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Peremptory C h a 11 enges
Reduce N umber Sworn
to Three.
Four Tcntativc Jurors Are Ac
1 ce'pted for the Time, antl
Work of Completing the
Pancl Again to Pro
cccd This Morn?
swon.v junons.
Charles E. Gremmels, sblp broker.
Arthur .V. rVuctblne, halier and
? etnercr.
Oeorgc W. Curey, dry good* dealer.
Oeortfc C. rtapprcelit, ixilfmiiiin.
Mo*es Creenbauni, Insurance
Jobu lt. Mnnlun, retlred graln
Thomas F. Crunnton, prlnter.
NEW YORK, January 7.?Three
lurors sworn to st-rvc on the trlal panel
for Harry K. Thaw represented to
nlght tlie ntt results of the two days
and elx resslons of the trlal before
Justlce Dowllng ln tho Crlmlnal branch
of the Supreme Court. ln addltlon to
the trto, who are oath-bound well and
truly* to try the case, there were In
the jury box at the close of the nlght
-(?Fslon, four tentatlve Jurors who are
t.ubject stlll to peremptory ohallenxe
by either sidc. The task of fllllng tlie
flve vacant chalrs will bc rceumed to
morrow morning, when the last lnstal
uient of 100 talesmen summoned on tlie
rirlginal omnlbus panel of 200 names
will report for examlnatlon.
ln all nlnety-flve proposed jurori
were called and questlonod to-day as
agalnst flfty-seven yesterday. At the
close of tho afternoon sesslon the jury
box was rilled and hopes ran high that
it Jeast a majorlty of those tentatlvely
choscn would prove acceptable to both
fcidee. With the beglnnlng of the even?
ing sesslon, however, all such hopc*,
were dlssipated. Whc-n the suddenly
detcended storrn of peremptory chal
l'-r.ges ck-arod away there. were but
three survlvors, and tt was agreed thai
they should bc sworn rs the nucleus
of the trlal panel. They are Charles H.
ejrernmela. ship brokjer, who is to be
foreman;- Arthur K. Naething, baker
and caterer, end George W. Carey, dry
goods dealer.
Counsel announced that the Jury box
would agaln be fllled before any morv
peremptory challenges were exerclsid.
Forty talesmen were examlnc-d at tha
evening sesslon, which lasted untll
10:50 1'. Mi
Prlxoner ond Wlfe.
Thaw was not called to the bar un?
tll the roll of the new panel was called
nnd the absentees noted and Rned $230.
Kighty members of the second panel
ive-re present. Mrs. Evelyn Thaw was
. not in the courtroom when the pro
cetdlngs began, Joslah Thaw belng the
inly relative present.
As soon ts Thaw had taken hls
place the work of filling the Jury box
waa taketi up. wlth Distrlct Attorney
J'rome'again conductlng the examlna
tions for the t,ccple.
Young Mrs. Thaw came ln whlle the
lirst talesman was belng examlneJ.
She was ruddy of cheek and appeared
iu tlie best of health, a sharp contrast
to her husband, who is thlnner and
more pallld than last year. His hatr,
wiry and badly cut, glves him some
t'.iing of an unkempt appearance.
The first six men called for service
?were all dlsqualifled. Justice Dowllng
frequently took a hand In the ques
tionhig of tiksmen, hls Interrogatlons
utually brinslng the oxamlnatlons to
un abrupt conclusion, ?
>'umber 10 Accepted.
Mr. Littleton is thorough in his ex
amlpatlons, probing into the Inmost
thoughts and belicfs bt tlie talesmen.
One question asked most of the tales?
men was what newspaper's ???purport
ta" accounts of the prevlous trlal they
had read.
He spent nearly half an hour on Wm.
H. Boberts, . secretary to a rallway
slgnai concern and a natlve of Eng
land who flnally was accepted as pros
pectivo Juror Xo. 10. Roberts de?
clared he had an imprc-ssion as to tht
guilt or Innocence of the defendant
but not a declded one, and he was surt
lie could lay it asttle.
J".-uring the flrst two ;iours of th<
morning sesslon sixteen talesmen hat
been examlnej. and onlj- onc condltlon
?j.Uy ace6pled.lt requlred thlrtv minutei
for Mr. Littleton to ellsquulifv Dcxtei
C, Tiffany, a stock broker, who sale
he had a iixed opinion, but Inslstee
he could render a, falr verdlct. Jt tool
thirty seconds for Mr. Joromc to dls
pose of Chnrk's McCullougli. a publli
uecountant, the last of the flrst panel
who declared that evidence mlght re
move. but could not change his opinion
Two Auccptcri Jurors Excused.
Tho second panel which reportei
to-day then was drawn upon. Twi
of the provlslonal Jurors selocted oi
yesterday were 'excused by , c-onbent
They wero William E. Brower, deeor
ator, and James Conway, hotel keepei
During tlie examlnatlon of Cliarle
G. Goss, au audltor and aceountanl
Mr. Jerome asked for the flrst tlnv
during thls trial: "Havo you . an:
leleaa of your own as to a hlgher law
or Irroslstlble impulse or anythlng o
that sort."
