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ffihp5nm^^SSE> Bijspolrh
t-.ucll.fl* OKIre .916 B. Main Stroet.
tVaitalmjton Pureatt?3:"-' Mnnsey Uullding
Manebrster tlurenit .1103 liull Suue..
'iVtrrnburs tlurenu.10 N Syeamoro St.
fcynehbure nurcau .M6 Kightb st
BY MA1L, One Blx Three One
POSTAOK PAID. Year. Mu* Mos. Ho.
Dftlly wlth Sunday.. .SB.00 $.100 11.50 i!.
Dtilly without Sunday 100 J 00 1.00 .35
Bt-nday edltlon only.. 2.00 1.00 ..'?? ?-'*
Wockly (Wedneidayi. 1.00 .50 .25 ?? ?
By Tlmrs-DIsptUch Cnrrler Dcllvery Sor
flct" In Richmond (and luburbsi. .Miirehea
tor and Petersbure?
Ono Week. Ono Year.
Dally wlth liunday.11 cents $6-**
Uilly wlthoui Sunday...10 cents 'I-*0
Sunday only . 6 cents *?*<>
O'carly nubscrlptlonn pnyable ln advoneo )
1 Entered January 57. 1903. nt Illchmond.
Va. aa gecond-clnts matter, tnidcr nct of
Conffrcss of March 3. 1S">.
rornrns v.-lsblng to communlcata wlth Thc
Tlmes-Dlspatch by telcphotio wl" aslt'ccn
irr.i for "4041." nnd on belri* answorod from
tln offlce swttchboard. wlll Indlcate tho dc
j-.arimont or person wlth Whom they wlsh
to speak.
When calllmr between 6 A M and fl j
A. M.. call to central offlco dlrect for 4011.
gSmposlnc-room: 4042. business offlco; 40* "l,
for malllnn nnd prestf-rooms.
As every tlircnd of Gold Is Titltt
.?'hlc. ko I* every mlnntc of Tlme.??
In another column wlll be found a|
lottcr from n corrospondent, In whlch j
hc clalms that tho dlvidend obllga-j
tions issued hy the Rlchmond. Freil
tiTlcksburg and Potoinac Railroad wero
not "watcrcd stock." He says that tho
original Issuo of such scrlp representud
money earned, which bi-longed to th>>
stockholders, but was not dlstnbutefl,
belng used lnstead for improvoments
und bettcrmonts. Grantlng that to be
true, and v.'e do not dlspute it, were
not thc scrlp.dlvldends of thc Atlancic
Coast Llne declared upon preclsely thc
same prlnclplc? Tho oniy differonce w-xs
that tho Coast Llne added tho now
stock to thc general capital stock of
thc company, whlle thc Fredorlcksburg
road called its new stock "dlvldet'd
obligations" without ? votlng power.
Our corrospondent further says that
"as most people understand it. watcrid
Btock meaus stock issued not represent
Ing any actual money put In thc com?
pany." On the contrary, wo thlnk that
most peoplo understand that stock is
watcrcd when tho number of shares is
tirbitrnrily increased. From a cold
hlooded polnt of View thls may or may
not bc justltiod by tho carnlngs of thc
company. but ln either event tho stock
ls watered, accordlng to popular undcr
The conservativo dlrectors of thc
Coast Llne felt that thc carnlngs of
that road warranted them ln Issulng
scrip dlvldends to the stockholders
hui it was common talk nt tho tlrm
that thc- company had watcrcd iu
Our correspondont .says that thi
F.rederlcksburg road issuod scrip dlvl?
dends in 1S31 to relmburse tha stock?
holders for dlvldends ourned, but no'
tllstributed. But what of tho dlvtdem
obligations issutd ln 190C? In tha
year thc Sinklng Fund Commissioner
asked for a further scrip ? divldend
half of which was issued, ond noi
they say that the condition of th
company justifies a further distributloi
of -5 per cent. Doos that oflicial state
ment refer to earnlngs prlor to 1SSJ
Which wero used in Improvlng th
property" No. The commissionors mea
lhat tho present carnlngs nro sufli
clcntly large to pay '?' per cent. an
mially upon doublo the original cup
tallzation. Ip^ .-plain^ terms. tho con
mlssicncrs .^ajythnf'tho timo has con
io cut another rficlon, as the Wa
Street term goes; or, as the peop
say, to add a little moro water t
the Btock. Gentlemen mny draw fit
illstlnctlons, but thal Is tlie plaln fa
of the case, and thero ls no escapo. Tl
commissloners have cominitted ther
selves to the proposition that tho car'
ing capacity of a railroad whlch
honestly oporated, and whose charg
nro noithc-r excesslvc nor dlscrlniin
tory, furnl^lies the true basis of caj
The Tlmes-Dlspatch doos not dlspi:
that proposition. It agrees with t
commissloners that the condition of t
l''redericksburg road justifies anott
scrlp divldend of 25 per cent We ha
uot condemned the offlcers of the co
pany for "watering the stock," t
meant to do so. But wo hold that
does not lie wlth the State to prohl
other roads. similarly situatcd, fr
Uolug what Its own road has done w
Its full consent and approval.
Rallroads are aa much entltled
eharo ln tho prospc-rity of the coun
s?nd increase in value as other cnt
prisoo. Railroad Invcatments are i
tltled to the same rlghts, prlvller-:
hfcucfits and cohsldoiatlon of tjove
racnt that other investments are <
titlcd to. And we belleve that tho p
531c at large are bc-glnulng io real
that thlti principle is not only sou
but emincntly wisa and progressivo.
No panlc. ro hnancial flutrles,
fcars if the thrcatened hard >vlnfcr
3008, woro able. to Mem th-j tlde
open-handed phllanthropy In II
' More prospcrotr? years havo certal
come to thls ccuntrj, but no\er c y
when thoss who had much money \v
more ready io t'liire lt with ihoso \
had not- Thc total ben.-factlon, wl
j lncludes onty tho 'tr,;,--si publlc ?
*Vi*as upward-t <>f 5l4b'.*00,nOO. ln 1
? whlch year nlono is tc bc comp:
v/ith 1907, the total was jusi ui
?S12l.000.000. ln lSO-i tlio totul#
just over SiC.uOO.OOO.
