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Alderman Rudd, of First Ward,
Withdraws from Mayoralty
MariehoBtot' Uuregu' Tinfs-iMspntch.
' No. 1102 llull Street.
Alderman J. 15. Rutld, of First Wurd,
who wns a i.an'<l|.lii.tn for Mayor In tho
Hpiiiig olocUon, hiiti daclded to wlth
drnw from tlio contesl,
Homo mnntliM ogo h" wns forcod to
glyo up hls poslflop wlth a Rlehinoiid
flrm on hccoiiht of hls hoalth, nnd tho
same ciiuso compels hlm to |ay nsldij
1.if iiolltlciil tispii-uilotis for the Unio
belng. Hc-hBM tiiiiuy frl--.irls ln tho
clty, .and Imd lo? romalljod lii the llcjil
v/oiibl ?tnii|iiestvl<jniibly have roielvd a
hun'dso'rno vote.
Tlie i-fitlronienl of Mr. Itudil le'nvhH
only Mi-esiH. Muiirli-e ii id Brown in the
fleld .at thls tlmo, and ol.vlnt.es tho
ntf<;c'ss1ty of n w-ard prliimry in l-'lrst
%*ri ,. , . .<
Mr. Rudd's ferm ns a me.mher of tlio
Bpard'-'of Aldermon oxpircs tlils sprlng.
He wll) poKslbly stand for re-olectlon,
For Tul'erVuloKl* l>lwpm*tir.v.
Beforo tho Bouril of Health lart
night tho .'liestton of the Hdvlsablllty
Of establlshlng o tuherctilOHls dispen?
sary ln Mrinchestor was tilscusseii at.
Itiigfh. Ii was finally dochfed that
the. presldent should lay tlio matter be?
fore'the Health Commlttee, glvlng that
body such Informutlofi as may bo
Dlspenbarlos of thls character hro
belng oporatod In many cities, an*l
they have provp<I~tn bo most successful
In aldlng ln tlio suppreSslon of thc
'Iroaded dlsensi.
A comnilttee from tho Bonrd of
Health and the Health Commltteo wlll
Irmpect the ciomatory In Rlclimond
for thc purpose 0f famillarlzlng thctn
solvas wlth tbe plunt, with a vlew^to
piirchaslng one for tlils city.
Tiie* board conslderot] several othor
mattors" of Irriportnrico, an'd thcn ad
Journc'd. *?
Siics for aso.ooo.
Tn tho Corpoiatlon Court yesterday
? suit for $20,000 dainages was en
t'-red t against thc Allantlo Coast Llno
Rallway and the Norfolk .'jnd Western
Railroad by Harry L. Crubbs. yt Rlch
rnon*," who was serlously lnjured whe-n
the wagon h? was drlvlng was struck
hy a traln at tho Hull Street crosslng
"f the Atlantlc Coast Line some wceks
At thc time ot the acc'tde'nt lic was
einployed by tho Eagle Stco'm Laundry,
of Hlchriiond, whose wagon wo? girtick
by the. traln. Tlifs conccrn Is ulso stilng
I'or $1,000 damage's <in tn..-ount of the
dtmtage dono' ;o the wagon and the
Injury to th?j horse.
Mottle p. Mann and husband have
filtri a deed of bargaln and palc in thc
Corporatlon Court eonvi-ying to Anna
A. Johnston tho hous* and lot No. 10?
West Flftecrith Street. tik- considera
tici, was IGOO.
?I. Charles Mann lu* conveyed to
Oeorgc Psul a ;;o-foot lot on Fifth
Sn-c-et. betv.-een Balnbrldge and Porter
Sirooti*: ronsldcratlon, $snn.
Ilnvld Mnhonry Oeail.
Mr. Davi>] Mahoney dled yesterday
mornlng at thc home of his father, Mr,
Mlchac'l Mahoney, In Swahaboro. *.l?
had bctn t-lck for Ecvcral months. H:
xvJBJi thlrty-fotir years of ?ge. and lt
survived by his father, two slstera ar.d
? brother.
The funeral will take place. from the
Sacred Heart Church to-morrow after
noon at S o'clock. Tho interment will
b? tnaao in Maury Cemeicry.
IVixjujjIs and lirlcf*.
Mr. John II- Shotweli will leavo io
<Jay for San Franclsco, whorc hc gooi*
on account of his health.
Mr. George W'hitc, of Norfolk. it
vitfiilng Mr. and Mr*- A. A. Adkhjf.
Mr. .iohti A. Evans and wlfc, of Cln
cinnati, are guests at the Lafayettt
Misu Lona Agnew, of Hot Springi
\"a.. ha-i ro'ttjrned homo after a vlsit
lo M|ss Mary Barrett.
