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VMleged Leader of Stokcs Count)
Mbonshtncrs in Jail to
Await Trial.
Dcputy Milliken Dcclarcs It Was
, Sisk Whom Hendrix Was
Pursuing?New Arrests.
, JHpeclal toThe Tlmea-Dlapfttch.|
tmfcENSBORO, X. C, Jnnutiry C?
Kefore Unft'cd ritateu Commlsalonet
Wolfe here this aftcrnoon the pre
llmlnnry cxnnilnatlon of Oscar 8|nk, of
trftokea county, charged wlth hlockad
Inc, -Mtos held. resulting In Hlak'a holtna
rp<iutred to glve botid In the sum. ol
13.500 for hls uppcarnuce at tho Aprll
torm of the t'ederaj Court. Fnlllng t>;
Klvo botni Hlak wim recoinmltted tc
Jall. i
Diatrlct Attorney Ilolton prosccuted
Slie <.ase. KIMt Introduced no tostimony,
hla attorney, Cotonel J. A. Barrlnger,
tontcndlng tluit tho government had
mad?.- no eaeo, The only wltnessea were
J>puty Murahul Milliken nnd Depufy
Colleotor Stahclll, who told of the ratd
laet nvinth In Htokes county, and ol
peelng a ntan at thc heud of a branch
,Mith a gun, who ran, and of Offlcer
Menrlrlx follouing- a few moments
later; they heard a gun flre and a bo'II
ylng, and golng to a olearlng they
found Officor Hendrix lylng dead in
Slak's yard, thlrty feet from h!n dwel
llng. Mr. Milliken testlfled that thc
man he aaw wlth the gun, and whom
Wendrlx was following, was Sisk; that
?alcara after flndlng Hendrlx's body
; went ln aearch of thc atlll. flndlng It
, ln 100 ytrrds of Slsk's houso, and ln
Tnll aw|ng; alflo to flndlng Juga ol
Vhiakcy in aomo fodder plled In Sfak't
Snj-H He AVaa ,Vot There.
VY'itnessca admltted that Sisk was
tnowhero about thc premlaes, and that
Mra. siak told them that Jlm Smltli
kllled Hendrix whlle thc lattor was
eimlng a rlfle at hlm. Stnlth la atlll
at largc, thore belng a reward of Jl.OOfl
out for hla arreat. Tho go\'ernment
pald 11,000 for Slsk's arreat, and it it
now belleved that Sisk gave hlmself up
and ahared In the reward. He declarcs
he can provc by twenty wltneaaes that
he was three mllos away from home
Ihe morning of the homlclde, and knew
nothing of the presence of the rcvenuc
Two More Bronght In.
Revenuc offlcera to-nlght brought In
two more allegtd illicit dlatlllers, John
Willlama and Joe Bateman. from the
fmithtown sectfon of Stokes county.
Koy were placed ln jall here awaltlnt;
a prellmlnary hearlng beforo Commia
Kloner Wolfe January- ISth. Bateman
pleaded gullty to hlockadinK at thc
. last tertn of thc Federal court. Judtcc
Boyd. after sentenclnpr olrven Smlth
town nelithbors to the penltentlnry,
fcnt Bateman home as a missionary,
tclllng hlm to eurry the newa home,
and let It be a warning to hlm and all
othertf ln the settlement. Slnce then
an offlcer haa been kllled there and
blockading increas>cd.
Itallrond Men to De Trird aa Reaolt of
pisaatroua Wreck.
[Speclal to TheTimtarDlspatch]
' ? RAL.EIGH. X. C, January ?>.?-4udge
?J. Crawford Blggs. of Durham, con
Tened Wake Superlor Court to-day for
a two week6" term, there- belng 160
cascs on the-docket. One of the moat
lmportanl of theee is the caae growlng
out of the terrlble heac-on colllslon
near Auburn, this county, between an
ea&tbound Southern Railway paaaen
ger traln aiid a westbound frelght.
The case is set for Friday of thla week,
? ttd ln it Englneer W. W. Rippey. Con
ductor C. M. Oakley. of the passenger
traln, and -Traln DUpatchers P. V.
Kctchum and Vlctor Parvln. the latter
belng chlef diepatcher for thc Durham
pjvlslon of the Southern. will be trlcd
for crlmlnal carclc-ssnese. ln that Rip?
pey and Oakley forgot thelr orders to
meet tho frelght at Auburn, and the
traln dlspatchers falled to usc tho
"mlddle order" system, ln compllanej
.with the rules of thc company, so that
the agent at Auburn would have re
.celved' a duplicate meetlng order und
idipplayed a llght slgnni that would
lia've retnlnded the traln crews of thc
meetlng order and served^aa a doublc
check or precautlon against accldent.
Durlng the prcsent term of court
there are to be trlals of'a nuinher of
women of Ralelgli -on the charge of
keeplng diaorderly houscs, who are ap
pealing from convlctlons and sentenccs
ln the city pollce court.
ft*egro AA'bo Crncked Mr. lleuderaon'a
Jkyll Taken to Spartanburg.
