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a renalesnnco nmong U-.o chlldren ol
Colonel Nlchols, of tho Vlrglnia Mlll
tnry iimtltute, c.haracterlzed tlie schoou
of dlfferent gradcs an communltlcs, Ir
whlch each chlld dwolt ns o citizen
whoro Its character Is forrno.d, whoro lt
becomes subject to Intluences atnosf
ns atrong as thoso of Ihe homr, and
tfherc not only an education ls soctired
but ftittiro llfe Is formnlatod. He
h'nrtlly commonds the nu-nstires I11 ?
?'rrtdticed In the prosont Legislaturc by
Senator A. E. Strode, of Amherst, and
vent on to show the good thnt ttoitltl
b'; acconi|i|lshed in rurnl dlstrlcts by
thf- establlshment of high schools atul
tho conseqtirnt formation ot these com
munitle*. Illustrntlng his polnt by n
Nlmplo mathematlcai formuln, ho went
Inio a short dlscusslon of how chlldren
should ho taught, Ench pupll, ho sald,
should recelve hls Instructlon from tho
hc-nrt of hls teacher, and no matter
how llttle knowlodge he ls cnpnble of
usslmilatlng, bo suro that ho gots that.
Ncciled l.ouUI.-itlnii.
After a few prellmlnary remarks In
the course of - hlch he highly com
Pllmonud Supenntendcnt Eggleston.
speaklng of hlm ns the cruiimander
in-chlef of the State'u cdn'catlonal
forces, Dr- George H. Denny. prosi
dent of Woshlngton and Lee Untver?
sity. went into tho subject of nceded
These needs he dlvlded under flve
heads. The urst Is the demand for
j large approprlation for the prl
tnary schools. and Is o'ne of the most
Important. Here It is that the masses
are braught together and where men
ta] slncrlty Is found; here the char
actcrs of the future cltizens of the
State Rct thelr prlmary shaplng and
r.othlng can be more necossary than
that thoy be started rlght. Second, and ;
unoti thls ihe former deponds. ls the!
di r(] for addltionnl normal schools in
whlch may be trulned the young wo-j
men who ure to glvo tho Instructlon. j
T:,o speaiker compllmented highly tho
work accompllshed by the normn]
school now In operatlon. but thought
thut others nrc rvseded. The high
schools should be more In numbor
und hlgher In poirit of efflclency. Thls
Is of the greatest importance In pre
larlng men for*col1#je. There should
be high schools ln evory county and
the cours-i should cover four "years.
Education In these schools should be
compulsory. Last and by no moans
the lea't worthy of conslderation is
the importance of strlct and close su
Turnlng to Senators Strod? and Klng
who aro both nlncln? oducn'lonn) blll?
before the Legislaturc, Dr. Dennv con.
grntulated them In the nnme of Wash
ington and Lee. of whlch thoy are
Compulsory Education.
On the subj*ct of local op*lon. com?
pulsory education. Senators King and
Strodt nnd the Hori. Ro?woll P-'ic each
made stirrlng nnd eltriu'nt addre sos.
whlch hrld the attention of the great
assemblnge from tho start.
Everybidy who is r-o* lntere?ted in
educat'on should be ashnmed, sald Sen
ntor Klng. *riie tax the Stnto exacts
from hor cltizens for publlc schnolo
should bc uxed to the best advartnge,
and If the peoole do not see to It tb-al
thls is done. they are not dolng tliPir
duty. He advocited a "equare deal
between the tax-lnver and the tax
pnyer." Thls cannot be accomoli'dird
.imless Mie peaole take tho mattor ln j
iheir own ha**ds a"d see to the admln
ist-'-tlo" of the schooi<=.
He favced a compulsory''law with!
a local optlon fcati"-e, so tvat th? pei.
l>Ie of a communlty .?hall take the'
matter into their own hands and
make school attendancn ob'ig-uorv
when ln the opinlon of the majorlty it
is mo?t advi?ahlp. He plctured "the
mountaln communltlcs. where under
the present system hundreds of chll?
dren ns good a= any ln tbe country.
?nd llvlng in s'ght of the electrtc
lights and almost wlthin hearlng of the
. telephone bells cannbt write their own
nnmes or rond a llne.
Senator Strode pa'd a graeeful
irihute to the wf.-u nccompl1?hed bv
the Richmond Education Assoct?tion
and said that the lipht of Its effort*
for better schools had been sbed
tbro.ughoi't the stnto. and be thanke'd
the members In behalf of hls consti
tnt-nts. .....
In regard.to tbe bill which he is of
- ferlng. he said that desplte- the fact
that Its worth Is recognlzed. it may be
opposed or even defeate'd bv those "who
have in vlew thelr own ends rntber
iban the public good. The reform*
are, however. bound to come. Com
pulsory educntlon gocs hand ln hn^d
wlth the chlld labor lnwc, sald Mr.
St?v>de. and It ls a nuostlon of but a
short tlme before l-oth will be in force
in thls Stnto. Growth along educa
ticnal Ilnes mlnimizes 'crime, poverty
und other publlc 111s.
Whlle Tcncliers for Nrgroes.
Though his speech was not nltogeth
-r humorous. Mr. Page kept tho audl?
ence in an uproar. In standing before
so brilllant an assemblage, he sald.
and after hearlng so many brilllant
speeches by great men, the whbio
tlilng stood out beforo his eyes as
would a large and varl-colbred patch
No one thing will give so
much enjoyment, to so
many people, for so long
a time, at so little cost, as a
And if you will come in and soo
this "BQ" outflt you'i] believo lt.