.Mlss Kaic O'Connell and her nleco
Mhs Edlth Ingersoll. are vlalting Mr
JHd Mrs. J. XV. Barrett. tn West l-'|f.
te-:nth Stroei. Mlss. O'CqnneliJwHFprob'
ably'makc hei- home ln Manch'es'tor.,
An alarm of firo. w'as ,turned In.yes
His Hands were a Solid Mass, and
Disease Spfead All Over His Body
?ln Four Days the Chiid was
Entirely Cu red?Mother Strongly
' "Ota? day tc notlced that our little
boy ?u all broken out with itcihng
E?. We flrst notlced it on.hii little
dj. Hii hands were not as bad
1,; and we didn't think anythlng
?erious would result. But the next day
we heard of the Cutioura Remedies beins
ao good for itching aoret, etc, that I
?hought I would get them. By thli
time the disease had ipread all over his
body, and his hands were nothing bui
?'solid mass of this itching disease. ]
went to the dntf store and purchasec
a, box of Cutlcura Soap and one box ol
Cutieura Ointment, and that night ]
?tripped my little boy and took t.h?
Cutieura Soap and lukewarm water tne
waahed him well. Then I dried hin
with ? soft bath towel, and took thi
Cutioura' Ointment and rubbed hin
thoroughly with it. I did this ererj
?vening before I put hlm to bed and ir
(hree or four nfghte he waa entirelj
?ured. Tou haTe my permisulon t(
{lubllih thu beoause anyhody who tuf
ered as my baby did ought to know oi
?he Cutieura Remediw. I will aurelj
and gladly recommend the Cuticun
Bemedies. for they are a godsend to ai
ffferlng with ekin diieues. Mrs. Frani
>nahu?, 308 Fremont St., Kokomo
,d? Sept. 16, 1907."
Ahd Blackheada Prevented ?n<
Curcd by Cutieura.
Oently nnear t?? f*c* with | Cuticun
. Ointment, the great Skin Curo.-but di
?ot rub. Wash off the Ointment in flv
minutes with Cutieura Soap and ho
water and cqntinue . to batlie'fche fac
treely for some minutes. Bepeat morn
ing and evening. At other times ua
kot water and Cutieura Soap for bath
lng the face aa often as agteeable.
Coreptots Kitern?l. aud Inlernil Tj??tro*">t f(
g?try flumor ol inftati, CblWrtn, ?ud Atjuli
Ktrtflltti ol Cutieura .Simn ViSc.) to CImliim tb? t'kli
?jutlcurs Ointment (flfte.i to He?l rio fikin, ?n
Cutleuii JleiiplTBnt (BOn.l,Corlttth*fonuelOhoenUi
Co?t?d Pllfi Me, ptr vl*l ol 50) MPnrirr ll.t Blor.i
ft-ws^*^-. hW u,'j* *c,ie;:
M-Mtlirffrn, Outlturs BMk ea >kia Otmit
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lerday mornlng from Nineteenth an?J
j llull Street's; The department reapo'ndl
j c-d, bnt found only a migiit blasse In
tHe roof of a kitchrn located between
j Hull and Ralnbrklge Street*.
(L'uiitiiiueu from f'ir.-t E'ago.)
tional appearance-and his complaining
of nofsca that dld not exl.-t.
j Ia Her Tlluc Scbool-CIrt Drena.
Tl i tri.il tiuy be concluded in twr?
I moro wotka. Mr. Llttleton caused a
j ripple of t-xclttment whea ne caM-d j
I ::vc!yu Neabic Thaw to tln- stand.t
! Young Mrs=. Thaw. in her bluc school-i
I glrl dresf, appearc-3 promptly au-il
I walked brlskly to the witness cralr. '?
\ where Clerk Penny admlniatered. tlie?
' usual oetli. "Whlle Mrs. Thaw was flt
I ting wlth anxlnus taee ready for herj
| examlnation. 7>lr. Llttleton asked har'
j to ' wlthdraw for tlic tini* being toj
i ..nake way for' Policeman Thomas F.
! Lynch, doorman at the Tenderloin Po
j (lce Statlon.
1 When Dletrlct Attorney Jerome had
finlshed wlth the policeman, Mrs. Wil
j llam Thaw was called to the stand.
! As she took the oath she gave her
| name a* Mary Copley Thaw and her
j resldence as Pittsburg. She was ques
tioned by Mr. Llttleton. Thaw looked
' Intently and earnesUy at hls mother.
i Her testimony closely followed that of
tho last trlal, bc-ginnlng with the re-j
j turn of her son to hls Plttaburg home'
in Novetnber, 1903, after Kvelyn Nes?
blt had told hlm her story in Paris thnt
summer. "L'sually Harry came home
buoyant and Joyous," she declared.
"but thls time there was not a smlle."
Mrs. Thaw sald she asked her son what
was the matter. "I ckn't tell you.
mother," he repiled; "I never can tell
you." The mother told or lier son cry
Ing and moanlng durlng- the night: uf
hia frequcnt playlng nt tho piano, when
thc music would begln loud, and then
dle away until finally lt would stop,
Thaw sltting a long whlle at the In
strument wlth head east, down.
Mrs. Thaw said she frequently asked
her son what was worrylng hlm. and
finally he declared that a beautltul
young glrl hc was introduced to had
had a terrible experience ln Now York.