WINSTOX-SALEM. N. C. January 6.
??Edi Brown. the negro for whose cap
tura, the Governor of South Carollna
offered a reward of $100, was arrested
here and carrled to Spartanburg. S. C,
to-das* to answer the charge of mnrder
ousjy aasaultlug- B. -F. Honderson. a
protnlnept merohant. in his atore De
ceinboi- 3lst, and robblng his cash
Brown used a ha'tchct and cracked
?Hendorson's akull jn three plnces. Tho
latter, Is still unconsclous. and will
I prohably dle.
'( -'-'-???-?
>lr. Caldwcll. or l hnrlolte Otmcrver,
and Mlas WIIUuihh Rcnmrry.
i WASHIXGTON'. January (5.?Mr.
) Joseph Pearson Caldwell, edltor of the
! Charlotte Observer. and Miss Adelalde
. Whlte Wlllinms were manied in the
parlors of the Metropolltan Hotel Sut
urday at'noon.' The ceremony was
I performed by Rev. Donald C. McL.eod,
' pastor of tho Flrst Presbyterlan
"Where the shoe pinches" is
where you want more room. The
Packard lasts have the room in the
right place, that makes the shoe fit.
Madeof onlythe best materials. That makes
the shoe wear. o To fit and wear add the
distinctive Packard style and you have a
perfect shoe. See a pair to-day.
^Solcl at $3.50, $4.00 ?nd $5.00 in all .tyle,
M.A. PACKARD CO.,Makers,,
W, A. SORG & CO., Wcmiom
soia BY
326 east broad street
Chtirch. of WnshlnKton. In tho pres
ouoo of .sovcral witnessos. Mr. Cald
wel). nrlor to hls leavltig Chartotte
ThtitHtlay nlght. wlrod Mlss Wllliams
to meet hlm In Wiisltlngton. The rnar
rlagfe waa a very uulet one. Mr. and
Mrs. Caldwoll will arrlvo In Chnrlott.c
wlthln a fnw dttya nnd will mnkc theli
homo tliere. " ?
It liftH been reportod that Mr. Cald
well and Mlss WIIllamH wero mtirrlcd
In Xew York durtnsr 1900, and it If
known that ahe ribtn,lned a Soutli Da
kota dlvorco In 1!?03._
HHfrr IJndemtnndlng Betrreen Dnrhniu
Merchnntti nuil tlie Coinpnnr*
rBpeolal to Tho Ttmeg-Dlapatoh.)
DURHAM, X, C% January C?At a
conforencc ln Durham to-day between
mombcra of the Merchnnts* A^soclatlon
and Superlntotident Terroll, of the
Soutliern FJxpress Company, tho latter
antwereel the compUUnt of'the Durham
nierchantsr regardlng. discrlmlnatlon ln
cxpress ratea.
Heretofore It haH coet le?n to tlie
sendor of a packngc from Xew York
and otiier Northern poln^s than It dld
to sond to Uio aatne polnts from Dur?
ham, and tho Durham inurchnnts car
rled the matter before Presldent
O'Hrlen, of the cxprcss company. Super
intendcnt Terrell explalned the error
satlsfnctorlly, and thlfti understnndlng
wlth tho company will cause better rc
lnllona between the two.
Bankera nnd Wiirehounenien ot Wln
?tun-?'nlriii Itrnch Afrreeroeot.
(Kpectal to The TimeR-Dliuatch.]
WIXMTOX-HALEM, X. C, January 6.
-The dnys of scrlp, eo far as Winston
Sulem Ib concerned, aro nurnbered, and
herenfter tho cold coln will agaln bc
pnld for labor, tobacco and everything
that ls aold. At a conferenco to-day
between tho bankera and warehousemen
pltins were formulatcd to pay cash for
tobacco sold on the local market. Un.
der the agreerncnt It Is ttnderstood that
the banks are to supply $100,000 a week
for the U80 of the warehouses, and
should the warehousemen need morc
money they are to pay the prcmlum on
riedmont Supply Company Xot Able to
Get Rcady ..Caah Xeeded.
I bi...t lal to Th? TIjtieB-Dlspaich.l
DURHAM. X. C? January 6.?The
Piedmont Supply Company, consldered
one of the strongest financlal bttsiness
concernB in Durham. fallcd to-day, and
namod R. O. Everctt recelver. The
company has been doing an ofllee sup?
ply bUBlne8a ln Durham for two years,
and had a capltal atock of $50,000. The
assets are placed at $13,500. wlth In
debteduess of $6,000. The cause aB
slgned for the fallure was the lnabil
lty to secure ready cash to. meet thelr
Much Vnlunble Maclilnery and I.nrjre
Pnrt of I'laat Bnrned.
(f pectal to The Tfmes-DUpatch.)
SALISBDRY, X. C. January 6.?At
Whltlev. Stanley county. early yester?
day mo'rnlng, nre destroyed a large ma
chlne shop. lce plant, supply hogse and
I blacksmith shop of the Whltley Reduc
I tlon Company. entalllng a loss of $15.
