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National Commission .Announccs
.Why It Apposca Expansion by1
Amerlcan Association.
Justifics Stand for Rcfusing to
Reinstatc Blacklistccl
CINCINNATI, O., January 10.?Al
though the decision of the Natlonal
Knseball Commission on tho various
rcsolutlonn presented by tho Amorl
can Ansoola l.m was annoitncod at thc
time of tho annual meeting last week,
the full explanatton of tho rcasons for
their actlnn w.a? not glven uritll to
day. xvhen the flndlng was formally
promulgated. Rignrding tho requost
for Ind <rBement"ln '.ho attompt to place
. an Amerlcan Associatlon club ln
Chlcago, after statlrg that the subject
was not wlthln thc jurlsdiction of the
fwimrnlsslon, the report says:
""he commission, however, Is pre?
pared nt HiIh timo to go on record as
uppOdOd without quultricatlon to . a
terrltoflal Infrlngement of thls kind
and will strongly recommend that
tho petition be denled. The four
datlon upon whlch organlzed basc
ball resta to-ilay I? tho re.ipectlrig
of terrltorlal rights. the onforccment
nf all cotitracts, tho roservatlon of
players nnd the opportunlty provlded
for playerH to advance ln their profes?
slon und recelvo adequate compcnsatlon
for their services. To encroach upon
elther of these provlslons would bo
IJke pulllng the cornerslono from tl ls
foundation. If our league would have
the rlghls to encroach .upon the ter?
rltory of another, then all leagues ir ust
have tho same rlght. If such a cou
tlltion exlstfd, nothlnu; but chaos and
dlsastor would follow."
The proposltlon to draft players
only from tho clubs in.the next lower
Jeague Is dlsapproved ''because It Is ln
violatlon of that object of tho. national
ngriument whlch ptovldeo for thc P o
motlon -of the wolfare of ball players
as a class by devoloplng them and per
fectlng them In their prnfoBslon and
enabiing them to securo adequato cou*,
pensatlon for their exportness. A play
or in Class D could advance to u ma
jor league only at the end of three
years, which the commission belleves
to* be wrong.
The Natloral Commission expressed
approval of the suggestlon that major
league clubs bo llmlted to twenty-flve
pliyers at any timo and that only
elghtcen playors be carrled durlng tho
piuying season.
The reason glven for opposlng the
change In ctasslflcatlon of the Paclflc
Coast League and others Is that when
the Paclflc CoaHt League was oomlt
tcd to organlzed baseball lt was dls
tlnctly agreed that It should be a Class
A league. So far as tho other leagues
mentloned, the Southern and Western.
?re concerned. tho natlonal league of
mlnor leagues is said to have full au
, th >rlty.
Tbe resolutlon nlmed agalnst the
"farmlng" of players Is approved In
princlple, the c immlsslon statlng that
lt hnd already adopted measures to tbe
eornc end.
Dlsair-eelng wlth the request for re
Insta-rf tnt of certain ineligiblc play?
ers, lt is stated that "whero appllca
tlons for relnstatement have been re?
fused by the comml slon. that actlon
waa only taken bfcauf. the facts In
pach cu*<e warranted such refusals. nnd
thls applles particularly to thise play?
ers whom tho Amerlcan Associatlon hns
a?ked the commission to relnstate, vlr.:
Kebrlng. Rel-llng. Owens. WIggs rml
others. Tho coi mlssion has also gone
on record as holdlng that It would not
conslder an appliratlon for the reln
s'ntement of a m'nor league plaver
nnless such anollcatlon has been first
heard by tho proper offlcers of the
N?M">nal Assiclatlon."
In cnclu-Ion the report quotes rrom
the nat'o"al agrreirent lhat portlon
givlng the commlsolon authority to or?
der the reinst-te?e-1 of players un
. der proper cndltlons.
? .1
?Ucnmnnd Wlll De Trented Well. n?
I'snnl, lo Regard to Gamc Schcdule.
N'ews ls stlll rather scare In local
elrcles, as regards the baseball teams
of the coming season In the Vlrglnia
League, though the managcrs are all
worklng hard nnd buildlng up permlnant
wlnners. All the clubs asplre at tbe
present for the championship. and all.
at tbe present. stand an equal show of
?wlnnlng It. But. apeaktng earnestly.
devotees of the game In every clty of
tho clrcult may rest assured that the
season wlll be repleV wlth the best
klnd of ball that may be seen ln mlnor
Llpe ls saying lluie, but ls work?
lng ? hard. and llttlo tatk ls always
a good slgn that there ls "something
ilolng." Two weeks more and Llpe
?wlll be here lo take actlvo charge ot
affalrs. A meeting of the league own
era wlll hardly be called until a month!
later. when the Bchedule wlll be ar
xnnged. Of course. Rlchmond wlll have
about the same schedule as last year,
oertalnly all the wts.K-end games, for
Rlchmond Is the city where the coln
Is made, and without coln no league
can sub?Ist for long.
Encouraglng advV*es having been
eomlng all along from the other citlo*.
ln the loague, and from the goneral
tone of optlmlsm. dlscarding the small
dlsputes and trlvlal dlscusslons that
arlse over nothlng. lt would seem that
cverythlng Is progresslng flnely.
now OVER TI1E blackhst.
rulllam Hns 51" de It PersOnal Flght
"""i Put Powers.