The mother told him he should not
worry about, such matters; that the
girl had a mother who should care for
her. Thaw repiled that thc' glrl's
mother had not looked after her, and
that was why lt all had happened Harry
Thaw eventually told his mother. tho
young glrl'a. name was Nesblt.
'Thc name meant nothlng to me."
declared the witness, "for I had never
heard of the young' woman before.
Harry said ithad all occurred whlle
Mlss Nesblt was a little glrl in New
York. 1 tried to Impress upon him that
he was not responsiblo for the slns of
other men."
Cnine Home "Wllh E-velyn.
Mrs. Thaw next told of the day she
and her son went to Thanksglvtng Day
servlce' at the . Presbyterlan Church ln
Pittsburg, when Thaw broke down and
crled whlle the choir was Hlnging Kip
line's "Recesslonal." "Just to thlnk."
Thaw sohbed, "if lt had not happened
she might have beon here wlth ua. to
Mrs Thaw doscrlbed Harry's crylng
as- a "perfect showor 'ot tears. Thaw
aaid to her that tho Nesblt glrl had
been put'on the stage by.hor mother,
"but she wlll never he ablo to make
a livlng," he exclalmed; "aKo wlll nevot
be a great actresn, and poor nctressas
mother, go under. In-1904 the famlly
went nbroad, and Harry was left at a
waterlug place ln France." _
"When dld you next neo hlm?
"Not until after the sensatlonal re.
turn to New York of the two on tln
same stearoer?rEvolyn and.Harry camt
on thc same sleamor."
Mrs, Thaw sald she was not pleasei
wlth thc notbr.lo.ty, and sent for ttei
aoij. He declared there was nothlnt
wrons ln nnythlng he had done, an'
that tho young woman hnd been-vor?
111. Mrs. Thaw next told of her cons-m
tarlyln 1905 to her son's marrlagt
wlth Mlss Nesblt, wlth tho provlso tha
the glrl's past hlstory never was to bi
mentloned agaln.
; The" .marrlage was perfbrmed a
PHtsburg in Aprll,- 1905, and the. tw<
r?nt ? Weat on tholr wedding trip
?Harry in nll MIs talk' never suggests*
at an? t?,mp that it had been tho glrl'.
faiill, tttW 'Mrs.. Thaw,
The dtxiiniinatlon' waa temporarllj
susptiuted .here. Mrs. Thaw. hcid to b'
asslsted from tho witness chalr.- : .
Wltc ou tlic Stnud.
? Mrs, Evcly.u'Neeblt .Tbaw- tUon.,wa.
called. Sho sald she was the wlfe of I
the defendant. and was born on Christ- j
man Day, 1SSL Her father died when i
sho was tcn years old.
District Attorney Jerome objected t'o
pfactlcally every queRtlon Mr. Llttle?
ton askeil lier ss to her early hlstory,
and was austalned In many of them.
Mr. Llttleton noted an oxeeptlon each
timo the r-ourt sustained the objec?
tlons. Young Mrs. Thaw was finally
allowed to say that when llvlng ln
Piillndelphla before coming to New
York she po=eJ for various. artisi?,
among them Dtlzabeth Shippen Grec/,
Guasle Wflcox smlth, George Gibbs and
Peel Thompson.
At thls time she was fourtcen years
of age. Only about one questlon in
flve was allowed to be answered by
the court. the others belng ruled out
on the ground of Immateriallty. The
witnes* was allowed to tell of coralpg
to New York at the age of fifteen, and
of pojlng for CarroU Beckwlth, Can
Blenper and other' ar-tlsts here. She
was not allowed to tell how much
compensation she obtalned, or whether
her mother was employed at tbe tlma.
Mrs. Thaw told of golpg on the etago
ln "Florodora." The detalis of her
seeklng employment and the dlfflculty
because of her youth, were barred from
the jury.
Met Tbew lo Paris.
The witness sald she flrst met Harry
| Thaw Just before Chrlstmas, 1901. She
t-aw him several tlmes in X302?once
while she was ill at school ln New
Jersey. Mrs. Thaw told of golng to
Kurope ln thc spring of 1903, followlng
I a severe Ulness.
Several scrvanls and her mother ac
| eompanlod her, and Thaw himself met
her in Paris and carried her to an
' apartment which had been prepared for
I ljcr. Thaw, the witness said. was very
i attentlvc: to her ln Paris,j and asked
her to marry hlm. "I repiled that ]
could not. He asked me why not, and
j I sald agatn that I could not. Hc asked
! If lt was because of Stanford White.
j and 1 snij It was. He then tvanteil :o
1 know all about lt." '
District Attorney Jerome here asked
that the publlc, Includlng the nows
paper reporters, be excluded from the
courtroom durlng the recltal .pf Mrs.
Thaw's story as related to Thaw ln
Paris. It was declded that further con
slderatlon would be glven to the mat?
ter, and no docl6lon announced until
the next slttlng of court. Adjournmeiu
until Monday was taken at 1:50 P. M.
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Charles E. Jcffrics, of Prince
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to Deatli.