1000. 'Much valuable machlncry was
also burned, delaying operations on the
big power plant. The nre ls said to
have resulted from an electrlc wlre.
Wn?liln?ftou'? Snwill Flre Becord.
(SpecuU to The Tlnjes-DIipatch.).
RALEIGH, X. C January 6.-*Hon.
Jas. R. Young, Insurance Commisslon
er. has received from Chlef J. H. Gal
,logher, of the Washlngton. X. C, fire
|department. a remarkably good report
!of the tlre record for the year. It
Ishows twenty-seven nres durlng the
year, wlth only about $400 losaes, one
jhalf of thls Iobs belng on a gasolene
jboat that was burned in the harbor
jof the town. The commlsslonor doubts
!lf there ls auother town ln Xorth Caro
!llna the. slze of Washlngton that can
make so good a showlng.
Cont of Stutc Prlntlng.
[Speelal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
F.ALEIGH, X. C, January ti.?Asslst
ont Commissloner of Labor and Prlnt
ing M. L. Shipman has Issued a state
ment 3howlng the cost of all State
printlng for 1907, the grand total for
i all State Departments belng $50,054.65,
Thls being a legislative year, the
lamount- ls always in excess of the
"eff year."
Secretury Braner Worsc.
(Speelal to The Tlmes-Dispatch.]
RALEIGH, X. C, January 6.?T. K.
Brunur.. secretary to the State Bpard
of Agriculturo.. who has been very 111
for two .months and longer. but had
very greatly improved the past fow
wceks, had a serlous relapse to-day,
and his condltlon Is agaln regarded as
Cltarter Grnnted.
(Speelal to The Times-Plepotch.]
RALEIGH. X. C, January 6?The
Hickory Insurance and Realty Com?
pany, of Hickory, ls olmrtered, wlth
$50,000 capltal authorized and $10,000
subscribed, by A. A. Shuford, ,T. F.
Abernathy. W. A. Hali and otners.
Snllnbury roKeemnn Dead. t,
IS\,f?i.i toTheTtmes-Dlspatch.)
SALISBURY, X. C, January-6.?C. W.
Poole. aged flfty-nine years, and for a
quarter of a century on Sallsbury's
pollce force, dled at, hls homo here
yesterday, followlngr an lllnesa of four
days from exposure whlle on duty. He
was the vetertin offlcer of Rowan coun?
ty. He leavos a wlfe. two daugbtera
and three sons, all well known here.
North Carolina Association Will
Have Thcm [niproved, or
Changc thc Sitc.
Congressmen and Scnators Urged
to Vote for This Mcasure.
Names for Appotntments..
(Hpeclal to The Tlme-vnirpateh.]
RALEIGH,, N. C, January 6.?The
North Carolina Natlonal Ouard Asso?
ciation, ln seaslon hero to-day, ,regla
tered a atrenuotts kick againBt what
la declarod to bo unendurablo condi
tlons at thc Slato encainpment groundc,
nnar Morchead, brought about, It ls
nllegecl, by thc fnllure of tho Morehead
clty and Xorfolk and Southern attthorl
tles to fulfll tluv ohllgatlona cntered
Into by oach ln Induclng the Stato au
thorltlcs to chooao Morehead rathcr
than Wrlghtavlllo or other Bltea offer
cd for pcrnioncnt camp grounds.
Tho aaaoclatlon appolnted Goneral ,T.
F. Armltold; of Stateaville; C'olonel J.
Van B. Metts, of Wilmlngton, aud
Mnjor C. D. Harrla, of Ralelgh, as a
epeclal commlttee to take the matter
up wlth tho Morehead and Xorfulk and
Southern authorltles and Inalat on each
complylng wlth contrncta, oapeclally
In the matter of conatructing hou.-o-s
for oiricern. storoge bulldinga und
water aupply before thc next annual
Falllng to get satlsfactory equipmcnt,
the commlttee Is to procure the call
Ing of a epeclal meetlng of the asso?
ciation, ao that a change of camp
grounds can be brought about for the
seaalons of the aaaoclatlon.
Welcomcd by Governor.
Preeldent J. W. Norwood, of States
vlllo, la prealding. Governor Glenn dc
llevercd the address of welcome. He
plcdged hlH hearty support to what
ever the asaociatlon muy declde is for
the betterment of tho intereats of the
guard, and pald a hlgh trlbuto to the
superb showlng tho North Carolina
guard, oflicers and men, made at the
grand review held at Jameatown North
Carolina week.
?A, reaolutlon was adopted calllng on
tho North Carolina Senatora and Rep
resentatlve8 to support the amendment
to the Dlck blll pendlng ln Congress
that grcatly atrengthens the guard,
maklng lt a sccondary llne of natlonal
defense, and increaslng the natlonal
appropriatlons, eo that tnis State would
recelve about $100,000, inatead of
$10,000, for guard purposes.