NEW YOBK. Janu.ry 10.?Tt looks
llke a ba?eball war between the mlnor
leagues. known a* the Natlonal Asso
clntlon of Professloral Baseball Clubs,
and tho malor leagues. Harry Pul
llam's at'ack on Patrlck T. Powers
over the blickllstlng of players by tho
xnlnora became a persornl fifht when
the leader of the Nationsl League Is?
sued a statement In whlch he said he
was through wlth Powers forever. and,
lf It ls necessary for ono holdlng hls
pcltlon as presld'-mt of the Natfon?l
.league to be on frlcndly terms wlth
the head of the Natlonal Associatlon,
then he would ask hls league to elect
hls successor. This makes lt look ns
lf Powers would have to glve up the
leadershlp of the mlnor league organ
Iza'ton. .
The National As?oclatIon at lt? meet?
ing last October dld adopt resolutlons
blackll?tlng twenty.-two pjayers, a*-cl
then apparently realhsed that It )*nd
aeted lllegajly. But be'ore the actlon
could be rc?cindcd Walter Biirnham
handod out the list of players.
Wlll Help Snrlnter Kelly.,
Tho Detroit Athletlc Club wlll sub>
?crlbe the funds necessary to send
pan-Kelly, holder of the world's recorc
of 9 3-5 seconds for 100 yards ap.
winner of tho broad Jump at the James?
town Exposition, to the Olymplc gamof
at London Tt he quallfles ln the trlals
A few weeks ago a tplegram froir
Detroit stated that Kelly had beer
forced to leave the UnlYersIty of MIch
Igan because he'was unablo to sup?
port himself Independently.
Thls actlon r etops iar toward dls
provlng tbe allegitlon mado by Davlt
Starr Jordan, nresldent of iLeland
Btanford, that Mlchlgan hlred her stai
Remarkable Picture of a Spill at New Orleans Track
Thls picture la frntn ? pbolostrap'i ananped al lVcw Orleana. II ahot.ru Wondalde fklna- a tamblc. Jockey Snl
IIvan la on Ihe ground. wlw, nfter hcln* cruahed by hl? owa liorae falllng on hlm, waa Jumped upon by Hlp, wblcb
follotveil dlrcctly behlnd.
January 20th in ihe Annals of Sport.
1865?At New Tork: Oudlcy Kavanaugb defeated "Wllliam Goldthwalt in
bllllard match for champlon cue and $1,000,
1871?Tho Boston Baseball Club organlzcd.
1883?At Boston: J. & Prlnce defeated L. T. Frye ln ten-mlle blcycle race
for "ffiOO and chnmpionshlp of America.
1902?At Loulsvllle: Marv n Hart knocked out "Bllly" Stlft In third round.
1903?At Oakland, Cal.: Loule Long and "Kld" McFaddon fought flftoon
rounds to n draw.
1905?At Mllwaukee: Maurlce Bayers and Aurella Herrora. fought a six
round draw.
1907?At Duluth: Ole Fairlng broko Amerlcan record for long dlstance akl
jumplng by covering 112 feet.
Sporting Letters.
Tbe aporllne rdltor'of The Tlmcw
Dlapulcb will ulailly nuawcr la llir-e
coluinna nny tiucallon rricnrillnu;
n|i<irting muttrra. Cuniinimlenllu-na
on spurtlnsr auhjecta wlll nlao be
prlutcd, nnd cominenta wlll bc mnilr.
Addreaa Sporting Edltor, Tlmra-lJIa
- Vlrglnln-Xorlli Csrollna Scores.
Sporting Edltor Times-Dispatch.
Sit,?Wlll you please publlsh, to set
tle a wager, the ofllclal scores of the
Vlrglnla-Carollna games of baseball
and football slnce they have been play?
lng. Yours, etc,
D. W. P.
Baseball?'91. North Carolina 1, Vlr?
glnia 0; '92. North Carolina 2, Virginia
5; '92, North Carolina 4, Vlrglnia 7: '93,
North Carolina. 2- Vlrglnia 5; '91, North
Carolina 2. Vlrglnia 5; '94, North Caro?
lina 2, Vlrglnia 10; '95. North Carolina
0. Vlrglnia 7; '96, North Carolina H,
Vlrglnia 6: '9T. North Carolina 6, Vlr?
glnia 7; '97, North-Carollna 4, Vlrglnia
10; '98, North Carolina 0. Virginia 1
tonly three Ihnlngs, rain); '99. no
game; 1900, no game; '01, North Caro?
lina 2'. Vlrglnia 9; "02. North Carolina 4.
Vlrglnia 5; *02, North Carolina 7, Vlr?
glnia 9; '02. North Carolina l, Vlrglnia
II; *03-'4-*5. these records out of place
at present; '06. North Carolina 7, Vlr?
glnia 3; *06. North Carolina 0, Vlrglnia
9; *06. North Carolln,* 3, Vlrglnia 4: '07.
North Carolina 2. Vlrglnia 9; '07. North
Carolina 5, Vlrglnia 7.
Other Baseball Game!?'91. Cornell ?0,
Vlrglnia l (MeGulre. pltcher); "*93, Har?
vard 1. Vlrglnia 1 (Hume. pltcher); *96,
Oornell 5, Vlrglnia 6: "96. Princeton 6,
Virginia 10 (Locket. pltcher); "97. Yale
5, Vlrglnia 13: '97, Cornell 4. Vlrglnia
7 (Colller); '98, Yale 0. Vlrglnia 9
(Summerglll): '98, Ynle 0. vlrglnia 4
fPinkertonl:*99. Yale 3. Vlrglnia 10; *99,
Yale 4. Vlrglnia 10; '99, Princeton 4,
Virginia 19; '02, Yale 2. Virginia 2
(eleven Innlngs): '0K, Yale 4. Virginia
7; '07. Princeton 2, Vlrglnia 3 (Susong).