[Kpr'clnl to Tlio Tlmea-Ulnpntrh.]
PHTJsnSBU ItOi VA., January 17.?
ChnrlCK li. Jeffrles, u woll-knowu far
tnrr, renldlng near Old Cnrson's, ln
Prlrjce Georgo county. was found thlr
mornlng lylng on tho ground rcar a
plg pen ln hla yard with n ghustly
wound In hla hoad and a doubln
harrelled sbotgun by hls slde. No ono
Hnw tho tragedy. attentlun belng nt
tr.if.ted by thc sound ot tlio gun. Thu
eorouer's jury rendered n vcrdlct thnt
the dpcea?ed carac to hls death from
a gunshot wound Infllctcd by himsclr.
Thc hralns of the tinfortunate man
were blowu out. and death waa neces
sarlly Inatniitaneoti*. lt ls understood
tha.t'no reason for auicldo has been
dlscovored. Mr. Jeffrles wa? about
thlrty-slx years old, was marrled, and
la sald to have ben a mnn of good
hablts, and hlghly esteemed.
Tho Petersburg Club at Its annual
meeting laat nlght re-elected tlio fol
'.owlng offlcers: Presldent. Joseph W.
tieward; Vicc-Presirtcnt, Charles 13.
Plummer: Treasurer, Kamuel W. Bur
tvell; Secretary. Willlam Slitppen.
The followlng new membera of the
board of governors were elected: Wil?
llam II. Cooper, Bterllng P.uffln and E.
Glll HInton.
Mnjor Laanlter'H Cnrd.
Major Francls TL Lasslter, Congress
man from thls district. has puhliahed
a enrd to ' tho" voters of the district.
Announclng hls candldary for ro
election, and rnferrlng to the clrcular
letter tBsned by Mr. Hobert Turnbull,
of Lawrenrevllle, Va., in whlch Mr.
Turnbull stated that hr> wns thlnklng
of becomlng a candidate for Gongro.se,
and wished to ascertaln th? senllment
:of the district on the subject. ln his
card Congreasriiari Lasslter says: "Thls
, dcmnml upon me at the beglnning of
| thc- session of Congress would ordl
jrinlly fcem to be unreasonablc. In
! addltlon, my most intense thought la
Just now glven to debate upon a mat
! ter of serlous conceru to the country
jat large. I have already malled to the
I various newspapers lu th? district a
Icopy of a resolutlon whlch I hope wlll
jcause the country tp conslder very
jcarofully the preponderanee of the ex
jecutlve in our oconomlc affalrs."
He concludes wlth the statement
that he does not deny the rlffht of any
'gentleman to asplre to the posltlon
', whlch he now holds. but from many
jlttters la justlfied In bellevlng that tho
ts rocent .unanlmous action.
Conference on Ho-ute (lne?tlnn.
Secretary Edwin L. Quarles, of tho
Potersburg Chamber of Commorce. left
.o-nlght for Roanoke to rt-present thc
uganizatlon at a conference to be held
n that city to-morrow rcrrardlng the
?allroad frelght rate questlon, as af
'eotlng Virg-inla. President. F., H. An
jell. of the Roanoke Chamber ot Com
-ucrce, notlfled thc Peteraburg charn
jer that such a .conference had hecn
irrariged wlth Traffic Manager Davant.
)f tho Norfolk and Western Railroad
Tompany, and requested that a Peters
jurg representatlve attend.
General Stlth Bolling wlll dellvcr an
iddross to-morrow at Mathews Court
house on the occaslon of the observ
ir.ee of General Lee's blrthday by the
Lane-OIggs Camn of Confederate Vet
Mr. Willlam Frapcis Lahmeyer die-1
yesterday afternoon-at hls resldence.
sn Pouth Sycamora Street, after a. short
lllpess. Mr. Laymeyer was for many
years a. nrjrchant in this cltj*. He is
survived by one son and one daugh
ter. who are Mr. \\\ H. Laymeyer. of
Jarratts. Va., and Mrs. Edgar W.
Erooks. of Rlchmond.
One Weddlng Follows on the Ileels of
Another In Plttsylraalu.
(Speclal to The Times-Dlspaich.l
CHATHAM, VA.. January 17.?-Oak
Orove Baptlst Church. near Keellng.
Plttsylvanla county, was on Wednes
day nlght th-; scene of h verv bril?
llant weddlng, when Miss Elise'Ander
son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Chiirchlll Anderson, of Keellng, and
Mr. Lance Hart well Strloklahd wero
marrlcd. The edlfice was' elabaratelv
decorutcd for the occaslon, and the
beautlful color scheme of green and
white blendins wlth ' thc" soft llght
from numerous lamps; presented a
beautlful and very Insplring seene. The
brlde,-becomlnply gownod ln a beautl?
ful. creatlon of rarc cibth. cnteroa with
her brother. Mr. George Anderson, who
gave-her away. Thc groom was at
tended hy hls beat man. Mr. Fontaln
Strlckland. -Mlss ReHeeca Anderson,
slster of the brlde, was malrj of honor.