Nlght Seanton. \
At the nlght acsalon the aaaoclatlon
declded to defer the final adoptlon of
thc reaolutlon concertilng the recom
mendatlons that shall be made to Gov
ernors-elect aa to appolntments of
hcada of departments untll the meetlng
of the aaaoclatlon at the next annual
encampment, when practically ' all the
offlcera of the guard will be present
and can vote on the proposltion.
There was a lengthy dlscusalon of
the advlsablllty of asklng the Legis
lature for a $50,000 approprlatlon that
will Include payrpenta of 50 cents for
each drlll, ^ot exceeding twenty-four
each year, and $1 per day for dayB
ln camp to the. prlvates. This will also
be'consldered further.at. the encamp?
ment meetlng..
Presldent^ Norwood- announced stand
Ing commlttee appotntments as follows:
Executlve Commlttee?Captain Hob
good. Thlrd Reglment: Captain- Robert
aon, Second Reglment: Captain PaYker,
Flrat Reglment: Lieutenant Pescheau,
Naval Brigade; Captain. Norwood,, Flrst
Reglment; Lleutenant-Commander
Bradham, Naval Brigade: Captain Wil
llams, arUllery: Captain W. C. Rod
man, Second Reglment..
Code Commlttee?Captain Hobgood,
Thlrd Reglment;-Captain Rodman, Sec?
ond Reglment; Captain Jones, Flrat
Reglment: Captain McKeatham, Second
Llterary Commlttee?Colonel Metts,
Second Reglment, chalrman.
Athletlc Commlttee?Major Toung,
Flrst Reglment, chalrman.
Entertainment Commlttee?Captain
Moody. Thlrd Reglment, chalrman.
Hlstory Commlttee?Colonel McGhee,
Flnance Commlttee?Major Danlels
\egro Murderer Cnptuxed.
[b'peclal to The Tlmes-D!st>atch.]
WINSTON-SAX.EM, N. C, January I.
?George Vandllngham, the young ne
gro man who shpt and. kllled Wllllam
Perry, also colored, here December 23d,
and who a few daya later eacaped from
prison, was captured yeaterday at Lan
caster, S. C, Vandlingham'a former
home. He will be brought back here
to-morrow for trlal.
Ciiizroa of SpotaylTonia Have Fina Meetinir.
Favpr New TCoad.
[Speclal to TlieTlmcs-DUpatch.l
SPOTSYIA'ANIA. YA.. January B.?Tho
mcetlns held hero to-day ln the Intorest of
poorl roads was a tlne one. There was a
larce attcndance, and deep Intcreft was mani
ifested ln this Important questlon. A (eature
of thc meetlng- was'tho adoptlon of resolution
In favor of the proposed new road whlch
the Goulds wtsh to build. The resolution
Instructs the members. of the Oenoral Aa
aembly from the county to u?e tbelr best ef
torta to Becure tho repeal of thc law whlch
forldils the huildlne of anothcr Ihio ; to
parallel tha rtlchmond. Fredcrlcksburg and
llon. C. O'Connor Goolrick, member of the
Hcuse from this dlstrlct, addressed the moet
inr. nnd outlined a plon whlch' will otiqble
the county to work Hs road under the Stato
lnw. He alao read three bllts?, whlch, lt
pashed by tho ljasUlature, will allow. tho
citlrenn of tho county to vote upon a bonti
ismie for road lmprovement, and tho sontt
nicnt 4f the meetlrig- heartlly indoraed hls
plans. '
AYedrilnsm Around FrederlckNbur?.
[Speclat to The Times-Dispatah.]
G?Mr. Aclolphus Fuller and Mlss Ada
Cox, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. R. Cox,
both of Stafford county, cama hero'
yeaterday and were marrled las,t even
Ing by Rev. R. A. Willtams at tho lat
tcr's realdenco, Mlas Husan Dobson was
mald of honor, and V. "B. Cox best
man, The couple will rcslde lnStaf
Mr, Bewls Burke, formerly of thia
clty, now of Irvington; and Mlss Holen
Gertrude Croxton, daughter ol' Mr, and
Mrs. Thomaa B. Croxton, of Ksaex
county, were marrled a' fow daya ago
at tho home of the brlde, by Rev. R. H
Mr,, J. B. Herndon' and Miaa V. C.
Dobyns, both of Orango opunty,: .were
marrled a few' daya ago ln the clerk's
offlce, at Orango Courthouso. Rev. A.
J; Harlow otlictatlng.
Mr. II. U Harrla. of Gordohsvlllo,
and Mlss Blancho D, Powell, of Orange
county, were- marrled Thuraday hy
Rov..J. W. Bledaoe, at tha lattor'a rosl
dencc in Orange.
. Mr. W. C. Brooks and Mlss Btla-D.
Stnlth. daughter of Mr. and Mra. E. E.