Football?'92. North Carolina 18; Vir?
ginia 30; '92. North Carolina 26, Vlr?
glnia 0; '93, North Carolina 0. Vlrglnia
16: '94. North Carolina 0. Vlrglnia 34
'95. North Carolina 0, Vlrglnia 6; '96
North Carolina 0. Vlrglnia 4ST '97
North Carolina 0, Vlrglnia 12; '98, Nortr
Caroltna 6, Vlrglnia 2; "99. no pame
1900, North Carolina 0. Vlrglnia 17: '01
North Carolina 6, Vlrglnia 23; '02,
North Carolina 16, Vlrglnia 17; *03
C'oiupored >Tlth .lefffrlex, the twi HgUiera look like plgmlea, nko? ?b
Uiaut referee coiild aualklUle wlth H ?IreWe ol hU llttle flofrf.
North Carollna 12, Vlrglnia 12; '0*1,
North Carollna U. Vlrglnia 12; '03,
North Carollna 17, Vlrglnia 0; '06. no
game; '07, North Carollna S, Vlrglnia 0.
Unlverslty Color*.
Sportlng Edltor Tlmes-Dlspatch:
Slr,?Wlll you lnform--me when the
Unlverslty' of Virginia accepted Itsj
present colors? E. O. C.
The present colors, dark b\ue, and
orlole. were accepted by tho unlverslty
ln 18S9. Before that time the colors
were sllver gray nnd cardlnal red,
whlch v/ere not consldered good for
athletlc purposes.
Failure to Produce a Champion
Causes British Sports to Turn
Against Sport.
Now the Molr-Burns bout ls a thlng
! of the past, and England's chances of
' produclng a heavywelght who would
have any show at tltle-wlnnlng is
about nll, the Brltlsh press has becomo
suddenly allve to tlie brutallty of theso
Indeed. St looks as lf. a movement
wero belng started to put an end to
' them.
England. the nursery of "the noble
art of self-dcfense," has now been un
able to a produce o heavywelght chara
' pion ror forty ye.'/l- Puplls are fos
I terod and encouraged by every means
| by the Natlonal Sportlng Club. whlle
' not only . In the worklng class dls?
trlcts of London, but all the blg cltles.
there are boxlng clubs golng all the
. time.
i It Is astonlshlng that wltta all thls
j opportunlty, wlth the tradltlon of pu
, glllsm In the Anglo-Saxon iuce. they
t can produce nothlng better than a
? second-rate man. Obvlously the time
I has come to abolish the sport?if it can
I be called a sport.
; Moreover, Its abolltlon now wlll not
I involve any sacrtflce of prefjtige by
I the English "rlng." The Henley Re
' gatta Commlttee has glven a good
Ih-ad; they mlsht ln future refuse to
I put up any prlzps for an internatlona!
compotltlon. That ls one way of maln
tainlng their prestige as a sportinp
Seaman Apprcritices Settle Argu?
ment in Eight-Round Combat
on Board Training Ship.
Men First Started Fist Fight on
Boat, but They Were Stopped
by Their Companions.
NEWPORT, R. I. January 19.?As a
result of a flght, whlch he had wlth a
brother shlpmate, Apprentlce Seaman
II. A. Hartnett, about twenty-three
years of age. and whose homo Is
thought to be ln Phlladelphla- dled at
the hospital at the Naval Training Sta?
tlon to-day from concusslon of tho
The flght occurrod on last Tue3day
nlght on board the training ship Cum
berland, attached - to the statlon. It
was brought about by an argument
between Hartnttt, who was actlng mas?
ter at arnis in the apprentlce .-quad.
?nd. Apprentlce Seaman B. II. Manning.
The argument led to blows. but thi..
flght was stopped and tlie men were
told t,o wait until after the supper hour,
at whlch time they would be glven a
chance to settle their differences ln a
regular flstlc encounter wlth gloves.
Though Hartnett was tho larger of
the two the fight was an even one
for flve rounds, but ln the elghth round
Manning landed a hard blow on Hart
neit's jaw and thls ended the fight,
for Hartnett went down unconscious.
Falllng to revlvo, he was taken to the
Kaval Ho pltal nnd dled there to-day
without regalntng consclousness.
A_n Investigatkn wlll be o*'dered by
Rtar Admial John P, .v-erroil, Unlted
States Navy, ln whose hands the mat?
ter now rests.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dljjiatch.l
LYNCHBURG. VA., January 19.?It
is learned here that Vernuelle, of last
year's Roanoho pitching staff, ls to
utK the National Commission to declare
hlm a freo agent. In 190$ Vernuelle
was a member of the Moblle team of
the Cotton States League, and he was
drafted by Llttle Rock and turned over
to Roanoke. Vornuelle, It is . under
stood, wlll allege that the deal waa a
"cover-up" traneactlon, and that he
should be' relleved from reservatlon
by Roanoke. Hc ls an excellent pltch
er, and Roanoke may be expected to
mako.a strong effort to retaln hlm.