Goss replled in the negatlve, and wa;
accepted as a provlsi9nal .juror. Ow
of the jurors created somethlng of t
sensatlon as the aftornoon sossloi
opened by announclng-that bo had los
hls gold watch and clialn, valued a
floO, slnce comlng to tho court. Deteo
tlves wero assigned to the case,
Tlnuv'u Sister In Court.
.Mrs. George E. Carnegle, Thaw'
sister. came downtown ln a drlvlnj
rain to ho present at tlie aftemooi
sittlpg of the court. Wlthln llfteei
minutes after Justlce Dowllng- had re
sumed hls placo on the beneh elgh
talesmen had been disposod of. Tho;
all had oplnlons whlch no evldenc
could chango. District Attornoy Jerom
cxei'clsed tho peoplo's rlght. of peremp
jr"^ .(C9Utl?uea on Thlrd Page.)
Piirniere Co-opcrntlve CnJota Worklng
on I'lnim to Force Hlgh Prlce.
MEMPHIS, TENN., January 7.?Thn
annual conventlon of the Farmers Ed
utatlonal and Coioperatlve Unlon met
hero to-day. About 300 delcgates are
preRcnt, tepreeentlng every Southern
Htttte. Mlssotirt, Kansas and Washlng?
ton nro nlHo roprcKented. W. ?j. Bar
rctt, of Unlon Clty, Oa., pre?ldent of
tln- unlon, before calllng tlie conven?
tlon to order, sald:
"One of the most important
thinps we hope. to accompltsh I* to
get 15 cents for cotton, ana we are
golng to got lt If we havo to hold
It from the rnarket for yeoxe."
ITesides plnnnlng for the reduction
of tlie cotton acreage thc conventlon
Ik consfderlng steps to make practlca
bio the holding of cotton by those who
are not In shape flnanclully to walt
months for thelr money, Numerous
suggestlon* have heen made along thls
llne. One which has been dlscussed at
some length was warchouse certld
cntos for stored cotton as the bnsls of
a bond Issue. These bonds wlll be sold
to those members of the unlon who
hnve the ready money to spare. A falr
rote of interest would be fixed. the
bonds to mature ,ln twelve months.
Whlle tho members of the union would
b>; flr3t Invlted to tal'e these bonds
tlicy would be also offered to such
banks as mlght deslre them. ln all
tfcfes the Interest would make them a
desirable investment.
The effort would be to band all th,e
sretions more closely together by the
formlng practically of a blg company
wlth all members vitally Interested in
the prlce of cotton. Another proposi
tion being dlscussed Is the formlng of
a regular stock company and to tssi
siock wlth seed cotton as thc basls.
Member of Alexandrla Company In
Cfaurgeil Wlll, Insubordluntlou.
r>?n?HaI to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.7
ALEXAN'DRIA. VA., January 7.?Ar?
thur Downey, a member of Company
G. Seventieth Reglment. Alexandrla
Llght Infantrj-. ls held at the statlon
house at the instance of Captain P. J.
Murphy, of.that command, and will be
ccmpelled to face a court-martlal on a
charge of inaubordlnatlon. Captain
Murphy to-day telegraphed Adjutant
Goneral Anderson the facts In tlie case.
As soon as the court-martial convenes
Downey. lt ls sald, will bc tried.
The trouble occurred last nlght at
Armory Hall, when, it is asserted, Cap?
tain Murphy endeavorcd to learn from
Downey the cause of fallure to attend
drill*. It is clatmed that Downey
roundly abused the officer. He was
taken to police headquarters and lock
ed up on a charge of dlsorderly eon?
duct, and thls morning- he wag flned
55 on that charge and held for the ac?
tlon of the mllitary authorities. The
court-martlai v;UL it is said, bc held
Eugene B. Bolton Meets Spouse Inei
pectedly 'nnd Are Reeonclled.
SAN FP.ANCtSCO, CAT_. January 7.?
Kate Inserted a friendly hand into the
affairs of Eugene B. Bolton, .of El
mira, N. T.,'when it placed the wlfe
from whom he had been separated for
more than a year at a nearby table
In tho big grlll-room of the Hotel St
Mlsunderstandings separated the cou?
ple a few months after their marriage.
Bolton, who is ln the employ of an
oll refinery, reglstcred at the St.
Francls on Saturday last Hls wlfe,
who was visiting the coast Wlth her
mother and a party of frlends, put up
at thi place yesterday.
.Mrs. Bolton was ln the dintng-rotftn
when her husband entered. What they
said when they saw each other no one
heurd. but when thc Atlantic express
ol' the Southern Pacific drew out of
Oakland Mole it took wlth it Eugene
P, Bolton and tho wlfe to whom fate
hac' rcunited hlm.
Glrl Comes to Ue?cuc of Bushful STrnln
aud. Weddlng Follows.
PH1DADELPH1A, PA., January 7.?
Taklng advantage of a woman's leap
year rlghts, Miss Ethyle Mae Parsona
proposed to Thomas D. Rogers and
darecj him to elope to Wilmington and
have the nuptlal knot tled. - For some
time Mr. Rogers had deslred to propose
marriage to Miss Parsons, but could
r.ot muster sufflcient courage. so he ac
ce.pted the young woman on the spot.