Mlss.Katie Cabell preslded at the or?
gan. Rev. XV. D. Barr, of this place,
and pastor ot the brlde, ofticiated,
using a. speclal ceremony; which was
performed in a very impressive man
ner. ? The party immediately followlng
the. ceremony repalred to the home of
the.bride. where an elegant reception
was.tendered. The brlde is a very pop?
ular and attractlve blonde, The "groom
Is a progressive young farmer of tho
Keellng nelghborhood, where thev wlll
Immediately followlng the Strick
land-Anderson nuptials. the assemblage
were requestod to remain seated, when
Miss,Callie I-I.'Hays and Mr. R. r,. Mc
Nealy came forward and were mado
man and wife, Rev. Barr. performing
the ceremony.
Offlcers of NorrolkVY. M. C. A.
[Speclal to The Ttmes-Dlspateli. 1
NORFOLK, VA., January 17_At tho an
nunl meetlng hold to-rilplu tlio-Younj,- Men's
Chrlstlan AsHooUitlon ' electedr-'.tlie followlng
offlcers: Hoiiorary Presldent, Rev. . johti
Diheriy; Presldent, O. J. Kgcrton; Vk-e
Pre*,ldeut, J, T. Lavless; Secretary, JI K
Stubbs; Trcusurer, Hev. K. J. Wulah; Botird
Managers. Leo Jtllfson, Loula Carev. H O
Jerkln-j. and J. I.. Burko. Tho annual mln
strel beneflt date w.-is ltxed for February !'>>.
Schooner Itun Down.' ??
[Speclal to Tlie Tituen-Uliiputch 1
UKATHSVILUS, VA'.. Juntjary il?Tlie
apliooner DalBer, owne.i by CaptiUn Thomna
131am], wns itm Into by the tfoyrybout idvitK
bttween WiiHhlogton and Alexandrln. locent
ly. T!>8 schooner ivas lylngnt tiiieh,->r |n :.
i'ob when the steame-r .strui-k. her opposiu,
her foropo'ak hatrli im.l cut h?i- down bolotv
hlfih w'ilt?r inarl: v.-ltliln tw0 .minute,, The
vei.sel, whlch wns loaded wlth lumbwi- tvrs
Intor towod to Wushlngton. .Daniuaos wlll
bo rocovereU.
?f Spcel-al 1.-4 Tlie Tlmes-T>lapu.t<-h I
HEATtloVlLLE, VA., Januarv 17.?
The home of Mr. Thomas Clurko, of
Coan. was the seone of a very pret
ty.Wodding on yesterday,,-when Miss
Almeda Clark,- becaino tho brldo ot
Mr. James Hinidley, of thls qoinuvi
The' cereniony was performed bv RcV
Mr. Ramsey, pastor nf SnilthileM Ban
tist Church. After a short trip North
tho Imppy couplo wlll retildo' at the
haiidsoino home ol thc groom n^ttr
Coan, ? ~'
[Sp?dlal to Tho 'J'imes-Olsputuh.i
SPOTSYLVAN1A. VA., January. 17
Mr, Thomns jllokonB and Mlss Aunl
Johnsfn, both of "?'potsylvania county
wero murried to-day at tijo resldoncf
of tho brlde's paronts. the Itov. Jlr
Youncr celebrotlm*- tho rites.
I , V. -?-4-W.?fci.
? Slnrrletl In Hnltlhiore.
fSne-iiil <" Thu/rimoa-DlBpiUlih.]
BAT^TTMOUl-;. MD., January 17.
A narrlnge llcejwe wus Issued here to
?iy for ? Joseph M. Kackoy, twenty
fiur years old. and Mlss Muud A
liutvis.- twonty J'fi'rs old, both of >iorth
umborland county. .,
The strongest sometimes
eat the least, but they eat
Not what you eat, but what
you digest, gives you strength.
Uneeda Biscuit
is the most nourishing and di
gestible food made from flour.
Eat wisely?eat for strength
?Uneeda Biscuit
lgk In motsturt and
kV? dust proof packagts.
[Speclal to Thc Tlm's-Dioputch. J
NORFOLK, VA.. January 17.?Franl
Vicklo, an Itallari bla^ksnilih, wns flned IJ1
and coot* In the. Pollce Court to-dny on th'
charg* of nssaultlng Johnnj- Poden, .11
eltvon-year-old boy, Infllcjlnsr n severe KUil
on hls forohcad. lf? wns struck wlth 1
pleco of i<hurp sla-te. Vicklo had wltneiwi
to ehow that ho waa contlnuiilly annoyod 1>:
thc small boya ln hls nclghborhood.
WTLLIAMSBOItGr, VA.?In separatlng tWi
pntlenls who were ? flghtlnK in the EasUn
State Hospital Captaln C. B. Trevlllan, tln
supervlsor, wn struck a heavy blow In tln
face. causlng an Injury to tho Jaw, Th<
fcied consldernbly from thc Injury.