"Wlllle Hoppe wlll be twenty.one ip
SaltLake ls to have a $30,000 blcyclts
Tornmy aiurphy's bad leg wlll keep
hlm out of the rlng for about slx
Martlne Canole and Amby McGarry
are to box at Lymansville, R. j;,- on
January 29th.
?Wlllle Fltzgerald wants to fight
Packy McFarland at 133 pounds.
wtlgh Ih at 3 o'clock.
. Frank Chance's ambltlon ls to wln
the Natlonal League championship
four tlmes ln succe.-.slon.
Chlcago promnters are lnying plans
for holdlng a ,blg wrertllrg-- tourna?
ment at Tampa, Fla? Fobruar y 8-l5th.
Tlie trlals of tlio flghters and the
offlclals recently arrested at the Wln
nlslmett Club, of Chelsoa, Mass., wlll
be held to-morrow.
"Jlmmy" McAleer, of the St. Louls
Browns, expects Hobo Ferrls to make
on'e of the best thlrd-basemon ' that
ever played the dlfflcult corner.
Detrolt's German Soclaler Turn Ve
reln is prepnring to serd a team -'of
gymnasts to tbe Internatlonal competl
tlons ln Germary noxt summer. ,
? Tom Longbont has startod tralrilng
for tho Olymplc Marnthon. The Indlan
wlll run over the Marathon - road ln
Greeco as a part of hls. preparatlon
Samuel Mahoney, tbe Revore llfe
guard, who?e nnme ls k"own through?
out New Eng'nnd. will nttempt to
Bwim tbe Er*gll*b Cbannel durlng tlic
month of.Ju'v or Al'g'i-t nexL
"Chlcfc" WrlpbT. .?.mnt*nn; blllinrd
champion bf the Paclf'c coast. has sig
plflcd hl.*> Irtentl-^n of inco more on
ter'ng tho r.at|on?l toiirpament, -whlch
wlll b? hold In CMcoe-o durlr-?r March.
Charles Dvorn'r. wld_]y known ???..
cbu?o of hls wo-Vt w'th tho stM*tlr
team of tho U'Mvers'ty of ? Mlehigari
and nnc Vn\" ho'd*?r "t the cn**farenef
reconfl of 11 feet S ?n.*-e*? |? ti,e ..nU
vnulf hn" been npv?"fa fnok concl
Qf tlie Unlverslty nf loaho nt- Moscow
Best known of rh?? AniTleart sports
metvwho. are ln l'.nprinnd for the fo;c.
bnn'tli'g sp??-on n*-o i"*xali p, Keene
Tbomu? i-Tltchenclc. Jr.. nnd :P. Am
b>-ose Clarke. nll "f whom took ovei
good stzojunblos of Amorlcan-brefl ani
trslned htmtevs, ? - '
Mr. Marshall. tbe owner of tbo.thren
masted sohooner vneM Atlantlc,,whlcl
won *>he ,tran?at'anllo vaOo two yenn
ago foi the Kv.tpfroy of Gorn,a*,.y'*
cup. is sPrlouslv oniitlderlng ?enteritrt*
?hls yacht ln 0*e tmn-naclflo yaoh
elraoe, to be saU'''' ?oxl Anrll from Sai
J PeUro to Ilonoluhu
Consolidation of Manchester and
Richmond Seems to Be a Dead
Issue for the Present.
Manchester Bureau, Tlmes-Dlspatch,
No. 1102 Hull Street.
Consolidation Of Manchester* aud
ttlchmond, whioh nt thls tlmo two
yeara ago wns belng rtlscuBsert freely
In both cities, and whlch was brought
to tho attention of the last Leglslntui-i,
seems to bc a thlng ot the past, nnd
thero is llttlo llkellhood of any revlval
of tho fiuestlon for somo years to
There aro several reasons tor thls.
chief among them boing that Man?
chester ls now In a thrlvlng condition,
wlth many new manufncturlng; plants.
wlth tlnanccB ln excellent condition,
wlth better streets than ever beforo,
and wlth tho promlse of moro Improvo
ntenta ln all dlrectlons.
Those who, when tho Leglslaturo was
In ae.-Kion hofore, wero advocatlng tho
plan tor Blchmontl to tako in Man?
chester, have nothlng to say on tho
subject nt thls tlme.
One of tho greatest stumbllng blocks
In the way of tlie consllldatlon of tho
two cities ls tho unsettled fiuestlon of
a sultablo brldge to conncct the two
cities. No ilcflnnte plans havo beon
reached as to tho erectlon of a now
brldge over the James, though n schemo
of tlils klnd has beon on foot for
several ycnrK. The Increased traffic
between tho two cities wlll brlng the
Improvement about In tho near fu?
ture, for tne congestlon ls such now
that rellei" l-> almost d'emanded.
I'lTHoiiiiia nuii uriri*. I
Mrs, XV. K Itraaloy wlll leavo thls
mornlng; for Pruapect, whero she goes!
to attend thn weddlng of her brother,
Mr. Bruco Johneon.
Mrs. Davld P. YValke, who has been
111 wlth pn'ij-i'onia at hor home,. on
Porter Streo-. is much Improved.
The fune-.il of Alr. Davld Mnhoncy,
who dled In Swr.nsboro on Frlday, took
placo from the Sacred Heart Church
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Tho
Interment wus mado In ML Calvary
Cemetory ln Rlchmond.
Two negro women and one colored
man were at-. oi led yesterday mornlng
on tlie charge ot flghtlng at the cor
ner of Ninth and Hull Struets. Thoy
i> ih be heard iu thc Muyor's Court
thls mornlng.