Smlth, of Esaex county. were vpartioa
a few i\n.y^ ago a|. Mount Zlori Baptist
Church,.In tlmt county, Rev, S, A. Ovor
ton olllolatlng. Mlss Uicy B, Krnlth was
mald of honor and-Evana Brooks bost
man, ?
AX nttrnctlvo fenttire of noelal
llfo durlng tho flnc afternoons
of thls mldwlnter month is
tho dally promonajle, up
Franklln Strect and out
Menument Avcmib, a favorlto dlroctlon
for n otroll.
Ainong the well-known flgtiros fro
flVently neeri there la Mrs. .Tnines Hrown
Potter, whols now In Rlchmond, nnd
who tukea her llttlo dog along wlth her
when sho goon out for a conetltutlon.il,
slenderly ercct and-faultlosaly gownod
au r.vcr. '
The younger sot Jn soclety frequently
mnko Ilermltftgo Club an. objectlve
polnt of thclr brlsk out-of-door ex
curalons, the golf llnks, tho settlo
nround tho opert'flreplaco, and tho woek
IV dancca rcndorlng the club a most
attractlvo Katherlng placo for young
glrls, young men and agreeablc "chap
The fact that Lent comea lato thls
year, and that the wltitcr scason will
ey.tend beyond St. Valentlnc's onnl
vr.rsary Into oarly March, rendera Its
promlso most alluring.
. In mldwlnter, Bomehow, althougb
thero la plenty bf cold ahead, ono feels
aa If a corner had boen turncd, and
one'a face had been act toward the re
nicte cornlng of ,sprlng. The appear
nnco in the florlsts' windows and
among the strcet vendor's wares of tho
delicately awaylng bells of whlte hya
clntha nnd of sweet-scented narclsal
consplrea to strongthen tho feellng.
Mr*. Metcalf nt Club.
The llterary attractlon of Monday
afternoon at Woman's Club lay l? a
paper readby Mrs, J. C. Metcalf, on
"Prefaces, and Somo o? Their Pecu
Mrs. Metcalf. who 1b the wlfe of Pro
fessor Metcalf, of Rlchmond College
hoh partlcularly ontertalnlnjr ln hor
tj-(atment. of her subject. Sho cltcd
the humorous polnts of prefaces, read
e.Uracts from many wrltten.by authors
of a formcr Oay. presenting fads, fan
cles and foshlons ln prefaces aa ln
ovcrythlng olze. She demonstrated the
piisslng of prefaces, the Btrenuous llfe
?f to-day permittlng scant Ieiauro for
^'"ff of booka. and nulte dls
curd ng the vvriter'a foreword or intro
ci^er fM<!tca,f was P'thy. brlght and
c,cyer to a degree, and havlns Hald
otd lhC deS'red' cr,sp,y and flenrly,
found her concluslon when her hearera
"ero sorry to have her come to an
end and. i,ke Oliver Twist, would
gladly have asked for more.
vrrp"'/?',6 of the chalrman were
Mrs. R. e. Galnes, Mrs. Basll Gwath
, mey, Mrs. Charle8 Gulette. Mrs. Ed
s&assond Mrs-Hu8bands- *<
?ri-iV \r m A- AnaerBon. Mrs. J. H.
r ln' nr? ,James Caskle> M?- Hober
Cecil Garllck. Mrs. James B. Harvl"
Mrs Charlea V. Meredlth. Mrs John
B. Munce, M|S8es Ellen Gulgon, Heien
Montaguo and Mary Penlck
Mrs. Garllck and Miss Guleon nre
sfded at the tea table; Mrs* CaakTe
coffee U,1CC and M,SS Penlck *?*&
At the meeting of the historv class
"ThT Flflv ?ub to-morrow afternoon!
unrer tyih ,?ecfde' "111 be dlscussed
MclJod. dlrect,on ot M<? Josephlne
Tickets are now ready for the lec
heV." 7he F,Ve GreitValmera of
the Renatssance." to be given before
Rflu.^Ub- *?- *"**?***? Buddecke. of
Baltlmore. in the Young Men's Chrts
tlan Assoclatfon Hall on Monday even?
ing January loth. Members are entl
tled to two guest tickets. bestde thelr
r?omadim.l8?lon.card' an? may getthem
from the Janltress by calllng at the
Tuesday Germau Daace.
The Xow Year dance of the Tues?
day German will be given thls even
lng ln Masortfc Tomple, from 9 to 12
Thls belng the flrst dance ln 180S
there ls every reason to belleve that
lt will be as beautifu), as largely at
tended and as enjoyable as the Cbrlst
mas dance glven by thls organlzatlon
on the evening of December 26th.
Councll of JcTtlsb M'onten.
The Councll of Jewlsh Women will
meet Tuesday at 3:45 o'clock, ln the
Sunday-school room.of the temple. A
very lntereatlng pfogram will be ren
dered after the business sesston.
Miss Adole Wllllams, Mlss Emma
"V\ httfleld and Mlss Inez Hutzler will
furnlsh the program of the afternoon,
which promlses to be most dellghtful.
Mrs. Siranaon at Hbme.