Thls was last Frlday nlght, und to
avold being married on the unlucky
day, they remained until early Satur?
day -morning. On the flrst traln the
couple went to Wilmington and were
married by the Rev. Dr. Wolfe. Then
they returned .to thls city and went to
Atlantic Clty for thelr honey-moon.
Aged Woiuau Pours Oll Over Self nnd
Starts ninze After lllness.
EEIZABETH. N. J., Januarv 7.~De
spondency, caused by contlnued 111
health, ls glven by tho police as tlu
only cause they can learn to-day foi
the suicide of Mrs. Theresa Kleinfildor
seventy-nlneyears old. ofNo. 172 Wal
hut Street, who kllled herself by soak
Ing her clothing in kerosene oll an.:
then settlng flre to them. The wo?
man's eorbse, charred beyond reeogni
tlon, was found in the yard of hei
home bv her daughter, wlth an emptj
oll boltle lying a few feet away.
Johu Sldney iind Two Flue Hor-cr
Swcpt Avray By Current.
tal to Thc Times-Dispatch,]
[BURG. VA., January- 7.?
Whlle attemptlng to drlve a doubk
teum Ihfough a swollen strearn" belov,
Lynchburg to-day the drlveiy Joht
Sldney, colored, was swept away an.:
hls team was drowned.
No trace of the negro has boen found
The dead horses lodged 300 yards be
low tho ford. The team was valued ai
Uonuokc .ludg.eslitp lontest AVIII Ot
Before Leglslature.
[Speolal to The Tlmes-Dls>patch\]
UOANOKIfl,, VA., January 7.?AI
h?pe of settllng the Roanoke judgeshii
contest wlthout u llght before the Deg
Islaturo has been abandoned by tlu
mercnnttle organissations.
At tho meetlng of the Central -Laboi
Council last nlght lt was decided t<
take no'actlon on the request ot' th'
mefcantlle bodics, the delegates de
clarlng that they favored the selectlm
of a judgo bjv the vote ot the people
and would take no part ln such a coii'
Engine Leaves Rails and
Pullmans Crash
Second Section of Collver Special,
With 200 Ohio Excursionists,
Bound for Florida, Falls
Into Copper Mine Creek.
Escape Almost a
AUOUSTA, GA., January 7_Runnlng
at a speed of thlrty mlles an hour, the
aecond sectlon of an cxcurslon traln
on the Southern Railway from Cleve?
land, O., known as the Collver Special.
and bound for Florida points, plunged
through a trestle over Copper Mlne
Creek, about fifty mlles west of At?
lanta, to-day, and as a result three per?
sons- are dead. two others aro fatally
lnjured and clghty pnssengt-rs were so
serlously lnjured as to require medical
lt was nearly midnlght when tlie
Southern Railway's rellef traln reached
Atlanta bearlng the body of Engineer
James Edwards, and about fifty of tho
injured, among whom were Mrs. Emil
Hoover, of Coiumbus, Ohio, who ls ln
a dying condltlon, and Florence A.
Studebakcr, of Cleveland, lnternally
lnjured, and probably fatally hurt.
Koad Foreman of Engines Schnapjjs
and the negro flreman, Mose Baldwln,
both fatally injured, dled shortly after
tho traln reached Atlanta.
Many of the other lnjured wefii 11ft
ed from the car windows and conveyed
to local hospltals, whlle some of those
hurt were able to take cabs to local
The wreek occurred about 3 o'clock
thls afternoon, flve vestlbuled Pull?
mans being preclpltated twenty-flve
feet to the bed of the creek. which was
nearly dry, one of the Pullmans belng
torn asunder. Two hundred passengers
went down wlth th9 coaches. Copper
Mine trestle ls between Htram and Dal
las, Ga., in a sparsely settled country.
The Injured.
The injured in the Atlanta hospltals
R. W. Griswold. Aehtabula, OHio:
lnternally lnjured and badly
brulsed on head.
Mrs. R. XV. Griswold. AshUbula,
Ohio; brulsed on back and Umbs.
Mr. and Mrs. Crelghton. of Ash*
tabula, Ohlo; slightly brulsed.
Mrs. Elizabeth Smlth, of Cleve*
tanti, Ohlo; back hurt and prob?
ably serlousiy lnternally injured.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Smlth, of
Cleveland; sltghtly brulsed.
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Rowbotham,
Cleveland, Ohlo; sllghtly brulsed.
Mrs. K. Peel, Cleveland, Ohlo;
sllghtly brulsed.
- Rogers and son, Cleve?
land, Ohlo; badly cut and brulsed.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Kane, Cleve?
land, Ohlo: sllghtly hurt.
F. Strauss, Cleveland.
Mrs. Della B. Thompson, Mantua,
. Frank Gregory and wife.
E. E. Henry and wlfe, Ashtabula,
Ohlo. *S?
John Touchstone, East Jordan,
Mlch.; badly Injured.
H. H. Hodel. Cleveland, Ohio.
Mrs. George B. Rogers, Coiumbus,
Ohlo. v.
Mrs. Nellie Baldinger, Coiumbus,
Mrs. P.? X. Smlth, Coiumbus,
O. G. Voss. Coiumbus. Ohio.
Mrs. Ella Tidemann. Cleveland,
Mrs. E. F. "vTebstcr, Wellington,
G. M. Almon, Rome, Ga.
Jacob Koth, Erle. Pa.