BIJu?"Klng Ca*ey." ? ? ';? ,
Iulewood?SkaUng Rlnli and WUd Anlmnl
Sltcw. ??
Y. 31. C. A. Hall?Bofts Crane.
Grrnt Cartonnlat To-NIk1><
Tho second ot the wlnter nlght entortain
monts wlll bo given at tha Central Y. M. C.
A. Hall to-nUht by ttoss Crane, tho famous
carloonlst. Crane hat* appeared In tho loaJ
Inp star courses of the country, and Ib ono
oi4 tho best entertalners on tho Amerlcan
pl&tform. To-nlght he wlll glve ?"Oursplves
as Others Soc Us." and then ho wlll tear up
th.? enrtoons so that they wlll not got Into
thc nowapapers. In speaklng of tho work
ot tho artlst tho Wausau, Wls., Dally *ald:
??Ross Crana waa here last nlght. Ho was
aclvertlsed aa a cnrtoonlst and a modeler ln
cloy. The proftram promlsed nn 'art recital."
nr.u the prospect of u goo<] entortalnruent
filled' the nudltorlum. What Is he? Ite
mado plctures wlth a few atrokes of thu
crnyoii that caused roara of lauuhtor. 1j
tl-at belng a carloonlst? Ho mlxed clay
wlth hla hands and throw It wlth a reckless
at-andon upon an easel. and lo! the forra of
a man. thc typeg of natlonalltles and th*
fccturei of well-known characters appeared.
ls that belng a 'modeler In clay?* He eat
at the piano and rangrod at will between tlio
r'dlculous ond tha aubllme. between tho
hllailous and the pathetlc. Did that entllle
hlm lo tako part In an 'art -ecital?' Hls
hnr.dlwork could nol be Improved upon. for
It was the stroke of a master hand. tAke
maglc, ehaos gave way and tho llnes cara
lcesly drawn asaumed deflnlto form and
sfcepe, and In turn appealed to ttf laughlng,
the tender and the imprcsslve slde of hu
mnnlty. And why? Becnuso the eoul ot
the true artlst was back of lt all.**
.Season tlckets or slngle tlckets for to
nicht can be secured at thc assoclation
bnl'dlng any tlmo to-day, and to-nlght Jusl
beforo the entertalnment.
llitrhrnck Comlnir.
Kenry XV. Savage's comlo o'pera, '*. "A
Vonkeo Tourlat." wlth Uaymond Hltchrock
ln the prlnclpal role. comeB to tho Academy
for ono pcrformnnco on Krlday. Tho plec-j
hns for a toundatlon n clevcr farce written
by Itlchard Hardlng Davla, whlch suppllos
a plot far la advance of thoso usually found
In llght opcras. Tlie IjtIch aie by Wallaco
Irwln. and the muslc Is from the pen of Al
frec' flobyil, whose glft of melody has beon
ncted in many popular songs nnd ehoral
pUres. In the supsortlng cnmt wlll bo Flora
'.-Talell.-. Eva Fallon. Hc-ten Kalc, Hattie
Artiold. Charles Meyers, Phltlp Smaltey.
"Vfallaca Beery. and one of the brlsrbtost and
most vlvacloua choruses of the year.
? ? ?
At the Bljou.
John and Emma Ray are well-known
here, -where thoy have been coming
for'a number of years. Last vear they
nresented the funny plece, ""Down tho
Pike.'* whlch drew capnclty houses to
tho Bljou. Thls <-ear they will ap.
poar ln the still frliler plece. by Hoff
man, "Klng CaRey." whlch last week
took a Norfolk audirnce by storm. It
ls i-nld that the chorus ls a large
and stfactlve one. and' that there aro
a number of catchy songs. Tbe en.
g-agement bi-glns wlth the perform
ar-cp to-nlght. and the u?ual matlneea.
Nest week "Yountr Buftalo," ope of
the Blnney?i "Wtld "vt'eot plays.-wlll bo
the attrnctlon. wlth the usual Blanevs
acceasorlps. Thls show inado a hlt hero
last season.
Attorneys Think Justice DowJin?Wil_ Not Exclude
Newspaper Meit?Thaw Wants Public Ad
mitted as a Restraint to Jerome.
NEW YORK. January 19.?when the
Thnw trlal ls resumed* to-morrow
mornlng, Justico Dowllng wlll be call?
ed upon to detcrmlne whother or not
the testlmony of Evelyn Nesblt. Tliaw
shnll bo taken behind closed doors. lt
ls freely predlcted that ho wlll rei'uee
to .*cclude both publlc and newspaper
reprosentattvs, but u compitomlso may
be reached by tho cxoluslon of trosa
who come only from idlo or morbld
curloslty. By leaving tho nowspapi i
men ln tho courtroom tho con ?tltutlona
provlslon as to a publlc trlal would
be met, and the young woman on tho
stand would have to faco only ?? hana
fui of people as oompared wlth the
vast crowd whlch throngqd *tho court
last Friday afternoon. _ Asi to keep ng
the story out of prlnt, Justlce Dowli g
told Ot trlct Attorney Jenme when ho
snrang hls surprtslng suggLetlo>-s 'hat
i* ariy newspaper cared to repetit the
rta'talls of the reoltal lt could do so
slinplv by roferonco to Its fllos of a
iyejust{tco' Dowllng stated on Friday
I that he would hear' further suggostlons
from eounsel to-morrow mornlng, pro
. vldcd, of course, there should be a gen*
I eral consent to tho closing of the doors
1 L-o thlng n*ver before done ln thls
, jurlsdiction ln a murder trlal. Martln
1 W Llttleton, Thaw's elilof eounsel, who
nartly concurred ln the district attor
'nov's motlon when It flrst was made,
Ihtis declded to wltlidvaw that con
1 currenc'o und leave tlio matter ontlro
lv In tho dlscrellon of the court. Un?
der these clreumstaneos. lt ls declared.