GlftB for cducationa.1 purposc-i
tho w.iy among lost j-eai's dunat
; htttdtsd by John D. Icockclolltr's
OfO.000 coiitrihulion iu tlie Get
'i'. l>oard of Kducatlon, Gitts lor
rtiilseiims nnd lllirnrloa ftniauiiteri to
ovor $2n,oon,ono?nlgiu tlrrtoa ns niiich
as they wore thrce yc'a'ra ngo. Glftit
i'or eh-irliy WoVd nbbitt M0,0f)t) fJQfJ, ns
lost yrnr. Mr, Rockefellcr sIuii.Ih ens
ily llrst among tho liullvldunl bonefntv
Hns, contributlng >?ot far from a thlrd
of the totol nniotmt. Mrs. RtlWRll Saflfti
Is second. and Amlrew Carnogle thlrd.
It Is Irtipoislblo that fo lai'ge n Btifri
shtuld bc dlstrlbuted. through wlso
tlh'cctors of Instlttitlons nnd other
ti.iined agents, wlihout tslntInctly bene
ficlal results?not mcrely ln tho slniplo
nnudloratlon of present hu*-nau niNory,
but ln pcrnmnout foclai bcttcrnicnt.
U Is easy to sneer nt somo of thc men
who mr.ko these large glfts possible,
to tnlk blttorly of Industrlnl plrncy, of
tflnicd money nnd consclence fitnds.
jLiut ns to money mndo under thc law,
or nt lonst In,such a way that tho law
[cnnnot Lako It back. it is far moro ln
i tho Intorcsts of soclety thnt such money
should bc glven to phll-inthropy thnn
kept hy inc holdcra of it If thero Is
!n talnt on a dollar. thero Is no better
iway of rubblng It off than by turnlng
it over to scmc ono clse tn use for so
(ia! progress. Lct nonc bell'ttle tho
dmiatlons ol phtlnntiirupicallv dispoecd
rich men, who have seon othor rlch
rr.nn honrd tholr money for worthlORB
scions to sprinklc along tlie G^-oat
White Way.
Thc Evenlng Sun of New York re
prints from nn oul-of-town weekly tho
followlng plnlnt from nn observant
nnd doubtless dlailluslonlssed dchutante:
? Thc young nicn who go to dances in
thls town need stirrinir up. They
don't nttend to tholr dutles as they
should, and, as n group. nre altogethor
too bnckward about coming forwnrd
und dnncinjj wlth tho ylrls. Can you
sungest anythlng to ftlmulato thclt
energles nnd nrdor?
No, madarri; he can't. Nobody In
the wlde world can. Customs nnd
niitnners chnnge Imperccptlbly, im
their movements are Irrbslstible
Just now they nre movlng stoadlly
toward making men "altogether toc
l:ackward about coming forward anc
doiiclrig wlth tho girls." And all tht
dcluitunt-.' protests and soelety-cdltoi
eounsel cannot stay them.
In thls apathy toward the ladles nnt
general enfec-bllng of tho chlvalrou:
Impulse, thc colder Nortli is many pace:
ahend of, or wc should more accttratol;
say behlnd, thls part of tho world
Thero tho young woman buys thc
thcatrc tlckets, sends thc caniagc, ani
strivea falthfully to minister to tln
young man's comfort. All over thi
country thc story ls much the same
yarying only in degree. The mattei
gr.es deeper than mt-rcly "stlmul.ttln;
the ardor" of "young men who go tt
dancc-s." lt becomes a questlon o:
gcttlng young mfen to go to dances a
all. It bf-coine? a question of kecplnj
['?Fpclety;' from beiiic; nn institutlon ii
whlch "nobody but women" is nnj
longcr Interestod.
Virginla, ihe cradle of pollshed ln
t'ercourse among Amcric.tn ladics an
gentlemcn, and thc early home of dc
votion fo tho perfect sex, has fel
somethiiipr of thls lrruption of the man
r.crs of a business age. What has be
came of 'he young man who used t
gnllop twenty miles of a dnrk nlgh
over wretched roads, to "vislt" for a
1 hour or no, nnd gallop twenty mllc
t|back7 Whcro <s the young man wh
danced till sun-up and passed from rt
luctant adleux to a hard dny's work I
thc flelds? No onc knows exactly, bi
wc rather suspect that he was lounf
Ing in hls club last night, grumblin
a llttle over a "duty-call" he had t
"' pay on thc next block.
It is always ;i pity to sco old cui
toms go, pnrtlculnrly whon they a
a.t cngagring- as those old ones wer
Rut there is consolation in thc stl
knowledgo that no changr; of manne
is over permnncnt. "The thlng" of o
generatloh beconios. the faux pns of t
next -The cyclo rcvolves, and befo
ir.ng we shall reach tho time when m
slougha off the somcwhnt self-centr
point of vlew which now govorna 1
recreatlon code: when ho agaln t
cc.mes woman's constant and devot
admlrer, and is not pleascd to pn
,s hls lelsurc hours away from her smll
Tho resolutlon adopted hy tho Ho'i
isterday requesting- the Judges
Famous Words of Famous Men.
" I Always InteBd to Carry My Sovereignty Under My Own
Hat"~Delegate ARCH1BALD W. CAMPBELL, West Vir.
ginia, Chicago, June 4, 1880.
It was Frlday, June 1, 1SS0, and
it was the third day of the Na?
tlonal Republlcasi Conventlon at
Tho partlsans of Genoral Grant
for a third term, under the leader
ship of Roscoe Conkllng. of Ntiw
York, wero mainly arrayed against
tho forces of James G. Blaine, who
wore led by Willlam P. Fryo and
lOugene Ilalc,. of the candldato's own
The llnes wero bolng nharply
drawn by thc supporters of tho two
nr nclpal jnen whose names wort.
beforo thc conventlon. Iriiniedlatuly
after the mornlng prayer hud beon
offered Senator Conkllng urose in
his seat and offered tho followlng
"Resolved. As the sc-nso of this
conventlon, that every member of it
ls bound ln honor to support Ita
i ornlncc-. whoevcr that nominco rr.ny
bo; and that no man should hold
a seat here who ts not ready to so
Mr. Halo aecepted tho resolut'on
In behalf of the frlends of Mr.
Ululnc. The questlon of adoptlng
thc resolutlon was put betoro -he
conventlon by Piesidcnt George F,
H'->ar. and lt was declared carrled
upon an aye and no vote.