A new alumiiHim tcne-arm cyilridor
machlne, wlth Hower horn und cix
reccrtls. coatir.g IIH.65. Other oul
i.ts from $10.00 up?and you can
buy tha.n all on casy teims.
Columbia Phonograph Co.
11 W. Broad Street.
"Berry's for Clotb.es."
Of ooursawoo
Is golng up, bu
of the twohorri!
of adllomma
whlch do you
To pay more
op get a suit 01
O'coat thattsnoi
all wool?
The Berry sort
rnay be had now
at $12.80 and up.
Stlll good se
sctlons ln our
-nnual sa 1 e ot
Jerbies and Soft
lats that were
33.00 and $3.B0.
Choice now for
,nly $1.65.
work qutlt. In the discussion of thc
tc-plc. liowever, ho said, hls heart dld
not go out nearly so strongly to those
who were llstenlng to hlm as it dld to
hls iiliierato constltuents, some of.
whom were mtles from the railroad,
without schools and other advantages.
He gave the bllls of Messrs. Strodn
and King hls hlghest comraendallon,
saying that he would also glve them
hls heartlest support. He ? favored
tenchlng the negro and teachlng him
wlth whlto teaehers. "so that we can
know that hc Is taught rlght." ln
rtgard to the many bllls which have
been floodlng the Legislaturc Mr. Pago
took occaslon to say that he had not
introduced a slngle one "except two."
These, however, had no bearlng on
thls meeting.
A sound body in a sound mlnd was
the subject of a Fhort tnlk by Dr. E. C
Levv. He spoke on the importance
of well-ventllatod school rooms and
tho practlce of hyglene ln daily life
among school children, as well as the
study of good books on the subjecL
Academy?l>rlnoe<B Tri*|e.
Hljou?"The spollcrs.''
Idlewood?SUntlng Ilink and ITild Anlmal
"Tlio Prince of Pllsen" drew a capaclty
amiienco at tlio Academy of Muste last night,
an evldence that the tuneful opera, though
several tlmes heard here, has lost none of
i's popularlty wlth Klchmond theatre
gneirs. Tho prnductlon ot last nlght com
pared very favorably wlth any that hns
pitcedod It. Tho opera wns excepr.lonn!lv
v i'U east, and thc chorus was all that could
be desired, both ns to volce and nurabers.
Dan Mason, a German dlalect comodlan.
well known to Rlchmond uudlences. lost
none of the abundant bpportunltfes afforded
foi lnughter-mHklng in the role of Hana
\Vlignerj the Clncinnati brewer, who Is mis
tnken for the Prince or Pllsen. Hls ott-ve
pented nuery. "Vas you over tn Zlnrlniintl?"
D."*.vajTi brought forth tho desired laugh, nnd
his scene In the fountnln. which is the hes,
p'.icn of business the pnrt offers. kept' ilu
audtonco laughlng as long as the water
? ?:-:-. -'
(Continued fro'm Flrst Page.)
adopted a resolutlon requestlng thc
Judges of the Supreme Court to wear
gowns whlle upon tlic bonch, and the
measure waa communlcnted to the
Delegato S. II. Love, of Lunenhurg.
oifered prayer, and thc readlng of the
jout'hnl of the prevlous day's proceed
li'gs wns dispensed wlth.
The Flnance CommiUee reported a
blll Increaslhg the pay of loglslatlve
clerks from SI to $C per day, and that
of pages from $2 to ?3 per day.
ln rosponso to a resolutlon hcreto
fpre adopted. the State Corporation
Commission transmitted a copy of the
report of the State proxles ln the Rich
lr.ond, Fre'derlcksburg and Potomac
Railroad Company, datod December 15,
1006, and it was ordered prlnted as a
House doenment.
About Those fJowns.
The motlon of Mr. Cox to reconsider
the vote- by whlch the resolutlon was
adopted to roquiro the Supromo Court
judges to wear gowns was lald before
tho House, It being the lirst item on
the calendar.
Mr. Green, of Fauquier, opposed the
resql.utlbri. and declared that gowns,
however costly, could not add grace
or dlgnity to the court, Ho relterated
hls contentlon that if gowns were to
be worn. the Judges should also wear
powderea wigs.
Mr. Pulllum advocated tho proposl
tlon. and declared that Vlrglnia is tho
only State ln the Unlon In which thc
hlghest court Judges do not now ap
Bt'ar gowned on the bench.
Tho member from Manchoster sald
he dld not fear to appear before a
gown, ard he thought. after mature
consideratlon, that tho resolutlon
Bhould be adopted.
Mr. Edward? favored the innovation,
declarlng that it was a step In thc dl
rectlon of progres's. and thnt gowp's
| would lend great dlgnity to the court.
j He ?aid that overy timo Vlrglnia tried
to tako a forward step there cume a
volce from the grave, call Ing her back
to the dead past.
Jiidgea Wnnt It.
Mr. Wlthers argued ln favor of tho
resolutlon. nnd assei-tod that he urider
stood the judges desired to wear robes,
and pniy wlshed nn expreaslon from
tho LOglslature on tho subject. He
spokh c-loquently for tho r.esolulton, and
declared that it was carry Ing Demo?
cratic Blmpllcity too far qrh'on lt wan
set ln the way of dlgnity, and Iti
yokerl to prevent u custom already ln
VOguo ln all the other States of tho
Unlon, Mr. Per.dleton spoke for the
resolutlon. and the patron, Mr. Massie,
niadc- a pleu lor Its udopllon.