BR18TOL. VA.?J. Prederlck Johnson has
Just purchased tho controlllng stock of tho
Clty Natlonal Bank. one of thc leadlng tlnan
clai Jnstltutlonn ot Johnson City.- wlth n
capital stock of j.'.o.ooo und $13,000 surpluo
aml undlvlded proflte.
HOAXOKE. VA.?Senator John M. Hart, I
who recently iinderwent an operatlon for np
pendlcltls, ls out to-day, nnd wlll for tlio j
flrst timo attend thc session of the Lcglsla
turc next Monday.
NORFOLK. VA.?Tho board of directers
oC the Norfolk nnd portsmouth Cotton Ex
change to-day reappolnted Norman Bell as
superlntendent. nnd secretary. a posltlon ho!
has acceptably held tor ycais.
LUP.AV. VA.?Great rianvizc has heen
dcne In thls county by the recent hlirh wator. I
The large plantng mlll helonsing to F. (?. I
ErumJock fr Son at Sahdy Hook. near the
junction of Shenandoah niver and thc I
Ho. wksblil Creek. pcrhaps- aufTered greater I
losc than any other property ln tho county.
Ihe losa. it is reported, wlll reach $1,00(1.
Holiness Meeting.
An all-day mlesionary and hollness meet?
ing will be h*ld In the West End Mlcsinn.
N*o. SOU West Cary Street. to-tporrow. ger
vicee will be as follows: 10 A. M., Sunday
stl.ool lesson taugfat; 11 A. M.. mlsslonarv
msetiug and B|b]e talk, lnleresting letters
dlrect from tbo jorelgn mlralon fjelds wlll
bc read; 3:30 P. St. hoilness meeting. eub
Jtct, Destructlon of the Carnal Nature and
the Glft of the Holy Ghost"; 7:30 P. M.,
bcllnes* revival. C. H. O-ootee. of Preston
Md.. formerly wlth B. B. Moody In Christian
work. wlll have charge of these mcetlnxs.
Thc publlc are cordlally Invlted.
Midnlght Mlssion.
A revival ls belng conducted ln the Mld
nlght Mlssion every TVodnesdav and Satur?
day nlghts at S:.10 o'clock. There wlll bo
sfcivlce ln tho mlssion to-nlght; subject
Iledoemed by the Preclous Blood of Chrlst ??
v*Where Is My Wanderlng Boy" wlll be suiur
durlng the meeting. All aro welcome
There -was at least ono happy man
In New York last -week, and hls hap
piness came about in quito an unusual
?way. He told a roporter about It,
and was qulte gleeful ln the .telllng.
"I work for a blg house," sald he.
"that has n patent device to put on
bottles. The idca ia that this llttle
arrangement ls snapped on a bottle
contalning polson. Then when you get
up tn the mlddle of the nlght and feel
around In a dark closet for medicine,
if your hand runs up agalnst a bottle
wlth thls device on, you pasa on. See
thc idea? You never drink polson by
"Woll, I have heen a clerk ln thls
house for several years, nnd one of thc
mottoes of tho concern ls 'grow or
so.' - A blg slgn wlth'these words on
j hangs directly over my desk, .and aa I
haven't grown much lii business llnes
it hns been a source of worry to me.
N'ow I am coming to the point. The
manager buatled up to mo the other
day and sald: 'Afr. Atkins, wc are get
ting out a new pamphlet of our device,
nnd we want to lncorpornto ln lt ex
amples of people who havo taken
poisou by mlatake. You can read In
the pnpera about them. very often. We
want you to go to.the publlc llbrary nnd
read the back liles of tlic papers for, say.
two or three years, tn get us flfty ex
aniplcs.lt may take you two or thro?
weeks to do thls work, but put on a
htiBtlc and don't wastu timo.'
"Xw that'a whore my 'grow or go'
id-an came for tho flrst time. I hiive
kept my eyea open nnd have read a lot
of advertlsomenta that start off: 'What
nro they saying about you? Ask Bur
rcllo?he'U send you tho cllpplngs.'
So I sald to myaelf, If he.can send nie
th* clipplnga, I guoss thut's what I
wanL So I wonti to son tho Qurrollc
people, and found they couduot thc
larg?st pross cllpplng buroau ln the
world, and. road all newspapers pub.
llahed. I instruf.tod them lo glve mc
every ltem they could fl'iid nbout peopl<
who took polson by mfatake. In two
days thev found slxty-sovon such itcms.
i-'took my sixty-aevoit. t-tem.s to tiic
ninnagor, bowed grncofully, and sald:
'I havo (Inlshed tho work, slr.' '.ypu'rlj
growlng all rlght.' gitid tho nmniiger
You I'iin ?}'??** the rest."?Newark Acl
Virginia Brevities
Sunday Services in City Churches
Tho Salvatlon Army pfograth for to
morrow ls as follows: Mornlng Sun?
day. school at 10:30 o'clock and Holihess
Afternoon at :t:30 o'clock blg meet?
lng. Several wcll-known frlends wlll
speak; speclal songs wlll bo sung.
"Repenatance" Is tho toplc.