Senatoi CnnkllnK then domanded
a call of States. "Plalnly and audl
bly." snld Ihe Senator, "to mo, and
to other*, necative votes were kIv>ii
? ?ii thls resolut'on,"
Upon a cull of States, there wor-*/
71B yeas nml :t na'vB, The tbreo nuys
ciunc from thu Stato of West \ lr
"I always intend to carry my sovnreignty under my own hat."
tlio Court of Appcals- to wenr tho
trndltlonii! and tlnio-honorccl judlnjnl
rObcfl ls woi'thy. nnd fihouM liu iiunttl
motialy concurred in hy tlio Senate.
Tho robes Klve aignlty to tlio-'court,
rnlnirhlBq thc olonient o? pcrsoiialUy
and nuignlfy thc Idea of an Instlttitton
of Justlce. They Imyo heen worn by thc
justlccs of the Unlted Stntca Supromii
Cjtirt elhce Its estabjlahmont, nnd there
ls no ronsomiblc oujectlori to tlio eu??
The Investlgntion Into tho lirowns
vlllu affalr cost tho govornrnent more
than $30,000. Dut the New York Suii
doclarca thnt lt was well worth the
money to mnko lt known that tho Idcnl
of tho Unlted States Govornrnent was
Justlce, oven ln mllltnry matters, and
thnt oven ln tho army u soldler. thous-.i
a negro. wus entltled to hls dny In
It was also worth somethlng to glye
Senator Foraker hls dny In court, aud
somethlng more to show that our army
bullets conlnln a traco of nntlmony.
A pure otmosphero ln govornmonl
ofriccs Is hoalthhil to good govcrn
nv.-nt. Honest and patrlotic men wll)
jnot nasoelntc. wlth croolcs. if crooks
are numcrous In our leglslatlvd bodies,
honest men wlll keep out, antl the
r.rooks wlll noon have full control. If
we cxpect to have honest men In hlgh
placesethere must be round about an
fttmosphore whlch they llke to breathe.
Mnko a bog and lt wlll soon flll up
V/Hll toads.
Our rcadcrs ln Texas who aro com
platnlhg because tholr onders for Oiu
Vlrglnia satuagc have not yet been
lillcd are requoated to stand put anu
he patient for a Lttle wnlle longc:'
Honie 812,285 pcrson-i from other Statis
vhot ln their orders ariead of Toxns,
and first conic first served ls tho ln
varlablo rule of Mrs. Skllllt and other
leadlng mnkera ln thls State. All seelt
era after llght are assurccl, however
that they wlll feel amply rcpald foi
any tvatt, however long, when 'once
they mott thls Incbmparablo dlet fae<
to face at tht. breakfast table, wlth
thc lusClous Sally Lunn slttlng dcnuire
ly on tho slde.
The Brlstol llcrnld-Courier spoaki
of Richmond ns i'a tediolls town." Slnt.
statfaticlans and governmont invcstl
jgators long ago dembnstrated thni
there ls more solld tedlifm in onc Glrl*
Frlendly Soclety afternoon ln Brlsto
than there is ln a whole year of t'ascl
nntlng- Rlchmond. Moreover, tho Rlch?
mond tcdium Is of a rarc antl striltlnt
iiuallty, Infinlteiy pnperlor to tl.e crudt
nnd half-wltted tcdium of browbeatoi
Notcs the Atlanta .lournal: "Mi?
Glyn says that she does not caro I
the postal authorltlos do bar her boni
from the mails." The lady being fullj
lallve to the theorem that It'pnys t<
j inlvr-rti.se, we rlsk the Rssortlon thu
; does care a whole lot.
Lct's call a spado a spaetc. Th>
slump ln dlamonds may iinply n los
of lnterest ln heart's, or mny mean onl;
a growlng fondnesa for clubs. Shall \vi
play to that?
The Chicago Record-Herald boasb
that Illlnois la the second oil-producin;
?itato ln tho country. Is Illlnois trylni
to becomo tho standard oll State'.'
"The demand for cotllns is incr?as
ing i-vory year," oltscrvn-j the Wash
'ugton Post. However, tho same oh
s'-rvni lon npplies ?3Uixlly to Bwaddllrig
ch'tl cs and pftrambulHtors
Tlie ?LOoo horso recently purchase
to carry Willlam H. Taft about Wasll
Ington Ia not guarantecd, however, t
dellvcr tho Big Secretary at any Pat
tlcular Destlnatlon.
Thc obvious drawback'ls that if the
send Henry Watteraon to Congre:
thero wlll bo uobody left to dlctate tl'
S col. paragraphlc sockdologers to tl
Democratic party.
Professor J. Lawrcnco Laughll
thinks that Mr. R003evelt ls a "flusl
bltiffor." The Prof.'s Unlversity i
Chlcago datcllne alono Baves hlm fro
iln; nlght-rlders of the Ananlas Club.
Martin Llttleton llved in Tcxas as
boy. .Thore ue gaincd his remarkati
knowledge of thc customs and mn
ncrr, of tho l'oeble-ininded.
Cuba does not bociu at all cager
have her Independenco. Al the sai
time it is not a thing that anyboi
elso can very well accept for her.
If Taft is the sole 'legatee of "r
policies," it does not appear that
nced fear any serious attempt to bre
the wlll.
Our money waits, on easy tcrms,
assert that Admlral Brownson can oi
slloncc any man of hls sizo and 0
in the Engllsh-speaklng world.
Let no taxpayer observe that Pn
araa statistlcs are as dull as dltc
glnia. Thcn Senator Conkllng pre?
sented a second resolutlon, which
he offered orally, and whlch was as
"llcsolved, Tbnt tho dclegates who
on this roll call have voted 'no' on
the resolutlon just adopted, do not
deservo to have. and havo torfelted,
thelr votes ln this conventlon."
This last move on the part of the
Grant leader brought Dek-gate
Archibnld XV. Campbell, of We.-U
V.rglnln, to hls foet. Mr. Campbell
mado a strong tivo-minute siute
ment in defonsc of his record as
a Republican, und he uttered tho
riuoted words, whlch wero receivod
wlth applause by the conventlon.
Thero was u long discusslon on thla
se.cond resolutlon. It was Mr. Gar
lleld. who bocanio tho convontlon's
noinlnue, that poured oll on the trou
bled wators.
'?Thoso three gontlomen from
West Vlrgln'a," said Mr, Garfield,
"have all sald here, in tho presence
of this conventlon, that they oxpuct
and intend to voto for our nornlneo.
And after the statemonts
that have beon made hy those gen
tlomen from Wost Virginia. I trust
the crertleinan from New York wlll
wlthdraw hin resolutlon."