Mr, Willlams opposed tho resolutlon,
and said he . would always nrotent.
nsafii-t any innovation. upon tl-o
Drm-icrntlc custoni, whlch had luv-vntlod
in Vlrglnia for years. He dld not sc-o
that robes could add UrV dlgnity to
the Supi-fme qourt Mr, Montague ad
ycatfd the change.
Mr. C-'tor- oppord it. niul Mr. Mu-k
1mm cnimd laugrter by declarlng thnt
t Ina-inuch as Vl-glrila vai so selfNh
U" to rrfiiee to llcense femaloo to pnio
I'ee law he favored comproml?lng the
matter bv putting gowns on the Su
i prpme Court Judges.
The House refused to reconsider tho
vnto bv whlch tho resolutlon was
adopted, nnd thereforo tho formor ac
llon ,-,f the body stand.--.
lU'kolutinii Tuhle.l.
? Mr, liarreit offered a ry'splutlon call.
|liig upon tha I'liianco Commiuno to
I report in ten unya upon tho cspedlen
or plnclng tho crlmlno.1 oxpnnsos upot
thc county or clty whero tho crimo t
commlttcd. rt was tablod on motloi
of Mr. Pondloton, of Scott. Thls Is t
tcndor polnt wlth certain countles, es
pt'clally thoso ln tho Routhwost. ant
nll the members from that section votot
to ttible,
Tho House recelved from the Senati
tlie Jolnt resolutlon of that body pro?
vlding for tho purehase of twonty-flv?
copios of Pollard's Code. for use by thi
leglslatlve committees, to be returnet
nt tho ond ot thc sesslon to the See
relnry of tho Commnnwealth. lt wat
referred to tlio Commltloo for CourU
or Justlee.
Only slxtoen bllls were presontod
yesterday, und It Is probablo that thle
niimber ls far abovc thc dnlly nverago
from now on.
Pniis Some nillN Now.
Thc House was notliled of tho adop
tion of a Senato jolnt resolutlon cut
ting oft tho Introductlori bf bllls after
February 20th. Thc matter was re?
ferred to tho Commltteo on Rules. Tho
plan wlll llkely bt adopted. Tho
leglslators wlll now turn thelr atten?
tion from the Introductlon to tho pas
sugo of bllls. Elghtoon bllls appeared
on the prlnted calendar yesterday.
Those wero all on thelr second readlng,
and many of them wero ndvanced.
The various committees reported a
number of othors, and thoso went upon
the calendar in the regular course of
Mr. Bowman got through House blll
(>o. 3, under suspenslon of the rules
requlrtng various c-n.ultutional ro d
ings. Thls measure provlde.-* for the
payment of the contingont expenses of
? S ?,encral Assembly, When House
^ifNi?' 1? Pro.v|dlng for tho care of
Confcderate cenieteries ln various ciths
irul towns, camo up on Its second read?
lng, n ntimber of amendments were
adjpted. increaslng the amounts In
many instances. Tho blll waa finally
lecommltted on motion of Mr. Church
tltij" ?rc,er that U ,nlslu K per
n?f,'j, ^Hyer mo.ved ,hnt w"en ?he
t i T,?f0U7' \?-any lt adjourn un
tsL ?lIay,Jn hon01" ?t 1-ee-Jackson
h^'ni r-.uBowman moved to umend
by addlng that when the House adjourn
? a'9PdaJff-,t ?? ?? ho?or of the day.
To thls Mr. Churchman moved an
?" amendment which was adopted.
that when (ho House adjourn to-day.
lt bo untll Monday In hmor of Loe
Jnckson Day, whlch Is to-morrow. The
to-dyayt oolock adjourned untll noon
*aTh<? fesslon ot the Senato was open
ed wlth praycr by the Rev. Dr. Cecil.
?i?.V.,e &c.Cl'rd Presbyterlan Church.
"e^enant-Governor Ellyson was in
tne chalr. Clery Booker wus suffer
w,f, ??.ln a sl'Bht ,cPe of tonsllitls. nnd
bTcferk BV" PlaC? b6lnff flHed
?m0eM ot th>. mornlnR: was taken up
with the readlng of bllls. as very few
m?tteeros w*ro reP?rted from the com
Bllls PnsRed.
The flrst batch of bllls was passotl
as follows:
To provlde where suits mav bo
brought against telegraph and tel?
ephone companles for faillng to
transmlt or dellver mesJuges
promptly and as roqulred by law.
Amendlng and re-enacting an act
approvfd March 3. 189t?, entitled
an act to regulatc the granting of
injunctlons in certain cases.
Amending and re-enacting soc
Jl?n 3156 of the Code of Virginia,
J 8S i.
Amending and re-enactlng seo
tlon 3-43.S of the Code of Vlr?
glnia, 18S7.
To amend and re-enaet section
100 of the Code of Vlrgi la. In
relatlon to counons heretoforo ton
derrd ror taxes. >
Maklng it a mivdomennor for
persons to unlawfully use or wear
any inslgnia or button of any as?
soclation, soclety. trades union or ^
Southorn cross of. honor.
Tho FInance Commlttee reported a
blll approprlatlng money for the pro
toctlon of oysters. and another to
str'kc from tho hooks of the Auditor
certain IndebUdnoss of tho defunct
Planters* Rank of Petersburg.