Mrs. J. Roth. Erie. Pa.
Mrs. D. D. Ktlsle. Erle. Pa.
E. N. Ackerman, Coiumbus, Ohlo.
Mrs. Theodore Arter, Coiumbus,
Twelve passengers, names unknown
are cared for at.hotels.
An Excursiou to Floridti.
The Collver special ls an annual ex
curslon run from Cleveland O.,' V
Florida polnts and Cuba, under the dl
rectlon. of General Passenger Agen
Collver, of the Blg Four system. I
E-tarted f''om Cleveland yesterday a
12:15 P. M. ln two sectlons, the flrs
conslstlng of four Pullmans and a dln
ing- car, and the second of flve Pull
mans, a dlner and a baggae car. Th
(Contlnued on Thlrd Page.)
Teneber from ' Easteru Vlrglnln Hn
Excltlug Experlence.
[Special to The Tlmes-DIspatch.]
MONTEREY. VA., January 7.?.
madman entered the Plne Grove publl
school. seven mlles south of Monterej
on Monday, and ordered the teache
ancl her forty pupils to get, out.
The school is in charge of Mis
Sallle We-mack, ot Eastern Vlrgini:
end/ tnstc-ad of bccomlng panic
stricken, she slgoalcd to a boy pupl
to go for help, whlle she . coolly en
gaged the fellow ln conversatfon an
ergument untll two farmevs arrlvo
and took hlm ln uharge,
The man proved to be Mike Corrlgai
an unmarried man of Jackson'
Rlver, whose father has since the
taken steps <o have hlm brought her
and exumlneJ by a board of liinacy.
Henlh lu TenuoHnee of Cuptnln Dnul
Elils, tlio Fiiniousi Seout.
rshenlai to Tho Tlmes-Dlepatcli.l
BRISTOL, VA., January 7.?Capta
Daniel 13111s, a celebrated soout, is df-t
at hl* homo, near Ellisabetltton, Teni
aged se-venty-nlne years. Hls accon
pllsliment's wara many and full of da
ing. Ho led thousands of Eu
Tennessneans nnd AVestern Nort
Carollnlans through tho llnes to tl
Federal army. ,\ prlce was plne<
upon hls head by the Confederato ai
thorities, but he always oludod tl
enemy. After the war he wrote
bcok of hia adventuros, and' lt had
wlde sale. He was also a aoldlor
tbe war with Mexlco, - - - ?
Extcnds From Gulf Const to New Eng?
land nud Does Mueli Damnge,
NEW YORK. January 7.?A I'eavy
raln storm. whlch came Into oxlstence
HOinewhere in the Gulf of Mexlco, and
then headed dlagonally across the
United States on a bee llne lor New
England. wlnged Its way across the
North Atlantic States to-day, brlnglng
torronts of raln and a gale of wind that
I knocked down telegraph and tolephone
1 polcs and generally upset all Unes of
comttuihtcatlon. Another storm is
movlng caatward across the Oreat
Lakes to Joln the vlsltor from Mexlco.
Over an lnch of raln fell in New
York. Shlps scurrled to shelter along
the coast, while shlps reported heavy
\venther olt shore. No wreeks along
the coast were reported up to a late
hour to-nlght, though the patrols are
keeplng a sharp watch.
Morehead Clty ftci?ortn Worst Storm ln
,- Thlrty Years.
RALBIGH, N. C. January 7.?A spe?
cial from Morehead Clty, N. C, to the
News and Observer to-nlght, says:
The most severe storm slnce 1879 has
prevalled here to-day slnce 9 o'clock
this morning.
The wind has been biowing at a rate
not less than seventy-flve mlles an
hour. Considerable daroage nas been
done here, especlally to boats and
launches, yachts, etc. / .
There has heen no houses reported
blown down. every one was more or
less lnterested in the floating property
here. The Norfolk and Southern Rall?
road bridge. a mile long, between
Morehead Clty and Beaufort. stood the
storm well, with the exceptton of two
or three stretches of line by the swift
current The loss here wlll be con?
At Beaufort it is rumored that every
dock and warehouse on the water front
has been taken away by tha storm.
Several boats are reported at a total
. loss. No report has been received yet
'from the llfe-savlng Btation, but
coasters clairri thls storm haa done
untold damage on the North Carollna
The wind now has moderated somo.
lt Is biowing from west southwest.
Feared That lt Hna Foundered Wlth
Captain and Engineer.
NORFOLK. VA., January 7.?The
launch from the quarantlne shlp.
Jnmestown, lying off Old Polnt Com
fc-rt. ls belleved to have foundered ln
Hampton Roads during the storm to
day wlth the loss of both hor white
captain and engineer. A government
surgeon from the Jame6town had come
out to board the Brltish staemshtp,
Helvengrove. which had just arrlved
flylng the quarantlne flag. The doctor
and a engro also on the launch boarded
the Helvengrove.
Struck by Flytng Gate.
NORFOLK. VA.. Janua,ry 7_W. P.
Lane was struck by a flying gate at
thu Coluinbla Guano Works and sc
verely lnjured to-day during the
storm. The wind caught the heavy
ga te and tore it from its. hinges.' It
struck Mr. Lane. wlth great force, ron
derlng hlm uiiconscibus. It ls feared
his injuries are serlous.
