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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, January 18, 1908, Image 6

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Siib.Mantinl Progscss in Digcstioii
of Speculatiye Profit
m;\V YORK, Jununry 17.?Substan
....'] progreHs wns mndy to-day In tho
ligi-.xtlon of spcculn.tive prollt-tnklng.
trlilcii ha."* been ncctimtilallrir" on the
i..,-I- mnrkct f*>r ??*vi ral tlays past,
.?;?. riiurp *rerictl6n whlch dovolopcd
i-i-Hlerdoy wns uiilto tvldcly exlended
Surlnrt the narly trndlng tn-dns*. nnd
iilordcil ruicr I'.'li'i from the p'rest-ure
?>nrlng "ii the ninrkel lhat tlio way
,ii,.. opened for n mnterlnl reco\*_ry.
-i*h, ii.-.-iis 'ii>ii iiui-ii oetlv'e short sellors
.'i tlio <)?-< 1 ln<. nnd llie-lr ac.tlv,) tleman'tl
,. eovor helptvrl the rcbountl. So also
..-..I tho circulation of rumors of Impcir
tnnl chfttiges in iiimiiclnl Ihstltullons,
npticlally an alleged pnsslug uf xuntrol
Uf ti"- Equltablc Life Aisurante So
., ty to -1. P Morgan & Co, Tlils
-rtimor, couplcd wlth the nggresslve ad*
? ,.ncc In Nortborn Paclflc, wns tlir* cr
recllv'e fac-tor ln;.turnlng Iho market
nnd drlvlhg tiie boara to rout. Money
rnnrkots pvivv strlklng evldenro of thc
btitlnued grrowih of banklng resorves,
;.,.ili hore and nbroad. Tho vloleiit
??n'rJy decllne ln prices coritred largely
*n the metnl InduslrialB. Tho late re
cVv.eri' waa woll nuilntaliieil, and lnst
prices wero near tho best. Bonds were
ht-avy. Total sales. par value. $.'!,
SCO.OOO. Unlted States bonds were tin
? luingeil on call. Totnl sales to-dAy,
NEAV YORK, Jantlary 17.?Moncy on
.i,U easler; 2 l-2'*2 '.",-1 per cent.;
rulln'g rate, - 1-'-; closlng. bbl. 2 S-4lK\
offered nt ''. Tline loanii ensy, st'xty 1!
xlnysand ninoty dayp", :. por ceh'_; slx!'1
?ii?$4.S5. Bar sllver,'56 ,3,-8. Mex- K
dollars, ?!?(. Government UondH
Rollroa'd bonds hcayy. L
Rlchmond, A'a., January 17, 100*..
Virglnia Cepttirles?I.OOO at ?:'j; 3,000 ut;
,i--. 1.000 a*. :?:*;
Itichmon'd City ls?1,000 at "J9>-.
. "s Oid. C. and R-. IO?-:.
ii. Crnlui i.-?. :'-3. C. aml It.
,..-h. City ls. C. and n.
c- U
l&! i
? -. il ?' iti Bank. . 1100
?.-..- S itlonal.l"..
:i Bank of Rlchmond, . 59
?r. Locomotive pfd.
,.-. T"b. i p. ct. bonds.
er. Tc-b. c p. c. bonda. S.3
.'. C. C. col. tr. 5 p c bds ...
?Caro'.ir.a, C'hcm. tom.... 100
:*_*?* YORK. January 17.?There was
vy reallzltig. In tbe cotton market durlng I,
dny'a sesslon. notwlths'.-indlne Lhat price: '
ercvl r.c-w Ulgh --round tor tlio nioverucot;
i Ii) iplto of a late setback closed net un
instd to 3 polnts, hlglier on old crop
r.tlis to a decllne of S polnt*. on October.
c final tone vas pirely steady. Sales ."???
sated at. iuO.OuO ba|e&- Thc market open
fttadv. but very lrregular at an ad.
:cc of i poictf to a di.cllr,e of ?! poln'-i,
ir menths being InfJuonceJ hy steady | -
les an-l eovurltiB, whlle ialo.r posltions I;
re lower under beavy ceni-ral reallzin .-. I '?
1. tho !s-t as u nhulc sfilllri-- off to a r.*t!'?
. Of 10*6-13 pulni? Ouiinc tlic c-ai K -ic-.?-1 ??
u This wa.- foliov.-cd by a rather l-isi* '
Ivc and irregular market durlng tho mll- '
i m<
? !;, I
on -, ri n.-wul of I,u1! sunpnrt/ '
"i carrled March "... 11.73 and'
or l';;-j li polnta not highe'r. \\
? ? cli.si there ??.< tremondoui 1'
f'.r long account. ti" donot, ;
iiiu.r lhat tlu- buttleshlp <".'(.n-!:
'???*i suhk ln nioliai-Dor. riila!
,s^ku^ii!iy dcnled, but not t>,:-|
1 been a breali Of nbout toTfi i.
J.T he mnr- .
"iin-'l ?
.a!?s of long cotton <lm Iiir tho day
i reactlons noted .wen not coilslderod
..- In vlew ol Iho ruct ili.uti tiie higii ]
e-vel prices bad iicored nn ndvanco .of S3
olnta liuin Ui.. low flguro on Wodnos'day
mornlng. Southern spot ailvlces were g'eii
?-rally hulllsh, and there wns tnll: of more
icttvo dernanir from nplnnera.
Ilecolpts nt the port.s to-,lav were -10 OSfi
tislei agalnst ?,013 * last weo'k and 51,303
.im ycur. For tlic- weolt 230,000 bales
iiraln-t *-"??3.0Sl lafi week and 3IS.7S1 lar.t
?.ear. To-day'e recelpts at New OrleiuiH.
.Oil t.alea agalnst o,7to lan year, .-\nd at
ticueton 5,75,7 bales agalnst n,U6 last year.
Cotton futures opened st?ady and clojed
iately steady.
Open. Hlgh. Low. cios
"lanuary .11.52 11.57 11.3S 11.47
r.l-iuary .11.Sl 11.33 u.n -..,-,?..
v':rc!: .H.C3 11.73 11.47 tl.r.-j
",''" .;l-e' . 11.62
JlD"' .H.Cs U.7G 11.52 ll.'BS
I1"'' .,'-,'? H-'-t ll.f.O 11.51
'"?ly .U.48 11.60 11.31 11.47
f"'",''t ."-30 lt.no n.m lusg
'Cluba- .10.72 lu.71 10.6:, io.CC
fipot cotton closed Ktendy, 15 polnt- ad
weov -rTiiaailng ur.lunris. 12.55; lnlddllng
cr>If. 1;._0; rules, GOO bales.
Cotton. steady; inlildllng, 1D.:.*,; Rrr.<
0,'iitf. t'43 bales; stock; 130,,S!>7 balea.