Evening at S o'clock in the ha.ll
pralse meetlng. Mrs. Thco. Fowlcr will
glvo a short talk on rescuc work. A
llttle lnsslc will slng a speclal solo.
Toplc: "Th*- yocret ot a Satvatlohlst
At thc Pine Street Baptlst Church
thc Rev. Dr. R. 11. Pltt wlll prench
the annlversary sermon of the young!"
Men's Misslonary Soelety at 11 o'clock. j
The pastor, the Rev. J. B. Hutson, wlll
preach at S I'. M.
?> ? ? . l
Resrular servtces of Flrst Church of'J
Clirist, .Sclentist. will bc held lo-mor
row at 11 o'clo.ck in the church. Park
Avenue and Meadow Street. Subject
of sermon, "Llfe."
At Leigh Street Baptlst Church the
pastor, the Rev. W. ? S. Dorset, willjt
prench at both services. Subjeots?M
mornlng service, "Tho Tragedy ot an
Almlcss Llfe"; eveblng, "Jesus in the
At the East End Baptist Church the
Rev. R. F. Hopkins, of Hampton. will
preach at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. '
The Rev. S. J. Porter, D. D.. fleld
secretary of Forelgn Mission Board.
Southern Baptiat Conventlon. will
II1I the pulplt of thc First Bapti-st
Church at both services. Tbe pastor.
the Rev. George W. McDanlel, is-con
ductlng a meeting in Fredericksburg.
The regular servlces will be held ln
Randolph Street Baptlst Church, con
ducted by the pastor, the Rev. XV. E.
Robertson. At night the pastor will
preach the third sermon of the serles
on "The Seven SInners of the Blble."
The Wllllng Holpers will meet at 3
o'clock In the afternoon.
At the First Unitarian Church, Floyd
Avenue and Harrlson Street, thero wlll
be services ln the mornlng at 11 o'clock,
Icd by thc Rev. R. XV. Savago. Sub?
ject: "The Basis of Spirltual Orowth."
Sunday-sohool at 10 o'clock.
* Cl,4|l
The Rev. Dr. W. R. L. Smlth, the
pastor, wlll preach at the Second Bap?
tlst Church, Franklln and Adams
Streets. Hls thomes wlll bo "A Greater
Than Solomon ls Ilcre" and "Tho Hero
Ism of Elijah." Membors of Lee Camp
will attend the cvening servlcc in a
At the Sevcnth Day Adventist Church,
North Thirty-thlrd Stroet, near Clay,
pastor, H, J. Farman, a praisc servico
will bo held at 7:30 P. M. Thore wlll
bc proachlng at S o'clock on tho sub?
ject , "The Great Batt.le of Armaged
don.;' Thero wlll bo a prayor meetlng
Wednesday nlght at 7:30 o'clock.
The Rev. J. J. Haley will preach at
tho Seyenth Street Chrlstlan Church
to-morrow, Mornlng subject, "Twln
Curses"; evening subject, VKIngshlp
vorsus Klngdoip."
' m * o
The Rev. Dr. Gllby Campbell Kelly,
pastor, wlll have for his theme. at
Broad Stroet Methodlst Church at 11
A. M. "Insplratlon vs. Inebrlntlon," and
at S P. M. "Drivlng Away tho Blrds
of Proy."
? * ?
"'?Tho Marchlng Ordors of Our Klng"
wlll lto tlie themo of the mornlng dls
course at Orove Aventio Baptlst Church.
Thero will bo services also at night.
Tho pastor, the Rev. Dr. W. C. .lainos,
will preach at both uorvtees.
Ai tho Oracc Stroet Presbyterlan
Church, In tho mornlng, tho wlnter
coniniunlou sorviue. will hp obscrvod.
and now members wlll bo rocelved by
thc pastor and sesslon uf tho church.
Tho Rev. Dr. Vt'lthorspoon wlll preach
an appropiiate sermon, taklng for hls
toplc "The Cyrenlan and the Cross."
*-At ulght hls suhjoct wlll ho'"Character
and Sufforlng." On Wednusday nlght
thero will bo on lllustrated lecture bv
Mr, Camoron JoluiBon.
? ? ?
Tho Rov. M. S. Colonna, tho pastor,
wlll preach at Park Plaoe Methodlst
Church at 11 A. M. and S P. JI,
? ? ?
1 At tho Flrst Pivshyteriau Church the
i Hor. Dr. F. T. Me'Faden, the pastor,
} Will preach nt 11 A. M, and S P. M.
? * *
ln the Iinmiinuel Baptlst Church tho
pastor, tho Rev. E. *t\', Stone, wlll
preach at both services, Mornlng sub?
ject: "Tho Duty of Golng io Church."
Evening: "Our Ilublts."
n i* 4
Tho Rov. G. H. McFaden, tho pastor.
wlll preach at A-shury Placo Methodlst.
Cnurcn Sundn.v ?t both services. Ills
ovenlng subject wlll bo "Truo Horo
At Conionary Methodlst Church UuA
pastor, tho Rev. J, iC. Luthani, will
pfoach al 11 A. M, eB cho subjout; "Thc
Medicine of a Mcrry Heart." At 8 P,
M. tlie Rev.' Dr. 15. F. Llpscomb wlll
preach on the subject: "Possesslonrf
Thnt Abldc."