Leavlng Thts Message to Father,
Coualn of Earl Gray Ends Llfe.
NEW YORK. January ? 7.?Harry
Gray Duberly, cousln of Earl Grey,
Governor-General of Canada, son of
Captain James. Grey Duberly, of the
Brltish Royal Navy, commltted sulclde
yesterday with poison In the Hermi
tage, a hotel for bachelors, Seventh
Avenue, near Forty-second Street. He
had 5 cents In hls pockets. ,
Among hls letters which Dupberly
left was thls: ,
"To my father:
"By the time ypu recelve this ietter
I shall bo no more. You kllled my
mother, and you have compelled me to
c.-mmit sulclde. May God have merc'y
on your soul. Had you treated me as a
father should tfeat a son. thlngs would
have been dlffore.nt 1 do not want to
dlo cursing you./ I forgive you as I
hope God wlll forgive me. I only hope
you will treat the rest of the chlldren
better than you have me.
"Your' son,
About twe'nty-flve years old, Duberly
was the plcture of a well-bred young
Englishman who had llved well. Tall.
sharp-featured, smooth shaven, he
?wore fine clothes ?made in England, as
was hls hat.
Mcniorlol In Cemetery on Top of Polnt
liOiiui Is Unvelled.
SAN DIEGO, CAL., January 7.?In
the presence of thousands, includlng
the officers and sailors of the Pacific
squadron and citlzens of San Dlego
and other clties, the memorlal monu
ment.to.the Bennington dead was un?
velled this afternoon at the Natlonal
Cemetery, on top of Polnt Loma. The
plain shaft stands withln the plot
where are burled most of those who
lost thelr lives ln the expioslon on the
gunboat Bennington, July 21, 1905, and
is composed of seventy-fottr slabs of
San Dlego county granite, roughly
dressed and towerlng sixty feet above
the concrete base, eapped by a pyra
mld of pollshed grnhtte.
The prlnctpal speech was made by
Admlral Goodrich, commandant at the
navy yard, who was commander of tho
Paclflc sriuadron at the tlme of thc
accldent ori thc Bennington.
Order Entered nnd Grccue and lliijuor
to Scrve Thelr Term.
M?CON GA., January. 7.~The man
date'of the Circult Gourt of.Appeals
in the case of tlreeno nnd Oaynor was
made the order of tho United States
Court In Macon by Judge Speer to-day,
and nn order was taken eomtnltting
the two prisoners to the Atlanta pen?
itentiary. Thelr- sentences of four
yours wlll begin from the hour thoy
are delivered to the warden. The long
time they have spent ln. prlson already
wlll not be considered unlesB some fu?
ture dlsposition ls made,' Nelther pris
0lXX.'"!^'vVhlle:will tako the
two men t.o .\tla"ta at. ance. ,
s"ti|.u?y Cnilglit "y S.iddcu Klurry L
;h IluvU'd Vrorn Her I oveli und lnjured.
i ? *?"?"", t.,-|-iiBTlnies-Dl_patcli.l
NORFOLK VA., January ".?Cauglii
bv ? sudden ilui-i'V dui'lng the stovni
to-day Mrs. 3. D. Fentreus, ot South
Norfolk was UUl'le'fl' over the balus
trtid? of her p^rch, su.stal.nlng a broken
aimand other bodily jnjuiles. She
,wlU vecover,
Will Have Prompt Con..
sideration Bearing on
In Laytng This Charge at His
Door, Mr. Willett Dcnounces
Mr. Roosevelt in Severc
Terms?Others Take
Hand in Criticis
ing Him.
WA8HIXGTON, D. C, January 7.?
Senator Aldrlch to-day lntroduced hls
currency blll, whlch has been a sub?
ject for diecusslon among members of
the Committee on Finance for some
days. He had the blll read to tho Sen?
ate, and announced tliat the committee
would be glad to constder ln connec?
tlon wlth it all bllls that Senators
mlght deslre to Introduce. He assureel
Senator Culberson that hls resolutions
would reeelve attentlon.
? Senator Clay, of Georgla, announced
that he proposed to have a voj.e In
the Senate to test the sentimcnt ol
that body on hls resolutlon favorlng n
Federal law to uphold States ln thelr
eilorts to make effectlve prohlbitlon
wlthln thelr borders. He wanted the
Senate to pass a resolutlon dlfectlnu
the Committee on the Judlclary to re?
port at the earllest convenfent day a
blll providlng that all Intoxlcatlng
llquors transportcd Into any State or
Terrltory or remaining thereln for use
shall, upon arrlval wlthln the bordew
of such State or "before or after de
llvory to tho conslgnee, be subject to
the operation of all State laws enactod
in the esercise of pollce powers to
the same extent as though such llquor*;
had been produced wlthln the State or
terrltory, nnd shall not be exempt by
reason of belng lntroduced In orlginal
packages or otherwlse."
His resolutlon also lntroduced the
committee to report whether or noi
Congress has the constltutlonal rlghi
to pass a blll prohlbltlng the trans?
portatlon of liquors from States, coun?
tles or munlnlcapltles where sucl
llquors are legally sold. Into States
countles or munlclpalltles whethei
local optlon or prohlbltlon prevalls.