The resolutlon lntroduced bv Sen
-tors Lns?!ter and Strodo prohibltlng
the Introductlon of any blll after Feb?
ruary 20th without permlsslon of the
General Assembly went through with?
out oppositlon. This will g'vo the
members ample time for the prepara
tlon of any bill they may wlsh to offer,
nnd will servc to avold tbe rush of
bllls usual during the closlng days,
when all the tlme posslble ls'needed
to c""?ldor matters already on the
Corporntlun Commission,
Senator llalsoy. on the engrossment
of his blll provlding for tho election
of Corporatlon Commlssloners, wlth an
amendment so that Governor Swanson
will have tho appointment, should any
vaonncy occur durlng the rost of his
term. sald that ho felt lt was tlie wlsh
of the people to pass upon thc quallfl
cat'on of commlssloners, and that 1:0
hpped there would not be a dlssenting
vote wl-on the measure came up.
Senator Keezell disctissed the bill
brioflv. saylrg that aa n members of
tho Constliutional Convention by whlch
tbe commission was created. "hc had
opposed executivo appointment, and ho
was glad to seo the flrst Genoral As?
sembly, which could do so, put ln effect
ti-e cIhubc nllowlng the people to elect;
"Whlle I bel'eve thntso far those ap?
polnted possess the hlghest quallfica
tlon ond t-lPclepcy," sald Senator Kee?
zell, ?tlie Oovernor's power mlght bo
ubused, and in such an important mat?
ter wo should tnke no risk. If tho
people should rnake a mlstake In whom
they choose, they would tako great
pleasure In relagutlng that man baek
to nrlvate llfe at thelr first opportu
When tho bill comes up to-morrow
Alw-jys Pel'cious?Pure?
One Bnx will make
A Huppy homo!
1 Every Sealcd Packatje puaranteed
Frcsh and Full Wcight
PMacy Uoxts and Riwktts ia ttcluuh*
daigut-tvr tiittt
Maltet& of Cocoa ond Chocolalei
Commissioner Smith vs. The Standard 03 Co.
From the Railway World, Januacy"3, 1908.
Mr. I-Icrbert TCnox Smlth, whoso zcal ln tho
catiso of economic reform haa been ln no wisu
nhuted by the panlc whlch ho and hls klnd dld
ho much to brlng on, la out wlth nn answor.to
Presldent Moffott, of tho Standard Oll Company
of Indlana. Tho publlcatlon of thls answor, It Is
offlclnlly givcn out, was dnlaycd soveral wcoks,
"for business rcasons," becauso lt wns not
ueomod ndvlsablo to ftirther exclte the publlc
mind. which was profoundly dUturbcd by the
criais. Now that tho atorm clouds havo rolled
by, however, the commissloner rushcs agaln
into thc fray.
Our readers rcmember that tho chlef points In
the defensc of the Standard Oll Company, as
prestntod by Presldent Aloffett, wero, (l) that
the rate of C ci.tifs on oll from Whltlng to East
St- Louls had been is<>ued to tho Standard Oll
Company as tho lawful rate by employes of tbe
Aiton; (2) that the lS'-cont rate on Qle wlth the
Inu-rstato Commtrce Commission was a class
and not a commodity rate, never bolng Intended
to apply to o.l; (3) that oll was shlpptd In large
quantlties between Whltlng and East St. Louls,
ovtr the Chicago and Eastern Iulnois, at 6'/i
cents per 100 pounds, which has been lllerf wlth
the Interstate Commorce Commiaslon as the law?
ful rate, and (?!) that the tS-cent rato on oll
was cntiroly out of proportlon to lawful ratos
on other eonimodltlcs bctwetn these polntb of
a slmilar character, and of grcatcr value?such,
for cxample, as linseed oll, tho lawful rate on
whlch was S cents. Presldent Moffctt also
stated that tliousands of tons of freight had
been sent by other shippers between these
points under substantlally the same conditions
as governed the shlpments of thc Standard Oll
This defonse of the Standard 011 Company
was wldcly quoted and has undoubtedly exerted
a powerful Influence upon the publlc mlnd.
Naturally, the adminlstratlon, whlch haa staked
tho succcas of its campalgn agalnst tlic "trusts"
upon the result of Its attack upon this com?
pany, endeavors to offset thls influence, and
hence the new dellverance of Commlsaioner
We need hardly to point out that hU rebuttal
argument is cxtremely weak, although as
fltrong, no doubt, as the clrcumstanccs would
warranL He answera the polnta made by Pres?
ldent Moffett substantlally as follows: (1) The
Standard Oll Company had a trafflc department,
and thould have known that the 6-cent rate
had not been died: (2) no answer; (3) tho
Chlcago and Eootern Illlnola rate was a secret
rale. because it read, not from Whltlng. but
from Dolton, which is described as "a village
of about 1.500 population, Just outsldc ot Chl?
cago. Its only clalm to note is that it has
been tor many years the point of origln for thls
and simllar secret rates." The commlssioner
admlts in descr.bmg thls rate that there was
a note attached statlng that thc rate could ulso
be ured from Whltlng.
Tho press has qultc generally hailed this
statement of the Commissloner of Corporatlons
us a concluslve refut'atlon of what is evidentiy
recognlzed as the strongest rebuttal argument
advanced by the Standard.
In fact. lt Is as wtak and Inconcluslve as the
rema ndor of his argument. The llnes of the
Chicago and Eastern Illlnois do not run into
Chlcago. They tcrmlnato ?t Dolton, from whlch
point untrnnue Ih mado over tho Relt Llno.
Whltlng, whoro tho oll frelght orlglnatcs ls
not on tho llnes of tho Chlcago nnd EaHtorn
Illlnois, whlch recolvoH lt*" Whltlng frelght
from tho Relt Llne ftt Dolton. Tho former
practlce, now dlsconllnuod, ln flllng tarlffs wns
to make them read from a point ontho llno of
tho illing road, nnd it waa also generul to
stato on tho same sheet that the turirf would
apply to other points, e. g.,- Whltlng. The Chl?
cago anil Eastern Illlnois followcd thla prao
t>co In flllng Its rate from Dolton, nnd making
a note on thc shect that lt appllcd to Whltlng.