Mrs. C. A. Swanson will be at home
thls afternoon to frlends after 3
o'clock, and on successive Tuesday af
tcrnoons, for the remalnder of the win
ter season.
The pleasant atmosphere of. these at
homes, recalled by many attendlng
them, forecasts aa much pleasuro for
viaitors thls ?A'inter as last.
In Honor of Gucata.
Misses Hazel and Lottle Faulconer
entertalned Frlday evening in honor of
thelr house guests, Mlss Margaret Phll
llpa,. of Hampton: Mlss Malda Wrlght,
of Frederickaburg; MIsaes Pet l and
Kdna Beaaley, and Misa May Jones, of
Petersburg. Va.
The evening was one of great pleas
ure for all present. Mlss Pet Beasl'oy's.
slnglng and playlng were very much'
Mrs. Mary S. Duvall announces the
app'roachlng marriage of her daughter,
Julia Whltfleld, to Mr, Irvtn Glenn
Bagwell, the maniage to take place on
the evening of January 22d, at 8:30
o'clock, in the homn of the brlde, No.
410 Xorth Seventh Stroet, thls clty.
Vlnlting Mr*. LongiToith.
? Mrs. Frances Fearn, who achleved
so much success ln her lecturb on Car
men Sylva, glvon in the J'efferaon I-totel
hall on Saturday evening laat, la now
tlie guest of Mrs. t/)ngworth. Grandln
Road. Clncinnatl. Mrs. Fearn will be
kept very husy by her ongdgements
for Ute remalnder of the.soason. She
'mado a splendld Impresslon in Rlch?
mond. i
Pcraonul .Ueatlon.
Mrs. George Ambrose Allen, of Erle,
Pa., arrivos thls week to vislt her
mother. Mrs. R. T. Hunter.
Sonator Don P. Ualseyand Mrs. Hal
sey, pt Lynchhurg, have arrlved ln
Mrs. R. C. Taylor, Jr., of Norfolk, Va.
ls tlie guest of frlends ln Rlohmond.
Mlss Ev.a Roains. of Lynobburg, is
spendlng some time wlth frlends ln
?Mrs. Mattio P- Thonina hiiB rotuined
must he doep JTi the mother's
heart wlien she trles to consolo
herself by saylng "If I had not
forcotton to get a bottle of
Httle Bnh^' wotilcl now be wlth
me" Forgft?why forgot whon
there is no cxcitse. External and
all drugKlsts' I
To take the sharp edge off
an appetite that won't wait
for nieals?
To sharpen a poor appetite
that doesn't care for meala?
Uneeda Biscuit
So nutritious, 80 eaaily di
gested, that they have become
the staple wheat food.
k In motsture and
* dust proof packages.
from attending a house party ln Kln
ston, N. C. On New Year'a Eve ah
gaue a eong recltal ln the opera hbus
at Klnaton. beforo a large and brll
liant audlencc.
Mr. Henry Colller, after apendlng th.
holldays In Hampton, Va., has returnei
to Rlchmond.
Mrs. John Bladen, who has beet
apendlng some weeks wlth her parent:
near the clty, has returned to Roanoke
Mr. John W. Crlngan ls dolng wel
at St. Luke's Hospltal.
Mr. Bruce, of this clty, and Mr. Bry
ant, of Petersburg, Va., have beer
members of a houso party glven bj
Dr. and Mrs. C. D.1 Barksdale, of Brook
Iyn, near South Boston, Va.
Mr. TVarren Tlnsley has been th*
guest of hls father, Mr. J. W. Tlnsley
at Roanoke, Va.' ,.
Lleutenant Harry Newton Cootes, 17
S. A., mllitary secretary of the James
town Exposltion Company. has gono tc
hls post at Fort Oglethorpe. Ga.
Mlss Gertrude Camm Is vlsltlng het
slster, Mrs. Reed Hobson, at the Hol
land, ln Norfolk, Va.
Friends of Senator and Mrs. John
Randolph Tucker, of Bedford Clty, will
be glad to welcomc them to Rlchmond
this week.
MIes Julla Cottrell Is apendlng some
tlme ln Albemarle county and partlc
ipating In tho pleasures of the gay
wlntar season ln that sectlon.
Mrs. Edward Dlllon, who expected
to return, yeaterday to Indlan Rook,
will reraain a few days longer wlth
her aunt, Mrs. Hunter, at No, 215 East
Franklin Street.
Mrs. Callum Jones and Mlss Mary
Jones, of Ashland, Va., spent yeaterday
ln Rlchmond as the gueats of Mrs.
Jones's slster, Mlss Annle Newman.
Tht> State Corporatlon Comralsslon ha?
tranted the followlng- charters:
Hydro-Pneutnatlo . Cbemical Co. (Inc.i,
AUxandrla. W. A. Johnston, presldent: C.
R. Fred, treasurer; O. H. Fowler, secre?
tary?all of Wasblngton. D. C. Capltal:
Maxlmum, 1100,000; mlnlmum. J 1,000. Ob?
jects: DealtTB In pharmacal supplles.