Upon objectlon by Senator Nelson
the resolutlon was allowed to go ovei
untlf the next meetlng of the Senate
Senator Beverldate lntroduced hls bil
creatlng. a permanent tarlff commls
slon. The blll. was referred to th<
Committee on Finance. ? ? <?
The Senate passed a blll provldint
for the holdlng ef the United Statei
distrlct and clrcuit courts at Sallsbury
N\ C.
At 1:40 the Senate adjourned untl
next Thursday to permlt more work b:
' President Severely Crltlciscd.
The usual resolutlon referrlng the
Prestdent's annual mesage to the sev?
eral commlttees, furnlshed ln th<
House the occaslon for a number ol
addresses. mostly by members on the
Democratie slde. Those that attractcc
cspecial tatention were by Ropresenta
tlve Sheppard, of Texas, and Represen
tntlve Willett, of New York.
The former not only made a plea foi
the restoratlon of the legend "In Goe
We Trust" on Amerlcan colns, but dls
cussed the cruise of the Amerlcan bat
tleship fieet. and referred to a'possibb
conilict wlth Japan.
Mr. Willett placed all the blame foi
the recent flnancial panic on Presiden
Roosevelt, whom he denounced. In se
vcro terms.
He charged the President wlth no
belng a senslble man and wlth havini
turned on the gas and not the llght
and wlth golng up and down the. coun
try condemnlng and strlklng with th'
blg stick the heads of great lndustrla
"We have had too ' much talk fron
him," he. said. What was wanted, ti>
i aald, was a man to. perform hls dutle
wlth dtgnity and with power and wltl
tlie Influence of all sano men beCitu
"It has been said our President I
slncere." he contlnued. "J-Ie ??ty be sc
! but we want gOod sense in tho Presi
dent along wlth hls slncerlty."
Attackn Republlcan PuMcIcm.
Republlcan polfcles .were atacked b;
Mr. Harwlck, of Georgla, who predict
ed that the only safety for the jn\rt>
lay ln the nomlnation of Secretary Taf
for the presldency.
He Inqulred If the present Republl
can Congress lntended to follow th
Roosevelt' doctrlne to revlse the tari:
after electton, or follow the Canno
doctrlne and revlse it during a pnnli
The Domocrats, he said, think it ougli
to be revlsed. He would as soon, how
ever, call a conventlon ot. thleves a
to call a conventlon of people wh
agree on high protection for protec
tlon's sake to revlse the tarlff laws.
The natlonal banking laws wer
dlscussed" by Mr. Xorris, of Kebraskt
who urged as a protection to doposl
tors the taxlng of bank deposits. wtt
the vlew of securlng a fund for tho
purpose. The discusslon was pendln,
when the House adjourned untll to
Representative Slemp, who yesterda
was sworn ? ln as the successor of hl
father from the Nlnth Virglnia Dls
trlct, was to-day appolnted to th
House Commlttees on Acts aud Prlvat
Land Clalms.
llOW C'lrouluUug Notes May He Ianue
nnd on Wbnt Scciirlty,
WASH1NGTON, D. C, January 7.
Senator Aldrlch to-day lntroduced li
the Senate lhe Currency 13111, whlcl
has been under consideratlon by Re
publican'members of tho Senate Com
mlltee on Finance, At hls requv
the blll was road at length ln the Sen
ale. Followlng nre the lirst three see
tlons of the measure:
"That any natlonal banking as?
soclatlon whlch has circulating
notes outstandlng, secured by the
deWosit of Unlted States bonds to
an amount of not less than 50 per
centum of its capital .stock, and
whlch hns a surplus ot not less
than 20 per centum, may lnulco ap
plication to tha Coniptroller of the
Currency for-authortty to Issue nd*
,l,Coi?lnuea ?& Thlrd Piv?o.l.
The Secretnrj- L'rgcrt to Mnke Annunl
AHilrcvs Before Bnr Assoclation.
I From O-ir nojtular Corriinondent.]
WASHJNGTON, D. C, January 7.?
Secretary Taft has under ndvlsement
an InVltatlon to make the nnnual ad?
dress before the Vlrglnia Bar Asso?
clation nt the Hot Sprlngs next sum?
The Invltntlon wns informally extend
ed before the secretary went abroad
the last tlme, but he could not glve a
flnal reply. A commlttee, headed by
Mr. Wyndham R. Meredith, ot Rlch?
mond, a personal friend of the Presl?
dent, called at the Whlte House thlr,
afternoon and enllstcd the ald of Presl?
dent Roosevelt In securlng a favorable
reply from Secretary Taft. Mr. Roose?
velt received the commlttee -lordlally,
and kept the members untll Secretary
Taft came ln, when they all begun lo
bombard hlm. Thc ald of the Presldent
wlll probably have the effect of secur?
lng the acceptance desired, but Secre?
tary Taft declared he could not glve
a linal answor for several days.
The commlttee conslsted of Mr. Mere?
dith, Judge L. L. Lewls, Holmes Con
rad, Robert W. Wlthers. Thomas O.
Gordon, John Garland Pollard, Theodoro
S. Garnett and A. P. Thom. Most of
the members returned to Rlchmond to
nlght. Judge Lewls, United States Dls?
trlct Attorneyl, is here wlth Mrs. Lewls
attending term of the court, which
opened at Alexandrla to-day.