+ * ?
Servlces will bc hold at the Fair
mount Church of thc Disciples oj
Christ mornlng and evenlng. ?conducted
by thc pastor.
To-morrow's servlces at thc Epwortt
Methodlst Church wlll be held by 'th?
pastor, thc nev. H. C. Grcgory, at U
The Rev. B. H. Melton wlll prench
t tho Marshall Street Christian Church
;t both thc mornlng and evenlng ser
At the Grace Street Baptist Church
.he pulpit wlll be occupled by tln
mstor. thc Rev. Davld M. Kamsay, D.
>., at both scrvlccs. The mornlng sub
cct wlll bc "Tho Passlon for Soul?,-*
ind at S P. M. "Woman As We Know
*cr: An Appreoiation."
? 9 9
The Rev. Dr. R. E. Eggleston will
?onduct the serviccs at the Thlrd Pre.1
>yterlan Church. A rnectlng has just
:loscd at thls church. and Sunday
tiorning will be the tlpte for tho roccp
.'.on of new members and the admin?
lstratlon of the sacrament.
A Men's Blble Club to be taught by
Dr. Edward Lelgh Pel! wlll bc qr
janlzed at Park PJace Church tormor
row mornlng at 10 o'clock. This club'
wlll tneet every Sunday mornlng for
Bihle study. and occaslonally at bth'ei'
:imes for soclsl purposes. It ls utjder
Uood that thc soclal feature wlll he
nade promlnent and that the club wJU
De an up-to-date organlzation in all
respects. All men, whether connected
wlth Park Place or not. are Invlted to
ittend the inltlal meeting to-morrow
? 4 1.
At the Overbrook Presbyterian
Church, Barton Hclghts, the pulplt wlll,
bo occupled by the Rev. D. W. Mclver.
Of Unlon Semlnary, in the absencc of
the pastor, who preaches to-morrow
at the Second Presbyterian Church, in
N'ewport Xews. ^
lnterestiiiK ProBninia Arranged nt Two
ANNOciatlon Biilldlnga.
The men's meeting will be hold in the
Young MCn's Christian Associatlon
Hall. Maln and- Slxth Strcets, to-mor?
row afternoon at 3:15 o'clock. Th*
speaker will be the Rev. W. C. James,
pastor of Grove Avenue Baptist Church.
Hls theme wlll bc "What Will He Do
With It?" - Tho Broad Street Methodlst
Eplscopal Church mixed quartet will
Dr. R, L...Slmpooti wlll speak at the
regular meeting of thc Boys' Sundav
Afternoon Club at 3:15 o'clock. tak
Ing for hla theme "Thc Power of the
Eye and tho Ear."
The Gymnastuni Bible Studv Club will
rnect at 3 o'clock in the boys' rooms.
Tho Younger Young Men will meet
at 2:43 o'clock. The meeting la open
to all young men fifteen to olghteen
years of age, whether members of the
association or not.
The S'unday-School Lesson Study
Club wlll hold its weekly meeting thi:
afternoon ' at S o'clock in tho boys'
rooms. All Sunday.school worlcers aris
invlted. ladles and gentleraen. Thu
Rev. Dr. E. L. Pell wlll cbnduot tho
Hall road Y. M. C. A.
Greut lnterest ls belng nianifcsted ln
tho study ot the lives of "Men of
Steel" at.tho Railroad Voung MenV
Christian Assoclatlou every Sunday af
tcrtioou at :i:P.O o'clock. T6-morrow
the speclal subject will bc "Joshua. His
Lifo and Tlmes." Tht; discusslon at
the close wlll be on thc questlon "Wa.'.
Joshua to Sevnr in Hls Conqueat of
Canaun?" Atclrmatlve Mr. ^. K. Meek;
negatlve, Professor G. SI. Sinitiidcul.
The prlnclpul speakors wlll have soven
nilnutes each and then for tcn mlnutes
thorc wlll bc a free-for-ajl discusslon
in whlch no ono mnn ls allowed tu
speak more than two mlnutes.'
Tho monlhly fnmlly social of tlm
Railroad As-'ooinilon wlll be held on
Tuesday nlslit from S to 10:30 o'clock,
Every railroad irun in tlie clty is oor
dlnliy Invlted. There wlll be musle.
readlng. sunies and a general jblliflcn
tlon, to wlnd up with an old-fashlointd
tiiffv pulllng. Tho cutertainmcin is
absolutely froe to all railroad men and
their fainlles.
Trmslntcd from the orlglnal taxt Into
Kligtlah, by Br. MIGHAEL L KODKIN
SON, ','
(Tho only Transhnlon In tha World.)
(US Coloulul Itnlldlng. Iluktoa, Ma?k.
CU.UlMf ud bMitflltM HM.Mht
Narer y?ll? to Ee.fcir* Ortsr
IUlr to tu Voutaful P??#..

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