Co.. tfewarllt N? J-, -<?
*l,,,0,k"'" ???-? iiw?ut*'?i ?*t ?Mven? <ft
Miuor Drug Cu.'t, Morvs.
Forecast: Virglnia and North Caro?
llna?Rain Tuesday; Wedneaday falr;
wlnds Hhlftlng to fresh and brlsk east.
Richmond's weather was cool and
cloudy. Rtuigo of tho thermomoter:
0 A, M.30 6 P, M.43
12 M.38 9 P. M.-12
3 P. M.45 12 midnlght-12
Hlghest temperaturo yosteiday. 45
Lowest temperaturo yesterday. 27
Mean temperature yesterday. 3fi
Normal temperature yesterday. as
Dopnrturo from normal toinperature 2
(At S P. M. Eastarn Tlme.)
Place. Thor. H.T. Weather.
Asheville . aS 46 Cloudy
Augusta. 42 46 Rain
Atlnnta . 42 44 Cloudy
Bufralo .,84 30 Clear
Chlcago. 40 44 CUar
Clncinnati ...... 38 40 Clear
Davenport ...... 40 .48 Clpar
Detroll . 3t 38 C'ear
Haterau ,,. 48 48 Kalp
Jooksonvllio .... 58 56 Rain
Kausas Clty. 44 52 Clear
New Orleans. 44 60 Cloudy
Oklahoma Clty.. 44 50 Cloar
Plttsburg . 31 40 Clear
Ralelgh. 40 12 Rain
Suvunuah . 44 ls Rain
Norfolk . 42 ii cloudy
Tampa ..,.,,... 70 72 ttaln
Wushlngton .... 3i 40 Cloar
Wliinliigton ,.., 10 lo Rain
Yollowetone ,.,.22 20 C|onr
January 7. 1H0S.
Evening..7: IS
High License Measure Up To
Night Before Ordinance
MnncheHtcr Bureau. Tlmes-Dlspatch.
N No. 110,2 ituli btreet.
A meetlng ot tho Ordlnnnco Coininlt.
too has been called fop to-nlght, at
Whlch tlme the measure eoncerning tlie
Incrtusc In tho license tnx on salo'uns
wlll he considered.
It hns boon sald that thn committeo
will rt'i'oininrnid tho pns.,ago ot tho
ordinance. but It ik undor?tood thnt
thero wlll bn conslderabio oppositiou,
An effort may bo made to havo the
iimoiint ua apecitled ln tlic ordtnanco
Tlie Board ot Police Commissloners
met last nlght nnd 'tra'riaitot'r/d routino
liiiKlness. 'liiose present Wtrei Meaora.
J. T. Abhott, \v. D. Fergusson, .1. u.
Ittiild, M. A, Campbelt and Mayor Muu
PolliioN ti I'lcii.y.
During the coming spring polltlcs
wlll bre.uk loose in good fashlou ln
Manchester. Twelvo vaoonqles wlll
have to bo fllled In tho Clty Couii
oll and a large number of cundidates
wlll uppeap agalnst thc lncumbonU.
Iboae whose terms expiro are: ?
In thc Board?Flrst AVard. .1. U. Butld;
Second AVard. U B. Tiliery; Thlrd AVard
J. 1. Abbott, and Fourth AVard, U. Ai.
i In, V'e Assembly?First AVard, Presl?
dent ,1 D. Reams aml C. C. Jones: Sec?
ond AAurd. D. L. Toney Thlrd AVard,
HiAv Llndsay nnd O. L. God wln; Fnirth
Ward, A\. U. Bradley and T. 15. Taylor.
Lp to thls tlmo nono of tho Incurn
tients have signllled any intentlon ol
not ontorjng the prlmary next spring.
As yet no one has boen >nent.on?d
for the Flrst AVard. The name of J.
??. AAitlker has been discussed as. n
candldato for thc Board iu Second
AVard. In the Thlrd Ward there wlll
be three explratlons of terms. and
thore have already been three men
mentloned ns candldates, and tho hi
cumbeiits will ' uo doubt havo a etlff
fight Mr. AV. D. Franklln has already
aimounced hls candldacy, nnd lt hns
been state-d that Messrs. AV. T. Hnrl
and J. S. AA'akeileld wlll both run. All
three of theso have strong backlng and
two of them havo already served ln tho
In Fourth Ward it has been sald
that Mr. John Barrett wlll bo a can
?1'date for the Board. whilo Mr. Earn
Moody has been mentloned for the Clty
Sucb for Dlvorce.