'Iotu! . to-day at all ports?Net recelpts
.'.?'i;.c bales;'.export to (irent Brltaln 8 *>24
-??i'tB', to the Contlnent, ?;i.7-.,7 ha]...'-- ?tock
? ;7.].jl bales.
? ?onsolidated at all ports?Net recoipt-',
. ' -JPort t? Oreat Brltaln. 13!),
11,400 balet;
1.* balc-s; to France. 10.SOS bales; to tlio
Por.tlnejnt. 147.333 bales; to Japan, 15,021
lotal slnce SeDtomber lst nt all ports?
. -, recelptH. 5.7H,801 bales; export to firiuit
fi-i-iln. l.Oll.SM Imles; to Friinc,.. 521,496
? -r, the Contlnent, 1,011,185 bales: to
!u:;,50S bales; to Me\*lco, 1,299 Imles.
Jniun, i
XEW YORK, January 17.?FLOfK?Qulet
lh ,,"?-;' s"'u'I>'' , rj-Vl-' Flour? Flrm. it?f-i(.
r , J'b'ii'?"-teaily. Cornmenl antl Rye?
.i .'?', *!?a:r"**poi ??''m: J>'?" - .od, *i.06*i
?"jator. Options ?'?Ufl*'c. hlnher. Jlay
tl-UH; July. *l.or,-f,. Corn?Spot tlini; No
iuV.ui. """lln;*l elevator, Onllona ii0. not
highe-r. Alay, ;o?ie.; July. Ciltjc. Oats?
-not market duii; mlxod. :,3V-c.
I'eer?Steady. Cut Meata?Quiet. Lard?
& Co.
"5MablU-rn.il Its* .
Vew York Stock Exchange,
Nbav York Cotton Exchange.
Investment Securiti.es,
Bv Thomas Brancli & Co,, Bankcrs and Brokers.
Open. Hlgh.
lW'Ania-Chfllfiiers .i',6 0'4
100 Allls-Clmlmors, pfd. lflVs 1916
,7C> Atnnlgitniiited Coppef ... ."1 r,tn?
Ariierlean Cnn .
500 AnierlcO'i I'nn, pfd. .vi'i 5U4
,5C0 Anvr. c'nr nnd Foiinilry H1i.. :!l"j
200 Amer. Car iinii Foun., pfd Dt' " ii'i
Amerlcan Cotton uli.
MW .\in mIi-m i Lo'comottvo ... :ii''>. ' i
-"HAm.r. l.,ocdmotlve, pfd... !U " !>|
.7'ii' A'nierlcnn Hm>.|tliiK ...... 7."'.. i'l
,Wl Amer air, Stignr . luifa UiWJ
I" Amerlcan ToBitcco, lioniA HiOVS 2fl0
100 Amerlcan Tobacco, pfd.. mh, Ni'i
,17:" Anncoriilii Copper . :i'iffr 33
.100 Atchlspn. rini 73K
IC0 Atchlson.'pM. sm w
lf?0 Atlantlc. Cdnnt l.lnr. 7:s 7:;
,v"' H.iltlimirc I'liil Uhfo. .V-''.. MH<
?"", Brooklyn Rnpid Triinstt. II " W.
,?io Cnniidlnn Puftlfic .V... MD i:>'i'<
i"i I'liesnpi-iike uti.i Olilo_ ;:r.. ::r,
(XO Chlcago Great Western.. h% Z%
,W0 i-iii.. mii. and Ht. 1'niii... u:,-u HT
' 'li.. AI. i<ii<l St Pnul, pfd.
,>'p I'lilrngo tttld Nnrthwest.. lflfl IS2
n? Clev., t:iii? Chl. and tit. L r.n'- MJi
.'? 00 Colorado Fuel nnd Ironi, 21 S?j
nffl t''olorndn'iind Southern... LT,', :iV!B
(KX) Col'. nn.l South., |st pfd.. BlU ffiji
I?mi Col. und SoiiMi., 2.1 pfd... t3i, 13'J
sco Consolldattd Oas . mi'-i ItGV,
.vrj Deiawuro aml lludson... 163IA lt'.i
100 Dlstlllcrs' See. Cor. :'l'c rtl'K
200 Erie . UV?' 16%
UOO Erlo, lst pfd. v~V- ;:i
Erle, 2d pfd.
5T.0 Oerierai Electrlc . 121 12.1
750 Great Northern, pfd. U'J'.p 124"j
??'u.O Orrat Northern Om CtlV. W (S
"'"'1 nilnols Qentra! . 131?i 132V6
4io Int. Meti'opolitrtn . 7'.- V*
. S.,:ri;fiiiid|ng' 2s, reglstei-od. 104i?|(j
. 8. reruiidlug !!?, eoupon. lOIVilO
. S. :in, reglstered. I0t",ik:.
. S. 2?, cOupbn. 101 f.
S. New !?. l-oglstered. US'ilo
S New ls, eoupon.f 12054 I Ci
merlcan Tobacco is (bld). 'if.'i l>
iiiilcjin Tobncoi 0s. 10"'j l>
tililpon geti'crftl 4n. ?S E
tclilson adjusttnent 4h tbidi. S5H II
ulilF.in conv. 4n.?. 88ft|B
loblsoh conv. Bs. 97 |li
?.iiiiitl-- i'uiifi I,lnu ls. 88 Ji
altlmore nnd Ohlo '?<. n?U.\.h
Mltlmore iiiul Ohlo atft. Ht .Ti
looklyn Itupld Trarislt conv. !.?..., 71 : I.
'Itrsl of Ooorulu :.s. 101141>
iiitral ot Ourgai lst Iho. (bld) :?... Oi ,V
entral .if (ieorgla 2nd Inc, ibl'li,... I'.'j.N
ei.trnl of Qeorgln ;|.l Inc (Mskedl, ... "?i J
hc.fBpeake und Ohio i'-.s. 1"1 *
lllcsgn nnd .Mtuii Si.4f. CI l>
IlICHgo, II. aii.1 Qulnrv new Ih. !'3'ij>
ililcago, it. i. iitid Paclflc rt. ::. ls.... ?isp
Inrely stendy. Pork nnd T.illow?Sfeadv. 1
?c troiptini ? Flrm. Rosdh?Steady, Turpi'tt-1 1
Int?Steady nt 57c. Itlce and Molanpes- ?
leady. Sugar?Raw; atraidyi falr r?rlnln;, \
::.8t>?| 3.40; cfiltrlfii(!a.l.'9i! tcst. ?3.S*(j 3.9o; |
lOlKSFOti sugar, f3.11?3.16; renncd, steady.