The "gentlornari from New York"
adopted the ndvlce of the goiuleman
from Ohlo and wlthdraw hte roso
"But, Mr. President," sald Alr,
Campbell ln hls speech, "1 feol, us
a Republican, that there Is a prln
clplc in thls iiuesilon, nnd I never
wlll como Into ony convent'on nnd
uKi-oe lietorohund that whntever
may be dono by that conventlon
shall havo my IndorsemeuL Slr, a*
ti freo miin, whom God made fruo?
Rhymes for To-Day
lllj'JJJ ' l: "Swotil?swcctoilt( glrl!
Your llps aru red nnd tlnnply
My hcttd ln In n whlrl?
on, wluu duoH thut, iliui, Imply'.*"
Sho smllod u p, uii ,ind sald?
(llut.oru hc'spokc sho whlstlod)?
"Atl rlght about your litatl? i
Rut, boyj tlon't you bo mislcd." ^
tiuoth 1: "i'm nover cool ,
Whonovor you aro present:
But-should 1 prnvo a fool,
Alust you my folly rcriciit?"
.Smllod sho:"You hark to thls?
Page. 1 ln Cupld's Primer:
When proud mnlds sioop to Ulas,
'TIs nover with n rlmcr.".
"Ucar ono, "hogged I, "ho Hini.ll
h'ly wlth me tn a preiate?
Wht-re, wlth hridosninld--' behlnd,
I muy my truc love rchite."
"'TIb valn." Blghed she, "to jor, .
I'or Futc's a flcklo mlatress:
But stlll?I'm aorry for
Ybur man's honrt'tt lovlng dlatross.'
And thcn sho turned to go.
And loft rnc saddcr, snget",
?Jitt 1 soon dro\.nwl 1115' woo
Iti 9 doep draughts of lagcr.
H. g. II.
C'old and Calculatbig.
Ascum: "Did you actually have the ncrvc
t'i prnpose tn that Boston fflrl?"
Yerner: "Ves. I tolil her my heart beat
wlldly for lier nlono nnd--"
Ascum: "Sho dldn't bollavo yott?"
Yerner: "No; hIvi reached over nnd felt
my pulae."?Philadelphla Preas.
Xi>t For Mnrphy. .
' Mr. Mttrpliy: "OI want to buy a palr of
1 glcvcs."
Clerk: "Hcre'n somelhlng: I belleve will
lusi stilt you. It'it a sucde rIovc."
| Slr. Murphy: "Nlver, begorra! Ol want
Irish gloves. Swadc b'livis, indado!"?Kon
. sna Clty TImes.
, .Mean Trlck.
Eva: "Jack ls a brute*."
F.dna: "Why. dear?"
Eva: "Hc Snld lu was colng to nend r.10
! uoniethlng that would ittako my mouUi
? water.'*
| Eiinn: "Ah, a box of SO-cent ehocolates?'"
I Eva: "No, 110 sent u Icmoti."?Chlcuso
, A Motto ".Sul Gcncrls."
"My Chlne3o Sunday sehool pupll. who
has un eiitlntt IioubJ, whero he s'srvCB llbe:M]
ailcwanco* of chop uuoy, wants ma to glvd
Ilttrr. it motto for lt."
"Llberal wlth cliop stioy, la be?"
"Thcn why not proclnlm hlmself ln motto
, farl-.lon, 'i?uc-.v Retierous?'"?Daltlnnre
' .Vnn rlcan.
A FRIEND recently arrlvcd from Rlch
mond dcclares tliat lf thero were unv
old nill Skllllt In or about tho clty 't
wculd have beon a ploasuro to h.we hrou?hl
us ono of thosf.i far-famtd Imspltallty 'pos
st.ms. r.ehtctantly the concluslon ls reached
thrtt The Tlmes-Dlspatch ortranlzor of th ?
Paragraphers* Unlon has porpetrated a fake.
XV c wlll bt'f.-tn to doubt tho dlmpled red
headed wldows of Heavonly Houston If n.13
hf.rrosslon Ih contlrmed.? Xashvlllo Amerl?
Thu Rlchmond' TImes-DIspatch'l old illl
-f-killlt boom for thc I'opulist presldent lal
ncmlnatlon ls nbout to bnnk out of Henrlco
county. lf Blll can't round up votes ony
tnr re siiucessfully than he can caich Vlrglnia
PL>.?sums, then hc ls up against lt.?Atlanta
Tho Richmond Tlmes-Dlspatch objects io
our exprcsslon "to dlsloyally and reprehcn.?l
blv BQUelch." Oh, well, tlils is a strunuous
age. Wlten w-e split an lnflnitive, we spllt it
foro and nrt nnd wide open. No mo-ty
coiMiish spiittins for u;!?Washlngton Her
The Rlchmond Tlmes-DlBpatch speaks or
"The t'uise of Great Wealth." Any 0-1
?-.<-slrlhg to swear at us in th-it faslilun can
KO ahoad.?Montgomery Advertlser.
The Rlchmond Tlmes-Dlspatch calls at?
tention to the fact that If Orovcr Cleveland
tlyee untll after the 4th day of March l'joa
thc number of llvlng ex-Prosldonts wlll hc
increased 100 per cent. Our coniemporar-- 9
OMlmato is ontirely too conservatlvo. Th
Incicuje will be ai least 400 per cent.?
Brlstol Herald-Courier.
Tho Richmond Tlmes-Dlspatch man a?l:s
crntemporarles to bs easy. becauso "w0 havo
a nowrLesIslature In our midtit." Any nnd
overy klnd of liquor 1> good for that?sure
er.ough.?Nashvllie Amerlcan.
., 'l h.?^ Rlchmond Tlmes-Dlspatch tvr!te3 of
tho "Curse ol Great Wealth." Our conlem
ten*Vyb?nai? p,ro,'abl>' b"11 readlng of HoS
tcn s bank clearlnga of moro than one aml
n tourth bllllons of dollars durlng 1901 _
Kouston Post. . ???.."
Voice of the People.
The TtniOH-DlsiiaicIi ivlll prlnt
slKitcil httirs iiu nll iiiiestltins whlch
relatc to t|lt. publlc wrlfure. Such
tirlUles shuiiid uot exceeel In leujrlh
t??0 worrts, t-xcept under cxcoptliinnl
eireiinistaii,...,, un,i sliould be slgtu-tl
lvllli tlie i"rll nniiie of thc wrltcr.
jtnil Hhoulil lipnr hls or ber address.
Thc 11111110 of tho vtritcr wlll be
wfthhclt! If dcslred.