Through hi.s attorney, Mr. Wlllla C.
Pulllam, Wllllard AV. Toney entered a
suit for absolutu dlvorce trom hls wlfe,
May Baker Toney, in the Corporatlon
Court. ln the blll tlie plalptlff charges
desertlon as tho ground for tlie suit
and avera that hls wife, to whom he
was married In 1D0O, has for several
years been llvlng in another State.
They were married ln S'cranton, fa.
Mr. Toney waa born and reared ln
Mancheater, and la a nepliew of D. L.
Toney and a brother ot "Edtllo Loon
ard," the black faced coniedlan.
PcrHonnls nnd Brlcfa.
The Mancnester Kindergarten Asso?
clation will hold an important meetlng
to-night at the resldence of Mrs.
Churios L. Pago at 'lonth and Perry
Mlss Louise Owen, of Cowardin Ave
I nue. has returned from a vlalt to Ncw
I purt ,\ews.
Hestia Conclave, Improved Order ot
Heptasopht!, will glvo a banquet at
I the Lafayette House at S:3U o'clock
IThur. day night The committeo ln
i charge of the. affair ls composed ot
Messrs. AV. ls. Crooks, J. AV. Sraith anu
?J. T. Morrlsette.
Capialn VV. G. Sllls. of the Flrst
United States Cavalry, recently t>ta
tl-mtd at Fort Clarke, Texas, but n>j\v
ordered to report for duty ln the Phll
Ipplnea, Is vlsltlng Mr. W. J. Carter.
of tuls clty.
Crafion French. the aon of Mr. B.
C. French, who has been at the Mc
mor:al Hospital under treatment, i.as
recovered and Js now at'hls home.
Mlss Rebecca Courtney, of Clopton,
who has beon spending the i.oll in ?
here, left yesterday morn'.ng for Dan
vllle, where she la attei.dlng the Kan
dolph-Macon Academy.
Mr. Clare-nce Paul. who has been vls?
ltlng his parents. Mr. ard Mr. Of i' t
Paul. at Thlrieent and Bainbrldgc
Streets, rcturmd to the VI glnln Po y
t?chnlc Instltute ye terdav tr.orntrg
Mr. J. AV. C'ize ha p ceivr(] i. t< >e
grani from Argenta. Ark. annourctrg
thnt hls slsters liu hnrd 1, .1 C '
hotfh. an engineer. had been killd
whih ln th' dl-rhT^e of hu duties.
No de alls werr glv-n.
Urond Strevt Method!*! Church Cengre
gnllon to Meet Dr. Kelly.
Tho board of stewards of Broad
Street Methodlst Bpiscopal C urch wlll
lold an Informal receptlon In the lec
ture-room of the- ob urch, Tenth and
Broad St-eets. tbt? fverlng from R to
11 o'clock ln ofdsr thnt tbe'r new pas
t^r. the Brv. Gllly C. Kelly. D. D.. may
have an opporturlty t-> meet the mem?
bers of t'-e congregatlon.
Dr. Kelly ard tl e officers of tbe
cb.urch aro very anxlous that all frlends
of tre church avall ti-.emsoives of tl is
opportunity to hrcome better uc
qualnted. A speclal muslcal program
has been arranged and llght refresh?
ments will he served. An enjoyab'.e
evening ls promlsed to all who may be
Arit'y and Navy Orders.
WASHINGTON, D. C-. January 6.?
Colonel Rogers Birnie, Major Jay E.
Hoft'er and Major C.arence C. wll
Uams, ordnance dapaptment, will pro
cead' to AA'atertoisn araenal, Water
town, Mass.. for the purpose of at
tendlng a meetlng of the jolnt army
and navy board on gup forging*.
Second Lieuti nant Uonald AV. Strong,
Seventh Infantry., will proceed from
Fort Brady to Mackinac I land, Mlohv,
for the purpose of inspactlng the v ork
of settlng headstonea ln concrete base.
Leave of ab?ence for two months and
ten davs ls granted Chaplaln Ceorge
H. Jones. Seventh Infantry,
First Lleutenant Guy B. G. Hanna,
Coast Artljlery Cirps, ls rellevetl from
duty wlth the Ninety-ninth Company
and will report to the commandlng of?
ficer, artlllery dlstrlct *?' Mobile, for
duty on lils staff.