?cfree?Spot 6teady: Rlo. No. 7. 6 5-KSc.;
oiitos. No. l. 8c.; mtid, iirm: COrdova, UVaO j
Sv Futnres ut "et ndvancA of u<8 10 polnts.,
iutter aml Clieese?rirm nnd urtchanged. I _
ligt-?Steady nnd unchanged. Frolghts aud ! .
ii.i.uts?Steady and unchanged. Potnto's?,
irm and unchanged. C'abbages?Steady and j
PCtanged. ? Cotton59ed Oll?Vlrm on ) c
frengtb of crade nnd ?oori bull support.
iime cruda. ji u 3:c.; prlme sutnmer yellow, : j
lVJoi; orf summer yellow, 39#40';c; sn>dl.B
If summer yellow, 3<*?ii<i lOVic.i prlme whlte,
t'*i'./ I3c: prlme winter yellow, -11 >i u ISc.
CIIICA'GOi January 17.?wheat prices on
hc locnl exchsnge advahced more than Ic. v
i-day owlng to conflrniatlon of recciu " -: t
orts iicanllnc damiige hy tha ir?ssinn fly
? the wlmer-sown crop in tlie Sduthwciu. i
the May delivery rhowed n n.'t; x
r.ii of '. li lo. C'cini was up ', fi n?c. Oat
ere '.ii'.r. hlgher. Provlstoi
liadi to i"v :;':'-? lower.
Open. Hlgh L
Moy . 1.031 t.OI?; i
Sept. ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 391i 39?s 03% i$\
>.\rs? . y
May (uld>. M'i 3t?4 34?-i .'4-;i.i
Jt>.y (new)_ 52>j 03's 52': ">-?*\a
July io!d). 4 7S IS 4 7"j U'il,
July rnew)_ 13'? 1''. IBVs >?'? '
Ii:SS POBK?Por hbl ' 1 "
J*n.ij.sju i:.s:-.]-:.s::'i ii.s;h _
Miy .13.42^1313 13.31 17.3'r,(
,/.RtN-Pcr 100 lbs. I r
Jan. 7.S0 7.S0 7.S3 7A0
May . S.00 S.01IA i.OO 8.0-, li
.IIORT U1BS?Per luO lbf. * | \
.rhn. . 6.HI ti.SO il.SO 6.*? 1 i
May . 7.17H 7.5u ?" 1'.".; :.)'? J
dah <|uotat!ope rn-rtu follows: riour--i
"cey. No. ; spring' wbeat, $1.1)?'<?!.12; No.
,.98c.lgi$l.lli No. : red. OS'ic <Ji jl 0'iij. Nf.;
ccrn, i'.'ij oOVic.; No. 2 yellow, >\2 .41!.",;. >'c. i
ostf. ".0\c: No. 3 whlte, SOtjOl.o2ljc. No. ]
it*. S3c. l'air to cholce malunij barle1',
?????.5/ 41.03. Klaxtee-i?No. 1 northweatera,
l.-Jti.i: prl.mo tlinotiiy sced. 5. 10. Clover,
:6ntract grades, jit.uo. Short rih^i, bMcs ^
mojiei, $6,621^9 7.00: mess pork, p?r 1-arreK
r..S7l-;?> 15.il"; lard. per 100 poundo, fi S0; ,
bor< clear sHU-s (boxed 1, |6.73??7.o0 A\'h;s- "
cey, baalB of hlgher wlnes, $1. !... Butter?
??:.in: creainorlea, 20?23c.; ilnlrlo:, UH(j^7t.
?'i-'Kt.?Klrin; ai mark, CQ6as nictuded, -? Tt'
:"v.: tlistH. 25c; prlnio tlrsts, '.'il-;., cMvas,
.8c. Clieese?Steady at ll\[email protected]
BALTIMOTtE, Mi>., January 17.?Ft.ourt
?P-aslor; patents. $4.8061.4.96; spring. do.,
>r...;,. ,, ;..\o. \Vhoot?lrlriner; "i>.>"., conlract,
fl 02' '.i l.ojs;; rcc'elptB, M.jr.i bushol?; on
grtide, 09Vic.Sj?1.03. Corn?K'.-mer; rhl,
-p.'t. mlxed, OlUii i;|i>ie.r new, :lo.. do.. i,3'i
'?'.:,",c; old, No. 2 whlte, M'; i'S IliD-, le
:e!pts, lll.Olit bushels; new, nottthem wliiu
cern, [email protected] Oats?Qulet; No. 2 mlxed,
54 ??'!.". iue. Rye?Pirm; No. ; western; cio
mestlc; 9i'j|i'3c. Buttnr?Klrm and unehang
ed; fancy Imltatlon. 2l(g25c.; do., cronmery,
32c.: do? ladle. 22<?i'23c.; store packti-J, H'.^1
lsc ISggs?Steady aud unchaii?od nt '-2 a'
2.1'.- CheCfe?Firm und unchont,-.id- lfti:!0
nnd flats, l-Pjc; small. 1 l^c. Sugar?Un
changed; coarse granulated and line, ?o U'.
RIchmond, Va., January 17. UiOS*.
No.2 red. Wern (car lots).II.08
No. 2 red Va. (car lots.... 1.07
No. 3 ind (car lots). 1.03 cjj> 1.05
Stoamer (car lots). 1.03 0} 1,05
Rejeetod (car lois). 90 <& 1.00
Vlrslnla (bag lota). S0 & 1.01
No. 2 whito (car lots)..., 8S
No. 3 whlte (car lots).... ijj> 64
No. 2 mlxed (car lots).... 64
No. Z mlxed (car lots).... Wi 63
Virginia (bag lots). 80 ffl 64
No. 2 mlxed (car lots)_ 0 31^
No. 3 mlxed (car lots).... 33
No. 2 whlte (car lots).... r,fp>'.
No. 3 whito (car lots).... .- iit 53
Winter seed. 03 st 75
No. 2 (car lots). ss @ 90
No. 3 (car lotsi. sri '11 s"
Virginia (bag k?tH). 85
CHICAOO, January 17?CATTTiK?1\.
celpta estlmated about 1,500 heaA. Market
du;i and lower. S.iecrs, 51.25iT| c..?'..?,; \p>
12.73 'y 4 :.(>; belfeis. J2.50ilt5.25; bulls,'' 82.S5
rii-,.2.-.; calves. ?a?7.0D; stockers aud leud
ers, |2.?0?i'i;00. IIogs-^-Recoluis ??thnati'd
aboui t.ouo hend, Market 10c." low?r. C'holeo
lioavy shlpplng, *4:I04J4.<5; but.-lieK ?H.iOl
'!' 4.50; llRbt, mlxed; }l.20ff 4.35; cholce,
llght. S 1.35(1.4.15; pli;?, 13.50^ 4.25, Ivilk Of
Miles. $4.:i5?j'4.40. Sheep?RcoelptK 0fitlm.1t
ed about 7,"00 head. Market st.a.lv. Sheep.
Ilft 3.50; lambs, 85.751.7.33; veavllnrs ??-?'?
C 3 5 ' ' . ?