Thls waa In 1805, when thla method of flllng
tarlffa waa ln eommon use.
Now let us see ln what way the intendlng
shipp?r of oll could be mialed and docclved hy
the fact that the Chicago and Eastern Illlnois
had not uied a rate rtad.ng froin Whltlng.
Commisslonor Smlth contonds that "conccalrnont
Is tho only motlve for sucli a clreuitous ar
rangement"?I. e? that thla method of flllng tho
rate was Intendcd to mislead intindlng com
pctltora of the Standard Oll Company. Sup
pose auch a prospectivo oll relinor had uppilod
to the Interstato Commerce Comtnlss.on for
thc- rate from Chlcago to East St. Louls over
?he Chlcago and Eastern Illlnois. he would have
been Informtd that the only rate Illcd wlth me
commission by thls company was df-i cents
froin Dolton, and he would have beon furlher
tnformod, If, Indecd, ho dld not know thls nl
rcady, thnt thla rate applled throughout Chl?
cago terrltory. So that whother ho wlshed to
locate. hls piant at Whltlng, or any where elso
about Chlcago, under nn arrnngement of long
Btatullng, aud whlch nppllea to all the Industrial
towna ln tho nelghborhood of Chicago. he could
have hls frelght dellvored over tho Celt Llne
to the Chlcago and Eastern Illlnois at Dolton,
nnd transportcd to East St, Louls at a rate of
0?,4 cents. Where. then, ls tho concealment
whlch tho Commissloner of Corporatlons makes
so moch of? Any rate?from Dolton, on tho
Eastern Illlnois, or Chappell, on the Alton, or
Hervt-y, on the Illlnois Central, or Blue lsland,
on the Rock lsland?appllos throughout Chlcu<o
terrltory to shtpments from Whltlng, ns to
shlpnitnts from any other point In the district
So far from the Ea-tern IlLnols illing its rato
from Doltou in order to decelvc the shipper.
It ls the Commissloner of Corporatlons who
elther betrays hla grosa Ignorance of transpor?
tation customs ln Chicago terrltory or rellcs on
the publlc Ignorance of these customs to do
ieive the pub..c, too apt to accept unquest.on
Insly every statement made by a governmrnt
ofheial as necea=arlly true, although, as ln the
prescht instance. a careful cxamlnation shows
these statementa to bo falsc.
The flnal point mado by Presldent Moffett that
other eommodItle? of a character slmliar to oit
were carrled at much lower ra'tes than 19 cents.
the Commissloner of Corporntlons dl?cusses
only with the remark that "the 'rcasonableness'
of the rate ls not In questlon. The questlon Is
whether thls rato conatltutad a dlscrimlnatlon
as agalnst other shippers of oll," and he also
makes much of the fallure of Presldent Moffett
to produce before the grand Jury evldence of
the alleged lllegal acta of whlch thc Stundard
oll offlcliil sald that other large ahlppers !n the
terrltory had been gullty. Consldcrlng tho fact
that thcso ahlppers Included the pnckora an?
clevator men of Chlcago, the actlon of the grand
Jury ln call.ng upon PrcKident Moffett to fur
nlsh evldence of their wrongdolng may be in
terpretcd as a demitml for an clahoratlon of the
obviotis; but tho fact that a rate .book contaln
ing these frelght rates for other shlppera wu
offered ln;evldence durlng tho trlal and rule4
out by Judge Landls was kept out of elght
Presldent Moffett would not, of course, accept
tnc inv.tatlon of tlio grand Jury, although he
might have bt-on pardoned If ne 'had refurred
them to varloue olilclal Invcatlgatlons by tbe
lotcrstatc Commerce Commlsalon and other de
partmenta of thc gavernment.
Wo come back, therefore, to the conclualon of
tho wholo matter, whlch la that the Standard
Oll Company of Indlana waa ilncd an amount
cqual to seven or elght tlmes the value of Its
entire property. bocause Ita tralllc department
d.d not verify the statement of the Alton- rate
clerk. that the 6-cent commodlty rate on oll
had been proporly' fllcd wlth the Interatate
Commerce Commission. There Is no evldence,
and r.one was introduced at the trlal. thaf any
shlpper of oll from Chlcago terrltory had been
Interfered wlth by the 18-ccnt rate, nor that
the fallure of tho Alton to llle its 6-cent rate
hnd resulted In any dlscrtmlnatlon agalnst any
indepondent Shlpper; wo rnust take t'hls on tlie
word of the Cornmlssloner of Corporatlons nnd
of Judge Landls. Nelther ls lt denled even'by
Mr. Smlth that the "Independent" shlpper of oll,
whom he plctures_ ns belng drlven out of bus?
iness by thla dlscrimlnation of tho Alton, could
have shlpped all tho oll he desired to ahlp from
Whltlng vla Dolton over the llne* of the Chl?
cago and L'nstern Illlnois to Eaet St. Loula In
short. Presldent Moffott's defense Is atlll good,
and wu predtet wlll bc so declared by the hlghcr
The Standard Oil Company has been charged
wlth all manner of crimea and mlsdemeanors.