Those Dlvidend Obllgttions,
Edltor of The Tlmes-Dlspatch:
oir,?I notice wlth Intereat your cul
toria] entltle.l "Tho State's Water^d
tetocit in your issue of January 14th
Aa regards tho Rlchmond. Prederlcks
ourg nnd Pjtomac Hallroad, I think
you. are mlstaken. The original lasue
of dlvidend obligations tn 1881 repre
sentcd. to the best of my knowledge.
the only return the common stook
-.-.?-.., ,,..,, i,..-i;,vcu muvi; liic i^ivh
"a!'. and represented money earned
which money bolongc-d to the stock
holders, Inu was not dlstrlbuted and
was used for improvements and better
rnents. Thereforc, to my mlnd the dlvl
clend obllgatlons do not represont wa?
ter, but money earned and not dls?
trlbuted In currency.
If any railroad earns proflts which
rlghtfully bclong to its st^ckholders
but are withheld for extraordlnnry Ini
ljro>eiiicin>, u :uems tne company com
mits no wrong when certlficatcs repre
sentlng such earnings are glven to Its
| stockholdi rs. a caoc in point Is thc
| recent actlon of tho dlrectors of thc i
Missourl Paclflc road. The money rorj
i the regulnr semlannu.il 2 1-2 per cent.
I dlvldend waa earned; the conymny had
I tiscs for thls money and declared the
, dividend payable ln'stock.
As most people understand, "waterc-d
stock" means stook Issued not repre
senting any aciual money or proper?
ty put In the company. *n copnoctiin
with thls I would llke to remark, that
no far ns the wrlter has talkod wlth
the people oi tho Southern States. hc
falls to finti that thev approve of the
dractlc legNlatlnn enticted by Uh lrtw
makers nnd roron.dtion oomnilsskinp
agalnst the rnilrnads. From what
clnxs of peonle other than tho nom
mercl.il tr...v. u,-- dld the great hue nnd
cry for lower nainongor fares come?
I have not dtscovered many wln
thought 3 cents ner mlle too hlgh. Bv
wbnt procosi of roasonlntr should a
oorporotlnn thnt ha<" net advancfd it*
prices for tranioortatlon be l*?glslat*>d
atrtiln.?t to r< duco Its passenger fares
30 per cent. uriesa to crlople Its re
sources, nt ;, time when Iabor'? wm
is nt Its maximuni, tlea'55 to 82 cents,
and all other mt'cles renulred. ln pro
portlon; Urmirnla inndeciuate. insuf
fcient ear.s, ,r.. 1 Inhor an ls ulwaya
tb? ca^e ur-der a hlgh 'wnge. most ln
efnelort? The South nfeds better ?er
vio?i nnd no dlccrlmlnatlon ln rata*;
not lower vatc, Thls cannot be ob
tBlnc-d If wl :,t tho road>* have to. aell
Is reduced ln nvico whlle what thev
purclutsc ls rlslng. Aa a matter of
foct we mi-.-t accept n lower standard
of servlco ti-n,, horotoforo exl?'ea?
.SonieiHtt. Va. X. a. X.
b'ulv-erkHy iJegrcrso
Edltor of The Tlmes-Dispfttch;
SIi-.-Ah ;,? niuninua of our great
unlvcndty, i ,i,..s|r(. i0 eTiter my hum
hle nroicai uguinsi thq effort tpoheop.
en thoiic d. ;-,,,? that impoft hUrt
Mifilnmlilp. lt ls not a qticptlou wh.it
, hnr iinlvernlllcK havo tlono or may
j. Tho (iiichIIoii Ih, shall our own
rtlvOI'nlty lower her llng Of contlmio
i inniiiiiiiii her hlgh htiindiirds? ror
very long tlinu thero havo been
:cnslonal efforts to dlsplnco areeii
nd Lntin ln tho scb75mo of hlghcr cd
catlon, but aucli eftorts have Kener
lly fuiled beciuiso of tlio ' liitrlhalc j
itefulness of those Ifuiguugfifl. In vlew
f tho wonilorfiil clvllIzalloiiH of Greecc
nd Itome, ? atlll potnnt ln their ln.
uenco upon tlie ,thouglit nnd lltera
ires of thc world, and ln vlew of thc
daptatlon of these two clrumlenl lan
unBcs to purposen of, inenlnl troln
ig, lt has been* Wisely concluded that
ity should retnln the place thty won
i tho Unys of thc revival of lct
ls thero any good reason for dls-?
laclug tliem now? Can tho timo nec
sanry for urqulrl-.'K- them oo more
sefnlly omployed In other atudles?
ortnliily. I thlnk, In innny ensos, the
upll will do better to glvo hla time
: other atudles. It ls ti'ot puasiblo
hat every one may attuln to hlgh
t'liolnrslilp, nor Would lt be doalruble;
rd CVen nmong thorte cnpiible of hlgh
ilucatlon. speclal clrcuni*tiinces may
tiggesl tlie grenter titlllty of other
tu'dlcs for them; but whorevur tiicro
i tlio opporlunlty and deslre of ue> j
ulrlng a llbcrol education, nueh as
?111 llt a mnn for the church, Ihe bar.1
ledlclne, tcnchlng. anthorshlp or even
or a Ilfo of lettcred euso, I do not
ec how Greok and Lntln can be tvlse
.? nmlttrd. They cnter very largoly
parllctilarly Latln) Into tho formatlon
f Engllsh. French. SpunMi nnd Italinn
nd nro of great service In the critlcal
tudy of these langunges. They con
tltute the vclilcle of much of tho
?orld's greatest lltorature whlch. whlle
lado famillnr to ino it of us through
he medium of trunslattons, is yet
lore thoroughly loved and appreclatc-d
In our youth we have gnined somoi
nowledsro of It In the orlglnnl.
I thlnk. however. that porhnps the.
nlqiie advnntnge of a study of these'
lasalcal languages Ues ln their traln :
ig power nnd thnt it is an ndvantage
? hleh Is not so well supplled by any,
f tho modcrn tongtuj.s. nor hy hlstory.
hllosophy nor mathematlci.
Bv far the grenter number of the'
rohlems of life wnfch we are, called
pon to Bolvo must be soived not bv
lathematlcal but by moral rea?onlng.