Second Lleuterant Henrv B. O'ngrt',
Twentv-third Infantry, wlll ppocoed to
Fort Slocum, N. Y,, for obsorvatlon and
treatment by the surgeon nt thnt post.
MI'' hlnman AA'. P- Haya? han boen or?
dered from St. Louls to Chlcago.
Mldshlpman R. A. Theobald gocs
from'Chlcago to S't. Louls.
T?vo Vlrgluln Brldeu.
AA'ASHINGTON. D. C, January 6,?
Marriage tlcenses have been issued to
the following:
Robert R, Ruffner and Allco P. Nohlo.
both of Gordonsvllle, Va.
Nelson Smith and Ualsy Johnson,
both of Frederlcksburg. Va.
OuilnoiiH Poac,
"I heap you've got a now minister,
"Veh, an" I don't like hlm at all; he
must V boen a school teaeher bnat."
"Why do you thlnk that?" '
" 'Cause Avhenever he talks to me ho
alwayn holds his hand behipd him."?
Tho Catholle Standard and Tlmes.
Mra. Heiter Sinltli,
Mrs. Mijstor Smlth died yesterday
morning at her home, No. ;i]8 North
Twenty-foupth Street. a,ftor a long'lll?
ness. The funeral will nu?o place thla
afternoon nt ;o'cloi:k from the ThJiM
Presbytoplan Chupoh.
Itev. I'cier Tlnaley.
rSpeulal 10 Thu Tlmiis-Dlnpftioh.i
BISDFOHR CITV. Jainiaiv u_Tho
body of Rev, Petop Tluslu>, li. d, Wns
brought horo Sunday afternoon 'from
hls homo ln C'noinnall aiul Intepped
ln Longwood. Cemotopy. Aftep u vlslt
hepe to hls slster, Mrs. Augustn T.
Humo. und othw i-olatlves, Vv, Tlna
Tlio Kind You Have Aiways iBougnt, and whlch has beon
in uso for over 30 years, has borno tho signaturo ?C
? and has beon mado under hls per
f-fflyl--tfL[7 sonal supervision slnce ntsinfancy.
t'CCceSZiM Allow ao ono to decelvo you ln thls.
AH Goiinterfcits, Imitatlons ftnd'?JiiHt-as-good*'aro buG
Expcrimcuts that trlflo wlth antl cndaiiger tho health of
tnfants mnd Children?JSxporicnco against Experiment*
Castoria is a harmless snhstltuto for Cnstor OH, Parc
gorlc, Drops aud Sootning Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contalns neithci* Opium, Mprphino nor other Narcotlc
substancc. Its ago is its guarantoo. It destroys Wocnis
and alluys Fovcrishnoss. It curos Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It rclleves Tccthlng Troubles, cures Constipation
nud Flatulcncy. It asshnllatcs tho Food, regulates tho
Stoiunch and Bowels, giving heaithy aud natural slcep, /
Tho Chlldren's Pauacca?Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
loy returned only a few weeks ago lo
Clnclnnutl. Tho flrst Intclllgenco of
hls illncsK was conveyod In a letter
recelved Thursday, whlch gavo no par -
ticularn. and no answers wore re?
celved to the telegrams that were nent
untll that aiinottming hls death. which
was a great ahock to hia friends here.
For many years Dr. Tlnsley had
been rector of one of the most promi
nent churches ln Clncinnati, whlch he
only recently reslgned because uf fo 1
ing health. Ho wus a natlve of VI r
glnlu, a inember of a large and proml
ncnt famlly, whose last remaining Im
mrdlatc member is his sister. Mrs.
The funeral service was held nt hls
church in Clncinnati. The procession
was formed at the passenger statlin
on the arrlvul of the train from the
West and moved at onee to the cem?
Dr. Tlnsley wns a man of noble char?
acter. a falthful. earnrst mlnlnter an<l
was greatly beloved by the churches
of whlch he had charge and all those
wlth whom he came ln contact. lie
was an unclo of Mrs. Fredcrlck. Nlili
olosson. Of Clarksvi'.le. Tenn.: Mrs,
Hugh White. a mlsElonary to .Chlna;
-\irs.-F/ O. Thoma-i and . Mlss Joenurrt
Graves. of Bcdfbrd Clty.
II. M. Wrlght.
fSpeclol to Tli* Tlmes-DIspatch.1
LYNCHBURG. VA.. January i5.~Mr.