Arteelan Mlneral Water Company (Inc.l,
Smlthfleld. E. H. Wllllame, presldent; W
H. Dick. vlce-presldent; W. H. Sykes, aec
rttary?all of Smlthfleld. Va. Capltal: Max
Imum, $10,000; mlnlmum, $800. Objects:
Artealon well-drlllers for mlneral watera.
James-FeJts Llvery Co. *(Inc). Galax. T,
t>. Felts, presldent; H. B. Jamea, vlcc-prcsl
dent; J. S. James). necretary and treasurer?
a''. of Galax, Va. Capltal: Maxlmum, $10,
000: mlnlmum, $3,000. Objects: Llvery
Vlrglnla Equipment and Supply Co. (Inc),
Rlchmond. Morgnn R. Mllla, presldent; M.
D Anderaon. vlce-prosldent; N. T. Moaby.
secretary and treasurer?all of Rlchmond.
Capltal: Maxlmum, $10,000; mlnlmum,
55,000. Objects: Contractlng and plumblng
Vlrginta Thea-tre Company (Inc), Rloh
mr-nd. T. G. Leath, presldent: W. G. Neal,
secretary and treasurer?both of Rlchmond,
Va.; Otto Wells, vlce-presldent, Norfolk.
Va. Capltal: Maxlmum, $50,000; mlnlmum,
410,000. Objects: To run theatres and all
klnda of oinuaementi.
Vlrslnia Cake and Candy Co. (Inc), Rlch?
mond. H". A. Flemlngr. presldent, Boston,
Mii.es.; F. F. Flemlnar. secretary and treas?
urer; A. H. Flemlng;?both of Rlchmond.
Cnpitai: Maxlmum, $10,000; mlnlmum,
} 1.000. Objects: ManUTttcture of cakca,
cundy, tobaccos, clgura, etc.
Tclla Blblc Claaa He Bolleren in Sya
.tenmtle Cbnrlty. ?
NEW YORK, January 6.?Members of
theRockefeller Blblo claas heard an
addresa by Rev. W. & Richardson. In
the Flfth Avenue Baptist Church Sun
day, on "What Aro the Dangers ot
Helplng the Poor?Thoso Who Are Ab
solutely Dependont Upon the Coniniu
When Rev. Mr. Richardson called for
expresslons of oplnlon, John V. Roeke
feller, .Tr., qulckly aroae.
"What is needod is moro wiao and
IntelllKent holp for the poor. rather
than the sontltnontal and unwlso help
?the help. whlch leads ? to permanent
bettorment.'Mve. said. "The more pruo
tlcal way to deal wlth cases in the
street ls to provide onoself with iheal
tickots i or auch' tlckets as tho Chnrlty
Organization S'oclety haa. so that tho
beggar can go to some employmciu hu
reau or to a placo where he can fret
lodglngs. ? There Is probablv no one
among these beggars who deaorves or
who wanta tho help whlch ho nsks. Jt
ls better to decllnn to jrlvo to a bojr
gar ln tho streot if you cannot Invcs
gato than to glve wlthout a knowledgo
where you do good or harm."
Hnltle to Tnke I'lnce lu Duhlln Mureh
ITtb l.ules* I'nlmur DefentN llnrnx.
LONdONi January t>.?Artle.les for
tht> Burns-Rocho tlght were slgned to
day. "Toinm.v" Burns, who reoontly
defeated Gunuer "Jlm" Molr betore the
Natlonal Sportlng Cluh, Is to tlght Jotn
Rocbo, tho Irlali ohampion, twentv
rounda, for $2,500 a slde and a uurso
of ?7,r?00 offored by a Puhlln syndlcate.
The fhsht wlll.tftke place lu Duhlln
on Murc.h 17th itnlesa Burna Ih defeiitiid
on February 10th by Jack Balmor. of
Ituanuko Man Marrled In llalttmnre,
[Speelal to The Tlmas-Piuiateh.']
BAI.T1MOHI2, MU? January 6.?Mr. Max'
Rosonbergr. of Uouuoke, was marrled hero
to-day to Mlss I.eooadle laiqlllo l.anp. daugh?
ter'nf Colonol and Mrs. Jaromo I-nug. The
corepiqny toolc- place at tho home of the
br'fje'B slBtcr, Mrs. Edwln 15, IjIoii at AVal
buok, and waa'perfortnud by Itev, Pr.
Charlea A. Bubfiiateln, of Ilar Sliint Tompln,
After a trlp Ku?t Mr, nnd JJva. K???jiburif
?MU Uva Ui Ru?MCu.
Tako chancos when our exceptlonal facllltles for r?n
derlng the best posslbte scrvlce are at your com
mand. Exporlenco, faclllty and infleilble' rule to
fttrnlsh tho best only has made ours the standard
cstablishment for everythlng that Is good <or .the
Eyes.' The samo appllea to our
Kodak Department
It ls complete. and our patrons.are deHghted wttti.*
our artlstlc Developing and Prlntlng. 'Prtc'ea always
the lowest! Mall orders receive prompt attentlon.