Vo can rarely havo mathematleal ccr-1
ulnty in the thou?and and one ques- i
lons whlch cOme up ln our daily llfo.
lcro the thcory of probahllltles comesl
n. and we'.must cxerclse our best
udgment in vlew ot all tlie elrcum
tances. The cultlvntion of the Jurlg-I
nont ls far moro Important than the' (
nere acciutsltlon of facts. No other
tudy porhnps can Impavt such sanltv
if judgnicnt. such mental uhirlty, us
ho study of these two classlcal lan
fiiages. Take. for, instnnco. an ode
if Horacte, a trrgedy ot Eurlpldes or a
lasiuge from Thucydldes. The student
Inds many words whose nioantna; he
loos not know"; he turns to the loxl
:on and llnds :i number of entlrely
lifferort mennlrigs g?>>cn to the word
le Is oxanilning. Th'- r|uestl->n Is wbnt
?i tho meanlng of the word 113 used
ty tho nuthor, ard here hls |ud<cment
s brought Into play: ho mu?t make a
oxtunl crltici-m: ho must cmislder thc
lonnectlon. the subject motter. the
hought of th- author. and ln view of
ill the probnbllltles dcclde upon tho
lunnlng 6f the word in the text. Thl?
iroceis of moral I'POSOnlng gnes on nnd
m. day after dny, for several years.
i"d tnu?t result ln lmmense benefit to
he stuflent. who ls honei*t and co"
icleiitinus. and rollos upon himself
md not upon translations made by
It ncpni to me that Lntln and Greek
>ugnt b-.;s to be- In tVi0 B. X. cour=e_
?fftalnly. Lntln oiurht not to be tnken
oit of it. ThM Lajin languagc- ls nn
!nterwov??it wlth our own tongiie .-ivd
its llt?r.tturfi;ther? nre so lvnnX- L/?t|n
iunta.t|fp??i In onr EnWl?h authors; that
i hicheior nf art? who was Igno'-nnt
?>f Lntin flf bo dld not Cut a rwfher
<orry flgure among j?e1mlar?0 wriuid at
least be often at 11 gr?at dl?i?dvantBge.
He conlii pr.t ioivi. thnt d?llcate nnd
iVtlmate annreclatlbn of his own i?n
gunge vhlcli a kno-wlediro of l.-ilin
would glv*- hlm. f'ir. r?"t in our ro?i
mnn <n,o?.f.h. but in lltorature. oLoui
one-half the word' In use rom*1 froni
tho Latln or tlie Romanco langungc-K.
When our- [i"iv.rolt^ pends out one ot
lier sons with the d--cfee of IJ. A. II
eucht to rtieiui si-'in-tbing nnd shon'ti
not ho a coi't of lucu? n ron lucet'do.
A hlgh otnndnrd of soboin?hln. r??t?v?r
than n largro niimher n' ?-t'id','*l?. rrplccs
a groat unlver?lty. JOHN HL'NTKR.
Btmcinrbo PI1I*.
The Richmond* Times-Dlspatch has
some wisc wordi upon btlricombe bllls:
In Cnngreiss?bllls that are inttoducid
by Sonators and Representatlvos who
do not expect them 10 be passed, or
even con.sidercd. The hablt of national
leglslators to brlng ln measiires "by
rcquest." or measures which they know
wlll catch votes utnong their con
stituonts, but whlch they also know
cannot pass, and some of wlilch they
do not Lhemselves favor. ls growlng
with the loss of Independenco by the
House of Represcntatlves. Senator Mc
I.aurln, of Mlssltsslppl, for e-xninple. luis
Introduced a blll provldlng for an Is?
sue of currency agalnst Tu per cent. of
the value of cotton to bo deposlted m
Unlted States deposltaries. Uepresetl-,
tatiye Clark has Introduced a blll pro?
vldlng for the sale of the Phllipplnes.
The Tlmes-Dlspatch might have added
a long list of currency bills whlch have!
r.elther sente nor slgniflcance?in al-l
most every Instnnce Introduced by
men who havo llttle, If any, knowledgo!
of banking or of money problenis. Tliii^
oxtravagancc ln Introduclng bills ls
Part of the buneombe whlch Is furthcr
exhlblted ln tho printing of speeches
that are never dellvored. The Tillls
and the speeches are prlnted and dls?
trlbuted at the expense of the govern
me-nt for the purpose of assurlng cred
? ulous constltucnts of the actlvltv and
j industry of their Sonators and Rcpre
sontatives. Men who nre worthy of
! their pluces In tlio Fcderal legislaturo
do not Indulge ln thc practice of shoot
ing off these blank cartrldges fov the
nolse there is tn them, and inen who
do practlce lt wlll bo cqred when the
country .becomes conscious of the trlck
and comprehends its motlvo.?Harper'a
Weekly, January 1&th.
ISnilil to Mu"iihsn.?.
Edltor of Tt'e Tlmes-Dlspatch:
Slr,?I understand from your edito
rlal this mornipg that you favor
thc bill for parallellng tho Rlchmond.
Prederlcksburg and Pitomac Railroad.
provlded tho new road be extended to
Manassas. So di I, although It -would
walvo this for tho benents to accruo
to the people along the line between
Kredcricksburg and Manassas.
The facts. however, I understand to
be tlicisc. Tho people who are asktng
for the new road aro the same who
asked the* Corporatlon Commission for
o chartcr to build a road to Tappahan
nocl; via Ashland. whlch was refused
them by tho commission. But thelr re
fu?al was ovorruled' by tlio Court or
Appeals, on tho grround tbnt lt would
nol parnllr] the R. P. & P., but was
going to bc bullt to Tappahannouk.
They hnve bullt to Ashland only. with
no prospect** in slsbt nt the road bo
(n?r extended to Tappnhannock.
You know the suinc people have ask
eti the Corporatlon Commission" for a
Charter to build a ro?d from Dr>>--well
to Mnn,is?as, vla Froclor'ekcburg. and
from Fredfrlcksburtt to Washlngton. D.
C. Now, if thev aro ln carnest ln tbia
requi"--t, then I nm In favor nf glv
ing them tho charter, provlded the-y cu
ter Into a oortrabt to build Urit tbe
end frora Fred?rlckehui'g to Manassas.
Youra truly.
1511) EAST MAIN.
Baah, Hll'ula, Doors. Mouldlngl.
Large Stnclt. I.ow I'rlcvs.
WOOI?WAlU) * SON, Illi'lnum.il, Vu.
Where the fine? biscuit,
cake, hot>breads, cru?s
cr puddings are required
l&yal is ind:spensable;
Not only for rich or fine food
or for special times or service.
Royal is equally valuable in the
preparation of plain, substantial,
every-day foods, for all occa
sions. It makes the food more
ta?ty,nutritious and wholesome.