NEW YORK, January 17_BE15VBS?Uc
o'.iPtF. 2.SUU bc-ad. Stoexs, 54.!0i? r, 10; balls,
f.'.25fd 4.lu; extra fat do., M.be; CWWS iiii
1.20; lew extra, 51.25. Pr'essed beei sleildy
nt 7?i?l'9He. per pound. Calves?Itcoolii.H
160 licud. Veals. 8SC314.BO: birnyai.l calves.
ififl i.ijiLi westerns, i..'t. Dressed calves s'ow
1) lower; r.lty <lressod veals, <".i|i^ per
pound; country drexsed, itilVic Slu-i.
end l.iinibs?ncc.-lpts, 5,132 head Sheir
JK7 3.0a; .110 Ptr1<:tly piliue here; laiubV
l7.3;.U'(j7.i;5. IT-igs-Reedpif. 1.03? head,
lecling stcadyi <|UOtvd at *t.75;7 |,90,
NEW YORK. January IT.-?The dry soods
market eontlnues ipilut. An auotIun>sali ot
8.000 pleeeri staplu xlllts l? unnuuneed (or
Japuary SSd. c'arpet wobla urcj casle- be
cauea of forced nules. CbUon goods are
being ravlsed, New prices wlll be naim-.l ,,,,
t-1 bleuelieil ahdetlnga lie^l WeeU. Deiilms
ua*a '.n reduecd, Cotton yui n? are ipitetor
x.vv.m^ hTORias,
--,1AyA:VNV' ,:a?? Jtf-t'M'a'ry 17.?TCItl'KN.
n.Mi?sieady at 5 1c; ualev. 39li raska; re
l.valu?Ilim; ?ule>, 3,v;?i bnrreli; .rjcclpts.
100 Int. Ab-ii-oi ollliiii,- pfd., 81
70*1 lliterti'itloiml i'lipor .... ln",
. ;n:i Int. I'npiM". pfd.;. <;",i.
i; l.otil.*\ III" nmi Xnslivlllo 101
Mjiiili.-iiinn ..,,',
M'etr-i. Hircii Knllwoy.
;.i Me.vl-'nu Central . **??.?,
,*.*,iii Aln., Kun, uinl Toxhs... 24 tu
?.(?i Mo.. Kun. t'lnl Texi; pfd.' f,,;i".
I.HW Missourl I'ucl'lo . ?
Xiisli.. thnt. und fitt, I.
fl.TiK) Xntloniil l.ui'l . In-i
II.ii-0 Now YmU Central.imi
cn N*. V., Out. nnd WeHte'i'U 85 *
'?in Norfolk und Wcstern... i;7
r,v n N'orlhern IVclllo . liw
I'acltli" Moll .
?I.MM IViiiisylVHi-.lii . 11.-.'-.
-..*? lvr.pl->'.-* Unn. ."-7U
???:*? l*iis!'.-.! SI--1 Cut". L'1';
;;:,:i I'l-.-si,.,! Stcul Cur, pfd.. 7*.
...Ii"i Ftenilliu- .-?-. ICSVi
!i]n Flepulilli Iroti nnd Ste*?l m
:in Flcpubllr I. nnd S.. pfd,. 7m, '
."?>'~i Fimdi laltind . I -?,
,",>.n) Itni-I; iFliind, i>l'd. i-tt,,
Ily. Steul Sprlng, pfd.
200 SloHH-Shcffleld . Ii
M.a.M Southern I'm-lfii.- . 7...4
1.7U0 Sotitlicrii llnllwiiy . InVj
."in Sniitli.Tii Unllvvity. )ifd.. ',;*,,,
.'. St ind.-iiii 'Ul . 4t?J_
-..p T-xiiw/Piicllii-. -'??\
87.400 L'nltin Pitclflc . l*JI->
200 Utlltcil StnU-n llubber.. 2'.{',
i',;..*ii:i fnltcd HtntC-H Steel. *?_
10.7-1 I'liHcd States Steel, pfd l?*t'.i
200 A*a.-C.*n*. Chemlcni . 17%
Vii.-C'nr. Chemlcal, pfd.
n-'i Wabnsh . ^'4
S00 Wabnsh, pfd. 17%
"iVcHtern unlon .
'1'i.tnl KOlep, S64.700 Bliares.
hk-iiKu. Ii. I. nnd I'.-ie. 11. H. col. Sn. -.s*'*. |>
. ?:.. C. and St. r,..utn gen. ts (bbl). ??? I .**
jloi-ndo liidnsiilnl 5h, serles A. 50 . >
' k .111.1.i Mldlillld Is (llill. .r.S*;,!>
Ibratlb and Sotftboi-n ls (bld). 88 C
Ibp. *.s (bld). 103 I
enver and Klo'-ar-mlo i? fbtrii. :?:. i
Ittlllci-P' Sennltlos Sb. 7r. |S
rlo prlor llcii ts. 34 ."?
ochlng Valley IHs.'._ 100?4 I'S
rl?- C-nernl Ib. 67*Jt I *?
Iter. Met. 4*_(?. i"J K
it-ii'i i". ro'.S *
H nn l'.i?, Ci-rtlAc'aleJ. "-7 rs
ip;n> IHtt. certlflcuten, Ind t-Orles_ JlUj-.l
? iii.-vilie .iii.l Naab. rnlileil 1?. 9SVi.I1
e,,n iVn'iul Ipt Ii.r.
I. ftll.l ,?l. l.Olllj 'H llllill . . . .
.iui-1. K.in. nnd Texim u ibidi
Jlirl. Kun. and *l ..vn* Jlldi" ebli
port or r.ieiiMOND. j.\::. 17 .100s.
Steamer Berkeie'y, jihelly. Norfolk, mer-' ,
bafidlf'o and passenger-,pld-Domlnlon blu:. *
SAIbED. ; ;
SicamJr Berkele;-, Shciiyi Nrbrfolk, mc.'-1 1
h&ndh-e nmi passengors, Old Domlnlon Llno..;
Sttfa'mer Mobjaek. Graves, Norfolk and ; |
umcsi I'lver lanitluof. merchandlyo and pa*-j r
er.Kcr."--. Virglnia Navlgatlor. Company. ? .
Tho .stato Corporatlon Commlsslon i
esterdtty lssued the followlng char
ers: .
Ca 111 in 1 si-t-.-. Bottling Companv (lnc.), l
.ynchburg. Tlio.-. 1;. Smlth; president'; | I
\". T. Steptoe. vlce-presldent, .1. C.Ji
Mass. Rocreta'ry and t'r.easurer; John 1
'.iniin. general mancger?all ot* Lynch- ? 1
urg, Vn. Capltal, JU,(. Objects; Bot- 1
l-' 11 _: soda rfiui rriineral waters; ' 1
Dabney Broa. ,<? ?;??? flnc.i, Itich-'
10111I. K. .1. Dabney, president; S. AV. 1
)Abney, vlccrpreslderit; aa*. av. Dab
ey, secretary; n. M. D-bney; treasur
r~all of Itlehmond. Cupltnl. $1,000.!