Just ie Dowllng wlll not attemut to
Iceen tho proceedln?,o seoret, but hn
nmy eo-oporato wlth tho attornov.s ln
an ondeavoi* to kteii tne gvhf.rnl pub*
llo out of tlie court room, durlng the
young woman'fl oxamlnallon ou the
witness stni-.d.
Thc noii'j?IMlurrenov ' of tho actfousc
In tho plan for a closed, hcaring Js
sald to be duo to tho attitudo of Thaw
himsolf, who beiiox-es that ho sees tn
Distrlct Attorney Joromo s uiuve ti mo
livo other than4 the public morals on
whlch he based It lu his address to
Justice Dowilng. Thaw boliovos that
behlnd closod doors tho prosecutor
would so oven further In hls cross
oxanilnutlon of hls wlfe thutv ho did
at tha ilrst trial, when wlth pltlless
perslstenco ho drew from her many
of tho detalls of the story whlch were
amitted ln* tho dlrogt ovldenco?de?
talls whlch did not reach the publlc
through any nowspaper.
Mr. Jerome based hls aross-oxamlna
tlon last year on tho ground of toat
Ing the oredlblllty of the wltness and
under the rullngt of Justice Fltzgerald
thls threw the doors wide open. Jus
ttoo Dowilng |s tncltned. however, to
cut down both dlrect and cross-exaint
natlons to the hiaterlal facK nnd It ls
generally bellovd tliat nolthor Mr.
Littleton nor Mr. Jerome wlll pu'/,
the defendant's wlfe through tho sann
sevore ordenl as last year. When yoiiuK
Mrs. Thaw has concluded- her testi?
mony and has been put through th*.
llre of pross-exnmlnatlon, the vhler
Mrs, Thaw ovobably wlll conclude her
ovidenoe. Tlils will leave but three
or four regulnr wltnessos lo bo heiird
hofore the slx Insanltv exports vo
tnlned hy the defenso wlll be put upotj
tho stand to answer 'a- hypothotleul
ttuostlon covorlng nll of the testi?
mony, Two of these physlclans, Drs?.
Evans nnd \v(>g->io?*, **;l)' tMI ?"??gt.l'i o4
tn? exnmh.atlon they mado of Thaw
In tlie Tombs prl'on. followlng tho
tragedy. Tht. trial ..wlll b? pushed
witii all posslble Jiaslo. to an oariy
concluston, ?
President Propdsed to Exclude
from Debate Names of Royal
and Princely Personages.
CASSEL, OERMANY, Jantuuy 11'.?
Arlsttig out of the rr-Mlgnutlon of Prlncc
IiupprtclU, of Havarla, as a protcst
ngalnsl tho ro-olectlon of Major-Gun- :
oral Kolm,'as nmnaglng dlrtctor, tlie'
genoral meetlng uf the Navy League
lic-ro to-day oxclted tho greatest In
te-rost, It was attended by 000 mem?
bers, Inctudlng 250 dflegatea ontltlod
lo voto.
Frttico Zu Salm-Horstmar, the non
orary presldent of thc league, having
opencd the mottlne wlth cheers for
tne Emaftror, read n statement to tne
offect that all members favoflng hla
i prcsldency lnttndcd to rosign ftoip tho
ieaguo jas a protest against tlie Ir
regular llnes adopted by thelr oppo
nenta. Ile prapoeeu to excl'ide from
tho debate the names. of royal nnd
princely personnses nnd not lo dlsonsa
events already scttled at the Cologne
meetlng'. Thls proposal was grceted
i by an uproar of protcst-?, but wa*
carrled by a largo mojority,
j Baron von Splcss, presldent of thu
Bavarian branch, complalnod that tlie
I proposal of thc presldent would de
? prlve them of freedom of speech. If
Inot "Allowo'd to cIIscubb past events, he
'sald. It woulf! be better for the Ba
I vnrlan delegates to qult the hall. Final?
ly. after much stormy wrungllng, tho
tlf batd wns closed, a proposal to olect
Prlnco Hntzfeldt presldent havliig
bten ruled out.
iirn i-nunisi-n ??i
The Bavarla.n Von Wuerzburg denled
:hat the Bavarlans were carrying on |
i prop&ganda for the Ccntre party. nnd ,
vas proceedlng to mentlon the name of
t'rlnce Rupprecht, when ho was reso- j
iutely stopped by tho presldent. who
leclared that ho hnd glven hls word
to a person whom he was not allowed
to name that royal and prlticely per?
sons should not be brought Into the
dlscusstou. If tho meeting declded
othexwlse he would bo compellcd to
lov down tlie presldency and leave
the hall.
Tho followlng resolutlon was then
adopted by a large majorlty:
"In convlctlon thnt the ontlre prcs
Idenev, hgoded by Prince Zu Salm
Horstmar. has acted ln accordonco
wlth the decision of the Cologne meet?
ing and has promotfd the ,prestlg?
of tho lengrx the general meeting
oxpresses to the presldoncy its thank*
and confldence."