Coginntng wlth the famoua Rice, of Marletta,
pasning down to that apostle of popular llbortlos,
Henry Demarest Lloyd. wlth hls "Woalth Agalnst
Commonwealth": doscend.ng by easy fttagcu
to Mlss Tarbell's offenslvc pcrsonalitleK. wo
tlnally rcarh the nether depths of unfatr and
haseless mlsrcpresentatlon ln the report of the
Commissloner of Corporatlons. The Standard
haa been charged wlth every form of commcr
clal plracy and wlth most of the erim'js on the
corporation calendar. After loqg yeurs of
strtnuous attack, under tho leaderahlp of the
Presldent of the L'nlted States, the corporation
la at last' draggtd to the bar of lustlce to
anawer for Its mtsdolngs. Tho w'nole atrength
of the .government Is dlrected agalnst it. and
at last. we are told, the Stnndardoil Company
is to pny the penalty of its crlmoR, ojid lt ls
flnally convlcted of having falled to verify tho
statement of a rate clerk, and ls forthwlth
fined a prodlglous suni, measured by the car.
Under the old crlmlnal law. tho theft of prop?
erty worth more than a shllllng wus punlr.hable
by death. Under the Interprctatlnn of the !n
terstnte Commerce law hy Thcodore Rooabveit
and Judge Keiiesaw Landls, a technlcal error
of a tniftlc offlcial ls mndc tho exense for the
conflscatlon of a vast amount of property.
thero wlll probabiy bo no opjjositlon.
Senator saunders offc-reil n blll mak?
ing lt the duty of the Stato Chemlst
to analyze mixturos supposed to con
tain ' Intoxicatlng llquors. and Senator
ITarman one to fegulate the pructlc*
of pharmacy. The bllls arealmed at
tho anle of '"dope" and of liquor in
disgu sed forms. '
For a tlme tho Senate' gallerics were
filled wlth tbe children of a public
school, who watched the proeeedlngs
wlth great Interest. The more noted
of the solons were polnted out to tlie
childron by their teachers.
The Senate adjourned at 1:30 o'clock.
Stroug Sncnkcfn to Be Ifenril nt State
Conventlon Next Week.
fSnop'al tn The Tlines-Dlspatch.l
GREENSBORO. N. C, January 17.?
AnnouncemcTit Is made at State Antl
Saloon League heaonoarters here that
ex-Governor T. .1. Jarvls wlll be one
of the prlnclpal speakers tor the t>tuto
Prohlbltlon Conventlon next Tuesday.
An effort ia belng made to lnduco
Unlted States Clrcult Judge Frltchnrd
to speak also.
Stato Organlzer Davis, In charge or
headquarters here, was notlflcd to-day
that the Woman's Chrlstlan Tomper-,
ance Unlon will also send reprc-se.nta
tlves here from various parts of tho
State to lend thelr tnfluence toward
Induclng the Legislaturc to provlde
Inunedlatc statutory prohibitlon.
Sn-poeted Ilobbcrs Arrc-steil.
|c;n- ?>? -o The TiiitFS-Dlspatch.l
DANVILLE. VA.. January 17.?Rob?
ert Waltors, Ed Flournoy and Charles
Jones. negroes, suspected of having
commlttcd a number of darlng high?
way robberies here durlng the past
thlrty davs, were held for action by
the grand Jury at a hearlng in tho
Mayor's Court to-day.
Wlfe of Retlrcil DoHton Uroker Coin
niltM Sulcldc ?u New York.
NEW YORK January 17.?Mrs. Her
bt-rt M. Sears, wifo of a retlred broker
of Boston, and member of one of the
best known famllies of that city. corn
mltted Ktilclde to-day by Jumplng from
her rooms, on.the tblrteenth floor of
the Hotel St. Regls, whlle tomporarlly
Foreeasf Vlrglnia?Fair Saturday
and Sunday; iight wlnds. mostly south
to snutlnvest. .... -i j
North Carolina?Fair Saturday and
Sunday; dght to fresh north to north
west wlnds on the coast.
Richmond'R weather waa cold and
clear. Rungo of tho thermometer: ,
0 A. M,.....30 ? P* *J.??
io m ,38 & r. M.Sb
3 j. m. .U 12 m (Liight-34
.35 5-6.
HighoHt i.emp.-ratut'0 yesteidio. U
Loweat tt-mpvraturo yosiorday. -x
Mean toniperature yesterday. .}?
Normal n-mperature y?*teruay...... 38
Depanure trom normal temporatuie 2
(it ??, t? m Eastern Tlme.) ?
Place Ther. H.T.. Weather.
Ashevllle . 38'
Augusia . 42
Alhuita ..'. 38.
Bufttilo. 28
Ch'.cug ?.32
Clncln all .31
Du r U . 28
Hatterns .44
Jackso: vlllo .60
Kunsui t'tty. 44
MemphW . 38
New Orlr-np ?. 40
oklali nn C ty.. 44
Plttsbu-g . 32
Ralolifh. 40
Savannah. 48
Nor'olli . 3$
Tmnpu . 64
Wa h'ngt >n .34
WiltniitKton . 4<?
Yellowsiono .30
MIMATWhW iM'3-1'*N*f' lflVi
january 1>>. I9v?.
BunrUes.7:21 " tliai^npW.
Hun Etis B*1'8 M')rnl"g.,, ...1.41
Moon i'UeV.Y.'.B;S3 Bvcnlng..,?,?i68
insane. Her body fell upon the roof
of a four-story buildlng udjolnlug thu
hotol, and was terrlbly crushed.
Mrs. Sears was tnlrty-seven years
old, and prlor to the, beglnnlng, ninc
yeii'rs agb'.'.'-of "mental . trouble, whlch
resulted in sulcldo. occuplcd a posltlon
of considerable promlnencc in tho so?
clal circles of Boston.