)bjects: Retall clothlng business.
Kluvannii Talc Companv (lnc), Pal-:
nyra. F. A. McVay, president; .1. O.
ihepherd, vjce-presldent; L. R. McVay.'i':
ecreta'ry and treasu'rer?all of Palniv- '
a. Capital. $5,000. Objects: Mlnlng. '
nd niauufaciuring,talc. i
Browory and UlsMUery Equlpment; ?
'01 poratlon, Alexahdrla. M. c. Sprles; ,
iresld/ept! Blsbee. Arlz.; Harry King;. I
?iee-pnvsldent. AVaslilngton, D. C.;(
:'hilip King. secretary and treasurery
A"a hlngt.n, D. C. .Capltal. J25.000. Ob
ects: Manufacturo taiis" and faucots '
or bc-er and whlskey barrels.
? ;
"iiuiiiiliil Mtuutltiii niislcr, Sales I.ar-jer
iiiul t ollectloo*i llctter.
NJBAA' yOftK; January 17.?Brad- !
r'tri-ct'..- to-morrow will say:
-\ furtlifr cas'lng In the fliuipcial j
litUatlon nnd vory general reports iti
inproveineius in collectlons nro thc
eadlng features thls week. In trad-3
lines cold weather nnd snow havo !
helped retail dlstrlbutlon soniowhat. j,
but price reduction sales are .generally !
credltcd with rospoiisibility for -.what- j
over. expansion . han been shovvn in |
tliat brancli as a wholo". AVholesalois I
and jobbers report sentlment Im- i
proved, collectlons benefited hy the|
return to normal ln ddme'stlc inoh'ey
markets, but trade demavicls aro stlll
bolow llio normal, and ln some section.-.
a lato and small sprlng trado ls pro
Accompanylng tho greater ease of
money at all centre sooins to havo como
a teneloncy to pay up somethlng 011 old
accounts. and some long standlng bills
have been settled. On thc other hnnd
the geueivil slowness of trade. whether
due to mild weather or. as at thc South,
to holdlng of cotton, leaves somethlng
to bc hoped for ns regards collectloiiH,
Complalnts of many oxtensions belrig
asked for, and pei-forc'e grantod an.
coming from the South. All reports
polnt to trado, desplte lmprovoro<*iht
ovc-i" vDocembcr. belug below the nor- I
nial for thls season. Joliblug business j
ls qulet, and revlnlons in prices of
prlhts, ginghams nnd plaln nnd fancy
cottons have not os yet evoked much
buying at Uadlng centrcs. More lifo
ls showu in plg-iron markets, the
prlnclpal demand coiniiif- from makers
of east iron pipe. Most of thc business
went to the .South, nnd tho hnsis on
whlch tlio tonnago was booked ap
pears to bo. $13 per ton for No. 2 at
I'lriiiliigluini. Business falluros In tho
Cnlted States for tho week ending
January li'th number 181, agalnst '13G
last week; 23r, ln tho llke week of
1907, **7'i In 1900, 301 in *fl05 and 260
In 1901,
ViMllilt- .Hupiily <if Cotton.
NEAY OKLEANS, January 17.?Sec?
retary lloster's statement 01' tho world's
yisibla .supply of cotton, lssued to-day,
shovys the total vlslblo to be l,!<4u,r.SC,
agalnst l,86n,7S-l lnst week, nnd 5.179,
70? last year. Of thls tlio 'only total
of Amerlcan cotton is :i,750,StO: agalnst
3.796.9Q8 last week, nnd 1,843.700 lusL
ln,.,.(...N,. ,,?,,, )(f di^.,,,,,,1,
CAUA. ita. .January 17.?Tho Bank
I ot Bongal hns Increased Its rato of
| dlBCpunl from S to 9 por conl.
Geo. T. King & Co.,
1114 E. Main St., Richmond, Va.
Fast Private Wires
Correspondence Solicited
C.w J.irauy Central gen. :?*.???? J--t.
..i horn Paclflc t^. ;;"
.'ortftorn Prtcllli: 3s.? ? ? '"
? oriolk and Western con. ls. 3" ,
Ircpon Khoit J.lne refundlng (a. *?'??
ennaylvonlM coriv. m*. '!*
?..?adlim fleneml 1-. '-',:v
it lv and Iron Moun. con. 5s (bld).. 100
it j7o.il* nn.l Sa'n Pianciaco fg. ls... 7S-.'
t. I.ouIh Southwestern con. ?-. 05
lei.l oard Alr T.lne ls (bld).2
??< utiiern Paclflo Is (bld). s*
iouthern Pnolilc 1h( !;, eertiflcates.v. >:<
?itiIko-i, Rallway 3s.r.. ^
rexa and s Paclflc lst--'. tt"
'..;..|o. Ht. I,. and W'estern la. 71
.i.lon Piirllli- Is. '?>9^
rilon Piiclfta conv. ls. s?5>
?| lled Slllt'.'.-.' Sfi-I Jlld Of. *">
\,nba?h lei-. 107*
Viibash )i"b. n (bld. -14
Voiterh Md. I?. 63
Vl-cellng nnd Nake Krle I-. TS'<
On Local Markets
r\bout 125,000 pounds of tobacco wai
lisposed of on tlie warehonse floor;
?esterday at the most satlsfaetorj
jrlces. A. arood season now seems
ill that Is necessary to carry the mar
tet to the top notch both as lo prlce:
md fpinntlty. Perhaps the best prtc<
'or th.i day was-$26, received by Mr
Cleveland Luck, of Hanover county. foi
i fine lot of tobacco sold by Mr. Jullui
lobson, ln Ci-enshav.-'s Wareliouse
ither goori j -lces.'were received at ai
he warehoiises and tne average li
iiri.?t encourairlng'.
Bufilnese on the ptrain market ls nov
iirhter than It has open at thls seusor
'or ;i long time. Good inllllns vl:?r.
-oonis lo he the only nrtlele whk-i
ihQivR nnich actlvlty. Com, oats. ln
Vrlor whoat and other vitrlerles o
-'r.iln are In small demand and an
iu..ted at lov- prices.
Fres'n country eggs are fast assum
iii,- thelr ' usiial winter actlvlty. Tlu
,i-st supply of the cold storage varlet:
which has b.-en holdlng prices to th
mlnlmum, has almost been used up
ind what there ls left Is ln small de
N13W YORK. January 17.?Total bahl
jlearings for the week. $2.72i.531.000, a
against $2,616,828,000 "last' wuek ani
Jo.443,l3ii.<>00 last year.
RIchmond. $6,160,000; decrease. ij.fc,
Savannah. $3,998,000; decrease. 27.C
Atlanta;-$5,130,000; lncrease, 35.7.
Norfolk. $2,158,000; decrease, 30.5.
Augiista, $2,077,1)00; decrease, 5.4.
Knoxville. $1,601,000.