Only a few Bnvarlano supported the
resolutlon, and they left tho halj lm?
Prince Zu Salm-Horstmar declared
that Kelm's reslgnatlon was very paln
ful to hlm. but there were potftrs
stronger than the IrdlvldtuU . He
then declared tho meeting closed.
? ?
Snpponed IJurglnr Shot.
r???.?-<-' >n TheTImes-rVsnitch.]
SALISBURY. N. C.,' January 19.?
Suspected of boln*~ a burglar, an un
known neero-. four.d on the poreh of
Mr. P. M. McGrnw, of thls citv, at mld
night last nlght. was flred unon by
Mr. llcGraw. He fled at a rapld rate.
but fell at tho thlrd shot from the
landlord. FIt. lmmedlately arose. how?
ever. and made gond hls escape. and It
Is not known whether or not ho was
serlously shot
? ' ?
Old Flts I* Stlll Gnme.
Old Fltz refuses to Joln the ranks
of the has-been class. Terry McGov
ern. Young Corbett nnd the ntber char?
ter member" are b/ckonlng to tb?
Grard Old Mnn, but he persi?ts In
wantlng a match wlth Tommv Burns.
But then Totnmy ts across the pond.
In the dear old Lunnon that Robert
laves so well.
Afl-mltn Hc n*s Qu?.i?tlpn of Omdldncy
for Congrnni I'nder Consliler??tloii.
Hon. D. C. O'Flalterty. of the law
flrm of O'Flahertv * Fulton, ls agaln
belng frflv mentioned as a po?sl
bl* candidate for Conirrea* ln oppo?
sitlon tn Hhn. Joh" Ln"b the -ore?->nt
renrepertntlvf of trto Third Dl'tr'ot.
whlch 1-s made un of Rip"-"nond nnd th*
purrourdlnp r->"r4tlP-?. Vben seen ye?
t-?rday M?\ 0*Flah<-"-tv *>alil he was not
In n r?4>?lt|on tn mnke a =tHt<*mert. but
pfimUtoa he '--??d t\>* ouo-tlon of M?
candldaev under ndvlaement. TTe also
"t-ted thet ? numbPi" of hls frlends
bpd urje-od hlm tn' run, and thnt thov
bad pledged him thelr eondltlonal sup
port. _
Mr. O'FlnhTtv Is a nntlve of M nrr-n
p-^untv. hnvfner lonia- been n reaidniit Of
Front rtovnl. Va. 1T? cam.-- to tbe re
c-r-nt Cor,?t'tutlopal Cmventlon -is tl>*?
renreaentatlve of wnrrcn cmn-lv. In
1R90 he was n cond'd-Ue for C-tngrpss
In the Seventh Distrlct In oonosltlon
to Hon. Ja"4"4"'''' H*iv. ninkiiiu h'" <*?"'
vass as a Gold Democrnt, or follower
of the Palmer and Buckner winjr of
the party. Some years ago he. ns?-o
cl?ted hlmself ln a lnw nnrtn-?'*?lilp
with former Stato Senator Fulton,
I-ttelv tho flrm has been cnunnel f"r
Mlss Mnn Wood In her r=en.?ntlranal di
vorce suit ngnlnsd TTnited States Sena?
to'* Tn?-.m?" C. Plntt.
Captain John L?mb, who has renre
sonted tho Third Distrlct for a number
of years. ha= been re-<>l-?oted' for sev?
eral torms -jvtthout oppo-ytlon.
Tbe Succeiinlon of Pnrts.
The Old One: "In adoptlng a theat?
rical career you are enterlng a touchy
and Jealoua profosslon. Keep guard
ovrr your tongue."
The Now One: "Oh, I've found out
that I'll have ample onportunity to
thlnk before I speak."?Puck.
Real Object Ts to Share With
Pennsylvania in Haiidl.ng
Southern Trains.
Trafflc condltlons between Kew York
and tho South may be changed to a
consldorable extent wlth the opening
of the new passenger statlon ln Wash?
lngton. Accordlng to local railroad >
men, tho old arrangement between '
Bouthern llnos and the Pennsylvanla
wlll bo Iargely upset, Inasmuch as lt
wlll be possible for the Baltlmore and
Ohlo to bld for a sharo of the business
whlch It could not touch herotofore
by reason or trackage condltion! Wlth
! the two trunk llnes from Washlngton
1 to New York cnterlng the samo sta?
tlon, the Pennsylvanla may lose Its
matural monopoly.
I'ollowlng the announcement that the
Baltlmore and Ohlo had .establlshed a
; through Pullman service between Pltts
Ibu'rg^and Rlchmond, tho report came
on hlgh authority that tha next step
of tho company would be the extenslon
lof It.s regular passenger servico trorn
.the natlonal capital lo thls clty.
! Thls, however, cannot be done for
somo time, as It will be neces8ary to
renrtjust tho ficheriules on the Wash
i Itigton-Rlchmond llne, tvlilch Is raUier
full at present, t
Arter urpnter *im?i.