Soclety Hapnenlngs.
Mr. Maurlce Lun and Mlss Lun, of
Baltlmore, spent several davg 0f thls
week at the Jefferson Hotet.
Mlss Allce Maude Ewell, of Hlck
ory ?rove, Prince Willlam countv. has
recently wrltten n sketch. "The Inh ln
Whlch Noted Virginians Once Took
Their Ease." descrlptlve of Ncvilio's
Ordlnary, about a mlle south of Aldle,
in Loudoun county. and sald to be
about 150 years old; Tho sketch ls
thoroughly inleresting and worthy of
the young authoress, who la known
through her poem,"In the Heart of Old
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Taylor. of Staun?
ton, who aro vlslting friends in Rlch?
mond, wlll tako a Southern trlp before
returning horne.
ItlKhteoiiH Fellow.
"Oomo along wlth mo and go skat
"How dare you ask me to go skatlne
on the Sabbath? Besldes, there's n
poker game on over at Galley'a house."
?Cathoilc Standard and TlniC3.
A. IV, Xolting, Jr.
Mr. A. W. Noltlng. Jr., father of Mr.
Wllliam G. Noltlng, of the tlrm #f
Wyatt & Noltlng. archltects, died at
the home of hls son. Club Road. Rolar.d
Park. Baltlmore, Md. He wua seventy
years old, and retlred from business
flve years ago. Hc removed from Rlch?
mond to Baltlmore and lived wlth his
Besldes Mr. Willlam C. Nolting he
leaves another son, Mr. J. Paul Noltlng.
of Plalnileld. N. J., and a daughter,
Mlss IC. E. Noltlng. He was a brother
of Mr. John M. Noltlng. ot thls clty.
Coloncl AV. ]f. Hood.
-, rSoeclnl n Tht Tlmes-Dispatch.1
HENDERSON. N. C. January 17_
Colonel XV. H. Hood died at the rosl
dence of hls son-in-law. Mr. Jas. L.
Parham, near Oxford, Sunday, at tho
Itcad "The Stuge-Struek Glrl," by
.Snrah Ilernhardt, lu Sundny's Tiinen
Plant Wood's
Garden Seeds
Oir business, both in Garden
nnd Farm Seeds, is ono of the
largest in th s country. a.result
clue to tho fact that
Q-rality is always our J]
tirst consideration. n
. We are headquarters for
Grass and ciover Seeds, Seed
Oats. Seed Potatoos, Cow
Peas, Sojn Bean? and
otlier Farm Seeds.
Wood's Descrlptlve Catalogue
l? tbe best aud uio.-t practle al of seed
catalogue*. An up-todate and re
eo?nl?.ed auiborlty 0ti ali Garden
*?? Jarm oroPB-, Catalegoe malled
free on reouoat. Write for lt.
T. W. W000&SONS,
SEEDSMEM. ? Richmanil. la
age of sevonty-flvo years. Colont'
Hood was a t.atlvo of SouttiamptOn
county; Va.., and was colonol of thc
Third Virginia Reglment. As a sol
dler he was brave and gallant, and
hls career throughout the -w?r ws*
brilllant. Thc colonel had been In
fcc-blo hf-alth for several jfa'frs. huy
Ing atiffeml an attack of paralysfs
from whlch hc- never recovcred. Hls
remalns wero brought to Hendersou
on Tuesday and lntorrcd In thc cem
He Is survived by two sons?Mr.
Morgnn Hood, of Pctersburg, and Mr.
iHoriMre Hood. or HondorsOn?and thrco
rluughters?Mrs. Jas. L. rarham. or
Oranvllle. nnd Mlsses Emnia and Mury
Hood, of Washlngton. D. C.
Jamcn VV'. .iiMncr.
(JUwclal to TIip Timcs-Dlspatch.}'
LYNCHBURG, VA., January 17.?A
teiegram recelved In tlie city early
thls mornlng annotinced the death In
Baltimore of Mr. James W. Hornor, at
hls resldence. on Maryland Avenue. ln
tliat clty, aged slxty-seven. '
Mr. Hornor was a natlve of Lynch
burg, and was a son of the late James
K. Horncr. Hls early manhood was
spent here.
About thlrty-five years ago ho moved
to Baltimore. where ho engaged suc
cessrully ln tho wholesalo clothing
Mr. Horner was a brave nnd loyal
Coni'ederate soldler. belng a member
ot Klrkpatrick's Battory. Ho was never
marrlcd, and is survived by one slster,
Mrs. Allco V. Dunnlngton. The ro
malns.wlll be brought here for burlal.
Mnjor Don .11. Oruln.
[Hr^clal to The Tlmen-D.spatch.)
SPOTSYLVAN1A. VA.. Januarv 17.?
Major Don M. Druln. of Mlssourl. dled
a few days slnce of neart falluro in
that State. Major.Druln was vlsitlng
ln Vlrglnia at thc outbreak of the
CIvil War, and enlisted and did mili
tary servlco for the Confederacy here
untll the strlfo began to wax warni
m hls nativc State, when he went to
her ald, and served wlth Ildelity under
Otnera] Sterling Price and other Con
federato leadera tlll the end of the
war. Ho was a clvll engineer at thc
time of his death. and was ln the rail?
road service. Thc partloulara as to
whether he loft a famlly havo not boen
Mm. Mitrthu Pltman.
[Hpcclal to Tho Times-Dlspntnh.l
LYNCHBURG, VA., Januarv 17;?Mrs.