Charleston. fl-;838.000; decrease. 10.C
ilacksonville, $l.I28.00u; decrenso. 13.7
Macon, $7 20,000; decrease, 19.x.
Negro lliinged for Mlirder.
I'.TIARLK.STON, H. Oi. January 17.?Georg
Kcnney, n tiogroi waaMtangcd to-clav for tii
murder nr II. ij. Sell, n whlte guard at th
cenvtet camp in thls county. Kenney, wlt'
two other oonvlota.' attackocl tho guurd an.
cut his throat. The. nssatlunis escapeel
ICciiiney wan later 'arresfe'd. but tho ntbu
twi. havo nr>t yet been cutight.
(t'ontinued >frorii Flrst Pagt.)
ls Indlcative of a strong sentiment o
that character at tho homes of mera
bers ana Senators. Tlmidity may pre
vent its belng seen by men In pub
Hc places, who hesltate to take i
positlon which ? may. mean puttln.
themselves ln opposition to u majortt
of thelr conatltuents. Under tlu; Dcmo
cratic plan of organlsiation lt require
a vote of two-thlrds. of a natlonal con
ventlon to make a .nomlnation. It ca
hardly be iiuestjoned that tho Influeno
of a majorlty of the Dcmocratlc mom
hers of Congress, if exerted to car
tur.; a few moro ' than one-thlrd c
tho delegutea to the conventlon, wlt
a vk-w to linlng. them up for aoni
populnr Democrat like Governor John
hon, would bo successful.
Mr. Ilrynn Iteady to Yleld.
There i3 authorlty for tho statemon
tlmt Mr. Bryan 1ms said that lf it b
shown him that a cousiderabln portlo
of th.- iiemocratlc party Is opposed t
his nomlnation', ho .wlll step ii'Bide an
i ald lu nomlnatlng. some. other cAnd:
date; pruvUlod?and {his |s invnortn'r
?thnt caiulldatb shall He ,a man whot
lieinoeravy Ls not citiestloned, uiul \vh
| will I'onnniiiHl tho confidene.o of tho si
called radlctil wlng of tho party. U
would not aerpjlcsee in'a nomlnatlo
I ItHcj th,. one itindo In,190.l.' Thls ls tl
| s.-iiienio used by 'iv man who may 1
teriued ulu personal ropresentatlve ??
! Mr. Uryrin, in the course of^a convei
I siitlon with me to-day.
j A eareful investlgation ot' party coi
diilons, a.s thoy uro rovealed at Wasl
liiKtcm, and a comprehenslve view i
thu c-ntiro situatlon, malto. posslble tl
statenieiu wlth whlch this artlclo b>
ttau, liiut |L js (fosslblo to prtivont tt
nomlnation of Mr. Urynn if those mo:
inllin-niiai |n cq'ntrolllng the Dernc
i erinle pany t-aro tu unclortriko the tas
-:? l , "
t'oiorcd ?"? 31. C A. ,
? At th. .oiored YounB-Men's Christ.li)
AsMirtliuion buildlng- to-day at fj,-i?. ?:
tj'i'fo will bo au eNplanatlon of tl
Siind.iy.fK.iioo lesson hy Profossor
\Xi. Iiarco, Women and mon are ii
? Vileil.
1 To-morrow at 4 V. M. a meetlng fc
i buys win bc- liold. J- L. Ballai'd. si
I Parlniondont of tho Sixth Mt. Zilpji.Baj
tlsl Oluir,,h Sui?attj>?chool. wlUjUpfB
D- .1. liiudford Will- addross thn m<
I to.nioii-.Mv ut 5-30 -P. M. on tho sul
;j',"1 "A Dofiult'o Alm." James AVI
llnms win alntr "Faco to hace, ac
, cuiupani,.,! by profossor E. 1, Pollar
Hi-iid "Tlit^ Sltige?Sir?cl<( <<lrl," I
*iiirii)i llernlinrilt, I" Siinil")''* TIlUCl
1 Ulsiuitch.
Gbvettidr Glenii Tliink.:; That It
Can Be Soltl Ailvnillngooiiftly
to L^eclcral G'ov.criinfen.t.
j l-phlng n coatlng Btntiou atid nnyn-l
itnlnlng school thorc, Gifyeriu.u' Olfttltl
iibclnreii tliut be cotisidors'ih'e prospoct
| v. ry brlght for !h,? Stato Ji> maluj nn
ndvnntageous Hfile. A cuminlCteo w'oh
i nppnltitoii lo, i-oport on Ibii matter lo
tlio Secretary uf Stnte". Ho silys thnt.
I follunately for North Ciiroljini, her
| ?.N|io*<llloti properly 0Cc0pj6s such u
??eliitloii to the g-.n/iral oxpotltlmi i s
jttile ns will practlcally u. i-osaltut.- iho
; purchaso." of lt by nny of the large
jiTedltors of thc entcrpl-lso who Unilet*
i tnko to savo tlioinselves -by laklng
oy.iir tbe e*ipoi*IUon property. ih.tyo
b'c-lllg orily $'0,000 second mortgug..'
; bonds nhead of North Cnrollnn lu" tlic
i general adjustinent. ,
Adjutant-General T. lt. Kohortson, of
j tlic North Carolina Nntlminl Guard,
hrts returned from Bostoti. where he
ialtended lost wook tbe antiual cohven
lion of the Natlonal Guurd Assoclatlon.
He says the 'cdnventlori wns es'peclally
jontbtisinstb: ln* elej-slr'o nnd iictlon for
[tho betterinont. 0f tlio servlce.
A SlrmiKc f"i?uvli-flmi.
1 .Slierlff AV. C. liobei-tson, uf I'.ilk
. county, was liore to-day to il.liver to
jtln- penlt.-ntlary X. C./ Walker. n weli
; known whlto inrni of lhat county, to
j servo six years foi- iiuinslniightei- In
Jtho klllina; of AV. T. Colllns. A ro
niark'a'Hle rctitUrc nf th" enso ?.-.???.? tliut
nt the time of I!:-- kllllng Collins wns
I forclng hls way Into ihe room eif
'Vnlkor. The slierlff Shys thero was a
gt'neral surprlso at *.!..- -eonvictlon, tho
two prosecutlng wltnecses being two
fltonds of CoI|Ii1f,/ >..-|).j had go/lc wlth
Colllhs to Iho hoiisi where thc kllllng
I occurred.
! A tract. of 300 aircs in Buhcohibo
ciiintv. twelve mlles from Ashevlll.*-,
on tlie Swannnnoa l:lv.?-.* and tlio rnll
I'ocd. lias bei-n purohased by tbe State
Roaid of Agrlculturc tor expcrlment
farm ptirposes, tests to be ln graln,
grossej, fruits; and stock. B. av. Coi
lett wlll be superlritehdent. Tho cost
uf the tract was $S.000.