Whlle lt is ndmtttod that tho man
agemcnt ls wlse ln reach ing into now
terrltory. St Is generally beiieved ln
railroad clrcles that tho aim of tho '
rrtnnngers ts to spllt the traln business ,
beyond Washlngton wlth the Peonsyl
vanla. The Atlantlc Coast Llne, the
Seaboard Alr Llne. tlie Chesapeake and
Ohlo and the Southern use the Penn?
sylvanla llnes from Washlngton to
Jersey Clty. What tho Baltlmore and
Ohlo Is really after Is a part of thla
trafllc. It ls ln a posltlon now to
seek It, as lt ls on coual ground w'.th
tha Pcnnsylvanra at tho Washlngton
tcrmlnals. Indeed, it Is suggested that
If some compromlse In thls dlrectlon
could bo effected the Baltlmore and
Ohlo might abandon the Idea of etvter
Ing Klchmond, although lt owns a
slxth Interest In the Rlchmond-Wash
tngton llne,- whlch Is to saj- a slxth
lnterest ln a majorlty of the capital.
stock of tho Rlchmond, Fredertc?_fc
burg and Potomac. /
At the time the company BcnuirHL
a part of tho stock there was no pos
slblllty of tts making a direct connec?
tlon wlth thc South. Its Interest ln
the matter ls sa.'d to have been urged
by tho Pennsylvanla, whlch at the time
was sald to havo a controlllng volca ?
In the Baltlmore and Ohlo's managc
mer?? and polrcy.
N'ow condltlons have changed. The'
management, It ls asserted,' has de?
clared Its intention of taklng advant
ogo of thls part ownershlp pbsslbllity
and wlll inslst upon the use of the
road to Rlchmond Jolntly wlth tho
others, whlch havo enjoyed the.prlvl
lege for years.
Mcnns Much to Hleliiuond.
Thc coming of another blg railway
system to Rlchmond would mean much
to the business llfo of the communlty.
Along Wlth thls. tho prospect of leg
Islatlvo actlon. as a result of whlch
the Goulda may bulld from here *a
Baltlmore, thero to connect wlth tho
Wabash, nnd the further posslbtllty
of reachlng- Tldewate.r Vlrglnia, makes
the railroad sltuatlon of far more ln?
terest locally than at any timo here
It ls a fact not generally unoerstooo
that tho Baltimore and Ohlo was char
tored by tho State of Maryland u.n&
the Commonwealth of Virginia ln 1827",
The company owns the Valley Railroad
of Vlrglnia, wlth a total ot slxty-two
Bankers' Asiaoclnt'on Commlttee Con
ilenms It and OflVrn Suhntltute.
CHICAGO, ILL., January 10.?Th?
resolutions commltteo of the currenc-4!
commission of the Amerlcan Bankers*
Assoclation to-nlght issued a report of...
yesterday'a meeting of the commission,
at whlch the various nsset currenoy
plans now before Congress were dls'-'
cussed and rojected. The report sum
niarisses tho commlaslon's objcctlons
to the Aldrich blll and to tho present
Fowler blll, and then presents a blll
In tlilrtoen sectlons. whlch the commis?
sion, wlth the backlng of tho associa-.
tion, wlll rccommend to Congress,
The Aldrich bill Is declared lo be
"Impractlcable, unwlsc and financlally
Tl\e present Fowler blll, accordlng
to tho roport, "introduces schemes 30
far-reachlng ln thelr scope and touch
Ing so many collateral Interests not
germane to the real solutton of our.
currency, dlfilcultlesv that we oelievo
Its passage would unsettle. rathor than
Improve financial conditions."
The solutlon proposed by the e.o\t?
mlsslon dlffers from the flrst Fowler
blll, whlch was based on prlnclples. ap?
proved by the conventlon of tho Amor
lunn Banfcers* Assoclation at Atlantlc
Clty September 33. 1907, In that the
holder of.a credlt note, lnstead of be?
ing a general credltor. shall have a
prior llen on tho asaets of the issuln-s'
bank. The securlty provlded by pledgr
Ing the whole of the assets of a bank ?
in'tond of only a portlon of them would
nftord more dtfslrabla prptcctlon to tho
nota-holder. lt ls also sald that tho
adoptlon of the plan would insure "au
ntnple sii.-vTy of currency to thc pub?
llc from tho dlsturbod commerclal con?
dition'- such aa those through whlch we
recently passed: a?d finally the certain
retlrement of Uip uotes when they have,
fullilled thelr purpose."
Afii*r Hell Phone Compnny.
[Snn-t-'t mThe TlmeB-n'sp-itch.]
SATJSBUBCi, X. C. January 1S>.?A
meeting of ull patrons of the South-'
ern Bell Telephone Company has beon
called by tho Sallsbury Retail Mer
clmnts* Asfoolutlon for tho purposo of
pt-otectlng against a ralse of telephone
i rates, whlch lius recentlv been pro.
nuilsated hero.by tho Bell;, Tho mat?
ter has been takon up wlth the Stato
Corporatlon t'oinmisslon. but no ugreo
ment has been reuohed. A new phone
bystom ts being talkod hore.
. i ' ii
More for Tcmperanc-c.
rsna-'lil to Tho Tlmes-Diapatch.]
SALISBORY, N. C, January 1.9.~
Soventy-flve Sall-'hiiryans have volun
teerod to igo to "Ralelgh thls week and
work for tha passago of a'Stato tem?
perance law. whlch lt ts hoped to got
before the present General Assembly.
XIanv other workers aro also golng
ti> the State capital for the samo pur?
Maurer's *~
byiuodori thay aai Mamm
?w ?%.-*r mr. . ,J
I l^.VDBH U taft *+?.
aaiuiotoa. ? ?

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