Charged By Federnl Grand Jnry Wlth
Overcertlflcatlon of Checks.
NEW YORK, January 7.?lndicted
by tho Fcdcral grand jury for the
overcertlflcatlon of fifteen checks,
representlng In the aggregate ovor
MOO.OOO. and drawn by the tlrm of
Otto Heinze &: Co. on the Morcantlle
National Bank, F. Augustus Heinze,
the copper magnate and former pres?
ldent of tlie Mercantlle Natlonal Bank,
surrendercd hlmself to' United States
Commlssloner Shlelds to-dayi and
later was released on $50,000 boll.
Heinze will be formally arralgned to
plead to the indlctment beforo Judge
Chatfleld, In the United States Circult
Court, to-morrow.
Edward Lauterbach, counsel for
Heinze, stated to-night that hls client
did not wllfully overcertlfy the checks,
as he had drawn a check to the credlt
of >Otto Heinze & Co. to the amount
of $500,000 which the .bookkeeper of
the bank possibly falled. to enter on
the books untll a day aftor the certi
flcation of the checks in question.
Heinze decllned to make any state?
The indlctment of Heinze by the
Federal grand jury which has heen
investigatlng the Mercantlle and other
banks Identlfie.j with the Heinze and
Charles W. Morse Interests ls the af
termath of the collapse of the Heinze
pool ln United Copper. and which
brought about. the suspension of Gross
& Kleesburg. stockbrokers, and sub
sequently resulted ln the resignation
of F. Augustus Heinze from tho pres
Idency and the retlrement of the dl?
rectors of tho Morcantlte Natlonal
Bank after an examlnatlon of the in
stitutlon had been. made by the clear
ing house commlttee. Heinze declared
at the tlme that he had been betrayed
by: hls .friends in the United Copper.
The indlctment contains thlrty counts,
The Bacbo Collldes Wlth tbe James?
town, and Both Are Damaged.
[Speclal to The TImes-DI?patcn.)
NEWPORT NEWS. VA., January 7.?
During the storm here this afternoon
thc survey steamer Bache dragged her
anchor and colllded wlth the old hos?
pital shlp Jamestown off Old Polnt
Comfort. Both vessels were conslder
ably damaged before the Bache could
get under way and haul off.
Members of the crew' of the Bache
donned life preservers and boarded the
hospital shlp. thlnklng that the James
town had boen damaged to such an
extent that the crew mlght reciulre
assistance. Later the Bache steamed
to Norfolk for repalrs. The James?
town wlll bc brought to the shipyarc
Although a flercc gale has been
biowing hero all day no serlous dam
age has been reported from the loca'
water front.
James Bnkcr. Arrested at Dole, Va..
Charged Wtth Slnylng Brother.
. [Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
SUFFOLK, VA.. January; 7.?James
Baker is under arrest at Dole; Va.. on
the charge of murdering hls brother,
John C. Baker, near Trotvllle. N. C.
' It is alleged that the prisoner lnduced
his brother to go wlth him into the
woods, under protense of hunting, and
there slew hlm by shooting him ln the
back. The splnal column was entlrely
It Is charged that the assassln stolc
hls brother's gun and $13 ln cash and
That was shortly after Chrlstmas
Day. To-day a North Carollna offlcei
was ln Suffolk and left for Dole to take
charge of the prisoner.
The accused is suspected by ofllcers
of having kllled two othor brothers
one by the ndmlnistratlon of concen
trated lye, and the other by crematlon
having burned tho house in whlch hc
All Ideu of Kcopening thc Show Hm
Now Beeu Ahandouod.
[Speclal to The Titnes-Dlspateh.,'
NORFOLK, VA., January 7.?Recelv
ers A. H. Martin and W. M. Geddes. o
the Jamestown Expositlon, who are a
Washlngton, in conference wlth Fed
eral offlclals in reference to the re
opening nf the Jamestown Expositlon
are expeoted in Norfolk to-morrow. I
is believed that all Idea of reopeninf
the show has heen abandoned. and tha
the government exhlbits wll bo re
moved promptly after the 15th. It ii
also announced that the State commls
sloners wlll meet ln Washlngton on th.
15th to take up wlth offlclals nnd pos
slbly wlth congressional commlttees th.
proposltlon that the United States pur
chase the Expositlon Grounds for i
largo naval statlon, tralnlng schoo
aiul coal reserve statlon.
Only Ono Cn?te. Tliat of a Brlde Whr
?irrlvert There ou Chrlntmiis Dny.
IDAD, January 7.?Mrs. Darwent, wln
of tlie vesldent Hurgeon of tho Colonia
Hospital, diod Crom yellow fevar to
A distrcssing feature of tho caso i:
tiiat Mrs. I'tirwetit only arrlved hei-c
from Knglan.l aa a brlde on Chrlstma:
Dr.y. She nt one tlma was a nurse li
thc hospital where she dled,
Tlie local authorltlea declM'-. that n<
other cases oC yelloi^- fevar have oe
cured iu Poi't of Sjv_ti*Ja
Byrd's Speech,. Notable
Feature of Gathering
Last Night.