Horace M. Wrlght, for sevetiteen years.
local manager of the Bell Tclophonc
Company ln Lynchburg, dled Saturday
in Hunt Ington. W. Vu. He was forty
elght yerirg old and unmarrled. He '?"
survived by hls mother. Mrs. A. M
Wrlght. of Blrmlngham! by four broth?
crs Kmmett W. Wrlght. "f Itoanoke:
Robert L. Wrlght 'if B!-m'-rh ?
James XV. Wrlght, of Chnr'ertAn ,('
Va.: J. H. Wrlght. of Bluolleld. W.
Va : al*a by one sister Mr.-<. . P r
klns, ot Roanoke. The body v. as
brougbt here for burlal.
Mrc Susnn Ivellcy.
ROANOTCF. VA., January C.?Mrs.
Su^-an Keilev. wlfe of Joh: T V, '-' ' "
dkd suddfnlv 'at nl rht ?'?:f-d -eve-ty
four ycara from acute indig^tl n. &hr
n'tended ch'irch yesterday and was In
her ti'ual health.
Mrn. ICnte HoIInnd Jtttlklax.
Mrs. Kate Hollard Judk'n-?. wlf* of
Mr. 'Wllllam D. Judkins, dled In the
Mcmor'ai ' fospltal yesterday afternoon
at 2 o'clock.
Her rerra'n - will b* taken to Dan?
vllle for Interment.
Wllllam II. Strty.rmi.
[Sveelal to The Tlmrs-D unotrh.'
ROANOKE. VA.. Jnnuary 6.?Mr.
Wllllam H. Stnrtzman, ore of tl t- nid
est citlzei-s of R'-anoke. dkd last rigiit.
ii^rd severtv-elgl t yrars. "Mr. Stnrt'.
man came to B a: I.'ck in 19&~>, ard wlth
the exccptlon of a year -tn Rocky Mount
and the wcr-tlnu. llved hore all t!e
?.omeirder of hl-i life. He was a wheel
wrlght, and ran M3 old = hop ln the
heart of tha bu"lness sectlin of Ri.i
noke up to a year ago. He sold tbe
lot, and lt so preyed upon hls mind
thot be bad been mentally unsoun.i
slnce he left Us old shop. He was n
fju'et man ard kept h s business to
hlmself. but it i= thought re was worth
about SSO.OOO. He never married. anci
two nlecea in MIssourl are his only
helrs. ?
Henry Andrew ItoiTlcs.
rSosclal to The Tl'n'R-D s-iai-h.'
SUFFOLK, VA., Vanuary Q.?Henry
Andrew Rawles. father of former Stato
Senator and Judge R- H. Rawles. of
Suffolk. died thls morning at hls home
near Franklln. Va. Ho was nln.'ty
years of age. Thedeceased ls survived
by a widow, who was hls thlrd wife,
and ono other son, Justlco Jullus T.
Rawles, of Nansemond county.
Mr. Rawles was a church menibor
longer than any person now llvlng ln
Nansemond county, and perhaps there
nre few persons ln tho State who enn
beat hls record. He was n menibor of
Holy Neck Christian Church for sov
cnty-three years.
.'.-,' Siiiiiucl Glbson Wclih.
isneclal to Tlie Tlmes-Dlsii-iteh.t
SUFFOLK. VA.. January 0.?Captaln
Samuel Gibson. Webb died Sunday nt
hls home near Chuekatuck, Va.. aged
nlncty years. Captaln Webb loaves
few. men in the South now llvlng who
can equal hls record ln havlng voted
for both Harrlsons as President of tho
Unlted States.
Tho funeral took place thls after
noon from Whltohend'a Grove Baptist
Church, near Chucltatuck. The te
mnlns to-morrow morning .will bo taken
to DIsputanta, Va., for burlol. The di;
ceased Is survlvt-d by two daughters?
Mrs. Rosa Plnner and Mrs. Ollvla
Sledgc?and two sons?-John and* Wll?
llam Wobb. He waa a man of consld
trablo means.
DentliN lu Hnrrlaoulturg.
r.Kner a! >o "? h? Tlmea-Dlipatcti.l
HARRJ6ONBUR0; VA.. January 6.?
Wllllam J. lUtnklo. fur some years
maglstr.-Ue of Slonewall Distrlct, ls
j dead at Flkton. Dropsy wns the cause
! of death. He was slxty-flvo years of
jage. He is survived by hls wltlow nnd
| one sister.