50CIAL and
ot Sottth Third Street, gave a
I.eap Year prupo^al party on
Frlday e-venlng.
Tho novelty of tho enter
alnnir-nt, nnd the carneiitne.'"s with
, hleh thc young ladles addressed
hftnsolvcs to tho task of proposlng
rovcd very' dlvcrting to onlookv.v.
liss Fanny Kent. of Southwest Vlr
Ir.la, won the prlzo for boing tho
iost Hticcessful proposer, anj thc palm
i-as awarded to Mr. Buclianan for a
efusul made wlth the happicst dogrec
f nonchalance.
Hcfreshments were servcd through
ut tho ovcnlng, and the host an 1
lostesa succecdcd ln giving their
rienda n thoroughly onjoyablo tlme.
The Doralno Ilnll.
An attractlvo sochil event of Thurs
!ay cvening will bo the hoap Vcnr hall I
0 bo given ln Masonlc Tcmple, under
lu- dircction of Miss Rbsalie Mlines
mtl Mlsa Ella Illnford.
(olunel Thomas B. Mc Adams wlll
.-.-i.i tho gcrman, and the patronrsses
if thc evening wlll be Mrs, Willlam U
teyall. Mrs. Thomaa Bolllng, .Ir., Mrs..
Jliariea Hhields, Mrs. Robert G. Ben
u>!d?. Mrs. C. C. Watker, Mrs. Fred
'itasants and Mrs. Thomas Slokos.
The chaperoncs will bo Mrs. John A.
'Joke. Jr.. Mrs. Brucc Bowc, Mrs. James
r. Itutherfoord, Mrs. Frank Ilobson.
Mrs. I. N. Vaughap. Mrs. E. B. Sadtlcr.
Mrs. Edmiind Bens'on. Mrs. Gllbcrt Wel
len, Mrs. Stuart Bowe, Mrs. Robc-it Pe
jram, Mrs. Jullan Blnford, Mrs. Bobcrt
\\". Wiliiams,' Mrs. Willlam Taliaferro
md Mrs. Thomas B. McAdams.
Young ladlos aro re-ijuested to ?ccuro
Llrktts from Miss. Blnford,' at So. SO"
West Grace Street: Mlss Milnes, at No.
30S West Grace; Mr. Blnford, at No.
111 East Graco, or trom Mr. Georgo D. j
Morgan. j
To Glve Recital.
Tho esecutlve commlttee of the
Junlor Auxlliary of St, Paul's Church?I
an organIzallon nottd for ihe eihcletil
help lt rendcrs th*: Rasgod Mountaln
Mlsslon and other noody mlsslons?ls!
arranging to glve an organ rccltnli
at St. Paul's Thursday evening at S:30|
o'clock. Tlie commltteo ls composcd!
of Misses Mnrc-retta McGuIre. Loulsel
McAdams, Courtenay Crunip, Laura
Itutherfoord; Mrs Weddcll. Mr.?. Thos.
Pureell and .Mrs. Fred Noltlng.
An oxcellent program hns beon ar
ramred. Mr. Bon Potter, of London.
England; Professor Ernest Cosby. of ]
All Saints': Professor Belnhardt, Mlss;
Annle Loulse Belnhardt, vlollnist. ard j
Mrs. Clifton M. MUler, soprano, wlll|
take part. " '
No lickets wlll be sold, but an offer-[
tory for the beneflt of auxlliary work
wlll bo taken up durlng the recital.
Tho members of the auxlliary aro
hoplng to have a good attendancc.
Tca a SucceHN.
Tho Japaneso tca given by tho For?
est Hill Clrcle of King's Daughters
yesterday evening, proved tt very ploas
"ant success.
Tho tca was glven In thc homo of
Mrs. >Leland Rankln, and Japancae
decorations were very pretty. A mu
1 sical and dramatic recital wus pro
ductlvo of much entertalnment.
Dr. Toir.bo ut Woman'H College.
Dr. Tombo, of Columbia CMlcge. New
York. gave a scholarly and beautlful
lecture on "The Sources of Wagner's
Opcras." beforo the student of the Wo
| liian's College, iheir guest3 and frlends
ln the college chapel last night. '
I A large audlence was present, and
! tho staff of the Chlsel, tho Woman's
fniierrr. finnrtorlv. doservo much credlt
for having secured so distlnguished a;
sponker as Dr. Tombo. i
The students of Rlchmond College
wero the speclal guests of tho even?
Tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Mlnor
Marks, ln Gooch'and county. wa.?. tho
acene of a nrftty mnrrlago Wednes
dayat :30 o'clock, when tholr daughter,
Susle, hecamo tho brlde of W. J. -Mor
rls, of Norfolk. Tho eovemony was per
f-irmed by the Rov. John . . White, of
Fluvunna county. The brlde wn? ot
tlred ln a travellng suit of blue cloth.
wlth hat nnd gloves ,to nmleh. The .it
tendants were Misses f^v^.-Mnrhs
nnd Ullle B. Morrts:, Messrs Bled-joa
Morrl ? and Robort S. Marks. After
spend'.ng several days In Rlchmond the
voung couplo wlll leavo for thelr fu?
ture homo ln Norfolk.
Persoual Mcntlon,
Miss Jennif G. Johnrton, of No, 118
South Flfh Sireet, left last week tur
Plorlda. Cubu and other Southern
M'"-s I-vov Daniel has Just returned
from a vh-ii to hor parents it Arcadla
Ch"ri"tt? county.
Former Sta'e- Senator and Mv, J?hn
I> Jeffrles have announoed th" engago
' ment of thelr daughter, Le?ll6 to Dr.
Raymond Wallaco. ot Chnttanooga
Tonn. The date of tho woddtng is stt
for tho last of February.
Mlss Janlo Watklns, of Houston, Is
spendlng somo weoks with frlouds In
Mrs. Hugb Nelson Page, Mra. Allco
Starke und her sons, Newton and Alex,
hava just returned to tholr homes ln
Norfolk, from an extondotl trip to tho
Paciflc oonst.
Miss Annle W. Broaddus, of Bowllng
Green, spent a part of last week in
Rlchmond. ?
lleiid "Thc Stwre-Struvk Glrl," 1>>
Snrnh licriiluii'tK, lu .Sunilnj'a TImes
[n Mary's Reign
Hy Daroneaa Rmmuaka Orczy,
-opyrlght. 1907, by Emmuaka Orcry.