Judge Mann Caucus Chairman in
Upper Branch, and Mr. Echols
President Pro Tem.-?Gov> ?
ernor's Message to Be ,
Read at Opening
Officers of Legislature
Spenker ot the Houne, Hnn. Htch*
ard E. Uyrd. of WtnchcNtcr.
Preitldcnt pro tom. of the Senate,
Hon. Edwnrd Ecliola, of Stuunton.
Cbalrninn of the Senate Caucus,
Judge Wllllnni Hodgc.t Mann, of
Cliiilrinnn of the House Cnucna,
llon. Jnliu AV. Churchman, of An*
Clerk of tbe Senate, 31. D. Ilookcr,
of Hallfax.
Clerk of tlie House, Jobn W. AVI1
Huiiis, nf Glles.
Sergennt-at-ArniH of tbe' Senate,
Frank Ii. Watklns, of Charlotte.
Sergcant-at-Ariuii of tlie House
John Johnston, of Rockb'rldge.
Doorkecper of tlie Senate, S. M.
Donald, of Aiiguwtn.
Doorkeepem of the House, S. 31.'
Xewhouae, of Culpeper, nnd E. .P.
Idpacomb, of King nnd Queen.
Simultaneous caucuses of the Derri
ocrats of the Senate and House of Del
egates furnlsh more Interest than onu
man can grasp. Ono must needs havs
more than one palr of eyes to watcfc
them both. Yet alternate glances may
reveal somethlng.
Both were largely attended, apfl
there was a goodly crowd ? of onlook
ers, many ot whom showed thelr In?
terest ln pendlng contests by applaud
Ing speakers and the- announevmepts of
results. There were a few Repub'll
cans, members and .their friends, whe
looked on ln apparent unconcern.
The Flrst Gutherlus.
It was the flrst gathering of ,tha
leglslatlve Democratie hosts. In a -
relative sense the word is approprlate,..
slnce the number of Republlcans ,in'
the two branches is not sufRcient to
count tn the news of a battle, unless
the battle is close, The men who will
do the leglslatlng were nearly all in.
evidence. There was much greeting
of old friends and some Introductlon
of new members. A few ex-members
of both houses mlght be seen, haunt-..
Ing thelr old arenas, but, llke harps ?
of Tara, emlttlng no musie.
The contests in the Senate being more
doubtful, most attentlon was centred
there. Judge Mann, unanlmously cho.'
son chalrman ot the caucus, made an
effectlve speech, Impressing upon tho
members of the Senate their re'sponsl
bllltios and the opportunltles for good
service whlch awatted them-- Ex-Lleu
tenant-Govemor Echols was chosen.
president pro tem. of the Senate over
Senator Slms bya narrow margin. The
nomlnatlng and secondlng speeches on
behalf of the two asplrants for the
olerkshlp of the Senate, though ln good
humor, were earnest and pointed and
at times partook of the nature of a
Mr. Booker's nomlnation had- practU
cally been conceded In the afternoon,
and hls good majorlty occasioned no
surprlse. The sf.rgeanO-at-arms and
the doorkeeper of the Senate demou
sti-ated thelv popularlty by unanlmoua
The Senate requested - the Houso lo
agree to a joint caucus to-ni'ght- for
the nomlnation of basement .orticers.'to
which the House consented. .lt 13
thought that the oSd otllcers will ,bo
renomlnated. without serious dpposi
31 r. Uyrd's Speech.
In the Houso the nomlnatingspeeohert
were e'eborate, and "for the most part
effectlve. Mr. Musste, of Richmond, to
whom had been asslgned- the-duty of
nomlnatlng the new speaker. was
necessarlly the star performer, atui
played the part perfectly. '
Mr. Byrd's speech was heard with
the greatest attentlon an,d interest.-It
was a clear and strong presentation
of somo of the more Important sub?
jects wlth whlch the new Leglsiatufo
must deal. Perhaps the porttoh that
excited the greatest interest .was that
polnting out the unsatlsfactory condl?
tlon of the law of evidence in.homl
clde cases, with the attendunl evils of
pleas of emotlonal lnsanlty and the
posslbility of mlscarrlages-, of justle*
ln the application of the so-called un-?
wrltten law. Tho fact that he sug*
gested no remedy dld not detract from
tho force of the statement. Hls sug*
gestlona regardlng the equalizatlou ot
assossments for purposes of taxatlon!
and unlformlty ln the keeping of, ac
counts of publlc moneys were'strlktrig,
and will probably flnd expression -ln
a numbers of bllls. Altogether, lt was
nn Impresslve speech, Impresslvely de*
llvered. '
The selection of the House otftce-ra
was devold of oxcitoment, the old offi?
cers being chosen without oppostilon,
except in the case of Colonel. New
house, na doorkeeper, and hls majorlty
was large.
Oneuing To-Day.
In a few days there will probably
be a joint caucus to nomlnate judges.
By. that tlme the commlttees of both
llouss-s will be appolnted and lhe l.e'g
Islature of lOOS will have gotten dewn
to business.
The opening nt noon to-day wlW.
formally Inauguiate the sesslon. Th*
otllcers nomlnated last nlght will b"
- elected and the Governor's messase
IwUl U suaA li- feoUi Uoiintti. ??*?.*

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