<.iuIo_K.nl Survcy,
The Stato Board of Oco|og*:al Sur?
vcy, ln -innijitl sesslon hero to-duy. Gov-,
ernor Glenii prcsMIng, adoptoj roso
lutlons pledglng to Congressmini John
H. Small evory support and asslstahca
possible ln his efforts to securo nn
acconipllshnionts. Tho board also ap_
provo.i rho pians for the co-op.-rntlol
of tho Board of Survey and tlio State
Board of Bducatlofl In reclnimlng and
, dralnlng Stnto ai,,| other.-Swainp lands
, I owned l,y tho State Board of tjdui-a
t!tton. Stato Geploglst J. II. I'ratt wa
i .authoi-iKod to nppolnt a Slate lore.ncr
?who i;-- to work under hls dlrectlotiA
l%|.lt Is known that tbe appolntment will
- be announced wlthln thc noxt week.
?VD-lt.VJIi;!,!) FOII Ml ltni-it.
Mrs. Gi-cgnry ( linr_ril AVIth Ue-ln,: W
ce-isory to Kllllnu if Ucr iluxbund.
[Sp?clnl to The Tlmes-l-lvpatcb.l
CHARLOTTE. X. C. Januarv 17.?
I Followlng an lnquest Into the murder
-lef Zvke Greecry, the ag?J>l farmer,
s) who waa kllled in a famlly rp.j*j.Tr-?l aear
21 Davldson Th.uisday.. o-irnr.T Gr^fham
to-Jiy isMied e. -vetrnnt fer Mr* .Sr.;*-jh
Gregory, the v.-idow ot the vfc'tlrn
- charglng he.r with being an accweory
i to the crlme.
; < The woman is said to ha?c boen
sj found hldlng jn a swamp 'near her
jilionio, wa|llng that she, had nothlne
to do wlth the kllllng. She was brought
( | to Cl-i.-rlotto to-nlsht and lodgcd irj
71 jall. Dan Gregory. who ts alleged to
ihave struck the fatal blow, together
! wlth his wlfe. ts also cohfihed here
i awaltlng z, prellinlnary examlnstlon,
.. whlch wlll prc-bably tnke placo to
. morrow.
Tiie Grogorys ateadfasj.ly rofusc. to
[dlscuss the tfagedy, and ns there v*erc
nooutsitie eye-.vvrlinesse's tbe detalls ol
the tiagttdy nrc hard to obtaln.. TIk
lntost v'erslon brouErbt here fs'that Dan
Gregory Interpose'd In a riuarrel !.<!?
tvvo._-n hls ,aged parents, and nfter.n
few words drevv a' line on tbe \t\op\
whlch" he dared the old man to cro;*s
Tiie fatlic-r accepted the challenge. o>k
the son, it ls alleged, strtick hlm th<
fntal blow in.tlie fiice. wlth thc- ax.
! -?
Credltors of KiiP'IkIi rbneern Hrlnis I'rocerd
I'f Intts Tltot flonc II Up.
[Special to Tho Timrn-Dlspatcli. 1
RA-I.EIGII, N. C, January 17.?Tli.
Ralolgh Construotlon Company, Plectrlc con
- tractors and dealftre In nxturos, had Its placi
f i of ' buslncas-clofed to-day throiijrh attach
meints procured by two prlnclpal credltors?
the Central Electrlo Company, of Greensboro
anc tho Towtr-Blnford Bleotrlc Manufactur
lnc Company. of Rlchmond. idabllltles ari
citimafed at about tiS.OOO. 0. B. Jordan
5! ft-rmoi-ly of Orangeburg, S. C.j ln prceldon
land preneral ruanuunr. IIo ia Junt- opanini
- an ofTIco of hls own ln another buildiug n
-1 ai. electrlc contractor. A number of bi)
si ccrjtracts. tlcd up wlth bad collectlons. ay.
. glven a,i thc enuje of thc falluro.
.Southern llnrilnnd Soft Varu Splnnor
' Gntlicr- To-l)uy..
CHARLOTTE. X. C, ? January 17.
Promlnont cotton mlll men from al
over the South are- arrlvlpg here to
night to attend the jolnt sesslon of tln
Southern Hard Varn Splnners' As30cla
tlon, the Southern Soft Yai-n Splnnerf
Assoclatlon and the Xortli Carollm
Cotton Manufacturers' AssocJatMn
whlolr wlll be held hero to-morrow a
noon. :
Tho hard yurn men and Jikewise Ui.
soft ? yarn mtn have held meetlngs" ii
thls city .durlnpr the past forty day
nnd declded upon a curtallment o
T,; l-:t per c.ont., which thoy upparentl''
successfitUy carrled ,out, wlth a'decldoi
siren-cthening'ot?-tho yatn marltot a
n result.
DHoiM'iin ?ia.\n at tbaix.
Smliloii Dentli of I'romlueut CltUcn o
[Special,tn Tho Tlmes-Bl.opatch.l .
ClIAltl.OTTl3. X. C, January 17.
riiomus Biii-iii-.fi, a prominent citlzon P
Rutliorfonl, dropped dOnd thls aftev
noon as ho waij boardlng a traln n
Moni'oe; near here.. Mr. Barne's lia
been v'sit,|ng relatlves" at M0iiroe,:an
was about to take a traln" for hls home
JIo was aeventy-elght yeiira old.
?i ' " ii
Or.Moliii llnrpcr Dead.
[i?n?ola| io Tho Tlniea-ruspati-h.l
AA1I.SON, N. C-, January -.17.?Dr
Jolni J. llarper, president of Atlantl
t.hrlstlun College here, died to-dav o
pnoumoiila, after a short Ulncss. Thi
eininoiit dlvlne and educator was hor
in Johnson county, and aftor leavln'
school. tauglit four yours,
' He marrled Mlss Arrlta Andorso
Danlel (ln 1RB2. vio was ordalnod t
pi-tu-.cli.ln 1SG1. ? Ho was tho'. foremos
mlnlster of the Clirlstlan.O.urcli, aii
held many Important posltions.
Four years ago he was olecteel prosl
elent of the Atlantlc ChrUUIan CoIIob
nnd bullt uii that lnstltutlon from
weak sclipol lo ono of Stute's 'lo'atl
Tlio .funeral sorvices wlll bo hold n
the Chrlstluu Church hero Hunda
nionilng. Tlio Interment wlll" be n
SniUhlle.ld, Jolib'son comity, Uls ol
hume Sunduy nftcnioou,
Simntinl. &\nmtial
Men Who Can Sell Life Insurance
Tlifs mnii.'i'iiv wrotf moro new Innnrnnce ln Virginia in
iob" ti.aii arty dlttor t-oitlpahy. In 1008 It intonds to writo
vn.'. HAVE |
Wrjtc us.
American National Life
Insurance Company,
UltflMONI), VA.
CAPITAL,.- . . $1,000,000.00
SURPLUS, ......$ 700,000.00
TOTAL RESOURCES . . $9,000,000.00
.lullN tt. PUTICRU* Prosldent.