All Rigbts UoBerved.
CHAPTEli .YV-?Continued.
Ursuia, In thc mldst of those con
ndlng partles. was, novertheloss, de
rmined to gain her end. Too unso
il tlcated to attempt a aerloug in
Igue, she relied on her woman's in
inct to gulde her to succ?sa Her
tlic plot to brlng Hls Grace to her
resonce that attcrnoon had falled.
robably owlngp to the Queen's kccn'
:urai.n; and tho young glrl, for the
rst time slnce her arrlval at court. felt
enuinely mortltled and not a llttlo
ispalrlng of ult.mnte trlumph.
Thc- Duke, evldently, had no deslre
> raeot her, or ho would have nccom
lished that end sotnehow. Tliere wns
nt much thnt Hls Grace wlshcd thut
Id not zooner or later como to pays.
Ofcvlously, for the momenli he va?
lad enough to remaln free of thofe
onds whlch truly were none of hls
inklng. Chlvnlry nlono mignt f?mpt
Im to fultll Lord Truro's dying wishes, '
ir the Into Earl and Ihe Dukc's own
ithf.r liud been the closest of friends.
raula'fl pride, however. would not
Ilow her lo nppetil to that ch.vairy:
hut she wnnt'-il was to gain hls love.
Out of her ohildlah adinirutlon for
Ite boy had grown a klnd of poetlr.
itercst ln the wan. more than fostered
v the great- popularlty e-njoyed by
V'ossex. nnd the pralses of hls per
oriality. sung on every alde. Ursuia
ras stlll too young to be in lovo witii
ught else snve with love Itself. wlth
er own Imagtnatlve fancy. her own
o-ceptlon of what her future husband
hould be.
Ho should be good to look nt?J1K0
fas ex! Hlgh-born and gracloub?.Iko
Vessex! A king ntnong men. wltty
nd accotnpllshcd?llke Wossex!
"H ?ly il'g.n! Ic t tno have him for
line own!" waa her constant. chlldish
? rayer.
The glrl was not yct a woman.
Thus niuslrg and medltatlng. 6l.e
trollrd out Into the garden. slnglng
s she went All the malds of honor
lad been blddcn to walt on Her Ma
eetv In the audlence charnher save
,ml'v Ursuia Glyndo and Miss Mar
ravc-i Cibi'am, whose servlces would
lot be reuulred. The Duchess of Ln
olr. shrewdly guessirg from thls'sum
noiis t'-nt Hls Grace of Wesst-x wa?
v ihe Queen's cbmoapy, had glven tho
wo voung ladiea Itavo to war.der
?,Mther they pl-eaaed.
f.:idv Marirnrft hnd nleaded a head
iche and curled herself up ln a win
low-embrnsure with tho expross Inten
?on of dolng nothlng at all: but
Jrsula'. with a burnlng deslre for free
loin and a Inntrlng for flowers, birds
ind sunshlne, had wandored out into
.he open.
A porterre of mnrguoVitOB was lnid
uit close to tho. terrace. Moonlng.
lri-nrnincr. slnglng. she had plcked a
JUnch of these and was mechan'cally
erurklng their snow-whltc petals one>
i>y one.
D'd sha guess what n dainty pletnre
she made. as'she stood fKr one mom?nt
irsiri^ the pbnd. her pHmmerlng gown
of dellcale white g'lstenlng agalnst s.
backgr'uind of ''ark RTcen yews. lier
1-silr" shlnipg llke cold beneoth the
K.ift l-pvs of the October sun? Hor
swert face was bert down. earnestly
'ptp"t upon consultlpe the flowery
orne'e: a del'c^te ar-ai'ow. tbet soft.
nonrlv grey tone beloved of Rubens.
feU linon her srtrll-b r-reapt. her soft
rmi"d arms, tho riainty hands which
h'e'd the rnnrsueflte.
"He loves ?>*?." uhc spM. hnlf aud
Ibiv, "a llttle . . . p&?slonatety . . .
'"?t at a'l. . . . Ho loves me . . . a
lltt'e ..."
So wrnmed un wn? she |n these lm
nn't?i-l rlfs, t^Ot P^O dld r>?t bep'" a
mufflfid foritptr-o un"" tho g-nvol. Tbfc
re>-t moment s>'e frlt two flrm v-anda
unmi h*r wi>'?t, wr-Prt a lnueMnn:
v.n'ce onmni?i?'l the dalsy'a prophocy:
Sbo e-ive n llttlo ensn. but dld not
IrnmodiPtely t'??-n to lo-Mc vbo t'-e l>i
trtiflrr wn". Hpr wnian's in?t'pot had
filrl her thst. nfl t'-en vuo k^ew . . ,
or guc"sed the sound of his v^ic*. The
'?-ine>-t l-?d poino pt lP?t. Tt h?d beon
none of her seeklng: she dld not pausc
to th'rk bow lt hnd nll b^nneped: siift
ovlv fe't t'o't be wns nesji' her nnd
thnt her llfc'c 1 -p^r-inopn r'epended nn
whefher he tboii^'-t her falr.
T'-P nlensint llttle demon of or'rlldi
poritiefv i.o-|snefoi- to '-or thnt In the
n>l-i?-t of IMi poetlC PPltliB1 Of Pn bld
world gnrde.n. he would be hard to
n^p?p in.ipori if ho dld not fall a vlo
tlm to her pm'lp.
S'^e tiiri'ed n"d fneed hlm.
"Ah!" phe FPld, ?"-'?'? n llttle c'v of
jv.<cr?Pri pn'rprlse. "His Cl-nef of Wos
soy' ... I ... T vw vou f-isrvt?i"ed
mo. rriv lord. . . I thoug'-t thls pnn t\f
the garden ciuite de^crted. and . . .
n"'i i*'. rinii-o of Wfssex at tho feet
of 'ti-e, Oik-po."
S^-,, in^l?prl itlvi^o,v profty ns sho
Btood the-o bpf^pe h'm ? doMonte,
>t.-v>iis Mtt'o b!u"h surfi'-l"^ hei
,.^,,^f, pVpolf.; her rvrp vo'lrfl l-v a
f-lnp-o ^f i^j-voa ol|n>l-l'v dn-ker tNm
\.f*. e-^hi,-... i-ni<-?ps de^-t" ti nl-iure
o- t<-ls fustldious man hnd ever gazed
upon. ________
(To bo Contlnuec] Monday.)
Rclievea the aches antl feverishnowi
Contolna No Acetanllldv

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