Martha Vlrglnia Pitman, widow of Dr.
Willlam E. Pltman, dled thls mornlng
at the resldence of her brothor. Mr.
E. Lee Bell.- where she had been III
for two months. aged slxty-four.
Doeeascd was a rat've of Page coun?
ty, and marrlcd Dr. Pltman in June,
1-870. coming to Lynchburg to rcslde
Immedlately after her marrlage. She
was a member of the Flrst Presbyto
rlan Church. belng always interested ln
the wolfare of that church, as well us
other rellgious work.
Mrs. Pltman is survived-by three
ch'ldrfn?Mr. E. P, Pltman, of San
Franeisco, ard Mlss Kate Pltman and
Mr. W. G, Pitman, of thls clty,
Mm. .Iiiiic Dlnkle.
|Snu?i-il -n 'ihe TlmoB-Dlspatoh.]
HARRISONBURG, VA., January 17.?
Mrs. Jane Dinklo. widow of Jacob Dln?
kle, dled at her home near Mt. Solon
thls afternoon, after a brlef lllnesa of
dlabetes, aged seA-onty-tlve years, She
la survived by four daughters and ono
The funeral wlll tako plafco to-mor?
row afternoon.
, JamcN XV, Horuer,
rsn*-<il to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
BALTIMORE. MD? January 17.?Mr.
James W. Horner, rlNty-slx yeara old
formetiy of Lynchburg. and well
known in the South for tho last thlrty
Pve yrars, as a commerc'al , traveler,
clUd here to-day after a l'ngcrlng ill?
ness. He served ln the Confederato
army and was unmarrled.
Mr*. W. A. Trctter.
rttio'fi' io The Tlmen-DlspTtch.] '
DANYILLE, VA.. January 17.?A
rnessage was rpcelvrd by relatlves here
to-day announclng the death ln Mem
phis, Tenn., of Mrs. W, A. Trotter, who
wns for many years a resident of this
oounty. She leaves a husband and
threp chlldren.
Funernl of J, D. Atklna,
CKpectal to Tho Tlmea-DUpnlch.J
ETNA M1LLS, VA? January 17.?The
funeral ol Jumes Dudley Atklna was
conduotad on yesterday at hls home
near Epworth by Rev. 11. W. Fox.
of tho 'Chrlstlan Church. Mr. .atkins
dled on af>n.ja.v after huvlna been a
sufferer for n lonc time. He wai
elghty-four v..ar? ohi. Ho ,eavca eljjh
children, all grown. foor ilotigntara
and four sons, two brothera and ons
BlEter, Mr. T. L. Atklnx. or Klnsr U'ii
llam; R. V. Atkips, of Rlchmond. an.l
Mrs. John Matthew*, of Klchmond. Va.
Mr. Atkins served ln the Confcderafj
Army.through. the war.
George J. S-ainnel.
rsneelal to The Tlme*-DI?patch.]
SPOTSYLVAXIA, VA., January 17.?
George J. SamUol. a natl'vo of Spotsyl?
vanla, but more recently of Pittsburg,
Pa.. died in thls county on Wednes
day iast. A wldow' v.-J"thout children
survlved hlm.
COX.?Died, January 1C. 190S. at tha
ro Ulence of hls son-tn-law. 2301 Easl
Funeral from the resldence THIS
(Saturday) AFTERNOON,- Januarj
13th. ul J:30 o'clock.
Krcdcrlcksburg papera pleage copy
MAHONEY.?Dtcd. at the resldence oi
hls father. In Clopton Street, Swans.
boro. at 1:10 A. M. Friday, 17th In
I'uiierai servlce* from Sacred Heari
Church, Manchcster, SUNDAY at l
P. M.
RENNOLDS.?-Died. January I'5. 1908,
In New York Clty. o.Jter a thort 111
wlfe of P. J. RennoldR. nnd daugh?
ter of Willlam H. and Bemsalia C
Woody. aced forty-one years. fe>Tu
leaves besldes husbard. fnther and
mother. slx brothers?George A.. Ed.
ward R.. Benjamln C and WHliajn
H.. Jr.. of this clty; G. M., of Phoe
nlxvlllo. Pa., and U XV. Woody. oi
Portsmouth, Va.
Thc -emams wlll reach thls clts
Sunday u-orning, January 18th, and
wlll be taken to tho homo of her
parents. No. 1.119 North Twenty-sec
ond Street. -The funeral -wlll tak'
o'clock from St John's Eplscopal
Church. interment ln Oakwood.
?Itend "Tbe Stnge^Struck Glrl," by
Snruh ilernbardt, lu Muudny's Tiruea
stlmulate the TORPID UVER,
strengthen the digestive cr?ans.
regulate thc bowels,andsre un
cqualcd as an
ln malarlal dlstrlcts their vlrtnea
are widely rccognlzcd, as they pos
SC8B pecullar properties In Ireelng
tho syatcm from that poison. Ele
Kantly euitar coatcd.
**? No Substitute.
Maurer's ""
^ ^ ^oach-Paste
taracataieesylabymodar, tWtat Usmd
** '.?'itaatly laataover ?oiilm/ ?????
J&&R?l'fl BUO V&tifit * nn teib
toWdbagi imtt itMnitaoxbt, "?"Jf""
'v'-.olvo-.bottka. Atc.'ld m-w-*
iKIdnoy ind Oladdar TroubUt]
24 Houra
Each Cap- /"-%. \
sulo heara(MlDYll
the nawe*^\l^/ *
_ j9???raflfM??f?r/?4l*3
. ""^^?^" ALL UHaOGlllTS. '

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