.n.ni.v M. Mil.i.r.i:. .Ir., Vicfc-Prw. Dml Cnshlcr.
CIIA& P.. Hi:itNi;TT. Asslstant Cashler.
.1. (.'. ,|i>ri.1N. Asslftrint *"aslil?r.
V.'. f. StntbTON, Aaslsfant Caahfer.
AfJBX. I'. HYLAND, Asslstant Cashler.
A Savings Department for the Thrifty
Corner Ninth and Main Streets.
Capital and Surplus, - $1,500,000
Offers to patrons every facility and acco-nnodatlon con
slstent wlth conservatlve banking.
Intcreyt allow'ed on deposlts In Savlngs Department.
Forelgn Exchange bought ar.d sold.
Depositary for the State of Virginia and Cityof Richmond
? *_ ? -
F.esldents of Richmond have been
iprtvllesed to litar many attractivo
ispeakers ln the rccent past ln con
ticction wlth the large number of con
vontions which have been held in the
i city. They have been especially fa
? vored ln havintr th'j opportunlty of
Ihijarlng tlie unusually taleiited speak?
er.- in tha 1,-irg.,- number of rellgious
eratherings ree'ently held. notably thr- !
1 CaptlRt cbnventi.on, Lhe Eplscorial '
ccinventlohj Ihe Men's Mlsslonary Move-- I
jnient, and tlie Mlsslonary Movoment
lot tlio Christian Church.
It ls falr to <if?v, however. - that no
speaker who has vislted "Richmond has
j made a moro profound Imp'resslbn tlmn j
Miss Angy Manning Taylor, -who is
fconductlng a serles of Blblc stndy lee- [
| tnres this wcok in tho Second Baptjst j
jCiiurch, at tho corner ot Franklln and
i Adams Streets.
To Staj- Aur.tlu-r Week.
So great Is the Interest that Mis.s
| Taylor has been prevalle'd' upon to can
'jcel other engagements and remain iu
,1 Richmond another.week. . On Monday
jthe services wlll bc held in St. Paul's
?| l-;piscopal Church, at the corner or
; | Orace and Ninth Streets. The services
. I there wlli bc- held at 11 o'clock in the
.! morning, as Mlss Taylor has consented
> tri conduct a special serles ot Blble
;|study lectures "ln the rooms of the
.; Young Women's Christian Association
s nt S. o'clock each evening. Mlss Taylor
Jcame to the clty direct from Savannah
at the invltation of a commlttee of
Indlcs representlng all the denomlna
itions of the city. She ls the guest of
'iMrs. J. Calvin Stcwart, No. 1031 West
I Oraco Streot.
j .' The services are for ladies only, and
Ijii number of mlnistors and Chrlstiun
' j workers have cxpressed great "niTi-et
.that they are not prlvileged to share
? in the educatlonal course of Jcctures
t j being givon by Miss Taj'-lor.
> AHhcrllle Flrm ClinrKeil WUli Frnndii
J leut Iiiu-nt.
ri (?wm to ThoTlmoa'-lJlRpatcli.]
?' .ASUKVILU-I. N. C, January 17._Thn
1J largo dry goods and clothlng. store on
sj Raek Scjuaro, ltnow'ii ns the "The
: Maison Blcinc,"' coridticted by Juiitis
l.oweiihuln, antl .1. li. Owens, was yes
terdny evening plaeed in tho' hands of
I a recelver hy .order of Judtve Fred
[ ? Moore, ou complaint of oredlldrs that
I iho flrm was insolvent, and tho part
jiiers'were threatonlng to asslgn and
dispose of thelr stock for tlie purposo
-I of defraudlng their credltors. XV, A.
f! Willlams, of Illchmond, Va.. was named
-i as recelver, and at cmee flled'a bond of
t S10.000, took posscssion and closud
:]! the stores, The defendants are ordered
I.Lby the court to,appear beforo Judge
!? j Peebles on February 3d, and show
I cause why the relief prayed for'by tho
. complalnant sliould not be. gratned
l The complaint In the case wns pr'e*
. si-nted to Judge "Fred Mnoro ln Chnr
1'otte; by Attorney Mark- W. -Brown for
' | the plalnUffrr? Wllkinson. Willlams antl
J Hoed,: a wholesale dvy goods flrm of
g|nichmond, Va.' liat.hej- .sensut'unal ai
legatlons. are. .made to tlie effect thnt
tho -defondants liouglit froin the plaln
tlffs goods to the amount of $7,005, and
pald on aecouiU $1.15-1, leavlng a
hulanceof $5,851, seeurlrg credlt on
t the statement that Unvenbeln had Sl,
j 500 In the Battery Park Bank, und thet
he would put $-1,000 ln the buslness,
aud tliat. Owens owned ? property ln
Ashevillo worth inuiiy thousaiuls ot'
dpiiats, but aa a matter of fact the
only money put Into the liu'siness was
SSOO; that . I.uwonbein had wlthdrawu
! his $1,500 from the bank, and thut
,. Qivens had dlfiposedof. Iils property hv
l mortgng* or- snlo, wlth' Intapl to de
a frnud credltors. The Uabllllies of the
flrm ui'o said to ho about $*'0.ooo.
Bank of Commerce
and Trusts,
CAPITAL, - $200,000.00
Depoaltory for tbe State of Vlrclnla and
Cltr of RIchmond.
Sollclta accounts of Indlvlduals, flrms and
3 per cent. Inttr*?t alloivcd on .savlnjJ
ai count*.
Notice to Investors!
ls hereby given that under the author?
lty oTs,thc Commlttee on FlnanOe. given
at Its regular meetlng held September
17, 190", I am prepared to setfl Regls
tered Four Per Cent. Bon'da of tho Clty
of Kichmopd, Va.. maturlng January 1,
19-u, in multiples of One Hundred Dol?
lars, over the counter ot the Clty Audl'
tor, at par. .....
Clty Audltor.
Lancaster & Lucke
Bankers and Brokers,
Investment Securities
Correspondence Solicitcd
Money to Loan
BY TI113
life Insurance Co. of Virginia
ou desirably located bu8lneaB or resldeno*
property. For turms and condltlonB call os,
or addross
Mr. J. T. Lawrence,
For flve years al 6 per cont.
? ? ??"'- ' ? i ii nm.n.ai W
Bullding permlts wero issued yeR
terclay by' Inspector Beck asfollow3i
D. W. ShreeeiiKost, to creot fram<
dwelllng on- Batlury ? street, hotweeri
I'otomae and tho corporatlon line
valuo, ?l,IO0.- ' '?-.'??
Mrs. .1. 13. Androws, to epect lirlck
gnrage, 811 West Maln Street; value
lU-nd "Tlie StiiBre-Stnudi lilvl," hj
Snrnli Herulilirdt, ln Sniidaj'a ' Thuea

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