The S. Galeski Optical Co.
No Lumber Trust
Flxes our prlce*. llmlts our sales.'or con*
trols our aotlons ln any way. " We are $b
tlrely independent of all.coraJJtne*.' natlonal
or Iocil. and our. prlces are tlie lo^cot that
can ba.mada for:first-clas?'matcrlaj. Phoaa
U6 and our sollc'ltor.. an esperlenced bullder.
will eall s-tid seeyou. *
Woodward & Son,
Yards and Bulldings Coverbig Ten Aeret.
v* Rlchmond and Manrhestcr, Va.'
Few Indlctinents Bctnrned Atter the
Recklesa Holldny Senson. \
Eveh wlth the 'hollday season and
the recklessness Incldent thereto. the
grand Jury of the Hustlngs Court
fbund a rather Hmited'docket yester?
day, and qulckly dlaposed of it. In
dlctmenta were returned, as follows :
Julla Brown, mallcloua woundlng:
Cornellus Cokes, attompted murder and
murder; Benjamjn Brown. allas Ben
Featherstone, burglary, two cases; .Tohn
Fannell. allas John Anderson, allas
Wlllle Porter. burglary, two cases;
Julla Johnson,' mallclous woundlng;
Dabney Jones, burglary: Charlle John?
son, grand lnrceny; Wllliam Knelsch,
forgery, three cases: Josh Lucas, house
breaklng: Ernest Mlller. allas Henry
Taylor, housebreaklng; W. D. Roebu.-k,
Toledo Wbman'd Only Reaaon for
ThruwluK Ovcr the Rev. Mr. Clapp.
A apecial dlspatch from Toledo, Ohlo,
dated January 5th, sheds much light on
the sudden breaklng of the engage
ment of tho Rev. Walter Clapp on the
eve of hls marrlage. the story of whlch
was prlnted In The Times-Dlspatch yea
torday. Thls dlspatch follows:
"TOLEDO, OHIO. January ?,?"Ifyou
change your-mlnd, meet me in Xew
York." were the last words, epoken by
Rov. Walter'Clapp to Mlss Allc'e Thorne,
tho Toledo tflrl who. jilted hlm on the
eve of thelr marrlage Immedlately fol
lowlng a church rehearsal for the wed
dtng. Rev. Mr. Clapp had come from
tho Phlllpplnes to becomo a benedict.
?'Aa nearly as could be learned. wlth
out any expllclt ? excuse' Miss Thorne
suddenly informed Rev. Mr.' Clapp she
dld not belleve nfter all that she want
ed to ro so far away ns tho Philtpplnes,
and that sho thought the woddlnK had
hettnr be postponed. Thls aeemed to
be tho only reaaon for hor chunge ot
"Her fnmlly ls much exerclsed, and it
lt ls sald that her father upbralded lier
sioveroly for ullowing tho affatr to go
to such a letiKth."
Rev. ? Mr.' Clapp attonded the.Gen
eral Couven'tlon "of the Eplscopal
Church ln this elly hist Oetober, and- ls
pleas'antly .remembered bye a Kt'eat
many persons here. Hls /frlends In
Itlehmond cxpressed much ,.indlgnation
yesterday nt tho reports of the treat
ment ncoorded hlm. -
Personal Cards.
R e c ep t i o n, Dinner and
Guest Cards, Menus, Wed'
ding In vitations and An
nouncements ? -- CORRECT
LYBNGRAVED in the most
approvea farm.
Crests, Monograms.Address
Dies, fif*c, Color Stamping
and Illuminating.
RST'Estimates and sampJes
sent on request ' Prompt at-'
tention given correspondenoe.
Established Dver a Century
Jewallera, RllverMulthn, Htatloner*.
1107 Fennsylvania Avenue,
Waahingto^ D. C,
You Can Buy Oriental
Rugs at One-third Off
For Twelve Days!
All our Oriental Rugs in
the most choice assbrtments
will be sold at one-third off
the regular price for the next
twelve days.
This is done to convert
them into cash quickly. It is
an opportunjty extraordinary.
Sydnor & Hundley, Inc.
Furiuturo Leadera,
709-11-13 East Broad Street
Blank Books
Of Every Kind,
For All Occasions.
?\Vo carry a lurge line of lllank Booka, '
ln such vurlety that your every ne?d ca.n
bo aatlsfied?from tho tlnlest vest pocket
mcmo. or dlary. to the ;,-n-ac 1,000 pa?e
lcdgors. ' '
will . rellevo youof uue-tlihd of your
. luiokkeephih idbOnt.
The Bell Book & StationeryCo.
914 East Main Street.
Prorop.t and porsonal attentlon to
all orders."
113 Un?t Mnln Street.
and GRIPP %?&?
R<;liovcs the aches and .feverl*
CtnUlnt N? Ac?tanUM?

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