, Mrs. Mlchael Zlrklo, aged elghty.
aciven, dled at Forestville to-day of
dropsy S!ie leaves six sisters and ona
' brother.
George W. Gajther is dead at hij
home here. Ho was a C-infederaU
Roldler, rtml wa-" slxty-flvo years ul
age. He ls survived by hls wife an<
threi- daughters and one son.
Benjamin F. Hldcn, aged .thlrty-slx
ts dead at hls honu-. ln this place.ol
; Brlgbt's dUease. He Is survived ? by
hia wife.'
lirnent B. Ecliol*.
(Special to Tho Tlmea-D!?patch.J
I LYNCHBURG, VA.. January B.?-Mr
,'Ernvst B. Echola, agtd twcr.ty-thr??
! years, who had been 111 tor lhre<
j weeks. dkd at tbe home ot hls pa?
rents. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Echols, No
11501 Cabell Street, Sunday evening at
17 o'clock.
The young man is survived, in ad
! dlllon io hls parents. by four brol- (rs
: and three ekters. a follows: Messrs.
i C. B.. Edwln nnd Mack Echota, of thlj
j clty. and U'-ilur Ech >ls, of San Frun-.
clsco, and Mlsses Lilllan B., Alva and
Susle. ot Lynchburg.
Captaln IV. S. Cruser.
[SpBC-ml tu The TlniK.-Disu.UOh '
NORFOLK, VA., January 6.?Oap'.ali,
XV. S. Crttscr. a hlghly resptcted an'.
woll-known cltizen. died Sunday nlgh'
at his home on Granl.y Street. after j
brkf lllness of pnc-umnnlu. Captair
Cruser \sas in the oystir 1-us nvss foi
,-cnrf, and at one time served in tht
Clty Cuncii. He was nfty-clgl t yoan
of agt. Ho ls survived ly two soni
and two rlaugl" ters. The funeral OC
curs from the resldence Tutsday tf
tt-rnoon at 3 o'clock.
Wllllhni P; Blu d.
[Spoc-:al to Tbe Tliru-s-Dispatch.)
ROANOKE. VA., Ja:.u.uy ti.?Mr
Wlikam P, B'-and. a \e eran clerk' Ic
tht audit r's department of the Nor
folk and Wetttrn'.' was fiund dead Ir
bed nt the St. Janes annex to-cight
Apoplexy I suppced u have been tlu
cause of death. rfe was ftfty years ol
ago and unmarrled.
Jlrs, S. J. Potlllo.
(Special to Tbe Tlmes-DIspatch.1
CREWE, VA.. January 8.?Mr.. Ma*
tb De hao P-Klllo, wife of Mr. c J
PotlllJ, dkd at her homo here Sunoaj.
afternoon, and was burled in the Crew.
Ceme-ery Monday afternoon. The fu?
neral servicea were from the Methodlst
Church, belng conducted by her pas
i tor, Rev. j. W. Bray She Uaves. hei
husband and four children. the young
est Just one week old.
! Mra. Ku?e Huckett.
j Mrs. Kate Hackett dled -buturday af
the home of her daugh'.ev, Mrs. Dr.
Broome, near Polndexter, ln Loulai
! county, aged sixty-elght years.
! Mlaa Mmid O. llii(lgin?.
! to h Tlmos-D spatch.]
i ROANOKE, VA., January 0.?-Mlil
. Maud O. Hudglns. daughter of Mr. W,
; F. Hudglns, dkd to-day from perlto
nltls, after three days' lllness, agetf
nlncteen years.
Mra. W. P, Mercler.
WASHINGTON, D. C. January 6.?
Mrs. XV. F. Morcler, datighter of th?
I lnte Davld Carr, of Hamilton. Va., dl?d
ut the resldence of her son in this cits
Saturday night, after a hrief lllness ?9
pnounionla, ln thu elghty-fourth yeai
of her age. The burlal will take plaoi'
at Leesburg, Va,, to-morrow at 11:30.
JUDKINS.? Died, ut Memorlal Hospital!
at 2 A. M., January 0. 180S. KATM
, HOLLAND. wife of Wllllam D. Jud
Tlio remalns wero takon'to Dan?
vllle for Interment.
The Artistic
Gold Medal
at the
Sold Direct from the Factory to the Home
Chas. M. Stieff,
Eslablished 1842 205 E. Broad L, B. SUUGHTER, Mgr.

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